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Saturday, February 09, 2013


Remember when someone would be considered “fat” if they were short and weighed 400 pounds?  How about someone who refused to work and sponged off others being called a “bum.”  Let’s not forget the guy who would pick up your trash as the “garbage man” and guys like George Washington, Jefferson, Adams, etc. being known as the “Founding Fathers.”

Forget all that as we are now in the idiotic world of political correctness and are not supposed to use those terms.  I say “we” are in that world but in reality I am not a member of the political correctness society and I’m sure many of you aren’t either.

Today, in our liberal society that dreads the remotest possibility that someone may have their feelings hurt, that 400 pound guy would be referred to as having “an enlarged physical condition caused by a completely natural genetically induced hormone imbalance.”  To those of us who are from the old school he still is “fat”.  The “bum” is now a “homeless person” and the “Founding Fathers” are “The Founders”.  We can’t risk offending women of the 18th century who might have pitched in!  As for the “garbage man” he is now a “sanitation engineer.”

I wonder where this "sanitation engineer" from the 
1950s received his degree.  Yale?  Harvard?
It’s all nonsense brought about by a clueless group of today that has no sense of reality.  I remember a few years ago when Tiger Woods hit a bad shot, the microphone picked up his voice muttering “I hit that like a retard!”  He caught hell over that even though not too many years’ earlier “retard” or “retarded” were common terms for someone with a mental disability.  Another no-no was from Barack himself when he proved on the bowling lanes that he has no athletic ability whatsoever and exclaimed that he looked like he was a member of the Special Olympics.

Philip Atkinson, author of A Study of Our Decline, says it best: "Political Correctness is merely the resentment of spoiled children directed against their parent’s values." 

It’s not just political correctness that is annoying today.  How about some of the popular expressions we have to hear continuously.  What better place to start on those than from Barack himself.  This guy is more repetitive than a Thompson machine gun but far less effective.  How many times have we heard him say “…but I won” and “It’s a problem that I inherited.”  My favorites are “Make no mistake.”  “Change isn't easy.”  “Let me be clear.”

Remember a few years ago when there wasn’t a teen age girl in captivity that didn’t utter “Whatever!” at least a hundred times a day?  It’s still around but like “awesome” and “dude”, is not as popular as it once was.

Our buddy Barack gets to take credit again for the term “fair share” as in “I want to raise taxes on the rich so they pay their “fair share” to support the bums on welfare.”

Then there is “not a problem” (what happened to O.K.?), home invasion (it sounds less crude than “break in”), “my bad” (sounds stupid even from a kid), “hone in” (are people so dumb they don’t know its “home in”) and many others of which I’m sure you are familiar.

Be patient; I’m sure more inanity is on the way.


Steve/DG said...

I don't care too much for PC, but I do think the president (or other statesman, er, statesperson) should be careful on their words -- it's not like your or I are saying it which is different. It's also the platform... what I say on the golf course or at a bar isn't necessarily what I'd say at a customer meeting.

One of my favorites is the military term sniper is actually "Extended Long Range Firepower Support". Also, according to some colleges "freshman" is offensive and they want "First Year" now.

George Carlin did a hilarious bit on PC that took the form "shell shock" all the way to "post traumatic stress disorder". Check it out if it's around on YouTube.

Steve/DG said...

Found one... eight minutes tho. I couldn't find (well, I didn't want to waste more than another second) of him doing it in stand up because easily 50% of Carlin's humor was his delivery and facial expressions.

Euphemistic Languages:

Glo, Old but Proud Fat Broad from the 60s said...

Ok, Jim – don’t get me started on PC! It’s so far from common sense and reality now that people are afraid to speak and write not only lest they accidentally insult someone, but get sued because of that insult.

I grew up in an age where we called black people negroes, then colored, then black. I won’t get into the nasty descriptive words that my family and friends used in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I’m sure you’ve heard them in Blazing Saddles (which could NEVER be made today) and on All in the Family. Suffice to say, ‘African American’ wasn’t on their radar. It isn’t on mine, either. I use black, as a description and not as a derogatory comment. I don’t mind being called white: I don’t want to be called Caucasian. And we called Asians Orientals – don’t try that now.

Little people used to be called midgets and dwarves. People with Down’s Syndrome were called mongoloids. Yes, retard was a common word. I always battled my weight, and when I was a kid I was ‘pleasantly plump’ or ‘chubby.’ Jim, I was FAT!

I’m sure a lot of women would kill if they were called chicks or babes or – God forbid – broads. Being called a great broad was a compliment back in the days of the Rat Pack. Now, use it and you’ll wind up in court. Frankie would never survive in today’s world.

And today they have waste management instead of garbage collection. I think I’ve heard ‘failure’ referred to as a ‘deferred success.’

Hey – let’s not forget that wonderful 90s saying from Clueless – As IF!!!

Rick Kepple said...
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Glo said...

Well, so much for respecting other posters and keeping on the actual topic ...

Mike Slater said...

Jim, all this PC talk is BS.

Take the N word for example. If a white person calls a black the N word they get offended yet if a black calls another black the N word they don't get offended.

That's the problem with liberalism today. They don't want anyone to be offended. Take gays for instance. You can't call them fags because that would offend them. Mexicans the same way. You can't refer to them as beaners because that's offensive.

The Arizona Republic blog site is the same.Their Nazi police will censure any comment they don't like even if it's a historical fact.

I commented on a blog about illegals and cited a program that President Eisenhower had to deport illegals called "Operation Wetback"
I was censured right away for using a term they didn't like.

sam said...

Most of the terms to describe people when I was a kid...and even later...are now as verboten as it once was for a US soldier to fall in love with a German girl...(a movie, by the way)...retard was NOT only a reference to spark-plug timing..."grandpa" is not always a term of endearment...and most today under the age of 60 have never heard the term "jacknape", let alone know what it was a "nice" way to call someone a monkey or ape...distinctly negative in the old days.
I grew up living in a housing complex during the depression which was nearly 1/2 Black (Negro in those days, even by themselves) and we all associated almost as family. We called each other various names...with no malice...which today would get one jailed..after being beat to a pulp. When I was in Alabama and Georgia back in the late '50s and early '60s, the term "boy" was reserved for Blacks--of any age.
For the record, I am prejudiced...but not racially nor religiously....I am prejudiced against all manner of idiocy and bigotry.
For the record, I refuse to refer to Blacks as African Americans, Orientals as Chinese (or other) American, etc....they need to decide their allegiance and identify themselves appropriately.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the clip by Carlin; he was always a favorite of mine. Even in his days with slick black hair on the Smothers Brothers show. He was straight laced in those days with a suit and tie.

He had a routine that was really funny as he played "Al Sleet, a TV weatherman." His forecast for the evening was always "Dark."

He sure has it right on the terminology. Anything bad today is glossed over with a new name. I well remember all those old terms like "battle fatigue".

First year? Ha! Their Freshman and always will be to me.

Jim McAllister said...


When I hear "African American" I laugh. Even Bill Cosby said it's ridiculous and that most of them don't know where Africa even is or that it is a continent.

I wonder what they call white people who leave Africa and move here and get citizenship. As George Carlin would probably say: "You can't call them African Americans because you have to be black to be that."

It's just another stupid incorrect name for black people. I go by "black" and if they don't like it, too bad. I'm not about to call someone an African American. It's just plain incorrect and is simply some stupid made up name from the liberals who feel they have to placate everyone.

Times have sure changed. The liberals are the reason a lot of blacks are so angry today. They believe all the shit they hear from those phonies like Obama.

When I was in the USAF from 1961-65, I lived in a barracks with a lot of white and black guys and we all got along fine.

Jim McAllister said...


I know what you mean. There are different standards for different people.

When I was writing for Plugged-in at the Republic, I did a story on Dick Van Dyke who lived in cave creek for a few years in the early 70s when they did his show at the old carefree Studios on Scottsdale Road.

Every time I typed "Dick Van Dyke" the "Dyke" would get the "inappropriate term" designation. I told them it was the man's name for christ's sake and they just said "tough". I had to put stars and dashes between the letters to get it through.

It's ridiculous. That's the kind of nonsense we have today in this PC world.

Jim McAllister said...


I remember when "retard" was in reference to electrical or spark plugs. It was a very common word usage for anything that was slowed down or stopped.

I remember mothers telling their kids that smoking would "retard" their growth. Very innocent word in those days.

I also remember "jacknapes". Sure don't hear that one any more.

I have never figured out why Asians don't like "Oriental". Do you know?

All these dumbass do gooders who think they are helping minorities by teaching them to be overly sensitive, are making things worse.

I had a lot of black friends in the USAF who would have laughed at these clown liberals of today.

Jim McAllister said...


Blazing Saddles" is one of the funniest films I have seen. Remember when Cleavon Little was riding into town as the new sheriff and they kept saying "He's a N.. (Bong! as the church bell drowned out the last part of the word).

That was hilarious stuff in 1973 that we will never see again.

I miss Mel Brooks.

Glo, Politially Incorrect & Proud of It! said...

Jim, Too many funny scenes to count in BS, but one of my faves would have to be where Gene and Cleavon are trying to entice the KKKers behind a rock so they can steal their outfits. Gene yells something like "Hey look boys" and pulls Cleavon out from behind the rock. Cleavon says "Where're the white women?" and that did it! LOL

Jim McAllister said...

Joe Finnerty has left a new comment on your post "POLITICALLY CORRECT NONSENSE AND TIRESOME EXPRESSI...":

Political correctness is a great topic. Its origins may lie in Hollywood as much as Washington.

Old movies contain words no longer considered appropriate by the PC police. Here are some I heard recently while watching TCM: Coon, nigger, maniac, broad, faggot, guinea, wop, and Okie. I believe we should leave them embedded in our history, but not carry them forward. In this regard, I favor political correctness.

