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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Like the above mentioned celebrities participating in the 23rd, Dr. Laynor was highly distinguished in his field. Although he used primarily watercolors for his World War II work, he was also a pioneer in the use of lacquer as a medium of painting and the use of 3D paintings for the blind.
The Laynor Foundation website ( has valuable information concerning the ghost army and also features seven galleries of Dr. Laynor’s World War II paintings. They are very interesting and illustrative of that terrible time in our history.
Optical illusions, bluffs, sleight of hand, misinformation, disappearing acts: all part of the ghost army of World War II; a brave and cunning bunch of guys who were instrumental in giving us the lifestyle we enjoy today. (Comments? Questions?


Edson said...


It seems to me that there was a documentary on this subject many years ago, I think CBS had a hand in it.
Anyways this group was in business before D-Day (6 June). I think they had something to do with Patton and his supposed troop build up across the channel from Calais. With fake tanks and other armoured vehicles and trucks. They were all inflated, so they could easily be moved from place to place. They also had fake planes and airfields. all these things for the German planes to see, when they recond. the area.
Ah, well, nice column any way.

Anonymous said...

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