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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Songs used by politicians to support their campaigns have been around for a long time.

In the Depression ravaged early 1930’s, Franklin Roosevelt used a previously written song which easily conveyed his campaign hopes, “Happy Days are here Again”.  Who wouldn’t fall for these lyrics when the country was down and out?

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
Let us sing a song of cheer again
Happy days are here again.

One of the most effective tunes was used by Harry Truman when he ran for president in the late 1940’s.  Appropriately, it was “I’m Just Wild about Harry” which was written in 1921 for a Broadway show hence, it didn’t have the stigma of being trumped up just for Truman’s campaign.  Harry was behind in the polls against Dewey for much of the campaign but won anyway so maybe the song really did make people wild about Harry.

Then there is pop music which helps liberal candidates more than conservatives because it aims at the younger crowds who are more vulnerable and always dissatisfied with the status quo.  While the conservatives may rely primarily on patriotic themes the liberals will usually tie into a popular group or person bent on change with their definition of change including taking from the rich to give to the poor.  To them that is an easy solution regardless of whether many of the poor are deserving to take from those who have earned their way.

Bob Dylan, c. 1965
I was first eligible to vote in 1962 when most of the protest folk songs were beginning their popularity.  There was no FM radio to speak of then so the AM airwaves were packed with complaints about our government, war, etc. by acts like Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, and to a lesser extent The Kingston Trio and Pete Seeger.

I’m sure they meant well but I don’t remember ever hearing of them giving the profits from their million selling discs to the needy.   Does anyone really think that Joan Baez and Peter Paul and Mary would have made it big without the anti war liberal rants?  Many of the youth of that era fell right into their hands while the rest of us rocked to the “Peppermint Twist” and “Runaround Sue” as we voted Republican. 

We were mostly military guys in an era of the mandatory draft while the “anti” gang was college kids mostly straight out of high school who thought they could solve the world’s problems after taking a course in politics from some liberal college professor who never served a day.  

It’s carried on to today as groups like Crosby, Stills, and Nash are bald and aging but still are fighting the establishment.  Starting in the late 1970’s the punk rock movement joined the crowd espousing left wing and anti-establishment philosophies.  Most of these bands look like their members are twelve years old and just want to be “in” on something.  By the time they are thirty and driving a Honda they will probably wonder what the hell they were thinking all those years ago.

A member of The New Christy Minstrels (Barry McGuire) had a big anti war hit in September of 1965. I especially remember it because that’s the month I got out of the USAF and met my future wife.
Interesting note on Bob Dylan: In 1965 he changed to an electric guitar which infuriated most of his fans. Did he change because by then the protest era was fading and he felt he needed to move on or were his fans being unrealistic in their expectations of him? I think it was the former. The coffee house mentality was waning and fans wanted to hear more stuff on the cutting edge. Plus, the British Invasion was arriving and Bob had to eat like everyone else. To make matters worse disco was just around the corner. Sometimes a guy has to swallow his pride. Anyone remember "Lay Lady Lay"?


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PROUD said...

Trying to remember?....did Code Pink have a song?

Did Cindy Sheehan ever put out a greatest hits album?

I'm thinking todays groups like Dixie Chicks voice their political rhetoric in between songs rather than put it into a complete song....

Jim McAllister said...

Cindy Sheehan? LOL

Now there is a name from the past. Remember how she used to camp out in front of Bush's house?

I agree about today's liberal entertainers mostly voicing their views in between songs rather than in songs a la the Dixie Chicks.

Probably two of the biggest phonies are Springsteen and Bon Jovi. They do the opposite of practicing what they preach.

midnightsstaff said...

Now those 60's rockers are the establishment..

..joke's on them.

Mike Slater said...

I can honestly say I've never listened to Springsteen, Bon Jovi or the Dixie Chicks.

sam said...

you're absolutely right, Middy...and, they are engaged in implementing those same musical protestations, and social hates and complaints, into law and policy today, under the color of fairness and justice.
Many of the protestors of our younger days are protesting louder and stronger today as a preponderance of their demands have been met over the past 2-3 political administrations. Seems they want to return to the social conditions of the 50s and 60s which they so the time.
They still, however, fail to accept that what makes "good" music does not necessarily make good social policy....and does not often accurately express either need or desire of the majority.
That said, I still like much of the "music" of those past days, if not always the lyrics.

PROUD said...

Mike, you may need to expand your listening horizons....Lawrence Welk re-runs will end some day....

Mike Slater said...

Proud, not into Polka music. Give me Willie Nelson and ZZ Top and I'm there.

Glo, Not Zimmerman said...

Hey Jim,

Ah, the folk music of the 60s! I was never into Dylan – I thought other people sang his songs far better than he did, but, I did like Lay Lady Lay. I bought all of Joan Baez’s vinyl albums in the 70s and played them over and over. Her ‘anti’ messages didn’t move me: her fabulous soprano did, as well as the songs she put on her albums. Sometimes, though, her trilling could get on your nerves. Although I like the music on Prison Trilogy (AKA Billy Rose), the message “Let’s raze the prisons to the ground!” always bothered me. Hello? We need prisons? There are bad people out there. You know, of course, that she and Dylan were an item, and she wrote her 1975 song Diamonds & Rust for him. Then of course she married David Harris, the anti-war dude.

I was totally anti-Vietnam war. I remember researching and writing a paper on the war in the 8th grade about how the South Vietnam soldiers were running off leaving the mess to America. We had no business being there, and we can thank Kennedy and Johnson for the quagmire. Vietnam II? Iraq, of course.

Love PP&M, but don’t think much about their politics. They did a 1983 (I think) song called El Salvador, which was an anti-war song. They referenced the murder of those four nuns amongst other things (They'll continue training troops in the USA, And watch the nuns that got away, And teach the military bands to play South of the Border, And kill the people to set them free, Who put this price on their liberty? Don't you think it's time to leave El Salvador?). My fave PP&M song: Leaving on a Jet Plane, 1969, written by John Denver.

1965. Eve of Destruction. Boy, do I remember the brouhaha about that! Radio stations refused to play it. Barry and the Minstrels had a great hit with Green, Green, and a more minor hit with Today (which Glen Campbell covered on his Galveston album).

And don’t forget Society’s Child, 1967, by Janis Ian (real name: Janis Fink – I can see why she changed it). Black guy, white girl – big no-no back then. She continued her angst in 1974 with At Seventeen, a lament for unpopular girls.

Simon & Garfunkel were ‘folksy’ before they hit it big with Sounds of Silence and The Graduate. Their first album was called Wednesday Morning, 8 A.M., and had a couple of protest songs on it. One was written by Paul Kane: Paul Simon’s pen name at the time. It was actually a pretty good album. He also wrote The Cyrkle’s Red Rubber Ball around 1966.

I know: I think too much about music and films …

PROUD said...

With you on the ZZ Top...

Jim McAllister said...

From: Sonny Walls

Hi Jim!

Great blog.....isn't it funny that the liberals at that time
were protesting a liberal government....then as they got
older...evolved into the commie libs we have today??.....Go Bless!...Sonny

PROUD said...

Off topic, but important to understanding how fkd up our society has become....

Today, as the funeral for the little 8 year old boy, Martin Richard, who was murdered while he cheered on his Dad in the Boston marathon was being held.....

Other "Americans" ? were busy mounting a "Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev" campaign on twitter, for the little punk playing terrorist that intentionally murdered him:

Reading have to wonder if there is any hope for this country????

Glo said...

Proud, I heard about the 'Free' campaign. Anyone who supports that isn't an American but a rancid piece of filth. As far as hope for America? Not really. I'm glad I'm past the mid-point of my life and sliding down the hill. I would hate to be a young person growing up in this world.

CJ Phoenix said...

My tastes run more towards the 70s music if we are talking about oldies. I am talking Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Heart, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Foghat...Those were the songs that I heard over & over at my friends' houses on their stereos. Except Heart. Those were mine. I bought all their albums as soon as they came out up until the time they got old & too pop. I had some albums from the other bands too, of course, but I collected all of Heart's first few albums religiously. I also had some cassettes but albums are more enduring.

I picked up most of my eclectic tastes early on though. I also appreciate old country, blues, funk, soul, rock & roll, rockabilly, disco...And even some standards. I just didn't usually collect those albums until much later, though, then more often than not on CD. One big exception was that I went to Zia & bought a Billie Holiday album after watching "Lady Sings the Blues" in the 70s while none of my friends even knew who she was.

I never did get into the 60s folk music. Bob Dylan may be a bit of an exception but I am with Glo -- he writes a lot better than he sings -- and I have never even been tempted to buy any of his albums.

Blah, blah, blah...About all the political bitchin' & moanin' & harboring grudges.

Hey, the best stupid comment I heard all day was on KTAR. It was Mac, I think, as in Mac & Gaydos. They were arguing about whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev actually threw his older brother "under the bus" & Mac was saying that he didn't. At that point, I thought, actually he literally ran his brother over with an SUV, didn't he? Isn't it funny how life imitates cliches sometimes?

Is anybody counting the days since Rick? Just wondering if I am going to get any credit for that.

midnightsstaff said...

I would not only give you credit but probably send flowers as well. changes and it reflects a lot about our culture, in the sixties there was a real change in music I guess due to the cultural earthquake going on all across the world.

A lot of progress in rock was made in this era, never before were people exposed to a meld of delta blues, British and American rock- much driving that change was based on a rejection of traditional values.