While some old films served up hilariously risqué dialogues, screenwriters endeavored to avoid using the word, “prostitute.” Instead, they substituted euphemisms: harlot, bad woman, street walker. I would prefer they had called the lady what she was, a prostitute, not a “working girl” or a “tramp.” In this instance, I vote against PC.

Swear words: Until Rhett said “I don’t give a damn,” screen actors did not curse. Now they spew out a torrent of vulgarities. In the film, “Argo,” some of them say repeatedly, “ahgof…yourself” to lighten the tension. They might have used the milder, “ahgotohell,” and gotten the same comic reaction, but no, they chose to use the more obscene phrase, and repeat it over and over and over and over and . . . I wish movies could be more prudent in its use of Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words. He said what we tried not to express in polite society. Are we a better one now that such language is rampant? I think not. I favor PC in the sense that such low-life language degrades subject matter, substituting raw frankness for subtle understanding and nuances.

Case in point: In “Downton Abbey” a broken oven prevents the downstairs cook from preparing a banquet for the upstairs royals who resort to eating an impromptu indoor buffet/picnic. Distraught by the fact that the guests enjoyed themselves, the butler says, “Where’s the elegance and the style in that?” He hated to see this crack in the wall of English tradition, this lowering of the bar. I’m with him. We need to uphold as much of our Western culture as possible. It can’t be done by sanitizing our language. It must be done by acknowledging our baseness but striving to improve our manners.

I favor political correctness when it achieves that goal, but acknowledge that much of it is ludicrous. For me, it began when my company fired “Personnel” and hired “Human Resources” thinking it would improve how employees thought of themselves. I felt degraded. I always thought of myself as a person, not a business asset

CJinPhoenix said...

One of my favorite movies, "A Fish Called Wanda," made fun of all kinds of things, including stutterers, the French, Germans, Americans...The first time I saw the movie was because it was being released to network TV while I was living in California & people were complaining about how offensive the movie was so it was going to be sanitized by the censors. I seem to remember that the stuttering was causing the greatest problem...Therefore, I rented the movie & I loved it.

CJinPhoenix said...

ON SECOND THOUGHT: Perhaps the reason why the stutterers caused the most problems was because they were the most vocal...Using the greatest amount of sound to get a single complaint out.

Glo said...

CJ: Loved 'Fish.' Did you know the whole cast made a second movie together called Fierce Creatures? Very funny, too. You should rent it if you can.

Joe: There was a big to-do to allow Gable to say "I don't give a damn:" the decency board wanted the line to be "I don't give a hoot." Ugh. Thank God they won that battle!

AHiredGun said...

Jim: In reference to your comment "I miss Mel Brooks", he may not (or may still?) be doing films these days, be he is very much alive.

Blazing Saddles, an all time classic movie, succeeded because it was made at a time the the issues raised and statements made in the movie were at the forefront of American discourse. If made today, I don't think it would succeed. Then again, Django had a "liberal" sprinkling of the "N" word throughout the movie.

Glo said...

AHG: It's twue! It's twue!

Glo said...

AHG: It's twue! It's twue!

Jim McAllister said...


Cleavon was a guy from the era where black people were able to laugh at themselves and they weren't the only ones like that; the Jews had more of a sense of humor too. Just look at some of the stuff Mel Brooks wrote. Nothing was sacred.

Today, everyone is offended at the slightest notion. They need to lighten up but as long as we have the liberal ruling society, it never is going to happen.

The 30s and 40s were great eras of no holds barred humor and everyone seemed to survive. One has to learn to laugh at one's self. I wish I had a dollar for every time my instructors in USAF basic training called me "seal beams" because I wore glasses!lol

Maybe that is a reason for all the political correctness nonsense of today: guys don't have to face the military anymore; they can stay home where their moms will let them be undisciplined slobs while they try to to make the world something that it is never going to be.

Glo said...

Jim, Actually, I blame the psychotic PC on the legal system (notice that I didn't say the justice system - that concept done been long buried). Bottom-feeding scumsukkers (i.e., lawyers) will sue because of smooth versus chunky peanut butter, an 'inappropriate' word tossed out without malice, or because the sun came up 13 seconds later than the weatherman predicted and caused someone $10M worth of undue emotional pain and suffering. Our society redefines the word litigious, and the media fans the flames with their emphasis on stupidity and irrelevency instead of genuine news and issues (watching the Today show, oh how I miss Kronkite!). We could reinstitute the draft and this would still be the case, except that there would be 2,356,910 additional lawsuits screaming unconstitutionality at the demand for military service. Face it, we're doomed. Which is why I'm glad I'm on the downside of my life span and not starting out. At least I have good memories of the way things used to be and should be.

Jim McAllister said...


I think that if those terms you mentioned in your first paragraph are used in the correct context they are all right since they were typical of their time or are needed to make the story make sense. They also provide a good history lesson for film students.

For example, I watch "The Grapes of Wrath" every time it's on and the use of "okie" is very appropriate because that was the term for those poor suckers from Oklahoma when Steinbeck wrote the book.

The same applies to "broad". I doubt if the rat pack could have made a film without calling women that several times. Angie Dickinson didn't seem to mind! LOL

As far as today, we are pretty much on the same wavelength. The one word a lot of these films seem the proudest of is "f-ck".

I can live with the damns and hells but I REALLY object to the "f" word because I think the only reason it is used is because they can get away with it and they know many viewers will be outraged. It's childish and disgusting to hear it over and over just because Hollywood says it now OK.

I don't even go to the show anymore because of that plus I have no use for most of the actors today except in the British films where class still exists with people like Bill Nighy, Dame Judi Dench, Bob Hoskins, Colin Firth and many others. Thank God we still have Meryl Streep and a few others that exude class here.

I love your comment: "We need to uphold as much of our Western culture as possible. It can’t be done by sanitizing our language. It must be done by acknowledging our baseness but striving to improve our manners."

Your key words are "improve our manners." I agree and as I intimated earlier, I think that when this country dropped the military draft in 1973 they did a great disservice to the younger guys although I'm sure they were glad to avoid military duty for two years.

I still have habits that I learned in the military and can spot an ex-military guy right away. A little discipline and being away from home for a while is a good thing.

I remember when "Human Resources" reared its ugly head. What a joke that was and it was a harbinger for much worse to come. It's like George Carlin said: "During WWI guys in battle were considered "shell shocked." Today they gloss it over and call it "Post traumatic stress syndrome." What a joke!

Jim McAllister said...


Barb and I saw "A Fish called Wanda" when it came out in 1988 and you're right; nothing was sacred in that film!

I always liked anything with John Cleese; I wish "Fawlty Towers" was still on. It had its share of disrespect like when the Spanish guy who was the bell boy (Manuel) would screw up and Basil would tell a guest that "You'll have to excuse Manuel; he's from Barcelona!"

Kevin Kline was great in "Fish" as was Jamie Lee Curtis. Definitely a funny film that required viewers to have a thick skin.

I love that stuff. We have to learn to laugh at ourselves. Too many people take themselves WAY too serious. I believe we are both familiar with one of them from the blog days on AZ Central. He was the loser of all losers and from what I see, still is. LOL

Jim McAllister said...


Mr. Breen must have been in a good mood the day they approved "damn" for GWTW.

It was tough to get much past the Catholic Legion of Decency. Films made in 1933 were a lot different from 1934 when the Hayes rules were finally enforced.

Jim McAllister said...


Welcome back; it's been a while.

Yes, Brooks is still around at 86 but I haven't heard much from him lately.

The guy was a genius with his films. He was married to Ann Bancroft until she died in 2005. She was great especially in "The Graduate"; a great film that seems mild today.

Jim McAllister said...


Unfortunately, everything you say is correct.

I think it was in one of Shakespeare's plays where someone said "Let's kill all the lawyers!" We probably should (except AHG who, in spite of his liberal mindset, is a nice guy).

Litigation is a joke as are the silly lawsuits constantly being filed in hope of an undeserved big payday.

I remember many years ago when lawyers stared advertising on TV. I was shocked! When I was a kid, they were all distinguished old guys in three piece suits. Now they try to get groups of people together to force lawsuits over nonsense.

Glo, Reality-Based said...

Glo, being of reasonable intelligence and common sense, knows that bitching will not change anything. As in the rest of the RELEVANT posts to Jim's subject, I believe I was expressing my opinion and not drifting off to a fantasy world where a snap of the fingers will make the old world order so. There are enough fantasy-ridden whackjobs out there in blog land to accommodate that consideration.

CJinPhoenix said...

Jim, The term "Okie" back in the day was not an affectionate term the way many people -- descendents of Okies -- may use the term now. In fact, it was used to demean & discriminate against people -- deny people work, housing, food for their families, fair pay for honest work done, even run whole families out of town...I use the term myself every now & then but, honestly, I never, ever used that term in front of my grandfather who actually did come from OK to Phoenix as a boy during the 1930s & whose family once got a teacher fired for labeling him "Okie" (Phoenix Union HS) -or- in front of my grandmother whose family actually came here in the 30s from northern TX, all 5 kids in the back of an old pick up, picking cotton for gas money...And, of course, my grandma's family were double trouble because they had obviously dark "injun" skin. I'm just saying that this line: "...the use of "okie" is very appropriate because that was the term for those poor suckers from Oklahoma when Steinbeck wrote the book," is not entirely accurate. Steinbeck was actually recording an injustice to certain people shortly after it occurred & while the prejudice against the group was still potent (1939).

midnightsstaff said...

.."‘African American’ wasn’t on their radar. It isn’t on mine"

Ha..Glo,the world went to hell in a handbasket when the Little Black Sambo restaurant chain got their lunch money stolen by the newly liberated and energized Black power movement.

