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Thursday, May 17, 2012


If you are a certain age and were usually watching your money while enjoying your youth in the military or college, you probably can be counted among the many of us who were frequent customers of either Greyhound or Continental Trailways bus lines.

Continental Trailways was a legitimate competitor to Greyhound until 1987 when they were absorbed into the Greyhound system.  By then, two large bus companies were not really needed since traveling by bus wasn’t as popular as previously.

Looking back, I remember bus travel in a romantic sense.  Maybe it is because it occurred primarily while being on my own in the Air Force between 1961 and 1965.

All aboard for Oklahoma, St. Louis, and points east
There was the trip with my basic training friends from San Antonio to tech school in Amarillo via Trailways.  It was November and cold in Texas as we rolled onto Amarillo Air Force Base.  That bus was warm and cozy and I sure missed it when the driver dropped us off in that cold parking lot.  Ahead of us was eight weeks of hell with Tech Sergeant Green.  We thought basic training was tough but it was a Sunday school picnic compared to Amarillo tech school.

My most memorable bus trip occurred when I left Amarillo in late December of ’61 and headed home to Cincinnati for Christmas leave.  Being a poor GI, I naturally booked passage on a Greyhound bus.  Have you ever ridden a bus from Amarillo, Texas to Cincinnati, Ohio at Christmas time?  Unless you are short on cash I have one word of advice:  DON’T!

However, looking back it is a fond memory as the bus was so full that people were standing in the aisle.  I’m sure that was illegal since when we reached a weigh station in Oklahoma, the driver asked the standers to crouch down and spread their weight around.

    I can certainly identify with these guys 
When we reached St. Louis about sixteen hours later at 7:30 a.m., I found out I missed my connection to Cincy by thirty minutes.  That meant waiting until 3:30 that afternoon for the next bus.

After finally leaving St. Louis and having gotten no sleep for 24 hours, it was on to Cincy where I quickly fell asleep which was a great feeling until I was awaken in Shoals, Indiana  and told that the bus had broken down and we would have to move to another bus.  By then, I figured, “Screw it” and got off in below zero weather with the ground covered with ice and snow.

We finally made it to Cincinnati by 4:00 a.m. and feeling like needing a bit of luxury, I caught a cab home.  When I was dropped off, I just stood in front of my house for a few minutes in the dark breathing in the freezing air while thinking; “What the hell have I done?”   I had three years and nine months to go in the Air Force; was it always going to be a litany of bus rides?

Fortunately, it wasn’t unless you count the Greyhound trip from McGuire AFB in New Jersey to Cincinnati after coming home from Germany in 1963.  However, I’ll save that for another time!  For now, I’ll just say that those experiences made me a better man.


midnightsstaff said...

Ha ha... good one Jimmy..
Yeah I predict the Dog will have a rebirth of popularity unless TSA gets their hooks in them, after all would'nt the average personal transportationally (sp?)challenged individual rather hop a bus going from Lancaster to Bakersfield or be forced to show your thong to some tSa freak?

I would walk before I chose flying any more and for a short trip I probably would use the "leave the driving to us" crowd, just be warned the early am pit stop next to a California pen will have one way kickouts headed back to where they can resume their life of criminal behavior.
On the other hand if you are looking for a sure date or stimulating conversation....
I imagine that by now there probably is an app out there for avoiding questionable bus stops..

..of course that assumes there are any non questionable bus stops which just invites unwarranted laughter.

Lately most airlines have been discouraging the carry on baggage of cages of chickens and other questionable personal items such as machetes and nine mil. SNS's-

The Hound and others have tended to be more lenient on security with little problem, and I imagine there is some flexibility offered for a small consideration to the driver.. or in the case of the kick outs- a prison yard stare should do.

But to be fair bus lines have more pressing things to worry about such as the takeover of their routes by blatant, predatory mexican/pirate/scab tour/mariachi band buslines.

....not to be confused with Willie Nelson's tour bus.

turn of the century break top revolvers fall into the category of either explosive devices or paperweights and not necessarily merely a sns- they will take it away if you fly Jim but the Green dog says... "whatever"..

waaaaay off topic eh?

Rick Kepple said...

Actually it's said that the TSA is in fact revitalizing the bus and train travel industries and they are making road trips sexy again.

After my mom died, my brothers threw me under the bus. The Army picked me up, brushed me off, Reagan shook my hand, the rock star threw me under the bus again. Then when her dad died, she did it again just for kicks.

But after my mom died, the Army told me to go to a specific location where they had a choo-choo and I took the train to Chicago and from there took a plane to South Carolina for basic training.

I'm on disability. I don't have the money to travel anymore, or go to concerts or do anything. Disabled writers over fifty are dead in the water. The doctors told me to write for a hobby.

I don't even write for Dell Mack anymore and he hasn't called, so that's the music industry for you! But I already knew that from experience from the rock star when she threw me under the bus. Some things never change.

Don Williams said...

Never rode a Greyhound or Continental Trailways bus however working for the telephone company here in Phoenix in the mid 60's I can tell you the downtown terminals of both were extremly busy with hordes of people! I once rode a bus in Mexico for about 6 or 7 hours and what an experience that was. Women passengers with chickens in little cages, and I'll never forget I was suffering from montezuma's revenge which made it all the worse. We pulled into the bus station in a tiny town called Tepic, Mexico. I charge into the rest room and it looked like it had not been cleaned in a month!

Flying sure ain't what it was in years past but beats bus trvel any day!

Rick Kepple said...

I like the stereotype in the movies of bus travel. If you're on the run, you take the bus. If you need to get out of town quick! You take the bus. It's based on truth.

About a year ago, there was a shooting at the Springfield Mo. bus terminal where the shooter raised his hands, said a prayer and began shooting until passengers tackled him and beat the crap out of him! On a plane, passengers would probably cooperate. On a bus, they will so kick the assailant's ass! The Department of Justice emailed me back with a very polite comment shortly after the incident saying they could not confirm or deny that the passenger was Muslim. He was from Arizona.

Rick Kepple said...

I should add that the assailant had an Egyptian name, but in America that means very little. He could be Christian.

Also, I have been told NOT to send any more greeting cards to that rock star. This is not from cops, lawyers or WMG. The fear is that she's up to no good. So even if I wanted to, I can't write anything nice about her in Tulsa or Houston and help her out. She left me dangling, so chances are that they're going to give her a dose of her own medicine.

There's a real psychological difference between those people who travel first class airline and bus travel. The bus riders are the ones that save the sorry asses of those spoiled rich people that fly first class, who would never spend such expensive conversation on such soldiers and military veterans for saving their worthless hides. What for? So they can say that executives work for a living and the lowly workers do jack shit? It's not Obama that you folks gotta worry about. It's people like the executives of J.P.Morgan, etc. that will take millions, but wouldn't travel on a bus load of sweaty poor people.

You know what you call a busload of corporate executives with one empty seat going off a cliff? A tragedy.

Rick Kepple said...

Uh oh, I think I just earned a ticket to a FEMA camp with my comment on Zimmerman and the liberal courts, and how we're all gonna have to be armed one day because cops can't do their jobs. It's illegal. I guess the FEMA trained writer missed the first sentence when I wrote that the Missouri Highway Patrol told me that.

