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Saturday, February 15, 2014


by Rip Rense
(Originally published in the Los Angeles Times)
"In youth I wassailed neighb'ring pubs,
but now reflect on friends gone by."

--from In Repose, by Will Fowler 

I went to visit a waning landmark the other day, in the company of a living landmark. It's an elegant way to witness history.

The landmark I visited was Chasen's Restaurant in West Hollywood. The landmark that took me there was 72-year-old Will Fowler. Chasen's, of course, is one of the last of the great old L.A. celebrity restaurants. Fowler is one of the last of the great old L.A. reporters. In Japan, both would be declared national treasures.

To explain the historical importance of Chasen's, which closes tomorrow after 58 years (operating cost, not popularity, is the culprit), one could merely fill this entire space with the names of people who have held it dear. A brief sample: Clark Gable, Barbara Stanwyck, William Powell, Greer Garson, Alan Ladd, Jerry Colonna, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Laurence Harvey, Frank Sinatra, Muhammad Ali, David Niven, Jimmy Stew- art, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Ethel Barrymore, Walter Cronkite, Leo Carillo, Howard Hughes, Presidents John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan. . .

To explain the historical importance of Will Fowler, one could write a book---but then, Fowler already has. To read his autobiographical The Second Handshake and Reporters: Memoirs of a Young Newspaperman, is to wonder about a voraciously-lived life that has touched almost as many diverse and remarkable figures as Chasen's.

Consider these rather varied Fowler resume items: while in his late teens, lived with and cared for a declining John Barrymore for six months; smoked cigars with W. C. Fields at age 13; studied orchestration with Ferde "Grand Canyon Suite" Grofe; wrote a hit song for Doris Day ('He's So Married'); acted in B-movies in the 40's; while working for the old L.A. Examiner, was the first reporter on the scene of the so-called "Black Dahlia" murder Jan. 15, 1947; news director for George Putnam at KTTV in 1960; comedy writer for Red Skelton; Jack Dempsey's godson; was "one of the best of the great barroom fighters," as another of the last of the great old L.A. reporters,   L.A. Times columnist  Jack Smith, said of his long-ago colleague in Reporters.

In the late 1930s, young Fowler drank plenty of martinis at Chasen's, which was, more or less, a cozy diner presided over by the be- loved ex-Vaudevillian founder, Dave Chasen, and his gorgeous wife, Maude. Into this homey atmosphere, thick with the aromas of new-lit cigars and burbling chili, regularly retreated members of a kind of round table of somewhat battered wayward knights: principally Barrymore, Fields, artist John Decker, writers James Thurber, Ben Hecht, Robert Benchley, boxing great Dempsey, legendary sportswriter Grantland Rice, directors John Ford and Leo McCarey, pie-faced actor Jack Oakie, actor Thomas Mitchell---and the man who usually brought them together, Gene Fowler.

Gene Fowler, of course, was the fabulous Hearst newspaperman and Hollywood screenwriter who became one of the most revered authors of his time. He was also Will's pop, and, as Will still reverently proclaims, "my friend."

These mythified figures, whose achievements and characters are barely comprehensible to today's generation, enjoyed their privacy, and their alcohol---two items liberally provided by the kindred host of their round table, Dave Chasen. Will was the group's sturdy 'designated driver'---as he was mine, one recent evening when we went to Chasen's to bid farewell to this one-time sanctuary, and any of its lingering ghosts.

"It's like looking at a Roman ruins with the extra stuff put on, like the Sphinx with a new neck," said Fowler, surveying through trifocals the glittering palace that the modern Chasen's has become. "You want to see it as it was; you want to go back. You're reaching out, but your arms aren't quite long enough."

Fowler couldn't even find the entrance anymore; we sort of lurched in through the kitchen, like a couple of big-shots accustomed to the back way. We were nonetheless smartly greeted---not, sadly, by Dave Chasen, who passed away 25 years ago---but by a dapper young gentleman named Scott McKay, who turned out to be Chasen's grandson.

"Some of the employees swear that late at night, they still smell Grampy's pipe smoke," said Scott, who told us he holds out hope that a smaller, more intimate version of Chasen's might return to the development that will soon occupy the Beverly Boulevard site. "I believe he's watching over this place, and would understand what's happening now."

Scott poured Fowler a glass of brut, then escorted us straightto the heart of the restaurant, Dave's very office, where his dearest friends were often invited to dine. Many of those very friends were still on hand---smiling deathlessly from black-and-white photographs that left barely an empty space on the old pine-panelled walls. Chasen himself grinned from one, proudly frying burgers in the original kitchen.

"Here's Uncle Claude! My God!" Fowler suddenly exclaimed, spying an amateurishly printed, grainy old photo of a shirtless W. C. Fields, posing as a boxer. Fowler, who by his own admission has come to rather resemble Fields, is living dis-proof of the great comic's fabled hatred of young people; W. C. so admired the teenager's alacrity with gin and cigars that he anointed him honorary nephew, even permiting use of his hated middle name.

"You know what? I took this picture!" said Fowler, barely believing his memory. "It was in his house on DeMille Drive. Uncle Claude had a punching bag. I had a hell of a time getting him to take his shirt off. Gee, that's amazing. That knocks me out. I printed that thing myself, when I was a kid! About 1938. It's been here all these years."

He stared at the photo long and hard, almost as if waiting for Fields to unleash that permanently cocked left jab. "Uncle Claude and I were sitting here with Ben Hecht one night," Fowler continued, "and Ben told the story of a guy in Chicago being executed, who insisted that he be allowed to wear full tails and tie. When they were ready to put the noose around his neck, they asked him if he had any last words. He said, 'Not at this time.' And Uncle Claude went crazy. He thought that was absolutely marvelous."

McKay graciously left us to commune with other spirits that might be present, there in what 91-year-old Maude Chasen still calls the restaurant's 'inner sanctum.' Fowler's thoughts, however, kept coming back to his long-missed Uncle Claude, and another honorary uncle, Barrymore. Random observations spilled out, almost as if talking about the departed figures might conjure them up. (I looked over my shoulder more than once.) Both men, he recalled, would enthuse effusively about esoteric cuisines, but like many tragically dedicated alcoholics, rarely partook of solids. Fields, in particular, championed Chasen's crepe suzette, yet usually left it untouched: "He just didn't want it to interfere with the alcohol."

"And Jack Barrymore," Fowler added, "loved to read cookbooks, but he would never eat! I'm famished when I drink. That's probably while I'm still alive. After I drink, I love to eat." He hoisted his champagne glass. "Cheers!"

Chasen's-as-refuge cannot be more poignantly---or amusingly--- illustrated than with Fowler's account of rescuing a Barrymore as ravaged by marriage as the bottle:

"Barrymore used to call his wives his bus accidents. When he was married to his fourth wife, Elaine, we drove to his house, off Benedict Canyon. We went in---Tommy Mitchell, John Decker, Pop and me---and Jack came down to answer the front door. He was wearing the bathrobe he wore in 'Topaze,' and Pop said, 'We've come to rescue you.' He didn't even take off his bathrobe. We brought him here! And that's how we got him away from his wife. It was just like getting him out of prison."

