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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


George Will wrote an interesting column about a month ago concerning the topic of race when it comes to liking or disliking Obama.

With Obama we have a guy who has flopped at about everything he has attempted and seems hell bent on continuing that mentality if re-elected.

His biggie at the moment is the screw up in Libya.  Also, as of August, real disposable income has again declined.  Recent figures show a 13.2% drop in durable goods orders and that “nearly 25%, the highest in three decades, of Americans between 25 and 55 are unemployed.”  Here’s more from Will:  “The second quarter growth rate was adjusted down from an anemic 1.7% to the stall speed of1.3%.”

How about his investments regarding the ever popular “green” mentality?  Tesla received $465 million from the Department of Energy for an electric car. Then, there is Solyndra’s $535 million lost while Fisker, another “would be maker of high-end rides for rich people” received $529 million.  All have floundered.

To put it mildly, “Obama’s administration is in a shambles” according to Will yet somehow he still maintains a high degree of popularity.  It seems inconceivable that anyone of normal intelligence would ever vote for the re-election of this guy.

George has a theory about why Obama remains popular in spite of his failures and that theory involves a parallel to baseball and race.

On October 3, 1974, Frank Robinson was hired by baseball’s Cleveland Indians as the first major league black manager.  Frank was one of the all time best as a player but he was unable to improve the Indians so he was fired on June 19, 1977; not even three years into the job. 

Frank Robinson was baseball's first black manager
after his playing days.  Like most managers, he was fired.

Although the firing of managers is common in baseball, firing Robby was the first instance of a black manager getting the axe thus allowing another racial barrier to fall.  However, after the Cleveland firing, Robby went on to greater success in managing four other teams. “Henceforth,” says Will, “African Americans could now enjoy the God given right to be scapegoats for impatient team owners” without relying on the old saying “He was fired because he was black.”  The trauma of a black man being fired was eradicated by future success elsewhere.

In Obama’s case, many thinking adults realize that he has failed but hate to give up on the first African American president in spite of his failures.  It’s a scary position for the country that there are those who would vote more with their heart than their head and re-elect this guy.   Those people are called liberals.

I would have no problem with a black president and once Obama is gone, there will be more room for a black guy who is actually qualified to lead.   I see more success coming from that direction for someone like Allen West.

Great comments department:  A guy from Scottsdale recently sent this to the Republic opinion page:
“Someone said voting for Obama this time would be like the Titanic backing up and then hitting the iceberg again.  But, if he should somehow prevail in November, just think of the awful mess he will inherit.”

From Jimmy Kimmel:  “I think that Apple keeps releasing new products just to see if there is anything they make that we WON’T buy.” 


Jim McAllister said...

From: Larry

Good thinking, Jim. One of your best if not THE best.


Rick Kepple said...

A "Superstorm." That's incredible.

Hey, Nick has a band trying to recruit him as the frontman. Wild.

I don't know much about George Will. Some rich guy and no offense to rich folks, but they've never actually helped me, except for talk. I've noticed that rich folks only talk to me, when they want me to fix a problem no one else can, then they claim that they owe me nothing.

The actual reason why a guy like George Will is rich, is because he plays by the rules of the game. The real innovators like me, break the rules. George Will is nothing special. Just a man with money and if he's not helping me, I don't need to know anything about him. He has absolutely no use.

That goes for anyone else. I learned it from SN, from way back when. She didn't need me to help her back then and I think the same way. Don't need George Will and don't care.

proud said...

Great blog Jom...Love the analogy. Agree that many just can't bring themselves to admit the historic election they were so excited about has been a complete bust. But false pride is no reason or excuse to further ruin this nation.

We tried the popular, rock-star guy who's good at reading speeches, yes he inherited a mess. Four years, six trillion in new debt later, by every measure, we still have a mess. Obama's failed, time to try a good man who's good at creating JOBS and has a long, proven, record of not only creating jobs,but working across party lines to actually get things done.

proud said...

Not sure if Virgil posts here? but he posted this on facebook this AM, so I'm taking the liberty to paste it here:

Bob Woodard, who uncovered and reported the Watergate scandal ending Nixon's presidency, winner of multiple Pulitzers for reporting and Author of 16 non-fiction books on politics is quoted in a Bruce Ash post:

Bob Woodward , obviously not a Republican partisan, has described the president as " …..over his head , out of his depth and wholly un aware of that fact." The president is also described as having "the appearance and presentation of an academic while being strangely clueless in his reading of political situations and dynamics." The president is described by Woodward as being "a bad negotiator whose confidence is greater than his acumen. His arrogance greater than his grasp."

The president not only lectured to the political class he also dictated to business leaders and CEO's . Even those business leaders who supported him felt patronized and while Mr Obama exhibited some polish his appeal was not much more than "window dressing." Woodward concludes that," in negotiations he did not cajole, muscle or win sympathy. He instructed. "

Perhaps President Obama's greatest weakness has been," his inability to be large spirited and conciliatory." If the president had possessed these qualities he might have under cut or avoided much Republican , Romney and Tea Party criticism according to Woodward. Many Americans have felt that the president has not been as good a listener as a talker . If Obama had been large spirited with Republicans he might have under cut them but he chose to be tough and mean spirited . He not only reminded Senator John McCain "he had won the election" and not McCain but he shut some Democrats out as well which might have been a factor in the US Senate opposing his most recent budget 100-0. President has failed to garner the required consensus to pass a single budget despite gavin veto proof super majorities for the first two years of his term.

nativekentuckian said...

Pertaining to Obama's ineptness as will never know whether it is his "black half" or "white half" which has caused the most damage....

AHiredGun said...


Wow! I simply cannot believe you actually submitted George Will's tripe for consideration. I know the GOP is extremely desperate and is resorting to all kinds of dumb ass ideas, but this is in a class all by itself. To see if I am right, please submit this to Romney headquarters or some GOP/Tea Party SuperPAC, to see if they will actually use it. I think there is a good chance they will, it is so awful!

Just 7 days left before the GOP/Tea Party wailing begins and the GOP goes to war with itself because Romney lost.

Hopefully, I'll see you tomorrow unless I get uninvited - lol.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, this whole idea of race is getting old. In 2008 we were told if we didn't vote for Obama we were racists. I have nothing against blacks but the majority seem to be still fighting the Civil War 147 years after it ended.

Successful Blacks like Allen West, Condi Rice and Judge Thomas on the Supreme Court are all vilified by the left as being uncle toms because their not Democrats.

I for one am tired of the name African-Americans. I'm of German decent but don't call myself a German-American. I'm an American pure and simple.

Frank Robinson was a great player and I always wondered why Cincy traded him.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh yeah, great blog, Jimmy. To the point.

I was reading that Obama might lose votes because of the "Superstorm." He got George Bush'ed. Katrina'ed.

But isn't it odd that Sept. 08, the economy collapsed and in Oct. 12, we had a "superstorm"? It's like a sign from God. It's surreal. It's just coincidentally weird.

It's like 1980 all over again. All we need is for Iran to take hostages and Romney can pack his bags for the White House.

Rick Kepple said...

Check out this poll. You guys don't dance yourselves into heart failure now, y'hear?

Most polls show Romney and Obama in almost a tie. It almost sounds like a sitcom in the making. No wonder the United Nations are here watching.

They're especially watching you bad ol' Arizonans. Everyone knows how you people are. I read about it in the mainstream media, so it must be true.

Jim McAllister said...

From: Rettajim


It is commedable that the American public elected a black man for the Presidnecy. Unfortunately, they elected the wrong one in their zeal to break yet another barrier. Now that this non event is over we can go back to electing someone who is qualified without regard for the color of their skin but based on the content of their character. (to poorly paraphrase MLK).

I remember all the stink in 1960 when the zealots were worried about the Pope giving Kennedy directions if he was elected. That too was a non event but I hope we don't have to go through all the "sturm und drang" to elect a Jewish candidate.

Too many politically correct people voted for Obama just because he was black, certainly not based on his ever so thin record of accomplishment.

Jim McAllister said...


George Will is a nationally syndicated columnist and author who writes for the Washington Post. He is pretty conservative.

Jim McAllister said...

Thanks proud,

See Lawyer Joe's (AHG)comment. He is still drinking the Kool Aid about Obama.

I think it is a good analogy with Obama-Robinson. Robby had to prove himself and he did which opened the door for blacks in baseball management.

Obama is a loser and may mess it up for future blacks unless a good man like West can come along. Obama has set blacks in government back.

Maybe he will discover that partying with guys like Letterman and Clooney may be fun but doesn't impress many voters unless they are libs.

Jim McAllister said...


I read Woodward's latest book recently ("The Price of Politics" and it is quite interesting how even the Dem have shut him out to an extant especially the part where he calls Pelosi and Reid and they put him on hold while they continue their work.

I don't know Virgil; tell him to stop by here if he would like to.

Jim McAllister said...


I still can't figure a guy like you bring such a liberal.

As far as Romney losing, you better check Gallup and Rasmussen polls. I know polls don't mean everything but i'd rather be ahead in them than behind.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm with you all the way. I remember the 1960 election too with the nuns lined around the block to vote for Kennedy and the fear of the pope stepping in. Funny stuff to remember!

It all was academic 3 years later.

Jim McAllister said...


Bill Cosby is one who has fought the term "African-American". I agree with him. We've had "black". Negro, and African-American over the years. I like "black" the best. We are white they are black; it's easier that way.

Cosby said most people don't even know where Africa is and that it is a continent, not a country.

Too damn complicated! LOL

Rick Kepple said...

"George Will is a nationally syndicated columnist and author who writes for the Washington Post. He is pretty conservative."

Oh. I thought he was a baseball team owner. Got a lot on my mind lately, but my computer tech got that headache fixed finally. I've had that damned computer in two shops and both of them screwed it up worse! So when this tech moved back, I hired him.

The studio wants to use their analog equipment to run through an interface to the iMac. I've been a year trying to get these guys to go digital and get uploaded to iTunes. Got a CEO in there to advise them. Finally, got them to try digital! Remember, Dell Mack used to sing about the time Elvis was discovered.

George Will. I should have known the name or Googled it, but all I've been looking at is research, interfaces, instructions, ... so coming to Jim's blog is relaxing.

Rick Kepple said...

We need more Indie news outlets that aren't liberal or conservative. All we have now are CANNED stories. I'm actually surprised that George Will hasn't been fired yet!

If you go against the status quo that is in power, they can destroy a career. They'll get to journalists!

One day, George Will will get health problems and if the insurance companies don't like him, they'll get his doctor to kill him off with dangerous medications or make him delusional.

Jim McAllister said...


Will just turned 71 in May and as far as I know is in good health.

He has mentioned that the bible says one's life was to be "three score and ten" which would be 70.

He considers himself as "playing with house money" by making it past that number by one year. Since I am contemporary with him, I like that comment.

He has written some good books about baseball; hence the baseball analogy about Frank Robinson. He is very astute about politics too; especially if one is conservative,

Rick Kepple said...