BTW, apparently you can carry guns on buses. It might even be mandatory. Which is probably why it's a bad idea to try and hijack a bus vs a plane.

Mike Slater said...

I've never had the "privilege" of riding on a Greyhound bus. In fact i've only been on a bus once in my life. It was Feburary of 1990 in Honolulu and I had tickets to the Pro Bowl. The problem was all the rental cars were taken so I had to ride the bus.

CJinPhoenix said...

I was just thinking about the only trip that I ever took of any length on a bus which was from Lincoln, NE to home, here in Phoenix, and what a trip that was. That was in 1981. I know because I was pregnant. I also had bronchitis and spent a lot of the day and a half trip going in and out of the restroom because I tended to wet my pants when the coughing fits kicked in. I could smell and taste the chemical john stuff for days and days after the trip because it got all up in my sinuses.

The food in the bus stop restaurants really sucked but it was made even worse by morning sickness and the thought of powdered eggs, cold toast, overcooked bacon, waxy packaged donuts, and Dingdongs still makes me a bit queasy because those were the only things I was able to choke down before seeing a Jack-in-the-Box across the street in Flagstaff and almost running out into traffic to get to it. I remember looking for a decent restaurant in downtown Cheyenne during a brief layover but everything close enough to walk to was already closed.

I had two seats to kick back in with a pillow for most of the trip but when we picked up a brat and his grandma in Albuquerque, the trip became a nightmare. The brat kept grabbing my pillow and yanking it between the seats and then he started hitting me with his stuffed Incredible Hulk doll. Meanwhile, his grandma did nothing except warn him. Finally, when I grabbed the Hulk and threw it in the overhead bin and he started screaming in response, all the grandma would say is, "I told you not to hit the lady." I ditched those seats in Flagstaff when another passenger offered me the one next to her.

That kid probably grew up to be a gangbanger. If he even grew up, that is.

I never wanted to travel by bus again. All things considered, though, given the nightmare that flying has become, if I was given the choice between riding a bus and flying, I might choose the bus again. Why? Because there is a slightly greater element of control over your own circumstances and destiny on a bus. And I am not talking about terrorists now either. I so do not want to pay the big bucks to be humiliated and violated on my way to a plane, then crammed into a dinky uncomfortable seat where I am completely at the mercy of a bunch of control nuts & peanut counters for hours on end and way too close to a bunch of other passengers for comfort ...

If at all possible, though, I will always choose to drive myself. We should bring back the road trips: cheap motels, cheap gas, cheap greasy but tasty restaurants that supported half the little town ... And big tacky roadside attractions aka tourist traps. How much funner Americana can you get?

midnightsstaff said...

Now that's my girl!!

Steve/DG said...

Yes, I can even relate. I once took a bus from London England to Barcelona Spain. The worst trip of my life coming back -- after spending 2 years getting the British glow my wife and I came back sunburned. Ironically I left for a combat zone unknowningly only a month after return and things haven't been the same since.

Finding a seat on other buses? Of course... CJ attempts to grab my tush all the time on the DaSH, but only in summer months when the heat is rising.

I hate the bus -- it's either a plane or my vehicle. I just drove back from Vegas on Monday this week, and any bus would stop in Wikieup for some tourist trap. WTF is Wikieup?

Exact reason I rented a car in Honolulu. My terms. If I can't get speed and convenience, or grab assing from CJ, I'm going my own way. It's not safer anymore anyways.. ever see those drivers in Vegas?

CJinPhoenix said...

I didn't know that you had an ass to grab, Steve. I mean in the way that you fill out a pair of jeans, that is. You weren't speaking metaphorically were you?

I will always be your girl, Middy. It's not my fault, though, that you don't know what to do with me.

midnightsstaff said...

I'm still trying to warm up to the concept of light rail, I suppose I could ride my bike around fifteen miles mostly downhill to the nearest line and from that point it would be free sailing.

Oddly enough most of my experience with public transportation was when I was proudly serving my country.
The most memorable of those had to be the ride we took as new enlistees from down town LA to San Diego..
This new Sgt escorting my young ass was no where near as nice as the one that showed us a couple of John Wayne movies, swore us in and assured every one of us that we would always remember this moment- but that three hour ride at full attention despite being the first indicator of future conflict in my personal life and particularly making any self choices would be remembered as rousing great fun compared to what happened next.

either I am hallucinating or I distinctly remember Greyhound commercials on tv when I was young and impressionable.. am I remembering right?
So maybe it is a combination of memories of high school team trips, coming home in the middle of the night after playing two hundred bus miles away, the bus ride I took from Twentynine Palms to the recruiter in LA to the trips from San Diego home going through the LA greyhound terminal in dress uniform..
..not a good idea in 68.

But there are a few people that don't have the luxury of choosing air over bus, in fact some are probably happy they are not trying to thumb a ride along interstate 40 hoping they don't get picked up either by a manic or a traveling salesman.
it's like the dollar menu at McGaggs feeding their stock price- the economy might benefit these rolling tributes to man's inhumanity to man-(both McGaggs and Greyhound)
I am pretty sure that the buslines like the roach will be here to the bitter end.
according to the Mayans that should be right around Christmas.. my advice, party like there's no don't have to pay that bill.

Rick Kepple said...

A boy always marries his mother. My mom was a Christian woman and I prefer wild women. Gamblers. Drinking women. Rock Stars. Biker chicks. Where the hell did I get that from? Anyway, the widow woman in Branson said that the traffic has improved, but I was still thinking of just taking a bus down there instead of driving. But my housekeeper and I were considering a bus trip since girlfriends come and go. Might be Nashville. Got a message from a Nashville songwriter and he said that he'd help me collect information for anything I want! He's from my neck of the woods and has written songs used by some of the greatest singers in the world! Dell Mack called this morning. Life is like a weird bus ride. One day I'm bitching about those people in first class air travel and the next, I'll probably be one of them! I'm gonna wind up with a bad girl, you know! Bad girls take buses and first class air travel. Lana called and we're going kayaking, but I always seem to get exhausted days after. Hence buses instead of long driving trips. It sucks.

Jim McAllister said...


I hate it when I have to show my thong. It makes me feel like Ron Jeremy!

This TSA stuff is comical. they should do a sitcom on the adventures of people going through that nonsense. I believe we must have security but when Henry Kissinger is forced to evacuate his wheelchair, it needs to be re-thought. Al Queda is laughing at our paranoia.

One way kickouts? Great description!Maybe the bus could stop at that diner on "Twilight Zone" where the cook had a third eye on his forehead.

The nice thing about those Mexican buses over Greyhound is that they allow you to ride on the roof if the seats are all taken and you can do it sans or avec chickens. Hell of a deal!

Jim McAllister said...


It sounds like you have been thrown under more buses than the average opossum.

I'm sure Dell Mack has been busy and will get back to you. Those honky tonk gigs probably take it out of a guy.

You should start a blog. You enjoy writing and it would give you a nice outlet for your writing.

Jim McAllister said...


I can imagine those restrooms in Mexico. I'm sure no portion of you body ever touched the seat! LOL It's a good thing you were a runner; it helps to have strong legs when squatting.

