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Monday, June 11, 2012


The Cadillac has withstood the test of time and is still popular today.

In 1953, a Series 62 Caddy four door sedan loaded was selling for $3,665.  “Loaded” included automatic transmission and the following:

Hydraulic window lifts optional on some Series 62 models.

Heating and ventilation system
Power steering
Signal-seeking radio with preselector and antenna
Remote control signal-seeking radio with preselector and antenna
Five white sidewall tires
$48 exchange
Tinted E-Z-Eye glass
Autronic Eye Automatic headlamp beam control
Chrome wire wheels
Air conditioning

In case you are wondering what the “Autronic Eye” was, it was a small gadget that was on the dashboard that allowed your headlights to be dimmed automatically when another car was approaching from the opposite direction.  That was considered quite a convenience in 1953 since that was the era of the headlight dimmer switch being located on the floor and activated by your left foot.

A 2012 Cadillac Escalade loaded has a MSRP in Scottsdale of $70,000.  If all you have is $3,665 today you might be able to buy some Escalade hubcaps and maybe a couple of tires.

Here is a trivia question about the 1953 model:  It was the first year Cadillac put a couple of large protruding bumper guards on the front grille (see photo).  Can you give the nickname of those bumper guards and tell why they had that name?
Other stuff:

Have you ever noticed how expressions change over the years?  Some of them have hung on and others disappeared only to be replaced by new ones.

Today, I really get tired of “Back in the day”, “It is what it is”, and “At the end of the day”.  Thankfully, they will eventually go the way of “My dogs are really barkin’”, “If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black”, and “It’s the best thing since sliced bread.”

Kids had some expressions of their own when I was growing up.  Those were the days before “cool” was popular.  When I was in junior high “cool” was ”george” as in:  “Man, that new Chevy is really george.”  Don’t ask me why.

There also was a fascination with the word “brew”.  It didn’t really mean anything other than people loved to put signs up in weird places that read in large letters “BREW.”  You could see the sign on top of a skyscraper, a high chimney, or any other weird place that might be difficult to get to.  For those of a certain age, it was remindful of the old “Kilroy was here” expression which was found written everywhere during the World War II era.

Another trivia:  One of the great movies from 1986 is “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”  Can you name the actor who played Ferris’ teacher who kept calling his name for attendance?  “Bueller?  Bueller?  Bueller?......He is still around and is known for his voiceovers among other things.

Do you have a smart phone?  Do you text?  Do Facebook? Tweet?  Skype?  I have none of those things and am somehow managing to survive.  I do have a cell phone which costs me $7.50 per month.  I think I used it for five minutes last month.

When I asked one of my bloggers if her teenage kids sent and received many emails, she said that they don’t even use email anymore since it is too slow!  It’s “Skype”  and texting for them!

I wonder whatever happened to Mayberry’s phone operator “Sarah”.  Andy could never had made a call without her.  Maybe she works for Skype.

(Click "comments" below for trivia answers)


Jim McAllister said...


The Cadillac bumper guards were named “Dagmars” after the name of an attractive blonde who appeared on a late night NBC-TV show in the early 1950s called “Broadway Open House.” Dagmar (1921-2001) was quite well endowed and as always there was someone who noticed the similarity between her chest and the Cadillac bumper guards.

Ferris Bueller’s school teacher in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was the one and only Ben Stein. Ben has a distinctive voice and has done many voiceovers and acting gigs besides once having his own show on the Comedy Channel called “Win Ben Stein’s Money.”

In spite of other successes, Ben is probably best known for his “Bueller? Bueller?”

midnightsstaff said...

We all called em' something that starts with a "B".. but I was pretty young then.
I was more interested in moon hubs and anything with Edelbrock written on it.

What a ride tho.. for the price of a small house one could have rolling tribute to Saudi Arabia oil princes unheard of outside of a few true luxury autos built by hand in Europe.

An old guy I once worked for named Phineas Farr owner of Farr's gas station had a model pretty much like the one you showed, it was one of the nicer rides in town but to be fair it was less than 15 years old then.. what an age of autos eh?

CJ Phoenix said...

I don't know if my cell phone is "smart" or not -- I'd rather use my head than look everything up online & I have never once downloaded an "app for that" on my phone although I believe that there is internet access, I just don't use it -- but I do have one. It is very convenient & it does remember every number I have ever put in it.

OK, so that does make my cell a bit smarter me sometimes. Yep, it is getting harder & harder to remember phone numbers ... But, hey, I can still remember the first phone number I ever had. Of course, area codes were not usually a factor in those days.

I can text but I usually refuse to do it. The family plan I am on does not have unlimited data so I only text back when I am dealing with somebody -- usually somebody much younger than me -- who has all but forgotten how to make a phone call.

I have a Twitter account but rarely ever use it. And I use Facebook pretty much obsessively: connecting with old friends & family; sharing pics & videos of my new grandbaby; &, of course, those damned addictive FB games. But I have learned to break the game habit when I need to. Yeah, it took me awhile, but I did learn to prioritize the distinction between Farmville, Mafia Wars, Words with Friends ... & real life.

No Skype-ing here. I thought that was mainly for long distance, especially involving loved ones & business transactions that are stationed overseas ... But, then again, what do I know? I still read real books, rent real videos & shop in real stores. Not only do I like to pick something up & look at it before I buy it, but I really honestly believe that putting everybody in this country out of work in order to save a few bucks online is will be our downfall & it is just plain wrong.

There is no such thing as a Skype operator, Jim. Those jobs have just gone away along with so many others ... Oh, I think there is a building somewhere that does have a relatively few working telephone operators left in it -- for directory assistance, that is, because sometimes people just cannot get the number they want from an annoying automated system -- but it is probably located in India. Or up towards our border with Canada ... I have talked to some really nucky sounding telephone CSR's within the past few years.

Here's how our downfall is gonna happen: as soon as they get the vast majority of people all mushy-minded & hooked on computers & all the people who still have reasonably active intellect classified as mentally unstable & a threat to society (&, of course, all the old real people have died out) ... Then smart phones (or, maybe, just implants) will become like utilities. Then the cost of everything will skyrocket because nobody can really 'live' without the computer. Those that cannot afford 'a plan' will be living like zombies in the streets ...

Have you heard that there is a new apocalypse theory involving zombies, Jim? Yep. I am actually one of the more sane ones because I actually do not believe in zombies like those from the old horror flicks & I am not stock piling anti-zombie supplies like some are (that is when you know you have too much money & nothing real to think about) ... But I believe that Steve may be able to explain it to you. I don't know for sure, but ask him about it.

Me? I think I should write a book now. It could be the next "1984" ...

Weird tangent alert! Too late ...

sam said...

I remember Dagmar as being pinch-waisted, and the large protruding pointed wows....always noticably viewed in photos from about 3/4 front/side to emphasize the cones projecting below each shoulder. As I recall, she was a very popular personality, and had a relatively short public period of "star" projection. I also recall, perhaps wrongly, that she retired early to married life, and was quickly forgotten by the public. Didn't she also have her own radio show for a short while?

midnightsstaff said...

She ended up making a fortune off sales of a line of big t shirts...

Well Cj that was quite a rant and I for one appreciate the hell out of it.. now I don't feel so all alone wandering the corridors muttering to myself about things I don't understand and worse being presumptuous enough to attempt explaining those things to people with even less understanding.. so thanks.

