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Monday, May 06, 2013


Music is fun and entertaining to most of us whether it is from our own memories of pop tunes recorded during our lifetimes or before.

I love the old stuff because the tunes are so great and supply us with a vision of their times and some of the 
lyrics infuriate the holier than thou liberals of today who don’t understand the era that produced the songs.
Cole Porter (1891-1964)
A favorite is “Let’s Do it (Let’s fall in love)” written in 1928 by the prolific Cole Porter.  The irony in this song is in the opening chorus where it states that “Chinks do it, Japs do it, up in Lapland little Laps do it...” 

Porter wrote it for the show Paris which was his first Broadway success.  With the politically correct world that evolved, the lyrics were later changed to “Birds do it, bees do it”.  I think that is a cop out; I think Porter was just having fun with the first lyrics and meant nothing harmful with “Chinks do it, Japs do it” but as we know, tastes change and skin gets thinner  (The attached YouTube has the original lyrics).

I’ve been a music freak forever and still carry a harmonica around much to the disdain of some but, hey, that’s just me.  I’ve been following pop music since I was 6 or 7 and have never tired of it although some of the stuff today makes me glad I like what are now the oldies. 

One favorite from the late 40’s was a regular on the hit parade from WCKY in Cincinnati:  Peggy Lee and her then husband Dave Barbour doing “Manana”.  Peggy was great with any tune.

As the 50s arrived 1955 produced guys like Pat Boone with “Ain’t That a Shame” and Perez Prado with “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White”.  Bill Haley and his Comets snuck in that year with “Rock Around the Clock” which was a portent of things to come.

And come it did in 1956 with some guy named “Elvis” hitting it big with “Hound Dog” and “Love me Tender.”  Does anyone remember one hit wonder Jim Lowe with “Green Door”?

Can it really be 55 years since I got out of high school? That would be 1958 when “At the Hop”, by Danny and the Juniors, “Get a Job” by The Silhouettes, “Tequila” by The Champs, and “Yakety Yak” by The Coasters ruled.

The 60s were nice.  I spent 4 years in the Air Force; plenty of time to learn things I would never had learned by staying in Cincy.   Also a time to meet girls and dance and love in clubs from Texas and Missouri to Germany only to come home in 1965 and find my true love a month later.  Isn’t fate great?  The young guys today don’t know what they missed by not having to serve.

Meanwhile, tunes like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, “The Twist”, “The Duke of Earl”, “Surf City”, “Sugar Shack”, All the great British invasion songs including “Downtown” by Pet Clark; Monday, Monday”,  “Crimson and Clover”, and many other great tunes came along.

Even today, I still like to occasionally turn up the volume all the way and break off the knob as I am doing while I write this paean to pop music.  So far while writing I have played The Smithereens, Donnie Iris, “Puttin’ on the Ritz”, Norman Greenbaum, West End Girls, Jefferson Starship,  One Night in Bangkok, Greg Kihn Band, and Yes. 

So many songs; so little time!

For a good look at Paris of the 1920’s see Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” (2011).


sam said...

I remember...and still enjoy...every song you mention. I must admit, however, that I seldom play music any more...and I rarely attend movies any more....gave my records to my son nearly 20 years ago, along with most of my tapes. I was into Dixie, and Country, mostly. I spend my time now taking care of my yard (at least, Im trying to), walking my two little girls in the park, and expounding with friends on politics, nonsense, and world affairs, although I have dropped out of active membership in associated organizations.
For the record, every time I hear "Green Door", or see reference to it in print, it reminds me of the movie...starring Marilyn Chambers...who "sang" like a proverbial mink throughout the film...and became a international star. Yeah, I saw it in Frisco during its "premier" was advertised throughout the Frisco area...and drew raves in news reports....and every ship in port and in the yards....LOL. I believe it was even shown in the small sex theater in Scottsdale old town not long before the theater closed...I believe in 1974or '75.

Jim McAllister said...


"Green Door" with Chambers was a bit different from the pop song of 1956. LOL It was a great porno film though.

Here is Jim Lowe's "Green Door", a cute diddy from 1956 that was huge when I was a sophomore in high school.

Imagine the chances of a song like that becoming a hit today!

Jim Lowe was born in 1927 and went to U of Missouri in Columbia. As far as I know he is still around and will be 86 this year.

midnightsstaff said...

Marilyn Chambers did porno? ..she seemed like such a nice girl.

Leave it to an old swabbie to bring that element in what normally is a pretty refined level of discourse. to me started pretty much around the Beach Boys and Dick Dale and his surf guitar.
before that it was trying to wrest the radio from my dad in the car and negotiate a better radio station that didn't play Hank Williams or Porter Waggoner..

a losing battle.

Glo said...

Jim: 1958 was a great year for music!
16 Candles
26 Miles
The All American Boy
All I Have To Do Is Dream
All of a Sudden My Heart Sings
All Over Again
All the Time
Angel Baby
Angel Smile
Another Time, Another Place
Are You Really Mine?
Are You Sincere?
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
Baubles, Bangles and Beads
Been So Long
Beep Beep
Believe What You Say
Belonging to Someone
Betty and Dupree
Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoes
Big Bopper's Wedding
Big Man
Bird Dog
The Bird on My Head
The Blob
Blue Blue Day
The Book of Love
Born Too Late
C'mon Everybody
Catch A Falling Star
Song of Love
Chantilly Lace
The Chipmunk Song
Click Clack
Come Closer to Me
Come To Me
Crazy Eyes for You
Crazy Love
Dance Everyone Dance
Dance Only with Me
The Day the Rains Came
Dede Dinah
Devoted to You
The Diary
Ding Dong
Dinner with Drac Part 1
Do You Wanna Dance?
Don't Ask Me Why
Don't Go Home
Don't Let Go
Don't You Just Know It
Doncha' Think It's Time
Down the Aisle of Love
Early in the Morning
Enchanted Island
The End
Endless Sleep
Every Night
Everybody Loves A Lover
For My Good Fortune
For Your Love
For Your Precious Love
Forget Me Not
The Freeze
Gee, But It's Lonely
Get A Job
Ginger Bread
Gotta Travel On
Guess Things Happen That Way
Hang Up My Rock & Roll Shoes
Hard Headed Woman
The Hawaiian Wedding Song
He's Got the Whole World
High School Confidential
High Sign
How Are Ya' Fixed for Love?
How the Time Flies
The Hula Hoop Song
I Beg of You
I Cried a Tear
I Got a Feeling
I Got Stung
I Love You For Sentimental Reasons
I Wonder Why
I'll Remember Tonight
I'll Wait for You
I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
If Dreams Came True
It's All in the Game
It's Only Make Believe
It's Too Soon To Know
Itchy Twitchy Feeling
Jennie Lee
Jingle Bell Rock
Johnny B. Goode
Just a Dream
Just Married
Kewpie Doll
La Bamba
La Dee Dah
Lazy Mary
Lazy Summer Night
Left Right Out of Your Heart
Let the Bells Keep Ringing
A Letter to an Angel
The Little Blue Man
The Little Drummer Boy
Little Star
Lonely Island
Lonesome Town
Looking Back
Love Is All We Need
Love Makes the World Go 'Round
Love of My Life
Love You Most of All
A Lover's Question
Lucky Ladybug
Magic Moments
The Mocking Bird
Moon Talk
My Bucket's Got a Hole in It
My Happiness