In the past the bus terminals were like bee hives of people as you said. Trains were running in those days but were a lot more expensive. Plus, a lot of people suffered from fear of flying then so they passed on planes.

Many people were working class or poor and traveling by bus was their way of going on vacation. It wasn't the best accommodations but they were able to bear it to save a few bucks. My mother always took buses from Montreal when she came down from Canada to the States as a girl.

I remember at the bus terminal in Amarillo some guys would store their civies in a locker there and change clothes when they went to town since we weren't ever supposed to be out of uniform. I never did it; it wasn't worth the trouble.

Jim McAllister said...


That's the great thing about bus people: They are usually folks who have been around the block a few times and don't put up with that nonsense.

I love Springfield; I used to call on that area and the people are great. At one time it was noted as the city with the best cost of living. I also used to bowl every year in the Greater Ozarks Open tournament at Sherm Lollar Lanes and Battlefield Lanes.

Sunshine and Glenstone at one time was considered to be the most dangerous intersection in Missouri.

Jim McAllister said...


"You know what you call a busload of corporate executives with one empty seat going off a cliff? A tragedy."

LOL, that's a good one but I still trust J. P. Morgan more than I do Obama.

Jim McAllister said...


Not only can you carry a gun on a bus but you BETTER carry one probably!

No sense hijacking a bus I guess. If you hijacked one in Springfield where would you hijack it to? Warrensburg, Joplin? Clinton? Not much range there plus who wants to rob poor people? There are no gold AMEX cards there.

Jim McAllister said...


It sounds like you're another damn rich Republican!!! LOL

I never minded riding city buses or streetcars and have ridden them thousands of miles when I was growing up. But, if going on a trip of any distance, they can be a bit uncomfortable as I describe on the blog. Thankfully, that trip was more the exception than the rule.

I see where they are probably going to dump the Pro Bowl. Good idea, it's become a ridiculous game with those guys playing patty cake all day. Last year's game was especially bad.

Jim McAllister said...


Good comment and it sounds like you had the kind of bus trip that makes for a Chevy Chase film.

I haven't traveled by bus in many years but I remember some of those people you mentioned. Not having children, I can put up with just so much from misbehaving brats. I try to give them some slack at first but if the parents allow them to continue bothering me and others, I have to speak up.

I haven't flown since 1993 and people are astonished when I say that. However, I haven't had any reason to so why should I?

With flying the way it is now, I have even less need to do it. We used to fly to Vegas but I found that by the time I parked, waited for the plane, etc. I could drive there in close to the same time plus stop at Lucia's by Wikieup and have a piece of that great pie they make!

Jim McAllister said...


You sound like another happy bus rider!

I always thought you and CJ had something going on. Hell, why not?

See my comment above to CJ about Wikieup and Lucia's pies. You will want to drive through there all the time. They are the best, at least they were a few years ago which is the last time I was through there. Be sure to see their peacocks too, fascinating!

Jim McAllister said...


After you make it to the light rail you can ride it all day with the bums who keep cool sitting there on their free passes. It sure beats dying in the heat in a downtown alley I guess and no one else probably pays to ride that boondoggle either.

Your memory is correct about Greyhound TV commercials. Usually the final line in them was when the driver turned around to face the camera and say: ......AND LEAVE THE DRIVING TO US."

I think there will always be some type of bus service. They have seen better days and ridership has to be down as shown with the merger of Continental Trailways into Greyhound but the need will always exist.

Jim McAllister said...


Bad girls can be a lot of fun as long as you evade serious relationships. I suggest one nighters and lots of penicillin.

Yes, like or dislike the rich, but I never met anyone who was poor and didn't wish they were rich.

Rick Kepple said...

Yeah, I should blog, huh? Maybe a nice Christian blog in Tulsa about the demonic rock music by mainstream performers. Maybe write about the evil rich people who need to be overthrown in the United States. Right wing conservatives like my words about the truth of what the rich are actually doing to this country and how they blame poor people for their ignorance. A lot of Christian, military veterans, even in Maricopa County Arizona listen to me. And sooner or later the person who wrote that I want to have sex with Lindsey Buckingham will be found and punished. So yeah, a blog of my own sounds good Jimmy. Thanks for the idea. I think I am working pretty good to get rid of that rock star's people, since now fans are writing to them and finding that they don't give a shit about them! I could write that in this economy, it is ignorant to spend $45 to $150 for a concert that if cancelled, ticket holders will not be refunded. Truth is always good to blog about, Jimmy. I won't get rich or maybe real famous, but maybe I can take revenge on the enemies of God. What do you think that God will do in this lifetime to the scum who tried to kill me? They're already dead.

Jim McAllister said...


Lindsey Buckingham? Yikes!

Lindsey Lohan? Double yikes! (but at least she is a female) LOL

Lindsey Vonn? Now you're talkin'!!

Rick Kepple said...

I don't know who Lindsey Vonn is. I don't want to know either. She'd just say that she was my friend and not mean it like the rest of the celebrities. Barbara Eden wants me to write to her, but why? Anything a celebrity says is for their image and they don't mean any of it.

No, I think I'd rather just stay on disability and trust in God for my life. If I depended on the music industry, I'd starve. I'd be thrown under the tour bus.

midnightsstaff said...

If someone is rich and for what ever reason decides to become poor that is pretty easy trick when you consider what it takes to do the opposite.

What you should do Rick to buy some respect on this subject is get rich and then show us your principles by giving up those riches...
I believe Jesus addressed that issue before he was arrested.

your thinking represents the same line of reasoning people owning no gold think it is either fata morgana or an obvious indicator of another bubble- after all, you can't eat it right?

PT made a fortune assessing human behavior and then capitalizing on it, so did LBJ and every other false prophet including Zer000 by scaring the crap out of the muppets and then offering them a solution to the problems they have carefully created.

Gvt. is the only entity I know of that begins these operations against the public with a preordained solution and then creating a crisis requiring them stepping in, please note their "solutions" always include the confiscation of the most precious commodity we possess, the personal liberty of American citizens.
Why the Senate is concerned with Roger Clemens and not the budget that has been overdue for three years is anyone's guess.

Go long on public transportation, Top Ramen, bankruptcy lawyers and rentals- not necessarily in that order.

Rick Kepple said...

Nick Hanauer, of Microsoft, aQuantive Inc., many other companies said that higher taxes on the richest of Americans would in fact create more jobs. The multibillionaire says that giving more money to the richest of Americans is hogwash! He said that money flows like a stream to the workers who buy American made products and keep the country strong!

The Trickle Down theory is a little like riding a bus in China to see America by satellite TV. It's a lot cheaper, but it doesn't actually work.

In 2004, when I asked an economist for evidence that the economy would collapse, he noted that it should be allowed to crash. Then a new theory would be adopted and that's exactly what is happening. It's like changing buses from a broken down POS to a brand new one with improvements at every stop!

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, it's funny that rich people are suddenly caring after my wife is dead and after I'm on total disability. It's about 30 years too late.

Oh and by the way, there is rust on the undercarriage of the buses that I was thrown under.

I like writing in public relations for free. I can help create people or destroy them. I do it for free, because I can. Sooner or later, some billionaire will hire me, probably to destroy his competition and I don't care if it pays enough. I learned well from you guys.

