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Sunday, January 18, 2015


It was jaw dropping embarrassing to watch the sorry exhibition of James Taylor singing “You Got a Friend” with "Lurch" Kerry standing next to him in his $5,000 silk suit. While other leaders walk arm in arm outdoors with the French to show their solidarity, Obama continues with his wishy-washy, unconscionable bad manners by presenting that demonstration.  I guess he was too busy freeing guys from Guantanamo so they could fight us again.  James Taylor? PLEASE! I guess The Monkees were busy.

One would think that with two years to prepare for the 2016 election, the Republicans could come up with someone more attractive than Romney but, there he is, announcing that he may be giving it another shot. Someone needs to shout at him full volume:  “MOTHER JONES!” In case you have forgotten, it was the Mother Jones tapes that played a big part in his 2012 defeat when he was recorded saying he didn’t care about 47% of the population because they paid no taxes. I’m sure the Dems have that statement set up and ready to roll next to the photo of the dog on the car roof.  
Other possible hopefuls include Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Rand Paul (Snore!). I wish Ted Cruz could gain some traction. At least he is no shrinking violet. Dr. Ben Carson? Nice guy and intelligent but has no chance.

Times have changed when it comes to naming children. Of the top 100 names given to Arizona boys born in 2014 number one was Noah. It’s not a bad name but it seems a bit unusual for a number one name. Perhaps more people are reading the Bible and discovering the guy who built the ark; probably not. Other top 10 surprises: 10th: Jayden, 7th: Sebastien, 2nd: Liam. Maybe Johnny Cash would not mind being named “Sue” after hearing those handles.

I realize golf is a serious sport that takes pride in its heritage, manners, and the honesty of players when they enter their scores on the card. I watch golf almost weekly on TV and am amazed at the ability of those guys to play one of the most difficult games on the planet so effectively.  Winston Churchill once stated that (and I paraphrase), “You must put the ball into the hole with implements ill suited for the purpose.”

As serious as golf takes itself, the Phoenix Open has been an exception to the rule on the 16th hole where it has become a madhouse of cheering taking place in a stadium setting.  The players love it as do the fans.  The players throw prizes like hats and gloves to the fans after they tee off and there is plenty of cheering and booing based on the success of the shots toward the par three hole. 

Unfortunately, much to the disgust of most fans, that action will no longer exist. Already the Tour has stopped the caddie race to the green a few years ago. It was a lot of fun for all and remains a nice memory. Now, the rest of the fun will stop. The PGA needs to reconsider and let the 16th be the 16th!

The Super Bowl: After watching the Seattle-Green Bay game I would like to see Seattle go all the way.  That was a great comeback they made against the Packers and I'd like to see Russell Wilson get his second ring.


Arizona Dave said...

Jimmy Mac,
Nancy & I sat in back of the 16th Tee in about 1993 when there were no bleachers anywhere on the 'short' Par 3...that's just 22 'short' years ago....and when a group came to the tee, a guy in back of me stood up and said "Run Forest Run" to a PGA golfer named Scott Gump...and then the same guy hollered "May The Funk Be With You" to Fred smiles on the pros faces in those days...Oh how times have changed.

Enjoyed your article...I'm pulling for the Phoenix Cardinals in next year's SB...remember when they were the Phoenix Cardinals...just one year way back in 1988.
Hi to Barb!!!

AHiredGun said...

Please, please, please let the GOP nominate Romney, Bush, Perry, Paul or especially Cruz. If so, it will be a lot of fun listening to the whining for the next 4 years after the 2016 election. Heck, even Biden could beat those guys.
Maybe if the GOP learned how to field a decent candidate who wasn’t a Tea Partier or panderer to the far right wingnuts, it might have a chance. Oh wait, I forgot, the GOP doesn’t have any candidates who qualify.
Seriously though, the GOP better learn to work with the Democrats because they are hurting the Country and won’t be able to spin the blame forever, especially after Obama is gone.
Happy King Day, even if I’m working.

Glo, 2015 said...

Hi Jim. Good selection of musings, as usual.