The memories eventually seemed to surround Fowler, his words unable to keep pace with the images on the walls, and in his mind. Mile- stones were relegated to a scant sentence. It was in Chasen's, he announced, that Gene Fowler---author of the lovingly penned Barrymore biography, Good Night, Sweet Prince---insisted on filling out the actor's death certificate himself. He somehow substituted gentle and touching prose for the chillingly detached patois of the physician. It was also in Chasen's, Fowler noted, that his father drafted the tribute to W. C. Fields published in theHollywood Reporter Dec. 27, 1946. A still fresh-looking copy of the ad hung in the office, in part proclaiming: "To the most authentic humorist since Mark Twain, to the greatest heart that has beaten since the middle ages---W. C. Fields, our friend." And it was in Chasen's office that Will and his mother dined with Dave shortly after the passing of Gene Fowler in 1960.

"It's a strange thing," Fowler offered, with the tone of a benediction, "to be hit with all these things attacking your memory at once. It gives you such a wonderful, warm, melancholy feeling."

With that, we left the office and its paper-thin haunts, took in the celebrated Thurber sketches in the men's room (delightfully ribald), then adjourned to a table famously reserved for the explosive, unpredictable theatrical agent of bygone times, Billy Grady. There, we did what you're supposed to do at Chasen's: drink, have some freewheeling, sincere, and inconsequential conversation (ours covered the spectacular late 20th century spoiling of earthly paradise, and the symphonies of Bruckner), and eat some of the justifiably famed chili. From other tables, more typical specimens of the evening's clientele, dressed to the nines (I would rank our wardrobe somewhere around the fives) seemed to regard us with something akin to wariness and disdain, like dogs that sense a coyote isn't quite canine.

We opted to slip out as the nattier crowd thickened, and in an exit that seemed somehow appropriate for a couple guys who came in through the kitchen, we headed for the front door. There, seeming to bid us adieu, was the John Decker oil portrait of Fields-as-Queen Victoria. Resplendent in regal gown and jewels, Uncle Claude haughtily scowled over the perfumed heads of chi-chi folk crowding in for a last Chasen's meal.

Fowler sniffed, assessed the scene, and in a line worthy of Fields, or possibly the author he so admired, Charles Dickens, declared: "A collection of strangers in a stolen hermit crab seashell."

And as my designated driver proceeded to cruise L.A. streets through which he once escorted grander guests, I couldn't help but think that Dave Chasen's little diner had, for a final time, offered sanctuary to the last of those somewhat battered wayward knights of long ago.
(Copyright Rip Rense, 2002)

Thanks to reader "Randy" for the submission of the above.  Great memories about guys from the "old" Hollywood.  They were quite a group compared to now.  I can't imagine Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mark Wahlberg even getting cast in the days of guys like Errol Flynn, John Barrymore, and Clark Gable.  JM

John Barrymore, (1882-1942)


Jim McAllister said...

Great column. Thanks Jim

Jim Johnson

Larry Rupp said...

Well done, James.
I'm old enough to remember seeing or reading about many of the celebs mentioned here.
Never saw John B. in a movie - just clips, but loved old Lionel.
Those guys lived a life of debauchery - wow, what I'd give to try that!
I'd probably only get to debauch a little before my wife brought me home at gunpoint!

Rick Kepple said...

Yes, excellent. Bravo.

Jim McAllister said...

Thank you, Jim.

Those guys knew how to party. Bill Fields didn't get that red schnozola from a sunburn!

Jim McAllister said...


Barrymore was a great star who somehow managed to live until 60 in spite of his bad habits.

My favorite films from him are "Grand Hotel" 1932, "Dinner at Eight" 1933, and "Twentieth Century" 1934.

They are shown on TCM occasionally and are worth your time not only for Barrymore but for the cast of great stars he worked with like brother Lionel, Marie Dressler, Jean Harlow, Wallace Beery, Carol Lombard, and others.

Jim McAllister said...

Thanks, Rick. Glad you enjoyed it.

Those guys didn't live long but they enjoyed the time they had.

midnightsstaff said...

With all the cigar and whisky socializing it's amazing Hollywood could ever get any movies produced.
I think they call them "The Golden Years" Jim, and just like the fifty five Chevy Nomad we probably won't see them again.

.."It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice.
There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia"..
Frank Zappa

Yeah the bloom is sure off the rose as far as Hollywood 2014 is concerned- WC might get scared straight dealing with this crowd.

Jim McAllister said...


Those guys knew how to party. Flynn died at 50 on a yacht off Spain with a 17 year old chick and Barrymore died at 60 a hopeless boozer.

Field's action was about the same. He made it to 66 after dropping over in 1946.

What the hell, that's not bad for all the fun they had: booze, babes, and bucks!

Anonymous said...

If memory serves, 'Last Call' for W.C. was ironically on Christmas Day, in '46 as you noted below, just 1 week following my entry into the world!

midnightsstaff said...

Old goat eh?- that makes you about a year older than myself..
..of course an accurate estimate would mean taking off my sox so- close enough for govt. work.

Best time on earth to be born, as a boomer- born into a much freer system.

I don't know Jim, when you change one word in .."booze, babes, and bucks!" to "drugs, babes, and bucks".. that sounds like the sixties; and isn't that the era everyone likes to point at and claim ruined America.

I think the sixties were the best of all decades- we just made some wrong choices.

ArizonaDave said...

Very good Jim....I would say the 50s & the 60s were the best in Hollywood and everywhere...nobody had much but each other.

Memory of yesteryear...Humphrey Bogart sitting under that tree near the 12th green at Riviera with a brown lunch bag watching all the golf pros play the 12th hole....and the winner in those days got a check for $ 500....yesterday, Bubba Watson took home $ 1,200,000 but didn't get to see Bogie under the tree.

I miss the good old days...Thanks for the article.

SteveBuzzardo said...

Jim, great article

"booze, babes, and bucks!"

not much has changed, just look at Justin Beiber. Only difference now they have less talent. oh, and more ways to get high.

Mike said...

Being born in 1951 I never watched the old movies. I do watch TCM from time to time but don't really care for black and white movies.

Jim McAllister said...


It looks like your parents missed by a couple weeks of having you as a 1946 tax deduction.

You and my wife are close on birthdays: She was born on Dec 21 but it was in 1944.

Jim McAllister said...


Hell, I liked all the past decades. I wasn't so stiff and sore like I am in this one.

If I had a fave it would probably be the 70's. By then, I had some dough and some good party time plus was young enough (29-39)to enjoy it. Plus, smart enough not to do anything stupid. Ok, Ok! Maybe I shouldn't have grown the mustache!

Jim McAllister said...

Arizona Dave,

When they showed the Bogie tree on TV it sure brought back memories of going to the movies to see him.