Glo said...

1958 Part 2:

Need You
No Chemise, Please
No One Knows
Nobody But You
Now and for Always
Oh Julie
Oh Lonesome Me
Oh-Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again
One Night
One Summer Night
Ooh! My Soul
A Part of Me
Philadelphia U.S.A.
Poor Little Fool
Pretty Baby
Pretty Girls Everywhere
Promise Me, Love
The Purple People Eater
Pussy Cat
Put a Ring on My Finger
Queen of the Hop
Rave On
Red River Rose
Return to Me
Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay
Rock-in Robin
The Secret
She Was Only Seventeen
She's Neat
Short Shorts
Sick and Tired
Sing Boy Sing
Skinny Minnie
Somebody Touched Me
Splish Splash
Stupid Cupid
Sugar Moon
Summertime Blues
Summertime, Summertime
Susie Darlin'
Sweet Little Sixteen
Talk to Me, Talk to Me
Teacher, Teacher
Tears on My Pillow
The Teen Commandments
The Ten Commandments of Love
That Old Black Magic
That's How Much I Love You
There Goes My Heart
There's Only One of You
Think It Over
This Little Girl of Mine
This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
To Be Loved
To Know Him, Is To Love Him
Tom Dooley
Treasure of Your Love
Try the Impossible
Twilight Time
A Very Precious Love
A Very Special Love
The Walk
Walking Along
The Ways of a Woman in Love
We Belong Together
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
Western Movies
What Am I Living For?
When the Boys Talk About the Girls
The Witch Doctor
Who's Sorry Now?
Whole Lotta Loving
Willie and the Hand Jive
Win Your Love for Me
Wishing for Your Love
With Your Love
A Wonderful Time Up There
The World Outside
Yakety Yak
You Are My Destiny
You Cheated
You Need Hands
You Were Made for Me
Young and Warm and Wonderful

midnightsstaff said...

you missed splish splash..

Billy Ray Cyrus did a cover of splish splash to try to revive his career but it just was too late-
same thing with flying purple people eater- ahhhh, the classics of my youth along with "hello mudder,hello fadder".

.. think "one eyed one horned flying purple people eater" with a country take- a lot of hip movement a steel guitar and a hot!

That was nearly as good as Charlie Daniels and Tiny Tim's duo of "tipping through the tulips while dueling with the devil"- another classic.

PROUD said...


midnightsstaff said...

Hey, we are talking serious music here!

..none of that Witch Doctor crap..

Glo said...

Fee fee fi fi fo fo fum! I smell smoke in the auditorium!!!

Jim McAllister said...

From: Larry

You're an Air Force vet. Anything you write or say has (you're gonna love this) veritas! I heard that just a few months ago.

Unlike most others, we can think, read and, most of the time!

sam said...

Those were love songs of the day.
How times have changed.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, Lowe's "green door" was one of my favorite songs.

Growing up in the 50's and 60's I like Elvis, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Nat King Cole, Ed Ames, and many others.

Never cared much for the British thing.

In the 70's It was ABBA and CCR for me.

Today I rarely listen to music on the radio. If I want to hear any music I go to the computer and listen to You Tube for my favorite songs.

PROUD said...

Mid-man....Serious?....You can't handle SERIOUS!

Well?, maybe you can?...Lets see?

If I could turn back the hands of time, it would show that glo, with her list of 50's songs, missed one... BIG TIME

Picture this:

A 13 year old kid at his first real "school dance"...The evening is just about over...when he spots that little red-haired girl he thought was so cute, and has had a secret crush on all year....Something inside tells him, he must make his move...He's sweating, but he swallows hard, trying to build up his nerve...Walks across the gym floor, shuffling his feet, looking down at the floor he hymms, and haws,all the while trying to be ever so "cool"....Finally asks her if she'd like to dance....She smiles, instantly says "yes"....

As it turns out... just then someone announces "it's THE last dance of the night"...

Smiling nervously, he takes her hand, walks her to the center of the wooden gymnasium floor.... Awkwardly he put's his arm around her waist..and pulls her close against his chest, He can't help but be overcome by the wonderful, soft and feminine feel of her body and the intoxicating scent of her hair....

He presses his body tightly against hers, she pushes back....

The mirror ball on the gym ceiling begins to send twinkle lights across the room, strobing across their smiling, innocent, faces....

Just then, the music...the song he will forever and always remember as the true "love" song, begins to play:

And that's the way it was, somewhere in an Cleveland Ohio middle school way back in 1958-9...But, when THAT song plays.... it may have just as well been...YESTERDAY!

CJ Phoenix said...

