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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Burning calories is a constant concern for most of us as that is necessary to maintain or lose weight. Depending on the type of dancing you enjoy, the average weight person can usually burn about 100 calories in a half hour dance session depending on the type of dance. Dancing is also good for the joints and muscles. The strain on the bones increases density thus decreasing brittleness from osteoporosis and the working of the muscles helps against osteoarthritis. Dancing also helps with balance and the reduction of the chances of injury from falling; a typical problem for senior citizens.
Seniors are constantly being reminded of the importance of staying active, both mentally and physically. They are encouraged to take classes, learn computers, try writing with the opposite hand, and do other items that keep the brain active and stall Alzheimer’s. Exercise, such as dancing, is also important in its ability to increase blood flow and oxygen to the brain.
One of the most important benefits of exercise of any kind is the improvement of a person’s general mood. I remember when I was running a lot of miles how there were some days when I didn’t feel like lacing up the Nikes and going for my run. Maybe it was cold and raining or I felt sluggish or that cold Budweiser looked more inviting that day. But, usually I would force myself out the door and when I returned I had an entirely different outlook on my day as now the juices were flowing, the heart was pumping, and I felt like I had earned that beer. It was a wonderful feeling and you can feel the same without running if you want: just dance.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim!

With my new job at the deli I find myself doing quite a bit of walking throughout my day. I never sit down except for lunch.

I love to dance whenever I get the chance. Occasions are few and far between with teens still around. Companies have cut corners, too, which means there are no longer Christmas parties to attend which gave another opportunity to dance. I miss those dances very much. When I was growing up back in Springfield, Ohio there wasn't much to do on a Friday or Saturday night. My girlfriends and I would put a stack of 45's on and dance until our "bangs" (hair) would turn up from the sweat and humidity. I miss those days, too. Sometimes when I am home alone, though, I still turn the radio on to the oldies and try to recall the dance steps I always did. Now if I can only train myself to eat healthier! Arrrrrgggggghhhhh!

Best wishes,