Profit before human life. Throw everyone else under the bus.

Rick Kepple said...

I have good wealthy friends, but they have decent Christian values. They don't behave like snobby rock stars either. They don't tell me how I need to be rich to be their friends or they can't respect me.

Rick Kepple said...

One of my Indie friends just revealed that he used to be a roadie for Fleetwood Mac and lots of other bands. Well gee, that explains his funny looks when I spoke of her around him and he never said one word. I'll bet he's been talking to her all this time too! I'll bet that Dell Mack even knows her or she's called him.

So they wanted to use me and I'll bet the plan was to fuck me over once again!

justcallmelater said...

You don't get it man. Stevie's always done this. She goes behind my back and setting things up so that other people succeed and they use me. I never get paid fairly. Ever.

No man, I'm walking away from this entire music thing. If I can't trust one, I can't trust any. Instead, I'll go to work for Wall Street writing what they want to hear. At least I know they're supposed to be liars.

Jim McAllister said...


Here is Lindsey Vonn. Do you still not want to know her?

Rick Kepple said...

Lindsay Vonn looks like my housekeeper except not as pretty. I like my housekeeper, but if I slept with her, I'd have to fire her. We are supposed to take a casino bus trip sometime. There's one bus that serves drinks on the way.

Rick Kepple said...

Do I want to know Lindsay Vonn? Why? I don't ski. We probably have nothing in common.

Jim McAllister said...


I thought for sure you would like Lindsey and when I spoke to her about you she said (as Mick Jagger said in 1977) that she was "just dyin' to meet 'cha."

I'll call her and tell her to take the bus back home and not get off at Waynesville.

midnightsstaff said...

Well it looks like this discussion is ending predictably -

I should have known which way it would go when I tried to research the Scottsdale Greyhound terminal.
Most people probably figured there would be some discussion of the two dollar bill in this thread, but I guess the dog racing sport is not as vibrant as it once was.

I am glad to see most of the domestic help in Missouri is somewhat better looking than ours are in Arizona, probably a better cook that this Lindsay gal Jim was pushing is as well.
Skinny cooks that constantly pester you for xes to the point of distraction are generally untrustworthy and prone to cutting back much too much on the butter in my opinion..
well, at least no one went off on some wild tangent this time.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy boy, people like me make Lindsay Vonn famous. She's nothing special. Lots of people compete in sports.

I used to believe that rock star that you people hold so high was my friend, but now I see that she's a snobby liar. I'm glad that God worked things out so that I didn't take her money. I've done everything for her and she's done absolutely nothing for me. That's just how cheap rich people are and why on earth would I want to be like them?

I'm dating an older widow now and she agrees that the love of wealth is the root of all evil. Money by itself isn't bad, but look at what it does to people. Rich greedy pricks destroyed this once great country and now patriots like myself have to take it back, but Obama is President and his office is to be respected. Thems the rules.

Jim McAllister said...


No Greyhound terminals in Scottsdale! In fact, it is illegal for Greyhound buses to even enter Scottsdale. It's all about our image as a high class destination. We can't have any indication whatsoever of riff-raff within our borders! LOL

I guess there is still a terminal in Phoenix. With the bus travel business down these days they may just operate as an appendage to some other business like they still do in small towns.

I remember the terminals in Kansas City, Cincy, and Amarillo. They were busy as bee hives with plenty of buses constantly coming and going. They were known also as hangouts for some unsavory types and always had an active bar.

I usually let a blog run 5-6 days and this one has been posted for three. At least 2 to go and Buzz hasn't been here yet so maybe we can get to 50 comments. Not bad for an off the wall subject but I did think there would be more bus stories. It seems like everyone who has remembrances would have a story.

midnightsstaff said...

Anyone thinking you can't make money walking dogs have never lived around the Scottsdale or the Palm Springs areas I suppose.

Lot's of us geriatric-light, buffed out social security recipients- retro-hunks (wearing shades right out of the seventies that we actually bought in the seventies hobbled with aching feet, an undependable back and carrying a few extra pounds) are tempted to cruise the obits every Sunday morning just looking for freshly widowed, and wealthy! lonely women once we realize those investments in Iraqui dollars are more than likely to fall a bit short of our projected life span in the near future despite what we were led to believe by some pernicious and now obviously over optimistic financial advisor we met in a bar conversation during a Winslow bus layover...
still on topic...

It's sort of a reverse lottery mentality that Russian brides reserve for "generous" lonely Western men that for some reason or the other simply cannot find a suitable date in a nation of three hundred million souls, many of them female and some of them eligible, not being actively lesbian, married or under fourteen years old which is the Missouri cut off point for venturing outside the immediate family.
They usually have reasons other than their critics like to point out, like being too busy to date running some business, too famous to go public or some other equally believable reason.
luckily some find time to take an extended vacation to meet mrs. if not "right".... at least mrs. "next"

honest, it's not that goiter.

Poor financial planning has indeed launched more than one quest for the illusion of safe harbor in the poodle walking lifestyle, the trading-off of male independence for the illusion of security has never been more rampant..
But it's still a bit disconcerting to realize so many former fire breathing, clear thinking males even in God's home state of Missouri are now selling out their birthright for the fleeting promise of a bowl of pottage it appears.
The question is raised in some minds,

.. if we have lost Missouri can Arizona be far behind?

Jim McAllister said...


I'm dating an older widow now and she agrees that the love of wealth is the root of all evil.

It seems like I can reference movie quotes for about any situation.

Your comment reminds me of the scene in "It's a Wonderful Life" (1946) where Clarence the angel (Henry Travers) is talking to George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) and he mentions that they don't have money to worry about in heaven.

Stewart replies: "Well, it sure comes in handy down here, bub!"

A truer statement was never said. Like it or not and evil as it may be, it sure comes in handy!

Jim McAllister said...


You're in great form today. Pabst must have been on sale!

I like the dog walking comment and Palm Springs which was once referred to by late, great, author Robert Parker as "Poodle Springs."

"Winslow bus layover" makes me think of "Bus Stop" with Marilyn Monroe. I wonder to what greasy spoon that place is attached.

Mrs. "right"? Mrs. "next?" LOL

midnightsstaff said...

stole it.. great line from "Texasville"- where Duane's wife Karla wore a hat around town including to the Dairy Queen that said "you can't be first, but you could be next"

poor Duane- some things just stick in your mind..
just ask Rick.

I used the reference to financial advice in a bus stop bar for critical linking to the topic, but on later reflection, it was cheap and thoughtless on my part.

So please accept my usual apologies.

now I have to attend the funeral... puck drops in five min.

Jim McAllister said...


McMurtry is one of the best at bringing out the atmosphere and essence of places like Texas and Oklahoma.

His portrayal of that dusty Texas town in "The Last Picture Show" where there is nothing to do and no future was familiar as I had spent some time in that area from the Amarillo days and working the area in the early 1970s.

You especially can identify from your days in the panhandle.