I'll do you one better... I tossed that cell phone a few months ago and after about two days I feel like I just got out of prison and was at the first rest stop drinking a Falstaff and eating a chocolate donut- can't remember the picture I saw that scene in... maybe Jim knows.

I think it was a guy I was listening to filling in for Jason Lewis last week and he said just about what you are saying, things have changed and some of those jobs are never coming back no matter what- you have a point.

..we have robot infested auto factories, little use for many services we once needed, take the laser level for instance, I learned on a builders level which required two people, one looking and one moving the stick. I don't even have a phone company anymore, just an Ooma device that gives me unlimited calling for about three bucks a month.. that's progress except for the telephone workers I guess.
Automation in itself is not a bad thing but it does have a certain backlash, which we can all see..

Of all the autos I ever owned I never owned a Caddidilac, had an Audi in the mid seventies but no Caddy.

Probably got weaned too early or something went wrong with potty training I guess.

Mike slater said...

Jim, I pay $10 a month for my cell phone and all I do is sometimes make a call and get calls rarely. I just had to charge it today, first time in a month.

Since I was born in 1951 I don't remember some of the cars but in the late 50's I do recall my grandparents had a sweet looking Buick. In the early 60's my dad bought a 1956 Ford F-100 truck that I loved. Unfortunately he sold it before I was old enough to drive.

Glo said...

My Mom surprised me with a high school graduation gift: a new 1971 Maverick. Cost? $2,700. Two years later we got a Mustang Grande: $3,600. Man, I loved those cars - today's cars can't come close in style or emotional contact.

I have cell phone just for emergencies, and pay $100 for a period of 6 hours. After 8 months I have almost 3 hours left on it. It's a real dinosaur of a phone, too: 2008 model, flip-open. Oddly, I've been working for three months as a copntractor in 'that company' in the Mobile technologies group, which does amazing things with iPhones, iOS, Galaxy, Android, and other such devices that it is unlikely I will ever buy/use. I may have to upgrade if mine dies, but until then ...

On a segue note, Friday is my last day at the job. No, I wasn't kicked to the curb this time. My job has entailed working regularly 10-12 hour days but being paid for 8, no benefits (meaning I've given thousands of dollars of my time to the project and company). I have a business partner who climbed up from the deepest, darkest, hottest reaches of hell. I can't remember a week that went by that I wasn't physically and emotionally exhausted. However, the one thing that made it palatable is that I got to work at home (no space at the Beardsley company building).

So I get back from vacation last Sunday night after a flight from hell (I was literally held hostage in Dulles immigration because my luggage was in another building; came from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania), and log on Monday. What do I see? The new direction to run a project is to have ALL team members sitting in the same room all day, every day. And in the vendor office down near Metro Center. So I'd have a 45-mile r/t commute at rush hour every day to sit in a SMALL room with 4 other people who are doing their thing while I'm doing mine. There is NO functional reason to do this: it just looks good, like we run a progressive project.

I know me, and I would be very unhappy as well as overworked every day, and it would bleed over into my personal life. My choice was do this, or resign. I resigned. Sometimes a paycheck has to be overshadowed.

I plan on spending the entire summer relaxing in my house and pool, and working on my health. So, not an entirely bad situation. ;)

Glo said...

My Mom surprised me with a high school graduation gift: a new 1971 Maverick. Cost? $2,700. Two years later we got a Mustang Grande: $3,600. Man, I loved those cars - today's cars can't come close in style or emotional contact.

I have cell phone just for emergencies, and pay $100 for a period of 6 hours. After 8 months I have almost 3 hours left on it. It's a real dinosaur of a phone, too: 2008 model, flip-open. Oddly, I've been working for three months as a copntractor in 'that company' in the Mobile technologies group, which does amazing things with iPhones, iOS, Galaxy, Android, and other such devices that it is unlikely I will ever buy/use. I may have to upgrade if mine dies, but until then ...

On a segue note, Friday is my last day at the job. No, I wasn't kicked to the curb this time. My job has entailed working regularly 10-12 hour days but being paid for 8, no benefits (meaning I've given thousands of dollars of my time to the project and company). I have a business partner who climbed up from the deepest, darkest, hottest reaches of hell. I can't remember a week that went by that I wasn't physically and emotionally exhausted. However, the one thing that made it palatable is that I got to work at home (no space at the Beardsley company building).

So I get back from vacation last Sunday night after a flight from hell (I was literally held hostage in Dulles immigration because my luggage was in another building; came from Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania), and log on Monday. What do I see? The new direction to run a project is to have ALL team members sitting in the same room all day, every day. And in the vendor office down near Metro Center. So I'd have a 45-mile r/t commute at rush hour every day to sit in a SMALL room with 4 other people who are doing their thing while I'm doing mine. There is NO functional reason to do this: it just looks good, like we run a progressive project.

I know me, and I would be very unhappy as well as overworked every day, and it would bleed over into my personal life. My choice was do this, or resign. I resigned. Sometimes a paycheck has to be overshadowed.

I plan on spending the entire summer relaxing in my house and pool, and working on my health. So, not an entirely bad situation. ;)

midnightsstaff said...

Life is a box of chocolates eh Glo?

I can relate, there comes a time in life when you have to make a decision and this one must have been a pretty weighty
one to make.

But you seem to be a pretty resourceful gal so I'm sure you have some networked leads to run down, too bad this economy is what it is but we don't get to choose our war.

I have been re reading Tom Purcell's book, the return of the kings...
I pretty much agree that civilization has an operational default and it certainly will not be what we have gotten used to the last couple of generations!
His point is one sort of feudalism or the other has been the default form of civilization most of history and it doesn't take a stretch to see that we are actually regressing to a simpler less responsible way of looking towards government.

Rick might have the high ground.
At least he can grow some veggies and raise chickens back there in God's mosquito hatchery.
With the instability of things right now that land in Missouri might be a pretty good starting point we take another downturn.

But what can really go wrong?
from what I hear the new Caddies are a pretty sweet ride, of course I have no need for anything more than utilitarianism to consider any longer and I seriously doubt I will ever willingly own another vehicle.
.. that is a sobering thought this time of day.

Jim McAllister said...


Edelbrock was a big name then in car parts. I think it was Edelbrock cams or something like that that got a lot of notice. So did a "Mallory Ignition."

I loved those 50s GM heaps. We took a family vacation to Atlantic City every summer and the first place I wanted to go was the Steel Piuer because they always had a big GM car show there.

1953 was a great year for that show as they were introducing air conditioning in the line. I always remember sitting in the back seat of an Olds 98 with the air on. THAT was luxury! I remember big tubes going up through the back seat for the air. Pretty clunky but nice for then.

Jim McAllister said...


It sounds like your cell ohone is a lot more sophisticated than mine. I don't have any computer apps but I can receive texts from Verizon and I can take pictures with it if I wanted to.

If I was still working I would have all the bells and whistles since it would be a necessity. But, we have that pay as you go thing since we rare use the phone. It's nice for emergencies if one happens.

As far as twitter and Facebook, no way; don't need it but I can it's use for those with families, etc.

I kind of miss the old time phone operators. I talked to many of the long distance gals over the years when I was peddling. When credit card calls and direct dial came, they were pretty much gone.

As far as zombies, when I hear that term I always think of the master of horror and low budget films, Val Lewton.

Lewton was the best and in 1943 made a 70 minute classic, "I Walked With a Zombie" starring Joel McCrea's wife, Frances Dee. Great stuff.

