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Sunday, June 24, 2012


If someone would have told me ten years ago that pawn shops would become a big business, I would have thought they were crazy.  Looking at the status of these places now, maybe I’m the one who was crazy.

The rise in popularity of the pawn shop is basically a result of the bad economy.  Anyone with bad credit can dismiss the idea of getting decent loans from banks, so many have turned to pawn shops to get some quick dough from borrowing against items like jewelry, musical instruments, and other valuables.

There are some who say this is something to be concerned about since loans from pawn shops can sometimes carry interest rates of 20% per month.  That’s a chunk of interest to be sure but if someone is in need of quick money, there may not be a less expensive alternative.  As one operator in Boston says, “It’s a short term loan designed to bail someone out and be done with it.”

Corey, Rick, and "the old man" of Pawn Stars
I am a regular viewer of “Pawn Stars” on the History Channel and it seems like those guys are always buying items from people and making few loans.   However, as reporter Candice Choi relates, the more lucrative part of the business for the shops is giving loans against the customer’s belongings.  Customers also prefer to borrow rather than sell because it “lets them hold on to what may be their only tickets to cash in the future.”

It’s a simple process:  Credit checks do not exist and loans have no effect on credit scores.  The shop owner simply looks over the item(s) brought in and offers a loan against it.  If the loan is paid back within 30 days, the items can be reclaimed.  Loans can also be extended but if payment is not made on time, the shop can put the collateral up for sale.

With banks tightening their requirements, a lot of them are requiring a credit score of at least 700 to qualify for loans.  That leaves many in the cold with the local pawn shop being their only alternative.

Hey buddy. Can you spare a dime for my campaign?
Since the start of the economic downturn, typical pawn loans have doubled to about $150.  Interest rates can vary and depend on the size of the loan.  In the South loans are usually smaller and are made against items like power tools and lawn mowers.  In that area interest rates can be as high as 20%, not a very good deal but if you are strapped for cash, what can you do?

I could almost swear that I saw Obama at a pawn shop in Scottsdale the other day trying to hock his undeserved Nobel Prize.   Poor guy, he must be about out of money from his 160 fundraisers and cash from his Obama zombies in Hollywood.  Plus, Michelle is packing for her trip to the London Olympics but taxpayers will be paying for most of that I’m sure. 

However, there is the little matter of the town of Durham, New Hampshire who wants $30,000 from Obama to cover the expenses the town incurs from his campaign visit.  That may explain why he is asking people to defer on buying wedding gifts for friends and giving him the money for his campaign instead.  Now, that is one classy guy!

I’m sure your friends getting married will be thrilled to hear you gave the cost of what would have been their wedding present to Obama.


Rick Kepple said...

The local pawn shops aren't loaning as much money as they used to either, because of the poor economy. They used to give a third of the value of the object, but now you're lucky to get a tenth. I just decided to stop paying certain bills on time because they took bailouts, so they won't miss my tiny little payment. Pawn shops don't need to make money from my hardship.

I won't help a rock star again. "I'm your friend, Rick. Don't you trust me? I'll send you money if you need it!" Never trust someone if they ask, "Don't you trust me?" A pawnbroker will tell you that! And it's far too late to make up to me.

Like Jim McAllister has said, "Don't sweat the small stuff." Screw the bills. Feed your family, pay the rent and keep the lights on. The banks and lenders won't go broke just because you can't pay them. Let them suck wind.

Jim McAllister said...

Did I say that? LOL

I once bought a guitar at a pawn shop in Kansas City on Truman Road. I think I paid about $20 for it.

FD said...

You're a piker with your criticism.

Lookee what the Montana GOP did for Mr. Obama ...........

MISSOULA — Political conventions often feature unique offerings. But the gun/shovel/duct tape raffle and the bullet-“pocked” outhouse at the Montana GOP convention might have pushed the envelope.
Former GOP presidential candidate and U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the convention’s featured speaker on Saturday, got a raffle ticket for what might in any other part of the country seem an unusual combo — a 12-gauge shotgun, a shovel and a roll of duct tape.
But the 500 convention-goers burst into laughter to the obvious S-S-S — “Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up” — reference to the contentious issue of wolves. The Ravalli County Republican Central Committee, which sponsored the raffle, clearly had signed on to one widely suggested “management” plan by opponents of federal protection for wolves.
Gingrich said that if he wins, the prize will go to his 10-year-old grandson, who just got his first .410 bore shotgun.
There was less laughter — although plenty of picture-taking — of an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library” parked outside Missoula’s Hilton Garden Inn, where the convention took place.
Nothing on the outhouse indicated who was responsible for it, although it made an appearance in the Memorial Day parade in Corvallis in Ravalli County.
The outhouse was painted to look as though it had been riddled by bullets.
Inside, a fake birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama made reference to the disproven controversy over the president’s origins. It was stamped “Bull----.” A graffito advised “For a Good Time call 800-Michelle (crossed out), Hillary (crossed out) and Pelosi (circled in red.)”
State GOP Chairman Will Deschamps of Missoula said he didn’t know who’d brought the outhouse, but dismissed it as “a sideshow.”
“It’s not something I’m going to agonize over,” he said. “Some of that stuff is not real good taste. We do have a president of the United States, and we have to honor that.”
Missoulian reporter Gwen Florio can be reached at 523-5268,, or @CopsAndCourts on Twitter.

CJinPhoenix said...

Maybe one of the reasons pawn shops are doing well these days is the same reason that antique places the new trend when shopping for furniture & secondhand stores are doing well too: the price one has to pay for quality stuff isn't worth it anymore. Even the top of the line items are being mass produced, for the most part, with no attention paid to quality or detail. Each type of place has a niche market though.

I have seen Pawn Stars once or twice but I found the Storage Wars & Storage Hunters shows more fun to watch. I am even tiring of those now, though, because after a while most of those so-called reality show become predictable in a way that can best be explained by production & staging of events for what plays well to an audience. My new favorite now is Cajun Justice on A&E. Kinda a mixture of Cops; Mardi Gras, voodoo & swamp people; and Dog, the Bounty Hunter. No telling how long this one will stay interesting though. Hairy Bikers on the History Channel was also pretty good but I haven't seen it on in a while.

Rick Kepple said...

One man's pawned and lost junk is another man's treasure.

"The outhouse was painted to look as though it had been riddled by bullets." I'm surprised they didn't burn an effigy.

I've learned over the years that things are never as they appear. The pawn shops are just like the newspapers in that you can see how the economy is doing.

Jim McAllister said...


A piker? To me that is someone who makes small bets and/or is an itinerant or someone who moves around a lot. I don't see how that applies to me.

That sounds like some good 'ol boy Montana guys having some fun. I like Pelosi's name circled in red and the Obama library.

No harm done.

Jim McAllister said...


We watched Dog once and that was enough.

You're right about them being "so called" reality shows because to me they are nothing close to real.

I said this when they started with junk like "Survivor." There is no way those people will act in front of a camera the same way they would if the camera wasn't there. It's just human nature.

However, some can be enjoyable anyway as long as we take them for what they are.

Another decent show is "American Pickers" but it is contrived as much as any of them. Still, Frank and Mike and Danielle are good actors and provide a fun show.

It's been so long since we bought furniture I have no ideas what has happened to the market. We bought out dining room table in Kansas City in 1970 and still use it everyday.

No, we don't have doilies on the backs of our Lazy Boys yet and we are still a long way from potpourri!

Jim McAllister said...


Good point; the pawn shops are definitely a good barometer of the economy and at the moment, it isn't so hot.

Rick Kepple said...

Sometimes God sends the most amazing of new friends.

I've occasionally piked. Piking can be a good thing sometimes. I was thinking of starting a Piking Club. The International Organization of Pikers.

I can't imagine ever working at a pawn shop. I'm a sucker for a hard luck story and some of that stuff is stolen and sold by teary eyed heroin addicts. I've known some gorgeous drug addicts who will steal candy from a baby and brag about it.

And folks, you buy a gun at a pawn shop, the federal instacheck doesn't look for stolen guns. The feds are just checking your papers.

midnightsstaff said...

