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Friday, April 17, 2015


Either you get it or you don’t get it.  Yesterday (4-16) at a McDonald’s restaurant in Tempe, Arizona there was a demonstration of the latter that definitely does not “get it” in relation to starting pay for lower echelon jobs like working as a burger flipper at McDonald’s.  The protesters were mainly young and obviously uninformed about the correct methods to deal with real life.  All they know is that they want to suddenly have their hourly pay doubled from $7.50 per hour to $15.00.  In other words, they will do nothing to warrant such a ridiculous increase; they just want it because, well, you know, they simply want more money.
This is nothing new.  In our current world of liberal national government giveaway artists, it is up to the rich to “pay a little bit more” in taxes so the less fortunate can have more.  In other words, just because someone sacrifices to get an education so they can get a better job and more money, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have to shell out more tax money for those too stupid or lazy to know that in this country we have a system where many of us have eaten canned beans for four years to get a college degree in order to improve our lifestyles.

If these fast food jockeys succeeded in getting their $15.00, they would be making $31,000 a year for a job flipping burgers and emptying the trash.  Many college graduates would love to start at such high pay.  Those grads will eventually get it but only after at least four years in school while the burger jockeys want their pay doubled NOW while they do nothing to increase their worth. 

The protesters don’t seem to realize that they are unskilled which means their services are in far less demand.  Life is about supply and demand and they are not smart enough to see it.  All they know is that they want more dough.  Well, step aside guys, we would all love to get raises without having to exert more effort.   Unfortunately, that is not part of the real world which says that unless you come from a wealthy family that sticks a silver spoon in your mouth at birth, you need an education to advance unless you luck out and come up with an invention like the hula hoop.

I think the younger crowd today has a lot of immature members who think they deserve more than they get.  They have grown up in a liberal atmosphere where government assistance is typical and endless. Therefore, when they are asked to produce on their own, they are cast into a sea of nothingness.  It’s a bad situation for them but the ones with an ounce of sense will hopefully realize that eventually and get themselves in gear.

(Above photo:  Michael Chow, Arizona Republic) 

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Jim McAllister said...

Thanks for reading my latest blog. All comments will be answered.

Arizona Dave said...

Jim, my first job was at Refreshment Center on Number 7 Tee at a golf course(where else) selling Cokes & Moon Pies....8 hour job from 8 to 4 for a whopping 5 bucks plus tips.

....then on into the corporate world in 1960 at $ 325 Per Month; if I had been married, it would have been $ 350...sounds unlawful to me.

Today's youth don't think like we did....we worked hard, made less, saved more and loved life.

So today, it is what's in it for me, how I can get more for doing less, give me, give me, give me my fair share, and they say the Federal Government says it's fair, and they will always vote Democratic....they give folks more...Romney was right, the 47% takers won the election for the community organizer.
But I still need more, and I'm not going to play you in golf unless you give me more strokes Jimmy Mac.

ed said...

It would be great if they would learn ENGLISH first.

Alan Robinson said...

You have said it so well but I am afraid it will fall on deaf ears. As you know when government supports and encourages this mentality it then becomes a right or "we deserve". Until and unless we elect a President and a congress that truly can affect "Change We Can Believe In" we are...what are the words..Ah yes SO SCREWED!

Glo, Briefly Retired said...

Hi Jim,

Heavy sigh. Again with the spread of wealth amongst the economic classes. Do I think ‘the rich’ should pay more because they are rich? Hell no. If they are rich because they worked for it, or inherited because their parents worked for it, no one should criticize the level of their contribution to the country. My personal belief is that there should be a flat tax rate across all levels of income. Is it right that I, as an educated woman with 40 years of job experience through hard work, sacrifices, and compromises, should pay a higher percentage than someone who has worked in low-paying jobs for that same period? I don’t think so, any more than I think a multimillionaire should pay more of a percentage than I do.

As to the subject of the wage increase to $15 – my first thought was, Seriously? Be assured, I respect anyone doing an honest job regardless of what industry it’s in. each worker, each job has a place in the greater American community. However, people make choices in their lives, and some situations are out of an individual’s control, or a combination of both. I chose to get an education, and my mom would’ve kicked my butt if I EVER mentioned not going to college. To get me through, she worked two jobs, often leaving the house at 7:15 AM and getting home at 11:15 PM. I worked in the summer, and when I couldn’t get a job because the country was in a downturn in 1975, I went back to school to get a programming degree after taking out a student loan (which I paid back in less than a year after I graduated – it freaked out the bank, who didn’t have experience with someone paying off a loan in full before the first payment was due).

