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Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Columnist Rich Lowry makes some interesting points about the Trayvon Martin case in his column of March 31.

Lowry opines that “….if Martin had been shot by a Black classmate, if he had been caught in random crossfire or if he had looked at a rival gang member the wrong way, his death would have been relegated to the back pages of the local newspaper.  Not a cause, not even a curiosity:  just another dead young Black man.  Nothing to see here.  Please move on.”

Lowry also quotes some interesting numbers:  “According to a 2005 FBI report, Blacks accounted for 13 per cent of the population and 49 percent of all homicide victims.  In 93 per cent of the cases the killer was Black.  Half of the victims were ages 17 to 29.  That works out to 4,000 murders of young Blacks in one year, overwhelmingly at the hands of other Blacks.”

In the case of George Zimmerman, who is half white and half Hispanic and the alleged killer in Florida of Black Trayvon Martin, Black “leaders” like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton figure half white is good enough to turn the country upside down in outrage.   The Black on Black killings don’t seem to faze them, but let a guy with one spoonful of white blood be involved, guilty or not, and they are calling for riots to protest such a great injustice to Blacks whether the proof is there or not.

Jesse and Al like the limelight and love to be seen on TV shouting away in their thousand dollar Armani suits and jewelry.  So do washed up “celebrities” like Spike Lee and Roseanne Barr who feel it is up to them to Twitter people’s addresses to the public even when they are incorrect.  Hey, it got them on the tube, right?

Then there is NBC and MSNBC who took sides in the matter rather than just reporting the news.  NBC supposedly edited a tape to falsely incriminate Zimmerman even more.  Since they were caught, they have fortunately received the discredit they deserve.

How about those Black Panthers parading around in their fatigue uniforms with insignias of rank as though they are really an official organization.  One guy had captain’s bars and another considered himself a lieutenant colonel.  At least they knew enough to make themselves officers.  Those geniuses were offering a million bucks as a bounty on Zimmerman.  That’s laughable; they better go back to doing what they are good at:  intimidating voters at polls.

If that isn’t enough, Obama had to stick his nose into the situation with his famous “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.”  How sweet and sentimental!  Quite a contrast to his reaction after the Ft. Hood massacre when he said, “Let’s not jump to conclusions.”  Thirteen people killed by a Muslim officer on an Army base and that was his reaction?  Draw your own conclusions.

Don’t get me started on the hoodies, the sympathetic photo of Trayvon at 13, and the nationwide marches.

Does this nonsense ever end?  There is a racial problem in the US, otherwise the Black leaders would be more concerned with the ignored deaths of young Blacks in their communities rather than trying to make an issue of something they have no facts on in the white community.   However, when you are dealing with guys like Al and Jesse who love the exposure, the Zimmerman situation is right down their alley.  After all, what network would send cameras to cover the murder of a 16 year old Black girl on a Chicago street by a Black man?  That’s much too boring for them.


sam said...

I recall seeing a law-enforcement report relative to black-white was released I believe last year, and reported something like 70% of all killings of Blacks are by other blacks, and less than 10% by whites.
It also said, as I recall, that of all inter-racial crime involving blacks and whites that for every crime by a white against a black, there were something like 90 crimes by blacks against whites. Where are the tears from the black community? Where are the proactive admonitions from the blacks against their hoodlum elements...or any admonitions at all?

JAB said...

I is another way for our Marxist leader to divide the country along racial lines and promote his agenda againt the white majority. His agenda is to destroy the Democrscy we love and the republican party are handing it to him on a platter.
Where is the outrage against his wife's extravagant vacations? Where is the outrage against his 25-30 Marxist czars which are bent on destroying our country? Where is the outrage againt the tax funded spring break for his 12 year old daughter in Mexico that included two jets and 25 secret service agents?
If we the people donot stand up to this tyrant we are doomed along with our country. The America we all know and love will be gone in another 4 years because of our complacency.

midnightsstaff said...

Well said ..
Problem is the Republicans seem too stupid to learn how to play the game, that dog and pony show over the Republican war on women which was another sleight of hand designed to get the public's attention off the miserable record of failure we have occupying the White House.
He has been actively destroying the economy with both long term debt that can never be reconciled or onerous liberty destruction such as his ongoing war against the second amendment..
Yep we got another vaudeville act in the works somewhere right now just waiting for the mess in Florida to play out, then you can just bet there will be some other outrage by this criminal element.. after all, it's the only game they know.

Anonymous said...


Here we go again!

Sam's off the deep end on stats, Middy makes the case that it's all political and JAB jabs Obama just because ....... ?

A kid got killed for no earthly reason other than some wannabe hero didn't like his looks, Jim.

You can make a case for racial bias, you can try to make Martin a bad-ass based on the leaks from the Florida cop shop but you cannot deny that Zimmerman stalked and shot an unarmed boy simply because he did not like his looks.

I can't wait for P2b to chime in!

Proud said...

There is a growing trend in this country to engage in trial by media. Add in any racial factor (real or perceived), and that trend quickly becomes: public lynching by media.
Personally, I am happy to allow the wheels of justice to roll on, without politicians trying to use every tragedy for their own political gain.
In this case we see law enforcement not making an arrest because there isn't enough evidence to do's called the justice system, based on a long held belief that EVERY person is presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty...
That doesn't stop professional racists from demanding an arrest, threatening violence in the streets if one isn't made, even giving a deadline...Or failed presidents from sending in his own corrupt justice department to force and coerce an arrest.
What is happening to our country is sickening

sam said...

