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Saturday, September 01, 2012


You have to love the Associated Press (known by some as the “Administration’s Press”) and their never ending attempts to create a ray of sunshine from the cloudiness of our national government.

I just read one of their columns from 8-31 titled Gloomy national message misrepresents consumer spending, home prices, jobs.

Long may it wave.....
Gosh, it sounds like things are looking up according to writer Tom Raum.  He says things aren’t as gloomy as the Republican National Convention would want us to believe.  Tom has been around a while so he knows something about trying to turn a lemon into lemonade.

He mentions that spending was up in July and personal income also rose.  No numbers though which makes one feel that they were miniscule or they would have been trumpeted.  The same goes for the slight rise in home sales and prices.

He did mention the addition of 163,000 jobs but failed to mention it was counterbalanced by lost jobs and that the unemployment rate, which is a sham in itself, ticked up to 8.3% from 8.2%.  How about the real rate of 16%, Tom?

Other positives mentioned were an increase in exports, retail spending, and factory production.  No mention of numbers on any of those items.

Alas, no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig; it’s still a pig.  Raum knows that so he has to admit that when the unemployment numbers are released for August on the morning of September 7, no one should expect much encouragement.

Did you notice I said the unemployment numbers will be released on the morning of September 7?  How convenient!   That is the day AFTER Obama accepts his nomination.   I guess they figure there is no sense in throwing rain on his parade with more bad news after what will certainly be called an upbeat convention.  No word yet whether the theme will be “Hope and Change.”  So far, the mood indicates a definite NO!

Raum has been at it with the AP for 39 years so he knows how to make full use of the inverse pyramid style of writing where one top loads a column with what they think are the more important and desirable aspects of the story.   As you can see from the above paragraphs, it looks like things are looking up and that voters should probably give Obama another four years to keep the ball rolling.

Unfortunately, reality has a way of rearing its ugly head as happened to the Wicked Witch of the East when she and her flying monkeys were splashed with water in The Wizard of Oz.

Raum ends his piece stating the reality that the U. S. economy is “the weakest of any since the Great Depression” and that “Economic growth has never been feebler in a post war recovery, consumer spending has never been so slack, and only once before has job growth been slower.”  Debt problems in Europe are still a concern and consumer confidence is at its lowest since November, 2011.

Finally, an AP poll taken a week before the Republican Convention showed that 60% of those surveyed thought the country is headed in the wrong direction while 35% said it was going in the right direction.

Needless to say, the Dems have their work cut out for them in Charlotte.   Maybe Michelle can unveil her new “Supermarket Shopping 101” course to the 99 percenters who are gathering by the thousands for the big shindig.  The fact that the course was not written by Michelle but by someone named Lisa Cericola and includes such tidbits as “steer clear of the cookie, snack and soda aisles” should be of great interest to them as they set up camp. 


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Anonymous said...

Nice to see an upbeat column, Allen seems to have all bad news!!!
I see that the Feds have dropped some of their investigations of the Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ. Maybe the Sheriff was going to raise the price of accommodations at his Motel, for Federal prisoners.
I get the US Border Patrol weekly updates along with ICEs, via the computer.
Well, have a nice holiday.......

Steve/DG said...

As political as I am, I really hate to see how politicians slice and dice us away from each other as pure Americans. The left wants to see everything through racial prisms, the right wants to see us as 1950s return to innocence.

Reality states that no president will ever, ever be able to "bring those jobs" back to America due to the Unions, and my small business for my wife isn't even hitting break even point any longer. Good thing gas is rising due to some phantom storm to collude prices to destroy discretionary income for those we serve to.

No matter, the news machines are in the tank for Obama, and it's going to be freaking hilarious once the AZ Republic actually charges people for its website. I have never seen a company that is monopolistic with a large base rocket itself into extinction faster than all of these clowns.

Mike slater said...

Jim,I watched the Republican Convention on MSNBC just for the fun of it. Needles to say the panel of losers were critical of everything the Republicans had to say. I suspect next week at the Democrat Convention the MSNBC coverage will be like a love fest.

I wonder if the Code Pick crowd will be there in their vagina outfits.

Did you ever notice that Democrat women aren't near as good looking as Republican women. Just watch FOX News and then MSNBC. What a difference.

Going to Cliff Castle casino tomorrow to celebrate my 61th birthday and going to a show to see Larry the Cable Guy. Be back Monday. Have a nice holiday.

Stealth said...

Jim, this guy's editorial reads like the revenue side of an income statement, conveniently ignoring the expense/cost side with no "net"numbers.

I used to get annoyed with the lamestream media's one-sided reporting, now I just find it amusing. Their ratings and profits tell them how unpopular they really are. I usually flip the channels between Fox and CNN because CNN tends to be middle left but they, too, are in a love fest with Obama.

I saw a very interesting interview with Michael Moore where he states the everyone needs to start practicing the words, "President Romney." I didn't agree with maybe 25% of what Moore had to say and that was a pleasant surprise! He even as far to say that last election at this time he was working the Obama phone banks and this year he clearly isn't. But he won't as far to say that Obama's 4 years have been a complete unmitigated failure.

midnightsstaff said...

I actually can't wait for the DNC convention... man what a line up of rhetorical luminaries to choose from!..
Ya got Nancy, Harry.. Sandra Fluke, the parasite that like a case of the clap- just won't go away, et al..

It might be a bit uncomfortable (no pun intended) fitting Michael Moore into a speaking slot due to that unfortunate remark he made last week about Obama losing..

just another hot mike mixup I guess..

They are going to have to force march the troops even further into the swamp of a negative campaigning because there has simply been nothing positive to point to for the last four years.

Of course force marching people comes naturally to "the lightbringer" so the only ones feeling distress from now to the iceberg impact will be everyone else in the DNC but hizmagisty...

There's nothing good in today's news and according to the CBO divining our foreseeable future is little more than peering down a very dreary pipeline of "the new normal"..

But as a wise man once said.."who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?" "I gotta game to pitch"

Going to be fun watching which gasbag breaks and starts openly criticizing our dear leader first to save his own reputation... get a pool up Jimbo and I'm down twenty on "tingles"- if you float me a loan until payday, and that's still leaving Wolfie's slot open who looks to me ready to bolt already...
hey might as well have some fun until hockey starts eh?..

midnightsstaff said...

Oh yeah.. notice no one is running their pie hole over that Missouri Senate issue- it tightened back up..
..old news.

If the junior varsity would just learn to let things blow over and not panic (did they think that was going to be a three month scandal in a major election?) grow a pair and back a man that apologized and get that pinko Mccaskill out of there..

Maybe then for once in a couple of decades I could take them seriously.
same goes for 86'ing that weasel Karl Rove.

Stealth said...

Middy - I agree with you except about Akin. He had Democratic backing and with good reason - they know he is their easiest opponent. When I read that the Democratic Party was actually helping this guy in the primary....well..only a fool can't figure out that one.

I'm conservative but I'm pro-choice. Make that pro-this-isn't-and-shouldn't-be-a-topic-debated-and-decided-upon-by-mostly-men, i.e., it shouldn't be a political issue period.

Akin should have stepped down. I cringe when I think the future of young women and their choices could be in the hands of this Salem Puritan (seriously, go back 350 years and he's there at the Salem Witch Trials explaining that the girls must be telling the truth - drown the witch!)

And I would love to see a Republican write-in win that one!!

Rick Kepple said...

Something strange happened ... Last night, the circuit breaker tripped in the extra bedroom, skipping the kitchen, no power in part of the living room and no porch light. Like no one is welcome. The electrician had no explanation, except maybe a mouse chewed the wiring.

Tonight, Bodo and Maria showed up two days early.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh, and that's not all. Bodo said that he tried to call me, but a woman answered.

Rick Kepple said...

That shrink that I went to see, told me that an economy is largely a psychological thing, in that you'll tend to believe what the media tells you.

I've some a little evidence that some journalists have been controlled by government and special interests. Especially electronic journalists putting out propaganda on both sides.

CJinPhoenix said...

"Unfortunately, reality has a way of rearing its ugly head as happened to the Wicked Witch of the East when she and her flying monkeys were splashed with water in The Wizard of Oz."

That would be the Wicked Witch of the WEST, Jim. The Witch of the East, Glenda, was a good witch ... until a house landed on her & then Dorothy snatched her shoes. Here's how to remember it: think of the Jan Brewer. JB has got the look & screech down pat & she is in the West, not the East.

Jim McAllister said...

Hi Dave,

Sheriff Joe is happy today although his enemies aren't. They are always after him but he is a tough guy and always beats them down.

It's funny to listen to the complainers in this town about the sheriff's office. They think Joe is too tough on the bad guys.

He is 80 and running again this year with no intention of retiring. As always, he should win easily.

Every time I see Niagara Falls I think of the 1953 film with Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten!

Jim McAllister said...


I think a lot of the Gannett papers and others are going to charge for the online version. They are doing it in Cincinnati and I notice the WSJ is trying it and the Financial Times. The NYT tried it years ago and stopped; I guess no one subscribed.

If Obama wins, kiss small business good-bye. You're right about the press. For whatever reason, they all love Obama and I don't know why. What happened to American initiative?

Jim McAllister said...


You sure are right about the women of MSNBC and Fox. Let's I want Rachel Maddow or Dana Perino? Hmmmmm. LOL

That may sound sexist but what the hell; We guys like good looking women regardless.

Good luck at the Cliff. barb and I used to go there a lot when it was the smaller place down the hill. Great place.

Happy birthday! Wow, the big 6-1!

Jim McAllister said...


I don't understand the love affair with the press and Obama. But, it's not just Obama; they have always carried the liberal point of view. That garbage is not the basis of what this country was built on.

Interesting about Michael Moore.

I think it is really funny that Mitt went to Louisiana to assess the waters before the President of the United States did.

O just never seems to catch on with diplomacy. I'm surprised we didn't hear from Carville again. "We're dyin' down heah!!!!"

Jim McAllister said...


The article on Drudge says that Hillary is staying as far away as possible from Charlotte. That's funny O's Sec of State not even attending the convention. It looks like she has aspirations of her own. We'll be seeing a lot of her for 2016.

I'm anxiously awaiting to see the Ryan-Biden debates. I see Joe kissed some woman follower on the lips yesterday.

Does it ever end with this guy?

Bernanke sounds bleak. Here we go again. $4 gas and $8 bread.

Jim McAllister said...

Interesting about Akin. I figured he was finished after his abortion statement but I see he is about even in the polls.

Jim McAllister said...


That Missouri open primary made no sense. Maybe Rick can explain why it exists.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the correction. It was the witch of the West (played by the great Margaret Hamilton) who melted.

Billie Burke was the good witch Glenda of the East as you say.

Jan is still a favorite of mine regardless of her faux pas. I don't see how she could say she supported Obama even by mistake.

CJinPhoenix said...

Know what I miss, Jim? The ability to post pictures. I have one of your BFF, Jan Brewer, alongside The Wicked Witch of the West from years ago & the similarities are striking. My all time favorite one, though, was with Mike McLellan & an orangutan ... Those two were definitely twins separated at birth.

midnightsstaff said...

I agree, not letting me use pictures is like taking all the fun out of this stuff.. I used pictures and cartoons more than anyone else..
..and why are you up at two in the am?

It's the bigger picture Stealth.. my complaint was why let the dems choose the opponent in the primaries in the first place?

If you notice states like North Dakota have the Dems. with an open primary, the Republicans with theirs closed, Idaho is similar..
The Junior varsity promotes open primaries in hell holes like Missouri because they didn't want a tea party representative winning the Republican primary... which would have probably been Steeleman who was backed by Palin if it had been an honest vote..
this is the strategy of asswipes like K-K-Karl Rove and this clown Priebus who are doing more damage to the GOP brand than "outliers" tea party types that are promoting individual liberty and a return to a truly representative Republic.

You can lay the primary win of Akin directly at the GOP's feet.

That being said, I don't care if he goes out there and claims we have 57 states and says women shouldn't have the right to vote- (not that I would agree-lol)- these guys shoot off at the lip all the time with cameras rolling.
So why is it the Republicans are always the only ones to push someone overboard for any mistake, a political game the Dems are not stupid enough to play.

Why not just register "Voter" if there is no primary distinction.. why are you registered Republican if not for the primary vote?- only thing I can see is to give them an address to send you requests for money, which I toss straight into the trash until they clean up their act.