He was the best of the heroes and anti-heroes and died way too soon at 57. It's hard to pick his best role but Roy Earle in "High Sierra", Sam Spade in "The Maltese Falcon", and Rick in "Casablanca" come to mind quickly.

Trivia: What was the last film he made where he didn't get top billing?

Jim McAllister said...


Guys like Bieber are laughable. he couldn't carry Bogart's jockstrap.

Jim McAllister said...


Most of the best movies ever made are in black and white. Forget the color and look at the story and the actors and the moods that B and W confer.

Mike said...

Sorry Jim but when I saw Bonanza in color in 1959 I was hooked on color.

midnightsstaff said...

Hoss at first sight..

midnightsstaff said...

Sobering thought that everyone on that show is now dead, or at least most of them..

That was a time when right was right and wrong was what it was- I along with you mike consider the Cartwrights part of my generation.
.."This is the big one.. Elizabeth.. I'm comin' home"..

I remember watching a lot of horse operas when I was a kid in black and white, I believe The Lone Ranger was and most of the great Roy Rogers type of movies then were b&w- not to mention "The Honeymooners" and Red Skelton.

Alfred Hitchcock was the Ansel Adams of the big screen.. he knew how to set a mood.

I dare you to watch Sands of Iwo Jima and tell me that isn't great art..sappy and obviously a little over the line in parts, but they were telling a story about when the Marine Corps was full of real men. sure got my eighteen year old attention.

Jim McAllister said...

Mike, Somehow I don't think I'm convincing you!

Bonanza? You could have at least said Red Skelton!

Mike said...

I'm a lost cause Jim.Deb's with you though she loves the old B&W movies.

Mike said...

I see the Red Menace left a few comments on a blog of Robert Robb's blasting the Republican Party.

She must be still pissed about losing that election in 2010.

She claims she didn't leave the Republican Party the Party left her. I imagine the Party was more than glad to be rid of that loon.

midnightsstaff said...

Well mike, when all you have is a hammer everything turns into a nail..

The Red Menace is still trying to gain traction with that loser of a notion of the Republican war on wimmin nonsense,
Democrats need victims like a vampire needs blood.
And when none are available they create them out of thin air or resort to imagination.

Somehow in Robb's comments section she manages to mangle the question of are Charter schools siphoning off enrollment from public indoctrination centers as a forum for bringing up wimmin's rights- supported with some obscure example of GOP excesses in Georgia politics.

.." I now believe that vouchers disproportionally serve the wealthy and will lead to the re-segregation of our schools. Moreover, attempts to profit off the back of public education through public charters (lack of transparency) and STO's by Arizona Republican lawmakers, voucher activists, and their corporate supporters is wrong and immoral"..

I can't decide if this is a case of inductive reasoning or false analogy.. probably a hybrid- either way her reasoning is laughable.

Paula's self projection as to the level of Republican tone deafness is specious and transparent- to wit:
Statist operatives always accuse others of the very acts they are guilty of to obfuscate the argument.

She is a Statist pure and simple, and in the statist mindset no idea can be allowed audience that does not conform to the authoritarian dogma of oppressive Statist conformity- they lean on consensus (mob rule) over reason to reinforce their edicts and perversions .. so once again she looks the very fool.

It's sad to watch someone make a public ass out of themselves in the name of political ambition, yet that is the only leftist tactic the Red Menace has mastered to this point..

Blind ambition unless checked and corrected only leaves one blind.

Jim McAllister said...

Is it true that the menace was the real author of Beatles' 1960's hit "I'm a Loser."?

The title fits her perfectly but just in case she didn't write it she is still a loser of the utmost supreme.

midnightsstaff said...

The Beatles were epic Jim, never joke around about any of their work-
..have you no respect?

She is an interesting study, like all big government types she has not just desire for respect but an actual lust for power, and big government is the only source one can tap into to really rule over others.

I don't get it but evidently she has the idea that Kavanaugh is low hanging fruit, where she got that idea is anyone's guess- too bad all that misdirected energy.
The Ruling Class is that big organization that George Carlin was talking about.
..and she ain't in it.

.."it's a cookbook"..

PROUD said...

Middy, it's simple logic:

Kavanaugh may be low hanging fruit,... but he's head & shoulders above road signs....(baby steps ;-)

BTW, I'm posting this as a public service to PRE-explain how Hillary will get elected in 2016:

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah.. I agree- these free shit army morons have learned nothing- they will happily jump on the Hildabeast bandwagon if we actually get to vote again in '16.

Jim's right, there are too many people, especially on the east coast.. but that's gonna change.
..meanwhile the annual get-out-to-vote for the school bond crowd is already organizing.

PROUD said...

Now that even the low info voters are starting to realize that "free" healthcare isn't free, and that families are NOT saving $2,500 per yr.

Look for the Gov to change tact and upgrade the "free" Obama phones to include unlimited: talk/text/data/contraceptives/travel & entertainment/sexual re-orientations/hair plugs/house&car payments/

All delivered on their new, improved, healthcare . gov, lightening speed, *17-G network*.

*The 17 is a symbolic tribute to our "dwindling" national debt*

Jim McAllister said...


You nailed it. Those are typical morons and they aren't alone. Leno has been showing them for years and their numbers getting larger which is why you are right: Hillary will probably win.

Like Middy says, they are all members of the "free shit army" and their numbers are growing since birth control is a subject they don't understand.

I have a standard quiz I use on these dumb asses: I ask them to name all the 20th century presidents in order. Pretty simple stuff, right? No one has ever gotten it right.

midnightsstaff said...

Hell, half can't get the current administration right.. it has to be a multiple choice question just to generate a response.

Jim McAllister said...

As for the menace, she is a chameleon looking for a forum.

If the Republicans knocked on her door today and said they would like her to run for them and gave her a million bucks for her campaign, she would say adios to the Dems in one second. Make that LESS than one second.

It's all about the forum. It's what chameleons do.

midnightsstaff said...

well after two periods Canada leads the US by a goal.. not bad so far but both look like they just don't want to make a mistake instead of pushing the issue- why Yandle got overlooked by Brian Burke with his great power play blue line movement and ability to push the puck up ice is a mystery to me.

I pick the Canadians to win the gold.

Politics is a farce Jim, gone are the days of disagreements between the parties; they are both riding for the same brand.
..anyone that believes voting makes a difference are living in fantasy land.

Mike said...

Jim, naming all the 20th century presidents is easy if one has half a brain. Of course for liberals and low information voters that could be a problem.

Sean Hannity used to do a bit on his radio show called man on the street interviews. He'd ask questions about government. They asked one bimbo how many Justices were on the U.S. Supreme Court. With a straight face she said 29.

She must have been a product of liberal public education.

Going on my javelina hunt tomorrow with my son. Hope I get one because at my age I'm not into all that hiking and walking anymore.

PROUD said...

Now THIS, is the kind of entrepreneurial thinking that made America, and capitalism....GREAT: (Build a better mouse trap: 4.0)

midnightsstaff said...

To read the story within the story I would bet that 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei is an Asian name.

I love great stories like this one!