"He has written some good books about baseball; hence the baseball analogy about Frank Robinson. He is very astute about politics too; especially if one is conservative,"

Well George Will sounds like a nice guy and a good writer to mention Frank Robinson. BTW, who's Frank Robinson? And I've just about given up on politics. I remember Reagan and the Cold War days, sort of, and when I was nuts about SN. I couldn't tell her we were trying to kill Commies in secret and I wasn't really just a nobody. Now we've taken money from the Chinese.

Yes, the Conservatives took money from the Communists.

Did you watch that anti-Communist film, Jimmy? We have those same exact things we feared when that film was made and President G.W. Bush made some of them.

I'll tell you Jimmy, a lot of us old codgers from the Cold War who did illegal shit for the good of the country are fricking PISSED! It's like the troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and finding Muslims building a mosque on Ground Zero and going, "What the hell?"

Well, I saw photos of Romney volunteering. In the Ozarks, that means more than talk. President Obama is touring, but Romney is trying to prove that he's no better than anyone else. So he did get religion.

So maybe Romney can set things right again. I wish he'd get rid of that damned greed BS!

Do you know that I've been using my own money in that music studio and my own unpaid time? Lazy? No. Crazy? Definitely.

So I'm impressed when I see Romney getting his hands dirty.

Rick Kepple said...

See, this is what Governor Romney should be doing more; showing that he cares about people. If he wants rid of FEMA, Hurricane Sandy is a perfect example to prove that the nation can help the victims as if we were brothers and sisters.

Am I making you tear up yet? Well, watch the video. Get some tissues. A cigar. Jim Beam.

If he did more of this to help people figure out how to fix their own lives for true freedom, he'd easily win. This superstorm is his opportunity to prove what kind of president that he can be.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, there are some very intelligent Black people like Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams that try and get through to the black people but the problem is most of them are uneducated and would rather listen to rubes like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton tell them the Democrat Party really cares about them.

Sometimes you just can't fix stupid.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Although the firing of managers is common in baseball, firing Robby was the first instance of a black manager getting the axe thus allowing another racial barrier to fall. However, after the Cleveland firing, Robby went on to greater success in managing four other teams. “Henceforth,” says Will, “African Americans could now enjoy the God given right to be scapegoats for impatient team owners” without relying on the old saying “He was fired because he was black.” The trauma of a black man being fired was eradicated by future success elsewhere"

I had to read that paragraph again Jim.

That is a pretty astounding statement to make, what I get out of it is the firing of Robinson was actually anti affirmative action in play which is actually a very conservative concept.

Everyone knows business is what sports is all about except I can't explain the Cardinals.

Meritocracy is not all bad, neither is the concept of rewards based on performance.
Business rewards it, salesmen use incentives to attain it, the military has used a nearly purely meritorious system to their advantage up until lately.

But the leftists among us just can't be content to leave other people's business to themselves for some reason so they set up these sure to fail concepts like affirmative action in government and academia..'s inbreeding at it's worst.

Frank was all about the game of baseball, he knew that baseball not only fires people but also gives anyone their chance of attaining their lifetime dream as well, it's two sides of one coin.

Comparing this coward in chief we have in the White House to a great man like Frank Robinson is laughable- they are both carbon based life forms and after that little.

maybe guys like us would rather remember what the players of a forgotten era were like, I am pretty turned off by today's major league baseball.

midnightsstaff said...

Really Joe- uninvited?
I thought the afternoon went pretty smooth myself.. if it weren't for slow traffic it would have been a calming day considering how mine started..

I think maybe your problem is you have never really been around conservatives that much..
It's kind of like libs only knew what was told to them about Mitt Romney so once they saw he wasn't all what they were told, it changed a lot of minds...
that's why I can sleep nights, I know what the outcome of this election will be.

I've disagreed with George Will on matters but frankly I can't remember what they were so maybe they weren't so serious.
Normally I don't agree with anyone so what's one more guy?

I did tend to agree with Groucho Marx tho..

.."It isn't necessary to have relatives in Kansas City in order to be unhappy"- haha.. least that's better than my pointing out there aren't enough straight jackets in Cincinnati for Congress..

"you are all in denial!!"

been wanting to use that one for a week now...
Pedro zappa out.

Jim McAllister said...


"That is a pretty astounding statement to make, what I get out of it is the firing of Robinson was actually anti affirmative action in play which is actually a very conservative concept."

Anti affirmative action all the way. I think Cleveland was color blind when they hired Robby; they were floundering and needed a good baseball man and figured he was the one. They didn't care if he was green they just wanted to win.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out and Robby was canned just liker any other manager would be if he lost games.

To Robby's credit, he went on to do a good job with some mediocre teams like the Expos and Caps.

I remember him well when he was with the Reds in Cincy. He came up in 1956 and he could really hit. He was the toast of Cincy for ten years until he went on to even greater success playing in Baltimore.

The Reds made a big mistake by trading him.

Robby broke the line in baseball managing and as soon as Obama is dumped, we can look at guys like Allen West as having a legitimate shot. We can thank Obama for breaking the barrier then tell him to hit the road.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree.

Too bad you couldn't make the game; we had a great time.

Jim McAllister said...


"Well George Will sounds like a nice guy and a good writer to mention Frank Robinson. BTW, who's Frank Robinson?"

The blog and my comment to Middy tells you all about Frank Robinson.

midnightsstaff said...!

like I said, we don't have a political problem in this country as much as we have a morality problem..

midnightsstaff said...

Jim... remember when I told you I didn't like Christie?


Jim McAllister said...


White trash. Just think, soon they will be allowed to vote.

Jim McAllister said...

Wasn't Christie with Obama just to survey the damage in NJ?

Rick Kepple said...

There's a fury on Facebook about "rich people buying unnecessary food for Romney's photo op" and people are bitching that Mitt is handing out food to the poor in hurricane devastated areas. They must all live comfortable lives, is all I got to say. It might be a photo op, but from what I understand, Romney bought $5,000 of food from Walmart from his own pocket.

This country is so divided and in my opinion, Romney is setting a good example.

Yep, I took the time to read who Frank Robinson is, or was. Racial barriers are a man-made thing. People like Jesse Jackson have made their living from racial hatred. In my opinion, Robinson probably did the best job he could and the real problem was in the players, not in the manager. PR 101. It's almost always corporate's fault.

Anyway, I'll see what I can do for Romney. Obama's trying to be a statesman and Romney's actually trying to be decent. Can't fault a guy for that.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah.. just to survey the damage...

I like him as a pain in the ass governor- he reminds me of Donald Trump, but I wouldn't want him anywhere near the presidency.
It's the problem with these east coast types, they have to camouflage themselves all the time.
But it did give Obama something to do yesterday.

I know Christie is just politicing his way through next years governor's race but did he have to do it from his knees?

But the bigger question to me remains it really the rest of the nation's responsibility to make sure the multi million dollar beach houses get rebuilt at public expense for the next hurricane?- and why do those who chose to remain in the swamps of New Jersey or even the Hills of Bentwood in fire season always complain to a pandering governor when the same government they are demanding service from told them for three days to evacuate?

what... you didn't like my "all the strait jackets in Cincinnati" drive by?

my uncle in Cincy had his own tailor made in Bellevue.

proud said...

Cut Christie some slack...yea, he's a Rep. who opposes Obama, but when his state lays devastated, people , business, suffering, he's doing exactly what he should be doing...BEING THE GOVERNOR OF NEW JERSEY!...Fully cooperating with the federal government to obtain the fastest, most extensive, most seamless disaster aid he can possibly get! No place for even the slightest amount of partisanship when people's lives are in ruin...

midnightsstaff said...

I wish that people all across America could get to take a month off gasoline some day so the next time some envirowhacko funded politician starts running his mouth about how our use of Mother Gaia's resources are irresponsible and how we are causing irreversible climate change, they might just hang the MF on spot.

Before you take a bullet for any politician mike, it's wise to research what the man stands for.. in this case the man is standing for Gov. Christie and his interests, this time he just wrapped himself up in the NJ flag before he did it.

BTW- I am not saying what he did was wrong, it's how he did it- in the end he is a big government loving, gun grabbing pol in my estimation.

9 times out of ten we probably will agree mike, this is probably that one time..
once again I'll say it.

..."I've disagreed with George Will on matters but frankly I can't remember what they were so maybe they weren't so serious.
Normally I don't agree with anyone so what's one more guy?"
so far today I have broken the garage door opener and clogged the toilet, not a bad start eh?- but never once did it occur to me to ask the government with either problem.

midnightsstaff said...

Off point, but it appears Drudge is off line, probably their servers in NYC are under water.. same thing happened to an online radio station, I got this email from them last night..

.."New York City was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy on Monday night and since then Digitally Imported has been experiencing intermittent service. This is a result of the severe flooding in lower Manhattan where most of our core infrastructure is housed.

Our servers in Manhattan are running on generator power at the moment. Should the generators fail, it's likely that we would go offline again temporarily.

We'd like to apologize for the unscheduled outages and let you know that there we are working hard to get Digitally Imported stable and streaming again as soon as possible.

We will continue to make progress and status updates on our Facebook page.
Again, our sincerest apologies for the downtime. We hope our listeners on the East coast are safe and sound.

Team @ Digitally Imported"

So much for "The Cloud" for storing documents eh?- also for fb and other enablers for the connected generation.

midnightsstaff said...

Hey Joe, here is a little information on that GM bailout that we were talking about.. it's called channel stuffing and the practice has never been done on a scale like this..

There has never been a better time
to buy or lease a new GM!
Hurry now to your nearest GM dealer
before inventories increase even more!
2013 GM Yukon Denali AWD
403 HP
13 CTY / 18 HWY
Nicely equipped for only

Easy credit available through Ally Bank!
On*Star tracking and cabin recording included free for 6 months,
then you pay to be tracked and recorded.

Oh yeah Joe, Ally Bank (aka GM financing) got 16.28 billion in TARP money that hasn't been repaid yet and never will be repaid.

Jim McAllister said...


I assume that the "Mike" reference to proud was subtle sarcasm. Proud is not Mike; he is the one who busts his ass falling off roofs and is married to a jailbird.

Jim McAllister said...

As of 11:00 a.m. Drudge is coming in OK.

Jim McAllister said...

I'm calling all over town looking for one of those Denalis. What a deal!

I'm forced to change my car choices since my order for a new Tesla fell through.

prike said...

Maybe mid-day may be right? I mean with millions of his constituents w/o power,water,food,fuel, Christie should have played partisan hard ass. Because, after all, Obama is a political foe, and in these divided times no Republican should ever let what's the right thing to do, or what's truly best for the welfare of your citizens get in the way of partisan politics!(sounding a lot more like rick logic there bill)

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah.. still woozy from unclogging the toilet, and standing on a ladder trying to see what the model number on that garage door opener is.. sorry mike, I guess I was talking to John... already ordered one rebuild kit on amazon for 22 bucks plus shipping.

it was the "fog" of morning.

This is not the only thing I have noticed about Christie.. it's just the latest thing.