Jim McAllister said...


Dagmar's career was pretty quick. She was brought on the "Broadway Open House" as the traditional dumb blonde but all of a sudden the viewers took to her and she became a big star for about the length of time it took to drink a cup of coffee.

You might say she had Andy Warhol's "15 minutes of fame." It was an era where TV was new and they really didn't know what to do with it. A couple years later Steve Allen introduced the "Tonight Show" and late night TV was on it's way.

Jim McAllister said...


You're sure right about the phone company.

I remember when bell had it and the guy would come to the house to install it. You got a black, dial desk phone and were glad to have it. An extension was a REAL luxury.

I remember when my mother would call her family in Canada what a big deal it was. We would all huddle around the phone as we waited for the operator to call us back with the connection to Montreal.

That's all ho-hum stuff now.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm like you, I don't know when Barb last charged the phone. She carries it; I rarely see it.

I remember when my old man finally traded in our '40 Buick for a brand new '54 Buick Special with "Dynaflow." Man, that was luxury but I missed the '40; it's the heap i learned to drive on.

Jim McAllister said...


Great to hear from you but am sorry that the job thing didn't work out. From what you say, you made the right decision and I'm sure something else will come along. You always seem to land on your feet somewhere.

I hope the Balkan vacation was an enjoyable one and am glad you are able to take the summer off. What the hell, you deserve it.

I remember those early 70s mavericks and Mustangs; great and fun cars.

Jim McAllister said...


Rick might have the high ground.
At least he can grow some veggies and raise chickens back there in God's mosquito hatchery.
With the instability of things right now that land in Missouri might be a pretty good starting point we take another downturn.

Where is Rick? He is usually here by now. I hope he didn't drown in that kayak!

Rick Kepple said...

The maiden voyage of the Ascend FS12T went well. I caught lots of fish and gave them to my fellow kayakers. Lana and that gal that I gave a kayak to; doc said not to go on the river alone.

And I'm giving away most of my blackberries and vegetables to neighbors and friends. I ain't canning this year. I'm tired. My back hurts. I could use a nice old Cadillac that rides like a cloud and gets 6 miles to the gallon.

BTW, you can live somewhat off the land in Missouri, but nobody anywhere can be completely independent. The difference between the Ozarks and the Rocky Mountains is that there is more food growing in the wild.

Sorry for your hardship. That rock star still inherits the farm. Geezers aren't allowed to change legal documents.

midnightsstaff said...

Probably some complication from the rescue ranch business.
..boyfriend keeps calling, she can't cook, she refuses to even think about getting a job.. ya know the meat and potatoes side of operations- if there is one thing we know mere adversity is no challenge for that guy.

That fuchsia Caddy just reeks pimp..

I gotta admit that some of the early colors were something else, tu tones started around 55 or so on most regular cars, am radio with push button tuning- man imagine steering one of these behemoths with only the pinkie?
I can still see Dinah belting out that signature song of hers at the end of the show.. and then there was Groucho....

Due to the miracle of kid reasoning I thought the Groucho on "You bet your Life" was the real Groucho's dad.

As far as I was concerned all those marx bros. classics were current because it was the first time I saw them, history began in 1947.
I have been seeing those Fiat's running around, they look ok if you don't hit a jackrabbit and I got to admit the colors are pretty nice, saw a creme pistachio green one the other day.. oddly enough being driven by a greenie, it looked a lot like the color of a 49- early fifties ford.

I blame that fad destruction derby for wrecking a lot of our national treasures, just try a couple of heats of bumper cars in a Honda civic... one good broadside from an authentic 1960's bumper and your fifteen minutes of fame calls it a night..

Yeah ya gotta hand it to that bearded cigar chomping prison filling Castro, it seems in retrospect he was a wise man indeed to never allow the corruption of DD to get anymore foothold than the normal traffic and potholes of Havana will provide.
Butte Montana on the other hand has an unofficial open destruction derby season held each year from mid September through much of June.

Attempting a left turn on those double crowned intersections that Butte is famous for is guaranteed you grab at least a full front gainer even without even tapping the brakes.

..there is a damn good reason people move here it's because we have managed to hunt the Arizona spotted snow plow into extinction except for Flagstaff.

Jim McAllister said...

Hey Rick,

Glad you had a good maiden voyage. What kind of river fish do you catch down there. bass? cat?

Jim McAllister said...


Chrysler tried it all in the 50s they had the push button drive (which we called "typewriter drive" and even had little record players in the glove compartment.

I remember the '55 Dodge hardtops that had three colors: pink, cream, and black). They also went overboard with the finds in 1957-60.

Dinah told us to "See the USA in a Chevrolet; America is waiting for you to call" while Groucho hawked DeSotos opening and closing that circle logo.

Those Fiats are cute but Fiat has a reputation from the past for not being real dependable. It looks like they cost about the same or less than a Smartcar which is reason enough to get one over that pregnant rollerskate. Hell, Alice Cooper endorses them; that's good enough for me.

My favorite Groucho line: Groucho and another guy walk into a nightclub and two girls are sitting at a table. Groucho tells the guy, "You take the blonde; I'll take the one with the toiban (turban)."

Groucho was a funny guy and his TV show, "You Bet Your life" was quite a success. There were no Mensas as guests and Groucho would really have a field day!

midnightsstaff said...

Hey.. google 1957 Dodge Royal buddy if you want to see what I was pushing around for a while- I bought it off my old man when I came back from Vietnam... it was the gold and white tu tone and it was the first car we had that had air conditioning..

Of course it froze up in the humidity of an Indiana summer but just having something other than that canister vacuum type swamp cooler hanging out the passenger window like the 46 Plymouth did..

Hey this was an impact vehicle if there ever was one..
just take a good look at those fins buster.. lethal weapons and duel antennae - how's that for style?
It had a serious bumper and the doors weighed more than my Toyota truck and it was a real pig of a car all way around... Al Bundy would have driven it with pride.
and... are you ready?
- "it's got a hemi!!"

ya know.. I'm sort of serious about the Groucho thing, that type of humor is timeless- do you ever run across any on the AMC channel?
which reminds me to look again for the entire Duckman DVD collection on ebay.

CJ Phoenix said...

Jim, My phone is nothing special. Just the phone that came free with the family plan I am on about 2 years ago. I did get away from the old flip phone then tho. This one has a little key board that slides out so one doesn't have to punch number keys repeatedly when entering a contact. If you do not have one of those yet, you should see if you can trade in your old one at the Verizon store because it saves a lot of time, frustration, typos ... But there are no "apps for that" on my phone either. I do have internet access, I think -- at least I see the screen occasionally when I select the wrong option by mistake -- but I have never even tried to use it.

Middy, No, you are not alone. And crazy is usually just a matter of opinion anyway. I mean, as long as you can function reasonably well in the real world, given the opportunity, of course, & can see what is real & right in front of you ... then drawing different conclusions from what you see does not make you crazy in a factual kinda way. 'Back in the day' we would have been known as prophets ... Should have started your own religion when you had the chance. These days, nothing you say means shit unless you can publish it online & gather a massive following. And you do not even necessarily have to be competent to do that. Yep, competence is more of a hard science kinda thing.