I started at the bottom rung of tasks and salary, and worked my way up by working my butt off and making social and emotional sacrifices. But that was okay: there was that carrot at the end of the rainbow when I’d achieve my professional and personal goals. I chose to not marry and have children: on occasion, I regret that, but it was a choice I made. Had I not made that decision and married and had several children, I wouldn’t have what I have today. But that life didn’t come without a price. No one’s does.

People choose to not pursue a better education. They choose to marry. They choose to have children. They choose their friends, and where they live, and what they buy. Choices. We all make them, and I for one do not wish to subsidize someone else’s choices to any greater degree than I do today with my taxes and my spending money.

PS I’m having a Michael Corleone situation right now. From his famous quote in The Godfather III: “I get out, and THEY PULL ME BACK IN!” Seems my old boss wants me back and I may be employed again very shortly. So much for retirement …

Jim McAllister said...


It’s a shame, Obama, by himself has all but destroyed McDonalds, not understanding Corporate or Franchisee, marketing, how does one make a Happy Meal that lets those with little enjoy something out…………….totally unaware of the robotic revolution that will take these people jobs anyway. When I was kid, maybe 8th Grade, you could get a burger, fries and coke w/change!

The sad thing is, these are students, union folks and anarchist that are getting paid to do this, while the Franchisee is trying to take care of employees and these people impeded hos business.

Have a great weekend.


Jim McAllister said...

From Ken,

U r telling me thw world should work this way ? Thanx, but not in MY WORLD. $25/HR.... NO,BUT $10/HR. IS EXACTLY THE SAME AS INFLATION FROM WHEN I ENTERED WORK FORCE IN 1961. MIN. WAGE WAS $1.00 HR.

Jim McAllister said...

Jim, your article on the protesters is so very correct. One of our granddaughters has passed the law board in AZ and WA State and cannot find a job,. These young people wanting higher pay will find out that there will be fewer jobs available. I have read that there are restaurants closing in Seattle, where that law passed - $15.00 an hour.

As you said, they don't know history nor economics 101.


Jim McAllister said...

Hi Joy,

As always it's great to receive your comments.

It is getting silly with the liberal nonsense we have under Washington now. Everybody is looking for a free ride; they want pay increases without the responsibility of new tasks. That's not the way thew world works as they are finding out. If they want double pay they will have to earn it not get it handed to them. I hope companies like McDonald's holds the line.

I saw that about Seattle and their $15 minimum wage. As you said, a lot of places will close so what will the workers do then? No common sense with those people.

Pat Sajak says it best: When I had minimum wage jobs, my goal was to better myself, not to better the minimum wage.

My best to Duv and Utah.

Steve Cimino said...

Jim, long time no post from me!

I read all of yours normally on mobile devices but I'm finally at a 'puter to give feedback.

And I want you to re-read my second sentence.

The people protesting are only going to drive technology to supplement, and then eventually replace them. I'm not quite sure why the fast food industry hasn't by now, my guess is some type of neighborhood or corporate community that without a doubt has contributed to their success.

I watched a show on History tonight that the theory was the main downfall of the Roman empire is that so heavily relied on slave labor they had no interest to invest into newer technologies to make things newer, faster, better. Saw your blog and it's not hard to see when profit margins fall how much is it to write a script to replace a person.

I've argued in the past with CJ, but let's face it -- back in 1909, actual traffic cops were replaced with "Dumb Policemen", or traffic lights as we know them now.

I think the way to change it is to prove your worth is better -- you'll make yourself higher, and then you can affect change in your company.

Collective bargaining and high wages, well, that just drove those evil corporations (like the ones liberals love, Apple, to overseas outsourced labor.

And as the darling left's idol Steve Jobs said, "You opened the genie. Those jobs will never, ever come back to these shores".

Hmmm. Careful what you wish for I s'pose.

CJinPhoenix said...

Not sure if Steve is taking another jab at me or finally conceding a point. Oh well. I am still surviving.

I agree with your point that this push for $15 an hour for fast food workers is a bunch of bull, Jim. And I have consistently voted against raising the minimum wage ever since I can remember. I just do not agree with most of your reasoning behind it.

