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Friday, November 23, 2012


If you like music of any kind and have Cox cable, you need to sign up for the “Music Choice” channels.  There are 37 of them and they cover every genre you can think of whether it be reggae, solid gold hits, country, swing, hard rock, or anything else you prefer.

Lately, I have been listening to the solid gold stuff because I enjoy many of what we used to call in the days of the hit parade, “one hit wonders.”  That was a competitive time in the music business.  From the mid 50s on there were so many great songs that I figured the artists doing them would launch successful careers.  Alas, with the competition and the quality of stuff recorded, most of those tunes and the artists were one and done after their first and only success.

For example, In 1969 Norman Greenbaum had a gigantic hit with “Spirit in the Sky.”  It reached #3 on Billboard and stayed in the top 100 for 15 weeks.  Since its debut I have heard it as background in some commercials and in a couple films.  It was one of those songs that we used to say “Turn the volume up all the way and break off the knob.”

In spite of its popularity, I have never heard anything else noteworthy from Greenbaum.

Billy Ray Cyrus. "Achy Breaky Heart"
was huge for him in 1992
 If you like country, how about Billy Ray Cyrus and his one and only hit from 1992, “Achy Breaky Heart.”

I was doing DJ gigs at that time and because of the “Achy Breaky” dance craze and the catchy tune, it was my most requested song. (Click the link above)  Cyrus was a good looking guy and it was a decent recording.  It made it to #4 on Billboard and hung around for about five months.

That was pretty much it for Billy Ray who went on to some minor acting gigs.  His daughter Miley gained some teen fame when she was playing “Hannah Montana” on Disney.

In August of 1967, Bobbie Gentry had a huge hit with “Ode to Billie Joe”.  It held number one on Billboard for four weeks and stayed in the top 100 for 12 weeks.

She sang about Billie Joe and his jumping off the Tallahatchie bridge.  That plus a mourning tune as background kept that song alive for a while.

Bobbie was from Mississippi and had a couple minor hits with Glen Campbell later but “Ode to Billie Joe” was about it for her.  Today, she is 68 and probably still in Mississippi but she once knew fame.

Those are just three examples of one hit wonders but there are many more like Jeannie C. Riley’s “Harper Valley PTA”, Carl Douglas and “Kung Fu Fighting”, Devo with “Whip It”, and the great dance song “Macarena” by Los Del Rio.  The Macarena fell into the same hole as the Limbo, the Twist, and the Electric Slide.  Popular dance songs always have a limited life.

With YouTube, all these songs can be heard anytime you wish and they get thousands of hits from fans.  In fact, I think I’ll open a Stella Artois and check out Mungo Jerry with “In the Summertime”, a huge hit from July, 1970.  Then, there is Wild Cherry with “Play that Funky Music”, a number one biggie from 1976.

One hit wonders are great to remember and the list of them is endless.  Happy listening!


Musical Glo said...

Ah, a music blog – thank you!

I have a huge collection of CDs and download songs on my computer, and burn mainly custom CDs with my favorite songs on them to play in the car. The known groups and singers have great stuff, of course, but there are so many one-hit wonders that many people don’t know about or remember, and that’s a shame.

A few super one-hits? Oh, so little time, so many songs …

Next Plane to London by Rose Garden
Midnight Mary by Joey Powers
Master Jack by Four Jacks & a Jill
I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night by the Electric Prunes
Cinnamon by Derek
Love (Can Make You happy) by Mercy
In the Year 2525 by Zager & Evans
If You Wanna be Happy by Jimmy Soul
Last Kiss by J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers
You Were On My Mind by Wee Five
The Cheater by Bob Kuban and the In Men
I Fought the Law by Bobby Fuller
Do It Again a Little Bit Slower by Jon & Robin
Shannon by David Liska and Crossroads (cannot find it on a CD or download ANYWHERE!!!!)
Don’t Just Stand There by Patty (Call me Anna) Duke
Pied Piper by Crispian St. Peters
Bottle of Wine by the Fireballs
Hey Paula by Paul & Paula
Dominique by the Singing Nun (not the Flying Nun)
Baby The Rain Must Fall by Glen Yarbrough
Classical Gas by Mason Williams
Pipeline by the Chantays
One Tin Soldier by The Original Caste
I Love You by People
Little Arrows by Leapy Lee
Winchester Cathedral by the New Vaudeville Band
They’re Coming to Take Me Away by Napoleon XIV

And them’s just a few from the 60s!!

And a few from the 70s:

Tracy by the Cufflinks
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes by Edison Lighthouse
Brand New Key by Melanie
One Tin Soldier by Coven
Put Your hand in the Hand by Ocean
Timothy by The Buoys (if you like cannibalism …)
Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards

Aw, Jim – ya got me started …

PS Bobbi and Glen did a fantastic cover duet of Scarborough Fair!

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, I've been learning that video editing software and I gotta tell ya ... it's a LOT of fun! I've been taking some of Nick's video footage that I shot with Ray Carson and Dell Mack. I'm using fx for metaphors, but not so much that it's irritating.

A good friend saved my life after my wife's death and suggested the electric guitar for emotional healing. And today I'm editing video on a Mac. That's just wicked cool!

Remember Pat Benatar's video, "Love is a battlefield"? I think that was one of the first stories told with video and a song. A score of really great one-hit wonders came after that.

One hit wonders? Lita Ford, "Kiss me deadly." She's had other hits, but that was by far her greatest. But Lita's just sizzlin' hot!

Rindy Ross of Quarterflash, "Harden My Heart." That woman's still famous for that one song.

Nena, "99 Luftballons" and even in German and before the Internet, that song took off around the world! It was about nuclear war and it was like everyone could feel the music in their souls. I think the song is one of many examples of why one song makes it and why another predictably won't.

"Dominique" was probably one of the most unusual instances when a singing nun became a sensation in 1963. The song rocketed around the world and Hollywood even made a movie about the phenomenon, "The Singing Nun." Here's a clip.

Jimmy, I liked worked with Dell Mack and there are multiple reasons why I left. I haven't given up if that's what you think. Life is a war and the battle is never over until the lights go out and the curtain falls.

I created this artsy fartsy video of Nick singing a song about generations. Nick starts out as a cartoon character of himself, then a mirror image of realizing his own mortality. He looks at Ray Carson and Dell Mack and the view turns to old black and white appearing film then back to color when it pans off them. In the end, the video just fades to black. I'm thinking of the Ode to a Grecian Urn kind of video. I want to produce artistic films about music and win some fancy awards for a hobby.

Rick Kepple said...

"Oh dude, the eighties are chock full of terrible songs!" Nick said, assuring me that I'd have no trouble finding one-hit wonders.

I can't even laugh without choking lately! It was so funny though. Getting bronchitis again and hoping it don't turn to pneumonia. In reality, it's not the disease and cancer that kills ya. It's the pneumonia from your immune system failing.

I love working in music and videos.

And my favorite song of late ... "Dumb Ways to Die," by the Melbourne Metro PSA and performed by Tangerine Kitty. The question is, Who Is Tangerine Kitty? It's Ollie McGill of The Cat Empire and Emily Lubitz of Tinpan Orange doing a PSA for the ad agency, McCann Group for the Metro train folks to warn people to stay away from the trains.

"Dumb Ways To Die" generated three million Youtube views just in one day. The song is also sold on iTunes.

midnightsstaff said...

There's probably a lot of good reasons for OHW's - the early days of pop music was run by cartels that would make the Saudi's seem reasonable.. the big label music mandarins of RCA- Capitol Records, Decca and the rest could literally make or break any group for any reason or no reason at all.

I was cruisin' to Gilbert yesterday and put on the 101 oldies station.
That's a nice break from my usual listening - "Brown eyed girl" I think it was Van Morrison, might have been my favorite song of memory.. how about the smoothness of "Under the Boardwalk"- I don't even know who did that but it's great.

But these were more than a pass the time.. these songs represent a memory that like the sensations that different smells hold, the songs hold as well.

If you think you have heard it all you might want to listen to "Hey Joe" covered by Robert Palmer off his "Dreamland" album featuring two great guitarists Justin Adams playing the darbuka and Porl Thompson the guitarist from "The Cure" playing lead- also the album is pretty good all the way through.
..this is a cut like no other "hey joe" cover I have ever heard.

I forget who actually did the original hey joe with so many knockoffs.

How about "Lightening crashes" from Live?- not exactly a ohw but probably the most recognizable of any of their work, and a nice tune.

nativekentuckian said...

Jim..I've had the pleasure of working with at least four people who were "one hit wonders".....and my working with them had nothing to do with them being "one hitters"

The first was Jody Reynolds who wrote annd recorded the hit song "Endless Sleep"....and song later recorded by Hank Williams Jr (his first release)....Jody unfortunately passed away a few years ago in Palm Springs...

The second "one hit wonder" was Bo old buddy from Cincy who had a group called "The Heywoods"....their hit was "Billy Don't Be a Hero" Bo is still performing with the group to this day and living near LA.....

The third was Donnie Brooks who recorded "Mission Bell"......a monstrous hit for him...unfortunately we lost Donnie a couple years ago too...

The fourth was Lonnie Mack(another Cincy friend)...his one hit was an instrumental version of a Chuck Berry song "Memphis Tennessee" far as I know Lonnie is still going strong..but not doing too much recording these days...

midnightsstaff said... that's taking us back a ways.. I had just been shanghaied by my parents to Clownafornia when this was a hit..
amazing stuff this world wide web.. we can cruise anywhere we want.

steve buzzardo said...

Van Morrison wrote the famous song "Gloria" which was a one hit wonder for Shadows of night
Jimi Hendrix did a good version of "Hey Joe"

"Dirty Water" - the Standells
"Black is Black" - Los Bravos
"I fought the Law" - Bobby Fuller Four
"Pushin Too Hard" - The Seeds

Jim McAllister said...

From: Ken

The group who sang, "Earth Angel"-1955, called, "The Penguins"--- had a founding member just pass away at age 77. Cleve Duncan. They never had another hit, BUT they [some members came and went] were singing right up til Mr. Duncan's death on Nov. 7th. They were featured w/ their signature song on PBS' "DooWop 50".

Jim McAllister said...

Good to see lots of action on this one. Lots of one hit wonders over the years as you guys have pointed out.

I'll reply to all in the morning. I just got through watching Arizona give a game away to ASU.


Rick Kepple said...

Check this out. The U.S. Military is now saying that learning to play music can help heal veterans with head injuries.

Thanks to my old pal for turning me onto the electric guitar. I went from a state of depression and suicide, watched her music videos and even did a video about it and sent it to her. The rock star saved my life with advice!

I went from doing nothing and now my entire life is totally different. I never dreamt that I'd ever want to work in the music industry.

I did this music video after toying with Adobe's program for about an hour for the first time. It's artistic. Nick West singing "Fade to Gray," Nick is destined to be a OHW.!/photo.php?v=10151304939230549

Rick Kepple said...

These days, a One Hit Wonders make people believe that anyone with some musical talent can make it. And this Indie movement where a kid in a trailer park with a laptop can put a homemade music video on the Internet and make a million dollars.

