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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Edd "Kookie"  Byrnes (c. 1959)
Of "77 Sunset Strip," ABC-TV hit
from 1958-1964.  Cooool!                                   

I do not “Tweet” and I do not “Facebook.”  Most of the stuff on those sites are boring to me; especially Twitter.  Reading 140 characters about Kim’s unhappiness with the public for not liking her latest gown or that Miley has increased her slut personality after years as a cute kid on Disney, does not interest me.  Do you care what Dennis Rodman has to say?  Me either.  However, this Tweet from some guy in Phoenix during the recent arctic temperatures around the country is pretty good:  “I’m a little chilly here in AZ today…oh, wait, no I’m not.  Sorry, rest of America!”……..Money can’t buy you brains department:  J. R. Smith, who plays for the N. Y. Knicks in the NBA, was recently fined $50,000 for “unsportsmanlike conduct” because he continuously likes to untie opponent’s shoestrings during free throw attempts.   It’s another example of how some sports stars have plenty of money but no class or brains……..Steven Seagal for Arizona Governor? He says he has an interest but I don’t see it happening……..This had to happen I guess:  There is a possibility that charges may be incurred for items brought up on the internet.  It is compared to cable companies charging for premium programming like HBO and could affect your viewing of popular YouTubes and other items.  So, you know that great YouTube video of Black Sabbath you watch regularly on your computer?  It may cost  to watch it in the future.  Stay tuned……..Is John McCain losing his mind?  Of course he is; he is looking for contributions to his campaign for 2016.  Maybe he can get some Democrat votes but the Republicans in AZ have basically told him where he can stuff his aspirations.   Are you listening, Jeff Flake?........In my Air Force and college days in the 60’s I loved to drink beer.  I was a Falstaff and Schlitz man for many years until they disappeared.  Hamm’s was big in Missouri as Della Reese sang about the glory of it being “from the land of sky blue waters.”  Has anyone seen a bottle of Hamm’s lately?  I didn’t think so although I hear that Miller brews it now.  Budweiser is owned by a Belgian company and my treat of a six pack of Rolling Rock on a 1960’s Friday night disappeared when I heard it is now brewed in Newark, New Jersey instead of the home of Arnold Palmer, Latrobe, Pennsylvania.  Newark?  Please!  Thomas Wolfe was right:  “You can’t go home again.”……..It hurts my ears to hear the way a lot of people try to use terminology from the days of my generation; especially the use of the word “cool.”  Unless you remember the late 50’s or early 60’s, forget about that sacred word.  I hear people use a clipped version all the time as if they are trying to remember it from a dream where they spent an evening in 1959 at Dino’s Lodge on the Sunset Strip with Edd “Kookie” Byrnes but can’t quite pull it off.   “Cool” had to be pronounced “Coooooool” to savor the true meaning of the word.  It could also be added to something that was REALLY cool by adding “sville” to the end as in “That ’57 T-bird is strictly “coooolsville” especially when driven by that cooool blond from Santa Monica.”  Keep practicing that and someday you may actually be cooool………Will there be more grammar lessons on my next blog?  Maybe, so don’t get over confident………Closing thought:  Do you remember the pop hit "Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb!"?  Do you remember who recorded it?........ Adios for now.  JM


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Anonymous said...

Jim, I know what you mean completely or - totally - as they now say. Cool was an expression that one wore in the 1950’s, not just an utterance of a term.
Along these same lines it disturbs me to no end that the only way we hear of the ill health and sometimes passing of the stars we grew up with, is on the back pages of the supermarket checkout magazines. In fact, I remember when the great Frankie Lane passed, other than banner readout at the bottom of the late news – nothing. I mean Frankie Lane!
Not too long ago on Jeopardy, the question to three under 30 contestants was ...”He rode the west with a mask and a gun that sired silver bullets...” None of them got it. Needless to say, host Alex Trebek was visibly surprised.
Many do not realize that, even in a world of electronic books and I pads, much of our history is carried forth in the memories of our young. Now even those who are college educated – appear to be brain dead to the past.
The answer to your question Jim: Ed ‘Kookie’ Barnes and Connie Stevens sang “Kookie, Kooki, lend me your comb.”

Mike said...

Jim, I used to drink Falstaff, Schiltz, Hamm's and Olympia over the years. In Arizona we used to have a beer called A1 that was brewed in state. I actually saw Hamm's in Fry's the other day. It was in cans and I think I'll give it a try.

AHiredGun said...

77 Sunset Strip goes back to my earliest memories of evening TV; I liked that show and the Untouchables, but could hardly ever watch them.

Steven Seagal as Governor? Please, NO!! Just what Arizona does NOT need - a washed up, second rate media personality, who does nothing but lick Arpaio's boots. He would make us pine for the days of Jan Brewer, and that thought makes me shudder.

midnightsstaff said...

