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Saturday, July 06, 2013


There is a state senator in Texas named Wendy Davis who is being hailed by those self righteous types who are forever fighting the supposed “war on women.”

Wow!  What a gal!  She bitched and moaned through eleven hours of a filibuster the other day without having to go to the bathroom even once.  Suddenly she is the flavor of the week at least until her followers start discussing something even more important to them than killing babies.  Perhaps Kim Kardashian’s latest diet or maybe what Lindsay is up to these days.

Senator Davis wants for women to be able to abort their unwanted children four weeks past the proposed law in Texas of no abortions after 20 weeks.

Kathleen Parker writes in her Washington Post column that the latest whim of “fame by filibuster” is becoming a phenomenon because this 50 year old female Texas State Senator could do an eleven hour filibuster.  She even has set a new fashion statement by wearing “rouge red” athletic shoes.  The stores better stock up on those at $116 a pair!  I can think of two local redheads who will be rushing to show Ms. Davis their loyalty.  No word yet on which shoe company she might cut a deal with.

Wendy Davis has a pair of these "rouge red" 
shoes.  You simply must get some! 
I think this woman’s popularity and the rush to buy her shoes have eclipsed what she is fighting for.  Do these ladies who gush over her know what a fetus looks like after 24 weeks?  20 weeks?  It
has a human form.  It would seem that there should be some kind of a minor key struck over that.  Instead the Texas senator is something in the neighborhood of being a rock star.

Parker reports that Davis is making the rounds of the talk shows which one would expect.  However, the discussions are leaning more toward show biz than hard questions about those dead babies she endorses.   She is the new heroine in the women’s “war” as she gets asked penetrating questions like “How are you even awake today?” and “What was it like standing that long”?

It’s up to you to decide how you feel on this subject.  I have been married for over 40 years and don’t have kids.  My wife and I were VERY careful to take precautions to avoid pregnancy.  If she would have gotten pregnant, I would have kept the kid.  Religion would have not played a part in that decision; a human life would have.  Apparently not everyone feels that way today.

To the anti-abortionists, life begins at conception.  Abortion rights people see limitations on abortions as infringement on a woman’s right to control her own body and a baby isn’t a baby until it leaves her body.  To me, that is a cop out and the lazy way to escape unwanted parenthood and responsibility.

If you don’t want the kid be careful and don’t get pregnant.  There are many ways to avoid pregnancy that are far less sinister than killing a human form.


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CJ Phoenix said...

You know what? I am gonna stay out of this emotionally charged mine field. But I will say this:

You know how some of you are always congratulating yourself on how smart you are because you never had any kids? If you could see what I am seeing right now, it might just make you rethink that idea. Unless you relish the idea of having a professional executor take control of your life in what might turn out to be your last few months on earth & start taking inventory of all your stuff & keeping you in an institution somewhere against your wishes because, god knows, we cannot have you getting in the way & maybe even disposing of some of your cherished property in the way you choose...

Like I have said all along when I was under attack for my opinion & personal principles, I actually do not begrudge people who are better off than me anything they have honestly earned. And I do firmly believe in the freedom of choice -- I am talking about allowing people the freedom to do what they want with their hard earned money & stuff right now -- so if you choose to give away all your possessions in this world to an executor whom you barely even know, let alone like, more power to you. But think about this for a moment: What if you still have a few months left & all you are to the executor is the figure at the bottom of a balance sheet?

My advice to anybody reading this would be to spend your money any way you want & give stuff away as you see fit...Then leave a will stating where the rest of your money should go -- including valuable items like your home -- &, of course, an executor will need to get involved at some point. But do not give them medical power of attorney. Make them wait until you have drawn your last breath.

Or, if you are worried about being kept alive in a vegetative state by a money hungry medical institution, give medical power of attorney to a friend or close neighbor whom you trust. And pay them for their eventual services up front. Just keep the decisions about whether you should be allowed to live independently & what is to become of your estate separate.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program. I already watched all the movies when I was in high school myself.

Jim McAllister said...


You know how some of you are always congratulating yourself on how smart you are because you never had any kids? If you could see what I am seeing right now, it might just make you rethink that idea.

You have it backwards. I'm saying that if a woman is pregnant at 20-24 weeks, she SHOULD HAVE the kid, not abort it.

No one is saying that someone thinks they are smart because they didn't have kids. It's just a choice; not good or bad. It depends on the person.

My point is that if a woman doesn't want a kid, the 20-24 week mark in pregnancy is not the time to start regretting it and killing the baby.

We're talking human life here.

Rick Kepple said...

I could see a woman talking that long. My second wife could go on a nagathon that would last for days.

Look at the feral humans living on the street. Yes, people complain about the poor feral doggies and kitties and we must spay and neuter, but it's okay for two people on Welfare and Food Stamps to pop out babies like they're valuable as farmhands like in the old days.

If they have Aspergers Syndrome, put them in college. If they're normal kids, let them serve in the military. Test them like China does.

I'm all for selective breeding of the species. Why should every human on the planet be allowed to reproduce? It simply must be done with the population growing exponentially.

With overpopulation, disease will soon sweep the earth and there is no guarantee of who will survive! Hence, the FEMA camps.

When does life start? It is a smoke screen debate. It keeps the focus on things that don't really matter. The feral human population is out of control and maybe some of them need sterilized.

midnightsstaff said...

..Test them like China does"..
really?- no sense getting all wrapped up in a discussion on the failed philosophy of centrally controlled social engineering vs. the boundless creativity of free enterprise I suppose.

.."I'm all for selective breeding of the species. Why should every human on the planet be allowed to reproduce?
It simply must be done with the population growing exponentially"..

question is, who gets to choose?- sounds like something Bodo might suggest.

Imagine your situation if this blog was on the selection board.. does it sound as attractive now?

Cloud musing session is over on the eugenics issue, that one has been done to death- literally..

midnightsstaff said...

First it's grammar and now this?- death wish??

I really have only one observation to make on the birth control by scissors issue, why is it an exclusive concern of women?
It doesn't matter if the guy wants to take possession or has problems with murdering his offspring, the woman can do whatever she wants with no regard to the wishes of the other interested party.

Other than that, I believe she should be able to do whatever she wants autonomously as long as she is willing to jump into the wood chipper herself.

Abortion should not be used for birth control- but I have never convinced one person nor do I ever expect to.

Jim McAllister said...


Slow news day!

I need material....if you see a man biting a dog, let me know asap!

sam said...

Well, the blog presents a brief opinion on the act of deliberately taking the life of a human fetus for no reason but "personal choice"...choice determined by factors of emotional comfort or financial aspirations or other personal comforts of the parents...or potential biological shortcomings or imperfections of the fetus being common "personal choices".
No matter the excuses, nearly all fail the test of serious detriment to the early or continued life of the fetus which attains a 20 week gestation (life), instead being based on the interference of the desired continuation of the lifestyle of the parents of that fetus.
Any way you wish to describe a "deliberate discontinuation" of a 20-plus week old fetus...of ANY boils down to an act of murder. Whether it warrants the same punishment as the murder of an infant subsequent to a live birth is a different issue and a different argument. However, in my opinion, deliberately killing a viable human fetus at any time past the 20th week should be considered only if the life of the mother is in immediate jeopardy.
I have a problem with waiting that long under any circumstance since there are preventive measures to inhibit or deny pregnancy prior and subsequent to sexual activity and before abortion becomes a decisive alternative.
And the consideration of whether or not one should have a child to deny the necessity of an executor is beyond "balmy" to me. (for the record, it is worth the effort (not always possible) to add your beneficiary to the title of property and bank accounts etc. you intend to "will", thus eliminating the time and expense of an executor, with few exceptions.) (Wills involving real property in AZ mandates an executor...if 2 people are on a title, there is no exchange of ownership, thus no need for an executor if one of them dies)

If I respond to Rick, I will get tossed off the site, even though he does offer a tempting topic.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, there is no free enterprise. Have you forgotten the bailouts for the giant corporations? However, to be fair to Capitalism, the rules do in fact change as is needed for commerce to continue.

China is becoming like America and the USA is becoming more like China.

Every child should be tested and regardless of income, be allowed to go to college, if their test scores indicate they have an aptitude. There should be a number of children encouraged to be business makers and job creators.

The present system is not working. It is a system to encourage failure. It offers poor choices to potential mothers and even worse choices to families.

midnightsstaff said...

.."WASHINGTON—A high-powered rifle lost in the ATF’s Fast and Furious controversy was used to kill a Mexican police chief in the state of Jalisco earlier this year, according to internal Department of Justice records, suggesting that weapons from the failed gun-tracking operation have now made it into the hands of violent drug cartels deep inside Mexico.

Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga, the police chief in the city of Hostotipaquillo, was shot to death Jan. 29 when gunmen intercepted his patrol car and opened fire. Also killed was one of his bodyguards. His wife and a second bodyguard were wounded.

Local authorities said eight suspects in their 20s and 30s were arrested after police seized them nearby with a cache of weapons — rifles, grenades, handguns, helmets, bulletproof vests, uniforms and special communications equipment. The area is a hot zone for rival drug gangs, with members of three cartels fighting over turf in the region.

A semi-automatic WASR rifle, the firearm that killed the chief, was traced back to the Lone Wolf Trading Company, a gun store in Glendale, Ariz. The notation on the Department of Justice trace records said the WASR was used in a “HOMICIDE – WILLFUL – KILL –PUB OFF –GUN” –ATF code for “Homicide, Willful Killing of a Public Official, Gun.”

Hundreds of firearms were lost in the Fast and Furious operation. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed illegal purchasers to buy the firearms at the Lone Wolf store in the Phoenix suburb and other gun shops in hopes of tracing them to Mexican cartel leaders.