I got admit I have lots of respect for a tough old broad who is willing to stand up for her rights and age gracefully- Looks like the new norm around Scottsdale is a "Cougar Junction" reality show shoot..
Who says a lavender poodle to match mom's hair reflects the new standards? but these are amazing times.

By the way I used to tell people that I was a Hazardous Waste Management technician specializing in Long Term storage and arbitrary untreated waste release for the State of Confusion..

The hardbitten tough old broads in a backwater town seemed to be impressed with that title as long as I gave her a good tip.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Face it, we're doomed. Which is why I'm glad I'm on the downside of my life span and not starting out. At least I have good memories of the way things used to be and should be".

Ya know it's all you effin' optimists that muck up the works for us truly dark and brooding dyspeptic troglodytes out here turning toadstools into matsutake day after day.
..another Mary Poppins.

midnightsstaff said...

.."The woman naturally blamed me for being nuts"

Freudian slip?

PROUD said...

Decided to see if all the media hype was accurate...

Spent 3 hours in my garage watching the Chamois....

Nothing has changed,... still A COMPLETE, WASTE OF TIME!

midnightsstaff said...

Oh well evidently I have already spoiled the blog's mood so I might as continue.

The reason these flawed concepts will never be abandoned is because they represent too much value to their holders.

Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton has sponged off the American Negro and the guilt wracked white fools for decades making sure that nothing ever gets resolved, because allowing that would break the cycle.
..the fallacious accusation of there being a stain of original sin branded on the white devils cannot ever be breached or allowed to go away.. it needs to be nurtured.'s that simple, it's a cash cow.

The American White man is now considered in the same light as the 1930's Jew, every despot has to maintain a scapegoat to blame for their failures Stalin, Hitler, pick one of any African warlord, Obama- they all do the same thing... blame others for the general malaise and corrosive conditions of society that they have created.. it's that simple.

.."The ultimate result of shielding
men from the effects of folly is
to fill the world with fools."
-- Herbert Spencer

Jim McAllister said...


When Steinbeck wrote the book in the 1930s, the term "okie" was common which is why I am sure he used for the sake of accuracy.

It definitely was not a term of endearment but it reflects the feelings of the population where those people went because of their fear of losing their livelihood.

For some great photos from those times that show the squalor and hard times the people went through, google "Shorpy's" and enter "Oklahoma depression photos".

Click "view full size" for close up looks.

Jim McAllister said...


It was "Sambo's" (Not "Little Black Sambo's" LOL) which always surprised me since even in the early 70s that name had to cause a furor with blacks. I think they even had a picture of a black kid chasing the tiger around the tree.

At the time I first ate at one in North Kansas City) (they were a lot like Denny's) I had to blink when i saw their decor. The first thing I thought was "When will Jesse start raising hell about this place?"

Eventually, they disappeared but I don't know if it was because of the name and theme or their food just sucked.

Did you see on Drudge where a black family is crying racism because Donald Duck hugged a white kid at Disneyland and wouldn't hug their black kid?

It's hard to believe there is racism here but they probably figure, "What the hell? It's worth a shot." Disney may give them a couple hundred just to shut up.

Jim McAllister said...


I just love the class of the entertainment business.

Today I see where that little brat punk singer Justin Bieber sent a picture of his schwantz to Hillary Clinton.

Once again, there is no substitute for class even if it was Hillary.

Jim McAllister said...


Watching the chamois? I must have missed something. What's that about?

Jim McAllister said...


Obama is just the next generation of Sharpton and Jackson.

Although polls show he is down to 46% and Real Clear shows his approval dropping 2.2% recently, he still has enough stem going to fool his following into thinking he has their welfare at stake.

I don't know if you saw that 27 minute piece by black neurosurgeon Ben Carson but he takes on obamacare pretty good right in front of the imposter and mrs. imposter. Worth watching.

midnightsstaff said...

Chamois- Grammys? only thing I can see, but maybe we need an interpreter..
anyone with a college degree out there that can solve this mystery?

Yeah ducks in particularly white ducks are notorious racists, and Disneyland who is responsible for white ducks among other things has deep pockets.
If Obama had a duck it would look like Daffy. And if Obama had a cop as a son he would be like Chris Dorner..

midnightsstaff said...

I don't get it, Cj who is from Arizona is offended by the term Okie, but I am from Tulsa and not offended by the term Okie in fact I find great pride in the term.. Soooo which one of us is wrong?

I have NA bloodline and am not offended by words such as Braves, Redskins, Fighting Sioux or do I find myself incensed by the memory of the Trail of Tears.. but somehow the American Negro is offended by the word "Boy" - which was something everyone in my town except for the females were called on a daily basis..

.."The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are."

This is the very reason Liberals will never allow any slight real or imagined to be amended or resolved, it is far too valuable a weapon to be employed as political fulcrum..

Rick Kepple said...
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midnightsstaff said...

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin one minute it's there.... and "poof" it's gone.

Pretty much everything is explainable if that is the goal, the hard part is watching it summarily rejected for what it represents by the impacted mind.

Great fortunes have been made by means of deliberate obfuscation.

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midnightsstaff said...

One cannot lift a barrel they are standing in Rick.. forget the self diagnosis- need a pro.

midnightsstaff said...

But on a happier note than the Grammys or what is Pers Morgan really up to I give you this valuable link in the turbulent times we face..

..*full disclaimer* it's not about yet another false Kardashian sighting nor elevated PC outrage.

Isn't the www a great place for valuable information on guerrilla tactics?

pr said...

Damn....that was it, The Grammy's....Looks like I watched the wrong thing. Oh well either way you get the same outcome....

Complete waste of time....

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I saw the clip of the neurosurgeon at the prayer breakfast. The look on Obummer's face was priceless. The fact that the doctor was black made it even better.

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glo, One of MANY Fed-Up Bloggers said...

"batshit crazy" Rick? Really? That's the classic example of the very, very, very, VERY ebony pot calling the kettle black ...

And, very honestly and seriously, there is only one total whackjob, nutso, fruitcake, living-in-an-LSD-induced-fantasy-world mental case on this blog.

And it ain't me, or Middy, or CJ, or DG or - well, you figure it out. And there isn't a single person who blogs here that doesn't feel this way.

I can't help wondering why that certain person has such a blatant disrespect for fellow bloggers and wastes everyone's time with ramblings that NO ONE either is interested in or believes. I've never taken intense psychology classes, but common sense says that person is a very sad, insecure human being who only can communicate with a total disregard for reality because he has no worthwhile reality himself.

If you have any self-respect, or a single iota of respect for other people: STOP. Jesus Christ: please STOP. We've all had enough.

Jim McAllister said...


I never did trust those prejudiced white ducks. That includes Donald, Daisy, Huey, Louie, Dewey, and even that damn rich Scrooge McDuck.

This stuff is getting sillier every day and the worst part is places like Disneyland probably pay these people off to shut them up which is just what they are after.

They ought to tell them to "shove it" and go to Knott's Berry Farm if they don't like it.

Jim McAllister said...


I have NA bloodline and am not offended by words such as Braves, Redskins, Fighting Sioux or do I find myself incensed by the memory of the Trail of Tears.. but somehow the American Negro is offended by the word "Boy"

That's probably because they have too many these a-holes like Jackson and Sharpton brain washing them.

I guarantee that Dr. Ben Carson and guys like my buddy Allen don't follow those clowns in their $2,000 suits.

Jim McAllister said...


I deleted that comment. Too far off track. Try to stay more on the subject and let's see those Dell Mack You Tubes.

Jim McAllister said...


Dr. Carson was great; he brought tears to my eyes and, like you, I really enjoyed seeing jug ears grit his teeth.

I imagine his breakfast didn't taste too good after that listening to that speech. lol

Jim McAllister said...


I love your Connecticut candor. LOL

Please stay on board; I would really miss your always welcome comments.

midnightsstaff said...

.."And, very honestly and seriously, there is only one total whackjob, nutso, fruitcake, living-in-an-LSD-induced-fantasy-world mental case on this blog."

.. for a brief moment of hope I thought it could be I she was speaking of...

..can't win em all so it's back to the toadstools.

Jim I think that prejudice is just a symptom of a deeper problem with the overall fallen nature of mankind, PC is the ultimate bandage approach to societal ills- it's just the fallen nature of man to attempt to control others thoughts and thinking.
PC cannot possibly work because it violates the Rule of Natural Law.
Society is being conditioned for further curtailment of our Inalienable Rights as spelled out in Natural Law.

.."Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thought nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away."

Anonymous, Shoshone Indians

NA culture had some great philosophical insights to man.

Playing the Av's tonight in Denver.. should be able to gain ground tonight.. Go Yotes!!

Jim McAllister said...

To: Everyone

We've discussed a lot of the politically correct nonsense (and there is plenty of it) and a few of the tiresome expressions.

We have seen plenty of those. They have mostly come about in the last few years as our society continues to change into a lot of pseudo-intellectuals who feel we need more sophisticated language to replace what has worked since time immemorial.

Here are a few that I could live live very happily without ever hearing them again:

Bucket list....trending....spoiler alert....back in the the end of the day....disrespected (we discussed this one a while back; still annoying! the math (an Obama fave) changer....freakin'...."like" as in "like, ya know! is what it is....

Of course there are many more but you get the point.

Do you have some?

Jim McAllister said...


Your comment: "PC cannot possibly work because it violates the Rule of Natural Law..."says it all.

We are what we are and the PCer's are trying to change that. Sorry, fellas, it can't be done. It's called human nature so get the hell out of our way.

The AV's game starts in 22 minutes. Hopefully a nice win like the shoot out shutout from the other day.

See you there, same seats as always.

CJinPhoenix said...

"I don't get it, Cj who is from Arizona is offended by the term Okie, but I am from Tulsa and not offended by the term Okie in fact I find great pride in the term.. Soooo which one of us is wrong?"

