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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Keith Olbermann, "Buddy, could you spare a dime?"

As you may already know, liberal loudmouth Keith Olbermann has been fired again.  This time he has been dumped from Current TV by none other than fellow liberal Al Gore.  You remember Al; he’s the former vice president who has made millions telling us he is saving the world from global warming.  One would think these two would be peas in the pod but apparently two minuses don’t always equal a plus.

Although already released by ESPN in 1997, Olbermann has since been canned by MSNBC where he managed to reach a million viewers per night; about 1/3 that of rival Bill O’Reilly on Fox.   With those two steps down the ladder, he then tied in with Gore on his Current TV cable network. 

You may not have heard of Current; most people haven’t.  To put it in perspective, a cable network like ESPN draws an average of about 2,680,000 households in prime time and MSNBC draws about 1,500,000.  Current draws about 18,000 which is less than the CW network gets for re-runs of “The King of Queens.”  That’s small potatoes especially for a supposed hot shot who wants to spend his evenings spewing his hate of everything conservative and/or Republican.

What does a guy like Olbermann do now?  Writer John Hudson reports that CBS talked to him in 2005 but had no interest in him for other than sports.  One producer said “He’s not a reporter. I’ve never seen anything that he’s done that was original, in terms of the information."  Oops!  Maybe he could read the ball scores.

Fox News would certainly not be in the equation as he hates their guts and everything they stand for.  I could see O’Reilly punching him out the first day.

ESPN?  They say “No way!” and that when he left there “He didn’t just burn his bridges, he napalmed them!” 

NBC?  Olbermann drove MSNBC executives and his underlings up the wall according to Hudson. The straw that broke the camel's back was thought to be when MSNBC suspended him for donating to Democratic candidates without notifying his bosses.

CNN?  Olbermann worked there for short stints in 1981 and 2002 but at this time they would probably think he is too left of center to re-hire.  Really?  Just remember, Olbermann thinks that the gas companies have conspired to raise gas prices to harm Obama.  Does CNN need that type of silliness?

HBO?  Now, that may be a good fit.  He could team up with obnoxious buddy Bill Maher and spew their liberal name calling together.  We know what Maher called Sarah Palin (the “C: word); that guy wouldn’t know what class is if it slapped him in the face. 

Better still, maybe Al Jazeera is looking for an anchorman in Saudi Arabia. 

Here is a 1:45 clip of “Wall Street Journal” writer Peggy Noonan “schooling” Olbermann about the value of businessmen in creating jobs.  This aired recently on the ABC News’ “This Week” Sunday program.  I’m wondering why Olbermann was even on the show.  With George Will and Peggy Noonan as the other guests, it was quite a comedown to see Olbermann mixing with such high class company.

Quote of the day:  "When a federal agency gets into something, the number of tax paid people at work multiplies itself by five, the number of hours taken to get it done multiplies by ten, and the chances of a successful conclusion must be divided by three."............... Navajo Tribal Police Sergeant Jim Chee in Tony Hillerman's The Wailing Wind  (2002)


midnightsstaff said...

Why Peggy gave this idiot the time of day is a mystery to me- talking to this clown is like discussing economics with some of the dim bulbs that used to throw regurgitated liberal lunacy around on the now defunct azcentral blogsite..
The cretin is plainly too stupid to comprehend any issue.
"O" Olbermann not Obama (although much the same could be said about the about to be flushed turd someone left in the White House) has proved himself an absolute child when it comes to matters of economic or political reality so there really is no more reason to discuss adult issues with him as with a cat- and as his qualifications as a sports reporter- I remember his start in the LA. market doing sports... he is better at politics.
Cats by design sacrifice brain mass for additional jaw muscle mass- therefore I would imagine that Keith has an extraordinarily strong bite for a homo sapien.

Rick Kepple said...

I recently watched a video of Frank Zappa before a Senate committee on PMRC hearings and Al Gore was one of the senators and it was in the 80's. Al Gore concerned about ethics and morality. The curious thing is that the statistics of campaign contributions by entertainers are mostly Democrat! So they do go after their own and it must be that they are not conforming to the Bigger Picture. The reigning theory is that both Republicans and Democrats are secretly working together and if you think that Romney will be different from Obama, you'd not done your homework. Ever hear of "gang stalking"? It's a conspiracy theory that a certain group of people are targeting certain journalists, free thinking Americans and celebrities. Lindsay Lohan said in 2011, that she thought Freemasons were stalking her, but "Anchoring" is the practice of making the victim believe it's another group. To date, there is no rock solid evidence that this is going on outside of religious extremist groups. Not saying this is what happened with Obermann, but there seems to be an organized effort to control information in this country.

Jim McAllister said...

From Larry, 4-29

I can't decide whether this rates an OOPS! or a yawn.
Every time I've ever seen him I found him to a combination of rudeness and a sanctimonious SOB.
Unbelievably full of himself and his opinion - hard to take. I guess....yawn.

Jim McAllister said...

From Uremus, 4-29

hehe...even our Indian Police Sgt ... one of our "oppressed minorities"... understands America better than Olbermann or his compatriots. And, Keith can, I hope, continue his travel to the center of the Earth.....from his once heavenly (lower case) seat within the liberal establishment.

