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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Even  left leaning political cartoonist Steve Benson of the AZ Republic is having fun with this.  Start checking the want ads, Joe. 

Even though Obama doesn’t need help in looking foolish, it’s still comforting to know that we always have Joe Biden to step in for the prez when he runs low on material.

Big Joe did it again last week with his support of gay marriage; something that Obama was trying to hold off on until after November for fear of the political backlash it would bring with precious Independent voters and religious groups. It was kind of like he is doing with the Keystone decision.  Heaven forbid he would man up and say yes or no on that now.  First, he has to decide who to piss off the least:  his EPA buddies or the unions.  What a guy!

With Forcing Obama’s hand on gay marriage, it’s almost as if Joe was being slipped a few million by Romney to throw a wrench into the gears of an already troubled administration.   The good news is that Romney doesn’t have to pay the guy; Joe is always happy to put his foot in his mouth for free.

To make matters worse, Biden even referred to Mr. Romney as “President Romney” while referring to Obama as “President Clinton.”   Does the foolishness ever end?  I guess I should save until another day Biden’s making the sign of the cross at a convention of 1,600 Rabbis recently.

I almost feel sorry for press secretary Jay Carney who had to take the grilling over Biden’s gay marriage statement. The poor guy seems to always stutter and stammer anyway but the reporters had him almost crying when they started laughing at his flustered answers to their questions.

Even Liberal leaning columnist Dana Milbank of the Washington Post has written that Biden “inadvertently set off a frenzy on same-sex marriage, not because his position was surprising but because it made Obama’s look all the more absurd.

Milbank reports that CNN’s Jessica Yellin asked whether Obama was trying to “have it both ways before an election” and whether he should “stop dancing around the issue.”
ABC’s Jake Tapper said that “it seems cynical to hide this prior to the election” and that “I don’t want to hear the same talking points 15 times in a row.”
NBC’s Chuck Todd said with a grin, “So help me out here. He opposes bans on gay marriage, but he doesn’t yet support gay marriage?”
Carney replied that “He, as you know, said that his views on this were evolving.”  To that Tapper replied whether Obama was “still evolving” or whether he’s “just waiting for the proper time to drop it, likely after November.”
“His views,” Carney maintained, “are crystal clear.”
Chris Geidner from Metro Weekly, a gay publication, said it best: “If he’s crystal clear, why is everybody in this room asking you questions?”
Yeah, why?
Hey Hillary, Are you SURE you don’t want to run for Vice President in November? 

More Benson of the AZ Republic.


midnightsstaff said...

It seems to me that this issue is the least of Dogeater's problems,

Of course he still needs to keep racial tensions elevated and there is now rumor of economic clouds on the horizon- not to mention his part in the fast and furious scandal that he and Eric "dick" Holder cooked up to further their ongoing attack on the Constitution.. we can only hope it leads to his eventual charges of treason and contempt of congress charges which is a felony in itself..

So this latest attempt to divert the attention of Homer and Marge Sixpack is going to have to catch on more than just pissing off the increasingly dwindling remainder of society he has to beg votes from in November.

It's going to be a fricking route this election, there are enough Senators looking at re election that having an impeachment vote taken while elections are a month away is not out of the question... that is if the Republicans only had either a brain or a working pair of stones...
Getting rid of that sack of shit Dick Lugar is only the beginning of the purge...

We will try to do it the civilized way at the ballot boxes first, but one way or the other there is more to come in the long overdue clean up of the totally corrupt Republican party- and only then can we address the mountain of socialist rot that we have been exposed to and suffering under for the past sixty years.

sam said...

I would hope you are right about the rout, Middie...but I think you are seeing the situation from behind clouded lenses.
The Blacks are showing some doubts, but are still solidly behind Obama as far as a voting-bloc is are the various unions, the "willingly unemployed", college students, and a large number of those on federal retirement programs. And, it will be very difficult to obtain needed "policing" of the polls to ensure a true and legal vote result. Many of the more critical States, unlike Arizona, do not require voter identification, and there has already been serious problems uncovered in the "qualification" votes (primaries) in several States.
Sorry, but the Senate WILL NOT convict, and the House has already stated it will not impeach. Of course, if valid evidence of Obama ineligibility can be presented to...and accepted by... the public, Congress will have no choice but to act. And, the birth certificate issue will not do it.
I have commented in several venues about a Supreme Court decision which clearly defines "Natural Born Citizen" as requiring birth on American soil, and both parents being American citizens at the time of the birth. The same reference also clearly differentiates the three classes of American citizenship : Natural Born - Native Born - Naturalized. Obama is possibly Native born, but NOT Natural Born as Constitutionally required.
The Supreme Court case is Minor v Happersett

Mike slater said...

Joe Biden, the gift that keeps on giving. I bet when he was born he came out with this foot in his mouth.

Obama coming out now to endorse gay marriage is nothing more than cheap pandering for the gay vote.

It will be interesting to see if he loses some of the black and latino vote since many of them are againt gay marriage.

This election to me looks more and more like the one in 1980. A sitting Democrat with a bad economy and high unemploment plus high gas prices. We all know how that election turned out.

Obama doesn't have history on his side. Since FDR only one Democrat president has won two terms, that was Bill Clinton.

I'm not a big fan of Romney but I do know this nation can't afford four more years of Obama.

A Hired Gun said...

Those who think Romney will beat Obama in November are simply delusional. While Biden can be a joke at times, Romney is the gift that keeps on giving. When Obama came out in favor of gay mariiage, "Mr. Etch-a-Sketch" completely flubbed the story about his days as a teen-age bully in "silver spoon" high school. People are going to remember Romney as a bully much longer because of his ongoing inability to connect with the average voter.

Also, the Tea Party's hit on Lugar has only given the Democrats a better chance of capturing this seat. Mourdock is certifiably wing-nut crazy (akin to Sharron Angle) and will likely turn off the moderate voter.

Finally, the holding in the Minor case was effectively overruled by the 19th Amendment, and it is generally accepted law that a child born on American soil is considered a U.S. citizen, even if the parents are aliens, especially since the U.S. Supreme Court has said so in dicta. See: 471 U.S. 444, 446. Thus, a good argument could be made that if this rule of law is changed, it could not be applied retroactively, in ex post facto fashion.

sam said...

hey Gun...the 19th simply denied witholding voting rights from women, as long as they were citizens. That has nothing to do with the definition of the 3 separate classes of American citizenship.
And, expand your consciousness...being a citizen is not enough to qualify for the position of President of the requires a specific class of citizenship....Natural Born. There is a legitimate question relative to citizenship of a child born on American soil, of non-American citizens...most instances of which are commonly accepted as being Native Born citizens. But, if the parents bear allegiance outside the US, the child is still considered Native Born, but IS NOT A CITIZEN BY LAW AND BY CONSTITUTION. So, I suggest you review the 14th Amendment.
And, there are still strongly argued discussions, in and outside of the courts, as to the citizenship standing of children born in the US of non citizens...the, as you say, general understand of US citizenship. And, your reference has nothing to do with citizenship.
And, you need to learn to read....Minor has nothing to do with 19th amendment.

Jim McAllister said...


He'll keep the class warfare up until the end and the gay marriage thing is so disorganized and phony, the late night comedians are having a ball not to mention the reporters who laughed their asses off while grilling Jay Carney.

Poor Carney, he looked like a sixth grader ready to burst into tears from the questions asked by those tough Washington reporters. Even the lefties like Norah O'Donnell were nailing him. No wonder Gates got the hell out of that job. He could probably see this coming.

As I posted, the guy from the gay newspaper had the best line.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right. The Blacks will still go 90-95% for Obama. Some may hold their nosed while pulling the handle but pull it they will out of misplaced loyalty.

I think the young vote will be a lot lower than 08 since the guy has done nothing but shoot his mouth off. His accomplishments have been minimal.

So far the recent polls show Romney ahead by 1% in Gallup and a Rasmussen from the other day showed him with a 6% lead.

That's not bad considering Obama has been campaigning since October on our dime, especially lately while Romney hasn't really campaigned at all.

Jim McAllister said...


"It will be interesting to see if he loses some of the black and latino vote since many of them are againt gay marriage."

Yeah, he didn't want to deal with this until he was safely re-elected. He may lose some of the Latino vote and maybe a few Black votes but he is their man and will still come in at over 90% for him.

I would think that along with the gay marriage thing Latinos would not be too happy with him over all his deportations and the fact that he hasn't done anything for them.

Let's hope he winds up like Carter. We don't need a larger government like he wants. The solution to the economy is private enterprise not more losers getting into government.