ANY MOUSE you become a bigger badder fool nearly every time you open your cranial void on this and other sites. Your comment just above about the Martin death exceeds even YOUR usual spastic and demented and poisonous drivel. And, based on already existing FACTS, it is "dead" wrong.

midnightsstaff said...

Phineaus... why don't you just post using a name we recognize... of course "anonymous" is a pretty recognizable name I suppose.
Sadly it is all political, much as everything else we have to worry over with politicians getting the opportunity to play the same old game again and again.
nothing will improve with another made for entertainment approach to racial relations, but that is exactly what this matter boils down to..
I see by your post that you were there to file an eyewitness statement which I imagine was included with the police report so thank you for once again bringing your own brand of clarity to the issue.. oddly enough your account doesn't seem to match the other eyewitness accounts to the shooting-
.. wonder why?

Jim McAllister said...


Where, indeed? Like Lowry states: They are on the back page of the paper.


It's self reliance v. government reliance. It's more government regulations, taxing the rich so those who do the work have to support those who don't or won't. It's class warfare.

His paean to Trayvon is another example of his class warfare. Why didn't he say that little Black girl in Chicago looked like him. Black on Black doesn't count as newsworthy.


The Republicans aren't exactly seizing the moment are they. But, I think he is a bit on the run with his comments about SCOTUS and how they better not go against him. That is unprecedented and has him worried. Even with him up 49-45 mainly because of the initial response of women to contraception, that is weak for a sitting pres. who hasn't even had anyone campaign against him yet.


A kid got killed for no earthly reason other than some wannabe hero didn't like his looks, Jim.

Really? I wasn't there, so I'm not so sure that is what happened. Were you there?

Witnesses seem to agree with Zimmerman. Plus, tapes show Zimmerman in the station with a hell of a gash in the back of his head as though he was in a tussle.

Remember, this kid wasn't the cute bright eyed 13 year old the liberal media tried to portray him as with that out of date photo. He was 17 and was far from being innocent.

That doesn't mean he deserved to die but it also doesn't mean that he didn't instigate the fight.


It's amazing how these guys like the panthers, Jesse, and Al come flying out of the woodwork in a case like this. I would love to see what would happen if they found out that Zimmerman was half Hispanic and half Chinese instead of white. It's the white part that is what those guys are about. Hell, that is how they make their living. Otherwise, they would be demanding justice for all the Blacks that are killed by each other. No profit in that though: No books, no TV show on MSNBC, no White House invites, etc. The hell with that!

Jim McAllister said...

For those who don't believe Zimmerman got a gas on the back of his head in the skirmish, check this out.

OlGriz said...

Well, at least we're back to the old mud-slinging political stage of issue resolution. Some things never change.

To answer your question, Jim, "No, I was not there." NOR, CONTRARY TO YOUR SELF-SERVING SUGGESTION, WERE ANY OTHER WITNESSES. I made my determination from the gist of the dialogue of the lady on whose back porch the two were scuffling while she called 911.

And to answer the unspoken broader question overall, my objections arose over the Lowry dialogue posted wherein the third paragraph he referred to the "alleged" shooter despite the fact the act was admitted to by Zimmerman.

My feelings concerning Jesse Jackson and the rest of the publicity seekers parallel those of Benson in his cartoon this morning.

My feelings concerning Ralph Drabble wannabe's packing firearms are well known. There are just some weapons violations waiting to happen and IMO, this situation was one of 'em no matter whether Zimmerman had a concealed carry permit or not!

Murder is murder and dead is forever!

AHiredGun said...


First of all, Zimmerman is Martin's "killer", since a homicide is defined as the killing of one human by another, and Zimmerman has admitted shooting Martin.

Second, this case reveals the inherent problems with the gun carry laws that are being passed. If Zimmerman had not pursued Martin (if violation of a law enforcement directive), we would not be reading about this. At the end of the day and as a lawyer, after all the evidence is in, I believe Zimmerman will be prosecuted, if not by the State, then the Feds. From what I have seen and read so far, IMO he should be at least prosecuted for negligent homicide or involuntary manslaughter.

Finally, comments about black on black crime are only an attempt to deflect attention away from the fact that this shooting should have never taken place.

OlGriz said...

AHG just nailed it!

And that video shows nuthin'!

Not only that, but if Zimmerman was in the scuffle HE INSTIGATED, it's only logical he would bear some marks of his misdeed. Had it been one of us instead of Martin involved, I suspect Zimmerman might have ended up with blue balls and a 9mm opening beginning at the opening of the anal orifice and extending all the way to the top of his head ..... but then given the sympathy factor involved here, that probably would not have happened because we are all of the white variety ..... I think!

BTW, SamSam would have just talked his way out of the confrontation with a few of his contrived insults that probably would have worked because it takes at least three days to figure out what the hell he's talkin' about!

Jim McAllister said...


"Alleged" was my term, not Lowry. I used it because I don't think it was murder; it was self defense.

How can you say the "kid was killed for no earthly reason." That's presuming a lot.


Thanks for the legal expertise. Zimmerman will get a slap on the wrist over this but I don't know where he is going to live with all the animosity from the Black community.

Maybe the shooting should have never taken place but it doesn't change the fact that many Blacks look the other way when it is Blacks killing Blacks but just let someone who is even remotely of white descent get involved and the whole Black population in the country goes into an uproar.