The only ones needing further conformation this economy is in the shitter is people like your buddy Baghdad don and idiots like Sgt. Schultz and other utterly corrupt cheerleaders for failure.

I have never seen such an armada of negative indicators that are not lurking in the bushes but right in our grill, the advent of scrap gold and pawn shops being only the latest and most overt symptoms of the obvious.
..take a peek at how the market has dropped 160j points in the first hour of trading today.

I remember the wisdom of some who said "well if it doesn't work out, we can vote him out of office in four years"

Four years!- that is the length of WWII for crying out loud.. and it wasn't ever going to be merely a four years of time out, but now it's going to be the rest of this and probably another generation that suffers for fools that cheerfully voted in un fettered socialist malfeasance..

Deal with it, we are now in approx. 1935 of the last Depression, another down turn and a world war is in our future...
Better stock up on guns, ammunition and start de leveraging your lifestyle if you want to survive this one.

Guys like me haven't had to change their tune on where this country is headed, it's so obvious you have to conscientiously make an effort to ignore it...

Mitt Romney will not be able to do what many are hoping, he is just representative to putting the fire out not actually constructing something from the ashes.. the job requires a visionary not a upper level manager who truly believes in the viability of this system.

But with a prisoner's choice between hanging this morning or hanging next week the choice is obvious.

Problem is with today's society most of the valuables in these pawn shops are probably stolen- same with these fencing operations you see everywhere in Toleson disguised as scrap gold mongers.

The best place to engage in criminal operations is in plain sight, we have learned that lesson by watching our elected leaders in the Washington district of Corruption steal and make deals with Satan for years and then point at us when it fails.

Rick Kepple said...

USA Today just reported that the Supreme Court gutted Arizona's immigration bill. I think they left the title.

Jim McAllister said...


The SC didn't actually gut 1070; in fact, they left valid the most controversial part of it where the cops can ask for proof of citizenship when making a traffic stop. It still has to go back to the 9th but at least we have it for a while.

Regardless, I wouldn't suggest anyone go near the state house in Phoenix today. I'm sure the American flags are being shit on and burned in response to the decision and if you are white, you may be in danger.

Yes, it is our country, not theirs, but that is the crap we have to put up with here. Maybe Joe will get the tank out and scare some of them back into their holes.

midnightsstaff said...

This morning's announcement was a just ruling, what it indicates is we need to address the problem of the federal government abrogating it's responsibility not by wresting control but voting out the worthless who have pushed the issue to this point in Washington..

The Constitution is pretty specific on matters of responsibilities.. border security like coining money or providing for the national defense is not charged to the responsibility of individual states and if the fed intervening on states rights is wrong in this case states intervening on fed. responsibilities is equally wrong..

This needs to be settled in November.

Obama is going to have to call for martial law before this is over and Thursday's ruling might be the beginning of that last ditch effort to preserve evil no matter it's cost to the nation.

Jim McAllister said...


I saw those market numbers this morning while waiting for the SC decisions. I agree, not looking good.

I thought for sure we would get a decision on Obamacare today. The SC is really teasing us on that one. It looks like it will be Thursday, the last day of their term.

I wonder where Schultz, Vosotros, Walter, AZ Lib and the rest of the lefties are venting their spleens these days with AZ Central blogs down the toilet. Gee, I sure miss them!

One I don't miss in the least is Paula. It's amazing what a chameleon she became after her loss to Ugenti 2 years ago. It must be hell to be frustrated like she is.

midnightsstaff said...

You don't have the grand finale at the start of the show, there is six judgments to be released this week, and next week they go on vacation for the rest of the year.
so it's no surprise they went with this ruling to begin the week.

The White House already knows the decision... just watch what the fool does this week for a tip off on the judgment.

Jim McAllister said...


Even if O-care is left alone, there will be a bunch of loopholes that companies will use to avoid it. As we've already heard, a lot of companies will just drop coverage and pay the fines which is a lot less than the insurance. The same with younger, healthy people, especially singles: they can just pay the small fine and be out of it.

I don't know how much dumping it or keeping it will help or hurt Obama. It could get him sympathy votes or cause a landslide to finish him off for good.

Regardless, I still think the economy is the big issue and with the expected reports due out at the end of the month, it appears we are still spiraling downward. The polls are reflecting this as his numbers are going down.

Jim McAllister said...

Good point. The previews, the newsreel, and a travelogue always used to precede the feature film. It only makes sense that that is the case here. Get the small stuff out of the way, then show the feature and get the hell out of town.

midnightsstaff said...

Now you are catching on to the game as it was intended to be played.

If this illegal mandate is upheld it would surprise me, and if any portion of the hideous mess is stricken it's lights out for the antichrist factions in society.

None of it matters to those who hold dearly the ransom note version of the Constitution... actually they believe the pivotal refrence in their version is that part about "to promote the general welfare".

Ignoring that tenuous position lends itself to total subjective opinion, they can't grasp the logic that the phrase comes from a tome of and not the legal body of the document.
..oddly enough it's found in the Preamble itself so you would think that would tip them off, but it doesn't.

good job public education... bravo.

..the acrimonious, contentious and totally illogical nature of the interpretation of this ruling will continue today and well beyond the day we rid ourselves of Evil.
I admit though at this stage we might need a national reeducation camp for the hopelessly ignorant- after all thirty years of concentrated, liberal Statist education has produced a nation of ignorant, superstitious, and overall sickly sheep with little left on their mangy hides to shear.
After a few years of reading this tripe I gotta say I don't share Ronald Reagan's unflagging, unending faith in the American people anymore.

CJinPhoenix said...

"I wonder where Schultz, Vosotros, Walter, AZ Lib and the rest of the lefties are venting their spleens these days with AZ Central blogs down the toilet ..." I don't know about most of them but I can generally see what Vosotros is saying when he is actively venting because he moved most of his comments over to Facebook well before the blogs went down. And right now he doesn't appear to be venting at all. He has a new girlfriend though & that might explain it. After his marriage went south, his venting really picked up & now ... nothing for weeks upon weeks.

She looks to be an earthy, feminine type -- always calling him "babe" & "hun", on Facebook anyway, & taking a maternal perspective in comments back when there were a few comments for me to see ... Just in case anybody is interested. And if that is all it took to calm his ass down, more power to them both. Although, & this is coming just from what I know about Vos in general, she has to have a twisted sense of humor & a strong gut if she is going to last with him.

Hey, I wonder where DekeB went. Just kidding. I actually blocked him from my e-mail account because he is really, really annoying as all get out. I thought of him once when I was passing the Occupy camp that they had set up downtown ... I think I have him pegged as one of the older ex-hippie types -- intellectual hippies as opposed to the dopey ones -- and there was occasionally a booth with someone like that set up just a little apart from the more extreme anarchist & homeless camps. And Walter ... Yeah, Walter never could stand me. I have him pegged as sitting in some NY-style deli somewhere, maybe somewhere along the central corridor, bitchin about the state of the state every morning & driving all the workers crazy. And you KNOW that he just has to be a poor tipper ...

Jim McAllister said...


Vos and those other guys were something . I think they were frustrated about something and decided the blogs were a good venting place.

I told Walter once I thought he probably wore earth shoes, beads and had a long beard: the standard uniform for malcontents who like to live in this country but bitch about everything at the same time.

Since you say Vos has calmed down his rhetoric since he met a girl, probably the best way to describe his change in attitude is three words: "He's gettin' some."

You mentioned that Vos's girl keeps calling him "babe" and "hun". She sounds like Flo from Mel's Diner. Come to think of it, that show took place in Phoenix. I wonder if she chews gum while serving those hot beef sandwiches and mashed potatoes and hollers "Kiss my grits!!"

Jim McAllister said...


This is part of Obama's answer to the court ruling on 1070:

"I will work with anyone in Congress who's willing to make progress on comprehensive immigration reform that addresses our economic needs and security needs, and upholds our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants."

Can you believe this clown saying that after all his executive orders? What a liar.

Rick Kepple said...

