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Thursday, October 11, 2012


When Mitt Romney walloped Obama last week in their Denver debate, he was cordial and polite as he dissected the president and easily won the night.

Although Obama fans were not happy with the thrashing their man took, I didn’t hear anything about Romney being rude or impolite during the process.

There is no substitute for class and Ryan proved it. 
Unfortunately for Joe Biden, I think he set a record tonight for being one of the rudest, most ill mannered, boorish debaters I have ever seen in the political arena and I have been watching this stuff since 1960 when Nixon and Kennedy started TV debates.

The disrespect, interruptions, mugging to the camera, and laughing while Representative Ryan presented his side of the debate, was unconscionable.  It’s one thing to disagree with your opponent; it’s something else to exhibit your bad manners.

Fortunately, Paul Ryan held his ground and let Biden bloviate which was a good strategy.  It showed that he wasn’t going to let the guy get under his skin.  Instead the condescending Biden just dug himself further into a hole as the debate went on.

Whether Biden was trying to kick it up a notch after Obama’s lackluster performance and show what he might interpret as a “personality,” I don’t know.  He could have used some time with a good coach who I’m sure would have told him to “cool it.”

Notes:  The time each candidate got was about the same; approximately 41 minutes…..Funny moment:  After Biden complained that Ryan got 40 seconds more than he did on one item Martha Raddatz said , “No, he didn’t.”

 Some comments from left leaners:  MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp:  “Biden needs to laugh a little less through the Libya, Middle East, and nuclear Iran segment.”

Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza: “Ok. I have decided. I find the Biden smile slightly unsettling.”

PBS’ Jeff Greenfield: “Biden has always had a smile that at times is really, really inappropriate.”

Jennifer Rubin, “The Washington Post”:  “Biden’s laughing is losing the debate- obnoxious”

On the other side:  Chris Wallace:  “I’ve never seen a candidate as disrespectful as Biden.”

A CNN Poll gave the win to Ryan 48%-44% so it was pretty even by their reckoning.  Charles Krauthamer said if it was only on radio, Biden would probably be the winner.  If it was written on paper, it would be a tie, and if you watched it on TV, the winner was Ryan.

As far as personalities, I was pretty sure Joe would act the way he did.  That is his nature to be outgoing, loud, and garrulous.  He probably overdid his shtick tonight trying to save something for the two weeks after the poor showing of his boss.

Ryan was the soft spoken intellectual I expected and was a nice relief from Biden.  He had his facts down and disregarded the nonsense from his right as much as possible.

As far as how much this debate affected the election, I would say it was negligible.  However, the Democrats could have used a shot in the arm tonight which they didn’t receive. 

Next week its Romney-Obama again.   If Obama makes another showing like his last, he could be in big trouble.  



Stealth said...

Spot on analysis, Jim. But I also blame the so-called "moderator" who jumped in to change the subject as soon as Toddler Joe started to squirm, giggle, laugh and generally misbehave. She reminded me of an overwhelmed mom who just wanted to keep the unruly child happy long enough for her to finish her conversation with another adult.

Biden is a blowhard FOOL. He showed his desperation tonight. But I can't blame him, I almost feel sorry for him...look at who he was following...a lackluster, empty suit (sorry, empty chair) who acted like he took one too many Zoloft pills. To offset, Biden drank an extra cup of Obama kool-aid and showed up O'drunk to this debate which explains his inappropriate giggles.

Biden's worst lie tonight was when he said there were no requests for more security for the U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya. Clearly, he didn't bother to watch the Congressional Hearings this week. 5 memos were entered as evidence that, in no uncertain terms, showed requests had been made for more security. And Biden tells us it was the Intelligence Community's fault for not knowing right away that it was a terrorist attack (they didn't know). But then he tell us that the Intelligence Community assures him and Obama that Iran is not closer to having a nuclear weapon. Which lie do you believe? Pick one...there are so many.

Biden tried laughing, like a playground WIMP, to undermine the stronger opponent. It didn't work. It just made him look even more pathetic than he already is.

Romney/Ryan will win this election, and this once great Nation will have a chance, once again, to get back on track.

I, for one, can not wait to see the last day of the laughing fool known as Joe Biden and the lying FOOL known as Barack Hussein Obama.

midnightsstaff said...

Wow that sounds sort of decisive..
I take it you think Paul Ryan won eh?

Well, I agree with you Jim that the visuals were the deciding factor for anyone left still questioning this election.

I had forgotten how loathsome of creature these second stringers really are, there is something in the water of the Northeast it seems, I out of hand dismiss any Yankee or Yankee sympathizer all my life and it has served me well.

Look at the whole clowncar of political whores this nation has bred, that jackass we suffered tonight is just a slightly taller zebra of the herd, they are interchangeable..
You could have switched him with Maxine Waters and no one would have noticed the difference- except Maxine is slightly more polite and doesn't leer, sneer and laugh out loud like Rodney Dangerfield while the other debater is making a point.

In a sane world we wouldn't have ever gotten to the point some incompet.. no- diabolical figure of biblical proportions such as this muslim traitor and his gang of useful idiots would have ever gotten past the FBI background check.
He is a true amateur of epic proportions who is not going to dig himself out of this hole he has dug nor is there going to be any effort to make a seamless transition.
there will be hell to pay.

midnightsstaff said...

Joe Biden was off his meds
by Mark Levin on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 7:46pm ·

Martha Raddatz was awful, stepping all over Paul Ryan's statements. Joe Biden was off his meds, flailing with his hands, interrupting, repetitive, and whiny, which is what most of his base has wanted. And Paul Ryan was calm, cool, and collected, with a better second half in the debate.

LOL.. "Joe Biden was off his meds, flailing with his hands, interrupting, repetitive, and whiny, which is what most of his base has wanted"

haha. Mark has a way with words.. and concepts.

steve buzzardo said...

"JOE BIDEN ROCKS" - The Red Menace

Some comments from left leaners: MSNBC’s S.E. Cupp: “Biden needs to laugh a little less through the Libya, Middle East, and nuclear Iran segment.”

One correction Jim, S.E. Cupp is not a lefty. I think they have her on MSLSD as a token right winger on the show "The Cycle".

Arizona Dave said...

I finally figured out who the smirking, laughing Joe Biden really is...of course, 'THE JOKER' in the Batman Comics & Movies...and this fool is only a heartbeat from the Presidency...give me a break...

Rick Kepple said...

I'm watching the debate this morning. I prefer not having TV reception, because I don't want my opinions fed to me.

I've only watched the first five minutes of the debate and Paul Ryan has a very good point about the attack on the consulate.

Obama blamed the Youtube video and even the police did exactly what Islam wanted and arrested the filmmaker to appease the most tolerant of religions.

Then the military found there was no protest and Obama apologized to bullies for killing our own people. That apology will definitely lead to more attacks. Guaranteed. Islam is composed of rabid dogs.

Biden should have just said they messed up and promised to never do it again. But they know they can't make promises they can't keep.

Rick Kepple said...

"When they run out of IOU's ..." Ryan said. Well that's the first time I've heard a politician admit that they borrowed from Social Security for other programs and didn't pay it back. The Republicans have primarily done that.

There is sufficient money paid in to Social Security by Baby Boomers, many of which are already dead and if the IOU's were paid back, there wouldn't be a budget shortfall. It's just psychological hogwash and the rich idiots buy it, because it's what they WANT to believe. The myth that Social Security is broke is being shoved down the throat of the general public and it's not true.

The wealthy actually redistributed their own money and have the nerve to blame the poor for being lazy and the cause of our nation's woes! It's not the poor who make these decisions, or if the rich want that myth, I'd say that in ten years, we'll elect a homeless dude. The wealthy people will get exactly the illusion that they've been creating.

And for the REAL unemployment figures, the number of disabled and those on Welfare should be counted as well as some people going to college and getting student grants. Gee, what's that? About 47 percent unemployment?

Part of that unemployment was created during the Bush years. It got worse by nature in the Obama years and if Romney gets elected, the world will continue to wobble on as it is now. Nothing will change, except those to blame.

Rick Kepple said...

"... and it extended the life of Medicare to 2024 ..." Biden

Why does this year keep popping up? 2024?

Because according to the G20's timeline, global governance of some kind will begin in 2025. So there won't be a need for American Medicare in 2025, and both Biden and Ryan know this. I'm guessing that you won't find many government programs going beyond 2024.

Rick Kepple said...