The government makes no money on their own; they simply collect taxes from us at a rising rate to fund new stupid regulations and bureaucrats. Private enterprise is what increases jobs. They should be left alone. That's why they are sitting on their dough now: hoping the voters send this guy back to the South Side with his buddy Rahm.

Rick Kepple said...

It's after stories like this that I really want to find an intelligent, fine looking woman, which is probably why the gay lifestyle is gaining popularity. I think Dora was the last one available.

Jim McAllister said...


You and I have downed a few beers together and in normal conversation you have always come across as a level headed guy. However, I just can't understand your strong feelings toward Obama.

His list of screwups is monumental from trying to force a healthcare mandate down the throats of Americans, pissing off the Catholics over birth control then half ass retreating after a backlash.

Then there was the ass he made of himself with Medvedev and the open mic plus Putin has now stood him up at Camp David and threatened missile strikes. The comedians are having a ball with the "evolving" comment and the press, even the Liberal press, is not fooled by him.

How about the Trayvon comment: just another example at his thirst for class warfare. Then there is the poor excuse for a defense of Obamacare where the SCOTUS looked unconvinced by Verilli's defense of it. The court didn't look too happy about striking down SB1070 either.

Then their is the actual unemployment rate of 14.5, Keystone, and gas prices doubling during his term.

There is plenty more like the ridiculous Buffett nonsense, but I think you see what I mean.

So.....PLEASE tell me about your infatuation for this conceited, unqualified guy and his aspirations to ruin the greatest country in the world.

Jim McAllister said...


There is a long line of guys standing in line looking for that fine, good looking, intelligent woman.

I'm one of the fortunate ones. I found her in the Fall of 1965 and never looked back.

Is the gay lifestyle gaining popularity or are they just becoming more visible these days?

Jim McAllister said...

This just in!

"Biden apologizes for uproar over gay marriage"

I think my favorite line from the column is: "The apology, which officials say was generated by the Vice President himself and not forced upon him, came Wednesday shortly before the President did an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts revealing that he had completed his "evolution" and now supports same-sex marriage."

Obama had completed his evolution? Is that like completing alcohol rehab? Excuse me but I think that is bullshit. He was going to evolve himself hopefully straight through November, THEN back gay marriage when he safely had four more years. Everyone knows that. It's just unfortunate for him that Biden is a dope.

I don't know how stupid he thinks the American people are but that doesn't fly.

Rick Kepple said...

The nation is in turmoil and the deciding factor to choose our President is over the legitimacy of two men humping.

midnightsstaff said...

And who is it that keeps bringing up these issues Rick?- It sure as hell isn't the Republicratssss this time.
There are a few Democrat Senate seats up this election Samsam.. and if as I said the Republican House could get the attention of those at risk Senate Democrats they could frame a pressure issue on the voting floor bypassing Harry Reid and possibly swing the potential vote enough to make it worth the effort.
I can tell you with great surety that the Democrat movers and shakers are wishing they could rid themselves of a pair even more obnoxious and moribund than the Clintons.

Frankly I am surprised he was given the opportunity to run a second election, but this thing is far from a cakewalk for failure.
name one success of this fool.

Of course the GOP is an ongoing pratfall and no more knows how to play hardball than they know how to levitate, and that's why the Republican party is destined to be America's JV team for a while longer.

Jim McAllister said...


......or two women.

Jim McAllister said...


Frankly I am a bit disappointed in the Repubs too as I think with a stronger candidate this thing would be over now.

This is a crucial part of American history coming up. If Obama gets another term, we may be headed into the black pit of socialism. A pit that this country may never escape.

However, on the bright side Romney should win against this guy and so far, so good in the early polls.

How anyone can vote for a party with the likes of a Nancy Pelosi making statements about how the earthquake in Haiti should really help the economy of that country. Then she raves about Obamacare as she is getting waivers for a lot of people in her district.

"NY Times" columnist Paul Krugman is another genius of the same mindset. He has said that if "space aliens were attacking us and we needed a massive buildup to counter them, this economic slump would be over in 18 months." He also has said that the 9-11 attacks would be good for the economy.

I think he is from outer space. That's the mentality we have to deal with and we now see the results.

midnightsstaff said...

Well as the new husband found out, it's a little late for worrying about the facts of the situation, now it's "we're pregnant".
Romney is what we got and getting him elected for this nation to have any chance of survival is the reality of the situation.

Krugman has never made one rational point that I have heard of, he is a laughing stock everywhere but at the pages of the New York Times and France much as Obama is everywhere but The District of Corruption, Venezuela, Iran, FagCity or Hollyweird..

See Professor Bill Anderson's website.. for a few laughs at this clown.
He's been treating Paul for years like I used to treat Bodo...

Polls are a joke James, a poll is the very definition of subjective manipulation until about two weeks before it counts, then they actually try to reflect sentiment if only to save their own worthless reputations.

The biggest change will be in business sentiment, as soon as the inevitability of the election is realized business will pick up a bit but the stock market has gone septic and honestly at this point little can be done to save the equities market place for honest investors.
One needs to find a better place to park any investment capital.

Soon we will be reading of another whole pile of money that got "vaporized" as Jon Corzine explained to congress and there is no one in this administration interested in stopping the looting which is now on an international scale.
But have no fear the fed is standing ready with another leverage injection to buy time until after the elections.

Simply put next year will be brutal no matter who wins, there is a point of no return in any entities demise that I think we have crossed over a while ago and what's worse, there is no attention being paid to addressing it.

Yeah those chickens have grown up and are starting to trickle back in already and guess what?... they are cold, tired, hungry and a bit put out.

Rick Kepple said...

The entire gay/lesbian issue is only 4 percent of the vote, so is everyone in Washington D.C. in the closet? But just to put things straight (pardon the pun), I found there were 169 million registered voters in 2008 and 86 million were Democrats, 55 million were Republican and 28 million independent. So the 4 percent gay/lesbian constituency calculates to be a whopping 67,600 voters. So who is gay or lesbian that matters? Well, after more research, the population of Capitol Hill is about 35,000 people. Digging further, according to the story, "To foster connections, gay congressional staffers think Pink Hill Mafia," by Jason Horowitz in the Washington Post, most of the staffers in Washington D.C. are gays or lesbians. They are the power behind the desk, or maybe under it. The empire is crumbling.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh not again! J.P. Morgan. It's May. Echoes of Bear Stearns and 2008. Well, we've been through this before, so prepare for September, more bank collapses and the Pink Mafia wanting the bailouts to save companies too big to fail.

Jim McAllister said...


Fag City? Hollyweird? LOL

I'm glad that I don't want to go to the show anymore except to watch my favorite classics on TV. I refuse to pay money to see the likes of George Clooney, Michael Moore, and the rest of the holier than thou mentality clowns in Hollyweird.

Politics today makes me yearn for the days of "I Like Ike" and "Nixon's the One." I would even settle for playboy Kennedy compared to the jokes of today like Obama.

Then there is Michelle. Can we even say the names of Mamie, Pat, and Barbara in the same breath as her?

I'm not in love with Romney but at least he embraces capitalism and free enterprise which is what this country has been all about.

We don't need another 4 years of more government programs, departments, and regulations stuffed down our throats. I think the recent outcry and withdrawal of the govt. trying to install regulations over the chores of farm kids is a good example. I wonder what idiot in Washington came up with that one!

Let's pray the Supremes knock down Obamacare and keep SB1070.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right, the gay thing is just a blip and good fodder for the late night guys to laugh at.

I read today that gay marriage is considered to have about a 1% amount of importance to voters compared to 72% importance attached to the economy.

midnightsstaff said...

Face it Jim, if either 1070 or the takeover of government are not overthrown that means an end to Federalism which means the US would then become the USSR with satellite states and that moment signals the end of the nation- no rational man commits suicide and these justices know it so it simply cannot happen.

A pretty good working definition of critical thinking would be to take in account the secondary and thereby predictable results of any philosophical or political decisions before acting.
Obviously that methodology has fallen into a state of disrepair in the last few generations and that is by design.

Critical thinking is an approach the TSA should be taking but as we have seen over and over critical thinking has no place in autocratic bureaucracies such as TSA or Homeland Security...

Nice try Rick but save those leaps of judgment for some of the lesser convicted in the audience, I know what I am talking about.

Did you ever watch the movie where
Toto was the only one of the group of petitioners that was not hampered with preconceived notions of the Wizard's power, it was that unencumbered way of thinking that allowed the only one of the group able to venture behind the curtain thereby exposing institutional fraud on a grand scale..

(those were great moral based movies eh Jim?)

