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Sunday, February 24, 2013


One of my favorite bloggers is Glo.  She has been around almost as long as this blog has.  She and CJ were the first female bloggers I had after the AZ Central blogs launched on December 6, 2006.  I think their first entries appeared about a month or two later in early 2007.  They have both followed me to this blog which I did as a secondary item until AZ Central got ruined in 2011 with the arrival of the Facebook requirement for comments.

In a way, Facebook was a blessing.  Before it was required, I would get 50 or 60 comments on a blog story.  One of my favorites was something I did on how soda pop was referred to in different parts of the country.  I called it “Soda, Pop, or Coke” and never thought that something so mundane would get many hits.  It wound up with 74 comments by 44 readers; some of them from far away.  When I re-printed it in February of 2009 on my Google blog, it drew another 36 comments.  It just goes to show that one never knows what will work when doing a piece.

A large percentage of my AZ Central blogs still exist in my Google blog archives and I enjoy checking them out now and then for nostalgic reasons if nothing else.  AZ Central was a good thing that eventually scared the Arizona Republic when some of the comments became a bit overwrought over their political preferences.  I didn’t do that much in the way of politics so I got swept aside when the Facebook nonsense became effective and I refused to be a part of it.

In the first paragraph, I mentioned Glo and Cj but I mustn’t forget others like Middy, Mike, Proud, Sam, native, Allen, Ken, AHG, Lynda, John W., Doc John, Larry, DG, Steve, Kevin, Lynda, rettajim, stealth, blue, Niagara Dave, and the irrepressible Rick.   There are others I may not have named but do appreciate.

Speaking of Glo and Middy, I have found in my Shorpy archives a couple of vintage photos that apply to the part of the country where they lived before becoming dues paying members of Arizona.

This is a photo of some ladies enjoying a night of bowling in Glo’s home state of Connecticut in 1942.  They are playing the eastern game of duck pin bowling hence, the smaller balls.  The lanes they are using are located in the basement of the fire station in Bantam, Connecticut.  Could the lady throwing the ball possibly be Glo’s mom?

Since Middy grew up in the panhandle of Texas, I thought a good old fashioned dust storm photo would bring back memories of those years.  The photo was taken in Amarillo, Texas in 1936 during one of the dust storms.  Residents of that area have said that a windsock to them was a “brick welded to a chain.”

That sounds about right.  I had the honor of being stationed in Amarillo for a couple months in 1961 and some of the wind I experienced probably wouldn’t move the brick!


Rick Kepple said...

Good blog, Jimmy. The "impressible Rick"? Thanks, you write well yourself.

You're not going to like this ...

Bodo told me that he's got a new blog on azcentral.

You will like this.

We don't get along on Facebook. He doesn't like my pro-gun views. He wants perfection for all. Written his memoirs. Probably wants rid of SN. I call him "Bill" now and then. He doesn't seem to mind.

Glo, CT Girl said...


Wow, you started off my day with a bang! How nice to be recognized like that in your blog. ;)

I have so totally enjoyed participating, and was chagrined when the dopey AZ republic changed to that stupid Facebook thing. I have nothing to hide, but I don’t like that kind of rule and so didn’t respond to several blogs that I usually read. So glad you changed to this medium so the fun can continue. Oddly, I haven’t really missed any of the other blogs. Maybe not so oddly. Besides the material and cool interaction on your blog, you always responded to people. Can’t remember any other blogger who did that on a regular basis, and some never deigned to respond to us plebes. No names …

Uh, nope – that definitely wouldn’t be my mom bowling! She’d be more likely to fly an old F15 than bowl. She was a loner, like me, and pretty much stayed away from anything like that. I can remember being around ten or younger knowing that some nights she went out with her buddy Mavis, dressed to kill, and visited, well, bars, I think. I remember her coming home and kissing me goodnight in bed, and smelling her too-strong perfume, Tabu. I associate that smell with her and Old Spice with Daddy.

I love to look at old family pictures. Years ago I scanned them to my hard drive and burned them to CDs and pout those in a safe deposit box. Many material things can be replaced, but not old photo albums. At least if anything happens my visual images will be safe. When I look at old photos of my parents, it blows me away how beautiful they were. Truly, both looked like movie stars. I don’t know what happened. DNA can be a pernicious beast …

Keep up the great blogging! It’s something that so many of us, your regulars, enjoy and can relate to. It’s like having virtual friends who aren’t trying to get you to send money to Nigeria.

PS Good morning Rick! ;)