I am not offended by the term at all, old man. And you may call me an Okie all you want...Or even "hot chick" if that is what tickles your fancy tonight. What I actually said, to sum what I said up, was: both of my grandparents whom actually lived thru the depression & the dustbowl, unlike you, & came to Phoenix during the mid-1930s did not like the term because they knew firsthand what it meant. That was my mom's side. My grandfather's family on my dad's side never got the chance to tell me how they felt about the word but I do know thru my genealogical research that part of my family walked away from a once bountiful farm in the OK panhandle during the dustbowl in favor of southwestern Colorado.

Yes, Jim, I have a lot of those pictures printed out & saved on my hard drive. I have researched the period extensively, in fact, because it is a big part of my family history involving people I actually knew.

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midnightsstaff said...

My mom lived throughout the depression and the dust bowl in Oklahoma and neither she or her sisters or brothers were offended by that noble term..

We knew who we really were and not what people thought we should be.

Juan Wayne once quipped, "life is tough and even tougher if you're stupid"
Some people carry a lot of useless and destructive stuff to the grave, for instance I quit hating gooks a long time ago once time gave me a little insight- the same as my dad didn't spend his whole life hating Japanese.
At the time that hatred gave me purpose once I realized there was no reason- just doesn't do anyone any good to carry an empty bag throughout their life.

CJ Phoenix said...

My family never let other people define them either. That was the point that you still do not get, Middy.

Jim McAllister said...


2-1 Yotes in OT. Great game. They got pushed around a bit but 2-1 says it all.

midnightsstaff said...

I think they call those character wins Jim..
two overtime games in a row.. typical NHL drama- yeah overall it was a good win but they are still not clicking like they can.

Most of the modern language is offensive, my pet peeve is the widespread use of "no problem" instead of "your welcome".
I realize it was no problem or you wouldn't have extended the courtesy, the term "no problem" strikes me as being practically dismissive in my mind-

Win two on the road in overtime, "no problem"

thanks for not intentionally wrecking my car- "no problem"

midnightsstaff said...

With a potential life ending ass-te-roid collision possible on Friday, I hope God spares the highly evolved homo sapiens from extinction..

I really don't know which way to go on this one...

.."no problem"

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jim McAllister said...


"No Problem" is a good one. I feel like saying: "At any time did I ever indicate to you there would be a problem you dumbass?"

A simple "yes" or "OK" would suffice.

That's quite road trip they are on. San Jose to Denver to Nashville. It seems like they could have squeezed in a stop in L. A. just to save expenses since they were out there anyway.

I guess that with the abbreviated schedule everything is screwed up.

We'll happily take those 4 points in two games though.

Jim McAllister said...

I have total respect for South Korea.

They gave us the Hyundai (I've owned two of them; best cars I've ever had) and now they bring us the Gangnam dance craze.

I first saw this at the 16th hole of the recent Waste Management Open golf tournament in Scottsdale when golfer James Hahn gave a sample of the dance.

To see it in action on a video, check this out. It has a great beat and great looking women. Enjoy it while it is still popular

It's worth 4:13 of your time.

Rick Kepple said...

North Korea.

Years ago in the Army, training would be done as in wartime. Zulu Time.

Now I nuked a bunch of comments, because it's time to change. Wow! Glo sure can write a nasty letter and it will be remembered in her biography forever. They usually are, if she becomes that famous. Many don't.

She could write about that Chuck Barris guy! He claimed to be a CIA hitman, you know. Yeah, everyone in the intelligence community gets out of the CIA or whatever and starts a TV show. It's just standard operating procedure. God forbid that they tell intelligence people to just fade into the crowd. That would be so unremarkable!

Now keep watching the events unfold. I'm really hoping that North Korea will provoke a war, cause that would get China involved as well as Russia. Now we've got India, Pakistan, etc. over there and Israel has nukes.

We've got the antimissile missiles and we could get this entire thing over right now, before North Korea gets too strong. What are we waiting for? A nice clear day? Flowers blooming?

Now CBS is saying stuff like, "President Obama doesn't have the guts ..." dude, that's political foreshadowing of things to come. You just watch. These people in Washington are so easy to predict that it's not funny.

They're building the NWO and it's going to work. The Bible says so and I figured out that all they have to do is ALLOW us to make it for them.

They will let it get so bad that the government will apparently have no choice but to change things.

And now, Obama is quoting Kennedy. Oh Lord help us.

Rick Kepple said...

Read Sun Tzu, then examine Bush and Obama. We are so screwed.

Learn Chinese.

midnightsstaff said...

another moment of repressed fantasy just reeking of innuendo brought to you deserved or not.

Like any fault line every once and a while Rick just has to let one rip.. so to speak.

a chicken in every pot and a unicorn in every stall..
.."The majority of men prefer delusion to truth. It soothes. It is easy to grasp. Above all, it fits more snugly than the truth into a universe of false appearances—of complex and irrational phenomena, defectively grasped." HL Mencken.

Actually Rick does have some valid points but they get lost in the fog of delusion.
I don't know if he qualifies as some apostate Mother Earth evangelical or Board Chair for the
Greater Ozark mental health advocacy and outreach.

It used to be from moon to moon but lately it's more like odd number/even.

I should never be taken seriously because I am not a clinical therapist, but I have been around horses and I have been around horse's asses for a good deal of my life and I tend to learn more out of a sense of survival than any quest to help my fellow man.
if the shoe fits...

Rick Kepple said...

I DO NOT have delusions like the rest of you have, believing that some political party is going to make you rich. Move to Russia!

If I may, let me read between the lines for you.

Obama mentioned JFK, because he sees himself as a liberator of the weak and all that goes with it. He is also starting to pull troops out of the war zones just as JFK did and what happened to him? War is what America does best and you guys have no clue what I see.

Nothing psychic folks. No delusions. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Living near an active duty military post specializing in operations that are none of anyone's business and I'm NOT CNN. I don't provide intelligence information to the enemy.

But our nation's military is changing roles. I see it, I read about it, I talk to trainers, soldiers and they are all clues to the rest of the evidence suggesting that a global government is real and the U.S. will take the lead in peacekeeping.

Sudden reactionary forces is the plan.

Now think about that for a moment. Think of the consequences of this. Corporations have outsourced to numerous countries. The strategies will work to win allies, teach foreigners how to live as Americans and the poverty in America will control its citizens.

Simply reward the rich and they won't complain one little tiny bit. They'll shut up and take the money. But surely there would be leaks of such a thing, right?

Not necessarily.

The best candidate for a corporate executive is a former military officer and those folks are trained to blindly follow orders for the "Bigger Picture."

A July 2008 G20 report said that Barack Obama would be the one to lead the world into a new era of peace.

He's a Christ character like in a novel. And what happens to all Christ characters?

Glo should know this one. She's a writer.

midnightsstaff said...

.."You should view these politicians with the deepest contempt you can possibly imagine. What they are doing to this country, what they are doing to our finances – there is not a criminal in any federal prison, state prison, city or county jail, with respect to financial crimes of any sort who collectively could have done the kind of damage that Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and YES, willing, timid, gutless Republicans have done to this country! To your future, to your children and your grandchildren! What they are doing is with malice and with forethought….

What the hell does the Democrat party stand for today? The destruction of America? And what the hell does the Republican party stand for today? To sit there with their thumbs in their mouths while it’s going on?

Any politician with an ounce of common sense should be getting on any soap box imaginable and screaming from the top of their lungs that these policies are destroying America!"

Looks like The Great One is coming around to my way of thinking, he is now saying on record that the Communist left could not have done this type of damage without the enabling Republipukes carrying the water..


Rick Kepple said...

I suppose the former comment would be a little "delusional" for you to grasp. It might have been seemed like a veiled threat to President Obama, but more of a warning to protect him, but the Secret Service isn't listening anymore.

I think they're angry because their party got popped in South America a few years ago. But that's what they do. There's a whore house in Juarez famous for the American Presidential Secret Service being there! It's really a very nice place with red walls, red ceiling, red carpet, red everything.

I think some rock star painted her home like that. I digress.

I found last night's State of the Union address to be full of foreshadowing of things to come, symbolism of their present behavior in a kind of veiled gloating fashion and no one really notices, except the Republicans.

Did you see John Boehner? He looked more concerned than angry. Probably hoping that Obama followed the plan that both parties devised.

After 9/11, I believe that a contingency plan went into effect using a 1952 plan to collapse the Middle East combined with a Bush plan to control America, creating a bipartisan effort to take control of the world to prevent any more unscheduled attacks.

Poor are meant to be expendable. Not rich folks. Read the Bible. Says so in there.

Rick Kepple said...

"What the hell does the Democrat party stand for today? The destruction of America? And what the hell does the Republican party stand for today? To sit there with their thumbs in their mouths while it’s going on?"

I agree with Middy.

midnightsstaff said...

No you don't - you are merely trying to blend in with me..
oil and water.

Rick Kepple said...

"No you don't - you are merely trying to blend in with me..
oil and water."

Nuh uh! You're trying to blend in with me!

midnightsstaff said...

Hahaha... no original thought, just another trip through the simian exhibit- give it up Rick you don't have it and never will.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm a better man than you'll ever be, Middy and you're just envious of my independence.

Most likely Obama will find Middy is mentally unbalanced and some doctor will take his guns. The rules are very different in California from Arizona or Missouri.

Don't worry, Middy. Obama will give you a FREE phone so you can call the police when you're attacked. Just stall the killers. The cops will be right there!

Rick Kepple said...

Remember the government talking about food shortages? Remember that the nation's Midwest suffered a drought last year, resulting in a 60 percent grain loss?

Yeah, all the government has to do is wait for more violence and it will happen. They'll pass more laws against guns.

And I figure that they'll have some plan to trade your gun for groceries.