Proud gave me the excuse to blog you guys. It's Michael Jackson rules. I used Proud's words about Stevie Nicks and harassing me to make Jimmy famous!

I can't just write, "Read Jim's words. He's smart." Nobody gives a rat's ass about who Jimmmy is, until he's famous like me.

Just trying to help you out, Jimmy.

Jim McAllister said...

After reading the "Repulsive" this morning I think the writers saw a different debate than I did. Biden was insufferable, acting like a little boy who has no good argument so he pushes on with an air of bulllshit and bluster hoping the audience will not notice he, like the Emperor, has no clothes.

Ryan was a bit too solem muchof the time but he has command of the information. I rate it Ryan 55%, Biden 45% at best.

Jim Johnson

midnightsstaff said...

Are you starting to believe me now Jim?

I told you that this thing wasn't even going to be close and now the polling is starting to reflect reality..

The pollsters are now shifting gears into saving their reputation, Florida is a lock, Ohio is nearly a lock and it looks like Pennsylvania is going to go for President Mitt Romney..

That debacle last night did them in.

Like my tattoo cartoon says.."the end is near"- now that's a classic cartoon I wish this blog would let me use- and one I doubt you find offensive.

this is a dangerous time, we have a madman in the WH who is desperately looking at anything to keep him as dictator.

..a war is not off the table.

midnightsstaff said...

Big Mo has taken over... pack your trash you grifters and get ready to move.

Time to get Sheriff Joe and his posse on the numerous criminal acts and start arresting the bastards.

Eric Holder will look great walking down the fish line at Levenworth.

"fish on the line"- or better yet, give him to the Mexicans..

Jim McAllister said...


It went pretty much how I thought it would.

Biden is always easy to predict.
He is a typical blowhard politician who has been surviving on the fatted calf of politics his whole life and made a lot of money doing it.

In a way, I have to hand it to him: He has done well for a basically dumb guy who finished near the bottom of his class in law school and has been nailed twice for plagiarizing the work of others.

On the other hand, guys like him are eventually exposed as the low class dummies they are. It was just a matter of picking the exact time last night that he would insert his foot into his mouth.

Before the debate, Joe was bragging about his ability to "rope a dope" borrowing from the quote of Muhammad Ali in the 70s.

Needless to say it was a highlight of the debate to see Ryan pull the rope a dope on Biden when he said: "I think the vice president knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way."

Biden's reply was one of his classic gaffes: "But I always say what I mean and so does Romney!" Ah, one of Joe's classics!

Are we to believe that he was verifying that he MEANS all of his gaffes? What else are we to surmise from "I always say what I mean!"

Also, if Joe believes Romney always says what he means, does that mean that Joe trusts what Mitt says? After all, he says Romney "means it."

The debate was a classic case of the older, supposedly wiser guy of 69 with all the experience, looking down at the 42 year old "kid" with disdain as if to say "You don't deserve to be on this stage with me."

If you read the comments from people who count in the news business, it's obvious that Biden was disgusting to most with his antics.

As far as Ryan, he held together through the blowhard nonsense portraying a guy who was above it all. I'm glad he threw in the above zinger about Biden's reputation as a master of the gaffe. That showed a total dismissal of the Clarabelle character.

Raddatz is apparently a buddy of Obama at worst and left leaning at best. Hence, she should not have been the moderator.

Jim McAllister said...


I could tell right away this was going to be another clown show by Biden.

Every time Biden gets in front of a camera he acts like he is auditioning for Loony Toons. I think he fells that his antics show a bright, relaxed attitude when, in fact, he is making a fool of himself.

I kept hoping that Ryan would nail him with something sedate and he finally did with the gaffe comment. That's all it took!

Joe Biden: A perfect example of what happens when the Peter Principle and Murphy's law get combined.

I wonder how many Camels Obama ingested watching his VP fall flat.

Jim McAllister said...

Levin is great and Raddatz shouldn't have been there. Nothing personal but she is of the left.

Maybe Mitt should demand Neil Cavuto to balance it out.

Jim McAllister said...

My error, Steve.

I forgot about Cupp. I was thinking of Scarborough being the only one who isn't totally left at MSNBC.


Jim McAllister said...

AZ Dave,

Great analogy!

Jim McAllister said...


I can't just write, "Read Jim's words. He's smart."

Why not? I don't mind!

Can we count on your vote for Governor Romney now, sir?

Jim McAllister said...

Jim Johnson,

Biden acted as I figured; WAY over the top. I'm glad they had a split screen just so the public could see his reaction to Ryan: rude and uncouth just begin to describe his antics

Ryan was solemn for the most part but got in that one good point about Biden's gaffes that knocked Biden out of the park.

55-45 is pretty close.

Jim McAllister said...


My only beef with Google is the inability for readers to post cartoons, photos, etc like we used to do on Plugged-in.

Send me anything you have to my gmail address and see if I can come up with some kind of Rube Goldberg invention.

Jim McAllister said...

I was looking at those RealClear maps last night and it looks more encouraging than when they had O at 332 electorals.

Plenty of time for Mitt to pull it off and I'm sure he is at home as we speak gearing up for those last two debates.

After the first debate he has a nice head of steam that he needs to continue.

steve buzzardo said...

I forgot to mention that S.E. Cupp is too good looking to be a lib.

midnightsstaff said...

I doubt this stock market can hang in there throughout this month... things are looking verrrry dismal right now, if it weren't for the antics of the Fed chair we would have seen a twenty percent drop already.. now we are looking at a forty plus percent drop most likely and five more trillion dollars of debt that can never be regained.

..hope and change.

Early voting needs to be cleaned up, how many people in the past week wish they hadn't sent it in so early..
makes no difference, Ohio is in the bag.. Pennsylvania is a leaner.
things couldn't be looking better unless you consider what happens after the election.

Jim might want you to vote for President Romney Rick, but I really don't give a damn who you write in.. fill it out for Daffy Duck like always for all I care- we don't need freeshitarmy votes.

You are the real problem that America needs to deal with..


Jim McAllister said...


LOL, Now you've got me thinking I should check out Cupp to verify her looks although knowing you as I do, I have full trust in your opinion.

Isn't it strange how the looks of the women in politics are inversely proportional to the party they support?

You have probably seen this but if not check it out (4:30)

Jim McAllister said...


Here's the url

steve buzzardo said...

thats funny Jim, Cupp is in that video. she's the one with glasses, wearing a green top

Jim McAllister said...

Thanks, Steve.

Yeah, she'll do! I like the glasses.

Gives that intellectual look!
(whew!) I'm starting to perspire.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, watching the debate last night Biden looked and acted like a sleazy used car salesman. Ryan, on the other hand, looked and spoke like a calm and collected person.

Biden has been in congress for 40 years, time to retire him.

Can you imagine Paula's response after Romney wins? She may have to be put on suicide watch.

Rick, are you on drugs or what? Social Security is going broke. Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every day.

I'm going to apply for SS next year at 62. According to SS what I and my employers put into the system I'll get back in 6 1/2 years after that it's nothing more than welfare. SS and Medicare are not sustainable.

Rick Kepple said...

"Why not? I don't mind!"

Okay. Read Jim's blog. Enter a free contest to win a Verb.

"Can we count on your vote for Governor Romney now, sir?"

Yeah, okay. My family is barely talking to me, because I posted the titty commercial that Big Louie ran YEARS ago. Romney's company bought the factory where a lot of them worked, laid them off, shipped the jobs to Mexico and devastated a town. The same town where I was homeless and no one cared.

Sure, I'll vote for Romney.

Rick Kepple said...

"Rick, are you on drugs or what? Social Security is going broke. Ten thousand baby boomers are retiring every day."

Herbs. I like herbs. Social Security is a strange little thing. The government makes laws planning ahead by decades, so Republicans and Democrats have no excuse regarding the failure of Social Security. They should be fined by having to live on minimum wage and Medicare. No elitism in government can be tolerated. They must set the example for sacrifice to one's nation.

Jim McAllister said...


Let'snot put Paula on suicide watch. She's on her own.

As far as Biden, if that dipshit is the best they have, we're in good shape.

Jim McAllister said...

This column refers to how some companies are reacting to the mandate of Obamacare.

We've already mentioned a group of KFC franchises whose leader says Obamacare would cut his profits in half so he will cut employees loose from his insurance, pay the $2,000 fine, and let them go to an "exchange."

Darden Companies is testing cutting hours to their 180,000 employees to avoid O Care and Westgate Resorts says he will do all he can to avoid the new law if it means shutting down the company.