Since I am still on the bottom few steps of the economic ladder to success, despite plenty of education now, a lot of unrewarded & often repressed talent, & a boatload of work experience in multiple industries ... I believe that my opinion is pretty informed & my perspective is definitely unique on this blog in particular. And here are a few points:

1) If what I heard on the news about the protesters is indeed true, then those were not just fast food workers protesting. Many of them were paid protesters & the whole thing was organized & orchestrated by labor unions. And from my perspective, this whole country is beginning to look like a depressed mid-western town or a mining community in the hills ... & labor unions are largely to blame. At least in those parts of the country they are. Let's not make the problem national.

2) Yes, HELL YES, technology is replacing workers right & left these days. There are whole industries that have fallen off the map &, God knows, computers have only replaced a few of the jobs that are lost at each step. Most recently, I heard that car dealerships might be on the way out because people want to buy cars online now. But at this point, that is not the whole problem ...

3) Freaking health insurance is out of control in this country. I just got to a point where I am eligible for private insurance again & I had a rude awakening. While my company will pay for the bulk of the premium, the insurance company wants me to pay 6 whole months net pay before they will cover ANYTHING so I would literally not be able to afford even a visit to the doctor after paying my share of the premium. And God help me if I do need a hospital visit or an expensive test because I will be racking up thousands of dollars of debt per year ... Tying back to my last point now, even those companies & institutions that would continue hiring real people instead of employing technology are having second thought because of the cost of insurance these days. And need I remind you that I lost my last good job because I was the only one in my department that didn't have health insurance from an outside source? The company is still there, btw, & the other two guys in my department are still working for it. Both have health insurance thru their wives.

4) Finally, before anyone says it, I do not blame Obama entirely for this grossly complicated mess. But you'd be correct to say that he has done nothing, nothing, NOTHING ... to make it better &, in fact, Obamacare has made it worse.

So that's my two-cents. And, no, you cannot have more of my money. Not you, not fast food workers, not insurance company executives ...

Mike Slater said...

Jim, liberals and liberalism has got to be a mental disease. There is no other explanation.

This idea of raising the minimum wage to %15 an hour is crazy. I found it funny when one of the protesters said he can't raise a family on minimum wage. well duh, minimum wage isn't meant to raise a family.

When I was working as a bag boy in a grocery store for a minimum wage of $1.60 in the 60's I knew that's not what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

CJinPhoenix said...

I went a little off on a tangent, I see. My main point was that I believe minimum wage workers are not going to make their circumstances any better by raising the minimum wage &, in fact, they would hurt everyone including themselves by making the already out of control cost of living go up.

Jim McAllister said...


You bring back memories. One of my first jobs was for $1/hr. at a local Cincy deli putting away bottles and general maintenance work. That was from '57-'60. When I got out of the USAF in '65 I worked at the same place clerking while going to college and was making a big $1.50/hr. I worked hard construction in the summers of '66 and '67 and made $2.20.

When I got my first job as a peddler for Lever Brothers after college graduation in '69 I got $140/week and use of a '68 Ford station wagon. A couple single guys started with me and they got $135! I told Barb it was worth marrying her for that extra fiver!

Ah, the good old days. Not much money but Budweiser was only a buck a 6 pack and gas was .25 a gallon.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, one would think they should at least have to know the language. The unions are probably behind all this nonsense but it will backfire. No one will pay $15 and hour minimum age. Obama even only asked for $10.10!

Jim McAllister said...

I agree, Allen. Our society has lost its pride when all people want is more money for doing the same thing. For whatever reason they feel entitled to more. What a joke that is; we grew up thinking that to get more one had to do more. Not so much like that today. The old time American worth ethic is disappearing.

Pat Sajak says it best: "When I worked for minimum wage, I wanted to better myself, not better the minimum wage."

Jim McAllister said...


Once again we are in agreement. Absolutely on the flat tax. Obama would cringe over that losing all that money the govt. has no business having. It's ridiculous that so many people have to pay more for the privilege of being successful. Why should they be penalized? It cost Romney dearly when Mother Jones got that tape with his comment about the 47% but he was right.

To people like you and me $15/hr. sounds crazy and it is. Read my comment above to Dave and Dave's comment. He, I, and you all shared the same childhood earning philosophy of low pay and now they want $15?

It sounds like you are becoming valuable after all. They keep letting you go then realize their mistake and call you back to save their asses again. Maybe you should make some demands since they always want you to bail them out! LOL

Jim McAllister said...


Great to hear from a fellow Air Force guy again.

Good point about mechanization taking a lot of those jobs. Many years ago New York had the automats where a few workers would slide food into windows and people would insert coins to get it. No personal service at all. I can see that type of concept returning if these protesters get their way. Even McDonald's can't afford $15 an hr.