PROUD said...

~~~memories~of the way we were~~~

Kinda miss the old AZC days, though I think the forums were already in a death spiral....facebook just finished them off.
The whole warm n fuzzy notion that everyone would become politically correct if they had to show a name was ridiculous. Many joined F/B under a fictitious name just as they had done on AZC.....

BTW when I was an Ohio kid, it was POP...moved to AZ and had to learn to use SODA. Every now and again I offer my Grandson a POP and he just looks at me like I'm speaking a foreign language...

(Still waiting to hear from the irrepressible one?)

Glo, CT Gal said...

Proud - Try asking for a grinder here, LOL! That's what we call 'em in CT, but around these parts they call then subs. And in CT it was soda, not pop.

PROUD said...

glo...according to my brother-in-law back in Mass, it's a "grindah"

Grinder seem to have the ability to change with their local: "grinder"..."hoagie"..."hero"..."sub"..."submarine"..."Italian sandwhich"...Interesting that it would have so many different names where as good ol Pizza is good old Pizza....Now that I think of it, some do call it Pizza Pie....

midnightsstaff said...

As long as we are watching the rear view mirror, some memories that stick out in my mind include going to the little Italian deli in Gardena Ca. to just smell the big hanging cheese and genuine imported meats and listen to people talking in foreign language, it was a wonderful experience that I have never had since.

There were a lot of Japanese families in Gardena in the 50's that had spent time in US prisons for nothing more than being born of Japanese ancestry- most did landscaping or worked as gardeners.

I don't know how they controlled their feelings over it, but they weren't obsessed about it publicly.
..things have changed.. now we have people suffering no discomfort yet complaining daily.

Yeah, I had no control over starting life in the plains of Oklahoma and Tejas, but neither did those good US citizens who were rounded up like criminals losing all their property and isolated from society for years.
..the nation is not perfect but much about it is, sadly we never hear about the good as much as the not so good.

BTW- where are the unconstitutional awareness ribbons on these Hollywood blowhards, shouldn't they be wearing one for the American Japanese citizens like they do for other issues?

PROUD said...

In other news:

Here's Forbes countdown of the most miserable cities in the nation:

#1 Detroit, Mich

#2 Flint, Mich

#3 Rockford, Ill

#4 Chicago, Ill.

#5 Modesto, Calif.

#6 Vallejo, Calif.

#7 Warren, Mich.

#8 Stockton, Calif.

#9 Lake County, Ill.

#10 New York, N.Y.

Anyone else see a common denominator?

midnightsstaff said...

I think I saw that list somewhere.
But the obvious answer is- every city on that list starts with a vowel, there's not a consonant among em"
Amarillo, Elroy, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Upper Sandusky... not on this list..

do I get a prize? like a teddy bear maybe?

midnightsstaff said...

Sorry.. that was out of line.

Glo, CT Gal said...

Growing up in Hartford, a small city, was filled with memories of sights, smells and different languages and cultures. I remember mentioning to a work friend that I used to pass bodegas, and his eyebrows rose. He wondered how I knew about those growing up in the northeast. I had to explain to him that Hartford had a large Puerto Rican population. We lived among hispanics, blacks, Jews, Catholics, Poles, and every other ethnicity. Our garage mechanic was the brother of one of Hartford’s mafia dons. Big deal: that’s the ay things were. You didn’t bother them, they didn’t bother you. And because of all of those groups, man, we had good food in that city, especially on Franklin Avenue, the Little Italy section. I don’t care what anyone says, you can’t get east-coast-tasting pizza out here. Period.
Yep, Massachusetts had grindahs! And, unlike CT people who used their bright lights or brights, Mass people used their ‘high beams.’ One state right next to another with very distinctive accents and colloquialisms.
I agree that it was shameful to have incarcerated the Japanese-Americans during WW II, but it was a different country and climate back then, and it’s hard to fully condemn all people for a culture of fear that isn’t present today. At least I hope not. Thanks goodness we didn’t do the same thing to Muslims after 9/11. That would have been so wrong. However, what always bothered me while working downtown in Hartford was that there were protesters on the streets every August 6th, but no one in sight on December 7th. It seems that the guardians of righteousness pick and choose their causes while ignoring or demeaning others. Hollyweird types – fuggedaboutit!

midnightsstaff said...

The year 2055..

.." I remember when my grandad "Proud to be" used to take me to Ikea to smell the genuine Horsemeat Swedish meatballs- it was an experience that I have never had since"

midnightsstaff said...

I still call em "high beams".. lol..
(what were you talking about?)

So what's the difference between being a private person and a loner? and just where does Ted Kaczynski fit in?

I have a hoodie, I stay to myself a lot, I write unpopular opinion..should I worry?

proudtobeagrandad said...

"I have a hoodie, I stay to myself a lot, I write unpopular opinion..should I worry?"

Probably nothing for you to worry about.....

But you're scaring the crap out of your ol "grandad =;-(

proudtobeagrandad said...


I have a hoodie too

I keep mine attached to the front of my truckie....

Rick Kepple said...

Good morning, Glo.

I've got more video to edit today. Work, work, work.

Bodo is being tacky on my Facebook page. He's a master of the English language. He's got the gold edition of some dictionary, I'm sure. It's autographed by Mr. Webster!

Ironically, it was a chemist who was one of my greatest teachers, but Bodo's no where near that quality of writer. But I'm supposed to mind my manners if I want to keep Bodo's friendship.

I think he got angry when I said that he could learn a lot by studying the writing of SN and try to be more like her. He's snippy.

midnightsstaff said...

Nothing better for a nice night of watching for fireballs and spaceships in late Feb..

It's past the time for all the whitetrash hoodie wearers to be able to come out of the shadows and wear their hoodies with pride.

Whitetrashoodieprideday... that's what we need. all we need is an awareness ribbon- maybe Rick can come up with something.

and of course a government study and a hefty grant.

Rick Kepple said...

Proud is Middy's grandfather?

It must be the autism and it's a joke that I'm missing.

sam said...

Back home, when I was a kid, the "soda jerks" all dispensed Coca Cola, and soft drinks were all referred to as "coke" in general discussion...with Root Beer being the actual prevalent choice, and "flavored soda's" preferred over Pepsi Cola.

Each of the 3 towns I lived in growing up in the '30s and '40s had their "Brewer"...who home-brewed beer in his cellar, or his garage...both "good stuff" and "root-beer".....which he sold to all who he knew and trusted. The best root-beer (to my memory) was brewed by my next door neighbor in a tiny town in Utah..Tooele. My dad did not drink alcohol, but he freaked out over each brewing of root-beer, and we would have some in quart jars on a high shelf until the batch was gone. "Worthen is brewing again" would spread around town and quart jars and other containers saved from the "war-effort collection" would be delivered to him for filling and sale...including from the Army base just outside of town. He had a "secret" formula, and when he was brewing, he labored alone, except my dad and one other man in town helped with the root beer.
About a year before the war ended, my 2 brothers and the two neighbor kids found a pile of "empty" paint cans waiting for delivery to the dump outside of town...all had varying small amounts of paint in them. It took them about an hour to empty the cans down the length of main street, a distance of a mile or slightly less, at about 11 o'clock at night. They then put a match to the paint, which lit up the street in a rainbow of colors, and which brought out the police and fire truck...who simply stood by and watched the burn, since they were afraid of washing the fire into a building. It lasted only a few minutes, and was a subject of discussion amongst the town for a few days....
I know the "fire" has nothing to do with "coke, soda, or pop", but it is one of the "pictures" which come to mind when recalling the past associated with root beer sodas.

Jim McAllister said...


I didn't call you "impressible", I called you"irrepressible".

That's not a bad thing though as Webster defines it as "that cannot be repressed or restrained."

I would say that applies to you.

I'm also on the AZC Voices blog as is Bodo. It's mainly a liberal bitching blog which I avoid by writing items about political history. That liberal garbage is of no interest to me.

PROUD said...

Speaking of nostalgia:

Happy Birthday to Diamondbacks World Series Manager Bob Brenly!

Best damn series ever!

midnightsstaff said...

The reporter Nathan Bacca probably will end up in a landfill if he gets too close, anyone thinking that the Indian casino industry is anymore legitimate than the Las Vegas crowd is kidding themselves.

I always wondered about this incident, it looks like the Indian/government mob is as ruthless as the Italian version.

check out the video of when the casino opened... it looks like a strip mall convenience store..

America's sausage is delicious, One just doesn't want to make the mistake of looking closely at how it's made.

off topic and off to the store.
it's how I roll.

Jim McAllister said...


How am I going to get through the door now since you have my head swelled up from those nice compliments? LOL

I was looking through my Shorpy site last night and thought it might be cool to post some old photos relative to readers.

I thought the photo of those women bowling in 1942 Connecticut would apply well to you and the dust storm to Middy who has seen many of those from his youth in Texas.

When I got involved with blogs in 2005, I thought that if people take the time to read my writings, the least I can do is respond. It has made for some nice interaction over the years with people like you and all the others who have this blog pretty popular.

The AZ Central blog was pretty good but I get far more comments and interaction here averaging about 150 per blog.

Sounds like your mom was a great gal who wasn't afraid to have a good time. God bless her wherever she is!

midnightsstaff said...

irrepressible, impressible..

"what does it matter now?"

Jim McAllister said...


It was "pop" in Cincy too. When I was stationed in Missouri, I heard the "soda" thing and didn't know what they were talking about.

On AZC we saw the true liberals at their finest with the likes of Bodo, AZ Liberal, Vosotros, Downtowner, Walter, Don and all the other hare brains.

It wasn't that I gave a damn about their beliefs it was their bad manners that were the most annoying.

The Republic finally said "enough is enough" and along came Facebook and the end of the blogs as we knew them.

Jim McAllister said...


Some places in Cincy used "grinder" but it was mostly "Hoagie."

Jim McAllister said...


In Atlantic City, N. J. in the 50s, it was "submarine" or for short "sub".

Rick Kepple said...

Impressible ... irrepressible. Both are true and obvious reasons why I'm not writing professionally anymore.

Video sort of lets people write their own stories.

Jim McAllister said...


So true about the American Japanese.

Those people were American citizens with businesses and homes in the cities and they were rounded up like cattle and put in camps; a horrible ordeal to be sure. It was Xenophobia ran wild.

A great book about this was written a few years a a guy named Jamie Ford. It has humor and pathos and you would enjoy it.

It's titled "On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet" and is well worth your time.

Jim McAllister said...