Jim McAllister said...

From Rick, 4-29

I will try to remain on topic.

Sometimes I hate the music industry. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I just want to say the hell with it all and walk away. The music industry has never done me any favors, until I met those guys with Dell Mack. I'm still waiting to be betrayed. Friends always let me down. Always.

Jim McAllister said...

From Sonny, 4-29

Hi Jim!

RE: KO being canned......couldn't happen to a more "deserving", I forgot to save your number the other day....does it start with 602?....If so, it might still be in my received calls. I will give you a call if there is a change in our booking schedule for Mon pm.......Your friend, Sonny

Rick Kepple said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rick Kepple said...

Keith Olbermann is like all the rest of the commentators and including you, Jim McAllister and especially myself, we're all part of the game of information. These days, we have a great deal of propaganda, information, disinformation and canned opinions. Maybe you don't know it, but I think you do. You produce the right wing stuff so well and I am quite impressed how you mix it in with the good ol' days as a psychological ploy. Jim's in the 'grocery business,' and studies have shown that people are more attracted to any brand associated with fruits and vegetables. Want proof? Bought shampoo lately? Kiwi. Watermelon. Beer flavors in lime, etc. It's a game Jimmy. You play it, I play it and the civilians largely don't even notice that they're being manipulated. Then Blue mixes fruits and vegetables in the conversation and she's in the grocery business too! I talk about Barbara Eden (Garden of Eden) and it's all about the science of human thought. And no one loves their statistics more than political folks, grocery salesmen (and women) as well as writers and assorted folks in government agencies. The propaganda is psychological overt and covert. Obermann bad. Rush good. Right is religious. Left is progressive. Right like guns. Left hate guns. Most homes have a Bible and maybe 1 in 5 have a dictionary. The fact is that the powers that be just didn't make their dime because propaganda costs money. It's opinion baby food to the voters. The fact is that people want to be controlled! It's why women prefer to live near their job, near Walmart and why the horror movies of the forest and rural areas keep them confined to the city, even though most serial killers prefer the city for more prey. Head games are cheaper and more profitable than war. And you must agree Jim, that writing is a lot more fun than digging foxholes. It's power. O'Reilly gets it. He spreads his opinions like they're expiring fruits and vegetables. His ratings just went up thanks to me. He owes me a V8 juice!

midnightsstaff said...

I'm just stunned...
I think I will have a V8.

Jim McAllister said...

From Joe Finnerty, 4-29

Many baseball managers routinely get booted from one team only to sign on with another club soon afterwards. I suspect some media firm will hire Mr. O. in the hope that his initial appearance will draw a large and curious audience, wondering if he will tone down his rhetoric or continue to spit in the faces of those he dislikes.

To get him off to a good start, I have prepared the following statement for him to read.

“I apologize to Republican conservatives who believe I have been insensitive to their point of view in the past. To make life better for you in the future, I urge you to join forces with me. Become a liberal Democrat.”

After that, he can say anything he wants. We’ll all love him.

midnightsstaff said...

Well Joe, one big difference is usually a manager has some measure of talent he has absorbed throughout the years, that can never be accused of KO.

“I’d like everyone to look under their seats. Under each you’ll find a copy of Keith Olbermann’s resume.” – Jimmy Kimmel.
yeah... he's done.

On another note, Jim once won a pretty good sized payout playing some of those missile codes on a scratcher- yet the nation survived!- how could that be?

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, your comment about missile codes and scratchers makes no sense. It's the other games that you CHOOSE the numbers, but your personality suggests that you are like me and neither one of us is stupid enough to throw money away on the lottery. If Olbermann's done, O'Reilly can't be far behind and he does his job merely for the money. I have a friend has met Rush Limbaugh. What if he was actually a liberal and merely does that job ... well, as a job? Jim must concede that one does not have to believe what the writers tell those faces to say. And what if Olbermann actually believes? Can't have that in the media. News and commentary is a profit making business. They're not out to change anything, except maybe the occasional twenty into a ten and two fives.

Jim McAllister said...


He was his usual cocky self on "This Week". I suppose they invited him on in hopes of seeing him raise ratings while being in the company of Noonan and Will.

When Noonan was explaining her point to him he blurted out "What about government?" which gave her the perfect opportunity to put him in his place.

It was a beautiful thing.

midnightsstaff said...

