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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Saturday February 28, 2015

9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (in "pilot speak" that is 1600 to 2200 Zulu)

Location:        The SkyRanch at Carefree Airport
                          8305 E Cave Creek Road, Carefree, Arizona

For Whom:     Come one, come all, it is Free to all who attend

What to see:   

Antique, Home Built and Modern Airplanes and
for your viewing pleasure a R/C (remote controlled) model   airshow 

Various food vendors will be on site and there will be automobile and motorcycle displays.         
This is a nice opportunity to see Carefree's SkyRanch Airport. Don't miss this chance to see some great aircraft and meet some nice people.

(For more about SkyRanch Airport, CLICK HERE)

Sunday, January 18, 2015


It was jaw dropping embarrassing to watch the sorry exhibition of James Taylor singing “You Got a Friend” with "Lurch" Kerry standing next to him in his $5,000 silk suit. While other leaders walk arm in arm outdoors with the French to show their solidarity, Obama continues with his wishy-washy, unconscionable bad manners by presenting that demonstration.  I guess he was too busy freeing guys from Guantanamo so they could fight us again.  James Taylor? PLEASE! I guess The Monkees were busy.

One would think that with two years to prepare for the 2016 election, the Republicans could come up with someone more attractive than Romney but, there he is, announcing that he may be giving it another shot. Someone needs to shout at him full volume:  “MOTHER JONES!” In case you have forgotten, it was the Mother Jones tapes that played a big part in his 2012 defeat when he was recorded saying he didn’t care about 47% of the population because they paid no taxes. I’m sure the Dems have that statement set up and ready to roll next to the photo of the dog on the car roof.  
Other possible hopefuls include Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Rand Paul (Snore!). I wish Ted Cruz could gain some traction. At least he is no shrinking violet. Dr. Ben Carson? Nice guy and intelligent but has no chance.

Times have changed when it comes to naming children. Of the top 100 names given to Arizona boys born in 2014 number one was Noah. It’s not a bad name but it seems a bit unusual for a number one name. Perhaps more people are reading the Bible and discovering the guy who built the ark; probably not. Other top 10 surprises: 10th: Jayden, 7th: Sebastien, 2nd: Liam. Maybe Johnny Cash would not mind being named “Sue” after hearing those handles.

I realize golf is a serious sport that takes pride in its heritage, manners, and the honesty of players when they enter their scores on the card. I watch golf almost weekly on TV and am amazed at the ability of those guys to play one of the most difficult games on the planet so effectively.  Winston Churchill once stated that (and I paraphrase), “You must put the ball into the hole with implements ill suited for the purpose.”

As serious as golf takes itself, the Phoenix Open has been an exception to the rule on the 16th hole where it has become a madhouse of cheering taking place in a stadium setting.  The players love it as do the fans.  The players throw prizes like hats and gloves to the fans after they tee off and there is plenty of cheering and booing based on the success of the shots toward the par three hole. 

Unfortunately, much to the disgust of most fans, that action will no longer exist. Already the Tour has stopped the caddie race to the green a few years ago. It was a lot of fun for all and remains a nice memory. Now, the rest of the fun will stop. The PGA needs to reconsider and let the 16th be the 16th!

The Super Bowl: After watching the Seattle-Green Bay game I would like to see Seattle go all the way.  That was a great comeback they made against the Packers and I'd like to see Russell Wilson get his second ring.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Kirk Triplett of Scottsdale has made a name for himself on the Champions Golf Tour after a fine career on the PGA Tour. At age 52 he had one of his best seasons in  2014 winning $1.5 million bringing  his career earnings to over $18 million.  Read about Kirk in the January edition of IMAGES magazine.

Click here to view. Story on page 37.