Detroit used to be such a proud city; now it's rubble. Sad.

It used to be the "Motor City". Now under Obama, it's the free shit army city; exactly what he wants.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm sure glad you apologized for that terrible, hurtful comment about those wonderful cities! LOL

Jim McAllister said...


In Cincy we used "high beams" and "brights".

We had several other local colloquialisms. For example' if someone said something to you and you didn't hear them correctly, you would not say "huh? or "What." You would say "Please?"

It took me a long time to get over that one!

Jim McAllister said...


.." I remember when my grandad "Proud to be" used to take me to Ikea to smell the genuine Horsemeat Swedish meatballs- it was an experience that I have never had since"

LOL! I saw that this morning and am still laughing! I didn't know IKEA sold "food".

PROUD said...

rick..." I'm not writing professionally anymore"

That statement begs the question: When do you stop writing LIES?

PROUD said...

Ikea sells food?

Bet you have to assemble it....

Jim McAllister said...

Speaking of Hoodies, I believe today is the one year anniversary of the death of Trayvon. Whatever happened to Zimmerman? Nothing, I hope.

Now, who was it that made the brilliant comment: "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon."

Pretty dumb comment so we all know there can only be one dumb ass who could have said it.

midnightsstaff said...

My life seems one long apology for one reason or the other, you want a business model for today?- how about a real old time soda fountain?

The last one I have seen was in Franklin Indiana in the sixties, but I suppose with Bloomberg and other Statists running the show it would not meet the Chicago business model.

..nothing like a cherry or lime phosphate..drawn by a jerk that is proud of the distinction..
If you can grow a business like Starbucks by selling bad coffee to discriminating clientele, what would stop a real soda fountain?

Jim McAllister said...


That paint can thing was brilliant! Great imagination and can see the kids running like hell when the fire started.

I love root beer and that home made stuff sounds great!

Jim McAllister said...


Good to have Brenly back. 2001 was a great year even though it cost Jerry a fortune. That's the way it is in baseball now; very expensive. I can't believe the money these guys make.

midnightsstaff said...

Obvious that Proud doesn't own a pair of Brikenstocks, engage in harmonic balance chanting or eat at the food court that IKEA offers.

I really don't get the outrage over a little Trigger in the meat balls, wait until they find out about the escargo..

..I mean it's not the pony they got for Christmas they are eating..


midnightsstaff said...

Cold case workers might want to hear about Sam's belated confession,I wonder if there might be a reward for information... it's never too late to punish lawbreakers..

"I don't have a spending problem"

PROUD said...

Jim, I damn near died when Byung-Hyun Kim appeared two nights in a row, walked to the mound and gave up home runs...On paper, the D-Backs out played, outscored, the Yanks, were it not for Kim, should never have needed a 7th game...

BUT MAN...WHAT A SEVENTH GAME, the stuff movies are made of! Still gives me chills!

Jim McAllister said...


Does that mean I have to cut my casino visits to one a week from two? LOL

That is one seedy looking casino.

Jim McAllister said...


Kim did his best to blow that Series. It seemed like every time we had a game won, he would give up a HR.

I think we outscored the Yanks something like 34-14 and still had to get that cheesy blooper by Gonzo to win.

I see where Miguel Batista is now 42 and just signed a minor league contract with someone. The only other active guy left is Rod Barajas who signed a minor league deal with the D-Backs and is trying to be the 2nd string catcher at age 37.

Jim McAllister said...

Birckenstocks, Earth shoes,incense, wire rim glasses, Joan Baez, hashish, sandals, protests, peace signs, Head shops, sitar music.......ahhhh, makes me yearn for those good old days. LOL

I wonder how many of those characters wound up wearing suits and ties answering the phones at some customer service department.

midnightsstaff said...

The fact is America has never experienced a real advertising campaign explaining and championing the virtue of a daily portion of horse meat as beneficial in our food chain...

As a natural segue to the topic,I have recently been contacted by the North America Herb Growers Industry
(NAHG)to be a spokesperson for the "Eat More Basil" campaign which starts this summer.

I am confident that once the American public accepts Basil as one of the foundations of a nutritionally balanced diet real progress in balancing the nation's dietary needs can finally be made.

I am doing it pro bono as a public service because of my strong beliefs, so save your charges that I have sold out to the man for thirty pieces of silver please....

If we achieve the success we envision, we will then petition Congress for a commemorative coin to be struck by the US mint which will most likely be called..

.."the Basil"

midnightsstaff said...

Hey.. that Blooper you mention actually is a line drive single in the records..

Jim McAllister said...

The term "writing professionally" only applies if one receives money or something else of value in exchange for their literary work.

Everything else is done by amateurs.

It's kind of like comparing a bunch of guys playing baseball in a "beer league." They are amateurs.

Guys who play in the major leagues are paid handsomely, hence, are professionals.

Another analogy could be comparing women working in a brothel to.....never mind!

Jim McAllister said...

That's the great thing about scorecards and box scores!

They cover up those bloopers.

PROUD said...


PROUD said...


midnightsstaff said...

You can say that again.. oh, you did.

Hey eighty five billion this month, eighty five billion every month and what has it got us?

.."I don't have a spending problem"

not to worry tho on the big boards, as long as the QE spigot is flowing the market can only go up.

I along with a lot of people thought there had to be an end game brought about by destroying the currencies of the entire world and that would force a political solution.

Hey...I was wrong, just like on ObamaCare being judged as Constitutional and the ability to completely steal an election that wasn't all that close.
I admit it.

Jim McAllister said...

From: rettajim

re-reading your blog about coke, pop, soda, and particularly, Barq's.

Let me bore you with yet another Tuba City story. Each Friday night there was a movie at the BIA School auditorium and soda was sold. The most popular variety was Barq's in strawberry. Some kids would sit up in the balcony and when the lights went out would shake the bottle and spray everyone below with red sticky fluid. ("lechee, which meant red one and I forgot the Navajo word for sticky) On the main floor once the bottles were empty they would get rolled down the aisle making a rumbling noise as the glass wording on the bottle hit the wooden floor. Then there were pea shooters and spitwads propelled with rubber bands. A great time was had by all.

Once I got home I would go throw up as I had eaten a huge grocery bag full of popcorn which I brought from home. Next Friday, same story. It was lots of fun!

Jim McAllister said...

Not boring at all, Jim. I transferred it to the blog.

We had Barq's in Cincinnati. I believe it comes out of Mississippi but they may have other plants.

I love your rez stories. You learned as lot about people in those years.

I hope you are feeling well.

Jim McAllister said...


This morning it was up about 70. I checked after closing and it's down 216.

Middy may have a point. There is a lot of funny money getting in circulation and there has to be a payday soon.

If I call you about a job running plate or nailing in bridging, you'll know I went bust!

midnightsstaff said...

I probably drink two soda pops a month and for a long time haven't been much of a drinker for most of my life, I guess I just grew out of it..

But it makes me wonder why one of the major soft drink manufactures doesn't "invent" a cane sugar drink like Coke or Pepsi for instance.. people choose sugar over synthetic every time.

But they don't and it probably has to do with the cost of sugar.

I do like carbonated water - I was thinking about one of those soda machines and grape juice or orange juice and carbonation, but do I really need one?

..another gimmick to complicate life.

midnightsstaff said...

You do know the difference between an investment and a trade don't you, an investment is a trade that went bad.

Going to be a lot of desperate people if the market dumps but I doubt this is it- eventually certainty, daily opportunity.

This market is in bed with politics and politics doesn't give a damn about the future, it's only interest is in maintaining control.

..I don't have a spending problem".. I said the market is phony as a three dollar bill and will probably continue like it has until the jig is finally up with quantitative easing,
the question is how much longer can the charade be maintained?

Show me a bull market not followed by a bear, this one is doomed simply due to the math.

.."One of the main purposes of laws in a democratic society is to put burdens upon intelligence and reduce it to impotence.
Ostensibly, their aim is to penalize anti-social acts; actually their aim is to penalize heretical opinions.
At least ninety-five Americans out of every 100 believe that this process is honest and even laudable; it is practically impossible to convince them that there is anything evil in it"

Mike Slater said...

Sam, back in the 60's my dad made home brew and root beer in the garage. We used glass bottles and my job was to put the caps on. Being a teenager I got to sample the brew which was nice.

Jim, I was disappointed when the D-Backs won the World Series because of the fact the taxpayers got screwed into paying for the stadium. I don't like the idea of taxpayers paying for pro sports teams.

That's why we moved out of Glendale because I wasn't going to pay for the hockey team.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, have you ever heard of a guy getting flowers and laptop computers from Nigerian women?

I wish I could meet women like that. "I need a yacht, honey!" and she says, "Oh honey, dad has one he's not using!"

Just my luck. I'm on the wrong dating sites or something.

I read about a Proud2b (there are lots of them on the Internet) and he was praising his husband. That name apparently refers to the gay pride movement.

Sorry Proud. I didn't know. Perhaps he's not a racist after all. I've never met a gay racist.

midnightsstaff said...

..'Theeerse a bad moon on the rise"

PROUD said...

I won't take the bait little ricky...No need.....The more you spew untrue, insane, accusations the more you show yourself for the pathetic, no-life, loser oaf you truly are.

BTW, your latest accusation that I am gay is pretty funny considering a while back you tried to attack me by insinuating you had sex with my wife....

Begs the question....was HE good?

Rick Kepple said...

Proud, I DID NOT say that you are gay. Google it, dude. You are hardly the first one with that name.

You could change it to, Bill. George. Dan. Wilbur?

Jimmy, you should be there for one of our business meetings when we are discussing a new film idea.

We got this idea for this video we're planning to enter into the Nevada film festival at the dam.

Again Proud, I'm sorry if I again got you mistaken with someone else, but there are so many of you on the Internet!

Rick Kepple said...

"Ben Bradshaw is Proud2Be Gay"

"Proud2Be organisers launch Totnes Pride"

"The Proud2Be Project is set to march at WorldPride in London next week and they want you to join them."

Want more examples, Proud?

Are you sure that you want to continue insulting me, because I don't mind ripping on you.

Jim McAllister said...


