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Sunday, May 12, 2013


I was browsing through Drudge and Fox News this morning and besides airing my disgust about how screwed up this country has gotten under the power of Obama and his crooked cronies (Benghazi? IRS scandal with the Tea Party? Gun control? Immigration? and more), I managed to notice a piece from Entertainment  about eighteen TV shows that have been cancelled.

Before I looked at the list I wondered if there would be even one show that I have ever heard of, much less watched.  All of these shows were on “over the air” channels like ABC, CBS, ABC and since 99% of my viewing habits come from cable broadcasts, the chances were between slim and none that I knew the programs.

TV has deteriorated badly over the years.  It has basically become a place for the younger crowd that enjoys programming a lot less sophisticated than we of a more advanced age enjoy.  The accent today is on more sex and violence and, of course, the shows stretch profanity as far as possible with plenty of double entendre attempts at humor.  Personally, I always like to perform my sex and violence at home and didn’t need any TV show to show me how it’s done!

Many thought TV had gone a bit over the edge in the early 1970s with All in the Family.  By “over the edge” I’m referring to the outspoken opinions of Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker and his ability to make the audience laugh at him while they laughed at themselves for having such silly sensitivities about the subject that may yet be the downfall of this country:  political correctness.

Archie was right.  Whether there is a coincidence or not, many outstanding lawyers are Jewish and many black guys are outstanding athletes.  So what?  Today, anyone saying that would hear a loud gasp and a “You can’t say that!”  If Archie were still here, he would tell you quickly why you can.

There were other great network shows in those days mainly because cable was not a factor.  My wife and I had a Saturday night ritual in the early 1970s:  We would grill a couple of nice steaks on the patio of our home in beautiful Shawnee, Kansas; add a baked potato, salad, a bottle of wine and turn on our 10 inch Magnavox color TV to watch All in the Family, Sandy Duncan, Mary Tyler Moore (with the great Ted Knight as “Ted Baxter!”) and The Bob Newhart Show.

Afterwards, we would take a shower together (only because it saved water! Ahem!) then head over to Kansas City, Missouri to do some clubbing.  Those were fun days.

By 1976 we had graduated to a 27” Magnavox floor model.  One day, while watching the four channels available, there was a knock on the door.  The devil had arrived in the form of the guy selling cable!  How could I resist Beelzebub when he offered a chance to see the Atlanta Braves baseball games and non commercial movies even if the first one we watched was Burt Reynolds in W. W. and the Dixie Dance Kings!

As far as those eighteen shows getting the ax, I have heard of two; both of which I have never watched.  They are The Office and 30 RockHere is the entire list in case you care.

One of the great scenes from "Frasier" (.48) which ran on NBC from 1993-2004. Niles and Lilith in the sack! OMIGOD!


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midnightsstaff said...

.."Personally, I always like to perform my sex and violence at home and didn’t need any TV show to show me how it’s done!"

oddly enough that's the very same thing John Wayne Gacy said at the trial.

sorry.. too much sun today.

Jim McAllister said...

Ooooooo! Really? Did Gacy say that? Fortunately we have different definitions of violence. Whew!

midnightsstaff said...

haha.. just an attempt at levity Jim, I was going to send you a link on this subject but didn't, I have the feeling that tv is going the way of the buffalo pretty soon.
..and they did it to themselves.

Jim McAllister said...

I think you are right. There is so much stuff on the internet why should I keep paying a bunch of money every month for TV especially since I never watch 99% of it.

McCain is right about one thing: It's not right for us to have to pay for all that crap. It should be ala carte where we select just what we want. That means I would be paying for about 10 stations.

Just guessing that it will never happen.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I haven't watched ABC, NBC or CBS for 20 years. I'm not into mindless sitcoms.

We have Direct TV and I probably only watch 4 or 5 channels. Most of the channels are geared for women. Deb watches all the home improvement channels which puts me to sleep.

My favorite show now is Duck Dynasty. A bunch of Southern redneck good ole boys.

We did the shower thing but when she dropped the soap, well let's just say we really didn't save on the water bill.

midnightsstaff said...

I still have my "Duck Commander" from back in the eighties, it's as sweet as Jim's Honer.. every once and a while I hold reveille.
..neighbors just love me.

Old Glo said...

Hey Jim, Happy Monday!

I’ve heard of most of those canceled shows, but the only one I watch is Body of Proof, on ABC Tuesday at 9 PM MST. It’s an OK show, but the lading lady’s (Dana Delaney) character leaves you cold most of the time. They also changed the cast this season, although I like the new lading man, he has a habit of being in doomed TV series and even in the IMDB blogs it was stated that this was now the kiss of death for that show, LOL.

So, ok, here is the list of shows I watch on network TV (watch or tape and watch later):

Criminal Minds
Person of Interest
The Mentalist
Major Crime
Rizzoli & Isles
Raising Hope (only occasionally, only comedy)

I am also addicted to the Investigation Discovery channel where they have all the ‘true crime’ shows.

A few (very) guilty pleasures: (which one can watch only to feel superior to the stunning dolts featured on these shows):

People’s Court
Judge Alex
Dr. Phil (sorry)
Say Yes to the Dress

The ‘reality’ shows like American Idol, Big Brother, etc., are a plague on the airwaves. I am normally not a very violent person 9although I have executed many small appliances), but every time I see a Honey Boo Boo commercial for that show I want to take a huge sledgehammer and bash that child’s face in (I know, I know …).

Beside the appalling lack of quality in TV shows of today, the scheduling freaks me out. When I was growing up before graduating college (39 years ago in five days!), my logical year started in September: That was my birth m0onth, that’s when school started, and that’s when the new TV season began. The TV season stated in September with new shows/non-repeats, and ended around May before the reruns started. They maybe showed reruns during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but then it was back to (gasp) new episodes.

Now, the ads scream ‘A new episode!!” like, two weeks into the season. Duh! There damn well better be a new episode at that time! And now we had mid-season ‘finales’ and abbreviated seasons and split seasons and seasons that start in January and June and – AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I remember Saturday nights were for Carol Burnett (can anyone forget the GWTW takeoff??) and May Tyler Moore (And can anyone forget how Chuckles the Clown died??) and Sundays for the Wonderful World of Disney and Ed Sullivan (Topo Gigio anyone? Carlin in a suit and tie?).

I don’t know what’s on at any given night nowadays …

midnightsstaff said...

I wish someone would do an honest study on exactly who it is watching.
I got a feeling that some pretty interesting facts would surface especially if the study correlated other aspects of modern life such as where do people live, what is the average employment participation of the average tv consumer or what is the marriage status and family status of tv viewers.

I can't imagine anyone with a conscience and with children allowing unrestricted tv to infiltrate their homes today.

I pretty much turned it off for good when the Smilin' Jack and Viagra commercials started polluting the cartoon network, and the serious programming is no better with their constant gold hawking and encouraging the pharmaceutical industry to demand the average viewer demanding their doctors "see if either a red or a blue pill is right for you".

As a result we now have the nation's children strung out on Ritalin along with registered Democrats shooting up schools,theaters and bombing sporting events and somehow it's either the tea party's fault or some utube producer making a video no one had seen.

..turn it off America and use the other side of the brain for a while.

pr said...

Jim, I think you're being too hard on the latest generation of CRAP...

For the most part, TV, from day one....HAS ALWAYS BEEN CRAP!

Don't take my word for it, FCC head, Newton Minow, proclaimed television a "vast wasteland", way back in 1960.

PROUD said...

By the by "pr" is PROUD...

((((Damn spell's my worst enema!))))

Jim McAllister said...


Having a good grip on the soap is essential! If you have to drop it be sure it's not the extra large bath size. One could break a toe!

I'm with ya on TV stations: About 8 depending on the time of year.

Fox Sports
Fox News
Food Network
Golf Channel
CBS, ABC, NBC for sports only
Turner Classic movies
History Channel
MLB Channel

That's about 8 out of about 400. That's life with cable.

Jim McAllister said...

I love all three of my harmonicas. I have a Lee Oskar Tomeo, Marine band Hohner, and a Hohner Blues Harp.

I play a mean "Nationwide" from ZZ Top and a decent "Leah" from Orbison.

Barb smiles at me in kind of a pitiful way as she holds her ears!

Jim McAllister said...


That's quite a list. I don't think I have seen any of them but if you like them that is a good recommendation as you are one person whose judgment I trust.

Yeah, they act like a new episode is a big deal. When I was a kid shows ran for 39 weeks and had a filler for the 13 weeks of summer or else reruns.

The biggest nemesis beside crappy programming today is the number of commercials. A 30 minute show today is 22 minutes of show and 8 minutes of commercials.

The other night I was watching something and I timed 7 straight minutes of commercials. They are driving themselves out of business, viewers will soon say "Enough is enough!" Food network is terrible on this but I can't give up "Chopped"!

Topo made Ed Sullivan a lot looser. I still can see that mouse saying "Eddie, Kiss Me goodnight!"

Great days.

Jim McAllister said...


A lot of what you say is true. I never thought I would see ads for ways to get a boner. When i was a kid seeing Marilyn Monroe or Jane Russell did the job.

I saw the other day where Krista Speck died at 70. What a babe she was; I remember her in Playboy in the early 60s.

MTV is the channel that really went to hell. When they came on in '81 their "Veejays" were clean cut and intelligent as they introduce the videos. Now, it is all trashy stuff.

Jim McAllister said...


I know what you mean about those enemas!

There have always been good shows on TV but the garbage definitely overwhelms the good.

I think the so called "reality" shows have been a big factor in endorsing Minnow's statement.

Who in their right mind cares what those lard ass Kardashian sisters are up to yet they remain popular.