The WASR used in Jalisco was purchased on Feb. 22, 2010, about three months into the Fast and Furious operation, by 26-year-old Jacob A. Montelongo of Phoenix. He later pleaded guilty to conspiracy, making false statements and smuggling goods from the United States and was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

Court records show Montelongo personally obtained at least 109 firearms during Fast and Furious. How the WASR ended up in the state of Jalisco, which is deep in central Mexico and includes the country’s second-largest metropolis, Guadalajara, remained unclear.

After the shooting in Jalisco, local officials said some of the suspects confessed to two other shootouts in the area, including one that left seven people dead, all part of the continuing feud by rival cartel members.

The ATF declined to discuss the matter; officials said they are still compiling an inventory of all the lost firearms for a complete account of the Fast and Furious operation.

Instead of being tracked, almost all the weapons were lost as they flooded across the border into Mexico. In all, some 211 people were killed or wounded by Fast and Furious weapons in Mexico, according to Mexican authorities. And on this side of the border, a Fast and Furious weapon was found at the Arizona scene where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was slain in 2010.

Terry’s slaying set off a number of investigations in Washington into Fast and Furious. It led to the firing or demotion of many ATF officials, including the agency’s acting director, who stepped down. It ultimately prompted the GOP-controlled House to vote Atty. Gen. Eric H. Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over a number of Fast and Furious records sought by the House Oversight Committee".

CJ Phoenix said...

I do not have anything backwards, Jim. I went off on a tangent, simple as that, then you completely missed my point. In my defense, however, there are some parallel issues between what I was talking about & the original blog. And you have mentioned how you made an intellectual decision not to have children on a number of occasions ... But carry on. Sorry if I challenged anybody to think a bit outside of the box. Hey, would it help you see my point if I mentioned that I was talking about A MAN with a little money in the bank?

Rick Kepple said...

While Fast & Furious is interesting, what's it got to do with a filibuster, abortion, all that stuff? People's kids who grow up to be politicians?

Rick Kepple said...

I just Googled Wendy Davis. She's cute!

The Republican said that she would not be filibustering next time. She's all filibustered out.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, Wendy Davis's silly filibuster may have endeared her to the wacky left but the bill will pass in the Texas legislature. Of course once it passes and the governor signs it the loony left will run out to find a sympathetic liberal federal judge to put a stay on it.

States rights and the people's votes are being ignored by the federal courts. California's prop. 8 and Arizona's SB 1070 come to mind.

CJ, some people choose to not have children for different reasons. Some are unable to and others don't want the hassle.

Deb and I plan on having a will drawn up next year. Since this is a second marriage for both of us we have certain things we want to leave to people and will spell that out in the will.

The difficult part of the will is the fact that she had 2 kids from her first marriage and I had one plus we had one together.

Glo said...


You don't have to convince me: I disapprove of abortion being a method of birth control. Another reason for abortion that sickens me is the decision to abort because the child is of - gasp! - the wrong sex. I WANT A BABY BOY! Get rid of this girl child! (and vice versa). I think that's revolting.

I believe a woman has a right to have an abortion as long as the fetus is not viable outside the womb. If the fetus is, he/she should be carried to full term. If mommy doesn't want the baby for whatever reason (and I am excluding critical health reasons), then check out dad's perspective before putting the baby up for adoption.

It gets murky when the man does not want the baby born and the woman does, and he is zapped for child support - as he should be. It takes two to tango, as they say, and he is just as responsible as she for contraception.

I really do sympathize with any man who genuinely wants his child and is willing to take and raise it if the mother doesn't want it - ye she decides to abort. This is an even murkier topic: should the woman then be forced to carry it to term and hand it over? I'm way leaning towards no (personal perspective - not saying it's right). If he is not willing, however, then it's her choice, period.

This is one of those topics where there isn't any right or wrong answer because it's a totally personal situation, and one size does not fit all.

Here's a personal fact about my life in relation to abortion (no, never been pregnant). My parents had a marriage of convenience. Long story. My father didn't think he could have children, and then Mom got knocked up by him with me. He wanted her to have an abortion (which would have been even more of a horror in 1953); she said no, and here I am.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Rick Kepple said...

While Fast & Furious is interesting, what's it got to do with a filibuster, abortion, all that stuff? People's kids who grow up to be politicians?"

..does anyone other than me find that statement coming from him to be absolutely hilarious?

..good one Rick.

midnightsstaff said...

I can't argue with your logic on the matter Glo.

Personal responsibility just sounds so quaint today- much like a good barbershop quartet or watching James Cagney singing Yankee Doodle Dandy on a Fourth of July.
..where is that America?

If you couldn't tap, sing and dance or carry a show like James Cagney could.. "this town doesn't have any use for you son"..
Videos with women in feathers dancing and singing seems to be a classic bit of eye candy still used today thank God.
wait until the muslims take over.

I have my personal set of rules I live by and those parameters I hold dear exceed recommended governmental guidelines.

I'm sort of like a human Hebrew National product.

Glo, Oldie but Goodie said...


Great clip! Man, those were the days!

Personal responsibility? If it were a reptile it would be a T-Rex (AKA, extinct).

Rick Kepple said...

Yeah, trying to stay on top of the Wendy Davis topic, Middy. Thanks for the compliment.

I read the comments and not one person mentioned, Mrs. Smith goes to Washington, as a joke about the movie of nearly the same name.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Body girl pulled from Lake Pleasant identified"..

..who is the proofreader on weekends at the AzCentral- Bud Dickman??

midnightsstaff said...

.."6 drivers charged with DUIs in 7-car pile-up"..

How about "7 car pile up, six drivers involved charged with DUI" Bud??

.. And that's ignoring the fact that six drunks miraculously coordinated a wreck including one victim.
..either that or 95 percent on the road at any given time are drunk.

It's a nation of Russians.

midnightsstaff said...

.."SAO PAULO (AP) — Police say enraged spectators invaded a football field, stoned the referee to death and quartered his body after he stabbed a player to death.

The Public Safety Department of the state of Maranhao says in a statement that it all started when referee Otavio da Silva expelled player Josenir Abreu from a game last weekend. The two got into a fist fight, then Silva took out a knife and stabbed Abreu, who died on his way to the hospital"..

Football is for pussies I guess, these guys are really wound up tight.

.."Local news media say the spectators also decapitated Silva and stuck his head on a stake in the middle of the field.
Police have arrested one suspect".
Good work Cleuseau..

..worse than Raider or Raven fans if you ask me..

Rick Kepple said...

According to history and the three Abrahamic religions, a woman is merely property. To give them control is to invite disaster.

I read that Iowa's Republican governor must personally approve all abortions, including those pregnancies caused by rape.

This would be aligned with Republican Todd Akin statement that a woman's body can shut down the reproductive process during rape to prevent pregnancy. There is actually medical evidence proving him right from war crimes investigations.

According to wartime statistics, only 1 percent of reported rape victims did actually become pregnant. Wartime rape is done in front of the family to psychologically demoralize the enemy.

Rape during wartime wasn't even an international crime until AFTER the second world war. Up until then, impregnating the enemy's women was just a part of war.

Women's rights and wartime rape

Women better hope that the Abrahamic religions don't join into one state mandated religion.

Old Testament men often had more than one wife, a few concubines and female slaves and all with children from him.

Wendy's rant is justified and she's a Republican and she promises in the media not to let her female emotions get the best of her anymore.

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick Kepple said...

What I found more interesting than Wendy Davis was that a bag of water with a penny in it, will keep insects out of the home.

Filibustering isn't half as interesting as a bag of water with a penny in an agricultural area.

Maybe hanging bags of water with pennies in them would work in the House of Representatives and the Senate to get rid of pests there too!

Rick Kepple said...

I think I did too much kayaking the other day. Still a little dizzy and tired today. I have a forest of medications. I know what is wrong.

Hope you and Barb are doing fine. Don't let Barb filibuster you into tofu, Jimmy!

For supper last night, we had fried bacon with green beans and potatoes and fried green tomatoes with an egg/flour coating.

If I get this mortgage, I'm gonna relax and downsize a lot more. If not, it won't really matter much.

CJinPhoenix said...

"CJ, some people choose to not have children for different reasons. Some are unable to and others don't want the hassle." Yes, I know that the reasons for not having children are varied, Mike. For instance, another reason an individual may remain childless is because he/she is waiting for the perfect time to start a family, then that time never comes...The reasons for having children are equally varied as are, I believe, the reasons for wanting to terminate a pregnancy.

For the record, I pretty much completely agree with Glo's position on the subject at hand. I could never even hope to illicit the same kind of response to those ideas from Middy or nearly anyone else who regularly posts comments on this blog though. Most of my opinions, especially on certain subjects, get a negative spin on this blog. Sometimes the person responding to me even completely misinterprets whatever I wrote.

I would also like to suggest that you & Deb execute a full set of advanced directives, Mike. And name those people whom you want to make decisions for either or both of you should the situation where you need something like that suddenly arise. Stuff like that can never be done too soon & is fairly easy to change as you go along. But it can become a personal tragedy if it is left undone. And having a combined family can make things all the more tricky & potentially ugly. So spell out exactly what you want to happen & who should be in charge of each & every decision.

midnightsstaff said...

It's a bit of apples and oranges Cj, comparing how she has treated me with respect even tho she doesn't agree with my opinion gets a different response, you on the other hand let people get under your saddle blanket and the next thing you know it's all personal.

Despite what you might think about my human skills I spent a career in an occupation where communication on whatever level it takes was part of the job..
I learned a lot about people in prison.

