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Saturday, September 22, 2012


If you want to test yourself on the “Barf-O-Meter” to check your tolerance for tossing your cookies, click here and take a look at what your taxes are going to be beginning on January 1, 2013.  That is 100 short days from tomorrow (September 23).  Click here to watch Dick Morris explain it better in a 4 minute YouTube.

I hope all the Obama voters are proud of themselves for allowing this to happen.  I know, I know…… Obama seemed so nice at the time in 2008 with all his baloney about hope and change. 

Vote Romney on November 6. 
Now, he wants to go “forward” along with the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, and all his Hollywood phony friends in spite of his inability to get anything noteworthy accomplished other than taking credit for killing bin Laden; something that was disputed by the SEALS. However, in spite of his “me, me, me” attitude about getting Osama, he may have had little to do with it.  The SEALS know the truth.

 Sure, you now feel bad about mistakenly voting for the guy in 2008 but in a way, I don’t blame you. McCain was not exactly a thriller and Obama talked a good line; especially when he had his trusty TelePrompTer.  Ok, so it was disappointing to hear him say “You didn’t build that” since you may have worked hard to build a small business and didn’t enjoy hearing that it was more because of government that you succeeded instead of your own hard work.  Unfortunately for him, no TelePrompTer that day!   

Then there is his recent statement to a shocked Univision audience that he “can’t change Washington from the inside.”  “It was an unfortunate thing for an incumbent to say, especially when the nation is so unhappy with the way Washington operates. The federal government has gotten more dysfunctional in the era of Obama, despite his promises to unite and lead” writes columnist Chris Stirewalt.

So you say, “What about his great support from Bill Clinton at the convention?”  Clinton is anything but dumb and he is a good party man so he gave it his all in supporting Obama in Charlotte.  It was quite a change from his statement to Ted Kennedy in 2008 when he was pushing hard for Hillary to get the nomination.  At that time while referring to Obama, he told Kennedy that "A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags."  A little racism?  You be the judge.

There is still time to turn this around and on November 6, you will have your opportunity to do it via a vote for Romney.  Swallow your pride and realize that as Edward Klein wrote in his book, Obama is truly “The Amateur”.

I saw a bumper sticker this morning that read “Obama makes me want to throw up in my mouth.”  In layman’s terms, that pretty much covers it.


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Glo, Not One of the 47% said...

Whew! Thank God! I have been hoping for increased taxes since I do not pay nearly enough. I hate having all this extra money lying around. I'd much rather pay more than my fair share because I know the government will be there to support me in my old age. Anybody want to buy a nice, reasonable bridge in Brooklyn?

Mike slater said...

Jim, It's a sad state of affairs this country is facing. Since I first voted for president in 1972 only twice have I voted for a candidate and that was for Ronald Reagan in 80 and 84. The other elections I voted for the lesser of two evils.

In 2008 I held my nose and voted for McCain because I didn't want Obama to be elected.

Romney doesn't excite me because I don't consider him a conservative but he's better than Obama.

Right now I'd vote for a Prom queen over Obama.

CJ Phoenix said...
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CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, that tax problem is troubling. Especially the part where the caps & exemptions will be lowered (even though I will not really be effected dramatically myself at least not yet)...The very wealthy will still be okay as far as I am concerned. But it does concern me that the real middle class are gonna start seeing taxes & costs of everything go up even further.

Here is a carry over from your last blog, Jim, addressed to Mike:

I am back! I knew you all would miss me.

Mike, About that passport thing: that is what the other driver had in my accident last month. NO DRIVER LICENSE & didn't speak a lick of English, but she also had insurance although it said third-party right on the card. Another thing: she was amazingly confident that her "papers" & excuse for the accident would work (she got the ticket for "unsafe overtaking" & "side swiping" me with her truck) ... So much so that she stayed at the scene of the accident until the cops finally came & didn't get really upset until she realized that the truck was going to be towed & she needed to go to court because she had no license.

Here's another thing: she was getting free medical from the county. So here is what I want to know: Who in the hell is setting illegal immigrants up with US Passports??? And why? That's right, her passport was from the US government, not Mexico or anywhere else...AND it is really starting to tick me off because, when I needed the help, I could barely get anything & I was made to feel guilty for what I did receive but freakin' illegals have people here just handing them shit guilt-free...While I am a US citizen that always pays my dues by contributing to the system when I am able.

Now I have just gotta say that neither side of this issue is being reasonable at all & that right there is a big part of the problem. We have already gone over the issue here regarding kids who were brought here thru no fault of their own & how that is a very real sticking point with the far right for me. But I have just as much problem with the far left. I sincerely hope this scam gets exposed & quickly.

Why do you think that stop the other day involved a Mexican passport, Mike? Just wondering.

ArizonaDave said...

Obama is not good for this country...he has a thought process that a dictator and a socialist government will be more effective than a democracy and capitalism,

This takes individual responsibility away from the average American who is trying to work and get ahead....but the real tragic part of it is that people have bought into it.

I'm glad I'm 74 and have seen the good years, but I feel for my grandkids...

I will say one last thing....Be nice to everybody...and Obama doesn't know how to do that.

sam said...

Well, I am part of that 47%....and, I pay tax on part of my Social Security, and I pay tax on my retirement income from a private job after retiring from the military, for which I also pay standard taxes. I know 3 people who exist on the various "free" income zero tax, and 2 of them have not worked for wages for 2 years and live better than I do.
This complaint that seniors get a free ride, and deserve to do so, is bunk. Seniors paid into their retirement by various..and several..means, and most of them never see much,,if any,,of what they paid into their various retirement programs due to various factors such as taxes, lost accounts when their employers went out of business and various retirement benefits programs disappeared or were co-opted.
And those who say the Social Security benefits are government gratuities are But the flaw in their argument is that individual accounts grew by 15% of wages/salary per year, and were intended to grow as an "investment" fund....which was true until the Congress took the funds and put them into the Federal General Fund, which was spent on whims, and failed to grow since there was nothing invested, since the funds literally disappeared. So, yes, today, Social Security is paid from the general income of the Feds...which is TAXES.
But I wont waste any more of my time trying to explain more, because the only ones who dont already know this will likely never comprehend these accounts nor the problems involving them today. Consider this fact...Social Security was NEVER intended to be a supporting income...nor a tax per se..only a personal assistance account to prevent total absence of support after retirement or loss of ability to remain in the general work force.

midnightsstaff said...

The initial lie is that taxation is designed to generate revenue, in fact it is solely a means of controlling behavior.

Of course I rankle at the thought of giving a hopeless alcoholic a short dog to see him through the night but explain to me just what is the difference between that and sending an ever greater amount of private property to Washington DC so they can use it directly to take away more of our liberty.

For some reason people just can't seem to connect the dots that every dollar taken out of private enterprise and putting it into the public sector not only for the most part waste it-

An interpolative approach to taxation- beginning with a desired amount and affixing rates accordingly is nothing more than a form of theft of property that engaged in long term can lead to nothing other than economic collapse.

The communities surrounding DC are wondering what all this talk about recession is all about. It seems that 7 out of 10 of the most prosperous communities in the whole United States are found surrounding Mordor.

In the end it won't matter, our economy is way beyond tinkering a bit on the tax code and that is what Mitt is talking about I believe.

Unless the Leviathan of government spending is addressed and by that I mean seriously cut, we face a future that will resemble the middle ages and our children will never taste the fruit that only Liberty can provide.

There simply isn't enough money available at any tax rate to fix a problem that is not economic in nature, but political.
..but that is just one muppet who at least has the wherewithal to expect the sun to rise in the east's opinion; and as usual I will have the usual cartel of suspects who will disagree.

1984 was a documentary.

Anonymous said...

Just got to work Jim and I want to thank you for starting my night off with a depressing blog like this and by the way, I never voted for the idiot in office now.

My resolution is to just build me a cabin in the middle of the mountains somewhere and get away from society. The only issue is stocking up enough booze for and ingredients for my mojitos!

Mike Merrill

Rick Kepple said...

I remember the good old days when I worked for myself. I paid self employment taxes. I'd hire a housekeeper to clean the office for a tax deduction. Part of my home payment was tax deductible. I'd buy new computer equipment to improve my business and that was tax deductible too and I improved my company in doing it! Heck, even Mitt Romney paid less than 13 percent and had to defraud himself and refile to prove to the American people that he paid MORE than 13 percent! The rich have absolutely NOTHING to complain about. A fry cook pays more in taxes without deductions. As for the 47 percent claim, that is absoulutely false. EVERYONE pays taxes! Fact. Show me your grocery receipt and down at the bottom, local taxes paid. The fact is, that if not for tax deductions, charities would NOT be given donations, companies would still be using DOS computers, illegal immigrants would be the only employees and our country would be worse off than it is today. Rich people are such babies when it comes to their precious money and they put value on EVERYTHING, except friendship unless said friends can make them rich or look good for their image.

I have a receding hairline and I won't look good for pretty rich people, who can find writers with hair. My real life friends say that if some rich person says we can't be in person friends because of the way we look, they aren't worth the investment of friendship.

Any idiot can make money. Any nitwit can complain about taxes. It takes a real genius like George Romney to pay almost nothing back in the day when REAL corporate taxes were paid. The rich today are pansies. They want to outsource jobs, pay nothing in taxes, hire NO Americans, NO UNIONS and still want impoverished, unemployed people to buy their products made overseas. Pussies. They should man up and be REAL AMERICANS.

Next rich people will be bitching that they have to die and they'll want to live forever. Death and taxes. Shut up and get over it.

Rick Kepple said...

And if you want me to write something fluffy to agree with the rich folks on their wimpy claim that they pay too much in taxes, they'll have to hire me to write it. I get a minimum of $200 an hour, a one million dollar nonrefundable deposit and a minimum of 40 hours paid in advance. Rich folks have a bad habit of not paying their bills. Not even their taxes.

Rick Kepple said...

BTW, you can thank that old rock star for my disgust over the rich. Hell, I have no doubt that I'm gonna be a millionaire one day and I'll pay my taxes like a man, because it's the American way.

And one day, some ordinary person will ask for money and I sure as hell won't send it to the disabled person by courier with a code that they have to remember, cause I think it's fun. Rich people are just so damned stupid sometimes.

They're smart enough to make millions of dollars, but not smart enough to take advantage of the dozens of tax deductions? Your cell phone bill can be tax deductible in some cases!

I hope I'm not that stupid when I get rich, or as arrogant as a rock star.

FDOlGrizPhineasPfoggyBottom said...

Well, it's been awhile and I see nothing's changed .... except for the fact that it's an election year, of course. (What was my first hint? The SEAL's mention, of course. I suppose all the lonnytarians already have their copy of the Republiscum Swift Boating book by now. Sheeesh!).

You're jousting with the 'class warfare' windmill, Jim Quixote, and all your loyal Sancho Panza regulars are standing back, watching & shouting "attaboy's" while the windmill's blades strike your lance time and time again, deflecting the point into the ground & rendering it useless for anything much except for pole vaulting over logic and truth.

Logic and truth? Simply stated: you simply cannot have all those government-provided benefits and services you ( Y O U )enjoy without somebody paying the bill. And government, being the ultimate parasite incapable of earning it's own way, must get the equalization revenue it redistributes from somewhere. What better resource to support the fundamentally supreme free-loading bureaucratic organism than from those who routinely plunder the less fortunate on a daily basis by manipulating prices simply as a tool to keep the wallets of the market-playing, corporate-minded parasitic sub class fat & sassy?

It's the ultimate in class warfare, I keep tellin' ya .... and after you get done with your temper tantrum and think logically for a moment, I'm sure you will agree. Problem is, none of our names appear on the Forbes 400 List from whence the screaming for tax relief originates the loudest so it ends up to be we little guys who end up paying the entire bill ..... unless Congress finds a way to equalize things for the better that is ..... which is really what you're wrong-headedly protesting!

midnightsstaff said...


Holy molie.. now we have the Iranians accusing Siemens of selling them nuclear power plants with tiny explosive devices inserted to sabotage their peaceful nuclear project, (that's sarcasm folks.. don't junk me!) Siemens denying even selling them products, and now people are wondering if the CIA was involved as a straw buyer intentionally running another dirty tricks middle man operation.

...troubling thing to me is, all three things could be true.

Yeah we are certainly using our tax money wisely, and still not a peep on that HR 2827 that was passed on to the Senate last week.
.. yes we need another layer of legal protection for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley on these stinker muni offerings.

..after all if municipalities can be encouraged to float bonds that leaves more money in the pockets of the sheep to send to Washington.. capiche?
- god these politicians are slimy.


Well now with Turkey moving troops to their Syrian border it looks like we may finally be getting some movement in that stalemate..

Frankly I don't see any solution without a long overdue economic collapse in both the Euro and the American dollar- but with Ben Bernanke promising to add 400 billion to the debt each month.. (let's see that's nearly 5 trillion a year) to the national debt each year for as long as it takes to get unemployment under control, we had better get used to the idea of more tax schemes in the future- sure to fail muni bond sales are just another way for the gvt. to keep on keepin' on.

With John Rogers declaring that taxing anything now is constitutional we may be forced into "investing" in our decaying cities.

(how about freeing up some of those pension funds that are just laying around?)
anyone want to buy a tax free Detroit or Shitcago muni offering?- remember they will be backed by the American taxpayer... Calpers, Teachers Union?- anyone?- they never quit.

I don't understand why Congress is letting him get away with it?-
(lol...actually I do)..maybe the fix is in?

midnightsstaff said...

Hahaha.. hey Phineaus.. nice rant, I figured you were going to show up eventually and set things straight.

Ok, I get it.. Rick not only has class envy but hairline envy.. Jim could sell you a wig made out of genuine Scottsdale clippings- when it comes to hair as you can see he has a thick luxurious wealthy looking head just full of it- he's sort of a taller version of John Edwards..
.. would that help?

Thanks for the encouragement Phineaus, sincerely..
(first mate in the Arizona Sancho posse).. Pedro zappa..

midnightsstaff said...

..someone should send this video to Hillary, she seems to have some difficulties with her job title.

A Hired Gun said...

Jim: It's been awhile since I've had time to post, but I have glanced over your posts in the past couple of months.