I remember the great Passover Coke search from a couple years ago when I got that coke for Mary. Remember those golden days?

I presented her with that 2 liter bottle at Randy's that morning.

Here is the photo if you want to reminisce. LOL June, 2009

Jim McAllister said...

It scares me that you are probably right. This increase in the market makes no sense with the current economy.

Jim McAllister said...


You are right about the taxes for the stadium. I say the hell with the owners; if they want a team and a stadium, let them pay for all of it.

My favorite soda pop is IBC cream soda.

Jim McAllister said...


You never know who you are going to meet these days. I've seen what I consider gorgeous women who are actually men.

Go figure.

Jim McAllister said...


Sounds like the great Johnny Cash: Bill or Bob or George.......anything but Sue!

I really miss Johnny. He was a fellow USAF vet.

CJ Phoenix said...

Oh, man, I have fallen from grace. So Glo is one of your favorite bloggers but I get no favored status, Jim? That's alright, I guess. SE loves me best. That would be Sam Elliott...And you are still my number one favorite blog writer right now, Jim. I only visit one blog now, of course, but who is counting?

midnightsstaff said...

PROUD said...

DJIA.....Ouchy X2..

This might interest you..

Who knows what the market will do short term, maybe the market has always been entirely disconnected from reality and controlled by the White Mosque but I don't remember it that way..
I am even skeptical about the FDIC funding,

( )'s just another accounting swindle, a slush fund on a grand scale, Any sane look at the bottom line convinces one there is no way it could survive a run.. hell with the Rino infested Republicans.. F. John McCain.

I put my trust in God first and Smith and Wesson a close second.

midnightsstaff said...

You are my favorite blogger Cj!!

Jim McAllister said...


You're still up there. Didn't you notice I gave you a mention?

I don't give just anyone a mention. You're a 2007 member; that gives you status.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, I met this really hot chick in Walmart a few years ago. She was nice and smiled and finally, the voice changed and she admitted that she was a MAN! She/he was surprised that I didn't run. Nope.

"So do you ever forget and use the wrong bathroom?"

She/he was shocked! Well, yes she/he had walked in the men's room dressed as a woman and also had walked in the women's john dressed as a man. It was a fascinating conversation.

PROUD said...

Yeah ricky...By all means, continue making a fool of yourself posting example after example of random people...

What kind of moron would think doing something that stupid is somehow "ripping" on me?????

midnightsstaff said...

Logic has no place in the discussion. the future please refrain from badgering the witness.

Jim McAllister said...


I used to be shocked over such behavior but these days something like that is pretty typical I guess.

About 30 years ago I was in a bar men's room in Fort Myers, Florida and some guy walked in and started getting cute with a kid standing at the urinal.

The next thing I know, the kid turned around and floored the dumb ass. I think he spit out about three teeth!

Sow and you shall reap, huh?

Rick Kepple said...

With a punch, it's not the strength that creates force, but rather speed times strength equals force. I used to box in the old days. You're trained to be able to deliver a flurry of punches for an entire three minute match. Then, you have speed.

I have some friends and they are constantly talking about the people that they beat up or they threaten me a lot and I know then that they're afraid of me. They have to try to somehow prove that they're as good as me, or something. What's funny is that for almost my entire life, I always felt by the behavior of others that I was inferior and in fact, I am not.

Proud wants to tell us his deepest desires and he's going to fictionalize it, so he can feel comfortable in telling his story. So Proud does not feel threatened in baring his soul and free his heart. Proud is among friends. No one will judge him for what he says. Proud is angry and he really wants to express his true feelings.

Glo, Sam's Eternal Gal said...

CJ!!!!!!!!!!!! Sam does NOT LOVE YOU!!! He is MY MAN!!!! Grrrrr......

Jim McAllister said...


Cat fight alert! Sam is one lucky guy having babes fight over him at 68.

midnightsstaff said...

When Sam wakes up from his early nap I'll tell him.

lol..nice spike Glo...

Rick Kepple said...

Damn. Two women fighting for one man. Sam's such a lucky man.

More snow again today.

Sam's Gal Forever said...

Rick: Sam isn't just a man - he's SAM (drool drool) ELLIOTT!!!!!!!!

midnightsstaff said...

My dad once told me "women are just like men but different"..

Rick Kepple said...

Oh, Sam Elliot? Well that makes sense. Carry on.

Jimmy, being a father is hard work. And women are expensive anyway.

Jimmy, do you get Sam Elliot to come on your blog? That's so cool.

Me and Billy Arr were having a conversation on my daughter's Facebook page today. But I still say stupid things to her.

Like, I thought that Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton were married once and they weren't. Billy told me that.

midnightsstaff said...

Amarillo by morning....
Looking at the shirtsleeve weather extending as far as the eye can see, I really am thankful that I ended up in sunny Arizona..

This is one of those plains blizzards that kill people going on in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, they got 19 inches it looks like - you've been there, nothing but a three wire fence between you and Alberta.

Ha.. gonna be a nice hot tubbing evening, full moon and not a cloud in the sky.

..we are spoiled rotten.

midnightsstaff said...

Woahhh.. just looked at the google map and it looks like a big low circling bringing in moisture from the eastern seaboard.

Rick .. you might want to move the chickens in tonight, we lost a few that froze once in one of those late blizzards coming from the north and it looks like you are in one's way.

call em, three dog nights..

Jim McAllister said...

KC got nailed again too. Their last storm hasn't even begun to melt.

Poor Amarillo, in 1970 Barb and I hit a storm there that packed so much snow in my wheel wells I had to go to a hand car was to blast it out.

Earlier that day they had played a baseball game there.

midnightsstaff said...

Hope they can salvage tonight's game out of this disaster road trip.

Nucks should finish it up first period.

midnightsstaff said...

.."You have to walk around in your house with a gun to feel safe here,” said Alaska Tarvins of the Arcadia Park Board of Directors.
Over the weekend, one home was burglarized twice in a 24 hour period, once while a resident’s nephew was inside.
“He was on with 911 when those men tried to kick into his room. That was very frightening,” said the woman, identified only as Inca.
Now, Arcadia park neighbors are taking the detective work into their own hands."

Yep.. this is child's play compared to when the SHTF.
Glad to see though that finally people are waking up to not depending on the government for public safety.. Maybe there is a lesson there somewhere, anyone got any ideas?

..what a hell hole imagine sittin' in the hot tub with a .357- disgraceful.

steve buzzardo said...

"call em, three dog nights.."

yeah, its a three dog night, but I only have two dogs!

steve buzzardo said...

Jim, those were the good old days of the AZ Central blogs. It was fun while it lasted. I was addicted to it for a while. Hey how is the Red Menace doing? Is she still around?

Jim McAllister said...

Great 3-2 win and a must win after Edmonton and Calgary.

Jim McAllister said...

I never thought I would always take my gun with me when I go out and have it by my bed at night but I do.

This country is going to hell under Obama but the MSM still backs the loser. Go figure.

Jim McAllister said...


I never hear or see her anymore although I'm sure her and that ding dong Parraz are busy working on the recall of Joe.

She is a loser.

midnightsstaff said...

I really don't know what makes some people act like they do, there are two types of people in the world, and one of them is a control freak.

Hardcore socialists spend every minute of every day trying to get control over their fellow man and it's an end justifies the means game with them, they will tell you or say anything, being caught in a bold face lie doesn't phase them- instead of feeling any shame they turn it around and get mad that you would have questioned them in the first place..

Look at the way the press marveled at what an extraordinarily good liar Bill Clinton was.. as it were a badge of courage.

Bottom feeders like our RH friend end up something like political groupies, wanting to matter, wanting to make a difference and most importantly wanting to fit in..
..but left completely out of the loop when it comes to politics.

I don't know what party she might run under, the same one of Aaron Burr I suppose.

Rick Kepple said...

"Rick .. you might want to move the chickens in tonight, we lost a few that froze once in one of those late blizzards coming from the north and it looks like you are in one's way."

Fortunately chickens are pre-programmed to go into the coop before a snow storm, except for the dumb ones that think they're wild and sleep in the cedars. Stupid chickens.

"Yep.. this is child's play compared to when the SHTF."

That is true, Middy.

Then there is the fact that the government is using doctors to do an end run around the Bill of Rights. They can legally say that when good people like Jimmy and Middy can't be armed for medications they are on. And when the cops confiscate their guns, the newspapers will say that it was necessary and the public will believe that too. We will all be silently disarmed and anyone who argues with a doctor will just look even more nuts!

BTW, planning to visit the daughter soon.

Glo said...

Rick: Thinking of you: SN is singing "Edge of Seventeen" on KOOL radio right now. Love that song.

PROUD said...

Glo...handing a crazy,obsessed, SN stalker that topic????

Do you throw gas on fires?

midnightsstaff said...

yeah, and under a full moon no less.

Jim McAllister said...


Our RH friend would run under any banner if it meant her getting some sort of win and recognition. She is a political whore who just wants to be noticed.

Why else would she transform from what she used to be to the idiot she is now? She needs to realize that it was her own fault she lost to Ugenti, not the Republican party.

Rick Kepple said...

Full Moon. Need to put out the wife's crystals.

Thanks Glo. That is a lovely SN song. She's such a nice person these days.

Jimmy, I'm experimenting with a video from the point of view of the male genitalia, since men think with their other head anyway. It's for a film contest.

Gaseous Glo said...

"Putting out the fire with gasoline... putting out the fire..... WITH GASOLINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNE"

Rick Kepple said...

David Bowie. Great song!

midnightsstaff said...

.."I didn’t want to believe that she would do something like that because she was so nice, but then she did it,” Betti said. “It was really scary. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I just got this on video."

I have no idea why anyone puts public school teachers in the category of sainthood, after all they are government drones not too far removed from a welfare scam artist, once again I am reminded of the words of HLM..

.."School teachers, taking them by and large, are probably the most ignorant and stupid class of men in the whole group of mental workers"

- someone prove him wrong..

midnightsstaff said...

.."Bernanke says Congress should focus on longer-term budget cuts and not make sharp reductions in spending in next few years when Fed doesn't have scope to offset them"

haha.. my bullshitometer just pegged again, it looks like Bullwinkle has just reached the bottom of that hat he has been pulling rabbits out of.

Having converted those short term bonds into long term bonds to get past the election has him in a box now, Once interest rates go up the whole thing folds.