I can't say that I remember listening to the songs you mentioned on the radio, Jim. But I do have some memories of a couple that Middy mentioned: SPLASH SPLASH, which my ex-mom-in-law taped for my son in the 80s, the same song over & over & over again, on a cassette; PURPLE PEOPLE EATER was a 45 in my aunt's collection that I listened to over & over when I was very young; plus one called CHARLIE BROWN by The Coasters (btw, I always thought they said, "Who's always pooping in the hall")...The first 45 I ever bought was THE NIGHT THE LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA by Vicky Lawrence (as seen on The Carol Burnett Show); my first album was probably either Jim Croche, YOU DON'T MESS AROUND WITH JIM, or one of the many Chicago albums I had, like CHICAGO V. That would have been in the early 70s, though, before I started hanging around the "long-haired dropouts" that my stepdad in particular loved so much.

midnightsstaff said...

Like I said music has it's own language and a lot of our musical memories are attached to other pleasant ones, yeah smoke gets in your eyes- I guess you had to be there..

Utube is great. I'm listening to a great full album of Jethro Tull acoustic.. they are one of the more complex of groups, and the instrumentals on this album are as good as it gets.

I get the same feelings with Tull like you do with the Platters, took Janice to a concert in San Bernardino and what a night that was.

..stupid is as stupid does and I dumped her- but the memory lives on..

sam said...

The Platters were arguably(?) the best group to come out of the musical 19th century for talent and versatility...and literally world-wide...they were a musical staple everywhere.
Actually, one song I can listen to regularly...without going nuts, is one from, I believe from the late '50s....(the song is from the '20s or maybe '30s), but the Platters made it unforgettable:
"My Prayer"

Old Glo said...

There are so many musical ‘moments’ from the 60s onwards, but a couple really stick in my mind.

During high school while Mom & I were living in a 3rd-floor walkup in Hartford, I had a console stereo (remember those?) and would play my vinyl albums every night while in bed. One of my fave albums was Simon & Garfunkel’s “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme.” There was a haunting, eerie song on that album called “Patterns.” I remember shivering when I heard that song, lying there in the dark as a 15-year-old. Here is the Youtube link:

Another song that probably no one (or very few) ever heard before was a 1963 song by Connie Francis that came out right after Kennedy was killed (I was 10). It was called “The Summer of His Years.” She flubbed a few lyrics, but it was a great little gem about a key event in our history. Here is a link with a cover of the song by Mahalia Jackson:

So many musical moments that define the tapestry of our lives …

Jim McAllister said...


Last I heard Dick Dale is still at it and what is left of the Beach Boys still tour.

As a kid in dreary Cincinnati, the idea of visiting the left coast was a constant dream.

I was fortunate to be able to that in the summer of '59 when my buddy and I cut lawns all summer for dough and drove Route 66 out to L. A..

I knew a girl there from meeting her in Cincy that summer while she visited her dad. She gave us the grand tour of Zuma beach, Santa Monica and everywhere else.

Unforgettable trip. By buddy Bob died in 2001 but at least he got to see Zuma before returning to life in Cincy.

Jim McAllister said...


Great list. I went down each song and knew 99% of them. '58 was a great year for pop tunes. The old standbys like Como were still hanging on but most of the stuff was from new artists who would enjoy their one hut wonders.

Middy must have read too quick; "Splish Splash" is on the list. I beleive it was Bobby Darin's first hit followed by the huge hit "Dream Lover" which I tear up to when I hear it even now.

Darin died young at 37 in 1973 heart problems and I have heard that with today's technology he could have easily been saved.

He and Sandra Dee were a cute couple; both gone now.

Jim McAllister said...


"Splish Splash" is on Glo's list. You have to quit taking those speed reading courses.

A real classic: "Splish Splash I was taking a bath; long about a Saturday night"

Real Rogers and Hart stuff!

Jim McAllister said...

Billy Ray Cyrus was pretty much one and out with "Achy Breaky Heart" but it was huge everyone wantyed to do the Achy Breaky when I was DJ ings 20 years ago. That and the damn "Electric Slide."

I heard enough of both for a lifetime.

"Purple People Eater" by Sheb Wooley. I think he was a regular on "Rawhide" or one of those other TV westerns.

Jim McAllister said...

I told the witch doctor.....

David Seville who later did the chip monks.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm with you on YouTube. When I am in the car I listen to KDKB but never at home.

I loved the British Invasion; a lot of good artists. How could I resist Freddy and the Dreamers or Gerry and the Pacemakers? LOL

Did you say Ed Ames? Ed could sing but his biggest fame was throwing that hatchet into the crotch of the Indian on Johnny Carson.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Middy must have read too quick; "Splish Splash" is on the list."

Another example of the culturally unaware not understanding the concept of "artistic license"- I was making a greater point and merely used the song as a prop to expound a lot of other early morning horseshit that required a segue.

By the way, Dick Dale is living in 29 Palms and has been for nearly thirty years- he plays locally at car shows, festivals and keggers.

..go figure.

First it's the shock of finding out about Marilyn and now this early morning outrage- keep it up Jim and I will start mentioning certain local singers with a guy's name who used to perform with Fleetwood Mac- do you or anyone else really want that?

..big green arrow on Simon and Garfunkle Glo, they were one of my favorite groups until my softball team made me quit listening to them.

Glo said...

Jim, Ed Ames did an absolutely beautiful rendition of My Cup Runneth Over in 1967.

And don't forget the Dave Ckar 5! I was mad for Lenny, the blond drummer. Fave? Catch US If You Can.

Jim McAllister said...


Great choice with the Platters. They took an old standard and made it into an anthem for a generation of kids.

Lots of cases of "blue balls" in those days when our little teen bodies got pressed against a young babe! Whew, the memory even makes me perspire!

Jim McAllister said...


Vicky Lawrence made a career out of looking like carol Burnett's sister.

Jim Croce was pretty good. I remember when he died; plane crash I think.

My fave by him was "Operator".

Chicago was a great band. Good combo of rock with horns. Loved "Only The Beginning", we had a band in KC called Cornbread that did a great cover on that one.

Jim McAllister said...


Sitting on a park bench......J. Tull, Aqualung. Ian Anderson. Great stuff, a bunch of British hippies.

So, why did you dump Janice? A little too full of yourself driving that old Mercury? LOL

Jim McAllister said...

Great choice, Sam. My Prayer was a great song for The Platters.

Jim McAllister said...


Your comment: "So many musical moments that define the tapestry of our lives …" is SO true.

