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Saturday, August 04, 2012


A gay “kiss-in” at the Chick-fil-A restaurants?  Chick-fil-A welcomed it as long as the participants were orderly.  The restaurant chain issued a statement that “We understand from news reports that Friday, August 3, may present yet another opportunity for us to serve our customers with genuine hospitality, superior service, and great food.”  Great line!  Hell, why not take advantage of the extra business?

About 15,000 gays were expected to participate across the country which doesn’t sound like many.  Some of them thought it is too much of an “in your face” protest.  I have to agree.  As we noticed from the Chick-fil-A appreciation day this week, thousands joined forces to support the chain and their ideals.  Common sense says that a day of same sex kissing at Chick-fil-A was not going to help the gay cause and would probably hurt it.

According to reports in today’s (8-4) media, the “kiss in” was a giant flop nationally, including in the Phoenix area.   About fifty people showed up at one location in Paradise Valley but the kissing was minimal.  Most of the action was shouting lines like “I am somebody and I demand equal rights.”  That’s a bit confusing to me as I didn’t realize Chick-fil-A was abusing anyone’s rights.  All they have done is state their opinion of marriage when asked.  Gays are welcome in their places any time they wish and some are employed there.  This is just another example of a pressure group taking themselves way too serious.

Is Obama getting more desperate?  It’s almost comical that when the unemployment rate went from 8.2 to 8.3 for July, the White House would say it is actually 8.254.  That is a good example of splitting hairs. There is the cheering over 163,000 jobs being created last month.  Unfortunately, not much mention of the 150,000 jobs lost.  But it is all meaningless when you realize that the actual unemployment figure is 15%.   It doesn’t matter how much creative accounting is applied and how much Obama says it is your “patriotic duty” to pay more taxes, he is on the wrong track.

Clint Eastwood backs Romney:  "I think the country
 needs a boost." (Getty)
As if Obama doesn’t have enough on his plate, Clint Eastwood has announced his support for Romney.  This line from Dirty Harry (1971) is pretty appropriate:  Harry Callahan: “When are you people gonna stop messing around with this guy. He’s gotta be stopped now!”

Interesting recent letter sent to The Arizona Republic:  It was in response to another letter stating that “We don’t fight mandated auto insurance.”

Not everyone owns a car.  Those people are not mandated to buy auto insurance.  Does the letter writer actually believe everyone driving has auto insurance?  If so, why do I have to have coverage against uninsured drivers?

Not everyone owns a house.  Are renters mandated to have insurance?  What about all the exemptions to the mandate.  Not everyone is required to buy mandated health insurance (Just ask Nancy Pelosi).

I would advise all young, healthy people with a good income to pay the penalty tax.  It will be cheaper than a high insurance premium.  Then, later when they get a serious condition, they can buy the mandated health insurance because they can’t be refused coverage and there will be no cap on their costs.

Another letter asks:  If we have a failed Social Security system, failed Medicare, failed Medicade, failed postal system, failed solar companies financially aided by the government, what do we expect to get from Obamacare?   Good question.


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Don Williams said...

I had no idea Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Postal Service had all failed.

Looks like I won't be getting anymore junk mail and my next Social Security check will bounce so now Seniors all over the country will have to live with their kids...

sam said...

I believe that Mr. Smith from Tucson pretty much puts the entire fiasco into perspective. Some people simply are too stupid and uninformed, or live in a world of their own... of self-imposed failure and lies and anger or accept as truth anyone who lives a life with meaning and purpose. Such a person lacks any respect for self or others, and denies truth at every opportunity.

sam said...

Actually, Don, they have not failed so much as they were confiscated by the federal government, and simply allowed to rot from neglect and greed.

Rick Kepple said...

Suddenly my mind flashes to lesbians making out. Usually a guy would have to pay good money to see that stuff. Drinks not included.

midnightsstaff said...

Hey Jim, if you are going to get all political I don't know if I should participate..
I like to keep it neutral so as not to offend anyone.

get off my lawn zipperhead!
gonna watch that DVD tonight, haha..

Rick Kepple said...

Romney or Obama. Either way, things are gonna get bad and the folks in the cities will suffer the most. A friend said that the crops in Oklahoma are gone. Probably most of the Midwest will have nothing for a harvest.

Put that with Wall Street incompetence and a year from now is looking pretty bleak. It's got to rain sometime, right?

In the darkest of times, there's always a couple of chicks kissing to Make My Day.

Jim McAllister said...

From: Larry Rupp

Your blog's on the mark.

As for auto insurance, the State requires it for the protection of the other driver, not the one required to purchase it. Your coverage doesn't have to contain protection for you or your auto! That's quite different than forcing you to cover yourself by buying health insurance.

The PPACA requires it, however, because it can't afford to continue to let the people who now don't have insurance go on without kicking into the fund the necessary $$$ the gov't needs.

Social Security is broke because it'll soon be paying out more than it takes in. LBJ and other politicians got their sticky paws on the trust fund and have since spent it into oblivion. In addition the number of workers paying in to support those retired and receiving (current level)benefits has passed the critical mark.

The crooks in DC have almost always approved the highest benefit formula generated by the "rosyest" set of earnings assumptions used by gov't actuaries. (They usually show 3 or 4 scenarios.)

People have been paying into the funds but nowhere nearly enough to fund their Med. expenses in retirement. Almost half of what the gov't pays out today for Medicare comes from the General fund!

Jim McAllister said...


Failed does not mean gone. It means that they have failed to do their original intent. I'm sure the writer of that letter considered that a given.

The post office is probably in the worst shape. They have been killed by private enterprise.

See comments of Sam and Larry for more.

Jim McAllister said...


It depends on what they look like and whether I have at least 6 cold ones to sip during viewing.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm sorry, but Larry Rupp is wrong. I've gone around with the Missouri Department of Insurance about this issue. The law states that every person of age to drive a car in the household, regardless of being a licensed driver, must be on the auto insurance. That's the law. If a car is parked in the front yard and it does not run, but is licensed, all occupants of the home of driving age, must be on the car insurance. Naturally if they don't drive, they won't be caught without insurance, but legally they can be fined for not having insurance for a non-running car. It is exactly the same thing as health insurance. I got the letters to prove it, because when I started asking questions, they harassed me.

However, it costs about $75 for a car dealership license and you are required to sell three cars a year to keep that license. Dealerships are not required to register or license, but they are required to have minimal car insurance. So a person can cheat the state, but not insurance companies.

Jim McAllister said...


I don't know if Clint's endorsement will get Romney many votes but I'm glad he is on our side and not with the rest of those limp wristed limousine liberals in Hollywood.

Cheers also to former Saturday Night Live stars Dana Carvey (the church lady) and Jon Lovitz.

Lovitz has some comments on YouTube that are hilarious.

Jim McAllister said...


Tell the people of Anthem just north of downtown Phoenix that it hasn't rained.

The other day they got 5 inches of rain in 90 minutes that blew away some houses, knocked down block walls, and left two feet of water in other homes. Typical rainfall for the YEAR in Phoenix averages about 8 inches.

It was one of those fluke storms we get occasionally during the monsoon. Usually they hit areas like Mesa and Apache Junction to the south part of town.

The weird thing to me was that I was sitting in my backyard watching the sky and I saw that storm drift to Anthem. It could have gotten us even though we rich people in Scottsdale have an ordinance against it.

Jim McAllister said...


Are you sure those auto insurance laws in Missouri apply to AZ?

Here is the letter writers comment:

Not everyone owns a car. Those people are not mandated to buy auto insurance. Does the letter writer actually believe everyone driving has auto insurance? If so, why do I have to have coverage against uninsured drivers?

The writer states that if you don't own a car, you don't need car insurance. He also states that the "uninsured motorist" insurance is to cover you in case a driver who hit your car and doesn't have insurance.

He is comparing it to the fact that you must have health insurance whether you like it or not because Obama says so.

sam said...

Rick....sorry, but somewhere along the line, you must have lost your reading glasses. Missouri only requires that in order to register a vehicle, it must have insurance, and that vehicle insurance on a vehicle must cover any driver of that vehicle. It also states that only legal drivers within a household must be covered by the vehicle insurance... At least, that was the law in 2010, and I just looked to see if it had changed, and I saw no change.
So, it appears that someone was leading you astray.

Mike slater said...

Jim, Deb and I liven in New River, which is north of Anthem, back in the early 80's and it wasn't unusual to get those kind of rain storms. We both worked in Phoenix and some nights we couldn't get home till 10 or 11 at night after the water receded.

midnightsstaff said...

Sam good point, another way of looking at the issue as to states requirements for insurance is quite a different matter than the National approach to Obamacare represents.

We really need a national schooling as to the completely contained and unique philosophical beauty the concept of states rights represents, furthermore the reason a strong Federalist approach is critical for the protection of the individual is in issues like this.

..for instance..

If Homer and Marge don't like the driving laws or the insurance requirements or even the haircut of the Governor in Missouri they have the option to move to a rational state such as Oklahoma or Tejas... (Baja Oklahoma)
With Obamacare... where are you going to go Rick if you don't like it?

Do you ever sit down and consider things like personal liberty and like a good computer operating system you never have to notice has allowed us to live lives pretty much free the fear of a tyrannical Statist government, and what that freedom means to every citizen?
... apparently not or you wouldn't be on the Statist side of every argument that comes along.

These are issues that a libertarian or rather a Classical Liberal like me takes very seriously.. it's to the point of me and others conscientiously choosing liberty over personal wealth.

By the way that specious head fake with the tired ass class envy scam you and others use against us in lieu of meaningful reason isn't cutting the mustard anymore, we don't feel guilty for success any more than you feel responsibility for personal failure.
get off my lawn.

Sam.. how ya doing? I always yield to Sam on any issue whether it be Constitutional or the interpretation of that masterpiece... but feel free to school me any time you notice me wandering off course.

it was you that alerted me to the degree of absolute despotism the 17th amendment represents and how it should be amended out as soon as possible... you are absolutely right.

midnightsstaff said...

Jim some told me you know you're old when there's a good chance you will be buried in the clothes you're wearing...

a tribute to Jeff Foxworthy by some politically aware blogger named Kate McMillan

If you believe that women who stay at home to raise their children are repressed by a male-dominated society, but that women who wear hijabs are expressing freedom of religion – you might be a liberal.

If you quote the John Howard Society on the ineffectiveness of incarceration, and MADD on the effectiveness of drunk driving zero tolerance – you might be a liberal.

If you believe it should be illegal to smoke in your vehicle, but support legalized marijuana – you might be a liberal.

If you believe that a “woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”, but claim to love your sons as much as your daughters – you might be a liberal.

If you believe it is American hubris to believe they can bring democracy to the Middle East – but America’s shame for not reversing climate change – you might be a liberal.

If you reject absolute moral concepts like “right” and “wrong”, but believe George W. Bush is “evil” – you might be a liberal.

If you’re still waiting for the epidemic in AIDS cases among heterosexual women in America – you might be a Liberal.

If you’re an “advocate” for the poor who uses “trailer trash” as an insult – you might be a Liberal.

If you believe in evolution, but hold that all cultures are equal – you might be a liberal.

- Kate McMillan

Haha.. lots of people just like us guys out there.. the community organizer in chief has 94 days and a wake up to enjoy the illicit position he lied his way into.

CJ Phoenix said...

Sorry, Clint & Jim, but it is beginning to look like I cannot in good conscience vote for either of the two main candidates. I keep waiting for Romney to step up & state a real honest-to-god plan of action that speaks to ALL of US as a nation as opposed to just slick political rhetoric that is really just more of the same crap we have been hearing for years with the only beneficiaries being corporate interests. And Obama has pretty much blown himself out of the water for me with Obamacare. The more that I hear -- I mean, when I hear actual details instead of just that it is a commie plot -- the more screwed up it seems. How can you make a really bad system worse? MANDATE PARTICIPATION.

BTW, has anybody seen Romney's birth certificate? I am betting he doesn't have one ... Because he a robot that was made in China. A plastic robot. The take over is nearly complete ... If we act fast, though, we might find the 90-something Chinese woman who painted his hair on to vouch for that fact.