I still think of driving a '74 Ford through Dumas, Dalhart, and Perryton in 1974.

midnightsstaff said...

everyone you pass on the road waves...
good start, no cheap penalties a goal the hard way...
February II run begins today. remember they lost one game the entire month?
gotta believe.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh don't get your wallet into an uproar. Jesus is gonna give me a million dollars! It's all His money anyway!

I've never fallen down from walking around before. Luckily there were two women there and one was from Maricopa County and she knows Jim. Then they had to help me up.

The Lord needs to give me a million dollars so I can have a driver, a housekeeper, and an assistant and all women. I believe in affirmative action! I found a luxury bus to take me gambling too.

CJ Phoenix said...

I am back, Jim. Since this one has devolved off topic anyway, I might as well ask you if you have been to the Camelview lately? It seems to have gotten new seats & I thought it was really nice at first because they are mighty comfortable ... But then I realized that they also are rockers. Haha. Seriously. Which would be slightly funny because the Camelview tends to attract older folk & rockers are ... Anyway, the humor quickly wore off when I realized that old folk also tend to need to grab the back of the chair in front of them in order to get up & down, especially in the semi-darkness of a theatre. Now I am thinking about complaining. Maybe tomorrow. I am waiting to see if I wake up with a stiff neck or any other signs of whiplash.

Jim McAllister said...


She knows me? comment!

Jim McAllister said...


No kidding, rockers? LOL That is funny because we have that Jack Black movie "Bernie" on our list and it's showing at the Camelview.

You're right about the clientele; they are a bit long in the tooth and I can see them grabbing that chair and shaking someone up. Jeez, what's next? The manager will go nuts if they start complaining.

I was going to see "Marigold Hotel" there but now I think I will go to the 101. It's closer and as far as I know the seats are not rockers.

Funny stuff.

midnightsstaff said...

Rockers?... did someone say rockers??..
haha.. I would have to see that, maybe they should have a twenty min power nap during the intermission eh?

Hey, the geriatric dollar is just as good as the x gen's...

You have to remember Jim to a kid living in a town with only one paved road going through it that Greyhound sounded pretty exotic- after all there were claims of air conditioning another miracle I never experienced myself until I was a teenager...we never saw one unless the driver made some wrong turn at Vega or was commandeered by extremists from Dimmit and forced to drive to the dog tracks of Raton New Mexico- and what's the chances of that...
there simply wasn't any reason to go where I lived- the town store was about the size of my living room.

At one point that along with a primitive communication network provided the nation with a built-in layer of insulation from the excesses of sociatial evolution and it's negative impact.

Jus' sayin'.... keep in mind to many a kid on a horse in the fifties and sixties that bus represented a way to a better future even if it meant spending a four year detour through the military ..

Norman Rockwell knew America when he saw it.

Rick Kepple said...

The widow from Branson wants to visit me on the farm. Clue 1: She can't find a job. Clue 2: She's serious about me. Result: I'll bet she just wants sex and my money, but she does live in Branson. It's like the Scottsdale of Missouri.

I doubt Bonnie (not from Branson) knows you THAT way. I think she just reads your work or she knew you before she moved from Scottsdale years ago to Pulaski County Mo. She remembers Maricopa County when it was nice, before rude illegal immigrants wanted American citizen rights without being Americans. Odd. It reminds me of the women I date who want my money, but not me.

The Branson widow might be cool to hook up with. She does live near a lake and a casino, you know. If only she were Goth, that would be perfect. I've not mentioned that rock star to her. That's only when I get stressed.

Rick Kepple said...

The widow (not the woman who says she knows Jim) is coming to visit this week. She's in her 60's and we're negotiating to hook up on a permanent basis. She knows all the music stars around Branson, etc., and says she'll introduce me to them. I think it's a God thing tossing me into this music thing. Seems like the jobs that I hate are the jobs I get stuck doing. Never forget that music people will turn on me in a heartbeat.

Oh and they have buses that run out of Branson going to casinos and the shows. That sounds like fun.

Rick Kepple said...

Uh oh. I'm having a drug reaction. I don't go to hospitals.

That would be a different kind of bus. I'd prefer waiting for the one where they haul you off and you don't get up again.

We should talk about Middy's experience on prison buses. I'll bet he has lots of them.

I look like a lobster and it feels like millions of needles in my skin. VA medication. Yep. I think this is a dozen bad medications now.

I'm going to rewrite my will so that strippers are hired as mourners. Bank Presidents need to cry too. Famous people dab tears. They're so good at tear dabbing and then saying, "I think I'm going to cry!" Singers can't act. I wonder if I overdoses?

Rick Kepple said...

President Obama is speaking at Joplin right now and televised via the local TV station. That would explain the Crown Vic's following me the other day. The housekeeper doesn't come until Tuesday.

The President is talking about the generosity of many Americans, Brad and Angelina and the United Arab Emerates just helped Joplin out recently. Greed is bad. Wealth is good. "May God Bless the United States of America!"

RIck Kepple said...

One of my friends is angry since I don't remember talking this morning. I have no proof if I've ever been on a bus trip. There should be photos and witnesses.

Like CJ's involvement with a child criminal in training. That should have been documented, and she could have followed him his entire life as an experiment. Maybe Crown Victoria's following him too. Then he couldn't remember CJ and her story could be made even funnier with embellishment. He was a five year old serial killer and CJ stopped him. He got treatment and now runs a federal womens' prison and all thanks to CJ. I don't remember if I took my medication.

CJ Phoenix said...

You didn't Rick. Or else you really need to up the dose. Maybe we will all get lucky & it will knock you out for a few days.

CJ Phoenix said...

The new Jack Black movie -- Bernie -- is really good, Jim. That's what I saw this past weekend at the Camelview & the only downside was that the theatre was packed so, if you choose to go see it at the Camelview, pick a slow day. Plus, the new chairs are comfy. The only problem is when people grab the back of the seat.

midnightsstaff said...

Hey I for one appreciate Rick's occasional flight into unchartered waters, but I am also listening to Grantchester meadows... somehow with the two together it all makes sense..
Actually I had no experience whatsoever with the prison transportation system, they are a pretty elite group and I doubt they would have appreciated my wry sense of humor.
besides they had to really work to earn their pay.

Really tho Rick you need to throttle it back a bit- after all this is pretty much a bunch of hayseeds from Arizona chatting away hopefully to keep from committing any more egregious acts than launching the usual slander and innuendo towards one another that we seem to thrive on.
comfy chairs eh? I might have to look into some westside theaters that cater to the economically challenged snowbirds living the life twelve months a year and not complaining.

..but it might not work..
I need close captions.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right about Norman Rockwell. His "Saturday Evening Post" covers are classics.

I miss white picket fence America when I look at what is happening now but there is nothing we can do about it.

It was a lot more refreshing and honest time where people had manners and showed respect. Many can't even spell those words today bu there sure can't sent out useless messages on texts and Twitter.

I never lived in an air conditioned home until I was 26 and barb and I had a one bedroom apartment in Overland Park, KS with a window unit.

We never missed "air" because neither of us experienced it in a home until then. I would sure hate to be without it now; especially in AZ.

CJ Phoenix said...