Facebook even has a way that you can sell music on the Internet for no upfront charge and they just take a small percentage. There are websites that charge $25 an album and they will market it on multiple sites, give it a bar code and no music label is necessary.

In the old days, one good song could sell an entire album and mainstream music corporations made billions! These days, people can download just that ONE song, so it gives that kid in a trailer park an edge.

Well, what did mainstream music expect would happen? One music executive told me that they allow their music stars to do any drugs they wish. So now government supports Indie music. It will put those drug distributing music corporations right out of business, one hit at a time.

That's what they get for behaving like they want the fans' money and not the fans themselves. Snobs.

Jim McAllister said...

Hey Glo,

Somehow I knew you would be the first one to post on this one. Barb and i still listen to those cuts you gave us many years ago. They still are great.

Wow! What a list!

One of the great things about these tunes for me is that I can usually associate them with an event in my life.

Here are a few from your list:

"I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night" The Electric Prunes.

I went to an Air Force buddy's wedding in Buffalo, New York driving from Cincy in January, 1967 and I must have heard that song 50 times, primarily over WKYC-AM in Cleveland; one of the many "50,000 watt Giants" of that era.

At the top of the hour, they would holler that "In the next 60 minutes, you will hear 58 minutes of music." They were right! It was great.

Another great one from that era that they played was "Gimme Some Lovin'" (Spencer Davis Group with Stevie Winwood).

"Pied Piper" was a hit when Barb and I had been going together about a year in summer of '66. We were both going to U of Cincinnati and heard that one a lot on WSAI and WUBE.

Also that year "Cinnamon" by Derek, another one and out tune.

J. Frank Wilson and "The Last Kiss" was an Air Force era song in '64. At 23, I thought that was a really sad one!

I wish i had space for more but you see what i mean. I think those of us who love this stuff can remember some instance from the past when they heard it and the effect it had on them.

Let's see now; where was I in '64 when I first hear "Just Like Romeo and Juliet" by The Reflections? Oh yeah, I was still bouncing around mid Missouri doing my AF thing!

Jim McAllister said...


Those are some good ones. I remember "99 Luftballoons" very well.

I never could understand how "Dominique" became such a big hit although it was done in an era when a lot of different stuff was making it.

"Love is a battlefield" was big for Benatar in '83. I was living in Leawood, Kansas at the time and selling packaging supplies.

"Harden My Heart" was a favorite in '81 and a really great song by Quaterflash.

The early 80s was a great song era, lots of good groups like The Fixx, J. Geils, and of course the best of all, Pink Floyd.

Jim McAllister said...


"Under the Boardwalk" was by The Drifters who had many lead singers over the years like Clyde McPhatter and Ben E. King. Both eventually went solo with King doing some faves of mine like "Stand By Me" and "Spanish Harlem."

"Under the Boardwalk" was probably written by Lieber and Stoller who, along with Barry Mann and his wife Cynthia Weil, wrote many of the hits from that era.

Barry Mann actually sang a hit too with "Who Put the Bomp?"

To me "Hey, Joe" belonged to Jimi Hendrix although others did a good job on it..

Palmer died of a heart attack in 2003 at 54. I love the video of "Addicted to Love" with those girls and guitars in the background.

Jim McAllister said...

NK (Sonny),

That's an impressive list.

"Endless Sleep" made it to 5 on billboard in 1958, the year I got out of high school at Withrow. That's cool that you knew Jody.

I loved "Mission bell" and am sad to hear Donnie has passed on. If I remember it went "Higher than a Mission bell; deeper than a wishing well, my love for you." I hope that is at least close!

I remember when Lonnie Mack did Memphis in '63. It was around June when I was shipping out to Germany. Great tune.

Keep me in touch where you guys are playing. I might get a group of bloggers rounded up and come see you guys eventually.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the YouTube on Donnie from 1960.

The bass in that may be our own NK (Sonny)!

In 1960, I was two years out of high school, was going with a girl named Nancy who was cute but nuts, and wrestling with deciding whether to join the AF to get that mandatory obligation out of the way. In '61 I went in.

The background singers sound like cuties. Possibly Little Peggy March, Linda Scott, Lesley Gore, and Diane Renay?

Sweet things in their day.

Jim McAllister said...


All good ones:

"Dirty Water" - the Standells
"Black is Black" - Los Bravos
"I fought the Law" - Bobby Fuller Four
"Pushin Too Hard" - The Seeds

I still play "Dirty Water" occasionally. They were singing about the Charles River in Boston as I'm sure you know since you are a great trivia guy with music.

Bobby Fuller's "I fought the Law" is another memory of my early days with Barb in 1966. I had been out of the AF about 5 months and Barb had just turned 21 in December of '65.

Those were fun days. I'm glad I took advantage of them. I'd feel terrible if I left anything behind.

I still turn up the volume when I hear "Pushin' Too Hard".

I wonder what happened to The Seeds". Probably the same thing that happened to many one hit wonder groups: they probably disbanded or are playing honky tonks.

Speaking of honky tonks, we sure had our share of them when we lived in Missouri and Kansas. I can close my eyes and still smell cigarette smoke and see those Hamm's and Falstaff neon signs!

Jim McAllister said...


You are right. Getting a hit is a lot different process than it used to be.

Guys used to have to book back up musicians, rent studio time, and maybe pay a DJ a few bucks to promo it.

Now, one can do most of that at home as you say.

I don't think there is any top 40 anymore and it's nice that one can download the one song from an album that they really like instead of having to buy an entire album with 10 songs they don't like.

Of course, 33 1/3 records are gone now. When I did some DJ work in 1991-92 I had CD's, records and cassettes I had to rotate through.

I had a head set I would listen through to cue up the next song or commercial. Then I would take off the head set to play whatever was cued. It was pretty clumsey!

I think it is all computerized today where it is cued for you off a list and you just push a button to play.

Isn't technology wonderful?!

midnightsstaff said...

I need to proof read my stuff and get to bed earlier, I meant Robert Plant not Palmer..
Plant was the singer with Zep. and he is still going strong.
"hey joe" is off the Dreamland album..

How about Question mark and the Mysterians?- they had limited success after "96 Tears".. which I think they might have lifted from someone else.
not quite a ohw but damn close.

The music industry is still wide open with varying degrees of talent, but the industry and the delivery has sure changed.
I listen to a lot of music off the internet now, like you said there is quite a selection on Dish music channels or Cox...
I'm not even sure what the genre is to some of it I like but the selection is endless, unlike hearing the same top forty lineup belted out every half hour you can listen to new talent and new groups..

right now I am listening to "Up in Smoke" by Slackbabba on Digital Imported.
It's good but I may never hear it again.

midnightsstaff said...

I always assumed that was about the Boston strangler... "love that dirty water"..

midnightsstaff said...

utube of up in smoke..

the internet is amazing..

midnightsstaff said...

What a game between Okla. State and Oklahoma.. the Bedlam bowl.
tied that sucker up and went into some weird type of overtime I don't remember ever seeing.. gave each the ball on the 25.. when did this happen?

I like to turn on the music and watch the game, I got tired of listening to these announcers a long time ago.
Howard Cosell and Madden were the last entertaining guys I could take except maybe for a little Gruden now and then- I'd rather just watch.

..same thing with hockey except for the Yotes..

Jim McAllister said...


I thought it was a bit odd that Robert Palmer would be doing "Hey Joe." Not exactly his stylr.

Plant is good. I still like to dial up the video to "Big Log" now and then.

I think "96 Tears" was only done by ? and the Mysterians.

Cox's Music Choice is great. They have about 37 genres. I've been listening to solid gold rock lately. Lots of memories there.

Jim McAllister said...


You must have been out of touch with college football lately. They have been using that overtime system since 1996.

I like it and think the pros should go to it.

midnightsstaff said...

I guess I never caught a tie game.. yeah I suppose the NFL will toss another sacrifice to the gods of political correctness.
what's next? Girl wide receivers?

Na the way I watch sports any more is to let it go ahead on time lapse and I catch up avoiding the long video reviews, the beer commercials etc.. but the music is constant and better than listening to some sports announcer.
Well JR died today.. I never got into that series, but he seemed quite a character, the Dallas series seems to be one of the great productions- right along with Gunsmoke.
Golden age of tv eh?

Jim McAllister said...

I think the main reason they went to the 25 yard line system in college was because before that they would have games ending in ties and nobody like a tie.

At that time however, the pros were using a coin flip and whoever won the flip usually won the game since they got the kickoff and usually got close enough for a field goal to end it without the other team even touching the ball.

Now they have changed it to where both teams get at least a possession.

What I like about the college rule is that they each start from the 25 which means probably at least a field goal is necessary for both teams to stay alive. More exciting and gets the game over with quicker.

Study up! You never know when I might announce a pop quiz!

Jim McAllister said...

Yeah, Larry is gone at 81. He had a liver transplant years ago but cancer got him this time. It was in his throat; I don't know if he was a smoker.

He was good on Dallas and Jeanie. Barb Eden is pushing 80 now. What a babe she was.

Larry's mother was Mary Martin of stage and Broadway fame. She played Nellie Forbush for years in "South Pacific."

Rick Kepple said...

"I think it is all computerized today where it is cued for you off a list and you just push a button to play."

Radio stations are hurting now, largely due to the fees they have to pay BMI. So they either go Indie, suck it up, or go talk radio.

I have friends who manage radio stations and having been a journalist, I ask a LOT of questions.

The One Hit Wonders often get paid very handsomely for that one song every time a station plays it. One Christmas song gets the writer $75,000 a year, depending on how often it's played.

I'm figuring out the music industry and how it all works. It would be cool if I could learn from the mainstream in music video production, but that's never gonna happen. I ain't pretty enough and I don't do cocaine. So I'll do it myself and learn through Youtube lessons.

Yep. You can learn how to be a OHW by the lessons on the Internet. I guarantee that someone's made a video teaching that very thing. There is just so much money to be made in video that it's not at all funny. But radio, people listen to that every morning while stuck in traffic. Radio is here to stay, in one form or another.

Glo, Who Had Too Much to Dream Last Night said...