The Asians seem to be able to teach their kids to make lemonade out of any situation.
Instead of being caught up in the negative politics about some situation they decided to make reality work for themselves..

In ten years in a normal economy these entrepreneurs would be running a small business.

In an Obama new normal economy it might take longer- but these sharpies won't be the ones first looking to government for a hand out.

Pogo like Frank Zappa was just before his time.

SteveBuzzardo said...

Is it true that the menace was the real author of Beatles' 1960's hit "I'm a Loser."?

LOL, good one Jim.

She reminds me of the nutjob Abortion Barbie running for governor in Texas.

midnightsstaff said...

See what you've done Jim? now you have Steve making light of the Beatles...

..evidently you are a bad influence.

whoops I'm getting that tap on the elbow.. it's whisker lickin's time..

midnightsstaff said...

Where is Sean Penn, Glover and the rest of the commies in Congress who praised Venezuela and their enlightened system of government?

Evidently the people actually living there and not just showing up for the royal bj and breakfast feel otherwise.
They are rioting, this video shows them being killed in the streets by government mercenaries, and no media will cover it.
This is the exact reason our masters are so hell bent on taking our weapons, this is coming onshore eventually and they know it.

Yeah the world is just fine DingleBarry.

PROUD said...

Deja Vu all over again?

Anyone remember The Battle Of The Sexes? Tennis star Billie Jean King beating a less talented, has been, self promoting, Bobby Riggs.....

Well, we may be getting a newer version. Tony Stewart is trying to arrange a race between 32 year old female, racing star, Danica Patrick, and 76 year old legend Richard (The King) Petty, (who hasn't been behind the wheel in a race in 25 years). Should be fun,(If the King doesn't get killed)...

I predict this will do more to help Hillary in '16, bring about a resurgence of Helen Reddy's, "I am woman hear me roar" , and possibly re-launch sales of Virginia Slims cigarettes, much more than it will help Danica's disappointing NASCAR career:

(It may be good to be king, but at 76 it's better to stay alive....and who would want tho help Hillary?)

midnightsstaff said...

If Patrick wasn't a girl she would be working a valet job nights.

I have the feeling Dicks geriatric impulses will kick in and force him to stop for a mandatory nap mid race or possibly to drain his radiator a couple of times, she hasn't hit that wall yet so I would put my money on the honey this time.
Now if we could get Nancy Pelosi and Nick Wallenda to walk across the Grand Canyon on a tightrope for charity.

I would pay good money to watch that one- Ladies first.

PROUD said...

My money would be on Patrick. 32 year old reaction time / reflex trumps 76 year old ones, and in a sport where a millisecond off puts you against the wall, youth trumps 40 year ago talent/.....

Pelosi on a tight rope? if she fell the botox clean up / removal from the canyon floor would be expensive and time consuming....As a patriot, However, I would volunteer to help... :-)

Jim McAllister said...

The menace has her 30 year old photo on the editorial page of the Republic today since they printed one of her Tweets: "Here we go again! More bad press for Arizona #SB1062, extremists and zealots continue to run our government."

As always, she is too stupid to know when to shut up. The chameleon never stops changing colors.

midnightsstaff said...

How would you like to be the spouse of one of these perennial wannabe political whores?

Bad enough having to put up with endless political pestilence as a normal citizen without having all this inside baseball crap swirling inside your own house and no plunger in sight.

If the Democrats are serious about her they will come up with something from the NSA files they have generated on Kavenaugh and smear him with it.
Democrats can't run on issues, they have to run a smear campaign.. and it usually works.

Too bad no decent person will put themselves through the liberal media wringer; that leaves only psycho or sociopaths to run for office today.
This clown was an ASU professor and a retired Jersey cop.. shouldn't be too hard to dream something up even if he doesn't have baggage, this might be fun but like I said I have no idea if she is backed by the DNC or just another loose screw acting as an independent concierge hoping to earn a party stateroom on the Titanic.

.. with her car always on the side of the road with the lights flashing my instincts say she might just need a jump.

Whoops, there goes that war on wimmin talk again.

Jim McAllister said...

....she might need a jump. LOL good one!

I don't think the menace has been jumped lately. She probably couldn't get jumped in a men's prison with a handful of pardons.

I met her husband once. He was a quiet guy and she said he was a Republican. How does he do it with her screeching all day.

Jim McAllister said...


The weird thing about the Riggs-King match was that a few weeks before Riggs had easily beaten the number one woman in the world, Margaret Court.

At the time ESPN reported that Riggs had thrown the match with King because he owed some gamblers $100,000 dollars and a loss would wipe the slate clean.

Who know; he was only 55 at the time and may have been able to beat her easily like he did Court.

Jim McAllister said...


That hag Davis in Texas is comical with her liberal nonsense. It's hard to believe that a woman would want to kill a baby that is 26 weeks in the womb. By then it is a person with fingers, toes, etc., a full fledged human being that is being murdered.

As the great golf announcer Peter Allis would say: "Ms Davis should have been smothered at birth."

Mike said...

Since the Red Menace can't win any elections she's taken on the roll of being a community agitator. The only people that would listen to her are probably as bat shit crazy as she is.

midnightsstaff said...

Wake me up when one of these gasbags actually starts cleaning out some legislation instead of trying to expand an already unwieldy code.
For cryin out loud there is a new federal regulation being created every eight minutes seven days a week with no holidays now.
No one can understand the law if it is piled on top of another conflicting statute.

Didn't Nancy Pelosi promise to drain the swamp or something like that?
Nothing short of doing what Gen.Sherman did to Atlanta will ever have any positive effect on the Washington DC mosquito refuge.

Yeah her answer to stale campaign signs was to pass another layer of government dictate.
Thank God the government only runs at 75% max any given month, the more time they stay away from their desks the longer our remaining freedoms exist.

midnightsstaff said...

.."When a candidate for public office faces the voters he does not face men of sense; he faces a mob of men whose chief distinguishing mark is the fact that they are quite incapable of weighing ideas, or even of comprehending any save the most elemental — men whose whole thinking is done in terms of emotion, and whose dominant emotion is dread of what they cannot understand.
So confronted, the candidate must either bark with the pack or be lost...
All the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum.
The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men.
As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people.
We move toward a lofty ideal.
On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron".. Henry the Great.

Which leads me to the truth that no one wants to admit; the downfall of this nation began with giving women the right to vote.

It was the fatal wound to an already damaged Constitution; Woodrow Wilson was shepherded in much the same way Bill Clinton was by way of a third party spoiler candidate named Teddy Roosevelt.

So the puppet Wilson was placed by the European and American bankers and history took a decided turn for the worse. don't have to say it but everyone knows it's true- just like with abortion Jim, there's simply no way to win using reason with women voters at the polls- they are emotion tethered creatures.

midnightsstaff said...

..and yeah sadly most of public school victims don't know any presidential history, I can go back to Wilson but before that it's just a fogbank of mediocrity as far as I am concerned.

Kennedy was our last real hope and you can see where that got him.

midnightsstaff said...