Know who does make a lot of sense? Look here:
"Lately many have characterized this administration as socialist, or having strong socialist leanings. I differ with this characterization. This is not to say Mr. Obama believes in free-markets by any means. On the contrary, he has done and said much that demonstrates his fundamental misunderstanding and hostility towards the truly free market. But a closer, honest examination of his policies and actions in office reveals that, much like the previous administration, he is very much a corporatist. This in many ways can be more insidious and worse than being an outright socialist.

Socialism is a system where the government directly owns and manages businesses. Corporatism is a system where businesses are nominally in private hands, but are in fact controlled by the government. In a corporatist state, government officials often act in collusion with their favored business interests to design polices that give those interests a monopoly position, to the detriment of both competitors and consumers."

Yeah, "Margaret" has been flooding my Facebook wall with Ron Paul stuff but, I have to admit, the guy makes sense. Too bad the vote is a throw away ...

Know what? I wouldn't even vote for my old buddy Clint now. He is talking like this is not "Dirty Harry" but instead is the end of "High Plains Drifter".

"Welcome to Hell." We're so doomed!

Mike slater said...

Jim, Deb and I lived in New River, which in north of Anthem back in 1980 and rain storms were not that unusual. We both worked in Phoenix and sometimes we couldn't get home until 10 or 11 at night because of the water on the roads.

CJ, where did you get the idea that a president or a candidate running for president is supposed to take care of you? The job of the president is to follow the constitution

midnightsstaff said...

Parts of Ron Paul were my first choice but when you step back and observe the whole of him especially with his unpopular foreign policy it's apparent that we are just not ready as a nation for a dose of real medicine.

Maybe we will be in a few years when the chickens really start coming back to roost, but Ron has no chance whatsoever of ever getting elected so find someone else.

"America always does the right thing, after they have tried everything else"

If you want to identify one pivotal problem in the nation that will keep us from ever having true reform it's the media...
they savage anyone that really gets too close to breaking up that cartel of power in the Washington District of Corruption. you really think Herman Cain wasn't lynched? and if you do, then who was really behind it?

Jim McAllister said...


That area does get plenty of rain. I remember a few years ago some guy's house was teetering on the edge of a swollen creek up north and almost went in.

We've been really lucky. We are southeast of Anthem and I always see black clouds over that way at this time of year.

Some poor guy had about $30,000 damage and no flood insurance. The pictures I saw really showed a lot of damage. The water even knocked down brick walls.

Jim McAllister said...


I've never seen "Grand Torino" but I would like to. I've always liked Clint, especially in the "Dirty Harry" films.

That scene of the robbery with the 44 Magnum is priceless in "Dirty Harry."

Love the Kate McMillin stuff and have always liked Foxworthy.

Jim McAllister said...


Here is some info on Romney.

Willard Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician who is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for President of the United States in the 2012 election. He was the 70th Governor of Massachusetts. Wikipedia
Born: March 12, 1947 (age 65), Detroit
Full name: Willard Mitt Romney
Net worth: US$ 200 million (2012)
Spouse: Ann Romney (m. 1969)
Education: Harvard Business School (1975), Harvard Law School (1975), More
Children: Tagg Romney, Craig Romney, Matt Romney, Ben Romney, Josh Romney

Give the guy a chance. You don't see a lot of him now because he hasn't been nominated yet. After the convention, you'll see and hear plenty from him. Be patient.

Stealth said...

I don't particularly care for Chick-fil-A's chicken (something oddly sweet about it), so I don't frequent the place. But after the left's hateful (as usual) attack on someone whose opinion doesn't reflect their collective small minds, I made a point to get me a Chick-fil-A sandwich last week.

I have a feeling that most of protesters don't even know what Mr. Cathy actually said - it only takes Twitter to get a bunch of dimwits riled up and give them yet another reason to spend their time sitting on some street corner.

Unemployment is only 8.254? Well, I feel so much better! I thought the country was in trouble.

It's nice to see more Holiday celebs coming out of the political closet and admitting that they are not Obama fans or that they are (gasp) Republican. I loved Jon Lovitz's podcast - it was hilarious (and true).

CJ Phoenix said...

Take care of me? Where did I say that, Mike? Nope, but I do believe that presidents can be seen to WORK for US. Because they are elected presidents, know what I mean? They serve at the pleasure of the voters.

That would mean ALL of US voters too because the Constitution does mention "We the People of the United States" & a little something-something about "a more perfect Union" (which does not means a labor union in case you are going to start that crap again) so if you're actually thinking that it is constitutional for presidential administration(s) to work just for YOU & YOUR INTERESTS then I believe you are full of it.

Just FIX the economic system, that's all I am asking. Make this a place where everybody who wants to make a living can do so. FIX the medical delivery system too because "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" are inalienable human rights, not just rights for the well-to-do ... IF you have an issue with that, sweetie, then you are the one with an issue with our founding documents, not me. And I am not asking anyone to take care of me. Just allow me to find a way to take care of myself.

CJ Phoenix said...

Jim, I actually have little choice but to be patient & all of the personal info on Romney actually means little to me. Unless, of course, you got it from his birth certificate. Have you seen it yourself? Or even the warranty card from the factory where he was made? But I do thank you for not snapping at me.

Stealth said...

Holiday should be Hollywood in my previous comment. That's what happens when I multitask.

midnightsstaff said...

..or on holiday... freudian slip might be showing...

Well Cj are you a bit peeved yet at those with empty minds who jumped on the Obama express in 2008 knowing nothing about him yet justifying that vote by saying "if we don't like him we can just vote him out in four years"- ain't so easy is it?

how were those four years for you?- keep in mind it took less than four years to win WWII.

I remember those telling us not to worry about that slip up he gave Joe the plumber over redistributing wealth, electricity costs that "must skyrocket", putting the coal industry out of business, his close ties to organized terrorists, the Shitchago criminal element and all the other indicators that let us know he means business about changing this nation.

Rather than being a failure, he has been the most successful person to ever occupy the White House, he has destroyed the Constitution, wrecked the foundational economy, stolen trillions to give to his bundlers expecting campaign kick backs and now is intimidating with an IRS audit anyone contributing to Mitt Romney's election..

So go ahead and write Clarabelle the Clown if that floats your boat.. you have had to live in that pissed-in part of the bed for four years not me.

Well deep thinker...either get up and change the sheets or quit bitching, we are tired of your personal soap opera.

midnightsstaff said...

But on a happier note:

..OAKLAND, Calif. — Police say protesters marching through downtown Oakland smashed a window at President Barack Obama’s campaign office.

Officials say the window at Obama’s office at 16th Street and Telegraph Avenue was broken as more than 100 protesters marched around 9 p.m. Friday...

Hey Barry.. tip here..

When you incite a mob you had better have ultimate control or they might just attack indiscriminately-(see LA riots, 1965-1992).

It looks like the great unwashed is ready to take down the establishment no matter where they find one and America better hope he doesn't panic and start a race riot or an occupy movement to justify calling for martial law- because this criminal is not above it and Homeland Security will serve as his private police force just as the SS served Hitler.

CJ Phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CJ Phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midnightsstaff said...

try it again.

CJ Phoenix said...

Speaking of melodramatic daytime tv, why do I always have to be the only one on this blog to act like I have enough self-control to refuse to participate in all the pissing & moaning & clawing & biting that goes on here? This is more like a virtual episode of the Jerry Springer show than a soap opera. And I cannot even watch a full episode of those shows when they involve other people -- if I have any say, I turn them off -- so why do I always get drug in to these nasty cat fights with trash that thinks he is better than me & has some kinda natural right to a terminal case of malcontent on Jim's blog? I guess it is up to me to walk away from it. Again.

Jim McAllister said...


I never used to think Lovitz was that funny but when he really cut loose with the foul language toward Obama, his delivery was really funny.

I love the line "They want 50%, that's half!"

The funny thing about all these protest groups like the gays and the 99% is that they love the use of the word "hate." What does disagreeing with someone about a lifestyle have to do with hate?

I don't think Mr. Cathy hates gays; in fact he invited them all to his restaurant for their rant days as long as they behaved plus he has gays working for him.

However, their reaction to him is wanting to disrupt this business by have some same sex idiots locking lips in his places.

I wonder about that mentality. They better learn to deal with the fact that they are a gigantic minority and the sooner they learn that, the better off they will be.

The gigantic crowds supporting Chick-fil-A last Wednesday are a good barometer of how America feels about this.

Jim McAllister said...


you have had to live in that pissed-in part of the bed for four years not me.

Once again, you win the quote of the day award. Congratulations!

Jim McAllister said...

Officials say the window at Obama’s office at 16th Street and Telegraph Avenue was broken as more than 100 protesters marched around 9 p.m. Friday.

Maybe he can get George Clooney and Bruce Springsteen to fix it for him.

I agree on the martial law. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

midnightsstaff said...

What type of moron does it take to really believe that Mitt Romney's birth certificate is a legitimate issue?.. or to continue to support the slander of Harry Reid accusing Mitt Romney of not filing with the IRS for ten years?
what would either of these obvious lies have to do with the issue?..

Does anyone really believe that a multi millionare especially the long assumed front runner for the GOP presidential race could not file for ten years and get away with it?
maybe you are mistaking him for most of Obama's minions like Tim Geitner, current Secretary of the US Treasury.

Not to mention the long list of avowed communists that frequent the White House and are un-elected and un-vetted czars.

Really, could Obama get an honest FBI security clearance to even visit the White House? many doubt it.

Actually there is only one person I take issue with on the blogs and it's you Cj..

Rick is insane and should be locked away for his own safety.. but really is there anyone else that I won't allow to pollute the blogs other than those nutjobs at the now defunct AzCentral site with unending class warfare and endless whining about how life is so unfair?

if so name one..

It's because you are a failed liberal and won't do a thing about your own rat's nest of problems that you alone have created.

Feel free to continue with the pity party but we aren't buying it-
.. if you are too stupid to cast an informed vote write in Clarabelle and be done with it.

Evidently everyone from your parents forward have contributed to creating a fully grown adolescent incapable of thinking independently and now demanding that a government that cannot provide us as much as a secure border should now be expected to somehow fix your problems.

Of course you can't honestly deal with any of these personal issues nor answer my questions on sheer policy issues because you are not honest,'s not that uncommon, I get it all the time from socialists and liberals.

Rick Kepple said...

At least, that was the law in 2010, and I just looked to see if it had changed, and I saw no change.

Sam, a lot of laws have changed over the last 15 years in Missouri. I used to write a LOT of letters to Jeff City. One of them was to pass a law so deer hunters could hunt small game during the deer season for camp meat. But by far the biggest one was that nonsense of people in a household of driving age getting changed. That was complete nonsense! I'm glad it changed. Some people CAN'T drive a car! There are a LOT of stupid laws in Missouri that protect the corporations. So that's why a lot of people LOVE my writing and others absolutely would love to see me dead.

In the hunting brochures now, there is a warning that dogs can't be shot for just being stray. I gained dangerous stalkers over the rights of animals. Now Pulaski County Missouri has a real live Humane Society and foster homes for unwanted pets. When I first moved to Missouri, humane treatment of animals was throwing them off a bridge into the river.

After the wife died, some wanted me gone. My life was a living hell, but I stayed. I fought. I bought lots of guns and the Castle Doctrine got passed, because the sheriff's department refused to protect me. The state police helped to teach me how to use a handgun for self defense.

The wife died of liver failure and it appears that I am getting the same thing and it's just curious. But I've inspired so many others to stand up for their rights and fight back with my printed words.

Excuse me, but I'm in an argument with a Republican millionaire on Facebook ...

Rick Kepple said...

Rick is insane and should be locked away for his own safety

Dr. Middy speaks. Thank God he's only a blog doctor and not a real one. Middy is licensed by Jim Beam. And to prove Middy's insanity, he's actually stupid enough to take on CJ and myself simultaneously. Better chug down some more intelligence Middy. You're gonna need it.

Rick Kepple said...

What type of moron does it take to really believe that Mitt Romney's birth certificate is a legitimate issue?..

The evidence clearly shows that Mitt Romney was NOT born in the United States, but actually the Cayman Islands. Will Romney release his birth certificate? I doubt it. Look how long it took him to release his several hundred pages of tax documents for just one year!

Rick Kepple said...

