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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Recent deaths.....Noted sportscaster Curt Gowdy has died at 86. I remember Curt very well for his good calls in many major sporting events and his folksy way in the booth. He is probably the last guy to do all major events like the Super Bowl (he did the first one in 1967), the World Series, the Olympics, and NCAA Basketball. I especially remember his commentary on the famous "Heidi" game between Oakland and the New York Jets in 1968. NBC cut away from the game late in the 4th quarter to show the movie "Heidi". At the time new York led 32-29 but Oakland scored twice to win in the last minute 43-32. That is why all games are shown in their entirety these days!.....Other notable recent deaths: Writer Peter Benchley, author of "Jaws", "The Deep", and others is dead at 65.....Freddie Laker, pioneer of the low cost air fares at 83.....Al "Grandpa" Lewis, He made a career out of being a member of the TV cast of "The Munsters" in the 1960's. He also was an expert on scouting basketball players. He was 92.....Moira Shearer, the pretty red headed ballerina in Michael Powell’s classic 1948 movie, "The Red Shoes". She was 80.....Have you been watching the Olympics?

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