I don't think there are many songs on your list or others that we mentioned that doesn't bring back a memory to me of a time I heard it in the past.

I've known people who are indifferent toward music. I feel sorry for them; a lot of great memories of certain people, experiences, and past time evolve from our music memories.

Jim McAllister said...


"Another example of the culturally unaware not understanding the concept of "artistic license"- I was making a greater point and merely used the song as a prop to expound a lot of other early morning horseshit that required a segue."

Uh.......Oh. Hmmmmm...artistic license, huh? LOL OK!

Jim McAllister said...


The fascinating thing with the DC Five was I don't remember them having a lead guitar; a bit unusual for the Invasion guys.

Great group, they sold a lot of "Bits and Pieces".

Sad note on Rick Huxley dying in February at the young age of(ahem!) 72. Emphysema.

Jim McAllister said...

God bless Charlie Brown!

Who, me? Yes, you!

He walks in the classroom cool and slow; who calls the English teacher Daddy-O?

The Coasters had some good songs. "Searchin'" was probably one of the biggest. Great line from that song: "I'm goin' to walk right down that street like Bulldog Drummond!"

Glo said...

Jim: Besides CD, the best Coasters' song was Poison Ivy!

Yer gonna need an ocean - da da da da da - of calamine lotion - da da da da da! She'll get you in dutch - you can look but you better not touchhhhhhhhhhh Poison Ivy!

Jim McAllister said...


More great lyrics from Poison Ivy:

"Late at night when you're sleepin', poison ivy comes a-creepin' around, ound ound ound."

LOL, they sure knew how to write them in those days. Those songs were so much fun; I miss them.

Jim McAllister said...

From: Joe Finnerty

I loved that you introduced your blog with a tribute to Cole Porter. His
> music and lyrics remain incomparable. For years, radio stations refused to
> play his song, “Love for Sale,” as broadcasters considered its lyrics too
> risqué for audiences beyond Broadway to hear. He famously said, when Rogers
> & Hammerstein had written Oklahoma, “Why did it take two of them to write
> one song?”
> Louis Armstrong's recording of Porter's “Let's Fall in Love” is
> scintillating, hilarious and impishly sexy. If you can find it on YouTube,
> give it a listen.
> With some exceptions, I rarely enjoyed the music my kids or grandkids found
> pleasing to their ears. Many doo-wop and wah-wah-wah-wah three chord
> melodies failed to make me want to sing or dance, despite hearing them over
> and over again.
> But I am not biased. I hated Lawrence Welk's band, then, now and forever.
> I still sing with a couple of chorus groups, both of which perform at local
> assisted living venues. One group sings Broadway tunes, melody only, while
> the other sings a variety of songs, in four-part harmony. Recently, we sang
> a medley of Beatle's music. Our elderly audiences did not swoon. They
> perked up when we sang our finale, a swinging version of “Route 66.”
> I hope that if you ever find yourself living in an assisted living emporium
> a group of your peers will swing by and chortle a great rendition of
> “Splish, Splash” followed by “Don't Mess Around with Jim.”

Jim McAllister said...

Hi Joe,

As always, it's great to hear from you.

I'm glad you liked the Cole Porter references. He was one of America's greatest
song writers and was part of the group of Americans that hung around Paris in
the 1920's. Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris" is a tribute to those people like
Hemingway, Dali, and Gertrude Stein plus Cole Porter. It's a great film with
Owen Wilson playing a young guy who every evening gets swept back to that era.
It's well worth seeing if you haven't seen it already.

I have always liked "Love For Sale." We had a copy of it when I was a kid and I
played it over and over. "Who's prepared to pay the price for a trip to
paradise, love for sale." Great lyrics.

As great as Rodgers and Hammerstein were starting with "Oklahoma" in the early
1940s, I liked the music of Rodgers and Hart better. Their Broadway shows were
not near as successful as R & H but they had a lot of successful tunes and "Love
me Tonight" from 1932 with Maurice Chevalier and Jeannette MacDonald has been
considered by many as one of the best Hollywood musicals ever made. It never
hurt to have supporting people like Myrna Loy and Charlie Ruggles along with
Ernst Lubitsch directing.

It's interesting to wonder if R & H would have ever gotten together if Larry
Hart wasn't so messed up with booze to a point where Rodgers had to move on.

I've always enjoyed different types of music whether it be classical, some
country, rock, show tunes or whatever. It sounds like you look at music that
way too. That's great that you are in those singing groups. I wouldn't have
the guts to do that with my voice! LOL

Take care and thanks for your response to the blog. I hope all is well with you
and your family.

midnightsstaff said...

Beatles IV- pretty threatening stuff these Brits!
.. now that the rose colored glasses are gone I am wondering if all that hoopla about the invasion and the national hysteria over the decline of morals that was about tho happen with four mop heads singing about puppy love was what it seemed to be.

I know my high school Principal/hairnazi started checking the nape hair on all us boys right after they showed up.

.."you better get a haircut this weekend!"
- they paid him to do that... just try it today..

"I don't want to spoil the party"
- yeah, that song played backwards was actually a Druid midnight chant for raising satanic forces to overturn our culture, right?

Guess it was an orchestrated PR move and a pretty good one at that, nothing like a rumor running through the Larry Welk crowd that debauchery has been sighted at the water's edge.. or maybe I am reading too much into it?- or maybe that was the song "number 9"
- I forget.

.."It won't be long" on the "With the Beatles" album.. sheer blasphemy that shook the very foundations of the entire Christian church eh?

haha. those were the times tho weren't they- shadows and whistles.

midnightsstaff said...

By the way Glo, I suggest you listen to the entire album...

point and click technology and they have never sounded better.. Please mr. Postman.. I know you know the lyrics... right?

Sorry about the threadjack Jim, but I am enjoying the brilliance of the Beatles more today than I ever have before...

I know, I know... five minutes in the box for crosschecking..

Jim McAllister said...

Yeah, plus "Please Mr. Postman" was a cover of the original by The Marvellettes. LOL

When one looks at those album covers by The Beatles, their hair isn't very long at all.

Glo said...

Middy - I've got all of the Beatles albums, although only one in vinyl. Their early album had some great cover songs not written by L&M, like Anna, and A Taste of Honey.