Well, I never watch these tightly choreographed "live" Sunday morning propaganda dispensing sessions.
Is anyone really serious about George Stephanopolis's tired ass show as being viewed as some neutral forum for openly discussing current events?- do you know what George's job before hired by ABC was?
People that criticize Rush Limbaugh exhibit their ignorance- I have listened to him since 1989 on a pretty regular basis and I have never heard him saying what you seem to think he says regularly.. I contend that you or anyone else spouting off this crap is an uninformed fool to believe such nonsense.
I have absolutely no respect for jackasses like Bill O'Reilly either by the way- he is running a game much the same as Keith- so what does that make me seeing how I am not some Foxbot serf mindlessly lapping up idiocy forwarded by jerks like Brett Baier and Mike Hukabee..
And by the way, Rush agrees with me not the other way around.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, maybe it's not the right episode. I found it on and This Week, April 22, 2012. But on Olbermann, there is a valid point about the President eating dog meat as a child and the Republicans being completely disconnected from American citizens. No child was ever born pre-educated, but they are born to silver spoons, and very few people like rich folks. I hear it all the time; blaming the rich for everything! The GOP represents wealth, prosperity (Prosperity Christian doctrine is not GOP, but of God), everything moral/ethical and the myth of a person pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps! No one succeeds alone. No one. People are struggling. As long as the Republicans support overpaid CEO's and bonus executives, they're gonna lose. The truth is that they're right, except NO President can ever admit that the economy is completely out of control and all the Republicans will do is protect their rich cronies so they won't be on Food Stamps like everyone else. CEO's have already admitted that all they care about is money and they will cut the throats of Americans to remain wealthy. And the ignorant Republicans will provide the dull knife.

Rick Kepple, publicist said...

I found the April 29, 2012 episode of "This Week," but I'm working on writing Dell Mack's biography by request for the Pulaski County Encyclopedia. Working on both watching the video on one screen and writing on the other. I'll have a comment soon.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, you know it's right that Mitt Romney would not have spent the defense money to go after bin Laden. Remember that Romney is a cross between Obama and Ron Paul. Romney has changed his doctrines since running for President, but he was and probably is still against guns, against war and will be creating the GOP version of national health care. You must realize Jim, that our nation is being led into the New World Order and you complain about the redistribution of wealth while redistributing your wealth to other nations through your investments for our national security to stablize the global population. The GOP blames those on Welfare, Food Stamps and Unemployment as well as disabled veterans on VA Compensation! Republicans make nifty educational programs that do not work in real life! Education is a real fear to the richest of people who survive by the public's ignorance. I write for free as a publicist to help Dell Mack and other struggling small businesses growing and my theory is, if I can help them make money, then I can make money! I'm a Christian and if anyone fits Social Darwinism, it's me. I'm more evolved than the rich who need excessive wealth to survive, or they'd starve. The GOP wants to return to the George W. Bush nonsense and their plans are said to triple the deficit from what it is now! The GOP has a point that if Obama is re-elected, he will let the Bush tax cuts expire, it's possible that guns will be made evil again, BUT Romney is in fact against guns, so it's gonna happen. It's inevitable.

midnightsstaff said...

what a load of horseshit!. my advice Jim is to block this moron if he keeps up this train of nonsense... nothing Rick has said lately makes a bit of sense- fucker has no idea what he is talking about.

Jim McAllister said...


Olbermann is just an over the top, obnoxious liberal guy who hurts whatever network is dumb enough to hire him. He is a ratings killer wherever he goes even though Current was probably rated below the Fireplace Channel anyway.

Anyone who thinks the gasoline companies have raised their prices as a conspiracy to dethrone Obama is a paranoid person yet that is Olbermann's view.

I wouldn't believe Lindsay Lohan if she told me today was Monday and why she was at any function within the White House is a mystery to me. Maybe Michelle likes her and they are working on a diet.

I remember Frank Z testifying on song lyrics. That was brought about by Tipper Gore who dumped Al a while back. Apparently she caught him fooling around!

I didn't think she was that sharp at the time but she must have been smart enough to see Gore for what he is.

No one is stalking celebrities. They have willingly taken the Kool Aid from Obama as they thought he was the great hope and change guy. They know different now but it is too late unless voters are smart enough to run the guy out this year.

As far as Olbermann, he made his own bed, now he can lay in it. Maybe a local station in Waynesville will hire him until he talks himself out of that job.

Jim McAllister said...


That is a good summation.


Maybe he can get a government job. I suggest Obama hire him as an official spokesman. It would help Romney's poll numbers.

Jim McAllister said...


Oops! Sorry! Some of the comments come through my regular email and I accidently posted yours over by mistake. Consider it deleted.

Jim McAllister said...


Oh no, you figured out my psychological ploy! LOL

Actually, that is not true as I enjoy writing about history because I simply think it is an interesting subject. That's why my BA is in that subject and political science.

Unfortunately, that degree did not guarantee much income but hanging around college classrooms for 4 years allowed me to learn a lot of three and four syllable words which were handy for my career as a salesman to the grocery trade; a job that was very suitable for me.

A lot of us feel that way: look at how many emails are all over the Internet about the old days. They are an interesting subject and a good teaching tool when comparing and contrasting those days with these.

That's why I get so many comments I think. Readers like to reminisce with me but I don't overdo it just like I don't overdo politics. Notice that I only do something political every third blog or so.

It's nice to have political interaction but after a while, it gets repetitious and it is time to move on.

What do you think I will talk about next week? I just want to whet your appetite; you'll have to wait and see since I don't know myself! LOL

That's one of the things that makes blogging fun.

Jim McAllister said...


Have you seen those new commercials for V8 with Jackie Chan. They are great; should sell a lot of product.

Damn! I could have had a V8!!!

Jim McAllister said...


You are "the man" when it comes to baseball and life. One of my great pleasures in life is meeting you.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm telling ya; you should get someone to take down your stuff and do a book, i. e. "Rush agrees with me not the other way around." That right up there with "I think we need a bigger boat."