The point made by Christie and Obama in their vowing to rid the state of idiotic bureaucratic red tape was both of them condemning their own long standing nanny inspired regulations as to gasoline blending.
It only highlights their own admission of no confidence in market forces to any honest observer.
Chris Christie has not said anything or done anything in the past three years to address the issue.

When the opportunity presents itself to point out government's idiocy, why stop when it comes to Republican idiocy?
Christie is a big government RINO just like McAmnesty and the rest.
I will point out his inconsistencies just like I point out hack Democrat inconsistencies- explain to me what's wrong with that?

..Keep in mind it was the jackass incompetent leadership and growing the debt GWB oversaw that allowed even the consideration of a true marxist like Obama, maybe it's time to demand a certain degree of responsibility in our elected Republicans as well.

any argument?

steve buzzardo said...

"The Great One" agrees with Middy. He was hammering Christie hard on his show yesterday. He was in a bad mood after the storm and is still broadcasting from his bunker somewhere in a non-descript building ...

midnightsstaff said...

I gotta get back to listening to Mark daily.. haven't caught him in a couple of weeks...

Amity Shlaes has a good piece on this phenomenon today in Bloomberg's folly,

Every since I read her book on the Great Depression I have considered her one of America's premier writers and thinkers..

I am not saying put a bounty on Christie, I am just saying a smart guy at the auction always checks a horse's teeth before the purchase.
..after all getting elected in a liberal hell hole like New Jersey is a trick in itself, we are lucky to have him in the position.

midnightsstaff said...!

looks like a couple of cats have gotten loose from the bag..

These sewer trout have a lot of American blood on their hands and it is getting ready to pop probably this weekend..

Batface Jarrett just threatened everyone in the White House about what she was going to do to turncoats.
she knows that this election has a serious problem and people are headed for the exits.

She knows she has a problem and she also knows that she has a major leak and mucho problems coming from this act of treachery her bath house warrior committed very soon.
It's gonna be a wild ride folks, better buckle up.
..only four days shopping until..

oh yeah.. this is gonna leave a mark.

midnightsstaff said...

Looks like I might be subscribing to the LV Sun pretty soon.. just kidding!

Jim McAllister said...


Maybe we can get a 2 for 1 deal by both subscribing. What a great editorial! It sounds like Steve Wynn wrote that.

midnightsstaff said...

Oh yeah, how about that bunch of electric cars catching fire in the flood?

Sounds like a game changer of a marketing windfall for that industry doncha think?

Not only would someone in an electric car that gets forty miles per charge up get prosecuted in Arizona under the idiot driver's law crossing a flooded out dip in the road, he now realizes he has a good chance of catching his car on fire and as a bonus gets to take his chances on getting electrocuted when he bails out..
..sweet!- and all for forty something K apiece stripped..

I'm sold- 'effin geniuses there in Washington.

.."we can't all be heroes because somebody has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by"
Will Rogers

Jim McAllister said...

That's quite a report from Catherine Herridge.

If the MSM showed that, the puke ball would probably be impeached. It shows what a screwed up mess there is with the press who, for whatever reason, continues to back this loser.

Jim McAllister said...

I heard last week that the line workers who make the Volt have nothing to do so they are sitting around playing monopoly.

Rick Kepple said...

Note to self: Vote on Tuesday morning. Tuesday afternoon, stupid medical examinations. Gotta have a driver.

Middy's wish come true. Doing scans and stuff in the brain. Looking for cancer cause of a large shadow inside of the eye. It's Pink Floyd Disease aka Dark Side of the Moon syndrome. Whogivesashititis.

Vote for Romney. Let's throw caution to the wind and see what happens. You only live once.

Rick Kepple said...

Well, you guys won't like the latest polls that say that Obama's going to win. It's his response to Hurricane Sandy.

Did I tell y'all that I have a beard now? Yep. Going for that ZZ Top look.

Electric cars use lithium batteries. A cop told me that lithium reacts with water and they use it in making meth. It can explode with devastating effects! That's why the cars are catching on fire, most likely.

Rick Kepple said...

If you're interested, here's information on cancer in the eye.

I still think it's Pink Floyd Eye. The shadow in the eye is just the Dark Side of the Moon. It's a symptom of Pink Floyd Eye. The only cure is hanging out with hot chicks, musicians, bands and having a good time. It'll still get in the brain and kill ya, but you'll have a good time!

Oh don't worry. I don't worry. I haven't even filled out the paperwork for all the tests yet. I'm not worried. Might watch a few SN DVD's. Maybe decorate the house with a couple of Fleetwood Mac LP covers. Go deer hunting. Party like it's the end of the Mayan Calendar!

midnightsstaff said...

pretty stupid thing to say..

But then you learn from your leaders how to accuse someone of something like cheering for cancer.

It doesn't sound like you are taking it very serious, why should anyone else?

Maybe you have a torn retina like I or Jim had.
I have had eight laser surgeries to correct it in the past five or so years.. never once thought to blame it on anyone else or to expect the government to take care of it..

Right now you need to quit wasting time complaining and see an ophthalmologist to make sure it's not the retina detaching.

midnightsstaff said...

you think last week was bad?- eventually the Canary Islands is going to experience a landslide on the west side which might wipe out the whole eastern seaboard.
they are talking 70 ft. and up sized tsunami and only a few hours warning..

Jersey Shore will get canceled- right along with refineries, nuclear generators and a few hundred thousand people.

Same thing awaits on the Pacific side with the eventual slide of Mauna Loa..

midnightsstaff said...

The British Sunday Times has published a detailed report on what it claims was an Israeli attack on an Iranian-run missile factory in Sudan last week.

The Sunday Times regularly reports at length on Israeli secret operations, Sunday's piece by the paper's reporters in Tel Aviv and Nairobi is based on Israeli and western "security sources" and claims that the attack was carried out by the Israeli Air Force and includes details on the strike-force, the stages of the attack and the target. Not all the details tally with other known facts.

According to the paper, the attack was carried out in the early hours by four two-seater F-15I "Ra'am" fighter-bombers, each carrying two one-ton bombs and accompanied by four additional F-15s providing air-cover in case Sudanese Mig-29 fighters attempted to intercept. Along with the fighters were two CH-53 "Yasur" helicopters carrying teams of IAF search-and-rescue commandos in case air-crew from a downed fighter needed extracting from enemy territory.

The fighters were refueled en-route by a Boeing 707 "Re'em" aerial tanker and a Gulfstream 550 "Shavit" executive, adapted for electronic warfare, jammed the Sudanese radar and air-defense systems. According to the report, the fighters took off from a Negev airbase and flew for four hours over the Red Sea on a round route of 3,900 kilometers.

The newspaper reports that during the assassination of senior Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai two years ago, Mossad Agents obtained a signed agreement between Iran and Sudan regarding the manufacture of arms in Sudan under the supervision of Iran's Revolutionary Guards. According to the report, the operation was carried out under the direct supervision of IAF Commander Major General Amir Eshel and was planned over a long period which included two long-range exercises. Eshel and IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz supervised the mission from IAF command post at the Kirya in Tel Aviv and updated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu upon completion. The American administration received advance notification and the U.S. embassy in Khartoum was closed as a precaution.

According to a "military source" quoted in the report, two central challenges in the attack were to evade detection by Egyptian radar and air-traffic control in neighboring Djibouti. The jamming and evasive tactics seemed to have worked, as no Sudanese fighters were launched against the attackers"

odd, I see nothing in the domestic press about this incident- even Fox.. looks inevitable at this point.. better choose wisely next Tuesday.

Jim McAllister said...


I had my torn retina in 1998. I noticed it when I kept seeing something like a curtain in the corner of my eye.

The surgeon put a "buckle" on it and fortunately I have not had a problem since.

It definitely is not something to fool around with.

Jim McAllister said...

Sometimes I wonder why we have a press. They just print what they want without regard to the reader's needs.

We are really seeing that now with the Benghazi situation and any other item that may cast a shadow on our great leader.

Jim McAllister said...


Middy is right. Get thee to an ophthalmologist!

midnightsstaff said...

How anyone can think this will be close with 75 times the people now on food stamps as to jobs created since Jan.2009 is in denial..

maybe if someone else had told him to go to get it checked by an ophthalmologist he might have, but....

Looks like big government in NYC and NJ creates more impediments than solutions to crisis's eh?
there will be major problems by Monday morning..

Maybe I missed it but I didn't see Peggy Joseph in front of a camera this week telling how Obama filled her gas tank and paid her mortgage.

midnightsstaff said...

“It’s so bad here, a lot worse than how its being portrayed by the media. They are finding bodies left and right, elderly people who don’t even watch the news or who knew the storm was coming. I was just with one of my best friends from high school and college, and his house is completely gone. One story I heard was about this one guy who evacuated his house during Hurricane Irene but then it got looted. So when they told him to evacuate for Sandy, he said, ‘I’m not leaving.’ Now they can’t find him, his 13-year-old daughter is dead, and his wife is in critical condition at the hospital. These are the stories. My stepfather and my mother, I love them to death. But when they heard the storm was coming, they said, ‘It’s not going to be that bad. Irene didn’t do anything.’ They had two flashlights and a couple of scented candles. Little did they know. It’s just not worth it. If you’re told to evacuate, you need to get out"

This represents my worst nightmare, people got suckered by last year's Irene and decided to stay.. this is going to get worse and would be getting some air time if the media were honest.

Mike Slater said...

I see that electrical workers from Alabama were sent home because they're non-union. Seems like the IBEW union thugs don't really care about restoring power to the people of NJ anytime soon.

steve buzzardo said...

I heard reports last night that non-union power workers from Alabama were turned away.
no news today, I wonder why?

proud said...

Non union guys weren't sent home, they went from Jersey to New York where they were put to use...

As to why they were turned away?
Union goon mentality and control....

proud said...

Rick, (momentarily turned off my snignore button)
What possible difference would eye surgery or growing a beard make????

You are undeniably a fricken NUT JOB...

Only possible help for your sorry Stevie nicks obsessed ass......


Turn yourself in ASAP!

midnightsstaff said...!/news/local/Stranded-New-Yorker--People-Are-Defecating-in-the-Hallways/177007621

This is especially bad because the people living there have been conditioned to look to the government for everything..

Actually it's about as bad as the Haitian disaster, and not only is there problems with a moron in the White House who has no idea what to do except complain and blame others, it looks like there is internecine fighting between various levels of state compassion.

These people are like kept pets, they have no idea how to survive or how to look forward.

and they vote.

..wait until the dysentery breaks out with them crapping in the streets, can you imagine what that place smells like now and it will only get worse.

I suppose the usual fires will break out with them trying to keep warm with what's always another cold front on the way..

Rick Kepple said...

"It doesn't sound like you are taking it very serious, why should anyone else?"

Dude, you went through Vietnam and you're afraid of death? It ain't nothing but a thing. It's the natural order of life.

In Proud's case, I'd have to say that is the clearest case of incest that I've ever seen. That boy is dumber than a sack of doorknobs.

Rick Kepple said...