I'm sure there are many other companies (Steve Wynn) with plans that haven't been announced yet.

Here is the scary part and an indication of how Obama would love to end our liberties and increase class warfare:

Washington, D.C., employment law attorney Robert B. Fitzpatrick offered this prediction if Obama wins re-election: “I would think aggressive enforcement people within the administration would pursue cases like that. And say listen, you're just playing with the numbers, playing with the hours to try to avoid compliance with providing health care to employees,” Fitzpatrick told Fox News. “And there are going to be consequences.”

It doesn't sound like the America we knew, does it. My favorite lines by that lawyer are “I would think aggressive enforcement people within the administration would pursue cases like that......And there are going to be consequences."

Consequences? This is the USA the last time I heard. The only consequence I want to see is Obama thrown out of office so we can get this country back in business.

Remember this on November 6.

Here is the whole column:

CJinPhoenix said...

When you vote this November, keep in mind that you are voting to take away my social security, guys. I will still have to pay for yours, though. That's right. I was listening last night. It was right about the 30 minute mark.

midnightsstaff said...

I'm not sure anyone ever said life was fair Cj.. that is another shibboleth that seems to keep popping up like an STD.

If the situation were reversed, how would you feel about it?
No one picked when they were born, no one picked male or female, no one picked black or white.. you play the hand you were dealt.

For the life of me I can't understand how you got this view on life in general, what is it about class envy that is so attractive to some personalities? seem intelligent enough and aren't bat shit crazy like Rick so what's up with the eternal chip on your shoulder?
nothing will change, the only thing that has a possibility of change is your attitude.
..but you don't see it- am I wrong?

You know the gears of life are the same as the gears of the Universe, truth is truth no matter what the opinion any of us hold.
I am just saying that you might need a little tune up about how you present yourself to others, Jim is a pretty forgiving guy, he has a lot more patience than I do when it comes to the eternal blame game you bring to the playground.
People respond to stimulus, be it pleasant or irritating.. why make life which is pretty damn hard by itself any harder for no potential gain and unlimited potential loss?

The only ones with your attitude that can make it stand up is the politicians. their nearly unlimited power the office holds is why they can play the game, you don't have that sort of juice so no one is going to respond like you might like them to.
consider this constructive criticism.

A Hired Gun said...

Sorry I am a little late to the party to comment here - some of us have to work for a living - lol.

The Romney/Ryan believers can spin this all they want, but the fact is Biden cleaned Ryan's clock in the debate and it showed.

Jim, if all you can show is the CNN results, go back and look at the fine print. It shows CNN polled more Republicans and had NO crosstabs. The plain truth is that Biden won his debate (just like Romney won his), and you can spin the opposite all you want.

If the best the GOP and you guys can do is complain Biden was "rude" (and that is the party line), you're better off not saying a word, because it makes you look foolish. I just hope Obama wakes up and does the same thing in the next debate.

Okay, let's hear the gnashing of teeth in reply.

Jim McAllister said...


With voters, likability is a big deal and no matter what Biden said, right or wrong, he came across to the public as a ill mannered clown and that will not get him many votes. Read the reviews.

As far as performances, you're dreaming about him winning the debate. He did not win; it was a tie at best. I don't blame you for having wishful thinking though.

Actually, for a two time plagiarist, he didn't do too bad even if he did confirm that he means what he says with his many gaffes.

CJinPhoenix said...

"I'm not sure anyone ever said life was fair Cj.." No, life is not necessarily always fair & I never said that I thought it should be. That is not the issue here however. This isn't about life & death as that irrelevant platitude is intended to express -- as in "It's not fair that my baby was eaten by wolves because he had his whole life ahead of him..." or something like that. Instead this argument is about a bunch of opportunistic assholes that already got theirs & have largely used up all the opportunities & broke the system -- and are now using their power to deny those opportunities to others -- taking advantage of people born just a bit too late and/or had a few unfortunate breaks in life at one of the most inopportune times in American history to have a bad break. And that issue is completely man-made, not natural.

I do understand why you misunderstand the platitude though. I have been hearing you old guys whining about how unfair it is that you have to pay to support people that do not work for a living for years & years. You believe you were wronged & now you you seem to believe you see the opportunity to right that wrong...BY TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OTHERS WHO DID NOTHING TO DESERVE IT.

First, that concept isn't fairness, it is justice. And second, I believe in justice too. I believe in the universal justice. In other words, justice here on earth is imperfect because it is has to be practiced & applied by humans. We were promised the it all works out in the end, however. And if you really want to know what I mean by that, it goes something like this: YOU ARE GONNA ROT IN HELL UNLESS YOU CHANGE YOUR WAYS, OLD MAN.

Steve/DG said...

I see some finally get a job and still have massive class warfare... CJ, I have mine, get yours on your own.

I spent a whole week on the East coast with the entitlement/eternal victim crying, and the unemployment is rampant there... and they still want unionization of everything.

Funny, they don't see the correlation of Obama and pro union lack of business and employment opportunities. But then again, as long as you can bridge phantoms up to hate, it makes for a good political argument.

CJ, there's a whole city back East that supports your exact argument.

Jim McAllister said...


Uh-oh, it looks like you got up on the wrong side of the bed today. I hope you didn't lose your new job already. If so, don't take it out on us.

You seem fond of calling guys like Middy and me "old man." What are you, about 52. That's not too far behind Middy or me.

When I was a kid, most of us listened to the older guys because we had enough common sense to know they had "been there and done that" and consequently, we could learn from them.

On the other hand, you seem bitter toward older guys who you think have taken advantage of you in some way while they grew up in a time where everything was handed to them.

Do you honestly think guys like Middy and me had an easier time making it in life because of the era we grew up in?

We both had to serve in the military and Middy even faced combat. Guys don't have too serve at all today.

And, please don't ever think that jobs were handed to us. We had to hustle as hard as anyone today for what we attained. The difference is we did it without bitching and handled the bumps in the road maturely.

I had to have a college degree just to become a salesman in 1969. By then I was 28 having done 4 years in the AF and 4 in college. That was typical then, but we never bitched. We just worked harder and smarter and caught up.

So please, cut the crap. You're not going to get us to shed a tear over your "misfortune".

And, please quit saying dumb stuff like "about a bunch of opportunistic assholes that already got theirs & have largely used up all the opportunities & broke the system -- and are now using their power to deny those opportunities to others -- taking advantage of people born just a bit too late and/or had a few unfortunate breaks in life at one of the most inopportune times in American history to have a bad break. And that issue is completely man-made, not natural."

That's bullshit. You've been paying too much attention to officers in the "freeshit army" like Obama and Biden.

midnightsstaff said...

Well I have been having an excellent morning/early afternoon so far..

My ex daughter in law and her husband and grandchild spent the night on their way to Clownafornia this morning..

.. my EDIL is about as liberal as any forty something year old woman can get.. she dreams of the day she can return to Seattle and reasonable people... get my drift?

I didn't hector her about her insistence that President Romney is a bad person, it was obvious she has no knowledge of the character of the man, nor any burning desire to learn anything other than what Jon Stewart tells her to.

but we didn't sit on the balcony drinking wine and arguing politics, I realize that she is just willfully ignorant and if I just back her into a corner she would become defensive..
better to try the ju jitsu approach on someone like this, besides one vote in Arizona isn't going to sink the state.

bottom line Cj, I wasn't being intentionally mean or abusive when I made those remarks, I was trying to get you to look at the macro picture and make a rational decision on how to approach people..

..anyone think I was just being a bully?- well, anyone except Blue that is..

midnightsstaff said...

Joe... great post, keep em coming we need a dependable counter balanced position to rationality and there is no one better to provide that than you bud.

Neither don Williams nor Baghdad Bob are available- you will have to do.

Hope you are knocking down a whole buffalo now and then or at least a slip and fall scam, times are probably hard and you attorneys are doing yeoman work keeping the already confused herd readily stampeding over the cliff.
my respects.

Hey, America's middle class has come to a standstill but times have never been brighter for the litigation and Brie crowd eh?

Your assessment of the debate is .....
breathtaking. .
.. as my favorite politician Nigel Farange normally leads off one of his diatribes to Parliment "you are all in denial!"
.. what a great ice breaker and excellent way to wake up the crowd..

midnightsstaff said...

"Heads or tails?" at midfield: "I'm sorry, sir. I'm not permitted to gamble."

haha.. great article and completely off topic..'s back to the penalty box for me I assume?

Rick Kepple said...