Well the time has come for some latter day Toto to once again lead the way to solution, we need someone who does not accept the conventional wisdom of the media or pay any more attention to the wise leaders that have lead us to bankruptcy.

Alright smart one tell me why DC and Hollywood are in step on re electing this failure?
I never said it was due to Gay and Lesbian influence, that is something you pulled out of your ass pal.

The only reason DC is not really afraid of Romney replacing the marxist is because they know he is the closest thing to a big government- keep the game moving type of Republican that is not going to do much to shake things up.

And despite the theatrics Mitt Romney's election will not force Cher or Tom Hanks to move to France begging political asylum.

The bowl of oatmeal is not likely to start with a machete on the government, he will bring maybe just a penknife to the inauguration.
Our army of bureaucrats in DC are pretty well insulated against change and will not readily allow big government to take unopposed what they see as an unnecessary pruning- and quite frankly as much as the tea party would like us to believe, there is not one hundred percent agreement on what should or should not be cut.
...everyone hates congress, but love their own congressman.
go figure.

On the other hand, you concerned Dems and squishy moderates out there can always write in Paula's name if you are not entirely satisfied with current selection- she would probably welcome the attention.

Jim McAllister said...

From Ken Honeyman, Florida, 5-11

I agree on this !

Jim McAllister said...

Good fodder:

Romney by 7% in latest Rasmussen poll. I know it doesn't mean much at the moment but it allows me to cheer a little.

Clinton now blasting Obama as an amateur while campaigning for him? He told Hillary to resign and run?

Obama's own doctor says Obamacare won't work.

Jim McAllister said...


God bless Toto! Frank Morgan couldn't fool him!

What DO we have to do to get Clooney, Hanks, and Cher to leave the country? There must be some way to entice them. maybe Hollande will give them waivers on their taxes.

I agree on Romney and big govt. but he is at least, or should be, an improvement (and I like his wife a hell of a lot better!) as it is obvious that big govt. is a joke and hopefully he can take a hint and start removing a lot of phony gravy train jobs and departments.

We don't need all those jokers. In the free enterprise system, competition takes care of itself and does'nt need to hampered by bureaucrats with their licensing and regulations.

Anyone reading this now and who is in a union probably is sputtering about what nonsense that is! They want that govt. job protection.

midnightsstaff said...

In the end Mitt is just the lesser of the bad choices we usually get but I along with every other patriot will vote for him just like he is the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan.

don't believe the polls- they can't work because they are just a snapshot and have little to do with November.
The economy is still imploding- just ask Obama's butt buddy Jamie the Whale- the market is going to turn very ugly and that's not someday in the distant future- the ten year bond is down around two percent in just today's action and not one muppet in a hundred even have the slightest clue to what that means.

Now Mordor is playing games with cutting the extended benefits for unemployment insurance for contrived political reasons that are based on those fictitious, ever improving unemployment statistics...

So the question remains, who is this guy.. the reincarnation of Don Knotts or just another would be wizard pulling levers he has no idea the results?- the only thing certain is he is not a leader.

steve k said...

"I agree on Romney and big govt. but he is at least, or should be, an improvement"

come on Jim, anything would be an improvement over the current so called "president".

Like Monica Crowley said, "I would vote for a pineapple over Obama"

I cannot stand the thought of 4 more years of this joke of a president.

Jim McAllister said...


I know you are right about the polls; they can vary at a moments notice but, I still like to see them in my favor rather than against.

Let's not insult Don Knotts by comparing him to this guy. I have too much respect for Knotts since he was at least trying to be funny.

Jim McAllister said...


Don't you just love those Fox girls? Crowley is a cutie and Kim Guilfoil and Dana Perino aren't chopped liver.

My favorite? That's easy: SHANNON BREAM!

I'm with Crowley: I would vote for the pineapple.

Rick Kepple said...

I just Googled Romney and apparently Russia is his top enemy in foreign policy and the New York Times says that he's stuck in the Cold War. I'm kinda stuck there myself. All this Cold War stuff really freaks me out. The Achillie Lauro. Reagan made the choice he did and those terrorists were forced to land in Italy. Romney's record is that he gets a deferment to escape a war. So I wonder who the GOP has chosen for the Secretary of State to get the job done?

Jim McAllister said...


I haven't heard of Obama ever serving either.

I nominate Alfred E. Newman for Secretary of State! He never worries about anything. LOL

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

I'm not a Romney fan but I voted for him the last go round. Too bad all those other idiots decided to go with McCain and the Bimbo. Both of them left too gross of a taste in my mouth to vote for them.

midnightsstaff said...

So could you tell me exactly what it is that makes you and people like Bodo, Baghdad Don Williams Joe the shyster, Red Mike and others believe that Sarah Palin is some how a "bimbo"?

Seems to me she has been pretty consistent in what she says and how she lives her life.

I doubt you have any answer for me but your comment fits as does the lowlife commentators that take great pleasure criticizing accomplished people-
(ask yourself does it make your life any better to call her a bimbo?)

Sarah has never done one damn thing to you- she hasn't had the opportunity but those who actually make your life miserable you seem to tolerate and I guess encourage.

She and her family and friends have had to endure people encouraging the searching of her trashcans, having an army of reporters investigating for anything in a town the size of Prescott to dredge up incriminating evidence with no success by the way.

Would you mind if I came over in front of your house and went through your trashcans right after you set them out?- think about it.

She and her family has had to put up with endless investigations costing millions for the state of Alaska to deal with and every one of them found baseless to the point of she finally had to resign that position to stop the bleeding...
Christ, she even had some commie reporter from the east coast move in next door in Wassilla to dredge up filth.. yet you still call her a "bimbo"..


Which one would be the bimbo in a comparison of a former governor of a large energy driven economy who has raised a special needs child along with three others including a deployed son in the Army, successfully managed the governing of a state while maintaining a marriage to one man (something I doubt you have any experience at) and raising kids including a special needs child instead of aborting him or someone that has gone from interior decorator to chasing shopping carts to now chasing shoplifters in Walmart..

how does that feel?- imagine years of this type of criticism.. that's what she has had to endure- could you do it?

sick of it blue you sound like the rest, so to you, Cj and the rest....put up and tell me how she is a bimbo or shut up about it- frankly I think you have problems with conservatives.

I doubt you will do either, more than likely you will just cheaply attack me for supposedly hating women like Cj does even tho I am sounding off in defense of a woman.
I suspect you have problems only with conservative women to begin with- how do you like Michelle Bachman?

Sorry Jim but I had to point it out.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

OMG......Middy......she had me at "I can see Russia from my house." I am NOT going to list what I consider all her deficiencies...half truths and lies. There are many and my QUASI- In Laws love I have been down this road MANY times. But when she started making idiotic comments like that and expecting voters to buy her bullshit is when I realized she is nothing but a farce.

Truly though.....I have NO sympathy for the woman. She has done a FABULOUS job of getting wealthy (and setting her daughter Bristol up as well) off of all the so called bullshit she has had to endure. Poor is so hard for her.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

"while maintaining a marriage to one man (something I doubt you have any experience at)"

LOL.....I am in my 40s, never divorced and have been with the same man for 17+ years. Is that long enough to count for anything yet? Lolololololololol.......

Rick Kepple said...

Yeah, I could see the Republicans making someone like Alfred E. Newman Secretary of State and working solely to win oil contracts and hot babes.

Rick Kepple said...

Sarah Palin is NOT a bimbo. McCain asked who he should choose for a running mate and I blogged to pick a hot chick. It was trendy at the time and Sarah did a good job, but she's not a GOP team player like the flip-flop artist Mitt Romney, the Mormon hope. Gee, if he gets elected, everyone will turn LDS. I do know that they have some seriously hot women! Blue's in her 40's? I've been hitting on a 66-year-old chick lately. The 18-year-ol eye candy is fine to have dinner with, but I can't seriously get involved with a kid. Even girls in their 40's don't take life seriously enough. There's a hot babe about 60 in Branson that I wouldn't mind hooking up with and a holistic chick of 59 in Branson too. A musician. Still, I've not met anyone as serious as Palin, but she's married. I'd love to have a career woman for a girlfriend or wife, but I have a receding hairline and that counts off from points. Look at Romney and Biden. They are the men that women want - hair, Hollywood handsome. I'm disabled, look big and strong like a laborer and as my ex-mother-in-law once noted, homely. Oh Lord, won't ya give me a million doll-lers! My friends all got hair and I must make amends! (sung to Janis Joplin's Mercedes Benz).

midnightsstaff said...

Just show me where she actually made that statement Blue.. show me and I will apologize ..
but you can't because it was Tina Fey that made the statement you quoted..