You never went over the line with me, Bodo on the other hand when he took occasion to belittle that old WWII vet blogger did it for me,I'm not sorry for calling him a Nazi.
I meant it, and I haven't changed my mind one bit.

You get to see the world through whatever shade of lens you choose. is an hour and a quarter of some of the most beautiful spanish guitar I have heard for a while.. u-tube is opening up the world for anyone that cares to look.

I suggest you cool off with a nice glass of ice tea and enjoy the album- put a sprig of mint in the tea.

midnightsstaff said...

I figured out a long time ago that very few people would agree with me right down the line.

But look at the sentence structure and the aggressive finger pointing going on when you finally decide to let it all hang out.
It appears to me that the emotions are ruling the thinking and probably the thoughts come faster than you can type.. that's the way it works with everyone.

Just learn to let it go unless you are like my cat..
she simply can't resist taking a nip out of anyone trying to pet her- and she hates kids.
.. kid trauma when she was a puppy I suppose- no wonder she was smiling on the way to the truck.

CJ Phoenix said...

It is not apple & oranges, Middy. An opinion is an opinion. And vast majority of the time, especially lately, I am simply stating my opinion on whatever subject & you jump right in there & trash me while I had not even addressed my comment nor was I even thinking about you. That's what makes it personal. And don't flatter yourself. It has been a very long time since you have even gotten close to making me a bit angry.

You just do not like the way I express my opinions, especially the fact that I do not shrink from confrontations...Gloria does though. Not only have I seen her do it, but I either heard her say or else I read somewhere that she does not like to participate when the comments turn personal & ugly. Meanwhile, I can give it to you as good as you choose to give it to me &, when all is said & done, that is what you really don't like about me.

Mike Slater said...

CJ, good advice. We plan on spelling out every detail in the will. Of course some of the family members may not like it but that's the way it goes.

Glo said...

"Gloria does though. Not only have I seen her do it, but I either heard her say or else I read somewhere that she does not like to participate when the comments turn personal & ugly."

CJ, Please keep me out of your 'confrontations' with Middy. I don't deserve that and I'm sure you can make your point without remarking about my preferences for joining a conversation. Thanks.

midnightsstaff said...

I would ask you to point out one of those times I jumped down your throat, or is this grudge central carried back from 2007?

But as you pointed out just the other day, you don't bother to read my mindless scrawls anyway...

The schoolyard triangulation tactics are pretty worn out (as Rick stands by scratching his head wondering how a train wreck could happen without his assistance).

You come looking for trouble sometimes where none is to be found, so it has to be manufactured - go figure... bp is a nice steady 120/80- how's yours?

..try the Leffe Blonde Blond est. 1240 Jim, I think I like it better than Stella..

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CJ Phoenix said...

I am sorry, Glo. You are right. I should have resisted the urge to use your name. I should also thank Mike for making me feel welcome here.

PROUD said...

CJ...Until you get some help with the removal of that GIANT CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDER(s)...

You are destined to an unhappy (some may say overly-bitter) life-journey of giving, as good as you perceive you're getting!(even when you're NOT receiving)

But hey!...After all these years....that's just CJ, being CJ...

Rick Kepple said...

Well, no wonder God has been very nice lately. That explains the increase attack of stalkers, Nick's weird behavior and that I can expect more problems.

It explains the weird behavior of you people. You thought I read that story and took it well.

That explains why music stars from Nashville have been so nice to me since June 17.

And Dora always gives me gifts for my birthday. This year, it was the truth. And yet, she gloated over my health problems.

Obadiah 1:12 Do not gloat over your brother in his misfortune.

Proverbs 17:5 [She] who mocks the poor, mocks their Maker.

CJ Phoenix said...

Middy: "I would ask you to point out one of those times I jumped down your throat, or is this grudge central carried back from 2007?" Perhaps I should ask you to look at the very last blog here then. You know, the same one where I pointed out that the quote, "I is who I is," made Popeye look like Paula Deen's mental superior -- & how "good grammar and spelling are a hallmark of intelligence" was a big part of the point of that original blog -- then you attempted to paint me as a wealthy white women hater that is too self-involved to even consider the production staff in this way, "BTW Cj, you didn't comment on the point I made about all the potential collateral damage done to the support staff for her production. Is this a matter of principle and purpose or does it have it's roots in envy and destruction due to her position in society and just wanting to take the opportunity to strike out against a successful white person?"

Nope, I do not hold a grudge from 2007. That's your game, sweetie. In fact, I don't even remember what it was that I said back then that set you off.

CJ Phoenix said...

PROUD must have thought he saw blood again.

That's not blood, honey, just salsa. I spilled while I was eating the chips on my shoulder.

Rick Kepple said...

Just salsa. That's funny. I gotta remember that. Chips. I get it.

midnightsstaff said...

As I said you get to choose the color of the lens you see the world through..
I have no control over that.

And I'm not the only one that notices.

CJ Phoenix said...

You know, that only really explains how you see the world or, when you are looking at me, why you cannot see my true colors, Middy. I choose to see the world without any colored filters or blinders myself.

Rick Kepple said...

I've got Lay's potato chips on my shoulder.

Grudges. You can't have just one.

Glo said...

Rick - original, or sour cream & onion? Better either one than a buffalo chip ...

Rick Kepple said...

Original is always best when used for a chip on the shoulder.

Jim McAllister said...

You know what? I am gonna stay out of this emotionally charged mine field. But I will say this:

CJ, those last 5 words catapulted you directly INTO the minefield.

That's fine, that's what this space is for. However, it has brought upon you a new nickname: "Ampersand Annie."

I sentence you to re-reading the previous blog!

Jim McAllister said...


I agree; at 20 weeks that is a child in there.

In the fun loving and irresponsible society of today, human life is not considered as important as having that next good time. What the hell, they figure. If I get pregnant, I'll just get an abortion. The hell with PREVENTING the pregnancy.

As a childless person by choice and one taking precautions during the years to prevent pregnancy I find it disgusting that people of today can dismiss a child's life so easily.

Wendy Davis say some women can't even tell they are pregnant at 20 weeks. I doubt that very much.

Roe v. Wade was supposedly not a measure against birth control. Today that is laughable.

Jim McAllister said...


You are always welcome here. This is just a lot of discussion and we are all friends regardless of disagreements on any subject.

Rick Kepple said...

Abortion is a woman's right to choose and I'm not a father. It's not my place to choose to vote on any of it.

If Paul Ryan is elected in 2016, he's Catholic and that will be that for abortion.

I have health problems and I don't associate with shallow people who don't like disabled veterans or wounded soldiers.

midnightsstaff said...

.."I have health problems and I don't associate with shallow people who don't like disabled veterans or wounded soldiers".

?? what the hell does one of those things have to do with the other?

By the way it appears you have done much the same as me when it comes to ad libbing sentence structure.
My hat's always off to someone who finds comfort not only with a mere torturing of convention, but breaking new wind in a disturbing collage of unrelated thoughts yet managing to keep on the point du jour nevertheless..

Yogi Berra was the master of the malaprop, you sir have done much the same without resorting to a cheap play on words.

bravo.. well played.

midnightsstaff said...

CJ Phoenix said...

"You know, that only really explains how you see the world or, when you are looking at me, why you cannot see my true colors, Middy. I choose to see the world without any colored filters or blinders myself".

Not everything is either black or white, I think long ago you have turned any attempt for objectivity out the window when it comes to me or people that you think are like me.

I would much rather be playful on this site than to have to break heavies all the time over one thing or the other.
As far as you looking at me think of it as looking into the sun, it's better to have some protective tinting unless you want to risk going blind gazing at my magnificence.

..does this thing have a sarc. on/off toggle?

Rick Kepple said...

I've been reading about pro-abortion Democrat Texas senator, Wendy Davis.

The famous "Wendy Davis Express" is to be feared, Texas Governor Rick Perry says.

I do like her style. She reminds me of Lana! She got that fire, but Lana's a Republican.

I think the chip on my shoulder is now a Pringles chip. It's a mixture between potatoes and buffalo chips for texture.

Rick Kepple said...

"gazing at my magnificence"

I just had to repeat that for effect.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy has no kids. I can be his kid. Yep. I'm disappointing enough to be his kid.

I'll need his phone number so I can call him at 2 a.m. some morning. I'll have to set my alarm. I read that kids are supposed to worry their fathers.

I'll bet Jim's worried right now. It worked.

midnightsstaff said... Cj, watch the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys .. 39 collective years of whole life experience here.. the fiddle player is pretty good for a fourteen year old, move over Charlie Daniels..

But on a lighter note, it seems the City of Chicago has printed up some timely visitor's guides so you don't risk getting all caught up in some local gangster drama by accident.
Thank you Mayor Emmanuel.

..1043 shooting victims so far in 2013 which is a good pace but still off the average so let's go all out Windy City and make this a year to remember- with the Mexican cartels on the way it should be a strong year finish.

midnightsstaff said...

If Jim Mac had a son...

haha.. (too ripe to pass up).

Rick Kepple said...

Glo, that buffalo chip is on my shoulder now. I think the buffalo wants it back.

Glo said...

Sorry to hear that Rick - must not be too fragrant! FYI, the next town over from Carefree is Cave Creek, and they have a very popular eating spot: the Buffalo Chip Saloon. It's just down the road from Big Earl's Greasy eats.

Rick Kepple said...

Cool! Hot buffalo chips! And Big Earl's Greasy Eats! I'll bet they even have Mexican food down there too. Or is it Latino food or something PC?

I'm going to have to read over the rules of behavior first. People don't put that stuff out there for no reason. It's a God thing.

CJinPhoenix said...