..was there change? who doesn't like Jimmie Hendrix for instance? but not all was positive that followed, I give you disco as exhibit one- what a global embarrassment!

..but protest was for the time.
.. today's music has re entered into a renaissance that is as serious and pivotal as the times of Mozart and Bach.

People should expand their horizons and listen to what is being played today and not reject it out of hand.

If the future reflects cultural changes It looks a bit bleak, most modern pop music is either antagonistic such as rap or nihilistic and detached- I suggest one to stay away and focus on serious new stuff.

The problems in music today are much the same as they were in the sixties except now without a sense of hope.

Jim McAllister said...

Here is 51 seconds of great 60s radio from WHB in Kansas City.

They played all Top 40 stuff during my AF years in Missouri from 1962-65.

Great times. Bruce Channel with "Hey, Baby" The Dovells with "You Can't Sit Down", Dion with "Ruby, Ruby", "Popsicles and Icicles" by the Murmaids, "Liar, Liar" by the Castaways, many more.

Jim McAllister said...

Great comments from all. I'll reply in the morning.

midnightsstaff said...

maybe there will be a protest over the new normal eh?

kind of a "Buddy can you spare a dime" modernized.

I heard once that the big band/swing era was done in by taxation.. and sure enough, here is an article that makes the case.

.."The cost of hiring a big band became so impossible for dance halls that most big bands were unable to find work and thus ceased to exist".

..history doesn't always repeat itself, but it usually rhymes.

Glozilla said...


OMG! I Love disco music! My fave is Dancing Queen by ABBA. Although I cionfess that when listening to Stayin' ALive I don't think of Saturday Night Fever, but Airplane! :)

I love 60s music, but my personal opinion (and who else's would I have??) is that the 70s was the best decade for music. The 80s had a lot of great stuff, too, but the 90s seemed forgettable.

I actually do appreciate some modern day music. Heck - I love singing along with Lady Ga-Ga's Born This Way - a great anthem for being yourself.

A lot of exposure to hitherto unknown songs are a lot of TV shows that play music either during the show or at the end of the episode. For example, I found a greta song at the end of a Criminal Minds epsiode: Far From Home by Five-Finger Death Punch. Who'da thunk I could ever like a song by a group with a name like THAT!

midnightsstaff said...

What is the message behind today's pop music Glo?

The 60's were defined by war and various civil concerns, what message does Gaga or Snoop Dog bring to the masses today? it just money now?- I'm asking?

On another topic it seems the Ron Paul people are livid at Rand Paul over drones, politics and politicians- I give up..

.."there is a season, drone, drone, drone"

PROUD said...