Painful is an inadequate word to describe the Kerry-Taylor debacle. I’m sure a whole lot of people in the world were laughing and shaking their heads. Even if a song could be considered a ‘good’ idea – James Taylor? Maybe I’m one of the few people to have come of age in the 70s but never thought he had much talent, and he has such a flat, toneless singing voice. Yuck. On the other hand, I would certainly rate him above Idina Menzel – I will go berserk – absolutely freakin’ BERSERK - if I hear her high, nasaly voice screaming “Let it Go!” one more time. I guess I’m also one of those rare people who didn’t care for Frozen … (hands down, Ratatouille is the best animated film ever made!)

Romney needs to Let it Go!  He’s lost twice and for very good reasons. At this point, however, I think that it will almost be a given that the GOP wins in 2016. I don’t know if I’d vote for Hilary if she runs, but I’d cut off my own ballot hand before I’d play a part in letting another Bush into the presidency. Perhaps it is guilt by association, but the last Bush was a doddering fool that got us into a war we had no business being in.

I like biblical names, as well as Liam (if only because I swoon whenever I see Liam Neeson in a movie – had a Liam marathon this past weekend with my DVDs). My favorite boys’ names are Christopher, Alexander, Zachary, and Michael. My favorite girls’ names are Alexandra, Alyssa, Victoria, Norah, and Sarah (has to be with an ‘H’). I have always disliked my own name, Gloria, but I guess it could have been worse back in 1953. I demanded that Mom call me Bonnie for a couple of weeks in 1968 after the Bonnie & Clyde movie came out. And I miss the good old days when black parents didn’t name their children Quvenzhane, LaQuanda, LaPrecious, Eshaya, DeWanna, Shaquille, Damontre, LaMeisha, Shaniqua, Rashad, MarShon, Aunjanue, Antwon, or Kahbeera.

I’m sorry, but I have nothing to say about golf or football: my life is totally sports-less, and I like it that way. I think golf may be technically an interesting sport, but silly (sorry again). I just don’t get football at all. If I had to pick a sport to follow, it would be basketball because there’s a lot of action and the teams are always moving.

By the way, I am doing well although I can’t lose the weight I out on after the operation/radiation. I have decided to not travel out of the country this year. Instead, I’ll make my annual pilgrimage to South Carolina to see my bro & SIL: they are celebrating their 50th anniversary in April. I gave them a voucher for two r/t plane tickets to come out to see me (they’re coming in September), and I made a 150-page leather-bound book online at Walgreens about 1965 with info on events month by month, films, TV, music, births, deaths, etc. It also contains a single flashback page to the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and new millennium, and includes family photos through the decades going back to the 1920s. I am taking them to Savannah for two nights with a stay at the Westin Savannah Golf Resort (yeah, yeah). The only sticking point in my life right now is that I may be out of a job after March, but that’s okay too – I can stand spending the summer in my pool every day. 

Jim McAllister said...


The 16th has definitely changed and I think the PGA makes a mistake messing with it. The fans love it and although it strays from the usual serenity of golf as we know it, the players seem to enjoy it. I see no harm in letting it stay wild but the big boys seem to disagree.

Remember when Tiger got the hole in one there? He is back this year for the first time since 2001. It will be interesting to see how he does. I think Jack's 18 majors is safe. Tiger is 39 with a lot more competition now; I don't see him getting 4 or 5 more.

Jim McAllister said...


I have to agree; the GOP has basically no one. It's hard to believe Romney is even considering it with Mother Jones and all the rest of the stuff waiting to slam him.

The other guys are basically oatmeal and have no chance. Our one kicker is the recent elections where the Reps dominated. One would think that would give Obama a clue as to the popularity of his ideas but being the ego freak he is, he doesn't get it.

Now he wants to raise taxes on the rich again for more of his giveaway crap. He is clueless; you don't piss off the people who want to grow their enterprises and provide more jobs. In his mentality, rob the rich and give it away as handouts.

He has no clue about human nature. that's why fast food workers who feel that is a career job think they should have their pay doubled. Where is the common sense with this guy?