The only time I have ever been to Missouri, it was to a little town by the name of Buffalo. We stayed with some family friends for about a month one summer during the 1970s & my parents used to call the place Buffalo Chip. And it looks like it still hasn't grown into a full bull. 2.2 sq miles still only qualifies as a dump alongside the road. Coincidence?

Good video, Middy. So good, in fact, that I can almost forget those kids are from Jersey.

Rick Kepple said...

I don't recall ever having been to Buffalo.

midnightsstaff said...

..Rick Kepple said...

"I don't recall ever having been to Buffalo".

Sir that surprises no one.
..and major props for lucid thought and no cussing going on two days now.
You have a streak going on- a no hitter so to speak.

Rick Kepple said...

I went to Middy's post and all the victims are either "unknown gender" or males between the ages of 12 and 30, but some as old as 57.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Good video, Middy. So good, in fact, that I can almost forget those kids are from Jersey".

Nobody has a say in where they are born, just where they are headed- I doubt they will end up truck drivers.

Rick Kepple said...

No Middy, but they do make damn good soldiers. And CIA.

midnightsstaff said...

So it appears that everyone is cool with each other and no hard feelings to be found anywhere this morning.. am I reading this right?

it's a miracle- but it can be fixed.

still I am puzzled on what is meant by "middy's map"- is that cyber pirate working the rough waters of the Scottsdale blogs again?

Actually I'm here because it sounds impressive to my fellow debt serfs in Oklahoma and Clownafornia when I tell them I am a regular contributor at an exclusive Scottsdale Arizona blog site. to the reasons for the rest of you being here I have no explanation.

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pevie, mentor to high level peoples and former political strategist , Hicks said...

"Comment deleted"
"This comment has been removed by the author"

Damn nice to have our resident, "Ass burger" back?

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midnightsstaff said...

Hahaha.. looks like Gloria finally got that delete button she wanted.
Don't let autonomous power go to your head.

..all that creative thought just vaporized as tho it were never there in the first place.
Some days it's as tho there was never a Rick Kepple nor the Missouri Magic Kingdom to begin with..
but just like in Jack in the Box meets Phoenix, I'm sure we haven't heard the last of him.
..too bad, he was just learning to wipe his feet before tracking shit all over the floor.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy's talking out his ass again.

I deleted those, you ignorant wretch.

pevie, one of God's people, hicks said...

Ah, glad to hear God has a plan to take care of the berries.

Now, if only he had a plan to take care of the 'NUTS'

This would be a better place!

midnightsstaff said...

..sounds like someone woke up all wet and grumpy.

Jack is back and the Phoenix has arisen from the ashes of self deletion..

No one here is insulting God's people, it's you and your mindless accusation laced musings they are insulting.

Jim McAllister said...


You get deleted because you irritate the hell out of everyone with your off the wall musings. Stay on the subject of the blog and quit bitching about how abused you are by rich people. We're all abused by something but we don't dwell on it all day.

Rick Kepple said...

I hadn't noticed any of my musings getting deleted other than by myself. Busy here.

PROUD said...

This is beyond unbelievable....

We The (TAXPAYER) People paid our own Justice Department to "organize", anti Zimmerman protests:

Wag the dog! WTF!

Rick Kepple said...

Proud's right. The Zimmerman trial is a joke.

It is an excuse to take even more of our rights from us. And it's going to work too.

If Zimmerman goes free, there might be riots and if there are, the government has the reason for more laws.

If Zimmerman goes to jail, the government has their excuse for more laws.

This is all about building the reason for disarmament and when that's done, there will be no stopping the creation of a global government for international business and trade.

Actually, y'all oughta be for that, because one of the consequences are higher stocks.

I'm not angry at rich people. I have wealthy friends and they've taught me a lot about how to be successful. I do have baggage and I'm trying to burn those bridges.

Jim McAllister said...

Proud, Rick.

Good points. It never ends with this administration and it comes from the top.

RealClear Politics has Obama at -6% this morning unfavorable v. favorable rating. That's the worst I have seen in a couple years at least. People may be catching on.

Now, it looks like Obamacare is falling apart. I love it!

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I see that Obama postponed the employer mandate until 2015. Could it be because of the 2014 mid-term elections?

Rick Kepple said...

Give Mike Slater a gold star. Yes and right now is when all your wishes that you ask could in fact come true from your participating legislator.

Hey, I'm getting permissions to use famous bands' songs on our videos! Very cool, huh?

I can't use my favorite rock star's music. Her people hang up on me.

I know that I'm weird, Jimmy. Thanks for putting up with me.

Jim McAllister said...


It is so obvious what the guy is doing with the 2014 elections but his stupid followers won't get it.

Now, I see today where the House is demanding that everybody get delayed to 2015 since they figure the individuals deserve a break as much as corporations. Hell, why not?

The whole obamacare thing has become a nightmare as sane minds predicted a long time ago. Taxes will have to increase big because someone has to pay to insure 30 million uninsured people and it will be us.

Now, we find out that Holder was financing anti-Zimmerman protests with our money!

What's next with these clowns?

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, we have been asked to do a music video kind of short film using a song and creating a very specific script for that song.

The artist said that he likes that I'm a really nice guy and he's giving us a break!

Glo, the Cynical said...

"If Zimmerman goes free, there might be riots..."

MIGHT BE?????? Nah.... Oh wait, they rioted in '92 when the jury acquitted the police in the Rodney King case. I remember thinking how meaningful a protest it was when stores were smashed open and burned and TVs and other electronics were stolen. Yep, them thar people know how to show their class and integrity.

There is ZERO chance of no riots if Z is acquitted. Z-E-R-O.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree. That is the way these people react to something like this. They might not even know who Trayvon was but if they see a chance to burn down whitey's store and grab a new flat screen hell, why not? They hate whitey and could sure use that TV.

I saw the other day that precautions are being taken for this as the verdict nears. Never mind that Zimmerman was only protecting himself and had no choice in the matter. If he is "not guilty" all hell will break loose.

I sure wouldn't want to be living in NY, Philly, Chicago, L.A. or any other large northern city when this happens. I just hope the cops have plenty of fire power.

Pevie Hicks said...

"They see a chance to burn down whitey's store and grab a new flat screen"

Not a "chance", they see it as, their "RIGHT"!

The dirty lil secret that no one wants to admit, is that since Obummer got elected the feral negro population has felt a lot more comfortable being:

One helluva a lot more uppity!

pevie, gateway to the liberal psycie and other life enhancing content) Hicks said...

***upity*** and angry (though they haven't a clue why they are)** peoples like CJ cheer them on, all the while feeling really good about themselves for doing so (though, again, they haven't a clue why)

midnightsstaff said...

It probably isn't fair to lay that one at the feet of the HotChick.

I doubt she is down for cheer leading riots that is an overreach.
Anyone that has been near one doesn't want to see one again and anyone living in anything like a sketchy neighborhood know things can get out of hand pretty quick.
and everyone in Florida is armed to the teeth, that might work in favor in the long run.

In any politically created gun free/innocent's kill zone along the eastern seaboard it would be late 1700's Haiti all over again- they have machetes.

The Rodney King verdict came down at 3.15pm. Football Williams was introducing himself to Reginald Denney at 6.45- less than three hours later.

There will be blood on the streets no matter which way the verdict goes or if the case is thrown out.

Doesn't mean a damn thing right now, just as an igniter to a predictable conclusion that Obama orchestrated for political leverage..

Stupid is as stupid does.

PROUD said...

And....just when you thought things couldn't possibly get any nuttier:

Sometimes morons deserve what they get...

Rick Kepple said...

Isn't it strange that you can't have a guy named, "Whitey" and you sure can't leave anything to someone called, Beaver. Not on today's TV!

So we can all agree that there will be violence no matter which way the verdict goes?

midnightsstaff said...

I don't think anyone is agreeing- we are just accepting the new normal that Obama has introduced to America.. fundamental change.. remember?

Politically motivated riots are right out of the Rules for Radicals handbook, every tyrant in history has used them for political advantage.

Just what the hell did you morons think fundamental change was going to be all about?
After all plantations need slaves, it's just that simple and it was right before your eyes yet you refused to even talk about it, now it's just too late to avoid serious pain.

Don't think that this is going to be a simple spontaneous riot, it was orchestrated, planned out and it will also be a chance for government to make sure that they take more of our civil liberties for the occasion and fan the flames of racial strife.

Nothing is beyond these monsters- they will do anything to keep power including genocide.

CJ Phoenix said...

Actually, I was gonna say that I believe that Zimmerman should go free on the charges myself. I believe that he was over charged. I mean, 2nd degree murder? If they had charged him with manslaughter, however, as I heard was originally recommended by the cops, then that might have been a different story. But as it is, I do not believe Zimmerman should be found guilty of 2nd degree murder.

And, like everyone else, I am tired of all the crap about race & hate crime. It has become like the boy who cried, "WOLF," if you ask me. Now that we have heard it so many times that we no longer know whether to believe the cries or not, I guess it is the problem of the cry babies. It certainly isn't my problem.

FTR, I was in Huntington Beach when the Rodney King riots broke out & I sure wasn't cheering the rioters on. They were nothing but a bunch of opportunistic punks & street thugs.

When I realized how close my mom was to dead center of the riots, I was a little afraid & glued to the TV set. My mom lived in Harbor City about 2mis. from where Reginald Denny was beaten almost to death. And I couldn't get thru to her on the phone. But it was a good thing that the rioters headed north instead of south...Because I later heard that my mom & a friend were very well armed & just waiting to see if they were gonna need all those guns.

Hey, who the hell is "Pevie" & why is he trying to start stuff with me? Oh well, just another weirdo for me to ignore...

midnightsstaff said...

