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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy New Year.........2013

Thanks for making 2012 a great blogging year.
See you after January 1.



Anonymous said...

Currently it is snowing, more snow than last year. Doesn't mean we are out of the drought that we have had this year in Western New York.

So, in that case: HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and yours!!!!!


Rick Kepple said...

Happy New Year! Wait ... open this comment on December 31 at Midnight ... with Midnight ... and Barb.

Mike Slater said...

Happy New Year Jim. I plan on watching college bowl games and drinking beer next week to ring in the new year.

Looking forward to your next blog.

Rick Kepple said...

Happy New Year. Here's our latest video. It's a video of our discussing making a video for a video. I've been studying video techniques. I gave this a choppy appearance with metaphors. Everyone seemed to like the llama.

Rick Kepple said...

And from President Obama to Congress: an executive order getting rid of the federal pay freeze. Congress got a raise. So did everyone else in government.

See, this is how things are done in trailer parks!

I took a sip of wine the other night and immediately felt dizzy, slowed down, and sick. Woke up at 3 a.m. sick. Got bitchy. So y'all get drunk for me.

That means, you guys got to all get a little smidge more drunk than usual to divide up how much I used to drink about 30 years ago. I drank a lot, so you guys have your work cut out for you. If you start now, you might be drunk enough in a couple of days.

I have no clue what you're gonna do in the morning. Vomiting is optional. I won't ask anyone to do that for me, but if you do volunteer to ralph, you just go for it. And make sure you sleep with some hot chick. Tell her to call you "Rick." Thanks.

Happy New Year, y'all.

midnightsstaff said...

Hey Rick... might go a little easy on it- New Year's is still two days away... at this rate you will never make it.

Thank god those federal workers got their well deserved raise.. but then the taxes that they are now going to pay will eat that raise alive.. the only answer is "higher taxes" again.. and again. until the whole thing collapses under it's own weight..
and that will be in your lifetime Rick unless you keep partying like a rock star on the cheap's"

.."may the times you live in be interesting"

..yeah right.

midnightsstaff said...

Congratulations Scottsdale... another one of your citizens made news!

..possible Mother of the Year award there Jimmy.

Well Obama ought to weigh in on this pretty soon, she is obviously one of his core constituents, this is just another case of police "acting stupidly" if you look at it right-she has her right to life, liberty and the pursuit just like everybody else does- right?

midnightsstaff said...

What a great last week of football this is turning out to be, the Colts are looking real respectable along with the Bills..
I might watch the entire Redskins game tonight, this has been the best rookie qb year I have ever seen.
That award is going to be a tough call, my money is on Griffin III if they can pull one off tonight.

..but like I said there is a lot of great new blood coming in- except for the Cardinals of course.

I give up on Stafford, he is just blowing up every game now, If he starts bad next season he will be replaced, the Lions have too much talent for this type of record.

Too bad we don't get the Vikings / GB game, that one means something, the Bronco game means zero.

Rick Kepple said...

"Hey Rick... might go a little easy on it- New Year's is still two days away... at this rate you will never make it."

Yeah, I just made chocolate chip cookies and that's the last of the chips. I made French toast for everyone this morning. Drank a pot of coffee.

I live wild.

Jim McAllister said...


There is no substitute for class.

I agree; Nobama will say the cops acted stupidly. After all she looks like a minority and we must never do anything to upset them.

I will be shocked if this country isn't into civil war within two years with all the stuff going on now under Nobama.

I can see a ripples now. Citizens are pissed except for the loser Kool Aid drinkers who follow Barry around.

midnightsstaff said...

'Psychiatric test ordered for suspect in NYC subway death.'

'Bulletproof clothing designer launches children's vests, backpacks' -

'Newtown Shooting the Worst Day of His Presidency, Obama Says' -

'Op-Ed: Let’s Give Up on the Constitution' -

I think America owes John Rocker an apology..

midnightsstaff said...

"The deadly winter storm that killed 17 US residents has also left thousands without power, which is unlikely to be restored until after the New Year. Many will be forced to endure freezing cold nights in states that hardly ever see snow.
In the southern state of Arkansas, 200,000 homes and businesses lost power as the storm left behind 15 inches of snow, damaged power lines and created icy roads. The utility company Entergy Arkansas said electricity would not be restored until the start of the new year, leaving many residents in the dark and in the cold. More than 135,000 homes and businesses have still not had their power restored"

I had no idea this last storm was so destructive, haven't heard much on the news but then I don't watch the news either- it can't be much fun living in your car because there is no heat in the apt.

steve buzzardo said...