All that Hollywood stuff is junk yet somebody actually cares what Brad and Angelina are doing and who poor Jennifer Aniston is dating this week and whether she really lost that 5 pounds she claimed she lost while vacationing.

The best example has to be the obsession with that dumb bitch Lindsay Lohan.

Oops! Gotta go! They have a live report coming on covering Lindsay's leaving home in her limo to go into rehab!

Give me a F---ing break!

midnightsstaff said...

And ESPN has completely corrupted organized sports in my estimation.
People who watch two and a half or Honey BB vote predominately Democrat no matter who is running..

Simply put this nation does not deserve anything better than what the North Koreans get.. slavery, and that's the ugly truth.

..If I'm wrong someone change my mind please.

PROUD said...

Breaking news....Obama admin. secretly taps phone lines for one of it's biggest shills....

Also known as The associated Press....

Benghazi cover up

IRS intentionally targeting political foes

Wire taping the free press

Have no doubt.....Tricky Dick has risen !

Stevebuzzardo said...

Tricky Dick?

Obama makes him look like a choir boy. I seems to me that if Obama decides to run for a third term nobody would stop him.

"..If I'm wrong someone change my mind please."
MIddy you are right.

midnightsstaff said...

Third term....
not out of the question at all.

But then all who complained that this administration was capable of Stalin like use of a government pogram like the IRS or the Justice Dept. are just a bunch of raaasssiiiisssstttttsss!! and Hooooooommmmmiiiiiioooophoooobbbeeeessss as well.

We are supposed to feel sorry for this demonic bastard because he was driven to tears by the scorching questioning today.
meanwhile I have a hard date at US tax court in July for earnings that I never realized in 20011.

I really don't know how you defend that type of allegation.
..maybe I should just apologize for my support of The Heritage foundation, various Tea Party candidates from out of state I donated to and my membership in both the NRA and Gun Owners of America.

midnightsstaff said...

Oh, another flash.. the media has discovered there was a serial murderer killing kids for years.. guys name is Gos- something who was apparently framed by the intolerant right wing for murder.. media has just found out about it..

ABC news is breaking this story just today- evidently they were distracted by the Sequester and it's devastation, the big federally funded cleanup in NJ neighborhoods, the poles melting and just didn't have the manpower available to cover it.

Guillotines are so 16 century and slow..
..we have wood chipper technology available today- imagine how fast things could have gone if the French Revolution had happened today. fact someone needs to pull one of the big commercial versions up in front of Congress or the NYT building and fire that big boy up, they make a hellacious noise grinding up deadwood- it's something that might get some attention
because that is what it will take to get their attention.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I mostly watch the military channel, western channel, hunting channel and some shows on A&E. One channel I refuse to watch is TLC.I'm convinced only a woman would watch that channel.

midnightsstaff said...

John Wayne would agree...

I don't even miss those History channel or Nat.Geo. stuff either, they always find some way to push the green agenda..

We are going to end up with glaciers in upper NY state before the ozone hole melts us, but believe it or not a guy I know was telling me about how the ice caps were melting and that whole line of bullshit.
America was 3 deg. C. colder than last year- it's still snowing in parts of the country and the forecast is for another corn failure.

..Piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.
I give up- people deserve what they get or going to get.
Pax Obama.

Jim McAllister said...


I was shocked when the AP broke that story about the IRS since they are so in bed with Obama. They must have really had to really strain their fingers to type that one since it was a slant on Obama's administration.

Jim McAllister said...


I don't put anything last that POS.

Anonymous said...

I am not a prude, but I would be more appreciative of all the sex on TV - if I could see where it made the program content better or at least worthy. So far I have as yet to see either quality in any of these programs.


Jim McAllister said...


That guy's name is Gosnell. I have heard his name but haven't been following it too close.

Obama is out after 2 terms, It's Hillary's turn in 2016.

Jim McAllister said...


What is it we could ever learn on TLC? Just reading these comments lets anyone know immediately that we would be teachers on TLC.

CJ Phoenix said...

No BLUE BLOODS, Glo? I kinda had you pegged as a watcher of BLUE BLOODS. I love GRIMM too. RAISING HOPE occasionally -- I love Cloris Leachman's & Martha Plimpton's characters -- but sometimes the show just gets too silly for me. I also like THE GOOD WIFE & ONCE UPON A TIME...

No daytime guilty pleasures for me. My only guilty pleasures are of the nighttime variety -- I usually dislike "reality TV" but I do love the singing competitions which are not reality TV if you ask me. Look at it this way: Singing & talent competitions actually have a long history both on TV & off, but only lately have people wasted good time & money watching shows about strangers acting like common slobs, tramps, & barely functional morons...Oh, occasionally, I do develop a brief interest in some of the more bizarre cable variety of reality TV though. For instance, I have watched a few episodes of HOARDERS, LIZARD LICK TOWING, HILLBILLY HANDFISHING, CAJUN JUSTICE, DAWG THE BOUNTY HUNTER...No nasty trailer babies named Honey Boo Boo, though, as I am certain that kinda crap causes immediate & irreparable brain damage.

Another form of reality TV that I just do not get are these high-profile case trials as they occur. I mean, condense it down to one hour & add a host to explain what is going on & maybe in a few years I will watch. But why do people get so emotionally invested in these trials like that of Casey Anthony & Jody Arias? WHY?

Jim McAllister said...

Yeah, the ice is melting. Check this out from reader "nativekentuckian"

Jim McAllister said...

Allen (Anon.)

I agree; sex is usually there just to be gratuitous.

In 1957 a Jack Benny script had to be changed because it contained the word "spit".

The censors from that era would flip today over some of the language.

Jim McAllister said...


I don't know those shows you mentioned but I sure agree on the big trials like Casey Anthony and Arias.

It's kind of sick the way people get engrossed on that stuff. They probably watch so much TV that they think those are only fiction.

midnightsstaff said...

Myself, I would be a little leery of watching any of the shows HOARDERS, LIZARD LICK TOWING, HILLBILLY HAND FISHING, CAJUN JUSTICE, DAWG THE BOUNTY HUNTER..

Being from Oklahoma there is a good possibility an episode or two might include some of my kin.
..some things I would just rather not know or as we used to call it a no-know.
Not really, I just made that up.

By the way Proud, last night I saw one of the best meteor/fireballs that I have ever seen.
It streaked all the way across the sky in an northwest to southeast direction with chunks falling off at the last.
.. see- fireball watch in the 623 pays dividends.

CJ Phoenix said...

Didn't I see you in an episode of HILLBILLY HANDFISHING, Middy? Yep, I do believe that I did. I just wasn't sure if you were wrestling that catfish for pleasure or for supper.

I forgot the name of the river those guys were fishing now, but it was not too far from where my grandma grew up & we were related to more than half the town once upon a time. Here, I think you can watch an episode or two here:

Pevie Hicks said...

Middy, you sure you're seeing things clearly?

Been my experience that what you see in area code 623 (west phx) is low rider Firebirds and Nova's streaking all the way across the Grand Ave in a south direction with chunks of the exhaust system falling off.

PROUD said...

40 years ago this week, our nation began the process of getting rid of a dishonest President who believed he was above the law and could lie to and mislead we the American people....The event was the Watergate Hearings.

Looks like history does indeed repeat itself:

* Funneling money to friends & cronies through failing green energy companies
* Fast & Furious Gun Running scandal & on going cover up
* Benghazi scandal & and on going cover up
* Using the IRS to target your political enemies
* Using the justice system to secretly tap phone lines of the press corp

Maybe all the fuss about his birth certificate should have been to see if his middle name isn't really: MILLHOUSE ?

Looks like "The Who" were WRONG when they sang:

~~~Then I'll get on my knees and pray~~~

~~~We don't get FOOLED again~~~

midnightsstaff said...

Paying to watch Leroy, his child bride and cousin Earl wading around some backwaters fisting catfish just doesn't sound like something I might be talked into twice.

..same goes for "101 ways to die"- woman stops to give roadkill mouth to mouth and is decapitated by another speeding car.
I don't care if it's factual, I really don't want to watch a gal get taken out while trying to give the breath of life to a dead raccoon .

I mean you see one, you have seen them all.
.."oh, this is a re run"..

My grandad lost his life fishing at night on the Arkansas river a long time ago, so there is an element of insanity in my gene pool but I have no idea what makes these hillbillies tick.

midnightsstaff said...

Maybe instead of moving heaven and earth to seal that little gangbanger Trayvon's criminal record, facebook thuggery and other pertinent information in the trial the utterly corrupt people now running Florida should be trying to arrive at the truth.

But that's the state of justice today, this matter should have never gone to trial if it weren't for the irresponsible actions of Satan's hand picked in the White Mosque.

Beelzebub was quoted as saying, "If I had a president"...

Hell is a worse fate than death, the worst is yet to come to Barry's world.

Anyone who voted the second time for this guy tells me they just aren't serious or responsible Americans.
once means you are not too bright and can't recognize evil, but to do it again four years later means you are corrupt at heart.

If the shoe fits wear it.

midnightsstaff said...

.."The report found that individuals will face "premium increases of nearly 100 percent on average, with potential highs eclipsing 400 percent. Meanwhile, small businesses can expect average premium increases in the small group market of up to 50 percent, with potential highs over 100 percent."

One company said that new participants in the individual market could see a premium increase of 413 percent when new requirements on age rating and required benefits are taken into account, said the report. "The average yearly cost for a new customer in the individual market grows from $1,896 to $3,708 -- a $1,812 cost increase," it added."

..No one could have seen this coming eh? healthcare premiums quadrupling- WHAT??
I thought the price of health insurance was supposed to drop..

.. and in 2014 the IRS takes over Obamacare in the theater of an assured nationwide doctor shortage and Medicare collapse in the worst coming Depression this nation has ever seen..
So how's that hope and change working out...

