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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Food fads come and go

Food fads come and go. Remember when energy drinks were the rage? The only one I see lately being pushed on TV is 5 Hour Energy. It brags about its four calories and no sugar and that it gives you a nice boost like a cup of coffee would except you can just down it out of the bottle and not have to mess with cups and coffee pots. Maybe that’s good for the kids who are ready to party on a Friday night and need that extra boost to get them to when the band starts but for me, I’ll stick with the good old cup of mud.

Energy drinks aren’t all that has been “faddish” reports Phil Hawkes of the AFMA Journal. In today’s hurry up society, bagged salads are expensive and popular since they cut down on preparation time for those who like the easy way out of cooking. Also, what’s with the sudden love of everything pomegranate? I love the ads with the half naked girl twisting her anguished body around a bottle of Pom but what is so great about that stuff? I’ve broken open a pomegranate and found nothing but a bunch of sour seeds inside. Maybe someone can explain this to me.
Now, there is a new kid on the block. Its Greek yogurt and its dollar sales were up 160% while unit sales were up 203% in 2010. Regular yogurt dollar sales were up 3% during that time with unit sales up only 1%. Besides that, Greek yogurt costs significantly more. Why is this happening?

As a long time yogurt eater I can say I like the Greek stuff better because of the more tart taste and its smooth, thicker, consistency. Non taste reasons are listed as double the protein of regular yogurt and 50% less sodium. That’s fine and I’m glad it is healthier, but taste is my number one priority and the Greek stuff has it.

There are several brands but the only one I have tried is Dannon and it is excellent. Phil Hawkes mentions other brands like Stonyfield, Fage, and Chobani. I understand that Trader Joe’s brand is excellent too. If you like yogurt, the Greek style is for you.

More food news from the AFMA: Did you know that “re-fried beans” is incorrect as a result of a translation error? They are actually only fried once. Frijoles refritos are well fried beans, not re-fried.

Did you know that the FDA allows 30 insect fragments or one rodent hair per 100 grams of peanut butter? Wow! I’ll bet that news has you rushing to the pantry to make a couple PBJ’s for lunch!

How about that Worcester sauce you like to spread on meats and other items. Did you know it is made from dissolved anchovies, bones and all? I guess if you like anchovies, it’s no big deal. If not, try to forget what you just read.

As for me, I guess I’ll stick with the pomegranates and yogurt.

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finnertyjj said...

Your blog discusses an inedible solid and undrinkable fluid: Pom seeds and coffee. I’m at a loss to classify yogurt, the yuckiest of substances to swallow aside from sushi. Lacking ambition, I have no need to down energy drinks. For what purpose? Push the remote button with more zing?

I love to eat and drink a variety of foods, none of which could be classified as ‘lite’ or ‘unsweetened’ or heaven forbid, ‘good for you.’ I prefer mounds of high fat content ice cream, gallons of whole milk, tons of potatoes in any form, and slabs of beef. Over time, this has led to my becoming overweight but I remain surprisingly happy nonetheless.

Fad foods or diets have never turned my head, as I look for meals that Julia Childs used to prepare in which she ‘slathered’ butter on every item. Yummm.

It is my opinion that genealogy controls our life spans. Our inherited genes play a major role in determining our health and how long we might be expected to live. Of course, medications now overcome many health conditions, allowing people to live longer than their ancestors. Fortunately, I have descended from folks who lived quite a long time.

When I depart the scene, I hope my plate will have been licked clean. I hate to waste the tiniest last smidgen of gravy.