Where I live, a rifle MEANS getting groceries. In Los Angeles and Scottsdale, a rifle is unnecessary. Y'all are crazy in the cities and you might hurt one another.

Rick Kepple said...

So who's behind all this NWO stuff?

Why the wealthiest of Americans, of course and I can prove it.

Read Appendix A. The first sentence.

"The United States is a founding member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) formally the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and subscribes to its underlying principle of most-favored-nation (MFN) or equal market access for virtually all countries."

Make the entire world, America. Secure the world for peace and prosperity and eradicate absolute poverty, but there will still be poor folks.

The political model for global governance is Socialism and President George W. Bush introduced that. Also, Bush is responsible for the huge deficit, not Obama and everyone knows it, except the Republicans, or so they claim.

The fact is that the GOP is playing their lesser constituents for fools. The Democrats are doing the same.

The global 1 percent is the only people that matter, according to their plan, and realistically, it is the ONLY way this copy of the Marshall Plan could ever work.

I'm not delusional, like my enemies want people to believe to discredit me and others who figured this out.

A former prison guard could never be as smart as I am. No way in hell. He wishes. He might be as smart as a lowly rock star, but I doubt it.

midnightsstaff said...

lol.. dream on.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, looks like that I might begin building that video/music studio soon and turn the barn into a home. The bank advised getting rid of my home and building an actual house.

But I just don't believe in putting all my eggs in one basket. So I reckon I'll bite the bullet and build the root cellar into a home too!

The land contract says only ONE home, but my lawyer said that the contract no longer is valid, since I own the land. So I could put in a bunch of homes and rent them out.

Social Security and VA does not count rent as income and that's to protect people like Jimmy and Middy. Folks with money to make more money.

Obama's gonna cut my income. I can feel it in my bones. Expressions enough?

Jim McAllister said...


I'm still waiting for that YouTube with Dell Mack.

Jim McAllister said...

Obama should save himself and us a lot of time with his State of the Union addresses. Just get up and say "ditto from my last speech" and everyone can go get a beer and talk about what a little weasel he is.

What a funny show that is with him glad handing everyone with that phony smile and all the drones standing and applauding after every syllable that comes out of his lying mouth.

Add "roads and bridges" to the above list of tiresome expressions. It has certainly earned its place on the list.

I was glad to see that the three conservative Supremes skipped the show. They were the only smart ones in the bunch.

The sequester could be fun: Obama wants to soak the rich again (big surprise)and McConnell and Boehner sound a lot more sincere about blocking tax hikes.

Bring it on, Barack! Both have said he got his tax hike last time and that is it! We shall see; I hope they mean it and it looks like they have the leverage this time.

midnightsstaff said...

My dearly departed father in law once gave me sage advice, he said "it takes money to make money"
at that point I realized what a horrible mistake I made marrying into that loser family..

The chains of ignorance and envy creates self made failures even in an economy defined by it's unlimited possibility.. you are a failure Rick and it's not someone else holding you back..
ask yourself when was the last project you actually saw through to the end..
that's a very short list I would imagine.

Rick Kepple said...

My friend, Kerry on Facebook isn't speaking to me, therefore the video has been delayed. Don't even feel like playing the electric guitar.

I sold the 1987 Jeep Comanche this morning to Nick. I'm trying to help him put his life together again so he can finish college.

Then there's Middy who acts like my second wife. Nag, nag, nag.

It makes absolutely no sense to put more money into a losing business proposition. And y'all taught me to watch the numbers and let them dictate the direction that I go with this video business.

I have to Be Inspired to work on the videos. It's an art. It's not journalism and it is journalism. In pure news, the story is never slanted. In PR, the story is ALWAYS slanted.

This film of Dell Mack's is important. One professional musician got really angry about the last video and that's why there are two of them.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, I'm working on the video now. Jimmy, working on the video.

Dell Mack already called this morning and said that people are getting antsy about it.

midnightsstaff said...

It was either sell it to Nick or donate it to the local museum..

haha.. working on the video and typing at the same time..

..doesn't seem fair does it? Seems like you should get paid for both- call Bareback, he is in the business of making dreams happen- ask him for another loan, lie if you must and tell him it's another solar start up..
once your campaign contribution check clears he will make it happen.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh, Middy telling jokes. I don't know the reference to "Bareback" or why. Is that like the Lindsey Buckingham joke, because that's not funny.

That museum piece truck is actually a museum piece. Jeep never made many four wheel drive pickup trucks. Most were two wheel drive. I'm doing for Nick what no one ever did for me.

Yep, typing to Middy on one computer and editing video on the other. I'm that good.

midnightsstaff said...

I actually owned a four wheel drive jeep pick up truck with a ford v-8 engine, a plywood seat and a passenger door that would swing open with absolutely no was truly unsafe at any speed.

..that truck was an engineering nightmare that Freddy Kruger himself would avoid, the only worse steering truck I have ever had in my life than that beast was the early 50's ?tudebaker pick up that was called the "Rino" by my buddies because it was a multi layered faded out red...or pink in the wrong light.

If he pays you I guess it's a wash, better money than I have made this week that's for sure- but then I am not a CEO either.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I watched the State of the Union address hoping to see Ted Nugent but they didn't show him.

The funniest part was when Obama laid out all his new spending plans and said they wouldn't add a dime to the deficit. Who's he trying to kid?

BTW, Rick's still insane.

Rick Kepple said...

I want to go on the record that while I do talk to racists, I do not agree or behave like racists. The record will show that I am no friend to Mike Slater or Midnightsstaff. Our arguments will show that.

Jim McAllister said...


I love Nugent. I wish he would have jumped on the podium and done a full volume version of "Stranglehold" or "Cat Scratch Fever" right in that joker's face.

I had a live version of one of his albums where he shouts: "If you aren't here to rock and roll, I want you to turn your ass around and get the f-ck out of here!"

I'd like to see Barack's face if Ted told him that!

midnightsstaff said...

Sound like "the declaration of independence" Kepple style.

I don't terrible Ted is on Bareback's speed dial, Janet's probably but not Bath-house Barry's.

Rick Kepple said...

I Googled Mike Slater and all kinds of stuff popped up and Mike doesn't say a lot of all that racist stuff, but it sure looks like it when it's all bunched together. And Middy was right in there in every conversation.

Also, Mike likes to call me "insane." His nurse will be along with his pill soon. His delusions are the only answer to how he gets away with his behavior. Mike is probably an elderly gentleman in a nursing home.

Gentlemen and ladies, let us conduct ourselves like true Americans and not lower ourselves to those as in Washington.

midnightsstaff said...

Europeans have a bit more to worry about than a little horse meat in the lasagna, looks like QE European style hasn't done more than it has here and the GDP of most vassal states in the Euo are moribund.

On a happier note, a mere 23% of Americans are found to be idiots..
.."One in five Americans lacks the basic reading skills beyond a 4th grade level"

I would have guessed it much higher judging by the overall stupidity of the average public school teacher.

..don't bother to look at this article Rick, it would only depress you.

Glo said...

Man, what a night! Depp and I were partying with the Beebs and everything was fine until that beeotch Stevie showed up and ruined the party with her ramblings about Mick. Strange chick. She screwed me once when I was trying to produce a music video of a great group called the Bombay Express Bombers. I still love her but I hate her too. And sometimes I hate her but when you love someone you can hate them, too. Right?

Glo said...

We need assault weapons to protect our hit carefree mansions! I am livid that anyone would try to take that right away! I mean, shucks, we have to shoot javelinas up here for food, ‘specially when you’ve’ sold your Bonnie and Clyde 1934 Ford V8. Didja know that that cute couple stole it from from the driveway of Jesse and Ruth Warren in Topeka, Kansas. After the shoot out, the Ford V8 was returned to the Warrens. Later the car was sold for $3,000 and exhibited at state fairs and carnivals. Eventually the death car was obtained for $250,000 by the Primm Valley Resort and Casino. Hah! The car on display ain’t the real one! Stevie seeded me some money and I bought it at a secret auction in Death Valley. Drove it back to LA and stopped at the old Spahn Ranch where I SWEAR I found a dried-up toke that ole Charlie Manson smoked. Ya know, besides all that Helter-Skelter stuff, he wasn’t such a bad dude. Got some fab-looking chicks to boff him, after all. And his music was fantastic – that Melcher dude was an idiot for not producing him!

Glo said...

I finished my video today! YEA!!!! Not sure if it’ll have many hits on Youtube, considering the subject matter. But, ya know, some people might like watching an Emu mate with a dwarf hamster. I think it’s Oscar-caliber, but they’d never let it in because all of those Hollyweird types are jealous of my immense talent. I scare them so they’ve blackballed me. That turd Redford won’t even put it in the Sundance festival!! I don’t care. I’ll get it shown to the world, show ‘em what I can do. Then they’ll all be falling at my feet beggin’ me to produce their s—t. Won’t happen – I got my standards.

Thinking about hitting SN up for a loan to get to Cannes. Maybe I’ll give her credit at the end. If she starts being nice to me again.

Glo said...

Been havin’ some delusions lately. Kinda like the effects in the 60s when you mixed LSD with a marijuana chaser (I miss the 60s, man, they were real groovy). Ya know – like when The Electric Prunes sang that anthem “I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.” I kept seeing war protest flashbacks and that damn song “Eve of Destruction” kept playing over and over in my head. Far out! Wasn’t that playing at the last inauguration? Hmm. That was the best song ever ever EVER made! Wish I’d-a produced it, but the studio was still bein’ constructed when Barry needed to record it.

Where was I? Oh, right – delusions! I think … lost my train of thought … Guess I’ll have to post again when my brain cells reactivate. Right now I gotta go and call Usher and Beyonce about producing a duet album. Thinkin’ it might be nice to reproduce that duet album Glen and Bobbie made back in ’68.

Glo, the Apologetic said...