Glo said...

Jim: I know this is off the music track, but a great film icon passed away at 92: Ray Harryhausen. He was an early master of special effects: who can forget the skeleton scene in Jason & the Argonauts amongst others.

Jim McAllister said...


I saw that about Harryhausan; sad day in filmdom. He was great at what he did.

I'm glad he at least had a long life. TCM did some features on him a few years ago.

PROUD said...

Arias guilty:
~~~well~it's CRYIN time again~~~

midnightsstaff said...

But she seemed like such a nice girl.. what went wrong?

midnightsstaff said...

I'm sorry but did anyone else read this article about the unintended and rather surprising grand finale to a minor league sporting event...

..rumor is the monkey was wearing a "livestrong" wrist bracelet.. could that be true?

..anyway, I sense a return to professional Rollerball in our future- but with no bears.

PROUD said...

That's just WRONG!

The monkey shouldn't have been eaten...If you notice on the video, another monkey made an unscheduled pit stop which should have brought out the yellow,(no passing) flag. Had that happened, according tho NASCAR rgules), the bear would have been forced to maintain his position

PROUD said...

Don't know about you?...But after watching the Casey Anthony fiasco, I'm feeling pretty good about today's Arias verdict.

I really hope the bytch gets the needle....Well, not exactly true...Actually I'd like to see them stab her with the needle 27 times,.... then shoot her,.... then try to decapitate her,..... then, in honor of her entire testimony.....

Say they can't "remember" doing anything except lovingly administering the lethal injection.....

midnightsstaff said...

Sometimes there just isn't any second place...

..but to be fair I think the clown tripped the monkey on purpose- as if I needed any reason to never trust a clown this video pretty much locks it up for me.

Clownaphobia.. why don't we demand that this hidden and little talked about debilitating disease is affecting millions with little or no government attention and more importantly, funding for a much needed study is being ignored or covered up.

Oh wait I found one..

.."The news that will no doubt have clowns shedding tears was revealed in a poll of youngsters by researchers from the University of Sheffield who were examining how to improve the decor of hospital children's wards.

The study, reported in the Nursing Standard magazine, found all the 250 patients aged between four and 16 they quizzed disliked the use of clowns, with even the older ones finding them scary.

"As adults we make assumptions about what works for children," said Penny Curtis, a senior lecturer in research at the university.

"We found that clowns are universally disliked by children. Some found them quite frightening and unknowable."

Reporting by Michael Holden; Editing by Steve Addison)" least we need an awareness ribbon- if for nothing else but to keep the memory of Mr.Tibbs the monkey alive so his death does not represent just another unexpected snack in the food chain of life. more Basil..

PROUD said...

Winning is indeed...EVERYTHING (except you're hungry 30 minutes later)

midnightsstaff said...

I guess unless you really are an exceptionally good bicycling monkey tossing that smack around about the bear's mom at the warm ups was a bad idea- calling him a fat ass wasn't a good move either.

damn!.. I might have wandered off topic again.

.."Chantilly lace and a pretty face, and a pony tail hanging down- with a wiggle in the walk and a giggle in the talk makes the world go round, round, round"..

..take it Leroy..

PROUD said...

Didja notice the way the guy on the unicycle, went speeding out the door?
Obviously he's been to the Olive Garden's Monkey-Fest a time or two before?

Keep that more on topic, and still discussing his timely departure:

~~~there he go~oh~ohy~~oh~oes~~
~~~That's~Kathy's Clown~~~

Pevie Hicks said...

BTW...It wasn't smack...the monkey was in fact very factual...

Yo Momma does indeed, shyt in the woods!

midnightsstaff said...

I suppose this unfortunate incident gives me a natural segue into my cardinal rules of bear hunting.

First this is serious business, keep in mind bears are large dangerous wild animals capable of running faster uphill than you can down, you can't possibly outrun them so keep that in mind as you plan your bear hunting trip.

Second never hunt any large dangerous animal alone, remember keep your own personal safety in mind first.

..also this can be an excellent opportunity to graciously offer to take someone hunting that doesn't get out much or might have some physical impediment such as a cane or just too old to move fast, it's an excellent cardio workout- just make sure none of them can actually out run you, if any questions find someone else.

..just like Red Green says.."we're all in this together guys"..

BTW, I was surprised this happened in a strongly unionized country, I would have supposed the United Simean Workers union protecting the labor rights of the unfortunate bicyclist would have had mandatory muzzles for all predators, I bet that MOU gets changed next bargaining agreement- next stop!- you know where...

midnightsstaff said...

I forgot..
.."get your kicks of route 66"
..punch it Thelma..

PROUD said...

Well....This sucks:

PROUD said...

Proving once again, the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

midnightsstaff said...

If you believe those were good intentions I would hate to see what damage ill intentions would do.

It looks like the big slowdown has finally started, first quarter bad news followed by a moribund European economy that is officially in a Depression isn't going to help small business.
Once the trickle gets going it won't be long before it's a flood and every sector will be affected- the old velocity of money problem.

It was all predicted by anyone who was honest where Keynesian inspired crony capitalism leads..

so no, I have to differ with you- this was anything but unintended- he was actually laundering stolen tax money that is cycled back to him through bogus business operations.

The Stock market is a joke, every trading day Ben infuses four billion through the credit window at the investment banks- it goes directly into pumping the prices of stocks- every Tuesday is a winner!- no joke, look it up.

Once it collapses guess who gets to cover the losses- yep you do, that four billion a day is coming out of every Merican's future earnings plus interest.

..can't last forever we all agree, just the timing is in question.

midnightsstaff said...

By the way that swindle is patterned after the way highway funds are dispersed to the large paving contractors who as you know don't actually compete for federal contracts, they actually divide the work among themselves through contrived bidding- it's an effective game that with incompetent government engineering assures profits to be realized on change orders alone.
.. same old game.. steal a little go to jail, steal a lot and go to Washington.

Jim McAllister said...


Her being guilty is no shock. She shoots the guy in the face, stabs him 32 times, and slits his throat.

She wants death over a life sentence. Give it to her, save the taxpayers dough.

PROUD said...

Middy, our views are the same, hence the question mark at the end of the adage ....

Everyone agrees the economy (global) has been tanking for a long time, everyone seems to agree that the market is being driven by a QE that just like Denny's, "is always open", Everyone seems to acknowledge that things will come down in a hurry and the ones left holding the bag will be the little guy, yet everyone continues the bums rush to get in, after all, with savings interest rates at 1% or less, where else can you go go?

Jim McAllister said...

Rollerball, yes! But toughen up the rules.

Loved the James Caan film.

Jim McAllister said...

Casey Anthony lucked out.

So much for the judicial system. One problem is that most people off the street aren't qualified to be on a jury.

PROUD said...

Jim, what I find shocking is the amount of public support/ sympathy she was able to get. And most of it came from women (I know, sounds chauvinistic) There were a lot of women posting things like "well, at least Travis won't be manipulating and abusing any more victims"...or, "He was just as guilty as she was"

Seeing that makes me glad there were more men on the jury than women!

Jim McAllister said...

Sorry to see Oreck go under. He seemed like a nice guy on the ads.

We know where nice guys finish though.

Jim McAllister said...


People are suckers. I agree with Dr. Patterson in his Politics blog:

This thing was blown way out of proportion into a national event. Fox News had their number one people covering it yesterday.

The lawyers are experts at portraying her as a victim. I'm glad the jury saw through this.

She says she would rather die than get life which means that we will be buying her meals for the next 50 years.

I hope they grant her wish.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Everyone seems to acknowledge that things will come down in a hurry and the ones left holding the bag will be the little guy, yet everyone continues the bums rush to get in, after all, with savings interest rates at 1% or less, where else can you go go?"

That was the very aspect of this zero interest rate nonsense a lot of people were predicting, there is no place today your money is even safe- forget about earnings unless you are connected and insulated from loss.
-see Cyprus.

Notice that JPM recorded no loss days the past quarter?


Problem with the fools that vote is they have been sold that this is just affecting the rich when in fact if they had the slightest idea their tax money is being used to funnel profit to investment bankers and they are responsible for the bar tab they would revolt.
But they are simply too stupid to pay attention to the gallows being constructed.

In short, there is no place for the little guy that is even a safe place to store wealth in a lawless economic environment- and right now preservation is the name of the game.

Right now the equity trap is being baited with the FOMO meme.. (fear of missing out)- they will wish they did miss out when the algorithms no longer work.


..did anyone complain when our masters voted to resume their insider trading game with every member of the House and Senate in agreement, not even necessitating a formal vote while the bombing (look!- a terrorist squirrel!!) took place at the marathon?
no, we simply don't care.

midnightsstaff said...

This trial was a laughable made for prime time diversion from reality.

There are true monsters out there that no one gives a rat's shit about- where is the outrage over the Gosnell trial?- I haven't heard a peep from anyone on this horror story.. they were laughing about flushing live fetuses down the toilet while still alive- this was a multi year long pattern of Nazi style population control.

Arias is nothing when compared to real monsters that are still doing their masters bidding with the full approval of those demanding Jodi's head on a pike.. get your priorities straight people.. she killed someone over what they had done, what has an unborn product of faulty birth control done to anyone?
I want to see someone watch a pair of scissors sever the head of a fully functional four pound baby and then tell me again how evil Jodi is..


midnightsstaff said...

I have watered my tomatoes already and am still pissed off.
I imagine the same fools will enthusiastically vote for the most evil woman to ever step into the White House in 2016 if she is allowed to slither out of allowing Bengazi to unfold with no response.
it was supposed to be a simple kidnapping allowing the Bath House to look Presidential and in control, but like on those dates with Reggie it simply got out of hand.

(where was the Pres from that afternoon until next day in Las Vegas?- hmmmm?)

There is no political solution when half the voting public simply are tools of Satan- we are headed for the worst time in America's history and people are discussing the deck chairs on the Titanic as tho they matter again.


Maybe that video was the real reason for Bengazi..
..puke bag please..

midnightsstaff said...

It's me again Stevie.. ..(use your imagination)..

Jim McAllister said...

I wonder if this is it for Rick. It's been a while.

midnightsstaff said...

midnightsstaff said...

Sarah Palin will be in Buckeye tonight at 6- I hate crowds so will remain at home.

midnightsstaff said...