I remember how it was in 1997, when I left the El Paso area. An employer told me that they weren't about to hire me for a living wage when they could get people from across the border for minimum wage or less. So we moved to Missouri where we looked like we fit in.

Jim McAllister said...


Nothing wrong with Missouri. I spent 4 good years there in the Warrensburg-Knob Noster metroplex and don't regret one minute of it.

OK, maybe a few of those below zero, snowy winter days.

mike slater said...

I can't stand shows like "Pawn Stars" "pickers" and "storage wars"
To me they're boring and a waste of time.

What I don't understand is why some of these shows are on the History Channel. What do they have to do with history?

Steve/DG said...

I like Pawn Stars, mainly because of the History of it. I was up in Vegas last month and going to stop there but most people told me the stars are never there and it's only history merchandise. I'm sure that the History channel does a lot of digging for them to get some of those items in there.

There's another show on truTV called Hardcore Pawn. Doesn't do too much with items, it's just a people display of them cursing out the staff -- it's in 8 mile in Detroit.

Like you, these shows are probably coerced for drama - I think all reality tv isn't scripted, but like Springer it's 'encouraged'.

I also like the American Pickers and American restorations.... wait a minute, I'm officially old now!

Steve/DG said...

I won't weigh in on the 1070 decision because midnight hit it out of the park with that one.

The capitol wasn't buzzing too much early this morning when I went by it, just a lot of tv cameras. I was there with some of those other large protests with 1070, to be honest, most are pretty tame. It's just a dick or two that get picked up by the cameras.

I've even witnessed some of the Hispanic leaders telling people to chill with the Mexican flag, as they know it's going to send a message. Like any group though, Mob Rules so you get some wild ones out there.

CJ, it's funny you say that about Vos. I don't know what it is but facebook has decided on who are preferred friends so I don't see many posts. It's irritating at times.

Jim McAllister said...


Hell, they can't show "The Lone Ranger" ALL the time!! LOL Just kidding, I wish "The Lone Ranger" was still on. God bless Clayton Moore.

"Storage Wars" is on A&E and I have to agree with you on it. It's a bit boring for sure.

As Far as "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers" being historical, the stuff that they come in contact is very historical.

Whether it is something old that Frank and Mike pull from some farmer's barn or an 1880's sewing machine or Colt 45 brought into the pawn shop, those items have historical significance.

You guys about ready for another trip to Steakenburger? Barb loved that place and has been asking to go back.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree, I like the history stuff too on Pawn Stars. I must admit that the interaction among Rick, Cory, the old man, and Chumley is really good. Like you say, they are probably encouraged but even with that, they seem to have a natural ability, especially the old man and Chumley.

Restoration is an excellent show. Most of that old stuff he rehabs, I well remember like thoe old gas pumps, coke machines, etc. Damn, I am OLD!

One of the guys that should have his own show is Johnny, the car mechanic who always fixes up those heaps they pull in. He has a great voice and is a cool character.

I've seen Hardcore Pawn in the schedule but have never watched it. It must be on the same time as one of our favorite Food Network shows!~ My life is officially over!

midnightsstaff said...

damnit.. I've been hacked again!!

there is someone else out there that is posting under my name, we should have Honey Badger Joe Arpaio get a team on this and find out who has been posting as "midnightsstaff"- with two s's.

Has anyone else had this problem?- I read what Steve said and realized that I hadn't even gotten on the computer yet today, I've been busy at the homeless shelter doing my laundry..
that's one of the benefits of volunteering, you get to eat for free and you can do your own laundry for free at their facilities... not to mention the interesting people you run into.
Of course I have had experience with much of that group before so I am fairly comfortable around them except for the smell...

anyway don't believe a word that other guy has said, who knows who he is anyway?- I read that dribble and could not recognize one of those disturbed and incomplete thoughts as anything I might write.

P.z.- proof it's me (along with the run on sentence structure accented by a normally wandering and incoherent train of thought)

CJ Phoenix said...

Jim, I think that Walter was an older retired Jewish guy from NY. So I am gonna say working class, educated, liberal but not an activist, & never really a hippie ... I do not remember exactly how or when I got that impression -- something he said somewhere about frequenting some of the Central Phoenix locations known as hangouts for that crowd, like Segal's or Scott's Generations -- but those places used to be very popular back when there were a lot of NY transplants here (before Calfornia took over in that respect) & I used to have a couple friends whose parents went to those places a lot. DekeB, on the other hand, I can picture wearing earth shoes & such. I think he was from Portland or something like that.

Yeah, Vos is probably getting some right now, no doubt. He hadn't really mellowed in his comments though -- not even an act of God could change his extreme opinions -- rather, he just seems to have become less vocal online. As far as that girlfriend being all brassy & southern like Flo, I don't think so. They just seem to be in that mushy stage of infatuation ... Kinda like JD & his new squeeze. Unlike DG, who seems like an old dog in a comfortable marriage ...

Hey, speak of the devil. Try that drop down menu at the top of the comments & make sure it is set for "sort: most recent". That's the only thing that I can think of off the top of my head. Have you seen any recent posts by Vos?

Mike slater said...

Jim, I agree with your take on Paula. Since she lost the election for the legislature she's gone off the deep end.

We would love to have lunch again at Steaken Burger. Deb really enjoyed talking to Barb.

We have to be out of the house on July 2nd so my computer will be down for a while. When I get it hooked up again I'll send an e-mail and set up a date.

midnightsstaff said...

This is the level of stupidity we have filling the empty heads of daytime voters day in and day out with information they can use to make an informed decision..

Just what could it be that holds Joey Behar back from becoming that solid anchor they have been waiting for?- sheer brilliance!

My redneck wedding reruns or cartoons would represent an intelligent choice over this level of crap.

Jim McAllister said...

ken honeyman
1:29 PM (6 hours ago)

Funny thing down here... (Florida) things are so bad here, Pawn Shops are going outta biz!

ken honeyman

Jim McAllister said...


Free eats and free laundry ay the shelter. I'm in, baby!

Jim McAllister said...


I remember Don Williams being really impressed with Walter (later known as "Downtowner"). Something about Walter knowing a lot of words with more than one syllable which unfortunately doesn't qualify him as a genius.

He always came across as just another loud mouthed liberal namecaller. One of his favorite adjectives for many of us was "bigot" LOL

He didn't like people who worked in private industry, went to college, and showed ambition to get ahead on their own. I don't know what he did. Maybe he sold beads and had the local franchise on repairing soles on Earth shoes.

I remember that mushy stage of infatuation with Barb back in the 60s. Now I am just mushy!

Jim McAllister said...


Sounds great. Maybe we can get the same group together and if I can separate him and her far enough to avoid bloodshed, I'll bring CJ too.

Sop true on Paula. Those blogs she writes now are sickening. I think she lost that election because she didn't get out and work the area as hard as Ugenti. She turned out to be very artificial.

Jim McAllister said...


I think the IQ of those idiots like Behar and Whoppi is about 10. Behar doesn't even know that someone born here is a citizen. What an airhead. Rubio looked at her like "Huh? Did you really say that, you dummy!?"

Jim McAllister said...


That bad, huh? I didn't think those guys ever went under.

CJ Phoenix said...

Nah, Jim, there would be no bloodshed between Middy & I ... Unless he started it. Just kidding. You should know by now, though, that I am actually pretty reserved in person & I know when to keep my opinions in check. And Middy actually seems to be that way too.

Remember how SamSam and I used to get into it on the blogs? That was after the picnic because we were buddies up to that point. We even went to lunch together once shortly after that. But then we got into it on a few of my blogs. Well, at the ballpark he pretty much avoided me except to say hi & I was okay with that too. Then at the restaurant afterwards, one of the other bloggers said something to the effect that actually meeting people would make the exchanges on the blogs nicer -- all sweetness & light -- at which point, both Sam & I looked at each other & said, "No, it doesn't." After that, he warmed back up a bit & nowadays we can even exchange an occasional e-mail (although we haven't in a long while). The point is that there is something to this aging thing -- for those of us who actually mature anyway -- that makes actually fighting in public seem silly. And I can only think of one particularly nasty old man that might maybe challenge me enough to take the gloves off ...

