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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Charlie Harper is Charlie Sheen

I really enjoy the TV sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. Reruns are usually shown for one to two hours a night on the FX channel. I can honestly say that I usually laugh from beginning to end at the antics of Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones and the rest of the cast.

Unfortunately, after nine seasons of success with the show, Charlie has decided to become difficult. Translated, that probably means that at his $1.8 million per episode he feels like he has enough leverage to start calling the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, a “maggot” and “a hymie”.

Charlie apparently has a drug problem which has seen him make the news several times for destroying hotel rooms among other forms of bad behavior. On his behalf, the head of CBS Television, Nina Tassler, says that in spite of his behavior he has always showed up for work on time and known his lines. However, because of his recent outburst aimed at Lorre, the final eight episodes of the show have been canceled.

It’s a shame Sheen has gone off the deep end but some experts claim it is not atypical behavior for someone with a drug addiction problem. When Charlie was younger he was a big time party boy. A lot of us were too although we probably were not in his league. Plus, in most cases we grew out of the party mode and went on with our lives. Not Charlie Sheen, he is now 45 and hitting the skids hotter and heavier than ever. Besides his role on “Two and a Half Men” he may lose a movie part in an upcoming production of the “Major League” film series where he plays pitcher “Wild Thing”. Executives now doubt whether they want the troubled star.

Charlie Sheen was born in Dayton, Ohio and lived there until his father moved to California. While living in Dayton he became a Cincinnati Reds baseball fan as Dayton was a short interstate drive north of Cincinnati.

By the early 90’s, Charlie had the big bucks and loved to throw parties for the Reds’ players when they came to California. One of those parties was after the Reds won the 1990 World Series. The other was in 1992 and, according to one unnamed Reds’ player, was quite a wild affair. He mentioned that two topless women attended and the alcohol flowed freely. The players also traveled to the party in a fleet of stretch limos that Sheen sent to their hotel.

The Reds’ player was amazed at Sheen’s Malibu home saying it had three decks with a fountain Jacuzzi on the top deck supplying water to the other two. That Charlie was quite the guy at 27! He still is at 45.

If you watch “Two and a Half Men” you probably notice that Charlie Harper on the show is actually living the lifestyle of Charlie Sheen. It’s no wonder Sheen plays the part so well: Harper IS Charlie Sheen.

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