Well, I found Mitt Romney's alleged birth certificate and it says that the filing date was March 17, 1947 after being born on March 12, 1947, but it's odd that the birth certificate wasn't actually issued until January 18, 2012. Romney's father was born in Mexico, so is it possible that Mitt was actually born in the Cayman Islands and the birth certificate is a fake?

There seems to be so much of this fake birth certificate stuff going around lately.

Mitt's father, George, ran for President years ago and was born in Mexico. It goes to credibility and now I'm wondering if maybe Mitt's birth certificate is a fake.

Rick Kepple said...

When Middy attacks me, it's because I'm right and he's wrong. This oughta get his goat - Stevie Nicks is a really hot chick for an old gal! Stevie said that I'm supposed to be nice to her brother. If I have to ...

That's Mitt Romney's birth certificate and his father, George, ran for President in 1968 and his dad was born in Mexico. It says right on the birth certificate! Look at the birth certificate issue date - 2012.

So your great Republican hope may not even be a citizen of the United States. That's just too funny. The Republicans bitching about Obama not being a citizen and Romney does the same thing. It's like a political vaudville act.

Romney should pick Middy as a running mate. That would complete the comic routine.

Jim McAllister said...

if you are too stupid to cast an informed vote write in Clarabelle and be done with it.

Clarabelle? LOL Somewhere Bob Keeshan just smiled

midnightsstaff said...

Damn some fools shot up a Sikh temple in Wisconsin this morning...

Sikh's are pretty quiet thoughtful people as a rule, but I guess turban's tend to inflame some idiot rednecks..

There is one up in Glendale right off the 101, nice quiet and looks to be a positive addition to the community..

So when does the tea party get rolling around here in Wonderland anyway?- is the mad hatter always late?
people are acting nuts and it's not just the full moon..

CJ Phoenix said...

"And to prove Middy's insanity, he's actually stupid enough to take on CJ and myself simultaneously."

Hey, Rick, you are arguing with somebody who: *claims that VOTERS who complain about economic conditions created by policymakers that they did not vote for are whining about conditions of their own making ... BUT who cannot even take responsibility for the condition of his own body let alone the fact that he voted for the administrations that arranged this mess at least 2 out of the last 3 times; *Who now claims that Mitt Romney is the latest, greatest savior but who was complaining only a few months back about Mitt's spotty liberal record (I believe back then it was Newt who was going to save corporate America & those on the corporate dole from the insidious socialist underclass); *Who claims to be a constitutional authority -- especially in terms of interpretation of purpose -- but completely disregards the Preamble where, by definition, the purpose is expressly laid out ... Yeah, buddy, count me out. You go right ahead & let Middy pee in your bed then tell you that it is all your fault this time.

midnightsstaff said...

was it something that I said?

Mike slater said...

CJ, in reality we don't vote directly for the president, our votes are cast by electors in the Electoral College.

If you want the economy fixed then don't vote for Obama.

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" are inalienable rights but that doesn't mean the government has to provide them.

The problem in our society today is too many people looking for government to provide for them.

CJ Phoenix said...

Wasn't planning on it, Mike. I never have voted for Obama & never will. But for the record, it wasn't all the nonsense that you guys talk that completely sealed the deal for me. It was Obamacare. And guess what? I do not for one moment believe that Romney is gonna fix that either. Romney is a corporatist too, you know, although it probably won't be until they start sucking your estate dry through premiums, co-pays, deductibles, mandatory procedures that insurance refuses to cover ... & end of life care that you &/or your beneficiaries will finally realize that.

And, again, I am not expecting or demanding a thing from government. I would just seriously appreciate it if government would quit working for the benefit of corporate American which is in the process of removing all inalienable rights from individuals.

Jim McAllister said...


I just saw that about the Sikhs. It's almost like we are getting tested for our gun laws to see how long it takes to get them outlawed.

You're right; they are a gentle group so it has to be some nut wanting his name in the news. Very sad.

Jim McAllister said...


Your 2:06 comment says it all.

Too many people are willing to sit back and become members of what Middy correctly calls the "freeshit army."

I've posted this clip before with John Stossel and Star Parker but if you haven't seen it, it's worth a look. It runs 6:46 and says it all about welfare.

Star Parker eventually left welfare and ran for office as a Republican.

midnightsstaff said...

Funny no one ever brings up satanic influence or even demon possession as a possible motive, if you ever got the chance to read some inmate C files it might change your opinion..

Of course that would mean they would have to consider the fact there is such a thing as Satan which directly leads to a discussion of whether or not God exists.. rather than look to the obvious they blame inanimate objects for pure evil -go figure.

CJ Phoenix said...

Hey, did I mention that my new job is connected to the healthcare industry? Yeah, I am not getting paid very well at all & have zero benefits but I am sure getting an eyeful of where all your money is going: into the administration & bureaucracy of largely mandated conditions & procedures within a broken system. And you know what I was told by the HR person when they hired me? Apply for AHCCCS. Of course, since I am too old to have any dependents at home, that probably was just another way to say, "No doctor visits for you!"

I still have a long climb ahead of me but at least, unlike some people, I am moving up again.

Jim McAllister said...


We can't expect miracles from Romney if he wins. But, I think he will go to work on dismantling stuff like Obamacare. It will take time. Remember, Obama has had 4 years to screw things up. It can't be changed overnight.

steve buzzardo said...

"write in Clarabelle"
the only problem is, that vote would go to Obozo, he's the only clown running for president

Jim, I think that Clint made his endorsement public is because, unlike most of the brain dead zombies in show business, he is worried that 4 more years of this crap and this country will be a third world banana republic.

Stealth said...

The difference between Romneycare and Obamacare is Romneycare was a state program, voted on and approved by the legislators of the State of Massachusetts (State's Rights, anybody?!). Obamacare, on the other hand, makes the decision for every individual in every state. And lo and behold we find out that it's nothing more than yet another FEDERAL TAX imposed on every household (until the 99% figures out a way for the 1% to pay for this as well).

Romney has my vote. He may not be perfect, he may not be able to sing like Al Green, and he probably can't dance like Michael Jackson back in the day, but he's a proven leader, he's a proven successful businessman, he understands the importance of our relationship with Israel, and he's certainly not an apologist.

Romney 2012!!!

Yes, Middy, the holiday comment was definitely a Freudian slip - summer break is just about over and I'm in denial....

Stealth said...

Watching the coverage of the mass shooting at the Sikh temple. Interesting that this has already been announced as "domestic terrorism". Remember the Ft. Hood shooting? The guy was yelling "allahu akbar" but this incident was labeled, "workplace mass shooting."

Interesting - but I'm guessing the left will mention "Tea Party" at least a dozen times (repeat it enough and it becomes truth?).

midnightsstaff said...

float-in.... float-in.. floatin' down the riv-er.. (to the tune of proud mary)

Well at least one blonde in the crowd gets the difference in the issue of Federalism vs. Nationalism... it's just too bad most of the herd took that semester off in high school civics, that is if they even teach basic philosophical Constitutional awareness anymore.

So much of our founding document was the result of studying the thoughts of John Locke, Thomas Hobbs and other free thinkers for guidance of it's construction, the theory of Federalism or States Rights being one of the primary concerns.

And that concept was based on the idea of property rights, with man's own self being considered actual property as well as the fruits of his labor..
this is from John Locke's famous work, Second Treatise of Civil Government John Locke (1690)

Sec.27. "Though the earth, and all inferior creatures, be common to all men, yet every man has a property in his own person: this no body has any right to but himself. The labour of his body, and the work of his hands, we may say, are properly his. Whatsoever then he removes out of the state that nature hath provided, and left it in, he hath mixed his labour with, and joined to it something that is his own, and thereby makes it his property"

It was that realization based on Natural Law that launched a form of government so different from any previous it was considered a radical approach with little confidence of success, of course it has succeeded beyond anyone's wildest imagination, that is until fascist socialism seized the White House in 2008, bottom line is... Mitt is the only chance we got.

Too bad no one saw that excellent interview on Chris Wallace last Sunday with Antony Scallia.. the man is a genius probably right up there with Cicero or Adam Smith, he told America the same tough love message I deliver to everyone that will listen that eventually we will have to live with our mistakes in choosing leadership, the Judiciary is not interested in saving us from our ruinous mistakes... so guess what kids?....there is no 911 if we keep choosing the wrong philosophy.

just pushin' a button with the blonde joke... lol.

midnightsstaff said...


midnightsstaff said...

Hahaha.. this is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel..

Rick Kepple said...

CJ, thanks for reminding me that Middy's not housebroke.

As per the Sikh murders, I think they'll find that the murderer had links to psychology. They need to put a high priority on the science of the brain and everyone surrounding it. I've proven that mass murder can be easily preventable. In almost every case, the murderer had ties to psychology in one form or another.

The Fort Hood killer was a shrink. The Aurora killer was under the treatment of a shrink. The Virginia Tech killer was under the treatment of a shrink. All of them could have been predicted and stopped. It's so simple that a goat farmer could do it.

midnightsstaff said...

"There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who agree with me because they want to give something back," the president said. "If you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own. You didn't get there on your own. I'm always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something -- there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.
"If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen," he said. "The Internet didn't get invented on its own. Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet." -
Joseph Goebb... er I mean Barak Obama..

So does that mean that when I go to the national debt clock -
-which stands at nearly 16 trillion can I say " I didn't build that- someone else made that happen" - or are you going to tell me I am now responsible not only for that debt but all other debts that you will create in the future?

and some offer apology for this level of lying.

Mike slater said...

CJ, Romney doesn't have to fix Obamacare just repeal it. It's not the job of government to provide health care or force someone to buy it.

President Grover Cleveland, a Democrat vetoed a bill for charity relief and said "I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of general government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit."

We need more presidents like Cleveland that adhere to the constitution and less presidents since FDR that think government is the answer to every problem.

It's not corporate America you should be worried about it's the over reach and not following the constitution federal government we have today.

midnightsstaff said...

couldn't have said it better myself mike..

midnightsstaff said...

"I have never seen more senators express discontent with their jobs. ... I think the major cause is that, deep down in our hearts, we have been accomplices to doing something terrible and unforgivable to this wonderful country. Deep down in our hearts, we know that we have bankrupted America and that we have given our children a legacy of bankruptcy. ... We have defrauded our country to get ourselves elected."
John Danforth.. US Senator

in an interview in The Arizona Republic on April 22, 1992

I doubt you would read this quote in today's Arizona Repugnant...

Mike slater said...

Middy, how true about the AZ Republic. It's a left wing rag much the same as the NY Times, LA Times and the Washington Post.

Montini, Roberts and Valdez are liberals working for a liberal paper.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, well, mark my words: I am not going to be the one who is going to look "stupid" when your own personal plastic Buddy Christ bot assumes office then does not follow thru on his promises. And it won't be all his fault either. He is only saying what he was programmed to say by the Republicans that did the opinion surveys -- yeah, I got one of those surveys in the mail too because I am still on their list ... Then, of course, he will blame his failure to repeal Obamacare on the Democrats in hopes that he will be elected in 4 years again. But, honestly guys, you might as well just change the name of the bill to Romneycare right now because that's the best you are ever gonna get.

Just a few rhetorical questions:
If Romney could or even wanted to repeal Obamacare, why didn't he do it in Massachusetts?

Why can't you all see that corporations are just as bad as unions because they are unions? Just unions of a different segment of the population. Actually, they are worse because they assumed more power than the unions ever could by duping a large percentage of American voters. Put it this way: corporate America never wanted to destroy the unions, it simply wanted to replace them.

Yeah, I know that my words are falling on blind eyes. Que sera, sera. I am gonna start working on an angle to blow this god-forsaken den of corporate thieves. Some place where the money that is taken from my checks as well as money that I never see but could have earned because it was taken from my employer in my name ... Is NOT called a damned "handout" if I ask for some to be returned during a time of need...But for the most part, I plan to support & take care of myself.

And one last thing: if you all do manage to get Republicans installed in every seat in the White House -- if they ever assume complete control that is -- I am predicting a complete crash of the market & there goes all your investments. I actually wish you luck though. I hope you have lots of gold stashed around your house & that you bought it from a source that cannot be tracked back to you.

midnightsstaff said...!

he gets it... this message is the future of the Republican party if they have one.

Stealth said...