I think he is the biggest embarrassment we have had in the WH since Carter.

LMarcisz said...


Entertaining potpourri of thoughts, as usual. Missed the James Taylor entertainment. No great loss. The GOP sorting out of candidates is actually quite simple. The big money business Republicans will unite around Jeb Bush, rank and file Republicans be damned. Perry and Cruz will self-destruct during primaries. Christie will appeal to eastern and midwestern moderate Republicans but will be absolutely unacceptable to the Conservative wing of the party. Romney will go in one of two directions: the big money and business elements of the party will probably pull him into a nice, quiet dark room and give him the traditional Republican lecture: "You had your chance. We backed you. You didn't deliver. Don't mess this up for us by splitting the party. By the way, which ambassadorship would you like?" If Romney withdraws, the way is cleared for Bush. If Romney stays in, watch Paul. He has a definite libertarian following among the grass roots. It's not enough for him to win outright, but with big money investors split, he has a chance. He will make the big money players nervous. Also, don't rule out Wisconsin's governor if the primaries get messy and murky. If he opts in he will have the backing of Reince Priebus, the party chair, and that means money and influence and shoes on the ground. Also, he would be appealing to the business sectors of the party, has not alienated the social conservatives, and has a proven track record of winning against heavy labor opposition -- something no other Republican candidate can claim. If you want a great read on how the Republican party really does business on the ground and in the back room, get PAC MAN by Robert S. LaBrant, available at Amazon. LaBrant is a lifelong Republican operative and grandfather of the Citizen's United case/decision. His short memoir is a primer on how you take the battle to the Democrat opposition, particularly Big Labor. Well, enough cracker barrel philosophizing. Off to enjoy this wonderful, global-warming induced winter AZ weather!

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the comment. I hope all is well with you.

Taylor was laughable sitting in a studio with Lurch off to the side while the other leaders walked with Hollande in support. Jimmy Carter says Obama was a legit no-show because he just got off vacation and probably had a lot on his desk. LOL Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe this stuff really happens.

Someone has to tell Romney it's over; he can't win. I just don't see anyone else who can win it; certainly not Jeb. I like Cruz because at least he has balls but that is about all. I perspire when I think of Hillary getting it. It would be the same old liberal crap if she got in but I see no Dems that can challenge her.

Names have sure changed over the years. "James" is 20th in AZ and my brother "Robert" is at 78. "Hudson" is even in the top 100 at 94.

"Gloria" didn't make the top 100 but "Genesis" did at 62, "Daleyza" was 60th, "Brooklyn" was 27 and "Ximena" was 42.

It's gotten to where defunct car models and boroughs of New York have become names.

I have to praise you for your never give up philosophy. If more had your attitude there would be a lot less unemployment. You have to ability to come up with something and forge on. You should teach a course in "How to cut out whining and get in gear."

Best of luck and have a great trip back east.

Glo, 2015 said...

Jim, My course would be very short and to the point: Suck it up and deal with it.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the comment; always good to hear from you. I was asked to speak to the DAR of north Scottsdale last fall and my Stoneman Road knowledge came in handy. That was a good time we had on that.

That's interesting about Scott Walker of Wisconsin. I remember him getting reelected a couple years ago and was surprised he did so well in that state. Maybe he could be the proverbial dark horse the Reps need. At least he appears to be a good family man who knows how to speak in a public forum.

I'm with you on the usual suspects: Jeb, Christie, Romney, Perry, and Cruz are non starters. The old rock star Lou Christie would probably poll as well as Chris Christie if he was still alive!

I'm sure Hillary will get the nomination from the Dems but I don't see her as a shoe in. After these major defeats in Congress for the dems the whole thing could be interesting unless the reps totally screw up.

I'll check out LaBrant's book; sounds interesting.

Mike Slater said...

Hi Jim. That Kerry James Taylor thing was a bit embarrassing . An aging hippy
Singing that dopey song You've got a friend. A better song would have been Judy Collins Send in the clowns.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree! I haven't heard of Taylor for years. I think he used to be married to Carly Simon who I also haven't heard anything of recently.