I question their priorities with that type of thinking.

Jim McAllister said...

Obviously, we disagree on this and neither of us will change our minds.

It still amazes me how much you know about the details. Are you SURE you weren't hiding behind a palm tree and saw the whole thing? If so, go to police headquarters at once and report your findings so we can wrap this thing up and hang Zimmerman by dusk. LOL

midnightsstaff said...

"First of all, Zimmerman is Martin's "killer", since a homicide is defined as the killing of one human by another, and Zimmerman has admitted shooting Martin"
Hey Joe how are you doing?
Of course being a potted plant in the halls of justice you well know that there are two distinct types of homicide- justifiable and malicious.
One gets prosecution, the other gets review and exoneration at least in a law oriented system of justice, but what we have here is nothing resembling that, we have a kangaroo court that is being judged in the courtroom of public opinion presided over by the most incapable of maintaining of healthy disinterested opinion personas available- the media.

"Second, this case reveals the inherent problems with the gun carry laws that are being passed. If Zimmerman had not pursued Martin (if violation of a law enforcement directive), we would not be reading about this"
Man I guess you think we are all sleeping in late today, attempting to pass judgement on the existing law that no longer requires you to go to jail for defending yourself is really not even in question- it became non germane the moment one physically attacked and illegally gained physical superiority in the altercation- show me anywhere in the law that says you are prohibited from using deadly force to prevent someone attacking you with deadly force in mind..
nice try but let's try to keep on subject on this blog forum..
Jim, I could have warned you what this type of topic would lead to..

A Hired Gun said...

Butch, I'm fine as I hope you are.

Actually, there are several more types of homicide (i.e. negligent, etc.), but the types are not relevant to what we are discussing here.

Your point about self-defense is the point of my argument about the problems with the gun carry laws. We are going to see much more of these incidents untill someone puts a stop to the insanity of pasing these inherently stupid laws, without imposing some responsibility for one's actions.

Also, how do you KNOW Martin had the upper hand here? The facts available strongly suggests that it was Martin yelling for help, not Zimmerman. I do believe that when all the facts become known, a reasonable person would conclude Zimmerman was not justified in shooting Martin. Knowing you, I do believe we can both agree that we all should wait until all the facts are in before jumping to conclusions. Yet, the facts I have seen would seem to indicate that Zimmerman could have a big problem here.

Jim, I also share the disgust with apathy towards black on black crime, but it would seem this apathy runs across the racial spectrum. My prior point about not raising this issue is that it diverts our attention from where it should be: That all such shootings should not be tolerated and steps should be taken to stop them. Unfortunately, more liberal gun laws are not the answer.

FD; Contrarian, Lighteningprod; MogollonMonster ... just to name a few said...

JM: "Alleged" was my term, not Lowry. I used it because I don't think it was murder; it was self defense." Really? A 17-year-old kid being stalked by a Ralph Drabble wannabe packin' who had NO BUSINESS even approaching the kid, much less attacking him and you think that is "justified?" The water in Scottsdale must have some of that thar mind altering chemical residue in it!

Presuming a lot or not, I DO SAY "the kid was killed for no earthly reason." If it was YOUR kid, I'd feel the same way.

JM to Joe: "Thanks for the legal expertise. Zimmerman will get a slap on the wrist over this but I don't know where he is going to live with all the animosity from the Black community?" As much as I detest the revenge and retaliation vigilante factor, I sincerely hope the Black Panthers who have threatened Zimmerman find him and string him up from the nearest light pole!

Middy got into "justification." Try to justify killing an unarmed man, woman or child for any reason!

Jim McAllister said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
midnightsstaff said...

"Your point about self-defense is the point of my argument about the problems with the gun carry laws. We are going to see much more of these incidents untill someone puts a stop to the insanity of pasing these inherently stupid laws, without imposing some responsibility for one's actions" to back up that agenda laden allegation with some actual facts?
I can support the concept that classically liberal gun laws in fact do not result in what you are talking about and in fact diminish those mythical altercations you are making up..

Dr. John Lott along with others have written extensively on the subject.

But you seem to like Obama's plaintiff for the dissolution of the Constitution argument we listened to last week, really have no interest in the truth of the subject or you wouldn't make things like this up, you have everything but the facts on the case to support your argument, so if the investigation revels that there really is no point in charging him with criminal negligence or even a more onerous second degree charge you full well know that the utterly corrupt Obama Justice Dept. will immediately file a civil case against him and find a judge and jury to convict.. it's not that hard to do.
So do you agree that civil charges in absence of criminal charges furthers the cause of justice?- somehow I doubt you will follow my line of reasoning and instead fall in with the Anarchist crowd that is intending to do exactly that once the SCOTUS renders a verdict on the patently unconstitutional (read illegal) passage of the health care matter..
Just today he was using these props to community organize against the Constitution- take a minute and try to realize what a depraved mindset this requires.

Mike Slater said...

The Civil War ended 147 years this month but to blacks like Sharpton and Jackson it has never really ended. Their meal ticket is keeping racial strife alive and well. The trouble is a majority of blacks and some white liberals believe their BS.

midnightsstaff said...

Dr. Wolf says...

"America deserves a president who will calm nerves and channel our passions rather than inflame them, a president who has the courage to challenge destructive forces in America even if they are politically popular, a president who celebrates that America produces families like his own. America deserves the post-racial president Barack Obama promised he would be"

ah.. if that would only be true...