CJ Phoenix said...

BTW, you know who that is and it isn't ms (or his wife).

Mike slater said...

Jim, sounds good. Bring CJ along I'll buy her a beer. Just don't bring Paula.

Jim McAllister said...


You and Middy can get into it pretty good on the blogs but the times i have seen you both in the same place, you and him seem to be OK.

As far as that nasty old man you mentioned, fortunately he is one of a kind. At least, I sure have never met anyone as unlikable in my life.

Jim McAllister said...

Did you read that, CJ? Mike is going to buy the beer!

You'll love the burgers at this place. Mike and Debbie told us about it.

Rick Kepple said...

Bummer. Middy's living at the shelter ... oh wait, he's volunteering there to teach them personal hygiene. It's a Republican plan to help them get work again. It has nothing to do with employers shipping jobs overseas and work permits to illegal immigrants.

If only I could learn to brush my teeth and comb my hair, I could get a job. It has nothing to do with the globalization plan of Democrats and Republicans.

Isn't it curious that the new remake of "Red Dawn" release has been held up for two years and will be in theaters in November? You know it will spur gun sales, but it just seems so orchestrated. Like we're trained doggies.

midnightsstaff said...

So who arbitrates when the Supreme Court decides not on the merits of the issue but the political aspects of the decision?- we are one appointment removed from it becoming a rubber stamp once it becomes a 5/4 liberal arm of the socialist party- no vote necessary.

We have a real problem in the US today, at this point we have one justice that is deciding pretty important issues, Justice Kennedy.

It's obvious that there is tampering going on so to speak, just look at the appointments of Kagen and the wise Latina, neither brought much more than a willingness to further the collectivist agenda no matter what form it takes.

Scalia was absolutely right in what he said about the 1070 ruling, the parts that were disallowed were not stricken because they were unconstitutional but they were redundancies of federal law already on the books and would be seen as the usurping of the federal government's responsibilities even if they refuse to do them out of political agenda..

The enforcement mechanism or our border policy is a federal responsibility clearly stated in the Constitution.. the states are supposed to work with not for those charged with that responsibility..
The problem is this issue should have never come up to begin with if some of us had not insisted on electing a full blown communist as president, this is a proxy fight over yet another proxy.

What the justice told us although the message was subliminal was we have the ultimate responsibility to elect people who will not challenge the Constitution at every tactic.
This is a seminal moment when the court is actually letting us know that the SCOTUS cannot and should not be depended on to correct the mistakes of a fickle and largely ignorant voting population, no matter how esoteric the message Scalia might seem, it was unmistakable-
..problem is the fed is intentionally not doing it's job for political reasons so the decision yesterday had little to do with matters of Federalism and much to do with matters of voter responsibility.

Why hasn't the House addressed this power grab?- because they are guilty in other matters they don't want the socialists bringing up on record- they are too compromised themselves to offer an objection, it's extortion pure and simple.

the only cure is to vote all of them out and start over- but that can't begin before the collapse and by then it will be far too late.
ah the thoughts I get preparing to have a wisdom tooth removed today.

Jim McAllister said...

Middy, you still see a 5-4 against Obamacare on Thursday? Your comment seems a bit skeptical now compared to the other day.

midnightsstaff said...

With Roberts acting like he should be in drug rehab I really have no idea.

We definitely are getting schooled on our national laziness letting justices who are supposed to be the least influential of the three branches now being encouraged to chart the course that legislators should be doing..

We have an out of control Legislature, Executive and at the lower level Judicial branches of government..
The decision should be nine to nothing but I will have to flip a coin just like everyone else, actually there are much larger issues than ObamaCare at stake- we have just been advised that the Supreme Court is not willing to do the heavy lifting the Legislature is unwilling to perform.

Maybe it's time for a national constitutional convention and possibly an amendment addressing the situation.. after all I have never worked for any company that would put up with my openly refusing to perform my job.
Shouldn't the Legislature consider some punitive measures when someone like Janet or Eric refuses to do what they promised and taken an oath to the people to comply with?

Personally I would have them subject to public hangings over matters like this, but I doubt we are at that level of distrust yet.

but we will be soon.

By the way were was the leadership of Juan McAmnesty on this issue?-he is the first I would send to the gallows for his many crimes against this nation.

steve buzzardo said...

"I think the IQ of those idiots like Behar and Whoppi is about 10" -

You're right Jim and the funny thing is that they actually think that they are superior to everyone who doesnt agree with the way that they think.
But what do you expect, they are just typical liberal dumbasses just like Premier O, king of the dumbasses.

Mike slater said...

Jim, I think you're right about the members of the View. I think it's safe to say that none of them are members of Mensa.

steve buzzardo said...

Liberals believe the Declaration of Independence asserts "we have all been endowed by the creator with certain illegalalienable rights." -- Dennis Miller

StillStealth said...

Hey Jim! I've watched the pawn shop show a couple of times - interesting watching them determine the value of some of the stuff. And people always think their "stuff" is worth more than it is.

Someone on Facebook just posted that illegal immigration was down (arguing that there really isn't as big of a problem as Arizonans claim). And his link was to a Wall Street article about immigration being down due to the bad economy in the U.S. (duh). I'm not sure if we're supposed to be happy about that? Oh well. I suppose if I had to choose, I'd pick a healthy economy and illegal immigration being up....? Because we know our federal government has no plans to actually enforce immigration laws any time soon.

Obama said “If I don’t have this [economic improvement] done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

Let's hope he keeps THAT promise.

Jim McAllister said...


And when I said Behar and Whoppi have a ten IQ, I meant 5 + 5 for a TOTAL of ten. LOL What a couple of losers. I don't know how Liz Hasselbeck can sit there with those fools.

I love the libs: just a bunch of lemmings waiting to take orders from Washington and Obama.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, I don't think any of them better hold their breath waiting for that call.

Jim McAllister said...


Miller is one of the best. He has a way of cutting down people so fast that they don't even know they have been insulted.

Great vocabulary and references that leaves them wide eyed and speechless.

Jim McAllister said...

Hi Still,

Some of the customers who bring stuff in to Pawn Stars are a bit clueless about the term "profit margins."

Rick may have one of his experts declare an item worth $1,000 and when he asks the customer what he wants for it, the guy will say "Well, the guy said it's worth $1,000 so that's what I want" totally ignoring that the shop has to make a profit so they can't give him the total value.

It's funny to watch some of those characters.

I enjoy the historical items. As a history buff, that stuff is very interesting.

I feel sorry for people who think they have something really great and the expert says it's a fake. "C'est la vie" as the French say! LOL

I'm with you on Obama. I was watching him struggle on Fox today speaking to some group and it was an embarrassment to watch him still blame Bush and criticize Romney for his Bain work. He is out of ammunition.

I hope Romney uses those tapes of Clinton, Patrick, Booker, and Rendell praising Romney's work with Bain. Those are four prominent Dems backing our guy. It should have some effect.

Mike slater said...

I love Miller. I've watched him for years. To me he is the anti Bill Mahr.

CJ Phoenix said...

Sounds sweet! I am already counting the days ...

Jim McAllister said...


Bill Maher is nothing but a wise mouth old punk with a dirty mouth and attitude.

I was able to stomach him until he called Palin a c-nt on his show. That was uncalled for but not something we wouldn't expect from him. Fortunately he is hidden on HBO and will never get any further. Just another foul mouthed, ignorant, name calling liberal.

midnightsstaff said...

That sounds a little judgmental Jimmy, get up to speed on this issue, we are now supposed to be tolerant and show great restraint.
This is so as not to offend the moderates out there who evidently will run off to Hitler sure as the sun rises if we dare point out what is normal socialist, thereby morally debased by definition behavior.
...evidently you didn't get the memo...

Well it wouldn't have been Tuesday if I hadn't made some comment on Juan McAmnesty and his unfit nature for service to this nation.. to whomever out there I have offended - tuff.
Lifetime mooch off the public trust, now married into another living large off someone else's ticket.
I just can't understand how out of a nation of millions there can't be more qualified and men of moral calling willing to take up the task.
Thursday will be a day to remember Jim, this is the biggest news event of this century so far, even eclipsing 9-11 in my mind.
that was a battle, this is the war.