..maybe what we need is more Light Rail.

BTW- Mark Levin had a lady caller named Jane who knows all about the process of initiating an investigation starting at about the 1 hr. 10min mark that blows the lid off any investigation of the IRS corruption.
you should listen to this segment, it's very enlightening..

CJ Phoenix said...

Unlike you, Middy, I have only voted for Beelzebub's right hand man once in recent memory & it wasn't BO. BO was simply the lesser of two evils during the past election, in my opinion, & 'evil' is much more of a subjective concept than you are apparently capable of grasping. At least on this plane of existence it is.

midnightsstaff said... to that very podcast.. Jane starts at min.70 and she knows what she is talking about.

PROUD said...

"lesser of two evils"

Some people lend themselves to being fooled.....Others, jump at the chance.

Matters not what they say, it's all about sumpin fer nuthin and staking out their rank in the freeshitarmy!

Own thy stink CJ....

Glo said...

Hey CJ,

I like Blue Bloods, but it was conflicting with dateline or 20/20, and I usually watch those. maybe I'll catch some of the reruns.

Grimm is awesome! Who couldn't love Monroe, that witty vegetarian werewolf, lol. Love the fact that he and the Fuchsbau are becoming an item. The pups would be half wolf, half fox. personally, I would like to see Jick have a hot and heavy romance with a Wesen as opposed to Juliet.

I sometimes watch Hoarders: it's like watching a train wreck - you can't look at it and you can't look away. I rarely feel sympathy for any of those crazy people, but I did for the guy with 2,500 'pet' rats.

I don't watch the singing shows because the bloody judges monopolize the process (well, THEY are the 'stars'). I have to admit a weakness for America's Got Talent - reminds me of the old Ed Sullivan show, and there are far more than just singers.

I don't watch the TV shows of all these trials. Ridiculous. Even more so than these very pathetic people who literally come from around the world to try to get into the audience. GET. A. LIFE!

So right now my favorite TV show is a tie between Castle and Grimm. Elementary is movin' on up and may cause a three-way tie ...

CJ Phoenix said...

What killed the GOP nominee for me this time around, P2B, was something that Paul Ryan said during the debates, not 'freeshit' being offered to me or anybody else by Barack Obama. Paul Ryan actually said that the GOP plan was to continue taking money from each check I earned & give it to people like you, while denying people my age & younger the benefits we have been paying for all along when & if we become old enough to collect on what we have been promised.

I know, I know, SSI is chump change in your pocket, P2B, whether you are collecting it yet or will in the near future (like ms claims to plan to do)...But it is also my earned income that you are sponging up there. And if you deny those benefits to me, it is also the 'freeshit' that you are whining about here. Own your own stink, old man.

CJ Phoenix said...

Hey back at you, Glo. Sorry I don't have time to reply anymore right now. On my way to work again.

midnightsstaff said...

Anyone else realize why the "leak" about the White House tapping in on AP's emails was all about?

..the WH just sent a message that they have dirt on every mainstream media outlet.. if they go down the media will go down as well.
Any guesses how long this joke will continue?

..they need another school shooting.

If you want a face to blame for this Bengazi thing going nowhere it will be John Boehner.

Whatever you say Cj, I am not your judge.

midnightsstaff said...

This is an interesting article on the IRS paperwork they were requiring.

.."Provide a list of all issues that are important to your organization".
"do you or will you rate candidates?".
"you have conducted polls of of your membership to determine which candidates and issues they are supporting, Provide details on this process".
"Do you conduct media advertisements lobbying for or against legislation?"
"Do you directly or indirectly communicate with members of legislative bodies? If so, explain the amount and nature of the communication"...

Just imagine when they take over Obamacare next year.
Pax Obama.

PROUD said...

cj..You probably missed that Ryan was running as VP?, Romney never endorsed Ryan's plan, even if he had, there's a thing called congress. Vice Presidents do not set social security policy.

Ryan, Bush, and many others who have proposed plans privatizing part of a persons s/s account, to give that person a say in how their own retirement account is invested, instead of allowing politicians to have control over it. These were only proposals to save a system that is paying out more than it's taking in, and one that is under siege from 10,000 new baby boomers sucking out money each and every new day.

The "proposals" were "optional" whereby people could opt to leave their s/s just the way it is,in the standard s/s system... or they could opt to have a portion invested in higher yielding investments. People your age were never going to be forced out of s/s, if they didn't want to be....never going to be sucked dry and left to fend for themselves....

You heard what wasn't said...from a guy who hadn't the power to do what you thought you heard him say he would to do...

I'm guessing that huge chip on your shoulder is interfering with sound waves reaching your inner ear?

So instead you opted to vote for a guy who promised nothing in the way of a fix for a system everyone agrees needs fixing, a guy who had a commission put together plans to save / fix the system, THEN IGNORED THEM...and, unbelievably, you're here trying to defend the decision?

PROUD said...

Obama admin not after everyone in the media. here's a few examples of why there seems to be no appetite to report on anything less than flattering to Obama:

Stevebuzzardo said...

BTW- Mark Levin had a lady caller named Jane who knows all about the process of initiating an investigation starting at about the 1 hr. 10min mark that blows the lid off any investigation of the IRS corruption.
you should listen to this segment, it's very enlightening..

yeah Middy, I hear that call, I was thinking he should have had her talk to MR Producer and set up a time for her to be a guest on the show.

midnightsstaff said...

yeah.. woodchippers...something like that-

Mark Levin is pretty much spot on with his assessment of the issue, I differ only in I don't think we can possibly get a peaceful political solution.

Mike Slater said...

CJ, good news. Deb and I are both siging up for SS. Deb this month and me in July. Time to get our money back.

midnightsstaff said...

Got some aluminum foil handy?
It just occurred to me that just maybe the IRS thing was pushed because it was actually the GOP leadership that fingered the Tea Party.
Crying John hates us, McAmnesty calls us muppets.
But for some reason it's the Republican leadership that is blocking getting to the bottom of the issue..

What does the administration have on the crying bitch?

just a little creative thinking.

Jim McAllister said...

I only hope the lousy snake doesn't slither away from the items you mentioned in the 6:40 entry.

He still has a lot of fans like Red Mike who would follow him to the river like the pied piper.

With all this stuff I hope the reps. don't get gutless. It's a nice laundry list of which any of the items by themselves are reprehensible.

Jim McAllister said...

I agree on Trayvon. He is old news and should be treated as such.

I saw Julian Bond on TV today voicing approval of zerobama going after the Tea party. He calls them the "Taliban" of this country. What a piece of garbage he is., He has been sponging money off government jobs his whole life.

Jim McAllister said...

Yeah, Obama now has that dumbass Kathleen Sibelius adding more gasoline to the fire by illegally soliciting funds.

This is beautiful: we now have Sibelius, The AP thing, IRS, and Benghazi going for us. Even Barry's supporters are pissed.

Bad luck to all of them. I just hope the Reps don't blow their opportunity.

Jim McAllister said...


We are twin sons of different mothers.

it's all about sumpin fer nuthin and staking out their rank in the freeshitarmy!

PROUD said...

Jim...If we really are twin sons...I'm really starting to get that "Smothers Bros", "Mom liked you best", kinda feeling!

I got all that height and all that damn hair!....and I got ?

PROUD said...

BTW Jim...I don't watch much TV except news, information and sports but my wife got me watching a couple of shows that are in fact pretty darn good. One is Blue Bloods, the other is a nothing show, starring no one you've ever heard of on a little known channel (A&E I think) called 'Bates Motel'. This show capitalizes on the set from(or a Hollywood look-alike, remake) Hitchcock's Psycho. The cast, especially the Mom (Norma) are stellar), however, it's one of those shows that you need to watch from the beginning, which plays into A&E's policy of re-showing previous episodes in a "marathon"....

(I panned it, but after I watched one episode....I'm hooked...worse, I don't want any help)

midnightsstaff said...

Maybe this would be a good time for the media to review the birth certificate issue... now that the bloom is off the rose they might be a bit more objective as to the childish forgery required to back up his claims of being born in Hawaii.

..or maybe start looking into the mysterious death of a homosexual butt buddy of Barry's named Don Young who was about to reveal the truth- or start looking into the bath house escapades in Chicago and his relationship with Reggie, there is a lot of unturned soil available. how things have changed with the jilted lover media, why maybe some legislative group might pick up the mountains of evidence uncovered by our own Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a true American hero and begin to reverse the damage caused by this Traitor in Chief.

midnightsstaff said...

I remember reading how LBJ once said.."if I have lost Walter Crankcase I have lost America"..

update to 2013..

.."if I have lost Jon Stewart I have lost America"

Well there is hope, maybe Jon can reach people like Cj who evidently cannot reason for themselves.

midnightsstaff said...

A.B. Greaves..

..take a letter Maria.. man that feels good in the morning eh?
also "a whiter shade of pale" P.H.
- nice way greet the day,
turn off the tube and open your eyes.

Jim McAllister said...

Proud, got all that height and all that damn hair!....and I got ?

Yeah, good point. I enjoy being told constantly that I look like Robert Taylor in his prime but on the other hand, you have the place in ShowLow.

By the way, if you need work done up there this year, hire a contractor! LOL

Jim McAllister said...

Glo mentioned "Blue Bloods" too. I'll have to check it out.

As I mentioned above I only watch about 8 stations.

Jim McAllister said...


The birth certificate thing has always puzzled me. The a-hole gets a free pass with no questions asked and every time someone does inquire they are quickly shouted down.

I just hope all this crap doesn't get swept under the rug and forgotten. Obama appears like a school kid now: deer in the headlights, indecisive but still on the campaign trail.