I have to say this is your first post where you are FINALLY beginning to recognize that the great hope of the GOP is going down in flames. I thought the 2008 McCain campaign was a disaster; however, the Romney campaign may never be matched again for its sheer ineptitude. I LOVE it.

I do agree that the tax hit coming on 1-1-13 will be bad. However, you can't lay this at Obama's doorstep. From day one, the GOP has publicly made it their number one priority to short circuit anything Obama and the Democrats tried to accomplish. Well, now the chickens are coming home to roost, especially in the guise of the Federal Estate Tax. (Any of you real rich old geezers out there better try to hang on for a couple more years - lol).

Unless the GOP pulls its collective heads out of its butts, nothing will be done about the increased taxes and massive cuts coming. If the GOP wants to be honest: (1) cuts will have to be made to EACH of the big three: (i) Social Security, (ii) Medicare/Medicaid, AND especially (iii) Defense spending (it is long past time to rein in the Military-Industrial complex), and (2) the rich will have to pay more income taxes and capital gains (not just the middle class).

As far as the tax holiday that the very rich have had for the past 25 years, the party is just about over and they can thank their poster boy for their attitude and lifestyle (Romney) for having it happen.

I really am looking forward to the day after election day. OBAMA 2012!

Jim McAllister said...


I know how you feel. As a Republican I feel guilty about working my ass off my whole life and never taking a penny in government assistance.

I also feel guilty about serving my country only for 4 years in the military. I should have re-enlisted. It would have been the "right" thing to do.

These government leaches of today who sit on their asses while we pay their way have the right idea. Why work if you don't have to? Self respect means nothing any more when the government is always there to take from the makers and give to the takers. Compulsive military? Forget it, keep that free ride going; have those ten kids, the government will always be there to assist. And don't worry about your kids. Michelle Obama will always be there to tell them how to eat while her husband pigs out on junk food. Kale leaves? Hell yes; kids would much rather eat those instead of potato chips. Never mind that eating a little junk food is a rite of youth and that kids get over it as they grow up. Let's train them from birth and be sure they don't have any fun.

How about class warfare? "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon." That's probably the dumbest statement a president has ever made but, what the hell, it aroused the troops in Florida.

Obama is living proof of the old saying that America is the land of the free where anyone can be president. How true that is; look at the sorry excuse we have now.

Where is Pat Paulsen when we need him?

Oh, by the way, I would like to make a bid on that bridge.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree on Romney. I think he is a good man but he doesn't have the speaking skills of Reagan.

On paper, it looks like Romney still should wax that stuttering fool we have now. Take away the TelePrompTer and he is a nervous third grader in front of a crowd.

Check him out on the Internet; it isn't pretty and that's what we need.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the comment.

The worst part of it is that this country has bought into the guy in a pretty big way. It's going to be a tough election for Romney and I'm concerned but not giving up hope.

Romney seems like he wants to hang himself but we still have "You didn't build that" and I think Romney has a big advantage in the debates with his ability to speak over a guy who has to have a TelePrompTer to feel comfortable.

Jim McAllister said...

Good explanation, Sam.

They have stolen from SS so long I'm surprised anything is left.

Jim McAllister said...


As long as Mojitos are legal, life can't bee too bad!

I found that tax information and thought I would make everyone's day and yet, we still have those who think this guy is great.

There was a time when he would be run out of Washington. Let's just hope people come to their senses on 11-6.

Jim McAllister said...

Welcome back, Griz.

Nothing is changed. No tantrums, just disappointment that this country as we knew it is slipping away.

Jim McAllister said...


That's funny, yesterday's Gallup and Rasmussen polls show the race tied 46-46 and 47-47 and those job reports are due in another week.

What have the Reps blocked? Every time he wants something, he just issues an executive order and has his way.

You may have Romney's 47% comment but I will take the famous "You didn't build that" and "You can't change Washington from the inside" stupidity of your boy. They really exposed him on Univision.

Also, on CNBC the other day they were discussing Romney's 47% comment and asking viewers to call in with their opinion of it. 75% said they agreed with him and anyone who has a brain knows he was talking about the people who are living on a free ride and not those who pay no taxes because of legitimate deductions.

Wait until Obamacare gets rolling. You guys will be crying in your beer with that mess.

Already, companies are reacting harshly to it and say they will dump the employees in the exchanges and take the 2 grand fine.

One guy said it would cut his profits in half so he is out. Even if Romney loses, it will be fun to see you libs whine after all this guy's garbage gets installed.

Keep worshiping Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Rick Kepple said...

"Rick not only has class envy but hairline envy.. "

Middy, take your wealth and shove it.

"Self respect means nothing any more when the government is always there to take from the makers and give to the takers."

Jim, other than children on SSI, people paid into Social Security. They have every right to the money that they paid in if they get hurt.

You people speak of self-respect like you found it in the gutter. You excuse Mitt Romney for hiding money offshore and then you bitch that 47 percent of Americans don't pay taxes? Are you people completely insane? It's okay for a rich guy to escape taxes, but not for the rest of America?

Do you people ever read the garbage that you write?

midnightsstaff said...

There will be no teleprompter at the debates, and Mitt will not have to channel Ronaldus the Magnificent either, "let's just take a stroll by the wreckage of the past four years"- should do it.

Imagine you have Phineaus from the rez showing up unannounced and now Joe the ambulance chaser is covering all bets against re election.. is that right Joe?

With a straight face he says.. "From day one, the GOP has publicly made it their number one priority to short circuit anything Obama and the Democrats tried to accomplish"
Well Joseph, what about that first two years when the Republicans couldn't stop anything he or Nancy Reid dreamed up?
..was that the evil forces conspiring against the "brave young president with so much to do" and somehow blocking his efforts?- no grand changes he is demanding now were addressed when he had no opposition- even the mexicans are finally figuring out what pawns they have been for him.

Actually the midterm's pretty much illustrated how far the Socialist brand has fallen, change and hope?- really?

So far he has lost the youth, the Catholics, the black voting block and the white working class voting blocks, the war on women... that gay issue really worked out well eh?- not to mention no one is buying that horseshit about the office of the inspector general clearing the AG of any wrongdoings in the Fast and Furious coverup.. think that issue is going away?- don't bet on it, what is the statute of limitations on murder or to be charged for conspiracy that leads to murder? -you should know that one- the Nixon pardon is not gonna work this time.

Holder and Obama have a good chance of being extradited to face trial by our friends south of the border once we fumigate the White House.

And that is not counting current issues like having our embassies over run by his Muslim Brotherhood posse, bringing the nation's economy to the point of collapse, pink slips sent out to defense plant workers right before the election and two movies gaining wide acclaim exposing his true evil intent..
have you seen Obama 2016 Joe?- maybe you should before you make a bigger fool of yourself.

Rick Kepple said...

If I follow Jimmy and Middy's model for wealth building, I'll invest in American companies doing business overseas, NOT HIRE ANYONE while calling everyone lazy, do nothing for a living except bitch about the government and how everyone else should pay taxes, but me, because I pay for all their incomes.

It's exactly how you people sound.

midnightsstaff said...

How about a couple of new Obama campaign videos?...

..for all you old movie buffs out there.

No thanks necessary I do it as a public service..

midnightsstaff said...

haha.. this clown really stepped in it- like I said, he lost the election when he made this idiotic, insulting statement.

Hey.. Joe, you watching?

Rick Kepple said...

Mitt Romney accuses 47 percent of Americans of not paying taxes, while the Presidential candidate has millions of dollars stashed from the IRS in offshore bank accounts. I ain't bitching. Hell, he gives permission to break the law and people in Missouri LOVE Mitt, Jesus and Jesse James.

Y'all say that I envy your wealth. That would imply that I envy y'all living in expensive houses with expensive taxes. No thanks. You live in an imitation world that is said to be ready to collapse at any moment. You people couldn't grow a tomato, but you sure got lots of gold. How much you think that tomato will be worth when everything goes belly up?

You're nothing compared to some of the millionaires in Missouri. One of them, just a few miles south of me, owns utility companies from Missouri to the East Coast. I got a friend who invested money in the movie, Avatar. He was a good friend to me and the wife. Now I like those folks, but I got a bad taste for Maricopa County millionaires a long time ago and I can see nothing's changed.

Now when y'all in Fluffyville are broke, I'll help y'all out the same way you helped me. I'm gonna send you some money by courier and you gotta remember this code. Don't forget, otherwise I won't know if you got it or not. Savvy? Okay, a deal's a deal. Good luck. The code? I gave it to SN. Ask her.

Phineas Rez Doctorus Siouxus said...

This arrived in the form of an e-mail the other day and given my tempermental penchant for challenging anyone who even remotely supports illegal immigration - AND ESPECIALLY AMNESTY - I thought it kind of interesting. I will warn y'all that over half of the "verify" sources lead to a CNN web page that shows up as a error so ..... draw your own conclusions. #10 led to an opinion piece that was hardly verifiable stats, but the $dollar amounts should make anyone shudder when discussing tax cuts and benefits:


It's easy to dismiss individual programs that
benefit non-citizens until they're put together
and this picture emerges. Someone did a lot
of research to put together all of this data.
Often these programs are buried within other
programs making them difficult to find.
A Real Eye Opener
You think the war in Iraq was costing
us too much? Read this:

We have been hammered with the
propaganda that it was the Iraq war and
the war on terror that is bankrupting us.

I now find that to be RIDICULOUS.

I hope the following 10 reasons are
forwarded over and over again until
they are read so many times that the
reader gets sick of reading them. I also
have included the URL's for verification
of all the following facts...

$11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare
to illegal aliens each year by state governments.


$22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food
assistance programs such as food stamps,
WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.


$2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on
Medicaid for illegal aliens.

Verify at:

$12 Billion dollars a year is spent on
primary and secondary school education
for children here illegally and they
cannot speak a word of English!


$17 Billion dollars a year is spent for
education for the American-born
children of illegal aliens, known as
anchor babies.


$3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to
incarcerate illegal aliens.

Verify at:

30% percent of all Federal Prison
inmates are illegal aliens.

Verify at:

$90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on
illegal aliens for Welfare & social
services by the American taxpayers.


$200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed
American wages are caused by the illegal

at: <" href="

In 2006, illegal aliens sent home
$45 BILLION in remittances to their
countries of origin.

at: http://www/. < " href="http://www/..http://www/...

The total cost is a whopping
$338,300,000,000.00 WHICH

Are we THAT Stupid?

Mike slater said...

CJ,glad you're back. I was getting a little worried there for awhile.

You can thank your federal government for illegals getting benefits. As far as the kids of illegals brought here by their parents you and I will never agree on that. They're illegal just like their parents and should not be rewarded for being in this country.

I totally agree with Jan Brewer on not permitting them to have drivers license's.

According to the newspaper report when the Phoenix Policeman asked for ID the driver showed him a Mexican passport.

Jim, did you see in the paper today that 53% of babies born in Arizona are paid for by the taxpayers. I wonder how many of those babies were born to illegals. Doesn't it give you a warm fuzzy feeling to see how your tax dollars are being spent?

Rick Kepple said...

If you want Romney to be like Reagan, you're nuts, Jimmy. Romney is best being Romney.

Destruction is easier for Mitt and when Romney starts those wars, our enemies will be coming after us and if people got this idea that we're gonna be safe, they're nuts. Soon it will be time for the Average Joe to earn his entitlements. There's a reason why Walmart is selling tactical weapons and it's not just to market pressure. People have cell phones and they have M4 style rifles. I saw a tactical shotgun the other day designed to blow the door open!

Islam chose September 11, because it coincides with a date in a Crusade. Romney and Ryan were chose to create a NEW Crusade. It's time to hit back and I'm ready to earn my entitlements when the radicals come looking to start trouble.

Romney has more than one purpose as a leader. Why do you think they chose a Mormon and a Catholic?

steve buzzardo said...

the truth comes out, even Pelosi cant stand to listen to Obozo

Rick "The Specialist" Kepple said...

Just in time for Christmas, Walmart has layaway! And this year, it includes firearms. I think they have the Sig 516 (civilian model) AR-15/M4 style rifle. They have tactical hunting rifles in .223 Remington and .308, and if that's not enough to get you drooling, I'll drop in a video for you to watch of the new Sig. Meow!

It's troublesome times and your family is going to need some firepower for just in case. Jimmy, you were in the Air Force. Just get a Ruger 10/22. Middy would know what he's doing with the Sig, but you'd just get hurt.

Now, remember ... election, holidays, radical violent unmentionables, Christmas, end of tax cuts, 50 percent unemployment predicted, 90 percent drop in the stock market. Better buy that rifle for Christmas!

Check out the video

Rick "Hunting Dawg" Kepple said...

Taxes!!! And worse coming! Economists are predicting financial armageddon. I guess that's when money attacks or something, so you better be ready! Walmart also sells Mossberg 500 with breacher barrels. If you don't know what that is, watch this video of American soldiers blowing the lock off a door to open it. Pretty cool stuff.

Get a larger stocking boys!!! Walmart's got layaways on GUNS!!!

Mossberg 500 with breacher barrel used by American troops

midnightsstaff said...

Phineaus... you are shouting again..

Why are you yelling at me?- I am not an illegal.
...and I have a flash for you, there are worse than a few Mexicans coming across that border every night, there are Mideasterners and African continent muslim trash all over the Midwest.

You know full well why the current administration is letting them in by the boatload.. it's for voting purposes only and to push the Cloward Piven strategy of breaking this nation from within.
there is only one reason that food stamps are being nearly given away on the street corners- do they really need to spend a lot of money on English and Spanish radio advertising for low income earners to claim their earned income tax credit?
when is the last time anyone had to be told to look for deductions on their tax return?- I noticed that Mitt did not claim the earned income tax credit..

I wonder how much Bath-houseBarry gave to charity last year? seems the msm would be all over that.

there are only two dots and GWB is not on the ticket.. it can't be that difficult.

BTW that was a sweet moment when the Spanish news interviewer kicked DingleBarry right in the empty nutsack.. haha- little bitch has never had to listen to honest criticism or questions from the media- probably cried his little eyes out all over that Iranian born muslim brotherhood trojan horse Valerie Jarrett all the way home.