As you say, traffic lights are a good example of how mechanization takes over. Gas station attendants are also a part of ancient Americana too. I never thought I would see women dressed up for work with dresses and high heels and pumping gas in the rain but there they are.

Dylan was right: "The times they are a-changin' " and I think the union jerks and whoever else is influencing these idiot workers will see some backfire that they feel is unpleasant.

Jim McAllister said...


I think there is no question about it: The unions or some other organization are probably behind the protest.

I heard recently that Tesla is trying to sell cars online or at least direct to customers to avoid what they call the extra expense of a dealership. I doubt if it will go anywhere but I never thought radio would disappear too! So, we shall see.

The way things are going a lot more jobs will be disappearing; I don't know what those workers will do.

You're right about healthcare. Barb and I pay $359 a month through AARP and some more to another account. I hope I never get to where I can't afford it. You're right about Obamacare; I hope we never have to deal with that.

Jim McAllister said...


Once again I'll quote Pat Sajak: "When I was working for minimum wage, I wanted to better myself, not better minimum wage."

Fortunately most people who are successful feel that way. The losers just bitch and moan and cry to the a-hole Obama to give them something for nothing.

If Hillary wins, it will be more of the same. It's sad that she actually has a chance. Too many losers wanting something for nothing.

CJ Phoenix said...

Here is a link to the survey I heard about, Jim, although I actually heard about it just the other day on KTAR:

They also mentioned that certain restaurants are toying with the idea of going automated. Point is, not even the service industry that Bush proposed as our economic savior is safe ... Nobody is safe anymore. Even retirees are not safe anymore because the health care industry & insurance have their hopes pinned directly on the nest eggs of retirees. Then when that money is gone, it is all coming down. Mark my words.

Jim McAllister said...


I think a lot of people have been turned off with high pressure salesmen at car dealerships plus they probably feel that bypassing the dealer and his expensive physical plant and employees can save a lot of money. That may be true in a way but I would sure hate to have to take my new care to some shade tree mechanic to have service done. The guys at the dealership are trained to fix certain cars and its worth the expense.

I've read about what Tesla wants and I can't blame them in a way. They can make a lot more money dealing direct rather than having to pay commissions to dealerships but in the long run I don't think it's a good deal for them. If a Tesla needs work in Phoenix, who will fix it?

I know that when I buy a new car, I like having the security of the experts at a dealership working on it especially since new cars have good warranties and it doesn't cost any thing extra for repairs during the warranty's life. I deal with a guy at Chapman Hyundai and he has been a big help to me with any questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim!

What these protesters do not realize is the fact that if they succeed in their demands and the $15 wage is dictated by law....that there will be a glut of very educated people applying for the jobs which do not require automation. A person fresh out of college is currently without many choices in getting an hourly pay of that addition....if the protesters get their $15 an hour.....they will also lose out by being in a higher tax bracket....either way....they shoot themselves in the foot!

Steve Cimino said...

Oh and in New Jersey it's illegal to pump your own gas.

Go figure. Jersey. Smdannhead

Jim McAllister said...

Good points, Sonny. They are all impulsive and not smart enough to figure out that result. The they will have something new to complain about. Endless cycle.

Jim McAllister said...


Sounds like good old east Coast union BS.

Jim McAllister said...

From: Dr. John, Scottsdale

Something to Think About!

Low military pay was not mentioned in the State Of The Union speech.
However, increasing the minimum wage was for those fast food employees striking for $15 an hour. Let's do some math:
At $15 an hour Johnny Fry-Boy would make $31,200 annually.
An E1 (Private) in the military makes $18,378.
An E5 (Sergeant) with 8 years of service only makes $35,067 annually.
So you're telling me, LaTisha McBurgerflipper, that you deserve as much as those kids getting shot at, deploying for months in hostile environments, and putting their collective asses on the line every day protecting your unskilled butt!?
Here's the deal, Baconator, you are working in a job designed for a kid in high school who is learning how to work and earning enough for gas, and hanging out with their equally goofy high school pals. If you have chosen this as your life long profession, you have failed. If you don't want minimum wage, don't have minimum skills.

If you can read this, thank a teacher. If it's in English, thank a Veteran.

Anonymous said...


I have to disagree with you to some extent on this matter.
One must keep in mind that there are multiple levels of workers in the McDonalds chain, and some through no fault of their own may never rise to a higher level like management.
Personally I think that a family of four, with the main breadwinner earning $12.50/ hr. (or $26,000 per year) can survive at a tolerable social level. He or she can pay the average $1000 a month rent.
Fifteen dollars and hour – no! It’s simply not necessary or in any way reasonable. But I see $12.50 per hour as a reasonable pay rate – considering the continuing cost of everything in today’s world.