They come and they go.

midnightsstaff said...

Greetings and best wishes for another profitable (or is it Prophetable?) New Year to all who tirelessly labor and unselfishly volunteer to redistribute their own ill gotten gains for the well being of those noble souls who cannot provide for themselves or their many times fractured families.

Great thanks are once again in order for yet another unsurpassed year of greater expectations realized.
Tonight the fearless leader of applied democracy addresses a breathless nation awaits his genius and prophetic vision.

Our triumphant six year long record of abundance and improved conditions naturally brings confidence that as patriotic fellow tax mules working in concert for a glorious future under the excellent tutelage of our fearless leaders the coming year will once again prove beyond all doubt the wisdom and insight of our glorious leader and his patriotic advisers.

If there were a God in this nation I believe we all agree his name would be Barak.

Perhaps once the upcoming show trials stage our glorious leader has alluded to have been completed, (which will certainly be highlighted in tonight's address along with a stirring recount of last years unparalleled victories over capitalistic malfeasance and crimes committed against the citizenry), then and only then the roadblocks to a bountiful abundance of the fruit of our true objectives of equality for all will be realized.
..after all it is the enemy of the State who ceaselessly and insidiously offends with their unending, baseless allegations and outright fabrications that we are not well on the way to glory with our eight year plan- to that diatribe of treachery I point out that our government provided statisticians prove otherwise.

It has been a glorious struggle with hard fought gains just now appearing due to the treachery of wreckers such as the Tea Party operatives.
As our enlightened and heroic leader charts our perilous course through the troubled waters of discontent now surfacing all across Europe-(after all they have brought it upon themselves with an irrational skepticism of what Islam offers any nation that embraces it)- we finally will see the true intellectual superiority of his method.

I am delighted to see Chief Commissar Joe, our local collective's legal authority has not been dissuaded nor fallen victim to the traps and innuendo the capitalist swine have offered as specious allegations against our glorious leader;
Citizen/Comrade/Commissar Joseph (no doubt named after the last truly glorious historical leader of the USSR) has in fact seemingly redoubled his efforts as did the mythical horse Boxer, a stall worth champion of collectivism who with a vow of working ever harder right up to the end for the collective goals- once again comrade Joe has demonstrated his allegiance to concepts few growing up under the oppressive iron fist of capitalism will ever understand or appreciate.. well done Chief Commissar, your tireless efforts are duly noted.

midnightsstaff said...


And Gloria who I once found troubling with her unenlightened views of personal employment as a means to success can now enjoy the opportunity many all across this land have already experienced.. a possible early retirement.

Congratulations Comrade Gloria, perhaps with this new found windfall of time to reflect you will begin to appreciate the wisdom of the miracle that true centrally controlled, top down inspired labor growth provides.

I am confident eventually you like other recalcitrant skeptics mired in long dead concepts will see the wisdom on display of the enlightened method of our masters.

I admit you were particularly resistant for quite some time, in fact throughout your life; but we all need to realize that the periodical burning of the ancient fields has been proven to have a long term regenerative effect on the collective- you may not recognize the advantage at the moment but with careful study of the facts available- perhaps with the wisdom comrade Joseph could provide- I'm sure in time you will agree.
I predict that within a few short years of witnessing the wisdom of our new course the nation is on you will regret ever penning those hurtful words.
.."Suck it up and deal with it".. obviously at this point in your metamorphosis you still have limited compassion for those who see the need for equality in their honorable battle with those who now enjoy plenty.

I have less faith that Mike will ever see the light as to the overall wisdom of the new normal, he seems to be regressing further than ever and in fact hopelessly resistant to a stage of enlightenment as others now in the sixth year of endless possibility have found.

His thought crimes of slaughtering feral swine must include some diabolical, irreligious conspiracy to deliver the carcasses or their animal matter to unsuspecting religion of peace enclaves and pollute the memory of the Prophet.. the authorities must keep a sharp eye on his and other like minded non participants in our glorious future, and deal with irrational resistance to necessary positive change such as he displays for the collective with a zero tolerance philosophy in response.