Romney doesn't want to repeal "Romneycare" because it is a STATE program that, by and large, works for the STATE of Massachusetts. From Forbes: "Romney has said the Massachusetts law was the right one for the state and claims the federal health care law should be repealed in part because it’s too inflexible and imposes one system on all states."

Romney has said time and again that each state should decide, and have the power to legislate, it's solution to health care costs. It is not up to the Federal Government to make the decision on behalf of each state.

Bottom line - Obamacare is a FEDERAL TAX.

Romneycare is a state-mandated program.

Forbes: "The program is largely seen as the textbook example of how mandatory, state-subsidized healthcare could work."

“I think it has been a huge success,” says Michael Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation, an independent state watchdog that has a reputation as the “keeper of the keys” on the state budget numbers. “Romney should be proud of it. It has been one of the biggest policy achievements in this state over the last 25 years,” he says.

Rick Kepple said...

and some offer apology for this level of lying.

That's very gracious of you, Middy. Thank you!

If Mitt Romney picks Sarah Palin, he can win.

midnightsstaff said...

Tough sell Stealth.. this is actually another chaff flare to hopefully take the light off the utter failure of Obama- Seventy percent of the population didn't want it and Senators in the Democrat party had to be bribed to vote it in..

The monstrosity was jammed down the American public's throat.
..that is not representation, that is tyrannical excess.

Idiots in Mass a two shits wanted it, anyone living there that didn't like it could move to Vermont..

He as a governor was merely representing their wishes- I wouldn't agree it works but the issue is non germane to the problem we face.

Rick Kepple said...

I correct my VP choice. If Mitt Romney picked Senator John McCain as a VP choice, he could win the election by at least 15 percent.

Hey, I was thinking also that Stevie Nicks would make a good Secretary of State. She'd have to change clothes between events though. I think she'd make a cute SoS. And who's gonna say no to Stevie Nicks?

Stealth said...

No doubt, Middy, that it really doesn't matter if Romneycare works or not - the fact of the matter is the State of Massachusetts wanted it, got it, and (for the most part), it seems to be working. There's a big difference between a state-mandated program and the federal government (i.e., Obama and his cronies) shoving a federal tax down our throats and lying about it the entire time (he tells George Stephanopoulos that "it is absolutely not a tax increase"):

Obama then compares it to auto insurance. Our President, the brilliant Harvard grad. Of course, it is kind of true that it's not a tax "increase". It's a NEW federal tax. So one could argue that he's not a complete and total liar.

I'm so looking forward to the Romney/Obama debates this fall. Obama will be umming and ahhing without his pocket teleprompter.

CJ Phoenix said...

Holy crap, Roseanna Barr? Even I think that bitch is too crazy. Even a plastic Buddy Christ bot is better than that.

midnightsstaff said...

If my only choice was Mrs. Barr or Barak Hussein, she gets my vote.

..even with Helen DeGeneres as her VP- hell yeah, it would be an upgrade...

midnightsstaff said...

I admit I'm embarrassed at the clown car candidates the Libertarian party picks.. they are a running joke, the party is ok, but the morons are not.

.."Gary Johnsons announced support of gay marriage, again shows the vast majority of Americans that the LP is not suitable to lead the USA. The LP can't even get its leadership to support its candidate. Wayne Allen Root, LNC member, endorsed Romney. When put to a vote Gay Marriage loses by huge margins, over 60% here in Florida.

Look at Chick-Fil-A, record sales and egg all over the face of militant gays. Gary Johnson loudly proclaiming he doesn’t go to church and that gays shold be allowed to marry, pretty much killed his election chances. Why do we Libertarians continue to choose totally unelectable people to run for office. As a Libertarian, I’ve committed to voting for Johnson, mostly because there is no other real choice, and I couldn't live with myself if I voted for Obama or Romney. But Johnson's words have effectively killed any chance he has of winning the election".

I feel like a Toronto Maple Leaf fan myself kid..

Jim McAllister said...


You're being more secretive about your new job than Obama is about his being born in Kenya. Who are you working for?

Jim McAllister said...


It shows how far this country has fallen when a guy who is totally unqualified like Obama can get elected president. Hopefully, people have realized their error with this guy but who knows He may just win again.

I'm glad Clint is on our side. I don't even go to the movies anymore unless it is an English or other foreign film. Those clowns in Hollywood are too much.

I like the "Obozo", fits him.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree on Romney, we need him to reverse this error from 2008.

In denial, huh? Ah, another year of school for the kids under the wonderful Department of Education. Don't forget their lanyards for their new ID tags.

Jim McAllister said...


..and the Ft, Hood guy is still around living off our dime after killing all those people.

As Obama said: "We don't want to jump to conclusions."

Jim McAllister said...


The funniest thing about Obama's rant about "You didn't build that" is to hear him falling all over himself blabbing and stuttering almost incoherently. He will not be living down that blunder any time soon.

I almost had tears I was so impressed. I wish his son Trayvon could have been with him.

Jim McAllister said...


Ditto to Middy's comment on your blog mentioning Cleveland.

Jim McAllister said...


The only ones worth reading in the Republic are Robert Robb and Doug MacEachern and of course, me, if you stumble across the Scottsdale Republic. LOL

CJ Phoenix said...

I am not being secretive, Jim. Just smart. Do not forget what I have seen happen to actual personal details on these blogs. I have even participated a little myself. Moving on ...

midnightsstaff said...

.."And one last thing: if you all do manage to get Republicans installed in every seat in the White House -- if they ever assume complete control that is -- I am predicting a complete crash of the market & there goes all your investments"

That's the problem discussing things with people who don't know why or how markets work..

Of course the market was not allowed to correct in the 2008 crash so now it's been back built up with easy bank bailout money.
Once Ben Bernanke is not allowed to do what he has been doing by moving the market on mere speculation and rumor there is a better than average chance it will sell off in a big way if it doesn't before the election.

But I wouldn't gleefully rub my hands in anticipation just yet.

That move will pretty much wipe out everyone exposed and certainly set the economy back years wiping out pension funds along with ... and don't forget about the true depression the rest of the world has already entered into.. after all the fundamentals of the 2012 economy are not near as strong as the ones in 2008- there will be no quick fix available so crawling out of that hole will be much harder.
sound like fun?

but yes you are probably right about the house of cards and it's future.
"Touchdown confirmed," said engineer Allen Chen. "We're safe on Mars."

"that mars project.. you didn't build that"

midnightsstaff said...

here's an interesting read for all you conspiracy theorists-

The Scenario (2016)

.."The Great Recession of the early twenty-first century lasts far longer than anyone anticipated. After a change in control of the White House and Congress in 2012, the governing party cuts off all funding that had been dedicated to boosting the economy or toward relief. The United States economy has flatlined, much like Japan’s in the 1990s, for the better part of a decade. By 2016, the economy shows signs of reawakening, but the middle and lower-middle classes have yet to experience much in the way of job growth or pay raises. Unemployment continues to hover perilously close to double digits, small businesses cannot meet bankers’ terms to borrow money, and taxes on the middle class remain relatively high. A high-profile and vocal minority has directed the public’s fear and frustration at nonwhites and immigrants. After almost ten years of race-baiting and immigrant-bashing by right-wing demagogues, nearly one in five Americans reports being vehemently opposed to immigration, legal or illegal, and even U.S.-born nonwhites have become occasional targets for mobs of angry whites"

is that a dystopian enough scenario for you?- doesn't read well does it?

The US military is getting ready for the inevitable Homeland assault/civil war- but don't believe me Cj.- just keep fixated on the illusion that eventually the filthy rich will get their just desserts and how happy that will make you..

...and then as usual wonder what happened.

midnightsstaff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midnightsstaff said...

Jimmy you might want to set your VCR for the big gala event at Black Panther Stadium this Aug-27 until the riot is contained..
the schedule of events has been released...

012 Democratic National Convention Schedule — Charlotte , N.C.
4:00 PM Opening Flag Burning Ceremony sponsored by CNN
4:05 PM Singing of “God **** America ” led by Rev. Jeremiah Wright
4:10 PM Pledge of Allegiance to Obama
4:15 PM Ceremonial ‘I hate America’ speech – Michelle Obama
4:30 PM Tips on How to keep your man trustworthy and true to you while you travel the world Hillary Clinton
5:00 PM Great Vacations Ive Taken on the Taxpayers Dime Travel Log – Michelle Obama
5:30 PM Eliot Spitzer Speaks on “Family Values” via Satellite
5:45 PM Personal tribute to Joe Biden – Joe Biden
6:00 PM Sen. Harry Reid – 90-minute speech expressing the Democrats appreciation of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and to George Soros for sparing no expense to unify the country, improve employment, and boost the economy
8:30 PM Airing of Grievances – by the Clintons
9:00 PM Bias in Media How we can make it work for you too Tutorial sponsored by CBS, NBC, ABC, and the Washington Post and the New York Times
9:15 PM Tribute Film to the Brave Freedom Fighters incarcerated at GITMO Michael Moore
9:45 PM Personal Finance Seminar – Charlie Rangel
10:00 PM Denunciation of gun owners and Bible readers – Charlie Rose
10:30 PM Ceremonial Waving of White Flag for Iraq and Afghanistan
11:00 PM Obama Energy Plan Symposium / Tire Gauge Demonstration / How you too can get rich with Green Investment bankruptcies
11:15 PM Free ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich rally
11:30 PM Obama Accepts Oscar, Tony, and Latin Grammy Awards
11:45 PM Feeding of the Delegates with 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Obama presiding
12:00 AM Official Nomination of Obama by Bill Maher and Chris He sends a thrill up my leg Matthews
12:01 AM Obama Accepts Nomination as our Lord and Savior
12:05 AM Celestial Choirs Sing

..decontamination procedures commence once the riots have subsided..

CJ Phoenix said...

"That's the problem discussing things with people who don't know why or how markets work.."

You are right about only one thing there: I do not know how all the specific little examples you can throw at me work in full elaborate detail. But you are wrong about everything else including the actual importance of those little examples & what I myself think about all that.

I am looking at the big picture, Middy. And if you remembered correctly, I called it a pyramid scheme a while back. So it is going to collapse. That's what pyramid schemes eventually do. In fact, it would have collapsed already if it were not for those bailouts a few years back.

" just keep fixated on the illusion that eventually the filthy rich will get their just desserts and how happy that will make you.."

Also, I do not have any say in what dessert filthy rich people eat or what they deserve. But here is the reality: it is not the zenith of the pyramid that gets hurt financially when these things collapse unless the people below it actually reach up & force individuals within it to take responsibility (usually nowadays thru legal prosecution)...On top of all that, I may have relatively little skin in this game but I have family & friends with a whole lot invested & a full realization of what I believe is to come will NOT make me happy at all.

Take a look at the pyramid on the Great Seal of the United States, Middy. All your posturing is never going to fool that big eye on the top into believing you belong in the executive penthouse suite. Neither would all the money you could could ever get your hands on or your Okie ways. You are barely above me in the coming pile of rubble & that is how it will stay. So get used to it. But you may also chose to just ignore everything I say if it makes you feel better. For now anyway. All I actually told you to do about all this is "mark my words".

One last thing: WE NEVER "DISCUSS" ANYTHING ANYMORE. Last time chance we had to sit down on neutral ground & exchange a few pleasant words about anything, you wouldn't leave your house. And last time I asked you to simply leave me be, you ignored the deal I was offering. Worse, you keep dragging me in by name. It is not now nor has it ever been my fault that we fight. I just speak my mind & you always find a way to engage me on a personal defensive level here.

midnightsstaff said...

I'd love to discuss this, but I'm already late for the Yacht club meeting..
I am a member of the oldest and most distinctive yacht club in Arizona you know..

Jim McAllister said...


Those convention events are funny and not too far off the mark. I can many libs saying it looks like a good schedule to them.

Jim McAllister said...


Is that meeting still held on Chaparral lake in Scottsdale or are the hulls too big for a lake four feet deep.

midnightsstaff said...

Last meeting Cecil brought a kite and we had a pretty good time.
mostly we argue hockey and women, feed the ducks until nap time when we adjourn..

Still looking for Lupe, could you call Joe and see if ICE picked her up again?-

..damn, it's probably because Salvadorians look just like the brown people that Joe usually targets ..

midnightsstaff said...