This is a link to an article in the Washington Times by the president's cousin Dr. Milton Wolf..
he seems to be able to clearly see through the smokescreen, curious as to why others cannot?
Pedro "623" Zappa.

Jim McAllister said...


You are so right. And look at the influence they have. Did you see that Congresswoman with the hat that looks like a poodle strapped to her head? She says the Congressional Black caucus is going to declare Trayvon's death a racial incident. Gee, who would have thought that genius would come up with that?

No solid evidence against Zimmerman and Trayvon was not exactly an angel but this is a "racial" incident. This type of behavior is consistent with those who have zero common sense

Jim McAllister said...


Great piece by Wolf. Thanks for posting the link.

Ol' Griz said...

O.K. Now y'all got one closer to home ...... the Taco Bell shooting incident where the guy walking his dog got into it with a misfit with a gun because the dog walker stepped in front of the dude's car and he lost ten seconds or so getting to the drive-up window. Same stupid situation as the Florida gun stunt. Cowboy mentality prevails and someone gets wasted because the NRA and Ron Gould and a couple book sellers think all arguments should be settled with a gun. Let's hear y'all justify this one rat chere in your own home town?

midnightsstaff said...

Phineas... control yourself!!!
I seriously doubt the crime scene tape is down yet and already you have an hour long drama written out and sold..
Seriously every agency involved hasn't gotten official report on this one yet and you are frothing at the mouth with the same line of reasoning you use for every thing you can't understand.. holy smokes pal, who made you judge and jury?
How did the government let your talents slip through their fingers?- damn boy... youze gots potential...
And you do all this from the comfort of that Ikea foldout combination desk set banging away on a 386 bootlegged into dial up.. amazing.
Friggin Northern Arizona Indian Reservation Walter Winchell award nominee right here on this blog folks... whoda thunk?
By the way, since when has a cowboy mentality been some sort of bad thing? did they change the rules while I was in the men's head?

Phineas Pleaflicker said...

Well, moonbeam, retirement hasn't done a thing for your ability to comprehend reality!

If Ol' Griz can manage to drag up information on his 386 and post it here to rebut racist stupidity before the crime scene tape is even down (wanna make a bet on how long the Taco Bell drive-thru window was actually closed?), you super-computer narcissists with Commodore 64's should have been on this long, long before the smoke signals reached northern Arizona. It's a technology thing!

Point is, every one of you who think Trayvon Martin deserved to get shot based on the manufactured evidence being leaked by the Sanford, Florida cop shop would have let the Phoenix incident skate, I'm sure.

It's that loonytarian loyalty thingee!

midnightsstaff said...

I really don't see much in the taco bell shoot out that jumps out at me, on the surface it looks like the driver/shooter is in the wrong and will probably have to explain it to a jury.
So what?- hard to blame this one on the Arizona legislature- to this point they have not legislated the rights to shoot anyone that argues with you...
taco bell has not been declared a free fire zone nor has any day of the week been declared settle up old grievances day either, it was another one of those incidents that has been mystifying people throughout history..
Sounds like someone felt "disrespected"- or his ride got disrespected or some other nonsense like that..which fits right into the gangster lifestyle big cities have encouraged.
It was some street code violation that started this and I doubt any gun laws would have had any effect on the outcome whatsoever.
Sometimes there is just no "there" there Phineaus, the guy would be just as dead if the shooter had beaten him with a tire iron... life is like that.
On another note.. when you write stuff like...
"the Taco Bell shooting incident where the guy walking his dog got into it with a misfit with a gun because the dog walker stepped in front of the dude's car and he lost ten seconds or so getting to the drive-up window"
you disallow your testimony in a court of law if required because you interjected your own opinion by saying... "because the dog walker stepped in front of the dude's car and he lost ten seconds or so getting to the drive-up window"- because like it or not that is mere conjecture which clouds every other thing you might have said that was true.. that is how the real world works if you notice police reports other than the raw level are normally dispassionate as to motive.
by the way...thank you for not accusing me of conservatism only loonytarianism- you are showing great restraint.

Jim McAllister said...

It's "Deja vu all over again" with FD and Middy sparring. I love it! Shades of the good 'ol days of Plugged in. (L0L)

Ladegoddamdah said...

Believe me, Midnight, when I tell ya I know police reports and the inability of those who write them to apply rationale to reality ..... which leaves the prosecutors doing their own investigations to make cases. My "conjecture" would never apply to a trial situation because it would be classified as "hearsay."

But THANK Y O U for not even mentioning that "it's all Obama's fault for once. Now T H A T is truly refreshing!

Steve/DG said...

Jim, what's the most amazing that is unprecedented (in the real sense of the term, not Obama's definition) is how the media is tripping over itself with trying to come up and coin 'White Hispanic'. They were so angry that he wasn't a blue eyed blond haired Arayan like they want him to be.

If Zimmerman was running for office or part of the ACLU, would you even have the term White near him at all?

buzzard said...


Well JIm, your headline says it all. quite the crew is right:

1. they are all racists

2. they all use race for personal gain. (political and financial)

TroublemakerExtraordinaire said...

Is that "SteveDG" our old friend, DesertGhost?

Lemme start another argument here. Until very recently, the Latino's - Mexicans especially - all were considered "white," even on the census.