Honest I thought it was funny, besides I don't like monkeys much anyway.
They always seem to be hanging around with clowns.

Bears on the other hand..

CJinPhoenix said...

I forgot all about Ray Stevens. Thanks, Middy. Here's another guy that I love & remember hearing (& seeing on TV) when I was a kid:

Jim McAllister said...


Jerry Reed was good. I remember him well as I had a buyer in Kansas City who did a nice imitation of him.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah I had forgotten about Ray myself, just happened on his utube page and there he is..

Ray proved you don't have to be crude to be funny.

Floating down the river on the Delta Queen having a good time.. life as it was then might as well be on a different planet than now.

Jim McAllister said...

The Delta Queen was originally a Cincy based boat and now they are thinking about bringing it back. Some question about the expense.

Story in today's Cincy Enquirer:

When I was a kid we had the Island Queen which would go from downtown up the river to Coney Island. It was quite an experience to take it as a kid to Coney and hear the caliope. It burned while in port in Pittsburgh in 1949.

Fun days now long gone except for old Kodak box camera photos.

I remember Ray Stevens' first hit song: "Ahab the Arab." It would probably be non PC to say that now.

Jim McAllister said...


Now they have found that communications regarding Benghazi had been edited about 12 times to cover their asses.

Now we have this on top which actually came from liberal AP which is a surprise.

What do you or John think of this?

midnightsstaff said...

I'm not sure what people thought bringing on another few thousand enforcement officers to the IRS through streamlining our health care would lead to in a totally politicized economic environment.

It's not just the other guy, they are targeting me at this moment without cause jacking up my life and making me spend a fortune fighting a baseless claim that I owe them 20K on an account covered under 457/PRCA rules that had no taxable moment the year they are claiming. what do you do when they have resorted to lawless thuggery?
screw Benzgali hearings they will go nowhere in the evil society we live under populated with a voting class so removed from reality they willingly vote for the most evil person to ever run for office.. it's gonna be civil war Jim or a 1950's style East German system- our play..

The happy face is a few million east coast turds are going to go dark permanently- and in my books, that's a real good thing.

midnightsstaff said...

..but the tomatoes are looking good as long as they don't get blown over by the wind.
*one brown mouse*... screw politics, too nice a morning eh?

I'll take some pics and send them email later today if I ever get my chores done.

midnightsstaff said...

..say goodbye to the NFL, they are getting organized.

CJ Phoenix said...

Middy, You know what's missing nowadays? Our ability to laugh at ourselves & others & generally be irreverent. I mean, think about it: Ray Stevens was singing about a pervie stalker in that song; he also sang about streakers, from what I remember; Jerry Reed was singing about an abused child that grew up to make a living by illegally hunting alligators for their hide & probably killed a sheriff "in the Louisiana bayou about 45 minutes southeast of Thibodeaux, Louisiana"; and here is another one that would not be so funny nowadays:

And you know something else? That PC crap swings both ways. I have seen even conservatives get all riled up over content & choice of words; especially conservatives, as a matter of fact.

midnightsstaff said...

I wonder if the East Germans were able to laugh at themselves while being encouraged to work themselves to death as slaves like we were in the good old days in the 70's sailing down the Mississippi on a steamboat with little more than a song in our heart and the clothes on our backs?
I wonder if the Poles in the late thirties were able to laugh at the rascally German politics as usual?

I'll ask Frank Zappa what he thinks the next time I talk to him.
..however, I admit maybe you have a point.

I am probably the most irreverent person towards political whores you have ever met and where does it get me?- Liberals call me a red necked illiterate Tea Party parrotdrone and the Republicans say I'm soft on Defense and largely delusional overall because I refuse to swallow any more of their Red pill version of Ritalin..

The blue pill gets you there fast, but the red pill is the same thing- just at a lower dose.

midnightsstaff said...

I think I might wander down to the moving wall exhibit this afternoon, crowds should be gone by then.

..funny thing, I have never seen it even though they had it exhibited just a few miles down the road lots of times.

..didn't see anything in the local papers about Sarah Palin showing up or making a speech last night.. but that's to be expected, they won't mention a lot of things anymore.

Jim McAllister said...

Quotes of the day from Thomas Sowell (1930- ) Economist, social theorist, and political philosopher:

"What is your "fair share" of what someone else has worked for?"

"I have never understood why it is greed to keep the money you have earned but not greed to want to take someone else's money."

Amen to that!

midnightsstaff said...

.."What is your "fair share" of what someone else has worked for?"

-let's see what the Bible might say about this subject..

.."And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more"

..Not exactly a perfect fit besides it's archaic and out of touch with today's hip bureaucrat.. noooooo-body in this government is going to sign on that type of nonsense, so let's clean it up, change a few words and get it signed in the middle of the night as usual without a vote and avoid another embarrassing Executive Order.

If you can ignore and change the Constitution after taking an oath to uphold it I suppose changing the Bible is child's play.

.."And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall give up their firearms and turn them into fair shares (see how easy that was!), and their evil semi auto carbines into safe gun free sanctuary cities: nation shall not screw against nation, such as de-valuing their own currency and starting trading wars in an effort to learn war any more"
Pax Obama..

..there fixed and still early for the 5 O'clock special.

Jim McAllister said...


My buddy Allen in New Hampshire send me those quotes of Sowell.

Quite a contrast to the mentality of Obama and all his munchkins.

There are so many intelligent black guys around like Sowell and Dr. Carson and we have to get the guy from Kenya who isn't even a citizen.

Maybe this Benghazi thing plus the IRS Snafu against the Tea Party will change some minds.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Maybe this Benghazi thing plus the IRS Snafu against the Tea Party will change some minds".

..have you bumped your head?
Sounds like you might be suffering a case of Normalcy Bias if you ask me, sorry but nothing will change the minds of those who's interests depend on them accepting a lie, You don't seem to realize that they view anything positive as threatening to their monthly allowance.

Obama vot...erh I mean "crooks everywhere" admire a house organ like the IRS that really sticks it to their enemies, making those selfish bastards who are trying to steal other people's money pay up and forcing them to contribute their fair share..
So no they don't share your views...

They have accepted lie upon lie for the past sixty years, what's another?
L.B.J. put a lot of people back on the plantation, and once it takes root, plantation mentality is tough to change.

The inner city level is the only black problem we have and the fact is the level of black on black crime is something most white folks would not tolerate, you moved from KC to Snobbsville for a reason, and a damn fine one at that.

Never lose sight of the fact that the big manipulators are all whiter than me or you, probably the only honest viewpoint is the American Black family has been sacrificed by the social engineers for the interests of the European and US Banking Industry who have control over the political whores both here and in Europe.

The sad fact is the Socialist party has to have a permanent growing underclass to survive, once people find out that they have much more potential with a functioning middle class the motivated will adopt a more realistic political interest, as long as the inner city has no jobs, no future for their youth there is no difference between their fate and some kid growing up in Palestine.

..but this isn't what I was intending to talk about.

midnightsstaff said...