Evidently that's what you think you saw Sarah say with your very own baby blues on SNL- one shouldn't drink before watching late night Saturday skits for their political information on shows that used to be funny thirty years ago..

here.. take a moment and check it out yourself.

"Tuesday’s World News with Charles Gibson showed clips of an interview between Barbara Walters and Sarah Palin which will air on Friday’s 20/20. At one point, Walters seemed to allude to the fact that there is a misconception that Palin once claimed that “I can see Russia from my house,” during the 2008 campaign, as evidence of her foreign policy experience. But Walters did not clearly identify those words as part of the famous Saturday Night Live skit as they were uttered by Tina Fey playing Palin to parody what the Alaska governor had actually said in an interview with Gibson from September 2008.
Walters: "On the business of “I can see Russia from my backyard,” what you did say to Charlie Gibson was that there were places in Alaska where one could see Russia. Do you still feel that Alaska’s proximity to Russia from whatever place you can see it, is significant foreign policy experience?
As Gibson and Palin discussed the conflict between Russia and Georgia, Gibson had asked last year, "What insight into Russian actions particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of this state give you?"

Palin responded: "They're our next door neighbors. And you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska"

Now Blue don't you feel stupid repeating the lie for how many years?-

of course you don't because you are intimidated by successful, confident, patriotic women- and instead of admitting you are completely wrong you will call me a misogynic asshole like all the others for calling someone out on it when they are completely wrong.

That's your world, smearing someone because they tell you the truth and championing failure- evidently you can't handle the truth which is typical of the liberal mindset...

.. that's how it works in America today and it the reason we keep getting the same type of thugs elected to offices they have no business holding.

Congratulations on seventeen years of bliss, I was married for sixteen myself and had a few significant relationships afterwards, but neither of our situations have the same impact as marrying one man or woman and producing a family while governing a state.

Let's just say that living together as two adult children with no legal commitment to each other or to kids that I know with the only responsibility to raising a dog is is nothing similar to what Sarah and her husband Todd Palin have accomplished.

I don't know you nor your situation, so this is not meant to be accusing in nature, but I imagine you will take it that way.
I am just tired of the three years of listening to the same old lies- so show me the quote so I can enjoy my crow.

steve k said...

But when OBAMA started making idiotic comments (57 states, corpse-man, too many others)and expecting voters to buy HIS bullshit is when I realized HE is nothing but a farce.

there, I fixed Blue's quote
now it is a true statement

Rick Kepple said...

Let us design your underground bunker for just $1995 and you'll get a gallon of Cold Sweat to go along with it! Cold Sweat is the only American licensed outlet for Navy SEAL cold sweat and now bottled for that special ops feeling! We'll even throw in a barrel of fear left over from Y2K! Be ready for this November and the end of the Myan world! These are plans only and the actual bunker packages vary. When you contact our operators, just tell them that you'd like to know more about offer number 666. Remember, a bunker in the backyard could save you, your family and your girlfriend too!

Jim McAllister said...


Those two were real jaw droppers and they are only the tip of the iceberg.

Not only does he constantly mis-pronounce words, he uses incorrect grammar.

It's no wonder all his transcripts are sealed. He better hope they stay that way until at least November when hopefully it won't matter anymore.

Jim McAllister said...


No thanks of the Y2K stuff. I'm still trying to use up my bottled water and sacks of rice from then.

Hwever, ship me a couple gallons of the seal sweat.

midnightsstaff said...

One needs to ask themselves how did we end up with so many dysfunctional ass clowns running our lives?
Joe Biden is exceptional only in his windfall advantage he has by being Obama's curious choice for running mate, I doubt we will ever really know what the reason for selecting such a fool was in the minds of the Democrat party, it certainly wasn't due his decades of oratorical accomplishment.

Everyone with a brain knew what a walking gaffe he is, it wasn't setting some brilliant southern strategy in place to nominate another east coast hemorrhoid to shore up the ticket, so what was the real reason for not only hiring this guy? people were scratching their heads in amazement that Joe would be taken seriously but Sarah Palin would be the butt of late night comedy routines.

Then they double down on their mistake and let him go out there and evidently call his own shots- now that is insanity..

But as an apple tree will produce a predictable harvest and is hard to confuse with an Orange tree, then maybe this seeming confused approach explains a lot about this administration.

My theory is they are merely ascribing to the age old maxim of "no one ever went broke underestimating either the intelligence or the taste of the American public"- sometimes we tend to overlook the obvious.

With the advent of reality tv I got to admit P.T. was a shrewd judge of character..
Joe Biden is simply the Vice President America deserves.

Jim McAllister said...


It's true that Palin has been unfairly attacked but all we have to do is look at the sources of the mean spirited comments about her and we see how meaningless those comments are.

Does anyone with any class really care what dimwits like Letterman, Maher, Fallon and others of their ilk say? They are simply representative of the mentality on the Liberal side of the coin. They want to come across as "cool" and they actually think they are just as this sorry excuse we have for a President does.

It's easy to be a name caller and it may impress their cohorts but fortunately, America is catching on to their low class high jinks and are laughing at them, not with them.

midnightsstaff said...

People who would vote for Obama are in fact criminals who will steal your wallet as well if they think they might not get caught, like I said before we don't necessarily have a political problem in this nation as we have a moral crisis.

Sometimes the hardest choice to make is whether or not to accept reality as it presents itself or to maintain and therefore forward the lie of hope and change as though with socialist engineering solutions can be discovered.

Obviously there is a large segment of voters who really don't care about the survival of this nation and will come up with all sorts of nonsensical theories including character assassination of someone not even on the ticket in an attempt to justify their idiotic selection of a criminal over an honest man or woman- this shortsighted behavior cannot be entirely laid to the feet of ignorance.

And that's just the way it will remain until the whole system collapses, and that won't be too far in the future.

We have already been advised by the smart people that the recession ended in the summer of 2010, so it figures we should be anticipating an explosion of good paying jobs in a summer of elections if this recovery is anything like the past recoveries..
isn't that the way it works?

California is projecting a 16 billion shortfall if taxes aren't raised..
what they don't tell you is if they get that tax increase there will in certain be a 25 billion dollar shortfall next year and Texas due to Federal regulators despite Texas and Louisiana being the energy producing kings of states Texas is going to suffer brownouts this summer.

I wonder why this explosion in job growth is taking so long?

Thank God Sarah Palin is nowhere near making decisions that affect our daily lives eh?


DarkerShadeofBlue said...

I don't watch SNL and I heard both the Charlie Gibson interview AND the Barbara Walters interview with my own ears. Sorry......but being neighbors with "Russia" and seeing it from her backyard does not give her any type of significant foreign policy experience. Other than Canada, Mexico and little trip to visit the troops, the woman had never even traveled outside of the United States when running for VP. So NO.....I DON'T FEEL STUPID.

Personally, I prefer my candidates to be a bit more culturally savvy and have attended better learning institutions. Had she attended a better college (instead of five podunk colleges in six years) maybe she would have learned to speak without using word salads.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

"Thank God Sarah Palin is nowhere near making decisions that affect our daily lives eh?"

I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. That woman annoys the crap out of me. I'm not a huge fan of Romney's, but like I stated earlier, that's the guy I voted for last time. Too bad not enough Republicans voted for him LAST TIME AROUND.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

"But when OBAMA started making idiotic comments (57 states, corpse-man, too many others)and expecting voters to buy HIS bullshit is when I realized HE is nothing but a farce."

"there, I fixed Blue's quote
now it is a true statement"

Considering I've never been an Obama supporter what does this have to do with my statement that Palin is a farce? I mean, it's not like you're ripping on "my" candidate of choice. I'm disappointed Republicans actually find this woman qualified to hold office. I expect Democrats to support candidates like Obama but I expected Republicans to have higher standards.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm going to an Elvis is alive speaking engagement in a little bit by Lucky Carson. Somehow it seems fitting with the conversation since everyone seems to think that the Democrats and Republicans are headed in separate directions. Did the U.S. government really fake Elvis' death and put him in witness protection? He will never be allowed to come back from the dead. It would prove that government conspiracies do exist. There would be way too many questions. Most people have no clue how our government is actually ran. They believe everything that they are told. Both Republicans and Democrats are moving toward a 'new world order' of a G20 Stable Global Population and that's a fact. Wanna bet me that conspiracies exist? I know they do. Again, if I'm right, it won't matter who wins. Things will be made to change, no matter what, but don't count on Elvis coming back.

midnightsstaff said...