"Top aides on President Obama’s re-election team are terrified that there will be scores of empty seats when he makes his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, party insiders said"

It looks like they might have to suspend the practice of demanding a picture ID to get in Black Panther Stadium to get the attendance up.

I have the feeling some of his supporters are feeling disenfranchised by having to produce an ID or something..

haha.. these commies are out of ideas and they get funny as hell when they are in panic mode.

CJ Phoenix said...

Nope. The only yacht club that would even let Middy near the place is the one in Quartzsite. Nice place. LOL.

Don't even think about going there, Jim. YOU wouldn't blend in & the moment the locals got a whiff of that North Scottsdale air on your skin, you would quickly find out what the phrase "trailer park politics & justice" really means. Actually, that should read "RV politics & justice" because even the old-timers there know that they should keep them trailers functional enough for a quick get-away.

CJ Phoenix said...

So I see where the Sikh temple shooter was reportedly more akin to JT Ready than the Joker or Loughner or a misguided anti-muslim extremist. Bet he didn't know whether the Sikh religion was more like Hindu or Islam, or care whether they wore turbans or not ... All he probably saw was the color of their skin.

Jim McAllister said...

I'll call Tom Philp at Steakenburger. He'll probably allow the Dems to use his place for Obama's acceptance speech since it accommodates the large crowd our blogger lunches draws.

midnightsstaff said...

all you know is what they tell ya..

Harry Reid as a public service will confirm that "the word is out he is a tea party official" or maybe Brian Ross can do some quick research for names close to the shooter's who were once in the Army that are tea party members...

That's today's journalism, something you can appreciate and sink your fangs in Cj..
don't you ever get tired of being pissed off twentyfour seven?

Jim McAllister said...

Quartzite is an interesting place. I've been through there a few times and the population probably shifts from about 10 in the summer to a couple thousand in the winter, none of home live in structures without wheels.

They had a helluva beef going there a couple of years ago involving the sheriff. I forget exactly what it was about.

Middy probably is very familiar with the town as he used to go through it twice a week to work.

CJ Phoenix said...

I am not pissed about anything, Middy, but I probably could ask a similar question of you: Don't you ever get tired of carrying so much anger around toward roughly half of the people in a country which is, ultimately, the only place on earth where you belong? I believe the actual term for that is "self loathing" when you get right down to the nut in that hard shell. Ad for myself, I vent here & then I am over it for a while. You should try that yourself, buddy. The getting over it part because we all know you can vent. In fact, that is all I have seen you do for a few years. If you had come to the lunch, tho, you would have seen me smile.

Yeah, Jim, I actually did a project on the messy affair in Quartzsite & the problems are ongoing. Two of my classmates & I met with Ed Foster in a restaurant & talked for hours. I arranged that meeting. And if I ever get the itch to do a little investigative reporting again, I have a friend that lived outside of Blythe until recently who said she would take me to a little bar in Ehrenburg where they know everything about everything for miles around. That place is a blast ... TO VISIT! As long as I never get sucked into staying for a while that is.

Rick Kepple said...

I guess Mitt Romney promises a really big surprise for Americans if he's elected. When the richest Republican promises prosperity for everyone and has a record of destroying jobs, I foresee the end of all social programs. Cold Turkey. Zero taxes on the people with incomes over $250,000 and ignores the rest of America.

The result will be riots in every city, because suddenly people addicted to government incomes suddenly have none and the appearance will be that it's to make rich people richer.

If President Obama is reelected ...

I'd move to Canada, but they don't like guns.

CJ can write where she works. We ain't feudin' and I've buried the hatchet between her and I. Blue too, I guess.

Incidentally, since that miniseries of Hatfields and McCoy's came out on DVD, feuds have increased. I mean the shootin' kind! I know of at least one in progress right now! It hasn't come to the shooting yet, but is expected to. As the economy gets worse, violence will get worse. If Romney gets in office, his smug city butt just might start a second civil war.

Rick Kepple said...

There are more new gun owners right now than ever before and they're scared. Everyone feels that something bad is going to happen. A fella who I know trains gunowners said that his business used to be for law enforcement, but now it's mostly Preppers.

When you have 80 percent of America dissatisfied with the Democrats and Republicans, there is a serious problem. Especially if gun sales are up 200 percent and climbing as each mass murder occurs and the violence is sure to get much worse before November.

Why did I talk about my new rifle? Well, a lot of folks are buying their first gun and the Ruger 10/22 is cheap, customizable and it's good for target practice or even hunting in a survival situation. For home defense, take a class. They provide the guns and will teach y'all how to shoot. The classes in Missouri are taught primarily by the State Police.

Rick Kepple said...

I apologize to CJ and Blue. But don't do it again. I mean it.

Hydrocodone ain't nuthin' to get off of. Stevie said to go herbal and I got a hot cup of sassafras tea now. All my medications may cause suicidal thoughts. Definitely going herbal.

Tomorrow, we vote for a new sheriff. Ron Long investigated the Starck Club in Dallas back in the 80's. Nick Pappas investigated military crimes, including the Jessica Lynch rape after her capture in Iraq. We got a bad meth problem here and we got rid of part of the local hillbilly mafia problem with redistricting to have another state representative elected.

Rick Kepple said...

Stevie. There's another Stevie in the Ozarks. She's big and fat and got ten kids. Yeah. She's the one who told me to get off the drugs. No, she's not interested in dating. She's starting an investment firm from her trailer and so far, she's got about three billion dollars from Scottsdale investors alone. It's the name, I think.

Rick Kepple said...

I was right about the killer of the Sikh worshippers being connected to psychology.

ade Michael Page was a "psychological operations specialist" who served in the Army from 1992 to 1998. You see. It's my theory that there is something in psychology being done to drive these people to violence. It appears random, but it's not.

CJ Phoenix said...

Gawd, Rick, I sure hope that you were joking about that investment firm from a trailer in the Ozarks or I am going to feel a little bad about laughing this hard.

Jim McAllister said...


I think Middy was mayor of either Blythe or Ehrenburg based on how many times he drove through both of them over the years.

Jim McAllister said...

It's too cold in Canada. My mother was from Montreal and I froze many times up there.

Good place to ice skate though.

Rick Kepple said...

Well, I don't think the woman has a pyramid scheme. It's probably more like a Lego building block scheme. I think the Syrian government invested their retirement accounts with her. She might have invested it in hog futures. That's a psychic hotline using pigs.

Mike slater said...

CJ, When's the last time you heard a president follow thru on his campaign promises?

A pyramid or ponzi scheme always fails when you have more people taking out than are putting in. that's why S.S and Medicare will fail.

The only difference between Bernie Madoff and the federal government is Madoff is in prison and people in the government aren't.

Rick Kepple said...

A pyramid or ponzi scheme always fails when you have more people taking out than are putting in.

Right. Outsourcing of jobs causing massive unemployment and the instability of the United States economy to make massive profits for those only at the top. Ponzi scheme.

midnightsstaff said...

There was another shooting in Detroit at some moonlight cruise event.. nothing newsworthy in Motown about a black going to the car and returning with a gun I guess..

na- the nut job was not in army psyche- ops to any degree, he was busted from his real mos to that psyche pool where they evidently keep their problem childs waiting on the U-D discharge, so maybe that's why they seem to have that Psyche- ops link.

It appears he was just some Archie Bunker garden variety bigot with a nine millimeter handgun fresh from a domestic issue- this is very unfortunate, the Sikh's are decent people, nothing like the muslims.

oddly enough he didn't go to the police shooting range to take a few out, in the end it was someone with anger management problems.
but the leftist jackals will accuse the tea party- it's all they got.

At one time and not so long ago there was a taboo in our society about shooting up temples and churches along with indiscriminate drive by's in LA and Shitcago killing kids in the crossfire, but that was before the new order of progressivism gave America a wide spread and well deserved fear of losing our culture...
in the end that is probably all this clown saw-

..we don't have a political problem as much as we have a morality problem.

Dealing with them?- as I told some state psyche doing a class on use of force, we could at least amend that "unusual" part of cruel and unusual punishment if we just did more of it.

..stopped him in his tracks and it probably went on my file.

guys like Loghner, the Aurora shooter, the Army shooters and this clown should be publicly burned slowly at the stake- let the squaws do it, they could drag it out for days.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Outsourcing of jobs causing massive unemployment and the instability of the United States economy to make massive profits for those only at the top. Ponzi scheme"

Off shoring jobs?- really?

“The new plant is an important component of GM’s five-year plan for continued success in China,” said Kevin Wale, president and managing director of the GM China Group. “It will enable us to keep up with the rising demand for our products across China. At the same time, it will contribute to the growth of the economy in northern China and the region’s automotive base”

.."While GM was going through bankruptcy proceedings in the United States it was racking up record sales despite the economic down turn in China. While it was laying off thousands of American workers and shutting car divisions it was preparing to open new factories and roll out new models in China. The situation for GM was so different in China than it was in the U.S. Time magazine described it as “GM’s alternative universe.” are such a sucker for leftist propaganda.

Missouri's Stevie sounds like "Peggy" at the credit card hotline.

By the way, GM (19.85/share right now, was at 27 and change in March 2012) is headed for bankruptcy probably next year.

Rick Kepple said...

Well that's just nice for people in China. I'm happy that they can afford to buy and drive GM cars. So how does that help ordinary Americans pay their bills?

“None of Obama’s legal advisers has testified similarly about what secret system and classified legal memos may exist for judging, in the case of an American citizen targeted overseas, whether and why a capture attempt may be feasible.” - the unilateral assassination of people Obama deems our enemy.

The Obama administration can't ever talk about where they got the intelligence to kill those people. Those people needed to die to save American lives.

midnightsstaff said...

You complain about jobs moving off shore, but what about those jobs at Circuit City or any other brick and mortar business that the advent of apps now make too expensive to compete with the online businesses that don't have the expense of showrooms?

don't you suppose that going to affect an economy?

As Cj and others have found out waiting for a turnaround in a dying industry is a long wait indeed, facts are in a dying economy people are now having to make do with less money.
they tried to maintain their lifestyle at first with credit and drawing from the "unused equity" in their homes- now that option is gone so it's going to be austerity one way or the other.

Any smart feller learns not to swim against the tide because you aren't going to get there doing that anyway, and the tide will beat you every time.

I would be more inclined to bet that the demolition of eyesore former big box stores is going to be more of a business to be in than actually building any more of them... ever again- they are done in by technology.

Ponzi didn't invent the scheme, he actually nearly made it pay off with the arbitrage of currency exchange due to slow transportation across the Atlantic... where he got in trouble was trying to fund the scheme before profits were made- so he did what he thought made sense and started selling shares of a mythical profit.

You should study these issues past the point of superficiality, John Stossel's topic a few weeks ago on common fallacies that are taken for truth was a great show.

Corporate tax in America is too high, the reason we don't build cars here and ship them to China like MB does in Germany is because Us taxes the item twice... other nations don't do that so to compete we open factories in China to avoid that tax- do you see a problem?

If you try to go cold on Oxy or any of the other strong painkillers.. be careful it could kill you- don't try it alone.

midnightsstaff said...

..but on a lighter note, seems bum fights aren't the only draw in the public parks across America.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, let me explain this so that even YOU can understand it.

Company fires all American employees for making $25 an hour and they are accustomed to saving money, paying bills including a mortgage and a car payment. Then Company moves factory and jobs overseas, makes product, employs foreigners for 10 cents an hour, sells products to foreigners for a fraction of the American cost, ships products to America to stores for an increase in cost in American stores, sells to unemployed consumers now on Welfare and Food Stamps, then wonder why Company is going broke.

BTW, under the rules of Food Stamps you have to sell your car and sell your home first before you can get Food Stamps. It's hardly an "entitlement program."

It's more like an intentional war against Americans and using poverty as a weapon to train Americans to work for 10 cents an hour in a Plutocracy where only the rich are entitled to a decent life.

What you have is the perfect recipe for a civil war.

Rick Kepple said...

The Elite are engaged in a "War of Attrition" against the United States Citizens using Offshoring of jobs, using illegal immigration, unemployment and addicting them to socialist programs. In the end, they will have no resources to combat the Elite.

War of Attrition: a struggle in which you starve your opponent of resources until they surrender for a predetermined outcome.