Rick, Geezers can & frequently do change their legal documents as long as they are competent. In other words, your age is not the factor. If you really did leave your farm to "the rock star" tho then someone could make a pretty good case that you have not been competent for a very long time & those documents are not likely to stand up in court when you kick. If you have someone particular in mind that you would prefer over the state getting your farm, get a lawyer. One may even be available thru the VA. And remember this phrase: moment of lucidity.

midnightsstaff said...

Matter of fact I have a small but devoted following in the church I have established... hey start with a vision and they will come right?

I gotta tell ya tho as soon as I quit tossing whisker lickin's under the bed for her to chase she quickly abandons me for something more interesting leaving me basically talking to myself or finding some more whisker lickin's to keep her attention.
Of course that describes the relationship that most politicians have with their own constituency so I guess it is to be expected.

.. yeah life is too short to keep on beating the same dead horse again and again, I get tired of the Dutch Uncle approach and evidently my friends are getting pretty tired of it too.
There is nothing mystical about predicting future occurrences once you understand basic human behavior, very few of us are actual descendants of Ezekial, but water seeks it's own level and every action has an equal and opposite reaction.. something most people forget.

I remember a few months ago in the now defunct pages of the azcentral blogs that one respondent actually laughed when I said we are approaching and probably already in the vortex of a secular bear market..
today is pretty much proof that I wasn't talking through my hat on that issue anymore than someone reading the tide charts can predict hours before it happens even though it seems the tide is at it's highest.
timing is everything yet it signifies nothing, momentum is much more revealing.

So in the end what the otherwise pedestrian but observant student does is to look at what the fundamentals are telling you and then project what those indicators lead one to believe will be the probable effect.
Keep in mind that Japan has been in a secular bear trap for a couple of lost decades now, without some reasoned leadership that is our future in spades.

Liquidity trap my ass..

This economic malady we have been enduring is just the cumulative result of normal hubris justified political foolishness compounded by a combination of total lack of leadership in Washington DC, as a result we have become comfortable with an elevated level of institutionalized corruption.

Food stamp program, welfare, medicare, tax and voting fraud are only the tip of that iceberg, need I go on?

Yes folks we as a nation have become anesthetized to widespread unaccountability of elected officials so in a sense it appears at least fifty percent of us voters deserve what we get- one major issue that needs review is the way we elect our Senators.

Sam-Sam a guy that is light years ahead of me on Constitutional enlightenment matters is spot on about repealing the 17th. amendment.

One election will do little but hopefully re orient the chart, not rectify our course- yes we need the defibrillator right now but once past that we need a specialist that is doesn't just show up with a bag of leeches and a bottle of pain killer- because we just tried that approach and we are enjoying the third summer of recovery as a reward..

I wonder if Paula would agree with me?- lol.. however I seriously doubt it, in the liberalprogressive world it's obvious we need to rid ourselves of sheriff Joe and establish an internet tax while offering a modified Dream act to solve our problems- to hell with closing the Mexican border.

Now where did my congregation disappear to?

Jim McAllister said...


We called the 57-60 Chrysler cars with the dual antennae on the fins "Trolley busses".

I don't watch AMC, they have commercials while TCM has none. TCM also shows pretty many Marx brothers stuff. "A Night at the Opera" (1936) is one of my favorites. Another of their best is "The Cocoanuts" from 1929, an early talkie. Zeppo is in that one before he quit to be an agent.

Jim McAllister said...


I might check into that phone at Verizon.

By the way, I saw "Bernie" today and it was excellent. Jack Black is hilarious.

Also saw "Marigold Hotel" recently. Very good also.

Jim McAllister said...


The main thing is to get rid of Obama first then try to reorganize and get back on track with smaller national government and an amendment to those who believe in political correctness that they can take it and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Paula is very mercurial; she just wants to win elected office and will abandon any of her current beliefs to attain that.

We all know this from her departure from conservatism into liberalism with that nut Randy whoever and her desire to have recalled any politician she doesn't like at the present time. Of course, her list may change tomorrow.

Rick Kepple said...

"Glad you had a good maiden voyage. What kind of river fish do you catch down there. bass? cat?"

My friends and I are planning a trip to the Niangua River from Lebanon Mo. There are German Brown and Rainbows in that river and the icy underground spring putting out about a million gallons a minute of water runs the entire hatchery and feeds the river. But typically, we fish the Gasconade River. There are big mouth bass, smallmouth bass, assorted bass, goggleye, crappie, catfish, trout and for a really good fight, a drum. I don't see many carp.

And there are some low water crossing bridges where you can drive a Cadillac across. The big heavy ones from the 50's are probably the best fishing cars. Lead sleds.

Rick Kepple said...

Did you hear about Russia sending attack helicopaters to Syria when they warned us not to interfere? Yeah, a person doesn't have to predict the future to know what is gonna happen now! And would anyone but Wall Street brokers care?

Moment of lucidity? How quaint coming from happyland where the most you risk is a hangnail. It actually has nothing to do with leaving some rock star a farm anyway. It's insurance. The events of 2005, proved that I could die and no one would ask any questions. Moment of lucidity? Attacking my credibility again? I was wondering when that rich boy attitude was gonna come out again. Go get your committee aka "gang stalkers." Congress is working on passing a law to put your ass in prison for that shit, but please, try it again. I don't mind going to war if you don't mind, Jimmy.

Jim McAllister said...

From: FD

I tried to comment on your latest blog re the "George" thing, but your site locked me out once again.

If you remember back to those days, both Lawrence Welk and Liberace were big-time Saturday night fare on the old black & white Tee Vee.

George was Liberace's brother and many jokes floated around about the sexuality of the performer ..... (wonder why?).

At any rate, one of the one-liners that started off "George" as being a symbol of o.k had to do with: Liberace had a baby ...... by George!

From there, "George" grew in popularity.

And Liberace laughed at all the jokes about him ....... all the way to the bank!

Jim McAllister said...


I don't know why you get shut out. As long as you click you should be able to log on. Keep trying! Then click "comments" at the end of the blog post.

When I hear "Lawrence Welk" I think immediately of "and-a-one, and-a-two..... Also the Lennon Sisters and the original champagne lady, Alice Lon who was fired by LW for having a dress too short!

George liberace I remember as Lee's band leader and he was a quiet guy who played the violin.

You're right about liberace laughing all the way to the bank. He made a ton of money. A lot of old ladies loved him.

Jim McAllister said...


Sounds like a beautiful area around the Niangua. It must be good fishing too from the way you describe it.

Hell yeah, let's go to war with those Russkies! I'll have to be issued some new uniforms though. I've outgrown the ones from the 60s.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, I guess I was barking up the wrong tree with that lucidity stuff. I guess you have to have a few lucid moments before you can claim them in court with any amount of credibility at all.

midnightsstaff said...

haha.. yeah that was a moment right out of left field- but it served as a nice break from whatever this is..

Phineaus must be pushing the wrong buttons again, I don't think you can get locked out of this site, my advice is to find some eight year old and have them show you what you are doing wrong.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah I doubt I could cram myself in the utilities I wore forty five years ago myself, I glaze over when some start talking about choosing off the federal government in a shooting contest.

No thanks, a three man marine corps fireteam would make mincemeat out of an entire battalion of rough riders who buy their own equipment from war surplus stores and show up at the impact zone bringing their sacks of Jack in the Box chow in Chevy four wheel drives and if you did get lucky and happen to pin some down, the Marines have proved again and again they will not fight fair, next up will be some sort of support that the militia just can't order on Cheaper than Dirt like nerve gas, an eighty mm team or air strikes- they talk to each other on radios...