By the way good call Cj on that tab doo-hickey.. if it were a snake it would have bit me..
I wonder how many other little tricks this page has if you know where to look?

I miss the good old cut and paste days where mockery was the coin of the realm.

StillStealth said...

Bill Maher - what a pathetic loser. Part of the 1% but wants everyone to think he's just am average Joe Wall Street Occupier who also happens to have a television gig (making...millions). Just like the rest of the limousine liberals - "do as I say, not as I do."

midnightsstaff said...

Jim McAllister said...


Thursday will be a day to remember Jim, this is the biggest news event of this century so far, even eclipsing 9-11 in my mind.

No question about it. It will be tough sleeping tonight thinking about it. With the time difference it will be an early wake up call to turn on Fox.

If the SC approves this mess, what do you think will be the reaction? I would think it could mean a ringing defeat for BO as many voters would want Romney to get rid of it.

On the other hand if it is defeated does the opposite happen: Obama gets a big push from angry voters who thought he got a bad deal.

Or, the opposite of both equations could happen; it's hard to say. One way or the other, I'll be glad when this is over. I'm tired of the anguish.

By the way, in case anyone out there hasn't seen this, I received it from Sam. If it's true, just one more reason to vote for Romney. I don't put anything past these two losers.

Jim McAllister said...


I would put Maher up there with Springsteen, Bon Jovi, and all the other phony liberals who believe in heavy taxation on the rich except, of course, when it affects them.

They always manage to trot out a list of deductions to omit their obligations like Springsteen declaring himself a farmer to avoid his taxes.

He is a big union guy too except when it comes time to release a new album. Then, he goes to Walmart to sell it. What self respecting limo liberal would support such a non-union giant like that.

He likes to be a liberal at his own convenience.

No one can top Arianna Huffington for phoniness though. She and her liberal Huffington Post where she posted all those celebrity blogs became so big that she went corporate and sold it to AOL for $315 million.

What the hell; it's fun to be a lib and bitch about capitalism but why not pick up a few bucks along the way? LOL

Jim McAllister said...


Love the Henri YouTube. Funny.

midnightsstaff said...

I can relate to Henri...

midnightsstaff said...

Well seeing how no one else has much to say, I have a good feeling about tomorrow's judgment..

I read a piece on the theory that Roberts has made a deal with Kennedy to swap votes for political purposes..

That theory makes sense to me, nothing goes according to high school civics lessons about how government works.

This would make the whole thing a sensible vote- one to do away with ObamaCare and the other to send a message to congress that they need to do their job and force the fed to at least put in an attempt to address immigration issues.

Ruling the States could actually go rogue and do what they want in relation to the Arizona issue opens up a whole can of further legal challenges, it would be a savory win today but probably a regrettable decision in the future.
There is a difference between forcing an issue into court and resisting the nationalization and further erosion of states rights.

The true cure for this type of cancerous metastasizing is to never again allow a full throated communist access to the Oval Office... sadly there will never be another person of color offered up by either party after the debacle that Obama and Holder represented... they are nothing short of a Black Panther infested RICO operation and should spend the rest of their lives in a Mexican prison with no chance of parole.

Too bad too many people are not interested in the long term health of the nation but insist on pulling a rubber Constitution out every time they get diaper rash.

Yep a monumental day tomorrow, but I am not losing a minute of sleep over it, I quit letting a clowncar full of morons dictate my personal happiness many years ago, and I am never giving that back to them.

steve buzzardo said...

Bill Maher - what a pathetic loser

its good to see Stealth is back, and like usual I couldn't agree more.

to only difference between an asshole like Maher and those other lib hypocrites is that they have some talent, he has none. He's not funny, he's a moron, and still somehow he got lucky and became rich, only in America could this happen, yet he still hates America.

Wait a minute, he hates America and has no talent: Could Maher and Obama be related?

midnightsstaff said...

What a sunset tonight! makes living in the great southwest worth the godawful heat... thank god for the pool.

Boy I am getting a distinct echo in here, starting to look like a poorboy version of Rick babbling on and on about sunsets, pools and the end to another great day in what still is the model of freedom and personal opportunity that has ever existed...
I need some cheering up here guys.. tomorrow altho a pretty big day in history unfolding is not going to be the end of our late found realization that more government is not the answer for the problems it creates.

Even if the unthinkable happens it will only force Mitt into doing what he has built his whole platform over, the rescinding of this monstrosity as first order of business.
Maybe we should hope he gets the opportunity to let the loser tee one up for him...
That would send a message to everyone that there will be changes made..

Hey, a boy's gotta dream..

Jim McAllister said...


I think "punk" describes Maher pretty well unless we want to really cut loose on him. He always has that insincere little smirk as though he is some great intellectual that we should be paying attention to.

Cross your fingers on the SC decision but I agree with Butch. Romney is looking pretty good now in the polls. Obama's numbers are poor for a sitting president and if O-Care passes, Mitt can proceed to dump it.

Of course, I would like to avoid that with a good decision tomorrow but I feel we have a bit of leverage.

Jim McAllister said...


Rick must be fishing up on the Niangua. From what he says it's loaded with a good variety of fish.

I hope your feeling about tomorrow comes true.

Rick Kepple said...

Okay, tomorrow I want all of you with loose bladders to wear Depends undergarments, because the Supreme Court are giving their health care decision on Thursday. When you're dancing, you're probably going to wet yourselves.

So I guess I oughta get that semi-automatic rifle then. That's for all those people with plans to escape to the rural areas. I've looked, but I can't find one farmer with plans to escape to the big city when the poo hits the fan.

"C'mon Marge, there's riots in New York City, but we gotta brave it and get into town!" and the funny thing is that during the Great Depression, farmers did just that.

Isn't it curious that the government doesn't seem to mind that ordinary people are buying assault weapons? It's like arming minus the panic. How do you know that they just want people are get armed before an invasion that the military can't alone repel? "Red Dawn" movie in November and everyone will want to buy assault weapons that they saw in the movie. Psychologically, what do you think might happen in the general population?

CJinPhoenix said...

Holy crap, Jim, now there is somebody on AzCentral making comments using my CJinPhoenix profile & e-mail address. They are even attempting to make it look like my writing style (although I know it is not me & I never even read the article let alone posted a comment to it). Didn't Middy say it was happening to him too? This is disturbing. I mean, why are they imitating the writing style? What kinda weird satisfaction is somebody getting from that?

midnightsstaff said...

now wasn't that fun?

Rick Kepple said...

There's always been another CJinPhoenix. I told CJ that years ago. It's some man.

The radio station said that the 9 a.m. classified ads show will be cancelled today to cover the healthcare decision. They sided with the 2nd Amendment and I'm figuring they'll strike down some of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

I can't get healthcare insurance, because I'm disabled, so there won't be work for guys like me. Hey, I like kayaking, fishing and hunting. Let the insurance companies win, I don't care.

I know at some point that my VA benefits will probably be cut to help rich folks in J.P. Morgan. Poor poor executives will starve! They can't hunt, they can't fish and they can't fend for themselves! They're like special greedy kids.

Well ...

copper1215 said...

And I haven't been on the Niangua River yet. Maybe next week.

The radio station said that the Fox News network is screwing up, so they're going ahead with the radio classfieds. Looking for guns. Yep.

Poor Middy. He's got to be like a impatient cat waiting for din-din, re: health care reform. They're teasing with the news.

And the special news report came back on the air and went off the air again. Back to the radio classifieds. Must be Republicans and Democrats duking it out at the radio station.

Rick Kepple said...

copper1215? Rick Kepple. Sorry. That's another log on name elsewhere.

Rick Kepple said...

The USA Today says that the SC upheld the health care act.

Welcome to the New World Order. Yep, definitely buying self-defense weapons.

midnightsstaff said...

congratulations Rick-now you can have all the free medical care you want.

Alice in Wonderland was a documentary.