"When you vote this November, keep in mind that you are voting to take away my social security, guys."

You guys are so mean, wanting to take away CJ's Social Security! Picture the poor woman in her nightgown in the morning shuffling across a cold, tile floor to let the cat in, so they can share a meal. Then they sit down to watch Good Morning America where 140 people are bragging how Mitt Romney made their lives better. They are the only 140 people in America employed ... to say those words, then they're laid off.

It's cruel, I say! CRUUUUUUUEL!

And what of me and all my co-workers on Social Security, disability, Welfare and Food Stamps who are struggling to work with investors to build a brand new corporation to employ us and lots of other military veterans. Do you really want to put our lives at jeopardy? Surely, we're not the only military veterans fed up with the government and taking business into our own hands.

Paul Ryan said that Social Security would be solvent for us current folks, but it's got to be gotten rid of, so the IOU's can be welched upon.

Dude, these are politicians. You didn't really expect them to pay their debts, did you? It's just easier to get rid of Social Security than to put the money back from all those failed programs that they funded from Social Security.

Rick Kepple said...

"..anyone think I was just being a bully?- well, anyone except Blue that is.."

Well, since Sunday, life has been weird. Thanks Blue, for whatever.

So I'm struggling away. Not getting nowhere with this PR stuff. Working with a music studio run by military veterans and old musicians and suddenly, MIRACLE!

I got chosen because the powers-that-be apparently like my ideas to take a bunch of disabled/retired/Welfare recipients and teach us how to make millions of dollars, then hire more disabled/welfare recipients and my "brilliant" (they said brilliant) ideas will be put to the test.

Don Petersen will now get his wish. I don't forget people who helped me.

Mike Slater said...

CJ, why don't you tell us how you really feel?

As Jim said us "old" guys were not giving everything in life on a silver platter. I started working at 15 in my grandfathers construction company during the summer time. At 16 I worked at a grocery store after school and did construction work in the summer.

After High School I went to Glendale Community College for a couple of years, paying my own way. In 1971 I was hired by the local phone company at 20 years old and set a goal to retire by age 50 because working outside in the Valley takes a toll on your body.

I'm 61 now and plan on taking Social Security next year while there's still some left. I doubt my kids will ever get it though.

Your "woe is me" comments are getting old.

Rick Kepple said...

Mike, I think CJ's worked her ass off all her life and she's entitled her money. We all contributed all our lives to Social Security and now the younger generation has to pay our way.

The wealthy like to say that they're paying for everything, but it's a myth. Oh, the research is true, but they sent all the jobs overseas and collapsed the economy and they only have themselves to blame.

So the pendulum will swing back and jobs will be created by new American companies and those employees will pay into Social Security. And the world spins on.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Social Security's broke. Blah, blah, blah. Don't care. They took out IOU's and in the real world, IOU's are illegal.

CJinPhoenix said...

Steve, Stay out of this, baby. This isn't a class thing at all. It is actually an age thing -- that's the way we are being divided up & conquered anyway -- and, therefore, you are a part of my 'class' (so to speak) although I am your superior due to seniority. And, btw, I have already earned & paid for most of 'mine' while these guys you are defending are determined to suck all of mine & yours too out of the system just because they think they can.

Jim, I didn't 'wake up on the wrong side of the bed' as you are so quick to belittle me with. I listened to the debate & what I heard from your guy disgusted & angered me. I mean, he was practically bragging about how he & his mom used social security benefits that they did not actually personally pay for to go to college &, now that people like him & his mom have helped break the system, he wants you all to vote to break the promise to people like me & Steve (if Steve has been paying SSI anyway)...AND, yeah, I still have a job. Of course I still have a job. It is looking like I am gonna have to work in some low paying, no benefit dump until I die at this point just so that the Republicans can keep their promise to their voters -- people like you & Middy & Mike -- if Paul Ryan has any say in the matter. I am going to vote that he doesn't have any say though.

The way I see it now is that I am still not voting for Obama. Instead, I am voting against the damned Republicans & what they have become. I am voting against the principle of divide & conquer for political gain. WE THE PEOPLE are actually all in the same boat but you all seem determined to kick people like me -- hard workers but just a couple years too young -- out of the lifeboat because you are being told that YOU are gonna to lose all YOUR freeshit entitlements if you keep us onboard.

Middy, So now you are suddenly such an understanding, nonabusive sorta guy? Too late, buddy. We have too much history. And what is with this little obsession you have been developing with Blue? She is not even here & you are beginning to sound like Rick/Stevie Nicks now.

CJinPhoenix said...

Mike, I was never given everything on a silver platter either. I worked after school in high school & spent two summer vacations working too. What's your point? That "woe is me" thing is yours -- I have been listening to you whine about every dime you ever paid, including what you paid in child support, for years now -- so own it. As for myself, I am not feeling particularly pathetic right now. Instead I am feeling pissed.

proud said...

AHG said: the best the GOP and you guys can do is complain Biden was "rude"

Looks like that Obama reality suspension machine is working just fine.

1. Bidden claimed he voted AGAINNST both wars...In reality (means the real world), he voted FOR them...

2.Biden claimed the admin. only wanted a modest tax increase on those making $1 Milion or more...In reality, the admin. wants to increase tax on those individuals making $200 Thousand, $250K couples, that little slip / lie changes things dramatically for tons of small businesses.

3. Biden indicated he and President Obama are / were, less informed on the Libyan attack that left 4 Americans dead than are millions of average Americans, and most of the people on this forum, when he claimed (lied) about not knowing his own state department had said the killings were a terrorist attack. (The state dept claimed it was in live, phone contact during as well as after the attack, they broadcast real time video showing there was NO spontaneous demonstration at all, this was read into the record at the Senate investigation on weds, yet Joe didn't have a clue)

Wake up gun, you look like a fool!

Jim McAllister said...


What about that? Proud is right.

midnightsstaff said...

I notice that no one wants to cover my friendly wager- yeah they know the truth but Joe Bidet's embarrassing performance is all they have at the moment..
Their polls are cratering, they are losing swing states by the day, and a momentum shift like what is going on right now is very difficult to address, much less contain..

It will be interesting to see what strategy that the Clueless in Chief employs next debate.

..will he come out trying to build on Joe's foundation of childish buffoonery, mockery and outright lies, possibly once again attempt to accuse President Romney of murder in Bengazi using traditional, twisted socialist reasoning- trying to shout down and talk over a reasonable response and run out the clock?

I doubt he thought Joe did more than provide some comic relief either- he's not delusional, merely corrupt.
It's every man to the lifeboats at this point and they know it.

On another serious note..
Tomorrow is new moon and that is a traditional attack window- hopefully the mideast will hold it together one more time.

Jim McAllister said...

I think Obama will try to be a lot more assertive this time. How assertive he can be is the question. It's not really his nature.

Mitt should come out with both barrels blazing and nail him in a corner of which he cannot escape.

He has the ammunition so he should aim squarely between the eyes and put him away early. He proved that style would work and it led to an easy win in the first debate that really scored with voters.

steve buzzardo said...

the funny thing or is it sad, that as idiotic and stupid as Biden is, he would still be a much better president than the current Ass in Chief.

Jim McAllister said...


One thing for sure: As obnoxious and idiotic as Biden is, no one can ever accuse him of not having a personality. Unfortunately for him, it is not an endearing personality.

A lot of people liked his debate but dismissed him because he was such a jerk.

I read many reviews afterward and all they mentioned was how arrogant and disrespectful he was while saying little about his points.

If I was an undecided voter, his behavior would have been the clincher to avoid voting for him.

Chris Wallace's comments on Biden: "I think I have watched almost every presidential and vice presidential debate since the first four Kennedy-Nixon debates in 1960, and thinking back over the last few minutes, I don't think I've ever seen one where one participant was so openly disrespectful to another as Biden was tonight," he said. "The smirks, the headshakes, the mugging -- he was openly contemptuous and disrespectful. It wasn't just the facial gestures; it was the words. He dismissed Ryan's arguments as 'malarkey,' 'a bunch of stuff,' 'I don't know what those guys are talking about' and 'bluster.' It was an unprecedented performance."

Unprecedented but not unexpected.

Rick Kepple said...

"[Blue] is not even here & you are beginning to sound like Rick/Stevie Nicks now."

I have Stevie Nicks, or rather, Fleetwood Mac's DVD, "The Dance" on. It restarts on its own and I prefer listening to Stevie Nicks, but I will NOT go to Fleetwood Mac's concert in 2013. Yes, Stevie will get that snobby look on her face and say it's my fault. But the rich always blame other people for their mistakes. Everyone knows that and the general population is sick of the rich controlling their lives.