One of the CDs I have is called Grandson of Frat Rock, and has a lot of great OHWs:

Track Listings
1. Twist And Shout - The Isley Brothers
2. Hang On Sloopy - The McCoys
3. I Want Candy - The Strangeloves
4. Surfin' Bird - The Trashmen
5. Tequila - The Champs
6. Shakin' All Over - The Guess Who
7. Do You Want To Dance - Del Shannon
8. Liar, Liar - The Castaways
9. Dirty Water - The Standells
10. Bread And Butter - The Newbeats
11. Chug-A-Lug - Roger Miller
12. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin' - Crazy Elephant
13. Good Old Rock 'N Roll - Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys
14. Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
15. Whittier Blvd. - Thee Midniters
16. What'd I Say - Pt. 1 - Ray Charles
17. Shake A Tail Feather - James & Bobby Purify
18. Shout - Pts. 1 & 2 - The Isley Brothers

Dick Bartley put out two great OHW CDs that have a plethora of 60s stuff:
Volume 1:
Track Listings
1. You Were On My Mind - We Five
2. I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight - Barry & The Tamerlanes
3. Last Kiss - Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers
4. The Stripper - David Rose
5. Do It Again A Little Bit Slower - Jon & Robin & The In Crowd
6. Walk Right In - The Rooftop Singers
7. Cast Your Fate To The Wind - Sounds Orchestral
8. If You Wanna Be Happy - Jimmy Soul
9. The Girl From Ipanema - Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto
10. Midnight Mary - Joey Powers
11. The Cheater - Bob Kuban & The In-Men
12. More - Kai Winding

Volume 2:
Track Listings
1. Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) - The Hombres
2. Gimmie Gimmie Good Lovin' - Crazy Elephant
3. Everlasting Love - Robert Knight
4. Angel Of The Morning - Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts
5. Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead - The Fifth Estate
6. Morning Girl - The Neon Philharmonic
7. Expressway To Your Heart - Soul Survivors
8. Love (Can Make You Happy) - Mercy
9. No Good To Cry - The Wildweeds
10. Cinnamon - Derek
11. Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye - The Casinos
12. Hang On Sloopy - The McCoys

Speaking of frats, I was reading the online Hartford Courant today and saw a stunningly ridiculous article that says Trinity College has decided to force fraternities and sororities to go co-ed!! Hello? Anyone else see the utter PC-stupidity of this move??

midnightsstaff said...

..."Anyone else see the utter PC-stupidity of this move??"

That would bolster my observations that secular society tends to suffer devolution due to it's mandatory repressing of moral structure rather than evolve to a higher level of civilized awareness.

Your observation and reaction is in direct conflict of what the Politically correct crowd assures us will happen.

They assume you will celebrate rather than question their wisdom.

An afternoon dinner with a mixed crowd including feral Clownaforinans as I just experienced only reinforces my theory.
It sure as hell wasn't a page torn from the Rockwellian years of Americana.

When I left everyone still had their clothes on..

.. but I left early.

Jim McAllister said...


I never got into Dallas either. Just another soap opera but it sure was popular. I think it was on Friday nights which was a time in my life when you would never catch me at home.

I was glad to see some old timers like Jim Davis get work though. He was a good western actor. Starred in "Stories of the Century."

Jim McAllister said...

Hi " Glo, Who Had Too Much to Dream Last Night..." LOL

More good ones.

I loved "Hang on Sloopy" by the McCoys headed by Rick Derringer. It was big when I left Missouri for Cincy after discharge from the AF. Right after that I met Barb so it's definitely special.

"Tequila" goes WAY back to '58, when I graduated from high school.

"Liar, Liar" is another '65 favorite as I was heading back to Cincy. How could anyone not like a song that said "Liar, liar, pants on fire; you nose is longer than a telephone wire."

Somewhere Cole Porter was rolling over in his grave!

"Walk Right In" was big in '63. I remember it mostly because it was that era where the folk crap was catching hold with Dylan, New Christy Minstrels, etc. Plus, I was getting ready to go to Germany for four months.

In Germany we picked up "Radio Luxemborg" which had an odd format. They played all the current hits but only about one minute of them before they switched to another song. Weird!

The list is definitely endless. Maybe one of these days I'll do a blog on what happened to a lot of these one hitters after they left the top 40. I'm sure there is some info. on a lot of them somewhere.

I know Del Shannon is dead and he had several hits. Too bad, he was pretty good and somewhat unique.

Remember Lou Christie and "Lightning Strikes"? I think he had about three hits.

Jim McAllister said...


"I was reading the online Hartford Courant today and saw a stunningly ridiculous article that says Trinity College has decided to force fraternities and sororities to go co-ed!! Hello? Anyone else see the utter PC-stupidity of this move??"

That's one of the dumbest, imbecilic, things I have ever heard of. All I ask is "Why?" What is the point?

It's the same as years ago when dorms became co-ed.

I guess I am a fossil but some things these w days really make me wonder what is going on.

Jim McAllister said...


Radio stations (and TV) are suffering and will continue to do so.

A lot of it is commercials. People don't have to put up with that crap anymore and the days of "cool" disc jockeys like Murray the K from years ago are gone.

With the technology today, who needs to hear about McDonald's in between their favorite songs?

midnightsstaff said...

I'm pretty sure the am radio will survive somewhat but it looks to me like the fm stations are going the way of the eight track fairly soon..

..Once the (us) dinosaurs die off I doubt either will survive- hey take short wave radio for example.
times they are a changing..

When the pc or G4 network is actually a tuner like it is now, the game has changed for good.
As did the ice delivery and buggy whip industry.

My advice is to go long with a put position on adult diapers futures.

steve buzzardo said...

Anyone else see the utter PC-stupidity of this move??"

How about this Jim, I heard that now it is not PC to use the term "freshman". so now its 1st year student, 2nd year student...

midnightsstaff said...

what about the fifth year students?

Glo said...

Lou Christie had three hits:

Lightning Strikes
Two Faces Have I
The Gypsy Cried

I like the tune and singing of LS, BUT - the message is AWFUL!!! Yeah, I'm a-gonna screw around a lot because I can't help myself (but I still love you). ARGH....

Mike Slater said...

Jim, Our computer crashed and burned last Friday so we're trying to get the new one set up.

I like all kinds of music from Dean Martin to ZZ Top. I listen to a song once and decide if I like it or not.

"Ode to Billie Joe" and "Harper Valley PTA" were not my favorites and I won't listen to them. What I do is go on the computer and do a search of my favorite singers and watch them on You Tube.

CJ Phoenix said...

My contribution was going to be Wayne Newton but, apparently, he had 2 hits. I looked him up because all I remembered was "Danke Schoen" from 1963 but here is the other totally forgettable hit from 1972 which actually did better by peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Chart:

Hey, does Billboard even keep track anymore? My guess is that it has been totally replaced by YouTube.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm about out of diapers! Can you get me a deal somewhere? LOL

Speaking of buggy whips, I got a helluva deal on a bunch of anvils that I thought I could make a mint on but nobody seems interested. Can you help me out?

It seems like everyone can always use a new anvil around the house, can't they?

Jim McAllister said...


You're kidding; "Freshman" is now out? It never ends.

I read today in the paper where 45 states want to drop cursive writing courses for kids because they feel it is out of date with all the electronic stuff.

Can you imagine not being able to sign your name in cursive?

Jim McAllister said...


Lou Christie had a different voice for sure with those high notes. It was unique enough to get him his 15 minutes I guess.

The rock lyrics were very often not too complimentary too women, that's for certain.

I think my favorite lyrics are from "Paradise By the Dashboard Light."

"Let me think on it and I'll get back to you in the morning"

"Stop at third!

"And now I'm praying for the end of time."

I wonder what happened to Ellen Foley. She was the prosecutor on
"Night Court" before Markie Post.

Jim McAllister said...


YouTube is great for watching good music videos.

It's rare when I can't find what I'm looking for.

I wonder when they will start charging us for it.

Jim McAllister said...

From CJ:

My contribution was going to be Wayne Newton but, apparently, he had 2 hits. I looked him up because all I remembered was "Danke Schoen" from 1963 but here is the other totally forgettable hit from 1972 which actually did better by peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Chart:

Hey, does Billboard even keep track anymore? My guess is that it has been totally replaced by YouTube.

Jim McAllister said...


As far as I know Billboard is still around.

My copy is from 1996 but is good for oldies info..

midnightsstaff said...

When you play like the practice squad for the Cardinals you get beat 38 to 10 every time.
I think we can safely say that GB has no business in the playoffs this year.

Seriously the offensive line is worthless and practice won't help, Saturday is ok, outside of that nada.
Newhouse and Lang just mailed it in last night, there is no depth to turn to and injuries have taken care of the rest.

But at least they aren't the Cardinals.

Exactly who was Wayne Newton besides the most over exposed lounge lizard ever to crawl out from under a rock?- did he ever do anything other than a cameo appearance as a ridiculous seducer of married nitwitt women in LV Vacation?

Really???- do women like that greasy "king of the lounge" approach?
..guess that is a stupid question eh?

Rick Kepple said...


I volunteer to be a one-hit wonder. I've been working on an instrumental, but Dell Mack and others wouldn't like it. It's electric guitar, played EXTREMELY LOUD with DISTORTION then it moves to the lighter notes.

I love the group, Focus and the song, "Hocus Pocus" because the singer used his voice as a musical instrument.

Another band that I like is from Arizona - Wishbone Ash and "Phoenix" and Dell Mack used to tell Nick that no one makes 10 minute songs and they're all 3 minutes. No, not rock songs. Phoenix is sometimes played as long as 18 minutes!

This comment took more than an hour to write. In trying to find the songtitle for Wishbone Ash, I got caught up in Cyber Monday Christmas shopping on Amazon. Buying music stuff ... what else?

I got a used Epiphone SG on layaway at Morgan Music in Lebanon, Mo. The intonation was good, but switch was bad, so they replaced it and I'll pick it up on Friday.

No one plays guitar these days like those guys in from the 70's. Dell Mack told Nick to stay in one time signature and rock changes time quite often in the same song, but I think they always remain in the same Key. That's the part that I had trouble figuring out ... what chords and notes to play ... it takes me forever to figure these things out.

"Dumb Ways to Die" is the Harry Potter of music. It's a song that was meant to reach people for public safety and it's the number one most popular music video in the world right now! That band was formed to create just that one song, then the performers presumably went back to their own groups, but they are both stunned at the iTunes downloads of that PSA.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah you can laugh at the diapers indicator, but consider this harsh reality..

.."Last year, for the first time, sales of adult diapers in Japan exceeded those for babies"

We are mimicking Japan's march into economic irrelevance- it eventually shows up in the demographics as it is here today.
Adult diapers overtaking newborn diapers is just another indicator of a dying economy.

But then in the era you are talking about with the one hit wonders, anything except traditional cloth diapers were relatively unknown..
times are changing.

Ask yourself, will anyone fifty years from now be discussing the great one hit wonders of our current music?
I doubt it- in fact I'm not sure we even have pop music any longer.
I think Cj is right..

CJ Phoenix said...

What happened to the original comment that I posted here last night, Jim? Just wondering.

I'm always right, Middy. ;]

midnightsstaff said...

CJ Phoenix said...
My contribution was going to be Wayne Newton but, apparently, he had 2 hits. I looked him up because all I remembered was "Danke Schoen" from 1963 but here is the other totally forgettable hit from 1972 which actually did better by peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Chart:

Hey, does Billboard even keep track anymore? My guess is that it has been totally replaced by YouTube.

9:24 PM

I tOok It aND aM holding iT fOR RanSoM.. "small bills only"

Jim McAllister said...


Your comment mentioning Newton and Billboard didn't show on the blog but i noticed it on my email.

I replied to it above.

Jim McAllister said...


I was shocked at the GB game. Hell, the Bengals wiped out the Giants a couple weeks ago. Just a bad day, I guess.

The Cardinals are a joke. Whisenhunt is toast. He panicked with putting in Lindley. NOBODY loses to the Rams twice in one season!

