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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON was recorded in London at Abbey Road Studios between June of 1972 and January of 1973. Originally Pink Floyd had done the entire piece live in concert several times before the album was released. Band members included David Gilmour (guitar, vocals, keyboards), Roger Waters (bass guitar, vocals), Richard Wright (keyboards vocals) and Nick Mason (percussion, drums). Roger Waters wrote all the lyrics which was a first for Pink Floyd. After release the album became a tremendous success. The Guinness Book of Records lists it as being on the best selling charts longer than any album in history. It has sold well over 40 million copies to date. In 2003, 250,000 copies were sold, thirty years after release. In 2004, it was selling over 8,000 copies per week and it is estimated that one in every 14 people in the United States under the age of 50 owns the album. It has spent over 740 weeks on the Billboard top 200 list and had a consecutive weeks streak of 591 at one time. For many years the theory was that one of the reasons for the high sales was that Pink Floyd fans would wear out the old 33 1/3 recordings from the continuous play and would have to replace them with another sale. Well, that may be true but the CD has done pretty well also.

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