But I'll write kind things about Stevie Nicks. People absolutely love to read how a rich woman took pity on a kid living with a dying mother and Stevie helped me with advice to study in a public library for self improvement. In this day and age, Stevie Nicks could be sainted for that, but she'll never admit it, because there are too many witnesses to say that she made my life a living hell just for the fun of it.

Now that she's proven once again that she's insane, some of the public would rather believe that she's a drug addict and they don't believe her story of being off the drugs.

Ask Mike. He hates her. Police hate her. Feds hate her. To a lot of people, the woman belongs in prison.

There's not much I can do to help Stevie after American Idol decided they wanted to turn her into some 64-year-old Hollywood strangler, even though it's physically impossible for her to do that.

Walmart pulled the Stevie Nicks category in the Bible Belt, or at least where I live. Maybe elsewhere too. I doubt she has ever even seen a Walmart.

I don't know why, but all the music CD's are out of order. It's like a silent rebellion against the rich bastards who have the nerve to charge two days wages for their concert ticket prices.

Everyone knows that I write the truth. Stevie hasn't said a thing, and everyone knows that "no comment" means yes, Stevie knows me.

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler recently Facebooked that President Obama is intentionally keeping gas prices high and she alleged that President Bush kept them low. WHOA!, I wrote. I thought we lived in a free market society! I made quite a stir about that and now lots of people are saying, "huh? He's right!" The rich do control our lives.

Oh it gets worse.

Militias allege that the rich send Americans into war to get oil and oil contracts. Look at a map, I say. All those countries now becoming our buddies have oil. All those soldiers died to keep rich people rich.

Assault weapons are still being sold left and right. I don't think they're actually worried about zombies. One day, the People will take this nation back from the rich and the soldiers ain't gonna do shit about it. In fact, one high ranking officer in the Army said that his troops would join the rebellion to overthrow the government. I guess the rich forgot that most soldiers come from the working class.

I did think that was pretty cool that Vicky Hartzler made my point for me, about Presidents controlling prices in a free market society to benefit the rich.

The rich paying most of the taxes? But ... don't they have the Bush tax cuts? How is that even possible, unless the rich intentionally are trying to destroy America by outsourcing ALL the jobs, leaving only the rich to pay the taxes! Some CEO's have even admitted they are at war with the American working class.

I just think it's funny as hell, that Stevie Nicks accused me of threatening her in 1981, when she said in the media that she would kill another human being on live TV. Oops. I guess she's the dangerous one, not me. They should wheel her around like Hannibal Lector until she's ready to perform, then put her on a leash. Down girl. Sit.

midnightsstaff said...

I'll have whatever it is that he's having...

Rick Kepple said...

Bartender, two Old Peaknuckles, hold the glasses. Real men drink from the bottles. Old Peaknuckle. Beer like they used to make it with virgins stomping the hops.

Rick Kepple said...

Stevie Nicks and Nicki Minaj both made murderous threats and under California Penal Code 422 PC, both parties can be tried and possibly convicted of those threats, even though neither one had any intention of carrying it out. It is a VERY serious offense! They could be looking at 30 seconds in jail, because they're celebrities. If they were normal people, they could go to jail for one year up to life. California takes threats very seriously, depending on your zip code.

Jim McAllister said...


...Love the play on the Estelle Reiner line from "When Harry Met Sally."

A true classic.

Rick Kepple said...

Death threats are NOTHING to use as entertainment to gain publicity.

Dell Mack just called and informed me that one of Elvis Presley's cousins called him to break the news of a shooting in Memphis that took the life of B.B. Cunningham, a member of Jerry Lee Lewis' band.

Cunningham was working as a security guard and heard a gunshot and he went to investigate. Police found him dead along with a 16-year-old boy, who was also found dead. Police are continuing to investigate.

I was thinking of driving Dell to the funeral, if he wanted to go. Or find other musicians who are going and he can ride with them.

Rick Kepple said...

Dell said that B.B. Cunningham and he were working on a song called, "Greed," and B.B. played bass and piano on it. I made the suggestion that either dedicate the song to him or give it to his wife. Dell Mack's friends are going to the funeral and Dell decided not to go.

Music is supposed to be fun. Relaxing. To get me to stop focusing on Dora and death. It's the entire reason that I focus on Stevie, but I figure if everyone's that mean, it's a sign from God that she's not a good person.

I mean, focusing on Stevie is what broke me out of that depressive funk, or I'd have killed myself in 2007. I still have my moments.

Stevie worked very hard in many conversations, but again and again, I'm told that we aren't friends and that I'm delusional. The country folks tell me to forget her. Everyone else has.

Dell Mack has also worked hard to make me cheerful again, but life sucks. Dell tells me about Sun Records, telling me about Elvis, the wild and crazy antics of Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Smokey Joe, and all those legendary people that we know now, but could you imagine being there and they were ordinary people at the time? And some of those legends welcomed me as a friend and said, "You're one of us now. Don't you worry none." And the Elvis Presley family wants to meet me someday. Those folks are just as nice as pie.

Nashville and Memphis music corporations and the celebrities are the best! I talked to Toby Keith's people the other day. They don't hang up on you. They aren't mean. They're good, decent people. When I've spoken to Stevie's people, there are threats, innuendo, she's a "Product," they hang up and even Dolly Parton said, "Why do you want to talk to her for?" Dolly is the woman that you wish was your mom. She's that nice.

About the only thing I can do is work harder to help the musicians in the Ozarks, because they all know Memphis and Nashville musicians. It's like one great big happy family.

I've always envied that music life. They always seemed so happy and that's something I've not had much of in my life. Happiness. They all talk to me like a friend and they sincerely care.

I've met so many people at Dell's. I may have met B.B. and just didn't know who he was. I didn't know who "Caveman" was for the longest time.

I picked up a hitchhiker one day with a guitar case and he was from a band that was touring and it ended. They spent all the money and he had to hitchhike back. So he taught me the 12 bar blues, I gave him a place to sleep and fed him, then drove him the rest of the way. And he wouldn't even tell my housekeeper the stories that he told me. And I don't even write about these guys for a paid stories and I could. But I hate freelance writing anymore. That poverty contributed to my wife's death.

I won't write about anything but helping these musicians now, because the world needs them. The world doesn't need me. The world needs music.

Mike Slater said...

CJ, In the first place I'm not whining, you're the one that's whining all the time.

Social Security and Medicare should never been enacted in the first place. What ever happened to the concept that people took care of themselves and didn't look to government to take care of them?

You can vote against any Republicans you want but the fact of the matter is this country is flat ass broke. So if you don't get your SS and Medicare are you going to blame the Republicans?

Maybe you should consider an anger management course. It may help you.

CJinPhoenix said...

"In the first place I'm not whining, you're the one that's whining all the time." You can say that over & over again, sweetie, & it still will not be even close to the truth. You squeak every time you pay for something that is not directly connected to something in return for you, Mike, & sometimes you whine for years after the fact (as is the case with those child support payments you yourself have repeatedly whined about right here) ... And as for the stuff about anger management, as soon as Romney loses this election, I will be over my problem. Now what are you gonna do about all your anger? I am not the one who doesn't know how to forgive. You are. You admitted that right here on Jim's blog a few weeks back.

"Social Security and Medicare should never been enacted in the first place. What ever happened to the concept that people took care of themselves and didn't look to government to take care of them?" You know what? Most of that happened while my great-great-grandparents were still alive & voting so I do not rightly know. Even you are that old, Mike, so I betting you are talking out your ass about some utopian ideal that never really existed the way it is being portrayed in the first place. HOWEVER, when talking about SSI in particular, I have have paid into the system for years & years now -- most likely as many years & still counting as you did before you retired early -- THEREFORE I consider it more of an investment than anything else. And I believe that if you start receiving your money early next year while voting away the returns from my investment, that could be easily considered to be THEFT. The key to understanding that concept, Mike, is in your intent. You have every intention of cheating people my age & younger out of a return on our investment. YOU THIEF.

Rick Kepple said...

"Maybe you should consider an anger management course. It may help you."

She's got to do something. One day, she's liable to kill someone. Her entire life, pffffft! An entire life's work, gone.

I ain't helping CJ. I've had enough of abusive people.

Right now, this loser friend is playing the same song and dance. "I've changed. Don't you trust me?" A few years ago, I might have given him a break, but I'm all out of patience.