Used to sing along with the theme from CSI, loved the line

~~~we won't get fooled again~~~

(I haven't been able to bring myself tho sing that since Nov 08)

midnightsstaff said...

Most of the protesting leads to absolute zero change it seems but it does chronicle the events of the times.

You are simply too young to have experienced the 60's music real time Glo, it defined the decade more than anything else in my opinion.

Yeah.. John Travolta.. haha- what a doof!

CJ Phoenix said...

Where do you hear new music these days, Middy? I must admit that I have became seriously out of touch ever since we have quit propagating new music for free over the airwaves...I haven't been able to find a decent radio station that plays anything but mostly oldies in, oh, a decade or more. I miss Borders where I used to pick up & read the covers of CDs, then sample the music with their in store headphones...But even then, I would have an inkling of which CDs to sample from somewhere else. And even if I did have the money to walk around with an overpriced phone & i-tune subscription (or whatever the latest greatest trend is), I would not use it that way. I am already disgusted by how much money it costs to be connected to the internet, which has almost completely become a household necessity when doing business of any kind, & to watch regular TV. Shit. So where do YOU hear all this new music?

I have heard so new CW music that interests me lately -- kinda bluesy hillbilly music -- but I have no idea where to freely find a decent sampling after that.

The way I figure, he'll be back. He always comes back. I was just looking to set a record with the amount of time it takes this time. But flowers would be nice.

ArizonaDave said...

They Often Call Me 'SPEEDO' But My Real Name Is Mr. Earl....

Let's see how old you really are Jimmy you remember that one by the Cadillacs.

Glo said...

AZDave - I sure rmember that one! I hear it on Cox music channel 924 all the time, along with other greats from the 50s.

Middy - Sorry, but I did experience the 60s real-time - graduated high school in 71 and was very attuned to the music from 1965 on. Well, I guess you could look at Ga-Ga's song as prtest againt people discriminating againt those who are 'different,' and call for everyone to revel in who they are regardless of others' opinions.

CJ: If you a responsible for that wonderfullness, you deserve a month-long cruise with all the luxuries available! But you know, bad pennies and all that ...

Jim McAllister said...


You're right; look at Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper today.

Cooper used to drink a case of beer a day and handle snakes on stage. Now he plays golf at local country clubs.

Jim McAllister said...


I liked one song by Bob Jovi and it's from the 80s: "I'm a cowboy, on a steel horse i ride". I'm not sure what the name of it is.

I hate it when i like the work these guys do because I dislike them so much politically. Springsteen is a great performer but a piece of sh-t otherwise with all his left wing crap of which he does not personally subscribe to.

He and Bon Jovi are well known for being tax dodgers in New Jersey but they can sell more musiuc appealing to the dummy young liberals who worship them.

Jim McAllister said...

Well said, Sam.

Jim McAllister said...


Easy on Larry Welk buddy! LOL I can't fall asleep at night without saying "A one and a two....." I still listen to my Larry Hooper records (78's) and would love to get naked with the Lennon Sisters!. (Did I really just say that?!!)

Oh , to live another New years Eve with the golden sounds of Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians.

Jim McAllister said...

ZZ Top. Now you're talkin', one of the best concerts I've ever seen on the banks of the Colorado.

"She's got legs, she knows how to use them."

I can still play a mean "Nationwide" on my harmonica.

Jim McAllister said...

Ah, Glo,

As always, you know your stuff. Thanks for the great comment.

I never got into the folk stuff. I was in my early 20s when it was big in the early 60s and I wanted to rock, not listen to some hippie bitching about the government in a dope filled coffee house.

It didn't surprise me when it started to fade in the mid 60s but before that the long haired jobless felt they had to bitch about the bomb, etc.

I kind of liked "Lay, Lady lay" but that was past Dylan's prime. I like the verse: "Lay, lady lay; lay across your big brass bed." They played it a lot where I shot pool in KC.

I know Mary of PPM died a few years ago and one of the guys (Paul Stookey?) got in trouble for messing with minors. I think one of the guys may be dead now too. I'd have to Google it to be sure but I know you probably already know! lol.

I enjoyed the NC Minstrels while they had their brief popularity in the 60s. McGuire did well with "Eve." Barb and I were at U of Cincinnati at that time. Didn't they have a brief TV show?

I never could get into Simon and Garfunkel although "The Graduate" was a great film. One of my fave characters Murray Hamilton was in it. "Get into plastics!" One helluva break for Dustin who was doing Datsun commercials at the time and was about 4 feet tall.

"The morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball" How could I forget that!?

Gotta go; my 45 turntable is warmed up and I've cued "Love is Blue" and "Big Girls don't Cry."

Jim McAllister said...


It's unbelievable what people think today like supporting the bomber. It's like we have totally lost our country to a bunch of a-holes that in another time would deservedly get the sh-t knocked out of them and kicked out of the country.

They hate us but are happy to take Obama the impostor's freebies every month.

Jim McAllister said...


I echo your words. Sad what has happened to this country.

Jim McAllister said...


Great list. I'm sure I have mentioned it before but Foghat was the first concert Barb and I ever went to.

It was in Kansas City, 1971, at a place called Cowtown Ballroom. It was on a second floor of a large building and was a converted roller rink called El Torreon.

Seating was on the floor, Foghat had a good opening act and thee place went nuts when they came on. Cost: $3

I remember some long haired hippie sat next to us on the floor and he was eating some kind of brownie or nut bread. He looked at me and said "Want some munchies, man?"

I pretty much run the gamut on music tastes like you do. A lot of people used to be ashamed of liking disco but I liked most of it. It had a great beat and I like the gloss of it.

I still Google up some disco tunes like "A 5th of Beethoven" by Walter Murphy and the little Apple Orchestra and "Fly, Robin Fly" by The Silver Convention. We mustn't forget "Born to be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez. LOL

I don't know if anyone is keeping a Rick watch. I'm sure he will return though.

Jim McAllister said...


Losing Hendrix was a big loss. His stuff sounded great; nice mixture of blues-rock. He was in the AF about the same time I was. I think he was about a year younger than I am.

The Talking Stick Casino has a nice showroom and they get in a lot of the older acts who are now playing the indian casino circuit.

Leon Russell was there and I'm sure he did the best version of "Jumpin' Jack Flash" I have ever heard. Much better than the Stones.

Jim McAllister said...

AZ Dave,

Definitely one of my all time faves!

Jim McAllister said...


You got me laughing mentioning Cox 924. I always have it on during our morning crossword puzzle and I drive Barb nuts by jumping up and singing those tunes.

Every one of them brings back a memory. I could write a book on Rock but it would probably suck and no one would read it. LOL

The first song that I would consider Rock would be in about 1953 and was called "17" by Boyd Bennett and His Rockets."

People ask me "How do you remember all that sh-t?" I'm sure you know what I mean: Guys like us "just do."

Jim McAllister said...

Leon Russell "Jumpin' Jack Flash" from the "Concert For Bangladesh" 1971 (9:23)

Glo said...

Interesting, Jim. Most people would consider 1955's Rock Around the Clock the first R&R record.

My sister-in-law is turning 70 in July, and I'm putting together a music-from-1943-thru-2013 set of CDs for her. Got a song from every year, and am just waiting until I can find a 2013 one before I create the set. It's fascinating finding the 1940s' songs and listening to them, as well as the pre-1955 songs. Can you say Unforgettable and Tennessee Waltz? :)

Glo said...

Jim: Do you remember this 1958 song by Jack Scott: Save My Soul? I love that song, lol! Got it on a 45 I, um, well, stole from my brother (got his Johnny Burnette album, too, but he found the Kyu Sakamoto album I was trying to hide...).

midnightsstaff said...

You might not like my type of music Cj- I tend to lean toward an Eastern/Island Mediterranean influence, I'm listening to a cut from this website...

... the particular concert I'm listening to is..

..give it a listen- but it's more like a symphony than a song.

The piece is called "Night's Departure".. goes over an hour...
lots of complex instrumental melodies and's good wind down music and serious stuff.

There are lots of good free links all over the place but no pop 40 on these type of sites.. all of the downloads are free this one loads on quicktime, if you run your house sound system off your computer or have a good set of headphones.. the world is one's oyster- like I said music has never been better in my opinion.

midnightsstaff said...

I got a lot of Tennessee Ernie Ford in my youth, my mom seemed to have a crush on him..

Sixteen tons and whaddaya get?...

Jim McAllister said...


I made the mistake of trusting my memory. "Seventeen" is from May of 1955 on King Records which was a company out of Cincy. It always seemed earlier.

It sounds a bit like the style of Bill Haley. I never heard much more about Boyd Bennett after that.

I loved those old 50s bands especially Haley with those zoot suit length coats and his spit curl.

Jim McAllister said...


I was a big Jack Scott fan especially "Burning Bridges" and "What in the World's Come Over You?"

I don't remember "Save My Soul" but I see it is on YouTube. Good tune; quite different from his ballads.

Jim McAllister said...


"Another day older and deeper in debt"

Ernie was good. Lucille ball loved him.

Mike Slater said...

I never cared for the 70's music except for ABBA.

I rarely listen to music on the radio I prefer to just do a search on the computer for my favorite singers.

Jim, check out Ernie Ford on the Dean Martin show singing "When the ship hits the sand" funny stuff.

Glo said...

Jim - Tom Jones did a fantastic cover of 16 Tons on his 60s album Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings. Ah, that open-to-the-waist shirt, gold chains, fluffy hair, and hairy chest .... damn, I miss the 60s....

Glo said...

PS I have a DVD of his late 60s TV show, but at my age and heart, I'm not sure I could stand the shock of seeing that luscious Welshman gyrating ... but I'm willing to try ...

Jim McAllister said...


I was never much of an ABBA fan but I loved this one from about 1982.

Jim McAllister said...


Tom really had the women excited in the old days. Quite the sexy guy and he proved you don't be real tall to be attractive.

He is listed as being born June 7, 1940. Time sure flies!

Jim McAllister said...

All this talk about music has me pumped up tonight. I've been doing some paper work while listening full volume to:

Ozzy Osbourne (No More tears)
Greg Kihn (The Breakup Song)
Jefferson Starship (Jane)
Donnie Iris (Ah, Leah)
Tommy James (Crimson and Clover)
Yes (Starship Trooper)
Frida (I Know There's Something Going on)

Great stuff!

PROUD said...

glo: "waist shirt, gold chains, fluffy hair, and hairy chest"

You forgot to mention the pair of knee socks stuffed in his pants!

(Wife & I were lucky enough to have front row T/J tickets at Cesears Palace back in the day...must admit he put on one hellofa show. Wife didn't seem to mind he was sweating on her)

Jim McAllister said...


I guess knee socks in the pants is a man's version of falsies.

I forget the guy who used to say "See my bulge!"

midnightsstaff said...

This is like a bus trip to Laughlin, I guess a guy has to do what he has to do to make a buck but I dunnooo..

..check this link for a lot of those artists you were listening to Jimmy.. got a Jethro Tull- "Passion Play" the whole album off that site going on right now...
..ask and ye shall find, and the price is always right or I don't play.

Better watch it bud, you are about two steps from becoming the nicest Indian Reservation in Arizona's version of Al "Oldies" Bundy, when you tell me you are buying a Dodge I"ll really start worrying.

No Dodges allowed in Willoghby..

midnightsstaff said...

Not to change the subject but....

All this nonsense over ammunition and Satan trying to grab guns has given us a real shortage..

Just try to imagine what the turds in Washington are realizing with all this ammo going somewhere.. they don't like that thought of a well ammo'd resistance one bit and they have to realize we are serious, and I think they are starting to worry, and they should.
..just a thought.

midnightsstaff said...

Glen Beck....


midnightsstaff said...

Is anyone else starting to connect some dots yet?

Evidently the shoot out was a bit one sided.

I always suspected this guy was never supposed to be taken alive, they tried to barbecue him with a flash bang grenade to the boat's gas tanks but even that and shooting holes in everything in the back yard they still screwed it up..

It was supposed to be a nice tidy bitter end with the good guys taking him out, now what are they going to do?-
I wonder if there wasn't two bomb teams in the first place that didn't know about each other.. therefore no professional courtesy was extended.

Glo said...

Middy, Yes, it was a bummer that he wasn't killed - think of the cost of the trial and scumsukking bottom feeders (AKA defense lawyers) and the un-American morons pleading for mercy for him. If he had to be taken alive, I wish to hell that they had managed to shoot up his legs so badly that they'd have to be amputated. True justice.

Jim McAllister said...


That's a hell of a music site. I never knew it was there.

No Dodges in Willoughby is right; just Studebakers.

Jim McAllister said...


Funny on the ammo. This country may be going down the tubes with this administration hasn't realized that there are still a lot of proud Americans and they are loaded to the gills with ammo.

Ya hafta laugh at dumbass libs: they think their stupid little attempts at gun control would actually be effective. They have no clue about Obama's intentions if he got all the guns.

Jim McAllister said...

Funny about the Russky and the battle of the backyard boat.

What a bunch of clowns.

Jim McAllister said...


They'll probably find him not guilty!

midnightsstaff said...

Groucho always appreciated a fine automobile, why should you settle for less?'s just too short not to enjoy the finer things of life.
Step up to a Desoto Jim, you ought to enjoy this one.

..great comedy is timeless..
Notice that Groucho always stood for an eighteen year old babe and tried not to blow cigar smoke in her face, and she seemed to perk him up a bit..
..great manners, great timing- our kids missed a lot..

midnightsstaff said...

.."They'll probably find him not guilty!"

I doubt if it will get that far, there has to be some Jack Ruby available somewhere that can take care of the problem.

..unless you think they were actually trying to capture him alive by shooting wildly through an un defendable position at an unarmed suspect with Govt. automatic weapons and grenades- hey in the mind of America he was guilty and should have died there wrapping it up neatly.. as you can clearly see.