The Bengals won their 3ed straight to go 6-5 but can't get on local TV. 56,000 attendance, the place hold 65,000.

I remember when diaper services were common. They would pick them up, launder them, and return them.

How would you like to have had the job of driving that truck?

midnightsstaff said...

No the Packers have no offensive line- they are going nowhere without an offensive line, Bulaga is out for the season and Newhouse got owned all night long, he is not a Chad Clifton.

It changes the game because the receivers can't get loose in time and it forces Rogers to press passes into double coverage or eat the ball.
and with no pass game, there is no running game either.

San Francisco, Atlanta and the Giants are all better teams they might meet up with on the road in the wildcard round- and that's just the NFC.

Glo said...

Hi CJ,

I think the Wayner had three 'hits:'

Danka Schoen
Red Roses for a Blue Lady
Dady Don't You Walk So fast

midnightsstaff said...

a veritable trifecta of gag me with a spoon.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, watched the Cardinal game and really enjoyed it. I've always been a Ram fan since the 60's when they were in L.A.

The Rams aren't a good football team now but the beat the Cardinals twice this year. In fact the Cardinals are in last place in the division.

If Fitz had any sense he'd ask to be traded to a good team while he's still young.

I'm a college football fan and believe that most of the top college teams could beat the Cardinals.

midnightsstaff said...

Why don't they just admit that the college program is a farm league for the pros?
What a joke with all the shock that some college players are getting more than just a free "education" for playing ball.
It's a farce no matter which way you slice it.

Is penalizing the players at Penn State doing any real good for the betterment of man?

.."The only good bureaucrat is one with a pistol at his head. Put it in his hand and it's good-bye to the Bill of Rights"- HLM.

Rick Kepple said...

Wayne Newton. Did he pay to get famous or something?

Jimmy, I sold the AR-15 today for some fast money, bought a studio condenser microphone, paid off my used (new to me) Epiphone/Gibson SG guitar. Yep, it also says Gibson. I think my last one just said Epiphone. But this one is a magnificent guitar! Bought a few Christmas presents for friends too. Music stuff. I still have home defense weapons, Jimmy.

More blood tests next week.

I like one hit wonders. I did order a DVD of the greatest guitar solos, including Wishbone Ash's Phoenix. They stay in the same Key throughout the song and that's how chord structure is chosen. I finally got that stuff!

Jim McAllister said...


Correct on Newton. Danke Schoen made it to 13 in August 1963, Red Roses to 23 in March, 1965, and Daddy to number 4 in June '72.

He had another one called "Years" but it only made it to 35 in 1980.

I remember what a rage he was in Vegas for many years. I always thought "Why?" I think old ladies liked him.

He was born in Virginia but I think spent some time here.

Jim McAllister said...


I was at the casino so I was only catching bits and pieces of the Cardinal game when I was at the bar.

I saw they were up 17-13 at the half and figured they would win. Then I saw they got outscored 17-0 in the 2nd half.

They be the first 4-0 team to go 4-12. I hope so. Screw the Bidwills.

You're right, Fitz should have done like Boldin did but he went for the money.

Jim McAllister said...


Most of them pr4obably don't go to class anyway. They are great moneymakers for the school.

One guy I knew at U of Cincy did always attend class. It was Greg Cook who eventually played QB
for the Bengals and Chiefs.

I had a class with him in Fall of '65 and he was always there. He was a great QB whose career was cut short by an arm injury.

I believe he died a couple years ago.

Jim McAllister said...


Good luck with the blood tests. I just had a round of them a few weeks ago. FortunaTELY, ALL WAS ok. i JUST HATE WAITING FOR THE RESULTS.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, when you get down to it the Bidwill's have always been the problem. They have owned the Cardinals since forever and haven't won a championship since 1947. The only chance the Cardinals have is new ownership which will never happen.

You were at a casino? Better not tell CJ that because she doesn't like us old guys spending her hard earned money. It's going to break her heart next year when Deb and I start getting SS.

midnightsstaff said...

I'm starting to get into the Festivus season a bit early this year..
small wonder, it's like getting caught in an endless loop of some Rod Sterling production all across the board any more..

I was talking to my cousin in Clownafornia today.. let's just call him "Karl".. he was defending the dept. of homeland security and just laughing like it's some high school prank..
I guess he gets his news from the EL- L.A. Times..

It started last week I guess, I was looking forward to a Thanksgiving with the Romneys and ended up with the Osborn's instead..
like I said.
Norman Rockwell would have been appalled.

problem is Jim, even though they are ridiculous and we have them out numbered they still get away with it.

The Cardinals on the other hand are entirely hopeless no matter how you look at it.
I can't imagine what fairy tales they are telling the season ticket holders, nor can I imagine them selling next season out like they have been doing.

midnightsstaff said...

Nyquil shooters?

Jim McAllister said...


Jeez! I better not mention that I have been on SS almost 10 years. I paid plenty into it so I have no guilt.

The Bidwills deserve to lose. They have that great stadium at Jiffy Pop and they are too cheap to open the roof when it is 72 and sunny.

I remember when I was in KC and the Chiefs played the St. L Cards in those days in the exhibition season. The Bidwills were very unpopular in St L. Cheapskates

Jim McAllister said...


I see where the Republicans (McCain and Graham) are starting to budge on the taxes on the rich already.

I will be very disappointed if they let a-hole Obama pull off that 4% increase. He says it's not negotiable.

I read where some woman chiropractor and her husband are in the $250,000+ income group and they said "Hell, we make more than $250K a year but as soon as we get near that amount, we will just take the rest of the year off.

We need to have those type earners all look at it that way. They can let go of their staffs which will increase unemployment and not pay the 4%. Screw Obama!

Rick Kepple said...

"Good luck with the blood tests. i JUST HATE WAITING FOR THE RESULTS."

Blood test results are now available in less than an hour at the VA. I usually get a copy of them and go see other medical professionals to get their opinions. That's how I found out that their damn pills are killing me!

Thanks for the good luck wishes.

There is something terribly wrong with our country where the military veterans have become the enemy and mobsters in Wall Street and the mortgage business are the good guys.

midnightsstaff said...

I never had any question how the other side of the same coin would react.
They get all noisy and start running for any camera or mic but in the end it' just like the morning sunrise- predictable..they go right along with the program.

Just destroy the seed crop let the commies own it and be done with it, let the muppets learn what strangling the producers represents.

I personally don't see how the fools can be convinced of the obvious any longer, they have to be shown.

Of course it will not work and if you look at the New Capital Goods orders Charts
([1][id]=NEWORDER ) it
becomes clear we are headed into a downturn.. or a depression already.
It's right there in black and white and the simple minded useful idiot voters refuse to see it.

No deal at all is better than agreeing with the communists but the cowards will once again be the enablers allowing a "Bipartisan deal" to be made and they will be blamed as well they should.

The Republican party is done Jim.. they have eliminated themselves.

Jim McAllister said...


I can't disagree. It looked good for a while after the 2010 elections where the Reps swamped the Dems but it looks like it is reversing now.

Once again we will have to learn the hard way. Too many with their hands out and , of course, that sorry ass excuse we have for a president is happy to give the doorknobs away to further his policies.

I still think there will be a backlash on him. It can't come soon enough for me.

Rick Kepple said...

"I still think there will be a backlash on him. It can't come soon enough for me."

There are some experts who say that Wall Street will crash to about 4,000 points in 2013, unemployment will sharply rise, inflation out of control and the REAL collapse is coming. Then there is the opposite end of experts who say the 12.5 million jobs that Romney said he could create will happen by the natural progression of business and no President is in control of anything.

Others say that President Bush kept gas prices low and Obama is keeping them high, but if this is true, then we evidently DO NOT live in a free market system. Combine the entitlements to the rich through subsidies to airlines, train service, and other perceived necessary private businesses and that is even more evidence that we have been living in a cloaked socialist system for decades and they called it capitalism.

I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't care.

Lana and Nick helped cut down a dead tree for firewood today and it wore me out. She took the chainsaw and did all the cutting. It's a God thing.

Women are inquiring about the farm to buy it and the sign isn't even up yet! I'm gonna trout fish and play guitar in the cool night air in the mountains. Hang out with old friends and new friends around a campfire. Bear in the camp at night. Camp robber jays by day. Nice.

Don't worry Jimmy. There isn't a thing any of us can do about what's going on. Maybe you can teach me to play golf when I visit. I want a cart and I'd like to carry a gun. Gophers. I hear you have big gophers.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh, Nick said that I don't need a gun while golfing. He said they're "golf-ers" not Gophers. Sorry.

midnightsstaff said...

Although I always thought they might make a pretty good prison overflow solutions it seems the PTB have other ideas.

I just ask when shipping containers become condo's how much further behind can Soylent Green be?

midnightsstaff said...

.."both Clinton and McCain should resign immediately for either being stupid enough to not know what would happen, or clever enough to know what would occur"

Great article by Bill Tatro.. he is forming the same contempt for Juan McAmnesty as I have had for years...
Bill who is a historical economist has the best radio show of any today..
it comes on every afternoon at two on 1510 am..

Mike Slater said...

Jim, the people in St. Louis were only too happy when the Bidwill's left town. Unfortunately Arizona is saddled with this losing organization.

I lived in Glendale when the vote for the new Cardinal stadium came up and voted no. The problem was more people voted yes.

Since they moved into the new stadium they have sold out every game. Look for that to change soon. People aren't going to pay good money to watch a losing team.

midnightsstaff said...

Ya got that right, Los Suns are having a bit of a problem along with the Dback's as well..

I've almost abandoned hope of keeping the Coyotes in Glendale..
...the new city counsel is having a bit of heartburn over fiscal issues with or without them staying..
I think it would take more than anyone is willing to risk to keep them in this market..
Too much tragedy in this whole issue to hope much will happen to cheer me up however, I'm pretty much used to it by now..
I was a Red Sox fan before it was cool.

But for the taxpayers of Glendale I fully understand their problem.. and it's going to be a nightmare for decades.
Westgate is about to be reduced to another freaking taxpayer funded tower of Babel if things don't turn around-

Mike Slater said...

Middy, now you know why I moved out of Glendale and went to Sun City. I saw the hand writing on the wall when it came to the Coyotes. If they stay or go the residents Of Glendale will be paying for that fiasco for years.

Besides I'm not a hockey fan. To me it's nothing more than soccer on ice which is boring to watch.

steve buzzardo said...

Mark Levin: I can’t take it anymore, I’ve had it up to here!

A pharmacist calls in to Mark Levin’s radio show and explains how the government forces him to allow his welfare customers to cheat him on co-pays – yes you heard me right – and to top it off the same people are also gaming the system anyway. Mark Levin responds by saying he just can’t take it anymore, that these are the people that Romney was talking about in his infamous 47% statement.

Rick Kepple said...

"A pharmacist calls in to Mark Levin’s radio show and explains how the government forces him to allow his welfare customers to cheat him on co-pays"

I'm on Medicare. I pay copays on the spot. And pharmacists are not required by law to provide health care. When my wife was dying, I paid HALF of our monthly income in copays. I got put out of business by private health insurance companies wanting $1500 a month just for coverage, plus copays, because I'm a military veteran.