You're gonna lose all your friends and everything you got, CJ. Why don't you tell me how I'm wrong. How you're not going to die all alone. You know I'm not wrong.

CJinPhoenix said...

LOL, Rick. Nope, I have friends & I even have family & I am never gonna lose them over some silly little blog & you are just too transparent for words. Feeling a little needy for attention, are we?

CJinPhoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CJinPhoenix said...

BTW, Rick, here's how you are wrong: I am competent enough to compartmentalize & distinguish between what's real & what's not. You may have to look those concepts up, dude, because I already know you don't get it. Start with the concept of COMPETENT.

Rick Kepple said...

"Feeling a little needy for attention, are we?"

I'm not in the mood for your bloated nonsense. I will rip you a a new paragraph, shorty.

Rick Kepple said...

Did you like that? Paragraph. I'm so funny.

I can smell CJ's little beans in her noggin jumping around with thinkiness. She pauses, ponders, wonders and grins, types those little stubby fingers with some nasty verbage and a bullying interjection with an attempt to strangle and cough out an allusion or a simily. By now, her carefully planned attack amounts to less than a scratch n' sniff. CJ's letters always have that little perfume on it ... or not. She hasn't yet figured out that the spray can't penetrate the computer screen.

Rick Kepple said...

"I am competent enough to compartmentalize & distinguish between what's real & what's not."

Are you really? Reality. Is it what we read in the history books? Yeah, it is, but it's more than that. How is reality measured? Psychologists can measure reality, but it's two dimensional.

Thought is reality and the perception of what we sense with our eyes, nose, ears and touch as well as taste differs from person to person. Add in experiences.

Reality is constantly changing. The reality that you knew in San Francisco is not the same reality in the Ozarks. Reality is merely an agreed upon perception of what you may believe is real, but what if it is just a shared illusion of the truth, and that's how you've picked your friends. They agree that the delusions everyone senses is real. The King's New Clothes.

Then along comes a guy who challenges your certain perception of what reality is and you say he's delusional. Why? Because you live in the desert. Sand is your reality. It's in your brain, CJ.

Before I'm done, I'm gonna have you frothing at the mouth, CJ.

midnightsstaff said...

.."I mean, focusing on Stevie is what broke me out of that depressive funk, or I'd have killed myself in 2007. I still have my moments"

.."I still have my moments" truer words were ever spoken..

"I ain't helping CJ. I've had enough of abusive people"

I'll have none of that sir!
..this is a nearly native free range Arizona hot chick you are castigating...
not on my watch..

"I'm not in the mood for your bloated nonsense. I will rip you a a new paragraph, shorty" sure to flush and put the seat down.

"Feeling a little needy for attention, are we?"

Well folks the new moon which is the kissing cousin of the notorious "full moon" is nearly as confusing to the afflicted as you can clearly see.. there seems to be a normal three day flare up with Rick and the rest of the lunatics, this might be a rough one.

Rick Kepple said...

"Start with the concept of COMPETENT."

That's a completely different issue, CJ.

Compentency is judged by how well a person maintains their personal order. For example, if I were to go around threatening people with murder, they'd probably lock me up, unless I was a celebrity. Then they'd just say I was on cocaine and wink at it.

The last thing you want to do with a celebrity is treat them special. It feeds their ego and the nature of their work makes them superegotistical and godlike delusions.

Basically, if you can make responsible decisions and you aren't harmful to yourself or others, you're competent. If they locked up all the crazy people, we wouldn't have entertainers. Life would be boring without them.

But incompetent is when people go around threatening each other, unless they're on some reality show like Celebrity Donald Trump. Definitely incompetence there, but then we get back to reality and to them that weird shit's normal.

Competence. It's an interesting concept. It's possible that if a person needs an assistant, it's not because they're special. It's because they're incompetent.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Before I'm done, I'm gonna have you frothing at the mouth, CJ"

pretty smooth line there Rick, mind if I use that one at the cougar bar?

Altho I've found at my age Scottsdale women are pretty much like dog turds, the older they get the easier they are to pick up- just ask don Williams.

Rick Kepple said...

"...there seems to be a normal three day flare up with Rick and the rest of the lunatics, this might be a rough one."

Middy, you say the sweetest things. Thanks. I know I'm brilliant and eccentric. Everyone tells me so. I know, I think it's weird too, but I blame the economy.

Rick Kepple said...

"pretty smooth line there Rick, mind if I use that one at the cougar bar?"

Do you think that I should have said, "... have you frothing at the mouth, baby." or do you think that's too sexist? Probably too sexist, huh.

A thought occured to me. I've seen Steven Tyler with scarfs on his microphone stand too and I guess with the right knots, it would make a good garrote. John Wayne Gacy used to strangle his victims with a garrote. Is that in case fans jump on stage, then the singer strangles them?

CJinPhoenix said...

The moon has nothing to do with Rick, Middy. That is sorta like saying the inmates at the state hospital become lunatics once a month...They are ALWAYS lunatics. And so is Rick.

Alright, I am off to bed. No, I am not wasting a single drop of frothy spit on you, Rick. It is just that some of us still gotta work so have fun in my absence.

Jim McAllister said...

Glad to see everyone in form on a Sunday night.


Every time I think I have heard all your good lines you come up with:

pretty smooth line there Rick, mind if I use that one at the cougar bar?

Altho I've found at my age Scottsdale women are pretty much like dog turds, the older they get the easier they are to pick up- just ask don Williams.


Jim McAllister said...


..."some silly little blog"?

I beg your pardon! I resemble that remark!

Rick Kepple said...

"No, I am not wasting a single drop of frothy spit on you, Rick"

Oh c'mon! No frothy spit? None? Not even a little drool?

"They are ALWAYS lunatics. And so is Rick."

Brilliant minds are often eccentric, I'm told. That's why you see so many crazy people in Hollywood and the music industry.

CJ sleeps on a bed of nails.

"Altho I've found at my age Scottsdale women are pretty much like dog turds,"

You mean stinky?

And yeah, you can use my pickup line with the cougars.

I'm going to bed. I just feel emotionally strangled now. Tired.

midnightsstaff said...

what a dumb shit... can't even discern between a joke and .....


Rick Kepple said...

"what a dumb shit... can't even discern between a joke and ..... "

CJ is not a dumb shit. Hey, dog turd ... dumb shit ... is that a joke?

One of the reasons I invested in going to that shrink years ago was to improve my writing career, by getting the head check. (Cue insults) But we went over what little I could remember of my life and he agreed with the 2002 assessment - classic aspergers.

Sometimes people have to say, "That's a joke." or "That's a hint." But, since I've analyzed myself, my business productivity is improving. Extremely focused mind, they say. Others maintain, scatterbrained. But the music industry like my ideas and they got me to help them for a song.

Rick Kepple said...

Scottsdale. The home of normal people in a normal reality with normal dogs crapping out normal poop with normal owners picking up said normal poop and putting the warm normal poo in their normal pockets. That's your reality in the city.

In the country, we generally walk around shit and not save it in our pockets.

You see, our realities are different.

Rick Kepple said...

Arlo Guthrie's wife, Jackie died of cancer. She was 68.

Arlo was nice to me years ago, when I was looking for that rock star for guidance. I guess we might have inspired one another. God is taking so many of the good people home.

midnightsstaff said...

meth kills.

Rick Kepple said...

"meth kills."

Rots out your teeth too. But I'll say one thing for meth addicts, they work REALLY hard. Like all addicts, when they start coming down, they just feel like strangling someone. A cop told me that is when they get dangerous and the only thing you can do is shoot them in the head and put them down like a rabid zombie.

Rick Kepple said...

Songwriter Billy Arr told me to get over that rock singer and the past. He's originally from Pulaski County Missouri and nobody likes that drug addicted rock star.

But I hate to get rid of my rock music collection, but not one of those people have ever come to my aid, but by God, they'll use my brilliant ideas. They'll call me a stalker and use me for free advertising.

On a website owned by that female rock star's label, there's a guy who probably works for her and is one of y'all's friends, who maintains that I want to have sex with Lindsey Buckingham. I've asked that website administrator to get rid of it, but they won't. To rock music, calling someone a gay man is cool. It's free advertising.

It might even be the reason why someone pulled that female rock star's music from our local Walmart. I looked it up. The corporation still sells her music, so someone is getting rid of it, or just won't sell her music. I don't blame them.