So check it out, Jimmy. Everyone's been talking about how much weight that I've lost. Women actually talked to me today! And this gorgeous blonde, a complete stranger and I shopped together and talked in Walmart. She's really nice.

Then a woman with her husband in another store said that she recognized me and couldn't remember from where. And we got to talking about Romney and Obama, but mostly talk is about the sheriff's race.

I'll tell ya Jimmy! You look up the number one sales area for assault weapons and it's my county! People are sick of having no law. The deputies are sick of the corruption.

Governor Jay Nixon wants a law so a governor can remove a sheriff. That's how bad it is, Jimmy! I've had dangerous people trying to kill me and nothing was done, so the court told me to buy a gun! But it's ten times worse in town!

Ron Long is the candidate who used to be a Dallas Texas narcotics detective and he helped shut down the Starck Club. SN and some other chick were invested in that place, and newspaper reports say they found enough drugs to overdose a small country. Our Missouri county has a corruption problem and the Long family has a good reputation for law and order.

One community controlled the politics of the military post, but the state redrew the lines, so now we no longer have that crooked influence. Got rid of those people. In fact, the political machine is fragmenting with resignations too.

So I have my doc appointment in the afternoon with plenty of time to vote in the morning.

I should have thought of growing a beard before. And I don't like Proud. I'll bet I can seduce his wife.

Jim McAllister said...


With Sandy being the headline still, probably many people didn't notice today that the unemployment numbers went up to 7.9 from 7.8.

Did you see those photos and comments on Drudge about NY and NJ? Wow! It's like a bomb hit and there is nothing left.

Jim McAllister said...


I saw that about the electrical workers. Unions are unbelievable they are so stupid.

Jim McAllister said...

Excuse me,

I meant Steve Buzzardo.

Jim McAllister said...


That tape is something. It's like a war zone. They picked the right woman to interview.

Jim McAllister said...


Get all the guns and ammo you can in case Romney wins and those idiots from East St. Louis decide to go on a tear.

I got my .38 overhauled the other day and have two boxes of rounds ready. I don't even keep it in the holster; takes too much time to remove it when the time comes.

I shot "expert" 50 years ago in the AF; hope I still can!

midnightsstaff said...

Na, one doesn't want to live in the squalor zone even on a good day and this day might have been better than tomorrow in that war zone.

They should have sent for someone with some hurricane experience maybe a Florida or Mississippi governor..

They have a bunch of rookies running the government, Bloomberg is an insult to morons when referred to as one, and why hasn't someone gotten some military combat rats on site.. hell, they could be dropped by a 46 with a cargo net..

Oh I forgot, the military isn't union.

I guess the citizens of New Jersey should be happy at least the coward in chief didn't leave them bracketed, begging for help with an al qaeda mortar crew firing at them.
..that was last month- (can't we just get over it?) Forward?

midnightsstaff said...

“It’s total devastation. It’s not just New Dorp Beach. It’s the whole shore from Tottenville to South Beach,” resident Kyle Haberstroh said.

.."Donna Solli confronted Sen. Charles Schumer on Thursday afternoon, demanding food and more assistance.

Later that night she got a meal — and a promise for more Friday morning.

“Yes, I have food. I haven’t had food in two days and I have food, finally,” Solli said"

If this was GWB's hurricane the media would be so far up him it wouldn't be funny.
Geraldo would be in tears holding dead puppies up for the camera demanding the president do something.
I can't believe what a pass the lapdog media is giving him for a total failure to lead in a time of crisis.
What an utter and abject failure this guy turned out to be.

On the other hand I have never been so confident that President Romney will probably end up with over 300 electoral votes by the time the whole thing wraps up..
I doubt it will be an all nighter- once Penn. and Florida are in the bag, it's pretty much a done deal.
Hopefully a miracle will happen and Adkins will pull one out of his hat..
The GOP is a ship of fools.

Jim McAllister said...


I hope your confidence is correct.

Michael Barone agrees with you on the election:

steve buzzardo said...

Remember "Bush hates black people"

I guess the lesson here is: Obama hates everyone, unless you are a rich leftist celebrity with a lot of money to donate to his campaign.

I said it before, If you still support this ass for re-election you are now a really pathetic moron.

Rick Kepple said...

"With Sandy being the headline still, probably many people didn't notice today that the unemployment numbers went up to 7.9 from 7.8."

This is the holiday season. Jimmy, You really shouldn't be gleeful, but you rich folks do as you think is best. I would give you some good advice, but you'd just take it, tell me I'm delusional, collect a huge profit from my advice and say you don't owe me a thing. SN has done the same thing as everyone else. That's why I prefer helping poor people and hate the rich.

Rick Kepple said...

"I said it before, If you still support this ass for re-election you are now a really pathetic moron. "

The polls say that Obama's gonna win now, because of an act of God - a hurricane. Curious, isn't it?

The latest polls say that Obama's gonna win by a landslide.

Building bunkers in the desert must entail some way to keep the rattlesnakes, scorpions, black widows, fireants and all kinds of nasties out of there. Build a luxury penthouse, armored apartment instead. Be a trend setter.

And a good target.

Rick Kepple said...

Watch as history unfolds. The riots will start soon. Looting is a problem, but it will eventually lead to riots. People are naturally stupid.

After the hurricane, salaried employees are still getting paid. Wage earners went on unemployment. The Times was nice enough to point out that corporate executives were getting raises prior to the hurricane while wage earners lost money. See how they feed the class hatred?

Rick Kepple said...

Hey Jimmy! A relative is a truck driver and he delivered to New Jersey and he said that the media isn't talking about the RIOTS!

I'm quoting Chuck Wallace.

"... it was a riot about 1 gallon of gasoline unfortunately I got inside that riot and I barely made it out alive not only were regular people coming after me but so were the police as well up until about an hour ago there was no cell phones working. My location indicator on here is wrong I'm actually bouncing off of a cell phone tower 50 miles away I learned 1 thing today that if we have a national crisis we the people are fucked not even those who are prepared will be prepared enough trust me I speak this from personal experience that I got today."

A riot over a gallon of gas.

Rick Kepple said...

Sorry. The quote was put on Facebook two hours ago near Keasbey, New Jersey. Chuck Wallace, truck driver from Illinois, said that he was near the worst of it in NJ, when the riot broke out over a gallon of gas.

Damn, that's gotta suck for those people.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I have 3 semi-auto pistols and a 12 gauge shotgun. I also have over a 1000 rounds of ammo. I'm ready.

midnightsstaff said...

So what happens now when a commercial airliner is taken down with a US stinger missile that "the Won" gave the Libyan (Al Queada) terrorists to take out Kadaffi?

Think that might have an effect on... (pick one)

..and that is exactly where this whole thing is headed.

midnightsstaff said...

It took this nation almost a hundred years to heal after the first Civil war, how long do you think it will take this time?
The real danger to you mike is not the rioters, it's getting your door knocked down at two in the morning, and finding out they have gotten the street number mixed up or.... ever hear of "Swatting" someone?

The only way they catch these people is because they are too dumb to buy a burner to make the call and stupidly use their own phone..
..usually someone ends up dead in these War on Drugs operations like that Marine in Tucson who had his door beat down early in the am and caught 71 rounds for his trouble.. no drugs were on the premises- no investigation, no problem.

Doesn't matter if your kid is on the job or if you are entirely innocent or not.
Because in a police state they shoot first and investigate later- or cover up I should say.

These FreeShitArmy people are blowing smoke, but Homeland Security is not playing games- they intend to use those .40 cal hollow points somewhere- and Tea Party members are part of a watched group of potential threats to the motherland...


Jim McAllister said...

Mike, Middy.

I just ordered a couple more boxes of shells and a Howitzer.

It's hard to believe we are talking like this in the USA. I remember as a kid tossing a baseball back and forth with my dad in the street. It was a comforting time.

Now, we talk about taking some bastard out who tries to kill us first.

If someone comes around looking for trouble, they better not imagine that I wouldn't blow them away.

midnightsstaff said...

.."I just ordered a couple more boxes of shells and a Howitzer"
..hope you got express shipping.

..take that to 66 th and Budlong! watch out Compton, Arizona are coming after you.

Like I said, this isn't the problems we really face, in fact it's a smokescreen.

I really don't know if the Re elect Obama team is behind these tweets and giggles or KKKarl Rove.
I couldn't think of a better get out and vote campaign than "darkie is commin' to rape your daughters"

You think KKKarl is too noble a man to resort to this type of tactic?
I laugh.

I think President Romney would do well to rid himself of this cancer before it affects his presidency.

For Christ's sake Jim...stay out of Philly, East St.Louis, all of Shitcago and the usual suspects like you do every other day and I doubt you need to sleep in Kevlar.
If you run short supplies in tense times and need some milk, do like every other guy does and send your wife- every good Republican knows that it's the male that is important and should be protected.
.. gotta preserve the sperm supply remember?-
.. we all know pitchers always are more valuable than catchers.

The fear tactic they always use on us is only good for selling insurance, bunker supplies and pushing firearms.

For actual preparations I suggest a nice sixer of Gordon Briesch and a big bowl of Orvel's popcorn- listen to Jimmy Page play "Since I've Been Loving you" on the No Quarter album to get you in the mood and enjoy the show.

I can get a twelver of Marzen and still have enough left for a Brat and horseradish or two thanks to our firewall from judicial injustice buddy Joe and his free choice of living in denial...

I might have to get him on retainer for future betting. lol.. just kidding Joe, don't bill me.

I keep twenty thirty round AR mags loaded all the time, not just for elections.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Patricia Smith, the mother of slain State Department employee Sean Patrick Smith, is now blaming President Barack Obama for her son’s death.

“I believe that Obama murdered my son,” she said Thursday from the living room of her Clairemont home.

“I firmly believe this.. Patricia Smith, who voted for Obama in 2008 at the insistence of her son, said reporting by Fox News is the basis for much of her belief that Obama is ultimately responsible for her son’s death.
She said Sean, who went to Mission Bay High School but lived abroad, was a fervent supporter of the president"

..this ups the ante...

midnightsstaff said...

Well not to dwell, but maybe President Romney is right about the overall cost to value ratio of FEMA- why do we need an utterly incompetent bureaucracy that only does one project a year on average yet spends billions running from one island to another on fact finding junkets and conventions?

The mensa candidates at FEMA ran out of water and just yesterday put out a bid... are you kidding me?
shitcan the lot of them and use the national guard for emergency response.

So how many billions did I just cut out of the government in totally wasted bureaucracy costs?- give me and three other bloggers a week and a case of red pens and this thing will start paying us taxpayers a quarterly dividend..

just kidding.....sort of.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Fox News has learned that Turkey had a number of embassy staff in town the night of the attack and that the Turkish consul general met with Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi the night he and the three other Americans were killed"

hmmm? you mean they didn't know that the last meeting he had that night was with the Turks who tipped Al Queada off to start the attack?

I find this laughable as well- I think I mentioned it last week, it's been all over the internet.