"haven't heard much on the news"

It doesn't fit their agenda, see people can't be freezeing to death because there is global warming.

'Newtown Shooting the Worst Day of His Presidency, Obama Says' -

Every day of this asshole's presidency is the worst this country has ever had to endure.

Rick Kepple said...

"Every day of this asshole's presidency is the worst this country has ever had to endure."

It was a perfect quote to repeat if it wasn't for the asshole word, but that's what they make brackets for.

"Every day of [Obama's] presidency is the worst this country has ever had to endure."

It could go viral.

Jimmy, I've been having the occasional meeting with a CEO and we toss around ideas. He gives me marketing advice and how to find the "tags" to put on my Youtube videos.

Also, I am finding that I can make money with those videos and I've been researching which homemade videos get a lot of views and why they get a lot of views.

Hot chicks
Celebrity names

I wouldn't say that the public has poor taste, but look who is President!

See, that's why it's tough for Jimmy and I to get work as honest journalists.

midnightsstaff said...

I wonder how many will leave the tv on all day for "breaking news" in case our Communist in Chief rides in on his white horse at the last minute to save the day with another brilliant piece of statesman like leadership?

The only thing for sure is the Beagals have to go to Houston next weekend and Minnesota has to beat Green Bay twice in two weekends in a row.
Road games are tough.

Of course the NFL playoff schedule is nothing like politics.
They are just doing their job based on pass or fail within a well defined structure- a concept Congress and the bath house gaper simply refuse to contemplate.

The Chiefs have a better shot at winning the Superbowl than our politicians accomplishing even the simplest, most elementary job of their position- agree on a budget that can work within a designated time frame.

How about we execute five from each side every day until we reach an agreement that makes sense?
I figure by March the issue will be settled.

Jim McAllister said...

Was it Shakespeare who said
"Let's kill all the lawyers"?

Since most politicians are lawyers from Obama on down, that sounds like a good idea.

These guys are all worthless starting right on top. Make that, ESPECIALLY starting on top!

steve buzzardo said...

Obama: ‘I Cut Spending by Over a Trillion Dollars in 2011’

Odumbass shoud be a stand-up comic with that joke of a statement.


midnightsstaff said...

The piece of shit has the relevance of Punxsutawney Phil- sticks his nose out gives everyone the finger and then it's right back to the bath house.

not an adult in the room.

Mike slater said...

With 4 more years of obummer I don't see much to celebrate tonight. I think I'll slam down some brews and watch a movie.

midnightsstaff said...

I'm pretty much down with that.. might watch another playoff game I recorded of the Yotes with Chicago last spring, both teams were ripping each other's heads off on that series..

Football's tough, but so's hockey.. and there are a lot more games played.. Four wins and you win the Superbowl, takes sixteen for the Stanley's the toughest sport to play well in my mind except golf.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, you're right about getting rid of people in congress.

First the lawyers and then the liberals would be a good start.

People in the past have felt the same way like Will Rogers and Mark Twain.

"There ought to be one day--just one-- when there is open season on senators." Will Rogers

"It can probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except congress." Mark Twain

Jim McAllister said...

SOB Obama just doesn't get it.

I see this afternoon that he is already talking about raising taxes next year!

They have been fighting over this ridiculous cliff nonsense and looking like a bunch of fools while doing it so here comes the dumbass with that stupid statement.

Needless to say, the Republicans are super pissed by that and I hope it means that nothing passes.

The R's in the Senate and the House should both say "Screw You, Barry!"

I don't think that what they have on the table is any good anyhow. $450,000 and over with a tax increase? That's no deal.

No body should have an increase. He needs to cut spending and quit worrying about stuff like deals for dumb ass wind power.

Jim McAllister said...

This just in from reader "John." It's nice to see that our beloved emperor is thinking of us.

Just wanted to let you know - today I received my Fiscal Cliff Survival Pack from the White House.

It contained a parachute, an 'Obama Hope & Change' bumper sticker, a 'Bush's Fault' poster, a 'Blame Boehner poster, a "Tax the Rich' poster, an application for unemployment, an application for food stamps, a prayer rug, a letter of assignation of debt to my grandchildren and a machine to blow smoke up my ass. All directions were in Spanish.

