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Monday, July 29, 2013


I love Ramirez's cartoons.  It's a treat to see them about once a week when that liberal loser Benson takes a day off at the Republic.

I think Ramirez is making two points:  One is that Obama is looking in the mirror and seeing himself and what he stands for as the reason for the demise of Detroit.  I think it could also mean that the mirror is acting as a giant rear view mirror that reflects Detroit as he is skipping town.  Either way you look at it, it is another indictment on his leadership and philosophy.

I'm embarrassed to say this but Obama made an appearance last week at one of my Alma Maters, the University of Central Missouri.  I just watched a YouTube of him speaking in front of a group of young students who looked like they were about sixteen years of age.  They were all wearing black and red University of Central Missouri tee shirts as they stood admiring Obama while he spoke.  It kind of reminded me of the old photos of Hitler speaking in front of the uniformed kids of his day.

The next day I received an email from UCM which was no big deal because I receive them all the time when they are begging for contributions.  However, this time it was all about what an honor it was to have Obama speak on campus and what a wonderful guy he is.  I don't think there is a stopwatch that can measure the small amount of time it took me to inform them that I no longer wanted to be on their email list or associated in any way with the university.

There comes a time when a person has to make decisions like this.  I enjoyed my time at UCM (known then as Central Missouri State College) in the late 1960's after I was discharged from the Air Force and decided I needed to get a college degree.  We had an active group made up of ex-GI's called the Campus Veterans Association.  We participated with the fraternities in inter-mural sports and other activities.  In short, it was a fun time.

I know that it is a different world now and that liberalism has reared its ugly head at most universities.  That doesn't mean I have to like it so I am spending my two cents worth to tell my Alma Mater where they can shove their support of Obama.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Black and white relations at their nadir

I hope everyone is as “Trayvoned out” as I am because frankly, everything is going as scheduled with his followers and pseudo-followers who are on their obligatory destruction of property and random beatings of innocent white people.  The only surprising thing was that it took a couple of days for the action to start.  Maybe that is why Sharpton decided he better hold some protests in 100 cities around the country to further the hatred he has instilled in the white and black communities.

Black leaders like Sharpton are a detriment to their race but he is one smart SOB because he has the knack of being able to rile his masses with his “from the pulpit” bullshit about how deprived blacks are in this country and how they should fight back against the oppressive white demons.  If guys like him weren’t around stirring up trouble, whites and blacks would probably have a much more peaceful co-existence.  

Al is definitely the “orator from hell,” kind of like Jesse Jackson used to be when he wasn’t fathering out of wedlock children.  I saw that Jesse was marching with Al and the gang the other day and was even helping hold their banner.  However, Jesse looked pretty pudgy now and seemed a bit quiet since he is 71 and been eating high off the hog for many years.  Either that or he may feel his parenting skills lack after his son (Jesse Jr.) pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy in a U.S. District Court, after allegedly misusing hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars on personal expenses. Gosh, what is a father to do?

These guys love to use the religious connotations calling themselves “Reverend.”  I guess they figure it gives them a more religious flavor with their followers.  It’s brilliant and seems to have worked even if their degrees (degrees?) were obtained from a matchbook cover advertised institution.

Now, out of the woodwork springs Eric Holder who plans to see if he can come up with some trumped up civil rights charge against George Zimmerman.  What a guy Eric is:  He screwed up Fast and Furious among other things and he has the nerve to call Darrell Issa “shameful.”  Holder is the poster boy for "shameful."  I don't know he can sleep at night.  

Let's face it; the relationship between the white and black races have not improved one bit.  Guys like Obama and Holder have made matters worse.  The Trayvon thing is a good example. 

Here is a nice column from Ted Nugent that you may enjoy reading.  I know I did.

Saturday, July 06, 2013


There is a state senator in Texas named Wendy Davis who is being hailed by those self righteous types who are forever fighting the supposed “war on women.”

Wow!  What a gal!  She bitched and moaned through eleven hours of a filibuster the other day without having to go to the bathroom even once.  Suddenly she is the flavor of the week at least until her followers start discussing something even more important to them than killing babies.  Perhaps Kim Kardashian’s latest diet or maybe what Lindsay is up to these days.

Senator Davis wants for women to be able to abort their unwanted children four weeks past the proposed law in Texas of no abortions after 20 weeks.

Kathleen Parker writes in her Washington Post column that the latest whim of “fame by filibuster” is becoming a phenomenon because this 50 year old female Texas State Senator could do an eleven hour filibuster.  She even has set a new fashion statement by wearing “rouge red” athletic shoes.  The stores better stock up on those at $116 a pair!  I can think of two local redheads who will be rushing to show Ms. Davis their loyalty.  No word yet on which shoe company she might cut a deal with.

Wendy Davis has a pair of these "rouge red" 
shoes.  You simply must get some! 
I think this woman’s popularity and the rush to buy her shoes have eclipsed what she is fighting for.  Do these ladies who gush over her know what a fetus looks like after 24 weeks?  20 weeks?  It
has a human form.  It would seem that there should be some kind of a minor key struck over that.  Instead the Texas senator is something in the neighborhood of being a rock star.

Parker reports that Davis is making the rounds of the talk shows which one would expect.  However, the discussions are leaning more toward show biz than hard questions about those dead babies she endorses.   She is the new heroine in the women’s “war” as she gets asked penetrating questions like “How are you even awake today?” and “What was it like standing that long”?

It’s up to you to decide how you feel on this subject.  I have been married for over 40 years and don’t have kids.  My wife and I were VERY careful to take precautions to avoid pregnancy.  If she would have gotten pregnant, I would have kept the kid.  Religion would have not played a part in that decision; a human life would have.  Apparently not everyone feels that way today.

To the anti-abortionists, life begins at conception.  Abortion rights people see limitations on abortions as infringement on a woman’s right to control her own body and a baby isn’t a baby until it leaves her body.  To me, that is a cop out and the lazy way to escape unwanted parenthood and responsibility.

If you don’t want the kid be careful and don’t get pregnant.  There are many ways to avoid pregnancy that are far less sinister than killing a human form.