Yet some seem to fall for this hysterical demands by the democrats to toss Akin to the wolves, seat be dammned, same game they played in 2010 in Alaska and Nevada..

By God...they have their principles.

I see them as a collection of cowards that probably shouldn't be allowed to make decisions for the rest of us.. others disagree as we can see.

wake up!, there is no war on women by the Republicans, it's a shibboleth.. tossing him overboard to appease the communists sends the message that there really is something there in the Republican message for women to be concerned about..

weakness is inexcusable in the political arena as it is in any form of combat- a fact evidently lost on the women of Scottsdale this morning.
but I didn't get up to argue, I got up early to watch the sunrise.. which is going to be spectacular.

midnightsstaff said...

Here's a question for anyone,, who is the designated president of the Senate?

I doubt many people will get the answer right- unless they took high school civics in the 60's.
if you get that right go to question 2- "what are the qualifications as proscribed in the Constitution for judicial appointments including the Supreme Court?" and "can judges be impeached? and if so by whom?"- same can be said of how many seats to be filled does the Constitution require on the Supreme Court-is it 9 ?

..gonna get a lot of wrong answers..

My point is, if someone doesn't know the correct answer be assured the socialists can and will lie with impunity, get away with it and in doing so provide you the answer they prefer..

The only true defense from tyranny is a well founded education in Constitutional matters and we ain't getting one from either party.

Because operating in the darkness of widespread ignorance is the only way they can maintain power, I'm either right or wrong on this issue, it's up to others to decide, I think I'm right.

Ronald Reagan used to deliver a five minute message each day on radio in the seventies... he didn't speak of himself and what he was going to do for the public, he spoke in much larger terms of bringing awareness to the power reserved in our Constitution that enables us to be that bright light and a city on the hill that beacons to a dark and troubled world.. even in my ignorant state I realized that Ronald Reagan had actually read the Constitution..

I have never heard one damn thing from Mitt Romney's lips on the subject.. but maybe I am missing something.

HI admit he delivered an emotional and effective speech promising a healing last week.
here's the text..

But in a free range patriot's mind like mine I don't believe we need another big government nanny.
In fact what we need is someone to give us an honest chance by reestablishing the concept of Federalism, the rule of Law and work in concert with the producers in America to shrink the impact of government on our daily lives.. the last thing we need is another federal program...
Here is an example of what Ronald the Magnificent said in his acceptance speech...
(he's dead now, it's o k to worship him)

"Beyond these essentials, I believe it is clear our federal government is overgrown and overweight. Indeed, it is time for our government to go on a diet.
Therefore, my first act as chief executive will be to impose an immediate and thorough freeze on federal hiring.
Then, we are going to enlist the very best minds from business, labor and whatever quarter to conduct a detailed review of every department, bureau and agency that lives by federal appropriations.
We are also going to enlist the help and ideas of many dedicated and hard working government employees at all levels who want a more efficient government as much as the rest of us do.
I know that many are demoralized by the confusion and waste they confront in their work as a result of failed and failing policies"

I didn't hear Mitt make that promise, did you? did he even mention the Constitution in that address?..
.. think about it.

that's why I read the speeches instead of listen to the speeches... to filter out the emotional filler- and that speech last Thursday was nothing short of an emotional appeal based alter call.

I bet I have pissed off enough Republicans this morning and frankly I don't give a damn other than to hope maybe I can provoke some curiosity.. but that's what one gets for paying attention to detail I suppose.

my apologies to Dave and others- now I'll get off the soapbox and go back to watching the hummers.

Jim McAllister said...


You and Middy make a good point about not being able to post pictures in replies to the Google blogs. I wish we could do that.

As far as Jan, I would like to have a wall size portrait of her wagging her finger in Obama's face on the tarmac.

Whether you like her or not, you must admit that she has guts the way she tells him what he can do with his programs.

Jim McAllister said...


Wow! Up and at 'em early today, huh?. It looks like you got a good night's sleep and are ready to face the day.

The vice president is the President of the Senate if I remember my history correctly. Can you imagine Biden presiding over ANYTHING other than giving lessons on how to be an idiot?

Paula made a comment today in the Plugged-in column of the Republic that she definitely will be voting for Obama. She cites the fact that Romney picked Ryan as his VP as a major reason for her decision. What?

What a silly little nobody wannabe she has turned out to be. At least now she and her buddy Randy Parraz can meet for lunch at McDonald's and plot out who they want to recall next. I'm sure Sheriff Joe and Michelle Ugenti are having a good laugh at her.

midnightsstaff said...

Blue moon is hard on some folks.. yeah great night's sleep and cleaned the pool before seven..
I made the same observations on the Pj tattler and once again am "waiting moderation"- some people just can't handle the truth...

I gotta quit sugar coating it.. can you imagine someone like me running for office?

There are 64 days and a wake up for these people to still screw it up- the Constitution simply can't afford another Obama or GWB and his "compassionate conservatism" line of horseshit either for that matter.

I wonder if the Cardinals are looking for someone who "cares" at left offensive tackle or someone who is committed to maintaining a line and protect the quarterback with his life?
I wonder...

Rick Kepple said...

The DNC actually have the upper hand now, because the RNC went first, Eastwood did his empty chair routine and now the DNC is pretty much the headliner act.

I was just talking to Clint Eastwood this morning. The TV was off, and nothing on the screen. I asked if he was ever gonna stop making crappy movies and start making good ones again. He didn't say anything. That's a celebrity for you. They don't talk to us lowly peasants, but they'll talk to an empty chair.

Stealth said...

Dorothy's house fell on the Wicked Witch of the East who was wearing the red ruby slippers. The Wicked Witch of the West (her sister) came for the slippers, accused Dorothy of murder. Glinda the Good Witch (of Munchkinland) came to Dorothy's rescue, placing the ruby slippers on Dorothy's feet thereby sealing Dorothy's fate having the Wicked Witch of the West pursue her mercilessly.

There are 3 witches: East, West, and Good.

I'm glad I could help. LOL

Jim McAllister said...


You could possibly have a shot at winning an election. You're conservative and lay all your cards right on the table with no hemming and hawing. What they see is what they get.

You probably couldn't win in the liberal northeast but would have a shot in someplace like Texas or Oklahoma.

This could be a long year for the cards. Skelton has beaten out Kolb which has to upset Fitzgerald. The paper today says Kolb was pretty much his hand picked guy for QB.

After they go 0-3 or 0-4, I'm sure Kolb will be back in to get his first concussion of the season.

If Whisenhunt doesn't produce this year, he is probably out. It's amazing how his coaching ability declined after Warner retired!

Jim McAllister said...


Not only did Clint talk to an empty chair, he talked to the empty suit sitting in it.

I hope the DNC can get into the building in Charlotte with all those loser 99% blocking the way. The Repubs are lucky they had the rain to keep those jokers away.

Jim McAllister said...


Wow, between you and CJ I am now very well informed about "The Wizard of OZ."

Truly a great film with a multitude of fine leading roles and character actors in support.

Thanks for your assistance. By the way, those damn flying monkeys scared the hell out of me when I was a kid!

Stealth said...

Jim, I remember those flying monkeys too - they were what kids' nightmares were made of back then..until cable television....

steve buzzardo said...

I like the flying monkeys!
I thought that Pelosi was the wicked witch of the west?

Middy should run for Sheriff when Joe retires.

midnightsstaff said...

If you can't appreciate greats like the wizard and through the looking glass it is a indicator of something a psychologist would be interested in..
Still, it takes a certain type of vision to note allegories to real life, and a certain degree of honesty.

For instance it was commonplace for authors to pen scathing denunciations of the crown figure even in an oppressive, feudal, ultimately statist environment in a farcical manner.

Arouet, or rather Voltaire wrote "Candide" which was a biting and inciteful attack on the corruption and hypocricy of the French court, it was pointedly mocking the PTB and it cost him his freedom only to exiled for his trouble, but he did it anyway..

No Jim, guys like me do not get elected and if they do they tend to get un elected at the first opportunity...
the only thing most people hate worse than being told their wrong is finding what he was told was right.. that's how you develop true, bitter enemies..
Joe does have a few enemies doesn't he?

We shouldn't always look for someone we like to get the job done in the first place.

For instance in the third week of boot camp would you say you "liked" your Drill Instructors and would have voted to keep him?

A reflective if not interesting note, I met up with SSgt. Andersen, one of my "gentler" DI's in a Quang tri drinking hole, his attitude was nothing like the one he had in San Diego and he was a great guy like all lifer marines.. lol..
in fact the Corps was infested with guys that broke in at Tarawa, Guadalcanal or Okie.

My neighbor Sgt. Major of the USMC Ray Wilborn was a mustang of all mustangs.. he was a true WWII hero and an inspiration..

read about this guy if you want to know what a real marine who bleeds green looks like.

I am certain that Mitt Romney is a good man and would willingly do anything he can to help people which is the opposite of a golem Obama who hates people, it's in his DNA.. but that ain't the problem..

Rick Kepple said...

I saw a photograph of the Florida police in riot gear keeping the crowd back from the RNC in Tampa. But apparently the photograph was a form of propaganda.

According to an AP story in U.S. News, there were metal barricades surrounding the buildings so American citizens could not get to the Republicans. Locals called the scene, "Oppressive, overwhelming" and "overdone."

Instead, protestors were confined to "Protest Zones;" fenced areas far away from the actual event, thereby creating a safe zone for free speech, but freedom prohibited elsewhere.

Banned items that protestors could not carry in their corral, were "poles, posts and rope."

However, "Occupy Wall Street" protestors who were previously in New York told the AP reporter that the police were friendly and talking to the crowd. The number of police equalled the number of protestors, some 5,000, and yet there were only two arrests made and no violent scenes that police had done in California and New York.

It seemed that everyone agreed that the police behaved with respect to their fellow Americans.

Rick Kepple said...

The AP seems to dominate the news regarding the coverage of both political parties, so the title by Mr. McAllister seems fitting: The State of the Nation according to the AP.

At the Democratic convention, police are calling the protests uneventful. There's a sit-down protests that is being ignored.

Protestors have the phone numbers of their attorneys written on their arms, but police continue to ignore them. One drunk was arrested.

It's said that mayors don't want a repeat of the 2008 violence during the conferences. But the Democrats aren't typically violence attactants.

In 1967, during the DNC conference in Chicago, a 17-year-old boy was shot three times by police and the crowd largely did nothing, but mourn. Police and DNC expected violent rioting, but nothing.

Jim McAllister said...


...and Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the WEST. Poor Toto hated her too!

In her later years, Margaret was the nice soft spoken store clerk for Maxwell House coffee.

She was one of the great character actors of her time.

Jim McAllister said...


Naw, Pelosi was too ugly to play the witch. LOL

I think it was Jay Leno who said that Pelosi saves money at Halloween because she doesn't need to buy a mask.

I don't think I have ever seen her blink. Too much plastic surgery.

Jim McAllister said...


The trouble with most elected offices is that you have to wear so many different hats to satisfy everyone.

Like you, I couldn't get elected because I am a hard ass against criminals and today you have to fight off the "do gooder" liberal types who want to coddle crooks.

Joe is fortunate that he lives in a western town where the majority still want his type of enforcement. That guy Penzone may as well not even waste money on a campaign.

You're right about the DIs in basic. It was holy hell for a few weeks with those guys but once they realize you have adjusted and have become a trooper, they ease off. Thank God; I would have hated to think the whole 4 was going to be like the beginning.

Jim McAllister said...


What else would you expect from a lying bunch of left wing liberals talking about the Rep convention?

The dems have the press sewed up. I'm glad we have Fox News.

Jim McAllister said...

It's still early. We'll see what happens at the DNC by Tuesday or Wed.

It wouldn't be good for me to be a cop there. I wouldn't put up with anything from those 99 per centers. After watching them in new York, my patience with them was taxed.

midnightsstaff said...

...they eased off??

"One day we'll beeeeee... to-gethe-rrr..

man I miss that Motown sound!!
it just reeks silky smoothness and full of life.. that was when we had big cars, big ideas and no boundaries...

Of course I didn't like it when it was popular, but in the mid seventies and eighties I started appreciating it for what it was- like bluegrass, jazz and country... it's America at it's best..