To argue the point, the cops don't let someone they believe to be guilty of manslaughter to take their firearm which at that point becomes evidence home with them after they are interviewed.

This crap started when Obama decided to spotlight it with the old "if I had a son" load of horseshit to deflect something or the other off of himself- and then the media decided to manufacture evidence to railroad an innocent person for the good of the team.

This is nothing short of a good old fashioned East German show trial and I wouldn't be surprised if the jury comes back with a guilty verdict because they live there and don't want their own houses burned.
..wall to wall idiots live in that hell hole.

..political scum don't give a damn about the little people that have to be sacrificed now and then to the gods of liberalism.

Glo, Very Whitey said...


I think this crap started LONG before Obama even came on the political scene. Remember: after the 1992 acquittals, the GG (Gutless Government) charged the acquittees of a federal crime and they were convicted and served time on that. Don't like a verdict? Indict another way to pacify the irate, lootin', truck-driver-beatin' masses.

LOVE that 55" TV! Any other trials on the horizon? I need to protest the injustness of it all.

midnightsstaff said...

I am just talking about this specific instance Gloria where a interloping President of the United States goes on camera and delivers the now famous "if I had a son" load of horseshit weeks after the incident and the police had dropped the issue.

It was a direct dog whistle to the race baiting "black leadership" which is an oxymoron to begin with which signaled the coordinated effort to make this a national re election issue.

..the call for mass riot went out the day Obama ran his filthy mouth on the subject.

Black culture simply cannot act responsibly for some reason, I could go down the list of examples but we all know them and we all know it's true.

Someone show me a single example in all of history of one successfully governed, Negro culture led nation- but that's not the point.

South Africa?

..all failed states where machetes and necklacing their political opponents are the norm..

The worst part of liberalism is found in it's inability to sort out cause from correlation and to default to the simplistic, sophomoric explanation which is usually based on bias rather than fact and a natural instinct to steal from others and buy votes with the stolen property.

This whole issue lays right at the feet of Obama, Holder and the politically inspired criminally inclined lackeys running Florida's justice dept.

As far as racial harmony in this nation goes, that possibility if it ever did no longer has any hope whatsoever- ..elections or in this case an illegitimate banana republic power grab means something and reminds reasonable people to never, ever give them your guns.

Glo said...


Couldn't agree with you more.

BTW: The 'impartial' judge in the Zimmerman case will allow the jury to now consider manslaughter. Clearly she and the prosecution WANT Z to be convicted of SOMETHING and are pretty concerned that he would be found not guilty on the original charge.

Justice is blind, right?

Jim McAllister said...

I am just talking about this specific instance Gloria where a interloping President of the United States goes on camera and delivers the now famous "if I had a son" load of horseshit weeks after the incident and the police had dropped the issue.

I with you on this Middy. My jaw dropped that day when I saw worthless Obama say "If I had a son; he would look just like Trayvon."

I thought I would puke after I heard that crappola from the president of the United States (small"p").

Trayvon was a piece of crap who got what was coming to him. I see this morning where they are slapping manslaughter on Zimmerman too. I feel really sorry for the guy. He performed a public service and will probably be found guilty.

Obama is the guilty one: guilty of being an uninformed idiot who is ruining this country while those who know better stand by and watch it happen.

Rick Kepple said...

Americans have become like Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer in the John Wayne movie, "Islands in the Sky," and the immortal line, "Whatever's customary."

I asked my roommate, since he's recently from Florida, "What do you think is going to happen if Zimmerman is set free?"

"I don't know. Whatever's customary."

The average American outsources their thinking to TV and radio news anchors.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Glo said...


Couldn't agree with you more"..

Isn't this a cue for me to go off on some bullying rampage?- after all that seems to be the jacket I rolled up with, mean spirited, greedy, dumbass old kracker who hates anyone that disagrees or even crosses his path.
If you think I'm bad you should meet my cat.
I swear somewhere in Buckeye a Honey Badger scored on a slutty Siamese and this is what I ended up with.
I should have named her Betty.. Betty Noir.
If she wasn't cute I wouldn't tolerate another day of her attitude.

Rick Kepple said...

"If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," President Obama, 2012.

But of all the shootings in America, why is this one so important to the media and to Obama?

The Blaze printed Defense testimony by a firearms expert who said that Martin was indeed on top of Zimmerman beating him when the young man was shot.

Text evidence demonstrates that young Martin was already in a hostile mood that morning. (He should have smoked more weed and calmed down)

Then he ran into Zimmerman who has a history of violence, police records show.

But WHY is this case so important? Of all the racial motivated crimes in America, why this one?

The goal is to repeal ALL "Stand Your Ground" laws in the United States, said the Miami Herald. To effectively disarm each and every American.

There is absolutely NO WAY that President Obama is singlehandedly finding ways to disarm Americans.

Black author Kevin Jackson wrote, "Sexy Brilliance," doesn't believe that George Soros is behind it all. Jackson compares Obama to a lovable mobster.

Glo said...


"mean spirited, greedy, dumbass old kracker who hates anyone that disagrees or even crosses his path."

Nah, I don't think of you as old! ;)

Rick Kepple said...

"Hey, who the hell is "Pevie" & why is he trying to start stuff with me? Oh well, just another weirdo for me to ignore..."

That's funny, CJ.

I'm trying to be like Jimmy and SN.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Then he ran into Zimmerman who has a history of violence, police records show"..

Care to offer any proof on that claim? or is it just more of the horseshit you sop up watching CNN and al-CBS?

..I wonder why no toxicology report?
why no mention of the reason he was there in the first place due to his being expelled from school for possessing burglary tools and women's jewelry?

Isn't that all public records and pertinent to the evolved character of the angelic twelve year old the media first reported.
Tell me why the State of Florida disallowed pertinent evidence of his obvious gang connections.

I wonder why the evidence linking him to an assault on a bus driver or his facebook/gangland contacts?
I wonder why..

Well no matter the case doesn't hang on evidence, the pursuit of truth or any of that sort of nonsense, it has everything to do with jury selection and then tampering that jury- and with the pool to pick from resembling that star witness who couldn't read her own handwriting on the stand I'd say the fix is in.

..and they will more than likely riot anyway- full moon in two weeks.

High Noon..

midnightsstaff said...

not to change the subject but what a strange weather pattern.. I got sprinkled early on this am.. made a mess more than any meaningful moisture, but so far no big Haboobs tearing the place up.

..probably get a duster tonight tho...

P.zappa.. (dyspeptic troglodyte) but evidently not an old dyspeptic troglodyte.

Mike Slater said...

Middy, you forgot that thriving black run country of Zimbabwe. Inflation is out of control and since they killed or ran off all the white farmers they can't feed themselves.

Jim, The state of Florida and the feds want a guilty verdict in the Zimmerman case so bad they can taste it. The police have put out a PSA asking people not to riot if Zimmerman is found not guilty.

I've been watching the case and thought it was a slam dunk Zimmerman would be found not guilty. Now I'm not so sure.

midnightsstaff said...

The judge decided to allow consideration for a manslaughter charge now that there is absolutely no evidence of anything happening but a thug getting shot for attempted murder of an armed man.

This way the judge gets off, the jury gets off and it goes to appeals.'s a win win except for Justice and the rule of law.

..and the tribes will still riot.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, I have a couple of years on you, in researching.

George Zimmerman went to court over domestic abuse and resisting arrest in 2005.

His wife also filed a restraining order, but less disagreeable was NBC's ignorance in bringing up a speeding ticket also.

Naw, the media hasn't got it in for Zimmerman. Not at all!

Rick Kepple said...

One mainstream artist sent a new song to us to use in a video. We're trying to get approval for more from another mainstream artist. I really want to use music from SN to use in a video, but that'll never happen.

In other news, pitchfork and torch sales are up in Florida.

I read that Presidents Obama and George W. Bush had a wonderful time in Africa. I'm so happy that the Democrats and Republicans are such good friends.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, I caught an aura around me on video. For days after that, I was sick and exhausted. Thinking about making it a 30 second video. It would go viral, because people like weird things and weird things mean money.

Think there won't be riots in Florida? In 1996, there was a riot when a cop shot a Black man after a traffic stop and the car turned out to be stolen.

Today, Tyron Lewis has buildings named for him, even though he was driving a stolen car. The Wikipedia version mentioned the alleged stolen car. The newspaper story, cited, just briefly mentions the case and the 2004 lawsuit that ruled in favor of the city and not the family of Tyron Lewis.

One race riot, hold the onions, extra fries, ORDER UP!

midnightsstaff said...

Those charges were seven years ago, speeding?
resisting arrest?
ex calling for a restraining order?

Hell I probably have more than that on my record.
He was such a threat to society he had a state issued concealed carry permit, was a community watch commander and was reputed by everyone who knows him to be a stand up citizen.

I would rather have him living across the street from me than either you or "No Limit Nigga".

Rick Kepple said...

"Hell I probably have more than that on my record."

I don't. I haven't had trouble since ... 30 years. At least. It's from clean living and church going.

But I'll let you have the award for troublemaking.

midnightsstaff said...

..and I'll take that award straight to the cash for gold dude with the sign spinning Uncle Sam right next to Easy Ernie's bail bond shop.

I didn't get to be a west side tycoon and a member of the yacht club by throwing good gold plated awards away.

Ought to bring enough for a sixer of Brown Derby at least.

..dat award bling is 10 carat right?

Rick Kepple said...

I just read that Food Stamps in the House of Representatives was not renewed.

Hate to say that I told you so, but I told you so. Someone intends to start a war in America.

Good thing the violence will be largely confined to the cities.

Stevebuzzardo said...

why didn't Obama say these guys look like his sons?