Keep an eye out. Yours should arrive soon.

midnightsstaff said...

I paid for that survival package..

Mike Slater said...

When it comes to Obama you just can't fix stupid. That includes the dumb asses that voted for him.

Jim McAllister said...


P.T. Barnum was right. "There's a sucker born every minute."

In Obama's case, millions of suckers. It shows the mentality of the liberal voter that so many people actually believed this a-hole and his phony campaign crap.

It just goes to show the vulnerability of the American voter. Give a bunch of idiots a free phone and you have them for life.

Very sad.

Jim McAllister said...


I paid $150 for the package. I think it was the Briggs and Stratton smoke blower that raised the price.

They did knock off $50 from the $200 list because there was an autograph from Obama that lowered the price because of a lack of interest from the public.

midnightsstaff said...

Well it looks like the Republipukes caved in like a bunch of second graders again..

I really didn't expect that sell out Cryin' John to get much accomplished.
.. it's guys like him that is the problem to begin with, it's too damn late anyway, Ron Paul tried to warn us..

I feel like Charlie Brown thinking "maybe she will hold it this time" a lot lately..

Jim McAllister said...

Do you think it will get voted through, though?

A lot are unhappy on both sides. I don't see tea partyers voting for $450,000.

I hope it fails, let Obama take the blame. If Rep. take the blame, so what? They are gone in 2014 probably anyway unless the country finally figures out O is a fraud.

If they believe that liar will reduce taxes later, they deserve what they get.

midnightsstaff said...

Lol.. never did get to that hockey game, watched Agnes Moorhead beat the hell out of a little space ship on the twilight zone marathon, then watched a AC/DC concert- haha.. that Angus Young does a mean Chuck Berry..
Na... looks like the state of the nation is in no worse shape than it was this time last year, at least now we aren't living in the la la land of thinking some white knight is going to ride in and save us..
That was delusional to begin with.. we are going to have to go the hard way.

Happy New Year to all, hope things brighten up for everyone, after all they kicked the can down the road again, so live for the moment.

midnightsstaff said...

I only know what I read in the newspapers Jim..

Rick Kepple said...

"I feel like Charlie Brown thinking "maybe she will hold it this time" a lot lately.."

Me too, Middy.

You guys would have LOVED the bonfire last night. Not many Obama fans.

I noted that Facebook has a low position on the stock exchange and that's possibly a form of control. Facebook and more Twitter has been used to collapse nations.

Note how the media twits and they aren't fond of more Freethinking, far right Republican people.

Some of my Facebook friends were out of those quran burning folks and they got kicked off too!

That's censorship, folks. And no one has said a word, cause they aren't rich.

The media can print whatever it wants, but it's okay to shut up Christians. And after the Connecticut shooting, law enforcement made threats to arrest independent journalists.

So Facebook is about all there is left.

azcentral is owned. They're all owned, and I mean that in controlled. The editors have told me that I have more freedom than they do. "Have fun blogging," they said.

I've experimented, but Jimmy is NOT the controversial type. I am to a point and I've tested what I can write about. I am also controlled to a certain point. We all are.

I explained the research that about all company executives are former military officers, so it makes control that much easier. Streamlined.

Yes, Wall Street is loyal to Obama for the moment and when the next President is elected, they'll be loyal to that person.

If there's one thing that I learned in the military, is that corrupt people can always be useful. Especially if they are rich, corrupt people with dirty little secrets.

Thankfully last night was not taser night. It was intellectual discussion night. It was fun.

One of my friends noted that just because I'm feeling better, doesn't mean anything. People always get feeling better before they die, he said.

And this morning I got up looking for my nausea medicine. Tums even makes me sick anymore.

I heard a rumor about Syria. If it's true, that country is coming down soon and it will appear to have fallen from within. The good news is that Iran is next.

Remember; it's all just about control. We all agreed around the bonfire that the government doesn't have to use military force against the people to control them. Psychological control done passively and they're using the Cold War veterans while killing off all the veterans with medication.

Veterans are dangerous people to a tyrannical government. These words are dangerous. My friend says that I need to get the farm sold and move to Colorado. No more pills. Here, I'm controlled. Blacklists are control too.

Jim McAllister said...


That was one of the best TZ episodes. It was Aggie at her best.

If you go to Twilight Zone on IMDB, they have about 50 full episodes of it you can watch on your computer. I believe Willoughby is one of them!