Obamacare exists, because the health care industry was killing millions of the poor, elderly and disabled like a profitable system of genocide.

"I just ask when shipping containers become condo's how much further behind can Soylent Green be?"

Middy, if you go on Youtube, there are innovative poor folks who are buying shipping containers and turning them into clever little homes. And the rich are already eating the poor, disabled and elderly in a clever system of genocide right in America and no one gives a shit. Rich folks just haven't passed laws to make cannabalism profitable yet. Just wait a few decades. You get the right rich folks who will do anything money and look pretty enough to get elected and it will happen.

Rick Kepple said...

I go to sleep at like, 8 p.m. anymore and wake up about 3.

One hit wonders, Jimmy. Right.

Hey, how about this from my boyhood and the Watergate Comedy Hour album? President Nixon's prayer to God and God's response.

How about this one, Jimmy?

"Leak at Watergate," King and Barnes. It's really kind of funny and you Republicans should like it.

"Drinking Gasoline," The Baboons. (It's a REALLY GOOD music video)

This one is cute.
"The Dead Don't Get Older," The Coffin Nails

"You and Me and a dog named Boo," Lobos

We used to put up hay in the barn while the car radio wailed out tunes like that. The old days.

midnightsstaff said...

well you are full of shit. one has to be 65 to be enrolled in medicare so you are a medicaid drone.
next lie.

Looks like the next bubble to pop will be our national obsession with student loans.
.."Payments on 11% of student-loan balances were 90 or more days behind at the end of September, up from 8.9% at the end of June, a rate that now exceeds that for credit cards. Delinquency rates for all other consumer-debt categories fell or were flat.

.."Nearly all student loans—93% of them last year—are made directly by the government, which asks little or nothing about borrowers’ ability to repay, or about what sort of education they intend to pursue"
.."Federally funded student loans are now increasing at a rate of over $60 billion per quarter. This means that in just about 18 months, the total size of the Federal student loan market will hit $1.3 trillion. Why is that number important? Because that is how big the subprime market was at its peak in late 2007, when everything went to hell and the last credit bubble popped"

Federal student loans program is just another "free money" scheme payoff to leftist colleges that way too many kids got swindled in on, now they have a big debt that cannot be dissolved like a credit card bill but the U.S.S.A. taxpayer gets to back up..
sweet deal eh taxpayers?

you know mike... like that one you get to cover for Cj and others not paying back their student loan..
..and she crabs about social security.

See folks, we all have a bit of guilt in the swindle if you want to quit with the blame game and look at it honestly.
Few people have learned to live within their money stream, I doubt five percent of us have no personal debt,
and that is the real problem.

midnightsstaff said...

Something seems to be spooking the market this morning and the Asian and European markets as well..
wonder what that could be?

Meanwhile Bloomberg is still talking housing starts are the best in four years... lol..

never ask the opinion of a cheerleader..

midnightsstaff said...

.."New single-family home sales fell slightly in October and the government revised sharply lower its estimate for the prior month's sales, casting a small shadow over what has been one of the brighter spots in the U.S. economy"

.."small shadow"??

So the professional liars are now having to backpedal a bit on the "green chute's" they were seeing.

It's pure MSNBC nonsense that has been promoted while anyone with a brain knows it's sheer bullshit.

Makes you wonder how much longer they can successfully prop the whole nightmare up- truth is we are already over the fiscal cliff and there is no way back.

Jim McAllister said...


Always carry a gun when you play golf; a lot of nuts out here.

The gophers have more sense than the golfers.

Jim McAllister said...


I love those shipping containers. Kind of like living out of a panel truck. Real class.

You may be right about Soylent Green. I thought i saw Edward G. Robinson peeking around the corner.

Jim McAllister said...


It looks like O is out traveling on our dime again to promote himself.

I can imagine the bullshit he will be hollering at his followers to get them in a frenzy against those mean Republicans who want to control his spending.

Tax the rich 4% more. That would run the government a whole 8 days! It isn't the money he cares about; he just wants to exert his power over the rich.

Total phony.

Jim McAllister said...


I remember when they moved from St L, my company was in St L so I heard them bitch about the Bidwills all the time. They were always demanding something and the city told them to stuff it.

They had some exciting teams there when they had Don Coryell as coach.

I also voted "NO" for Jiffy Pop.

It would have lost if not for their change in strategy of targeting housewives telling them how a lot of the dough was going for kid's sports. That squeezed them through. Big mistake to buy those Bidwills a stadium.

They should have let them go to L. A. like they threatened.

Right now, I'm hoping the Cards become the first team to start 4-0 and wind up 4-12.

Jim McAllister said...


Never underestimate the ignorance of the American Democrat voter. Look at the a-hole they just elected.

As I said before, I'm sitting back and watching this idiot blow it.

Now, he is out campaigning again against the Reps on the tax increases. It never ends!

Jim McAllister said...


"You and Me and a dog named Boo," Lobos

I remember that one very well!

Jim McAllister said...


I am fortunate as I have no debt. House, car, appliances,TV, whatever, I owe nothing.

It's easy for me to say that because I don't insist on living the high life like so many feel they have to today.

I don't need my retirement Porsche roadster like a lot of guys I see, I don't need the big flat screen and stereo set up or the 4,000 square foot house.

I'm just a humble man trying to get by and not cause any trouble.

Jim McAllister said...


I wonder if Bloomberg is counting those containers in Detroit as housing starts or those 220 Sq Ft. places set to open in SF.

Maybe he should stick to worrying about how much soda pop people drink.

Jim McAllister said...

The student loan situation is unbelievable. They will never be paid back. Kids at ASU taking one 3 hour course are paying about $1,800 for that one course.

I did a piece on tuition a couple years ago on Azcentral blogs and the cost was incredible then.

I'm glad I did my degree in the 60s; tuition was cheap and I got $150 a month from the GI Bill.

Jim McAllister said...

Here's my blog from October, 2010 on college costs followed by another one from 2009 if anyone is interested.

midnightsstaff said...

.."we do know that there is now $914 billion in federal student loans (which also was mysteriously revised over 50% higher by the Fed just a month ago). Using simple inference, all else equal (and all else has certainly deteriorated), there is now at least $122 billion in federal student loan defaults. And surging every day.

Ladies and gentlemen: meet the new subprime"

Great article on this very issue Jim, I read your blog that you posted last year, this is a time bomb that very few people even realize they are responsible for paying..
It never gets mentioned in the that I can see, for something that is as huge heading straight for us soon.

The fiscal cliff is history, we went over that some time ago and all that's left is the handshakes and a few promises to break.

way to go Brownie.

I went to the SS office in Glendale today.. what a downer that place is.
It has the charm of a bus station, and the pleasant attitude only a public bureaucratic dumping ground or a men's prison can offer.
But I think the hounds are off my scent for a while... at least I bought some more time before the prosecutions begin in earnest..

Win the battle and the war will win itself..
theoretically of course.

midnightsstaff said...

The 13th amendment to the US Constitution reads..

.."Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation"

Everyone clear on that?- keep in mind it says the magic words.."except as"

just supposin' Jim, what happens if Congress in the future decides to reintroduce the concept of a debtor's prison?
Not that it would happen today, maybe in the next administration..
how many living the Bareback Obama Skittleshitting unicorn dream would find themselves facing some federal time or having to settle up some old debts?

..sounds like a revenue enhancement act to me- not to give them any ideas..

After all, Congress can change laws on a whim and does all the time.
keep that in mind all you Obamabots.

midnightsstaff said...

I don't remember a time with so few teams with great offensive lines as this year..
For some reason there just isn't enough talent to go around, it could be the outside linebackers are just that much bigger but I remember some pretty big guys a while back.

Hacksaw Reynolds- Jack Lambert- Dick Butkis?
Mean Joe Greene, defensive tackle that played like a linebacker?. na they have always been big.

It could easily be a S.F.- Bronco superbowl this year, I'm surprised at Peyton Manning's ability to run a team like he used to do.
He's gotta be the best in the league or real close to it this year.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I see today the city of Glendale signed a deal to keep the Coyotes here for millions of taxpayer dollars. Glad I moved out in July.

The local press likes to brag that we have 4 major pro sports teams in the valley, 5 if you count the gay women's basketball team, yet what do they all have in common? Loser teams.

The Suns have been here for 44 years and never won a championship.The D-Backs bought a world series but have been bad ever since. The Cardinals only claim to fame was a super bowl they lost and the Coyotes are bad and lose money every year.

The sad part is the taxpayers paid for their stadiums.

Rick Kepple said...

"Always carry a gun when you play golf; a lot of nuts out here. The gophers have more sense than the golfers."

Bad "nuts," you mean.

My computer tech is moving in as well. He's getting a messy divorce. Nick, Dale (tech) and I have known one another for about 10 years, but now it's more business.

You know, I guess Maricopa County wouldn't be a bad place to live. Nick could do his music thing since he handles that side of the business. I do the videos and Dale keeps the computers running. He rebuilds them too.

These guys suggest that I start taking the pills so I don't get in trouble with the VA. The Mucinex that I took made my abdomen swell up. I'd probably go jaundice on their prescription medication! The VA doc told me to stay away from Tylonol and Advil! Their prescription medications are safe? I don't think so.

If I'm wrong and the blood tests look worse, I'll be in a heap of trouble for not taking the medication. If I'm right and the blood tests look better, they'll say it was for another reason and the pills are safe. I made a command decision and I'm sticking to it.

midnightsstaff said...

I didn't have the winning numbers in the Powerball lotto last night, someone in Arizona did but it wasn't me.
I dodged the bullet one more time.

I suspected as much going to bed last night, seeing how I never buy a ticket.
I figure buying a winning ticket is about as likely as them awarding the win to me even without buying a ticket.

Rick might have a shot, the co winner was in Misery it's reported.
If Jim comes up missing I will assume it was his ticket.

I don't play because I can't take the chance of winning, I figure the gods that I have constructed to rule my life are hard enough to deal with without confusing the issue with the god of unearned money which always kills the host.

I'm simply not strong enough to handle that kind of unearned cash.
But it's interesting talking to people who play, they come up with all sorts of humorous fairy tales about what they would do with a pile of cash.

I usually advise them to save some for rehab.

I wouldn't corrupt anyone in my family if I did win, nor would I destroy my friendships by handing over any of my winnings, it's funny tho, everyone assures me that I will get something if they win.
I should take those promises to the bank and ask them for a loan against them..haha..

This is a nation of daydreaming gypsies.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree on Peyton. It's good to see him back and doing well. That early game against the Falcons made it look like he was through. The Falcons dared him to throw deep.

Since then, he is back to his old form; not bad for a guy who was considered by many as washed up at 37.

You bring back memories mentioning guys like Butkus, Lambert, and Reynolds. Those were great days when kickoffs weren't kicked into the end zone to avoid injuries and the games were all outside.

I remember games in Cleveland and Detroit where the fields were white with snow and I'll never forget Pat Summerall kicking that 47 yard field goal on ice when the Giants beat Cleveland in '55 for the Championship.