We didn't have these racist temper tantrums while everyone knew their place.

Go figure!

midnightsstaff said...

Red Mike told me the other day that we will not have a race war in this country- I wish he was right..
But that is exactly what this president is doing, and for no other reason than to temporarily take the attention off his disgraceful and negative record and get the buzz on something like "kill whitey" or "kill the outdated White America's version of the Constitution".. and that is exactly what is being presented to us today..
best line of that article is...

"The assault occurred only a few hours after a peaceful rally, near the Thurgood Marshall Building, 420 E. Manhattan Blvd., to show support for the Martin family.
At his home Monday, Mr. Watts said he has never allowed weapons inside and that when his four children were growing up, they were not allowed to play "cops and robbers, to kill the Indians."
During the Vietnam War, Mr. Watts, who served in the military from 1950 to 1961, refused to let his boys play GI Joes.
There would be no more killing, he said.
But now, Mr. Watts says he plans to buy a gun and obtain a permit to carry it.
"What happened to me … down here on the corner, that changed my perspective on humanity," Mr. Watts said.

Joe that wasn't me talking that was a seventy eight year old veteran that was attacked and could have been easily killed by impressionable black thugs.
Those marginally intelligent Obama devotees that evidently will listen to what their gangster shot caller the President of the United States directly told them to do- "when they bring a knife to the fight, you bring a gun"- remember??- yeah that guy- the one you voted for.

Jim McAllister said...

DG, Buzz, Middy,

The Supreme Court is supposed to be impartial but they are also human and this constant battering by Obama has to have some effect on them even if it is sub-conscious.

We remember Alito shaking his head and saying Obama is wrong during the 2009 State of the Union and now he is insulting them again. I'm glad the 5th Circuit is after his ass. He isn't king yet!

Romney is down only 48-44 in the polls now and he hasn't even campaigned. I'm sure when he starts showing those tapes of Obama with Medvedev, talks the economy, gas, and Keystone, unemployment,debt, etc and all the other stuff he has, that will change.

midnightsstaff said...

don't make the mistake of assuming that Socialists are some new day version of a Colossus striding across otherwise insurmountable political straits - they are making political fools of themselves now on an hourly rate. It's because they have internal polls that says they are in very short water and it's not getting deeper soon. (an astute observer can tell what those polls indicate by their response and actions)
so they get all girly and shrill with the hysterical charges that no reasonable person would believe, and the lead dog on this march to doom is the politically shielded up until now... the Bamster' hizzself..
The election will reflect the anger of five dollar gas, grocery prices gone through the roof, and that brother in law that has been out of work since 2010- some of these voters simply want to get the brother in law out of the cellar, others like those graduating to no market are going to be talking to the new crop of 18 yr. olds out there saying things we can't communicate, so what is there to worry about on the election.. it's what happens after the election that matters.
God help this nation if the establishment Republicans run his cabinet..
what we need is another 1946 type of congress that cut the budget 58 percent and balanced the budget in two years- it can be done and it has been done, we just need someone with political balls to save these liberal morons from themselves.
liberalism is a mental disorder.
Tag up Jim, sure the noise will be loud and scary, but it's only the wind blowing.

FD & all said...

I see I should have followed up with a request to leave the pink slime political psychobabble until next week when the moon is not full, but that's what I get for not paying attention to detail.

Ah, well, Pat Buchanan's still waitin' in the wings for a chance at full-fledged race war.

Y'all did raise some hackles, Jim!

Ol' Griz said...

Happy Easter!

Ol' Griz Phineas Pfenstramacher said...











That older gal's situation kinda sorta reminded me of Middy in his retirement years livin' in the past & talkin' outdated technology ..... only Middy's fax would be a delayed one from Ronald Reagan!

Jim McAllister said...


That's a funny joke but the crack about Middy is inappropriate.

If you want the future of this country run by a president who believes in class warfare, taxing the workers and the successful to hand freebies to those who won't work, running up a ridiculous debt, betting on energy that doesn't work, looking foolish in front of the Supreme Court and others, you can have it.

The thing that surprises me about you is, you seem to be of at least average intelligence and have worked your career under capitalism and seem to have done OK. What is your beef with capitalism now that you want to see us ruled under socialism because that is what Obama is: a socialist. Do you really want to hand over extra taxes to those who won't chip in? Whatever happened to self reliance. We both did OK on our own; I never counted on the government to run my life and neither did you that I know of.

So, I ask you: Who pissed in your cornflakes enough to make you admire this guy we have in there?

midnightsstaff said...

Now really Phineaus what did I do to merit that mini outburst? man it's your presidential version of Brian Leaf that keeps pissing in the flower pot..
Well at least Cj hasn't taken the stick to me lately- closest thing I ever had to a cyber marriage..
Well this one is losing it's puppy like cuteness, the usual suspects have pretty much milked it for what it is worth... these people never stop- all this black ruckus was to set the table for the next crisis.. when the Supreme Court does the right thing and tells him the bad news they are ready to swing into their election theme... Crackers took away free healthcare that Obama gave them..
as Baghdad Don Williams would say.. "nuff said"

midnightsstaff said...

no problem on this end with Phineaus and his remarks.. he knows the truth down deep.
How would you feel Jim if everything you believed in for your whole life has no foundation?- if it wasn't for the non stop damage to this nation they bring I say let them live the life of unicorns and skittles as long as they never get power again... sadly we may have to reach a true capitulation for the obvious truth to be driven home to Homer and Marge.
My dad once told me to never assume that just because you have never seen something that it mustn't exist.. I have seen things the last few years that twenty years ago I would have never believed possible.
I'm serious about Mitt and the Republican traitors that will be singing the same song that got us George W. Bush and then guided him along to blow the bottom out of the budget with his big government programs and ill advised war strategy, our military shouldn't be used for anything but national defense, we should have learned in 75 where this type of approach to foreign relations leads.. but apparently not.