Looks like I won't be having that crow dinner today- that's ok I really need to lose a few more pounds.
Oh well- arguing with people is simply not worth the aggravation- even when they are exposed with their lies (and everyone reading this knows you lied Blue when you made that idiotic statement) they still are not willing to embrace rationality- it remains merely bickering when one side refuses to pay attention enough to even discuss the matter intelligently.

I did notice one thing this morning tho, a lot of the breakfast joints were standing room only around here, of course it is mother's day and all but I have noticed that the restaurant industry is not being beat up too badly.

Of course the cynical side of me says it could be all that new found disposable income the muppets are enjoying since cutting that mortgage payment out of their monthly budget some time ago and that might also explain the surge in new car sales as well.

On the other hand I guess I have to agree with Rick with his statement-
"Most people have no clue how our government is actually ran. They believe everything that they are told" Leaving Elvis out of it for the moment the problem is there is a real gulf between reality and what we were taught in high school civics if we were exposed to any civics class at all.
Anyone believing that what we are being fed by the mainstream media/comedy cartel is anywhere near the truth is living in la-la land..

Yeah, keep on believing the company line that the two billion dollars Jamie Diamon is confessing to losing last Thursday is the end of the story and it's contained to JP Morgan- guess what muppets- everyone is in for a very rude awakening once this economy is down around our ankles- and it looks like the plunge protection team is not going to be able to fix the election on their end.

Jim McAllister said...


"I'm not a huge fan of Romney's, but like I stated earlier, that's the guy I voted for last time."

Don't you mean McCain? He ran against Obama in 2008. Or, are you referring to the primary of McCain v. Romney?

Jim McAllister said...

This is too irresistible:

"Suddenly Joe Biden's promise that the President has 'a big stick' makes a bit more sense in context."
- Tom Servo, Atlanta GA US,

This comment is in response to "Newsweek" showing Obama on their cover for next week with a rainbow halo stating that he is the first gay president.

The comment was in response to Biden's comment (who else) a couple weeks ago about Obama carrying a big stick; hopefully in a different context (not that there's anything wrong with that!")

Rick Kepple said...

Elvis is alive and said that he'll only come out of hiding if Romney is elected, said Lucky, a researcher somewhere in Pulaski County Missouri. Elvis is allegedly living under a pseudonym since his name was sold to the Company in 1977. He disappeared during President Carter's administration and he apparently only trusts Republicans. It would make sense that Elvis is hiding in the Missouri Ozarks since he's a Christian military veteran. I always thought they were rumors, but the description and I'm thinking, I know that guy! He looks like every other old gray haired dude with a beard in the boonies! A county would have to be seriously paranoid to hide something like that, and there's a few of those, but there's a lot of celebs in hiding in the sticks. Yep. Elvis says he supports Romney and will come out as another name if he wins, but I miss the glory days when I saved lives and wrote great stories, but now all I do is try to help folks and wake up in the morning! I think I can be Lucky's publicist, but I'll need to talk to Elvis, or whatever he calls himself. Knowing me, we've probably met and he reads my stuff. Lives way out in the boonies and the locals protect him like they do. Crazy ass fricking hillbilly military veterans, ex-CIA, ex-SEAL's, you name it, we got it! Elvis and me got to compare notes, because from what I was told, that Elvis knows, verifies what I found about what's going on and I'm also worried something's gonna happen before November. The thing is, Lucky said that Elvis won't come forward if Romney loses.

midnightsstaff said...

Finally you start making sense...
ugly game... told you the Kings were for real.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

No Jim. I couldn't bring myself to vote for that scumbag McCain or word salad Palin. I voted my conscience and voted for Romney. Not that he doesn't have plenty of faults......

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

"arguing with people is simply not worth the aggravation- even when they are exposed with their lies (and everyone reading this knows you lied Blue when you made that idiotic statement) they still are not willing to embrace rationality- it remains merely bickering when one side refuses to pay attention enough to even discuss the matter intelligently."

WTF are you even talking about Middy??? You should surely eat "CROW" for talking shit about my supposed inability to hold a relationship VS. Sarah Palin's ability to stay married. There is absolutely NO reason to attempt to insult me on a personal level just because I dislike Palin. I know, if I was not able to hold a long term term relationship, it would be because I am some "psychotic bitch". How SEXIST of you. Not sure why I didn't expect this from you though. Last I heard, leopards do not change their spots.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

And much as you think you know it all, I did not lie. In fact, if we had the opportunity to meet in person I would have both my Mother (who also had hope for the bimbo when she first entered the scene) as well as my significant other to prove to you I was indeed referring to her comments in her Gibson and Walters interviews. All three of us dislike this woman and talked about her, her interviews and what a farce she is during the vetting process. I'm calling you out on this......whether you like it or not.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

"someone that has gone from interior decorator to chasing shopping carts to now chasing shoplifters in Walmart.."

1. Never been a decorator. I have a design know someone who drafts with CAD, designs structural changes on residential structures and manages all the sub contractors and job details on multi-million dollar homes? There is a difference. Don't be so ignorant.

2. Never chased shopping carts....I managed an entire grocery store and all the employees working in those stores. Some of my stores had sales of 1.5 million a week.

3. Don't work at Wal-mart. I never have worked at Wal-Mart.

4. Never had an interest in running for public office or running for Vice President of the United States.

5. I personally attended a Private University and spent time traveling out of the country. (Palin not so much.)

6. WTF does my personal life experiences have to do Palin's in the first place?

7. You are an asshole for insulting me on a personal level just because I dislike a politician you admire.

midnightsstaff said...

Sorry you are losing sleep over this, try to compose yourself.
If you say you were talking about the interview- then you were talking about the interview- women seem to be able to sell that type of action pretty regularly.
I guess we can all make up our own minds over what you said or what you intended to say, it's immaterial to my complaint.
I don't really worship any politicians but I do respect someone who has taken the type of unwarranted and bigoted abuse this one has for her patriotic stance, your opinionated remarks are no different that the opinionated and bigoted remarks liberal airheads spout off and never get questioned..

I suppose there are a few here that see my point and that is I am tired of hearing crap tossed around like it were fact.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...
OMG......Middy......she had me at "I can see Russia from my house." I am NOT going to list what I consider all her deficiencies...half truths and lies. There are many and my QUASI- In Laws love I have been down this road MANY times. But when she started making idiotic comments like that and expecting voters to buy her bullshit is when I realized she is nothing but a farce.

Truly though.....I have NO sympathy for the woman. She has done a FABULOUS job of getting wealthy (and setting her daughter Bristol up as well) off of all the so called bullshit she has had to endure. Poor is so hard for her.

Yes now that you point it out I along with everyone else can clearly see how you were dispassionately pointing out the interview question...
I suppose this is just another case of objectivity once again stepping off stage to catch a quick smoke and allowing innuendo to frame the issue.

She simply didn't say it, but we all know she could have right?- and following that logic I should have politely just ignored that comment.

So in the end it's my fault for being correct and what's worse, being such a misogynic asshole.... my bad but thanks for pointing it out.

DarkerShadeofBlue said...

"She simply didn't say it, but we all know she could have right?"

Apparently, because I didn't use that exact wording she used on the "I can see Russia" thing you believe I think she said something else. My point all along has been that I watched the Gibson interview (and the Walter's interview) and felt her answers, especially the one on why she is qualified in foreign policy, were ridiculous.

So yes, she DID say what I originally pointed out. She "lost me" as a voter at her BS Russia comments, as well as the rest of her interview answers. Unfortunately you felt the need to obsess on the exact wording and call me a liar for not using her exact words.

And you're a misogynist asshole for attacking me personally on my "supposed" relationship status and work history.

midnightsstaff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midnightsstaff said...

Keep talking, we get it- you can run off on some tangent about my making a point paralleling your wildly successful career path comparing it with Sarah Palin's fumbling failure, but that really it has nothing to do with your initial and childish repetition of the lies of the left- maybe you made an error of judgment and now can't extract yourself from the tar baby.
it happens.

Pardon me but if I notice someone parroting the lies of the left it sort of makes me believe the parrot spouting that bilge is a leftist sympathizer, I cannot judge hearts as you seem to be able, so I have to resort to judging statements.

However you assure me that you are just as red white and blue as the next guy so I believe it.
Why the childish name calling?

calling someone a liar is not an accusation if it is true- it's an objective observation.

But calling someone an asshole on the internet at two in the morning is purely subjective, requires poor judgment and usually an indicator that the accuser has simply run out of ammo.. and if you run out of ammo and have to resort to the profane maybe you really don't have a position to defend.

Which leads us back to a discussion on critical thinking and I don't have the energy to approach that with someone displaying such ignorance of another topic right now.

Rick Kepple said...