Gloria along with most of the decent people in America wanted his head.

..One just has to forget about all those incomplete details, (outright government lies) and such along with the suspension of the Constitution to a grateful city- it's just another increment of the new normal.
Do you really believe this could have happened under a Republican administration without the media howling about citizen's rights?

Pax Obama.

What??- me worry?

Glo said...

Middy, Not his head - his legs. And I would prefer that he remain alive and spend many, many, many decades being confined in a tiny cell: death releases people from punishment. I wholly believe in the death penalty: some people should not be allowed to exist on this earth, but in this particular case, I would prefer a long life of pain and sorrow and punishment - like his victims have to endure.

midnightsstaff said...

.."I wholly believe in the death penalty: some people should not be allowed to exist on this earth, but in this particular case, I would prefer a long life of pain and sorrow and punishment - like his victims have to endure."

..Me too, I just am not convinced that the whole truth is being revealed or this was the pair that in fact did the bombing- too many things just don't add up.

..math is hard I hear.

If close is good enough for government work, then yeah- just try to keep in mind that nothing he will suffer at the hand of man compares with J-Day..

I am reminded of the wise advice Hillary once gave America- "what does it matter now?"
..question is do you have the same level of rage on that issue?.. or has enough time passed yet?

..because I feel that every other American should be at the very same level of outrage against this evil government as we had last October.

..but it's Friday and such a lovely morning, don't you agree?

Glo said...

Yes, gorgeous day. :)

midnightsstaff said...

See- something we can agree on, Scooter the Costa's hummer who rules the Red Bull dispenser has returned, I think they were real busy on the cactus bloom the last few weeks.

..and the tomatoes are starting to set fruit, there's lots to be happy about.

Really Jim even if that mystery man was BinLaden's son visiting in the White House going over strategy with Satan's tool it wouldn't change a thing with the truly blind Obama big government crowd, they are too invested at this point to ever admit they were wrong.
Glen Beck- big news.. LOL, this crap is way over his pay grade.

midnightsstaff said...

well, it appears I am as popular as Rick was, maybe I should just leave this site alone.

didn't realize I was being so inflammatory- apologies.

CJ Phoenix said...

I love the Songtube site. Listened to all the Zeppelin, then Gipsy Kings. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Jim McAllister said...


DeSoto and Plymouth. Wow.

Great lines from Groucho, classic stuff. He was the master of the interview.

Jim McAllister said...

Where is Jack Ruby when we need him? What a day that was in 1963.

Jim McAllister said...


That pretty much says it all. I agree.

I'm surprised Obama didn't say "Let's not jump to conclusions" like he did for his Muslim buddy at Ft. Hood which was determined to be office violence, not anything so dastardly as an attack on America.

Yet, Obama still sits in the White House with his obnoxious wife enjoying all the spoils of spending our money on lavish dinners and entertainment.

What has happened to this country?

Jim McAllister said...

Hillary is a joke and should have been dismissed over Benghazi but instead she holds a 64% approval rating, way ahead of Obama.

"What does it matter now?" is her line and Kerry says "We have more important things to worry about now."

Tell that to the families of those killed you worthless ketchup boy. What a louse.

Jim McAllister said...


Beck must be nuts. I didn't think he would come up with something though I prayed maybe he would.

He is becoming even more irrelevant.

Jim McAllister said...

didn't realize I was being so inflammatory-

You were? I didn't notice.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, great stuff on Songstube. Lotta good stuff to peg the volume and break off the knob!

Mike Slater said...

Jim,Hillary's 64% approval rating must be all Democrats because conservatives and Republicans sure don't approve of her.

Obama is a POS. He has time to meet with the families of the victims of Sandy Hook and fly them to D.C. (except for the one's that aren't for more gun control) yet has never met with the families of the people killed in Benghazi or the Border Patrol agents that were killed.

Glozilla said...

Middy: Don't EVER equate yourself with Rick! You have opinions and express them vividly. Rick has delusions and expresses them endlessly. Big difference. We need you on this board, even if I disagree with you sometimes! :)

Jim: Ketchup boy? I nearly fell off my chair!

Jim McAllister said...


It must be Dems because it showed Nobama at 55% approval v. Hillary's 64% and he is no where near 55% in approval. The latest Gallup shows him at 50% and Real Clear has him at +1.3% approval v. disapproval.

Jim McAllister said...


I can't stand Kerry. What a no personality fool he is sailing around on his yachts. I loved it when Bush swamped him in '04.

CJinPhoenix said...

"Non Sequitur" in the funnies this morning is pretty darn good & accurate. Before anybody says that it is all about the Dems, however, I believe it is about BOTH of the two primary parties...And, of course, every other party on earth is just plain crazy, right? Unelectable, right? So we actually do keep jumping into the same hole.

midnightsstaff said...

Well thanks for the kind words Glo, I respect your opinion even tho I don't agree right down the line.

But it's not about that, I really have been thinking about this whole issue for a while now, and with Rick not being a deliberate distraction I thought maybe give it a rest and see what happens, fact is it's just not working.

Besides my back hurts from helping someone move it's getting hot and I am tired of the fight club atmosphere, there are plenty of sites for that.. this one shouldn't be just another cheap shot shooting gallery.

You are right Cj about jumping into the same hole every two years, but I think the nation has long past any political solutions, the PTB have successfully divided us using our own property to do it.

Next election people get to choose either a red or a blue pill to swallow and most people are holding their nose hoping against hope that somehow this time things will improve.
But we are Balkanized and well past any political solution to the real life problems we face.

Sometimes things just have to run their course and sadly this seems to be one of those times. I'm not taking my football and going home, like I said I've given the matter some thought and I realize my views don't line up with most others and in the long run it probably doesn't matter anyway, I got no love for muslims in the first place but I do have a long running love affair with the fourth amendment to the US Constitution and a fear we have given it away.
..things are adding up to me but not the way they want it to.

If they still have text books in High School I would like to see the story line given on the Branch Davidian massacre where lots of innocent children were terrorized and then burned alive or Ruby Ridge where a government sniper shot an innocent mother holding her baby in the face, or what was done to the indigenous Americans through a program of deliberate starvation and weapons of mass destruction like giving them Smallpox infected blankets and tainted meat..

I don't see much outrage about these topics- just a slow constriction of personal freedom in the name of safety- the problem is with me I suppose..

I doubt these kids are getting anything like an objective education I have never gotten the right answer from anyone under 25 as to who said "give me liberty or give me death"- but I keep asking.

By the way, I never said I was equating myself with Rick, just that I have become or always was as irrelevant to the over all blog itself.
..No, the only similarities I see between Rick and myself is we are both carbon based life forms and that is where we part company.

Glo said...

Middy: Are you really sure about Rick being a carbon-based life form ....

proud said...

"the PTB have successfully divided us using our own property to do it"

Assuming that's short for "powers that be"

However, just to be clear:

I'm the real P2B and I divide no one...

Back from a weekend in Temecula CA, that state's other wine country.

"Cabernet....It's what's for breakfast" :-)

CJinPhoenix said...

Patrick Henry. And actually, Middy, I agree with your position this time. Without all the crap that sounds like you want to lay down & die, that is, & toying with the idea of any similarity to wannabe hillbilly...I agreed with you about it a couple weeks ago too but you were already sucking up to P2B on that blog & that I did not want to get it the way of all that. Too much slobbering going on.

midnightsstaff said...

I sense a bit of latent hostility, quite unlike you- is everything ok?
I have learned to play both sides of the fence in certain situations, but I try not to let things get so personal that I lose perspective of the overall goal of life.

..the reason the Black Knight worked in that Monte Python skit is because everyone in the audience could relate to the mentality.
not necessarily agree, but relate.

.."have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?" G.Carlin.

Jim McAllister said...

Most of the cartoons lean left. Doonesbury is the worst. I love Bizarro and Non-Sequiter but they bend more left than right but not horribly.

For just sheer humor, I love F Minus and Pickles with the old man and his wife bickering. Then Barb and I have a "Hocus Focus" contest to see who can find the most differences in the two frames.

Hey, it get pretty exciting around here in the morning after we've slugged down a couple cups of joe!

Jim McAllister said...


I with ya on the back pain. I hurt my back about three weeks ago hitting golf balls and am still in pain. My golf season is coming up too as the neighbors are all scattering from our course and heading back north leaving the course all to me for $20 instead of the $160 those suckers pay.

It may not happen though the way I feel now.

"Getting old isn't for sissies" Art Linkletter

Jim McAllister said...


Carbon based life form? LOL

Jim McAllister said...


You're really the traveling man this year. I guess it beats busting your ass falling off that roof like last year, huh?

I love good wine almost as much as sloe gin!

Jim McAllister said...

Did George Carlin ever have a bad quote? The guy was a genius of comedy and life which is surprising for a liberal.

As his cat would say when it tried to go outside by jumping into the glass patio door: "Fuckin' Meow"!!!!!

midnightsstaff said...

I think a guy like Carlin was exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they set up a representative form of government comprised of the citizenry.

It's common sense in application, but as one person noted "the myth of common sense is the biggest fraud ever played on the human race".

..or maybe I just made it up.

Any way Cj, give me a break on that instance with Peavie Nicks because he is the only living proof I have of ever going to Vietnam or even being in the Marine Corps.. it seems all my records including prior employment, birth certificate, high school transcripts, people I went to high school with, former girlfriends, public records of property, my passport employment records and every thing else of my life has been either sealed or erased from record, it's as though I dropped in from outer space.'s quite common it seems, for instance the same thing happened to the President! ..can you imagine?

.. The story only sounds ridiculous when I tell people about my bad luck keeping the details of things organized about my life.

.."look, a squirrel!"

The only rational explanation is that those silly birther's just don't like black people.

CJ Phoenix said...

No hostility. But I knew I could snap you out of your funk. I knew you wouldn't play that, "We don't always agree but I love you, man," game with me.

Oh, we are making fun of amputees now, are we...

Glo said...

Jim: It was hilarious watching old Ed Sullivan shows with Carlin on them, short hair and a suit! Quite a difference from the Hippy-Dippy weatherman, lol!

Loved Burns & Allen on that show, too, and, of course, Topo Gigio!

midnightsstaff said...

..snap me out of my funk?

I guess it just went right over your head but no matter, never could get your attention anyway.

.."Does anyone really think that Joan Baez and Peter Paul and Mary would have made it big without the anti war liberal rants? Many of the youth of that era fell right into their hands while the rest of us rocked to the “Peppermint Twist” and “Runaround Sue” as we voted Republican."

..The turmoil of the time certainly didn't hurt Jim, but to say their careers were contingent on a protesting America is a short cut around logic normally reserved for people like me to take.

..the song "Wooden Ships" might be the iconic protest song of that time, of course you have to project a bit to get it's meaning- and even then it's a bit vague allowing people to project what they wanted it to be.

..was it Silver People or Silver Eagle?

But the music itself is great stuff, especially if you lived that era and tasted the flavor of the times, besides it wasn't the peace protesters listening to Peter Paul and Mary bombing the Pentagon and Police Stations and holding up banks.. those were Obama's future neighbors and political advisers.

Woodstock looked more like a natural disaster than anything else- it looked ridiculous and laughable, but I don't remember anyone setting off bombs there- at worst they trespassed.

So if someone didn't like PP&M, Bob Dylan or the music of an alcoholic David Crosby and approved of a mindless, ten year war ending in defeat that makes you a good Republican and that in turn makes one a good American?

..might want to rethink that Jimmy- I still have bitter memories of those 46's including the ones I rode on being pushed off the sides of ships to make room for a massive, hysterical bug out that left millions to die or climb into life rafts setting sail into pirate infested waters just a few years after Woodstock, so maybe they had a point even if it was for the wrong reasons.

..just don't call me a good Republican- Republicans are the perennial patsies, the Washington Senators of the political arena... and sometimes they are just plain wrong.
..It's no longer a matter of swallowing either a red or a blue pill once ever few years we are talking.

Jim McAllister said...


I think Carlin was on the Smothers Brothers too as "Al Sleet, your hippy dippy weather man."

As much as I disagreed with his politics, he was one guy I really enjoyed.

It's kind of funny with those guys like Carlin who decide they want to leave the establishment. Suddenly, because his philosophy changed, he had to get a whole new wardrobe of hippie clothes and, of course, the obligatory pony table and no shaving.

It almost like their are stores that cater to former mainstream thinkers that can outfit them in crossover thinking duds when they decide to change sides.

I can see the clerk waiting on Carlin: "Yes sir, and how hippie do you wish to be? We have the hippie training outfit or you can just jump right in to the full blown wardrobe. And, by the way, since you currently are wearing a Brooks Brothers' suit, we can give good trade in value on that since we have some hippies who are wanting to go back to regular society and your suit would be perfect for them."