And I'm considered delusional for seeking out some fluffy rock star who claimed that she was my friend and obviously she lied. Everyone said how nice she is and thought I was lying, until the woman threatened to strangle someone, which is a violation of the law. But rock stars never go to jail and her music sales probably went up for threatening murder. That's the rock music industry and the way they think.

And I'm dangerous? I don't fricking think so.

I've endured nothing but abuse and hate for trying to find her. So you see, that's the woman's reflection - hate. It's what she projects.

I've used that music label's page and Facebooked it with the lunatic saying that I want to have sex with Buckingham for free advertising to show millions of people that rock music is evil. And I'll keep doing it.

What's funny is that the crazy ass rock star tried the same crap in bullying me like was done in the 80's. Nobody could touch her then and no one can touch her now after she pulled the same nonsense, but this time I used spin. The Internet didn't exist in 1981.

I think that God was trying to show me the truth and I have a feeling that the Lord is going to seek revenge, or maybe He already has and still is, for what she's done. What rock music has done to people is unforgivable.

Rick Kepple said...

Arlo Gutherie, Amazing Grace.

Mike Slater said...

CJ,I have to agree with you on one point, Rick is as crazy as a loon.

The only problem I had with child support was the fact I had no control how the money was spent. From what I saw over the years the bulk of the money went to my ex and her many boyfriends. I would have much rather paid alimony since that's tax deductible.

Do you really believe there's some SS and medicare account with your name on it?

Everything you put into the system goes to pay for those already retired. With 10,000 of us baby boomers signing up for SS every day how long before the system goes broke?

BTW, Romney"s going to win so you're still going to have a problem.

Jim, did you watch the Cardinal game yesterday? Looks like the wheels are falling off and they still have to play SF twice.

Rick Kepple said...

People have asked me if I'm gay. I can't get a date after some woman Googles me and now, I just don't care anymore. Oh I am not suicidal and I'm not dangerous to anyone innocent, unless they come after me.

But I must consider this person pretending to be me to be a threat to national security and to the American people. Me.

This person is considered to be armed and dangerous and agents are advised to shoot to kill.

But first, I'll see if I can passively solve this, if not it goes to the next level and I don't care who it hurts.

I'll issue press releases and the website denying that it is me, or any of the other Rick Kepple's in America and possibly a member of al Qaeda and maybe linked to organized crime in the mainstream music industry.

I think it sings, don't you?

Rick Kepple said...

Crazy or not, someone's gonna get it, Mike.

What would you do if a Presidential assassin that you were tracking wrote that shit in your name? In fact, it could have been Mike, CJ, Jimmy, Middy, Bodo, even a rock star.

But if I have to get mean with this, it's gonna get ugly. Confess now or get rid of it.

Rick Kepple said...

Here's more, Mike Slater. Now, if you continue to say that I'm a loon, I'm going to suspect that you are part of this. Jimmy here greeted some of the people attacking me very warmly. One of them was a person who threatened President Obama with bodily harm. I can post the Secret Service report if you wish, but the photos won't show up with his gun.

"You see, my lovely Lindsey baby, I've been in love with you secretly
ever since you left Stevie. I was so devistated when you got married
to that girl because I was so in love with you and I still am. I'm
so torn up over the fact you won't let me insert my hard cock into
your soft sexy ass. Please reconsider, honey babe. I'll treat you so
well if you will only let me show you how good I am.


Now Mike and the rest of you conspirators, the FBI already told me that this person hasn't done anything illegal and they wouldn't tell me who it really is, since they had the IP number of the computer.

I will release this to the media. I'll give them your old blogs. I'll give them everything I saved on paper about a lot of people who I believe are involved. And if people call me gay, I don't care.

I'm widowed. I'm disabled. I've been suicidal before and I do not care what happens.

I'm thinking one of the entertainment magazines, since a rock star already threatened violence, it should make a good story.

"Rock star and friends conspire to drive widower to suicide!"!topic/

Mike Slater said...

Rick, you need to get back on your meds and find a hobby. Annoying people on Jim's blog isn't cutting it.

I know you're a legend in your own mind but no one really cares.

Rick Kepple said...

That person that I suspect that posted as me, I turned in for abuse. Another post about Obama, I turned as a threat.

It's October. Remember what happens starting in October and since I'm delusional that some rock star is my friend, there is only hunting bad guys. And it's fun.

And I was told to get rid of that guy and his posts.

Rick Kepple said...

Tell me about Bill Gamelson, Jimmy. What is your relationship to him? I found a witness who said she saw Bill Gamelson attack Chris Nicks in Las Vegas. I was right when I told the feds he was dangerous and he would have gone after Obama after those threats he made. Can't let that happen, Jimmy. I don't care about your opinions. He's the President.

Mike, shut up. Don't you say one single word about Obama. Stay out of this.

Is Bill Gamelson back in Kansas? Is he part of the Hillsboro Baptist Church? Start talking, or when he kills someone, I'm turning every one of you people in to the feds.

Mike Slater said...

Rick, Obama has been, without a doubt, a dismal failure. Even a blind man could see it.

Somewhere Jimmy Carter must be smiling knowing he won't down down in history as the worst president ever.

Jim McAllister said...


I turned on the Cardinal game during the last two minutes.

Helluva field goal from 61 by Feeley then he gets one that would win the game from 38 and has it partially blocked.

They never had a chance in OT. I was glad to see Buffalo win one. Let's say it was a nice present for former the late GOP Rep Jack Kemp who played QB for the Bills in the early 60s while I was in the USAF.

I have no use for the Bidwill family. My dislike goes back to when they were in St. Louis.

They are bad news and were very lucky that the dumb ass taxpayers of Maricopa County built them that lemon Jiffy pop stadium. They didn't deserve it.

Jim McAllister said...


Relax, take it easy. You're getting a bit overwrought.

Rick Kepple said...

My witness stirring up the trouble got a bond of $15,000 for stalking back in September in Las Vegas. I theorize that she is the protective type of stalker. I've often questioned my own motives and it's largely why I don't go to concerts. Or much of anywhere.

I've been stressed out for a while since that heart episode in Wally World. So I laid more concrete block today to relax. I'm looking forward to my final heart attack. Keel over out in the woods. Eaten by coyotes and scattered over the landscape.

Mike, I'm telling you ... there is something suspicious about Bush, Obama and it looks like they'll keep it dramatic to the end, and I'm guessing Romney will win.

I'd like to see the election of 2024, because it's possible that the winner of that race could lead the world in global governance. Don't laugh. The G20 has documents that outline the entire plan and in July 2008, they said Obama would be the one ushering in a new era.

The Republicans are talking war and they're right. Everyone thinks we're weak, thanks to Obama. That's a good thing. Let al Qaeda bring it. In these last four years, about 70 percent of Americans now own firearms.

I'm betting we get hit by terrorists before the election. Be careful eating from buffets. DHS believes terrorists plan to poison them.

Muslims attacked us because of the crusades.

DHS warns of poisoned buffets and in 1122, Venicians waged a crusade against the Muslims. Thanksgiving is on 11/22. Terrorists got a thing for dates. Metaphorical bastards.

DHS believes that the poisonings would be widespread and on buffet bars. I'm guessing truckstops. Truckers eat a lot on Thanksgiving and without truckers, there's no commerce and our economy will collapse. Just a theory.

CJ Phoenix said...

JHC, the bats are bouncing off the walls right now. Didn't know there still were belfries but Rick must be building one on his bunker. Or his trailer.

"Do you really believe there's some SS and medicare account with your name on it?" Of course I have a SSI account, Mike. I get a statement of my account from the SSA every year & I even have an account number. But if YOU believe that there are no actual accounts being set aside -- and you are superficially right about that because those funds have been raided but the government is still accountable for that money -- then the question remains: Whose money do you believe you will be receiving when you cash in early next year? Obviously, you have every intention of stealing my money & that's why I called you a thief earlier. The shoe fits. Wear it.

I pay for my Medicare too. That is more like insurance however. Both Medicare & SSI are technically insurance, I guess, but Medicare works more like insurance that you simply pay for ahead of time regardless.

You know what the biggest problem with Medicare is as I have seen it? There are layers upon layers of private business nowadays & they are all getting a cut. And the people at the top of that food chain have no cap on what they can take -- whether they are taking it in salary or they are scamming the system -- plus there tons of caregivers & nurses & administrative assistants & billers ... at the bottom that are being supported by the system too. Although, generally speaking, the people at the bottom don't make much individually. But they make up for that in sheer quantity.