Mike slater said...

Rick, the reason gun and ammo sales are doing great is because of Obama.He's the best thing to happen for gun makers, ammo makers and gun stores. They're making money hand over fist. They should send Obama a thank you card.

Jim, I forgot to add on your blog about the Rolling Stones one of my favorite bands is ZZ Top. Gotta love those good old Texas boys.

midnightsstaff said...

Damn.. the Romneys have a nice looking family.. they look like successful Americans- the kind we used to elect- you know successful people that know what they are doing..

It will be a nice change not to have to be embarrassed by that Wookie wife of his or listen to the antics of the Viceassclown Joe Bidet any longer..
I physically can't stand to listen or watch any of that feral tribe nor put up with the daily lies Gobbels would be too embarrassed to tell any longer.

.."It was a u-tube video, no I mean... er, what do I mean Valerie?- let me be clear- give me those tax returns!- he killed a man's wife, war on women, where is my teleprompter!!"

where is The Red Menace in his time of trouble.. someone call Paula- she can fill him in on that war on women.

His campaign is a Fawlty Towers episode.

How many lies have they been outright caught in with this ongoing series of embassy fiasco's?- why are the media finally getting tired of carrying his water?
..they know the end is near- watch them start filing to the lifeboats and quietly slipping away in the dark like the filthy rats they are.

was I too harsh?

Rick Kepple said...

Uh oh. I found a Christian prophecy on Youtube and it ain't pretty. It's only 1600 people have watched it. If it ever got on Facebook ... oh well, I forgot. I have a horrible memory! Yeah, I might have Facebooked it.

Hey, I didn't say what's in this video. Afterwards, you might want to watch a Rolling Stones video to wash your mind out with dirt.

ALEC Pelosi said...

Somebody buy Middie one o' them thar Barack Insane Ozombie Halloween costumes so he can be part of the 47%!

Jim McAllister said...


What better resource to support the fundamentally supreme free-loading bureaucratic organism than from those who routinely plunder the less fortunate on a daily basis by manipulating prices simply as a tool to keep the wallets of the market-playing, corporate-minded parasitic sub class fat & sassy?

What is with you libs that you hate the free enterprise system so much? It seems like it has worked for a long time pretty damn well but you guys are all bitching about how greedy successful people are.

You've fallen for the socialistic crappola from Obama where everyone has to be equal and we must all kick in for the less fortunate. BS to that.

This is the (or was) the greatest country in the world where people all have the opportunity to make it. An overpowering federal government forcing people to abide by their dumb ass miles of regulations does not work.

Free enterprise will always do a superior job of controlling the economy.

If businesses don't succeed they go under where the govt. can screw up all they want and continue. Not much incentive for the bureaucrats there.

By the way, how's that economy doing these days under Obama and his bailouts? Wasn't it supposed to be the "summer of recovery" three years ago? Maybe if everyone quits looking for a job he can announce a 0% unemployment.

Thanks for the information on what the illegal alien situation is costing this country. Very interesting.

By the way, how do you feel about the 2 year dreamer situation. God bless Jan Brewer for not letting them have driver's licenses. They shouldn't even be here but all they do is protest and bitch and moan and collect freebies. Screw 'em all.

Jim McAllister said...


Middy, take your wealth and shove it.

Now there is a well thought out, intellectual observation by Rick. Congratulations, Rick.

Is that the best you have? Is Middy beating you up a bit with those high falutin' comments?

Jim McAllister said...


Taller version than John Edwards but a little luckier with women.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm with you all the way with the illegals. I don't care whose fault it is whether it is their irresponsible parents or whoever, it's not Az's job to support them.

Plus, a lot of them feel we owe them something. Talk about unmitigated gall!

Did you see those numbers from FD? ABSURD.

Jim McAllister said...


The full passage of that is on pages 24 and 25 of Woodward's book.

Pelosi and Reid were really hurrying through some number crunching with Obama's advisers. It was a tense moment when the phone rings and it's Obama.

From the book:

....Pelosi put him on speakerphone so everyone could hear.

He delivered a high minded message. They were going to save the economy with this bill, everything was at stake, unity of action, unity of purpose.

Thank you, Mr. President, thank you, said Reid.

Pelosi thanked Obama. We understand. We get that.

But the president wasn't finished. Warming to his subject, he continued with an uplifting speech.

Pelosi reached over and pressed the mute button on her phone. They could hear Obama, but he couldn't hear them. The president continued speaking, his disembodied voice filling the room, while the two leaders got back to the hard numbers.

His own people ignore him!

Jim McAllister said...


Barb and I saw ZZ Top in 2005 in Laughlin. They put on a great show at the Flamingo outside theater on the bank of the Colorado with a full moon.

I wrote a review on them for a local paper so we even got in free!

Nobody does "Little Red Rooster" like the Stones.

midnightsstaff said...

lol.. just imagine how this amateur is going to do in the debates..

Obama might be the worst example of the Peter Principle run wild in history- he rivals the worst examples of the countless generations of inbred European Moron-archy of the middle ages.

He is so far above which should be his own pay grade right now everyone in the media is trying to figure out how to cover it from the casual observers out there.

Maybe Joe should give him a pair of his big boy Depends for the debate, he will obviously try using a bug to get some talking points from Jarett because he can't think on his feet, but that will cross wire his overtaxed marxist brain and we can expect big league gibberish rivaling Blabbermouth Schultz.

Yep it looks like I snagged another one of Rick's goats, getting to be quite a nice group of them out on the back forty..
One of these days I might just eat one of those goats... I hear they are nice and sweet when barbecued deep pit.

It's the moon Jim, half tonight going into the Gibbon stage waxing full in a week.. Rick will have hair growing on his palms by Friday night.

Yeah.. that does seem as good as he has, a perennial cub reporter has his limits.. he has been bested, he just doesn't like it.

Now just how do you explain the Cardinals being where they are and beating the snot out of DG's Iggles?
haha.. steve is having one of those years- again.
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy that Mike Vick... too bad they didn't take him off the field on a stretcher.

midnightsstaff said...

..someone tell me this guy is not high.. maybe we need to start piss testing all elected officials.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, I live in the Ozarks around lots of people just as ignorant and loudmouthed as Middy. I've got two neighbors just like him. Trouble starts and they're gone! Chances are, they started it too. If I know Middy, if a war starts in this country, he's gonna be on the first plane to Costa Rica.

In my experience, it's the quiet ones that I can depend on. Those are the guys who won't run. Guys like Middy are a dime a dozen. They bitch a lot, but never write to legislators. They never actually try to change anything, but they sure do pitch a fuss. I know lots of guys just like him. My housekeeper is twice the man he is and she's a woman.

Sioux me said...

Memo to Rick Kepple: Better guard your goats. Middy will be out wandering the back forty looking for the best lookin' one. Of course, she'll have to be a Republican!

Rick Kepple said...

I should apologize, cause I got other neighbors that I can count on and they're the kind of military veterans that stand their ground. This one fella is former Army CID. Warfare is all about deception and the best war is one you win, but never have to fight.

All I see in politics these days is fear and deception via CIA to make us scared enough to buy the assault weapons from the stores to arm each and every American to deter what foreign or domestic evil that may come. Obama is being used to give Islam a false sense of security and he's sacrificed for the good of the nation. Y'all hate Obama, but I believe he was used to bait Islam.

I got a feeling that Romney's gonna win by hook or by crook, and everything that's been allowed to be done, can be reversed by Congress. Flip the table on our enemies, is the way I see it. People will need to buy more ammo and if I'm right, the movie "Red Dawn" will be inspiring at just the right moment.

And the expert economists predicting 50 percent unemployment and 90 percent drop in the stock markets? Well Jimmy gave the answer to that - expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts. It's just more fear, but it might be real or maybe not. There are food shortages coming. All I know is that folks better get God and a gun.

OlgrizFDWhoever said...

"Hate the free enterprise system so much?" Where did you come up with that bit of nonsense. El Diablo must have tripped on the way to the joust and landed you in the moat cuz you're sure all wet!

What I "hate," if anything, is the penchant of the neo-conservative mind to manipulate that which does not belong to them for profit. A prime example is the rape of your Social Security trust by finance industry insurers. Allow ROBME to win the presidency and watch Social Security fold within a year. Why? Because the neo-cons don't want to pay the tax. They'd rather bank the money overseas.

You are confused about the economy, Jim, but you'll never believe true cause and effect until Grover Norquist admits he was wrong-wrong in a YouTube vid!

midnightsstaff said...

Phineaus... bottom line is who are you going to cast your vote for?
are you ready for another dose of what we just endured the past four years?

You seem to be staying on point that this is all the Republican's doing despite the fact they are seemingly powerless in the face of administrative executive orders.

Did you read that exhaustive article that I had Jim forward to you?- the answer like the question is not one of simplicity that can be explained away by choosing a demon and then loading up every complaint you have before the execution.

Real issues are being intentionally ignored so as not to draw attention to a problem no current political party is prepared to face.

Quit following the dog whistles and open your eyes.

midnightsstaff said...

But on a humorous note, we now find that the Cherokee princess has been practicing law without a license in Mass a two shits.- lol..

This is taking the current shift of this administration of ignoring of the rule of law and observing the rule of man to a new level eh?

So it appears Princess Fauxcahontas instead of going to Washington might be headed for prison instead..

"law license... we don't need no stinkin' law license" ...sweet eh?

kr honeyman said...

Mr. Kepple, it must be the 'water' as I have lived at Lake of the Ozarks on houseboat, and agree with most of your comments. When there, I wandered off the 'reservation' to some of the most knee-jerk reactionary 'lilliputians', and assorted yahoos put on this earth since the dawn of Neanderthals; ie: 'the Bootheel' [Limbaugh country-Valley of Neander, Germany']. But as i observe this fanfare of half baked truths [like $338 Billion spent on 'illegal aliens']. I see by these comments by SOME of these Arizonians of why Arizona voted in Ms.Brewer [ i can speculate her lineage traces back to the valley of Neander!].I agree with Rick on most of his comments, BUT very few address Mr. Mc's comment at the top. Huge tax increases coming Jan. 1... I'm a Union Will Rogers democrat [small 'd']. It is ABSOLUTELY true EVERYONES taxes MIGHT go up Jan. 1. Also, 'DRASTIC cuts' in Social programs and the military. WHY? simple. Obama extended the Bush tax cuts since 2010. I ask how many jobs did that create in 8 years? The theory was give tax breaks to the 'job creators' and the economy will flourish. You buy that , and you will be the 'owner' of the Brooklyn Bridge!These tax cuts EXPIRE in Jan. UNLESS Congress acts. so it is MIGHT increase your taxes, not WILL... we will see if Congress is functional, and COMPROMISING! As for Willard, show me your 1040 forms for 1999-2004. My suspicion is that he did NOT cheat ['carried interest' deductions bring his LEGAL obligation to the 13%. I contend he didn't give the REQUIRED 10% to his church-that will show on his tax form of how much he gave to church. The overloaded IRS can do little without lots of legwork. BUT they check charity contributions closely.

kr honeyman said...

Midnightstaff is on the payroll of the Koch bros.! How much have they given to Scott Brown in a FAILING effort against 'the Princess' Brown has been the largest recipient of bux from the 1%-Wall Streeters... Sir, u gotta show me where the hero of the 99% has EVER used the 1/24th Delaware, And 1/32nd Cherokee lineage on ANY job, or school application. By the way: the President of the 'Cherokee nation' today is 1/32nd Cherokee. Google that. I'll bet ya there will never be an indictment, and she will win in Mass by a bunch. There are very few 'Lilliputians' in Mass. Lots that make in the 1% range, many more than Arizona, not hollering for Bush Tax cuts,and DON"T use illegal aliens for 'stoop labor', and didn't support 2 RIDICULOUS unpaid wars, Part 'D' with no negotiating with drug companies for bulk sales, etc., etc. U get da picture, I'm sure Look thru the "LOOKING Glass"

Jim McAllister said...


That clip from Univision says a lot. All of a sudden he is NOT the messiah he would like to think he is.

Notice the stuttering, pauses, and deer in the headlight looks? It's amazing how he speaks when there is no script to read from a TelePronmTer.

And there are those who call him a "great speaker."

Jim McAllister said...


Wow! You're really the die hard lib. What Republican pissed in your corn flakes?

If Warren has been practicing without a license, your poll numbers for her may mean nothing. What will you think of her if it is true?

If Obama wins I hope you enjoy spreading your wealth around. What the hell; those poor able bodied guys standing on the street corner need your money for more beer. You're a generous guy; help them out.

Jim McAllister said...


As much as I like DG I was glad to see the Cards wallop them yesterday and stick it to Vick.

That dirtball dog killer should still be bending over in Leavenworth. As usual, he got the celebrity early out.

I have no use for anyone who hurts animals, especially for money. If he thought he could get away with it, he would be right back doing it.

Jim McAllister said...

Excuse me, I have to go comb my Scottsdale hair.

midnightsstaff said...

Nitwits to the left of me, Wittnits to the right ... stuck in the middle with you.

ah.. evidently you missed the part where she has used that affirmative action of her heritage to further her career.. if you want to keep on believing that being some increment of American Indian lineage somehow gives one a greater understanding of all things political be my guest.

After all, I have much more of a percentage of actual Cherokee blood in my lineage (being one quarter is greater than her one thirty second and questionable/imaginary claim)- my grandfather ran away from the original welfare state as a child to work in the oilfields of Oklahoma as a rigger.

Would that convince your enlightened reasoning that I by default have a greater understanding of politics than she... right?- that is her chief (no pun intended) claim for being a better choice than her opponent.

You foolishly defend the indefensible and glaring fact that she is a fraud in business practice as well as her claims to some mystic Indian insights..

The whole of the modern Democrat party has absolutely no resemblance to the party that existed a mere two decades ago- they now are the party of socialism, unfunded mandates, insolvable deficits as far as the eye can see and an assured and accelerated rate of decay from within..

Of course you can't see that fact through the blinders you have worn for decades yourself.

..or do you deny that patently undeniable observation as well?

Yeah Jim, take a look at that video I posted last night...