Jim McAllister said...

I hope the House derails that Senate bill. $1 in cuts for $41 in revenue? That's bullshit, what are they thinking?

midnightsstaff said...

you can hope all you want... 2 and 2 is still the same.

it's intentional destruction on a global scale.

I'm still filling my hummingbird feeder until they start enforcing the regulation that says I need a permit- it's gotta be buried in that 27 hundred pages somewhere...

So this is what a Happy New Year looks like from this side?- seems to be a bigger, broker version of the old suck...

Rick Kepple said...

The drama of it all!

Will the Republicans win or be thrown off the fiscal cliff?

Will the Democrats destroy America?

Will Jimmy go his own way?

Will Middy sell his silver spoon?

NO! Once more, but with feeling! More drama! Where did you people learn to act?

Rick Kepple said...

So who's up for a camping trip?

We'll head for the mountains and set up a base camp. We're gonna draw straws for guard duty. We'll need a daily patrol. When the enemy gets close, we're gonna have to do hit and run missions, cause we can't take on a superior force.

I'll assign another detail to pick up firewood. We'll need hunters too. Jimmmy and me are too old. We'll be sipping martini's but I'll have one of them virgin ones that I've heard about. Y'all do as you're told and you might live through this mess.

Who's got a luxury condo in the mountains? We can stay there and trash the place, then go home. No burning down the pool house.

midnightsstaff said...

Bodo has the perfect place...

Zane Grey's old hang out.

Rick Kepple said...

Bodo owns Zane Grey's old hang out? Where's Zane Grey's old hang out?

Not sure if I trust hiding out in a place that was published in a book. I once read something about Zane Grey's life. Don't remember it though.

C'mon, one of ya wants to buy my farm. Look at the unfinished bunker where I'm standing. It's my Abraham Lincoln beard.

Then I'll move to Flagstaff with my electric guitars and survival gear. I have battery powered amps and a generator.

Rick Kepple said...

Hey, a TV news reporter wants to interview me concerning my business that I'm trying to start. I am trying to get them to film it on the farm.

midnightsstaff said...

You're going to give a whole new meaning to the term "go viral".

don't give up, you are sooooo close..

Jim McAllister said...

Good photos, Rick.


Jim McAllister said...


This deal is good for two months. Then we start again.

I can't wait. I miss white picket fence America where people were ashamed to take money they didn't work for.

If you want to see a bunch of Obamaphone losers in Detroit, watch "Hardcore Pawn" on Tru-TV.

The shop is owned by a Jewish guy (what pawn shop isn't?)and his interaction with the 8 Mile Road crowd is hilarious.

Rick Kepple said...

"You're going to give a whole new meaning to the term "go viral"."

Michael Jackson rules. Spin.

They just want to chat with me. Hey, maybe do some video work for them. I want the advertising. Disabled dudes trying to build a business. Sounds like news to me, but you know the media.

Not a bad start for 2013, huh?

midnightsstaff said...

simple enough for a cave man to understand.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Stocks Soar" reads today's line at Yahoo finance... gains based on anything except the company's ability to turn a profit or any relation to their growth potential or actual worth.. gains this morning for instance were based on the Republicans giving in on every principle. other words the game continues until it collapses- and when it does it will be complete- today the shorts get ripped, tomorrow the longs- rinse and repeat until the point economics take control and political promises no longer have any effect.

This was the big one, at zero percent interest there are few tricks left at their disposal.. once the dust clears and they see the damage done the American productive class is not going to be happy.

midnightsstaff said...

..guess there is no use in asking how the budget is going..

..the children are going to propose a budget aren't they?

Just ask yourself that without the political strings propping them up would any one of these clowns survive this type of leadership at any boardroom in any corporation anywhere?

The porn industry wouldn't tolerate this type of nonsense yet we reelect the same failed people?

Just consider the fact that Herman Cain was unelectable..

Jim McAllister said...

I think we should turn it all over to the porn stars. At least they don't mind getting screwed!

midnightsstaff said...

Having porn industry artists as heads of state might be an improvement.

California had one named Mary Carey who ran but lost against Arnold the Nazi.

..a couple of years later and the citizens realized what a mistake they had made.

Like most people I have never been actually screwed by a porn star, but lots of politicians have treated me like a used toy, at least I learned never to take candy from a stranger.

midnightsstaff said...

now that's a campaign!!!