Hey Jesse and Al where are you?

Rick Kepple said...

Don't worry. That Farm Bill has been in gridlock for five years. It's not going anywhere until after 2014. It's unlikely that Democrats in the Senate will agree to a Farm Bill without Food Stamps.

If it does pass, grocery prices are guaranteed to increase, milk production will be decreased (and go up in price) and gas prices will increase.

Cutting the Food Stamps out was to increase farm subsidies and crop loss insurance after last year's drought.

I really doubt that hungry people will riot in the streets. People on hard drugs don't eat anyway, but they'll lose their means to buy heroin with government grocery money.

PROUD said...

*** THIS JUST IN ***

Napolitano to resign from Dept. of Homeland Security....

*** We now return you to live coverage of closing arguments in the Duke La-cross, I mean Zimmerman trial

midnightsstaff said...

Wonder what they are manufacturing to replace the evil bitch Napalitano- maybe they have dug up some dna of Heinrich Muller and had him cloned.

midnightsstaff said...

Wonder what the unicorn support group will do with the San Onofre NPP going off line for good.

Of course the long standing resolve to never take responsibility means they will be forced into blaming someone and simultaneously begging energy from the same people they are blaming.

The religious bureaucrats will also demand strict observance to the goddess Gaia in generating that electricity.

Mexico taking ownership of the failed state is looking like a better and better option.

Jim McAllister said...


I saw that on the front page today. Nappy is another rat deserting a sinking ship. She want to be pres. of U. of Californicate! LOL I love it.

Jim McAllister said...


Did you see in the Republic this morning that APS says that solar bills are too low. They want to charge $50 to $100 or more a month to cover the cost of maintaining the power grid. The solar industry says this could kill their business.

APS say they aren't paying enough for their services. LOL

Ha-ha, somebody isn't making enough off solar so here come the price increases and those ugly panels may not be quite as plentiful.

Jim McAllister said...


Four more pieces of puke who will probably get off.

Maybe puke Obama will give them a presidential pardon.

What a joke; that poor guy died for nothing.

Jim McAllister said...


I think you are right. Manslaughter decision will send them looking for the flat screens.

If i had a business down there, I would get all the guns and ammo I could plus some green berets and get ready to target practice on those pieces of shit.

I'll bet a lot of whites are piling up ammo in their homes and getting ready. They better be!

Jim McAllister said...


No question about it; if Zimmerman gets off the whole town will burn.

I hope everyone is locked and loaded to protect their homes and their own safety.

midnightsstaff said...

A couple of well placed claymore mines will turn any crowd around.

They have lost the element of surprise tho, Old kkKracker Jack isn't going to lay down in Florida, they have had six months to get ready.
New Jersey and Philly though.. that is another story.

PROUD said...

Currently watching FLA police beg blacks to remain calm and not take to the streets should Zimmerman be found "not guilty"...

Guess they don't want a repeat of the way whites rioted when OJ got off?...Oh, wait...?????????

Jim McAllister said...


The cops may as well be talking to a wall. There is no substitute for class or in this case, a 50" Samsung for free.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, Nappy is a prime example that even though one is totally inept one can always find a job in government.

I hope Zimmerman is found not guilty but you never can tell about juries.

If the blacks do riot the police should bring out the dogs and the fire hoses and give them a little taste of the 1950's and 60's.

Rick Kepple said...


That would suck to defend yourself in a fight, have to shoot someone or be beaten to a pulp, then go to trial and be called a racist, when it was the other way around!

But I'm just a journalist. What do I know about the truth?

Rick Kepple said...

Zimmerman drama continued on Monday.

Will our hero go to jail? Will another criminal have yet another gym named for them in Florida? Will CNN and Fox continue to keep manufacture thinking for the American people?

And what happens one day when the lights go out and people have to think for themselves!

Stevebuzzardo said...

Free college for all illegal Mexicans, with Nappy as president of the University of California system

Jim McAllister said...


....and that doesn't work pull out the machine guns and announce that this is their last chance or else.

I imagine looking down a gun barrel may get their attention pretty good.

Sounds rough but this mob crap has gone far enough every time they disagree with something.

Jim McAllister said...

"That would suck to defend yourself in a fight, have to shoot someone or be beaten to a pulp, then go to trial and be called a racist, when it was the other way around!"

Good comment, Rick.

Jim McAllister said...


Plus all courses will be taught in Spanish. Any Americans who are enrolled will have to learn the new language.

I think that is the only right thing to do. After all those people have had to go through to sneak into the country. We need to show more empathy!

Rick Kepple said...

I took a telephone survey recently on the immigration bill and it was a very long survey.

I am against a blanket immigration policy. Should they be given first dibs at jobs? Press 6 for HELL NO! Sure, they can stay, but they gotta pay $5,000 in fines, learn English, gotta be here longer than two years, and Americans come first in line. After all, they admitted to committing a crime, so they can't own a gun either.

Pevie, former political strategist , Hicks said...

Nappy landing in the liberal theocracy of CA...Will have zero influence....

The left coast is TOO FAR GONE for one skunk hairdoed butch to have even a minimal impact!

midnightsstaff said...

I wonder how all those twinkie sucking, mincing white libs like Pink Mike and the rest of that destructive crowd feel after witnessing what the greatest unifier to ever grace the White House in our history is doing right now.

Every public school teacher should be fired today.

Yeah they were worshiping the Nobel Peace Prize winner who walked on water pick up his kick back about twenty minutes after being sworn in- what did he do?

Blessed are the peacemakers... wot?
this is the hand of Satan loosed on our nation, so I suppose this means roughly half the people voting worship Satan, which makes sense now that I think of it.

I figure that anyone who voted for this guy is beyond redemption and for that single act of cowardice alone qualifies as my nation's enemy.
.. does that sound harsh?
remember it after the bodies start piling up because we are headed for the mother of all civil wars.

midnightsstaff said...

.."one skunk hairdoed butch"

..did you have to go there?

midnightsstaff said...

West Virgina goes for the skinny dipping title..
about time we got some good news, I am sick and tired of nonstop faggot politicians forcing me to watch them bugger farm animals and call it politics.

We had a great golf course skinny dipping place when I was in High School..
There was about thirty of us having a nice moonlight swim when the whole place lit up with LE vehicles.. so we grabbed clothes and booked across the dunes- I finally found my shorts and traded off whatever it was I grabbed.
No bookings, no criminal histories began, just good clean fun. we might have been shot.

pevie, (used to plow S/N like the family farm) hicks said...

"...did you have to go there?"

Nope...(as the song goes) ~~I'm ~already there~~~

Rick Kepple said...

The mother of all civil wars.

I planted lots of squash. Good stuff.

midnightsstaff said...

Which prodded another memory.. I have a friend who was a theraputic masseuse working at the Terra Cotta in Palm Springs,
I used to help her set up her tables.
What a strange environment, nothing going on but there was nothing going on them either- it looked like they had all been robbed.

Like a bunch of kids on a naughty underwear free weekend vacation- but it was a nice, quiet relaxing place to hang out - (no pun intended).

Strange place Palm Springs.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, you're a strange one.

midnightsstaff said...

Me, strange?
California before the liberals took over was a real Garden of Eden for a young slacker like me.
a day spent at the beach was not wasting time, life was reasonable and pretty safe to do whatever you felt like.
Not only that but the coastline extended all the way to Ensenada where I spent a lot of long weekends having a great time on the cheap.
But that was before we involved ourselves in a complete waste in the war on drugs.
Mexico used to be a fun place for the weekend, not anymore.
I think everyone is catching on about the in your face drug and terrorist fueled police state we have now.
I hoped it would be recognized for the threat it is to personal liberty, but it looks like I bet on the wrong horse.
red pill/blue pill-
same poison.

Jim McAllister said...

Well.....a nice evening I see for all.

Nice stuff, "Skunk hairdoed butch" wins for most original comment.

The "Huh?" award goes to "The mother of all civil wars.

I planted lots of squash. Good stuff."

Most original comment goes to I am sick and tired of nonstop faggot politicians forcing me to watch them bugger farm animals and call it politics.

Most nostalgic winner is: There was about thirty of us having a nice moonlight swim when the whole place lit up with LE vehicles.. so we grabbed clothes and booked across the dunes- I finally found my shorts and traded off whatever it was I grabbed.
No bookings, no criminal histories began, just good clean fun.

Congratulations to all the winners (or is that wieners?)


Rick Kepple said...

Squash, Jimmy. You're still not thinking when it comes to civil war.

Three days and store shelves will be bought out.

Rick Kepple said...

I can't believe I won a "Huh?" award!

I'm writing my acceptance speech now.

I was five years old when my father said to me, "Son, one day you'll get an award. Now eat your peas. There are people starving in Africa."

midnightsstaff said...

The inmates in Clownafornia are protesting.
.."Ms. Napolitano angered both immigrant-rights groups and those who want to see a crackdown on illegal immigration, and irked privacy advocates from the right and left during her four years as head of Homeland Security".

One protester sign greeting the news supposedly read "Show us your Dick".

(Yes folks the jackasses of Arizona actually voted this America hating strap on queen to office as Governor- so tell me again how the voters in this state are any better).

Not really on the sign.. but one of the few remaining free thinkers in the land of emotionally inspired magic stated..

"University of California students can look forward to the same authoritarian management style Secretary Napolitano brought to the Department of Homeland Security, hardly a bastion of free speech and open government,” said Rep. Doug LaMalfa, a California Republican. “While I am pleased to see her leave Homeland Security, Napolitano’s views are entirely incompatible with the UC system’s history of civil liberties and the decision to appoint her is perplexing" which point the maverick legislator was immediately placed in restraints and escorted to the newly established Chancellor's Detainment Center.