...any cop in the nation except Dupnick will tell you our dear leader was loaded during that interview, turn off the sound and watch his eyes... ever heard the term "rice eyes?" with that, along with the inappropriate constrained facial expressions, incessant blinking, and the glazed eyes indicates to a reasonable person he was way out there.

.. he was obviously ripped, If I had interviewed any inmate on the yard looking like him he would have been gaffed, gone directly for a 7219 medical evaluation and made to submit to a forced blood draw or piss test.. something I would suggest for all of Congress as well.
Believe me, I would have been sure of the lab results.

midnightsstaff said...

Jim McAllister said...

Damn, He definitely seems high as a kite or he is laughing to keep from crying.

midnightsstaff said...

Trust me on this one.. have seen that look a thousand times.

I guess I should apologize to someone for my incessant bullying tactics.. so here goes...

I'm sorry Jim about pointing out your luxurious head of hair which contrasts starkly to the illogical varmint's self proclaimed inadequacies.

A paranoid delusional who is as we speak is hurriedly scurrying about digging a bunker as tho that will be adequate for what is to come.

Please accept my sincerest apologies.

Someone of Blue's high standards, obvious elevated moral bearing and holier than thou attitude could not tolerate the tone set today.. probably would set her off on another drunken rage.

now we are good.. right?

proud said...

Old home week??? in addition to CJ, Rick is not only back, but seems to have come with new, imaginary persona's to accompany the "voices"...Also back and always good for laughs the usual ramblings of FD and the unbelievably, inaccurate talking points of hired gun, who, with his "rich been on a 25 year tax holiday", is looking more like a kool-aid filled, SQUIRT-GUN.
Obviously gun missed the part where the top 1% pay nearly 40% of the federal income tax / cost to run the country, while bottom 47% pay NOTHING, NADDA, NINE, Zilch. Here's about a decade of F-A-C-T-S from the people who know a thing or two about who pays what, maybe you've heard of them? They call themselves......"The IRS":

Below is tax Year 2009, additional 10 years of records are linked below:

Percentiles Ranked by AGI

AGI Threshold on Percentiles

Percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax Paid

Top 1% $343,927 paid 36.73%

Top 5% $154,643 paid 58.66%

Top 10% $112,124 paid 70.47%

Top 25% $66,193 paid 87.30%

Top 50% $32,396 paid 97.75%

Bottom 50% <$32,396 paid 2.25%

Note: AGI is Adjusted Gross Income
Source: Internal Revenue Service


steve buzzardo said...

Obama is either is drunk, or he smoked 2 joints before that interview

steve buzzardo said...

Proud, dont you know that liberals hate FACTS even more that they hate America.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm sorry Jim about pointing out your luxurious head of hair which contrasts starkly to the illogical varmint's self proclaimed inadequacies.

LOL, Isn't it amazing the importance of hair?

No guy wants to be without it as we have all noticed from some of the comical ways some guys try to use comb overs, rugs, implants, creams and lotions to either grow hair, act like they have hair, or cover spots where hair may have been at one time.

So far, I have been lucky with my Scottsdale hair and at my age,if it was going to fall out, it probably would have by now.

Excuse me for a while. I have to comb my hair again.

midnightsstaff said...

Welcome all you fellow heartless bullies... welcome.
haha.. white is black<-> black is white..

...the new normal.

Camden New Jersey.. "the garden state" is floating the idea of laying off the police force and putting the general population on self monitoring constraints..
I guess the theory is to expect the Crips, Bloods and other homicidal oriented citizens to just turn themselves in and I suppose lock themselves up seeing how there will be no one to open the cells... who will do the pat downs?

They might as well fire the judges as long as we are at it I suppose.

This is another great liberal experiment which is bound to work out just like all other "Forward" thinking liberal ideas...

Well if Camden and other great places around the country can just hold on, after these new taxes kick in, we will have plenty of money to keep those streets as safe as they have been for decades..


Mike slater said...

Jim, does reading crazy Rick's comments ever remind you of the movie " Deliverance"?

The reason I'm voting for Romney is the fact in the near future there is going to be some openings on the Supreme Court Court. The last thing we need is more liberals on the court.

Worst case is Obummer gets reelected but the Republicans keep the House and take the Senate so they can block anything he wants to do.

steve buzzardo said...

Mark R. Levin --
Hey America! Haven't you had enough of this?...

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for taking time to compile those numbers.

Everything you posted agrees with what I have seen and yet, the libs will find some way to skew those numbers into what they think is their favor. Note to them: It can't be done. Facts are facts.

They just want to keep thinking their tired mantra that wealth and success = bad and that a large federal government is the solution to success.

Oh yeah, that must be why Congress has a 12% approval rating and strong govt. has failed in places like Cuba and the Soviet Union and at the govt. run US Post office and school system.

A lot of it is jealousy and a lot of it is that they are plain and simply not very smart.

Jim McAllister said...


Remember when New Jersey used to really be a "garden state"?

We used to drive to Atlantic City when I was a kid for vacations. I wouldn't go near there now.

Jim McAllister said...


He reminds me of the guy who humped Ned Beatty.

You're right on the SC. Hell, it's bad enough now with Roberts becoming a turncoat on Obamacare.

O-Care is really going to be a mess. Expensive and confusing and a lot of pissed off people when their employers drop their health insurance and throw them into the exchanges.

If I had a company that's what I would do. It costs about 5-7 thousand bucks a year to insure someone so pay the $2,000 fine and wish them luck.

From what I hear that will be the norm.

Jim McAllister said...


Much more important to be on "The View". (At least when Elisabeth Hasselbeck is there! Whew!)

Mike slater said...

Jim,It seems Obummer has time to show up on the View and Letterman shows but can't seem to find time to meet with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

I look for Israel to take out the Iranian nuke plants before the election. They did it in the early 80's with the Iraqi nuke plant. Of course in the 80's we had a strong president unlike now.

Rick Kepple said...

"Jim, does reading crazy Rick's comments ever remind you of the movie ' Deliverance'?"

Yeah Jim, does reading Crazy Rick's comments ever remind you of "Deliverance?" Ned Beatty?

Is anal sex on your mind, Jim? Is that why you chose that character? Or was it something deeper? More psychologically penetrating? Is it because you have secret thoughts, Jim? Like maybe raising hogs, yourself? I don't think Scottsdale would allow you to go out in the yard and yell, "Squeal like a pig!" They might arrest you.

Jim McAllister said...


Hopefully the public is paying attention to Mr. Show Biz and shaking their heads in wonderment.

I'm wondering if he has gone off the deep end.

Jim McAllister said...

Just kidding, Rick. That was a weird scene. Don't be insulted; I know you better than that.

I wonder how many times Ned was kidded about it at the Hollywood parties.

A guy has to make a living even if it is doing something as disgusting as that.

proud said...

Maybe the "gun" (and assorted leftie (gimmie sumpin fer nutin, liberals) can answer a question I, Thomas Sowell, and any number of thinking people keep asking, Which is:

Why is it considered GREED for a person to want to keep money he / she worked hard to earn....

But not considered GREED for big government to make laws allowing them to simply take someone else's money away from them????

Mike slater said...

Proud, Dr. Thomas Sowell and his friend Dr, Walter Williams are both brilliant people but because they're both black Republicans the left doesn't listen to them.

The reason the left thinks it's greedy for a person to keep more of their own money but doesn't think the government taking the money is not greedy is because in the left's mind all money belongs to the government.

Rick Kepple said...

"Just kidding, Rick."

You wouldn't believe how often people in the Ozarks hear those references. Now they have a horror flick, "Cabin the Woods." Oh and because I own a chainsaw ... yeah. I don't get many dates.

"I have lived at Lake of the Ozarks on houseboat, and agree with most of your comments."

You're lucky kr honeyman, to live on the actual Lake of the Ozarks, particularly on a houseboat. You seen the Ozark Mountain Oysters? They just won that Blues award and are heading to Memphis! John Evans plays guitar in that band and he's a pretty good friend. Puts on jam sessions in St. Robert Mo. I've yet to go, but I can't play worth spit and John knows it. I see him over at Dell Mack's now and then, on the occasion that I go. Anyway, been good commenting. Watch out for those wild women now!

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah, but she probably had to take a shower just being in the same room with that ass..

The photo I saw was with him plopped right in the middle of the two white drabs of the group with Woopie getting the end of the bench.
...he probably should have had Woopie on all fours so he could put his feet up.

now that would have been a great photo.

picking from that group except for Liz is like voting..

"which form of STD's would you prefer"?

By the way.. about that HR 2827, it appears there is some trouble on the horizon on a whole lot of muni funds getting ready to take a major dump- talk about chickens coming home for a quick shower and bed.

How convenient of our legislators to hurry this bill through so no bankster can be legally connected to outright fraud- and all in an election year when lots of corrupt legislators need campaign money... am I too cynical?

Gotta hand it to these conniving son of a bitches, they have us completely bracketed this time and no one is even noticing, we are too involved with Mitt Romney show boating his own private property by giving millions to charity.

1984 was a documentary.

There won't be anywhere safe from the worst economic collapse in history.

OlGriz said...

Y'know, from the perspective of one who has lived through WWII, Korea, Vietnam and a thousand other little ao-called "peace keeping missions," I read these reactions and I wonder .....: Have we really forgotten who we are and how we got here?

What ever happened to the mantra: "I've seen how the other half live and I'm damned glad to pay my income taxes?"

All this p***ing and moaning over taxes seems to be coming from that class of parasite Jim keeps defending whose goal is simply to get the less fortunate to pay the tax bill while the wealthy bank overseas and skate.

And y'all know what the biggest gripe is? Neo-con fear of the so-called "death tax." The freebie moratorium on the inheritance tax will end and the big money boys can't stand that.

We should all be so lucky as to have only that to worry about!

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah.. some things never change, I got to hand it to you Phineaus, you are consistent and in today's world that is an exception..

I suppose it's logical to assume you have at some point had to admit there is a polarity of thought on the whole issue of economics, and someone might disagree offering a counter argument.

Your simplistic example illustrates how a steady pressure of illogic tends to shape a personality, I for instance have never heard anyone say the words ..."I've seen how the other half live and I'm damned glad to pay my income taxes?" yet you seem to hear that every day, we might both listen to the same speech and you hear things others don't. I sounding familiar?

Your's is a statement that makes an assumption or two, one whopper being that there is some even distant correlation between government spending and efficiency..

...that shibboleth can be easily dispensed by merely looking at a recent example between General Motors who are now Govt. Motors and it's competitor Ford Motors..

GM is unsuccessfully attempting to get out from under the fascist takeover that Obama engineered so they can hire some competent help to maybe save the company and once again concentrate on making a profit.

Of course that would be the admission of failure so Obama is refusing.. out of political reasoning of course.
..either way it goes the taxpayer once again gets soaked with the bill.

Are you telling me that the money that was wasted on propping up GM's pension funding is a better use of my personal resources than my circulating the money myself?

Ford motor company on the other hand is enjoying a profitable year without having to channel stuff inventory like GM, they are expanding into other markets and doing quite well partly because people don't have contempt for them as they do fascist experiments like Chrysler and GM..

And what makes you think raising taxes will do anything about your concerns with illegal aliens?
won't that money be used to expand benefits including free health, free housing in some cases, and many other hidden costs, such as criminal enforcement costs, the wear and tear on our infrastructure, corrupting our schools with english as a second language agenda?

No Phineaus, your fatal mistake was at some point long ago believing that money itself through the power of creation became the property of the government and we only are allowed limited use and under their direction..

Don't feel bad, way too many people share the same lunacy- I couldn't tell you how many I have met, but they all share one thing.. they don't have any money but are willing to vote for someone who will steal it for them..

midnightsstaff said...

Anyone seen a worst called football game in their lives?

what a joke.

steve buzzardo said...

they should void the first 3 games, get the real refs back and start the season over.

Jim McAllister said...

Middy and Steve,

I agree on the Seattle-GB game.

I sat there dumbstruck during that final drive. The refs were totally worthless both on the interference play with Shields near the 35 and on the final play.

Jon Gruden was really upset and said he felt like jumping out of the booth.

The owners better pay up to Ed Hocholi and the rest of the REAL refs and get this league back in business.

The first three games should all be declared ties and move on from there.

Jim McAllister said...


Middy makes some good points in response to you.

You will never convince us that a strong federal govt. is better than free enterprise. All big govt. does is bury us further in debt while making problems worse.

Individuals should act, not government. Government doesn't have to worry about going out of business. There will always be more tax money for them. Not so with individuals.

midnightsstaff said...

Lol.. Gruden is always ready to jump out of something...

Chucky does have a personality but to tell you the truth I hate ESPN and their halftime lineup and especially that insufferable Chris Berman.

That game was hard to watch on a lot of levels but the officiating has to get fixed and pretty soon, how long is this going to go on?

at least I have last year's playoff run by the Yotes on my saved dish recordings..

...has the whole thing gone bonkers? that Mayan calender solution is starting to look better and better.

BTW.. the Vegas odds on the Mayan thing is pretty good odds as a long shot, you could clean up pretty good on that bet..
of course there would be nothing to spend it on.

Speaking of bored, waiting for hockey to start and football to sober up I put together a little neighborhood betting pool on when the neighbors finally pick their trash cans off the curb every week...
I still have Wednesday night and late afternoon open for twenty, all bets are off if the trash is picked up without them ever pulling them in.. it's happened a couple of times..

Pickup day is Friday morning but the winner is notified as soon as one of the can's move off curb... so take the Wednesday slot long shot this week or wait until next weeks pool.

If I can get enough interest, I will do the popular "lawn jockey in the front yard" pool and do slots on how long it takes the HOA to bang on the door.

I was surprised that it took them three days two years ago.

Me again! said...

You and Middy should have watched Dancing With The Stars instead of wasting your time on footsball, Jim, for that would be more fitting to both of your tendancies to dance around issues neither of you understand nor even really care about rather than rattling off repetative, brainwashed, right-wing dogma.

P2b hit the key target of the topic of your blog earlier questioning GREED! Of course, our radical investor friend did THAT from his own selfish perspective rather than look at how manipulative market forces are the actual cause of the majority of this country's economic woes, but he does have a point., that understood, let us take apart Middy's brainwashed talking points response (no doubt gleaned mostly from some YouTube vid) (ignoring the ad hominem schizophasia, of course).