.."It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. - Upton Sinclair"'s gonna fold anyway, the sand is running out.

Pax Obama.

Jim McAllister said...

O Great Gaseous Glo,

I actually have that 1980s 33 1/3 album from Bowie with "Putting out the Fire.

It was the sound track from "Cat People" and the whole album is very good.

The movie was OK but nothing compared to the B&W 1942 version with Simone Simon, Tom Conway, and Kent Smith.

Val Lewton was a master at making horror films on a low budget during the early to mid 40s. "I Walked With a Zombie" with Conway and Francis Dee was another great one.

I liked the tunes of that era and Bowie was one of the best. Remember "China Girl"? That was one that if it came on while driving I had to turn the volume all the way up and break off the knob!

Jim McAllister said...

Mike McClellan? Naw!!!!

Jim McAllister said...

I wish someone would listen to Bob Woodward. He says Obama is showing "madness".

Isn't it time for a coup d'etat" on the SOB? Where is Burt Lancaster when we need him? ("Seven Days in May")

Jim McAllister said...

Welcome to "Obamaville". Maybe it will wake some people up.

PROUD said...

Jim, the White House is pushing back on Woodward:

PROUD said...

Sorry, didn't get from "welcome to Obamaville" that it was the same push back article...

Rick Kepple said...

"He says Obama is showing "madness"."

I'm not looking forward to society melting down.

But President Obama has done wonders for the firearm and ammunition business!

I supposed that I should have kept the AR-15, but I'm not the running and diving kind of guy anymore. Even the military tactics have changed since the old days.

midnightsstaff said...

I sense a turning of the media tide, it's dangerous to criticize the second coming.

Bob might be a little over his head, after all there is a definite trail of "the dear one's" enemies who inexplicably ceased to be a problem including the Chief Justice.

He won't just try to control the situation, he will try to destroy Woodward like he has everyone else that has crossed his path- he is evil incarnate.

..'If Satan had a son"..

.."may the times you live be interesting"...

Mike Slater said...

Jim, Woodward is no one to mess with. The White House better watch it.

What happened to Paula? Did she slink of into her hole because no one pays attention to her?

midnightsstaff said...

even the slow ones are getting suspicious...

Jim McAllister said...


Nixon sure learned who Woodward was. I would love to see Woodward really nail this clown we have now.

As far as Paula, maybe she is out trying to collect signatures to recall Sheriff Joe. That Parraz guy is her buddy. Her and her Washington Grassroots Coalition whatever the hell that is.

She takes herself a wee bit too serious. Fortunately, she showed us her true colors.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, it looks like Donna needs to be whacked with a 2 x 4 before she "gets it."

That's hilarious that Nappy is getting the blame for the 11,000 Mexicans. LOL

Jim McAllister said...

Current residents of the White House: Mr. and Mrs. Beelezebub.

She says she is going to really get around these next 4 years.

With the money those two spend on playing, they could easily make up that 2.2% he is so worried about.

What's the use? There is no substitute for class.

Rick Kepple said...

"Jim, Woodward is no one to mess with. The White House better watch it."

Jimmy, Bob Woodward isn't the threat that he used to be and that's not because he's old, but rather that journalism corporations lost their spine. "Nothing controversial," is the corporate theme in journalism these days.

As I recall, Woodward works or worked for the L.A. Times and they are extremely narrow minded in their coverage. They do not take unnecessary risks. They just don't.

If it comes between profit and truth, the LA Times will choose profit, but so will most media companies these days.

I said years ago that the media would one day be controlled by the government and there would be no threats. Their own corporate greed controls them.

The creation of a global government with international law is good for business. If you pay attention to that one fact, you will begin to notice there is a pattern to everything that Republicans and Democrats are doing.

Folks, if your money is stolen by Iran, it's a terrorist act. It's not covered by any known laws to get your money back.

Don't you get it? Woodward isn't going to do anything, unless it's scripted for the creation of a system that will benefit Wall Street, the 1 percent of the richest and their investors.

Personally, I'm getting my daughter out of Illinois before they ruin her life, as they often try to do with people who are not conforming to their narrow view of society. Their backwoods behavior does not conform with NWO doctrine.

Everyone has a weakness. Even Bob Woodward and I wonder how many times the government has messed with him?

Just as an elephant never forgets what good that I've done, they also never forget what Bob Woodward did to them. It's not personal. It's business.

And is Islam being allowed to grow as a benefit or a threat?

Why is George Zimmerman, a man who claims to be Latino, called "white" by CNN? Why is Jesse Jackson suddenly doing illegal things when he's probably been doing them all his life?

I wonder how many times they've tried to kill Woodward? The guy probably won't drink anything that isn't sealed first. If I were him, I'd hire personal security and watch his back. When they go for coffee, that's when the assassin is coming. They'll just let it be.

midnightsstaff said...

Washington Post.. not the LA Times... really do just wing it most of the time don't you?- I thought journalism school might have weaned you off that bad habit..

midnightsstaff said...

Looks like Obama's threatening trick or treat manuver has failed, no cave in by the Republipukes, and what's worse now the idiot public will see nothing happened- he represents the worst governor this nation has ever faced.

Of course the liar in chief will blame the pending collapse on the Republicans but really it doesn't matter, he will anyway.

midnightsstaff said...

Women and Blacks are too unstable to possess firearms says the Democrat party...

.."if you feel like someone's been following you around or if you feel like you're in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop, pop a round at somebody."

and this little gem...

.."Easily available handguns are being used to turn many of our communities into war zones," said Mfume. "The fact that the illegal trafficking of firearms disproportionately affects minority communities in this country is indisputable. Urban communities have sadly become so accustomed to the prevalence of firearms in their neighborhoods that they are no longer shocked at the sound of gunfire."

..evidently the Black Caucus believes that their own constituents haven't the intelligence to own firearms..

strange times we live in..

midnightsstaff said...

I still have zero respect for Woodward, he just bitched a little about the dog and pony show instead of being truthful about the five years of continuous lying the administration has been engaging in.

If he had any moral character he would dedicate his journalistic skills to revealing the truth to the American public.. but he doesn't, that means to me he is still just another Washington Post whore so I don't waste much respect on his sorry ass.

.."F" Bob Woodward.

Jim McAllister said...

How about the Pope for someone being irrelevant.

I'm watching Fox and they are covering his leaving today. No one seems to care; at least like they USED to care when the pope ran Europe.

I wonder how many Catholics practice birth control today. I remember when almost all Catholics in Catholic run Cincinnati had large families because Rome said "No birth control!"

I wish they wouldn't have changed their ways. If Romney would have received all the Catholic votes we may not be looking at the imposter we see in the White House today.

Of course, the Catholics would have had to outnumber the Obamaphone recipients.

midnightsstaff said...

.."already struggling to woo shoppers constrained by higher taxes, is “getting worse” at keeping shelves stocked, the retailer’s U.S. chief told executives, according to minutes of an officers’ meeting obtained by Bloomberg News.
“We run out quickly and the new stuff doesn’t come in,” U.S. Chief Executive Officer Bill Simon said."

Like I said last year..
.. after Christmas comes the bad news... this is the real reason for urgency in taking our last means of resistance..

midnightsstaff said...

I just thought of something..

Rick, you might fit in with the crowd at Mental Physics, just stay away from and try to ignore the satanic rituals and animal sacrifices they host occasionally in the wash behind the facility..

..they're just letting off steam.

midnightsstaff said...

While you are there, remember that the Holy Giant Rock spaceship convention is just a stone throw away from the MP facility...
now... I am certain you will fit in with that crowd..

.."Van Tassel believed he was receiving vital information from alien sources for the construction of a fantastic machine. The body, Van Tassel learned from his alien sources, was an electrical device, and aging was caused by a loss of power. Van Tassel claimed to have even been transported an alien space ship, where he met a wise group of aliens known as the "Council of Seven Lights." Tassel said this extraterrestrial meeting, along with ideas from scientists such as Nikola Tesla, inspired the construction of a building/device which was to be a "rejuvenation machine." It was dubbed "The Integratron."

This was a grand area of the universe for a young pup like me to grow up in It actually goes a long ways in explaining some of my peculiar viewpoints...

Rick, there is a place for you in this world...
Go west young man, go west..

Rick Kepple said...

" really do just wing it most of the time don't you?- I thought journalism school might have weaned you off that bad habit.."

Actually Woodward worked for the Washington Post and I could have sworn that he took work with the LA Times.

Well Middy, that's why you're here to scold me into actually working instead of retiring into iguessomatic style of writing.

"Rick, there is a place for you in this world...
Go west young man, go west.."

Right. It would take thousands of dollars to pay off some bills, get moved (old guy, remember?) and I really can't do that alone anymore, so it really must have been a rhetorical statement.

midnightsstaff said...

I am not scolding, I am pointing out the fact that your facts are simply not's the same approach I use explaining the commie faggot in the White Mosque.

..there is a difference- I have no reason to scold you anymore than I scold the neighbors dog for shitting on my property.

Glo, Recovering Catholic said...

Hey Jim, As a recovering Catholic I have to watch the whole Pope thing with a tinge of amusement. At first I was quite taken aback (vestiges of a Catholic upbringing – I was so cute when I made my First Communion, LOL, and boy were those communion wafers tasty) because, quite honestly, I think the pope should die in office. That’s just me. Of course, I kinda miss having the mass said in latin. Going to church in the 60s was a reverent thing. No screaming babies, cell phones, disrespectful people – peaceful, serene, and a quite a bit scary.

I gave up on the church when I was 14. For giggles, I went to the Xmas Eve mass at St. Gabriel’s in 2011. Yowza!!! What a difference. It was virtually an auditorium, no pews, a singing group, and a guest priest from Africa. I barely made it through before I ran out and headed on home to my atheistic household.

Catholicism is antiquated and irrelevant to the reality of the 21st century. A lot of religions are. Any spirituality I may have is internal and I am at peace with myself with that.

Even if I will burn in hell for all my blasphemy, disbelief, and – shudder – tolerance of people good Christians disapprove of. Well, at least I’ll be in a lot of good company.