Does the militia have medics or helicopters to rush those wounded sixty year old combatants to Banner hospital?- as bad as traffic is around here I doubt Banner has much experience treating Claymore mine victims, better make that first shot count there you weekend warriors- And what if you don't defeat the US military in one afternoon?- are you coming back tomorrow morning to finish the job after sleeping in your own bed, taking a shower and watching the morning news?

A turn back to personal liberty will have to be won at the polling booth.

The frickin' Dept. of School Loans have a SWAT team and don't mind using it, do you think someone like Eric Holder wouldn't like a modified version of Ruby Ridge or Waco?- they enjoy murdering people including American citizens every day and never have to apologize.

what does this have to do with a 1953 Caddy?
yeah.. you got a point.

Rick Kepple said...

"Hell yeah, let's go to war with those Russkies!"

Jimmy, in the old days, it was easy to kill the Soviets. Now we even train Russian soldiers on American soil. Remember, we train our worst enemies.

It also seems to me that a Russian owns Warner Music Group and their Products. I think it might be a convenient excuse to bust those spoiled rock stars for their drugs and say that the Commies made them do it.

You like history, Jimmy. The Communists are stronger now in America than they ever have been. One intelligence report says that there are more spies now in American universities and on the Internet than there were in America during the entire Cold War. If they want to find our weakness, all they have to do is look to the greedy rich and bail them out or give them money. Those pussies will sit up and beg for a dime.

Rick Kepple said...

Research demonstrates that the richest people in America rarely if ever have served in the military. Mitt Romney didn't. George H.W. Bush did and his son George W. did too, but they are Patriots. There are very few who feel an obligation to do the right thing and those people are the ones who deserve their wealth.

It's my opinion that every American should be mandated to serve a minimum time in the military before they can buy a car, go to college or own a home. Otherwise, they can just dig ditches.

And BTW, I like Cadillacs, but a poor person would have to be a fool to buy one. The replacement parts alone would break them and they'd be driving junk and there are enough scrap heaps on the road as it is.

I have friends who don't do jack, have no money, living in less than shacks or with their parents and talk about owning expensive cars and living lavishly. It's a kind of mental illness.

Corporate executives and CEO's wanting millions of dollars for bankrupting companies have the same mental illness as some Welfare recipients.

Jim McAllister said...


FD has gotten on before but occasionally he gets shut out. Maybe they need to dangle a new carrot in front of the goat that powers his internet.

In Scottsdale we have to dangle new Cadillacs. the goats are REALLY spoiled here.

Jim McAllister said...


No question on Marines v. townsfolk in a fight but how many of those Marines would even stand up for this sorry ass excuse we now have for a federal government?

The answer is probably all of them but only out of loyalty to their oath. I can't believe all those guys are in love with a guy like Obama who dismisses what this country stands for and disrespects it every chance he gets.

Jim McAllister said...


It's my opinion that every American should be mandated to serve a minimum time in the military before they can buy a car, go to college or own a home. Otherwise, they can just dig ditches.

Not a bad idea. I've said for years that; the worst thing this country ever did is abolish the draft. Look around; you can always tell who the guys are that have served. They stand taller, have more respect for others, dress properly for jobs, and have an overall better bearing.

Except maybe for Middy LOL Just kidding, Middy!

Rick Kepple said...

Department of School Loans? Is that anything like the Department of That Road Stuff or Department of Departmentalization? Could it be that you mean, Department of Education?

It would be nice to have an old Caddy, since they were comfy, but they'd cost a ton of gas money and parts would be a bear since by now, the frame is rusting out and everything else is going, unless it's been garaged. But who parks their car in a garage?

True enough about military veterans.

And I'm not doing the music publicist thing anymore for Dell Mack. I'd rather not discuss the reasons. I like the electric guitar.

midnightsstaff said...

I trust the marine corps but should I trust Homeland Security?
my point was the futility of some guys getting together and "taking back our country" by force, most of it sounds like the beer talking...

Seems we have drifted off thread again and it probably was partially my fault.

I guess the American auto with the classic lines of a reborn and vibrant 1950's Detroit iron industry has gone through a period that might never be repeated- American cars had swagger, what happened to the auto industry later compares with what happened to Detroit itself.

At least the modern autos seem to be much more dependable and probably cheaper if adjusted for inflation.. but that's just a guess.

48 bucks for the white sidewall option... yeah I'll take it,
wouldn't surprise me to see those big boys come back in fashion.

Rick Kepple said...

Yeah, I could see some guy with saggy pants getting into a new Cadillac with those great big rims and skinny little tires with white side walls. A little retro mixed with a modern age. Those slackers will be talking like Wally and Beaver next.

Jim McAllister said...


Especially nice in those old caddys is my aforementioned "autronic eye."

I always remember those little gadgets on the dash that would automatically dim your lights when a car came the other way. I never have understood why the dimmer switch left the floor on cars for the steering column. The floor idea kept your hands free.

That was pretty ingenious stuff for the 1950s but apparently no more successful than the Fords with their mechanical hard top convertible or the Chrysler typewriter drives and record player.

Those ideas must have seemed pretty ingenious at the time but laughable now.

Jim McAllister said...


I hated to see the demise of the whitewalls. I also never thought I would see the day when I would own a foreign car but here I am having owned two Hyundai XG350's since 2001.

Those rice burners are by far the two best cars I ever owned. The 2001 had 80,000 on it in 2005 when I traded it for my current 2005 which now has 90,000. Both have been trouble free, never had a rattle, etc.

I'm not saying American cars in that era haven't also been that good; I only know what my experience is. My '98 Buick Regal was also a wonderful car and I hated to dump it after 12 years but I just didn't need it anymore.

I know one thing: I will never buy another car from GM as long as they are Government Motors.

Jim McAllister said...


A new casino opening in Cincinnati will not allow anyone with their pants down around their ass in the place. Also a mall in Houston.

That is becoming more of a trend and I am glad to see it. A line has to be drawn somewhere.

I still say that we would see a lot better behavior if they still had the military draft. It taught discipline that many of us carried on after the military. You don't see that today.

Rick Kepple said...

We would have better behavior among the young people if we had the draft. It's like this pyramid effect of people starting at the oldest Americans needing to feel they need to work down to the 18-year-olds who apparently feel their only job is to win the next level of a video game.

For example, I'm "eccentric" for living in the boonies and in the spring, I plow the garden, plant seeds, keep the mind occupied by playing guitar, find new challenges in writing, then begin harvesting green beans, turnips, tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries and I even go fishing. I give a lot of stuff away including fruits and vegetables, kayaks and guitars. These days, employers want the kids and not old farts like me. I'm bushed. I am so not picking those green beans tomorrow! My back is killing me!

In our day, if the old car broke down, we climbed inside the hood and there was lots of room around the engine to work.

I think the problem is that kids are programmed that they can't do for themselves starting from the government regulating how parents can raise them to the inability to work on a car without a degree in computer science/auto mechanics. The military would teach them self-discipline at the very least.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree.

The draft was stopped in 1973 and it was a big mistake. When it was in force, guys as big time as Willie Mays and Elvis had to go just like you and me.

There are a lot of punks out there now who could use a 2-4 year hitch to learn some humility.

steve buzzardo said...