..a stunned silence fell over the entire herd..

midnightsstaff said...

Dear Abby.
..(from the American Thinker comments section).

.."Hello, I need some help.
My kids and I hooked up with a guy who said he loved me.
But right after the ceremony he turned to me and said I would have to change.

I didn't think you could love someone and want to change them fundamentally.
Then he grabbed my credit card and ran up massive bills even my grandchildren won't live to pay off.
He said he did that to fix my finances.

Yeah, my ex left me with some big debts, and my current partner says the only way to fix my financial problems is to drive me into debt even farther and faster.
But then I found out most of the money he's spending is going to his pals.
I've been a good and responsible neighbor long before he came along, but he's told everyone in the neighborhood that they've been right to hate and resent me for my bad behavior.

So I'm undecided and I have a question:
do you think he loves me? Or should I scrape him and his pals off the first chance I get?

PS.- I'm sure he loves me.
What do you think?"..

Signed America's women voters.

midnightsstaff said...

The war on wimmin continues..

..anyone with fantasies about working with female inmates or the state of our first welfare nation take a look at this babe.

Rick Kepple said...

I read that the military post is laying off about a thousand employees and another thousand soldiers are moving.

My wild turkey flock looks good. The deer numbers are up around my area.

I'm gonna have to increase the gardening and can a lot of food this year. Probably can up some fish caught with the kayak.

Just wish I had a good tractor and other equipment. There's a lot of work to do this year. Jen and Dale both are down with injuries.

Thanks to Obama for telling me the truth that the economy is going to take years to recover. If it ever does.

midnightsstaff said...

How do you know he wasn't lying about it ever getting any better Rick?

Mike is out shooting pigs this morning or I'd ask him but as far as I know Arizona Wild Turkey still comes in a bottle.

Well once snow grudgingly gives way to mud in that little piece of heaven called Missouri you probably should get busy expanding your garden or finding someone with extra you can trade for and can all you can for next winter..

Rick Kepple said...

Sorry Middy, but unless you have other evidence, I'll just take Obama's word. It might be the wrong decision, but then I guess the Elite should have thought of that, before destroying the United States with their greed.

I have preparations to make for a lengthy bad recession. That means no money for predator lenders, or their investors.

A sheriff deputy said that lenders are becoming like mobsters and add to that the thieves and violent criminals that will rise out of this bad recession. They will all be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Yeah, I guess if good quality equipment shows up on the farm, then I guess I'll have to see about getting out of the music business and back to normal.

I got this used Squier fat Strat and it stays in tune, the intonation is perfect and it costs almost nothing. Pretty rare.

I don't believe that Obama was lying to me. And I'll be looking for that farm equipment. A Polaris four wheeler is necessary too. Thanks.

Mike said...

I've said for years that women shouldn't vote and posted that on AZcentral. Boy did I get bashed.

Giving women the right to vote, the federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps and all other entitlement programs have ruined this country.

PROUD said...

This just in from Frank J. Fleming:

"It would be easier to tell if people were criticizing the president only because he's black

If he weren't also so aggressively incompetent"

:-) Word

midnightsstaff said...

Well mike what do you expect?- just look at that article by Laurie Roberts on Brewer signing the bill on gay rights bullying in the AzCentral right now.
Read the comments if you want to see how far purple this state is gone.

Problem is the liberals set up these red herring issues and then Arizona legislatures bite down hard.. they get suckered into proxy social engineering arguments; meanwhile the big heist on our individual freedoms progresses unopposed while the legislature- acting like the fools they are continue to chase shadows.

Of course the rabid leftists believe non gay business has nor should have any rights of association, rights the Constitution and it's literal interpretation of used to protect for us.

.."Hypocrisy is their only product"..

midnightsstaff said...

..yeah neither mike nor I have a snowballs chance in hell of ever running a successful campaign with one of the main planks on repeal of the 19th amendment..
The war on wimmin will continue now that the Republicans have given it credence like every other war America signs onto. like the war on poverty, inequality and drugs, an endless battle with no victory in sight.

did ya get your pig?

Mike said...

No piggy Saturday. That's the problem with going on the weekend everybody and their brother is out hunting.

My son glassed up a herd of 8 but before we could get to them other hunters got there first.

Going back Wednesday. The weekend warriors should be gone and we'll have the place to ourselves.

midnightsstaff said...

Take a five iron and wave it around a lot, they don't see that well so they will just think you are a bunch of idiot golfers..

..try sauntering up close acting like you don't notice them while making a lot of noise and waving your arms wildly; put them at ease and take an am radio along.

A deceptive saunter or even a Oklahoma mosey puts their guard down putting them at ease and you can just whack the big one with that five iron right behind the ear and drop em in their tracks..

Or take a two year old, no one hunts with a two year old unless you lose a bet- it creates an element of surprise in the pig mind.

..gotta use these kind of stealthy tactics mike- I'll admit that disguising yourself as a extra on Caddyshack is not exactly ethical but it works- golfers are always walking through a veritable convention of pigs.

eazy peazy, sleight of hand.. take a look at Obama for instance, no one in their right mind seeing him on the golf course would mistake him for a competent golfer- he looks like he's part of the snake eradication crew always out in the rough wildly swinging at low lying game but it works, keep in mind he bagged his pig.

Mike said...

Actually Middy my son's hunting buddy brought his wife and his 7 month old and 4 year old kids with us on the hunt.

It's been my experience over the years that bringing small children or pregnant women on a hunt is a very bad idea.

Let me be clear, I have never done that but for some reason my son and his buddy think it's a good idea. Then they wonder why they can't get an kill.

Women and children can't be quiet and should never be taken on a hunt.

midnightsstaff said...

Hehe.. attaboy mike, pregnant eh?
Well I can see how he would want her close so she could get to the skinning and pack the meat to the truck without having to chase her down, but I think everyone agrees that a seven month old is about a year early- should have just left him in the truck with the window cracked.

.. you guys must have looked like the stealthy Comanches migrating all over the Texas Panhandle chasing the great Southern herd.

Well better to have wimmin folk out in the great outdoors spooking the game than in a voting booth encouraging the varmints I suppose.

midnightsstaff said...

Miracles happen mike, I know you had a bit of bad luck with that elk hunt last year, but my ex bro in law decided to go elk hunting for the first time one year and took his wife and two kids.
Yep, beginners luck maybe but they brought it home and ate that thing for months, he even kept the steel shoes it was wearing.

They are still hanging on the wall..honest injun.
..Anybody out there?

Mike said...

I just told my son I will no longing go on any hunt with women or children ever.

My son's wife shot a pig a few years ago. There was no skinning or gutting on her part or packing the meat out.

It's like taking them fishing. They won't bait the hook with a worm or take the fish off the hook.

midnightsstaff said...

They got us trained.

just kidding and all but hunting wild pigs sounds like a workout on a good day, more like a forced march if the weather doesn't cooperate.