PS The gasoline song was used by Tarentino in a perfect scene in Inglorious Basterds, too.

PPS When they were advertising that movie in Ireland in 2009 when I was visiting, what appeared on the TV screen and on posters was Inglorious *********

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I was baptized a Catholic, went to Catholic school and was even an altar boy.

In my 20's I started to question some of the church's political views. What caused me to leave the church was their opposition to the death penalty, promoting illegal immigration and support of gun control. That did it for me.

Got my javelina today on the last day of the hunt. Going to have it made into chorizo and breakfast sausage. Yum yum.

Jim McAllister said...


I think the pope became eventually just a symbol of the Catholic church. He had a lot of dutiful respect but not much power anymore.

In May 1935, French Foreign Minister Pierre Laval allegedly asked Stalin to improve the situation of Catholics in the USSR so as not to provoke a quarrel with the Pope.

At that, Stalin, with his brutal sense of humor, asked, “The Pope? How many divisions does he have?”

That was a famous quote and an example of the pope's loss of influence.

I sure agree with your statement: "Any spirituality I may have is internal and I am at peace with myself with that."

So true; treat others as you would want to be treated. I don't think anyone needs a particular religion to practice that.

I didn't know that about "Inglorious Basterds" having the gasoline song too. Bowie was good; I miss those guys from his era. Most "music" today is crappola.

Jim McAllister said...


Glad to hear you got your pig.

No question about it; the Catholic church has lost a lot of influence and members.

Here is a piece I did a few years ago about the loss of Catholic influence especially in my hometown of Cincinnati which has always been heavily Catholic. Not so much any more.

Rick Kepple said...

So the Pope resigned ... the G20 said in July 2008 (before the election) that Obama would usher in a new world order of peace. Prince Charles' video says how the world's elite wants to make a brand new religion!

Middy, I would love to move back out West, but I'll need help.

Roommates and I are going on a road trip to find ammunition for my guns today. Walmart is out and apparently not restocking.

If only Obama could do for mainstreet businesses what he's done for the firearms' businesses, then the economy would be just fine.

midnightsstaff said...

Thank God you didn't vote for that gun grabbing Mormon eh?

Why I bet he would threatened to disarm the nation and had his head of Homeland Security to buy up all the ammunition in production to ease the final solution once the economy craters.. yeah good thing we didn't take a chance on that guy who would have signed any treaty with the UN.

And monster Romney was also threatening us to open up drilling to create jobs and keep gasoline prices low... we wouldn't want that..

The victims of hurricane Sandy would still be waiting for some relief and living in cold dark crime ridden, damaged homes six months after...
yeah thank God that monster Romney didn't get the chance to just rub their faces in it.

Yes this nation narrowly dodged a bullet last November didn't it?

eat your peas Rick and quit whining about it..

midnightsstaff said...

On the other hand we see this morning that the market is responding well..

Abe Lincoln once noted that "you can fool all of the people some of the time, and you can fool some of the people all of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time" only points out the fact that Abe never visited Clownafornia...

.."The state Board of Equalization voted 3-2 on Thursday to increase the excise tax about 10 percent, from 36 cents per gallon to 39.5 cents per gallon.

The increase is partly due to a $157 million shortfall in gas-tax revenue in fiscal 2012, and also a projection of less consumption by California drivers"

Another brilliant strategy inspired by those who will borrow hundreds of billions of dollars to build that 45 mph.bullet train from Gangland to Fagville come hell or high water.

"Moonbeam Brown" is another Godlike person that lives among mere mortals.

By all means Rick you need to get there no matter what it takes. are a natural...

yes the market is responding well..

Jim McAllister said...

Yeah, the market is doing well. Down 110 at 7:50, not unexpected.

I'm sure Obama will try screwing everything up so he can blame it on the Republicans. I can hear him now: "I told ya so!"


I like the tongue in cheek about Romney. Good dig on the loser we are stuck with.

Jim McAllister said...

The market is really labile now. It went from -10 to -110 in one minute earlier. Now I see it is -52.

Crazy day.

midnightsstaff said...

This has been going on for a couple of years now...

What we have is a market driven by media and political rumor, no longer by fundamentals... it is phony just like Obama is a fake.
The outcome is inevitable, the timing is the only variable in the equation.

I was going to go to the store today but why bother?
after all now that government has shut down what's the point? the traffic lights probably won't work, there will be no emergency personal to respond to the traffic accidents and airplanes falling out of the sky..
I doubt my milk in the refrigerator is cold and the rivers will turn to blood.

There will be nothing there at the stores anyway, kids will have nowhere to go so they will be wandering the streets in gangs desperately going through people's cars for food and water- I doubt my phone works.

Clownafornia representative Maxine Waters says 170 million people are going to lose their jobs.. don't bother coming to work Monday..
.. I know I'm not..

I just hope I can get this entry finished before the lights go out forever- already I see storm clouds on the horizon outside my window, will I still be able to dial Obama's number for help when I "see something" to "say something"?

Like the man a heartbeat away once said.
" THIS IS (^ O ^) BIG!!

Why would the Republicans force us to suffer like this?- really is there any reason to go on with life with the IRS getting furloughed?- oh wait I see they are not getting furloughed until after tax season... least that's a relief!

midnightsstaff said...

See, no problem- the stock market is roaring back now.. the investment bankers plunge protection team has it handled..

..don't want to stampede the herd until the time is right- take them to the edge and then back off, it serves as a false sense of security when the game lets you survive a scare a few times.
.. the manipulated market pullbacks and surges lowers the normal healthy fear aspect of gambling replacing it with a feeling of false security..
Besides, these phony gyrations creates a much bigger take later-
..for some.

Keep in mind that politically protected money has to exit first- let the muppets pick up the tab.. again.

midnightsstaff said...

This is what I was telling you about this morning Jim...
I tossed my whole Java platform last week to no appreciable negative results...

RIP Java.. you were a problem for years... but"nevermore"..

..don't believe me?

Jim McAllister said...

I don't see anything on my control panel about java. Would it be there by another name?

Apparently the sequester failure of Obama didn't phase Wall Street. After being up and down all day it closed at +35.

I still pinch myself every day to make sure I'm not dreaming that a dumb ass like him could be elected.

This country should hang its head in shame. I guess those welfare checks are too strong an incentive.

Rick Kepple said...

Hi Jimmy. My daughter said that she never got her veteran survivor's check today and I don't know anything about that stuff. I sent her a little money anyway. Her mom, that's my first wife, was an Army veteran and she died of cancer a few years ago.

I watched that movie about those cops signing that parenting document and it's weighed on me. So one day, I got an email that Tosha was looking for me and I found her on the web and we started talking.

That movie said that kids who have no father tend to get in trouble more. Her mom's not around anymore, so I'll see that she goes to college and does well in life.

Also something strange. Someone sent my roommate, the computer technician, two brand new laptops! Still in the box. Never uncased. Delivery dude dropped them off and just left.

Nick thinks that Dale ordered them. Dale said that he didn't.

So the year's been strange. I wouldn't be surprised if SN just one day drops in for tea and cookies.

Mike Slater said...

I woke up this morning and the sun was shining and the birds were singing. I guess those budget cuts were not the end of the world.

midnightsstaff said...

Is it safe to come out yet?

midnightsstaff said...

.."It has turned out that the praying Muslims are not at all Russian citizens and they are not Moscow residents. They are labor migrants. There are only 10 percent of Moscow residents among them and building mosques for everyone who wants it – I think this will be over the top,” Sergey Sobyanin said in an interview with Moscow's Echo radio."

Looks like the mayor of Moscow has better sense than any of the mayors in this nation..
They aren't going to allow any further pollution by building mosque's in the city..

Honestly tho which would you pick if you had to, Moscow or Detroit?

I'd take Moscow any day...

Rick Kepple said...

Moscow? Not me. I've seen how those people got to dress up warm nine months out of the year. If I get the slightest whisper of a cold breeze on my back .... spasms.

I'm thinking that I'll take my entourage and we'll run away to a tropical location with a sunny beach after the sale of my farm. The economy will suck and my meager wealth will be worth millions of their currency. Then I'll send a kid down to the store with a wheelbarrow of change for a bottle of their best flavored water.

Jim McAllister said...

I wonder who turned all the Mexican prisoners loose.

Not one of the Washington rats want to admit to it; probably because it could be the final straw for many Americans about this crooked crew.

The White House says it was Nappy. I figured they were just throwing her under the bus and she was being a good soldier but she says its not her. Good for her.

Who does that leave? Weasel Holder or maybe Morton, the ICE guy? Obama has his back against the wall on this so I think it came from him. I'm sure we will never really know.

It's another strike against him though; a well deserved one at that.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm expecting to turn on the TV some morning and find that Washington D.C. is under siege by millions of unemployed rednecks.

I was told at Walmart yesterday that they are hiring only veterans now. No guns and ammo to sell, rationing when they do, and only hiring people trained to kill and obey orders ... okaaaay.

The active duty military is training in case of martial law.

I have never seen a shortage of ammunition this severe since Illinois passed the firearm registration laws. You can't even find rimfire ammo! Anywhere! People are stocking up by the case!

The experts say that any revolution will start in the cities. People will flee for the hills and mountains. High ground.

Now's the time we need to stick together, guys. I can be of tremendous help to people with plenty to lose. Like SN, but I'm sure she has lots and lots of friends and she doesn't need me.

Still snowing.

midnightsstaff said...

What do you mean "we" Kimosabe?

The recently entrapped at first feel nothing- the election is over and the security of a closed door gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Once the moment settles there is a sense of relief if anything because the door has closed keeping others away from his prize and after all there is food available.

He first finds comfort in that the open door which invited him in now is now closed, preventing anyone from taking his prize...

..along with his ability to leave..