Wasn't George S. the press secretary for Clinton? I didn't look that up; it's strictly from memory or what I have left of memory.

Jim McAllister said...


Your comment: "the President eating dog meat." If that is true, he violated a strong belief in Indonesia that frowns greatly on such a practice. He must have not known what he was doing; kind of like now.

"Republicans being completely disconnected from American citizens. No child was ever born pre-educated, but they are born to silver spoons, and very few people like rich folks." Really? Was Henry Ford born rich? Thomas Edison? Steve Jobs? No, those guys were smart and became rich through their own initiatives. So, what is your beef. There are many more like them who made it without being born with silver spoons.

"The GOP represents wealth, prosperity (Prosperity Christian doctrine is not GOP, but of God), everything moral/ethical and the myth of a person pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps!"

Where have you been? It happens all the time where people pull themselves from the dregs into success. It takes hard work which many are allergic to. It's easier to apply for government subsidies and sit on their asses. The GOP doesn't condone that; you are expected to get out of bed and try to do something.

"As long as the Republicans support overpaid CEO's and bonus executives, they're gonna lose. The truth is that they're right, except NO President can ever admit that the economy is completely out of control and all the Republicans will do is protect their rich cronies so they won't be on Food Stamps like everyone else."

Congratulations! You have drank the Kool-Aid and crossed over to the dark side.

Jim McAllister said...


I must admit our boy is in high gear today. The shipment of good stuff must have arrived. He's going to really be pissed when Romney takes Missouri.

Arkansas! Here we come!

Rick Kepple said...

"what a load of horseshit!. my advice Jim is to block this moron if he keeps up this train of nonsense... nothing Rick has said lately makes a bit of sense- fucker has no idea what he is talking about." -Middy. Poor guy. Off his meds today.

Jim McAllister said...

If you want a good laugh, check this out. It's Jon Lovitz and Victoria Jackson, two alums of "Saturday Night Live" offering their current opinions on the present administration.

Lovitz was a big supporter of Obama in 2008, not so much now.

Jackson's song is hilarious.

(Parental guidance suggested)

midnightsstaff said...

actually I bought a twenty eight pack of V-8 just this afternoon, that and them larapin breadsticks - I should be ok for another two weeks before heading back to the canteen.
Yeah.. Georgie was Chief Prevarication Officer for the ignoble Clinton regime, George quit that gig and went right over to ABC- never looked back.
Same with that nitwitt female CPO Dee Dee Meyers.. but as Monica and everyone else who got too near found out the stain of Bill just never washes out.
It's laughable to believe that anyone who asked that loaded question to Mitt Romney on the debate floor was anything but another shill carrying the spear for 'Ol Spearchuck himself.
And in doing so he was setting up the White House's next and best strategy of never ending straw man campaigns in the larger "diversion from his failure at every level" platform.
It was George "Steppy" Stephanopoulos if I remember right the guy is just carrying water for the greatest presidential golfer this nation has ever had- a guy so dedicated that they had to drag him off the links kicking and screaming to witness Paneta and Hillary assassinating Bin Laden.

Rick Kepple, new age wryter said...

The Republicans are throwing the election. Told ya. It looks sloppy like Don King designed Mitt Romney's political campaign. The Republicans should have just hired Democratic strategist Dee Dee Meyers and their suicide would have looked more elegant and definitely more realistic. In a recent story, "GOP Suicide: Why can't Republicans stop alienating women, young people and Hispanics?" the author notes that the Republicans just can't stop angering the voters. The fastest growing demographic electoral groups are women, young people and Latinos! In a time where the average voter hates rich people, the Republican party chooses their richest Presidential Candidate. It's halarious! The Democratic Party is reluctant to back President Obama and the Republicans are backing the Ugly American pretending to be progressive. I guess he forgot that he's the Republican version of Ted Kennedy, but I'm thinking his anti-gun amnesia will go away after the election if he wins.

Jim McAllister said...


Your statement is wishful thinking: "GOP Suicide: Why can't Republicans stop alienating women, young people and Hispanics?" the author notes that the Republicans just can't stop angering the voters.

Is that right? Then, I guess the Gallup poll released today must be wrong. It shows Romney at 47% to 46% over Obama and Romney hasn't even campaigned yet.

As far as Obama, he has been flying all over hell on our dime since last October campaigning his ass off with the same old boring tune: "Spread the wealth, make rich people pay their fair share." In reality they are paying more than their share because guys like you are in the 48% of the country who pay NO taxes. The rich have to pay your way.

Of course, since he is an expert at class warfare; that is another of his tactics. He just went through another session of that today with the unions. Same old, same old.

It's all bullshit, the taxes he wants with the Buffett nonsense "wouldn't amount to a hill of beans." But, guys like you eat it up and it is your vote he is after.

It's the businessmen in this country that makes it great; not the over bloated civil service departments and overpaid people who run them. If you don't like rich people; that's tough. Go out and apply yourself. Unfortunately, that is a prerequisite for success.

The Republicans don't hate women. They simply think that 30 year old women (Sandra Fluke) who pay $60,000 a year to go to Georgetown law school should be able to pay for their own contraception. The last time I checked, Trojans are still pretty cheap and pills are still cheap.