This is a country built on ideas, we don't need to mimic third world dreams, we need to be that country that can put a man on the moon if we want, or any damn thing we want to if the cause is just and the people are united...

here's another classic, in one of her tackyassgetups that the taxpayer paid for wouldn't be allowed on that stage.. these gals were top shelf.

Were you listening to that prospective rep from Utah? that is why I have said I will do a one for one exchange of every Hatian they can send for our freeshitarmy volunteers, maybe that's the way to clean up this nation..

steve buzzardo said...

I just cant wait to hear these fine ladies speak at the DNC. It should be very entertaining.

The DNC will give us a lesbian, an abortionist, a condom queen, a phony “Catholic” a women who has spent her life smiling while men destroyed the women in her family, an actress best known for promoting adultery, and a woman who thinks “You didn’t build that.”

Here’s the DNC list of women speakers:

Tammy Baldwin, the first speaker: an open lesbian recently separated from her gay partner.

Veterans Affairs Tammy Duckworth, endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America and EMILY’S List.

Sandra Fluke, sees freedom as having others pay for the condoms her dozens of weekly lovers use to please her.

Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America: once a Special Education teacher caring for America’s most vulnerable children who now supports killing special needs children before they are born.

Lilly Ledbetter, will remind viewers that women on Barack Obama’s White House staff are paid 18% less than men in violation of the law named after her.

Caroline Kennedy, has spent her whole life silently smiling while the men in her family have abused woman, including her own mother; she has called Barack Obama a LIAR.

Eva Longoria, best known for using her acting talents to celebrate adultery on “Desperate Housewives”.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a putative Catholic with a 100% NARAL rating.

Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, advocates the slaughter of innocent children.

Kamala Harris, the 100% NARAL rated California Attorney General.
Massachusetts Senatorial candidate

Elizabeth Warren, coined “You didn’t build that”, telling small business people they can’t succeed without government.

midnightsstaff said...

I thought Fluke was a dyke.. what do dykes need condoms for?
.. frankly I find that disturbing.

Seriously Jim I don't get over that backed up toilet she and RedMike are running a game on, so you think she has finally gone off the reservation to stay?

I see her as a pretty effective union organizer - what the hell is she doing in a right to work state to begin with?
It's no wonder her husband hates politics to that extent, I would too if my politically active spouse was Ac/Dc..
no offense to Angus..

Na you get a red flag on that cheap shot on America's sweetheart Nancy..

I say she was a pretty good looking gal a few years back, I admit one of her problems is like you say- not blinking- but dammit man... her ears touch!..

Beauty is skin deep pal, look at the empty noggins out there trying to sound relevant from the Hollywood boarding stable.
Problem is with these oversexed and under appreciative louts is they are running out of threats to bellow if another hideous woman hating, gay bashing creature is elected..

That old line about going to France is pretty much out now with a brand new 75% tax on wealth.
Right now with this type of election I imagine that they are all hoping no one actually does end it all- because that means the next one will have to top that act..

and that's a tough act to follow.

Rick Kepple said...

Uh oh. A glass lampshade just fell from a kitchen ceiling fixture, on the same electrical line that ISN'T working. One of my Ozarks friends said that it's bad luck. Yeah, cause it was expensive! I got a multimeter. I watched a Youtube video on electrical stuff.

You're looking at this all wrong about the stuff going on. Think of it as a magic year. When you can tell your legislator that you want something done and your wish comes true. Next year, they won't care.

midnightsstaff said...

actually hat's off to Obama in the New Orleans hurricane clean up, I haven't noticed the localized redistribution of wealth program going on, and the local branch of the well armed, if not well regulated militia evidently are not shooting at rescue helicopters like they were after Katrina..
Chocolate City is evidently on it's best behavior..
If only Shitcago would learn a lesson from the most genteel and uncorrupted cities in the South.. :/

Of course this was no Katrina..but I bet we can spin it into one if we try..

Maybe he is the one that can calm the waters and heal this nation's wounds... anyone out there agree with me... hello, anyone? anybody??

Stealth said...

Steve Buzzardo - you captured the essence of the DNC perfectly. I'm pro-choice, but the older I get, the more I lean toward the pro-choice EXCEPT. I've NEVER, however, been pro-choice for abortion to be about birth control, gender selection, eliminating special needs babies, or where the baby is viable outside the womb. As a mom myself, I cherish the lives I brought into this world.

The women and men who are pro-choice no matter what the situation are able to express their views because their moms were pro-life.

Abortion should not be a political platform.

Democrats have been able to deflect attention off the Big O's record onto social issues. But that will only last until voters are actually faced with choosing: A) Continue with failed policies or no polices choose Obama; or B) Elect someone who has a record of business success, who has a record of people who actually KNOW something of him (i.e., he's been around and is not a stranger to the U.S.).

I'll choose B of course. To choose A would be detrimental to my kids' future.

midnightsstaff said...

guess that's a no confidence from one on my appeal?

midnightsstaff said...

I would love to do the intro on hizmagicisty next week, how about " now may I introduce the Greatest Son of a Bitch that this nation has ever produced"-" give him some props all you mindless Obamabangers"
Chuck Norris could do it.
I might get out alive.

Biggest mistake a politician can make is getting anywhere near an abortion issue.. sheer estrogen laced topic if there ever was one...

What's Mccatskill's view on abortion.. must be better than that Adkins fellow eh? are they running against each other for only one Senate seat?

I wonder how she would vote on Obamacare?

Jim McAllister said...

Motown was huge during my Air Force years of 1961-65.

Marvin Gaye, Tammy Terrell, Dinah Washington, Etta James, Esther Phillips, The Drifters, Ben E. King, Little Eva and on and on. Barry Gordy ran the show.

Jim McAllister said...

Damn, are you sure of that lineup, Steve?

What a crew!

Longoria is just another idiot talentless actress who happened to land on an ensemble cast show.

Fluke is REALLY a joke and I've thought from the start she was an Obama set up. She pays $60,000 a year to go to Georgetown Law School and she wants the govt. to pay for her screwing aids? Please! Fluke is a good name for her.

Warren is the one Scott Brown will be trouncing in the election. She has claimed that she has Cherokee Indian blood! Where do they get these clowns

Mark Steyn says Warren is as white as Frosty the Snowman after he fell in a vat of Wite Out.

I see Mitt is up now on Rasmussen by another point to 48-44 and RealClear Politics has dropped O's favorability by 1%.

That lineup will help us. There is no substitute for class and I see none there. Hillary is smart; she is staying away and counting the days un til 2016..

Jim McAllister said...


Warren is another with the big "A" hanging around her neck over "You didn't build that."

O has that and his famous line to Joe the Plumber: "I think it's good to spread the wealth around".

Great idea from the Kenyan guy. Citizens just love to work hard to support those who won't.

Jim McAllister said...


Seems like I heard some words about looting going on. Maybe it was somewhere else.

Hell, ya gotta grab those flat screens when you have the opportunity!

Jim McAllister said...


Rick can probably give some details on McCaskill.

Rick? You out there?

midnightsstaff said...

Gutsy call there Jim.

Should I fly my flag on this kind of holiday?
I have never really understood what Labor day is, sounds suspicious to me.

Jim McAllister said...

I don't fly mine on Labor Day.

Rick Kepple said...

Todd Akin did get some supporters with his rape comments in Missouri. It's Missouri and it's a man's state, but Claire is liked by a lot of people who know her. She's not like some old snobby rock star. Claire is a nice woman and is leading Akin in the polls by 1 point.

I read that Mitt Romney actually lost a few voters after the Republican convention in Tampa. Instead of getting a bump, voters were turned off by the GOP snubbing Ron Paul with prewritten script on the teleprompters, making the Republicans appear elitist.

Nevertheless, Romney is leading in Missouri by 12 points. But one must remember that the Mormons have influence in the Show Me State.

BTW, Romney wants the United States to be more like Missouri with the Right to Work crap and elitism. Currently, Missouri is cutting Medicaid to their citizens and that's both Democrats and Republicans doing that! Health care in Missouri is an aspirin for a heart attack, since legally doctors have fulfilled their obligation after that.

It's kind of weird. People have this idea that Mitt Romney will create lots of jobs, when he's already said on his website that he plans to increase immigration and increase outsourcing of jobs to "teach the American way" to foreigners.

It's a fricking joke and I might just stay home on election day.

Jim McAllister said...

If you think the Republicans are bad wait until you've heard the manure spread in Charlotte.

Rick Kepple said...

I was looking for riot projections for 2013-2014 and there are only conspiracy theories.

We've had a drought. We've got high unemployment. Romney promises more outsourcing and cuts to impoverished people.

Even if Obama wins, I anticipate the worst, but that's just me. I just got this feeling that things are going to get bad.

Which reminds me, I need to do some more concrete work.

midnightsstaff said...

when we get to the point of having riot projections you can safely say we have lost the nation.

you are right.. it's going to be bad whomever wins.

Republicans would be well served to quit whistling in the dark about what is really going to happen in this brave new world.

The pep rally is over.... now time for the real work to begin.

midnightsstaff said...

Conversation seems to be lagging again, so I went out and dug up some news fit for a labor day special...

..and as a no cost to you toss in, one that I don't normally extend it's as close to being on topic as anything I have ever offered.,0,4713974.story

Yessiree folks life can truly be not what you expected it to turn out to... or as a wise man said..

.."Life's like a box of chocolates"

I wonder how many husbands and wives have tried the "empty chair" therapy approach?- actually it's a good tool that behavior therapists use to get people to open up a bit..

it gets tricky when both spouses are in the same room tho..

But the "empty chair" is an icon in Republican history now, and like I say I bet a lot of people are now putting use to a formerly ignored proxy....
I use it to amuse my cat.

Mike slater said...

Jim, Just got back from Cliff Castle. Larry the Cable Guy put on a great show. I don't gamble so going to a casino is a waste of time for me. Deb likes the casinos but unfortunately for me she never wins.

I used to fly my flag 24/7 365 days a year until Obama was elected. Haven't flown it since. I hope he gets defeated so I can fly it again.

I've seen Sandra Fluke. I can't understand why she needs all those birth control pills. She's butt ugly and only a drunk guy would want to have sex with her.

Mike slater said...

Jim, I forgot to mention I saw Paula Sunday morning on channel 12 at 8am. What a loon. I guess losing every election she's been in messed up her mind. The picture you see in the paper and the one on her blog site must have been taken 20 years ago. She's no young chickie now.

BTW, her friend on Facebook is Laurie Roberts. That should tell you something.

Any Republican that votes for Obama should be kicked out of the party.

midnightsstaff said...

whoooeee! mike beefed one...

Jim McAllister said...


It's going to be an interesting week.

Jim McAllister said...


Interesting article. Nice to see the old folks winning one even if it is at the expense of younger workers.

I wonder if our phony emperor ever thought of that: old people not leaving jobs this causing younger people to be unable to get jobs.

Jim McAllister said...


"I've seen Sandra Fluke. I can't understand why she needs all those birth control pills. She's butt ugly and only a drunk guy would want to have sex with her."

LOL. good one Mike. I think she was a set up all along. What a joke, the government paying for someone's sex habits.

She is definitely a double bagger.

Glad you had a good time at the castle.

Paula is on that Sunday show a lot. Not exactly prime time, I imagine about 3 people probably watch it.

She is one frustrated old woman. She would say anything or back anything to get elected. She has no principles. I smiled when I put my "X" next to Michelle Ugenti's name on my ballot. At least Ugenti has a platform that she has stuck with.

CJinPhoenix said...

Jim & Mike: Good grief, you two are stooping low in your comments toward women. Yep, women in general, although, specifically Paula & I don't even know who that other woman is. I mean, I may participate in bashing people for being old & ugly occasionally, but at least I say it about men & women pretty much equally &, when it is on a personal level, I do not do it behind the person's back as you all are doing to Paula. And even I do not go on & on about people being bitter losers & how much booze I would need to consume before considering having sex with a particular person or why they would even need birth control ... Which is definitely a good thing on this blog in particular because, if I started talking about who I would do here, you all would kick me out really quick.

Mike has never really opened up to me that much, Jim. But if this is what he says when he is being real because he is getting familiar & comfortable, I do not like what I am seeing here right now. But YOU, Jim? I thought you were actually better than all this.

midnightsstaff said...

et tu Brutus? I mean Jimmy.

glad I stayed away from that conversation- for what good it did me.