”He rode the west with a mask and a gun that sired silver bullets"..
Joe Biden with a lisp?? (oh I'm thinking shotgun)

So you don't like Twitter nor Facebook eh?- well then what does that leave someone like that?

What did it? watching another Christmas dinner with everyone at the table staring at a mini screen? time for talk-(I txt U).

Well actually I miss neighbors that will return a greeting when you say "Hi" instead of giving you the fish eye and turning their back; or instead of looking outside their window to see who it is at an unexpected door knock, calling 911 instead.

..yeah.. it happens.

I guess we all wish things weren't like they are today.

After milking "Kookie" for everything he was worth Hollywood and America both abandoned him like an out of date Easter chick; because after all it was always an illusion- same as today.
He was just an early model Eric Estrada; an out of control ego left in the lurch with no following to speak of except down at the Indian Casino with Dick Dale and some other over expiration Alzheimer's and pony show.

That social tic alone ought to put Hollywood in a different perspective for the average Joe- not to mention Miley the tongue- but they happily hop on the next idol that is manufactured for their amusement.

Frankie Lane lives on... Jason Lewis uses the Blazing Saddles theme every day on his radio show- you should give Jason a listen.

Rick Kepple said...

Our new website editor is working hard. Today she was designing lots more stuff! I played bass with Dell Mack.

Don't Facebook or Twit, Jimmy? Then you're not a fan of Lana Jefferies Music LLC! You could get a rebate, Jimmy! We have new promotions coming out, Jimmy.

Jimmy, those two foreign military officers accused of trying to pick up a preteen American girl in the Ozarks had their cases dismissed. They were sent back home. No explanation. There is a lot of anger.

Hey, Al Vance is selling an album with us. Rockabilly Hall of Fame winner Al Vance. I think he was 16 when he toured in a band opening for the Beatles in the early 60's. Learned to play the guitar starting at 13. Neat back story.

I got a new Fender acoustic guitar. Had it in layaway for a few months and it's a little twangy, but Dell said it stays in tune. Not bad for Indonesian made.

Tomorrow's high is projected to be cold as hell with a chance of yet more snow and a winter, keep your ass at home, advisory.

Jim McAllister said...

Allen (Anon.),

When I typed the Kookie, lend me your comb question, I figured that you or someone else in our age group would nail it quickly since it was done in the heyday of guys like us.

My "Billboard" book of tunes shows that Connie made it to #4 on the Top 40 on 4-27-59 and stayed in the Top 40 for eleven weeks.

Her only other hit was "Sixteen Reasons" which made it to #3 on 3-14-60 and stayed Top 40 for 17 weeks.

Connie will be 76 on August 8. Where has time gone? She was a cute Cricket Blake.

A couple more words overused min addition to "totally": "like", "Awesome," I remember in late 80's when "awesome" was overdone. It is now taking an encore.

Jim McAllister said...


You saw some Hamm's at Fry's? Wow, maybe I better stop by for old time's sake and get a 6 pack. They used to have great merchandising stuff for bars to use as promotional material. The Hamm's bear was their mascot.

When i first came through here in '59 on the way to L. A. I saw a lot of billboards for Burgermeister, Olympia ("Oly"), Lucky Lager.

I interviewed a guy for a blog a few years ago who was going to start making A-1 again. I haven't seen any though. I've read where Coors and Bud killed A-1 at a time when A-1 was in about every bar around here. They had more money and cut their price which killed A-1.

Jim McAllister said...


"77 Sunset Strip" was a good show with Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Roger Smith, and Edd Byrnes.

Byrnes was lucky; his part as a car attendant at Dino's was supposed to be small but he caught on and got expanded roles and a place in TV history playing Kookie.

That show ran 6 years so he got his 15 minutes of fame. I see he was born in 1933 so he will be 81 this year. Time flies!

Jim McAllister said...


True about Hollywood: today's stars can easily become tomorrow's ditch diggers. Byrnes and Estrada are good examples. I hope they saved their money. The last time I saw Estrada he was on a Spanish language soaper and he once admitted that he couldn't even speak Spanish.

Too many think it won't end and wind up looking foolish. The smart ones still cash in by lowering their sights a notch and taking character or smaller roles.

Don Rickles was never big in films, his act was stand up and he played a casino here a couple years ago at age 85.

Hell, a guy has to eat!

Jim McAllister said...


Glad to see you are keeping busy with the studio. Too bad Lana took off but after a couple months in Salina, she'll be back. I've been to Salina!

I have enough to do with the blog and my local Scottsdale column writing to mess around with Facebook and Twitter. Twitter especially makes zero sense to me. I guess Facebook is OK; I've never really checked it out that close.