My neighbor lady saw one walking down the street last week early in the am.. he must have been on one of those all nighters like the local pack of coyotes do every night.. problem with stray cats in this neighborhood.

.."tastes like chicken"..

PROUD said...

Bu-Bye Bitcoin ?

The next big thing maybe a thing of the past? Bitcoin website suddenly disappears:

midnightsstaff said...

You're just jealous Proud that you didn't get in bitcoin when the real profits were made.

For instance I bought this great invisible Monet painting that's hanging on my living room wall with my invisible bitcoins.
Du-uh! easiest investment I ever made.... everyone knows that fine art is an investment.

midnightsstaff said...

Really Proud, what's the difference between a bitcoin promotion and a state run Lotto promotion? is the government selling fantasy, one is private swind.. erh.. I mean "investment brokers!" selling fantasy.

You think bitcoin is bad?
I know idiots investing in Iraqi dinar that are just certain they are nearing a fully funded retirement of an Arab prince.

One clown I know of in the Cal. Dept. of Corrections I heard is selling them as investment grade paper.

..wait until the SEC finds out.

PROUD said...

That's the thing about invisible Monets...They are easy tho acquire, in fact, I just picked one up....

Have you checked your living room wall lately?

People have been warning about the bitcoin, but just as many others have been working hard to get it legitimacy (prolly those trying to turn a quick profit)This blow most likely the death knell...

I never touched them, didn't need to already finely honed my by high sell low technique in the .com bubble....

midnightsstaff said...

..of course these school yard level scams pale with the biggest scam of all of history...
"if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" and "the average family will save 2500.00 a year under my plan"..

Now those are true promotional scams that have bilked millions of dribbling fools and ruined uncounted lives of innocents in the process.
Lies that are effectively shutting down any recovery to our economic condition and insuring our fate as a failed banana republic economy for decades in the future.

..yet his evil cultists continue to support a confirmed serial liar and will parrot the abject lies of this criminal- actually the swindle bitcoin is a piker by comparison- after all bitcoin just ruined individuals whereas ObamaCare will ruin nations.

well, that takes care of my two minutes of rage for this morning..

midnightsstaff said...

.."Have you checked your living room wall lately?"..

Ha.. waht do you think I am stoopid?..

..of course I paid extra and had them insured with the purchase instead of the option to keep them secure in a bitcoin vault in Chicago, my neighbor went all in and bought an invisible mansion with bitcoin and is living in it today down at the city park.

..BTW- it's the nicest bitcoin mansion at the park..

midnightsstaff said...

I am kicking myself in the butt for not loading up on MPC while I was in Vietnam.
They changed the currency from red to blue to flush the system, red MCP was going five to one with the locals and the piaster was worthless.

By now that blue or whatever color it ended up would be two hundred to one eh?

In 1969 the MPC exchange was my first eye opener to what fiat currency really amounts to and the inherent problems the issuer has trying to maintain it's integrity in a fluid, corrupt system.

Just as with the one hundred dollar bill of today (which is backed by only the good faith of the nation) when that good faith is no longer available ask yourself... what is that good faith or that dollar bill worth today?
Once you realize the problem you can see where people are trying to come up with something to counter balance "the problem".

midnightsstaff said...

Hope I'm not cutting anyone off..

Well it appears three of the Republican flavored Masters of Arizona have had a change of heart on that bill they signed onto..

What?- did something change between the time they signed on to now when the utterly predictable and nonsensical political shitstorm heats up on Jan Brewer..

I will take these clowns seriously only if they include a letter of resignation along with that gutless, immature presser this morning.

How about instead of another layer of legislation these champions of the working goy start trimming the scope of government out of our everyday lives and get off business's back?

is that too much to ask?
No wonder the rEd mEnAcE gets traction.. she fits right in this Star Wars bar scene.

BTW- who was the last competent female public official in this state? ..Sandra Day O'Conner??


midnightsstaff said...

talk about one of the great clips of Hollywood..
and even better..

Faye Dunaway always did look like some kind of sorta creepy doll to me..

Mike said...

Middy, that's the nice thing about living in Sun City, no cats. With the coyote population we have cats wouldn't have a chance for 9 lives.

Now if they would take care of the yapping wiener dog next door I'd be happy.

Rick Kepple said...

"Women and children can't be quiet and should never be taken on a hunt."

That's generally true, unless the women and children are from Missouri. They can probably teach a hunting guide a few tricks.

I just read that Connecticut's new gun registration law has made hundreds of thousands of legal gun owners into felons. Our parents predicted this would happen and it is becoming real.

Dad used to say, "Registration leads to confiscation."

I read a good article from Cheaper Than Dirt, saying that the SHTF kit needs to contain ammo that a person can comfortably carry. They gave the weights for 5.56 with clips.

Bodo once told me that Americans would one day cower in their bunkers as his father, a Nazi, did when the Americans disarmed him. Apples and oranges ...

On the brighter side, people are getting more into the shooting sports and helping the economy.

midnightsstaff said...

.."On the brighter side, people are getting more into the shooting sports and helping the economy"..

To be honest one has to admit that Obama has done more to arm America than any other person in history; also his dictates that every federal agency buy billions of rounds of ammunition has helped the ammo industry.

Everyone who watched in horror our nation being turned into a banana republic in five years realizes that the police are not there to protect us, they are there for other purposes like Law Enforcement.

The light came on in rational America's head that they just might have to defend themselves from both local street crooks and the truly dangerous vipers in the Washington District of Corruption.

..maybe those who try to warn this is like the thirties in Germany do have a point.
..and what use does the fed have for billions of rounds of hollow point ammo?
any ideas Rick?

Jim McAllister said...

I used to know all the presidents in order from Washington on up. I would miss a few in the mid 1800's now but I sure as hell know all of them from 1900 on. I wonder how many could even do that.

That's why I both enjoy and despair at hearing these "Jay walking" interviews with Leno where people are so damn dumb about everything other than their immediate pleasure.

Jim McAllister said...

"Giving women the right to vote, the federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps and all other entitlement programs have ruined this country."

You nailed it Mike but don't tell Barb I agree with you on the first item!

Jim McAllister said...


Fleming nails it with his description of Obama. I only hope that voters realize that it's the Dems who elected him twice.

If they take over Congress this year we will all be doomed.

Jim McAllister said...


To paraphrase Pink Floyd, "Leave those pigs alone."

Jim McAllister said...

If you can't bait a hook, you can't go fishing. It all works together.

Jim McAllister said...

What's a "bitcoin?"

I feel like Bill Cosby: "What's a cupit?"

Jim McAllister said...

"if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" and "the average family will save 2500.00 a year under my plan"..

This country is so far gone that a lot of people actually believed that A-hole. He didn't know what "shovel ready" meant so how would he know about health insurance?

He is like a robot: his handlers feed lies into him and he spits them out.

Jim McAllister said...

Mike, That's the great thing about cats: They don't bark.

Jim McAllister said...

Middy, that clip of peter Finch from "Network" is a classic. He won a well deserved Oscar.

I agree on Dunaway; after "Bonnie and Clyde" she looked a bit haggard.