The nightmare continues. Ya gotta love Holder: nothing pretentious about him; it's either "I didn't know about it" or "One of my deputies did it."

Even the Dems are pissed and disgusted this time.

Jim McAllister said...

Stewart is funny. Too bad he is in love with liberalism.

Jim McAllister said...

I used to love that song:

"Send a copy to mu lawyer; I'm going to start a new life."

midnightsstaff said...

Not to beat a dead horse.. but it's the Arizona Repugnant so I guess it's alright.
Have they had any mention of this little gem in their publication lately?

I quit reading the rag so I really don't know if they covered it or covered it up but even the statist lap dog Wall Street Journal thought it was way over the top.

..maybe you as a good citizen should offer it up in one of your other blogs Jim, somehow the truth has to get past the filters.
Pax Obama.

midnightsstaff said...

well, this could explain the inexplicable..

Mike Slater said...

Noticed on the news this morning that Obama's half brother had his application for a 501C4 approved by the IRS in a month. I'm sure Obama didn't have anything to do with it.

midnightsstaff said...

by Sheryl Atkinson, CBS news..

lol.. landing under sniper fire.. duck and run!!
- "look a sniping squirrel"..these people simply cannot tell the truth about anything.

A choice among Democrat contenders is like selecting a STD that is just right for you.

If you ask me HRC is a far larger threat to honest people than Reggie's best girl.

Glo said...

Actually it was R.B. Greaves (Roland Bertram, I think), and TALM was a great 1969 song. He performed it on TV on The Music Scene, which was a variety show hosted by the inimitable David Steinberg. That was an experimental show that ran 45 minutes Monday nights, right before the 45-minute The New People. Both shows were canceled fairly soon.

BTW, Greaves as the nephew of Sam Cooke ("that's the sound of the men, workin' on the chain gaaaaaaaaaaanggg").

PROUD said...

After repeated calls to the networks complaining that Obama was on TV... lying his ass off (again) I finally took matters in my own hands and came up with a fix:

midnightsstaff said...

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.
-Benjamin Franklin, 1759"

I couldn't pull a rabbit out of my hat so I pulled a hair out of my ass" - Nestor Pistor...
..sounds like the whiny ass Prez eh?- Holder under the bus.

PROUD said...

I don't think the first black Pres or Att. General could ever do anything corrupt enough to bring about impeachment or resignation.

Any such suggestion would be quickly met with deafening cries of racism.

Jim McAllister said...


That WSJ column is a good one and especially appropriate now. I'm bookmarking it for possible future use in the politics blog at the Rep.

Jim McAllister said...

Interesting about Roberts. I put nothing past these guys.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm sure it is just a coincidence. yeah, right!

Jim McAllister said...


I remember when that woman shot and killed Cooke. A guy really should wear pants if he going to knock on a woman's door with just a sport coat on.

Good singer......bad choices!

Jim McAllister said...


Well said, never were truer words spoken!

Jim McAllister said...

Two good ones, Middy.

Love the "hare" reference.

Jim McAllister said...


Today is the most pissed I have seen Holder. he really unloaded on Holder. Funny stuff. Maybe he figures his luck has finally run out.

Can you believe that statement by Barry. What a flimsy phony loser he is.

Jim McAllister said...


Not Holder. I meant Issa.

Getting late in the day!

Jim McAllister said...


It sounds like Boehner is getting tough. He is shouting that he wants to know who's going to jail over this s-it.

Maybe a sleeping dog has finally waken up.

Jim McAllister said...

Jay Leno having a field day at Obama's expense. (1:35)

Best line: "Remember when Biden was Obama's greatest embarrassment?"

Glo, Short, Light Poster said...


OMG!! I have been watching old songs done on Youtube and was watching Buck Owen's 1969 hit Tall, Dark Stranger video when another caught my eye. I almost fell off the chair laughing so hard. Far, far beyond hysterical! It is especially suitable for you and many posters here. Enjoy.

midnightsstaff said...

No soup for you Buck- NEXT!!..

haha.. good one Glo.

..nothing like that good 'ol nasal Bakersfield/Oklahoma horse music.
I actually like Buck and used to watch him on He-Haw, Chickenlegs got his start with Buck if I remember right, Dwight that is..

I have never ran into anyone like these spawn of Satan politicians, and I have ran into some real evil people.
Normal people are just not programmed to destroy everything they touch..

Jim.. take a deep breath, cryin' John is playing for the same team.
He is fighting tooth and nail to keep from being forced into a special prosecutor, the only thing he is interested in is keeping his position as Speaker of the House.

..all water drains down the same hole in the District of Corruption.

Jim McAllister said...


If it wasn't for the talented Buck Owens I couldn't have made it through that 2:55. Despicable doesn't begin to describe that guy (BO).

Jim McAllister said...


Hee-Haw was a good show. Trivia: can you remember Junior's used car lot phone number? (answer at end)

Roy was a great musician and those country guys like Grampa Jones were good. Who can forget Minnie Pearl with the ubiquitous price tag on her hat.

CBS blew it as that show made a fortune in syndication.

Junior Samples phone number: BR 549.

PROUD said...

Jim, calling hee-haw a good show while condemning most of today's....seems pretty selective?

I though hee-haw was pretty much a mix of corn & crap....not unlike Duck Dynasty, or Boo Boo...

Glo said...


You have to agree: the best part was the shot of BO and the Veep when Buck was a-singin' "a demon rides closely by his side." Whoever put that together was inspired!

Glo said...


PS - I LOVED Hee Haw, especially Roy Clark, who was really good country singer. AND a fantastic guitar player (listen to Malaguena). I am utterlu frustrated that I cannot find an mpp download to buy of his great song (written by John Hartford) called A Simple Thing As Love.

midnightsstaff said...

How can you refuse an ad like.." buy a car from Junior Samples and you'll never walk again"..

cornball humor?- maybe, maybe not- the daisy dukes and cutoff blouses those little fillies wore guaranteed high class entertainment not only there but in great performances like Petticoat Junction and Green Acres.

My born and bred bunch of Oklahoma transplants family loved Buck and watched it religiously.

Haha.. George Gobel, Tennesee Earnie Ford, Billy Carter, Johnny Bench getting a pie in the face?.. they had fun shooting these segments.
From week to week you never knew who would show up and make fun of themselves.
..can you imagine Obama going on He-Haw?
Biden maybe with a double barreled shotgun, but a narcissist like Obama?

Oh, and by the way Glo you are right about Roy Clark and his under appreciated mastery of the guitar, he was one of the best.
.. is this the cut you were thinking about Glo?

or this? ..odd couple segment.

kids, please try this at home.
yeah.. Roy Clark.. hick, lol- same as Charo was just another bubble headed blonde.

midnightsstaff said...

Interesting article today in the American Thinker (The Mainstream Media Obama Psychodrama) about how the journalists are now experiencing pretty much the same confusion and sense of betrayal as some bimbo who finally has been slapped into coming to grips that their husband is a serial philanderer- ..think typical sell out Kennedy bitch or Red Menace.

.."loyalty is a one way street"
..and they confused their sense of loyalty with the actual demand for obedience.

War is coming and the press had better figure out which side they want to be on this time cause it's going to get serious.

midnightsstaff said...

I would like to remake the original Mutiny on the Bounty with Charles Laughton, as long as the historical fidelity has been compromised already, my scene with Obama shaking his fist and threatening them with hanging rowing off towards England would be ended with an Orca swallowing the entire rowboat resulting with the sailors of the Bounty living their lives unmolested any longer by the Crown spending the rest of their lives having a good time on Pitcairn Island surrounded by half dressed native girls and coconut drinks with little umbrellas.

..that is if I was the director.

Duel could use a make over too..

Jim McAllister said...


I've never seen Duck Dynasty or Boo-Boo and while I might take a peek at DD one of these days in reverence to Mike, just hearing a little bit about BB make me want to toss my cookies.

Hee-Haw was just a lighthearted country version of "Laugh-in". I didn't watch it on a regular basis but it had its moments.

I remember it came along in 1969 as CBS was really into the country genre with shows like "Green Acres" and "Beverly Hillbillies."

When they decided enough was enough with that in 1971 they dumped all those shows thinking they had run their course.

Unfortunately for them, Hee Haw went on to even more greatness in first run syndication from 1971-1993. I imagine some executive at CBS was never able to live that down.

Although it was cornball country stuff, they had top flight country musicians in Roy Clark and Buck Owens. I heard that Samples was the same in real life as on the show. Quite the yokel!

I tried calling him the other day at BR 549 but there was no answer.

Jim McAllister said...


I don't remember that one. Who was the Veep then? Agnew? Ford?

Jim McAllister said...


So true about Clark; very talented guy. I saw him on the trumpet one night and I'm sure he played other instruments.

John Hartford! Wow, there is a name I haven't heard in a while. He wrote some good songs from his era.

Jim McAllister said...


They had great guest stars as you mentioned on Hee Haw. Everyone wanted to be part of that show. It was a happy time with good corny humor. Something we could use today and maybe will get back if we get that worthless SOB out.

Jim McAllister said...


Did you see that 35 second clip of Chris Mathews putting down Obama today? Nice to know he is seeing the light.

Jim McAllister said...

The 1935 Bounty with Laughton is the only version for me. He was a great actor in any role.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah, that was an early Technicolor film right?
So the story wandered a bit from the truth but what's a little creative license between friends eh?

I use it all the time.

The jackass handlers are trying to get a grip on the situation, they know full well he is not going to be able to survive without an outright lying media,
Fact is the boy is just not fast on his feet like a professional liar Bill Clinton was/is, his basketball prowess is equal to his situational awareness and ability to adjust.
He has never been in this situation before.
..Imagine a kept poodle being dropped off at a bus stop in Syria.