I am still on Cj's watch list tho I imagine, even tho I don't normally get cheap shots in after the whistle has blown I still didn't get any attaboys this morning... and I guess it's to be expected..

After all in some minds I have committed a long history of grievances and have no absolution ever to look forward to or being allowed to climb off that cross no matter what.
I'm used to it.

Anyone thinking we can possibly go back to what was the old normal is smoking something..
No matter who wins, an unemployment of under 8 percent might be unattainable, the paradigm of efficient costs cutting production has changed forever so believe what you want but I'm telling you it is a fantasy, the world's economics have changed permanently.

what night does Joe Bidet speak?... I gotta catch that one..

steve buzzardo said...

good story about the Marine Sgt Major. He reminds me of one of my dads Marine buddies.
He was also a Sgt before WWII started, and retired after 30 years as a Lt Col.

midnightsstaff said...

Ray is a marines marine..
I feel honored to have known him, Irma and the rest of his family for years.. he truly is a legend in the Corps and a great old Texan to talk to..
He is a tough old guy as well, I couldn't tell you how many wounds and problems he suffers.
He is a regular at the San Diego Navy hospital, but he keeps on ticking like a kid of sixty..

Ray Wilborn is always the first to help someone else despite his obvious physical problems and I have never heard him mention anything about his own problems, he is probably the most generous and respectful person I have ever met.

A person is lucky to make the acquaintance of a legend like this once in his life.

When I was in Hotel 2/3 we started a battalion op a couple of klicks south of the DMZ and what surprised all of us is we had a Lt.Col come out from the rear.
And what's more shocking is he walked point on the operation which made a statement..

That Colonel who's name I can't remember got instant respect from all of us and morale went from shit to what it was supposed to be.. that type of show of support is the definition of leadership.

It's something clowns like Obama would never do, it's risky and it's the reason he will never know anything about true leadership.

He is simply not a leader.

When Ray Wilborn eventually passes the entire Corps might just take the week off and the world will have lost a mighty big man.

Mike slater said...

CJ, Are trying to say you don't know who Sandra Fluke is? She testified before congress whining that the mean old Republicans want to take away her free birth control pills and make her pay for them.

You and I have dueled on these blogs for years but when I met you at lunch you seemed like a nice lady and I'm sure you are.

Next time we all meet for lunch I'm going to sit next to you and we can chat. How's that sound?

Jim, voting for Michelle Ugenti must have been fun. I had the same kind of fun here in Sun City voting for the people on Laurie Roberts "Kook" list. Can't wait until November when Sheriff Joe is reelected to hear all the moaning from Paula, Montini, Roberts and Valdez. It will be fun.

midnightsstaff said...

"Today General Motors (GM) reported its August sales of 240,520 vehicles in the U.S., up 10 percent compared with a year ago," a press release from the VP of global public policy reports.

"All four GM brands posted higher total and retail sales. In particular, Chevrolet passenger car sales were up 25 percent, with the Spark, Sonic, Cruze and Volt all posting their best-ever monthly sales."

Haha.. I wonder what a true auditing of this best ever sales month really looks like with all the channel stuffing and accounting hocus pocus going on?

Mid march stock price was somewhere around 27 bucks a throw, it closed today today at 21.32 and continues to bleed even after trading..
You can lie to the voters but the investors know differently.

I have noticed we are having a new car bubble built that has gone on since the cash for clunkers fiasco, have you noticed all the new cars being driven around?

It's just another liar loan game but this time I think the people are making the new car payment with mortgage money they are not wasting by paying that upside down home loan with anymore- living rent free and driving a new car... ain't America a great nation!!
Peggy Joseph must be ecstatic..

now if "the lightbringer" would just fill up the tank!, the mortgage has been taken care of- sort of..

Growth, bubble formation, collapse and rebuild are the steps in a normal, healthy market, but it never really got that one step of allowing collapse with Lil' Toot at the helm, so GM will be back in bankruptcy court just like the US is now in a year or two.

midnightsstaff said...

Will they drop the balloons from the ceiling when the debt clock trips 16,000,000,000,000.00 of natl. debt for every taxpayer now owes?

that's sixteen thousand, billion dollar bills folks.. (there isn't that kind of money in circulation.)

- which is over seven years of our entire GNP that is now owed on just the interest at zero rates but poised to skyrocket and not even count operating expenses?

Some tell us we can just "grow our way" out of this problem?

we will see.
oh yeah.. bank runs in Spain

Europe in Depression..

no problem!

Looks to me like we are going to need a few million people to quit existing to ever balance this baby.. or a return to the grinding, hopeless feudal system which is the default setting for most of world history- pick one.

One only has to read Tom Purcell's book if you want a glimpse of the future.

Jim McAllister said...


I guarantee you Paula knows who Sandra Fluke is. What makes you think she doesn't? Paula is into all things political especially now since she crossed over to the dark side Democrats.

Fluke is at the center of the debate about the government paying for women's sexual devices. Fluke pays $60,000 a year tuition at George Washington Law School but can't afford some rubbers? She is a loser and a typical government leach.

As far as Paula is concerned, she can go through all the mental gyrations she wishes with her buddy Randy Parraz and their campaigns to dump Sheriff Joe, Pearce, or whoever is next on their idiotic shit list.

Paula wants to be noticed under any circumstances even when it means backing Obama. As far as many of us are concerned she can go ahead with what she pleases but it doesn't mean we are going to praise her for it. She and Laurie the kook can join forces and have a ball. As for me, I like to hang with people who are a bit more genuine.

As far as comments on this blog being behind anyone's back, that is not possible. It's open to the world. In someone in downtown Copenhagen or uptown Bremerhaven want to read it, all they have to do is punch in

In fact, in the last 24 hours, I have had visitors from Saluzzo, Piemonte, Italy and Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa. However, neither of them showed any interest in Paula.

Jim McAllister said...


Joe "Bidet"? Now, THAT is funny!

Jim McAllister said...


"Jim, voting for Michelle Ugenti must have been fun. I had the same kind of fun here in Sun City voting for the people on Laurie Roberts "Kook" list. Can't wait until November when Sheriff Joe is reelected to hear all the moaning from Paula, Montini, Roberts and Valdez. It will be fun"

Mike, I was really for Ugenti over Petersen. Petersen is another big spender. It will be Ugenti's second term having beaten Paula handily the first time in 2010.

I guess Paula decided not to run this time. Probably a good idea as she tried to beat Michelle two years ago with a minimal campaign including no yard signs. Big mistake!

This time it was Jennifer Petersen, former president of the Scottsdale School Board going after Ugenti and despite her multitude of TV, print ads, and yard signs, she was easily defeated.

The reporters at the Republic all have new photos. Laurie Roberts ought to consider having hers retaken. Not flattering! Maybe she is worrying to much about the kooks!

Jim McAllister said...


Those figures for GM look a bit cooked. Plus they are bragging about the Volt and just recently I saw where that piece of junk has stopped production.

Jim McAllister said...

I saw that number for the debt on Drudge.

We have to clean this crew out of Washington and give Romney a shot at cleaning it up.

steve buzzardo said...

"The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To" - Democrat party video shown at the DNC

Thats how these asshole leftists think. I thought that slavery was abolished in America!

Clint a real American, was of course correct: "We own this country". "They work for us"

Mike slater said...

Jim, Jennifer Petersen, former president of the Scottsdale School Board. That tells you all you need to know about her. She likes to spend other people's money.

I saw those new photos in the republic. Laurie may want to do like Paula does and use one from 20 years ago. Montini doesn't look so good either.

Jim McAllister said...


Clint is right: "We own the country." The government owns nothing.

I see where the Dems don't think they can fill that 74,000 seat stadium Thursday for Nobama's acceptance speech. They have been trying to bus people in, pay them off and whatever just to take up space for his majesty.

Now, it looks like the venue will be in a 20,000 seat indoor arena. He may not realize it but North Carolina is not very in love with him.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, Laurie has been so busy calling people kooks that she is now looking like one. That is one bad photo.

I guess EJ has to be pushing 60 by now. I remember him being here at least 20 years ago when we still had the afternoon Gazette. He is a die hard liberal from Pittsburgh.

Petersen campaigned hard to beat Ugenti and got no where. That district is pretty conservative. Kavanaugh won also and with him and Ugenti they are a conservative pair.

Needless to say, they are both on Laurie's kook list.

Mike slater said...

Jim, Laurie left off 3 of the biggest kooks of all. Her,Montini and Valdez.

I've been reading the Republic since 1965 and subscribing since 1971. It was a conservative paper until the family sold it.

It won't be long before it goes under because of the liberal bent it has.

Can't wait until the election in November when all of Laurie's kooks get reelected.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah... dammit, my keys get a little mixed up now and then, Of course it's Biden- thanks Jim.. how I came up with that..
actually I heard it.

There are a lot of people coming up with the same way of looking at life as we do, It's not that we don't have the people, we just don't have a leader.

The assault on the Constitution is not going to go away after Jan. 20.. I can tell you that there are a lot of people in the RNC that won't admit it but are grateful for Obama's shifting power to the centralized government, statists like Karl Rove, Reince Priebus

I think Mitt is going to make a great figurehead, and really that should be the main part of the job, the legislature should be doing their job instead of stealing as much as they can, so other than looking over a bunch of children he only needs to make critical decisions as to what bill he would sign and which he should reject.

Where this nation came up with the idea of allowing an executive to autonomously decide where and when to commit troops and to flaunt his executive orders is a mystery to me, I think it started with LBJ and he only would commit troops with the agreement of congress.

If there were any men in Congress, "He who would lower the Seas" would be under arrest for his many crimes against our Constitution..

Walk softly but carry a big stick should be the order of the day, but look at what's been happening since we invaded Iraq.

The last few years has been a study of how to defund the military and break it's back with the Cloward Piven strategy... we are building roads and schools in Afghanistan and that is somehow related to our national security?, besides we are too broke to continue pouring money down the sewers if there were any of the mideast.

Sometimes you have to take a look at where you are and wonder if being there is such a good idea.
This nation has now been at war longer than the Vietnam conflict lasted, we have lost more troops in Afghanistan since "the One" took control. he is a bad commander in chief that actually delights in the deaths of our troops, and you want me to say "Oh but he's really a nice guy that is just in over his head?"

.. my ass I will.

Rick Kepple said...

I've been busy. The men in white coats were here with a strait jacket, but it was the rubber ball gag that just really ruined it for me. Those Goth's are just so funny sometimes with their practical jokes!

I'm right that it's Mormon vs Islam. Yeah, I'd go Mormon. They're badasses.

The electrician will be here in a few days. No wiring other than the guest ares were affected. My friends are blaming Dora. Just like a wife; she breaks something and it costs me money.

CJ Phoenix said...

Atta boy, Middy. Good boy! I am glad you stayed out of that conversation too. Just don't forget that you're still not allowed on the furniture.

BTW, I am not keeping track of old slights & grievances & you have never actually crossed to line of no return with me.

CJ Phoenix said...

Mike, No, I did not know who Sandra Fluke is &, since birth control is no longer an issue in my house, that explains it. I have better things to worry about right now. I do agree with Stealth about this though: "... I'm pro-choice. Make that pro-this-isn't-and-shouldn't-be-a-topic-debated-and-decided-upon-by-mostly-men, i.e., it shouldn't be a political issue period." And how did that sound? A little like a threat to me ... Maybe I will take you up on the offer, though, next time I feel like having an ear chewed off. Bring beer.

CJ Phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CJ Phoenix said...

Jim, I do not actually know whether Paula knows who Sandra Fluke is & I never said that I thought she didn't. And I wasn't actually criticizing you for not praising Paula. Just all the personal crap you two were saying. And I still believe it was back biting whether people from around the world happen to stumble in here occasionally or not ... So full disclosure: I sent Paula the link on Facebook. I also told her she needs to block ms15 on Facebook (that's another thing that I learned about from Stealth) & I believe she took my advice already.

Am I genuine enough for you?

Paula Pennypacker said...

CJ -- Jim is right. I know who Sandra Fluke is!

Jim McAllister said...


The prognosticators have the Senate going 51-47 (2 Ind.)Republican and the House keeping a large majority.

If Obama wins, can they keep him from further executive orders? Also, are there limits to how much power can be wielded by executive orders?

midnightsstaff said...