You are not really westside, Middy. Westside is a lot more local and the idea dates back to the 70s, as far as I know. Think the original middle class suburbs -- the older part of Glendale but not the really old downtown part that has regained its charm lately -- and think about buying more guns & getting more paranoid because the neighborhood has gone completely to shit all around you. On top of all that, you're a transplant. I don't think you were young enough when you came here for the whole experience to really set into the bone.

Now you & Rick are buddies? Is it a guy thing or just some kind of hillbilly comradery? Either way, I am pretty sure you will be sorry...

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the recommendation on "Bernie". The reviews look good and it is a small film which I always like.

Jack Black is good. The first time I saw him was on an episode of "Northern Exposure" in the early 90s and he was excellent in "School of Rock."

I look forward to the chairs!

Rick Kepple said...

Yeah, I Googled my health and it's an overdose of Niacin, prescribed by the VA, but that could just be a symptom of a greater problem.

Middy won't be sorry about nothing, CJ. I've learned to downsize more and adapt. Change.

One day, train and bus. No more driving. Bummer.

midnightsstaff said...

Geographically speaking I am on the westside and have the street address if not necessarily the street cred to prove it.
Soooo.. what harm does a non critical remark make to anyone out there in the cyberzoo?

An astute reader can glean much from the comments on these and other forums without having to put much effort in it, for instance that comment you tossed out there "Now you & Rick are buddies? Is it a guy thing or just some kind of hillbilly comradery? Either way, I am pretty sure you will be sorry..."

That comment smacks of the same social triangulation pressure normally found on every school yard in America from fourth grade on and extends to every prison yard where everyone is either pressured to identify with a group or face ostracization.

Nope... just taking time off from kicking someone when they are obviously suffering contentiously or not... I am beginning to realize there is too much negativity in everyone's life to count coup day after day in a futile effort to bolster one's self image.

Homie just ain't gonna play that game on Tuesdays.

Thursdays maybe..

RIck Kepple said...

If I'm in the cyberzoo, I am a bear. I'm big, cuddly and fuzzy, except on top kinda like that bear in that movie, "The Great Outdoors." Maybe wrong place, but anyway.

Oh and a former military intelligence officer just visited me. Dreams. Fixing problems. Changing political landscapes.

I don't believe we spoke of a bus, except those blown up in the Middle East. It will be an interesting election methinks.

midnightsstaff said...

best song ever written.

Jim McAllister said...


30 again, huh?

Let's see: I was two years into sales to the grocery trade after graduating in 1969.

I was married 4 years at age 30 and living in a two bedroom apartment in Shawnee, KS, part of the KC area.

Barb and I did our share of partying and we still had our first cat Leo.

We were dancing the night away every Saturday night and eating full meals at Houlihan's on the Plaza in KC for $12.

Gas was 30 cents a gallon and Falstaff was $1 a 6 pack.

Yeah, I think I would like to be 30 again!

midnightsstaff said...

gotta love the Merle, that genre is not my first choice in music but it's indisputable that it's too close to call between jazz and country music as to which one is more Americanna than the other.
Our music makes some pretty amazing crossovers every once and awhile for instance I was listening to an acoustic version of Hotel Calif. last night followed by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.. both acts drew from a somewhat completely different set of fans, especially with Robert and Alison..

being able to enjoy this great variation and selection wirelessly has never been more available to the average hobbit in all of recorded history.. how much of Slim Whitman's greatest hits and the Belamy Bros. Christmas albums which are actually subliminal messaging by the LDS intelligence wing of the morman church can you pack into a 1tb hard drive?
I mean who doesn't like Merle or Willie??- you'd have to be a damn communist!!

These and many more aspects of daily life we enjoy are made possible directly by innovative and creative license being allowed.

It was that original contract that recognized the overall value brought to society for all that could only be realized by encouraging a free and growth oriented business climate.

Ironically as we give this irreplaceable philosophy away for nothing we continue to enjoy fruits that are a result of previous generations and none of our own- that condition cannot last, we for no other reason than being Americans live lives that most of the world cannot even imagine.

Despite being a fan of Merle and Willie my favorite guitarists tend to be British for some reason or the other.
It occurred to me last night that Chris Rea sounds to me like a morph of Mark Knofler (British) and Steve Miller (a damn yank) in "nothing to fear"...... yeah it's obvious that I like everyone else am in a rut.. my favorites are all pretty much my age and batshitcrazylibs to boot...
music is the great an old wag once reminded me, the only difference between a rut and a grave is the length and depth.

I just bought one of those triangular shaped aussie sunshades for my balcony... went up pretty nice, when the wind blows it looks like Rosie O'Donnall's thong and I suppose the HOA will get butthurt for my impertinence of wanting shade, push me and I will fly ol' Dixie off the balcony, and that will be just the first of resistive acts of defiance which I might add will be including flamingos, a tar baby and a lawn jockey..
don't mess with Oklahoma...

..and get off my lawn.

midnightsstaff said...

Facebook, Inc. (FB) -NasdaqGS
31.00 3.03(8.90%) 4:00PM EDT|After Hours: 30.84 0.16 (0.52%) 4:52PM EDT - Nasdaq Real Time Price

haha.. idiots never learn.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, the school yard, sorta. At least that is almost where I first heard about the westside taint -- from an ex-boyfriend who went to school on the eastside & thought that made him better than me. I fooled them all though. See, I didn't go to the public schools & I hung around too much downtown so the eastside snots had a hard time lumping me in with the neighborhood dropouts I grew up around from 7th grade thru graduation. Even the westsiders had a hard time owning me sometimes -- having something to do with enunciating, being too articulate, not dropping an f-bomb at least twice per sentence ... Because I was once accused of being British by a Sunnyslope dropout because, according to her, that is how I spoke. But if you really want to act all westside, Middy, I would suggest watching some NASCAR marathons, dropping the PBR in favor of Bud in a can, practicing your favorite AC/DC song over & over in the garage ... Or maybe that is too dated. You could also join the Elks -- there is one around 43rd & Camelback that would do nicely -- where you can drink all evening & bitch about the neighborhood going to hell while drinking Bud straight from the can. I am going to stick to the downtown area myself. One of these days I might even get enough cash to pimp out my shopping cart.

(Yeah, don't take me or yourself too seriously, buddy.)

CJ Phoenix said...

BTW, anything west of Tolleson is still officially THE STICKS, Middy. Even the nice new houses that are now upside-down & have replaced a large percentage of the trailers ... Do you all even have a post office, a municipal court, or a PD out there yet? If you do, I bet there are the initials "TS" somewhere on the official logo.

midnightsstaff said...

Just got electricity and indoor plumbing not long ago...

Life is tough enough out here in the sticks but we soldier on not complaining with hope for a better tomorrow...

good news is we might be getting paved roads soon.. keep me in your prayers.

Jim McAllister said...


When you're alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go - downtown
When you've got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know - downtown
Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?
The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares
So go downtown, things'll be great when you're
Downtown - no finer place, for sure
Downtown - everything's waiting for you.

Petula Clark (1964)

midnightsstaff said...

haha.. touche.

Rick Kepple said...

I still remember Petula Clark and her dress in Playboy. I think I was seven. Barbara Eden brought in a close second, then Bridget Bardot and Joey Heatherton. No wonder I've been married three times. I need to write to Barbara Eden and get an autographed photo of her now and as Jeannie. Boing!

