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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rationing was handled by using stamps contained in a "War Ration Book". Red stamps were used to buy meats, butter, fat and oils, and cheese. Blue stamps were used for canned, bottled, and frozen fruits and vegetables, plus juices and dried beans, soups, baby food, and catsup. The stamps had expiration dates and all families were issued enough to allow for their fair share of these commodities. Other items such as gasoline, tires, coffee, clothing, and fuel oil were also rationed and while the pooling of stamps and watching expiration dates was a dizzying experience, it was necessary for the success of the war effort and very few complained. The America of the wartime 1940's had a teamwork discipline. The mentality of the people was reinforced by the pleas of the Office of War Information which cried, "Do with less so they’ll have enough".

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