Not a chance with this group of gutless wonders, "The Anointed One" has already demonstrated he has utter contempt for the Constitution and the Legislature, who is going to stop him?
I fully expect a madman barricaded in the attic of the White House invoking martial law. you see anything but another annoying waste of time with the Fast and Furious investigation?

I sure as hell don't.
Merely slowing the descent is about all I expect with a Romney Ryan administration..
If you listen to Mark Levin's podcast of yesterday he made a pretty good argument that the bulk of the speeches just weren't really what you might expect considering the magnitude of this election...
I agree, if you listen to the message Ronald Reagan brought to the Convention in 1980 it just show us what a group of outright cowards today's Rino infested GOP really is.

Like I said, there is a lot of Rino's that are just tickled pink at how much gain of centralized control has been made and the best thing is... they can claim innocence.. Notice not one item of individual liberty that has been stolen from the American citizen through the excess of Obama will be returned.
we will still have to squat and give TSA three good coughs before entering a movie theater.

In the end they all end up the same, so like I said maybe we are just buying time.

midnightsstaff said...

Big earthquake in Costa Rica.. nuclear accidents in France.. looks like a pretty good day.

midnightsstaff said...

Well how nice to see Paula show up to declare she knows who Sandra Fluke is... why not stay awhile and tell us more of your emerging viewpoint?

I got to admit I was a bit shocked to see you now are going to vote for Obama, it seems something has pushed you in a direction you previously avoided, what could possibly give any genuine conservative minded person reason to totally change directions, frankly I am mystified.

I know plenty of people who voted for change and hope in '08 but none are now saying they intend to do it twice.

My mind works like most, it is simply easier for me to believe that this new version is actually the old version who masqueraded as a tea party supporter parroting a few comfortable phrases.

When that failed it became just too difficult to maintain the sham so you allowed the real Paula to once again emerge, a Paula that has more in common with her sister than the adopted conservative family.

This family isn't perfect, few are but really where are you going to be served with another four years of the same mind numbing indecision Obama offers that we just lived through..
Reconcile that for the rest of us because frankly we don't see how it's possible.

I admit many are confused and shocked at these type of transformations, but as a wise woman once said..

.."Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong"

In accepting you for what you claimed you represented we merely entertained a false premise...
...because one thing seems certain, you never entertained a false premise..

midnightsstaff said...

Well Drudge has confirmed the earthquake, wonder how long before the French nuclear accident is reported?
should I let him know?

What is the chances the idiot Jew voter is finally going to get the idea that the Democrats are actually aligned with muslim trash in full on attack on the nation of Israel?

The DNC announced they no longer support the nation of Israel or God at their convention- how many of those dumb son of a bitch Jews in Florida will still line up to vote for

Anyone voting for the communist party in this election pretty much deserves the chains they will eventually wear, problem is, the rest of us including our children and those unborn who cannot choose don't.

Paula Pennypacker said...

Middy --

Thank you for your kind remarks with out the disparaging comments.

First let me clarify for Jim that taxpayers do not pay for our birth control. Sandra Fluke and her ilk pay for it with their higher than our male counterparts insurance premiums.

And in a nutshell -- when the GOP started redefining the meaning of "rape" that was it for me. As witnessed in my race for the state legislature -- if you are not willing to sell out to Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce -- there is NO room for you in the AZGOP. I no longer recognize my party. And for the record -- I have NEVER been a right-winger. I have always been a fiscal conservative who was moderate on social issues. I supported Jon Huntsman in the primaries. I don't trust a singe word coming out of Romney's mouth. I had to choose from the lesser of two evils.

And for the record ms -- my photo for the newspaper was taken in 2010. I am old -- but not that old. Hey -- I have a photo taken by the pool this summer on board the Allure of the Seas that I could post. Since I am one belt away from my black belt -- this "old frustrated woman" is still pretty buff!!! LOL!!!!

Jim McAllister said...


Don't you think the DNC decision will swing a lot of Jews over to the Republicans? I think this helps in Florida.

Once again, look at what happened in New York in the election for Wiener's seat. Very Jewish district held by the D's since 1924 and it voted in overwhelmingly the Republican. This was around the time that Netanyahu was scolding Obama and making him look foolish.

I don't think the Jews are in love with Obama.

midnightsstaff said...

Can you explain where it is written in our Constitution the responsibility for the government to pay for anything whether it be health care or birth control?

Cause I just don't see it, and that is the demands of the extremist left to have their demands paid for by the taxpayers, so where is your argument with Jim on this issue?
looks like a red herring to me.

Where did the GOP redefine the meaning of "rape"?

Give me something to work with other than a few hysterical accusations by socialist operatives, as I understand it most of the gutless wonders infesting the GOP have thrown Akin under the bus over a mistake he made in even bringing the issue up and then misspeaking, something he has since apologized for..

They have gone so far as to withhold funding for his campaign somehow justifying a re election of Clair M. as the intelligent vote so as to not waste an opportunity to make a statement as to their overall petulance..
so where is your dissatisfaction with how the GOP is handling their crisis?- you should be delighted, I am the one with heartburn..

Have you also noticed the irony of having the five star general in the true debasement and guerrilla tactics against women speaking from the podium introducing Hizmagicsty?

Yeah.. Bill Clinton, accused rapist, convicted philanderer, impeached president and an overall despicable piece of work that actually employed a "Bimbo eruption specialist" named Betsy Wright because he had as any child might have, no self control when it comes to debasing women.

Yeah, we all got a laugh out of Jon Huntsman Jr. and his chameleon like ability to dance around issues.

Have you forgot he was once a member of "The Lightbringer's" toolkit as U.S. Ambassador to China?

"Huntsman has been described by the Huffington Post as "a conservative technocrat-optimist with moderate positions who was willing to work substantively with President Barack Obama"

Yes, I can clearly see how that and the rousing endorsement of none other than Juan McAmnesty himself would leave someone like you with no choice but to champion his political future.

But enough about the past.. are you still going to vote for a continuation of the current model of our future and bring California to the rest of the nation, or have you somehow regained your wits enough to vote for Romney?

Because I'm pretty sure that neither GWB nor J.Huntsman jr. are on my ballot nor yours.

People say things they wish they hadn't and can't think of a way to walk it back.. it happens every day- glad that you took the opportunity to clear the record and hope to hear from you in the future.

Jim McAllister said...


You are taking the easy way out. It doesn't seem like that long ago you were saying we must defeat Obama.

By the way, how do you like the political blogging at azcentral?

It looks like a nightmare to me; I'm glad I turned them down when they offered me a spot. It is not my type of program; much too confusing to readers and a bad mix of writers.

Other than Tom Patterson, Jim Barber, and Nathan Sproul, most of the "bloggers" either don't write at all or else they are whiny liberals. Plus, readers can't even leave comments in most cases and if they can, they don't as you can see from the number of comments you get.

I'm surprised you stay there. I know you like to get a lot of exposure and it will never happen there.

Jim McAllister said...


What is your reaction to Middy's 11:33 comment?

Paula Pennypacker said...

"By the way, how do you like the political blogging at azcentral?"

It's just OK. I took the entire summer off from blogging to spend time with my family -- we traveled quite a bit. A much needed break.

Middy -- If I change my mind between now and November you will be the first to know. Both parties are corrupt! IMHO.

And one last thing -- I bet I can kick anyone of your asses, and that means you too ms, now that I am almost a black belt -- so what you say about this old woman!!!

Paula Pennypacker said...

Jim --

Will have to respond later -- hopefully later today. Too many questions.

midnightsstaff said...

I call foul, she is obviously by posting a minute apart merely trying to get your comment count inflated.. something like the tricks they play at

I mean facebook..:/

I never considered...Jim are you saying that you get more comments here than they do?


midnightsstaff said...

"I bet I can kick anyone of your asses, and that means you too ms, now that I am almost a black belt"

..."never underestimate some old guy with a bad case of red ass"- fun zone is officially open.

CJ Phoenix said...

Only a punk would bring a gun to what has already been agreed upon to be hand-to-hand, Middy. That pulling out a gun & shooting the ninja crap is only justified when it is a surprise attack.

Jim McAllister said...


Even though Ford is just another typical liberal Hollywood phony, I must admit that was a great scene.

As far as Paula's comment: ("I bet I can kick anyone of your asses, and that means you too ms, now that I am almost a black belt"), The key word is ALMOST.

Almost having a black belt is kind of like almost being pregnant. Big difference!

steve buzzardo said...

I think Paula could kick Red Mike, Bodo and Baghdad Don's asses!

midnightsstaff said...

I dunno, seems like a nuclear accident might make the Drudge report sometime today... this is starting to look like the non reporting of the Chevron refinery incident a few weeks ago..
very mysterious.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Only a punk would bring a gun to what has already been agreed upon to be hand-to-hand, Middy. That pulling out a gun & shooting the ninja crap is only justified when it is a surprise attack"

And only a fool would agree to get their ass kicked by someone who seems by their picture to be at least twenty years younger than himself. you can see I have a black belt in satirically inspired gamesmanship and don't normally lose.

No cigar for you Monica, but thanks for playing.

Liberals just have no sense of humor... it's proved again and again on a daily basis..

Jim McAllister said...


Only a punk would bring a gun to what has already been agreed upon to be hand-to-hand

Where did you learn to fight? There are no "agreements." Chairs, crowbars,baseball bats, etc. are all in the mix.

We sent the Marquis of Queensbury home a long time ago.

Jim McAllister said...


I think Paula could kick Red Mike, Bodo and Baghdad Don's asses!

Absolutely, all at the same time and with one hand tied behind her back for those three lily livers.

If you think she is tough by having "Almost" a black belt, just wait until she really completely has it!

Jim McAllister said...

"Satirically inspired gamesmanship"?

LOL, I love it!

Jim McAllister said...

How about this?

Nothing like being decisive.

Paula Pennypacker said...

My response to Middy. I have to do in two parts as it is too long to fit in one post. I am at work so this is unedited!

Middy: Can you explain where it is written in our Constitution the responsibility for the government to pay for anything whether it be health care or birth control?

Paula: There is no place in the Constitution that says that. However, both RomneyCare and ObamaCare require fair compensation for contraception. In AZ, we have had a law that was put in place by Republican lawmakers over 10 years ago, that required insurance companies to provide fair compensation for contraception. So why is this an issue now?!!!! That law was passed in response to insurance companies providing fair compensation for Viagra for men.

Middy: Cause I just don't see it, and that is the demands of the extremist left to have their demands paid for by the taxpayers, so where is your argument with Jim on this issue? Looks like a red herring to me.

Paula: Once again -- taxpayers don't pay for women's contraception. We pay for it through our insurance premiums.

Where did the GOP redefine the meaning of "rape"?

Give me something to work with other than a few hysterical accusations by socialist operatives, as I understand it most of the gutless wonders infesting the GOP have thrown Akin under the bus over a mistake he made in even bringing the issue up and then misspeaking, something he has since apologized for..

They have gone so far as to withhold funding for his campaign somehow justifying a re election of Clair M. as the intelligent vote so as to not waste an opportunity to make a statement as to their overall petulance..
so where is your dissatisfaction with how the GOP is handling their crisis?- you should be delighted, I am the one with heartburn.

Paula: This guy may have cost us the senate -- the GOP put on a show of no support, but their new platform speaks otherwise. The Christian right will not stop until abortion, under any circumstance, is illegal. I guess they want to start throwing women in jail after their rape for having an abortion. Paul Ryan tried to pass legislation defining "forcible rape," what ever the hell that is. So would that mean we would have an all male panel who we would decide if your rape is forced or legitimate? Just like women in AZ will now have to explain to their employer why they are on birth control. No -- there is no war on women!

Middy: Have you also noticed the irony of having the five star general in the true debasement and guerrilla tactics against women speaking from the podium introducing Hizmagicsty?

Yeah.. Bill Clinton, accused rapist, convicted philanderer, impeached president and an overall despicable piece of work that actually employed a "Bimbo eruption specialist" named Betsy Wright because he had as any child might have, no self control when it comes to debasing women.

Paula: The far right tired to impeach this guy because of a blow job?!!!! Give me a break. Bill Clinton is more popular than ever. Get over it!

Paula Pennypacker said...

Middy: Yeah, we all got a laugh out of Jon Huntsman Jr. and his chameleon like ability to dance around issues.