FD said...


Denying reality is appropriate?

C'mon, Jim.

Actually, you'd be surprised how much the radical jarhead and I agree on some political issues ... and other things, as well .... but ya have to kinda sort through Middy's word salad dialogue and pick out every fifth word or so applicable to the topic at hand in order to find the common key.

Oh, well. It's the Resurrection. Time for a new blog topic.

May the Easter Bunny not leave behind too many remnants of his journey to clean up. This blog provided enough of that!

Jim McAllister said...

UPDATE: Gee, Someone at NBC altered a tape to make it look like George Zimmerman said something racial when in fact he didn't. NBC says they fired the producer involved.

Do they really think we believe that NBC wasn't aware of this and is simply sacrificing the guy? They are as liberal as it gets just like the rest of the networks except Fox.

midnightsstaff said...

are all jarheads radical?- or just this one??
typical, once you see the discussion lost, it's time to attack the antagonist personally... some things never change.

Yeah, that NBC scapegoat probably still hasn't realized what happened to him, after all he was just following orders from some executive at NBC.
Chalk it up to the fact that dog and pony shows require a sacrificial dog now and then I suppose.

Well at least NBC is consistent.
Like with the exploding gas tanks- Dan Rather making up shit on GWB out of thin air, what's next?
Maybe Keith Olberman can fill in seeing how he has been relieved at Algore's worthless network.

But even Phineaus's normal incontinencies of thought can't touch me today, looks like the team that was picked by many hockey experts to finish last in the west is in good position to become the Pacific Division champ with a single point tonight in Minnesota.
who would have thunk it?

Jim McAllister said...


I love the Olbermann situation at Current TV. It reminds me of a mock logo some guy made up of my squadron in Germany. It was a cartoon of two rats facing each other and the caption: "Two rats standing knee deep in chicken shit shaking hands with one hand and stabbing each other in the back with the other."

Did anyone in their right mind actually think those two liberal loudmouth losers would get along? What fools and now they are suing each other for millions! LOL There is enough material there for a good sitcom

Olbermann is washed up: he was getting 30,000 viewers. That's about the same population as Sedalia, Missouri.

The NBC thing is so typical of the liberal networks. They have nerve calling themselves "news reporters". They don't give the news as it is; they give the news the way they WANT it to be. They are an embarrassment.

Great game last night. Our guys really came through in the crunch time. I would happily take a tie tonight; it would be great to win the division. They should give Smith a raise. The guy is a total stud!

midnightsstaff said...

he ain't done... twenty seven games to go...
yeah I feel confident this season.

CJinPhoenix said...

HMmm, am I late to the party again? That's all right. I got into it on Facebook with some of our old buddies -- JD, Desert Ghost & Kevin -- instead.

My take on this is that it isn't about race in a big way the way most people want to make it. Race may have played a relatively minor role if Zimmerman did indeed let it factor into his fear & subsequent actions when he admittedly took matters into his own hands. But, legally, that is not what is going on at all.

Legally, self defense is an affirmative defense against charges of some degree of murder. As such, it should be raised in court before a jury. Instead, however, many states are now allowing people to claim self defense & get away with murder because they not being charged with anything after that at all.

We should look at it this way: in cases like this, the shooters ADMIT to the fact that they have killed another person. There is your evidence. Now charge them with what they have admittedly done. Whether the affirmation of self defense excuses the act then is constitutionally for a jury to decide. It is also up to a jury to presume innocence. NOT the prosecutor & certainly NOT the cops ...

That makes me angry, Jim, and here is why: I am very, very pro-2nd amendment but I see this kind of foolishness by chickenshit gun owners as one of the greatest threats to our god given right to defend ourselves, particularly with firearms.

Now's about the time when I say: TOLD YOU ALL SO. I saw this day coming the day AZ changed its laws in order to facilitate the release of one Harold Fish & restored his civil rights. Phew, that name still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

midnightsstaff said...

"Legally, self defense is an affirmative defense against charges of some degree of murder. As such, it should be raised in court before a jury. Instead, however, many states are now allowing people to claim self defense & get away with murder because they not being charged with anything after that at all"

Well I disagree.. how could the very claiming of self defense become admission to guilt.
The act of claiming self defense is is anything but admission to premeditation or negligence- what you are describing would be a voluntary waving of the protections guaranteed by the fifth amendment of the US Constitution?

Accidental deaths at the hands of strangers happen every day and every day Attorney Generals all across the nation decide if there is an element of criminality for the state to proceed against or not.
The mere presence of a firearm in this incident does not overrule the act of a crime and who was the criminal.
Had Zimmerman been unarmed but a better fighter he could have killed that football player and been subject to the same scrutiny as he is now, the controlling factor is not his decision to carry lethal force, the controlling factor in filing by the AG or not is and should be- were Zimmerman's actions valid for the plea of self defense or not?..
firearms bring up such strong, irrational emotions.
One citizen cannot bring murder charges against another citizen as the French citizens did in the purge of aristocracy, it is one of many exclusive rights of the states..
I agree tho that this is not what it appears to be, it is purely political in nature, and due to the manner it was hushed up for nearly a month until the White House was ready to use it it doesn't take much of a leap to make the conclusion that it is also an element of premeditation involved... yeah there is a comforting thought eh?