One thing about jilted lovers and the sorry fall out that follows, I have never seen one bad relationship patched up..

..unless you are talking about Jody Arias.

..number 9- number 9- number 9...

Glo said...


Remember in the Tall Dark Stranger Youtube piece: when the words "A demon rides closely by his side" came up it showed a picture of Obama next to Biden!

Yep, John Hartford wrote a lot of songs made famous by other people. I think his most famous was Gentle on My Mind for Glen Cambell. I got a JH CD from my library where he sings his own songs. A Simple Thing As Love is ok, but Roy did a much better job on it. I will keep searchin' until I find it to download...

Here's a redneck anecdote for you. When John Boorman was casting for Deliverance, he brought in those two guys who played the depraved redneck baddies. He explained what they would do in the movie and asked if they had a problem with that. The succinct words from one of them: "Done worse." Needless to say, they were readily cast ...

Squeal like a piggie ...

PROUD said...

Another shoe dropping?

congressman says justice dept has wire tapped the House Cloak Room.

midnightsstaff said...

I guess I was assuming the original got colorized but evidently not.. another old movie on the Internet..

In the wake of the Bounty.. with Erroll Flyyn.

nice shots of pre war Pacific Islands.

Glo, Rat Lover said...

Argh. The AZ Repugnant deleted my comments on an Arias story. Not a single dirty word or suggestion was used. Travis posted about the defense attorneys leaving a sinking ship, and I posted back that he shouldn't insult rats with a comparison like that. Free speech rocks! Well, in SOME places...

midnightsstaff said...

Just try to keep in mind that at any given moment there is something going on probably unreported that is every bit as evil as the Arias situation.

Even tiny isolated Pitcairn Island has been ravaged by man's insensitivity to man, it seems there has been a pattern of child molestation going on for decades in a closed society pretty much the same as what goes on in Colorado City Arizona..

Hey, Colorado City.. now there's a hot spot of unreported violations against women that makes Jody Arias and her soap opera love life seem like normal Stepford wife behavior with merely a surprise ending.

midnightsstaff said...

They just use you Glo, these bastards want everyone to be as emotionally spent as possible, they are looking for a replacement for this story as we speak.

I guarantee you that this clownish woman is not even close to a real monster and she will end up being someone's bitch in prison unless she pc's up or gets a sentence of death.

In the end she is just another person who allowed the matrix to pull her into something she could not deal with so she acted out.
Anyone with a sense of individual self worth would not have allowed herself to be involved that deeply in a caustic relationship.

..avoid the matrix including getting emotionally involved with what might as well be a fictional character in your personal life- neither of us will ever meet the lady- same thing with OJ.
Life is too short to fixate on that type of useless negativity because there is an endless supply.

It's the same thing I am trying to do when it comes to politics, not with any degree of success I might add.

Jim McAllister said...


The 1935 "Mutiny on the Bounty" was black and white co-starring Clark Gable and Franchot Tone. Great film.

The remake was made in '62 and it was color with Marlon Brando and Trevor Howard.

Brando was a real fruit in that one.

I just hope they can get Obama's ass while the time is ripe. They can't let this opportunity get away. When Chris Mathews trashes him, you know it's time to move in!

Jim McAllister said...


From what I've heard, Campbell isn't doing too good with the Alzheimers.

Everytime I've see Ned Beatty since 1972 and "Deliverance" I think of that scene. It's hard to watch but people will always remember Ned regardless of what else he does.

Jim McAllister said...


Where did you post that? Was it after a story where Facebook is required to get in?

Mike Slater said...

Jim, did you happen to catch Willie from Duck Dynasty on FOX the other night. Funny guy.

Jim McAllister said...

OJ has to be dumber than dumb.

Everyone in the world knows he lucked out by getting acquitted for Nicole and every cop in the world was looking for him to even jaywalk for another shot at him.

So, what does he do? Pulls a gun on those guys in Vegas! They better keep him in the slammer for his own protection.

Arias deserves the needle. To shoot a guy in the face, slit his throat, and stab him 32 times is a bit extreme. Hell, the gun probably did the job.

What's Casey up to these days? She ought to thank God every day for the way she got away.

Jim McAllister said...


No, I've never seen DD. I'll have to check it out.

PROUD said...

I saw Willie (from D-D) on the Fox interview....He came across as a great American,and,...someone,.... PROUD 2B a conservative!

Glo said...


The TDS video is on Youtube. I posted this link way up above:

You have GOT TO WATCH IT!!!!!

But I think you did??

PROUD said... do realize that makes you a RACIST?

midnightsstaff said...

As usual Judge Napolitano cuts right to the core of the issue, why we cannot get people of his character to run for office is a mystery to me..
not really I understand completely, but still am mystified.

Even if Obama was magically gone tomorrow we still have a load of outright criminals infesting Washington DC.

.."All government, in its essence, is a conspiracy against the superior man: its one permanent object is to oppress him and cripple him. If it be aristocratic in organization, then it seeks to protect the man who is superior only in law against the man who is superior in fact; if it be democratic, then it seeks to protect the man who is inferior in every way against both."
HL Mencken.

Jim McAllister said...


I watched the TDS Owen YouTube last night at 8:57.

This was my comment to you regarding it:


If it wasn't for the talented Buck Owens I couldn't have made it through that 2:55. Despicable doesn't begin to describe that guy (BO).

8:57 PM

How about that photo showing him speaking in the rain today with that poor Marine having to hold an umbrella over him.

I'm disappointed in this country.

Jim McAllister said...



PROUD said...

When Barrry motioned for a US Marine to hold an umbrella over him....

Someone in attendence, (who had a pair)...should have yelled ....STAND DOWN!

PROUD said...

glo....r u on f/b?

Ask jim for my email and let me know how to find you!

Jim McAllister said...


I love the judge, He was on Fox the other night with Krauthammer before O'Bummer came out with his 30 second speech.

The judge is a very impressive guy. Very learned, great speaker and an imposing presence.

I think he should try and run in 2016 if he desires it. He will be 63 on June 6 (coincidentally that's D-Day) so he is young enough.

Jim McAllister said...


The guy's behavior is sickening. Why didn't they have some shelter for him to stand under if there was a chance of rain?

That looked really tacky for the Marine to have to protect him from the rain. The good news is that there are probably a lot of people, especially ex-servicemen like me, who highly resented that.

I'm for anything that will nail this guy asap.

PROUD said...

Jim...I am of the belief that even if B/O was spotted at a gay-bar, shytting on his mother's grave, and eating babies....

It's my view that: There is absolutely NO power on this earth that could move a such a fair & compassionate (see stupid & gulible), country like the US to get rid of it's first, African American President (or atty general for that matter)

We re all creatures of political correctness, whether we choose to believe it, or not.....

Pevie Hicks said...

I must disagree with you guys on "The Judge"

First off, he looks like Eddie Munster 45 years later (widow's peak)

Secondly, while I may agree with him on most philosophical levels...the name...."Napolitano" just goes against everything that is holy....

Maybe he needs to blend a white skunk stripe in his hair?

Pevie Hicks said...

Wait...looks like he already gets his doo where Janet goes:

Jim McAllister said...


As much as i hate to admit it, I agree with you on Barry and Holder.

I don't know this country anymore. Barry is just an all around typical liberal whining f--k up; Holder, on the other hand, skated through Fast and Furious and may skip through the AP scandal.

I hope I am wrong but it seems like these clowns catch hell for a while from guys like Issa, then it starts fading and eventually disappears while we steel ourselves for their next screw up.

On top of that, Hillary is owning the polls for 2016 so far and she may be the worst of the lot.

I hate to be negative but when I see photos like today of that Marine with the umbrella, it makes me want to puke.

Kennedy was an angel next to these clowns. All he wanted to do is bang Marilyn Monroe. Hell, so did I!

Jim McAllister said...


I must agree with the judge's last name; a definite detriment.

As far as the widow's peak; no problem even if he does look like Eddie but I noticed last night that he has been dipping into the Grecian Formula. His hair used to be grayer than that.

I like him; he has a set, he is opinionated, and seems like a guy who could get us back in business in this country.

How about a Judge Napolitano-Judge Jeanine ticket? Or, maybe the reverse of that. Jeanine is one smart and brassy gal.

All fun speculation of course but Hillary must be stopped and I don't think anything that happens with Benghazi is going to stop her.

This country is too stupid to let her famous "What different does it make now?" comment stick. She should have been fired on the spot for that.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Men go mad in herds and only come to their sense slowly, and one by one"... Charles MacKay..

Well Napalitano is not going to run as a Republican any time soon.
It's gonna be Jeb Bush and probably still Marco "open the doors" Rubio and there is nothing you can do about it.
The real problem is Karl Rove blocking any reform before it can get started- that means he is opposed to any tea party candidate that ever comes along.
The party of ingrates..
2010 was directly because of the tea party volunteers and what do they get for their effort?
the GOP marginalized every one and effectively de funded them for re election.
Yep, for a knife in the back look no further than the friendly Republicans- they eat their own.

Glo said...

GM Proud.

Yes I'm on F/b: Jim can send me your email (Jim?).

Am I a racist (I know you meant that facetiously)? Hmmm. Maybe there are vestiges left of how I grew up. I have to admit that I still hold to some stereotypes that leave me with a sense of disdain at said representatives. I'm betting there are a lot of people like me who haven't totally shaken off all of the beliefs of the past, although we would like to believe otherwise.

midnightsstaff said...

.."A GLAAD spokesman lamented that “diversity on television is once again at risk” to the Hollywood Reporter. “I’m so mad at every programming director right now,” flamboyant talk-show host Frank DeCaro remarked. “I’m going back to watching porn."