Besides, the polls show that contraception is about fifth on the list of importance with women so don't write them off too quickly as not supporting Romney. The economy is first and Obama doesn't like to talk about that.

As far as Latinos, why should they like Obama? He has deported more of them than anybody and has done nothing to help the cause of the ones here.

College kids have seen the bloom off the rose too so don't get too excited about them There are still some smart voters who can see through Obama like an open window.

Jim McAllister said...


I could use a V8 right now. I just got off the golf course a couple of hours ago and a cold V8 would be tasty. Oops! Don't tell Rick; he'll think I am one of those horrible rich people even if I do play public courses and have earned every cent I have.

I worked hard all my life, scrimped to go to college, served 4 years in the military and was able to retire young for my efforts. I don't care who likes it or doesn't like it. I deserve everything I have because no one gave me anything, especially the government (except for my honorary discharge which I still proudly have in my files!)

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah V-8's are 12.99 for a twenty eight pack at Costco... I have been lapping the little buggers up for a couple of months now...
one case lasts me about two weeks..
Summer is on the way and I expect to lose another ten pounds or so by Labor day- still holding under two thirty- wish me luck.
Nice rant Jim.. I'm impressed, why would anyone actually believe someone who lies every time they get the chance?
And that's where KO exists today, a confirmed clown liar.
If he had any self respect he would take the .38 to the bathroom and never come out.
Rick is much like Cj- ripe for the pickin's of race baiting community organizers that never want any divisive issue resolved.
In the bizarro black is white and good is evil world of the average class envy manipulator there is never any talk of self respect, rising above their situation or responsibility- just a series of mythical oppressors that are holding everyone else back- and if none are available criminals like Obama create them.

If I were a wealthy individual I would certainly not be apologetic over my success because success is earned not given.
Today is the equivalent of the communist declaration of dependence- who knows what mischief these fools will come up with today.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, you had good parenting. I pretty much made my own way in the world after my parents died and my brothers threw me under a fleet of buses. It's best if I attribute my success to God and I wish I were a rock star's son, but it's not so. If I look up to someone as a parent, they always do me wrong. I've grown to expect it. But think about your *honorary* (honorable) life. You worked your ass off all your life, did all the things perfectly right, BUT the entire world invested in Bernie Madoff and he very nearly brought the global economy to its knees and BOTH Republicans and Democrats knew that he couldn't possibly be making that kind of profit! What does that tell you, Jim? Think about it. Now, consider that when I was homeless as a kid, occasionally staying with my mother when she had cancer and home from the hospital, I told the Secret Service about a dream of Reagan getting shot as well as telling Warner Bros. about that rock star's death, and instead of getting rich rewards, I was told to SHUT UP! about it. Sure, the government has been occasionally kind and I've earned certain privileges and respect, but from Warner Bros., I was told that I was a threat. I was blacklisted for doing the right thing as my parents taught me to do. Now think about it. Why? Because people want to build this fake ass world where people are remembered well. Wealth means everything. Reputation only counts in politics and fame. How many people die in war just so someone can get a business contract? Look at the Congo. The ore that is mined by slaves and sold so that we can have our convenience of technology, also pays for their weapons so war can continue and keep that ore price low! It's the most valuable mineral in the world and corporations keep people killing one another! Why? It's cheaper. The investors don't know or care. Look at Rupert Murdoch. He allegedly had people killed for getting in his way. And yet, we are brainwashed to believe that all we have to do is give these problems to God and just pray. God will fix everything when good men do nothing. We are trained to be MORAL and ETHICAL, when the powerful and famous people are sometimes NOT. And who do the common people want to be like, Jim? It's not you. It's not me either. They admire the money. You're right that most people envy the money. My father always stressed that it was important to keep a "good reputation," but why? The world only respects wealth. Why do you think the Republican Party chose their wealthiest candidate? Why do you think that Obama was chosen? The world is a psychological head game. Ask a shrink if you don't want to believe me. You've tried to be a good man, Jim. You've scrimped and saved and done well, but where are your statues? Your street names? They probably have a Bernie Madoff Plaza somewhere. The Internet has done more to wake the sheeple up than Mother Teresa ever did! But God works in mysterious ways and maybe some guy will show up in Washington telling the powerful lobbyists to Let My People Go! Sadly, Charleston Heston is dead.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy's response is predictable.

Rick Kepple said...

Remember when I said that they would create a hologram of dead rock stars? They've perfected that technology and Queen said that they will NOT perform with a holographic Freddie Mercury. They'll bring Elvis back though. And where does that leave the human performers? Outsourced. It's a good investment though.

midnightsstaff said...

I am predictable because I am logical and rational, I believe everyone realizes it's you Rick that is always unpredictably predictable.
I't's my own fault for breaking one of my maximums- never to argue with someone in the mental ward.
As with that unfortunate meeting with Chief Inspector Closeau and Dreyfus-
-at the pond casual bystanders will get the erroneous idea the discussion is between patients.
Rick... "I am afraid it is just not your day my friend"..

midnightsstaff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ItsMe! Stealth ;) said...

Hi Jim! Long time, huh?