Jim McAllister said...

Glad to read that you do not use Twitter or Facebook, because I do not either. I do not have time for that nonsense.

I wish McCain and Flake would both get out of politics! Whom do we have to run against them?

Joy Wiseman

Jim McAllister said...

Frm: Edson Martin, Niagara falls, NY

Nice story, but the drop down for sending anything onto anybody SUCKS. Could send on to anybody.

Jim McAllister said...

From: Larry Rupp

Good piece.
I an't remember my password, but that's not important.
I just recall that I never drank much and never cared for beer until I lived in Germany during the 50's.
There, it seemed that almost every town had at least 1 brewery. German beer was (is) always served cool, not cold and had not only a higher alcohol content but a much more full-bodied flavor. They keep supplies in "der keller".
I once asked a German if he'd ever tasted American beer. His response, though rather descriptive, was in comparison to local brews,accurate: "Jah, ice-cold piss"!
As for Byrnes, I don't honestly think I ever saw one of his episodes. I think it was on during my years of study for Fellowship exams. A detective show, right?

Jim McAllister said...

Hi Joy,

Twitter in particular makes no sense but it is very popular. I think a lot of people like to brag about their number of "Followers." 140 characters is only an appetizer for me!


Jim McAllister said...


Larry, I agree totally on German beer in Germany. I was there from June until October of 1963 and the beer was the best part of my duty. We paid 10 cents a bottle for the Munich Loewenbrau. What a deal, ten for a buck! It was a great summer.

Jim McAllister said...


Can't you just copy the URL and send it?

Good to hear from you; I hope all is well at the Falls.

Stevebuzzardo said...

……..Steven Seagal for Arizona Governor?

why not Jim, if Obama can be president...

Jim McAllister said...


Obama is the biggest embarrassment this country has ever had. I see Gallup has him down to 39% again; it should be lower.

To elect him twice is an embarrassment to this country that I doubt can ever be repaired.

midnightsstaff said...

Clownafornia fell for that old Hollywood star/governor routine, an eight year hall of mirrors.
Now they have liberal rock star MoonBeam.II- so what can I say?

I have to hear a little more than the usual populist prattle before I take them seriously, Trump is another big hat no cattle type.
Haven't we had enough narcissists running things into the ground?

midnightsstaff said...

.."Crouched in the Crip battle wagon, "Joe the torpedo" aka "AHiredGun" broke it down straight to his maindog Mike "Pinky" McClellan.. "where did you score this ride?"
.. Pinky laughs "just boosted it, the crew's in the "The Black Pussycat".. a well known gentleman's club in Scottsdale"
"cool" says AH.. already feeling the familiar adrenaline rush that always happens on full moon hits.
.. he also knew it would end up just like all the other times.

The low rider bounces to a strategic crawl in front of ma Brewer and uncle Joe's place, the window rolls down and just like always it's over quicker than a lawyer's billing.. ..a couple of shots in the dark and AHG screams "Punch it Louise"- losing himself momentarily, falling back in character in his favorite movie.. breathing heavily he stammers -"I think I might have winged one of Joe's dogs this time".
ah man.. what a rush- hits you like a dirty needle!!

Hey.. maybe we better get this thing back to that strip club before those guys find out what happened- they ain't going to be in there all night..don't need the local C-crew looking at us..
Pinky says.. na, I think I'm just gonna call it mine for a while- nice smooth ride and the tank's almost full"- "let's go shoot up some stop signs"..

Hey Joe, we do agree on Brewer, probably for completely different reasons tho.. nice drive by you did earlier by the way..
On Joe, no way- I used to live a few blocks from Watts, it went to hell the day they ran Gates off the force.. once Joe leaves, this place turns into Lankershim Blvd.

ArizonaDave said...

How could you not remember EDD(with 2 D's)'Kookie' Byrnes of 77 Sunset Strip fame and the 'Lend Me Your Comb' song sang one time on the Dick Clark Show with Connie Stevens...

More personally, I formerly hung out on Sunset Strip in my California living days(1959-1960), and the 77 Sunset Strip Club was next door to The Cloister Club where I heard Bobby Darin introduce his song 'Splish Spash'....oh what wonderful memories you provided me in your article.

John McCain as well as many others have seen their better days in Congress, but just can't seem to move on...that's why TERM LIMITS are needed for all elected officials...would initiate the process of new fresh ideas in a current polotical climate.

When I served on a Board of Directors one time, it was a three year term...the first year I didn't know much, was a listener; the 2nd year, I knew just enough to be right part of the time and wrong part of the time; BUT then the 3rd year, I was functional and productive, so they got one year out of me.

'LEND ME YOUR COMB'... a few years before Fabian.....or as Elvis Presley might have said..."That's Alright Little Mama".