I wouldn't want a draftee covering my back in a combat situation. I wouldnt trust him

Anyway, the draft would not work now because Obama cut military spending and there are already waiting lists to get in the military.
Not only that but they are very strict now, especially the Marines, about who they will take. Even tattoos have to meet certain standards.

most of these punks are covered in tattoos and dont make it thru high school.

Jim McAllister said...

I met a couple kids who had the tattoo problem. They were too ridiculous to be accepted
What will they do when the tattoo craze goes away and they are stuck with those butt ugly things?

Everything today is on impulse with the young. Will they ever learn? Probably not.

Rick Kepple said...

So Jim, let me get this straight about that Federal Reserve secret loaning of SIXTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS to Wall Street, domestic banks and foreign banks between 2007 and 2010 and they didn't tell Congress! Someone posted it on Facebook and I thought it was bullshit, until I looked it up. The biggest bank heist in the world! So that explains why we're so deep in debt. The Fed robbed the American people.

There was this banker in the Ozarks who ripped off homeowners and businesses and bankrupted them doing it! He got his ass beat every time he left his home, so he begged the FBI to put him in prison. Now, that's just one Missouri county. What do ya think is gonna happen to those rich people who ripped off Americans?

Why should I repay loans or pay credit card debt? They've been paid.

I have a tattoo of two roses covering up my first wife's name on my arm. Yeah, I regret it, but at least I didn't steal trillions of dollars! Thank God that I am a Christian and God helps me make an honest life!

Sorry about Wall Street, Jimmy. I don't know what's gonna come of all this, but I got a bad bad feeling that something horrible will come of it!

midnightsstaff said...

I agree with SB on drafting gangbangers into the military, it won't work on lots of levels so that probably means we will have a draft again with the incompetents running the show, overall it probably would be more trouble than it's worth.

Keep in mind the average 18 yr. old is not the same animal you remember Jim.

Got to give it up on the personal issues you have with ink Jim, you don't get it, I don't get it but other than the risk of contacting something from a dirty needle or ink from sloppy practice methods it really represents little threat unless they are all over your grill keeping you from climbing the corporate ladder at Burger King.
...there's always room for a guy like that at the Pick a Part lot or at least used to be.

Jim McAllister said...


That's the trouble with what we call "true love" and tattoo it somewhere on our bodies. When it turns out not to be so true, you are still stuck with the tattoo. You were fortunate enough to be able to hide yours by integrating it with another design.

I remember when that Mensa Angelina Jolie broke it off with Billy Bob Thornton, she had to cover his tattoo.

The moral of the story is "Don't get tattoos embracing ANYTHING." When walking into the tat parlor, invoke the famous line of sportscaster Keith Jackson, "Whoa, Nellie!"

Jim McAllister said...


Keep in mind the average 18 yr. old is not the same animal you remember Jim.

Excellent point, sometimes I forget that. When I was 18 , my buddies and I were still a bunch of flat topped kids chasing girls around drive in restaurants and drinking Pepsis.

We also were concerned about having good resumes and thought tattoos were only for guys who had served in the Navy in WWII and had an anchor tattooed on their arm.

I look at some of the scum today impersonating kids and wonder what in the hell these clowns will ever do that is the least bit productive.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right. See my comment above to Middy. 18 year olds are definitely different these days.

CJ Phoenix said...

LOL ... I took a peek in on AzCentral Scottsdale &, according to Bodo, the old blogs will soon be gone entirely ("Goodbye, -- This Time for Real"). Sorry, but I could not pass by a title like that.

Now I am glad that I did peek. Not because the blogs are vanishing though. I already miss them a little. Not because Bodo will be out of sight/out of mind either. It is always best to keep a little of an eye on nasty people like that &, unfortunately, I do not think he is going to vanish off the face of earth like he so richly deserves. No, NOT die. Just vanish. I believe that the only thing that would stink more than Bodo as we all know him is his rotting corpse ...

Here's why: NOW I am gonna miss the budding friendship between ms & Bodo. They appear to be just a little bit of distance shy of actually licking each other over there right now.

Jim McAllister said...


So they are finally dumping the worthless AZ Central blogs. It's about time. They died the day that Facebook was shoved down our throats.

Their new "AZC Voices" looks like a total flop. None of those people are getting comments and since each blogger has to use his own format, it is hard to navigate.

Too bad about Bozo the clown (sniff-sniff). It couldn't happen to a bigger jerk. I'm glad to see that loser get dumped. If there is a more obnoxious, ill mannered, unlikable, self-centered, boorish person in this world, I'd like to know who it is.

I too do not understand the friendship between Bozo and ms. I have met both and I can assure you it can't be anything other than opposites attracting for some unknown reason.

Ms and his wife are both really nice people, very conservative, and well mannered. As you can see from above, you know how I feel about Bozo. If Bozo asked me why I disliked him immediately when he ruined the other blogs I would have to tell him "because it saved time." He is the type that it is very easy to take a an immediate dislike to as you and any other woman wee knows.

CJ Phoenix said...

Actually, Jim, as nasty as Bodo was to women, most women seemed to be pretty forgiving of his assholeness. Even Rascal would occasionally visit his blog & be respectful of him ... Even though the disagreement between him and I originated with him disrespecting "fat people" and then calling me fat and then calling me her name. You know what the problem between him and I probably was? I think that he realized that I am probably a bit more intelligent than he is -- after he got over thinking I was somebody else, that is -- and he couldn't insult me without me knowing it and giving it right back to him. That and the fact that I am less forgiving than some. Not as quick to anger but less forgiving when I do get angry ... Yeah, I know that some people will disagree with that last bit. But, truth be told, Bodo is really one of the only two people on those blogs that ever did anger me. And you don't know the other one because he was on the original blogs before Plugged In.

So you met ms and his wife? And they didn't bite you? Just kidding. I already knew that they wouldn't. I hope you told them that I don't really bite in person either though.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree. Bozo had a silly idea that he was above everyone else intellectually just because he had some outdated degree and was able to push college kids around.

Luckily we had some pretty smart people around here too who quickly put him in his place; something he did not like! I even had to humiliate him several times when he intruded into my space. That was fun; it's always enjoyable to slam dunk guys like him.

He quickly found out that in this life it doesn't matter what you do or where you go, there will probably always be at least one person who is your match or better.

I think that hurt his ego quite a bit and that is probably why he was always a bully to women. Too bad for him that he found out that the women weren't about to take any crap from him.

It must hell to be him.

midnightsstaff said...

Oh there were much larger orifices than Bodo feeding there daily than at

Sgt Schultz for one-

He was a completely unethical and illogical public union thief if I ever saw one.

He represented the kind of brain dead fascist thinker who would figuratively stand on someone's neck and hold them down so the government could more easily remove the victims wallet and go through their pockets just to make good his grubby pension.

Anyone thinking Gannett's decision going to fb was anything to deal with acrimony you have another think coming- take a peek at the comments section on their "news articles"

We never came close to uttering the third grade bathroom level rhetorical opinions that you see there.

Na Bodo was merely another polyp in a very long alimentary canal of misfits that either eat or extrude and not much else- surprisingly his wife Maria sounded like a pretty nice person, once again proving the old adage opposites attract I suppose.

When you consider the fact we all know Barb is a great person what does that indicate about her hubby?-haha.

It's fun to project theory from the platform of arrogantly driven, self contained hubris, something many feel I am familiar with.

I agree with Cj that Cj the blogger might have an IQ rivaling "The Bodo" but her social awareness level is light years removed from that state of academic impaction that egg heads like you know who seem to suffer, I have a cousin who teaches Physics in the Calif. system who reminds me of our favorite Krautenmuffin.