JPMorgan Chase's CIO Ina Drew resigned after investing $2 billion in the risky investments that "went terribly wrong." CEO Jamie Dimon said that it was a sloppy and stupid trade, but he knew it, why didn't he do something? Not his job description? Well, at least he's got a nice tie and that's all that matters with those morons. They acquired Bear Sterns after their unfortunately incident in May 2008. I guess they thought dilution was the solution to toxic debt. Now the CEO admits that they might have taken too much risk. If ever there was evidence of overpaid CEO's and executive staff, it's this blunder! My older brother points out that this is pocket change for JPMorgan. If that's true, why did they bail out AIG then? Why bail out all those too big to fail companies if a few billion wasn't a problem? What's Mitt Romney say about JPMorgan? Romney says he wants more deregulation and the repeal of the Dodd-Frank law, saying that regulations force banks to make unwise decisions. Romney points out that government regulators would have more power if there were no laws to govern banks. Romney also wants to repeal any and all laws preventing Wall Street from making risky investments. On Enron, Romney said that repeal of regulations would have prevented that problem. On the Federal Reserve, Romney doesn't see a problem with them. Deregulation would prevent any and all financial collapses, according to Romney. I like that guy. He'd make a great hillbilly! He makes absolutely no sense whatsoever!

DarkerShadeofBlue said...'s the problem. This little personal attack is not something "new" from you. Years ago you would attack me in the same manner. You repeatedly attack CJ in this manner as well.

Are we clear?

"my making a point paralleling your wildly successful career path comparing it with Sarah Palin's fumbling failure"

Basically you did so because are a jerk.

My parents sent me to a Private College, Design School in New York, and paid for me to travel Europe. My options were limitless. But, due to cultural influences, I never intended to pursue "any" career path. Fortunately, at some point I shed those cultural influences.

In retrospect, had I "planned" to climb a corporate ladder....I would have chosen a different path. My home is paid off and I am set up for retirement. So....I don't really need a whole lot and have spent a greater part of my energy pursuing volunteer work like training my Search and Rescue dog. Currently, I am working on getting involved (maybe setting up a 501c ) to bring back the Military working dogs and help them get adopted out.

Sorry I am a disappointment because I didn't become a VP candidate like word salad Palin. Quite honestly, he life experiences and my life experiences have nothing to do with each other. And even though I am "failure at life" compared to her....that doesn't mean I don't have the right think she is indeed an idiot.

midnightsstaff said...

What's Mitt Romney say about JPMorgan?

simple, "give me some campaign donations"... lol..

Actually sacking Ina Drew is just window dressing and represents shoving a scapegoat under the bus to buy time, she is no more or less responsible than any of the other banksters that were caught dirty.

And make no mistake this is dirty and much, much bigger than the media want's to admit.

If someone with the authority gave you the permission to behave as you want ignoring banking principles and engaging illegal operations with no chance of ever seeing the inside of a cell you would do it as well Rick.
it's human nature.

That's what the repeal of Glass Steagal legislation was, it was passed under the laughable title of " the financial services modernization act of 1999" which practically turned every commercial bank in the nation overnight into a propriety trading investment bank..

Mitt Romney is in no way linked as the leftists want to what is going on in the world wide financial district leading to this crisis.
but I am sure the demonic left is busily painting a picture with Mitt driving along with Seamus on the roof enroute to the defense of Lloyd and Jamie, problem is it just isn't necessarily so.

If you need someone to put a face on for funding this and other scams you might look at the guy who has given these criminals zero percent loans to play the market and invest in what are basically carried out in the comparatively un-regulated British financial market for three years now... do I have to spell it out?

...but that is merely my opinion and worth exactly what you paid for it.

Jim McAllister said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midnightsstaff said...

I am glad you got those opportunities including a free education and traveling the world because your family had money.

Most of us don't get that advantage so we have to fumble along in near poverty most of our lives making mistake after mistake until we either learn from those mistakes or give up.

You might want to employ some circumspection on that issue though because some in this crowd would despise you for something that was completely out of your control.

You probably shouldn't have stated those personal experiences in print with Cj and others laying in permanent ambush- they seem to be extremely reactive to the leftist based politics of envy, sharing your history on the internet is something like paying a tab at last call in a biker bar- don't flash a roll of hundreds- remember, the internet isn't Scottsdale Toto..

But I have to admit your story sounds a lot like Mitt's story doesn't it?- after all he was born into wealth but made his own money in business which is nothing like the picture the left is painting him and his wife as being a couple of the one percent crowd born with a silver spoon sticking out of both ends by people taking vacation after vacation on our tax money.

yes sometimes life's ironies are maddening- like the demonization of a woman who has never done one thing negatively to anyone I know of and conducted herself with dignity and self respect despite the satanic nature of her critics.
it's part of the new reality- so maybe it's me that should get my mind right eh?

Rick Kepple said...

In a recent poll, military veterans favor Obama over Romney, who is all in favor of going to war against Russia. In fact, Romney would like to go to war against Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, but he's distancing himself from foreign policy now, saying that he wants to save that for when he is President. So the guy that got a draft deferment to avoid the Vietnam War has no problem sending troops against the greatest armies in the world! The New York Times and Washington Post both say that Romney is all over the map in his foreign policy opinions in a "perplexing pattern." Romney has not stated his policy on Afghanistan, except to say that the Taliban should not be negotiated with, but also has said that a settlement should be reached with them, thereby suggesting negotiating. The only thing that Romney is solid about in his opinions is that Russia is the enemy, suggesting a return to the Cold War intellect. On Israel, Romney calls Bibi Netanyahu, his friend and said that he'd let Israel decide foreign policy. Romney said that something more should be done for military veterans, but that's the end of his vague policy. It just doesn't seem like he's got his heart into this campaign and probably expects Obama to win.

midnightsstaff said...

I suggest to quit reading tripe from the New York Times or the Washington Post- neither of them include much integrity to their daily cheer leading sessions.

Still waiting for the Post to apologize on that head shaving gay persecution nonsense, guess I will just have to wait.
Yep.. we get very little to choose from again except if you realize that one is a marxist hell bent on the destruction of our economy, lifestyle, the middle class, (did I say economy), and pretty much everything I hold dear, so thanks to Ron Paul my favorite of all for doing the right thing and getting out of the way, he made the point but America is not ready to wean it's sorry ass from outright fascist inspired socialism nor compassionate conservatism quite yet... but they will.

We are going to war no matter what in the next few years- the question is how will we re structure if we are able to save the military to deal with two distinct types of warfare, frankly though at this point in life I am much more concerned with some moron texting their way headlong into my legal left turn...

I might have enjoyed the final cut as far as conventional operations are concerned, there haven't been very many instances of battalion sized, uniformed combat operations since Oklahoma Hills, in fact that conflict morphed pretty much back into how it began, a localized guerrilla war with attrition as a strategy - we still haven't got a clue as to how to approach the guerrilla tactics, we are much too vulnerable to the politics of war to kill everyone and let God sort it out, but we certainly can run tactical special ops.. as long as there are no cameras.

All in all it was a pretty good day, I got that cat door cut into the bathroom wall to the balcony installed with a minimum of cursing, of course Rebecca is terrified of it- I might as well put a running garbage disposal in the wall the way she looks at it, but the pool is clean and plenty warm now.. not bad for early May..

Rick Kepple said...

I'm sorry Jim, but I'm skipping over a lot of the content, since it's none of my business anyway. I've found that it's not profitable to get involved in the local spats. Anyway, I was just reading about Mitt Romney's involvment in GST Steel in Kansas City Missouri and how the government had to bail out the company about 2000 to make sure that the pensions of loyal employees were paid. By the timeline that I found, Mitt Romney was a nice guy until about 1993, when his investment company began buying companies and parting them out. Armco was bought in 1993, they renamed it GST Steel the investment consultants (Romney) and company executives eventually cut the work staff, kept the pension money and the federal government paid the bill. It's said that Romney's company deliberately ran GST into bankruptcy. I'm just beginning to research Romney's consulting history, but I think we are screwed no matter who gets elected. I saw a fine looking woman buying an M4 carbine rifle today. Walmart sure has been selling them like hotcakes!

Jim McAllister said...


YThe last I heard, Obama was cutting benefits to veterans. It doesn't seem to me that would make him very popular with that group/

Also, did you say the NY Times and the Washington Post are ripping Romney on foreign affairs? They should be since they are two of the biggest liberal rags in the country. That's their job! lol

As far as the Taliban, we have been freeing them or wanting to free them under Obama. Go figure that one?

Jim McAllister said...


I've got my .38 loaded and ready.