Otto Graham, Bobby Lane, Norm Van Brocklin, Billy Wade, Y. A. Tittle, Bart Starr, Dandy Don, Len Dawson. I miss those guys.

Jim McAllister said...


The more I see what is going on in Glendale, the more I think you made a wise decision to move. They really got suckered in on that stadium and the Coyotes and it wouldn't be much better if the NHL wasn't on strike.

I loved it last night when I turned on the TV toward the end of the Suns' game and they were down by 42. LOL Plus, they got beat by the 5-11 Pistons!

It looks like the attendance will take another dive this year.

Whisenhunt will be gone soon. The only reason he got to the Super Bowl was Warner. I'm hoping they go 4-12.

Jim McAllister said...


Barb plays the lottery and in the 25 years or so she has been playing we have hit $50 a couple of times and that's it.

I'm not afraid of long odds but those odds are ridiculous.

Jim McAllister said...

From Reader "Doctor John":

Top Ten - Only in America - By a Canadian

1) Only in America could politicians talk about the greed of the
rich at a $35,000 a plate campaign fund-raising event.

2) Only in America could people claim that the government still
discriminates against black Americans when they have a black
President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the
federal workforce is black while only 12% of the population is

3) Only in America could they have had the two people most
responsible for their tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the
Treasury Department and Charles Rangel who once ran the Ways and
Means Committee, BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor
of higher taxes.

4) Only in America can they have terrorists kill people in the
name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that
Muslims might be harmed by the backlash.

5) Only in America would they make people who want to legally
become American citizens wait for years in their home countries
and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege while we
discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just
'magically' become American citizens.

6) Only in America could the people who believe in balancing the
budget and sticking by the country's Constitution be thought of as

7) Only in America could you need to present a driver's license to
cash a check or buy alcohol, but not to vote.

8) Only in America could people demand the government investigate
whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of
gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. Oil
company (Marathon Oil) is less than half of a company making
tennis shoes (Nike).

9) Only in America could the government collect more tax dollars
from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a
trillion dollars more than it has per year for total spending of
$7 million PER MINUTE, and complain that it doesn't have nearly
enough money.

10) Only in America could the most productive people who pay 86%
of all income taxes be accused of not paying their "fair share" by
people who don't pay any income taxes at all.

midnightsstaff said...

Joe Green actually spit in Butkis's face and challenged him to a fight on the field..
name change suggested from the hall of fame plaque from "Mean" to "Politically Incorrect" Joe Green..

I went to school and played ball with Chris and Cliff, Conrad Dobler's brothers- Conrad was a perennial winner of the NFL's "nice guy" award.. or something like that..
.."Dobler showed off the "antisocial instincts of a treed gorilla," Jim Murray once wrote, the late Times columnist also noting that, "Conrad didn't play football, he waged it."

Good sport he was year after year.
anyone wanting the ex jock lifestyle should read this article first..

Hey the winning ticket was from a joint in Northern Scottsdale/Paradise Valley location..
I just figured it was you.

midnightsstaff said...

..NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly issued the following statement regarding the two days of meetings that concluded today with representatives of the NHL Players’ Association under the auspices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service:

"Today, we concluded two days of mediation with FMCS mediators and representatives of the NHL Players' Association. After spending several hours with both sides over two days, the presiding mediators concluded that the parties remained far apart, and that no progress toward a resolution could be made through further mediation at this point in time. We are disappointed that the mediation process was not successful."

Someone explain to me how both parties are not suicidal..
tell me.

Everyone should take a look at what happened to Hostess and slide the pin back into their weapon before someone manages to lose their grip.

Rick Kepple said...

"Barb plays the lottery and in the 25 years or so she has been playing we have hit $50 a couple of times and that's it."

I'll bet I could win, if I played. I played Dora's numbers after she died and won big on Pick Four. She would have liked to have seen that.

The eye specialist called. Gotta go in for another dialation and photo. Then another in a few months to keep an eye on it. I guess the next time I talk to SN will be in heaven. By now, Dora has the beach house done and she's sitting there with her toes in the heavenly sand.

If the house sells, Jimmy, maybe we can do some golfing. Can I use a cannon to sort of propel the balls downrange? Do I have to use a club?

Rick Kepple said...

"Rick might have a shot, the co winner was in Misery it's reported.
If Jim comes up missing I will assume it was his ticket."

I didn't play, but there was this elderly gentleman in a gas station buying a Power Ball ticket for his wife. He had never bought one before and didn't know how to do it. The clerk was no help at all and I worked very hard to explain how to fill out the card, since the guy had put all the numbers on both top and bottom. Finally, after several tries, he got his ticket and it would be cool if that elderly couple won. I told him if he won, he owes me five bucks.

Where are we going Jimmy? My favorite place to visit is Vegas. I got my first case of pneumonia there and used to win lots of money. But I've never stayed in a Vegas hotel. Nice bed, hold the bugs.

Wanna go for a road trip Jimmy? Just disappear. Make people wonder then reappear. It's reckless and fun.

I can't afford traveling until the farm sells.

C'mon Jimmy. I'll grab a guitar, amp, head to Scottsdale, pick up you up and we can run away to Vegas. The odds are better.

Then we can invade Area 51 and when they check my military ID, we can have a party. Then you can tell Obama face to face, what you think of him. I wanna watch.

Then we can all go for a ride on Air Force One to the Middle East for breakfast. My stepdaughter is over there and Obama can promote her. Then he can bow to the Saudi king again and again, I wanna see Jimmy chew out the President. I'll bring the camcorder. We'll all laugh, the Muslim king will light up a bong and pass it around. A spark will ignite an oil fire and all their hopes and dreams will go up in smoke and they'll be raising goats again. Yep. It could be a wild party, just like that. Do not doubt what seems implausible!

midnightsstaff said...

as tho this full moon should be any different than any other...

midnightsstaff said...

..evidently the meds aren't working again, I keep hoping against all reason that maybe he would just grow out of it, what the hell was I thinking?

Really moonbeam? just drop out for a while- on the road again- just you two?

Hey Jim, don't let him pay for the whole thing...

Great Caesar's Ghost!!- you might have jumped another shark with that one.
I haven't heard a real looney tune line of thinking like that whopper in years..
Reminds me of suicide watch...

And just why would you sell that central Missouri unicorn farm after just building an impenetrable fortress of solitude/root cellar with your own two hands?

What about wanting to be the last man standing with your walker after when- all- hell- breaks- loose?

stay away from the window...

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I feel sorry for the people stuck in Glendale. Glad I moved out when we had the chance.

I will never spend another dime in Glendale.I shop at Walmart a lot and in Sun City I have 2 Walmarts I can go to. One's in Glendale and the other is in Peoria. Guess which one I go to.

Rick Kepple said...

Hey, if you'd like me to move down there, I'm going to need a four bedroom home where I can have a couple of dogs, play my music loud and a really fast Internet connection. I got roommates.

Well, going to bed. I'm tuckered out. The roommates can handle stuff.

midnightsstaff said...

goodnight John Boy..

Jim McAllister said...


Why doesn't the NHL bring in sub players like baseball and football have done in the past? It's not great players but at least they have something.

Jim McAllister said...


Good luck with the eye exam. I have had cataract surgery and torn retiuna surgery and have perfect vision.

Those guys can really help you out; it's amazing what they can do. Be sure you have an Opthamologist.

Jim McAllister said...


Something tells me you go to the Peoria Walmart.

Glendale has botched this from the start.

Rick Kepple said...

"Good luck with the eye exam."

They're just gonna photograph it, Jim. That's all they can do at this point. In a few months, they'll photograph it again to see if it's changing. The doc said that it won't make me go blind or mess with my eyesight. If it turns malignant, the fat lady sings.

What am I gonna do about it? Nothing. I'm going to the music store. I'm gonna carry on and increase the pressure to get rid of mainstream music and movies. LL got busted again. She's my excuse to prove that famous people need to be drug tested and controlled.

midnightsstaff said...

I think you should call president Obama Rick...
"they" promise to return your call within 15 minutes..

how about a free phone while you wait?- food stamps?- student loan?- condoms?-Chevy volt?

A couple of years from now.....

"Oh. you wanted medical attention... sorry- there is a panel for that- that one might take more than 15 minutes to get back to you on"

Enjoy your Obamacare the next few years Rick, soon when you are past the age of salvaging and the situation gets worse, you will finally realize that your vote meant something.

That age of salvage will necessarily have to be lowered quite a bit..
cost constraints you know.. and with all the new illegals who need medical attention adjustments and doctors fleeing the medical nightmare leaving shortages, personal adjustments to what you are used to now and take for granted will have to be made.

In fact you might be getting close to being un salvageable already.

I noticed federal police force cops at the SS office the other day, first time I have seen uniformed federal police carrying guns roaming around in Arizona, I thought Homeland Security took care of that..
oh, maybe they do actually have that academy cranking out a police state that people laugh at me about.

Going to need a civilian force that equals the force of the military once the useful idiots find themselves suddenly "not so useful" anymore.
..that's you Rick.

Jim McAllister said...

It's like a daily thing with Lohan.

I predicted a couple years ago she would not make it to 30 unless all these arrests are just an attempt to keep her name in front of the public as her career flags.

She is a total loser. I wonder who had the lack of foresight to cast her as Liz Taylor. She couldn't carry Taylor's handbag.

The reviewers rated her performance as "Spectacularly bad".

midnightsstaff said...

It's hard to keep the true Lohan from shining through once her true life has overshadowed her on screen performance.

She has type caste herself into an early grave..
and personally I don't give a damn- she is about as attractive as a man's ass anyway.

It's like a conversation I listened to with a couple of feral Clownafornians, one who is a mom that was concerned that her 16 year old daughter might be negatively influenced now that's she's living in Utah surrounded by mormons.
She is currently in drug rehab over a heroin conviction.. and she is worried about the mormon influence.

The ferals are completely out of control.

midnightsstaff said...

SAN BERNARDINO ( — The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to “lock their doors and load their guns” during a city council meeting.
The official explained that because the city is bankrupt and slashing public safety budgets people will need to start protecting themselves.

..“Let’s be honest, we don’t have enough police officers.
We have too many criminals living in this city. We have had 45 murders this year…that’s far too high for a city of this size,” Penman said.

This is America's future with Bareback Obama charting our course.
..and of course the new early release of state prison inmates program so they can continue funding their precious voting illegals lifestyle is having no deleterious effect.

I guess he didn't get the memo on the UN rules on private ownership of firearms that are about to be implemented.

Steve/DG said...

I was always partial to Paper Lace's "The Night Chicago Died".

Jim McAllister said...


... personally I don't give a damn- she is about as attractive as a man's ass anyway.

LOL! True and as always, you are right to the point.

16 year old daughter might be negatively influenced now that's she's living in Utah surrounded by mormons.

She is currently in drug rehab over a heroin conviction.. and she is worried about the mormon influence.

Ha-ha; sometimes I wonder what we would talk about if it wasn't for these stupid losers!

