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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I love the so called “dreamers” who feel that they should be accorded some sort of special citizenship privileges because they were brought unknowingly into the United States as children by their illegal alien parents. They obviously don’t realize that sneaking in doesn’t qualify them for citizenship and if they were dealing with any other country or administration, they would probably be hot footing it home on the next bus with a stern warning about consequences if they return.

We need more scenes like this instead of spoiled illegal kids 
demanding privileges they haven't earned. 
Now, some of them are going the civil disobedience route which will bring them even less favor from an already annoyed general public.  Recently, four illegal protesters chained themselves to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Phoenix.  Two others were arrested for blocking a bus leaving that building with a group of illegal aliens.  Similar incidents have been happening in places like New York City. 

These kids should have a talk with their parents about their travails.  We didn’t ask them to sneak into this country and break our immigration laws, hence, why should their children be given the privileges of U. S. citizens?  It doesn’t matter that they were brought here unknowingly; whoever said life is always fair?  If you want citizenship, join the rear of the line.

In Monday’s (8-26) Arizona Republic there is a column by Sharon Harper, the CEO and president of the Plaza Companies.  She is lamenting the failure of our immigration system.  Gee, Sharon; no kidding!  Sharon goes on to mention how “we need a workable solution for the millions of illegal immigrants working among us in the United States.”  She also feels that “Immigrants should have an opportunity to earn their way to the right side of the law” and if American workers can’t or won’t fill jobs, she feels that temporary visas should be issued to illegal labor.

Regarding her first statement about a workable solution for illegal immigrants already here, what about those who have obeyed our laws by standing in line for years waiting for their opportunity to come here the right way?  It’s a beautiful thing to watch those who waited cry tears of joy and wave their little flags when they have been granted citizenship (see above). Why should the scofflaws who sneaked in be given priorities?

Her second statement is also bogus.  Why should illegal aliens have a chance to “earn their way to the right side of the law”?  They have already broken the law and for that they should be handed forgiveness?  That’s nonsense.

My favorite is Ms Harper’s comment about temporary visas for illegal workers if Americans won’t do the work.  She is na├»ve if she thinks those with temporary visas will leave the U. S. when that visa expires.  Many never leave and manage to get lost in the shuffle which creates more problems like the Danny's Car Wash incident.

Nice try, Ms Harper; but even though you successfully run a large company, you are a bit lacking in the knowledge of human nature when it comes to immigration.

Saturday, August 17, 2013


(go to above URL for closeup)

Ah, the good old days of 1956 taking the family out to dinner at the local drive-in restaurant.  In Cincinnati, the place to go was Frisch's Big Boy.

This photo is from Houston, Texas and since the family has that nice 1956 air conditioned Caddy to ride in, the drive-in has a special blower for the car hop to blow cold air on them even though the car windows are open.

Notice the clear plastic tube on the far side of the back window where the Caddy air conditioning blew in from the trunk.  The little girl in back is drinking a shake from a real glass container while dad chugs down a cold Miller high Life suds.  Mom is in front holding her baby.

One commentor nailed it:  "Life was so much better when you could drink and drive, kids were sitting on mom's lap and you could stretch out in the back seat and take a nice nap without that pesky seat belt. I have to admit though that I did miss those wing windows when they went away.  They made it so much easier to flick your cigarette ashes."

When he refers to "wing windows" he is talking about what we referred to in Ohio as "cozy wings" and the manufacturers called "front and back door ventipanes."

So, today we have safer cars but more idiots driving them while they text useless information.  

Go figure!

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Sometimes retail stores pick an unfortunate style of type face for their signs.  This is a good example of one.  A lot of horny guys will be disappointed when they find out that the store only rents movies.  Where is “Times New Roman” when we need him?

The twelve year old kid who recently lost on “Jeopardy!” because of a spelling error received a valuable lesson in real life.  Although many schools and texting habits today aren’t particular about correct spelling, young Thomas Hurley III found out that “Jeopardy!” does care about it.  The Final Jeopardy! question was “What is the Emancipation Proclamation?” Thomas got it correct except he misspelled “Emancipation” which made him incorrect.  Afterwards, he claimed he was cheated saying:  “It was only a spelling error.”  Only a spelling error?  Maybe spelling is more important in life than the kid thought:  at least on "Jeopardy!"

I love to turn on the computer in the morning and see where Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop.  This morning (August 10) Real Clear has him at 51.0 disapproval and 43.6 approval; a variance of -7.4%.  Gallup shows him at 50 disapproval and 41 approval, a variance of -9.  Polls aren’t everything but those numbers at least make the coffee taste a little better in the morning.

Have you heard the latest liberal nonsense from the city of Seattle?  Fox News reports that “Government workers in the city of Seattle have been advised that the terms "citizen" and "brown bag" are potentially offensive and may no longer be used in official documents and discussions.

OK, if they want to drop “citizen” for “residents” they can go ahead since they probably have many residents who aren’t citizens living in that liberal haven.  However, the city government leaders are either too young or too stupid to understand the term “brown bag.”  They claim "brown bag" has been used historically as a way to judge skin color.  Not so!  It has strictly been a term for someone taking their lunch somewhere in a brown Kraft paper bag.  Example:  “Are you eating at McDonald’s today?”  “No, I’m not.  I’m broke so I have to brown bag it today.”  It’s an innocent term that like so many others in our thin skinned liberal world is being mistaken for something that doesn’t exist.

Great letter to the Republic from this past week:  In response to another bleeding heart story about the so called Mexican “dreamers,” a guy from Glendale replied, “My dream is that people don’t keep expecting me to pay for their dreams.  While I have plenty of dreams, I work hard and make intelligent life decisions to achieve them rather than expect someone else to pay for them.  It’s the American way; work hard for what you want and don’t expect that society owes you anything.”  Amen!

The Republic has cut 29 more jobs from their payroll in an effort to run a bare bones operation in the face of withering competition.  They have also dropped the Opinions sections from their community papers which means  the monthly column I have been doing the last eight years in Scottsdale is now gone.   Welcome to the newspaper business of 2013.