Jerry Brown, always the August Statesman voice of reason, quickly rode to the rescue with a statement of confidence-

“Secretary Napolitano has the strength of character and an outsider’s mind that will well serve the students and faculty,” said Gov. Jerry Brown. “It will be exciting to work with her."

Being exciting and possessing an outsider's mind is not some of the normal traits you hire someone to oversee the entire State's higher education program for- until now I guess.
.. I wonder if she will bring some of those hollow points to Sacramento with her/it?

Maybe that's what Jerry is referring to as "exciting".

Rick Kepple said...

Secretary of Homeland Security to ... school teacher, basically. Odd.

Jim McAllister said...

I like squash. Just had some zucchini the other day.

Jim McAllister said...


"Show us your Dick". Really? Now, that is funny! I always thought she was asexual.

A lot of these phony politicians like her seem to take those jobs as president of some school. I imagine it is an easy run for them to keep screwing the public by continuing to pick up a check at the voter's expense.

The good news is that she NOT coming back here. What a nice relief that is!

Screw Clownifornia; they deserve her.

midnightsstaff said...

Mixed emotions for me, on one hand I would like to see the entire state given what they deserve, on the other hand I am still milking the taxpayers in that state for a monthly allowance and I realize we are only one black swan away from total collapse.

But I can tell you this, the closer I get the less I give a damn.
My "Idon'tgiveadamnmeter" is pegged and has been for quite a while now- it hasn't even been down to the yellow area since before Arnold Kennedy was the governator.

Jan Brewer needs a Bloody Mary and make it a double!

Gray Davis, Arnold, Big Cyst, MoonBeamII, Jan " The Rino in drag" Brewer...

Arizona and Clownafornia sure pick some jackassigators to run their states eh?- oh let's not forget McAmnesty, Frankenstein, "Barbara the Constipated" and now "don't call me a flake" Jeff Flake- frankly I am surprised Arizona is doing as well as it is.

All we need is a tent and some seating, the clowns are here already.

Jim McAllister said...

.....and Gabby. Regardless of any sympathy for her injury, she is an idiot along with her "gnome boy" husband Kelly.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, what happened to Gabby was a real tragedy and I feel sorry for her. The bigger tragedy is her idiot husband dragging her around the country pushing for more gun control.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh what has Mark Kelly done now? Did he try to prove how unsafe neighborhoods are by moving into one?

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah I forgot about the local brain dead political whore and his wife.

Yeah I feel bad about that Show us your Dick thingy..
So what is this Bingo night?
I have seen livelier first watch crews than this one..
I took a time out for that comment already Jim, besides I got all hung up in power flushing the cleaning jets in my pool.
Been fighting the PH level for a couple of days, maybe it's the chlorine tabs or too much crap in the H2O.
..soon as it cools down I'm gonna change the water.
You ever have trouble keeping your ph level right Rick?

Probably just an Arizona thing, Grand Canyon- London Bridge.. we got it all.

midnightsstaff said...

Is this off topic?
at least one good thing about this country going all muslim, we will get better coffee house entertainment.

Rick Kepple said...

I don't worry about the pH level, Middy, since I don't own a pool. I just go to the Gasconade River instead and put my money into the video business.

Some 70's era bands are granting us written permission to use their songs in our videos. I just wish SN or FM would let us use one or two of their songs.

Toby Keith's people asked me what our budget was. I have no clue what they are even talking about.

Budget? We don't need no stinking budget! Our last video cost about ten bucks to make.

Jim McAllister said...


...and she willingly goes along with it. I certainly agree on Kelly. I wish he would go to the moon and stay there. He should also shave that sorry excuse for a mustache off too.

Jim McAllister said...


I've been to London Bridge in Havasu. Don't ever go there for that; it isn't worth it especially in summer when 120 is typical there.

Jim McAllister said...

I kept Cheering for Dina to "Take your top off!!" but she never did. What kind of a video is that?

Jim McAllister said...


It looks like 10 bucks is your budget. Helluva deal.

CJ Phoenix said...

"Jan "The Rino in drag" Brewer"
LOL. I love it. And here I only compared her to the Wicked Witch of the West -- a comparison that still works both visually & audibly, btw -- but I never once attacked her sexuality or gender...Those side by side photos are around here somewhere, probably in the same folder as those of Mike McLellan & a baby orangutan plus Bodo's head on the Rocky Horror monster. Too bad I can't post them here.

You know what, though, Middy? You do not actually want a leader. You want a puppet. So now that Brewer is no longer dancing to your tune & is showing her leadership skills by doing what she believes is right, you hate her. And she has always been that way it seems...The biggest difference now is that she is on the shit list of people like you instead of people like me. Like it or not, as governor, Jan Brewer represents the whole State of Arizona, not just Republican voters.

I got sucked into the Zimmerman trial watch today. Crap, where are my mu-mu & bonbons? This is like getting stuck on a Lifetime Channel marathon.

I am still not completely sold on the charge of manslaughter & here is why: I believe it was thrown in at the last minute &, in that way, his attorney did not exactly get a reasonable chance to defend him on that charge. I also have an issue with lesser included charges because of the double jeopardy clause...But that last part is just my decidedly libertarian-leaning opinion now because it seems that modern court opinions do not agree with me there. On the other hand, the first part opens the door to a guilty of manslaughter verdict being overturned on appeal. Ineffective Assistance of Counsel would be one way to do it.

I still believe Zimmerman should have been charged with manslaughter from the get-go, though. My defense of him here is purely on technicalities.

Verdict is in. Here we go...

Rick Kepple said...

I've never been to London Bridge. Is it still falling down?

Jimmy, two Democrats in Congress are talking about making a national park on the moon.

That's no crazier than our zero budget lawn chair time machine.

Glo said...

Zimmerman: NOT GUILTY!!! Yea!!!!

Now comes the FUN part (let's get us a new TV!).

Jim McAllister said...


You beat me to it. Thanks for the post.

I'm glad we are up here in the boonies. I would hate to be in ChicaGO, L. A. ETC. TONIGHT.

Go George!!!!

Rick Kepple said...

Oh hell.

I got a horrible feeling that the government needs a riot to happen.

Rick Kepple said...

Florida braces for riots.

No, because that would be racial profiling.

I for one pledge to remain passive on my farm and my dogs and I will not riot.

Rick Kepple said...

I'll bet Jimmy's got a new blog to upload.

Where were you when George Zimmerman was found Not Guilty?

Rick Kepple said...

Rioting has broken out on ... Twitter?

Yes, an armchair lynch mob has threatened to kill George Zimmerman.

I'm forming a Twitter posse to head them off at the pass! Who's with me?!

Rick Kepple said...

Uh oh. Al Sharpton just started trouble.

What an idiot.

midnightsstaff said...

I'm shocked- maybe my opinion of the average Florida hayseed is a bit hyperbolic.

Now what? where does he go to even have a shot of getting a normal life?
Maybe he could go to some Krakerstan state like Idaho or Alaska, I probably should go with him.

I hope he puts NBC out of business and charges should be levied criminally as well as civilly against some of these anchor people who went out of their way to frame him.

Won't hear a peep from the good folks in Arizona, no need to get all het up over some east coast drama. we all know a well armed society is a polite society.
Clownafornia has a problem.

Sheriff Joe don't have time for any of that crap anyway.

Rick Kepple said...

I just read that Obama is going to have the DoJ file charges on Zimmerman.

It's Double Jeopardy, but Reagan did it and so did George H.W. Bush in two previous cases.

Zimmerman can move to the Ozarks. Or Idaho.

The Rodney King cops were acquitted, but George H.W. Bush had them retried, because of the riots.

That's exactly what preacherman is trying to do.

Only this time, I got a feeling things aren't going to go as planned. I think the American people have about had enough. It's just a hunch, but Obama should back off. Leave it be.

midnightsstaff said...

Actually Jan Brewer pissed me off by vetoing that bill to make hospitals post their charges.
..sell out.

I was sitting on the balcony watching another great sunset and it occurred to me that the word for the day has to be sultry..

Sultry, just warm and humid enough to have to wipe the brow while drinking ice water and enjoying the show.

You sound a bit tense Cj, I really don't know where you find all the energy to keep riled up over things that none of us can change.

No I do want a leader, but I also want someone who honestly represents the good will of the people.
You don't give your kid all the candy he wants and sometimes our elected representatives need to show some leadership in the best interests of the individual and not give in to every thing they demand in the name of security either.

The government cannot prioritize neither can it reason.. therefore the best thing for the health of the nation is for government to remain as small as possible and still do the things it is supposed to.

Brewer is just another political whore.

midnightsstaff said...

I am glad that my worst cynical fears were wrong..
I never figured the Justice dept. would ever let this one get away.

Now I just hope I am wrong about rioting, and with the Holder Justice department's total disregard for the law it wouldn't surprise me if they haven't been giving guns to the Black Panthers for the occasion.

..Yeah I am that cynical.

Jim McAllister said...


I think you getting ahead of yourself on Obama charging Zimmerman. I see nothing of that in any news release. At least not yet.

There definitely will be a backlash coming as it has already started with Sharpton and Jealous.

Obama is on the spot. His best bet is to stay quiet but the pressure will be coming to do something.

Jim McAllister said...


More NFL garbage. Victor Cruz of the Giants says Zimmerman "won't last a year until the hood gets him."

Classy stuff

midnightsstaff said...

Ya know it breaks your heart when you walk in the room and the cat is stealing things off the desk.
and now she is stalking the leftover potato with sour cream.

I expect better.

Rick Kepple said...