The mere existence of the threat he represents to our Islamic friends who are spreading their faith and encouraging the inevitable replacement of fraudulent Christian ethics and values cannot be underestimated- or 'misunderestimated' as one disgraced interloper has identified and coined the phrase- just a few short years when we were suffering the effects of a nation long mired in overt capitalistic dogma.

This is a glorious day comrades, we share a bright future indeed if only we can for once and for throw off our chains of oppression and abandon those scurrilous and selfish principles that has led us to the point of democratically demanding a new beginning.

Pax Obama.g

CJinPhoenix said...

I think the names have become more traditional lately myself. Names & the naming process go thru phases, always has & always will, & I have the family tree to prove it. Back in the days before you, Jim, I had whole branches of my family that loved the strange names -- for instance, Tack (no he didn't look very sharp in pictures), Flossie Alabama ("Aunt Bam" according to my grandma), & Lafayette (who later chose to be just "Fate" after he served in WWII & decided he HATED the French) ... But you know what? It makes them easy to find in the census & other historic records; Much easier than some of my other branches that named every other kid John, Mary, James, Samuel, Sarah ... You simply would not believe how many John & Sarah Ewings there were here in the early 1800s! And they all seemed to have kids named Samuel & John ...

What does burn me a little is when people take a perfectly good name & use it to death. Take Olivia, for instance. I always wanted to name a little girl that after my favorite great-grandma &, finally, I have one in my granddaughter. But now everyone is doing it. It sucks. And I always kinda liked my given name because it was rare when I was growing up. But now there are boatloads of people named after me.

Jim McAllister said...


As always, thanks for your usual astute and accurate description of our great leader, Comrade Obama.

I couldn't bring myself to watch his typical nonsensical bullshit about his latest endeavor to strip this country of any respect it may have had before his ascendancy to the throne. With his usual giveaway the doorknobs attitude, he now want to give two free years of college away. What the hell, he wanted to pay for women's screwing devices; why not fun for all.

Fortunately the Repubs have Congress for two years so they can negate some of his crap but after he is either assassinated or fills out his last two years, I'm sure the dems will be back in power after 2016 giving the door knobs away to gain popularity. Have they installed a bidet in the WH for Hillary yet?

The hell with efforts being made by students to earn their tuition and self respect, let's rob the rich people who have worked to be successful to pay for everything; no strings attached.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm with you on names being used to death. For a while years ago, I think that every boy born was named "Sean" or "Michael."

For the girls "Megan" was really hot for quite a while.

Words and names catch on and they are all we hear for a while. I would love to see the term "Awesome" expire soon. It is well worn out.

Jim McAllister said...

Allen West covers it well with the following:

What President Obama espoused last night is a disregard for the efforts of individuals to succeed over his desire to promote collective achievement.
His vision is not an America based on an equality of opportunity and the pursuit of happiness. Obama’s objective – truly that of progressive socialism – is one of equality of outcomes through a government guarantee of happiness. And that, ladies and gents, has never ended well in the history of the world.
And as far as his comment that climate change is the biggest threat we face. When did climate change ever behead an American?
Steadfast and Loyal

CJ Phoenix said...

Did you see Mickey Greenberg's obit in the paper yesterday?

midnightsstaff said...

I must have missed the speech by the One-We-Have-Been-Waiting-For the other night, was he on time and did he have anything to say- did he look particularly stoned?

My ex bride loved "Sweet Baby" James Taylor and exposed us all to his plaintiff warbling, but she liked Janus Joplin and Southern Comfort as well- usually at the same time.

I consider both entertainers (at least the survivor) part of the clutter of the sixties, along with Cat Stevens who is now some islamic apologist if I remember right- things change and so do we.

I remember a story where a little boy told his mom "I want to grow up and be a rock star".. and his mom said- "sorry, you have to choose one or the other, you can't do both"..
Looks like SBJ has proved that beyond a shadow.