Hey, Jim, SORRY! I have a bad cold and it seems to be lowering my immune system to where I began channeling another blogger. Gonna take some antibiotics that SN slipped me. Will post more when I’m back to myself. Stay proud!

midnightsstaff said...

Here is a little enlightenment on the latest insult to the American people.

Na mike.... it was the failed Tim Cook who has guided Apple from 700+/a share to 450- /a share up there on stage not Ted Nugent.

Don't wanna confuse his supporters with big words and byzantine concepts like a call for personal responsibility and self reliance.
Soooo- America got another layer of anything but.

What they got instead was just another dose of hopeandchangeandBushdidit- of course all the teary eyed Kepplebots and other cancerous entities across the nation gave him a standing "O" and spent the evening pounding their palms raw throughout the sermon in anticipation of further looting.

Obama was in fact reaffirming his wedding vows to the hopelessly stupid and once again pledging his devotion and support to the permanent criminal class.

...and they accepted.

midnightsstaff said...

You owe me for a new screen Glo.. next time give us a warning..
nasal spewed coffee everywhere- even got the cat.

Glo, the Feline Apologist said...

Sorry, Middy, LOL! Apologies to the cat!

Jim McAllister said...


Glo, have you been smoking that Black Mountain grass again? LOL I love your satire! Well written.

The Electric Prunes? I loved "I Had Too Much to Dream last Night."

In January, 1967 I drove (in a '63 Chevy) from Cincinnati to Buffalo, NY one weekend in icy and snowy weather to attend an old Air Force buddy's marriage.

After sunset I was able to pick up WKYC-AM out of Cleveland. They advertised that they played 58 minutes of music out of every hour.

They didn't lie! One of the songs they played several times was "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night." I loved it; a great anthem for that era.

I'm all pumped now! I think I'll play my Buckingham's 33 1/3. I can never get enough of "Kind of a Drag."

Jim McAllister said...


It's only 23%? Sometimes I think it's higher with some of the stuff I see.

Glo, Way Too Much to Dream Last Night... said...

Enjoy, Jim!

Who Else? said...

Better one:

midnightsstaff said...

I think I once bought a horse from that bass player with the hat... I looked sharp in bell bottoms and paisley..

**every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man!**
..three chords, repeat- turn it up!
.."easily led", this was the cut I was telling you about on the phone, Robbie Blunt plays lead on this one.
great talent.

Hey listen to this cover of "Hey Joe" by Plant.. Porl Thompson from the Cure and Justin Adams play a duo.. good stuff-
and I guarantee you have never heard a cover of Hey Joe like this one.
There have been a lot of great covers some even better than the original,as we were talking about earlier with "Under the Boardwalk".
ahh.. the memories.

midnightsstaff said...

BTW- Rebecca doesn't accept apologies unless there are whisker lickin's involved as tribute.

Glo said...

Uh, lickin' her whiskers or mine?? I'm easy either way. Meooooowwww...

midnightsstaff said...

haha.. she gives me no quarter and offers me no breaks- it's a somewhat dictatorial relationship we share.
you are probably more reasonable than she.

na.. the wlickin's come in a bag and probably have heroin in them the way she acts- from what I understand Tinkerbell is the same.

midnightsstaff said...

Missouri Democrats introduced an anti-gun bill which would turn law-abiding firearm owners into criminals. They will have 90 days to turn in their guns if the legislation is passed.

Dana Loesch Radio reported on the new legislation being pushed by Missouri Democrats:

"Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution"

haha. this ought to be an easy grab eh?
let's start in East St. Louis.. which is only one of the numerous Obama occupied hell holes east of the Mississippi- the rest of the state should be easy.

Jim McAllister said...

Thanks for the links, Glo.

Hearing the Prunes took me right back to 1967 and that snowy drive to Buffalo in the '63 Chevy.

Rick Kepple said...

Hey Jimmy, the USDA called this morning to order me to answer their survey questions, cause "It's The Law!" and I already filled that crap out and told them that I sold the goats years ago.

They wanted to know how much food that I'm feeding my seven hens. They wanted to know if I sell my eggs. How many acres of soybeans I have. How much hay that I bale. How many tractors that I have and how much fuel they consume. And this went on for TWO HOURS.

Then she complained that farmers don't like them. When I tried to offer professional public affairs advice and I've done phone surveys too, but all the said was, "It's the law and the farmers have to answer our questions."

I only have five acres folks. Think about that degree of control over Americans, because farmers MUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS.

Glo's funny.

Rick Kepple said...

Here Jimmy. Take a look and see what you think of the video.

"Keep in Time: An Afternoon with Dell Mack, Part One" a film by me.

Mike Slater said...

Rick, thanks for not being my friend. I only have friends that are sane.

midnightsstaff said...

Well I probably am never going to be able to trust government again.

.."According to unconfirmed reports, the meteorite was intercepted by an air defense unit at the Urzhumka settlement near Chelyabinsk. A missile salvo blew the meteorite to pieces at an altitude of 20 kilometers, local newspaper Znak reports quoting a source in the military"

Looks like the Russian propaganda machine is back in order, these jokers want us to believe they shot a meteor down..
Watch this morph into a joint venture by Obama wanting to horn in and an obligatory movie from Propa-wood depicting his early morning bravery.
that is unless this afternoon's event closes the theater.

..this one was a kilo sized meteor and just scared the hens from laying for a day or so, this afternoon's advertised fly by is about the size of a 15 story building, but don't worry the same people who did not warn us of the hit this morning and claimed to have shot it down have assured us there is no chance of the one they knew about scheduled for this afternoon hitting us.

Pax Obama.

Glo said...

Middy - All I could think about when I saw the meteorite story on Today was the movie Armageddon. God, I love that movie (sorry, but I do - great cast).

Jim McAllister said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of Obama. Better lock up your guns, hide them, or lock and load. The Dems in the Missouri legislature want everyone to turn in their guns in 90 days.

That's too funny! I would hate to be the guy going into the Missouri hinterlands and trying to take those guy's guns away.

It's all part of the Obama grand scheme.

midnightsstaff said...

I think that cruise liner being towed in makes a great allegory for the Obama economy.
Southwest of the seas <---> Carnival Cruise..
..except Southwest doesn't take snap cards or arbitrarily crash one every once and a while so the comparison is flawed.

This looks like a emerging industry for renting out cruise ship emergency kits complete with a life vest that works, a gun and emergency vodka.
.. or selling individual rescue policies like vacation insurance.

Imagine the optics of a rescue helicopter hovering, first checking for valid policies before rescuing the policy holders out of the coupon cutting Carnival Cruise crowd..

Either it's my imagination or are the rash of cruise ship disasters just another indicator of the "new normal"-
.. of course just like the horse meat lasagna, it's Bush's fault.

Pax Obama.

Jim McAllister said...


Tell Dannie, Johnny, and Dell I really enjoyed their music. I love good guitars and they are excellent.

All bloggers should watch Rick's YouTube of these guys: Three good old boys strumming and singing.

Jim McAllister said...

I don't know how the cruise ship business is surviving. It seems like these incidents are getting to be more common yet people still take them. I guess it's the old story of "It won't happen to me!"

Fortunately, I've never had the slightest desire to go on a cruise and with the experiences they provide my lack of desire increases daily.

I never did like using unflushed toilets or fighting someone for half a banana to survive.

Jim McAllister said...


How about the Dems in Missouri trying to pass a bill to have everyone turn in their guns within 90 days.

Strictly showboating but I never thought anyone in Missouri would ever write up such silly legislation.

Rick Kepple said...

"Rick, thanks for not being my friend. I only have friends that are sane."

So, no friends, except your sock puppets, huh, Mike Slater? Nothing to do but pick on published writers? Does your life suck, Mike Slater?


Hey, Russia got hit by that meteor in the Urals and that's pretty cool! Now they can compare that hole with the one with the Tunguska 1908 meteor or comet in the Urals, the Arizona hole in the ground and the theory of the extinction of the dinosaurs! Yes, this meteor will give lots of unemployed scientists something to do for decades!

I'm sure that right now, the U.S. government is approving millions of dollars of research to study different effects of environmental, social, psychological, and economic reactions to a rock falling from the sky. Lots of money in that sort of thing, you know.

Now, Biblically, it could be Satan. Wasn't he supposed to fall to earth in the Last Days? One can never tell. Revelations is like Mike Slater's writing. It makes no sense.

Rick Kepple said...

Do you just get drunk watching your portfolio drift up and down? Do you call President Obama horrible words? Do you behave like Mike Slater, Middy or Proud with sock puppets so you'll have actual friends?

Then study BARTENDING! You still won't have friends (not real ones), but your drunken friends can tell you how great you are, while you mix perfect drinks, take tips, and exploit your buddies for fun and profit!

Rick Kepple said...

Do you like to get drunk with your friends and it's costing you a bloody fortune? Would you like to get drunk on a wholesale cost and charge your friends a boatload of money? Then study BARTENDING!

Don't play with sock puppets anymore! Have REAL friends!

The first few courses are free, but you can get the entire course for a VERY affordable price and get drunk at home and your spouse can't say a word about your alcoholism! It's YOUR JOB!

So don't delay! Contact the school today and stop wasting money on retail alcohol when you can get drunk for less money!

Jim McAllister said...

I just watched the 01:30 tape of the meteor hitting Russia.

Wouldn't it be something if one fell taking out the whole world? All this crap with Obama and all our other troubles would disappear. Maybe there really is a God and he is saying "Get your shit together or the next one will be for real."

midnightsstaff said...

To be fair they are just trying out the confiscation of AR's or hi cap mags.

Just try to buy 9mm or .40 ammo right now, almost impossible to find and twice the normal price..
Had I realized I would have doubled my cash reserves by buying up black guns six months ago and selling them off for a keystone plus.