1. A correlation between government spending and efficency?
Who even hinted at that? What our glib-tongued Blog Bully fails to understand is the fact that government, by it's very nature, actually IS that "redistribution of wealth" factor the loonytarian right fears so much simply because THAT is really the only purpose of government's existence. More simply: In order to provide equality, government has to spend some of Middy's tax $dollars so that others less fortunate might get an even break. Doesn't seem fair - especially to the exploiters - but that's life!
2. Government Motors.
(The elephant in the room trying to hide under Middy's bed and even though he provided (partially, at least) his own answers, because of his unwillingness to look for the true basis of the beginning of the Bush bailouts he cannot and WILL NOT understand why the economic room keeps rocking while he's still half-awake & puking PBR-tainted, Republiscum political attack dogma).
To find the true basis for GM's bankruptcy, go back to Dubya's reign and find that a SELF-INSURED CORPORATION DEEMED "TOO BIG TO FAIL" had wrongly spent the money (which was the property of the workers) contained in the employees' health and welfare pension fund and could not perform it's financial obligations. Under normal circumstances, once such an inability to perform was discovered, that would end the drama. The assets of the corporation would be sold off and everything Chevrolet to Cadillac AND THE WORKERS' PENSIONS would disappear from the face of the earth, placing the financial obligation for GM retirement benefits on PBGC (you and me). But wait?? Fiat was already a foreign investor in GM and was willing to help bail out the American corporate giant for a piece of the action ...., so why not?
End result? Geithner and Obama (and Dubya) saved tens of thousand of GM workers' pensions with the bailout strategy. Of course, One World order supporters like Middy and Jim and P2b cannot see that. All they can see is BLACK in what is supposed to be a WHITE house!

Now, to Midnight's nightmare closing - All I can say is this: Spoken like a true government employee who has never taken the risk of individual entreprenaurship!!!

Rick Kepple said...

Me again! and Honeyman: There are writers and researchers on here as well as assorted people, and they're all very brilliant people. Jim can spot someone's writing style in a heartbeat. Most of us can.

Middy's written the New York Times best seller, "How to bitch and get paid for it too!" But it's not due out for another year. It's already on the best seller list!

Well, gotta go. Bad storms coming in and need to get the doors on the bunker installed.

midnightsstaff said...

So how do you explain GM's Volt?
..does Ford have a version coming out next Spring?

-who would have known she got 105 bucks for her part in what can only be considered as the low point to judge all others by in political propaganda?

Opening up one of FD's early morning "call to worship" posts is like opening up one of those bags of chips and finding out it's mostly air.

History was made last night and not in a good way-
I'm starting to think there is some fixing going on here.
I'm pretty sure the line was in GB's favor.
What a message to send to the nation- "uninterrupted non stop corruption at every level"- and widespread ignoring of the rule of law.

All brought to you on Monday Night Football, which up until last night was the last place of finding three hours a week refuge from a bizarro world.
Dandy Don must be rolling-

After all, I have heard "never let a crisis go to waste", who's to say that isn't in play now?
Just because some alcoholic jackass in a booth tells you "they are doing the best they can"- (that statement sounds like a typical Obama voter explaining their boy's failure)... how can you even believe them anymore?
..especially when there is some serious money to be made.

PROUD said...

~~I am not often called a racist~~

~~ But when I am~~

~~I have just won an argument~ with an Obama supporter~~~~


midnightsstaff said...

.."Geithner and Obama (and Dubya) saved tens of thousand of GM workers' pensions with the bailout strategy"

When someone on the rez - up early typing furiously in his square pants underoo's chastises me on the concept of bankruptcy and dismisses it's validity in capitalistic economics I have to wonder where they get their information.

Sometimes I think you have one of those liberal versions of the magic eight ball with the same answers we get on any subject.

"raise taxes on the rich"
"raise the min. wage"
"the problem is we just didn't spend enough"
"no need for high capacity magazines in a civilized society"
...funny how the same answers just keep coming up.

Bankruptcy is the logical solution for those who ignore reality, your solution evidently is to encourage illogic, counter productive business practice by fiat and in doing so continue to prop up failing business plans entirely for political gain.

Once again explain why GM doesn't ditch the Volt project? that enough cut and paste for you?

Ol' Griz said...


In no particular order of importance:

Seahawks/GreenBay: What are you bitching about, Middy? You guys sit at the keyboard and play -monkey/bully/financial whizzer/you name it - and whine about the referee calling something you disagree with so the ref is automatically wrong. Kinda sorta like the conversations that take place here, isn't it? Much like the political dogma you radicals spout! What you are missing, Midnight - and never will understand, is the fact that the sports book faction believes that $HALF-A-BILLION (prox.) changed hands last night over that call AND THERE AIN'T ONE DAMNED THING THE WHINERS (WHO THOUGHT THEY HAD A SURE THING) CAN DO ABOUT IT! Now that's capitalism at it's finest but I call it "justice."

Oh, BTW, "Go, Seahawks!"

P2b: Nothing has changed. Obviously!

Ozark Mountains Rick: The name game has been played for nearly ten years now, ever since The Arizona Republic started it's blog segment. For a time, I drove the Phoenix area loonytarians nuts posting under the nom d' plume, 'Mogollon Monster,' until one day Thomas Moore piped up and announced: "Mel, we know who you are." Hm.m.mmmmm? Did ol' Mel-san ever try to hide his identity? Nope! Never! Anyone who asked was clued in .... but few ever did. So, the clueless stay that way and that's a fact of blog life.

Other than that, the Chevy Volt is an experiment I know nothing about except for what the Regressives try to paint as a failure of the Obama administration to back a winner. Maybe they should have bet on the Seahawks instead!

midnightsstaff said...


Rick Kepple said...

Ozark Mountains Rick: The name game has been played for nearly ten years now, ever since The Arizona Republic started it's blog segment.

I'm "Ozark Mountains Rick"? It's not even catchy. SN and Army friends used to call me "Ranger Rick" for always being in the mountains and that was catchy!

I seldom use any other name on here, except JCML on occasion. I don't think I know anyone who lives in a houseboat on the Lake, but it might be someone who reads my stuff. A lot of people want me to write those comments up into book form.

midnightsstaff said...

Can I get an autographed copy?

midnightsstaff said...

guess I better stop with calling the next president Mitt.. it's President Romney.

Wizard of Oz is on folks.. this election is no different.

Obama is behind the curtain and the smoke and loud voices are just media obfuscation..
Toto figured it out because he refused to focus on the show.

Maybe I should change my screen name to- "Pavlov's Toto"....

The phony refs are an allegory for the phony media, we know what we saw despite "the consensus".

So be of good cheer, we may not have to resort to a French type Revolution after all.

midnightsstaff said...

this is not just going to ...go away quietly..

steve buzzardo said...

how about the fans go on strike

with empty stadiums and zero TV ratings, maybe the NFL would get their ass in gear and do something

steve buzzardo said...

Madonna: Vote for the ‘Black Muslim in the White House’

“Ya’ll better vote for f–kin Obama, OK? For better or for worse, alright? We have a black Muslim in the White House, OK?” For better or for worse?

LOL, maybe Obama should use this endorsement in a campaign ad.

midnightsstaff said...

If I needed a reason to vote for President Romney Madonna promising to strip down entirely if Obama gets re elected seals the deal for me.. and that gives me a chill.

no more threats!..

Yeah.. lots of the NFL players are threatening to take the field and just kneel down for the entire game..
I don't blame them, it's effin' dangerous enough out there without clowncar officiating.. someone can get seriously hurt...
.. they need to tell the owners to shove it until this gets cleared up.

proud said...

I am not religious, BUT.....

Jesus Christ!!!!!

You people and most of the nation, are over the top in your HYSTERICAL over-reaction to the NFL temps.....

First of all (and probably most important to keep in mind)...


Secondly, if you google, "famous bad calls in the NFL" (or NBA, or NHL,or MLB or? any sport where humans have to make instantaneous judgements) you will find a shit load of ridiculously bad calls that tens of thousands of Monday morning Q/B's have questioned for eons, and in some cases, like Monday, changed the outcome of the GAME!...(italicized to underscore the importance of the word)

Lastly, for decades I have watched major league sports...seen my share of dumb calls, but never (NEVER) in nearly 66 years of walking this earth, have I ever witnessed such a concerted effort to sell a pro-union, replacements refs =bad...union refs=good , narrative. And quite obviously...IT IS WORKING!

Fat ass, gas-bag talking head, commentators have critiqued each and every call since the strike started, when, upon further review the temp refs got it right, the announcers still felt the need to make snarky comments on how slow they were how L-O-N-G it took to reach what turned out to be the right decision,... clearly, the has-been, pant-loads in the booth have an agenda, and they have been brain-washing the fans from the lock out.

Yeah, in retrospect Monday nights final call looks wrong, but who gives two shits?....IT'S JUST A GAME! Get the hell over it, don't allow a union, or their overly sympathetic shills to continue to whip you into some frenzied hype,blowing what is in all realty, JUST A FRICKEN GAME, completely out of proportion...

Calls of "player saftey" reminds me of every phony politician claiming he only wants to pass his bill: "for the children".... 300 pound, weight lifting, steroid shooting athletes slamming into one another for millions of dollars a year, sustaining multiple injuries has gone on for decades, replacement player, replacement refs or not....

I only wish the media and citizens would pay half as much attention to the real important issues that truly effect our lives, instead of this tripe, or who will dance best on DWTS, or what neckline someones dress had at the Emmys...


Mike slater said...

OlGriz, I suppose you think like VP Joe Bite Me that paying taxes is somehow patriotic. On the other hand that idiot Harry Reid said paying taxes is voluntary.

Middy, the idea of Madonna stripping down makes me ill.

midnightsstaff said...

Sorry proud- I really don't like to talk politics... haha.. nice rant.

Hey steve, I know you are up to speed on what's really going on, have you listened to Roger Hedgecock.. the former mayor of San Diego.. I have listened to him for decades on and off and if someone is intelligent enough to appreciate a Mark Levin..
yesterday he was on fire especially the first and second segments... he's solid.

I think you will like Roger's approach... I catch em on i-tunes and just listen to the podcasts..

not too bad on commercials.

proud said...

Just happened to notice middy's comment about NFL players threatening to "take a knee" for the game simply because they don't like the fact that the temp refs "MIGHT" make a mistake,(which, BTW, happens ALL the time when the REGULAR union refs are on the field)...
NFL stars are knocking down BIG BUCKS to play football...Not to support some union cause:
Manning= $23M a year (or nearly $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS a Sunday)
Brady= $18M
Vick= $15M ....even bulky defensive lineman like:
Bradford knock down $18.4 M (more than one million dollars a Sunday to PLAY A FICKEN GAME....
The idea that these morons would threaten to "take a knee" because they sympathize with union goons is beyond ridiculous....Personally, I wish they would lay down and refuse to work, why? cause there might be a controversial call...
Then the league should lock these prima-donnas out and get some TEMPORARY players,(at a fraction of the ridiculous cost), people who want to play FOOTBALL,.... not make a political statement!

midnightsstaff said...

How about all the people sitting in the stands that paid good money for those seats?
Try multiplying last night along with fifteen other stadiums for three weeks - what do they have no rights to consider?
that's a lot of other people's money that has been wasted so far- this thing should have either been settled or the season adjusted.

Season ticket holders bought theirs last April and expected honest value no matter what your opinion of the value of seats represent- they weren't free, they represent some person going to work and instead of paying the electric bill doing what they choose.

ever look at that side of life- it's not just owners and officials involved.

it's a microcosm of what is going on today with Obama as the referees- human nature can adjust to anything except instability..

You see John, there are valuable life lessons to be learned everywhere.

sounds like you have been letting the phony media coverage of this election grind at you.. do yourself a favor and turn off Fox.. the long run they're no different than the rest.

midnightsstaff said...

..."Twenty conservative leaders are calling the media on the carpet for rigging the election.
In the lead is Brent Bozell from the indefatigable Media Research Center. And the list of signers is memorable. Enough said. The letter speaks for itself and is reprinted in full below"

ha.. well nothing better than calling a spade a spade, maybe President Romney will see this and give it some the consideration..

They have fired their big guns and have nothing left but to try to avoid talking about the economic implosion we are witnessing.

Right now by just watching the panic illustrated by their behavior I say this election is very winnable.

Ol' griz said...

♫ Don’t cry for me Argentina ♪ , as Madonna does her thing ............................

Which reminds me ..................
Where did all this President Mitt schtick come from? As I understand the logistics going into November, we’ve got four more years of Mister Obama and Eight of Michelle as she later wreaks her revenge.

♫Don’t cry for me, Mr. ROBME,
You and Lyin’ Ryan ain’t got a chance,
The polls are ten points apart and they’re a’growin’,
(I’d close with something about Middy having a chance to get into Madonna’s pants but that’s a bit far-fetched, doncha think?)

midnightsstaff said...

Notice how the market took a nose dive this afternoon on heavy volume?... it was directly because of this news release..
I just shot it off to drudge, see if he picks it up..

...“It doesn’t make sense to say that there is a particular unemployment rate that we can achieve,” Plosser told reporters after his speech. “The problem with the labor markets is there are many things that affect employment and unemployment that are beyond the control of the Fed.”

Talk about running off the reservation..
.. but he is exactly right, what the fed is doing to our currency and also manipulating the stock market with soft money is criminal and if the American people ever wake up to what was done to them, there will be serious blood in the streets of Washington District of Corruption
..after this stunt he may need to go into deep protective cover for a while.

It looks like people are positioning themselves to run for the tall grass..
that HR2827 is designed to protect Investment bankers from the coming implosion.

Once again repeat after me...
...there is no pea under any walnut shell..

..palms starting to itch already Rick? full moon Friday through Sunday night, but it looks like you are getting a jump on the weekend...

Rick Kepple said...

Madonna stripping nude if President Obama wins? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? She used to be good looking, right? And what was the other chick's name?