Unless y'all have something the 1 percent want, you will be exploited and/or expended. The fact is that investors are merely expendable, if that is their only use. Celebrities are fast becoming expendable. They invented the halogram and animation programs to simulate dead celebs. It's the ultimate in outsourcing jobs.

Rick Kepple said...

The Joplin mosque burnt down. I suggested a hog roast to raise money for them. So this chick says that Muslims don't eat pork and it's not funny. So I said, I don't care. I like pork. I'd go to a fundraiser for a roasted hog. Now, there's some stuff that I won't eat, but that's not Islam's fault.

You know, that might make global news of how insensitive I am, but I've gone to Muslim functions and tofu turkeys taste horrible.

Clint Eastwood might smile at that. A pork roast fundraiser for the Muslims would get a lot more people to donate than a tofu turkey.

midnightsstaff said...

Well Rick without even having to get all philosophical with you over that sordid description of why our labor is non competitive, why don't we cut to the chase and you just explain how Toyota, Nissan and Ford can still continue to build vehicles here in the US? and make a profit?

..not to mention the aircraft factory Obama stopped Boeing from opening up in South Carolina..
you need to empty whatever that is in your boot and pay a little attention son.

That vision you gave us simply doesn't jive with the obvious..

Where do you get all this crap? my God I suppose you support a minimum wage out of some harebrained sense of fairness..

Seriously dude you either need to educate yourself or start listening to those that actually can make sense of issues like this..

midnightsstaff said...

fairground stripper... lol..

Jim McAllister said...

Wow! Great afternoon Middy. Enjoyable comments.

Uh...You too, Rick.

CJ Phoenix said...

You all know that there is a difference between pyramid & Ponzi schemes, don't you? And it really isn't that hard to figure out: a Ponzi scheme is when the person who started it takes the money & tries to run while a pyramid scheme is when the structure becomes so large that their are not enough people around to invest at the bottom to support the layers above that. There are also Multi-Level Market schemes (MLMs) ... The whole thing becomes really confusing, however, when you look at the big pisture & realize that most business models are built along these lines to one degree or another & the only real differences between so-called schemes -- which implies the intent to build a business along these lines that is destined to fail -- & legitimate businesses is the legitimacy itself &, therefore, the amount of support they can get to help them continue through hard times.

SSI & Medicare are neither pyramid nor Ponzi schemes. SSI may be built along the lines of a pyramid -- at least initially -- but it was a legitimate plan. What is ruining both, though, is just some old-fashioned corruption, fraud & mismanagement. And Medicare wasn't even built in pyramid form. It also has additional layers of corruption: layers upon layers of for-profit businesses & administrative costs in the middle are inflating the cost of providing medical care & services to a point that it is beginning to look like a bubble. And, actually, the same can be said about all insurance plans ... The difference between those last two being that individual insurance companies are better able to fight the fraud & mismanagement that I already mentioned. The whole messy system is corrupt though.

CJ Phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CJ Phoenix said...

Middy, I have never sat around "waiting for a turnaround in a dying industry" EVER but we have already gone thru all this so pull your claws back & get a job yourself. I mean, I was working & staying technologically progressive when the market -- not just the printing industry -- collapsed all around me. But you are just sitting there watching the market & your livelihood shake & shutter & act like it could burst anytime now on your computer each day, aren't you? It sounds like you need a heaping spoonful of your own medicine, buddy.

WARNING: Everybody is looking for "the perfect fit" for one or two vacant spots in a puzzle these days. Even for minimum wage jobs. So you had better still be in good enough shape to beat out the 20 & 30 year olds that were cut with the same die at the same time as the whole puzzle.

midnightsstaff said...

I didn't mean that as some personal attack,

.."As Cj and others have found out waiting for a turnaround in a dying industry is a long wait indeed"
I really don't see where you see anything other than just me making a point.

.. really got your high beams up tonight eh? don't waste time criticizing me, I do enough of that already- and I know where the bodies are buried.

midnightsstaff said...

damn.. a refinery in LA blew up.. there goes a lot of refining capacity..

midnightsstaff said...

Well looks like it's in the Bay area not LA- fix rickshaws and bicycles!
where is Jimmy Carter when you need him?

And it's not as though they didn't already have a plateful.

Jim McAllister said...

Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas donates $10 million towards Romney's campaign a couple weeks ago.

Today I read where the Dept. of Justice is investigating Adelson for some money laundering they think may have happened in 2005.

HMMMMMMM.... strictly a coincidence I'm sure. Yeah, right!
A guy donates to Romney and suddenly he is being investigated.

midnightsstaff said...

here's an interesting item I found while trying to figure out why the refinery explosion got no coverage on Drudge or anywhere else..

it's totally unrelated but equally curious as hell..
..for instance, why do we get only some news?

Rick Kepple said...

..for instance, why do we get only some news?

Having been a journalist since 1990, I can assure you that you only perceive that you get some of the news, but actually because some items are simply not newsworthy. Or at least that's the excuse the publisher uses.

Actually, someone probably paid to have the story kept low key.

I remember a chemical spill in Lebanon Mo. and although photographers showed up, no one printed the story. No one. Instead, the newspapers printed a full page advertisement for the offending company. It was not considered a big deal at the time.

Now years later, that town has some of the worst ground water in the area, except for Fort Leonard Wood, of course. That's why everyone buys bottled water.

I predicted in 1997, that when the tyrants came to power, they wouldn't have to kill the publishers. They'd just buy them.

Rick Kepple said...

They need to legalize marijuana. Winners smoke weed. Losers get drunk on alcohol. Michael Phelps smokes weed. Most athletes smoke marijuana. Alcohol causes cancer and marijuana treats cancer.

Just reading a USA Today story on the Olympics and all the winners that smoke marijuana.

If you want to be a winner, smoke weed. If you want to be a loser, get drunk.

midnightsstaff said...

America has it's own culture- and what a great time in history for spreading music.. u-tube is not all bad.

now that's country!! and definitely not music with Shitcago values..

Alison Krauss drips with talent and brings it to every performance- she's every bit as talented as Charlie Daniels and much better looking..

midnightsstaff said...

Been into those Country Joe and the Fish albums again eh Rick?

.. I suppose there ought to be some mari-juaana out in those piney woods somewhere in Missouri.. better get crackin' if you want a medal.

but you are absolutely right about alcohol and losers- it causes more problems in America and the world than any other drug.
like everything else, moderation is the name of the game.

Jim McAllister said...

Now that we will have legal pot in AZ I think I'll get a fake prescription and give it a try.

It must be great stuff if Phelps uses it; look at all those medals he has! Plus, some other guy was tested and was positive and he said he only ate his; didn't smoke it.

I love this world!

Rick Kepple said...

What's a Country Joe and what?

A lot of Republicans want to legalize heroin and cocaine too. To the hardcore GOP, if it's profitable, it should be legal. They never did have any brains for anything but making money and they're gonna get an ass whupping. They are also responsible for most of the meth production, but that will be taken care of after today when we elect a new sheriff.

Ron Long investigated Stevie Nicks and the Starck Club back in the 80's. His kinfolk are judges and good friends. Nick Pappas is my neighbor and ex-military and investigated Jessica Lynch's rape in Iraq. Nick and I had a nice talk about marijuana not being the problem. Ron feels the same way. After today, it's very likely that meth dealers will have a bounty put on them.

The lines for state representatives was redrawn and Dixon and their meth producing mob were completely cut out of the Fort Leonard Wood area. They pissed off the federal government and the State of Missouri. They got themselves put on a list after it is was rumored they are doing business with the Mexican Mafia.

I don't mind rich folks as long as they mind their manners. Things are gonna change after November, no matter who gets elected. We're sick of the rich folks getting away with everything. Their only job is to employ Americans and they can't even do that right.

Rope sales are up along with guns and ammo. It's rather odd that rope would be so popular.

midnightsstaff said...

maybe they are smokin' it..

midnightsstaff said...

Sarah Steelman who happens to be a knockout and a good conservative will be the replacement for that statist asshatt Chukky McCaskill.

better start minding your manners Rick, there's gonna be a new sheriff in town soon.

CJ Phoenix said...

Oh yeah! Finally, we have a real new cottage industry growing in Arizona. Think about all the spare bedroom & deep woods horticulturists we can bring out into the open where the state can tax & regulate them. Think of all the dope haulers from south of the border that we can put out of business. You know what? I am beginning to think that I need to learn how to grow pot. And I have a huge advantage here: I never did like the stuff so I won't have to worry about smoking my profits. PLUS, none of my old pothead buddies would ever suspect me of growing pot so I wouldn't have to worry about mooches showing up at my door. Really, all I would have to worry about is people hacking into the state databases. I bet the cartels are already recruiting computer geeks ... BUILD THE DANG FENCE RIGHT NOW!

I also think the Jan Brewer is a closet pothead. And who is the other one ... Tom Horne?

midnightsstaff said...

Going to be some changes once Mexico legalizes drugs in an effort to get a grip on their terrorism wars going on in northern Mexico..

So how is the US going to justify continuing this bleeding out of resources that directly leads to much more human misery than it rectifies?

President elect Pena has already said he was disbanding the Mexican version of their DEA.. he is gonna do it.

Do you really think this waste of resources that has led to a massive build up in the police state we see today has served the interests of our nation?

Republicans better make a decision soon as to how they are going to handle this matter..

Na Jan has that gin blossom on saddlebags look of a lifetime tobacco addict to me, she isn't a brilliant mind either but she makes a great party hack and probably always has a short dog close by.

Now having to choose between an unending stream of meddlesome party hacks is something I wasn't aware of when I moved to Arizona to escape true despotism-

I foolishly thought you people on this side of the De-Nile respected Barry Goldwater and what he stood for, but all I see today is a group of thugs at the GWI smearing his good name and reputation.

This knee jerk response the GOP has on the issue will bite them in the ass big time I can guarantee it.. they need to consider the success of Portugal.

But we will continue with the clowncar antics of Russell the Impaler, the roadside warrior and other lightweights like the one that beat Paula..

Now the thought of Paula or anyone like her actually winning a seat in government should scare the shit out of any thinking person.

Jim McAllister said...

Paula has been quiet lately. She hasn't posted any thoughts on her Republic politics blog since June 5th.

Since no one was commenting on her stuff I guess she got the hint that no one gives a damn what what she has to say.

Paula's nemesis Michelle Ugenti is running this time against Jennifer Petersen, a former member of the Scottsdale School Board.

Jennifer is pretty high profile and appears to have some dough in her campaign so Ugenti might have a problem this time as to when she ran against "NO SIGNS!" Paula.

Jim McAllister said...

I was just looking at a video of Jay Carney telling reporters to be "watchful of your sources."

The reference was to a story on Drudge that said Romney may be considering General Petraeus as his VP running mate.

Is it me or does Jay Carney look like the weaseley little kid from grade school who always got a wedgie on the way home?

Rick Kepple said...

There was just so much BS about this election day going around. Missouri splits their primaries up and a lot of folks thought we were getting a new sheriff today. Nope. State primaries. Federal primaries were early in the year.

I'm anxious to see the November sample ballots come out after today to see who is on it.

Folks are saying they're gonna write in Ron Paul for President. I'm not sure if that will count in Missouri. Rumors that they don't count write-in's.

Rick Kepple said...

Claire McCaskill is going to win again. This ain't Maricopa County Arizona. Hell, Mitt Romney could move here and it would be ten years before anyone voted for him, because nobody knows who he is, but everyone knows Claire.

I told you to forget everything you know re: the Ozarks. Now if Mitt moved here and quoted the Bible a lot, he might win in just five years.

CJ's right. If y'all were smart, you'd start growing marijuana and if you don't smoke it, you won't burn up your profits. One of our sheriffs used to grow it quite successfully. Entire farms have been paid off in just a few years by growing that stuff. It's a Republican thing.

steve buzzardo said...

I smoke 2 joints before I smoke 2 joints, and then is smoke 2 more...

steve buzzardo said...

I agree, Alison Krauss is a little better looking than Charlie Daniels, lol

She is one of those musicians that I like, but dont have any of her music in my collection

midnightsstaff said...

haha.. no wonder you are so laid back and non confrontational steve... so much controversy over personal choice when we have actual problems the government ignores entirely..
go figure.

Yeah I have Raising Sand- she gets around- that album is with Robert Plant.. but I think she works better with Union Station..
..but here ya go if you want a real treat..