Her daughter will come out a much better person if she lives in Utah. Maybe she should contact Rep. Mia Love. Mia has done pretty well for herself in Utah.

Jim McAllister said...

I was in San Bernardino some years ago and Barb and I mused about how nice a city it was.

There were tree lined streets, a nice downtown, ball fields with teams playing on a summer night, and some nice restaurants. We even thought it may be a nice place to retire someday.

Now, I read that story you posted and shake my head in disgust. Sad.

It's like everything we ever knew that was nice is rapidly disappearing. It seems coincidental with Obama yet, there he is raring to go and further destroy this country for 4 more years.

It's like watching Rome burn.

Jim McAllister said...


Great song by Paper Lace. It reached #1 in July of 1974 and Carlos Santana was their guitar guy.

It was like old times on azcentral blogs seeing azwi leave a comment to your letter calling you a "sicko."

That guy/girl was always limited in the vocabulary department among many other departments.

midnightsstaff said...

No Jim she will return to Clownafornia as soon as her sentence is up.. it was a court ordered intervention.. not something she saw as necessary.
once a hype, always a hype.

I am giving up on these losers.
I have a friend that just retired as a Lieutenant after 20+ years on the SB county force...

I bet he wishes he had gone to work elsewhere now.

I need to get some US government condoms to pass out when someone on the street asks me for help.. maybe some with Obama's face on the front and the logo "change you can believe in" on the back with the words "you didn't build that" in dayglo printed on the side of the rubber when fully engaged...

sort of like the Goodyear blimp.

.. and of course a warning to responsibly recycle it after a few uses to save mother earth..

midnightsstaff said...

.."the metastasis is causing Chavez "severe pain in the left femur and serious walking difficulties."
He also says that Chavez passed out twice in August, losing consciousness briefly, and that doctors determined that his situation was deteriorating slowly but steadily.

Hey.. how about some good news.. looks like Bareback Obama's adopted brother is a shining example of the great health coverage Mike Moore claims that Havana supplies, the thing that cheers me the most is this is such a long, painful way out.

See, there is good news in the papers if you know how to interpret it.
I only wish Ted Kennedy could have hung in a few more years as well.

Hey anyone mentioned the song "war" by Edwin Starr?- it's not quite but nearly a OHW..

Mike Slater said...

Jim, you guessed it. It's Peoria from now on.

It's sad what the Glendale city government has done to the taxpayers. I enjoyed living in the city, had a nice home, but was not going to stay there to pay higher taxes to keep a mediocre hockey team in the city. Not to mention a lousy football team.

Sun City is great because we don't pay for pro sports teams or school taxes because there are no schools in Sun City.

midnightsstaff said...

mediocre teams do not lose to the eventual Stanley Cup winners last year taking them seven games sir!
mediocre teams do not make the playoffs.

..other than that I agree entirely.

"there are no schools in Sun City"

watch it, Obama might start taxing cemeteries..
thought I might beat her to it.

Mike Slater said...

Middy, mediocre teams don't win championships either.

midnightsstaff said...

I get a kick out of these people making a big thing about Kaepernik's ink..

It looks a bit like prison art from a distance but up close not even close.
He seems to be a bit of a religious freak if anything..
can't have that..
he looks like a wayward Jew to me- maybe another Marshall Goldberg.

Anyhow...the NFL just like Chicago has it's standards to be upheld.

midnightsstaff said...

whoa.. you are a tough sell.

Mike Slater said...

Middy, because teams make the playoffs doesn't mean they're that good. Teams can have a losing record and make the playoffs.

There are 4 pro sports teams in the Valley. The Suns have been here for 44 years and never won a championship. The D-Backs bought one, the Cardinals haven't won one since 1947 and the Coyotes have never won one.

midnightsstaff said...

Up until last year the Kings were the laughing stock of the division..
last year champs..
The Coyotes are on the right track, lots of things started coming together last year.
The whole ownership/municipal lease thing is a gigantic mess, and it started way before I got here..

No sports arena should ever been built with taxpayer money, but you see by the last election that is a hard sell to children telling them "no"

Leadership is not organizing a boy scout pizza party- it's leading a empty lot clean up party first..

Na the Yotes will do fine if they ever get ownership matters settled, Don Malony is the complete opposite of the Bidwells, he has an eye for talent and knows how to be getting the most out of the least payroll and Dave Tippet is probably one of the best coaches in the league today.

Really the better they do the better Glendale will do as well, it's a loser either way but a bigger loser if the Coyotes go.

..ain't no pair of ruby slippers to click together and make the leverage demons go away on this one-
this dummy got herself knocked up.

The bigger question is are these NHL players in a complete bubble?
don't they realize we are headed into a depression and they are playing chicken with equal idiots?

Rick Kepple said...

"Enjoy your Obamacare the next few years Rick, soon when you are past the age of salvaging and the situation gets worse, you will finally realize that your vote meant something."

Yeah, I should have voted for Obama instead, is that what you're saying, Middy?

No rich guy has ever actually helped me, Middy. Thank God for small favors. Look at Greece. Boy, the rich folks sure did muck that one up, huh?

Throw more money at the problem! That fixes everything, or the Republicans believe. The Democrats create followers. The Republicans create suckers.

According to Republican Trickle Down fairytales, money falls down from up above and falls off the end of the earth. Then rich guys magically make money again, and how is that done? Oh yeah, by the toil of sweatshop workers at a dollar a day in Indonesia.

Boys, that's called capitalism! We gotta teach them foreigners how to be Americans. Yup. Work a full day and maybe have enough to buy the family dinner out at McDonalds!

What you're really pissed about, Middy, is that the balance of power is changing. I'd shut up if I were you, or they might put you folks from Scottsdale on a reservation and you can weave baskets and live in mud houses like your ancestors did when Scottsdale was first settled. They'll make a museum piece of y'all. "The Age of Delusion."

midnightsstaff said...

Well look who woke up all cranky and wet...
I thought you had sold yourself out for filthy lucre in Nashville or something like that.
you got all the bad habits down already, now just work on the singing.
anybody can live like a rock star.. paying for it is the hard part.

midnightsstaff said...

.."There were tree lined streets, a nice downtown, ball fields with teams playing on a summer night, and some nice restaurants. We even thought it may be a nice place to retire someday"

That's right Jim, Riverside used to be a pretty nice growing town, smelled of orange blossoms every night, in fact all the inland empire used to be pretty positive and growth oriented. there are armed outposts of civilization surrounded by gang infested anarchy.
You would be shocked at the third world atmosphere all of LA has now, It's liberalism run amok.

Once Sheriff Joe hangs em up and we get some politically correct mincing fairy that sucks up to leftist pressure from La raza this town is going to end up like Pacoima.
..and it won't take long.

.."the only good bureaucrat is one with a gun to his head, put it in his hand and it's good bye second amendment"

Rick Kepple said...

"anybody can live like a rock star.. paying for it is the hard part."

Yeah, whatever. I don't know what the hell you're talking about Middy. I just wanted some peace in my life and I thought SN had it so fricking perfect, then I run into snobs like you people that made my life a living hell. And you act just like she did when she was a bitch and ruined my life for her entertainment.

If you ask me, Middy, you're the one acting like a rock star - Mean as fricking hell.

I am the anti-SN. I refuse to go to concerts and pay money to whom? A rich snob who wants to pretend that she's better than me? Who claims that she's my friend and apparently the woman lacks a fricking dictionary?

The only damn way you can ever compare me to SN, is that I own a guitar and she likes music too. Otherwise, that woman and I have nothing in common.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy is a perfect example of why the mainstream music industry MUST BE FORCED TO CHANGE.

Rock stars don't impress me one single bit. What have they ever done to help people? Sing? Give money to charity so some CEO can have a fat check saving the whales?

I like the electric guitar. I liked the peace that I felt when I talked with SN as a friend, but gee ... I guess Jimmy's right. I'm delusional. There is no way in hell that SN could have ever been that nice! So I must be wrong about mainstream and they really are a bunch of drug addicted alcoholic losers! No wonder God doesn't want me talking to them!

Those pricks in the music industry need to grow some nice behavior. Hey, maybe they can buy some from Charles Manson! He's sweet in comparison.

And you wonder why the government is subtly pushing the Indie music movement. Mainstream has got to go. It's all destroying America. Rich people just plain suck.

Rick Kepple said...

I personally think that the SN thing is a defensive mechanism to escape real life. The brain ignoring the body saying that it's sick.

The budget is shot and I haven't even started paying bills. Co-pays for medical bills.

Gotta go south a hundred miles for an eye test so they can watch as it grows into cancer. Hey, want a photo? Look, there's Rick's eye! Eeeeewwwwww.

Then the next day, I gotta go a hundred miles north for more tests.

I knew about the liver problem before the doctors. The eye thing blindsided me. There's not a damned thing they can do. Any medication will be the end.

Given that I usually know the outcome of these things, I'm just gonna pretend that SN and I are good friends and I'll play the electric guitar and the rest of the world doesn't really exist.

midnightsstaff said...

Sayeth the Raven... "Nevermore"

I told you to stay away from the windows, direct full moonlight always affects you like this.
- drama queen.

midnightsstaff said...

As I told you Jim, the useful idiots will soon find out what it's like to be not useful any longer.. the election is over.

.."Like so many issues teetering on the edge of the "fiscal cliff," unless Congress acts, the extra federal aid – which at one point stretched unemployment pay up to 99 weeks in California – will end on Dec. 29.

Letters from the state Employment Development Department have already gone out to nearly 350,000 California recipients of federal unemployment benefits, alerting them to the potential halt to their payments.

Overall, an estimated 2 million jobless Americans could be affected"

Good! now we are getting a look at what embracing the Obama lifestyle means.. a future of nothing-
This is just the other side of the free cell phone coin- remember that is what the commies are telling us, it was a choice of either free cell phones or jobs- you chose the phone.

On the other hand this will certainly drive the unemployment number down because they won't be counted.
..enjoy your overpass you parasites.

while you are eating your pigeon over an open fire just keep in mind..
"You didn't build that overpass! someone else did, maybe a teacher."

midnightsstaff said...

..The fiscal cliff cannot be avoided no matter what deal is reached..
here is a great article from zh that explains the situation.

you low information Obama voters have sealed your own fate.

enjoy your peas.

Jim McAllister said...


"War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again! Huh!"

I remember it well by Edwin Starr; made it to Number 1 in 1970.

Someone else did it in more recent times; I forget who.

CJinPhoenix said...

"On the other hand this will certainly drive the unemployment number down because they won't be counted...enjoy your overpass you parasites."

Geez. And you all somehow find the nerve to call me hate-filled & bitter...??

Jim McAllister said...


It's a shame that you had to leave your nice home in Glendale but I can certainly see your point. I wouldn't want to pay higher taxes either just because the town leaders are stupid when it comes to finances.

As soon as people finally wise up and stop supporting the Bidwills, they will leave on the next bus to L. A. They threatened to do that before Jiffy Pop was approved.

How does it feel to be the youngest guy in Sun City? LOL

I guess the housing market is picking up over here. I had a realtor knock on the door this week wanting to know if I wanted to sell my house.

midnightsstaff said...

war will be with us forever Jim, someone will just do another cover of the song once a Republican is in office to take the heat.

where has Cindy Sheehan been the last four years?