Yeah Middy, you can get an autographed copy. Who do I make it out to? Middy, thanks for buying my book. Then I'll be in that big dollar tax bracket and give lots of money to disabled strippers and the home for wayward rock stars and take it off my taxes.

midnightsstaff said...

.." The Caritas report also found that 22 percent of Spanish households were living in poverty and that about 600,000 had no income whatsoever. All these numbers are expected to continue to get worse in the coming months.

About a third of those seeking help, the Caritas report said, had never used a food pantry or a soup kitchen before the economic crisis hit. For many of them, the need to ask for help is deeply embarrassing. In some cases, families go to food pantries in neighboring towns so their friends and acquaintances will not see them"

Spain is starting to feel it now, actually all of Europe is in the toilet on a long enough time line right along with Japan and China..
..we happen to have the distinction of being the least ugly dog in an ugly dog contest.

I hope President Romney will be able to deal with a whole lot of knives that are already in the air...

steve buzzardo said...

have you listened to Roger Hedgecock

Middy, thanks for the tip, I have listened to him as a fill in on other shows.

Jim McAllister said...

It's amusing to think that anyone thinks Madonna is even relevant anymore. Actually, was she ever relevant?

Today she is just another 53 year old dried up old lady acting like an idiot to a point where she has been booed off the stage this year.

I'm glad she has "Obama" tattooed on her back. They deserve each other.

She said she will strip if Obama wins? Just one more reason to vote against him besides that meddling wife he has.

Jim McAllister said...


Your comment:

Geithner and Obama (and Dubya) saved tens of thousand of GM workers' pensions with the bailout strategy. Of course, One World order supporters like Middy and Jim and P2b cannot see that. All they can see is BLACK in what is supposed to be a WHITE house!

Not smart, Griz saying we are pulling the race card. Very ignorant and unfair on your part.

I expect an apology from you to me, Middy, and Proud. Remarks like that are uncalled for. If you don't apologize, consider yourself as having made your last comment on any blogs that I do.

Sorry, but I have to draw the line on bad behavior.

proud said...

Middy, I am not confusing a GAME with Presidential politics, and I fully understand that people pay a lot of money for the tickets,... allowing some play by play guys to brainwash you into believing the game is not worth playing unless the guys in the stripe shirts have a UNION card in their wallet is only going to increase the price....
I have a close friend who's brother is a replacement ref. He has a long, distinguished, career in officiating and has done lots of the ASU / U-A games on TV.

He like most of the replacements are college refs, ask yourself when was the last time you watched a nationally televised college game and heard the commentators rag on and criticize EVERY call?..They don't, sure college rules differ in small degree to the NFL, so some confusion might, and does ensue, but not on any scale to compare with the amount of hyped-up,pro union criticism being leveled at almost every call. And, if temp refs are going to cause injuries, why aren't college games strewn with limp bodies? Same officials.

I've seen lots of NFL games where the regular refs messed up a call, instant replay reversed them, and the game went on w/o the continuing drumbeat of failure.(makes you wonder why, eh?)

This has gotten so overblown that even politicians are weighing in on football officiating. It's clear, at least to me that you and a good many others have allowed yourselves to be brainwashed, starring at a bright light for several hours, listening to the professional voices tell you how BAD this call was, or how RIDICULOUS that call was, and the only way football is worth playing or watching is to have UNION humans throwing the flags.

(of course they also make bad calls, just without the accompanying brainwash)

midnightsstaff said...

As I have always said, they refuse to rationally discuss issues in the arena of ideas so it's always the old bromide of personal attacks the liberals resort to..
At the moment someone goes all racial like Phineaus did.. he has lost the argument, they overplayed that crap a couple of years ago and it doesn't work any longer.

Na I think she just used a sharpie- she looks desperate, Elton John called that one.

midnightsstaff said...

I suggest you ask your friend with the connection to ask that replacement ref if that was a legitimate call that gave the Seahawks a win Monday night..

The league had a chance to review and correct but for whatever reason decided not to.

I can see all the effort the media and others are showcasing to put pressure on the league, but like the old bromide that it's wrong to shout fire in a crowded theater.. I say it's not if there really is a fire.

By the way I normally turn off the sound when I watch football to avoid seeing only what someone is wanting me to see.
I normally turn on music while I watch a game- especially hockey.

The college game is so much different as to be considered amateur by comparison even tho it has turned into big business for the colleges as well, the players are not nearly as big, fast and these guys have been playing the game for years..

This is serious stuff to the players- it's how they make a living.

You or anyone else can reserve judgment as to if their compensation is equitable or not but that is a non germane side bar to the topic- this is a business- period.

It would be just like if you waited thirty days for the core samples to be tested and that high stress concrete you ordered for a tilt up panel, grade beam or caissons turned out to be 2700 flat work grade concrete or the steel delivered based on your submittal's turned out to not pass inspection- in short you aren't being delivered what you ordered, and I might add paid for.

...just like the season ticket holders.

It's a business and lots of personal property is on the line...
But what fills your sails on this issue is your personal opinion of me- it's what I told you a while ago Jim-
.. keep in mind a dog knows the difference between being kicked and tripped over...

proud said...

Middy, not to prolong the subject, but...yes, I agree (said so above) the call Monday night was wrong, however those kind of mistakes are common and inherent in this or any game. I could sight countless examples of similar bad calls all made over the years when the REGULAR, QUALITY, UNION MEMBER refs were on the field.

To my point, here is a similar, bomb to the end zone, bad call from 2 years ago, it was critiqued as a bad call and that was that, no continual drum beat that the refs were incompetent, or they were placing players in jeopardy, don't believe politicians got involved,(BTW, this is my last post on this subject, apologies to Jim for straying so far off subject):

midnightsstaff said...

talk about field hazards- this is a real bomb to the end zone..

Yeah I know exactly why you hold me in contempt .. maybe because in your mind I am one of those union guys eh?
sorry you want to get all butthurt about it and refuse to discuss the issue rationally..

In the end it's no different than if you bought a product, paid cash and got home and opened a factory sealed box with a brick inside.

proud said...

Jim, personally I don't need or want any apology from


I think anyone witnessing his one and only response of labeling everyone who disagrees with, or thinks Obama is a failure, a racist can easily see he is incapable of discussing and debating the issues.

I especially had to laugh at his "y'all look in the mirror and what is reflected is an uncompromising image of your own version of Utopia sans the reality of hate of the man"

Makes me wonder?, what do you suppose olfancydancerwhateverhegoesbythisweek sees when HE looks in the mirror? Kettle / meet pot!

You have to feel sorry for anyone so absolutely incapable of dealing with reality that they have to stoop that low! With each and every post, he's only making himself look small(er)

Jim McAllister said...


You're gone from here. Your type of ignorant comments are not needed.

There has been nothing said to even begin to indicate racism by any of the bloggers. You are like a rat backed into a corner so you reach for the race card. That's unfair to the intelligent people who comment here and I won't tolerate it.

proud said...

Hey middy, I know I'm reneging on my promise to end this topic, but your last post seems to have reopened it...

My views on the temp ref subject in no way reflect any animosity toward you, I don't hold you in contempt of anything and I know you well enough to know you are not some "union guy".... not sure where that came from, or why you want to take this to a personal insult level?

I laid out exactly how I feel, and the reasons why I feel the way I do, not sure how more "rational" it could be said? My bitch is that this issue has been blown way out of importance by an agenda driven media, not with you.

midnightsstaff said...

.."this issue has been blown way out of importance by an agenda driven media"

And I agree, I am just pointing out the product is not what was sold.. in the end the NFL should probably suspend the season until they can deliver a product that is what they sell.
bad calls happen, I used to give Mick McGeough hell all the time at Coyote games for crazy reffing, but the players seemed to think he was consistent and never complained...

I got to vent at him and wave a pair of glasses around, and mostly joked about it.. and now I miss him right along with "Let em loose" Bruce Hood a guy who was notorious for leaving his whistle in his pocket the whole third period..

It was because they were part of the fabric of the game right along with Kelly Fraser a guy with John Edwards hair and I think was the last ref forced to wear a helmet- he missed a call that let the Kings go to the Stanley cup finals- he was human.

The difference from what is happening today is we have more bad calls in one game than an entire season..

Ok, I was wrong about you and me, thanks for clarifying the point, I'll drop it.

I am not anti union, just anti public sector unionism-
I was a member of the largest clowncar union in California the CCPOA and still am for personal reasons that have nothing to do with union organizing..

I agree with FDR who was anti- public sector unionism because he realized it was a sure means of self destruction.
As I tried to explain to Cj, just because a monkey runs off, the circus will not go out of business, my involvement was not for union reasons but personal ones, I needed a steady job.

I argued to a fence post about the direction unions were taking California with everyone that would listen.. and no steward would even admit to what was happening mainly because they were brainwashed and had been for a long time.

There is a vast difference between public and private unions, one is subject to economic reality and the public for the most part is not.

As the business sector today not wanting to commit in an uncertain business environment, no one knows what the calls will lead to in this weekend's 16 game spectacle of the NFL circus.

America is just voting a no confidence on the issue with all this noise which is better than violence- (see British soccer fans)

proud said...

League and regular refs reach tentative agreement about 30 min ago:

Behold...the,(scary) power of the media!

Wonder what the comments will look like when the bad calls and reversed decisions continue to happen?

midnightsstaff said...

.."The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows both President Obama and Mitt Romney attracting support from 46% of voters nationwide.
When “leaners” are included, it’s Romney 48% and Obama 46%"

It's amazing the msm keeps up with the obvious transparent psyche ops shibboleth that this race is over..
haha, we are witnessing something reminiscent of Baghdad Bob announcing the glorious victory of Sadam's forces repelling the invading army as rounds sailed over his head.
It's full court press time and this media frenzy is not going to stop- they are true ideologues.
and like I said, I'm not so worried about the election, I am very concerned about what follows.

Jim McAllister said...

Middy, Proud.

Don't worry about drifting into the NFL games. With over 100 comments, the main subject of the blog has been pretty well discussed. It's fine to talk about something else.

Dan Bickley made an interesting observation this morning in the Rep. When Seattle played here in the season opener, the refs accidently gave them a free time out deep in Card's territory. If they would have scored at that time which was the end of the game, they would have TWO illegitimate wins in three games this season.

The strange thing to me is that these subs have obviously refereed a lot of games somewhere so why are they so incompetent? They are blowing calls on the basic rules of football. Maybe they are a bunch of high school refs and are intimidated by the big stage of the NFL.

Jim McAllister said...

Not Good!

steve buzzardo said...

some of them are high school refs, some are lower level college refs.

what the hell, just vote for Obama!

Fran Tarkenton said it best, "This is a big deal, because they play only 16 games. This 1 loss could cost the Packers a playoff spot"

midnightsstaff said...

they aren't incompetent, they are out of their league.

This is just like blowing a couple of hundred bucks to see Eric Clapton and find out once you get there that Rick Kepple holding a telecaster is on the stage- filling in..
I think the NFL is going to have to face a lawsuit for fraud eventually.

The BOA officer that blew that play is used to officiating high school games,
You are used to watching full grown professionals on the field that are truly elite, less than one percent of one percent ever make it to this level..

Just take a high school star, put him on that field and he would stand out like a sore thumb..
Have you ever seen a guy like Rajh who weighs in at three hundred pounds be able to run down a scrambling quarterback in high school? These guys are actually larger than life they just look normal standing in a herd.. and even the slow ones are faster than us.

I think it was John Madden that had a sign on the door saying " if you don't have to duck your head to come in, don't bother"

Christ Jim.. turn off Fox.. quit reading al- azcentral, and trust me for a change...

proud said... do's just a game, right?

jim, the polls are worrisome, but there are several opinions out there pointing to evidence the MSM is actually using their own Dem weighted polls as a negative ad weapon against Romney. Here's an interesting slant:

midnightsstaff said...

Remember that actor in Green Mile that just died- Clarke Duncan..

..that is normal NFL sized player...

steve buzzardo said...

I thought that Middy explained it to you already

midnightsstaff said...

And I'm going to explain it more..

Coaches get fired for losses.. it happens every year..
The NFL is a meritocracy in it's purest form.. no affirmative action types need apply.

You don't see the coaches kid as always the quarterback in this league.

If the Pack loses a playoff slot because of this game to their division rival that is money lost perhaps millions to the franchise as well..

In the end the brand is important to every business like this, they have nothing else to offer than the best product they can offer..

And that is not considering that these refs were not vetted too well, one fired for gambling issues.. in short the NFL has to protect their brand.. it's all they have so whenever they find gambling it usually leads to action to protect their vested interests..

Imagine if that ref that made the call is found with a few un explained thousand dollars in his account..
that would be a nighmare.

I make no bones, I am a die hard Packers fan and will be one until I die.
this has nothing to do with sports or that game.

Jim McAllister said...


I think of pro football being a business/game. High school football is a game.

There are millions of bucks tied up in the pro game with a lot of jobs at risk. Playing is the livelihood for those guys just like going to an office every day is for others.

If the brand gets destroyed by inefficiencies like bad refs, it could eventually mean great financial losses for all involved.

The refs are bad and even though it seems like the union guys are making a lot of money, the recent performances of the subs shows that they may be worth the expense.

It's all about leverage and getting what you pay for. Lord knows the teams can afford the best.

midnightsstaff said...!

Howard Stern goes to the streets-
this nation has issues.. frickin' people are ignorant children with the right to vote- it's the same as giving a three year old a loaded gun and tell him to go outside and play..

we ought to be scared shitless that the public school system has produced -**??** .....frankly I don't know what to call them..maybe animals or useless eaters but not citizens that's for sure- like I said it's what happens after the election that worries me. you think he is just going to graciously accept losing?

midnightsstaff said...

What could Homeland SS need 2500 of these assault vehicles for?
maybe to repel the higgins boats full of al quada storming the shores of North Carolina or New Jersey?

1984 was a documentary.

Mike slater said...

Jim, I never pay any attention to the polls. If you recall back in 1980 the polls in September had Reagan down by 15 points. We all know how that election turned out.Reagan got 489 Electoral votes to Carter's 49. Don't count Romney out just yet.

Nice to see you banned OlGriz. He's just an old hateful liberal POS.