Paula: It's called finding common ground. Something that is desperately needed in the now polarized political culture we now live. Huntsman has one of the best run states in the country, and IMO he is the only Republican that could have beat Obama.

Middy: Have you forgot he was once a member of "The Lightbringer's" toolkit as U.S. Ambassador to China?

Paula: So what!

Middy: "Huntsman has been described by the Huffington Post as "a conservative technocrat-optimist with moderate positions who was willing to work substantively with President Barack Obama" --

Paula: God forbid Huntsman would reach across the isle, instead of being a total obstructionists like the Republican party is today. Making Obama a one term president is their only goal.

Middy: Yes, I can clearly see how that and the rousing endorsement of none other than Juan McAmnesty himself would leave someone like you with no choice but to champion his political future.

But enough about the past.. are you still going to vote for a continuation of the current model of our future and bring California to the rest of the nation, or have you somehow regained your wits enough to vote for Romney?

Paula: CA just passed Open Elections -- we will begin to see a moderation from the far left policies that have all but destroyed that state. And if AZ can keep the corrupt far-right machine from undermining democracy, by not allowing voters the right to vote on the same initiative here in AZ, we will also see a moderation from the far right. This country did much better when the center-right and center-left worked together. Now the far-left and far-right are destroying this country.

Middy: Because I'm pretty sure that neither GWB nor J.Huntsman jr. are on my ballot nor yours.

People say things they wish they hadn't and can't think of a way to walk it back.. it happens every day- glad that you took the opportunity to clear the record and hope to hear from you in the future.

Paula: No regrets! I have always been a center-right Republican. Romney sold out to the far right just to get elected. Because of that -- I will NEVER vote for him. IMO -- it will be because of the far-right that we lose the White House in 2012. Now I realize that Jim does not think I have any principles -- but unlike Ugenti who also sold out to the Pearce/Arpaio machine, and the far right just to get elected -- I will never sell out. One has to wonder who really has principles. Only time will tell.

Paula Pennypacker said...

Part III -- and ms -- you are correct -- Arpaio will be reelected, only because he is in a three- way race. If we had Open Elections, where only the top-two went through to the primary -- he would get smoked.

Jim LOL!!! -- I may have around 4 more years before I earn my black belt as I have only been training for 3 years -- but with my current training -- if attacked -- I could throw a reverse punch to the jaw that would take my attacker out, and he would not see it coming. Now that's empowering!

CJ Phoenix said...

And where did you learn how to fight, Jim? In prison? Even a dummy like Mike Tyson knows better than to bring a gun into a fair fight (although he is not above resorting to biting) ...

Middy, If liberals have no sense of humor, than why are so many comedians politically liberal? I can only think of one off hand that claims to be conservative & even he started out as a liberal (up until 9-11) ...

Paula, Did you catch the YouTube video of Paul Ryan calling rape a "method of conception"?

midnightsstaff said...

How can I take you seriously when you make a statement like..."The far right tired to impeach this guy because of a blow job?!!!!
Bill Clinton is more popular than ever. Get over it!"

Give me a break!
.. what are you a sophomore in High School?
kind of shows me what an uninformed lightweight you are if you don't even know what the nature of the charges that were brought against him were..

It's called lying under oath to Congress or Perjury.. it's an Impeachable Offense if you didn't know, and the only reason he wasn't impeached and removed is because the 55/45 Republican led Senate was infested with partisan Democrat's who voted not on the issue but in lock step and 10 Rino Republican Senators handing us judgment but no justice.

Have you forgotten that he was later handed a citation for contempt of court for lying to Judge Wright for lying to her about Paula Jones? he could have spent time in a Federal Prison for that.. and if you or I had done the same we would have gone to prison over it, it's that serious..

So you really think it was about a blow job... how old are you?

John Chaffee, Susan Collins, Slade Gordon, "Jumpin' Jim Jeffords" who was and then quit the Republipukes, William V. Roth, Olympia Snowe, Richard Shelby, Arlan Spector, Ted Stevens, Fred Thompson, John Warner, George Voinovitch.. all voted nay..

This is not a list of great American hero's we are talking about but the same despicable group that spent us into a future of poverty with a wink and a smile..
The worthless Democrats even in light of overwhelming evidence of perjury as usual all voted nay..

You are talking nonsense with this false evocation you use with Romneycare, and Obamacare.. as tho either of them should be a national model..
I guess you are in favor of a one party payer system then, but then that figures.
In short there is not enough capital available to be transferred to run some utopian model you and your party suggests, the reason health care is expensive is because the government has been involved.
no amount of further involvement will help the solution and everyone knows it I guess except you.

A woman doesn't want to get knocked up it's really not my responsibility as a fellow citizen to either help nor stand in her way to prevent it..

But of course you seem to reject the foundational tenets of Natural Law so I am talking to the intentionally ignorant I guess which always leads us to the same place.
I or anyone else trying to give you the facts which would lead a reasonable person to the correct version but you are listening to the dog whistle of the socialist masters you have sided with..
Sorry, but I can't go down the list with you item by item..
War and Peace has already been written and no one else is reading the crap I am slinging anyway...

You are in dire need a good fundamental education tho that's for sure.
I would suggest you enroll in the free Hillsdale College class on line for Constitutional awareness and it's meaning... because you have some foreign ideas you picked up along the way..

midnightsstaff said...

So maybe their not really that funny but use the progressive props like foul language, sexual connotation and make sure to bow to the PC gods that keep them employed...

Other than that I don't know what the hell you are talking about.. I was talking about you babe...

Mike slater said...

CJ, as you recall I bought you a beer at the last lunch. Next time I may buy you a beer and lunch. Don't worry I won't bite your ear off.

I get on Paula's blogs all the time but my comments never appear.

Paula, I stand corrected. My only question is why that photo doesn't look the same as when you are on the Sunday morning show on channel 12?

Paula, I'm curious. Now that your almost a black belt can you stop a bullet?

I see you're not quite over that loss to Ugenti.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, we'll see, Mike. I wasn't asking you to pay for my lunch or anything. Just thinking that I may need a few drinks in me if you were on some kind of mission to tell me like it is ... On second thought, I should pay for my own drinks because I do not want to feel indebted (& I might actually need something stiffer than beer) ...

Paula Pennypacker said...

More hate for Mike Slater. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton is rocking the house in NC. No explanation why big spending, social conservative George W. Bush was a no show in Tampa last week.

midnightsstaff said...

I wasn't aware that Bubba was running this time.. yeah the Democrats are probably wishing it was "The Zipper" instead of this vapid waste of four years..

Ya gotta keep in mind to the liberal world Bill Clinton is their version of our Ronald the Magnificent..

The reality of carrying the baggage for this impostor is starting to really sink in with the polls swinging away from them... it's pretty much over and the only thing that can prevent Mitt from winning is Mitt.

midnightsstaff said...


Jim McAllister said...

Bubba is quite the hypocrite with his glorification of Obama considering it was not that long ago that he mentioned to Ted Kennedy in reference to Obama that "A few years ago he would have been carrying our bags."

I have to credit Bill for embracing his party in spite of not really even liking Obama after the the way he treated Hillary in the '08 Primaries. He's a real trooper!

However, that's politics and most of us know how phony it is with all the smiling and glad handing. If Hillary would have taken her shot this year instead of waiting until 2016, Bill would have been calling Obama the biggest dumb shit whoever lived. But, she didn't so Bill is willing to take one for the team.

Hopefully, Mitt will win and make the whole thing academic.

midnightsstaff said...!

Here is Satan's minions voting on whether or not to join with the muslim brotherhood in destroying Israel... it was narrowly defeated and as you can see there are demonic people all through the Democrat party... the filthy muslims were outraged..

They along with all other Democrats are the very definition of unclean and have no business in America.

this is a war of good vs. evil.

midnightsstaff said...

It really pisses me off that we are going to have to watch the worthless Cardinals get their ass handed to them by an equally worthless Seattle team while a great game GB vs. the 49'ers will not be shown..

I wish this mess of a franchise would just fold up and let us watch real football on tv.

Jim McAllister said...

Here is an interesting piece sent to me that you can interpret for yourself. To me, the guy is scary.

This was supposed to run on Fox but they supposedly buckled under the pressure of the administration.

It's obviously edited but brings out some interesting points about our dear leader.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah and the funny thing is in five years if Obama is re elected we will have Sharia law being enforced in this nation..

And nearly every voting block for the dimwits will be found subject..

Anyone know how the muslims view gay rights?- or women contraceptive rights?

or anyone that does not subject themselves to Allah?

have fun kids- it's your problem.

Jim McAllister said...


I'll bet there are many bars that will be showing the Packers' game.

Check this list:

steve buzzardo said...

why did you have to ruin my day, with that video? now I feel like I have to puke.

well, I see that Paula never bothered to defend herself against Middy's comments at 4:49
She is actually defending BJ Clinton, unbelievable!

midnightsstaff said...

Amazingly the socalist tool Paula Pennypacker has not said anything about my informing her of the truth about Bill Clinton and his legal problems... I suppose you need a certain entry level of IQ to follow the narrative..

Simply put you seem too stupid to keep up with the conversation babe..

It's too bad you continue with the lying and distortions.. but that is what is to be expected with useless idiots like you and your new crew.

steve buzzardo said...

"Some of the women the Dem convention will not showcase include Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, et al." --

Mark R. Levin ‏@marklevinshow

midnightsstaff said...

amen bro... this is a war we got dragged into, not some esoteric debate over marginally differing opinions to be discussed over cucumber sandwiches and tea.

A patriot had better be able and willing to stick the knife in or stay out of the fight.

These empty headed parrots like Paula and the rest of her simple minded followers of orchestrated gender driven hate are a menace to civilization, pure and simple.

We only have 60 days left and we will see if this nation continues to exist or not..

Paula Pennypacker said...

ROTFLMAO -- and you think this country is going to hand over the keys to the White House to a bunch of GOP women haters. Hasta la vista "babe" -- Obama 2012!!

midnightsstaff said...

Well folks, doesn't take Carnac to see which side of Liberty or Tyranny Paula Pennypacker stands on..

hope you wake up someday before it's too late.

Stealth said... This blog topic sure lit up, didn't it?

I'm just curious, though. Paula wrote this to the AZRepublic in 2009:

"Ok, it’s done. President Barack Obama has signed the largest spending bill in U.S. history. But make no mistake about this: This is not the transparent, bipartisan bill we were promised. Democrats continue to oppose tax cuts, and Republicans continue to oppose government spending. A famous historian once said that politics is the art of compromise – the ability to balance liberal aspiration with conservative instinct. On this measure, Obama has failed. Signing this bill will be one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency." ~~Paula Pennypacker

And now she would have us all believe that (get ready for this): it's all Bush's fault.

As far as Clinton: I told my daughters about him (sans details) and told them that he is not the kind of man they want to marry, work for, have as a president. But Obama is worse - Obama hates America (see the movie 2016 - it's all in his own words, as is the video Middy posted - just Obama's words).

Even they get what's wrong with the Democratic party, and they aren't yet old enough to vote.

p.s. Paula - Billy Boy Clinton was charged (impeached) with LYING UNDER OATH. Did you not know that? It wasn't about whether or not Monica was satisfied. It was about the LIE. Second U.S. President in U.S. History to ever be impeached. Now that's something to look up to.

p.p.s. CJ agreed with me? Really?! ;)

Mike slater said...

Paula, did you see the ratings for Clinton's speech and the NFL game between Dallas and New York?

Clinton got a 7 share and the football game got a 23 share. Seems more people would rather watch football than listen to Clinton.

BTW, have you registered as a Democrat yet?

CJ, suit yourself.

Jim, can't wait for the dynamic duo of Joe Biden and Obama to speak. Should be a real yawner although Biden may say something stupid as he usually does.

Paula should run as a Democrat because she sure as hell can't win as a Republican

midnightsstaff said...

I can't stand the Cowboys... and I really hate the Giants, so what was I supposed to do last night?

The two best teams in the NFL are playing Sunday but we get to watch the antics of the Cart-nals... and the most boring team in professional sports- the Seagulls, waste three hours on Sunday.
.. a game the Cards are sure of losing.. at least I recorded all the games from Saint Louis until the Yotes lost to LA.. guess I will catch up on last year's hockey.

Looks like another dose of internet football next Sunday for this kid.