Still nothing has changed, he can still see normality all around since he first set foot in the device.

But then an uneasiness begins to set in and the new limitations on his liberty which he had taken granted not long ago has become apparent, he can no longer come and go as he wished but there is food available so he eats and lays down for a nap.

The food runs out (there really wasn't much more than just a bait of it anyway) and then it gets dark and cold.
The first lonely cold night with no protection and no comfort starts to give the unwitting victim a sense of foreboding.

But comes the dawn of a new day which chases away the cold but he realizes he is no longer in control of his own destiny and once again just as hungry as when he stepped in the device.

Not to worry tho someone will surely come along to help because every trap needs attending, someone is always coming to tend and refill the food in the trap you have entered Rick and your problems will be dealt with then.

You and the rest of the 47 percent have made your final choice- you chose peas... eat your peas.

midnightsstaff said...

..this is your future Rick.. enjoy your peas..
You and the rest of the 47% crowd already have accepted the mark of the beast, now all that is left is the tattoo which comes at the reception center..


.."First came the Starachowice ghetto in his hometown in Poland, where the Germans herded his family and other local Jews in 1940, when he was just 12.
..Next came a slave labor camp with six-foot-high fences outside the town, where he and a sister were moved while the rest of the family was sent to die at Treblinka. After his regular work shift at a factory, the Germans would force him and other prisoners to dig trenches that were used for dumping the bodies of victims"

..then it's off to the final solution camps.. you will probably enjoy the riding around part of the new reality- after all you will actually get to go places you have never imagined possible in the US.
..ever seen the inside of a prison Rick?- I have.

(You have no idea how pissed off normal people are at the enablers right now including you Rick, because this is not a game)...

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, I've told you people what I've done and the fact that you don't believe it, isn't my problem. It's yours. And none of you are bothering to pay me any money to help you, so I'm sorry, but I'm not helping you for free.

The government pays me. I don't see any money from rich folks who claim to be the "Job Creators." I don't even see the jobs. Oh, Obama took them, huh?

Now who's enabling who, Middy. You are. Poor little rich people.

Bottom line is that if the rich folks are so damn superior, then this should be a walk in the park for them. They are the chosen ones of God, according to Social Darwinism.

They like Social Darwinism when it comes to them making tons of money and the poor starving. Then it's fine.

Please don't lecture me like you know what's going on, Middy, because you don't. You don't have a clue. You just bitch and that's all you do. Whine.

Make every shot count, Middy. I won't be helping you, unless I see some cash or gold.

Jimmy said once that he wouldn't help anyone and he's my example. I won't either.

Luck to ya, though. The cities will fall first. The good news is that maybe I can find a nice bloodied up rifle on the battlefield after all the idiots killed each other. The snipers will still be out. The second wave will be worse. They'll come into the rural areas.

The days of the open battlefields are over. Now, it's urban, but I'll still need stuff.

It is impossible to survive apart from society. Impossible.

So besides bitch, what have you done to get ready for the collapse, Middy? I know. You bought gold. Try eating it.

Rick Kepple said...

So what are you tough guys gonna do? Make a martini and complain more? Wait until some flunky reads your bitching and picks up a gun to do what you'd never do in a million years?

So what do you suggest, Middy? Nothing, that's what. You just bitch about Obama and that's it.

I've prepared. Jimmy said he was gonna buy a farm years ago, but he never did do it. Too late now.

Well if times get tough, you can hunt them desert hogs. Maybe go fishing in that Tempe Lake. Grow some vegetables in your yard.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, you mentioned "Enabler." If you're talking about my step-daughter, it's the least I can do for her mother.

If you're suggesting that somehow I created this mess, no. You guys did. SN did.

I warned you folks and y'all have the money, clout and power and you did nothing.

When the shooting starts, I'm sure there will be lots of crack dealers who wind up dead. It's the nature of their work.

CJ Phoenix said...

"I wonder who turned all the Mexican prisoners loose...Obama has his back against the wall on this so I think it came from him."

You know what? I believe that it may have been Obama himself too. Here is why: If you look at some of the services the media is reporting will likely be impacted by the cuts -- stuff like air travel & police services &, of course, low level immigration policy offenders...-- those are services that the well-to-do enjoy far more than the average joe who is struggling to get by.

It actually sounds to me like Obama is saying, "Okay, here are your cuts...But you're not gonna like them." And he is saying it to the Republicans & Tea Party, not so much to the Democrats who elected him. Of course, everybody may be effected by many of the cuts to some degree or another but it definitely looks to me like he went after certain pet projects more than others. Too bad he couldn't simply cut all the benefits of being in Congress because then we would see some real compromise.

Rick Kepple said...

I went looking for ammo on the Internet. Cabela's said that they are out and ammo can't be backordered.

Bass Pro said the only ammo they have are rationed in stores.

midnightsstaff said...

shove it..

Bet you didn't know that white tuna you have been buying more than likely is Escolar eh?

.."Escolar is the most controversial fish that you are likely to find in your fish market. This firm, white fleshed fish has an incredibly rich flavor, often described as 'succulent', or a fattier version of swordfish. Why so rich? It turns out that Escolar's diet contains food high in wax esters. Wax esters that are really difficult for Escolar to digest. As a result, these esters build up in the fish.

Where is the controversy in a buttery, delicious fish? I would say it is in the laxative like effect it has on a certain percentage of the population. Well, a 'laxative like effect' is how my fish monger described it. Others would describe it as closer to diahhrea. An expert would call it 'keriorrhoea'. Literally translated, it means 'flow of wax'. Oily orange droplets pouring out your pooper. Keriorrhoea occurs because the wax esters in the flesh of the fish pool up in your intestine.

Some reports of Escolar related illness include cramping, nausea, diarrhea, the itis, and other abdominal pains."

caveat emptor as they say at the sushi bar.

The good old fashioned horse meat we all grew up on is looking more like the wholesome, intelligent and palatable modern choice.. at least now we finally know what that mystery meat at Taco Bell is.. might want to stay away from the fish sandwich tho....

I for one am a little relieved mainly because I had long suspected they made a deal with the animal shelter.

... and while we are on the subject, did you know that three out of five American children do not get the USDA daily recommended dosage of terpenoids which Basil is a rich source of.
The US Surgeon General recommends everyone include Basil in their daily diet to help maintain weight, insure a healthy coat, bright eyes and an increased libido. more Basil..

CJ Phoenix said...

Basil Rathbone died in 1967. Are they mixing long dead actors in with our meat now too?

Jim McAllister said...


Gallup has Barry's approval at 47% today. That's pretty bad for a president who just got re-elected and if he is doing what you say, he is dumber than any of us ever thought.

My guess is that even the Obama lovers are finally realizing the guy is incompetent. He fought to get tax increases on the successful and wealthy in January and the Republicans caved and gave him what he wanted. Now, he wants MORE from those people.

Do you know who they are? They are the ones who own businesses that provide jobs for a lot of people: the exact people that he is constantly crying about: the middle class.

Do you think those people will continue to hire if they keep getting nailed by an unqualified guy like him? Of course not; he is trying to shoot himself in the foot. Those people are sitting on millions and under these conditions, are not going to spend.

At the end of March, we get to go through this again. Is that what you want? I have news for you: The guy is going to kill business and cause more unemployment which is ridiculous now.

Some of the cuts wouldn't even be noticed but he certainly doesn't want that. It's important to him that he be able to say "I told you so" in order to satisfy his enormous ego and make people like you who hate the rich and successful feel satisfied.

midnightsstaff said...

I'll have no more of this type of talk about our president..
He is doing the best he can with the mess GWB left the nation in.

Every day he looks to heaven for inspiration on how he can better serve his fellow man.
A Nobel Peace Prize winner, a natural leader, and a loving family man he is universally respected by nearly every American for his compassion and vision.

There has been no finer leadership since the day of Abraham Lincoln.
The very crease of his trousers crackle with power, he is a true Colossus among mere mortals both at the global boardroom as well as on the basketball court.

It was an act of unselfish devotion to the nation for his entering politics abandoning for the love of country a chance to star in the NBA.'s widely rumored that the night he made his decision he actually sweat drops of blood, and you sit there in your easy chair question his judgment?

Of course the filthy rich have too much money ask anybody, they steal it from the truly deserving so it's only natural and right that they should share some of their stolen goods with the deserving they stole it from in the first place.

While we are on the subject, I think it's inspirational for him to demand a fair share for the children of America and to do everything in his power to guarantee the future generations will always have a chance for a better life than the one before..
..true greatness walks among us.

Pax Obama..

midnightsstaff said...

I don't know what came over me..

Rick Kepple said...

Uh oh. He's got the oversized rat photo again. Middy's stressing and going nuts.

Middy is "normal." Yes, hold your applause.

I'm glad I don't live in a city with millions of armed Middy's all chattering about getting out and going to live in the backwoods of the Ozarks, when in fact they can't stand dirt. Eeeeewwww!

"Mommy, can we go home now?!"

"No honey, rioters looted our home after the government confiscated our guns, so eat your acorns and crawdads."

Go out in the desert, stand there, look around and just think ... society has gone to hell. What are you gonna do?

Practice, practice, practice.

Rick Kepple said...

There is this thought that keeps running through my mind that is a warning of things to come.

"Stop paying the bills. Save money. Stock up."

I listened to Middy, Jimmy, y'all and sold my tractor, my guns, my ammo, lots of stuff and I've been trying to be more like "Normal" people.

When I do things, I'm not living for today, but for the impossible that will happen tomorrow.

You people made me doubt my own sanity and that won't be forgiven. You people are worse than the government, but it will be fun to be here on the day that your existence comes to an end.

I talked to Barbara Nicks before she died. I knew then, but I think I already told Stevie and she paid me the usual nothing. She probably reminded me that I "threatened her."