"I think you getting ahead of yourself on Obama charging Zimmerman."

Yeah, but there is precedent set by Reagan and H.W. Bush for Double Jeopardy in America.

Here's an interesting read from Joe Pags.

PROUD said...

Justice served in the Trayvon Martin case? (answer) Momentarily....

Professional race pimps Sharpton and Jackson now calling,(make that demanding) on the nations most corrupt, most racist attorney general in our nations history,Eric (the black) Holder, to bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman....

Proving once again that under the "post racial" team of Obama / Holder....

If you don't/ can't win in a court of find Chicago style justice through the:

(***Note to administration...pursuing civil rights might prove to be a double edge facts reveal special prosecutor Angela Corey brought charges against the advice of police who had ruled it justifiable, then withheld vital facts from the defense, going so far as to fire an IT tech who uncovered info damaging to her prosecution....From here, looks like ZIMMERMAN'S CIVIL RIGHTS WERE VIOLATED)

Pass the popcorn!

PROUD said...

We all got a laugh out of the new anchor reporting the ridiculous fake names in the San/Fran crash....(My personal favorite= Ho Lee Fuk!)

Turns out it wasn't some bubble-headed bleach blond news reporter that the Eagles sang about who made the might be expected the names were reported by the NTSB,(National Transportation & Safety Board)

If memory serves this is just another federal government agency you know, the folks that will now be in charge of your health care...Interesting that most news outlets played this as just a local reporter error, not a screw up by the federal gov???

Comforting, huh?

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah it looks like another Y2K moment at the present, but I think they were just caught off guard.

No one was expecting a verdict until next week, and I imagine the Holder Injustice Cartel will file charges if for no other reason just to keep the attention off other scandals.

Keep in mind that last night nothing was defused, and the tribe is always looking for a flash point to do what they do best whether it is over a basketball game or a national trial.

Maybe we could buy or conquer an African nation and then pay our Obama voting crap out of the general fund to self emigrate with a one way ticket and relocation money- throw in an Obama phone to sweeten the deal, you wouldn't get any complaints over that foreign aid plan from me as long as we finally seal the border from ever letting the human trash back in.

midnightsstaff said...

Sorry if I sounded insensitive earlier, I haven't had my coffee yet.

Rick Kepple said...

The blackberries demand to be picked again today. This will go on for another month. These are wild, thorny bushes that I planted in 2005 and they've spread.

It's kind of neat to go into my own studio and work on creative products.

I'm a fan of the Tiny House Design. Simplicity of living.

On the farm, when you have livestock fighting, it's because of overcrowding. In the city, it's the same thing, only they call it crime.

Rick Kepple said...

Al Sharpton needs to go to jail for attempted insurrection.

PROUD said...

Sharpton should have gone down (and remained gone) for his involvement in the Twana Brawley hoax....That anyone, especially the MSM listens to him is ridiculous, let alone give him his own TV show....

midnightsstaff said...

Rick Kepple said...

.."Al Sharpton needs to go to jail for attempted insurrection".

Someone has kidnapped Rick and is using his computer,(probably Pevie)- quick call the Missouri State Police and let them know- and you over there, boil some water.

CJinPhoenix said...

"You sound a bit tense Cj..." Not at all, sweetie. In fact, I still had a smile on my face from last night & you just made laugh a little again.

Hey, would adding cutesy emoticons help you better read my emotional state here? Tough. I am not gonna dumb down my writing just for you.

I will give you this though: I do believe that you think you want a leader...But the moment a leader shows any strength of character that does not agree precisely with your version of how it should be, you turn on them. OTOH, now that I have seen that Jan Brewer will do what she believes is right despite the whims & wishes of party politics, I would vote for her. Even if she was promising to do something I did not like at that time...I would defer to her experience & judgment because I now know that she is at least attempting to do what is best for all of US, as opposed to just you or just me.

You know what else has me smiling this morning? After all the nonsense I heard yesterday evening about the jury being a panel of six women, five of them mothers, & how women tend to operate emotionally...Apparently that misguided stereotype turned around & bit the prosecution in the Zimmerman case like a real bitch. That should teach them to rely on sloppy emotion rather than building a solid case on the evidence. I did say should, didn't I? It probably won't though.

I am also happy to see that all the rioting & looting people were predicting did not occur.

pevie, (seer of fake emotion) hicks said...

Anyone else notice?

When CJ is really upset about something she goes out of her way to try to hide her pissed-ness by lavishing sweet terms like "sweetie" and "honey" all over her otherwise bitter comments.

Anyone fooled?

CJ Phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glo said...

Proud - I'm ashamed of you! Insulting pimps by comparing them with the likes of Jackson and Sharpton! You need to apologize to the pimps!

CJ Phoenix said...

Ahh, look, our resident bi-polar multiple personality is judging me. How cute!

Hey, Rick, I will use any words I want here because I can. It's a form of creative expression. And I do not have voices in my head telling me how to think & what to write the way that you do.

PEVIE,(the music business is beatin a path to my run down barn), HICKS said...

CJ you forgot to call me darlin, Darlin.

Whenever any famous person dies Sir Elton John usually eulogizes them in song. In as much as I've been on this board with a world famous musician stalker, I think I too have developed some musical ability. So here's my Elton-esk take off of-
"Trayvon, The Musical"

***Ah-hem(clears throat)***

Trayvon~~Trayvon~ likes his skittles~
He eats? a lot~they say~~~

Spend days making Skittle colored Ice-Tea~
That he hopes to sell~down by~the motorway~~

He was born a pauper to a pawn~on a rainy day~
When the New York Times said~race~ism's dead~

Now the war's begun~
Obama has a son~~~ today~~~

And he shall be Tray~von~~~

He shall forever be a martyr-man~~~

And he shall be Tray~von~~~

In tradition with the~family plan~~~

And he shall be Tray~von~~~

He shall forever be a martyr-man~~~


midnightsstaff said...

.."OTOH, now that I have seen that Jan Brewer will do what she believes is right despite the whims & wishes of party politics, I would vote for her. Even if she was promising to do something I did not like at that time...I would defer to her experience & judgment because I now know that she is at least attempting to do what is best for all of US, as opposed to just you or just me".

So taking brib.. erh 'campaign contributions' to veto reform to Hospital price hiding/fixing is working diligently for the concerns of the people?

.."The legislation crafted by Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, would essentially have put hospitals and doctors in the same position as retailers: They would have to give people an opportunity to learn what certain procedures will cost, before they show up in a waiting room"..

..explain the courage she displayed to me real slow because it's still early in the morning.

Your problem with me Cj is you stereotyped me as another asshatt with a GOP tattoo somewhere and all I do is attack politicians and phonies.

..and for some inexplicable reason that drives you crazy.

BTW the jurors in that trial showed more courage and vision than anyone else in Florida government has so far.
These ladies are the true heros in today's society and what are they going to get for the trouble?

I readily admit that some women such as Sarah Palin and others have deep rooted convictions, but there is simply not enough rational ones to justify giving the whole female herd the right to vote.

midnightsstaff said...

BTW I thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughts on various topics, you provide a good sounding board to make sure my compass is still steering me right.

I love it when the knee jerk left says when they want to attack the first amendment "you can't yell fire in a crowded theater" and then what do they do?- frame an innocent man and demand everyone panic.

So many laws would have been broken in a lawful nation but that is the problem isn't it, we no longer live in a nation with a lawful government.

Has Geraldo been dispatched to the Miami area?
If there were ever a need for calm leadership it is now, I say we demand that Geraldo go to Florida and work the same type of magic he did in New Orleans at the Cannibal Dome.

So why don't we ever agree on any subject Cj- have you ever given it much thought?

midnightsstaff said...

Seems like with Big Brother watching every move we make they could figure out who it was that gave the names Capt. Sum Ting Wong, We Tu Low, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bang Ding Ow.

but apparently they have no clue who was behind the gag.

Gotta give someone credit where it's due on this one forcing the msm to look authentic.

Mike Slater said...

Glad to see Zimmerman was found not guilty. This incident never should have been brought to trial.

The local police department wasn't even going to file charges but then the feds and the state of Florida got involved and turned it into a racial issue.

Of course Obama had to put in his two cents worth crack about if he had a son he'd look like Travon. I guess he meant he'd have a dope smoking thug for a son.

The State overreached with the 2nd degree murder charge and once they figured they couldn't get it they conned the judge into telling the jury they could go for manslaughter. Luckily the jury didn't buy it.

Zimmerman may be free but his life will never be the same again. If I were him I'd be making immediate travel plans to Idaho or Montana.

midnightsstaff said...

It appears from the bulls perspective the running went well in Pamplona on Friday.

One foo.. erh I mean participant has a cosmetic wound to her right lung and a few broken ribs, another previous runner was crushed in a pileup of other former runners, a jerk from Cleveland took a horn up the ass and another with a walker had his spleen removed as what has been described by his friend as a direct result of his insufficient run and hide ability.

(Bear hunters have used this strategy of taking a gimp along on the hunt for years, it looks like the practice is spreading)

But it was not bad for a normally pedestrian (no pun intended) amateur sporting event.

Bulls evidently came ready to play with a good plan and won this one hands down.

Next up in the Jetsetter's world cup is the smuggling bibles into Pakistan, smuggling babies out of Africa, drunk jaywalking in NYC and sober driving rush hour in Bangkok traffic events.

Stevebuzzardo said...

what the Zimmerman case proves is that its always good to have a gun, when your head is being smashed on concrete.

A gun, never leave home without it..

Jim McAllister said...


All modern cats insist on sour cream. It's the only way to eat it.

midnightsstaff said...

She only took interest in things like sour cream after my daughter had visited.


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