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Monday, April 03, 2006


by Jim McAllister

NEIL YOUNG: HEART OF GOLD ("Prairie Wind"), Starring Neil Young, Directed by Jonathan Demme, 103 minutes, rated PG for some drug related lyrics....I have listened to Neil Young’s music for most of my adult life and he doesn’t seem to have lost a step. My first remembrance of him is from his days with Buffalo Springfield where he worked with Stephen Stills to produce a couple of mid 1960's hits. Later he teamed with Stills plus David Crosby and Graham Nash for a couple of years in the early 1970's (remember CSNY?). After that he was pretty much a solo act but he usually stayed true to his country and rock roots. He has always been a welcome sight when he took the stage with his guitar and harmonica and cut loose in his cracking tenor voice.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim!

Is there any choreography in this show? Awhile back I had read where Russ Tamblyn was going to choreograph a musical that Neil Young was touring with?? I wonder if he had some type of stage play earlier that he did - or - if he took this show on the road earlier before filming it?? You may remember Russ (Rusty) Tamblyn as the blonde actor in "Westside Story", "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers", and a child actor in many films including "Father of the Bride" and "Father's Little Dividend".

Best wishes,