Speaking of old hateful liberals I put a Romney for president sign in my front yard a few days ago and yesterday my next door neighbors were walking by and saw the sign and asked me why I had trash like that in my yard. So much for liberal tolerance. After I put them in their place they moved on.

steve buzzardo said...

Jim, maybe this will make you feel better. But Middy is probably right, there will be huge riots after Obama loses

Poll Watch: "All the Signs Point to a Big REPUBLICAN Voter Enthusiasm Advantage in this Election…

midnightsstaff said...

You didn't actually ban that bag of wind did you Jim?

I think people like him deserve to illustrate what the left is all about.
He might be a nice guy in real life, but he grew up in a different era where the Democrat party was actually American in nature and like Cj thinks they are still the last refuge for the working guy..

Of course nothing could be further from the truth.. but unless they hear the truth they will remain like those people answering Howard Stern's on the street interviews.

If they would only stay on message and actually discuss issues rather than fold up and run to props like racism and class warfare as their means of argument they would be less tiresome.

I understand your frustration but....

...bring back the puppet!! - (Phineas T. Bluster)


midnightsstaff said...

See what you did Jim... I was setting up Phineas and going to finally get to expose him as an October surprise with this short expose on how he messed up the President of Kids election, and you went crazy last night after drinking a couple of Henry Weinhardt's and blew it..

By the way, that was the first election I was involved in.

thanks a lot you kill sport.

Jim McAllister said...


He's gone. I won't put up with that "Because he's black" bullshit. That's a coward's way out of a discussion and an insult to us.

It's also not true or why would we like people like Condi Rice, Herman Cain, and Allen West? It's Obama we don't like regardless of his color.

I doubt if he will post anything after this but if he does I will immediately delete it.

Jim McAllister said...


I wouldn't have kicked him off if not for him pulling the race card as the reason we dislike Obama.

Anyone that ignorant has to go especially when they refuse to apologize for being so uninformed.

But, what else would we expect from a liberal. They are just a bunch of uneducated name callers anyway.

I never put political signs in my yard. It's not worth the expense of a rock through the window or worse.

midnightsstaff said...

Jim... honestly the only way to deal with these issues is to laugh at them..

The charge of racist is becoming meaningless directly because of them over playing that hand..

Maybe it's because I have had to listen to much worse insults screamed at me by rioting inmates and am a bit numbed up, but really you have to realize that what they are doing is projecting how they look at life as closet racists and give them opportunity to prove it.

We are winning big time, people are starting to have to think because in forty some days they will be forced into making a decision and no matter what you think, this economy is kicking a lot of people, including middle class women like my daughter in law who voted for Obama in '08 right in the jewels, and guess what? she and most of her friends are not voting for him this time.

Morons are hysterically parroting the polls as Obama is walking away with it in Ohio.. but strangely with that eight point lead they claim, Obama is hysterically bellowing threats in that state he supposedly has locked up..

When you are dealing with liberals, inmates or strange dogs you have to learn which end to pay attention to..

At this moment they are running scared.

Just stop to consider.. here I am again going to bat for Fancy Dancer and trying to get him back on line where he can make a fool of himself just like I did two years ago with Abe at AzClownCentral...

the irony of it all... or as William the Great once said... (between shots)-
"What a revoltin' development this turned out to be"

I can't wait for the debates and probably won't be able to sleep the night before...
it's gonna be great- our side finally gets the ball and as long as we have real refs the right call will be made right.
There.. tied it up.

Rick Kepple said...

"Spain is starting to feel it now, actually all of Europe is in the toilet on a long enough time line right along with Japan and China.."

Grupo Santander is Europe's CitiGroup and the Spanish banksters took over entire countries when the economy took a dump in 2008. They own Brasil. Grupo Santander is also Banco Santander and is Venezuela's national bank. When they took over my Jeep loan, I thought the devil was sure to come and I warned them not to set foot on my property and they assured me that they weren't gonna repossess my Jeep. I didn't trust them from day one. I smelled antichrist all over them!

So today, I went with an American lender instead of a Spanish one. I reduced my payments by almost half and they'll make lots of money, but it stays in America ... theeoretically.

I was told today that EVERYONE is dumping their Santander loans. American banks and lenders are buying their loans out. Good thing too.
Let's call it, Finacacide. Kill those damned commie banks trying to take over the world and maybe they should be American banks that owns everything. In theory.

Rick Kepple said...

"... Obama is walking away with it ..." - Middy.

Have you actually read the real facts about Mitt Romney? He can't win.

Mitt Romney has some really good points and no one from his camp has much talked about them. And Mitt continues to talk the prosperity thing like he's Mormon Joel Olsteen. He's got a real identity crisis with Bain Capital and he might as well admit that he made millions from unemploying people and give some story about how he repented. Maybe talk about his charity and volunteering, which is genuinely surprising.

Nope. Instead, he wants to call Obama bad names. Why that strategy? Because it's popular.

When I refused to engage Middy in argument, Jim had a peculiar reaction that I didn't want to fight. So y'all want Mitt to put on a good show, just in case he loses. Which he will now, because he's got all the strategy of a nice school boy learning how to be the bully.

Another problem is that people largely blame the rich. And the more they flaunt their wealth and decry how they pay most of the nation's taxes, the more they will be disdained. Villified.

So keep on complaining about class warfare to the poor, who actually never heard of the term, until rich folks made it into an issue. Rich folks usually do get the war they want.

In all my years of journalism, I have never seen a man like Mitt Romney win an important election. Governor of an ivy league state is one thing. He's got to convince lots of voters who don't like him, because they don't know him or trust him. All they know is that he's white and he's rich.

Sadly, a lot of ignorant people will vote for Mitt, just because he's got that Grecian Formula hair and Obama doesn't.

Get used to repeating these words after Obama wins, "Oh God, oh God, we're all gonna die."

CJ Phoenix said...

Yup. I am gone for a few short days & you boys are trashing the place. Are you really banning people because you do not like what they say, Jim? Think about this: that is exactly what Bodo would do ...

midnightsstaff said...

I was born to trash.. I have no idea why Jim is trashing..

I may have a computer issue... just had it freeze up big time complete with a checkdisc run and now scouring it with anti virus and malwarebytes.. I don't know maybe the big MS update the other night is giving it conflicts..
hope so, but be careful opening anything at all up from Yahoo email - it is an open minefield.

Well nice to have Cj back all tanned and rested.

midnightsstaff said...

Well folks, that was a trojan.. but thanks to malwarebytes anti mal ware program it got taken to the gate..

The technological advances today are simply amazing.. just a couple of years ago self healing software was just a dream, now anyone can pretty much keep these babies humming better and faster than new.

for some reason my system is actually running faster than when I bought it, probably some geek reason due to software advances but that stuff is way over my head..

Anyway, the malwarebytes paid version is what I have and it is worth much more than what you pay.

funny thing is, I was just putting a Mark Knopfler /Chet Atkins cd in my realplayer system and I first thought that was what went wrong...
now for some good guitar work by two masters.
Poor boy blues....

Mike slater said...

Jim, I've had political signs in my yards for years. All Republican of course.

I've never had a problem with a rock through my window or worse. Maybe its the fact that I always put two stickers in my front window. One says I'm a member of the NRA and the other one says I don't dial 911, I dial 357. Seems to work every time.

midnightsstaff said...

Hahaha... yeah Protected by the law firm of Smith and Wesson works pretty well too...

I picked up a sweet 870 tactical on backpage for three bills a couple of months ago.. there are some pretty good deals if you are quick.

Nothing speaks louder at two am than chambering a shell in one of those babies- it's the universal sound of Uh-oh I might have made a mistake..

How did you like that pic a few days ago with the "kids" on the porch pointing ol ugly at the google camera car... haha- hearts of gold those crazy kids..

If Obama had some boys....

Mike slater said...

CJ, glad to see you're back. I guess we need a woman's touch here that only you can provide.

In Jim's defense OlGriz was a cranky old liberal who always played the race card. If one doesn't like Obama you're a racist and a bigot. Same with illegal immigration or gay marriage. So much for liberal tolerance of other views.

Jim, about time for another lunch. Just don't make it for the week of the 15th to the 19th of October. Deb will be in Branson Missouri with her mother and sister and I'll be up north on my elk hunt with my son Travis.

midnightsstaff said...

Don't you sometimes just start feeling like maybe there is a glimmer of hope yet.. I got a teary myself when I watched this video of one of Ahmadinejad's lacky spokesperson's got his ass beat on the streets of New York City today...!

starts getting good around the two min. mark..

I have no idea why we didn't arrest that group and give them a five minute trial and execute them while we had them..

Rick Kepple said...

"Yup. I am gone for a few short days & you boys are trashing the place."

Jim and Middy, she's talking to you. I'm an angel.

Too bad that I can't put photos of my "bunker" on here. It's on my Facebook page. just following my instinct and I got the two-way radios charged up.

The experts say that when it all goes south, the unprepared will be raiding people with much, because they were wise enough to prepare. I've had enough stuff stolen.


Just returned from a patrol after the car alarm went off. Didn't see anything, but the dogs were barking too. Probably drug addicts or assassins.

No moon. No security lights. Car alarm. Ozarks.

A cop told me that I gotta watch what I put on Facebook. Thieves read blogs too. Don't think they're not planning stuff about who they're gonna rip off when the SHTF. Sometimes when I'm down in the woods at the bunker, I'll be armed. Been lots of gangstas from the cities nosing around.

Be watchful of people scoping out your house as times get worse. They're making low velocity bullets for urban warfare now, so they only hit the one person and don't pass through harming innocents. That's what I'm packing now.

midnightsstaff said...

dude... slow down, man full moon cycle still has a couple of nights to go...
you're going to peak way two early again, you ain't no spring chicken remember..

how's the immediate family for strokes or heart attacks?.. seriously Rick put it down and give it a break..
you are going to end up just like James Dean... gone much too soon to have ever really made an impact.
..hasn't this country already been through enough?

Jim McAllister said...


For someone to start indiscriminately calling people racists and bigots on here is something that I will not tolerate.

Griz referred to me, Middy, and Proud as being those things so I told him to apologize. When he refused, I dumped him off and he will not be back.

Guys like griz are typical liberal name callers who use terms like "Pepubliscum" and "Republirats". That is no big deal. People like that are uneducated and innately unintelligent so I let it pass.

However, when someone starts calling me and my friends bigots and a racists, I have to draw the line. That's a serious charge and I look at that term like I would someone calling my mother terrible names.

I can put up with a lot of outrageous stuff on here. If I couldn't, I would have quit a long time ago. As a long time contributor, you have seen what outrageous things some people say.

Who is Bodo? LOL

Jim McAllister said...


I've never had a problem with a rock through my window or worse. Maybe its the fact that I always put two stickers in my front window. One says I'm a member of the NRA and the other one says I don't dial 911, I dial 357. Seems to work every time.

I love it! LOL

Jim McAllister said...

By the way, Mike.

The next meeting will be at the Scottsdale Stadium for a Fall League baseball game.

We've done this before. Cold beer, hot dogs, baseball, and a good group.

It's a wonderful thing.

I'll be glad when the election is over. I just hope this country comes to its senses.

midnightsstaff said...

Not so sure it has had it's senses for quite a while Jim, I sometimes wish I could go back in time to something that probably is sort of glamorized in our memories..

I have my willoughby moments too..

But it seems the attitude of the nation was different, I see two polarized groups with completely different ideas of how to run a nation and our lives.

You, I and everyone else on this blogsite gets it, but like that Howard Stern video shows.. never make the mistake of thinking everyone else shares your ideals.

"you didn't build that, someone else helped you along"- that was epic Jim but in another age he would have just gone off in the sunset but today in this media climate..

Yeah things are going to change.. that's one thing for certain.

Rick Kepple said...

"seriously Rick put it down and give it a break.. you are going to end up just like James Dean... hasn't this country already been through enough?"

My parents both died at 50. Lucky blokes. They didn't have to be warehoused in their old age.

"I just hope this country comes to its senses."

Jim, there are lots of people migrating to the Missouri Ozarks, some sleeping in tents just to HEAD TO THE HILLS!

And I guess that SN documentary got made. I never had any calls from any producers, so I'm pretty sure my video isn't in it. You've seen me on Youtube playing the guitar. Could you imagine me in a SN video? Neither can I. In TV news, they always say, "Send someone out to see how they LOOK on camera."

midnightsstaff said...

41 days...
..tick tock..

.."Furthermore, these polls showing huge leads for Obama are not showing any signs of discouraging Romney supporters. In fact, this aspect of the strategy may also backfire and intensify fervor and enthusiasm for Romney just like the attacks on the Tea Party did in 2010 and the attacks on Governor Scott Walker did in Wisconsin turning out record Republican and conservative voters.
Don't be fooled, these skewed polls only show that the Obama campaign and the liberal media are running on empty and desperate enough to try anything to win this election"

Read more:

Real refs, debates coming up.. what could be better?

Rick Kepple said...

SN announced on her website that the documentary in which lots of her fans made videos, will be premiered in the Hamptons. Thus explains why she said that she's my friend and didn't mean it. Now I see what she meant when she told me that she made it into the A-crowd. She doesn't have to talk to us lower class scum anymore.

Do you know why Catapillar tractors are so popular?

It's because when you look in the employee parking lots of the manufacturing plants, you see new cars and new trucks. Now THAT is my kind of WEALTH ENVY when an American can get a good job, paying REAL money and buy a home, a car and have the dream.

It's why I won't waste my time or money supporting some rich snob by buying concert tickets. I'll wait for the documentary to go in the discount racks at Walmart.

This is real evidence that I've been lied to by a woman that I protected and I wish I'd let her die. I have no regrets protecting Reagan. He helped a lot of people. SN has only helped herself. I'm angry at myself for allowing personal feelings to overcome my good judgment. And to think that her stalker might have killed Obama.

And what did SN say or do in response to my sacrificing my writing career? Show her documentary in the Hamptons to people that don't matter.

midnightsstaff said...

Hahaha... those new cars everywhere is because the same bubble mentality and easy leverage access that created a housing collapse is now being inflated in the auto industry.
yes someone has finally realized they could create another credit default laden investment opportunity with the US taxpayer as the unwilling guarantee- those new cars you see represent our future debt.
..these predators never take a day off..