Looks like Fox news is finally getting up to speed on the Benzgali cover up, they need to dig a bit deeper to figure out why the operation had to be kept secret with no security- and there is only one possible answer.

I wonder how far their Saudi owners will let them stray- in fact I wonder if the Saudis are still supporting Obama after his botched kidnap attempt.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Nearly 500 former military admirals and generals are poised to endorse Mitt Romney, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

The group will post a full page ad in the Washington Times on Monday. The advertisement will have the headline, “We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation’s next President and Commander-in-Chief,” followed by the names of the former military commanders"

I think ZerO000 just lost the military vote..

Rick Kepple said...

Geez, sorry to get Middy's clock all wound up! What's he gonna do when it really does happen? I think he's in some kind of denial thing and is freaking out.

Chuck Wallace made a real good point that people will try to kill one another over a gallon of gas one day.

"I just ordered a couple more boxes of shells and a Howitzer."

Certified preowned howitzers! Some with the original manufacturer's warranty!

Spent the day at the music studio. Guitarists telling me to stop worrying about Tuesday's examinations.

Jim McAllister said...

Busy evening, eh Middy?

Lots of good stuff for us to give Obama some bad moments before election day.

Mrs. Smith and the military officers plus the Benghazi news might sway a few if they haven't been swayed already.

Rick Kepple said...

I just read that Obama's leading in early voting.

Another four years, Jimmy. Gee, I'll bet that will just suck for the stock market to stay up over 13,000 for another four years, won't it?

That superstorm woke the people from their gaze on Romney.

Everyone knows that a rich guy won't give two shits about them, even if he is volunteering. I am impressed by Romney, but everyone else feels that he's doing it to get elected and that's why Obama is winning.

Take a good look at the world, Jimmy. Rich people built the mountain of crap that you see. The poor people get to fight the wars they start and it's been like that for thousands of years, Jimmy.

The Internet is changing that trend. It's like we're coming out of the dark ages and into an age of enlightenment.

If we can get rid of the disease of greed and the mental illness of excessive wealth, we can build a better world.

midnightsstaff said...

Well the good news is that Green and Starks will be ready to play in Lambeau field today against the Cards.

I finally get a game to watch on regular feed.
The Pack has to get their running game on track early, I don't know what's up with them playing against a good Texan team and beating them easily and then next week playing the Jags like they are contenders..
Jeckyl and Hyde.. I guess.

On the other hand, "If the Redskins win their last home game before the election, the party that won the previous election wins the next election. If the Redskins lose, the challenging party's candidate wins"

So I guess you will be cheering for the 3/5 Skins to beat the 1/6 Panthers today eh Rick?, two losers- three counting you.
.. I pick both the Skins and President Romney.. breaking the Redskin rule one more time in a year of broken rules and promises.

It won't even be close.

midnightsstaff said...

..“When are we gonna get some help?” blasted one desperate woman, who had to be held back by the mayor’s security detail as Bloomberg stood by with a deer-in-the-headlights look.

“When are we gonna get some f--king help?” she demanded.

“There’s old ladies in my building that don’t got nothing,” lashed out a man on video caught by a NY1 reporting crew"

“We’re all going crazy,” said one firefighter, who asked his name not be used for fear of retribution. “They’re not deploying any extra resources, and we’re just sitting around.”

At least they are not in the danger zone of a soft drink over 16 oz. or putting too much salt on their .... (nothing)

I would say that mayor Bloomberg is doing about as well as I expected.

In fact I think the citizens of that war zone are being a little unfair, after all he's not ticketing parked cars like Shitcago mayor Bilandic did to cars buried under mountains of snow in the blizzard of '79 or tell someone “And you’re a wonderful woman, not like those fat Jewish broads up there,”- as John Lindsay did touring the disaster in '69.

Ha.. I wonder if the light bulb is finally going on in the reptilian brains of these dependable voters?

Charles Woodson, cornerback for the Packers while out on injuries just donated 100,000.00 to the American Red Cross this week, how much did you donate Rick?- is it poor people that set up Grants and foundations for the less fortunate and work off season with kids at risk?

no they dig holes in the ground, arm themselves and wait for something to happen.- all the while complaining about their betters, and believe me there are a lot of betters to the Ricks of this world.

Jim McAllister said...


Obama is leading in early voting so we have him four more years? You better crawl out of that hole and face reality: The election is Tuesday.

Since you hate people who work hard and become successful and rich from their labors, let me ask you this: What would you think of yourself if suddenly by some miracle you became rich and successful? Would you give it away to all the losing leaches of the world?

There is no shame in being successful except to the jealous bastards who don't want to bust their asses and make it on their own.

Try giving credit where it is due occasionally.

Jim McAllister said...


Hopefully the Pack will have an easy time today with that worthless O line of the Cards but let's not forget the NE game. Anything can happen.

Jim McAllister said...


O simply dismissed those poor people the other day with his usual vague replies to their sorrow.

He was too busy campaigning to bother with such details. The SOB has been campaigning for half his term!

Mike Slater said...

Jim, nothing gives me greater pleasure than liberals and the Cardinals losing.

Dick Morris is still saying Romney wins in a landslide, I hope he's right.

I would love to see Obama and his witch of a wife leaving the White House in January.

steve buzzardo said...

then I'll be able to relax for a while.

midnightsstaff said...

Actually I would rather Sheriff Joe of the newly elected Attorney General's office arrest and cuff old "Slim" up once a real President is sworn in.

congratulations to the Carolina Panthers for keeping the streak alive- the 1 wins now 2 wins- 6 losses Panthers beat the 3 wins and 5 and now 6 losses Washington Redskins at home.
...haha, the stars are in alignment.. believe it.

Like I told you, trust the force Jim, trust the force..

all that noise is just a last ditch effort to get us to panic and stay home..

nothing doing!

Exactly what has changed since 2010 except more people are pissed and voting this time.

midnightsstaff said...

.."During the course of my football and business careers, I have had the great honor of meeting and associating with many outstanding leaders. This list includes some of the best football coaches of all time and numerous small-business owners. There are certain consistent qualities in each of these men – integrity, unselfishness, vision, dedication, and a willingness to unify individuals into a team – that I see in Governor Mitt Romney. He has been successful in every endeavor he has pursued, and I have every confidence that, if elected president, he would continue that remarkable level of success."..

Another good reason to be a Packer fan, they seem to have some actual values there as opposed to oh...say Oakland for instance.

Hope that prayer vigil for President Romney gives him a firewall, murder is not off the table with true marxists.. and there are a lot of stinger missiles un accounted for that Barry gave Al Queada.

Keep in mind they just murdered four American citizens for a political stunt.

Mike Slater said...

Cardinals lose again. 5 in a row. They haven't won in Green Bay since the 40's.
Coach Whisenhunt is 44-45 in his years with the Cardinals. Might be time for a change.

midnightsstaff said...

Best rant of the day...

I think the message is getting through to the great unwashed what level of contempt the average statist politician has for them despite the crippling taxes they pay..

The nine most terrifying words in the English language..
"I'm from the government and I'm here to help"- no truer words were ever spoken.

Maybe someone upstairs was making a point to those who cannot be reasoned with but require a bit of punishment to learn life's lessons- it wouldn't be the first time a pigheaded nation got it's come uppins, the old testament is one illustration after the next.
question is, will the sheep in the NorthEast learn their lesson?

I doubt it- like Rick they live in utter denial.

midnightsstaff said...

by the way.. the dude blinks only once in the whole rant.

midnightsstaff said...

Hope this is another tin foil hat warning, now they are predicting a large earthquake in Clownaforia between now and Wednesday..

Have we ever had two large natural disasters in one month before?

I'd laugh but the turds might be flowing this way...

Jim McAllister said...

"Jim, nothing gives me greater pleasure than liberals and the Cardinals losing."

I'm with you Mike and you can add the Suns to that list that I love to see lose after their attitude a couple of years ago to 1070 then playing a game with "Los Suns" on the front.

Screw Nash too, I hope Kobe eats his lunch in L. A.

It will be a real downer if Mitt loses but he has a lot of support especially from Middy and Dick Morris.

Jim McAllister said...


AMEN! I'll be chugging a couple Stellas if Mitt pulls it off.

Jim McAllister said...


I hope you are right on the election. I trust your judgment.

Great job by Carolina. Way to go Cam!

Jim McAllister said...


Very good great rant by that guy. We can only imagine how many others feel the same.

Jim McAllister said...


Whisenhunt has to be hanging by his fingernails. The only thing keeping him here is the Super bowl season and that happened because of Warner more than the coach.

They still have SF in SF and Seattle there. It doesn't get any better.

Screw the Bidwills.

midnightsstaff said...

All it takes is common sense, after all how many people voting for hope and change in 2008 have been driven off by anything but hope, and change?- yeah the change has been for the worse.

and on the other side, how many people do you think have watched this guy for four years and are now saying "yeah... I voted for McCain but I like what he has done and I want fore moor yeaahs of it?"

At least all this silly talk will end tomorrow night, and the real heavy lifting can begin.

We have a nation that is addicted to government transfer schemes and it won't be easy getting them into rehab.

Look at a polyp like Rick for instance, he is not even listening to reality, hasn't for years and is not going to willingly go along with any measures necessary to save the nation.

There was a great article in the KC Star Friday on the real problem this nation faces.

The war on drugs which is a parallel to government intrusion has been a gigantic nationalization leading to the creation of a vast police state funded by illogical fears. It has led to an over compensation intruding into our Constitutionally guaranteed Liberty turning what are largely medical issues into serious (only due to their capriciously designated nature of criminality) into criminal issues.

It has encouraged the government to justify their draconian overkill to further their own growth.

We can't afford it nor is it a rational approach, but like food stamps or welfare vouchers the tendency of these illogical programs is to metastasize our everyday life into something we as Americans don't recognize.

We have allowed the courts to seize private property under the vague umbrella of drug sales earned property even if there is no link whatsoever of one to another.

As in Mexico or Venezuela you have to prove your innocence which is contrary to the concept of innocent until proven guilty, but I notice the idiot conservatives cheer the government seizures right along with the law and order liberals as tho growing this monster will never affect them- it will.

Putting law enforcement in the position of profiting by seizure through doing their job is not a smart approach, think about it.

It's econ. 101- "to increase behavior, reward it, to decrease behavior discourage it"

At one time we didn't have a national police force- we had the FBI who primarily did investigative work.

Now we have a fully funded weaponized Homeland Security with regularly graduating academies that along with TSA is ready to hit the streets and subways, bus lines, sporting events, school functions, parades, political rallies, and the list goes forever... they are still looking for that first terrorist to arrest since they were created and making life miserable in the process.

hint.. they are not looking for terrorists, they are conditioning the general population for a personal liberty-smothering 1950's edition of the East German lifestyle.

I think it's too late and soon people will wake up to the fact they need to explain their behavior at random checkpoints, put on no fly lists for politically motivated reasoning or are subjected to searches based on open fishing expedition style warrants at home or at work- Pogo was right.

"You bet your life" as Groucho used to say.