.."Television depictions of homosexuality make viewers more welcoming of it, the survey found. “The data would suggest that seeing this stuff makes it more socially acceptable,” pollster Jon Penn explained last fall. “Views on gay marriage have exponentially gone in its favor since 2002.” This may be because the depictions of homosexuals on network television more closely resemble advertising than entertainment.
And commercials, of course, induce some viewers to buy a product but most to turn the station"

There is a good reason these 18 shows got canceled, Responsible America seems to be getting fed up with having the queer agenda forced down our throats.. ..figuratively speaking of course.

It's a case of Fag push back I guess- and you thought generating a bit of pushback was the reason those so inclined molest sheep along the top of a cliff.

midnightsstaff said...

.."The numbers of Americans drawing benefits from the state are astounding: almost 11 million people drawing lifetime disability from Social Security (The Number Of US Citizens On Disability Is Now Larger Than The Population Of Greece);
Social Security (SSA) has 61 million beneficiaries as of March 2012;
Medicare had 49.4 million beneficiaries in 2012,
and Medicaid has over 50 million beneficiaries.

This aligns fairly well with the 48 million drawing SNAP (food stamp) benefits:

This means roughly 110 million people are drawing significant direct benefits from the Federal government while the number of full-time workers is 116 million--about a 1-to-1 worker-beneficiary ratio.

I don't think we are going to have to wait all that long to see where this type of imbalance leads"...

Printing money is merely a band aid approach and actually makes matters worse once critical mass is exceeded, but the point is any administration bleeding the producers at this level are sure to face some difficulty.

Looks like Fox is going to drag Jack Bauer out of retirement, they are going to do another 24 series next season which brings up the obvious question, why did they kill the show in the first place?
After Arrested Development and Rubicon were canceled with no reason I quit even trying to follow any series.

PROUD said...

MSNBC acknowledges corruption under the Obama administration:

PROUD said...


The Hope N Change version of the American dream....

midnightsstaff said...

Anyone on disability claim should never be allowed near a voting booth, meanwhile both of Arizona Senators are actively trying to get amnesty approved so there will never be another election that isn't 60/40 takers voting their wallet.

Honestly if I knew how bad Flake was to be I would have voted for Cardona, at least he was not lying about being all for personal liberty, defending the Constitution from domestic enemies and crap like that.

..evidently Jeffy boy is more comfortable with his hand in the legislative Cheetos bag like uncle John showed him than held over his heart.

BTW- I read that opinion you gave on Barto's pending HOA legislation.

She's a mixed bag when it comes to legislation it appears.. and that's my very problem with these clowns, they think if they are not stirring the pot they are not earning their money, or more importantly getting the camera time.
I want them to focus on us not losing rights instead of fluffing the penal code with a bunch of nanny state regulatory and legislative overburden while erecting an ever growing oppressive statist government? it too much to ask they represent our interests instead of dictate terms of servitude?

midnightsstaff said...

One of my question marks escaped, keep a sharp eye out. could be hiding in plain view.

PROUD said...

Saw this on a billboard:

"Teach your kids about taxes.....

Eat 40% of their ice cream"

midnightsstaff said...

Man walks into a crowded local bar in Darwin brandishing a revolver yelling,

“Who’s the bastard that’s been screwing my wife?”

A voice from the back of the bar shouts back.

“You don’t have enough ammo mate!!”

..and the difference between the terms finished and complete.

..“When you marry the right woman, you are COMPLETE. But, when you marry the wrong woman, you are FINISHED. And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are COMPLETELY FINISHED!”

Friday.. best day of the week-
..for jokes that is.

midnightsstaff said...!

PROUD said...

A rousing 10 thumbs up for Rep Kelly!

midnightsstaff said...

.."All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills"

.."A rousing 10 thumbs up for Rep Kelly!"

..a lot of hot air.
.. where are the indictments?- where is the resolution to not fund one damn impediment to our rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness leading to this level of outrage since the elections of 2010?

The H.O.R. has to be dragged into this screaming and kicking, I am tired of hot air and endless theater- anyone can work a camera.. let's see him actually do something before cheering someone who is only doing his job.
Don't take it wrong, I am happy to see this, but we didn't just wake up to outrage, it's been building for over a decade or two and I am becoming a very hard sell.

Jim McAllister said...


Barto has been trying for years to get that HOA bill through. Just wait until it goes into effect and people are fooled into thinking that leaving cars on the street all night will be the extent of what goes on.

Those who want that exclusion but want the other rules enforced will find out that those who park the cars are the types who don't take care of their yard, don't worry about trash in the yard or keeping things painted, etc. In other words, nits breed lice. If someone is a slob in one area, they probably will be in others.

As I said in the Politics blog, you get what you pay for.

Jim McAllister said...

Proud, Interesting piece with morning Joe. I think he is the only guy on that network who is not a liberal.

Jim McAllister said...

Great billboard!

PROUD said...

Yeah, he's a rhino...but what I found interesting was the sappy liberals on the show didn't put up any argument....

Pevie Hicks said...

Not sure any of the real news will be followed by most of America (see cj's freeshytarmy)

After all...Beyonce is preggers... and Chaz Bono lost 65 pounds and feels really GOOD about his/her/other/ ....self!

Now that's more in keeping with main stream America's thirst for "NEWS"

Jim McAllister said...


Sad but true. I would hate to do any man on the street interviews these days.

The apathy is amazing which I'm sure is quite a relief to Obama.

There is so much going on now with his administration now though that he may not be able to get out from under it.

From Chris Mathews: (0.35)

PROUD said...

Drip by drip...more liberals are seeing the light?

Check this out....

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah when good 'ol Piers starts seeing the larger picture...

It just illustrates what shallow minded people liberals are.
They have constructed a unholy Frankenstein monster never thinking that he who feeds the alligator is merely eaten last.
too little, too late but I'll take it, good catch PTB.

As our old buddy H.L. Mencken observed..

.."The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.

Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable.
And so if he is romantic he tries to change it and even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are."

..the man was a genius.

midnightsstaff said...

Hahaha Jim, it sounded like maybe Chris needed his diaper changed.

The utter stupidity is mind boggling.

Jim McAllister said...


Good clip with Penn and Piers.

Wow, if Morgan is swinging our way nothing else can be surprising.

We need all of this we can get.

Jim McAllister said...


I've always gotten a kick out of Chris especially when the Reps. won the laST MID TERMS AND AND mICHELLE BACHMAN ASKED HIM IF HE STILL HAD THAT TINGLE IN HIs leg. (sorry on the caps)

Like Morgan he sounds like he is fed up with Obama's whole style of being a 365 day a year campaigner and trying to be so ultra cool.

I love this. The phony was in Baltimore visiting one of his schools where a kid couldn't subtract 1 from 2. One reader said the kid couldn't spell CAT if he was spotted the C and T.

I love the rolled up sleeves and no coat; trying to look like he is working hard. LOL

The birds are coming home to roost.

CJinPhoenix said...

Yeah, I wouldn't click on the above link from Anonymous. It looks like a bug to me.

midnightsstaff said...

Hey Cj.. good morning- I doubt you remember John Cippolina of Quicksilver Messenger Service, great west coast band that never got the following it deserved.
his life was messed up but he was a true genius.

amazing stuff on the internet today, all these gems are free for the listening on utube.

This is an early copy of "the fool"- that is a good example of John with the most distinctive lead of the era..

goddamn ex- my QSMS albums were in the box she left in the sun for a week- turned them into tacos.

Jim McAllister said...


I guess I should be flattered that the spammers come after me almost daily. They must think this blog is a live one.

I zap them as fast as I can.

Jim McAllister said...


I sure remember QMS, good band. I never knew much about the members. I loved "Fresh Air" which is about the only tune I remember by them.

You're right about the treasure of music on the internet. I have several of my old faves stacked up in bookmarks.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah I couldn't believe that "It's a Beautiful Day" is there.

..this has to be the golden age of internet accessibility, of course the government cannot stand free anything so grab onto your wallet and hold onto your shootin' iron- these bastards can't stand the idea of anyone enjoying life.

midnightsstaff said...!

there is a reason...

Jim McAllister said...

Wow! That's the whole damn album of It's a Beautiful Day. Great stuff.

"White Bird" sounded great in the '61 Chevy with the volume pegged.

I agree, start looking for fees to hear that stuff. Jack Lew says the debt ceiling has to be raised and there is to be no debate on it.

What better way to get revenue than to steal it from citizens who want to hear Dave LaFlamme and Starship on YouTube?

midnightsstaff said...

.."What better way to get revenue than to steal it from citizens who want to hear Dave LaFlamme and Starship on YouTube?"

well, one way would be to require that people buy something and then make it where the only place to buy it would be the government itself.. oh wait! that's been done.

midnightsstaff said...

How about sometime safely after the next election cycle having Congress pass legislation reversing the debtor prison laws that the Constitution seemingly prevents right now under the Equal Protection Clause?

What could be better for the economy than more criminals being generated to fill prisons yet to be built?
Bankruptcy protection could be easily sidestepped in this growing condition of national lawlessness through the redefinition of and through expanding their presence by using "civil contempt of court charges" like they are doing in small cities in Ohio now.

..after all someone walking away from a mortgage theoretically is damaging to the public trust and Congress does what banks tell them to do- it's common practice in other nations to not allow bankruptcy to absolve debt in mortgage matters.

By merely shifting the nature of charge to federal in nature it leaves the states technically not in violation of their own laws that prohibit debtors' prisons that were abolished in the Bankruptcy act of '78- of course no one will notice we will all be looking at the daily squirrel sighting.