I realize you have no conception of that level of economic reality, but others do.

..for instance do you realize that 70 percent of sales of GM products is to the US govt?

But if someone is not bright enough to see past the shell game they might be encouraged to believe that everyone else is getting something for nothing...

You and Cj should get together, I think it could be a pretty good matchup- believe me a few weeks with her and you would forget all about some over the hill rocker..

at least you wouldn't be arguing over how someone else has it better than you guys do.. and that could be the very core belief of agreement necessary to build a life on eh?

Jim McAllister said...

I would like to nominate this Mensa candidate for "Genius of the Day".

Free phone from Obama? Hell, yes, I'll vote for him.

From Drudge:

proud said...

It's not every day one can see a PARASITE with the human eye....

Obama supporters, the very best, money can buy!

steve buzzardo said...

"I can haz free Obama phone? Also Romney suck bad!"

looks like Obamabots are lowering their standards, 4 years ago it was "Obamas gonna pay my mortage and keep my gas tank full"

midnightsstaff said...

Pretty soon it's going to be maybe a free Obama flag... what are they going to do with all those flags they ordered and now have pulled down after someone who was sober told them how idiotic that idea was?..
.."fOrWaRd"...<-----<<< lol.

great strategy!! .. idiots..

proud said...

After viewing this video, I think the Obama campaign should change it's slogan from:

Jim McAllister said...

That dumb ass woman (woman?)pretty much reflects what this country is coming to: Loudmouthed, ignorant, and looking for something for nothing.

What happened to the work ethic in this country where people were industrious and were embarrassed if they had to take any kind of government assistance?

Now they expect it, especially after having done nothing to earn it. Plus, they have the wholehearted endorsement of the president of the United States.

Please pinch me awake and tell me this is all just a terrible nightmare and that these clowns from the president and his meddling wife on down don't really exist in this once great country.

Jim McAllister said...

Every little bit helps.

This is from The Weekly Standard of 9-27.

For all of the wishful thinking in the mainstream press about President Obama’s positioning 40 days before this election, Obama’s approval rating looks remarkably similar to what it was on this date in 2010 — shortly before his party lost a historic 63 House seats and 6 Senate seats. On September 27, 2010 — exactly two years ago — Rasmussen Reports showed Obama’s net approval rating among likely voters to be minus-3 percentage points (with 48 percent approving and 51 percent disapproving). Among those who felt “strongly,” Obama’s net approval rating was minus-14 points (with 27 percent “strongly” approving and 41 percent “strongly” disapproving).

Today, Rasmussen Reports shows Obama’s net approval rating among likely voters to be minus-3 points (with 48 percent approving and 51 percent disapproving). Among those who feel “strongly,” Obama’s net approval rating is minus-14 points (with 28 percent “strongly” approving and 42 percent “strongly” disapproving). So, two years after the biggest Republican gains in the House since before World War II, Americans remain every bit as unimpressed with the way Obama is handling his job as president as they were then.

midnightsstaff said...

Obama... the Phone-y president?

Free phones or Jobs... pick one.

A chicken in every pot-1928..
A phone in every hand- 2012..
.."progress you can believe in"

"you didn't build that phone, someone else did.. I just gave it to you..

"FoRwUrD...<-------- lol.

just trying to help them out.

proud said...

Here's another, more informed Obama voter, this one is worried about taxes:

Rick Kepple said...

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Rick has been busy doing the finishing touches on The Bunker. I heard that the reality show, "This Old Bunker," is thinking of coming to pimp it out for me. That would be cool.

"That dumb ass woman (woman?)pretty much reflects what this country is coming to: Loudmouthed, ignorant, and looking for something for nothing."

Jim, you just described half the female adult population in America. The 53 percent. No offense CJ. You're in the 47 percent.

Now I'm thinking that I should build a watchtower attached to The Bunker.

Jim McAllister said...


Phone-y? Very witty! What a bunch of idiots.

Jim McAllister said...


Would you believe I was actually able to suffer through 4 of those clips!

I wonder if that was Jesse Watters of Fox interviewing those people. He is a pro. That guy was good; he had them tied in knots.

It is so obvious that they were probably given 5 bucks apiece and told to hold a sign and scream.

I doubt if the IQ of the whole bunch totaled 50.

Jim McAllister said...


I have a name for your bunker. Call it the "Archie Bunker." Witty, huh?

I loved that show. Remember the one where Archie needed a lawyer and some one told him about a good one named McTavish.

Archie says, "No way. I want a JEW lawyer!"

That went over big in 1971; try it now in our ultra sensitive society. I saw nothing wrong with it. Some of the best lawyers are Jewish. So what?

Mike slater said...

Jim, I heard the comments from that stupid black woman on the radio this morning. Typical liberal mentality. The sad part is she probably votes.

I think people should have to take an IQ test and pass before they can vote. That should eliminate most of the liberal vote like minorities and what I call the guilty white vote.

Been putting those two stickers in my windows for over twenty years and have never had a problem.

Now that you banned OLGriz can Rick be far behind?

steve buzzardo said...

SEIU Paid Protesters at Romney Cleveland Ohio Rally ...

Jim, they were paid 11 bucks an hour.

midnightsstaff said...

Archie's bunker.... lol..

eleven bucks an hour... cash?
I'll take it..
and just go in and cheer- take Barry's walkin' around money and siphon off their dwindling money supply- ..Brilliant!!
(Guinness voice-over)..

Hey it's not fair to judge Rick anywhere within a week of a full moon...
..or a new moon phase either now that I think about it...

Jim McAllister said...


I saw that a little while ago about the $11 an hour. That's probably the biggest check those clowns will ever see.

Sometimes I have to throw ice water in my face to realize this crap is even happening.

Jim McAllister said...


They wouldn't hire us for that job. We know too many 2+ syllable words and actually know how to read and speak coherently.

We wouldn't qualify.

Anonymous said...


Mike slater said...

$11 bucks an hour. Did that come from Obama's stash?

Liberals prove every day that you can't fix stupid.

Rick Kepple said...

"I have a name for your bunker. Call it the "Archie Bunker." Witty, huh?"

I will add it to the other suggestions. It's far from the worst.

"Hey it's not fair to judge Rick anywhere within a week of a full moon..."

It is curious that Middy, Jimmy and others blog all this stuff about Obama, getting real close to breaking the law, knowing the NSA just opened the largest computer monitoring system in your own back yard and none of you are paranoid?

I'm expecting to be reading that some of you got indicted for some vague law some day. If Islam takes a disliking to you, they'll bitch until you're busted like that movie dude.

There goes Freedom of Speech. What makes y'all think you're not next?

midnightsstaff said...

I'm not worried, with a good almost finished paralegal I know, I will sail directly to the FEMA re education camp.

midnightsstaff said...

Maybe I spoke too soon, if I'm going to get a paralegal on retainer, it's gotta be a Jew...
Cj's not a Jew is she?

I better look around.

yeah give that moon a couple more days.. my cat has been on a tear lately.. this must be a more than average full moon.. next one is Halloween...

time sure flies.

midnightsstaff said...

Anyone think race relations has improved under the "lightbringer's" watch?

Anyone living near one of these powderkeg liberal petri dishes is putting their lives in risk..

If the election is anywhere near close Obama is going to play the old blame the electoral college issue and set off the crapholes all along the east coast, great lakes and probably Clownifornia as well.

talk about burning the shitters...

So much for the great experiment eh?
these people are demonic..1984 was a documentary.

By definition one cannot own too much ammunition.
..think green tip.

Jim McAllister said...

Middy, Green tip. Got it.

Mike, He must have quite a stash to buy that $35 mullion joint in Hawaii.

Hopefully he will take up residence there on Jan. 20.

midnightsstaff said...

FoRwArD<----<<< "it's Bush's fault"

first thing out of the box I read they are suspending the Constitution in East St. Louis.. which probably is a good idea. sarc.

“We have desperate times, they call for desperate measures and they call for extreme measures, things that we may not have done before, to get the desired results. You cannot grow as a city if your children are being wiped out and never given an opportunity to live.” bellowed mayor Alvin Parks after apparently just noticing the situation.

Looks like someone noticed that there has been more than the usual and I suppose acceptable rate of homicides going on lately.

... “There are people shooting at each other for no reason whatsoever.”- Parks said in another moment of inspiration..

So the mayor has in effect turned the city of St. Louis into a prison yard in an effort to curb violence and has announced a "yard recall".

It's just a suggestion, but wouldn't have taking steps sometime before this hell hole turned into a free fire zone made more sense?

I wonder if he will get a call from the White House Justice dept. telling him to back off like Florida got when they wanted to clean up the election rolls.

..those are Obama voters that he is denying the right for peaceful assembly after all- just check their U.S.D.A. phones..

if I lived in Missouri I would be building a bunker as well...

midnightsstaff said...

..‘Who here has a job?’ he asked hopefully, looking around the room. Fred Armisen, who had the honour of playing the president in seasons’ past, raised his hand and said he was a manager at Burger King.
‘A manager at Burger King? There you go – have it your way!’ Pharoah said, then asking, ‘I bet you were behind the counter four years ago?’
Armisen glumly replied: ‘I was the vice president of Bank of America.’

haha.. SNL is apparently lampooning "The Won" as the utter failure he really is...
when you have lost SNL you have lost America..

Rick Kepple said...

If you're gonna go armor piercing rounds, you might as well just buy an SKS. I think about all their rounds are steel. It's the foreign military ammo that's steel.

The AR-platform rifle is in multiple calibers now. The most popular ones are 5.56/223 and 7.62/308. NATO calibers. The 308 is said to have a kick and doesn't generally have a forward assist on the bolt, with the idea that the spring is plenty strong enough! It's a lot heavier too.

My advice Jim, is to stick with what you know. So if you go with an AR, or whatever, you will need to get some training. Nope, not basic training. Just practicing with the gun until you're sick of it!

Sig created an AR and you have to see this to believe it. The Sig 556 is indestructible. Anything with the pushrod vs the exhaust will perform well. That vertical grip is necessary because the exhaust in the Sig comes out in the forward stock and gets hot.

Best advice? Go to the Scottsdale gun club and talk to the salespeople. Try a few guns out on their range. Surely they rent guns for that purpose. You guys live in the big city and y'all have everything you'd ever want. Even big city crime.

Rick Kepple said...

Sorry. Sig 516.

This is the automatic version, but they sell a civilian version. Check it out, Jimmy ... Middy. I'm gonna buy one of these sometime. They're about $1200. Freaking indestructable and you can even use a silencer. Meow! Great for Deer Hunting!

I'm not nuts. I'm just crazy. There's a difference in hillbilly lingo. We're all CrAzY. A few people, mostly politicians, are just nuts.

Rick Kepple said...

I can just imagine Jim with a Sig Sauer 516 meeting a few gangstas at his front door.

"Get off my lawn! You're bending the gravel!"

And CJ with a SKS; "Get off my step! You're bruising the concrete!"

"But ma'am, we're selling Girlscout cookies ... and your safety's on."

Rick Kepple said...

Windham Weaponry makes an AR-15 and it's the same guy who created Bushmaster. Bushmaster got bought out by a foreign company and the previous owner in Maine still owned the factory building, so he created Windham. So it's the Bushmaster reborn.

I bought the Windham and it's the old exhaust operated system and it's what I was trained to use in the Army. I've not had a bit of trouble with the WW rifle and it operated flawlessly. The biggest complaint is that the bolt needs to stay oiled, but I've used a little gun grease too and I think it works best if you're gonna store it until you need it. Oil runs out the pins and a light application of grease stays put.

No matter what you buy, you can add whatever parts you wish, including sights, scope, etc. Again, you live in Scottsdale. They will sell EVERYTHING there.

This video shows a steel core (green tip), steel case ammo has drawbacks. For one, they aren't reliable. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Buy a good rifle platform. Spend time at the range and try different ammo.

And Jimmy, the problem with Middy's suggestion is liability.

A steel core round or FMJ, will pass through a person and might hit an innocent. In some states, you are liable for any damage you do in protecting your property. So an innocent bystander could sue.

So to protect yourself, you're better off with a .45 caliber with low velocity rounds that stops in that bad guy.

Rick Kepple said...

The bullets meant for self defense are law enforcement rounds. The normal bullet ... the law enforcement round goes through only two water jugs lined up. The normal, high velocity round goes through all six water jugs.

In some states you are responsible for wounding innocent people.

What Middy is talking about is when the NWO soldiers come, re: steel core. There is some talk that they might be Iranian soldiers confiscating firearms. Curious that they'd be talking about using expendable humans, huh?

midnightsstaff said...

Hahaha.. yeah guess the army has been using cheap ammo for years..
and yes the sig556 is a real nice piece- very dependable, I have never had a problem.

I (heart) Sig.

I don't think the liability for over penetration will be anyone's real concerns at some point.
and just for your information, soft under armor will not stop any high velocity rifle round... that takes outer plates.

Big difference between 1200 fps and 3100 fps.. the end a hand gun remains only a temporary solution until you can get to your rifle.

September 2012: The Chicago Purchasing Managers reported the Chicago Business Barometer fell to 49.7, its lowest level in three years. Among the Business Activity measures, five of seven posted declines as New Orders fell below 50 and Order Backlogs contracted for the fourth of the past five months. Prices Paid showed the biggest gain in nearly two years and Supplier Deliveries moved back above 50"- Ouch!!

This is window dressing Friday of the third quarter and the Dow is tanking.. how much longer will this leaky patched up inner tube hold up?

Rick Kepple said...

I just (heart) the AR-15 for the ultimate one-rifle household. Middy's right about the handgun and the experts say that the best home defense firearm is the 12 gauge.

However, for the ladies and some other folks who don't like a huge shoulder bruiser, Mossberg makes a .410 shotgun for home defense. The little caliber (.410 is not actually a gauge) shotgun will get rid of intruders in a heartbeat. Watch the promotion video.

They also make a nifty handgun that shoots .45 long colt and .410.

Jim McAllister said...


I have been through E. St Louis a many times over a 50 year period and it has always been a complete hell hole of violence.

I hate to say there are simply a lot of worthless shiftless people living there because I'll be called a racist but the facts don't lie.

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