Good riddance to Olbermann...I guess. I mean, it's like saying good riddance to Rosie O'Donnell from the Oprah network - why bother? No one was watching any way!

Liberals just don't get it: No one but the uber liberals watch their media programming, and they only make up a small percentage of the U.S. population. The rest of us (that would be the majority) are watching Fox or even CNN. It's just the way it is. I'm hoping the moderate/conservative trend in media-minded people continues - it's about time this nation had more balance to the media outlets.

Hey - did you happen to hear Jon Lovitz call Obama an effing ass****? I know there's no censoring here, but you know. Pretty darn good rant by Lovitz. And he said he's a Democrat who voted for Obama. He wasn't joking, either. Maybe some of the Hollywood set is starting to wise up? Not likely, but we can only hope.

Oh, and HI MIDDY! :)

midnightsstaff said...

Lo stealth.
Ya know Jim there is a lot to be said for filtering out the nonsense, I am trying to develop a firewall against bullshit whether it be leftist or conservative bullshit.
Like this nonsense about Republican outrage over Zer000 and his only claim of accomplishment in the past three years, killing Bin Laden.
There isn't a Republican or Democrat alive that wouldn't have reminded the American people of the operation that rendered Ossama to permanent condition of room temperature if they were running for re-election.
Obama deserves the credit as he would have deserved the opposite if it had gone all Jimmy Carter- that's just the way it works.
So far so good, but the problem is we were then presented with a madman rhetorically posing the question to Romney in a campaign ad if he would have done the same.
Are the American people this stupid?
I sent you the article asking that very question last week, and sometimes I wonder if that is even relative anymore, maybe the question should be updated...
is the process so screwed up that it doesn't matter.

Jim McAllister said...

Hey Stealth,

Great to see you back.

I've been doing this blog since 2005 and would usually post my azcentral blog here. Since I left there though, I have modernized this space and am concentrating on it. As you can see I am averaging about 50 comments per blog over thew last couple months so it ius doing well.

Someone sent me the Lovitz rant the other day along with Victoria Jackson's hilarious song "There's a Communist in the White House." If you haven't heard it, it runs 3:38.

I posted the URL for both of them here the other day; really funny stuff. Lovitz is great!

Obama has drawn a lot of criticism for bragging about bin Laden. That's wonderful, I hope he keeps screwing up. Gallup yesterday says it's 47-46 for Romney right now and Romney hasn't even campaigned.

This is one election we have to win!

I post about every 5 or 6 days so keep stopping by. You've always been a loyal regular!

Jim McAllister said...


Not only the Republicans but the SEALS are plenty pissed at Obama.

I'm glad he is bragging about bib laden; it just shows what a fool he is. We need anything we can to use against him.

I love it that he called out Romney as one who probably wouldn't have gone after bin Laden. What a stupid statement; I hope he keeps making a fool of himself with stuff like that. He just keeps looking like the fool he is with that stuff.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, it's possible that Romney won't get involved in a war. If he is trying to be a bit like Ron Paul's isolationism plan. Obama merely turned the SEAL's loose. He didn't pull any triggers and I doubt that he did the planning. However, I might be wrong. The interesting thing is that they aren't really focusing on Romney's real strengths. Did he inherit his money, or make it and how did he do that? Maybe he should be doing the Spam in every pot, promise. It used to be chicken, but inflation, ya know? I wouldn't be surprised to see Keith Olbermann retiring in the Ozarks and fishing on the Gasconade. Everyone else is.

Rick Kepple said...

Sad. Football legend Junior Seau may have taken his own life. They say that he was a very nice and generous man who helped many people.

Rick Kepple, R.D. Kepple Consulting LLC said...

I don't know if the Beverly Hills attorney can help Dell Mack or not. Meanwhile, I've been talking with the studios and companies that came from Sam Phillips' Sun Records and trying to find background on that legendary time. In light of Junior Seau's death, honor should be given to the family and others. Thanks to Don Petersen for caring enough to talk to me. Thanks to Jim McAllister for putting up with me. There should be more good folks in this world.

buzzard said...

I remember Olbermann when he did sports on the 11PM news in Los Angeles. So we're supposed to care what he thinks about politics? LOL
the guy is an asshole.

Jim, did you hear that Obama has held more fundraisers than the previous 5 presidents combined?

Obama is also the only president in the past 35 years to visit every electoral battleground state in his first year of office.

with all of the fundraising and campaigning going on, how did he find the time to get Bin Laden? what a joke.

Rick Kepple, blessed writer said...

Buzz, it's another sign of inflation. Hey Jim, Memphis and Nashville music companies are gonna help me with finding old photos and info about the forgotten artists. The guys who slept under the bridges to get their chance at fame. I spoke to the studio where Sam Phillips moved to after closing Sun Records. And I know where Dell Mack's music is in Nashville and administered overseas. Writers are trying to convince me to go to some music business school in Florida. Then a local festival wants me to do some writing for them. Other writers and photographers helping out. Nashville and Memphis legends talking to me. Weird. See, if Olbermann was as nice as me, he could go on disability too!

Jim McAllister said...


You're right; Obama didn't do jack; it was all the SEALS.