Rick due to his history with the VA and self admitted mental issues including being stricken with a sudden flare up of Assburgers syndrome cannot legally possess a firearm.
.. of course they don't actually enforce the gun laws we have so he probably will get away until they decide he's no longer a useful type of idiot.

This is the year of the snake which signals a disaster, anything and everything is on the table this year.
1917- Russian Revolution,1929 bad day on stock market,1941 Japanese drive by on Pearl Harbor,2001 Bush blows up two buildings and blames it on Clinton, 2013 Satans child sworn in for second term??- this May and June the two snakes meet so don't schedule any cruises those months. lol.

Rick Kepple said...

Mike Slater, if you want to be my friend, then behave yourself. Grow some manners.

Bodo has manners. He behaves himself with me. So it's possible that Mike Slater can be trained. But he will need psychological help first.

Middy too.

There is something seriously wrong when good people like Mike Slater and Middy abuse the disabled for fun. First, they need to recognize their behavior as not only illegal, but dangerous. Both of them could become violent at any moment. Especially Mike. The guy is nuts. Three bottles short of a six pack and it's my guess that his son, the cop, won't talk to him. Or if his son, the cop, as just as abusive, I can have him fired. I DO NOT tolerate abusive cops.

I had a cop fired and he wasn't even a problem to me. Female victims came to me, because government did nothing. I negotiated a deal with that city and explained that the cop was committing a crime and they had better investigate. The ladies threatened to start shooting cops, rather than be groped after a traffic stop.

But Mike Slater is not very smart. He's gonna keep mocking me and sooner or later, he's going to act out violently at some McDonalds and kill people.

And they'll look at Jimmy's blog and they'll see Middy, Proud and his Committee and I've got the records to add to the case.

Mike Slater is going to get Jimmy in big trouble if he doesn't get rid of him. Dump him. and Proud.

Jimmy, a cop already told me that you are known by the people who are YOUR friends. They're looking at JIMMY and why his friends are calling Obama a N-word.

They reflect on you, Jimmy.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Wouldn't it be something if one fell taking out the whole world? All this crap with Obama and all our other troubles would disappear. Maybe there really is a God and he is saying "Get your shit together or the next one will be for real"

He tried that at Sodom once.. it's like sending the world to the penalty box for two minutes, no lasting effect.

I believe God really works on a more personal level..

Yeah choosing between an endless loop of the Obama nightmare and a fiery meteoric event ending the mankind experiment is a no brainer for some of us.

I trust in God's judgment, in Obama... not so much.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, you can call a Maricopa County judge and put Mike Slater on a psychological hold. He's not my problem. He's yours.

I'm warning you, Jimmy. Get rid of your racist friends or they will eventually get rid of YOU with their behavior.

midnightsstaff said...

Lol.. why the concern Rick?.. the assterroid will take care of the issue.

Racist friends?- what?? picking on a white nut job of a male who has threatened everyone on the blogs?-
yeah give Eric Holder a call.
here's his number...1-800- I give a damn "chicken neck".

I had an uncle in Cincinnati who got pissed and called the insane asylum back when they made house calls to pick up his wife.
.. by the end of the day he had gotten himself admitted and she stayed home.. lol.

**sigh** those were the days.

midnightsstaff said...

Russian Times is a better source than American media.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, by your own admission, you don't trust Obama. It's sad that we live in a country where we must fear what we say.

midnightsstaff said...

What really disturbs me is we have idiots like you that vote.

You just sold our future for an empty promise of stolen goods, three months later you whine about the results..
you are the cancer of America Rick..
you and the rest of the jackasses ruining this nation.

But I realize it's part of the fallen nature of man so it doesn't affect me like it does to sold out criminals like you.

You and the rest of the intentionally ignorant simply can't understand the implications of a falling safe so you will be crushed by it.

Jim McAllister said...

I just came on and when I saw there were 8 comments since my last one, I thought "Uh-Oh"!

Nice to see that everyone's blood is circulating good today and the compliments are flowing back and forth smoothly. Everyone should check out Rick's YouTube of Dell Mack, Evans, and O'Reilly.

Those guy are good. I'd love to sit in some shit kinkin' bar in Missouri with a couple 6 packs of Hamm's and listen to those guys all evening.

Check it out:

midnightsstaff said...

Haha.. it's a John Hiatt moment Jim, John pops up every once in a while sort of out of the blue, here he is preforming with another great Joe Bonamassa, he has worked with Ry Cooder as well.

-this clip just reeks of talent, Joe is a real treat to those unfamiliar with his craft and John is a legend.

I admit that Dell can play and sing but there are a whole lot of talented dudes that never get the light of day.

You bring the Hamm's and I'm up for the road trip Jimmy- but I gotta be back for the game..

ask Barb to make some zuchini bread.

Rick Kepple said...

"You just sold our future for an empty promise of stolen goods, three months later you whine about the results..
you are the cancer of America Rick.."

No, Middy. I'm the cure.

Jimmy, I read some crap that Anonymous wrote about Americans and they are in process of painting us as animals. That's done to reduce us to a status less than human. It's a psychological ploy.

Mike Slater does the same thing to me. He calls me insane, so that it's easier for him to justify killing me. Basically, he's trying to talk himself into justifying violence against me.

Mike Slater is a danger to himself and to others. That is my official opinion and I recommend that he be put in a 72 hour psychological hold for his own good.

midnightsstaff said...

.."In case you haven’t seen a sales report these days, February M T D sales are a total disaster,” Jerry Murray, WalMart’s vice president of finance and logistics, said in a Feb. 12 e-mail to other executives, referring to month-to-date sales. “The worst start to a month I have seen in my ~7 years with the company."

No problem, actually this can be easily explained away.. it's George Bush's fault.

Yes folks, that soak the rich tax strategy that is costing low income workers each pay day is worth it if it makes the filthy rich suffer eh?

And this is just the tip of the icebeg, the real tax hikes kick in next year when Obamacare starts costing people half their yearly take home and those 40 hour a week jobs are just a fond memory.

Elections have consequences- just wait until gas prices reach European levels like Obama promised he would take us and there will be even less money to take to Walmart each month.

four feet good, two feet bad...
until the leaders decide it's...
two feet good, four feet bad..

Rick Kepple said...

So is that Mike Slater's phone number in the book for a 480 area code? Just wanting to make sure that I have the right guy. I'd hate to file charges on the wrong Mike Slater. How embarrassing would that be?

I'm still going to blow Middy's taxes (my income) on building an Indie video company. I hope he's connected to the mainstream music industry.

Mike didn't answer his phone. I think he's messed himself, Jimmy. You better check on Mike.

Or he's gone the police, "Rick Kepple's picking on me!"

Police: "Well, did you try talking to him?"

Mike: "Yes, I told him that he's insane."

Police: "You are harassing a disabled man?"

Mike: "Yes, he's living on my tax money and I have a right-"

Police: "You got a problem with people using your tax money?"

Mike: "Yes."

Police: "Sir, are you seeing a psychologist?"

midnightsstaff said...

I would love to get that call. this guy that's harassing you, you say he lives in Arizona?
..You say you have never met nor even seen him and you live in Missouri- is that right?
..So let me get this clear, does he go to some blog based in Richmond to stalk you?
..are you now or have you ever been under the care of a psychiatrist?

midnightsstaff said...

.."The Sacramento County Elections office reported today that a member of its warehouse crew found 407 uncounted ballots cast in the Nov. 6 election sitting unopened in a sealed bag on a shelf"

Nothing to see, keep moving..obviously another dirty trick by the write in Bush campaign.
.. or as the famous public servant who coined the phrase "vast right wing conspiracy" would say.." what does it matter?"

Rick Kepple said...

"I would love to get that call."

I'm sure you would, Middy. It would be stalemate.

Oh Jimmy, you can let Mike stay. I ain't gonna do nothing to him for calling me insane. It's not the first time that a geezer called me nuts. Buy him some Depends and we'll wipe the slate clean ... so to speak.

Hey, Jimmy. I let Nick have that Jeep pickup and you'd be proud of him. He is trying to double his money back in the sale of it. Yessiree, he's just like his Grampa Jimmy. He's a born investor!

Ain't been feeling good again. Probably been drinking too much soda. Bought beef. It's about the only meat that I can eat anymore without feeling sick. It's probably some kind of cancer.

Middy should call me sometime. We can bitch at each other and he can threaten me. I haven't heard a really good threat for ages. Phone is probably tapped though. I'll just warn you there first.

You guys watch yourselves with Obama. There ain't much they can do with me. They can hurt you guys though. If Middy's right, they'll eventually take everything you guys got. They'll use Westboro to make Christians look like terrorists.

So I gotta arrange to get rid of the weakness in the Christian church, so that Islam doesn't have a reason.

The Pope resigned? Obama can't do both jobs.

Rick Kepple said...

Dell Mack's "Keep in Time: An Afternoon with Dell Mack, Part Two."

Dell Mack sings two songs in this one with Dannie O'Reilly and Johnny Evans.

Dannie used to compete for gigs with Stevie Ray Vaughn and he knows his brothers.

Johnny Evans won Best in Blues in Missouri. He tries to maintain the Steamboat Willy look. He competed in the Memphis Blues contests recently.

So you've got three legends in that video. At the time, "It's not you, it's me," in the video was unfinished at the time, but it is now.

You might wonder why I put all those businesses in the film credits, but the economy is getting worse. Those businesses never paid me for the free advertisements. One business refused, saying that they are swamped with three phone calls a day and they want no more. I never asked those other folks, but Gary at the Cave Restaurant won't mind. I've advertised for him before and I always eat there when I'm done kayaking.

Jimmy, probably going to a civilian doctor next week and not because of what Mike, Middy or someone else said. Probably toxins in the blood making me bitchy.

PROUD said...

