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Saturday, January 03, 2009

More tunes and Moorad

(left) Jeff Moorad

Five O’Clock World.....The Vogues (1966)
Workin’ in a Coal Mine.....Lee Dorsey (1961)
Dreamy Eyes.....Johnny Tillotson (1959)
Just Like Me.....Paul Revere and the Raiders (1966)
The Last Time.....The Rolling Stones (1965)
Tell Laura I Love Her.....Ray Peterson (1960)
Got To Get You Into My Life.....The Beatles (1966)
Hold On! I’m Coming.....Sam and Dave (1966)
I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonite,,,,,Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart (1968)
Crimson and Clover.....Tommy James and The Shondells (1968)

The above are the last ten songs played this morning on Music Choice “Solid Gold.” through Cox Cable. Every song has a memory but I won’t dwell on that since my 12-28 blog pretty much covered it. However, I’m sitting here with a snoot full of Saturday morning coffee and felt a bit rambunctious so there you are. Another cup and I may switch to ‘80s techno pop. Maybe I can catch Gary Numan and “Cars.” Cox has every genre you can think of plus I am saving a fortune on aluminum foil for my former rabbit ears.

RATS DESERTING SINKING SHIP?.....Jeff Moorad has resigned as CEO of the Arizona Diamondbacks and hopes to buy the San Diego Padres. That’s fine with me, I never did like him. He used to be a player’s agent and to me those guys are at the bottom of the food chain.

After that stint, he decided to switch sides and get into team management with the Diamondbacks. Now that they are hurting, he is moving on again. He owns 15-20% of the team so he will get about $70 million I guess.

So, what happens with the D-Backs now? Someone has to pick up that $70 million and this is a team that just canned 31 employees because of financial woes. They couldn’t afford to keep Randy Johnson or Orlando Hudson and probably will lose Brandon Webb when his contract is up. Add to that a declining economy, an unexciting team, and weak fan support even during the good times, and I don’t think the team’s future is “so bright I gotta wear shades” (Timbuk 3, 1986).

Meanwhile, two guys instrumental in the Diamondbacks’ early success who were eventually unceremoniously dumped, have to be sharing a good laugh as they watch the team flounder. Isn’t that right Jerry Colangelo and Luis Gonzalez? What goes around comes around and here it comes.

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