The great thing about George though was that he was still funny after he crossed over and wasn't always that kind to his new society. He didn't consider them perfect either.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right about Republicans, they are patsies. McCain is a good example.

I love it that Flake voted against the gun bill. It really has that twerp Kelly in a fit about how they will get him and other nonsense.

Truly amazing that a guy like Obama can come out of the woodwork with sealed credentials and become our president. What happened to checks and balances?

Something has to eventually give on this nonsense in Washington.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yep, snap you out of your funk, Middy. And it seems to have worked like a charm. For now anyway. You never come more alive on these blogs than when you are behaving as if posting your thoughts & opinions is an adversarial process & you perceive no common ground with your adversary...even when common ground does sometimes exist.

Whether I get your point or even read what you have written is completely irrelevant. I learned that years & years ago. You rarely understand what I am saying either but that has never once stopped you from assuming you understand me & reacting.

Here's how I feel about you right now: Once, when I saw one of those old wild jackasses that live in the hills around Lake Pleasant on its side in the road after being hit by a truck, it upset me. It upset me a lot. Nothing would have cheered me more than seeing it get back up on its feet & shake it off at that point. But I would not have cared had it been a snake, a coyote, a bunny, or even a full grown human...My feelings were grounded in principle at that point. Now I will leave it up to you to figure what the hell I mean by all that. But I bet you won't even come close.

midnightsstaff said...

I thought I was addressing the pivotal point Jim was making, evidently I didn't.

Why do you want to perform the autopsy before I am dead?

maybe that's the problem, I made my point and it was entirely ignored by you and everyone else, instead you are focusing on me once again and ignoring the topic, if you want to feel as tho you are affecting my thinking then welcome to the illusion.
..when I say we are as a nation now on a global path with no return and we now have to complete the cycle because political reform is out of the question, why is that so hard to understand much less discuss?

This is my whole point. I am realizing how irrelevant discussing things has become in a nation with a large group of citizen/subjects that still doesn't recognize what is happening to them.

..just like it was in the 1770's.

Jim McAllister said...

You guys remind me of Jack Benny's theme song: "Love in Bloom."

Uh.....actually, maybe not. However, I see you are fighting on a little higher plain now.

That's a start!

Mike Slater said...

Jim, now you know why I left the Republican Party years ago. They aren't much different that the Democrats.

While applaud Flake on his vote on gun control I don't trust him on immigration reform. McCain I lost trust in years ago.

midnightsstaff said...

..setting the record straight is not fighting Jim, I have zero interest in wasting my energy at the fight club.

..some people feed off it, others get bored.

I worry about my grandson and granddaughter's future or non-future as it were..
..these are the things that matter to me, not beating down someone on a blog so I can feel better about my nearly used up life.

midnightsstaff said...

.."I love it that Flake voted against the gun bill. It really has that twerp Kelly in a fit about how they will get him and other nonsense".

Enjoy the moment Jimmy, at some time Flake will sell you out just like he sold me out with the national registration bill he is pushing.

He is just another Arizona wannabe, this state has probably the worst selection of Republican leadership I can think of, Jan Brewer just sold out your interests for hospital lobby money, Flake is trying to push through what every tyrannical government has done before methodically murdering their own citizens.
..establishing a national firearm registry which leads to the confiscation of firearms, and that fact's not even open to debate.

..keep swallowing that red/pink pill Arizona and see where it gets you.
Keep in mind that California was a deep red state just twenty some years ago.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, Jim, I am not fighting with him either. My only objective was to get the old wild jackass back on his feet &, since I can see that I was successful, my work here is done for now. Later, guys.

Jim McAllister said...


Is this another Watergate that just won't go away no matter how hard the government tries to dismiss it?

Jim McAllister said...


Wild jackass? LOL Middy does sound a bit down lately. Cheer up, Mid!

midnightsstaff said... really I'm just fine, never better matter of fact despite the fact I either broke my little toe or it feels like I broke my little toe- like Hillary said, "what does it matter?

Now that the nose has been cleared out my sinuses seem better than ever.

What a coincidence, I just listened to Jason Lewis's show and he went on a two hour rant that echoed my sentiments exactly.

I haven't listened to much talk radio since the election and none of his even though I like his show, Jason has one of the best perspectives in the industry.
..simply put the decision is whether to remain on the tax generating squirrel wheel or minimize our contribution to the federal system allowing the liberals to fund their own programs.

He says and I agree it seems the best strategy for allowing the economics of debt fueled economy to collapse as quickly as possible.

Why continue to play patsy in a rigged game?'s sad but someone tell me a better strategy.

Besides Jason has a great sense of humor, always cheers me up and great music tastes despite being a government distrusting crank like me.

midnightsstaff said...

On an even more irrelevant note it seems ms. Catherine Zeta-Jones has checked herself into the rubber room hotel for a little time out.

..aging bipolar starlets seem to all go through a tough time coping with the young hotties cutting them off at the curves the same way they did twenty years past.

Well a little small talk with the shrink and she will be firmly back into one or the other of her personalities while the plastic surgery heals.

..actually being merely Bipolar would have been an upgrade to some of the women I have dated.

PROUD said...

Tellin it like it is:!

midnightsstaff said...

You want to know why someone like Judge Judy has zero chance?
It's for the same reason Sarah Palin has zero chance.. the RINO's are scared to death of someone like that who would actually have the temerity to come in and turn over a few tables... so they will cut them off at the knees.

Look at what they have done to Bachman- nope, it's going to be Rubio and Bush as sure as the sun shines tomorrow.

..take it or leave it.

lol.. my nose is still numb.

PROUD said...

Very hard to buck the establishment and win in life....

Virtually impossible in politics!

In other news (that almost no one will ever hear about), 20 people were shot over night in Chicago,(a city with the toughest gun laws evah)

The blame?...warmer weather!

PROUD said...

Jim...yeah, we've been getting around a bit, BTW, I busted pretty much everything BUT my butt last May, seems odd given my reputation as a big ass that I didn't land there....

If you like wine and wine making, I highly recommend visiting mid California's wine country (Temecula CA). Far less crowded and pricey than Napa Valley....Took us just over 5hrs by car, quicker than going to S-Harbor 1-2 hrs early, flying to LA oe SD, renting a car to drive down/up to Temecula.

However, just to replicate the flying experience, I had the "jail-bird' don a rubber glove and frisk me.... :-)

midnightsstaff said...

San Diego Co. is one of the best places left in Clownafornia, nice weather but the politics are no better there than the rest.

..So you guys have the nerve to go on a wine tasting junket while the world is going to hell?
..nice move.. hope you got in a hot air balloon ride as well.

California still has an abundance of hot air for their balloons, most of it coming from Sacramento.

Looks to be another banner year for Ripple, always the best of breed.

PROUD said...

Is this the "CHANGE" we HOPEd for?

From the FDA:
"The morning after pill available to children without parental consent or a doctor's prescription yesterday, going against the positions of pro-life groups and the Obama administration. Previously, the morning after pill, known as Plan B, was only available over-the-counter to those 17 years of age"

I'm no big pro-lifer, but 13 or 14 year olds having abortions w/o their parents or doctor ever knowing, so long as they can talk a 17 yr old friend or classmate into buying the pill, just seems wrong!

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah.. consider the shootout boat is now revealed to be inside the area LE claimed to have searched-

I guess this is just another in the string of outright lies from LE that the media is ignoring.

But search they did.. for instance here is a picture of them "securing" an area of interest..

**note** had I done that very same thing on a prison yard I would have been walked off and charged with illegally brandishing a weapon, he was not providing cover, he was playing Dirty Harry.

.. it was a training exercise to condition the citizens to comply, just like when they are fisting your grandma or fifteen year old daughter in the interests of public safety at the TSA..

By the way, how would you feel to have an idiot glassing you in your own house with his finger on the trigger of an automatic weapon?
..every day my worst fears are confirmed further.

PROUD said...

Believe most of that states infamous fruits and nuts emanate from the Sacramento / San-Fran region.....The rest of the state, at least from my perspective, are a bunch of PC sheeples willing, indeed, eager, to suspend common sense for whatever is being sold as the common good.....(Californians don't have the slightest sense that the world is going to hell, they PROUDly pump their $420. gas actually believing they are doing right by nature, and that politicians can actually tax the planet cooler...

No, we remained earth bound as the wife ruled out any more hot air ballooning some years ago when we had one of those rough desert landings. (Personally, I found the landing the only exciting part of an otherwise boring experience. They have this balloon custom where you drink a glass of champagne upon your arrival, used mine to disinfect my scrapes)

Interesting? aside...I noticed the new? custom for bachelorette parties now seems to be stretch- limoed wine country tours...can't tell you how many drunken / tipsy female wedding parties we saw at all the wineries, they hold lots of weddings outside on the grounds as well. Our hotel had a huge wedding party all the way from Nigeria, complete with native garb....naturally, I had to ask if they were filming "Coming To America 2?

PROUD said...

I've seen that picture...

But,in fairness after a terror bombing attack, searching for unknown number of unidentified suspects, hiding in unknown locations, I would think the police would need to suspect and anticipate unfriendly fire from any and all areas'
So it follows that people positioned at windows pointing something their way would (at least if I were among the searchers) definitely get their attention, for all that cop knew, the guy / gal at the window could just as easily have a gun pointed at them instead of a camera....

midnightsstaff said...

Oh I see your point, in a time of government induced hysteria the first along with the first ten rules of firearm safety is thrown out along with reason.

..makes sense to me, but I am telling you now that if I had done the same to convicted felons with the same provocation- I would have been charged.. there is no excuse for pointing your weapon at unarmed civilians in anything other than a war zone or in hot pursuit.
try to explain why you wasted a woman inside her own home by accidentally pulling that trigger because you were frightened of the boogie man.. it was a wounded nineteen year old "possibly with a handgun" (which turned out to be another exposed government lie) they were looking for remember?

but I guess until you or your wife or teenage kid is pulled out of a car on the side of the road and forced to the pavement while they give your car a safety check at gunpoint and demanded to produce your papers.........

Keep in mind that any hot air balloon landing one walks away from was a successful event.

Jim McAllister said...


I don't listen to talk radio or watch Fox much anymore. I read the Fox website and Drudge and that is about it unless a headline grabs me.

Jim McAllister said...

Between Catherine Z-J and her husband Michael with the big "C" they have some problems. Kirk is 97 and is in better shape than both of them.

She was great in "Chicago" one of my favorite films. Great cast, great music. Hard to believe it is 11 years old already.

Jim McAllister said...


Goddam Muslims like her should be thrown out of the country.

Obama will probably give her a gold medal.

midnightsstaff said...

She was one of the best looking babes of modern cinema.

I think I still have a dvd of her in some thriller about being a drug king's wife in San Diego who got hit so she took over the operation..
good actress, bad actor- but a real hottie.

..bottom line...never look directly in their eyes.- but then I doubt either Proud or Pevie either one realizes she has a pair of eyes.

Jim McAllister said...

Go Judge Jeanine! I love her and Judge Judy. They should be pres. and VP with a cabinet of Dr. Ben Carson, Neal Cavuto, Rick Perry, and Gerri Willis.

When is this country going to figure out losers like Obama and his gang?

Jim McAllister said...

Damn that warmer makes the rats crawl out of their holes.

That's the best time to shoot THEM.

Jim McAllister said...


As long as she didn't put Vaseline on that glove and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. We get enough of that from the doctors these days!

Yeah, I remember you really busting your ass last year. Let someone else do that work in the future.

I guess you will be heading up there soon. Be sure to give me your email address. I wouldn't want you to miss even one issue of this valuable and important blog.

It's the best source of information around especially if your looking for non mainstream stuff like the condition of Middy's schnozola.

Jim McAllister said...

I couldn't believe that yesterday when I read that 15 year olds can now buy a morning after pill. That's just totally wrong. Obama probably wants to pump up the business at Planned Parenthood so he can give them more dough.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Goddam Muslims like her should be thrown out of the country".

uh-oh, sounds like someone needs a nap.

It's troubling times like these that make us realize what value to our way of life open borders within a welfare state with a national government promoted championing of diversity has provided.

..let us prey..

..sounds like someone needs a little diversity training refresher, maybe your doctor will forward his observations to Homeland.

Centralized information gathering has not seen anything like what ObamaCare will provide since the halcyon days of 1930's Germany...