The guy is brilliant in academics but gets a lifelong "I" on real life.

Na, considering our women bloggers were the smartest of the lot for the most part makes me wonder why women statistically vote the wrong guy in nearly every election.

go figure.

Rick Kepple said...

You guys should go fishing and get out of your Wall Street stocks. Stop funding terrorism.

Rick Kepple said...

Well, the good news is that we have a definitive enemy of the American people.

You, the investors, have more of a right to be pissed than I do! I can see those scumbags ripping you guys off blind before they're done! Those people who have yet to be completely identified allowed Bernie Madoff to exist, they destroyed the lives of homeowners and businesses and they need hunted down and their entire existence audited and erased.

We in Missouri are pissed! Well, at least we have a clear enemy now.

CJ Phoenix said...

Speaking of Maria, that is another thing I will miss: seeing how long it takes after getting married to some really old guy you met on the internet & then getting one's permanent papers to suddenly realize that you are actually attracted to with the pool boy employed by the apartments where you live or else the nice GLB activist next door ... Maria may be smarter than that though. She may be waiting for Bodo to become bedridden & taking home healthcare certification courses so she can start draining the accounts. Too bad the last option is the most likely because then I may never know the outcome. Unless she snaps & it makes the news, of course.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right about Sgt. Schultz; I had forgotten about him. Another loser was vosotros and off course Walter, later to be called downtowner. Also, Paula's new friend under her new stance, AZ Lib.

Those libs were funny; they are all such self righteous and unrealistic losers but when we think of real losers, I have to list Paula as number one. Until she lost to Ugenti for the AZ house seat, she was our little Miss conservative Republican. Now, she is Miss wild eyed liberal supporting the Huffington Post and blasting Sheriff Joe and other Republicans. She gives "two faced" a whole new definition.

I agree on the comments to the Republic stories. they are as nasty as they have ever been while they ruined the blogs with Facebook for the same reason.

To make it even more strange, the Cincinnati Enquirer (another Gannett paper) DOES filter newspaper stories through Facebook.

Your comment, Bodo was merely another polyp in a very long alimentary canal of misfits that either eat or extrude and not much else. is classic. You outdid yourself on that one! Funny!

Jim McAllister said...


She had to have hooked up with him on the internet strictly out of desperation. I can't imagine her meeting him in person and actually making it through an evening of listening to him brag about himself. NOBODY could be that desperate!

When we had that first picnic in June of 2007, One of the bloggers told me how Bozo chewed her out royally for asking Sam for some information about the area. She was quickly informed that, "If you want to know something, you ask ME!"

Gee, how could a gal not like a lovable guy like that? LOL

Rick Kepple said...

This is all very fascinating about you guys and Bodo as well as the "libs." I admire that rock star and she acts just like you guys, so if I'm gonna be smart like her, and since she ain't talking to me no more, I got to study you guys. CJ is a must for education.

So I got a Army green kayak, but I need to buy matching fishing clothes. The guys on the river are starting to talk, but I am sort of a Scottsdale angler. I'm right, they're wrong, so they gotta dress like me. Right?

Jim McAllister said...


Absolutely correct. You can't go wrong as long as you adapt to the Scottsdale lifestyle.

It's not that hard to do as far as clothes. Just be sure you have name brand clothes that are expensive and the latest style. After that is accomplished, start practicing looking down your nose at others to complete the scenario.

You will then receive your papers signifying that you are now a true "Scottsdalian."

I look forward to meeting you at the awards banquet.

Rick Kepple said...

Lana wants to kayak today, but still a little sick. Been doing too much outside lately.

On one hand, I'll get fat if I just play guitar, sit on the Internet, watch TV, but on the other hand too much time outside is harmful to my health these days. Just get exhausted.

Don't worry, CJ. I just admire you for your crabby nature. My late wife was crabby. Lana's always so outspoken too. I guess I should leave the farm to Lana. She's the only one who checks on me and she got the neighbors involved in helping me on the farm. I hope to keel over outside rather than die in a hospital. Those things suck and I get to talk to fancy people from Scottsdale too. No one else understands that, but it's as close to talking to a rock star again. That was cool. But I'm not special like that. Fishin' time.

midnightsstaff said...

Can't go wrong with plaid Rick, plaid shorts, plaid madras shirts, hell even get a plaid digital camo kayak and complete the well heeled Scottsdale effect. You might get even more curiosity when you pull up to that drop off point in a Mercedes four wheeler.

midnightsstaff said...

hit the wrong button..

The Mercedes might be a stretch on your budget but if you get a little creative with a loan application you probably would be able to ratchet up leverage enough to pull it off, at least for a few months.. of course the smart ones just don't pay their mortgage for a couple of years and invest instead in an Audi, BMW or one of those utilitarian Range Rovers commonly seen at country club parking lots..

And the beauty of this approach is that you never really have to explain or God forbid ever suffer any guilt feelings for stiffing the real underwriter of that soon to be default loan...
....the US taxsucker..

Creativity is not reserved for the honorable among us, in fact some of the more creative individuals spend most of their time not pouring over tedious spread sheets or balance sheets- no no no... instead our lobbyists provide support and funding for our overworked representatives who depend on them for not just for their inspiration but for critical well thought out suggestions or proxy's if you will for introducing legislation designed to reward some at the expense of many, it's been the American way ever since a group of people realized they could through legislation remove excess property from the fortunate in life and hand it over for nothing more than good will and a dependable vote.

Don't know the breed of dog to suggest you get Rick,
I suppose any purebred will do but keep in mind that many find around the campfire a lot of what a person is measured by is which type of four legged fashion statement they make, getting one that will fit into a roof top carrier has always been popular, you can place the carrier on the off season ski racks on that Audi 6 that I think would be a good choice as your new fishing vehicle.

Just don't stifle that creative and imaginative Rick Kepple we all know of and.. well... know of.
pretty much the same we know our own family.

Never compromise nor ever allow the limiting confines of reality to hold you back Rick, suffering in silence does no good, this plague of emotional self flagellation the upper crust knows nothing of is something you and others struggle with daily- I feel your pain.

Now that I think about it, you probably would fit in pretty good in what is the Scottsdale experience...
in fact if you stay away from the anti campaign poster platform you might have a degree of political success..


Rick Kepple said...

I'm the double nickel today. The Humane Society will be taking more pics tomorrow of the four remaining dogs for adoption. I'm keeping two black golden retriever mix dogs. Everyone wants those dogs! People having 'dog envy' can be an ugly thing.

Scottsdale is the poor man's Hamptons mixed with a cup of Georgetown, a dash of Juarez Mexico and a little Chicago, slow roasted at 120 degrees in the shade for a lifetime and garnished with jalapenos. Maybe a little Herb Alpert music constantly blowing in the wind over the Green Acres Cemetery for the ultimate in perpetual rest. I'll be like the slaves in the old Civil War era cemeteries and buried far off in the corner and on my headstone it shall be inscribed, "although gifted, talented and brilliant, his mentor stopped giving a shit after her fame, so he followed her example. You will find no shit here." I will be buried in a Vega.

Rick Kepple said...

I was just kidding about resting in the cemetery thing. Not for me to reside for eternity in such a fancy place. I can be such an asshole at times. Actually, haunting Lindsay Lohan sounds like fun. That nuisance wind blowing just when she's trying to snort a line. Too funny.

midnightsstaff said...