Rick Kepple said...

"...and what use does the fed have for billions of rounds of hollow point ammo? any ideas Rick?"

Yeah. According to Snopes, the government orders ammunition in bulk and saves 80 percent of the cost that consumers would pay.

Social Security ordered 174,000 rounds a few years ago in preparation to shoot starving men, women and children when they cut welfare and food stamps.

I believe that the government is engaged in a war of attrition against the American people right now. They have lots of poor folks addicted to entitlements.

The thing is, hollow point ammo is illegal to use in wartime and yet, the government has more respect for the Taliban than they do the American poor.

Population control. That's what the future holds.

Mike said...

Jim. even Deb agrees that women shouldn't vote because they vote on emotion or looks. Most women don't study the issues or even follow politics.

Yeah cats don't bark but they do shit in your yard.

The pigs were safe today since my son and I glassed for 4 hours today and didn't see one damn pig

Middy, your right about Obama He's done more for gun and ammo makers in this country. Maybe that's what he meant about "shovel ready jobs."

Jim McAllister said...


Those pigs from the past have spread the word around when you guys arrive. They're off hiding until you guys leave.

I always vote for Barb and me through early mail in balloting. She doesn't follow politics very much.

You're right about the way a lot of women vote. I remember how the women swooned over JFK in 1960.

You're right about Obummer's shovel ready jobs. The only thing that is shovel ready is the shit he has piled up.

mike said...

Jim, The problem with hunting pigs is the opening weekend is loaded with hunters. With all the hunters and shooting going on the herds scatter.

Pig hunting is a lot about luck and being at the right place at the right time.

Deb and I prefer to actually go to the polling place to vote. The only time we've used early mail voting is if we will be out of town at election time.

Rick Kepple said...

The Republicans opposed a military veterans bill. Shouldn't oughta have done that.

Rich folks always promise something, then never do it, because they're cheap. They make their own enemies.

Jim McAllister said...


How about all the military cuts Obama is after. He is screwing a lot of military people.

Mike said...

Obama wants to cut the military budget and take that money to give to the free shit army of people that don't want to work and would rather have the taxpayers take care of them. More welfare and food stamps for low life types.

PROUD said...

Copy of my weekly rant from F/B:

Science is (or is supposed to be),an open-ended, ever-changing, equation, constantly evolving as new technologies and techniques are applied.

Example, just last week scientists discovered 715 new planets. Something that could never have happened if politicians like, Obama, Gore had demanded that everyone accept current science as "SETTLED" back when there were only 9 known planets. Mocking, ridiculing any who dared challenged the 9 planet absolute as "flat-earthers", the way they are doing with anyone who dares challenge what they are selling as climate change. Of course our climate is changing...It's ALWAYS been changing, one time the planet was covered in ice, which melted long before the industrial revolution.

Fortunately,some are starting to see through politicians phony claims that only they can TAX THE PLANET COOLER if only we hand them more of OUR money. Here's one such enlightened challenger, founder of GreenPeace (hardly a right wing organization) Look for this person to get a visit from the IRS soon:

Let us review the sales pitch du-jur:

Global Cooling....(became)
Global Warming.....(became)
Climate Change.....(Became???


Rick Kepple said...

I have to find farm equipment soon to get the garden in, because the starving time is coming.

Jimmy, I already knew Obama would cut military pay years ago. Remember? Well now we have Cali that is having some food growing difficulties.

What if there are food shortages and cuts to veterans, military, welfare, EBT and another bailout to Wall Street and banks? Imagine the events that will occur from that. Pray for favorable weather for growing food.

Well, legalizing marijuana will help. People can forget they live in the United States.

midnightsstaff said...

..**Captain's log, Stardate 5928.7**..
.."Having narrowly escaped the orbital entrapment forces of solar system 6.35a6 we have learned that although there are numerous planetary objects that are supportive of life, at this point only one has indicated it possesses a dominate species with the capacity for intelligent thought.
Our brief venture into that system has left us with the impression they are a species entirely bereft of logic or a sense of survival.

It's the conclusion of Command Staff at this time that the dominate bipedal species suffers from a sense of overall delusion leading to overwhelming and irrational self deceptive behavior.

In short as we learned eons ago unsupportable consensus incubated within illogical fallacies combined with intrinsic hubris leads to the continual state of war normally found in non sentient creatures.
This undesirable trait evidently has been institutionalized across the various tribes.

Our recommendations are for the entire galaxy affected to be quarantined and possibly removed outright to prevent any possible contamination to the Universe proper.

So far within the known Universe this appears as an isolated case of mutant behavior that cannot be allowed to infect the responsible nature of the known civilized Cosmos.

Although the surface analysis indicates this to be a simple case of arrested juvenile development, we note that this is the single galaxy with a planet entirely under the control of the primary fallen angel which could explain the level of curious behavior that remains too toxic for further analysis".
..end of log entry..

Rick Kepple said...

I am going to nominate Middy as the United States Czar of Ganja when Obama legalizes marijuana.

Dora used to give me hell for buying yet another box of .22 caliber ammo. Then I got on that morphine and began listening to my friends. I thought it was irrational to believe in my own dreams and sold the thousands of rounds. I mean, I live in the forest. It's not St. Louis.

Do you suppose that Islam will just let go of the United States in 2016?

Take a look at this. President George W. Bush holding hands with a Saudi king and President Obama bowing to him.

I need money to pay for necessary equipment for the farm. Also, Congress wants to tax me for burning wood, since my chimney contributes all that pollution to cause global warming. But I have to burn wood, because it is unseasonably cold!

Also, I need to get a water well dug with a hand pump, because one day I will be taxed for the water that I already buy. I'll be taxed for my hand pump. I'll be taxed for the rain on my land. I'll be taxed for the sweat from my pores.

I hear that the price of well drilling has doubled in the last few years. No doubt to pay for all those taxes!

I fear things are only going to get more complicated. I still need a good deer rifle. I gotta do my own hunting and for now, shooting a deer on my land is free. For now. It's a taxing effort.

Old fellas tell me stories of their grandfathers smoking weed for their rheumatism. The old days of a guy having a farm, a rifle and a good knife is coming back, I fear. And I have a lot of fear. The news is full of it. It makes everyone want to smoke a joint. Just pay the tax.

Defense experts say that I am a high priority target by criminals for my age. The professionals say that the attack is most likely to be sudden, swift and probably in my yard or garden.

When everything crashes, hard drug addicts will need their fix. Cops tell me that they will target the disabled for their drugs.

The VA and Obama doctors want to disarm the disabled. Statistics say that Blacks are most likely to rob us old folks and that would be racial profiling to defend ourselves.

So the most that I can do is raise some vegetables, fruit, create some music, hunt and fish. I'm a Christian and I might be dangerous for things I know. These are weird times and the old rules don't seem to apply anymore. I fear we are on the verge of utter chaos when people completely lose confidence in government and law has no meaning to hold criminals back from complete destruction.