It's a real grinder as we used to call these slow dances at the Chicken Lips saloon I used to frequent Saturday nights..

but then I have a super audio system..

and you wonder where all those "puffy shirts" went.. Plant bought em.

So..maybe you could hook me and Jim up, I could use a little something to take the edge off especially in election years..
Jim on the other hand is just a party animal.
Yeah, Alison is a fox that's for sure.

here's a full concert of her if you have a linked up stereo to your computer you can listen to a lot of good music..
give this concert a listen..

midnightsstaff said...

well it appears the hapless AZ Repugnant has finally cleared it's wires and is reporting on the refinery fire yesterday..
That refinery provides nearly 20 percent of California product so it might be a big deal.

Drudge on the other hand is still clueless. and they wonder why print media is DOA.. lol.
go figure.. again.

Jim McAllister said...

I agree, Allison is truly a good looking fox and I'm glad to see her still post here.....Ooooops.......Oh, you meant Allison KRAUSS.

Yeah.......her too!

Jim McAllister said...

What's with Drudge not reporting that fire?

Rick Kepple said...

Speaking of music, a chick is coming to stay for a few days. I gotta go photograph a band and she's going with me. No money in it, but more clips and all that.

I wish Stevie would drop by. Nothing like a multi-billionaire working from a 1965 trailer making Wall Street investors think they're rich. Stevie's funny. She always tells such great stories! Stevie said that Mitt Romney's actually broke. He invested with her and she blew his money on shoes.

midnightsstaff said...

six of one, half a dozen the other.. they both qualify on the foxometer.

I have no idea, does anyone know where Mitt Romney was yesterday afternoon?
that fire is going to jack all gas prices probably across the nation going into the elections.. gotta be a dirty Karl Rove trick eh?

I mean anyone that might hold down someone and cut their hair is capable of anything..God- I wish that was the version of Mitt I get to vote for in November.

midnightsstaff said...

Like ruby red slippers maybe?

..just click the heels and see what happens- seriously be careful with that oxy.. it's bad news.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy is on oxy's now? Damn dude. Hillbilly heroin! Middy's gonna have lots of chicks now.

As Stevie Nicks once said in an interview, I don't do serious drugs anymore. She oughta stop by sometime. I'll introduce her to the hillbilly Stevie. We call her the Hottie of Wall Street. I guess she used to be a prostitute and learned how to invest then moved to the Ozarks to screw those people but good.

I could teach Stevie to shoot. The singer, not the hooker/broker.

midnightsstaff said...

Holy moly Jim, did you see that picture of Palin at Drudge?- she looks like she's waiting for her pimp.. what's up with the hooker high heels and spandex?
I mean.. talk about casual friday..

People are piling on with the pithy comments on this asshatt's pratfall after pratfall- one comment was " did anyone see one of those dog collars with I bark for Barak on any of the Chick fil A protesters?

pretty good stuff. maybe you should get one for don williams.. although I don't know if he has a dog but he does get around.

Mike slater said...

CJ, you can call S.S. and Medicare anything you want but both are doomed to go go broke for the simple fact that people are living longer, more and more people are retiring and in this economy less people are paying into the system.

For example my mother is 83 and and has gotten back from SS and Medicare more the she or her employer put in to the systems. So what she gets now is nothing more than government welfare.

Times that by millions and the programs can't last.

Rick Kepple said...

I've often wondered what it was like making $3 million a week and harassing a kid with aspergers for entertainment like a rock star did years ago? I suppose it's fun for a souless woman.

I've thought many times of writing something to get rich and famous, but she said that we'd be peers then. No, I'm above her. She's got to catch up to my level.

What value is there in getting rich, Jim? You still got bills. You still die. Maybe I'm not narcissistic enough.

What matters most is a good rifle and a sharp knife. People in cities need money. And a young man needs a woman, but Stevie blew her chances with me. She will never make enough money or enough CD's to impress me. Maybe if she gave it all away, I might be impressed.

Rick Kepple said...

That former prostitute named Stevie, the brilliant Wall Street banker in the 1965 trailer is just mean as hell!

steve buzzardo said...

Im passing along a message from "The Great One" Mark Levin to all of you real Americans:

How fast can we get the Levin Facebook and Twitter numbers up to 500,000?

As we go into this crucial election, with only a few months left, I want to encourage you to ask as many of you family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers as you can to join my social sites. I am going to be posting more notes, and more urgent notes, as we get closer to the election, and the more people who can read them and pass them along the better.

But I must have your help. So, all of you Paul and Pauletter Reveres, please help us increase the Levin Facebook and Twitter numbers! We can make a HUGE difference this way. Thank you!


Mike slater said...

Jim, Paula much like Laurie Roberts at the Republic thought they could change the Arizona State Legislature. Paula and Laurie will find out after the election that neither one of them can change a thing because nobody cares what they think.

CJ Phoenix said...

Well, I have known very, very few cigarette smokers who also drink that wouldn't smoke at least a joint when it was offered & some that were full-blown potheads ... And I should know because not smoking pot myself has always made kinda of a loner in that respect. Not so much anymore -- older potheads actually develop respect for people that don't want some of their stash -- but when I was young everybody thought I was odd. So my point is that I still think Jan's a closet pothead whether she also smokes cigarettes or not.

Mike, Did you ever consider making an honest woman out of your mom by paying her medical bills instead of making or allowing her to milk the system? I mean, she is family, isn't she? That would be the proper CONSERVATIVE thing to do in more ways than one.

Rick Kepple said...

Facebook has helped to kill more people than all the nuclear bombs dropped combined. Heck, it's like a place for Cold War veterans to still do their espionage without leaving home. It's beautiful.

Anwar al-Awlaki might still be alive if it wasn't for Facebook. So might Osama bin Laden. There's no law against the Pentagon reading Facebook posts or even the CIA reading what crazy things some veterans write.

And think of the people in Egypt and Libya using Facebook and Twitter that ultimately provided necessary intelligence information that brought down dictators. Beautiful. Simply gorgeous. And the simple solutions are the best. Nothing is more simple than Facebook.

steve buzzardo said...

This article about SS was on the Fox website this morning:

People retiring today are part of the first generation of workers who have paid more in Social Security taxes during their careers than they will receive in benefits after they retire

Previous generations got a much better bargain, mainly because payroll taxes were very low when Social Security was enacted in the 1930s and remained so for decades.

"For the early generations, it was an incredibly good deal," said Andrew Biggs, a former deputy Social Security commissioner who is now a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. "The government gave you free money and getting free money is popular."

If you retired in 1960, you could expect to get back seven times more in benefits than you paid in Social Security taxes, and more if you were a low-income worker, as long you made it to age 78 for men and 81 for women.

As recently as 1985, workers at every income level could retire and expect to get more in benefits than they paid in Social Security taxes, though they didn't do quite as well as their parents and grandparents.

Not anymore

Read more: than-paid-in-marking-historic/?cmpid=cmty_twitter_fn#ixzz22t2ASy8w

Rick Kepple said...

If Middy would get stoned, he might write happy things.

Maybe I should get stoned. I'd be happy. Maybe. I wouldn't be such a mean pr**k then.

I could room with CJ and we could both get medical marijuana and watch cartoons.

Rick Kepple said...

If Middy would get stoned, he might write happy things.

Maybe I should get stoned. I'd be happy. Maybe. I wouldn't be such a mean pr**k then.

I could room with CJ and we could both get medical marijuana and watch cartoons.

Jim McAllister said...


Do you mean my neighbor Sarah who lives just down the road from me in Scottsdale? LOL

She's just acting like the gals in KC which is essentially where she was while in Cleveland, Missouri stumping for Sarah Steelman.

I must admit, she seemed a bit out of character in that outfit. I'll have to ask her about that the next time I see her in AJ's.

Jim McAllister said...


I used to like Laurie Roberts but I'm am sick of her stuff now with all that "de-kook" garbage.

Now, I just throw her into the pile of the other losers at the Republic like Montini, Benson, and Valdez.

As far as Paula, fortunately she has disappeared from view; at least her blog is not active at the Republic.

I'm glad I didn't get involved with that setup. It had "failure" written all over it the way they were going about it plus, other than one guy, all the writers were loud mouthed libs.

Jim McAllister said...


What you are reading by Middy ARE his happy things! You don't want to see him when he is unhappy!

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the info on the SS payouts. Wow, those early retirees got 7 times what they put in? Helluva deal!

midnightsstaff said...

I'm pretty much like everyone else, I react more than start things up.

Cj has a long past with me, you would think by now we could learn to just not push buttons but go figure.

I could go back and cherry pick a few comments, but what's the point? I have just learned to accept a certain level of diminished expectations.

It's apparent to me that I am just about the happiest guy one would want to meet.
who else mentions sunsets, beautiful clouds, music, hummingbirds and the desert in general around here?

I have learned to appreciate what I have and what's around me and not obsess over what I don't have, and frankly probably don't need.
.. it just makes life a whole lot more enjoyable and easier.

It's just some people have never learned to reason issues out, when the argument starts slipping they resort to ad hominem attack..
like I said I treat people with the same level of respect they treat me, what's so odd about that?

Not everyone have the facts but most everyone has an opinion- that's why we should discuss rather than argue issues, but that takes a little work.

The intolerant liberal mindset being a mental disorder is not reachable, one might as well talk to the cat, at least the cat is pleasant unless the full moon says different.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, so you're saying that Middy can destroy small countries when he's unhappy? Very cool. Middy, you bad ass you.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy talks to his cat, but the question is; does the cat talk back and what does he say? Middy, take it easy on those drugs dude. I know it's fun, but just be cool, man. And wipe off your nose after snorting that oxy.

Mike slater said...

CJ, after my father died in 2000 we had her move in with us to make her life as easy as possible.

She has United Healthcare since she retired from the phone company which pays for every thing that Medicare doesn't pay for. She is doing fine

I guess the proper LIBERAL thing to do is have the taxpayers pay for everyone's health care.

midnightsstaff said...

Like I said mike, Liberalism is a mental disorder...
.. mike savage called that shot.

midnightsstaff said...

Not every day I agree with Dennis Kucinich but I gotta tell you this time I do..

.."Does a free society send government hit men to eliminate anyone they perceive to be an enemy of the state?
Does a free society have hundreds of police agencies, each with the authority to deprive a man of his life, liberty and property in their sole discretion?
Does a free society have hundreds of thousands of laws, codes, rules, regulations, and policies which effectively criminalize nearly every aspect of one’s existence?
Does a free society lead the world in prison population?
Does a free society hunt down criminals and terrorists by treating its citizens like criminals and terrorists?
Does a free society tell its citizens what foods they are / are not allowed to consume?
Does a free society steal your money at gunpoint to buy bombs that they drop by remote control on brown people in faraway lands?
Does a free society debase its currency and plunder the purchasing power of its citizens?
Does a free society saddle unborn generations with obligations they never signed up to bear?
Does a free society award near total control of the economy, the money supply, and everything tied to it, to a tiny elite few?
Does a free society brainwash its citizens into believing that they live in a free society? least the Chinese know they’re not free"

yeah the government we have today isn't anything like the government of my youth- preventing this is the exact reason I went to VN.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, have you actually ever met a liberal? I have. They're kinda weird and they do a lot of good. But they know that I hunt and fish, but I help them and they help me.

Now the libertarians are some serious people, but I'd stick with complaining about liberals. They don't so much have guns like the libertarians. Koresh was a libertarian.

As for gun control, I'm working to take care of that. One of my posts is now circulating around Facebook. It's weird when people started quoting me and you can bet Stevie's name will come up.

Stevie Nicks has been a positive influence in my life and I'm a better person for her occasional advice. That's the official statement, should I be asked.

Rick Kepple said...

It's the strangest thing in Missouri. Out of the new state representative districts created, only one has a Democratic challenger. The rest are all Republican candidates and no Democrats. Todd Akin is the Republican choice to go up against Senator Claire McCaskill and she will win again in November. Ron Long took the Republican side to be sheriff against Democrat Bill Anderson. Bill is a good guy and no nonsense and would make a good sheriff. Long is a former narcotics detective related to the famous Judge Long (Ret) and author of crime novels. He is most famous for investigating the Starck Club in Dallas Texas years ago, invested by Stevie Nicks and another rock star long forgotten. Stevie once told me that she had no knowledge of the drugs in the club. She was never implicated with the illegal activities of the club and she was not there at the time. When they raided the club, the news report said they found enough drugs to overdose a small country. I fully expect Long to win and probably hire Bill Anderson and the other candidates as there is a war against meth and heroin in the area. Hence the reason for the numerous gun and ammo sales to law abiding citizens.