Sorry to come off so negative but I really don't think a political solution is ever going to happen what's the worst thing that could happen to Obama over Bengazi??- has anyone in Congress brought any charges to anyone for evidence tampering or successfully subpoenaed anything from the administration?

..don't give me that toothless lap dog Issa again- evidently he has no interest in the hard evidence Sheriff Joe is sitting on waiting for someone in Washington to use it.

There is no longer a rule of law Jim, they are making it up as they go from now on out and there evidently isn't anyone with an ounce of courage in Congress looking for anything other than their own crack at the seat of power- they could care less about The Document or the plight of the common muppet except for when they want your vote.

If they wanted they could de fund all this mess but they don't.. ever wonder why?

Mike Slater said...

Jim, people like Thomas Sowell, Dr. Carson, Walter Williams, Condi Rice and Justice Clarence Thomas and other successful blacks are a prime example of what hard work and an education can do.

For some reason liberals vilify these kind of people because they don't toe the liberal line.

To liberals a black unmarried woman with six kids on welfare and food stamps is a good thing but an educated successful conservative black person is a bad thing.

midnightsstaff said...
..what do ya think about this?

midnightsstaff said...

want a laugh?- well maybe not actually a laugh but check out this video at around the four min.


Alex gets off on a lot of pretty wild sounding things but where there is smoke...
My point is too many people actually watch this channel for information and it's obvious that CNN is a theatrical attempt to prop up government interaction.

..too many questions to just ignore,but somehow we do.
LOL.. that staged gas mask clip is something right out of Abbot and Costello.

Just google the name Cathy Gaubert and see what pops up- many, many links and no MSN has even mentioned it.
..for instance, take a look at this site.

Proving once again 2+2= whatever you want it to in the Brave New World and CNN is right there to grade the papers.

Pax Obama.

I am not saying Obama is directly behind this, he is lazy and spends too much time vacationing with Reggie and golfing to do these types of things, but he is surrounded with people who do have the resources and time and the agenda.

Guess having an inquisitive mind makes me one of those crazies I used to laugh at when they told me of things like this eh?- besides good sheep shouldn't be concerned anyway, after all, their interests are being attended, keep your heads down America and enjoy the meadow.

CJ Phoenix said...

Wow, Middy, you got my attention with that info wars clip. It is interesting to say the least.

midnightsstaff said...

Glad someone is awake this weekend.
BTW Happy Mothers Day to you and all others.

I don't frequent his site because it's a bit much sometimes but there is just too many loose ends that add up to another mystery..

here.. enjoy a nice Sunday morning tune..

.."And as you cross the circle line Well, the ice-wall creaks behind You're a rabbit on the run
And the silver splinters fly In the corner of your eye Shining in the setting sun
Well, do you ever get the feeling That the story's too damn real And in the present tense?
Or that everybody's on the stage And it seems like you're the only person Sitting in the audience?" fast can you skate?

I thought the government was supposed to serve the citizenry instead of manipulating it.
..silly me.

Still no response on that link I put up three days ago about the moving wall in our area..
Somehow that doesn't surprise me on a lot of levels.

Jim McAllister said...


A lot of your negativity has merit but I think that if people are f-c-ed over long enough the dam will burst and we will see something happen, i.e. Watergate.

I agree on Benghazi; people like the readers here understand the BS from the government over it but I don't see Americans marching on Washington because of it. Half the country can't spell or pronounce it. Besides, they are too busy trying to figure out the directions to get that free Obamaphone up and running.

The IRS thing may cause a bit more controversy even though the left will scoff at it.

The IRS has finally been exposed as a group that will come after you if they don't like your politics. It's like you have always said about the government taking your portfolio because there aren't enough taxes to pay their way.

They were singling out members of the Tea Party and any organization with "patriot" as part of their description. Some were even ordered to produce a list of donors which is a clear violation of policy.

Apparently they admitted to this stuff just before they were going to be exposed so it isn't like they would have admitted it otherwise.

I'm sure it all comes from the White House so I hope a lesson is being learned and this doesn't get swept under the rug.

I think we are getting closer every day to that civil war we have been discussing.

We have some real rats in Washington and half the country hates them. We shall see how much.

Lock and load.

Jim McAllister said...


I also forgot Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's day to CJ and any other mothers reading this.

That goes for Glo too who is an excellent mother to her pooches. Animals need love too.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah pardon my pessimism, I fight it but it's like after a few days on the lifeboat you pass through the hopeful stage and start to look at the situation from a different perspective.

I fully expect another shooting, homegrown terrorism act or some other contrived outrage (look a squirrel!!).. and that will be that.

These monsters in the media are not one bit sorry things are not going well, they are just trying to figure out how to wrest the rudder back so to remain on course for the rocks, the last thing they want is the truth which exposes their treasonous manipulation of the truth.

I see the situation as being far deeper than mere politics, but not everyone shares my view.

Where is the beef?

I don't see any attempt to strangle any program no matter how caustic or outrageous it is from the Republi-Slime running the House.. or am I missing something?..two sides of the same coin.

Jeff Flake- John McCain.. two of many traitors to the Constitution.
.. if they had ultimate power it wouldn't surprise me if they would be using the IRS in much the same manner-
Red Pill my ass.. a couple of unprincipled louts.

midnightsstaff said...

call the irony police..
lol, gotta laugh at something.

midnightsstaff said...

We need more of this type of American than the deviates in Washington..

she says the truth..

Jim McAllister said...

"The White"

American Thinker is right on that one.

Definitely irony.

midnightsstaff said...

if you look at it closely it says White Washing"- guess you had to be there..

By the way.... where are all the liberals who get always get incensed when some innocent is bum rushed into custody and sent to prison for making a video which had absolutely nothing to do with Bengazi...

"all sheep are instructed to look to the left"


Jim McAllister said...

Go Judge Jeanine. I wish they would round up the whole gang of those lousy rats and drop them into the ocean but I'm pessimistic because, as we all know, the libs run the press.

My question is Why? Why does anyone support those rats? Why is Obama even still in office? Why is Hillary's approval rating so high?

I just looked out the window and it looks like I am still in America. How can this stuff happen here?

It has to be a bad dream.

Jim McAllister said...

Oh, I missed the "Washing". That makes it even better.

Glo said...

Hey Jim,

Thanks for the good wishes. I spent the day at home with the beasts while watching DVDs of old TV series: went through two Invaders episodes, and four Kolchak: the Night Stalker episodes. next on the list: a couple of eps of an old Brit series from 1969-ish called UFO (creator Gerry Anderson, who also did Space: 1999).

Also re-watched last Thursday's ep of Elementary - LOVE the modern take on Sherlock Holmes. Angelina Jolie sure knew how to pick great actors as husbands!

Jim McAllister said...


We spent the day at home also. I wanted to watch the golf tournament.

I remember UFO on the BBC. BBC did a nice job; their shows were a lot better than the nonsense we have. I always enjoyed "Mystery" on PBS.

I have a new blog posted today about TV. Great clip from "Frasier" one of my favorite shows.

Kelsey Grammar made a lot of money playing Frasier for 20 years on "Cheers" and then on his own show. I never missed an episode; funny stuff and great characters.