It's a dark day with a winter storm coming in and Jen is hungry. Gotta save the critters for survival food and for now, there is pizza.

midnightsstaff said...

Thank God we didn't roll the dice on this guy who saw Russia for what it represents and holds the military in respect..

nope... better to keep the horse we rode to this never ending Depression/looming world wide war on than to take a chance on some Rich guy who merely knows how to create opportunity for others by creating jobs not just plunder taxpayer money in order to give to his bundlers.

..that was a close one.

midnightsstaff said...

.."When everything crashes, hard drug addicts will need their fix. Cops tell me that they will target the disabled for their drugs"..

how often do the cops want to talk with you Rick?..
most of us go years without ever having to "talk" with a cop.

.."Also, I need to get a water well dug with a hand pump, because one day I will be taxed for the water that I already buy. I'll be taxed for my hand pump. I'll be taxed for the rain on my land. I'll be taxed for the sweat from my pores"..

.."Let me tell you how it will be-
There's one for you, nineteen for me
'Cos I'm the taxman
Yeah, I'm the taxman

Should five per cent appear too small
Be thankful I don't take it all
'Cos I'm the taxman
Yeah, I'm the taxman

(If you drive a car—car)
I'll tax the street
(If you try to sit—sit)
I'll tax your seat
(If you get too cold—cold)
I'll tax the heat
(If you take a walk—walk)
I'll tax your feet

'Cos I'm the taxman
Yeah, I'm the taxman

Don't ask me what I want it for
(Ha, ha, Mr. Wilson)
If you don't want to pay some more
(Ha, ha, Mr. Heath)
'Cos I'm the taxman
Yeah, I'm the taxman

Now my advice for those who die
Declare the pennies on your eyes
'Cos I'm the taxman
Yeah, I'm the taxman
And you're working for no one but me (Taxman)"..

Did you know that John Lennon and Ronald Reagan got along quite well?
It's a pity people don't really know anything about what they think they know.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, nobody said anything about Lennon and Reagan. I'm sure they knew one another, but it's different with national security. It's like the Illuminati, only more secretive.

I don't know anything about Lennon's death. None of my business. He was just another product that was taken off the shelves when it expired. Luckily I can still buy recordings of his voice, so we know that he existed. And his kinfolk can pay the rent. I can't say that Lennon was a good man. I never heard of him feeding the five thousand.

midnightsstaff said...

..Actually I am merely saying that people carry preconceived notions they pick up that aren't necessarily what is.

Most people assume that he was a leftist all his life because they represented change that was happening in the sixties with or without them.

George Harrison wrote the lyrics for taxman which comes from a pretty conservative viewpoint, they weren't necessarily the lifelong rebels conventional thinking thinks they were- what they did was progress through life learning lessons just like the rest of us did.

The lyrics of Revolution are anything but supportive of any counter culture forces in that era Rick.
I lived it, keep that in mind, I and a lot of others here lived through a Carter inspired debacle of an economy first hand- it was the second time I went broke (but not in debt).

There were real revolutionaries like the Symbionese Liberation Army springing up in the late sixties, there was the Weathermen who actually did plot terror and the overthrow of the government and backed their mouth up with bombings.

Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn were a couple of those anarchist bombers- he's the same one now giving advice to the current resident of the White House.
He dedicated his book to Lucifer, nice touch eh?

Nope, I appreciate the opportunity to set a record straight now and then Rick, you usually provide inspiration, so thanks for that. the way you can have the rights to that Stardate 5928.7 riff I posted for one of your upcoming ventures back into video.
I'm still pulling for you Rick, I want you to experience the same success lending to enlightenment John Lennon did.. without the unfortunate ending.

Rick Kepple said...

Maybe and maybe not.

PROUD said...

Watching President Obama issue a warning to Putin regarding Ukrainian intervention, my mind instantly flashed back to 2012,… when President Obama was caught on an open mic telling Russian Pres. Medeved that after the election he would be more…. “FLEXIBLE”.…

Turns out, for once, the President was actually telling the truth….

One look at what happened in Egypt, Syria, with Snowden and now in the Ukraine, And it’s beyond obvious:

Putin has President Obama,… COMPLETELY BENT OVER!

Flexible indeed Mr President…

midnightsstaff said...

Putin better watch his back, there is nothing more dangerous than a cornered queer.

Rick Kepple said...

Yeah, a mobster told me that once, Middy.

"Never been beat up by a queer, huh?" Mobsters in the music industry. Gaysters.

Well, that's just nifty that Putin is preparing to attack some country that used to be part of their empire.

It's really none of my business. People die all the time. It's part of life.

Rick Kepple said...

Mornin' Jimmy, Middy. It's another lovely day from the Ozarks deep freeze. Zero today, 50 tomorrow.

Trout season's open. Spoonbill season will be opening in about a week, then turkey season next month, smallmouth bass season after that and all through this, gardening season.

The natural world is just so very simple.

So how's the stock market this morning? Pig bellies up?

midnightsstaff said...

The market this morning looks great so far Rick, use a lot of catsup on those smiling ducks, helps with the anchovy after taste.

Hey sorry about those four seasons you are enjoying, freezing rain might be the worst of winter unless you count running out of firewood.

Nope we are taking the month off Rick, evidently the posters are still celebrating black history month or the upcoming tax season- two of the big ones in Arizona.
With December being the official war on Christmas month, January being the traditional excuse and cover up month for Christmas's bad economic news, Feb is now devoted to our current slaves so March is probably going to have to be another war on wimmin month unless Joe wasn't kidding about that report he is sitting on.

The left is like a dog that actually caught a car this time.
Jan Brewer didn't bite on that bill last week so they don't really know what to do now; I can't wait until TheRmenace makes her next public statement on the issue because her logic is always unique and interesting in the way a prison psychiatrist's session is usually interesting.

Rick Kepple said...

I live in the forest, Middy. If I cut down a couple of trees, more sunlight hits the forest floor, more tree seedlings start growing, the deer and other critters have better habitat and it's a replenishable fuel source, as long as it's only for me.

However, Congress wants to tax me for my own firewood. That's as stupid as taxing people for the rainwater that they collect!

... until the rivers flow and the grass grow ... and taxed for both.

My roommate Jen, does not qualify for affordable health care insurance. She's a single white female, no kids, in good health and unemployed without benefits. She does not qualify for Medicaid, Medicare or AHC. The middle aged heavy equipment operator has to pay about five hundred bucks a month from her nothing income.

Is there an agenda to make women get married, have kids or irresponsible living? Yeah ...

By the way, it was a wonderful conversation while it lasted, but I just needed to confirm information. Life carries on.

Let's go fishing, Middy, Jimmy.

L said...

While I saw this article a few months? back its a delight to revisit it. Thanks, Jim
Larry Rupp
PS Love martini's and wish I could have experienced the life described herein. Wife probably would've stomped on me, tho.

Larry Rupp said...

Thinking back on the funny things WC said, my favorite is:
"Water? Ah yes, water.
Never touch the stuff. Fish ____ in it"