I never thought The day would come in this country when I figured I had to have heat with me but after some of the beatings innocently people have been taking these days in public by gangs, I'm as ready as I can be. We don't have to have a license in AZ so if anyone starts something I can off five pretty quick.

I hope I never have to.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, I've never seen such division in the media or the rampant bias. Do you know where I got that info about Romney? I'm on the White House email list. President George W. Bush didn't like email so well, but I do have a print letter from him. Democrats write more than Republicans. Always have. Don't know why. I never thought that a dream from 1981, would have opened doors for me, but through one-way classified, plausible deniability glass.

midnightsstaff said...

You are on the WH email list... hell I'll do you one better, I'm probably on a couple of watch lists.

Speaking of, the Brownshirts at La Guardia decided to toss Henry Kissinger while he was trying to board a flight, good job guys, that's keeping the Homeland safe for democracy eh?

Of course Henry was traveling in a Ball's costume shop disguise similar to the one that Chief Inspector Clouseau used - it's called the Quasimodo disguise which worn correctly I suppose might have fooled even the most alert TSA goon as to his true identity.. guess Geraldo got his money's worth on a pat down, don't know what he is squawking about... like Bill Clinton told Juanita, "better put some ice on that"

I saw a t-shirt on a babe that said "I got to second base with a TSA agent" on the front.

I know it gives me a warm feeling just knowing these professionals are on the job steadfastly defending our traveling safety with a thin line of American defiance against utter chaos.
So if that means striping out and making them "squat and give me three good coughs mister" type of treatment to elderly Jewish former Chief of States that history credits with opening Western trade with China then that's the way it's gotta be.

Next time Henry takes a flight he should simply wear a burpka, they look roomy and comfortable enough and it'll put an end to those embarrassing amateurish pat downs and diaper checks before boarding.

Rick Kepple said...

I don't own a bunch of guns anymore. Keep the knife sharp, keep the handgun clean and the Bible handy. I live alone, I'm disabled and I've got to be a good American military veteran. I'm not independently wealthy. My wife is dead because the rules are wrong. I can't be who everyone wants me to be.

Jim McAllister said...

I didn't know Democrats could write. I thought they were still learning to print on first grade construction paper.

Maybe that is why Obama called Marines "Corpsemen".

Jim McAllister said...


I read that on Drudge tonight about poor old Kissinger. The poor bastard was even in a wheelchair and the article said he got "the full monty."

We are becoming the laughing stock most paranoid country in the world. Al Queda just needs to sit back and watch us destroy ourselves.

Jim McAllister said...


A sharp knife is nice but keep the handgun in perfect shape. This isn't the world we grew up with.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, the paranoia level is a little higher this morning. I have a few good survival/combat knives. The Ruger handgun that is easily field stripped, but I gave my rifles to Lana. I'm simply not the soldier that I used to be. Been having a lot of back pain lately, but making alliances with neighbors so some of them have been helping with gardening. Jim, you and others are welcome to head on up here if things get bad, but if martial law hits, it will be too late. Maybe you should have bought that farm in Missouri when you had the chance. There are people moving here from Michigan, Minnesota, Florida, Arizona, California, everywhere to prepare. A fella down the road from Minnesota said he specifically moved here to prepare to live off the land. And the raspberries are ready a month ahead! I've got more food this year than I've ever had on this farm! I built this place to live off the land and help support others when this economy collapses. And Walmart is selling four types of assault weapons now! I've never seen that happen before! It's surreal. Head for the hills, Jim! Apparently, everyone believes the place to be is the Ozarks, but there is a lot of wild food. When the SHTF, we're gonna be invaded from the cities, since grocery store shelves will be emptied in 3 days. No deliveries will be made in civil uprisings. Better be ready, but remember your lethal force training from the military.

Rick Kepple said...

Now, Romney: isn't it odd that Romney used to be an investment consultant and he helped to part out failing companies and now he's been chosen to lead the U.S.? What's he gonna do? Part out the nation and to whom? And yeah, Obama would be most likely to declare martial law, especially in his second term. I've told people on Facebook on multiple occasions that someone is deliberately trying to start a war and they're using the media to instill this fear. The three problem states, says the government, is Florida, Missouri and Arizona. I predict something nasty is going to happen before November and I have no clue what that might be. Maybe economic. Maybe riots. It's a strange year, Jim. Better have a plan B. I believe that Maricopa County has become expendable and if Wall Street is to fall, it will probably be very soon. Think about it; what good is Wall Street? They produce nothing. Strategically, they are expendable and their collapse would harm our enemies more than us.

midnightsstaff said...

Yotes need to show up tonight, this is going to be a tough series.

I remember someone saying "if they bring a knife, you bring a gun"
there is a good reason for that advice, of course the thug making that remark was speaking to his constituency, the criminals.

Interesting, normally no one gives up their firearms except in light of a court order... you are the first I have ever heard of Rick that willingly surrendered his best means of self defense- that is a courageous statement to make in these troubling times.

Neil Cavuto had an interesting show yesterday on the hopelessness of California and other states who have decided not to cut spending but rather to increase taxes.
The amazing thing is idiots are still arguing the point that lowering taxes actually increase revenue at some point, and conversely speaking the opposite is true as well.
Moonbeam is in a state of shock that his first attempts had negative results, and now is appealing to the Calimuppets with the usual socialist threats to force them once again to drop their pants and take one for the team.

I was talking with my son last night and he agrees with me that maybe a final insul.. er I mean solution would be for Mexifornia to secede, declare war on America and start issuing the Calipeso- the new coin of the realm.

Anyone hear rumors of Joe Biden frequenting bath houses in his past?
I haven't.

Jim McAllister said...


I loved Missouri in the summer; not so much in the winter. I was stationed at Knob Noster out in the boonies and being a city boy all my life, I couldn't get over how muddy it was in the country. No sidewalks, just mud EVRYWHERE!

As far as Romney; I'm not saying he is the greatest but Obama is the worst. The guy has done nothing but cause turmoil with his class warfare, run up our debt, and make us an embarrassment. I can only hope the American people can see that and send this guy back to Chicago or Kenya or wherever the hell he wants to go.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm not likely to sell that five acres next to me with that shop/guest house for $21,000 with Post Realty, but it's not a farm. It's hunting ground with blackberries, raspberries, paw paw's, persimmons deep in the woods and deer/turkey hunting ground. Living off the land full time can't be done, but I feed the squirrels and deer in the winter with corn to keep them nice and healthy. I could survive for a few weeks if the grocery stores were closed during martial law. Experts say that the shelves would be empty in three days in the cities. Then the poor would be rioting in Scottsdale. I believe that the government might strategically create violence and I have a complete scenerio envisioned where it could get ugly before November. J.P.Morgan's financial problems are like a foreshadowing of what may come, but it's not for certain. If I had any real money (damned morphine and borrowing!), I'd build a cabin. I figured out how to do it with 3x4 landscape timbers cemented together with that industrial glue. I have recycled brick that could be used to build the fireplace. My attorney said that since I own the title on the five acrew parcel, that I can build as many cabins as I please and even raise hogs, but I don't like hogs. Fence isn't made that could keep a hog in. Or goats. But a country boy can survive. Lana and I are going floating this afternoon. We've already been picking raspberries and cleaning out the freezer to bake a few cobblers from 2009 berries. I've got more fruit and vegetables getting ready early than I've ever seen, but it's frightening how God can be. It could get bad at some point, but it's like God is helping us. I sure could use an M4, but it's not in the budget. Damned morphine!

midnightsstaff said...

You are absolutely right about not being able to survive off hunting and gathering, we have just spent over two hundred years fine tuning our agriculture to support a highly specialized society, there simply isn't enough game or ripening berries to sustain millions of those used to drive throughs and eating microwave dinners hunched over their laptops..
some will survive but the bulk of the affected generation will not.

Improving and utilizing that prime land is a good plan Rick, because eventually there will have to be a final solution to the overburden of useless eaters in not only America but most of Europe as well- my only question is once that the next final solution is implemented will the serfs be transported by rail as usual, or required to show up at the internment site with all our possessions and a list of suspected fellow undesirables to make it easier for the Gulag masters.

Most people have fooled themselves into thinking the 1930's European crisis will never happen again, but if there is one lesson history has taught us is history tends to repeat- those who pay attention are able to project those probabilities and those who don't will never see it coming.

steve k said...

its always fun to see a elitist, arrogant, pompous, liberal asshole like Chris Matthews make a fool of himself. He looked like a total moron on "Jeopardy", Im sure that Sarah Palin is laughing her ass off.

instead of a debate Obama vs Romney. I would like to see them on Jeopardy first, to prove that Obama is a ignorant fool. the only subject that Obama has knowledge of is Marxist ideology

Jim McAllister said...