Na.. Cj, I'm just an honest observer of human depravity.. should I lie and pretend to commensurate with people who just told me to shove my American values and now demand to pillage my private property and burn the Constitution like the filthy mob of gypsies they are?

I'm not a political animal who has to lie to gain votes and pretend human trash demands respect.
They wanted a free phone instead of an opportunity..
Now they can take the bullet train to hell as far as I am concerned.

nits breed lice and lice produce nits- Darwin was right, it's time to let natural selection do it's job.

By the way the dj said the original was to be performed by the Temptations but they thought it too controversial...
But that was before Rap..

Jim McAllister said...


Barb and I spent the night in a Riverside motel a few years ago and the manager said for us not to get upset at the room across the way from us.

In that room was a gorgeous girl who was a jewelry salesperson. The first thing I thought was "That sounds like something to celebrate rather than be upset about."

The manager was referring to a gigantic Doberman she had as a deterrent to anyone trying to steal her samples.

I told Barb: "Welcome to Clownifornia!"

Jim McAllister said...


Kaepernick seems like a good guy and his parents say a lot of the ink is about the bible.

I personally hate tattoos but as long as he behaves himself and keeps throwing the ball the way he is, he can have as many as he wants.

Eventually the "no tattoo" fad will come around and the tattoo removal people will make a fortune. I've read a couple of cases where remorse is already setting in especially with the tramp stamps of the girls from the 90s.

Jim McAllister said...


Good article from the Sac Bee about the Cal unemployment. Those people will really be screwed

Jim McAllister said...


I had forgotten about Cindy Sheehan. I remember her hanging out in front of Bush's house in Crawford, TX with her protests.

Where the hell is Joan Baez and all the phonies from her generation? Probably living off the spoils of her records given to her by a capitalist society while she protested against the same society.

Jim McAllister said...


The difference between Middy and a lot of others is that he is more than happy to express his unedited feelings about any subject.

I give him credit for not wanting to put lipstick on a pig that is the government under Obama.

Too many are being sucked in by Obama's cry to save the middle class. Well, the middle class wasn't doing too bad before he came along but like all Chicago politicians he "never wants to let a good crisis go to waste" and he is doing that to this country.

Rick Kepple said...

"On the other hand this will certainly drive the unemployment number down because they won't be counted...enjoy your overpass you parasites."

I can't imagine why Mitt Romney lost with Republicans saying crap like that.

I've just been talking with a very famous songwriter (a man) and he was telling me about the old days on the Grand ole Opry. OMG, that is always such a treat to talk to him.

I don't really know why I even like rock music, since none of those people even talk to me! Snobs. I've got maybe a dozen friends from country music and they're really nice people. They're ALL Republicans and none of them talk like Middy. Not one.

All they said about SN, is that she's known around Nashville and she's not worth getting hung up on. One guy said to put my experiences in songs, but poetry is not my genre.

I think one of those famous folks is supposed to give me a tour of Nashville and meet some of those famous people. Rock music would never do that. They're too cool to care.

But George Strait once chewed my ass for taking photos of him, when I was in college, so not all the country folks are nice.

Now, Dannie O'Reilly's a really nice guy and he and Stevie Ray Vaughn were competitors in Texas. Dannie's been to my home and he likes my guitars, but he's got one that is a jewel. If guitars could talk ...

Rick Kepple said...

A famous musician just told me in conversation that I'm lucky for just playing the electric guitar for the fun of it. I can see where it would be a drag to play the same songs over and over for decades!

Poor SN. I'm glad she made a new studio album with new songs that people love! Bless her heart!

But think about those one-hit wonders! Playing that same song for decades and never any new material. Makes me glad that I stuck with journalism and didn't become a songwriter.

midnightsstaff said...

..."In that room was a gorgeous girl who was a jewelry salesperson. The first thing I thought was "That sounds like something to celebrate rather than be upset about"

Probably code for she's a hooker..
sounds like a perfect cover for some single lady with guests coming by all night to look at her samples..

am I too cynical?- haha.

If the NFL had their way every starting quarterback would resemble a marine corps recruiter, you know a Pat Tillman type etc. with no ink- but NFL caliber talent doesn't necessarily follow their template.
The NFL is still most part a meritocracy, and that explains it's popularity..

Meritocracy is the same thing the Republicans should try if they ever want to get off the Junior Varsity.

But I can tell you that there will be great joy once they find a competent black quarterback they can elevate into Canton despite his record.

Tried it with McNabb, Moon and Vick but just can't seem to make it happen.
Not to mention the occasional time out in state prison jerks like Vick seem to enjoy, but the whole NFL seems to be a study of gravitation toward general stupidity like shooting themselves in the foot on the dance floor, being shot dead in late night honky tonks and driving drunk right into a tree or a black and white.

Tiger Woods should have played football.

Another one took the night train in KC today, took his girlfriend with him..
wonder what the real story behind that was?
the NFL will pass it off as "concussion related" so they can continue to neuter the game.

am I too cynical?

Mike Slater said...

Jim, We feel like young kids out here in Sun City.We did learn one thing never go shopping on the first of the month. That's when all the old folk get paid and the stores are jammed.

midnightsstaff said...

congratulation Jim, you are big time now.. you got spam!

Rick Kepple said...

"The difference between Middy and a lot of others is that he is more than happy to express his unedited feelings about any subject."

Yeah, that's Middy all right. I personally think that he's smoking that good California medical bud and writing whatever comes to his mind. I mean, Middy was a prison guard. You don't need a high IQ to open the door and close the door.

Whereas, as a journalist, I have had to actually think. I'm retired and I like talking to famous music professionals and rooming with amateur music professionals.

Back in 2007, I thought it was ignorant that SN wanted me to take up the electric guitar. I think she's been trying to get me to start practicing the axe for years and I thought it impractical. Who knew that it had such beneficial effects used in therapy by the VA and now at Walter Reed Hospital? And the electric guitar keeps me calm and so I'd like to move to Arizona or Colorado, or even Nashville, to explore more of this strange world that I never knew existed.

Nick quit smoking cigarettes recently. The other roommate is cutting back on his smokes too after buying a Fender Squier Strat.

I gave guitars to a family that had a history of violent behavior and now instead of trading blows, they trade chords.

I tell people that SN convinced me to try the electric guitar and they've seen the changes in me, so they try it. In these difficult times, it helps unemployed people to keep their minds sharp and to stay busy while waiting for opportunities to return.

Music artists appear to love talking to me. They say that I got a good heart, but I just followed the example of God, my parents and SN.

Merry Christmas, y'all.

Jim McAllister said...


She may have been legitimate unless, of course, the dog was part of her schtick. After all, it was Clownafornia!

Football would be a better place with more Tillmans. So would society in general.

I knew that the day would come when those gals from the 90's would decry the day they got their tramp stamp on their lower back.

Now they are in their early 30's, married with kids, and hating the damn things.

Anyone with a brain should know that fads come and go so why couldn't they realize that the tramp stamp was a temporary fad and not something to do permanently? Duh!

The good news is that the tattoo removal industry is booming with tramp stampers lining up. Glad to see the economy getting a boost!

Another weird deal with the Chiefs player. I don't know that brain damage is involved with that guy. His 22 year old girlfriend, who had his 3 month old baby, and he were fighting a lot lately. It probably was just a domestic abuse situation.

Pete Seeger once sang "When will they ever learn?" When, indeed.

Two things to avoid in life: Tattoos and knocking up your girlfriend.

Jim McAllister said...


Moon was a wife beater and Vick is a dirty rat who would happily still be killing dogs if he wasn't caught. They should have left him in Leavenworth.

I don't know of any trouble from McNabb. I think football just had too high expectations for him. He was a decent QB and that's about all.

I think he still lives in Mesa.

Jim McAllister said...


It looks like you are learning the lifestyle of Sun City!

Watch out for those golf carts and those cars crashing into stores.

If you like happy hours, those old timers all have them from about 5-7 then it's off to beddy bye.

Lots of manhattans and martinis being poured out there.

Rick Kepple said...

Boy, if this isn't enough to piss the American people off; Mega-corporations have taxpayer subsidies and they were given bailouts from President Bush and administered by President Obama. So despite their free land, free buildings, tax incentives to get those companies to build in American communities, they took the Executive Entitlements and they left the country, screwing America.

Then you guys and your rich buddies blame people on Welfare, Food Stamps, Lazy Americans and even military veterans and it's the rich that destroyed this once great nation.

We need to cut all money from the government to corporations. Let capitalism do its job. Let those megacorporations go belly up and allow mother nature to work.

If the rich can't live without money, then let them starve, before they ever get another tax cut or any money from the government ever again. Let them prove that they earned their wealth.

In the meantime, military veterans can get the country rolling again. We have the discipline to honestly create jobs. We also have integrity.

Rick Kepple said...

Read this and you'll be pissed too.

Rich bastards have likely stole your money too, Jimmy. Then the Republicans want to baby those rich criminals.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I used to work out here in the 80's and know all about the golf carts and crazy drivers. The most dangerous place out here is the shopping center parking lots. You have to have eyes in the back of your head to drive in them.

The mentality out here is early to bed, early to rise. I see folks out at 5 in the morning waiting for their newspaper.

Mike Slater said...

The Cardinals lose 7-6. What a pathetic excuse for a pro football team. I doubt they could beat a good college team.

midnightsstaff said...

Hit the trifecta today.. Pack beats the Vikings and the Bears lose to the Seahawks..
take that!

Great finish to the Ram's win over the 49'ers..
The Colts won a stunner also.. Luck knows how to run a clock.

I can't hate on the Rams.. they have paid their dues-
I sure respect them more than the Cardinals.

Jim McAllister said...


From the NYT column:
“There are many reasons why so many Ford, Chrysler and G.M. plants closed over the last few decades,” said the G.M. spokesman, James Cain. “But these factors don’t mean that the companies and communities didn’t benefit while the plants were open, which was often for generations.”

Sometimes economic conditions dictate that companies move on. What would those towns have done if those plants never existed there?

Jim McAllister said...


I know what you mean. Those people are very exacting on their timing. If the paper isn't there at a certain time, they will be on the phone bitching.

When I drove a shuttle for Sanderson Mercury, I would call Sun City people to tell them their car is ready and I'll be out within a half hour or so to pick them up.

Many of them wanted to know the exact minute I would be there. I think a lot of that was due to happy hour. They wanted to be sure they didn't miss one minute of that!

Jim McAllister said...


Can you believe the Cards today.

The Jets are one of the sorriest teams in Football and they win 7-6 in a real snoozer. The Cardinals couldn't even get one TD.

This was the last game I thought they had a chance to win. The only team left they MIGHT beat is probably Detroit.

If they go 4-12 with a 12 game losing streak, that should be some kind of record.

Jim McAllister said...


I laughed as i watched it. The Jets are like a high school team and they had their 3 string QB in the last quarter.

The cards are one of the worst I have seen. How did they ever win 4 games?

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