Rick Kepple said...

congratulations Rick-now you can have all the free medical care you want. - Middy

Free, my ass! Nothing is free, Middy. I pay for my Medicare. I suffered untreated by the VA for 15 years. Just how is my health care free? No, it's just affordable.

I'm sorry guys. Gee whiz. Now insurance companies will actually have to insur people! Oh my God! What's next? Executives and CEO's actually having to manage J.P. Morgan? NOOOOOO! It's so unfair that rich folks be forced to be responsible.

Rick Kepple said...

Next step. And you guys will like this, since you blame poor people for your losses in profit.

Welfare recipients will probably be told to get a job since they now have affordable health care.

Repeal of the minimum wage act.

You don't REALLY believe that a bunch of rich people are doing this just to help a bunch of poor people, do you? Are you that naive?

So quit your bitching. I told you people in 2008 that this was all a plan and you said I was delusional.

Who's delusional now, boys and girls? Welcome to the nightmare of the NWO. The Republicans put on a great show of objecting, don't they?

Rick Kepple said...

Going to the pawn shop looking for guns and I can have them hold one for me. I like pawn shops for that.

Jim McAllister said...

There are still the 26 states who may be able to still opt out of this nightmare.

Let's also remember that there is an election in 4 months with a 49% to 39% disapproval to approval rating on O-Care.

Add to that the continuing deterioration of the economy plus Obama's less than stellar poll numbers and he could be deposed in November along with his socialistic ideas of turning this country into a total welfare state.

We can only hope.

midnightsstaff said...

just exactly what is the nature of your combat injuries that you suffered Rick?

did you have a leg or two blown off?- did you catch an Ak round?- have you had the back of your head blown off?
I knew people that have had that happen- war is ugly.

just wondering what qualifies you to walk in the doors of the VA to begin with.

CJinPhoenix said...

All I know, Rick, is that this is the first time a strange comment has shown up at my e-mail address connected to my CJinPhoenix account at AzCentral. And as far as you telling me I had an evil twin running around the AzCentral boards years ago goes: I rarely ever read your comments anymore and that is just a fact. I mean, you have also accused me of being a rich guy living in Scottsdale or else of being in collusion with some rock star against you personally ... So go figure.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, so what do you propose? That volunteers for the military only be recruited during wartime? Maybe you want to outsource the military to the Chinese? Maybe mothball the military during peacetime and lay all soldiers off. Good idea Middy. No wonder you're wealthy with those excellent ethics and morals you have.

CJ, it's called Karma. Deal with it.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, you really don't get it do you? Republicans have no intention of ever getting rid of laws that are moving toward global governance. They sure do put on a pretty stage act, don't they?

Yeah, those congresspersons bitch a lot, but I guarantee you that they will pretend to give a damn and won't do a fricking thing about Obamacare. In fact, I predict that Romney, if elected, will add to the Affordable Care Act and say, golly gee, it had to be done.

It's 2012. It's not 1982, and Romney is no Reagan. In fact, he might be the Antichrist.

midnightsstaff said...

No Rick it's a simple question... what are the nature of your combat injuries that you say the VA is responsible for?

For years you have gone on and on about your injuries- I just want to know what they are?

if you can't tell us then shut the fuck up.

Jim McAllister said...

if you can't tell us then shut the fuck up.

Now that gets right to the heart of the matter; no beating around the bush; no Uh's or Ah's. It's all right there in front of us on the table.

A lot of people today gasp at the sound of that magic word but there is nothing like it to gain attention and it can be used in so many contexts it becomes the norm for getting points across.

Since that is the case, Rick, how about it?

CJinPhoenix said...

Rick, So now you are a really good judge regarding the cosmic laws of cause and effect? Yeah, I don't think so, sweetie. I think you are confusing omniscience with impotence right now. And I will listen to what you have to say about anything as soon as it looks like you are consistently aware of what planet you're on, among other things.

Jim McAllister said...

Has anyone seen the tweets from the DNC after he decision? Real class group of people running this country:

What else would we expect from a bunch of left wing losers who want to sit back and suck up freebies instead of work.

I remember when people in this country would be embarrassed to take welfare. That was when we had a country that knew the definition of "working" and "pride."

Now, we have a guy as president who promised a mandate that would "definitely NOT be a Tax!"

Guess what: It's a TAX but dumb ass liberals are so dumb thinking they have a win that they don't care that their leader is not only a phony but a liar too.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy and Middy; you both talk a big fight, but you're siblings and wimps. Your problems are that no one has ever put you spoiled people in your place.

CJ, you're not worth talking to.

midnightsstaff said...

check out what Art Davis has to say about his old party..

this changes nothing on the election except makes Mitt's chances even better, I am shocked and deeply saddened to realize now that the Judicial branch is corrupted with liberal agenda from the top all the way down to the Superior court justices..

I don't know how a country survives the total corruption of the judges, that sounds like Hugo Chavez style to me.
I hope Mitt turns out to be a one term president, anything less than that will spell the further destruction to America.

The pathway to a return to reason will include the repeal of the seventeenth amendment along with clarification legislation on the fourteenth..

only a one-termer would be willing to climb on that cross for the nation.

midnightsstaff said...

were you ever in the service Rick?

you keep avoiding the answer..

Rick Kepple said...

Fricking babies. Government is fine when everything is in your favor. Poor poor poor elitists.

Want me to wipe your noses for you? Hmmm babies? Are you gonna live from the SC decision? Want a tissue?

C'mon babies. You can tell me worse things than that, can't you? C'mon. Be men. Grow some fricking balls.

Rick Kepple said...

Chief Justice Roberts decision was a work of genius, but he was appointed by President H.W. Bush, who repeated some dozen times how we needed the New World Order.

And you nitwits blame Obama.

So when your brakes are bad, do you guys blame the dentist?

Rick Kepple said...

No Middy, I was never in the military. The VA always gives benefits to civilians.

midnightsstaff said...

so what are the nature of your wounds?

midnightsstaff said...

melt down...

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, I'll bet you have a general discharge from the Marines. If you were ever in the Marines. Probably more like the Coast Guard, or Boy Scouts.

I think you're delusional, Middy. Next you'll be saying you're Chris Nicks and Jim McAllister is Stevie Nicks. Dude, drink some coffee. Sober up.

midnightsstaff said...

takes a certain personality to wear fuchsia well...
Actually I agree, I see nothing to worry about in November..

Rick Kepple said...

"Actually I agree, I see nothing to worry about in November.."

I agree Middy. Your new medication for a psychotrophic drug will have bound to be working by then for your delusional thoughts.

Rick Kepple said...

Gosh Middy got me. I read books about the Army. I created a discharge with a carved block of wood, spread ink on it, and printed out my own. It only took once. Then I broke into the VA and planted my fake records. I used to hang around a military unit and learned from watching. I sold burritos from the gut truck. I used to clean the house of a CIA agent and that's how I know that stuff. Yes ... sniff sniff ... I'm a fake. I wrote my own stories, paid the publishers to make one magazine and the newspapers gladly took my money to make a fake paper, just for me. I even arranged to have all the president's birthdays put in one convenient Monday, because I wanted that day off from my mundane job on Wall Street where I was forced to count money all day long for that Madoff guy. I used to build ponzis and they said it was a scheme, but I couldn't tell them the truth. The stack of money just looked neat. Yep. And I slept with the wife of the Army Chief of Staff, so that's how I know about the White House stuff. I'm such a horn dog.

Mike slater said...

Jim, is Rick Kepple some kind of loony liberal or what?

When to the guys in the white coats come and fit him for one of those I love me jackets?

CJ Phoenix said...

I am feeling kinda sick about this latest Supreme Court decision myself. Not exactly sure why because, unlike most of you all, I KNOW that something about our healthcare system, such as it is, needs to change. But I also know that the way that they are proposing to change it is just plain wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong ... I mean, insurance companies are what broke the system to begin with & now they are adding the IRS into the mix? All I can think to say at this point is SHIT. I think I am going to move to the hills at this point & taunt the bears with food.

midnightsstaff said...

which Cj is this?...

Jim McAllister said...


Rick has been on the blogs since the beginning of Plugged-In in 2006. He used to go by "Just Call Me Later."

