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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Some may say, "What about the other religious holidays in December? Isn’t it demeaning to them to try to shove Christmas down everybody’s throat?" I don’t look at it that way. Other beliefs are entitled to celebrate in their own way and should receive the respect they deserve. It is just a case of the United States being overwhelmingly Christian, hence, Christmas is a big deal. To use an analogy from sports, what is the biggest sporting event in the United States and probably the world? It’s the Super Bowl. Should the people from the Major Indoor Soccer League complain because they don’t get the coverage of the Super Bowl? Of course not, their sport, although it is respected for what it is, has a much smaller following than football.
It is a shame that it has come to this but there is actually a group of lawyers available to fight for the rights of those who want to celebrate Christmas. This nationwide group of attorneys is "poised to fight the battle for Christmas" and are trained in Christmas related litigation. It’s them against the American Civil Liberties Union in the battle over "Merry Christmas" v. "Happy Holidays". It is sad that a time of year that used to be set aside for joy and happiness has resulted in legal battles.
I have no personal religious beliefs one way or the other, but I have grown up with Christmas and have always enjoyed the feel of that holiday with the tree, the presents, and the fellowship of the family. So, to those of you who dislike that type of celebration, please bear with us. We respect you and mean no harm. We are just stuck in our ways and prefer to keep things that way.

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