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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


By Jim McAllister

It doesn’t matter what we have or what we do, I believe we all have in the back of our minds some sort of fantasy job that we would love to have. Whether it is an athletic achievement or writing a great book or whatever, the desire is usually within most of us to do something more noteworthy than the status quo.
In my case I have three choices of fantasy jobs that I think would be fun to take a shot at: Hosting the syndicated game show JEOPARDY!; hosting, introducing movies, and conducting interviews on Turner Classic Movies; and being a member of the investigative team on PBS’s "History Detectives".
In the case of JEOPARDY!, Alex Trebek has been the host for over twenty years while the show has been in syndication, and before him it was Art Fleming doing the honors when it was televised on NBC. Both guys are and were great hosts of this intelligent and interesting show that I still watch daily. As a lover of trivia, I think it would be fun to run through all the fast paced questions and categories with the smart contestants on the show. I have had some experience with television and radio hosting and am a ham anyway, so why couldn’t I do the Alex Trebek role? Did I mention the big bucks that I am sure Alex pulls in for his work? Yeah, that would be nice too! So, Merv and Sony, if Alex decides to hang up his Guccis, you know how to reach me!

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