Groovy Glo said...

Oh, I was just a kid but I loved 77 SS! Snap! Snap! But I was into Roger Smith, not Edd Byrnes. You know, he married Ann Margret a week or two after Elvis married Priscilla, and they are still married today. I believe he had some kind of degenerative disease. They never had any kids but he had a couple from a previous marriage (they had marriages in those days). Of course, ‘Stu Bailey’ went on to lead the FBI … LOL

Seventy Seven Sunset Strip.
Seventy Seven Sunset Strip.
Seventy Seven Sunset Strip.

The street that wears a fancy label
That's glorified in song and fable.
The most exciting people pass you by
Including a private eye.

Seventy Seven Sunset Strip
Seventy Seven Sunset Strip
Seventy Seven Sunset Strip.

You'll meet the high brow and the hipster
The starlet and the phony tripster
You'll see most every kind of gal and guy
Including a private eye.

Seventy Seven Sunset Strip
Seventy Seven Sunset Strip.

Fabian was handsome, but, oh lord – he COULD NOT sing! “Turn me Loose” makes me cringe! Trivia He was in a 1968 movie called the Devil’s Eight with a host of other TV-ish actors like Chris George and Ross Hagen. It was sort of a VERY poor man’s Dirty Dozen.

I do Facebook and have connected with a number of kids I grew up with and went to school with. There are a couple of ‘groups’ I belong to. Like my high school, Bulkeley class of 1971 and my elementary school, Batchelder. I am not rabid about it, though. I am going to see my bro and SIS in SC in April and may be able to hook up with a classmate I haven’t seen in 40 years.

I don’t Twitter – I have a 2008 flip-open phone and that’s good enough for me. I think it’s sad that people have to ‘tweet’ about totally meaningless things merely to justify their existence.

McCain has become irrelevant. He lost me in 2008 with the Palin debacle.

Steven Seagal is way less relevant than McCain. He’s a caricature of himself, very pathetic. I still think his ‘best’ movie was his first, “Above the Law.”

Cool. Hep. Groovy. Far Out. Outa Sight. Solid (Linc Hayes).

midnightsstaff said...

I think Steven Segal was a hoax if anything but really it's time for a serious governor who understands the importance of state's rights and want's to stop the state bleeding of lost job opportunities. any ideas AHG?

This state and the country club Republican party will never vote McShame out- and that same politics as usual disease affects all lower party officials judgment as well.
LOL. I see Kirkpatrick is now trying to distance herself from her deciding Obamacare vote- so much for representation eh?

She will probably get away with it- after all she has to do is fool the same stupid voters she did the last time.
In the 60's you could safely ignore politics, not so today.
..after all "you can ignore politics but politics won't ignore you".

AHiredGun said...

Butch: I've been hearing things about Fred DuVal but I don't know enough about him yet, and his current positions are too vague for me. One thing is for sure - Arizonans need to begin electing politicians who are not afraid to compromise on the issues. The "my way or the highway" Tea Party mantra simply won't work. [Let the far right "outraged" responses begin - lol].

Speaking of the Tea Party, it would appear that it will make a serious run at McCain if he decides to seek re-election. I think McCain is very vulnerable, both from the right and left. I think his time is up.

midnightsstaff said...

God will decide when his time is up I suppose, what does life hold for him other than an endless quest for privilege and power?
..he is a hollow, empty golem, a simpleminded yet useful tool of the left.

I admit that maintaining a veil of glib,vague populist mantra gets a lot of incomplete thoughts elected and re elected every cycle- it's the plague of democracy that brings down every nation that trusts it's fortune to mob rule.

I ask every person who recites me the ubiquitous Tea Party warning to tell me what the Tea Party is and I have yet to have anyone explain it to me.
It's like the word "terrorism"- it means different things to different people.
The German people didn't vote for slave camps and total destruction, they voted for Hope and Change remember?- many of us see there is a distinct parallel and realize a return to principle is the only pathway back from the abyss we face.

I'll take a look at Fred,but from what you say I suggest you do too- our current slide into a Nationalistic Socialist State is too important to run another left vs. right food fight, that is
unless one wants to profit from endless food fights.

BTW- thanks for not threatening to sue me.. I know from a officer of the court that's an instinctual reaction.. for my two min. therapy session followed by a Hamms.

Stevebuzzardo said...

I want that monkey from the Clint Eastwood movies for our next governor

Like I said if Obama can be president...

Glo said...

Steve - With that sucky attitude you are NEVER going to be invited to a barbeque at Oprah's Hawaii mansion!

Rick Kepple said...