He lives in rural Missouri. As far as the "I Love Me" jacket, he may have gotten that at a Stevie Nicks concert.

As far as being a liberal, probably yes from his recent blogs. He doesn't like rich people whether it was handed to them or they worked for it. He figures they never had to work for what they have.

Since I grew up in a different era and had to go to school, do military, then work long hours at my selling career, I obviously think he is full of shit.

I, and millions more like yourself, worked hard to get what we have. No one gave us anything. It's not our fault we had more ambition that some of these whining bums sitting on their asses collecting welfare.

But, that is what we have to put up with today.

Rick Kepple said...

In 1993, Ms Clinton figured out a way to get the private insurance companies to insur poor folks. A lot of Democrats said NO and one Dem said, "we ain't passing a law to help a bunch of poor folks!" But maybe God is watching and figures that people are choosing wealth over life and what if God just figures one day to take all the wealth away.

The hillbillies say that they didn't know there was a Great Depression until someone told them. It only affected rich folks and through their own curse, they almost destroyed a nation.

The Republicans aren't going to get rid of any of Obamacare and I'll tell you why. Conservatives are Christians. Life before profit. They'll put on a real good show of being angry though, but in the end, national healthcare will still exist.

Jim McAllister said...


...And if you do not comply with the system you could get jail time. Plus the cost of insurance will skyrocket and the rich will have to pay much more for theirs vs. poor people simply because they are rich, not because they get better insurance.

Income re-distribution, anyone?

Here is more:

CJ Phoenix said...

Which middy are you? As far as I know, my evil twin only exists on AzCentral but I will be certain to tell you if that changes.

I don't know about that "jail time" thing, Jim. It seems to me that the IRS just makes a person miserable but it works in their favor if the person continues to work because then there are wages to garnish. I mean, if the person has tons of money or assets, then maybe ... But if there is nothing to of value for them to grab, then what is the point of jail?

And you know what? I am so not worried about people with the means to pay for health insurance right now whether they want to pay for it or not. They will do okay. Besides, think about it: when those at the top face increased costs, what do they do? They find a way to increase their own pay to cover the cost. It is the people at the bottom without the power to do anything about their circumstances that bother me.

I wouldn't be surprised to see subsistence wages go down even more now although, to be realistic, they cannot go down much farther in AZ.

Rick Kepple said...

"There are still the 26 states who may be able to still opt out of this nightmare."

Yeah, and Missouri is one of them.

Republican Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler talks about how she hates "entitlements," but she still gets those farm subsidies!

"When to the guys in the white coats come and fit him for one of those I love me jackets?"

Mike is hitting on me, Jim. I think he's gay and into bondage.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm still in shock.

In 2004, I had to stop writing, because it would have cost more for health insurance than I made. Even the VA agreed and I get paid to do nothing, but I got a feeling that's gonna change now. A lot of changes are coming!

The disabled can start their own businesses now and please, spare me the bullshit about how we always could. I have a right to make money too.

midnightsstaff said...

I was just funnin' there Cj... seems we all are having a little problem with remembering what we have written or need some deniability from time to time..
I was just pinging you on that point.

You have every reason to trust your instincts on this monstrosity tho, we as a nation were just played politics on- I can give you chapter and verse on what the ramifications of having a government now for the first time in our history with the ability to tell you not only what you must buy but have the ability of punishing you with a "tax" if you don't- it's not even close to auto or fire insurance.

With Roberts being cute we now have a precedent set by the Chief Justice in his notes giving congress or the administration the green light to tax behavior or non behavior- something we haven't seen since sixteenth century France and we all know how that turned out.

Imagine if a religious right candidate gets elected and decrees along with a religious right congress that all abortions will be taxed at a punitive rate?
or you are taxed at an elevated rate for not buying off some government preferred list in other purchases... say they decide you should buy a Volt instead of a Kia under some new "Buy America Act" that gets passed..

How about once they realize that firearms are protected in the second amendment but the purchase of ammunition or supplies are not?

This is what happens when the tax code is used for manipulating behavior instead of producing the minimum government necessary to accomplish the job which was the vision of the founders.

In the end we will not have a health care system that can be discerned from the health care system in some South American banana republic where the rich can find care in the black market and the poor cannot- it's just that simple.

Roberts is a scoundrel who just played a game over his head, he did it for his own personal legacy he is actively trying to salvage with the DC press and we need to admit to ourselves we have a natural 5/4 court but it is not conservative in nature- and we will have this mess on our hands for another generation my take is Roberts has made sure we are one step closer to another Civil War.

I imagine you are not reading my thoughts either tho, so once again I am writing to no one - and we all know that no one cares until it's too late but trust me that was not a yoke that was placed around your neck.. was a noose because until it is certain this evil is rescinded for good small business will remain in survival mode and will not hire- if Obama gets re elected you have had your last job unless you are willing to work for and expanding TSA or Homeland Security because a police state is necessary to insure compliance- just notice all dictatorships have them.

Jim McAllister said...


I see a huge backlash coming on this especially from independents and republicans uniting.

Obama's numbers are not so hot and this morning's paper says June was another dismal month in the job market with no relief seen in the foreseeable future.

Romney collected about 5 million in contributions yesterday right after the decision which tells us something. Plus, Obama didn't win by that much in '08 (52-48) when everyone was mystified by him and his bag of tricks.

Throw in the gay and immigration stuff and Romney looks better and better to win.

I think a lot of people got a shock to the system yesterday that wasn't expected and will now be out to right that wrong.

steve buzzardo said...

Obama is finally going to show up in Colorado today, because of the wildfire disaster, to pretend that he cares about white people.
After all, golf and fund raising must come first.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah problem is now we have a precedent that would support levying a tax if you didn't sign up for the selective service or a myriad of other legal entrapments only contained by the imagination of legislators or bureaucrats, how about a tax on overweight people or diabetics?- think that's not going to happen now with government paying for healthcare therefore having say so over how it's administered?

Brave New World this ruling... obviously Roberts is a lightweight that ruled by interpolation of what will it take to save the bill rather than the evidence that was not even given by the plaintiffs law team.

But now for the next thirty years or so he will be able to go to the parties and have people talk to him... I guess that makes it all worth while...

read Mark Levin's fine book if you want to really be scared shittless.

Jim McAllister said...

Maybe he will use the same bullshit line he used at Fort Hood:

"Now, let's not jump to conclusions."

Jim McAllister said...


It's like Eric Cantor said last night on "Hannity":

"The only way out of this is to defeat Obama in November."

I'm trying to be optimistic about that. If it doesn't happen, send me some of your Costa Rica brochures.

Jim McAllister said...

I just picked this up off Drudge.

Does it ever end with this guy? First he wants to cut into military retirement funds, now this.

I love it. The military hates his ass already and this should make them detest him even more. It's just an attempt to get guys into the state exchanges.

midnightsstaff said...

Now he can run up Colorado's costs of fighting fires by having his entire paparazzi show up for a photo op... do people ever get tired of this family of grifters?

Rick Kepple said...

I bought an AR-15 today, even though the sheriff candidate tells me not to be writing such things on the Internet. Yeah, rob me and enjoy Obamacare.

There are no .223/5.56 rounds that I can find at Walmart and the salesgirl said that they order them and only get a few. That happened before the 2008 election too.

Now, if the movie, Red Dawn, is released in November, well you know how we Americans are. We gotta have what we see in movies. Isn't that curious how they might be releasing a remake of Red Dawn in November? No one finds that curious? If you tell me No, I'll know you're conning me.

Rick Kepple said...

I have buyer's remorse, but there is a hillbilly group that meets for those of us with buyer's remorse. "Hi, I'm Rick and I bought another gun for the closet."

"Hi Rick! Glad to see you back again."

Rick Kepple said...

"The only way out of this is to defeat Obama in November."

Okay, so let me get this straight. All this time, people have been bitching about nonexistent evidence like Obama birthing in Kenya or he's a space alien, or maybe God sent him. Republicans creating ignorant rumors and if they actually had anything, they'd have used it, and they don't.