This is a nation of ignorant sheep with 47% still not able to answer the question...
"who is in Grant's tomb?" even with the answer given.

midnightsstaff said...

Rick Kepple said...

"Since you hate people who work hard and become successful and rich from their labors, let me ask you this: What would you think of yourself if suddenly by some miracle you became rich and successful? Would you give it away to all the losing leaches of the world?"

Yeah, I know. One of these days, I'm going to wind up rich, but I've been helping a lot of people, Jimmy and it does no good, unless you help the right people and in the right way. I prefer giving guitars away these days, because it changes the family or the individual and makes them start thinking.

Eventually, because of learning music, they will start thinking of their own situation. And maybe they will choose to change.

SN did it with me. The electric guitar changed my life, but she just gave me advice. I give away guitars.

There's a woman who is on various medications and she wanted a gun. I gave her a Les Paul guitar instead and she no longer wants the gun, so I saved lives.

Music is the least inexpensive way to change the United States of America and it will take at least one generation, if not three, but the country will be better for it.

When I become rich, I'm going to promote music education. Smarter people will make a better country, Jimmy.

It's a change in tactics. What our leaders are doing obviously is not working. All they've done is create a nation of needy, greedy people.

midnightsstaff said...

It's hard not to encourage you to flush this turd Jim, I am really trying hard to not cross that line but is anyone actually listening to this idiot?

However, no one is listening to me either so I guess it's a wash.

midnightsstaff said...

rlzojal / aaslne fepoa r. sppopma //wpkapkaff /// stevie nicks. fwpr//

woaprmzpem nmnwpza',, wwoanj-sSalwojna. DPLQRMjnal

Rick Kepple said...

Oh Middy wants some more.

Jimmy, I'm thinking that after Obama gets reelected ...

Cruel and inhuman punishment. Sorry Jimmy.

Middy, after Obama gets reelected, I'm thinking that welfare recipients get a raise. What do ya think?

Actually a lot of my deer hunting buddies are Republicans. I don't dare even put an Obama sticker on anything I own. And everyone's gonna know who I voted for.

But just for Middy's sake, I'm gonna say that I'm voting for Obama.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh and of course, most of the people who are helping me in the music business are Democrats.

Except Billy Arr. He's big time Republican, but he's originally from Dixon, MO. You know how Dixon is.

Dell Mack endorses Claire McCaskill, but everyone knows the Senator and about everyone supports her.

After tomorrow, we'll find out if the world will be shaped by the Republicans or the Democrats. Right now, the world is holding its breath. Are things going to remain the same or change? And who will bring the change and who will keep things the same?

The rich thought they had the Roosevelts figured out too. Romney might get elected and follow Mormon doctrine. You gotta be Mormon to get ahead.

Obama scares most people. And most people don't know what to think of Romney. He's so vague.

Rick Kepple said...

Worst case scenerio: Obama wins and immediately orders martial law in New Jersey. Immediately begins working with America's enemies. Or Romney wins and outsources all jobs, grows deaf to the poor, GOP Congress cuts everything to everyone, including all subsidies to corporations, invites millions more immigrants in and discourages Americans to be hired. Cripples the labor unions. Wages drop. Prices increase.

Either way, riots start. Rebellions. Pandamonium.

Worst case scenerio: Maricopa County - Arpaio loses. Latino with La Raza connections takes over and appoints an Iranian as chief of deputies.

Worst case scenerio: Pulaski County Mo. - Ron Long loses, same ol' same ol'. Gun sales skyrocket. First county in America with open bounties on meth and heroin dealers.

Best case scenerios: Romney wins, Ron Long wins, flowers bloom. Millions of jobs made. Everyone's working. No food shortage. Happy, happy, happy. Everyone's got all they ever want from the huge profits trickling down as if by magic! We're saved! Yay!

Mike Slater said...

Jim, Don't forget in 2 weeks the Cardinals go to Atlanta. That's a sure loss.

I'm with you on the Suns. 44 years and no championship is not a good record.

The Valley has 4 pro sports teams and none of them are worth a crap. As a Valley native it's embarrassing to say the least.

Going to vote in the morning and feeling good about the election.

Jim McAllister said...


It's tough to win when you don't have a QB or a running back and that's the dilemma fore the Cards.

I would love to see what they would do against NE on the road now. How they ever won that game, I will never know. Of course, it doesn't hurt when the NE kicker who never misses from within 50 yards jerks one to the left to lose the game.

Atlanta should beat them but although they are 7-0 they have been playing some close games.

I see the Suns lost to Orlando by
21 last night and are 1-3 after only drawing a crowd of 15,700 on opening night; smallest ever for an opener Life is good!

midnightsstaff said...

I don't know if it's Kolbe/Skinner or the offensive line- it's hard to judge a guy when he is not getting anything from his's hard to run the ball without moving some of the defensive line out of the way too.

The problem is the Cards.. why they wasted three years on party animal Leinert when they should have known he was just another Brian Leaf is a mystery to me.

They bought a pig in a poke flyer on a guy who consistently threw sixty yard swing passes to Reggie Bush at USC- he couldn't play volley ball very good but he sure knew how to spike the players.

Steve might not agree but I would trade to get Larry Fitzgerald for two of you pick 'em Finley, James Jones, Nelson or Cobb.. he is that good.
I am embarrassed the way he has been treated by this worthless organization.

midnightsstaff said...

If they can keep Walden out of prison for the rest of the year he might have a pretty good second half season... he's the guy that had Skelton's number hanging off his pads yesterday..

..normally he is a nuisance but yesterday he was a nightmare.

I don't know how Skelton could walk out on that field knowing what's coming..
and Eric Walden isn't the mean one.

How about that scalded cat catch right down the middle by Crabtree for the touchdown that iced it?

He looks like a football player, or a cave man- you decide.

Rick Kepple said...

I got into a lively discussion with a Romney supporter in person in a gun shop today. His discussion was that Romney would make America right again, but he was largely uninformed on a number of issues.

For example, he said that Romney would create a lot of jobs and oil for the United States, but he couldn't say WHY. The WHY is that so many countries are being taken by the Muslims. Countries that control oil.

Democrats want to omit "radical" from the dictionary and the Republicans want a Mormon/Catholic crusade. It's just so hard to choose from one radical to the other.

I mean, let's say that the rumor is true and Iranians try to disarm Americans opposed to a bunch of rich folks making the lives of ordinary Americans horrible. You must see the reasoning here!

It's illegal to shoot a rich American, whereas you can probably shoot a blue helmet Iranian and get away with it. Why would you want to shoot a rich guy? They employ people!

Jim McAllister said...


It's sad that Fitzgerald has no one to throw the ball to him. The guy is a great player that never gets to show it. Anquan Boldin got smart and got the hell out of here. Larry will be next.

Leinert was a child. You're right; 60 yard swing passes to Bush was it with him. Knocking up that volleyball player was just plain stupid. Some guys have to learn the hard way.

Somehow he has managed to stay on as a clipboard holder for Houston and now Oakland,.

Jim McAllister said...

If the Cards lose a couple more they ought to let Lindley take the snaps the rest of the way and call it a year. Who knows, he may be a diamond in the rough. Unfortunately for them, he could also be a Max Hall.

Rick Kepple said...

It don't look good boys and girls. When I went to the store, I did an informal poll of shoppers and no one even knows who Mitt Romney really is. All he had to do was show more of his caring self. Sadly, Obama is likely to win, so get your tinfoil hats. On the key of C, you may weep.

steve buzzardo said...

"How about that scalded cat catch right down the middle by Crabtree for the touchdown that iced it?"

I was just hoping he wouldn't trip and fall or fumble before he got to the goal line

Im against trading Nelson or Cobb

midnightsstaff said...

I wouldn't trade either one- you are right, I am just saying that Fitz is a classy guy to keep on doing his job working with incompetents.

Good thing they have next week bye, Nelson has just got over a pulled hamstring and now dinked his ankle..

They are moving linemen all over the place to fill in for injuries, I wonder about their conditioning, seems like a lot of injuries lately.
and yeah Tom was catching wind about ten steps past catching that pass, he was puffing like me outrunning a pit bull.

not that I could outrun a pit bull- lol..

midnightsstaff said...

good news is this isn't going to be close enough for the criminal party to steal..

Got to remember to buy Joe a beer at the next game- he's going to need one.

..and try to get some sleep tonight- it's all under control.

midnightsstaff said...

here ya go Jim, this is the drunkblogging pick for tomorrow..
this is going to be a very unpredictable election, going to be some head scratching going on because pollsters always ignore the obvious.

Jim McAllister said...

A lot of scenarios, I like the one showing Mitt with 362.

Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight because tomorrow is an all niter.

If Mitt wins, the Stella will be flowing.

midnightsstaff said...

I stumbled upon an interesting article about snowbirds and the economy..

Did you do a blog on how much money to the state the annual snowbirds bring to Arizona a while back Jim?

I thought I remember one, but the memory is low so....

anyway it's kind of one of those things you don't really think through, they are just part of the background.
And with the woeful lack of economics being taught in the public schools today, I doubt many people really understand what bringing cash generated elsewhere into a society represents- it's the old story of the velocity of money having a multiplier effect and increasing itself through trade for goods and service which in turn actually generates more wealth.

I argued the same issue in Twentynine Palms about the military base bringing in federal money to the community and creating jobs.. and got the same blank stares.

Maybe we should organize a state snowbird appreciation week- get a big name sponsor like Pabst Blue Ribbon and start honoring their contributions to the economy instead of giving them the finger when they insist on leaving that left turn signal on for miles or refusing to turn right after stopping on a red light..
ah.. the gaping years..

midnightsstaff said...

My take is Jim, they have really turned up the heat at the Obama re elect committee with all the disinformation and phony polls, you can tell they are scared by where he went to campaign..
didn't even get off the plane in Florida, remember?
They all have internal polls that are much more reliable than the made for public polls which are now exposed for what we knew they were all along,
propaganda and hubris driven fantasy.

It's fun just watching the hysteria in "the lightbringer's" last few speeches, that tells you all you need to know - they have nothing to offer but childish lies and that was exactly what he was doing... knowing full well the media will not question him.

I'm thinking about taking a victory lap tomorrow night with a nice Colt 45 malt liquor as my way of saying thanks but no thanks.. next stop Levenworth.
or as we say down here on the mean streets of the seis dos tres..
"no mas"

midnightsstaff said...!

haha.. Rudy..

steve buzzardo said...

"My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims of the Fort Hood terrorist attack on the 3rd anniversary of this tragedy." --Col Allen West

steve buzzardo said...

According to all of my extensive research and calculations based on my formula: it will be huge win for Romney.
I still dont think that I will be able to sleep tonight

midnightsstaff said...

Whatever happens tomorrow, at least we take comfort that we are not living in a tiny nation surrounded with belligerent muslims who are constantly threatening them with nuclear annihilation.
..and knowing full well that the head of al Queda lives at 1600 Pennsylvania ave. Washington District of Corruption.

How would you like to live with that level of uncertainty?