Our studio works with 5 mbps Internet speeds and we work out of a converted hay barn for about $5,000 a month operating costs, that is, if we actually had money to pay that. In reality, everyone's working for free and our operating costs are $300 a month. Can't do that in Scottsdale, but if we can get established, then move the physical location for fast Internet connections.

I'll bet your speeds are about 30 mbps, Jimmy. I've complained to the government that the difference in the Internet speeds is a form of discrimination. It's funneling the jobs to the cities and away from small towns.

Twitter and Facebook are good platforms to do a lot of marketing and I'm having to learn that stuff. Yes Jimmy, we have a marketing company. Weird, huh?

Just a few years ago, Middy was giving me hell for being lazy and now here I am working from a barn and learning how life might be in some place like Scottsdale or Nashville. The real world.

Except I can go kayaking in the summer and gardening (if I ever get another piece of plowing equipment). I have thought about container gardening and mowing around the "garden."

In theory, Jimmy, we could make Scottsdale incomes, but with Missouri expenses. Rural lifestyle.

Check it out, Jimmy. The King of Cajun music,

Mike said...

I haven't voted for McCain in years because all he wants to do is "compromise" with the Democrats. Flake's starting to look that way too.

As a conservative I have no use for either one of them.

Time for McCain to retire and spend his wife's millions.

Stevebuzzardo said...


LOL, I don't know what I will do if I don't get invited to a barbeque at Oprah's Hawaii mansion!

midnightsstaff said...

I'm of the opinion that we are getting everything we deserve and there is no cavalry on the way.

The writing has been on the wall about John McTreachery for decades as to what a sleazeball he really is, yet the cocktail and cheesepuff wing of the Republican Party were literally hell bent on infecting the nation with a completely disgraced Keating Five Klown cut from the same mold as that fascist Khris Khristie.
Carlin was right, "two doors opening into one room".

But just once I wish someone would point out to me what threat to our national well being a vice president named Sarah would have been?
I mean I keep hearing it over and over with never an explanation.
..and I'm pretty certain I will never get one either- I think the real reason is much more guttural- the left is scared to death of her after all she is a unapologetic Christian, the only religion the government is actively opposing.

I'm pretty sure McCain got that visit;
the one where they sit him down and then show him a close up from an angle never seen before of JFK's brains headed North- the direction towards Lee Harvey Pidgeon.

.."any questions Johnny boy?"
.."No Sir".. and John ran off the campaign to supervise Paulson's destruction of our economy with a very unpopular trouble asset Relief bail out- throwing the election as instructed.

Of course neither I or mike can prove our hunches, but when you watch Alice in Wonderland backwards a few times and think about all the seeming incongruities and leap of faith it requires to accept conventional storyline as presented, then and only then is what is going on today start to make sense right down to the departure from sanity we saw over "the war on women".

I can only imagine what issue Paula is riding now.

Stevebuzzardo said...

Radio Host Mark Levin Calls on Republicans to Boycott State of Union … via @Newsmax_Media

midnightsstaff said...

Well I'm not a Republican anymore so can I listen?
..Yeah, like I need to listen to another pack of lies.

what great insights will he reveal? - The doctor's wife was killed by a one armed man named George Bush?- or the website is now up for business?- both lies.

Looks like the good ship LollyPop is headed for the rocks- the Beast thinks he is cheating on her/it with another her/him.
Days of our Lives..

Rick Kepple said...

The NSA has always watched us. I played bass during the State of the Union to try to give it more of a dramatic feeling or comedy where it seemed appropriate.

midnightsstaff said...

Warning...not for the squeamish...

.."Hey Barry, I got an idea- let's get Richard Simmons and some other freak to promote ObamaCare"

This ought to get those kids motivated for coughing up more than they do for rent each month- for nothing.. prepare for impact.

Mike said...

I thought Palin should have been head of the ticket in 2008 and McCain as the VP. Would have a better chance of winning.

I love how the left is always trashing Palin and the Tea Party. Must be because they're afraid of them.

Anyone notice that Obama went to the Commie Nelson Mandela clown show but when a true patriot like Sharon passed away he sent that idiot Biden to boor the Israeli's.

Anonymous said...

Well, Jim, I found my way in. Must have been a bad day when I couldn't get to this website. Oh, well, thats the way it goes.
As for Beer drinking, in my younger dsys, I liked Fosters, got a taste for it when I was in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I was in a hotel next door to the Brewry.
The next beer I had was called Tusker While I was on a safari in Kenya & Tanzania. Its bottle had a couple of elephants, and our safari leader calle it "Old Elephant Piss." It tasted good when you came in for a rest from all the touring. I was on a Camera safari, with my old Canon F-1 35 mm.
When in the British Ilse, I would have a Mackeson porter. In Ireland, it was usually Guinness right out of the keg, no bottles.
Back in the states, I'd drink most anything.
Uo here in the Falls, we had one local beer called Genesee, really it was piss water, after all it came from the lake that Genny pissed in!!
No in my old age, I gave up on all alcohol beers, & drink only non-alcohol types.

