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Monday, April 03, 2006

EMMYLOU HARRIS....A gorgeous lady and a
great talent, she is an important part of NEIL
. (Photo:

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Allen J. Duffis said...

Hi Jim,

Do you remember the character portrayed by Jack Palance (Curly Washburn) in the 1991 film, "City Slickers?"

Well there was a point where he was telling the other character played by Billy Crystal, about sighting a pretty young woman with wind blown hair hanging laundry in an open field. And after viewing her for some time, he just rode on.

When Crystal's chracter ask's, Palance's character said, "Because I knew it could never get any better."

Many people missed the meaning of his ststement, but I fully understood what he was talking about.

In my mind, that woman was Emmy Lou Harris. Perfect!