That war is probably inevitable now, I just hope that President Romney can somehow keep us out of the European war..
but history repeats itself more than I am skeptical.
The cornered rat is going to do as much damage as a lame duck as possible..

He needs to be arrested by the military as soon as he concedes for the safety of the nation, or should I say for the safety of the world.

Jim McAllister said...


Obama looks tired and drawn while Romney still exudes energy.

Sometimes O looks like he would like to just head back to Kenya and relax in a loincloth.

The sad thing is that with all his mistakes he still could win because of all his blind followers.

I see that the first votes were cast in New Hampshire a little while ago so we are on our way. Fox starts election coverage at 4:00 tomorrow so within 24 hours we should know something.

Not much sleep to be had tonight. It's now 12:30 and I'm keyed up.

Dusty Springfield san in 1964 that she was "Wishin' and Hopin'. Kind of like us now.

Jim McAllister said...


Plus the Fort Hood people get no benefits because Obama said it was "workplace violence" not terror. Never mind the "Allah AKBAR" CRAP THE GUY YELLED AS HE OPENED FIRE.

Remember the bastard's comment of "Let's not jump to conclusions."?

Yeah, sleeping will be tough tonight and maybe tomorrow too.

midnightsstaff said...

How many elections do we have to keep hearing that military ballots won't make it to the voters in time for an election?

McCain is running his pie hole again about the problem, but why doesn't he actually fix the problem instead of using it for a campaign stunt?- why does Arizona keep electing this piece of shit?

He and the rest of the worthless eaters have had over twenty years to deal with it and this is the level of incompetency we get every 'effin election?

You are telling me that with two years there is no way they can get ballots off, signed and back before an election?

I say fire the whole lot of them and start over.

midnightsstaff said...

Jim, take a look at this chart.
it's the likely voter comparison for the past ten years elections cycle.

Polls are now open in the east.

I might just head down to Chick fil A for a victory lunch today.

Chick fil A should have done a "I voted" special today.. they are missing out on some more great free advertising.
remember that day?- this will be another feel good day.

These are Scott Rasmussen's figures and he has been the most accurate pollster of any of them. you can see there is no way that Obama has anything like the support he enjoyed four years ago..
it's because he does not use registered voters as his benchmark but likely voters- and that's the key difference.

I have eaten my share of crow in the past but today I am eating chicken.. I am sure of it.

Stand by for an early and decisive win tonight- I see no reason to not believe this will be a landslide victory for good over evil..
Rebecca agrees and you can't get anymore independent than her.

midnightsstaff said...

they are getting an early start..

Lol.. they know.

Jim McAllister said...

That impeach Romney stuff is hilarious!

Jim McAllister said...

Interesting Rasmussen numbers. I need to see anything that is encouraging. I don't trust the Supreme Court anymore to hand it to us.

I wish we would have a win by lunchtime; I'd join you at Chick-Fil-A.

Jim McAllister said...

I agree on the military ballots. They know damn well they would all vote against Obama so they always send them late.

I see the Dems are doing their usual crap with the Black Panthers intimidating in Philly again and pictures of Obama at polling places. One precinct captain was seen wearing an Obama hat!

What a bunch of dumb bastards.

midnightsstaff said...

“We have people out there working on my behalf. The least I can do is to keep on working for them right to the very end. Isn’t that what this is really all about?” (-Mitt Romney on why he chose to keep campaigning on Election Day)

that was a leader's response to internal criticism to his campaigning today, he has the instincts of a warrior.

.."Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler has released early voting numbers from the state – and they look excellent for Mitt Romney. According to those numbers, Republican turnout was 688,303; Democratic turnout was 653,450. Some 547,437 unaffiliated voters also voted early. That puts the Republican advantage in early voting at R+3. Back in 2008, Colorado early voting put Democrats up by 1.8%. That’s a huge swing for Mitt Romney"

haha. they are already making excuses for bath house queen Barry losing in Politico.. landslide coming.. watch out the communists at MSLSD are going to go postal because they don't understand what's happening, because it's not an election- it's an exorcism..

Mike Slater said...

Jim, just went to the polls and voted in Sun City. I doubt CJ would like it out here, to many rich white folks that vote Republican.

Let's hope this is a replay of the 1980 election.

I was really surprised when Fitz resigned with the Cardinals. He's the second best receiver in the NFL and deserves a championship but he won't get one playing for the Cardinals.

steve buzzardo said...

the Panthers are also in the Cleveland area.

I hear some good news is that ex-special forces and SEALS are showing up to stop any intimidation.

Jim McAllister said...


That's good news from Colorado. Love the MSLSD reference.

Jim McAllister said...


It used to be that rich people were more respected for their efforts. It seems like today they are the bad guys with the libs because they dared to work hard and be successful hence becoming rich.

A lot of jealousy out there along with lazy worthless people who think they should get a free ride. With Obama, that's exactly what they get.

I would love a replay of Reagan-Carter.

Can you imagine Fitzgerald playing for someone like Green bay or New Orleans or Denver where they could get him in the open.

He made a big mistake signing here. He should have followed Boldin.

Jim McAllister said...


I would love to see the SEALS beat the crap out of the panthers. What a bunch of losers they are, same as '08. Of course, Holder will look the other way.

I see that a judge made them cover the mural of Obama in Philly. What a bunch of dumb asses; do they really think that would sway voters to have obama's picture on the wall?

That's the kind of mentality we have to deal with.

midnightsstaff said...

I am not going to be happy until they arrest Eric Holder and the whole Obama cartel.

The damage these monsters has done under color of law has extended deep into the heart of this nation and is far worse than most realize.

Just the matter of irresponsibly wasting taxpayer money we have to pay back with interest is reason alone.

This nation is on the brink of economic collapse and civil war, it was done on purpose and not out of mere ignorance.

It will take years to reverse and just sweeping it under the rug as typical politics would show contempt to the Constitution and the seventy percent of decent American people.

As I said, I am not worried about the election, I worry about what follows.

Obama who has proved to be the enemy of personal liberty should be arrested tomorrow for his many acts of treason.

We have had four years of grinding dictatorship.
In reality this election is actually closer to an exorcism than an election.

It's for Ty Woods we vote.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, That picture of Obama was in a black school. Big surprise.

I want Romney to win then I can fly my American flag again. I used to fly it every day of the year until Obama was sworn in as president. After that I put it away.

You're right about Fitz. Can you imagine what he could do with a great quarterback like Payton Manning?

midnightsstaff said...

I'll say one thing Fox business has the babes.. one after the other...
I tried to watch Rachelle Maddog but could only take about five minutes and she had to go..
I should know better than to watch exit polls.. take them serious and you will be on prozac.

Rick Kepple said...

Wearing sunglasses. They're gonna keep an eye on my eye every six months. It's pretty large, they say. Just not milignant.

I figured you'd have election results. Y'all are drunk, ain't ya?

Rick Kepple said...

I think Romney took Arkansas and probably Missouri too.

I voted for Romney. In the last moment, I had to go with my instincts. Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler is gonna get about 70 percent of the vote. Some women are groaning that Todd Akin might get in.

Only 512 of 3394 Missouri precincts have reported, but Romney has been taking 60 percent of the votes.

McCaskill is at 50 percent and Akin at 42 percent.

Rick Kepple said...

MSNBC reports that Romney is taking it by 51 percent to Obama at 48 percent.

Republicans in the House are at 155 ... 156 and counting now. Republicans are expected to retain a majority.

President Romney and a GOP Congress. God help us! LOL I love you guys. I voted for Romney. When it came right down to it, I just couldn't vote for a guy who apologized to Islam for attacking us. Reagan would have responded in a good, solid bombing or sent in Marines.

Don't forget to buy ammo or your first gun and learn to use it. If Romney wins, you bet your ass we're going to war with Islam and they've been asking for it!

Rick Kepple said...

Just read the final results.

Obama won again.

So, what kind of guns did y'all buy?

CJ Phoenix said...

Yup. It's gonna get real ugly in here soon.

midnightsstaff said...

I was wrong, I deluded myself into actually believing that there was still reason left to this nation..
I hear a lot of people blaming Mitt Romney for not campaigning well, or making the mistake of not clarifying his positions, or any other thing people say when they just can't bear to confront the ugly truth.

But I have nothing but admiration and respect for his message that probably would have led to a prosperous future, but we have decided to throw our lot in with the European and ultimately third world nations and pursue a return to the dark ages.

The cycle of economics simply won't allow an endless willful ignorance to the realities that are sure to come, I don't know what will prevent a true depression now, what is going on in Greece and Spain is headed this way and probably in the near future.

Just remember when reason is rejected, the reasonable man will become the enemy.. force is the coin of the realm of tyranny and it is used in an ever escalating manner in a lawless environment.

Be careful what you say in this rapidly changing climate of oppression, in this new age of surveillance it's easier than ever and they will be making lists.

After all there really is nothing to stop them now, scapegoats need a good public sacrificing now and then- if nothing else but to keep the rest in line.

Rick Kepple said...

Dudes, I tried to tell you. Ordinary people hate the rich even MORE than I do for what they've done to this country.

Obama's second term. Now is when it gets unpredictable.

"Yup. It's gonna get real ugly in here soon."

Well yeah, that's easily predictable.

Still on track for global governance for 2025. Welcome to the New World Order.

Rick Kepple said...

"But I have nothing but admiration and respect for his message that probably would have led to a prosperous future .... "

To read between the lines for Middy: "I don't give a shit about anyone else, except my own hide. I want money and lots of it."

That's what you're really trying to say, isn't it Middy? Just admit it. You'll feel better. Let it out, buddy. Breathe in, breathe out.

You're nothing special, Middy. Everyone feels like you, but not everyone is such a little bitch about it.

proud said...


Jim McAllister said...

It was a tough night but it is what it is.

Obama has what he wanted: a big boost to his never quenched ego even if only half the country wants him.

I'm tired of writing about politics anyway. It's been the number one subject on the blogs since the AZ Central blogs began in 2006.

I'm glad it's over. We will survive; we've seen worse than him.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, while it's unfortunate that Obama won the good news is the Republicans kept the house and even though they didn't take the senate they have enough votes to filibuster anything that Obama wants.

Arizona did well. Flake was elected,Sheriff Joe was reelected and props. 121 and 204 went down in flames.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree, I was glad about us keeping the House. At least that will blunt some of his crap.

Same with Joe and Flake. I love Sheriff Joe and his toughness. No one can ever accuse him of being a pussy.

I was glad Carmona lost too. That was really phony the way he used those old quotes from 2000 to look like Kyl and McCain supported him. very low class to be sure.

Seeing 204 lose didn't surprise me and either did the Scottsdale school override. I was glad they both went down.

I was hoping Kirkpatrick would lose too but she pulled it out.

With half the country against Obama, he will have to really walk a fine line.

Mike Slater said...

Jim. basically Obama will be a lame duck for four years. The Republicans won't work with him.

I said before that I haven't flown my American flag since Obama took office. I guess I won't be flying it for another four years. I think instead I'll buy a big Confederate flag and fly that every day.

proud said...