Well, if things get to HOT for you can always come up here this winter and feel a cold brisk wind from an Arctic blast. Not as cold as the Dakotas.

Rick Kepple said...

Steven Seagal as President and Charlie Sheen as VP. Sheen running the CIA. Cool.

James Cromwell as a Presidential candidate and George Clooney as VP? Hey, Clooney has portrayed CIA before. He's got a little experience. Hasn't Cromwell portrayed a President? It's all the experience they need. Obama did it.

Really. They can't do any worse.

midnightsstaff said...

It appears Quartzite is muscling in on the low rent entertainment circuit, The New Christie Minstrels are playing next month on Tuesday the 11th.

This might be the last great show of the year for Quartzite with Summer also slated for an appearance later in the month.
Blythe not to be outdone will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony for the newly dedicated Billy Barty memorial cemetery, as always- be sure to get there early for the best seats for the following tractor pull event.

..Other news is the Blythe Director of the hospital and her husband were arrested on charged with two felony counts of conflict of interest and two felony counts of grand theft of money, labor, and property.

Somehow with everything else going on in the world I find Blythe news somewhat comforting and reassuring that all is well in America by comparison.

midnightsstaff said...

@Steve.. Listening to Mark Levin is like listening to an advanced college level course on all matters Constitution from Hillsdale college.
He got wound up in a great lesson today on our fourth amendment protection which in theory protects us from "writs of assistance" which are always decreed by any tyrannical government, they are issued with no specificity, no due process, no probable cause, and worse of all no rights to object.
He gives a great history lesson on what it took to get the Bill of Rights ratified, it was a near impossible process but it got done.
by the way, those writs of assistance are in effect a hundred miles from any continental border- they can and will pull you over and search whatever they want without your permission in Tucson or LA county..
Mark is on fire.

AHiredGun said...

Butch: Sue you? Nah. Actually, I think you have some latent creative talent akin to a Tom Clancy or John Grishom. You should look into that now that you're retired. You could end up making more money than all of us put together.

Lana Jefferies said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick Kepple said...

How did I post as Lana? Different computer, I guess.

Yeah Middy. What he said.

midnightsstaff said...

Who's he??
anyway, "the rain falls on the just and the unjust"

I just had to run an avast virus sweep on safe mode to get a file that couldn't be removed otherwise..
It's getting to be a hacker's jungle out there.

Joe I suppose in law school the first thing they teach you is to never take on a shallow pockets or in my case a no pockets case even if it's your own..
I guess looking at a potential target's shoes at the ball park you must have noticed what a fool's errand bringing suit against me would be.
..besides the IRS will beat you to it, and as you well know the pink slime they leave won't cover costs.

By the way I appreciate the lesson you brought home by accident, I forgot what I tell others, never bet on anything that can either talk or read a newspaper.
I figure I saved around 980 bucks on that bet.. hope leaving that kind of cash on the table doesn't keep you up nights- I dodged my own bullet and can justifiably claim I won the bet- I have a witness if he can remember. least after that election I didn't have an embarrassing tattoo on my face to deal with..

AHiredGun said...

Butch: If I could ever collect the fees I did for work for people who could not afford it, I would be fairly wealthy. As it is, I will probably work until I drop dead at my desk - lol.

Glad you took losing the bet so graciously. You (and many others) just took the propaganda being spread that Romney was ahead in the polls as fact, when it was either BS or based on bad data. The look on Rove's face on election night was priceless and made it all worth it.

I did mean it when I said I think you could have some writing talent. You should consider pursuing it.

midnightsstaff said...

I don't write, I monologue- wish it weren't so but what is, is.

I always thought I was better suited for the hostage negotiations team, the Dept. evidently thought otherwise.
Probably ended my chances when I told the State Psyche doing the annual block training on Rights of the Incarcerated that "if we would only do it more then it would only be cruel instead of cruel and unusual".. woke the rest of the class up but again I noticed he wrote something in his notebook.

You would be surprised at what you learn about inmates doing attorney escort- some of the happiest days of my life were frisking lawyers for a change instead of having them riffling through my wallet- inmates on the other hand, you do one you've done them all.
Working for the State was like a Special Olympics road trip to Laughlin with one of them driving the bus.

I probably was better suited to conduct that class- at least they wouldn't be falling asleep on me and I have read the Constitution.