Golf has changed mostly for the worse over the past few decades I guess by expanding into and embracing the great unwashed along with former pig hunters; tennis which once resembled either a day at Superior Court or the Queen's games held in the Royal Courtyard now looks more like a British soccer weekend.
Long gone are the traditional whites, bans from yelling obscenities from either the clay tennis courts or spectator stands- long gone are the no spitting and no visible tattoos rule that everyone seemed to respect.
Tennis proved once and for all that evolution and refinement is a myth- devolution in sports paralleling the slouch into Gomorrah is reality.

We now see that culture must be protected and defended from the corruption of the masses or suffer the boorishness behavior common to the commoner; as we see today, sports have proved that reality again and again.

Do like I have Cj and simply change your name which has the added advantage of throwing the creditors off the trail for a while.
I think the traditional method of having strangers and even stranger relatives pick something as personal as one's name is a symbolic, barbaric, contemptuous relic of a forgotten past.

Why not have everyone at their bar mitzvha (or coming of age Kalashnikov presentation ceremony if they are muslims) announce they want to be named Barak, Miley or Aaron, either after a political strongman, the non thuggish quarterback currently surrounded by thugs, or the ex Patriots receiver now doing state time for murder 1?- it's your choice kids..

For the ladies, give them the option of naming themselves after a great entertainer to be admired for her talent- I can envision a nation of Miley Beulah McGillicuttys.

I admit I was tempted to rename myself once I realized the gay and lesbian cabal had hijacked my own given handle and turned a traditional noble nickname once reserved for burglars and stickup artists into the laughing stock of America's confused tail wagging dog intimidation. least my last name isn't Gay- so I suppose it could have been worse.

See you at the collective tractor wash and shovel accounting this weekend Jim, I understand we are celebrating six years of victorious progress and noting the final overthrow of the capitalist dogs- it's to be an evening with much oratory praising the dear leader for his excellent vision, it's rumored we will also hear the announcement that the chocolate ration has been increased from 30 grams to 25-

.."Forward kulaks, ever forward"..

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I was born in 1951 and the popular name at the time was Michael. I never like the name. We we had our son I was not going to name him Michael. We finally settled on Travis.

Jim McAllister said...


I didn't see the notice on Mickey. She and Bob Amento gone withing a couple weeks of each other.

I'll say one thing for Mickey; she didn't take any crap from anyone. Bless her memory.

Thanks for letting me know.

CJ Phoenix said...

Now I am going to keep looking for Bodo's obit. Not hoping for ... but certainly keeping my eyes open.

Jim McAllister said...


I admit that I check now and then for Bodo too. It's just a curiosity thing. He is or was truly a once in a lifetime character. I doubt if his level of bad manners and irritability could ever be duplicated.

Jim McAllister said...

I remember James Taylor in a film that was made for about $1 in 1971 called "Two Lane Blacktop." He co-starred with Warren Oates as two guys racing each other through the Southwest in a '55 Chevy vs. a new GTO Pontiac.

It was really well done on a low budget and while pro actor Oates was outstanding, Taylor held his own. Critic Leonard Maltin rated it 3 1/2 stars.

Maybe James should have pursued acting.

Cat Stevens? Had a few decent songs but the Muslim thing finished him off.

Jim McAllister said...

Sad report today from baseball as the great Ernie Banks has died at 83. He was Mr. Cub and I was fortunate enough to see him play a lot of games while I was a kid in the 50s and the Cubs came to Cincinnati to play.

God bless Ernie. I'll always remember his great line: "It's a beautiful day; let's play two."

Rick Kepple said...

I read a website this morning about helpful rules of doing business in the Middle East. The men holding hands doesn't really work for me. It's like the mainstream music business in the U.S. and who you know that knows somebody and all that. So this would be the reason that the Republicans contacted Iran and Obama is trying to be the great American Statesman. And I'm wondering if maybe he doesn't see a little of himself in the frustrations of the ISIS warriors because of memories of poverty. However, ISIS warriors are mostly Middle Class and not poor folks. I looked that up too. I think President Obama is emotionally conflicted and it's affecting his decision making, but after researching it, there doesn't appear to be a law concerning replacing him with the VP for that reason.