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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Water is a constant problem in an arid area like Arizona. Since it has not rained this winter the problem will become more acute this year. The building boom continues in the Phoenix area but at least builders have to show a 100 year water availability study. In the rural areas of the state, proof of 100 year water availability is not necessary to build homes. So, we now have plans in Mohave County in the Kingman area to build 160,000 homes with no proof of water availability! Currently that area averages 14 people per square mile and they are having trouble finding enough water to live on as wells continually dry up and water has to be hauled in. Of course, the developers don’t care, they just want to build and get the hell out. These homes are being built primarily as a bedroom community for Las Vegas as casino personnel are unable to afford housing in expensive Vegas and shouldn’t mind the one hour commute when the new road is built around Hoover Dam. Let’s see, 160,000 homes and no water certainty....Hmmmmmm.....once again, stay tuned.....Johnny Mathis, Connie Francis, and Patti Page have recently been or are scheduled to be performing in town. When looking at their pictures in the newspaper it reminded me of some of the photos of famous people my buddy Allen sends to me under the heading of "The importance of make-up." I’m glad to see that these people are still able to make the rounds. See you next week! (Comments? Questions? Leave them in space provided or

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Keep on writing your articles; I really enjoy them. Just a quick comment on our lack of water; read the book titled “Cadillac Desert: The American West and its Disappearing Water”. It is really interesting and you will start to see a similarity to the days of old. Take care!

Art Winter