I know what you mean about everyone thinking lawyers all drive Beemers and have lots of money for hookers and blow;
most of them have a pretty large education debt to pay, and frankly there are too many of them.
There are a lot of misunderstandings about everyone but the common denominator is everyone tends to believe someone else is getting a better deal than they are if the props are in place, then the community organizers go to work.
my mom called it "dog in a manger", she was the smart one in the family.

midnightsstaff said...

Hang on Rick, the full moon is nearly past.
Computers are like cats and women- all gray in the dark- chalk it up to temporary insanity- works for me.

Stevebuzzardo said...

that's why the call Mark Levin "the Great One"

I follow him on twitter, If you're on twitter let me know.

Jim McAllister said...


It shows the stupidity of the voters when they think that because a guy plays a bunch of fantasy roles in film or TV that he is qualified for high political office, i. e. Arnold.

As for Moonbeam who knows the logic there? It's just another case of weird California mentality I guess. I suggest they try Cher next; now there is a genius!

Jim McAllister said...

Arizona Dave,

I have a photo I took in August of 1959 of the front of Dino's Lodge.
As an 18 year old I was surprised that the actual address was something like 8245 Sunset Strip. Being naive, I figured it would really 77 Sunset Strip. Another bit of Hollywood magic.

I well remember Darin with "Splish Splash" and his biggie afterwards "Dream lover." Sad case with Bobby; the Hollywood marriage of him and Sandra Dee was a flop and he died at 37 in 1973 of heart failure. I've heard that his heart problem was have been easy to fix with today's technology.

Sandra Dee is gone too.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for printing those lyrics. Great memories of I show I loved as a teenager.

True about Smith. I forget what his problem was but he didn't do much after 77 SS.

As you said Efrem did the FBI and was very successful there with a serious show that was rather routine but very popular. I think he is still alive but about 90 (actually 96 this year, his dad lived to 96 also (1889-1985).

They sure tried to make Fabian an actor even putting him with John Wayne in "North To Alaska" in 1960 and he managed to accumulate 45 credits on films and TV in a career from '59 to '99. He is now 71; hard to believe the passage of time.

IMDB is handy for states and even are correct most of the time.

I also have a flip open phone, costs $7.50 through Verizon a month which is a screw because I never use it.

I see people obsessed with their iPhones and I wonder what the attraction IS. Of course, they aren't 72!

Jim McAllister said...


It didn't help the Reps that Renzi was a crook and Kirkpatrick got an easy win in that district because of it. He had beaten her before then he screwed up and got caught.

I see today that although the government is bragging about 2 million people jumping on O-Care the records show that most of them had insurance anyway.

So much for all those people without insurance flocking to O-care. This gets funnier by the day.

Yesterday's Gallup shows Obama back down to 39% approval.

Jim McAllister said...


I agree on McCain; he is finished.

Jim McAllister said...

We should have a party with Hamm's and Rolling Rock.

Jim McAllister said...


Clint and the monkey would be a great replacement.

Jim McAllister said...


30 mbps?????? There you go again getting all technical on me!

All I know is how turn this thing on and off and post stuff.

Jim McAllister said...


Good you found your way in.

Those are some great brands you mentioned. I don't drink much anymore either. I think that by 50 I had drank more than my share especially during the 4 years in the Air Force. I never realized how great it was to get my final promotion in the AF until I realized it allowed me to enter the NCO Club with their great bar.

The last Genessee I had was in 1967 when i drove up to buffalo to an AF friend's wedding.

midnightsstaff said...

Steve, Homie don't play that twitter game, na... I am almost to the point of dropping out altogether, I would just get escorted off twitter grounds eventually.
Mark is an explosion of information, sometimes I think he has forgotten most of us don't have the extensive background he does-
Jason Lewis probably comes closer to how I look at life anyway, plus he has Beatle Bumper Friday every week.. great stuff.

midnightsstaff said...

Cher has been having flashbacks or hot flashes I guess, she went on a rant over an Obama-something-or-the-other just this week. what a maroon..

I say Cher has proved once and for all aliens have been here for a long time- Harry Reid is another prime example.

Jim McAllister said...

I agree Middy, Cher is an idiot and a trashy one at that.

Gee, she finally discovered what we knew all along. Too bad Sonny died;he was a member of the House and might have been elected president. Now, THAT would have really pissed her off! LOL

Stevebuzzardo said...

funny, Cher says that she has lost trust in the government.

Stevebuzzardo said...

Fox News ‏@FoxNews

Bloggers have First Amendment protections, federal court rules

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, I'm about to the point where I'm gonna hand Lana Jefferies Music LLC over to some younger folks with education in those various fields to represent entertainers. I'll just supervise and let them run the company.

I can remember a time when I thought Cher was hot. That was like a hundred years ago.

Mike said...

Jim, I have a flip phone also. Had it for years. I get calls and make calls and that's it. I don't text or tweet. I pay about $10 a month.