Hey Jim, my 2 cents:

I predicted an Obama win, I take no pleasure in that, but it was an easy pic....My only hope is that the Republican party wises up, recognizes this defeat for the POUNDING wake up call (one that's been been knocking LOUDLY for years it most certainly is!....

The United States of definitely NOT your fathers(or grandfathers) country anymore. Time to finally recognize that the demographics, intellects and moral values have all changed dramatically...we live in a Honey Boo-Boo, Jersey-shores, Jerry Springer society, where the majority of people get their news and form their political opinions from "The Comedy Channel", Daley Show, Leno, Letterman. These are A.D.D., don't confuse me with facts, sound byte, addicted people, who don't know, much less care the difference between Benghazi, or Beyonce (in fact they can probably list far more facts about
Beyonce's relationship to Jay-Zee, or what she omce wore on some red carpet than anything regarding where the hell Libya even is).

While I find Mittt Romney a prime example of everything good in an American man...he, unfortunately by todays culture standards, falls into the same old, stodgy, pasty, old, rich, white guy, privileged, category as did Nixon, Ford, Bob Dole, Bush 1 / 2 and John McCain. While we dinosaurs may not fully endorse him, Republicans have got tho move beyond the 1950's family values template and come up with a more hip, far less religious and preachy, more with-it, candidate who most Americans at least feel like they can relate to because, in case you've missed it, these days...PEOPLE REALLY DON'T WANT TO THINK...THEY MUCH PREFER TO 'FEEL' ABOUT THINGS....

So spare me the new generation of our fathers party, like Marco Rubio, the MSM would easily portray him as McCains or Dole's Hispanic nephew..if Repubs want to ever win again, they need to start thinking, and especially picking their candidates from outside the "what used to be normal" box....We older generation won't much like it, but that's the way it is!

midnightsstaff said...

.."These are A.D.D., don't confuse me with facts, sound byte, addicted people, who don't know, much less care the difference between Benghazi, or Beyonce (in fact they can probably list far more facts about
Beyonce's relationship to Jay-Zee, or what she omce wore on some red carpet than anything regarding where the hell Libya even is)"

I agree.
but that is only part of the equation- actually cultivating a couple of generations of useful idiots took a coordinated effort.
If you accept that as a possibility it leads one to also contemplate the theory that this present clueless culture is the result of a centrally organized operation began long ago- the arts, education and the ever growing bureaucracy - the unholy legs of a three legged approach to conquering a nation took a coordinated effort- I really think what we saw last night surprised no one that matters.
agree?- na you don't have to.

It's an onion- one layer leads to another, the longer I study what happened the more convinced the whole thing was a show.

sadly we will never know what information Joe Arpaio actually turned up, and if he gets too far out of line- just look at what happened to Andy Breitbart or others that were viewed to be a liability.

proud said...

Middy said" cultivating a couple of generations of useful idiots took a coordinated effort.
If you accept that as a possibility it leads one to also contemplate the theory that this present clueless culture is the result of a centrally organized operation began long ago- the arts, education and the ever growing bureaucracy"

Totally agree, but the choice would seem to be, run candidates that criticize, ridicule and candidates more with-it, culturally acceptable, in tune with current culture that still posses at least some remnants of traditional values, who know how to convey those principals w/o coming off like some body's Dad, or a Sunday school, holy roller. Number one take away from Obama's victory (at least in my view, and excluding the hurricane sympathy issue) was most people polled felt Obama "most identified with their position in life"...Now I know the Dems spent millions trying to paint Romney as rich, out of touch and uncaring, but his own every day, life story and success did a pretty good job of that all on it's own...

proud said...

BTW, anything Arpaio turned up in the birther investigation, no matter how conclusive is absolutely meaningless.

There could never be any amount of concrete evidence that would ever overturn America's historic election of her first ever African American President...I don't care if someone brought in a bucket of DNA'd after-birth, no way that election is / was ever going to be over turned. This birther issue is and always was... just so much noise

Look at last night...the American people could give two craps if Obama let Americans die at the hands of terrorists on the aniversary of 9/11 in Benghazi while he partied in Vegas...could care if he's spending trillions a year he will never have, care if he is causing gas prices to double, maybe triple all for some absolute fantasy green pipe if his administration is suing states that simply ask people to prove they are what makes anyone remotely believe that America gives a rat's ass where Obama was born?

Not one chance, even less of a chance that this "historic" presidency would be stripped from a black man on such a flimsy paper-work technicality. (yeah, I know the paper happens to be the Constitution, think most people hold that paper in high regard these days?)

This issue was never going anywhere, it wound up severely hurting the well intentioned people who brought it up in the first place, the Republican party, and all right wing causes in general...

In my view this was one of those sleeping dogs (laying on it's LEFT side) that should have been allowed to lie there....hopefully, Trump incl, it will never be discussed again...

Rick Kepple said...

"It was a tough night but it is what it is."

Well, Dell Mack's studio is coming along pretty well, the songs are being cataloged and albums should be ready for sale soon. I keep the morale up so that maybe we'll finally get paid.

I bought a video camera and I am now the videographer, photographer, publicist, business manager, promoter and I sometimes provide donuts for the musicians and engineers.

Wanna buy a song?

We got funny songs, sad songs, mad songs and sarcastic songs. Wanna sing a song? Choose an original one from our catalog of songs and our musicians will lay it down for you! Create a professional CD for the wife, girlfriend or both, professionally and supervised by musicians in a company ran by musicians.

It's fun, boys and girls. Bring your guitars, jugs, washboards, whatever and join in!

midnightsstaff said...

I agree.
but like I was saying, that freeshitarmy aspect you are describing is now only the firewall against a popular movement if civil war breaks out, by the end of his term if not stopped they will no longer be necessary, can and will be disposed of in a number of ways.
they will bring up names for the new justices within a month more than likely.

Once you start thinking of the possibilities, there is only one that has any chance of working, and it has to be pretty soon before they can react.
other than that expecting to win what we just lost at some ballot box in the future is delusional in my opinion.

Rick Kepple said...

Just in case anyone cares, the eye doctor said that what I have in my eye is a Freckle. A very LARGE freckle and there was no freckle when I had an eye exam in 2006. If Freckles grow in size, they can turn into tumors and that close to the brain and all. It does give me some discomfort, but it won't cause blindness, unless it turns into a tumor, but maybe it's just a really big freckle. About a third of the size of the eye.

I've read that if it turns into that nasty cancer, thats about it. So I figure to enjoy life.

I get to hang out with musicians at a music studio and my roommate is a musician and my favorite singer, SN, is a great singer and it's not necessary for her and I to talk. It would make her sad anyway.

midnightsstaff said...

On a happier note the asian markets are down in anticipation of the sooner than expected fiscal cliff we are driving off.. tomorrow might be another day like today or not.. who knows in the twilight zone.
apple bounced up after dropping 3 percent today back up two dollars in the after market.. maybe that's a good sign.
or a dead cat.. u pick.

midnightsstaff said...

Oh yeah John, here is a little information that everyone should see.

my apologies about the source, the Russian Times but actually I get better information from them and the British press than any in The Arizona Banana Republic.

I think this might be one issue the kids would grasp the implications of much faster and with less resistance than older folks.
we tend to get set in what we think we know as opposed to what are the possibilities.
or a variation of tunnel vision if you please.

Rick Kepple said...

"apple bounced up after dropping 3 percent today back up two dollars in the after market.. maybe that's a good sign.
or a dead cat.. u pick."

The official dead cat of Wall Street, brought to you by, Where did all the good cats go?

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I think Bill O'Reilly nailed last night when he said that half the country votes for Democrats because they want free stuff.

Look at the people that voted for Obama. Single women, young kids and minorities. What do they all have in common? They want free stuff.

We old folks should be ok but I worry about the future of my kids and their kids with the way the country is going down the road to socialism.

As the great Winston Churchill said, "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

Rick Kepple said...

Mike Slater, you're kidding right? You're actually suggesting that Obama won because most of the United States voting population is composed of single women, young kids and minorities?

If we turn the point of view a bit more, Mike Slater is saying that House Speaker John Boehner said that single women, young kids and minorities mandated to the Republicans to be more bipartisan.

Yeah, you gotta watch those single women. They will screw up your future every time! Young kids are just animals and minorities run our lives. Damn, Mike.

Rick Kepple said...

So Middy, what's the difference between a bailout or subsidies to Amtrak/airlines, etc. or me using my disability money to fund a private music studio to make jobs? In fact, I am probably even MORE expected to invest, because I'm supposed to be active and more independent.

What's more independent than self-employment and striving to create jobs, so a whole bunch of people on the government dole can get off of it? Dell Mack won't. He's nearly 80 and I won't be either.

So you got some rich guys blaming poor people and poor people blaming rich guys and if people would learn to cooperate as Socrates said, but they won't. The rich didn't get rich by being nice and I'm sick of it.

It's taken me almost two years to convince these folks to create a company, build their own independence and I'm still struggling.

Wealth building isn't at all about the money. It's about the challenge and greed is a weakness that I can't afford. Jobs is what I am seeking to create out of nothing!

I'm hoping to win the Nobel prize for something. Do they have one for reckless living?

Jim McAllister said...


I would probably take Jefferson Davis for president over Obama. Fly that Confederate flag!

Jim McAllister said...


Glad to hear that the situation with your eye may not be as bad as originally thought.

Rick Kepple said...

Yeah, for now, Jim. But I had an eye exam in 2006 and they never saw this "freckle." I researched it and they can turn cancerous, particularly if they are growing.

Nick had a good idea. He thought that the freckle was growing from cancer in my body that may have stopped when I got off the pills and went herbal.

And I sent in suggestion to both Senator McCaskill and President Obama to legalize marijuana and tax it, to pay for Obamacare. I am suggesting it to the Missouri legislature because they're gonna be forced to care for us folks and the wealthy want us to die. Maybe that's not how y'all feel in Arizona, but it's the rich vs the poor in Missouri!

Some rich folks in Missouri are looking to move overseas with their investments now.

Jim McAllister said...

Proud, Middy.

Great comments from both of you. I can't disagree.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh look, Pentagon declared an "act of war" of Iran firing at an American aircraft.

I got some friends over there in the Middle East and I asked, "What are you doing there?" And they are soldiers so they can't talk.

So will President Obama go to war with Iran or apologize for our drone in international airspace?

It's said that Iran has hezbollah right across the border from y'all. Now would be a good time for them terrorists to attack, during deer hunting season. They ain't got that many brains.

Mike Slater said...

Rick, I can't help it if single women, young voters and minorities are dumb.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your posts for a while and I would like to ask you one question that I mean sincerely. I am a former Republican who is quite unhappy with the current GOP.
Your posts are quite pointed and the blame tends to be placed completely on the Democratic party and Obama. I personally feel this is not a very honest look at things, but I respect your opinion.
So my question is, from your point of view do the Republicans share any blame for our current situation? And what. If you were the spokes person for the Republican party what would you take responsibility for?