This would firmly insure that the leveraged losses that has gotten people in bankruptcy can no longer be shifted to the banks balance books.. as tho they were anyway with taxpayer backing thanks to Fanny and Freddie.

They wouldn't need to actually put everyone in prison, just commit people to a condition of grinding economic slavery with penalties and interest assuring all entrapped never escape once ensnared.

Once this has been dealt with how much longer do you think it will be before the concept of inherited debt follows?
..oh wait it already does with future, unpaid debt piled on the nation's future yet unborn kulaks daily.

Tom Purcell is spot on, we are returning to a dark age of feudalism and monarchies.

With a total of 1.9 trillion dollar income stream and dropping for 2012 taxes and Ben Bernanke printing 85 bill per year unsecured debt which equals .86 trillion plus interest, maybe that kid who couldn't answer 2-1=? is on to something, "what does it matter now?"

midnightsstaff said...

ah.. forget I said all that, just had a nap and woke up all crabby I guess.
Speaking of...

looks like he is expanding his blogsite to podcasts now.. guess I'll have to look into it.

..(edit- an hour later)- wow Steve you need to listen to one of Tom's podcasts, actually Cj probably would agree with the way he presents the problems we face. I listened to the Friday show and was pretty impressed.

I went to itunes podcast section and signed up for his **FREE** regular podcasts.. but if you don't have itunes you can do the same from his new site.
and it's all on this website's format. amazing stuff this internet..
Obama really has to put it to rest if he want's to control free thought.

..but being the Constitutional professor and all, I'm sure that thought would never cross his mind- yep.. no man of conscience would ever entertain such thoughts.

CJ Phoenix said...

Hey, Middy, good morning to you too. You are correct. I have never heard of QSMS. Those were that days of just AM radio, usually in a car my parents were driving, & whatever made it to the airwaves of national TV for me to hear. I do appreciate the high quality but less pop bands now however. And, yeah, QSMS sounds good.

Vinyl does have a tendency to warp & generally degrade if it is not well kept. I still believe in the genuineness of the sound on vinyl though -- actually, probably the master from which the vinyl records are made -- as a much better method of preserving the true voice of artists (including the instrumental voice) into posterity. As opposed to digital, that is(

If you want to get a little spiritual about it, I believe that sound has some largely unrecognized & untapped powers. The real sound, that is. And if you want to stay materially grounded about it, I am still a little disappointed that I lost a lot of my creative writing work from the early 90s to floppy disc technology & WordPerfect...

Another similar problem exists in photography these days. I am gonna have to take my granddaughter out to a studio one of these days very soon -- Duke is still there on 7th Ave -- because my son & his wife seem to believe that taking a ton of photos & keeping them on their I-phones is somehow better than the original methods of photography & hard copy prints...But as I told them on Mother's Day, where are those pictures gonna be in, oh, say 50 or 100 years? You know, I still have some photos of my family from the 1800s. I just wish I had the negatives too. I also have 3 tin types of family. And I print out all the digital photos I ever take as well. Then I write the names of the people on the back...Call me a dinosaur but, one of these days, somebody somewhere will appreciate all my thoughtfulness & work.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm with you on those hard copy photos except for the old Polaroids which disappear over time. Give me a good old Kodak print with a negative for the future.

Shorpy's is a good example of how photos were kept for posterity.

PROUD said...

First Piers, now CBS's Schieffer?...Is there an awakening?

PROUD said...

And now, a little devil's advocacy regarding those much hated "reality shows"

Trump's hit show Celebrity Apprentice, had it's season finale last night. Yeah, store bought glitz and faux glamour against a back drop of wealth & power, deserving of every working man's scorn, right?

Maybe not, the underlying theme to this nothing show is RAISING MONEY FOR CHARITY, and in that, these people were indeed stars.

For the season, these so called celebs tapped their well healed friends to the tune of $13 million dollars given to a variety of charities, (Trump ponied in a sizeable amount of his own cash)

On last night's show alone...Trace Atkins raised $1.5 mill, Trump kicked in another 200K all for The Red Cross, Penn Gillete raised another $600K for his charity.

So I say, hate the "beautiful people", and their staged reality shows, but give credit where due, because, if you stop and think about it....

A TV show raising $15 million dollars over just a few short weeks for charity, is pretty damn REAL!

midnightsstaff said...

I seriously doubt it Proud.
Shieffer along with every other Washington reporter has had five years of example after example to draw their conclusion from.

He's just trying to salvage his own sorry legacy and cover the trail of guilt he has left along with the rest of the inbred media whores.

..about time for another Beer summit I would say.. this time he could hold it at some federal holding facility and give Schieffer and the rest of the recent turncoats an ultimatum that anyone not for the Crown is an enemy from that day forward and will be dealt with severely..just like Jarrett told him to.
after all that's more the style that dictators have taken throughout history.

These fools still have no idea what a monster they have created.

midnightsstaff said...

Now that Bob has gotten that out there, maybe he can start licking the boot again soon eh?

Conversely, this is an example of someone speaking the truth and not willing to lick the boot of a banana republic building tyrant- Schieffer on the other hand should be wearing an orange jump suit and be forced to pick up trash for the rest of his life on the side of the road between Yuma and Gila until the heat gets him.

Let me ask you a question Cj, what are your chances in ten years when you go to an IRS ran Medicare center for some problem you developed that was brought on by a forty year nicotine addiction?

"here is some papers for you to fill out"
don't make any mistakes or your petition for medical care could be delayed- or you could be arrested for fraud.

What is your chances of getting much more than an end of life counseling session?
Keep in mind that all those new citizens with their mutant forms of t-b and God knows what else will have used up all the available resources by then.

No soup for you!!- (should have quit smoking) -NEXT!!..

..this shit gets real serious when it affects you or your family and not just some rich bastard you have always wanted to fuck over, a guy with the resources to just fly to another country for major medical attention eh?

it's too late.

midnightsstaff said...

It seems to me that something very big was out there that caused "the evil" to even attempt to obfuscate the situation with IRS and Sebilius gate.

.."look a squirrel"...

When America finally finds out and admits to itself what Barry was doing the night of 9/11 while Americans were being taken out by the White Mosque's forces the reason will become evident.
It's going to be ugly in a way that even Democrats will turn away in disgust.

..think about it, alone it's revealing that the IRS scandal was used to divert attention.
should make an honest man wonder what he was doing that forced them to make the admission they are breaking laws doncha think?

CJinPhoenix said...

What happened to make me your punching bag this time, Middy? Did your cat die or something?

I cannot predict the future myself. In other words, I do not know what conditions will be like exactly in 10 or 20 years but I do know that you are completely incorrect about the way I think. For instance, I do not begrudge anybody what they have legitimately earned as long as they do not begrudge me mine. Oh, yeah, it gets very complicated sometimes. Sometimes I do get angry when it becomes apparent that I am arguing with a bunch of clueless, duplicitous bastards...But that anger is relatively short lived & I really do not hold long term grudges.

Tell me, Middy, why can't we follow the Canadian model? I mean, they have universal healthcare in Canada, don't they? And I suppose that means that the wealthy are pitching in to support that system too. But I have never once heard a Canadian complain about the country being run by hell-bound commies & despite their contribution, wealthy Canadians seem relatively solid financially in that they are still free to go outside of the country for better medical services if they desire & they still have loads of money to invest in, for instance, real estate...As they have been doing heavily here in Phoenix. So what is wrong with that?

Hey, did you know that the concept of retirement in general -- people quitting work entirely at a certain point & living off the system around them, whether private or government sponsored retirement programs or monetary investments that reduce the wage potential of workers by sucking up the profits -- is a relatively new concept that came into being around the time of social security? I just looked it up but I should have already known that because I kinda knew that my grandparents' generation was the first in my family tree to retire from real productive work...And that is just one example of the duplicity of those arguments where I am fighting with a bunch of retirees that want to support themselves off of my back while denying me my retirement when the time comes. Now you've got me started again...But that's all now because I need to get ready for work again.

Jim McAllister said...

I can't disagree on Schieffer, a true whore and it was funny to hear Morgan.

We need a groundswell against the impostor and his phony wife. We need to get them while the getting is good because as I type this, time is passing and each day this stuff gets less relevant without strong support from those who have voices that count.

There are at least 4 good meaty subjects here to bomb the bastard good and proper. Guys like Cruz, Issa and others need to keep beating on the horse.

It worked against Nixon and some a-hole like that Pfeiffer idiot who keeps calling everything irrelevant on the Sunday shows proves they have their lying backs to the wall.

midnightsstaff said...

I suggest you inform yourself before putting posting your opinion in print.
and for the record I was not attacking you personally but using a possibility to make the point.

.."I was once a believer in socialized medicine. As a Canadian, I had soaked up the belief that government-run health care was truly compassionate. What I knew about American health care was unappealing: high expenses and lots of uninsured people.
My health care prejudices crumbled on the way to a medical school class. On a subzero Winnipeg morning in 1997, I cut across the hospital emergency room to shave a few minutes off my frigid commute.

Swinging open the door, I stepped into a nightmare: the ER overflowed with elderly people on stretchers, waiting for admission. Some, it turned out, had waited five days. The air stank with sweat and urine. Right then, I began to reconsider everything that I thought I knew about Canadian health care."
the Canadian doctor continues...
.."And if we measure a health care system by how well it serves its sick citizens, American medicine excels. Five-year cancer survival rates bear this out. For leukemia, the American survival rate is almost 50%; the European rate is just 35%. Esophageal carcinoma: 12% in the U.S., 6% in Europe.
The survival rate for prostate cancer is 81.2% here, yet 61.7% in France and down to 44.3% in England -- a striking variation."

Cj..we are going down the Canadian model that is failing their citizens at this moment.