LL has enough problems already, you should probably just leave her alone for a while.

Will the national clown have a presser over the Rodney King tragedy?- sounds like exactly the type of nonsense he might bleat and harangue us over...
this time when he mentions Rodney reminded him of the son he never had most of us will agree that he might have a point.

Another duster last night- now I have to explain myself to the neighbor, I have that sixth sense, saw it coming and yelled over the fence "Haboob"...

she gave me a dirty look and went inside.

Seeing how they are Wisconsin transplants I suppose it was just another misunderstanding.

Rick Kepple said...

"LL has enough problems already, you should probably just leave her alone for a while."

You must talk with celebs on a regular basis and figure everyone else does too. Not so, Middy, but you're wrong about everything else, so why ruin your record?

You have a sixth sense? Well don't help celebrities. You'll regret it. If I were you, I'd keep your visions to yourself. They'd just laugh at you, go as far as they can go in their careers, then when you're old and disabled, apologize and promise to make it up to you. Don't you trust them, Middy? The worst that can happen is that they wait until you're disabled and can't work anymore, then say how they'll help you in your career if you just get off the government dole. C'mon Middy. If you can't trust a rich and famous cocaine addicted rock star, who can you trust?

Jim McAllister said...


You keep coming up with them:

Don't know the breed of dog to suggest you get Rick,
I suppose any purebred will do but keep in mind that many find around the campfire a lot of what a person is measured by is which type of four legged fashion statement they make, getting one that will fit into a roof top carrier has always been popular, you can place the carrier on the off season ski racks on that Audi 6 that I think would be a good choice as your new fishing vehicle.

I'm still laughing!

Jim McAllister said...


Scottsdale is the poor man's Hamptons

Hell, the Hamptons come to us for advice. We don't even let Hampton people past our guard gates!

Happy belated 55. Damn! I was a junior in high school when you were born! Kids today!

Jim McAllister said...

When is Lohan going to give other loser celebs some room in the paper? Now she is out cold in a hotel room.

I've said several time she will be toast by 30. Form the looks of it, it may be sooner.

Rick Kepple said...

I really don't pay any attention to Lindsay Lohan. It's best not to get emotionally attached to people who are slowly committing suicide.

I've actually never been to the Hamptons and I have no desire for such things. No matter how much money you got, there's always something that you can't afford.

It doesn't pay to get an expensive dog where I live. Ever seen a snake bit dog? Usually, they're dry bites, but they still get infected. Lot of people steal dogs too. Some just shoot them for the fun of it. Someone dumped a Great Dane down by Lana's property and her last dog was an expensive dog dumped on my road. So if times are so good, why are people dumping expensive dogs?

midnightsstaff said...

My bad for even bringing up Lindsay in the first place...

...yeah that derelict I keep suppressed inside me keeps surfacing no matter how hard I try to maintain the new leaf that I've turned in life.. but breeding defaults being what they are I suppose I have a few apologies still to go..

Barak "Yiannis Avranas" Obama seems to have some death wish about this election, what was that moron thinking doing an end run around congress decreeing the "Dream Act" all by his lonesome...
it looks like he wants to push a formal Declaration of Impeachment despite Congress trying to ignore his treasonous nature, he is getting to the short list of idiotic, bordering on criminal Democrat blocks left to piss off.

My daughter rented a Ford Taurus to drive back to Morrison and she says it's a really good car- comfy seats, good on mileage - the total deal, If I ever buy again I am definitely considering a Ford product...
besides they are as American as Juan Wayne.

Funny you should mention the ill fated Vega- when compared to that 53 Pimp's Wetdream it pretty much shows you the direction the country was headed even a few decades ago...
this will be a war not a battle to be won and we can't afford to lose it.
Pics. sent from my daughter's trip this morning are great...
Colorado is a beautiful neck of the woods.

Rick Kepple said...

Lindsay Lohan is Dora, basically. A gorgeous woman, gifted, and unable to forget the torment inflicted upon her. Or maybe she just likes screwing up her life because it's fun. The best thing Lindsay Lohan can do is go to church and be serious about it. She acts just like Dora did - tormented.

That'll be a new Cadillac please and call me in the morning.

steve buzzardo said...

"Those libs were funny; they are all such self righteous and unrealistic losers but when we think of real losers, I have to list Paula as number one."

wow Jim, I thought that you and PP were friends, LOL
speaking of libs whatever happened to Red Mike and commie Don?

midnightsstaff said...

Unlike some we are in the process of evolution, just like when The One "evolves" from one fundamental core (or is it corps?) position to another.

The terms "Red Mike", "Sgt. Schultz", "Baghdad don" etc. although accurate by description, are hurtful and insensitive in nature, so the newly enlightened among us are refraining in the use of such terms in polite conversation.

It's a new age of enlightened thought Steve, It's why we do not refer to a certain failed politician as the "Red Menace" either..
We're practically oozing with just plain old garden variety politeness at these parts- haven't you noticed the new tone?

Rick...when Lindsay comes to her senses and tries to contact you again my advice is to not to take her up on another wild drunken weekend in Cabo on her dime- you are too good for that woman, and that's something I thought I could never say about either of you- talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Just sayin'- I swear I think I can see it in your future.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy's right. I am too good for Lindsay Lohan.

Well, another birthday and no phone calls from SN or family. Friends sent me greetings and one person stopped by to make sure I was okay.

In life, it is important to know who a person can count on and who just say they care and don't. I learned that 30 years ago.

The best stone for throwing has a little weight to it.

Rick Kepple said...

If Ferris Bueller's Day Off was made again, he'd go kayaking and illegal immigrants would be making the floats for the parade. The principal would be arrested for stalking Ferris.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for mentioning Ferris Bueller. That is part of the blog that I thought would get some action but apparently no one saw it but me.

Great film with Matthew Broderick and a five minute great part by Charlie Sheen with Jennifer Grey.

Speaking of Sheen, his former wife Denise Richards was dumped again by some guy. She really makes the rounds. When Charlie heard about it he said "Id love to have her back. After all, every guy deserves a 24th chance."

Rick Kepple said...

Poor Denise Richards. You know, I took some college classes with a woman at Colorado State University back in the early 90's with a woman who looked just like Denise. I found out years later, that Charlie and Denise lived there.

I haven't seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off for a long time and I might add it to my movie selections to be mailed to me.

midnightsstaff said...

Well I am playing with my new toy... I got a Samsung pad so far so good except for typing, hunt and peck is a hassle.

Jim McAllister said...

What's a Samsung pad? Do you mean keyboard?

midnightsstaff said...

Na... it's like an Ipad but uses an android platform... I set up a wifi account with a wireless router so I can use it away from the desk..
now I can sit on my back porch and keep an eye on you people.

I got the gadget for when I travel if I ever decide to... it's really a little computer that you can do most everything except type quickly... it's more like texting.. hunt and peck.

no buyers remorse yet..

Rick Kepple said...

I've seen those at Walmart. Or things like them.

So does that thing plug into the phone line or do you use wifi or what? How mobile is it?

The Internet in Cali is probably much faster than the Internet in the Ozarks.

FYI, I scared a customer service operator with a predator lender by telling her stuff that she doesn't want to know. I don't like her employer. They mock God. I want rid of them.

Jim McAllister said...


I think Middy's Samsung operates on Wi-Fi.

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