ah.....those were the days, no armed resistance, citizens willingly loading up in boxcars- nationalism never running higher, cheering crowds to the open show of national force..
then the smell of fresh baked bread all across Austria.

Jim McAllister said...

I've never been on a balloon ride and never will be. Those things look too hard to control and the "pilots" don't seem that sharp.

Jim McAllister said...

Yeah, I got a little worked up over that Judge Jeannine report plus I get moody when I have trouble disposing with my morning movement.

I just don't understand this country anymore. With this administration it's like these guys in Washington are blind to the bullshit going on around us and encourage these losers.

Jim McAllister said...

Here we go again! More PC crap.

Sat tuned for my opinion on political correctness. You'll be notified.

I hope the Washington fans rebel on this!

midnightsstaff said...

How'd that feel?, I like to lay the stick across the back of someone's knees every once in a while just to keep my edge and to keep their attention.

Yep, it looks like another visit to "Charm School" as we called it Jimmy when some inmate got across to some lower politician and got us a refresher course in inmate/staff relations, or that combined with the EEOC 101 course on sexual harassment.

I should clean that unfortunate observance up for you Jim- let's try another approach.. were misquoted as saying those hurtful words.. "Goddam Muslims like her should be thrown out of the country"

When what at you really said was..

.. "God's chosen like the grieving woman/mother/love goat who naturally love their sons are an inspiration to all fair minded people that until we have walked a mile in someone else's shoes we have no right to judge"
..and an obligatory "God Bless America"

there.. all cleaned up and your shirt tucked in... no charge, and you start sounding like a politician in the healing process.
now all you have to do is criticize the tea party off the record and you could be next governor.

midnightsstaff said...

..“In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness,” the NFL player wrote on his official Twitter account.

..unless he decides to declare he is gay, this guy had better be damn good or he will be given the door.
Today's NFL is warm and fuzzy doncha know?

PROUD said...

middy, one of my best friends was at the blast, he said there was plenty of hysteria. I'm betting it was induced more by an act of terror rather than government, nobody was sure if there were more blasts or shots to come?, where or from who?, or when, so it would seem the hysteria was already there, the LE response may have peaked it, but in my view, didn't cause it

Speaking of the shot up boat,(which BTW, was the absolute WORST get-away vehicle ever), the owner, Dave Henneberry, through fund raising efforts on F/Book and a very generous, cooperative, boat manufacturer, (Boston Whaler), got a new boat and is back on the water.

Proving once again that man may be shoe-less, jobless, even homeless, but NO man should ever find himself boatless, especially because some little punks wanted to play terrorist....

Jim, funny you should question baloon pilots qualifications, they are licensed, but I'm pretty sure ours had lots more experience selling aluminum siding at Sears than he did flying a sack of hot air. I will email you the new email address once we get up there, prolly around the 20th, pretty sure my valley emails automatically get forwarded as well...

PROUD said...

Love RG-3

Sort of remember the NFL always being PC, like the time they declared that Arizona couldn't have the Super Bowl unless they set up a holiday honoring Martin Luther King...

What the frick does one have to do with the other?

PROUD said...

BTW, there is a possibility that the suspect was hiding somewhere else and went to Henneberry's boat after the police cleared that street? I would imagine the movements of such a large scale, door to door, street to street police operation would be fairly easy to spot. (and it now looks like he had some school buds running interference for him)

No better place to hide than one that's just been cleared....

midnightsstaff said...

Yep.. except the area was a free fire zone in effect with no movement- I doubt a bleeding member of the Brothers Karamazov would have gone unnoticed.. but like I said, which lie should we believe on Wednesdays?

All that sophisticated gear and a guy noticing a blood trail after they had given up was the technology needed to put them on it- luckily he didn't have a dog or they might have shot it as part of the mission.

How many shots did they take? it's utter disrespect for the public at large to pull that type of crap without even identifying for certain if it was him or some other victim of random violence hiding from another attacker, that's not a stretch in that area to believe..

Was HLS they afraid he would commodore the boat and escape?

Rounds for everyone, all hail our Federal Police who's motto is evidently.. "Fire at Will"

God help anyone caught out after the new security curfew named Will.

PROUD said...

Something to think about:

NYC now prohibits children age 15 from being able to buy and consume a big-gulp....

But it's OK for these same children to buy and consume a "Morning after pill" to abort a baby.

Also, 15 year old girls are not allowed to posses any kind of pills like aspirin or allergy pills in school, they can take them only with written permission from their parents and when administered by the school nurse...

Yet they can now get pregnant, and kill the baby by buying and taking a morning after pill w/o their parents or a doctor / nurse having to grant permission or even having to know about it...

This is whack!

midnightsstaff said...

Actually it's an endless loop of either your choice of Monte Python marathon weekend or another dose of Alice in Wonderland depending on the crisis level of the moment..

..all I can say is if a man didn't already drink to excess I don't know what's holding him back today- go long on Liquor Barn stock.

I've learned to just let a lot of things go out of a sense of self survival.
If you chase every flaming march hare running wild either dropping his laundry on tv or pretty much the same at the whorehouse in Washington I doubt the b.p. can take it for long.

Maybe that's the strategy, getting so many people worked up to an early coronary and the death panels will bayonet the survivors.. really have to hand it to these magnificent bastards, they are pros at getting us to jump through burning hoops in hopes for a treat.

.."When a candidate for public office faces the voters he does not face men of sense; he faces a mob of men whose chief distinguishing mark is the fact that they are quite incapable of weighing ideas, or even of comprehending any save the most elemental — men whose whole thinking is done in terms of emotion, and whose dominant emotion is dread of what they cannot understand. So confronted, the candidate must either bark with the pack or be lost... All the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum. The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron." H.L. Mencken.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, great article in AZ Voices today. This PC BS is getting out of hand. I hope the Washington Redskins don't cave in.

Remember when that idiot governor Nappy changed the name of Squaw Peak? As a native of Phoenix I still call it Squaw Peak and I don't give a damn what the liberals think.

Jim McAllister said...

Thanks, Mike.

I appreciate the nice words. Tell your friends to click on that blog about PC. It's a subject I always enjoy blasting.

The Redskins aren't going to cave I don't think. It's some mealy mouth councilman trying to stir the pot and score points. They've tried it before in Washington. Too many people like "Redskins" to change it. Just more PC nonsense.

PROUD said...

One of the things I love about going to the fair is that I can get a piece of Deep-Fried, Piestewa Bread!

PROUD said...

New study shows people who got the "Free Lunch"....just as hungry as those who didn't:

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah what a shocker to have the facts tossed up in your face about human nature and free anything...

Problem is, they just didn't spend enough to properly implement the system :/ ... when you have only a hammer everything becomes a nail- see (weeeneedmohr monney!).

Clownafornia is the new test case to use the newly defined mental health laws to confiscate firearms- it's yet another outrage based on purely subjective reasoning- I can safely say that innocent people will die directly at the hands of California politics before long..

With that unfortunate outburst yesterday Jim just disqualified himself and everyone living with him for gun ownership in that miserable communist state, how long before another national database legislation bill led by some IQ challenged bastard like Jeff Flake will be offered as necessary, common sense law to promote national safety?

PROUD said...

President Obama's nominee for Commerce secretary seems a perfect fit,(and color), for his corrupt administration:

PROUD said...

There have been 72,005,482 background checks for gun purchases since President Obama took office, according to data released by the FBI.....

In 2009, the FBI conducted 14,033,824 background checks. If we subtract the month of January (Obama did not assume office until the end of the month) we get 12,819,939.

The FBI conducted 14,409,616 background checks in 2010, 16,454,951 in 2011, and 19,592,303 in 2012.

Add to that the first four months of 2013 (2,495,440, 2,309,393, 2,209,407 and 1,714,433 respectively) and the total number of background checks under President Obama comes to 72,005,482.

Obama has been President for 1,550 days. That works out to 46,455 background checks for gun purchases each day.

And that doesn't include private sales / transfers....

Stevebuzzardo said...

talk about out of control PC: now the word "redneck" is considered offensive to blacks because it reminds them of slavery

this is hilarious, so a word blacks use to make fun of whites, also offends them at the same time.

midnightsstaff said...

.."now the word "redneck" is considered offensive to blacks because it reminds them of slavery "

I guess that means they have been slaves at some point in their lives..

..I suppose the irony of that observation is lost on them.

I have to take your word for it Proud, you lost me at the first hairpin turn those figures made.
It's still jump ball on will he be remembered as the food stamp president, the muslim takeover of the entire mid east or the personal arming of America president..
Either way he is a Nobel prize winner for his efforts in world peace eh?- however I wonder how all those families in 3rd world countries feel about having their kids, wives and goats killed on a daily basis by our fearless killer drone battalion.

Something like that going on for the past five years might make some want people mad enough to set off bombs in this country or something..
..I'll have to think about that for a minute and try to connect the dot ~~>.<~~

midnightsstaff said...

..personally I thought it was funny as hell.

Jim McAllister said...


RGIII is one hell of a player and I'm glad to see him make that stand.

I love this "tweet" world we live in. Sounds like a bunch of kids, not mature adults.

I wonder if it is the Indians, (oops! sorry, I mean red guys who go "Woo, Woo" a lot in cowboy films) are being influenced into bitching about team names. It sounds like outside sources are getting to them on this.

I sent Paola Boivin of the Republic an email yesterday about her PC column. Another loser liberal probably pouring tears into her "tweets".

Jim McAllister said...

I love that 7 minute YouTube by Judge Jeanine about that Muslim mother of those two pieces of shit.

Sharp lady.

Jim McAllister said...


I don't see where those balloon pilots have that much control over those damn things. I lived in Phoenix from '94-'99 in an open area near Jomax and Cave Creek Road and some of them barely missed my house.

We used to jump every time we heard that flame bellowing!

Jim McAllister said...


The Super Bowl thing was when Mecham was governor and Tagliabue was NFL Commissioner.

I was proud of Mecham for standing his ground on that. Hard to believe that was 19 years ago already.

Jim McAllister said...

This morning after thing is something. I'm sure glad I don't have any daughters.

Naturally Obama backs the 15 year old thing. Some of these libs say, hell, let any of them buy it.

Is this really happening? I pinch myself all day long but it won't go away.

Jim McAllister said...

I'm with ya, Middy. It's all a bunch of BS but fortunately most of it doesn't affect us much other than to bitch about it. I would hate to be a parent though

Jim McAllister said...

Proud. Piestawa bread? Hmmmmm.....I'm not sure that is on the approved list. Better check before you get in trouble with the tribes.

Jim McAllister said...


That Examiner story on Medicaid is just one more example of what a farce Obamacare will be.

Even Max Baucus says it's a train wreck.

Jim McAllister said...

Penny Pritzker? LOL

Where does this idiot of a president find them? How the hell did he ever get the Nobel?

Like Heart said, "He's the Magic Man"

Jim McAllister said...


Everybody wants on the dumb ass PC bandwagon. That is too funny about blacks resentiing "rednecks."

They are going to have to dig up a lot of Hollywood films and do some editing to change that. Styart with the Jim Brown flicks.

Jim McAllister said...


I see where a poll shows that 27% of Americans think we are going to have a civil war to return our liberties and the percentage is increasing.

Jim McAllister said...

I'm going to buy a Mountain Dew today even if it does taste like puke! LOL

midnightsstaff said...

S.Carolina is about ready to pass legislation banning the implementation of ObamaCare.

..and what is the polished turd Jan Brewer doing?- caving in to the federal forces.
She got a lot of mileage out of that pre happy hour finger pointing photo, but since that moment exactly what has she done?

Quick, give me the name of some Arizona politicians anyone thinks is doing a decent job- it's a pack of leg humping Chihuahuas if you ask me.

midnightsstaff said...

11 comments in thirty minutes?- back away from the coffee pot and put down that cup verrrry slowly mr!

Three posts without a breather is the limit pal.

Jim McAllister said...


Baucus may have a point about O-care being a train wreck. Good for Nikki in SC, I see more following.

Rasmussen as of this morning:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 45% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama's job performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) now disapprove.

This is the lowest level of approval for the president since August of last year.

Today’s figures include 25% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 41% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -16

Unemployment down to 7.5 and they are all celebrating. Between the lines a lot of it is part time hires to douse O-Care and , of course, those who have given up.

Jim McAllister said...


I had to catch up with you and Proud.

I had to do two columns this week: One for the politics blog and one for the hard copy Scottsdale Republic.

It put me behind on keeping up with you guys but I enjoyed your back and forth with John.

Jim McAllister said...

BTW, How's the Durante?

PROUD said...

Yeah...if vaudeville ever comes back, Middy and I are taking this act on the road....