You seem to forget that all of Canada has the same amount of MRI machines that a medium sized US city has.
So they have always used the medical facilities here much the same way as the Mexican govt. has used the Swiss cheese border.. to avoid a popular revolution from treating their own citizens like mules.

People come here from all across Canada for real medical help along with anyone else in the world that values their own life.

But you exemplify the thinking that has led us to this mess.

.."The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society."

Edward Bernays.

Sadly,I doubt you can even understand the depth of insight that single statement makes and the implications it leads to.

PROUD said...

C.J...."a bunch of retirees that want to support themselves off of my back while denying me my retirement when the time comes"

Please list where anyone in office has proposed anything akin to that.

midnightsstaff said...

"12 reasons I am not a dictator".
by B.M. Obama

1.- a dictator would seize the press and have them bury any unfavorable story and write puff pieces about him. I'm not a dictator..

2.- a dictator would send the government's agents to harass, intimidate and punish anyone who dared to write a negative story. I'm not a dictator..

3.- a dictator would send the government's revenue agents to harass, intimidate and investigate citizen's tax filings. I'm not a dictator..

4.- a dictator would declare war on a country without seeking approval of his government. I'm not a dictator..

5.- a dictator would attempt to seize the arms with which the citizenry might protect itself. I'm not a dictator..

6.- a dictator would run guns to drug cartels and then have his Department of Justice cover up the fact, eventually granting executive privilege to cease the inquiry. I'm not a dictator..

7.- a dictator would let his own ambassador die a bloody and brutal death in order to callously gauge his own reelection impact. I'm not a dictator..

8.- a dictator would paint Catholics, Jews, Mormons and Christians as "terrorist threats" in order to have his army trained to treat them with suspicion and disdain. I'm not a dictator..

9.- a dictator would pass a massive "redistribution" hoax having his lawyers call it a tax, while he simultaneously denies it is any such thing. I'm not a dictator..

10.- a dictator would suggest that he could drop a missile on the head of any citizen he damn well pleases. I'm not a dictator..

11.- a dictator can force the Catholic religion to reject their own tenets of their faith in order to compel compliance with his legislative fiats. I'm not a dictator..

12.- a dictator can shut off access to the residence he occupies under the phony guise of "sequestration" costs. I'm not a dictator..

I found this at a comment on Hansen's blog today..

..thought it was a good snark.

Jim McAllister said...

Hanson spells it out exactly.

Chaffetz of Utah is talking possible impeachment. That's the first I heard of it but I hope that idea catches on.

midnightsstaff said...

Are you kidding?- impeachment?..

All I see is a lot of people who really don't understand that there can be no political or Constitutional fix this time.
Magic beans are on permanent back order and will not be restocked.
Harry Reid would not find Satan himself guilty even if the gutless house manages to bring charges.
The only answer is the usual one.

There is a lot of obfuscation to keep people in the dark about what Obama was doing while Bengazi was being overrun, once that sordid matter comes to light a lot of things will become apparent.

It started at about 4pm eastern with first shots at around 4.30 and the bitch was in bed by 7pm on a Tuesday night and not to be disturbed while the compound was being overrun?.. really?
does anyone believe that was possible?- time to put Panetta on the witness stand in front of Congress and ask him where Barry was and who was with him.

Start looking at his relationship with Frank Marshall Davis and the "amber stain" on his underwear Obama wrote about.

.."A spot in my brain, something That may be squeezed out, like a
Watermelon seed between
Two fingers.
Pop takes another shot, neat,
Points out the same amber
Stain on his shorts that I’ve got on mine, and
Makes me smell his smell, coming."

-Barack Obama

I'm sure that everyone has written something like that in their life.. wouldn't you agree?

I'm also sure that Sheriff Joe knows what is going on that's why they went after him on a recall the moment he was announced winner of his last election- he knows and has evidence with no one to give it to.

PROUD said...

I can't fathom any way in hell this nation (c)/would impeach it's first and only black President, it would cause the mother of all racial wars....and make the current cultural divide look like a love-in.

In my rant about reality shows having some worth, I forgot to mention that Tim Tebow showed up (at Trace Atkins request), and donated $200K from his own charitable foundation. Pretty amazing from a guy who recently lost his job and hasn't been able to find a new one. I think he proved he's a stand-up guy, and good luck to the league that's trying to blackball him just for being a stand-up guy about his faith....

midnightsstaff said...

I agree..

Maybe he should do the Kurt Warner approach- I think he would be a duck in water in the Canadian foooootball league-
there are a lot of similarities with the two guys.

Like I said, we don't have a problem with Obama, we have a problem with why we have an Obama.

Here's an article for you Proud, even with the pension plans being woefully underfunded the big (G4) pension funds still refuse to jump into the "Rotation theory"- with Ben noticing this pile of money not participating guess what will be the next big pile of money targeted willingly or not?

Just more proof to me that it's truly a Fed fueled therefore distorted stock market.
4.25 bil/infused daily into targeted trading has to have some kind of effect- by the way they are trashing precious metals in the process.

.."happiness is a blue footed booby"..

..there snitch, try to figure that one out.

Jim McAllister said...

Here is the scoop on Tebow and his offer from the Omaha "Beef" of some indoor league.

They have 6 games left on their schedule and offered him $75 bucks a game!

How the mighty fall:

I agree he should go to Canada with that long and wide field they have. Good running QBs have done well up there (Warren Moon, Doug Flutie). Big guys like Vince Ferragamo failed.

Moon says Tebow wouldn't do good there as he can't even throw well enough for Canada.

I guess it's want ad time!

Mike Slater said...

CJ, you state that you don't begrudge anybody what they have "legitimately" earned as long as they don't begrudge me mine.

No one begrudges what you earn but I'm curious what you mean by legitimately earned.

If for some reason when you retire if there is no SS and Medicare don't blame retirees for that blame the government for not keeping the promise to you.

It's estimated that 10,000 baby boomers, that includes me, are retiring every day and signing up for SS, and if old enough, Medicare. People like you and others working today are paying for them. The trouble is in this Obama economy a lot of people are unemployed and not paying into the systems.

I have two kids in their 30's who are putting away in 401k's as much as possible because they don't think SS and Medicare will be around when they retire.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, the Cardinals should have signed Tebow. He can't throw worth a damn but if you look at the QB's since Warner they can't either.

At least Tebow can run the ball unlike Cardinal running backs.

midnightsstaff said...

Pretty sad when you realize why they are targeting him in the first place.

I don't know about his playing ability, but I am not going to miss NFL this year at all, somehow I get the same taste in my mouth thinking about where the game is headed as when I read one of Obama's directives.

Telling Dish to take the box was the best thing I have done lately, seeing how I have barely turned it on since the election I'm not missing a thing.

BTW- that article was in reference to Proud asking me where I thought it was safe to invest.. in a lawless society like this one no purchase is safe- nothing- they have just began to flex their muscle against private property and the rights of the Individual.

midnightsstaff said...

A good day not to be in Oklahoma..

I hope I have seen my last tornado, they scare the crap out of me.

Pevie Hicks said...

Personally, I don't think anyone can or should judge a NFL q/back based on taking a few snaps or running on the field to take a two yard off tackle dive.

I seem to recall this big strong rookie q/b named Bradshaw, frequently getting booed off the field for throwing the ball to the other team ...Once they left him in he grew into a winner.

I think telling Tebow to go play in Canada or sack groceries before he's had a fair shot would be a mistake...

If only he were a vocal, Gay, Muslim q/b instead of one of those hated Christians, his NFL career would be soaring!

midnightsstaff said...

O-k, but the choice is one of the two I guess, is he getting any offer sheets from any of the other NFL GM's?

If not maybe he should get into insurance or something.

Of course he never got a shot, it's one of the reasons I have decided to give the NFL the heave ho in my life.. why keep on feeding the beast?
I ditched the cell phone a couple of years ago, ditched the telephone co. using an Ooma device that cost's three bucks a month for unlimited.. and have quit sending money each month to Dish network for the pollution they bring, Hell, I am down to eating meat maybe twice a week so as to put off that visit to the death panel- kidney condition, remember?..
- besides ya gotta live within your means.

what's next?- whisker lickin's? ..

not a chance.

Jim McAllister said...


I don't think Tebow could make it on any NFL team. He just can't throw and at his size would get killed running too much.

One thing he has that they can never take away is that TD pass he threw on first down against the Steelers for Denver a couple years ago.

That was in OT at Denver and I believe it was a playoff game. Never mind he only threw it about 10 yards and and the receiver ran about 70!

Tebow is just another guy who was a good college player under a certain coach's system and when he left the comfort of that team, he was finished. But, hey, 75 bucks a game isn't bad when you're making zer0! LOL

Jim McAllister said...


I loved those Steeler teams of the 70s with guys like Bradshaw, Harris, Lambert, etc.

I don't think Chuck Noll ever smiled in his life. They also won all their Super Bowls.

midnightsstaff said...


midnightsstaff said...

With 24 elementary school kids killed in Moore Oklahoma today and over forty or so killed in all I wonder if Obama will go there for a fundraiser this week?

..disaster relief is on the way.. oh, red state you say..

PROUD said...

Obama may have to stay in DC and help Chucky Shoe-mer write new legislation requiring a 7 day wait on winds exceeding 55 MPH....With a provision that specifically calls for an equal number of retired persons to be harmed or killed in perfect balance with those persons who happen to be of CJ's age....(so those old farts can't get one up on her)

midnightsstaff said...

5 min. for elbowing and a game misconduct for you pal..
..and close the door behind you.

you're starting to sound like that Pevie guy...

PROUD said...

And there's prolly a perfectly logical explanation fer that ;-)

Pevie Hicks said...

I would've went for "high-sticking", but my stick don't get high like it used to...

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