Mike slater said...

Middy, I'm not a Pro Football fan but I do enjoy watching the Cardinal lose.

My passion is college football. Loved the game last week between Alabama and Michigan. Michigan got their asses handed to them.

Paula Pennypacker said...

Stealth --

I stand 100% behind my blog post above. Thank you for reminding me that good government is the balance between conservative instinct and liberal aspiration. I did not support the bailouts under Bush and I did not support the bailouts under Obama.

Just admit it. Clinton has been forgiven by the American people, and he hit it out of the park last night. Oh and Sandra Fluke rocks!!!

Rick Kepple said...

Mitt Romney seems to be highly focused on only helping the richest of Americans and his rhetoric of 'getting rid of Obama.' He's not actually focusing on any of his strengths, as if he's not even really trying to win the election!

President Obama, in debating Hillary Clinton years ago, said that he would not limit credit card interest rates. Mitt Romney has never even talked about real problems of real people, probably because his supporters OWN those credit card companies.

There are so many questions left unanswered by the candidate and the President. It's like our only promise is that we won't have the other guy.

Paula's right. No woman with any brains is gonna vote for Romney. In fact, it's more evidence that Romney is torpedoing his own campaign by seeing how many groups of people he can piss off and still look pretty.

In the end, it kind of looks like the Church of the Latter Day Saints vs Islam. It's the fourth down in the third quarter and Romney is acting like John Elway in a Superbowl. Elway always choked.

Stealth said...

Well, I guess you got me there, Paula. How can I argue with such an intelligent debate comment such as, "Sandra Fluke Rocks!!"

Jim McAllister said...


Although that is heavily edited, it says a lot about this guy. I think the part I hate the most is when he bows to that Muslim king.

It still amazes me that that guy could have become president. I hope that mistakes ends on 11-6.

Rick Kepple said...

The electrician came and fixed that line starting from the extra bedroom to the front porch light and could not find the problem, but did find a dead spot shorting it out. He replaced the wiring in that area and had no explanation. I told him that everyone thinks that my late wife didn't want those Arizona guests in the house.

The electricity went out a day before the surprise visit of the guests. Well it didn't cost as much as I thought it would. Why can't Dora just write words on the mirror like in Hollywood movies? It would be so much cheaper!

Jim McAllister said...

Love the Levin quote. I wonder what happened to those babes of Bill's past. I wonder where Monica is, she cashed in a little too.

Jim McAllister said...

ROTFLMAO -- and you think this country is going to hand over the keys to the White House to a bunch of GOP women haters. Hasta la vista "babe" -- Obama 2012!!


I never thought I would see you say something like that after the way you used to think. You're so goddam frustrated about failing in politics you are blaming everyone but yourself.

Jim McAllister said...


Have you noticed that Biden has been scarce during the convention? I think they have him speaking at some non prime time slot in case he decides to both it up as always.

I think they keep him tied up in the backroom.

So much for the 65,000 seat crowd for Obama tonight. They couldn't bus in enough people from 5,000 miles away to fill the joint.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the Paula quote. More proof of her being a chameleon.

Mike slater said...

Jim' you were right about Paula. She's gone over to the dark side.

Jim McAllister said...

Paula, you and Sandra Fluke deserve each other: You're both 14 karat phonies.

Jim McAllister said...


LOL, I was thinking the same thing when I saw "Sandra Fluke Rocks!"

It sounds like an expression from someone 10 years old.

midnightsstaff said...

Well I apologize to anyone I offended with this nonsense, But I'm going on record to say I didn't go out of my way to get in anyone's grill.

this is why I say we are headed for a real shooting type Civil war in this country, I doubt there can be any getting along after this election.

You only have to go through a single firefight to realize how close you came to not having a future, I only hope if the nation survives this election we get some true leadership to lead us back to a Constitutional government.

These people are actually unclean if you want to know the truth, there is no difference between someone who will steal your wallet and someone who will hire someone to steal your wallet..
little changed in centuries of human misery until the Constitution and it's accompanying papers set us free to become what we are capable of.. when you look at that I pad or any other modern convenience you can be assured it was the product of free thinking individuals and not the product of government helping.
and in about two months we are to decide whether we want to toss that document in the trash or hopefully restore it to what it should be.

In the end it's not God's position to prevent a nation from committing suicide, and that is what we are facing.

Never have there been more frightening words in the English language that "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you".

Here.. listen to what a true humble and patriotic man said about the position and his acceptance..
it is as tho it were spoken in a different language from what we have heard so far in this election.. and I'm not just talking about the dems.

..."Our problems are both acute and chronic, yet all we hear from those in positions of leadership are the same tired proposals for more government tinkering, more meddling and more control -- all of which led us to this state in the first place.

Can anyone look at the record of this administration and say, "Well done?" Can anyone compare the state of our economy when the Carter Administration took office with where we are today and say, "Keep up the good work?" Can anyone look at our reduced standing in the world today and say, "Let's have four more years of this?"

Would it be too hard to hear a little honest criticism of four years of failure from Mitt or anyone else?- he had better get dead serious or this election will be lost- any you and I will have run out of options except the one no one wants to consider.

Stealth said...

Paula, but do you still believe Obama signed one of the LARGEST spending bills in U.S. History? Do you still believe he was partisan in doing so? Do you still think it wasn't transparent?

Stealth said...

Jim, I honestly don't see how any American citizen can't see the actions of this president and how he kowtows to the royalty of Saudi Arabia, to Iran, to the Muslim Brotherhood.

IF he gets re-elected (thanks to swirly-eyed kool-aid drinkers), we have scary and dark days ahead of us. This president is hell-bent and determined to destory capitalism, colonialism, patriotism. He hates America.

Stealth said...

Middy, most people aren't even watching the DNC. But I wish they were - I'd love for more independents to see the buttons they are selling at the DNC: "once you vote black you never go back" - can you believe that one? Wish I could post a pic here. And I'd love for more independents to have seen the near riot when 2/3 of the DNC delegates voted AGAINST including "God" and "Jerusalem" in the platform (they lied and said it was 2/3 FOR but anyone watching and listening could hear the louder votes against it).

It's not the conventions that matter, anyhow. It will be the debates. Romney will wipe the floor with Obama because he won't have his trust teleprompter propping him up. And Ryan v. Biden? I'm already popping enough popcorn to watch that one! LOL.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm with you on popping the Orville Redenbacher when Ryan meets Biden.

I'm waiting to see Biden get confused and refer to Paul as Meg Ryan.

Stealth said...

Last question for Paula (if she's still lurking): do you remember who controlled the House and Senate during Clinton's years in office?

And we wonder why he was so successful ;)

midnightsstaff said...

So what's the name of that sandwich that has two slices of Boar's Head ham, a half a barbecued brat split down the middle, a big shot of kraut, pepperjack cheese- genuine Beaver deli style mustard on a whole wheat bun?- because that was even better than the fried tomato and cheese sandwich I had last night...

I just don't know what the name of what I ate...
btw.. tip.. always fry the tomatoes in genuine bacon drippings... gives it that down home taste...

Looks like one is blowing in.. guess I had better batten down the hatches.

Mike slater said...

Jim,can't wait for the Ryan/Biden debate. It will be like taking candy from a baby.Biden won't know what hit him. Should be fun.

Rick Kepple said...

Sometimes I think that I need to stop being responsible and go be irresponsible. Go to the political conventions. Go to PAC meetings. Maybe rent a berth on a freighter and go improve American/Chinese relations. Teach English overseas. I think it would be good for my writing career. Go visit those fancy places like Scottsdale and Beverly Hills too and try to improve communications between rich babes and the disabled ... meow. Maybe pick up a homeless woman with a genius IQ again who can't fit in with society and exploit her brilliance to capitalize on it. Live in Asia with a Filipino housecleaner and hang out with crazy Rambo types. Or I could remain in Missouri, find adventure on Jim's blog and mow my grass. For an exotic adventure, I'll read Paula's blogs and comments. See how the other half lives.

Rick Kepple said...

Joe Biden's got himself a real problem in debating Paul Ryan.

If you review the youtube videos of Biden vs Palen, you'll see that he's really knowledgable with good examples.

But if you review the videos of Congressman Sherman debating Representative Paul Ryan on the national debt, and clearly Biden is going to face a real professional. I think it's going to be a really good debate.

Biden debate

Ryan debate

midnightsstaff said...

Maryville... you forgot Maryville- the best kept secret in the valley of the sun...

It's a little known secret but here goes.... we have some of the foxiest, near mensa variety homeless babes rivaling those you might find in Indio or Venice Beach literally, or litterly- which ever more appropriate, just wandering around ripe for the picking all along the freeways and under the freeways.
An astute mind such as your's Rick means you could have the pick of the litter, to put in terms you are familiar with..

Actually little buddy I think you have spent quite a bit of time in Paula's Utopia already, maybe a taste of reality someday might be more appropriate... or not I suppose.

Just don't sell yourself short when you make that California trip.. "down route 66. shoo ba,, shoooby do ba.."

exit... <-- stage left.

midnightsstaff said...

.."If you review the youtube videos of Biden vs Palen, you'll see that he's really knowledgable with good examples"

You owe me for a new computer screen.. I spit coffee all over that remark..

Rick Kepple said...

Under the Romney plan, we'll build bridges in China to show them how Americans are hard working managers employing Chinese workers.

Under the Obama plan, we'll build bridges in America to show Americans how hard working illegal immigrants can be exploited for less money and how American citizens should be willing to work for a hundred bucks a month and live five families to a home.

We have the freedom of choice. Tails, we're screwed. Heads, we're screwed. Thus ends my ranting to today.

midnightsstaff said...

any bets?-
I'm covering...

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

I DON'T REALLY POST HERE MUCH ANYMORE BECAUSE MIDDY IS A BULLYING JERK BUT I WANTED TO POST THIS PALIN SNIPPET. "I think he diminished himself by even mentioning my name," Palin said in an interview on Fox Business Network. "How does he even know my name? I mean aren’t these guys supposed to be these big wig elites who don’t waste their time on the little people like me -- me representing the average American who, yeah I did say in Alaska you can see Russia from our land base and I was making the point that we are strategically located on the globe and when it comes to transportation corridors and resources that are shared and fought over [in] Alaska and I as the governor had known what I was doing in dealing with some international issues that had to do with our resources that could help secure the nation." SO SARAH DID ADMIT TO STATING SHE HAD 'INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE' AS A GOVERNOR BECAUSE SHE CAN "SEE" RUSSIA FROM HER "LAND BASE". THAT STILL RATES AS AN IDIOTIC ANSWER. FUNNY THAT THE MULTI-MILLIONAIRE WITH A REALITY SHOW OR TWO CONSIDERS HERSELF TO BE AN "AVERAGE" AMERICAN AS WELL.

Rick Kepple said...

I just read that Mitt Romney said that he would create 12 million jobs. Where? The other 149 countries by outsourcing more American jobs?

If the Republicans have control of American corporations to create 12 million jobs out of thin air, then why did they refrain from doing so during Obama's four years?

Creating 12 million jobs in his first month in office is IMPOSSIBLE. Creating that many jobs in his first year isn't possible either! And even if he did, it would prove a Republican conspiracy to commit treason against the American people by starving them for four years just to make a Democrat look bad.

Romney's already said that he's going to fire government employees. His record indicates that he has experience at destroying jobs, not creating them.

Romney sounds like some prosperity preacher promising how God will make us all rich. Unless the Mormon church plans on hiring 12 million people, I just don't see him walking on water.

When I read numbers like that without a credible plan, and remember that I live in Missouri, I want to see the plan and with details. Who's doing the hiring. Why haven't they hired.

Don't tell me that it can't be done. Paul Ryan is a bean counter. That boy doesn't go to the bathroom without a plan. I want to see the plan of how Romney's creating 12 million jobs, because he's not God. It's the first real promise that he's made other than dump Obama and that's NOT a plan.

midnightsstaff said...

more drunkblogging it looks like...
I didn't realize that Sarah Palin was on the ballot.

Can't please everyone... sorry you consider me the bully,
you forgot racist...

what she is really saying is....

"Jim if you get rid of me... then maybe Blue will come back".. is that the message?
I guess everyone needs to find someone else to blame.. go ahead and vote for Obama- you got more to lose than me.

midnightsstaff said...