Going after Eric Cantor suggests Obama doesn't have good judgment. Like a cop uniform wearing Mitt Romney is credible. The guy tied his dog on the top of the van years ago and it took someone having to point out that was wrong. Romney or Obama ... gee, who shall I pick? Is there a third choice? Is the White House janitor running?

Rick Kepple said...

Oh, I forgot. You guys are from Scottsdale. Missouri allows AR-15's for hunting now with a 10-round clip. It's pretty cool too, huh?

Jim McAllister said...

What are you smoking?

How about McCaskill skipping the Dem convention. It sounds like she is trying to distance herself from your favorite leader along with 8 other Dems.

midnightsstaff said...

must be some pretty top drawer gear out there in Missouri.. guess the stuff grows like weeds - gotta be in the food chain by now I guess.

yeah, we haven't got anything like what he's smokin'- haha..

midnightsstaff said...

I've had to make do with percocet and negra modelo since having my wisdom tooth pulled tuesday.

just a damn continuous party over here on the west side, finally today I had to go to the doctor for a z pac antibiotic..
sinus infection that just wasn't going away, been having it for two months now, enough was just enough...

...the secret to drinking a negra modelo or any other flavorful beer is to take one out of the refrigerator and let it set at room temp for about a half an hour, it's bouquet doesn't open up if it's too cold...
but of course I don't do that.. I drink it up immediately.

esde mi balcón con vistas a las calles de la 623

Jim McAllister said...


Sorry about the wisdom tooth. That can't be fun. Sinus trouble either; I have it come and go at this time of year. It can be agonizing.

You're right about premium beer. Too many people who insist on beer being ice cold are missing the point about finding beer's true flavor.

I always take the advice of the Dos Equus pitchman: The most interesting man in the world.

steve buzzardo said...

Tengo Dos Equis y Pacifico en mi refrigerador ahora
así es como lo hacemos en el 623

Stay thirsty my friends

midnightsstaff said...

haha..yes Pacifico is a good one as well.
quite popular with fish tacos.

Pacifico was very popular with the beach crowd back when we had a country with a constitution..

I think we are getting near a reboot to the entire system, we are obviously well past any minor tune up- this thing needs to go into the shop.
I just hope the unavoidable charismatic and eloquent speaker that rallies this nation by showing leadership is somewhat benevolent, but usually history indicates something different.

This nation's future was decided last Thursday by one person- Pontius Pilate... think about that.

Rick Kepple said...

California is weirdly anti-gun. Good ol' Claire McCaskill actually does care though. She is helping Vietnam veterans get paid for Agent Orange. Too bad the Republicans couldn't do that, but a lot of them had deferments anyway and feel that no one forced Americans to join an all volunteer force.

Poor Middy and his tooth. Alcohol is the worst thing for a toothache. It affects the heart and liver which actually affects the teeth, causing bone loss, calcium buildup in the liver and arteries and leading to eventual death. That's not counting filtering the alcohol AND the painkillers.

Speaking of, I bought two cases of Coors beer at the store for $12 each. Guests drink beer and that's the best cheap beer.

I need to buy AR-15 sights now. Something for low light conditions for squirrel, deer, living off the land. The perfect one-gun, or at least that's what conservatives tell me.

midnightsstaff said...

I was sprayed with and lived in an area that was sprayed constantly with agent Orange and suffered no long term effects from it...

There is a lot of nonsense over the agent orange fiasco, along with obvious medical scams being conducted on the VA.. lots of claims are nothing more than sheer fantasy..
much like yours.

Jim McAllister said...


I love those ads for Dos Equis:

"He once ran a marathon just because it happened to be on his way."

"When he goes to Rome, the Romans do as HE does."

"He can climb s Sajuaro bare footed."

I don't drink too much beer anymore but when I do I usually buy Corona.

When I started drinking beer many years ago, I drank the local stuff in Cincinnati. When in the Air Force I drank a lot of Schlitz and later Falstaff. I never was big on Bud. It always seemed bitter to me.

When I wanted a beer the day before payday in the AF and money was short, I would go to a liquor store near the base and get an 8 pack of Kingsbury. It was packed 8 cans in a poly bag and cost $1. Needless to say it was rot gut!

Jim McAllister said...


It's going to be tough. We have to have Romney win and get the Senate and the House.

The polls look pretty good but we may be screwed. If I was Roberts, I would increase my number of bodyguards. He really pulled one on us.

midnightsstaff said...

Bullshit... Roberts knows full well it's not the tea party types that resort to the molotov cocktail when things don't go their way...
He had nothing to lose by stabbing America in the back.

Repealing this is merely an election promise that Willard has no intention of carrying out... and we don't have the balls to demand he does.

No no.. quite the contrary the esteemed "John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court" will now be the belle of the ball at all Georgetown functions... I imagine the communist in chief will honor him at the next occasion...

You were just sold down the river by someone more concerned with repairing his own legacy in the eyes of the DC media than the fate of a nation...
Roberts pulled a Pontus Pilate on us by standing back after meddling and accusing us of not voting correctly!

This forced him to forget his one mission, to judge matters on the merits of the argument based on the writings of the Constitution rather than acting as a plaintiff of the defense...
He has no compelling understanding of the law nor the Constitution, something that can be understood fully after reading that contorted, illogical response of his.

..such hubris has not been seen from the bench in my lifetime..

It's either that or they had someone willing to come out of the past and accuse him of child molestation- and how do you fight that?... that is the type of people we are dealing with- and expecting a big government guy like Mittens to do anything about this outrage is expecting a lifelong poodle to fetch ducks.

John Roberts is part of the same cult that includes Obama or Mitt Romney. it's the cult of big government pure and simple..

Jim McAllister said...

What abut the 26 states holding out? Apparently Roberts left that wiggle room for them and the way Brownback, Walker, Christi, and others are talking, they plan to sit back. I'm sure Brewer agrees with that since she is one of the 26. Hell, that's over 1/2 of the states.

Isn't that going to affect full implementation? Plus, I was reading last night where there are many variables in this thing that it may be years before it is in effect.

Of course, the first order of business is to dump Obama.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, if I were you, I'd shut up about Vietnam veterans because you obviously weren't there. What you said was disrespectful.

But knowing Middy, he was trying to piss me off. You guys are losing control and my guess is that you're scared of losing your advantage ... not that you ever had one.

I don't believe Middy was ever a U.S. Marine. Maybe in his dreams. I just can't believe Middy ever stood guard, did pushups or saluted the American flag, much less took an oath to protect the Constitution, the President and those who can't or won't fight for themselves. Did you think it was just a job?

Rick Kepple said...

Controversy sells Jim. I'm trying to help you increase your exposure and I shared Middy's comment about Vietnam veterans and your blog address. Hey dude, if you get Lynn Jordan in here, she's a model and often poses with some really nice looking firearms. Lynn's pretty cool. There's a Navy SEAL from Phoenix and he reads all my stuff, so he might make it in here and lots more Marines for Middy to chat with. Now, I explained that Middy was exposed to Agent Orange and his case does suggest there may have been emotional trauma and mental health problems related from that herbicide. I'm sorry Middy, but if you just sign the forms and let the State take care of you, they have medication for your PTSD and other problems. Dude, I'm trying to help you. No one else wants to admit it, but I've been talking to you for years and you keep claiming that I have delusions pretending to be a doctor and dude, you're not. You need help. Jim's not saying anything, because he's too nice a guy. In fact, he's liable to say that I'm making all this up, but he's your friend and a good one. Don't worry Middy. I'll do my best to get Dr. Phil interested in your case. I think CJ's been in denial, but I don't think she likes you dude. I'm a compassionate man and everyone who knows me, knows that I'm nice. I help people and now I'll help you Middy.

CJinPhoenix said...


midnightsstaff said...


Jim McAllister said...

Dude? Dr. Phil? Hello?


Rick Kepple said...

Oh, Dr. Phil isn't on TV anymore? Don't tell me that he's dead!

Well, at least CJ laughed.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah I agree Jim...
somehow this conversation is mired somewhere between being pointless and meaninglessness..

..a slight but meaningful distinction..

Anonymous said...

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