This is actually the problem with our whole medical system & that's why the costs of insurance for working folk are going thru the roof these days. You know, there are companies here that do not offer even so much as a group rate on insurance but do not pay their employees enough to pay for insurance out of pocket? LITERALLY. Then, when you ask one of these employers how you will be able to see a doctor when you need one, they say: I don't know. AHCCCS? Go to an emergency room? SERIOUSLY.

CJ Phoenix said...

"CJ,..."some silly little blog"? I beg your pardon! I resemble that remark!"

I was talking about the blogsphere in general, Jim. You are neither silly nor little. Okay, maybe you are just not little -- I have seen you tower over me in person -- because I have seen you be silly. Remember doing "The Swim" in your seat at that hockey game?

midnightsstaff said...

.."I've been stressed out for a while since that heart episode in Wally World. So I laid more concrete block today to relax. I'm looking forward to my final heart attack. Keel over out in the woods. Eaten by coyotes and scattered over the landscape"

..drama queen..

.. hell being left in the trees for the scavengers to dine on was considered not only good manners but a honorable send off in some societies..

Christ- take two midols and try to get some sleep.

midnightsstaff said...

Hey big comeback win for the Broncos eh? I really thought they were buried at the half, nearly turned it off but glad I didn't ... getting pretty worried about the hockey season.. it doesn't look like there will be a season this year to me.

Green Bay put on a clinic last night, I actually had the game last night as a possible loss, the rest of the schedule works in their favor and really isn't that tough..

Going to be a good game Thursday night with San Francisco and Seattle, don't know which way to go on that one, Seattle looked decent yesterday beating the Pats.

I should be jonesing pretty hard next month.. luckily I recorded the Yote games from Columbus through the playoffs..

Jim McAllister said...


The Swim? At the hockey game? Me?

Uh......I ain't talkin"!!

Jim McAllister said...


Three great games if you count the Bills beating the Cardinals at Jiffy Pop.

Nice Pass, Skelton! Red Skelton could have thrown it better!

Green Bay looked almost flawless beating one of the better teams and tonight, Peyton looked like his old self when with the Colts.

They could have thrown in the towel and said the hell with it at half time but Peyton said hell no to that.

Meanwhile, poor Whisenhunt is chewing out a guy who stupidly spikes the ball after a lousy 7 yard gain. He should have cut him for such ignorance. You just can't do that in the NFL.

midnightsstaff said...

Ya gotta love where this election is headed Jim, looks like my prognostications for a landslide are starting to line up- Pennsylvania is leaning, what did I tell you about Florida and Ohio?

Obama just threw Hillary under the bus- blowing off more of his voting block despite Hillary giving him warning she has the goods on him if he does throw her under- now she is willingly taking the rap and blaming the whole Libyan mess on "the fog of war" - that should lead to even more questions of her competency.

..think she has a chance now in 2016?- Joe Biden threw dirt on her coffin last week by telling the world it was a State dept. problem at the debate.. there are lots of land mines being laid by every one of these criminals.

In reality that incident in Benzgali was them trying to cover up another illegal arms shipment operation, this time to to al queda and the Muslim Brotherhood with shoulder fired missiles and other questionable ordinance it seems to a rational observer.. fast and furious part II.

If she is willing to wrap up with the blame on this one, there must be a even more serious criminal act she is covering up for, and this is unfolding three weeks from an election..


Believe me that what you see publicly is nothing like what is really going on- now Bill Clinton and his machine is involved and Daryl Issa is rackin' em up waiting for a change in Attorney General's- we should see arrest warrants by March.

Either way this election wraps up tonight ...take it to the bank, there simply isn't anything the Acme line offers that can help Wiley this time. much for The Red Menace's war on women eh?- bwhahahwwwahaaa!!

Sandra Fluke rocks!!!!. (who??)

Rick Kepple said...

"..drama queen.."

I have studied drama, yes. I'm not a queen. I'm male. I'd be a drama king.

So, we'll just be businesslike and not at all warm and friendly, Midwestern style. I'll see if I can manage to act like you people.

Rick Kepple said...

"JHC, the bats are bouncing off the walls right now. Didn't know there still were belfries but Rick must be building one on his bunker. Or his trailer."

You people don't care, remember? Duh, did you forget, ice princess?

"The disrespect, interruptions, mugging to the camera, and laughing while Representative Ryan presented his side of the debate, was unconscionable."

Are you fricking kidding me? Have you ever once read your own blog, Jim? Disrespect by all of us to one another is normal. Why would you expect anyone else to be different?

Rick Kepple said...

"... one of the rudest, most ill mannered, boorish ..."

I used to be a nice guy, but not so much anymore and it's not entirely the fault of people in Scottsdale, but y'all contributed to my ill tempered nature now.

As for writing crazy letters to CJ ... I wanted answers, she didn't tell me the truth. She got the treatment as did the rest of you and will continue getting disrespected, the way you did me. Y'all act like Stevie Nicks used to behave, and as far as I can tell, she still does behave like a mean old bat.

I'm staying on disability and on your dime. I'll help people for free and I don't want your money or your help. I will continue to write about Stevie and if she's embarrassed, then good. The woman deserves it. Poor CJ. Someone get her a tissue. I think I hurt her ... no, CJ has no feelings to hurt.

Mike Slater said...

CJ, When I start getting SS next year I'll send you a thank you card. Will that help?

I get one of those statements from SS every year too. I'm going to get a little over $1500 a month at 62. With the money I put in and the employers I'll get all that back in about 6 1/2 years. With Medicare at 65 one trip to the hospital will burn through that.

When you retire where do you think the money is coming from to pay your SS and Medicare? Are you going to call yourself a thief then?

midnightsstaff said...

Wow.. too bad you just wrote her off, she was just telling me how she is starting to like you and looked forward to one of your I mean heartfelt missives.

Hotties like her have the pick of the litter.. She just reeks of are defiantly losing points now though Rick,- you didn't mean it.. I would suggest flowers and a nice bottle of screw top- under a full moon.. try to save this burgeoning relationship before it's too late.
you haven't completely messed your chances with her up yet...
keep trying- no matter what she says, don't take no for an answer, women like persistence.

A catch like her doesn't come along often, no one here will disagree - and that's the gospel.

Jim McAllister said...


Absolutely! I agree! Once in a lifetime.

steve buzzardo said...

all I have to say is that I want to see the asshole in chief's ass kicked really hard in the debate tonight.
I want to hear in the debate, about all of these cover ups going on now. Dead Americans, Solyndra, Fast and furious...
Nixon was forced out of office for a hell of a lot less than this asshole is getting away with.

midnightsstaff said...

not votin' for the 'Bamster I take it?

midnightsstaff said...!-

I wouldn't worry too much about "the lightbringer's" oratory prowess..'s way over rated..

midnightsstaff said...

hey I found a video for Rick..!

Rick Kepple said...

I bought a new Telecaster today. I feel much better now. I had it in layaway for a while. I haven't been listening to you know who's music either.

I get bitchy without her music and when I think of how delusional I am and that I'm supposed to be a stalker or something, I stop listening to her music and I stop playing the guitar. Then I get really bitchy. I get really depressed without my music, then I get mean. So pick your poison.

CJ Phoenix said...

No, Mike, if I actually do receive the SSI as I have been promised, I will not consider myself a thief & here is why: I have no intention of denying the next generation repayment of their investment & I will not ever vote for anybody who claims that is what they intend to do.

See, I knew you wouldn't get it. Opportunistic thieving cons always believe their own lies. At least that's how they consistently act & they do so very convincingly. It's that criminal mentality.

midnightsstaff said...

Sounds like a bowel obstruction.. try some prunes..

Rick Kepple said...

Well CJ, you best buy a .22 caliber rifle or something, because when Romney gets in office, he's going to open the borders into Mexamerican and we can come and go as we please into Mexico and Canada. No more Social Security and a license fee to beg. I heard one lender one day arguing for the return of indentured servitude and debtors prison to pay off bad debts.

A historian once told me that civiliation will never go backwards and if he were alive today, I'd show him Obama.

See. Rock star music good. Guitar good.

midnightsstaff said...

That's more like it Rick, show her the old charm..

.."A historian once told me that civilization will never go backwards and if he were alive today, I'd show him Obama"

I dare anyone to explain what that sentence meant.


Mike Slater said...

CJ, what makes you think that denying the next generation benefits is up to you? You have no say in what the government is going to do.

Keep living in LaLa land you seem to enjoy it.

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