I smell desperation in the Socialist camp Jim.
How desperate are they to allow Bill Clinton who they hate more than the Republicans on stage?

It is going to backfire big time..

This is a nation of ignorant sheep, especially those at the convention this week.
most of them being entirely too stupid will not remember anything that was said, all they remember are those promises of future goodies.. but the optics will remain forever.

The heady years of Bill Clinton is to the sniffling, constantly complaining crowd what Ronald Reagan is to reasonable people, no matter what he was going on and on about all they were thinking is..
"man I wish we had this guy back"

So that is the entire message delivered to the God hating, contemptuousness towards woman crowd by the only president in modern history to be impeached and accused of forcible rape.

All over as one failed, local level potential statist tyrant said.."a bj"
...haha what a tool!!

All that Bill Clinton said to that crowd was...

One Big Assed Mistake America... you fools backed the wrong horse..

Jim McAllister said...


Only 96,000 jobs added?

Rate lowers .2 only because of dropouts?

midnightsstaff said...

Like I told you, the guy with the green eyeshade at CBO just asks "what do you want that number to be?"-

Nothing they say can cover over the truth Jim, you just have to believe normal people know bullshit when they smell it.

If the unemployment rate is dropping then why are fewer people working?- and why are overall revenue amounts plunging? ..a simple question..

Here's the headlines on Yahoo Business this am..
.."Why a Drop in the Unemployment Rate Is Tragic"

.."No matter what you hear or read elsewhere, America's job picture is getting worse. Much, much worse. My Breakout co-host Matt Nesto and I discuss the report in the attached clip.
Starting with the participation rate, Nesto notes that "almost 400,000 people dropped out, just gave up" looking for work in August. For each one-tenth of one percent improvement in the unemployment rate, 184,000 Americans had to become quitters.
Quitting could mean going on disability, going into the grey market (read: getting paid cash for odd jobs), doing something illicit, or begging. Whatever they're doing instead of working or looking for legitimate jobs, 368,000 Americans gave up on participating in the economy in August alone.
What would it take to make you just give up entirely? That's what hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans went through last month. Think about that if anyone tries to tell you a drop in the headline rate is anything but more evidence of an ongoing national disgrace"

..everyone is now noticing that the emperor has no clothes...

midnightsstaff said...

Oh yeah Jim... It's the economy stupid!


midnightsstaff said...

Politicians like Zer000 learn that to change the equation you don't necessarily need to change the numerator, just change the denominator....

simple math- socialist style.

Jim McAllister said...


I think some of that "Evening in Maryvale" perfume is still available at the closeout stores for a quarter a gallon.

That was a nice little development when John Long built it many years ago. Now it is pretty bad.

Jim McAllister said...


Good to see you back. Don't let Middy get to you; he means no harm.

We have a blogger's lunch meeting every couple of months. I'll make sure you get notice of the next one so you and Middy can spew face to face. LOL

Jim McAllister said...


If Romney fires a bunch of federal employees, it will be becaUSE WE DON'T NEED THEM,. dO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THE GOVERNMENT ISN'T BLOATED WITH UNNECESSAry jobs?

Hell, he is bringing in a couple thousand more IRS agents to police Obamacare. Is that the way you want to live having those bastards watching over you to be sure you get on Obamacare?

As far as outsourcing, how about GE sending their jobs overseas? Immelt is a big buddy of Obama. Hmmmmmmm.

Think about it man!

Jim McAllister said...


I want for you and Blue to be on here.

Jim McAllister said...


Anyone with a brain has to see that the 8.1 is misleading. I read the Yahoo article this morning and it tells it like it is.

The joke is that those who give up looking for jobs aren't counted as unemployed. That's actually comical. Everyone in the country should quit their jobs so we could have 100% employment. LOL

Try telling those 368,000 who gave up in August that the rate dropped. The good news is that anyone with a brain can see through the scam.

The economy is not improving and all the sobbing and hugging and tears between O and and his lovely world traveling spouse (on our dime) is not going to change things.

The thing that worries me is the likability factor. I'm afraid that the coldness of Romney may work against him. Although Obama is a failure people fall for that sobbing crap and actually like the guy. I hope the sympathy votes are scarce.

midnightsstaff said...

Anyone want to bet against the u-6 number being below 8.0 next month?

Of course if it were computed like it was before it would be around 11 percent right now.. but that just isn't convenient.

who said...“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,”

haha...make my day punk...

Jim McAllister said...

There is no question about it.

The guy is a phony and he will work those numbers falsely down by some accounting method so he can say on November 1st: "See, things are improving. Vote for me on the 6th!"

It may mean a few votes but like we have said, most people have decided already and the smart ones can see through his nonsense.

Here is a column by Richard Cohen, another lib writer from the Washington Post. It's good and is about Biden and his over the top superlatives supporting O.

It's funny stuff as even Cohen sees the silliness of crazy Joe who said the other night that "His dad loves Obama.....uh...or he would if he was still alive."

steve buzzardo said...

...“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,”

It was good to see Clint come out and comment on why he did what he did.

"Eastwood says his convention appearance was 'mission accomplished'" -

CJ Phoenix said...

"The joke is that those who give up looking for jobs aren't counted as unemployed." The real "joke" is that people like me who ran out of UI a longtime ago but who never quit looking (& even went so far as to retrain) are not counted. Neither are the underemployed, again like me ... Because I did find a low paying PT job a couple months ago. It was not enough to pay even the basic bills though. Now the punchline: I believe that I may have finally found FT work making enough to break even on the bills BECAUSE I NEVER, EVER QUIT LOOKING even though I was not considered unemployed. Not by the feds & not by the State of AZ either ...

... Yep, your BFF, Jan Brewer, could hardly wait for the unemployment numbers to be reduced too because, ultimately, the numbers in AZ reflect more on her leadership & cut into her budget more than it does to a sitting president of the United States. Hey, did I mention that I may have finally found a real job? I am going to continue withholding the details until I finally feel secure but I will add this: my income will have decreased 16% from the 2008 high water mark ... BUT still it's 100% increase over what I was making just a few months ago (& roughly 10x as much as I am making right now), so I guess I will take it.

Actually, I am overjoyed. My persistence has finally paid off despite the little fact that I was considered "no longer looking for a job" by everybody with a political agenda & no real skin in the game.

midnightsstaff said...

Congratulations and we will hold our breath hoping it works out for you..

No one in their right mind wants a high unemployment, and there is much more to gainful employment than just a paycheck... the welfare system is designed to suck the initiative out of everyone they "help".

No one was hoping you continued to not find work, sometimes you are hearing things that just aren't spoken.

Jim McAllister said...


Yes, the unemployment figures are misleading but even the Obama supporting press is learning as today most are saying "The unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent in July, but only because more people gave up looking for work."

Even the libs are admitting what a hoax the 8.1 is.

But, the important thing is that all your applications and pounding the pavement apparently have paid off with a decent job.

Congrats!, give us details when you can.

Jim McAllister said...


I love Clint and his many great quotes. He is a real man; not a phony like Clooney and his gang.

..“President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people" rates up there with "Who's the fella who owns this shit hole" and "Well, do ya punk?"

steve buzzardo said...

In other news, I see where the NY cops killed another innocent citizen. You cant own a gun in NY, but the cops sure like to use theirs.
the punks still have guns, the good guys dont, but to libs this really makes sense.

Rick Kepple said...

"Yes, the unemployment figures are misleading"

Yes, thank President Reagan for that. He changed the reporting system to reflect only NEW unemployment claims released as the "unemployment figures" and it artificially reduces the actual unemployment rate.

In fact, President Clinton kept many Reaganomic changes, such as deregulating temp employment and outsourcing of jobs. Bush kept some of Clinton's changes. Obama kept some of G.W. Bush's changes.

You act as though Obama singlehandedly made the country's problems and he didn't. The fact is, that y'all heap all the woes and problems on Obama and when a Republican gets in, as long as they make you wealthy, the GOP can do no wrong.

Y'all live in a dream world if you're expecting the Republicans to fix the country's problems. They can't even balance their own checkbooks.

steve buzzardo said...

A Swedish man undergoing surgery died on the operating table after the anesthesiologist and a nurse went to lunch during the procedure, The Local reported.

You know those union workers cant miss their breaks. Here's our future in the wonderful world of Obamacare.

Read more:

Mike slater said...

Jim, I didn't watch the Biden/Obama speeches last night because I didn't want to upset my stomach. I watched movies instead.Movies are a damn site more entertaining that anything Biden Or Obama have to say.

proud said...

Well, Pennypacker has got to be the gold standard for how NOT to react to having your ass kicked in a primary.
Talk about complete meltdowns...

Bitter, unable to accept losing to a right wing candidate (who actually,(((gasp))) put up campaign signs), she now seems to take opposing views on every issue for some ill conceived revenge on the party she once called hers,(Opposing not only right wing / Republican positions, but opposing just about every conservative belief she once PROUDLY professed to hold)

Either this extreme, 180 flip-flop is made-up, and cover for her bruised ego and injured pride?...or, she was just a phony conservative to begin with?

One primary loss causing such extreme personality, and belief system swings, would certainly seem to be a call for help, a sign ? God knows she hates,((S-I-G-N-S))(almost as much as the Tea Party)

midnightsstaff said...

Nope Proud... it was because someone was bullied by evil bloggers who lied to humiliate through using her own words also pointing out her factual errors in hysterical remarks she makes..

Another victim- just chalk it up to that ongoing war on women or as media matters put on the airplane banner.. "Romney, Ryan and Akin...the war on woman"...

It would be funny if it weren't so serious..

...actually I can almost see a redheaded broad flying that plane to an empty tank yelling out the open window, wearing out a bullhorn like Sharpton does on the plantation..

..."what did she say- I couldn't make it out?"...."something about no more campaign signs I think"...

.. Scottsdale meets Holy Toledo.....
haha.. welcome to the brave new world.

what do you want to bet she actually earns first, a black belt or a black bullhorn?

proud said...

Romney Ryan and Aikin are waging a war on women....BUT...Democrats, like say: Bill(I never had sex with THAT woman)Clinton....Teddy(I left my girlfriend to drown while I called my lawyer) Kennedy...and John(I had a loce chile with a bimbi while my cancer stricken wife was home with my kids, DYING) Edwards know how to respect and protect women??? Sandra Fluke rocks??? Only in liberaldom could a seemingly intelligent (allbeit unhinged after a primary loss) person make such a STUPID comment. Liberal women like Fluke demand government keep the hell out of their bedrooms and wombs...While simultaneously demanding that government pay for their contraceptives and abortions...Now there's some liberal logic for ya?

midnightsstaff said...

the Federal government will never be satisfied..

Rick Kepple said...

It's Friday, so I had kippers and crackers for supper. Good stuff. Trying to get my root cellar done.

I'm listening to Youtube religious prophecies recorded a few years ago. It's haunting how right their words are now. They talk about investors too and how Christian investors will do well and the rest will starve. It doesn't say anything about crazy old men living in the woods.

midnightsstaff said...

That's called the "Yom Kippur" plate in Oklahoma..

We should be so lucky to have it all end at once... what are you - dreaming?
na.. a slow twisting in the wind is more like what's in store for a lot of people if things don't get better pronto..

Smart person makes sure they have some means for self defense, even if things don't go sideways after or right before the election, better safe than sorry..
Smith and Wesson are not able to fill orders...

...As we say over here in the outskirts of Tonapah..
"Sig rocks"

midnightsstaff said...

"It's the economy Stupid" how many times should Romney ram that down the marxist's throat?
I say every time a microphone is in shouting distance.. he had better get that little asswipe by the nutsack and not let go..

...screw the loser RINO let's play fair playbook... way too much on the line this time. time for Mitt to start acting like the alpha male.. we know he's the smartest guy in the room but we need a little mean side, and it's not like it's not warranted, the marxist clown is pure poison to freedom.

Stealth said...

Middy, trust me when I say that the first debate will renew your faith in Mitt Romney. He will wipe the floor clean with the Liar In Chief. The Dems must be quaking in their boots just thinking about Biden debating Ryan!

midnightsstaff said...

It's going to be good versus evil.. and I'm not kidding, this guy is as close to Satan as any person ever elected..

There is no plan "B".

Jim McAllister said...


Of course, the crooks will always have guns when ours are taken away. That's a typical lib point of view.

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