Jim McAllister said...

From "":

1. Q: What do you get when you offer a Liberal a penny for his thoughts?
A: Change.
2. Q: How do you confuse a Liberal?
A: You don’t. They’re born that way.
3. Q: Why is it good to have a Democrat passenger?
A: You can park in the handicap zone.
4. Q: What’s the difference between Elvis and a smart Liberal?
A: Elvis has been sighted.
5. A Democrat died and a friend went around collecting for a fund for his funeral. A woman was asked to donate ten dollars.
“Ten dollars?” she said. “It only takes ten dollars to bury a Democrat? Here’s a hundred – go bury 10 of them!”
6. Q: How do you keep a Democrat busy?
A: Write ‘Please turn over’ on both sides of a piece of paper.
7. Q: How do you keep a Liberal busy all day?
A: Put him in a round room and tell him to wait in the corner.
8. Q: What do you call a Democrat with an IQ of 130?
A: A foursome
9. Q: How do you get a one-armed Liberal out of a tree?
A: Wave to him.
10. Q: What do you call a basement full of Liberals?
A: A whine cellar.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, Middy is like a big old mop bucket of glitter & glue ... except when I am pushing his buttons by doing things like offering him deals that would eliminate our fights. Of course, I started it. In 2008 or 09 or something. You lose track of the years when you hold grudges that long.

Mike, You missed the point entirely.

midnightsstaff said...

Evidently the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki never happened.. I have been flying my flag all week for nothing by myself I guess..

Monday has gone by without even a mention, and it looks like Thursday will be ignored as well.

"Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it"

nothing... not a damn word- sometimes I get the feeling maybe we really don't deserve any better than Obama after all.

Rick Kepple said...

Don't feel bad Middy.

When the Muslim mosque burned down in Joplin, I offered to help organize a hog roast to raise money for them, but people said I was making a sick joke. I was NOT!

Do you know how many outcries there would be if we roasted a camel? And killed it in traditional Muslim style? The lawsuits would be endless! Besides, no self respecting hillbilly would attend a camel roast. It's just common sense!

They say I gotta be more PC, but I got a PC. I don't even know how to spell PC.

midnightsstaff said...

WWII represents the last shooting war this nation will ever win..

So pardon me for believing it's just a bit more notable than some pig roast.

Thanks to the level of corruption in the State dept. in the last three years we have nearly entirely lost the mideast to radical Islam and assured a bloody conflict in the next few years we will get sucked into.

“No, gentlemen, we have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. ...I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started.” – U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, Jr.
May 9, 1939.

So now we look forward to another world war funded from a sea of red ink, things are sounding more and more like the pre war days of the 1930's and we know it was over a decade from when FDR's chief financial adviser made this statement.

George Satayana could not have been more correct when he noted, "The truth is cruel, but it can be loved, and it makes free those who have loved it"

history does in fact repeat itself, another undeniable truth of life.

midnightsstaff said...

edit, what I meant to say was..

"So now we look forward to another world war funded from a sea of red ink, things are sounding more and more like the pre war days of the 1930's and we know it was over a decade from when FDR's chief financial adviser made this statement before the grinding poverty of an avoidable Depression was ended, and that was by getting rid of the socialists in congress and electing responsible Republicans"...sorry for the error.

Tail gunner Joe McCarthy was absolutely right, and he would be even more right today.

midnightsstaff said...!- Elaine Benes.. lol..

Na... the State dept. like the border has never been more secure.

Rick Kepple said...

Oh yeah Middy. You know what Joe McCarthy would do? He'd put all the outsourcing CEO's and executive staff before a hearing for their Communist sympathies. Mitt Romney would be put in chains for his pioneering in offshoring jobs to China.

On second thought, maybe we do need some McCarthyism.

midnightsstaff said...

complicating things we now realize that the battleground of the future will be much different than anything we have faced before.

midnightsstaff said...

I guess I sound like a wild eyed hysteric when I notice things like unexplained fires in major west coast refineries, unexplained fires in the world trade center and unexplained false warnings released at the Shell refinery near the one that just blew up.. with the media giving them a collective yawn.

When you combine a pattern of news suppression with a rash of unexplained incidents it makes you wonder what else is being hidden..
I believe there is an agenda to downplay these issues by the media because the revelation would condemn the HLS, our national police agencies and expose to a shocked America the widespread, amateurish corrupt aspects of our nation's security infrastructure in an election season..

Once Obama realizes he has lost he will spend the few remaining months sabotaging the next presidency as a true tyrant would.
.. all too late we will realize the true nature of the motives of this criminal that made us despite the warnings invest our future in worthless kickbacks like Solyndra instead of a rational approach.

Some of us are just naturally suspicious when the government tells us to look the other way I guess..
Homer and Marge continue to record Dancing with Stars as though everything is normal.

..and maybe they are right.

Rick Kepple said...

When I buy a gun, I always ask for one made in America. Ruger is made in Arizona. The AR-15 that I have was made in Maine.

The sad thing is that those outsourced jobs are there to stay until the wealthy people begin losing money then and only then will trends change.

The government has people hooked on Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability and the ONLY real entitlements are for veterans. Everyone else has just been warehoused and are barely being sustained until those Americans are needed once again.

Y'all complain about people on Food Stamps and Welfare, but have you EVER tried to collect it? They manufacture poverty, you know.

If Jim McAllister wanted Food Stamps, the caseworker would tell him to first sell his home and his car and he'd have to move into government housing. They are trained that they are worthless.

What's Romney got in the works to change that? Cutting their programs to help Christian Prosperity Doctrine succeed? It seems to give a new definition to, Jesus saves (credit check required).

midnightsstaff said...

Here's a flash for you Rick, if it ever comes up that you are under or have ever been under anyone's care and drug abuse has been documented for any reason, you don't have second amendment protection any more.

Obama passed an executive order a few months ago with no outcry at all that declares anyone even marijuana users as to being drug addicts thereby not eligible to own a firearm..

If they can do this to anyone without due process what else can they do?- eventually if they get away with this the list will expand exponentially to all threats to national security will be found- just like in North Korea.
how about drunk drivers?- they could be deemed as unworthy of a gun by this crowd with the help of a corrupt federal judge just as easily.

"An open letter dated Sept. 21 from Arthur Herbert, ATF assistant director for Enforcement Programs and Services, said that, “any person who uses or is addicted to marijuana, regardless of whether his or her State has passed legislation authorizing marijuana use for medicinal purposes, is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance, and is prohibited by Federal law from possessing firearms or ammunition.”

Is it starting to sink in yet Rick?
right now according to your records at the VA you can be tossed into federal prison any time they decide.
by the way, no longer using doesn't apply- once on the gun ban role you never get off.

..first they came for the communists, but I didn't care because I wasn't a communist, next they came for the...fill in the blank.

getting the picture yet Rick?.

.. of course this outrage applies to everyone in America on his ever expanding watch list...not just Rick.

midnightsstaff said...

I guess we will see how many people even know about this Statist power grab much less care.

my educated guess is near zero.
they are the same ones that really believe that the police will not shoot down their own citizens if their paycheck is at stake... grow up America, there aren't ten percent of LE that have ever read the Constitution... all they care about is keeping the best paid job they could ever have no matter if a few eggs get broken.. bottom line is they care more about the NFL season than the Consitution.

watch the video of these gutless, bloodthirsty cunts if you can stand it.

no charges were even brought.

Jim McAllister said...

Did anyone notice that left wing writer for the Washington Post Dana Milbank is now nailing Harry Reid for his comments about Romney not having paid income taxes for 10 years?

I love it when left writers turn on the left. Trump has it right: Romney should show his returns when Obama opens his mystery vault. I'll bet there is more incriminating stuff in those files than anything Romney ever did.

It's hard to believe that a guy could get elected President of the United States without revealing his school records, citizenship, etc.

Supposedly he went to Columbia but strangely, 400 of his supposed classmates never heard of him.

steve buzzardo said...

I like when Reince Priebus called Reid a "dirty liar".

I think Reid hasn't paid any taxes for 10 years, so he assumes no one else does.

Jim McAllister said...

Reid IS a dirty liar. He is in his last term and feels he can say anything he wants. He is an embarrassment even to Obama on this.

When liberal writers slam dunk his ass, you know he is full of it.

Mike slater said...

Jim, If I'm not mistaken Dirty Harry Reid said paying taxes is voluntary.
Of course the idiot Joe Biden said paying taxes was patriotic.

CJ, I didn't miss your point at all. I think you missed mine.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, I'm about two years ahead of you on that one, but thanks for the head's up. It's why I've been buying the rifles, gear, extra food, training to live independently for the time when the corporations and the government begin worrying the American people into compliance. I dreamt of this time when I was a boy and used to tell my parents.

But I never dreamt of the part of the government's pills killing me. I like the part about 'may cause heart attack or stroke, may cause suicidal thoughts, may cause suicidal tendencies.'

I've been making sassafras tonic every day for the cholestrol, but I think I should be switching to the slippery elm bark tea. As for the pain killer, the little bitty muscle relaxer isn't too strong and it might fight the muscle spasms.

They'll be going after you guys too. They'll find a way to get to you and they might even take your money.

They're going after veterans first. Then the medical marijuana lists. Probably lists of gays and lesbian married couples. In the wrong hands, this country is set up for a dictator.

Fortunately, I had dreams about these times when I was a kid and began studying wild medicinal plants. I might live a few years more, but not much. Those pills done me in.

Rick Kepple said...

I looked Middy's information up and I found a 2007 Congressional bill that passed. The "Veterans Disarmament Act" is legislation that disarms thousands of military veterans suffering from combat stress. Their VA doctor can have their firearms confiscated as of 2007.

In Obamacare, there are provisions which will allow doctors to recommend that a patient's firearms be confiscated.

Now that there are strict rules on VA narcotics, they can search your home and if need be, confiscate a veteran's firearms by doctor's order.

Strategically, giving veterans drugs that may cause suicidal attempts, the government would have an excuse to confiscate weapons to keep them from committing suicide. And if they did, then they save money.

All the more reason to go herbal. I might even live longer.

I still can't find the info that Middy was referring to, but the point is well taken with all the other examples in just one search on Google.

I'm relieved. The government isn't trying to kill me, but everyone else too. Especially war veterans.

Rick Kepple said...

President Bush signed that bill into law in January 2008, targeting combat vets and potentially confiscating firearms from them.

Proof that the Republicans and Democrats are working together.

Jim McAllister said...


Do you think Obama will dump Biden on this year's ticket? I don't see how he can keep that fool around.

If he is not calling Romney "President Romney" he is doing something else embarrassing like endorsing gay unions thus forcing Obama to evolve a hell of a lot sooner than he probably wanted to.

I wonder how many times Barry has called him in to chew his ass out. We might see Biden dumped at the convention. LOL

I read today where Obama thinks it's a shame Michelle doesn't get paid for all the work she does. Maybe someone should tell him that those million dollar vacations she takes once a month are payment enough.

Rick Kepple said...

No. A President can never look weak and dumping Biden would send a message that Obama lacks confidence and a lack of decision making. That's just my opinion.

I'll bet there's a lot of ass chewing of vice presidents over the years.

"Dick! You shot a guy in the face! How are we supposed to justify that war veterans are dangerous with you going around shooting guys in the face! I don't want MY guns taken! I want THEIR guns taken!"

"Will you please stop referring to Romney as PRESIDENT ROMNEY!"

Rick Kepple said...

Harry Reid is a politician Jim. They all lie.

They talk about impeaching Obama for lying, but the Republicans know they can't open that can of worms. Romney would NEVER get in office then.

When Mitt gets in office, there will be a Mormon at every door selling SHTF kits. Syria will surely have collapsed by then and Romney can take down Russia and Iran next.

When Obama gets in office, he might get Dick Cheney to take Biden hunting.

Jim McAllister said...

Hopefully Americans will realize what a couple of phonies Obama and Biden are and dump them both in November.

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