Some toothless, dirt-poor, and equally STUPID,double-wide dwellin redneck has been insulting me up and down this blog and I HAVEN'T EVEN BEEN HERE!
Thought it only fair to counter his so-called "PRODUCTION" (a $49 dollar Walmart camera, sitting on a $15 dollar, nicotine stained coffee table taping three never-was hicks playing bad country....With a little class.
So after you watched crazy Ricks ridiculous "PRODUCTION" You can get the dirt off by watching / listening to REAL talented musicians.


Ricky, stick to pigs and stalking, things you are almost good at.....your videos STINK!

Mike Slater said...

Rick, what's the color of the sky in your LaLa land?

You say you called me so I checked my phone but didn't have any calls from 1-800-Im insane on the phone. You must of called the wrong number.

You seem to be a half a bubble off of plumb if you know what I mean.

PROUD said...

BTW...A little aside for Ricky....
The chick playing lead violin is actually S/N...(after she lost 150 pounds and developed some real talent)

B-BTW, just cause I like how you treat me, I upgraded your hovel to a "double wide". Unfortunately, I've seen pics, it's a 1960's single wide,which somehow seems more than fitting to house the Kepple Production Empire....

midnightsstaff said...

Now that's more like it!!- nothing like a good old fashioned venting.

Festivus for the rest of us!!

..don't hold back just because there are women and children in the audience.
Now don't you feel a little bit silly gouging my ear like that and I never even insulted you- much less threatened you except for that time Guido and Louie got all upset and wanted to break fingers for a few things you have said about our fine, upstanding Arizona Belles.
and you tried to blame it on me..

In fact you should thank me for putting them off on some wild goose chase in Wichita.
I still owe my cousin in Hutchinson for that little phone call, he's a religious freak and probably wants to have both of us exorcized.

And you could show some gratitude towards Jim as well, he is a personal friend of the Sheriff here in Maricopa County and he went out on a limb against my advice telling Joe that you weren't as bad as he had heard.
I'm pretty sure that he was about to move on the case but Jim assured him of your innocence besides he was really tied up with that phony Eric Holder dog and pony show.

No Rick, you are a guest on this site just like the rest of us.

midnightsstaff said...

Ya know Proud... that looks like the chick that played with Steve Vai on a video I saw..

trust me this is an e ticket serious music video...

Rick Kepple said...

So let me get this straight.

So those guys, Proud, Middy and Mike, not only call President Obama the N-word (Google it), but they also attack the disabled? And they're all well to do and Wall Street investors too? Is this true?

Are you folks progressing to violence? No threats? That's it? Just insults?

I'm sick as a dog and I can still write better than most of you. Except Jimmy. He's a gentleman. Jimmy leaves the room like some mob boss going to Florida while his men pummel the guy who won't shut up.

Should I be saying, "Ouch," or something? Just wondering. Hey, get CJ and Blue. I think Jimmy needs some more people to kick the disabled hillbilly's ass.

That's the best any of you can do? That's it?


Rick Kepple said...

I'm feverish. I'm sick. Legally, I am not responsible for what I say, but all of you are.

I don't blame Jimmy for leaving. He gets emotionally involved and when he's angry, he doesn't make very good decisions. Jimmy likes to remain in a good mood too.

Then it helps to have bodyguards like Middy, Proud and Mikey. Sounds like a band. Doesn't it? Or a glaring.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm researching this Missouri Bill that some Democrats are sponsoring to CONFISCATE legally owned firearms.

Well, I was wrong. The war is going to start in Missouri. What a bunch of idiots.

The preferred hunting rifle in Missouri is the SKS. Good luck, Obama.

If it's not Proud, Mike or Middy, it's Obama. I don't know which is worse.

midnightsstaff said...

Sounds like someone didn't get his nap today..

midnightsstaff said...

smells like spam...

proud said...

Ricky....when, er, IF, you have a lucid moment, and you're not too busy trying to threaten Mike by revealing his area code or investigating how a video can go viral with less than 40 views.

Would you be a dear, and post an example, JUST ONE, where I ever used the "N" word?

I look forward to seeing you PROVE your accusation, otherwise the folks will simply assume you are an insane hillbilly, no-life, oaf.

Thanks, Proud

midnightsstaff said...

What would be the point of guaranteeing the freedom of speech if it were only to protect us from popular concepts or popular words?

We don't need freedom of speech to agree with government or to promote popular opinion, we need it to protect us from government when they decide what is proper or not.

The word nigger is nothing in itself, in fact it has morphed into an exclusive word to be used for some but not all, the word has no power in itself except for those who wish to divide,balkanize society and of course use it for advantage.

Rick like too many other victims of the public school cartel cannot think in any terms other than his experience, he has never learned to think past the obvious yet demands we accept him for the fata morgana he projects rather than the moral and intellectual black hole he represents- same as his leader.

You are a thief Rick, pure and simple and you continue to live in denial of that obvious truth.

How you came to the conclusion that we should offer respect for someone as vapid and self absorbed as you are is a mystery in itself.

I love having you around though because you put a face on the amorphous, self aggrandizing, multi generational public school failure that Obama and all other despots rely on for remaining in office despite their history of abject failure.

You are a billboard promoting insanity.

Keep it up cowboy we can laugh at you as long as you remain entrenched in that fantasy.

You see Rick the word nigger has no meaning of itself, only when used in a certain manner for specific intentions.
.. but then you could never conceptualize that truth simply due to the fact you are not living in the truth..


Rick.. "I want to report a crime"

Eric.. "what kind of crime?"

Rick.. "a white guy was using the "N" word on another white guy"

Eric... "Is this Rick from Missouri?"

Rick.." yeppers the one and only- did you catch my latest video?"


midnightsstaff said...

.."Middy, by your own admission, you don't trust Obama. It's sad that we live in a country where we must fear what we say."

I don't ultimately fear government, I have a healthy fear of God and his final judgment though.

This clown in the White Mosque is living on borrowed erh.. I mean stolen time, he is of the antichrist so he really has no ultimate control over me or any of the others that see life in the clear view of enlightenment.
I don't fear death Rick, what I do fear is a living my last years in situation where I can't wipe my ass or feed myself..
Yeah Bath house Barry is the Wizard behind the curtain and you are playing the the empty headed tin man part, and quite well I must admit.

Jim McAllister said...

I have the feeling that you guys will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year.

How do I know that? Hell, I don't know. It's just one of those feelings.

PROUD said...

middy, you're right, that looks just like her, she's an awesome talent!

Hey Jim, sorry about the venting, I guess I get pissed when some idiot states publicly that I called someone the "N" word, when NOTHING could be further from the truth, Then when he gets his lyin ass called out, he claims that my defending myself against HIS untrue attack is somehow me picking on a disabled veteran.

If that isn't an accurate description of a CRAZY person, I don't know what is?

Mike Slater said...

Look up the words crazy and insane in the dictionary and there's a picture of Rick.

Hey Rick, have you been fitted for that white I love me jacket yet?

midnightsstaff said...

Again Formerly Proud to be a Republican, glad to see that operation went well, hope the recovery is quick.

I got a feeling that lady had a "tiger mom" pushing her past her natural limit BTW- don't let your wives catch you watching that video too many times, lol, she is a hottie on top of reeking of talent- but I gotta admit that frog was as good or better.

It's simply amazing what the human mind is capable of if focused instead of using Rick's approach.

People get all over the Asian method of raising children but I will take that route over letting them run feral- as a result well over half of America's citizens are entirely worthless as human beings.

sorry, does that sound judgmental? I'm sure that Blue would find my opinions as completely out of line.

*while she is busy watching and catching shoplifters*

midnightsstaff said...

How did you like my Christmas card Jimbo?

haha.. yeah I got better things to do in Dec. than send out a bunch of cards that no one wants and no one reads..
I have a few I haven't opened yet on the desk, most from last Christmas that I'll get around to it before Summer ends maybe.

Hopefully there will be one with a nice family year audit.. you know "Junior is doing well in pre med and Buffy is trying out for the Dallas Cheerleaders after completing her doctorate in Quantum Physics"

..makes you want to open a vein.

Jim McAllister said...


That's one word that definitely is off limits today if you are a white guy.

If you are black, it seems to be OK to blast each other with it though.

Go figure I guess, a lot of things have changed in my lifetime. When I was a kid, I used to think there would never be anyone standing on the moon. Maybe some day we will actually see that happen.

Oh hell, wait a minute, I forgot about that guy Armstrong! lol

Jim McAllister said...

Great card, Middy. Thanks, I'll put it right on the mantel.

midnightsstaff said...

Jim McAllister said...


Rick Kepple said...

"I don't fear death Rick, what I do fear is a living my last years in situation where I can't wipe my ass or feed myself.. "

You know, it's gotten so bad that in Missouri, the police can be called to your hospital room if you call the nurse too often. That's why Obamacare was created. Missouri health care sucks and I should go see a doctor next week.

I freaked out Dell Mack and a roommate when I appeared to be dying right there on the spot. Turned ashen, they said.

So I'll go to a holistic doctor. No pharmaceuticals. No modern medicine anymore. I don't need their damn control in my life.

I don't need some foreign doctor telling me that I shouldn't own guns.

BTW, I went to my local Walmart to buy a box of ammo. I think in that long, great big shelf system, there were TWO boxes left.

I'm gonna keep making happy films.

I may hang onto the cash I have, in case Missouri passes that confiscation law. Morons.

Rick Kepple said...

"Rick..' yeppers the one and only- did you catch my latest video?'"

Now THAT was FUNNY and that's what they'd do too! It's realism.

Meanwhile in Missouri

Jimmy, you were right, but so am I. Both Republicans and Democrats are in on this.

I Googled the Republican response for the supposed outrage of Democrats calling for gun confiscation in Missouri. Here is what they said:

" " Not a fricking thing. They're in on it too.