Jim McAllister said...


Good to see you back. I see that as always, you and Middy are having a nice discussion.

I have to agree with Middy that there are a lot of politics in this with Obama leading the charge with his comments. If it was a Black guy who killed Trayvon this would be a non-story.

Combined with NBC's lying, Zimmerman's actual head injury, and the appearance of all the usual suspects (Jesse, Al, etc. and the panthers)it's another example of the class warfare that Obama thrives on.

CJinPhoenix said...

Claiming self defense is not an admission of guilt, Middy, and I never said that it was. The guy admitted to pulling the trigger, however, which is more of an admission of fact than of guilt. Now whether he is culpable or whether he had an excuse (or a good reason) for pulling the trigger should be for a jury to decide.

This has nothing at all to do with the French Revolution. Nothing to do with admitting premeditation either. Negligence is a tort action. But you already know that part, don't you? And I have no idea how you are twisting this in your head to come to a conclusion that I am talking about throwing away the 5th Amendment ... Are you drunk?

Steve/DG said...

CJ, the reason why we "got on you" about your view is that you have already convicted Zimmerman (based on Fish) and want him to 'prove his innocence' in a court -- much like you're saying now.

That's just plain silly. In this country, the government has to prove your guilt, not the other way around.

The difference between rape and consensual sex can be as little as one word. And how much difference is it between paying a streetwalker for a little action or dropping big dollars on a dinner? Can't both be construed as prostitution?

Shall we put every single sexual act up before a jury because 'the trigger was pulled' and people have to prove their innocence?

If we were to listen to you, the courts will be clogged exponentially worse than they are now, and I'd have more jury duty notices that I toss in the trash, thereby adding to the landfill.

midnightsstaff said...

"CJ, the reason why we "got on you" about your view is that you have already convicted Zimmerman (based on Fish) and want him to 'prove his innocence' in a court -- much like you're saying now.

That's just plain silly. In this country, the government has to prove your guilt, not the other way around"

and that is the reason that I take my position, this nation was set up as a nation based on law and not man- Kings can have a subject executed at a whim- they do it in Saudi Arabia all the time although technically the King of SA uses a proxy court, it is still the whim of the king that executes in most of the world.
DG is right, we do not have a system like the Mexican system that assumes guilt and it is the responsibility of the defendant to prove innocence..
Florida despite Red Mike's predictions is building into a powder keg with now the FBI moving to back the Black Panthers - this will get ugly and it will spread across the nation, This is all because of one community organizer doing the only thing he knows, divide and conquer..
The Balkanization of America is nearly complete thanks to the socialist democrat party.
However..... the Coyotes are now the Pacific Division champions of the National Hockey League- wonder if the antichrist living at 1600 Pennsylvania ave. will have picks on the Stanley Cup tournament like he does in NCAA basketball?

CJinPhoenix said...

Hey Jim, just like old times, eh?

Yeah, this case has certainly become political in this hearts & minds of many people. I'll give you that. It has also become an issue of race in the hearts & minds of many people but I wouldn't hesitate to say that both sides are way, way off target with all that. That is why, in a nutshell, we should never allow these things to be tried in the court of public opinion. Our justice system may not be perfect but it is the best way we have to get past the mob mentality & discover the truth ... which should be the only thing that matters.

Happy Easter!

@Steve/DG: Know what is really silly? You saying that I have already convicted Zimmerman when in fact all I actually said was that this case needs to be decided by a jury. Then you turning the whole thing into some kind of sex act. Good grief, you sure go down some weird, dark alleys when you are trying to justify your own preconceived notions. Yeah, keep on throwing out those summons for jury duty because people like you make very poor decisions when the question is one of administration of justice.

The Fish case only plays into this for me because it was the inspiration for the changes in the laws on a local level. I did not convict Fish though - a jury of his peers did that - and I am not convicting anybody here now. Just let the justice system do its work, buddy. Cases like this are one of the reasons it is a necessary element of a civilized society &, if you are really worried about the overburdened courts, then I can think of better types of criminal actions to remove from the docket.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, like the days at Plugged-in Scottsdale.

I'm very pleased with the response to the blog so far. I send the link to all the old regulars and anyone else I can think of. The current piece has over 50 responses which is equal to the old days.

Thanks for stopping by. It sounds like you have been doing your homework on the law.

midnightsstaff said...

"We should look at it this way: in cases like this, the shooters ADMIT to the fact that they have killed another person. There is your evidence"

evidence of what?- this is exactly what happens in countries that have no rule of law but a rule of man, I guess it would be much easier to just "off with their heads" (been watching Alice lately?) after all as I have said the benevolent dictator is the best form of government that can be imagined- but an non benevolent dictator which is what we have now resembles the antichrist..(small "a")
Well I am glad that you are not in charge of terminations, looks to me like Zimmerman is going to get a big payday- wonder how much intentional slander and inciting violence against an innocent citizen will bring from the advertising budget of NBC and ABC?- I figure he should be able to buy a small island with a security team for the payout.