~~~slowly I turned~~~Step,by step~~~

Jim McAllister said...

They are celebrating the 7.5 unemployment number today but as usual it is false.

As we know this is what it is really about but we won't hear the Obama lovers talk about it.

Many economists believe the broadest measure of unemployment is the so-called U-6 unemployment rate.

In April the figure rose slightly to 13.9% from 13.8% a month earlier, which was the lowest since December 2008.

U-6, also known as the “underemployment rate”, starts with the headline unemployment rate of 7.5%, then adds frustrated workers who have given up looking for a job, plus people who are working part-time because they can’t find full-time work.

The U-6 reading is widely viewed as the most accurate representation of the real unemployment picture.

Jim McAllister said...

Middy the "schnozola" and Proud as Eddie Jackson now playing at the Gayety Theater!

Order tickets now before they are all gone!

Coming next month: Miss Sophie Tucker!

Jimmy Durante was one of the funniest guys around. I used to love his TV show and he was great in a lot of films.

PROUD said...

I grew up wondering if I was related to Mrs Calabash???

Jim McAllister said...

Middy, Proud

Did you see Krauthammer's column today.

Nice little synopsis of the anointed one since his joke of a State of the Union speech.

Jim McAllister said...

"Goodnight Mrs. Calabash wherever you are."

Remember when the Colgate Comedy Hour in the early 50's had a rotation of Eddie Cantor, Donald O'Connor, Martin and Lewis, and Jimmy Durante?

midnightsstaff said...

Maybe we should start calling Obama "Lefty Morgan". Like Lefty (Jake) over at the pool hall working on his game, Obama does about the same thing by wasting his time and our money each day plowing the links.

Like Jack Elam the Lefty Morgan stand in Barakkkhh-phew! (sorry,clearing my throat) got a lot of undeserved respect based only on his so called reputation.

Starting to look like it's unraveling for our "Magic Negro Lefty" at nearly ever issue.

..there is a reason they want our guns- they are scared of what is coming.
..when the government fears the people Liberty flourishes, when we fear the government Tyranny is the order of the day.

Glo said...