Jim McAllister said...

From Rick:

I'm sure that in a huge populated area in Maricopa County Arizona that there should be plenty of high paying jobs that will pay the rent, utilities, car payment, insurance, buy food, etc. and without making fast food into a career choice. There's lots of good jobs in this economy!

Jim McAllister said...

From Rick:
Good news, Jim. I just read that McDonalds is in financial trouble and is closing hundreds of stores this year! So don't worry about those career choices now.

Jim McAllister said...

Yeah, I read yesterday that they are closing 350 stores. Times sure change; they had it their own way for a lot of years and had a good product. I used to eat at one in Kansas City when I was in the Air Force. It was when they still had outside walk-up windows. Two burgers, fries, and a shake for 55 cents!

Rick Kepple said...

I've had to work fast food before within the guidelines of Social Security disability. We had a "Reasonable Accomodation" agreement under ADA rules. Heck, even writing for a living is about impossible anymore. Our neck of the woods is losing 5,000 jobs just as I predicted on years ago, and soon fast food and Walmart will be about it for jobs. Everyone else will wind up on disability. And my grand plan to create a music business failed. And after all the insults, family turning their backs on me, the house fire, and I'm done. I'm living in the barn and people gave zero dollars to help me. So why should I help anyone else? I'm disabled. I don't need to do anything because I've paid into this early retirement, even when I worked at McDonalds.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, most of the jobs being created in Obama" economy are part time jobs because of Obama care. Small business doesn't what to hire people because of the cost for health insurance.

Can't wait until Obummer is gone. Just hope to hell the dumb people in this country don't elect Hillary.

Jim McAllister said...


$12.50 is a bit steep. Be more specific about "through no fault of his own" because if a guy has a family that can't be supported on $12.50 he should have thought of that before he had a family. Either that or maybe his wife and/or kids can get some sort of work to pitch in a bit.

It's not McDonald's problem if the guy is over extended through no fault of theirs.

Jim McAllister said...


If the voters haven't learned a lesson from the failure of Obama that they go right out and vote for Hillary, it's their own fault for putting their collective heads in the sand about how this country fails under a Marxist leadership.

Obamacare has been a proven loser but a lot of people are getting free stuff on our dime and I'm sure they don't want to risk losing that ticket on the gravy chain.

However, the Republicans worry me too as they are proven wimps against Obama. The sweeping election win by them last November hasn't meant a thing. They rule the House and Senate yet they sit back and vote for anything Obama wants such as the aoman who is swucceeding Holder. She has said she will be just like Holder but the Reps just fall in line.

It's frustrating.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I'm with you on the Republican Party. I left the party almost 15 years ago and went Independent. I got tired of people like John McCain. Haven't voted for him in years. Now it seems Flake is going to be the same way.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm about to go independent too. With 10 Repubs crossing over and voting Lynch in as AG, I've pretty much had it with them. Winning Congress meant nothing; they may as well admit that they are scared of Obama and afraid to oppose him.

I don't know if anyone in the gang of Repubs who have declared for president can beat Hillary. She is totally worthless but liberals will always be liberals and vote for whoever has the most giveaway programs. How else could a guy like Obama ever get two terms?

Rick Kepple said...

What is your motivation to picking a candidate? Gee Alex, I'll take What is Money for five hundred. we're old and of no longer of any use to the society that we helped to create. Sucks don't it? Our opinions don't really matter anymore. It's the cold hearted psychopaths who really run this world and they don't care in the least about people unless it's for their image and to make even more money. And then their handlers take the credit for the idea that they stole from someone else, because they too are scrambling to keep their jobs. Yeah, they'll put on a show to make it appear that they care, but it is all for show, because they'll let their best friend starve and it's the world we live in. People do not change until they absolutely must. I did, but only because I had to change to survive. So I'm guessing that times are getting worse for you. Told you. It must be hell groping in the darkness to figure out what decision will work in an uncertain future. Well trust me, that even if you knew what would happen, it wouldn't change much. The brains of people are hardwired to predetermined behavior and that's just the way things and why people just do not change until it's too late.

Rick Kepple said...

I just read that McDonald's is closing 700 locations now. Having learned from the Jim McAllister school of economics, capitalism is revealing the collapse of the government and nation.