He should probably include Jug ears in the suit even tho he is registered Democrat himself- actually inciting the nation to riot should be impeachable in my mind- but I digress.

..any bets on if he gets the son of a bitches in Civil Court?- I will cover all bets.

CJinPhoenix said...
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CJinPhoenix said...

Evidence of what? The evidence necessary to bring charges, Middy. The man admitted to pulling the trigger - so you have the suspect & you have the weapon & you even have the motive - now all that is left to decide is the question of innocence or guilt. And that is the part that should be up to a jury. Not the cops, not the prosecutor ... and certainly not the public at large who have been known to arrive at conclusions based on hysteria, political preferences &/or personal prejudice.

BTW, I believe the anti-christ was Che Guevara & I would put my reasoning underlying that up against yours any day. IOW, I actually have reasons for my belief. Do you have anything other than political distaste yourself?

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah they call em grand juries. so I suppose there is no use in going much further eh?
The grand jury is a check over these over zealous prosecutors trying to politically make a name...

Remember the name Mark Nifong?.. yeah a lot of AG's are utterly corrupt political hacks- by the way I have never heard of an investigating officer not recommending the prosecution or should I say "persecution" the most stringent charge possible.
The dog of American justice certainly has it's fleas.

CJinPhoenix said...

The grand jury decides whether to indict, Middy, not the question of innocence or guilt. But they don't do so if charges are never brought & it is my understanding that in this case, a grand jury never even got the chance to hear it because charges were never brought. I believe that a prosecutor made that decision instead. Not enough evidence is what I have been hearing. And that is the problem in my opinion. Self-defense is an affirmative defense meaning, basically, that the shooter affirmed the act. So there you have your evidence.

This case needs to go before a jury & that is all I am saying. It could be a grand jury, I suppose, although I expect it should go to trial after that because there is more than enough evidence of what happened & who did it & all that is left to determine is whether the act was justified.

By the way: battered wife syndrome is an affirmative defense too ... So should we just start letting those cases be dropped before charges are pressed? Maybe we should starting letting all those people who claimed domestic abuse drove them to it out of prison (as they did with Fish when the law changed here). Would you be happy with that outcome?

Allen Duffis said...

Hi Jim,

As you will se in my most resent blog post, I think there is not only a 'rush to judgment' in the Zimmerman/Trayvon case.

I think uproar has shades of a virtual - White Lynching!

No one as yet knows what happened between these two individuals on that fateful day, but everyone wants to hang Zimmerman.

I say he's innocent until proven guilty by Judicial Verdict - not Public Opinion.


Jim McAllister said...


Now I hear on Fox today that Zimmerman has left town. I don't blame him. He must feel like the other end of the spectrum from Brock Peters in "To Kill a Mockingbird."

I blame the Panthers for a lot of this. They are shouting things like "You killed ours, we'll kill yours." It's an us against them philosophy with those guys as they parade around like real soldiers in their fatigues.

They are ridiculous and Obama just sits on his ass after making a statement to inflame the situation worse.

No one will probably ever know exactly what happened but one supposed witness said the kid was on top of Zimmerman beating his head into the sidewalk and Zimmerman had quite a gash in the back of his head.

The guy will probably never be able to live a normal life again whether what he did was justified or not. Only he knows the real truth in this. It's crazy.

I received you piece today and will read it tomorrow.

Take care.

CJinPhoenix said...

BTW, if a jury were to find Zimmerman not responsible because he acted in self defense, then I would accept the verdict. Ask Steve about the Casey Anthony case. Of course, he might say that I was defending a baby killer & therefore I must be a baby killer too. That's what they were all saying on Facebook when I added my two cents there & they were all ready to go after somebody -- the jury, Casey Anthony, me...-- with a pre-knotted rope. In reality, though, I simply defended the jury. Plus, I said that the prosecutor did not prove their case.

CJinPhoenix said...

Another thing: Zimmerman could still be on the hook in civil court. That would actually interesting to see. I mean, like in the OJ case, there are people left behind that might decide to sue him. Then, because he was never officially tried in criminal court or even charged, double jeopardy would not apply. Now, I wonder if he were to be found responsible in a civil case, if the state might be able to charge him in criminal court after that. The burden of proof being different in civil court too might take Zimmerman's affirmative defense out of play & then you are just left with somebody who admitted to killing somebody else.

Jim McAllister said...


You have obviously been studying the law. I'm just a layman but I doubt if Zimmerman will be charged with anything serious. Not enough evidence and even if it went to a civil court, they are usually pretty lenient aren't they?

Other than the kid dying, the worst thing about the case is how it shows what a lack of unity there still is in this country. I would hate to have the black panthers after me. Those guys take themselves way too serious plus with Holder and Obama around they are pretty much free to do as they please as far as harassing people and making threats. They are a bad lot.

CJinPhoenix said...

Civil court is a whole different game, Jim. Basically, it just means to sue somebody. And the rules are different because there is no loss of rights or liberty on the line. So it is not really more lenient -- actually, it is easier to get a judgment in civil court because the restraints of the constitution do not apply -- it is just different.

Yeah, been studying & I am fixing to graduate next month.

Jim McAllister said...


It sounds like you have been studying and doing your homework. Good luck and congrats on the graduation.

CJinPhoenix said...

Zimmerman was charged with 2nd degree murder this afternoon. Have you been watching?

Jim McAllister said...

I saw it online. I wish him luck.