"Useless eaters? LOL Yeah, there are plenty of them around. Just look at Washington.


Chris Matthews on Jeopardy!? I wish I could have seen that. What a cluck!

Did you see where Obama is disputing the CBS/New York Tmes poll showing Romney up 3%? It also showed that more women support Romney.

Even when their own liberal news entities report something negative they dispute it.

I love it!

Rick Kepple said...

The neighborhood is buzzing. The tax assessor was measuring all buildings on land owned by the developer and that homeowners are buying from the developer. Taxes are paid by the developer until the land is paid off. It's May 15. The tax sales warnings go out on May 31. The tax assessor didn't measure the buildings on the land that I own free and clear. Just the building on the land that I'm buying from the developer. I have been faithfully making payments for years and I have a contract. I have this terrible feeling that thousands of dollars of investment is about to go down the drain.

Rick Kepple said...

Lately, I've been having a lot of flashbacks. I've drank with Russians. I've gotten drunk with Japanese soldiers. Know the people that you might have to help kill one day. Chinese women are really inhibited in bed, but they loosen up just fine. I have this irrational fear that I'll open the trunk and there's a dead body. It may have happened before. Russians try to set people up like that sometimes. Sometimes when it's really bad, I'll go through my gear that I have ready for just in case I get called up. It's the training. I keep getting these feelings of dread. Like it all looks perfectly normal business downturns, but really it's some complex plan that was used successfully before in a foreign country, because those people remain with tried and true methods. The classified people are severely OCD. I hope Mitt Romney does get elected. He wants to kill some Russians, and that's the United States that I know and love. That's the Republicans that I know from Reagan's time! When one enemy is dead, find another one and kick his ass! There are always enemies. Always. I met Reagan once and I was always ready to do what had to be done to protect Americans. Man, all the people who treated me like crap when I was homeless had their lives ripped apart! It was so cool, but I didn't do near enough for the Army and my country. I was too worried about winning the affection of a rock star. These days, I know better. I could help Romney to defeat the Russians. Easy. They bluff. Romney won't. Look what he did to GST Steel. He'll rip Russia apart! He'll send Iran back to goat farming.

Rick Kepple said...

My county assessor's office said today that the rumor is untrue about unpaid taxes or selling properties. They are merely trying to help homeowners and the real estate developer by reassessing the properties. I feel so much better that the government is just trying to help and nothing fishy is going on. I would hate to believe that I can't trust the government or corporations. That would be just sad.

midnightsstaff said...

I trust the government implicitly - what reason would they have to lie?

One can never go wrong trusting in those bureaucrats to do what's right for people they don't even know- after all isn't that human nature?

Jim McAllister said...

Rick, Middy

I love you guy's subtle sarcasm. LOL

Rick Kepple said...

When the tax assessor comes to your home and they say they are there to correct a mistake and break out a tape measure, check it. Most likely there are little dollar signs in front of the numbers.

steve k said...

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:
I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

midnightsstaff said...

"It's time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington. To help build a new foundation for the 21st century, we need to reform our government so that it is more efficient, more transparent, and more creative. That will demand new thinking and a new sense of responsibility for every dollar that is spent"

pop quiz... which politician made that blatent li... er I mean "quote" and then did the exact opposite?

answer, the same guy responsible for J.P. Morgan having to admit losing two billion dollars last Thursday triggering an FBI investigation so they can take charge of the investigation and cover it up- this is not a wild accusation.
I can easily proof my theory with logic but it takes someone with an open mind to understand the linear trail of evidence, that's why the FBI is actively seizing evidence in a hurry.

Now the same criminal element in the Washington District of Corruption who screwed up for the past three years is now threatening to fix the same problem he claimed would fix the economy starting three years ago with QEI and QEII..
We are told the same things that have failed twice is expected to work on the third time.
Yes... we are headed for a true depression without Divine Intervention at this point- the Dow if it gets caught in a unsupported free fall could go to 3500-6000 range this time and stay there for years just like Japan.
everything but Rick's property goes down.

Merely electing Mitt Romney (which should be shooting fish in a barrel this year) is not going to be the complete answer anymore that pissing in the ocean will raise it's level.
it's just the first and very crucial step.

Jim McAllister said...


You've got that right.


I love that quote.


I hope you are right about the polls being useless. Fox News poll shows Obama in front by about 7%. I think I'll stick with Rasmussen's numbers and the CBS/NY Times poll since they are what I want to hear.

Jim McAllister said...

To: Everyone,

The Sonoran News has picked up this current blog as an editorial this week. I'm quite proud of that as I am a regular reader of that fine publication.

View at:

Rick Kepple said...

Congratulations Jim. For Middy, I know that answer to that! President George H.W. Bush, "Ready my lips, no new taxes." Then new taxes. He should have known better. Obama's gonna win the election. I don't believe the GOP had any hope of winning after George W., and no one really trusts the Republicans to make American jobs anymore. Obama is promising tax breaks for outsourcing companies to move back, but it's a political ploy and not practical. This J.P.Morgan thing of shareholders suing them never even made headlines on USA Today. And yeah, when the world goes down, all you'll see are the paid off properties sticking up like islands in a sea of debt. Corporations knew that they were bankrupting America when they outsourced American jobs, but companies live for the short term. So does government, unless it comes to national security and that's different.

midnightsstaff said...

damn Rick you were close enough to be a rounding error, but as with many things in life, close is not good enough.
thanks for playing..

Jim McAllister said...


"Obama is going to win the election."

If he does this country may be unable to ever repair the damage his is doing or will do if elected. His methods of a strong federal government and a welfare state are totally opposite of what this country stands for. The U.S. gets its success from free enterprise, not heavy taxation on those who work to help pay the way of those who won't work.

midnightsstaff said...

I guess the biggest difference in that quote I provided and HWB's famous quote "read my lips" was that was what George said was a campaign promise, but when Obama lied to the entire world he had no intention of doing anything like what he was saying.

In fact this particular lie was made after he had already won the election and it wasn't some wild promise given in the heat of battle.
Now he want's everyone to believe the nonsense that the Republicans prevented him from his vision..
You ought to read that prevaricative diatribe of outright bullshit.
but I know you won't Rick because you really don't give a shit.

He had and has no intention of doing one thing for the benefit of this nation- if anyone wished to do more damage I don't know what they would try that he hasn't already done.

But that is what made this a great experiment, we can see things differently and publicly comment on our views and speak out over oppression without the fear of being arrested and put in one of those FEMA camps that are being assembled for some reason.

At least right now.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy's it's not that I don't give a shit, but rather that I need to restart my life away from Missouri and I'm trying to be more responsible these days. It's tough to actually care when rich folks see me as a bad investment. They know I'm different, but I'm supposed to behave the same as everyone else and get rich like them, but I'm not that smart about money. That's why I needed to speak to that rock star years ago, but I have seen ample evidence that she doesn't give a shit. If she doesn't care, why should I care? She's my example.

Rick Kepple said...

I have this crazy idea that if I just moved out of Missouri to Phoenix or maybe Las Vegas, that I'd find enough to write about and for markets that would buy that stuff. I'm not addicted to gambling. I used to be able to take five bucks and win a thousand bucks, but the games are fixed now. The slots don't give out five dollars after dropping three quarters anymore and that used to be my stake. I'm also trying to be responsible and I'm not very good at it. I would love to sell the farm, and move back out West, but losing a wife is a slap of cold reality. Wind up homeless and wind up in a FEMA camp someday. I think those camps might be for the homeless to be reeducated and made into responsible citizens again. Poor folks have poor health and all that. They'd be incubators of disease to spread. It would be so cool if that rock star would just offer once again to help me out, cause I'd take it. But she won't. To rich folks, the Golden Rule is, "they who have the gold, makes the rules." And that's why those FEMA camps are for the poor and not for Middy to worry about. This economy will be fixed, because you will never see a rich guy on Food Stamps because of their compassion to help other people. This world is cold and the coldest place on earth is not some polar ice cap. It's Washington D.C.

Jim McAllister said...


Never play the slots. Go to the craps table and bet the pass line and the 6,8.

If the dice are rolling good, you'll be in business. If not, oh well!

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, I have only played craps once and I won't play it again.

You better pray to God that Romney doesn't win, or they'll take your money to keep winning against our enemies.

Always remember this; State first, people second. The rich might be untouchable today, but they knew what Madoff was doing and they used him and threw him away. They used Noriega and Saddam. Where are they?

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Anonymous said...

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