Modern technology in video tape and film is going to screw him and aND IT IS EVEN HAPPENING ALREADY. i AM SEEING MANY COMMENTS MADE BY HIM IN 2002-2009 THAT ARE NOW COMING BACK TO HAunt him as he is contradicting himself big time. (Oops on the caps!)

Americans are smart enough to see that the guy is doing all this stuff for political reasons. And, for him to put in an ad that Romney wouldn't have gone after bib laden is a mistake.

Very sad about Jr. Seau. He was one of my favorite players.

Jim McAllister said...

Hi Buzz,

BO is taking credit for a lot of stuff he didn't do. The SEALS pulled off the bin laden thing and now BO wants to take the credit. He better not wind up in a dark alley with those guys; they are plenty pissed! lol

I have never seen a guy campaign so much. He has been at it since about October riding around in Air Force one on our dime at $180,000 an hour.

I don't know what Olbermann will do now. They have a channel for about everything these days; maybe they will come up with a "loudmouth Fool" channel and put him in Prime Time although he would probably talk himself out of that too!

midnightsstaff said...

"Americans are smart enough to see that the guy is doing all this stuff for political reasons. And, for him to put in an ad that Romney wouldn't have gone after bib laden is a mistake"

I wish I had your faith in the American voter and the American voting system- trouble is a sizable portion will vote for the guy behind the very last political ad they hear on the way to the polls, the proof is they keep on playing them right up to the bitter end, they wouldn't do that if it what I described was not relevant.

Political ads are wasted on people like you, me and Buzz and the rest of the reasonable citizens- and they don't work on Red Mike and the rest of those types, but as I said before we have allowed the voting public to become self absorbed, ignorant and prone to voting to steal from others for personal gain.

Again and again the libs will resort to lying about things such as lowering taxes when appropriate creating greater income even though that very truth has been proved again and again to the point of being considered as maxim.

The fortunate thing this time is the fools actually believe the self absorbed clue less voters give a rat's ass about the war on terror any longer, they are focused on the economy- so you are right but for the wrong reasons..

So just laugh when they hold up this idiotic "prior self admitted cocaine dealer who is the man who killed liberty valence" strategy by a guy that just wasted three years on a couple of measures that the SCOTUS are sure to reverse and ruined the economy in the process.
They are barking up the wrong tree, and I hope they continue.

Rick Kepple, getting more coffee said...

I don't think that Olbermann's career is over if he's still getting on TV. Sooner or later, he'll have another show elsewhere, or maybe his own Internet show! Too bad Olbermann didn't have a DVD out of the highlights of his career for $2.99 at Walmart. Ha! Maybe the American flag behind him, Toby Keith songs. Just make it sappy as hell! Maybe put some fruit or vegetable name in the title to make people want to own it! I need a V8.

midnightsstaff said...

“And let me tell you something else I’ve had enough of: I’ve had enough of using terrorism as a wedge issue in our politics,”
When Rick told me that Romney said this I nearly fell off my couch-

in fact the same jackass that made that very comment would never have gotten the information necessary to dispatch OBL because he closed down the very "Black" operation that gave us the information we used to complete George Bush's operation- the elimination of OBL.
But idiots would never know this because they listen to leftist news operations exclusively... Assholes like K.O. are the core of the problem not some peripheral irritation.. America is being sold out by these bastards and hanging is too good for them.

Jim McAllister said...


No question that Nobama will have his blocks of voters. It was comical to watch him speak to the union guys the other day. It was almost as if they were reading cue cards telling them when to boo and cheer depending on what the annointed one said.

Latest Gallup shows them both still at 46%. As hard as Obama has been campaigning using that $180,000 an hour plane paid for by us, he doesn't seem to be making much headway in the polls. Are some of the electorate finally realizing that it is a lot of grandstanding?

His worst enemy is those tapes from the past of him versus what he says now. He is one mercurial SOB especially when he said a year ago that nothing should be sensationalized about bin Laden.

Rick Kepple, armed and boorish said...

Fort Leonard Wood was closed down the other day! I met a friend who was on lockdown in his workplace and not allowed to leave until the search was over, post wide! Some say it was a drill. It's about a year from bin Laden's death. I debated a Muslim writer online and he supported the Taliban and al Qaeda. Security experts say that the average person is not carrying a gun when they are mowing or gardening. It is when we are working in the yard that we are most vulnerable, not in a public place. A side pistol holster might mess up the golf swing though, but a shoulder holster helps keep your pants up! I'll bet ya the average liberal is packing a gun or owns one.

Jim McAllister said...


You have to be kidding. Liberals carrying guns? Those lily livered, tofu loving, sushi eating wimps wouldn't know which way to point a gun. If they did they wouldn't shoot it because of fear that the residue may cause global warming. If they did accidently shoot it, they would spend all day apologizing for it to the muslims.

Lately there have been gang attacks on white people by gangs of blacks,. One in Baltimore and another yesterday back east. A guy and a woman coworkers were getting in their car when they were swarmed by those guys who beat the shit out of them.

As much as I thought it would never come to this, I am now packing my .38 everywhere I go. They come after me and my wife I'll get 5 of them for sure and more if I have time to reload.

This isn't the world I once knew.