CJ Phoenix said...

Neon lights. I remember those. Cannot even find them dotting the highways anymore let alone downtown. Nowadays, if you want to see that kinda stuff, you have to hand out glow sticks to the bums and anarchists. You need to tell them that the sticks are chock-full of vitamins and microscopic bugs, though, or they will quickly break them open and drink the juice inside. Really, it is best not to ask me how I know that ...

midnightsstaff said...

that was wrong on a lot of levels, sounds like you have had another one of those days or something....
Yeah southside, westside, what's really the difference- I still don't get the magic of Scottsdale but then I haven't been in the movers and shakers pools either..
I was trying to remember how many solar eclipses I have experienced, actually I can't remember any of them very distinctly but I do remember one time smoking some window glass with candles in elementary school- I can't imagine any teacher pulling that type of crap in today's system... probably would get sued.
Looks like the Zimmerman murder charges are falling apart with the release of the evidence, whole lot of people better get ready for a double helping of crow, that soulless bitch of a prosecutor should be charged the same as the Duke Lacross DA was.. she may end up doing a stretch over it before this is done...
One thing we all know is justice grinds slow if it does at all..

Jim McAllister said...


Pet Clark is 8o now. She was well known in the UK long before "Downtown" as a child actress with many roles.

She did "Downtown" and "I know a Place" in her early 30s.

Jim McAllister said...


I remember how friendly and cozy restaurants and bars were on a cold night with frosty windows and neon signs in the window. Those lights were welcoming as one would walk in.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, I miss the neon lights too, Jim.

Not one of those days, Middy. Not really. Maybe one of those lifes though.

Actually, I believe that prosecutor may be doing you Zimmerman sympathizers a favor by overcharging the guy with 2nd degree murder. I mean, they had to know that they had a better case for manslaughter. Maybe she even did it intentionally. I don't know. This I do know, though: prosecutors are supposed to know the evidence ahead of time and only bring charges that can be supported with the evidence so either way -- whether she did it intentionally or just out of stupidity -- it is looking like the guy might get away with it this time.

midnightsstaff said...

.."looking like the guy might get away with it?" that's a laugh..
There is no evidence whatsoever to indicate that anything other than what George Zimmerman said was true.
When you allow your emotions to cloud reason there comes a point you have to either admit you are wrong or stay on point no matter how ridiculous it makes you sound.
Martin was a thug headed for prison eventually, he made a lot of mistakes that day the biggest one attacking a guy with means to defend himself.

By the evidence rational people agree it's thanks to George Zimmerman the world is a bit cleaner with one less gangbanger roaming the streets looking for his next victim.

midnightsstaff said...!
hear ya go Cj.. enjoy the video.

midnightsstaff said...

This is a comparison, a tale of two cities if you will...

It's pretty obvious when we have an already dying race thanks to liberalism that tends to cultivate violence and mayhem being encouraged to do so by our sitting president we will suffer more mayhem and violence... isn't that how you do it?

This nation is being led to the edge of an all out race war in Florida and elsewhere by a criminal in the White House.
States and cities with strict gun laws will insure only the law abiding of society will be at a disadvantage to the criminal element.

don't try to pet the alligator.

Rick Kepple said...

Petula Clark looks like Dora! A spitting image! Damn.

Remember, money itself is not bad, just like the gun itself is not bad.

I agree with Middy. Fellow journalists can't believe that I'm pro-Zimmerman, but this country's going to shit and we're gonna have to take it back, but hopefully not by bloody revolution. Just stop electing the same old professional debate teams.

In my Mo. county, your house is broken into, the burglar needs to leave a signed confession for the cops to do anything or they won't even send someone out. So what if it was the same in Florida where Zimmerman lived? It's pretty bad when you have to do your own law enforcement.

The woman from Branson is coming to visit today and she doesn't believe in owning a gun. Been there. Ain't getting rid of my home protection. Everyone in secret government told me to buy a gun for when society melts down. Scary when intelligence agencies expect trouble.

Jim McAllister said...


It's great that the evidence is going Zimmerman's way. He has been through hell because he probably did society a favor.

Now, he will probably have to find an island to live on with total security because of impulsive idiots like that goofy black women with the weird hat saying he "hunted Trayvon down and shot him like a dog."

That's the kind of crap we have to put up with these days; stuff that Obama revels in.

I thought the mob was going to rush the jail and hang the guy. If he was black they would have shrugged and moved on.

Let's face it: With most of these characters they still hate us and we hate them. Going after Zimmerman was nothing but going after the white race and even though he is more Hispanic than white physically, they figure it was close enough to warrant a rebellion.

I think it is hilarious that jailbirds and unknown lawyers are running against Obama in some southern primaries and doing quite well. We can only hope it is a harbinger for November.

steve buzzardo said...

"stuff that Obama revels in"

Of course Jim, he cant run on his pathetic record

All the leftist libs and Obama have is racism, classism and sexism to keep the stupid sheep thinking they need more government programs to protect them.

midnightsstaff said...

I think he's going to be forced to run on three years of absolute and complete failure..
And that is exactly what he should be forced to do.. either explain away his failure and pile the lies ever higher to come up with something to convince the idiots things will be different this time or lie and attempt to convince the weak minded that Romney's obvious pattern of success was actually failure..
In the end that's all this asshatt has left after three years and trillions wasted with that slush fund of tax money he used much the same as a third world criminal cartel might- with raw bribery.
As a result he has no accomplishments to point back to with any amount of pride..

he has no success whatsoever... none.
and the reason is.....
he is criminally insane..

CJ Phoenix said...

"By the evidence rational people agree it's thanks to George Zimmerman the world is a bit cleaner with one less gangbanger roaming the streets looking for his next victim." Funny, I see people who would say something like that based on absolutely no actual evidence as simply the other side of the same irrational coin as those who would start race riots over these incidents. Both sides of that coin are basing their guttural then knee jerk reactions completely on stereotypes and fear. At least I based my earlier assessment of a kid who was destined to grow up gangbanger on the way he was acting rather than the way he looked ... BTW, KTAR disagreed with your assessment of the weight of the evidence in this case this afternoon. But we will see. I still believe that Zimmerman was overcharged.

Rick Kepple said...

Zimmerman can move to the Ozarks and live in the same holler with Elvis, Jimmy Hoffa and JFK. An international bank robber was caught in the Ozarks. Lots of people hide out there.

My friend from Branson showed up. I was showing her around and a blacksnake fell out of a tree beside us. I never saw a woman run so fast in my life! "It's just Henry!" I said.

Yep, Zimmerman was overcharged, but there are no refunds in PC trials. He's a "white" man having shot a black man. Spike Lee said so and put his address on the Internet. Then paid the other Zimmerman's for their inconvenience, but that wasn't racism. Just a mistake. Yep.

midnightsstaff said...