That's a game that rich people do, you see. It's so they don't have to pay me and they think they get over, but I know they've rightly screwed themselves.

SN likes to talk about Karma and she knows NOTHING about Karma. Some rich woman who destroyed me for the fun of it. She's a liar and I can easily prove it just from her own interviews on Youtube.

I've still got all that stuff you people said in hard copy and on those little plastic CD's. Nifty. Y'all said that I was nuts for telling you that all this stuff going on now would happen. You called me delusional.

I'm gonna start buying what I need and want and if you're invested in the banks that I won't be paying, that's too fricking bad.

SN lied to me. She's your example. Blame her, because I will help Obama and the NWO, but not any of you.

The government has been good to me. To quote SN, "what good are you?"

Rick Kepple said...

Here. You folks already know this, but Rich Guy 101: Blame the poor for your poor decision making.

I know all about rich people from my experience with SN and the Bush family. They want me to make them rich, but tell me how lazy I am when I don't make myself rich.

Users. They're little more than drug addicts and money is their fix.

I will never forgive for what rich people did to me over the years and what you people did on azcentral ... well, Karma sucks, doesn't it?

One thing that the government taught me that the best way to hurt the rich is either to give them precisely what they want and when they mess up, it's evidence they can't be trusted, OR don't do a damn thing.

It's what SN has done to me. A whole lot of nothing.

Bodo wanted to be friends, and knowing that my wife drank herself to death and knowing that I do not drink alcohol, brings me back a bottle of RUM from the Queen Elizabeth II.

That's what the rich do. They are just like Bodo and SN.

SHOW ME different. You CAN'T.

midnightsstaff said...

If anyone is offended by the treatment they get after breaking in uninvited then insulting everyone in the state for years on end maybe they should exercise their option to leave and never come back..

But they don't..

That leads us to an even more disturbing conclusion to draw, their personality disorder includes an element of masochism or at minimum the cultivation of a perpetual victim role to play for sympathy.. been begging by the on ramp again Rick?

..well sympathy for scum of the earth is in short supply here Rick.. we don't like it, we don't accept it.

On a sad note I saw that Bonnie Franklin died of pancreatic cancer this week.
She was no role model for the youth of this nation or anyone else but by today's standards a veritable saint..

Pax Obama.

CJ Phoenix said...

"It's important to him that he be able to say "I told you so" in order to satisfy his enormous ego and make people like you who hate the rich and successful feel satisfied."

You know what, Jim? I do not hate "rich people" as you (& Rick) so often call those with the means & the power to provide for themselves. Nor do I believe that you really hate people who are down on their luck -- "poor people" so to speak -- when you grossly oversimplify every issue you encounter & turn every situation in life into a pissing contest between the haves & those who have not. I just analyze the issues more than you do. Issues are not always black or white, red state or blue my humble opinion. And when I perceive some value to a proposed solution to a problem on one side of the aisle or the other, I frequently take that side of the argument. Even if it is the Republican side at that time.

I am gonna state this one more time: I voted for the Obama/Biden ticket last time just because the other two candidates sucked big ones on at least one key issue for me. Because, truth be told, I did not like either of the two main choices. Nothing new about that actually... BTW, I just gotta ask, how do you like McCain now, Jim? I mean, now that he has flopped on your pet issue of the 2008 election -- illegal immigration -- & is working with the Democrats toward compromise? Of course, I voted for him back then too...But like the election in 2012, I simply perceived that choice to be the lesser of two evils so I took your side.

midnightsstaff said...

..this is your government at work protecting you.. and the cover up that followed.

So what was that key issue Cj?
I see absolutely no comparison between the choice given last November.

.."I voted for the Obama/Biden ticket last time just because the other two candidates sucked big ones on at least one key issue for me."

In other words you are a one issue voter eh?- what was that misplaced single fulcrum of the choice that forced your decision?- what was promised by one candidate that made your choice for you?

..nice touch BTW setting up the straw man McCain as tho we were championing him.. you know full well that none of us liked him either- we were holding our noses and pulling the lever because we knew it would be hard to find anyone worse than Obama- and we were right many times over.

But you have pulled the lever for communism twice in the last five years, last November after watching four years of incompetence built upon treason.

.. so how do you justify selling out the entire nation for your own benefit?
I can only see one compelling reason.. like Esau who sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge you sold everyone else's Liberty and chance for success for your government cell phone and a snap card..

Mike Slater said...

McCain is a RINO. Always has been and always will be. He runs to the right to get reelected then goes back to the middle.

I fear Flake will be the same way.

midnightsstaff said...

You are absolutely right about Flake mike, there really isn't anyone in the Arizona Republipuke party that is worth defending right now.

The only time I ever hear Flake is the Barry and his Cougar sidekick show on KFYI every Friday when Jeff stops by and brings a box of donuts and a load of Republi-crap.

Kavenaugh is another horse's ass desperately looking for a horse- you need to deal with that Jim.

..gonna get real ugly before it improves.

Now I find out that due to gerrymandering the double tapered one, Grivalda is now my representative... lol- good..he is on his last term- where I live we don't tolerate embarrassingly stupid greasy commies representing us.

midnightsstaff said...

Never at a loss for new talent the communist party is grooming another airhead for a Senate seat..
Unfortunately she appears to be as nearly useless as Mitch McConnell, the incumbent wart on a hogs ass that is currently in that spot wasting space.

..just listen to this simpleminded bitch field a few questions for as long as you can take it to see the mind of the Democrat voter that she is appealing to.

Cj ought to be impressed.

These are the type of near moronic, marginally attractive women that cause men to stay single.. least she doesn't have an Obama tattoo on her neck that I could see.

midnightsstaff said...

..better watch this one quick, NBC is in the process of scrubbing it from most sites..

midnightsstaff said...

.."The “Alliance For An Affordable Internet” is a public-private partnership which intends to build a huge, expensive African Internet. Its headquarters are in Nairobi, Kenya, now dubbed “Africa’s Silicon Valley”.

Hillary Clinton alluded to this monstrous State Department project when she stepped down from her Secretary job on February 1, 2013. She said, “One billion more persons will have access to the Internet”. She did not expand her sentence to include…
.. “and Americans will pay for most of it”.

Here is the scheme: Bloomberg News reported on Feb 14, 2011 that President Obama’s budget for FYE2012 will include $307 billion in grants to Silicon Valley.
Specifically, the individual grant amounts in Obama’s budget are: $148 billion for research and development, $80 billion for federal information systems and $77.4 billion for computer education.
Much (most?) of the grant money will be spent for Africa’s Internet.

Hey Cj, is building an internet in the dark continent one of the things you wanted to do with my tax money this year?

Here let me spell it out for you that are too stupid to think for yourselves, he is paying back campaign donations to the Sillicon Valley with tax money... helloooo??

If you had a clue you would be embarrassed over some things this clown is doing,..but you're not.

Mike Slater said...

Middy, Grijalva is a POS. Move as quick as you can.

midnightsstaff said...

Like Hell mike, we have him where we want him now.
The community I live in has two lakes, a yacht club and a large voting block that never deviates, voting 98% in support of Sheriff Joe.

..he won't be getting re elected with this crowd- I guarantee that we would have voted for the rocket scientist that ran against him the last election.

How much federal aid did it take for you to bag a pig?- did a public school teacher help you?

.."you didn't shoot that- some school teacher along the way had to help, or..."..or..

Mike Slater said...

I don't know, lots of lib trash in that district.

No federal aid to take my pig although the feds might be upset if they knew I used an AR-15 "assault weapon" to make the kill.

I always love the smell of gun fire in the morning, it smells like victory.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm just getting tired of being blamed for this economy, because I'm disabled.

I try to make peace and people got to start it up before and I don't mind one bit.

I'm watching who is going to be the next Pope. The Antichrist, maybe?

President Obama is not behind everything. It's impossible. He's a puppet along with the rest of them.

This is all choreographed and the rich deliberately collapsed the economy to force change and hope happens to be the greatest motivator, or so I've heard.

midnightsstaff said...

I think there is a bounty on feral hogs from Florida to central Tejas, they are runnin' wild back there and harder to get than people think.

Pigs are relatively smart and do a lot of damage to ranches and farms.
Coyotes in the back yard were slicing something up last night about moonrise, guess I'll take down that lost dog flyer on the mailboxes tomorrow.

.."There is this thought that keeps running through my mind that is a warning of things to come.
"Stop paying the bills. Save money. Stock up."
I listened to Middy, Jimmy, y'all and sold my tractor, my guns, my ammo, lots of stuff and I've been trying to be more like "Normal" people."

I would imagine you did that stop paying bills trick a while back Rick, as to the rest you are on your own..
Once you get to Clownafornia give Mental Physics a honest evaluation, I think you would fit in and probably end up running the joint.

..just don't laugh at the pet lizard they call Ed.

hey Rick, guess we both have an over sized rat on our avatars now eh?

Jim McAllister said...

"I always love the smell of gun fire in the morning, it smells like victory."

Especially with a pig on the fire and hot black coffee.

It's a wonderful thing!

midnightsstaff said...

Ya know Jim, the more I think about it the more obvious that this Obamacare nonsense is not even doing a thing about the costs of medicine, and after all isn't that what someone should be talking about?

It's just another cynical reshuffling of the deck chairs over who gets stuck with the bill.

Once government got involved in the first place the end we are looking at now was preordained.

There simply is no fix left unless someone comes up with an idea that cuts the costs by sixty percent across the board in medicine- and what's the chances of that?

I wonder how many people the Arizona javelina population can support? of course they don't just come to you to be petted and I doubt but very few guys could actually bag many.. least mike will make it..

Rick Kepple said...

We got wild hogs in Missouri too. They're supposedly tasty, but not like bacon and full of diseases.

Jimmy, you oughta stop by sometime. Sit out in the woods by a cracklin' fire. Pretend that life is simple and nothing to worry about but going fishing.

Anonymous said...

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