Rick Kepple said...

It should be noted that they shut the post down on September 1, 2001 because of a threat. It just sort of freaks a lot of local people out, since the rumor is that we're the potential ground zero this time. Most rumors are a recipe created around a teaspoon of truth.

midnightsstaff said...

What to worry, we only got to late December this year and the whole enchilada is a burp in the cosmic timetable,
frankly I think the universe is maybe a little over due for a make over anyway and besides I get tired of waiting and finding out it was another case of hyperbolic driven hysteric excesses taken with historical oddities for even more questionable motive..
that Y2K nonsense left me disappointed for months.
Guess I might as well eat these freeze dried survival meals, I can use the food money saved to paint the house.

Rick Kepple said...

The Y2K was like the boy calling Wolf and now we're supposed to believe the Myan calendar running out, like an expiration date on the universe, is going to destroy us all with fire? Right. Oh and crude oil replinishes itself too! The Keystone Pipeline will deflate gas prices to an affordable level. Deflation? But but but ... didn't economists say that deflation of prices is BAD? So by their own admission gas prices will continue going up. Oh, but it gets better. To shut me up, the status quo wants to help me go back to college so I can be one of them. I want my executive bonus.

Jim McAllister said...


The good old days of Y2K. That was funny; it seemed like such a simple thing at the time but as always a lot of people panicked. I never really thought much about it at the time

I wonder how many bags of rice and extra gallons of water some of the alarmists were stuck with.

Jim McAllister said...


I can see you going back to college, getting a degree, and wearing a Brooks Brothers suit on your way to work on Wall Street.

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, you're assuming that things are going to remain the same. They aren't. Life as we know it will change. It's inevitable. If billion dollar companies want my help, then they can smooth the way to college, they can pay for the tuition, books, expenses, everything and my conditions will be met, or I'll let the world go down the toilet. My wife is dead. I have no kids. My 'old pal' isn't talking to me and following her rules, I've got the talent and the gift, so other people should be paying for what they want from me, if I'm that gifted. I want my executive bonus.

Rick Kepple, PR consultant said...

A long time ago, a woman ruined my life for her personal entertainment, and then only after my wife was dead and I'm disabled, then she offers $60,000 to make up for everything while she made a cool $3 million a week for years! And now the entire system that people like her created, is collapsing. Why should I care? Where's my incentive? So I'm supposed to waste four years of my life in college to get a degree to make her conscience feel better? I'm already disabled and insurance companies discourage employers from hiring people like me. Missouri legislators are discussing cutting the minimum wage law. Why do you think that the Treasury was robbed? Rich people don't like to be broke. It's okay for me, but not for corporate executive families. Don't you get it? If the woman had merely given me a chance 30 years ago, the economy would not be collapsing now. But I'm not rich. Don't worry Jimmy. Rich people will just rewrite the laws.

midnightsstaff said...

"A long time ago, a woman ruined my life for her personal entertainment"

and that's where you lose everyone reading.
it's called whining Rick - it looks unseemly on anyone and especially so on a man.
aaagh.. gotta check the hummer feeder.

Rick Kepple, consultant said...

That therapist told me that I'm not the only one and that lots of rich people destroy ordinary people for the fun of it. Look at what Wall Street has done. Then we become soldiers. And here we are in this day and time when rich folks want my sympathy and our help. Well, they made the rules, they made the world we have and I want compensated. The government understands this and I am well paid now. What's corporate America's excuse? I predict that we are headed to the day when America will be like Russia with peasants and the ruling class. I'm old. It's none of my business and if they want my help, they'll pay for the college. Otherwise, I'm going to help Dell Mack for free and others too. That's life. Sorry.

Jim McAllister said...


Didn't you say one time that you were born in 1957? If so, at your age of 55 Middy and I can only vaguely remember being 55. We look at 55 as part of our youth compared to now.

You're not old.

midnightsstaff said...

When I was fifty five I was still knocking the bottom out of it, can't even imagine ten years from today..
Get off my lawn!!

Rick Kepple, consultant said...

Yep. Fifty five in June. Yes, I'm a child compared to y'all. Yep, I sent off a mother's day card today. I figured it would make her feel good that someone thought of her like that. Today, I made sure that my brakes worked fine. Measured how long it took me to stop. Slowed down a bit for that particular speed then got on a backroad and sure enough, a woman pulled out in front of me and I had to brake hard to keep from hitting her. There have been missing people in the area. I told them where to find two of them. The sheriff said to the newspapers that the investigations got 'weird.' I'm a good consultant though. Lana helps me more these days when I'm OCDing like today. That woman driver pulled out in front of me and she was waving and apologizing all the while I was slamming on the brakes at a predetermined amount of distance at that speed. So she lived, but had I been going faster, she'd have gotten Jeep pickup in the side door. And that's my world. I can't help re: the stock market. That would be like insider trading.

Rick Kepple, Grasshopper said...

I want to learn to be more like Jim. Use my talent and education for making money and ignore the world. Keith Olbermann bad. Bill O'Reilly good. I'm learning.

Jim McAllister said...


Don't forget Greta, Brett Baier, Sean, and the favorite of Middy and me: Neil Cavuto. They are all good too.