Jim: OMG! I just viewed the Jeanine Pirro clip and I actually stood up and clapped!!! GODDAMN! RIGHT ON! Keep that Russki bitch out of our country (and they are all 'Russkis' to me).

Jim McAllister said...


Charlie has a field day on O and the ratings are starting to go the other way. I think the 15 year old morning after pill approval will hurt him with a lot of families. I hope so.

Jim McAllister said...


Jeanine was great! What a tirade.

I'm sure the libs are saying it was too hurtful to a wonderful mother who lost one son and the other desperately injured.

Maybe Barak and her should meet for a dinner at the White House.

midnightsstaff said...

.."The real divisions in today's Republican Party are not so much over ideology as they are over strategy.
The GOP is split between those who insist on making a point, and those who want to make some progress."

Read more:

..I criticize Republicans all the time for their lack of fortitude and quisling like leadership but now Kim Strassel is advising the old Big Tent approach it looks like.

If anything has gotten the Republican party it's current image as worthless appeasers it's because they have been doing exactly what Kim is now advising them in my opinion.

Scratch off the Wall St. Journal editorial page it looks to me like for anything but big government Statist cheer leading squad- they are sounding like the morons at the Arizona Repugnant more and more each day.

Glo said...


I'm sure the libs are also saying don't paint the muslims with the same brush as those terrorists. However, I haven't heard any stories about Swedish Lutherans planning the demise of Americans. Duh!

PROUD said...

Just nheard Obama say "this is only the first "round" in the gun battle????

One round gone....and it was a BIG blank!

Bet he's starting to rethink his stance against high capacity magazines B)

midnightsstaff said...

Anyone else thinking that maybe that Chinese fire drill following the bombing might just have prevented a nuclear war with North Korea?

The little dictator Kim Jong Ill, (not Obama like you probably thought I was going to say) saw a golden opportunity to just take some money and forget the whole thing.

John F'n Kerry is a genius, he deserves a Nobel Peace prize just like like the one snappy pants got.

Some of us feel a sense of utter amazement, minding our own business and watching history unfold like dogs crapping on the lawn.
If you study some issue of nature eventually you will realize the meaning, the longer you watch politics and realize it's implications the further you find yourself down a rabbit hole with no ladder.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree on Strassel's column but who the hell is he/she? Read Peggy Noonan's column for the other side. It doesn't help that Toomay is blasting his own party.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah! And we know how dangerous those Swedes can be! LOL Same with the Lichttenstinians.

And I know we can't trust Luxembourg. When I was stationed in Germany I listened to Radio Luxembourg every night. They played all the great hits of the time about half way through then moved to another song.

What self respecting Country does that? LOL

I'm listening to 924 as I write this. They are playing "Hats off to Larry" by Del Shannon. Great song!

How does this make you feel: Del Shannon would have been 79 this December. He committed suicide in 1990 at 56.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, I heard that he said that. LOL What a fool; he has even lost the clout of his own party and not many are fooled by that phony 7.5% unemployment number yesterday. Try 13.9 for reality.

Now, he is telling Mexico that their guns were brought in by Americans. We know they were brought in by Fast and Furious.

Round? Bad choice of words.

Jim McAllister said...

The Gaffe master at work again. "11 million here illegally." Really? They are all here illegally?

The teleprompter must have shorted out!

midnightsstaff said...

I guess being a tax paying white male neither on welfare nor in prison (yet) qualifies me as a being a minority in my own nation..

No longer are we encouraged in polite company to speak of Natural Law or the true freedom we knew as young men, it's not quite forbidden but certainly not encouraged in the new enlightened era of peace and prosperity.

I mention the erosion of personal liberty or the looming Federal Police State and I get a lot of blank stares or that where's your aluminum hat look..

.."Give me liberty or give me death"- wtf is that all about?- take anything just don't let the boogie man get me.

Pax Obama.

I bet you wish you had some comfortable Buffalo Springfield protest music on cruising around town with Barb in that new 69 Malibu.

Instead you are under a daily assault of outrage against the honest man suffering the humiliation of being forced to pay your tormentors in what's become our modern version of the Continuing Crisis eh Jim?- Next stop!! Willoghby

Next time I'm getting off (and I just missed the 5 O'clock express).

Jim McAllister said...

I never thought I would miss Buffalo Springfield or Crosby, Stills, and Nash and it was a '70 Nova stick 6 banger.

I told Barb she had to get proficient on a stick shift because we couldn't afford the $140 for automatic.

I have a feeling Obama is not going to get away with Benghazi. They have whistle blowers lined up and it's starting to look like Watergate II. They can't seem to stamp it out.

Meanwhile, his popularity is fading. Some Mexican students are wondering what the hell he is talking about.

Just in case I'm wrong I'll meet you at the bandstand at Willoughby the next day.

Glo said...


Read a noel today while 924 played. Lipstick on My Collar just finished, and now the Stones are singing about Ruby Tuesday.

Yes, Charles Westover's suicide was a sad thing. They said he was on some antidepressants that aided in his self-demise.

Glo said...

Argh, novel, not noel ..

midnightsstaff said...

Noel, noel, the angels did sing...

Whadaya think about Al Bundy Glo?- dude knew his music eh?

well, I guess you stuck it to her on that tranny issue.
Nice guys finish last if they are even allowed to finish.. I had a budget too and it wasn't going to afford much more than a practically new twenty year old early 1950's Desoto that some old lady had in the barn.. never drove it since her husband died..

The thing was like brand new, I gave her seventy five bucks cash and got out of there before she could change her mind- it still had like new mohair seats.

But the princess was not amused because it didn't have air conditioning..

midnightsstaff said...

well folks, looks like the Israel/Syrian issue has gotten serious.

This might be the black swan that makes a bigger mess of the mid east, I imagine this should make for some restless sleep before the market opens.

midnightsstaff said...


Jim McAllister said...


Is that the first noel the angels did sing? LOL

As you can see, Middy and I are real gentlemen. LOL

Shannon was good and did better than most of the one or two hit wonders but something must have been bothering him to pull the plug.

Some of these guys can never get used to the fame ending, some try to change their format (do I hear country?)and others like Dion go from teen group to good singles like "Ruby, Baby", "The Wanderer", and "Lovers Who Wander" and now he is doing blues at 73.

Hey, a guy has to eat, right?

Jim McAllister said...


A lot of play on words in that K-Mart ad. We're seeing more and more of that.

midnightsstaff said...

I guess with Afghanistan winding down we need another neighborhood to keep our continual war in place.

.."At the end of the week, debkafile’s military sources report that both established a military presence in Syria and Lebanon, just across Israel’s two northern borders. An Iranian airlift placed Iranian boots on the ground in Syria for the first time in more than two years of its civil war. It was also the first time Israel had ever seen uniformed Iranian soldiers present at close quarters on the soil of a close neighbor.

The arrivals are members of the violent Basij volunteer militia which is trained in urban combat tactics for suppressing anti-regime unrest in Iranian cities. They are the first Iranian troops to confront Syrian rebels in combat. Roughly 6,000-8,000 militiamen have arrived so far"

With Iran sending troops into Syria Friday and Israel pulling us in it looks like Syria is going to be it.

..any bets as to when we send in troops like Barry said we wouldn't?- and is someone doing an updated cover of "The Eve of Destruction" yet?- hope you remember the tune..

Bengazi leads right up to this event and no one in the media is talking about it... yet.

midnightsstaff said...

tattoos and Facebook.. Two permanent disfigurements that are defining our culture, you were right Jimmy..

Now the PTB can use a snapshot to define one's character forever and use it to gather more evidence for your dossier.

Signing up and using FB will accomplish more to remove your anonymity and at the same time one's privacy in the same manner getting that alcohol inspired tattoo will, but try to tell that to ignorant high school grads.

.. most people will never know what happens until it's much too late and the door slams shut.

Jim McAllister said...

Ah, The smell of gunsmoke in Syria in the Springtime.

I think you are right; here we go again. Barry is so addled now that who knows what's next?

Jim McAllister said...

I don't know how many people have told me, "Hey, you really need to join Facebook." I looked at their application and figured it's not for me.

I like doing this blog and the Republic blog but enough is enough. Besides, the Google +1 gets me out and about.

Then, there is always the question of how many people really give a damn about what I have to post whether photos or dialogue.

One has to retain at least a semblance of privacy.

midnightsstaff said...

Here are the cliff notes, they target someone and then fill in the charges to be filed with data that has already been gathered.

Like a tattoo whatever you have written or said to be written will come up with the stroke of a Google search..

..they can easily infect your hard drive during the search- and don't think that would be past them.'s Stalin's wet dream.

midnightsstaff said...

Obama could molest a nine year old boy during the White House press conference and that wouldn't change any Obama voter's opinion.

civil war is coming.

Pax Obama.

Jim McAllister said...

Obama could molest a nine year old boy during the White House press conference and that wouldn't change any Obama voter's opinion.

I agree. Just read some of the crap on the Republic Politics blogs from some of these diehard Obama lovers; especially the women like Gratehouse, Erfle, and Bombach and idiots Bodo and Mike. To them our imitation president is their hero. It just shows that going to school doesn't necessarily make one smart. Common sense can't be taught.

Speaking of Mike, he hasn't been on for about a week. He must be on vacation or he is tired of nobody reading his crappola. Same with sauerkraut boy. Those guys don't know the definition of "Less is more."

I regularly have double to triple the amount of hits that either one of them. Yuk-Yuk!

midnightsstaff said...

another timely article on the topic at hand..

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