This racebaiting has nothing to do with the incident, it is a purely political diversion and rally cry for inner city insurrectionists.
The fact the dear leader waited almost a month before passing gas was because he still thought that made up wah on wimmin was a winning strategy and wanted to get the mileage out of it before starting another diversion.
And you can bet your sweet bippy there will be much more flack in the air by this guy who would like to over everything else avoid discussing the facts.
Landslide victory in November, including the Senate and the House it looks like.. another sweep from the dogcatcher up is in order and probably will materialize..
So it will be one dog whistle after the other- who knows which one will be used next.. the war on women was a flop, insulting the Catholic Church was a no brainer, shamelessly using the gays for fundraising. this is not the strategy of a competent person..
I doubt a lame attempt pointing out Mitt Romney as some pirate of financial restructuring is going to get much more than unwanted negative attention to three years of abject failure, and we haven't discussed the money laundering schemes like Solyndra or the fast and furious investigation or the upcoming two judgments by the Supreme Court.. yeah.. this one is gonna be payback.

Seems like the American people are starting to wise up according to the polls, that's the problem with ideologue's like Obama, he truly believes his vision needs no criticism nor adjustment like Bill Clinton did, Obama is possessed and not a very good politician.. and done..

Jim McAllister said...


Steve, your statement, All the leftist libs and Obama have is racism, classism and sexism to keep the stupid sheep thinking they need more government programs to protect them.


Big government needs to keep out of our business and leave it to private enterprise. The private sector can handle it much better that a bunch of loser bureaucrats.

The new book by Ezra Klein ("The Amateur")is debuting at number 1 on the NYT list. I'm ordering it through Amnazon. It should be good and he swears it's factual.

Jim McAllister said...


I love that the Dems are blasting Obama for his ads against bain and Romney. Booker meant what he said bur was coerced to retract it. We know better.

Now, Rendell, Fordss and others are backing off and Colin Powewell will not endorse him; at least not yet.

Go John Wolfe!! lol

Jim McAllister said...


Landslide victory in November, including the Senate and the House it looks like..

One can only hope you are correct. I see only 550 of 700showed up tonight for yet ANOTHER fundraiser.

Also, how about that silly "I meow for Michelle" nonsense. If cats had a union they would run her out of town.

midnightsstaff said...

Sounds like you are overdue to hit a bucket or two at the range... what got you all riled up?
This is going to be one of those once in a lifetime elections for me Jimmy. this amateur is running scared, he has a strange green glow and quite a few politicians who want to keep their job are treating him like week old chicken salad.
I am enjoying the living hell out of the whole spectacle.. this is a teachable moment.

He is in unchartered waters of which he has no idea how to deal with.
It really is getting to be like watching some third world banana republic dictator suffering the madness all failures will from the realization that years of sycophantic advice has lead to ruin and he really has never considered an alternative, he hears a bell and responds.
sort of a cleaned up Ivy league version of Idi Amin.
God only knows what evil he will resort to to retain his ill gotten power.
Off subject but when has that ever stopped me? it's too bad so many good meaning people like Uncle Pat just couldn't get over that idea that everyone has some good in their nature.. I suppose it's simply because he hasn't had to deal with psychopathic behavior first hand so he refuses to believe it really exists at the extent it does in society.

drives me to the refrigerator..

Jim McAllister said...


This is going to be one of those once in a lifetime elections for me Jimmy. this amateur is running scared, he has a strange green glow and quite a few politicians who want to keep their job are treating him like week old chicken salad.
I am enjoying the living hell out of the whole spectacle.. this is a teachable moment.

I like your confidence but those maps you sent me from that guy in Colorado don't agree. He sees Obama winning. Bummer!

Of course he is speculating like the rest of us.

Actually, I did play nine holes last night at Coronado in south Scottsdale, a nice little course that i have frequented since the 80s.

What an embarrassment that "I meow for Michelle" crap is. She is an embarrassment. No self respecting cat would ever like her.

CJ Phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CJ Phoenix said...

You know, Middy, your obsessive hatred of our current president would be comical if it wasn't so tragic. Tragic for you, that is. I mean, comparing him to Idi Amin? C'mon, even you are not that crazy ... Are you? What are you going to do when Obama is simply voted out of office or is forced by term-limits to move on without crowning himself "President for Life" & without killing a single political opponent? Hey, don't drink the juice, buddy. Those damned evil Democrats have planted bugs in those sticks just for you ...

midnightsstaff said...

you got one part right.. I do admit hating this guy as much as I would any communist therefore an enemy of the US- I had to listen to the mind numbed challenge me as to why I thought he was a socialist for three years now.. I don't hear any of the fools bringing that argument up any longer but the fact remains he is a communist and therefore capable of doing anything including murdering his political enemies to maintain power.. he should be investigated and arrested once the deception is proved under an honest Attorney General, and that cannot happen with the criminal Eric Holder in charge of the national police force. thanks for making my point again toots..

Hope you get your mind right eventually but honestly I think you are beyond reach.

Rick Kepple said...

Bush gave money back like a fool to the rich and never gave one moment of thought to the possibilities of national emergencies such as 9/11 and Katrina! He knew Sun Tzu's Art of War and completely ignored the absolute rules creating a two front war at a great distance that would break our nation! Then the economy collapsed on Bush's watch and he lied about being ignorant of the State of the Nation! He ordered troops back for possible riots before the 2008 collapse and the timeline proves this!

According to the Republicans' Trickle Down theory, all the money must go to the investors, right? Well, we've got a stock market that's higher than it's every been (12k to 14k), so where are the jobs? No excuses are acceptable since their own theory said it would fix things and it didn't!

So the conservatives whine that a Democratic congress ruined this country, but the Republicans control the House now, so what's their excuse? Instead the fault is with placing blame on helpless people on Welfare, Food Stamps, etc. More excuses.

There wouldn't even be people on Welfare, etc. if our great government and corporate leaders were actually doing their jobs. No instead, there are complete morons trying to say that they deserve millions of dollars a year for creating what? A whole lot of nothing?

Think about it, Jim. If legislators, CEO's and corporate executives got piece work for the positive, provable results that they did, they'd fricking starve!

midnightsstaff said...

"So the conservatives whine that a Democratic congress ruined this country, but the Republicans control the House now, so what's their excuse? Instead the fault is with placing blame on helpless people on Welfare, Food Stamps, etc. More excuses"

wrong.. obviously you have neither a clue how bills or legislation is created and then gets passed.

Evidently you have never heard of an executive veto nor having a Senate majority leader (I seriously doubt you could identify that person) that refuses to even let bills under consideration including a budget proposal which has been abandoned I guess until Republicans take over for three year and counting today and then you go on to confuse Republicans with conservatives which is laughable at any level..
there is no sense in even trying to correct anyone as clueless as you.

All this crap you toss around is the result of listening to the socialist message brought to you via democrat talking points and strange voices only you can hear Rick..
just do what you have to do this November and vote as many times as you can for Obama...

All I ask and I believe I ask for all of us, please quit boring us with unwanted, detached snippets of your boring as hell life and endless delusions..
but I repeat myself.

Jim McAllister said...

Attaboy, Rick.

Stick it to those damn rich people who have the nerve to risk their money on the chance they may make some money. How dare they be successful!

I think they should sell their companies and get on welfare.

Rick Kepple said...

You guys are funny. You're so predictable. You're so protective of your wealth.

So you get what? Maybe 15 percent on your investments? Forty if you're gutsy? The real money is 150 percent, but that's illegal and lots of people do it.