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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So, why all the fuss over an album from a group that had minimal success before 1973? I guess the answer could be that it reflected well the times of the early 70's and expressed them in a manner attractive to Pink Floyd fans through the use of new musical techniques like electronics and concrete plus a mixture of voice, horns, and guitar. Perhaps some of the success may be because it was a concept album, an idea that had gone over well a few years earlier with The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper. Maybe it was the imposing lyrics of Roger Waters. Maybe it was because the members of Pink Floyd were, plain and simply, great and dedicated musicians who were part of the London sound of the late 1960's. Nobody can say for sure but most agree that it is a great album. I love DARK SIDE OF THE MOON for its mixture of easy going and hard sounds and for the way it represents its time in history. I also enjoy it for its memories of a great time in my life; a time that can be brought back somewhat through listening to this wonderful album. (Comments, questions? or

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