Deb just got a new smart phone. I don't know how it works nor do I care to.

midnightsstaff said...

I always thought she should eat better, malnourishment makes em nutz.
Coyotes look like they want to play tonight, two goal lead going into the third.. hope this keeps up.

Rick, you obviously have stretched yourself too thin and are working yourself to an early grave.
You might be just too big a fish for the pond you are in, remember what I said about little ball?
.."If you want a Cadillac you have to get the feel of a Cadillac"- it's in the Bible.

..take a break and reintroduce yourself to Mother Nature, she has an answer for every problem- run through the woods and howl like a wolf, remember you will never see the stars unless you lift your head.
haha.. not bad eh!

Screw the courts.. nothing but thieves in black robes.. the First Amendment is pretty clear, it's only at risk when Congress or the courts are in session.
whoops third period is starting..

Jim McAllister said...


Whew! Glad to hear that.

Jim McAllister said...

Sounds like a good idea, Rick. Let the kids run it but keep a watchful eye on them.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm the same as you with the phone. It flips open and Barb carries it. All I do is pay the $15 to use it every two months. Barb barely uses it either; it's more of a safety net if she has car trouble or something.

Jim McAllister said...


With 5 minutes left I thought we had an easy win with that 4-2 lead. leave to the coyotes to take it to the buzzer though.

The main thing is just winning the game though. I love Tyson's comment when our guy was dripping blood from the stitches on his chin. "He's not worried about that injury; it's far away from his heart."

Ya gotta love hockey players!

midnightsstaff said...

It was an exciting game, looks like a few empty seats but Rome wasn't built....

Too much running around once they took the foot off and let the puck stay in their end, but better than a week ago, I got to think Klesla had more to do with something than we will ever know.

A couple of good games tomorrow, I figure Denver and probably Seattle but hope SF wins.
It would be good to see two decent role models as QB's in the big game- the NFL needs to do something to repair the image, the cracks are already showing.

Stevebuzzardo said...

"Whew! Glad to hear that."

Jim, for now bloggers have 1st amendment rights. but I'm sure Obama would like to throw you in the gulag ASAP.

Rick Kepple said...

Thanks Middy. I do need a larger pond and with Cadillac dreams. A friend said that I need a mentor to help with that kind of stuff.

midnightsstaff said...

Canadians gone wild, typical Torts gong show. haha, classy stuff eh?

midnightsstaff said...

The Constitution has no more power than the people who claim it, it was under assault before the ink was dry.

Too late for the lawyers- besides they are the ones that got us here, I'm beginning to think the Ivy League is not much better than a coven.

..any judge that misuses his power and authority in any political capacity should be given a quick trial and an even quicker rope.

.."The fact is that the average man's love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies"..HL Mencken.

Jim McAllister said...


Some empty seats but we have to expect that: It's not really a hockey town, they have been losing, shitty location of the arena plus iffy ownership for a long time before the current guys bought in.

The last I saw we had a razor's edge advantage over the NY Islanders for last and second last place in attendance. With the great teams they had, one would think they would pack 'em in forever. Unfortunately, most sports are a "what have you done for me lately" business.

Jim McAllister said...


Can you believe the dumb shit: he says "Gee, I didn't know all that spying was going on."

I don't know whether to dislike him more because he is so ignorant or because he is such an obvious liar. I think I'll do both.

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Your nose is longer than a telephone wire.
........The Castaways, (1965)

Jim McAllister said...


Ya gotta love hockey. It's Lane's first game in the league!

Tortorella looked like he was loving it on the bench. I remember him here as assistant coach under Jim Schoenfeld.

Name Term[c] Regular season Playoffs Achievements Reference
GC W L T/OT PTS Win% GC W L Win%
1 Don Hay 1996–1997 82 38 37 7 83 .506 7 3 4 .429 [12]
2 Jim Schoenfeld 1997–1999 164 74 66 24 172 .524 13 5 8 .385 [13]
3 Bob Francis* 1999–2004 390 165 144 81 411 .527 10 2 8 .200 2001–02 Jack Adams Award winner[8] [14]
4 Rick Bowness 2004 20 2 12 6 10 .250 — — — — [15]
5 Wayne Gretzky* 2005–2009 328 143 161 24 310 .473 — — — — [16]
6 Dave Tippett 2009–present 294 156 96 42 354 .602 27 12 15 .444 2009–10 Jack Adams Award winner[8] [16]

midnightsstaff said...

Last week you should have read the comments on whether or not Dave and Don should go, not to mention the "screen door" version of Smith..
A few wanted to buy out the contracts and go fishing for a new coach..

People forget pretty soon how long Dave or Don would last if they get canned, one phone call each I would imagine..
Torts is going to have to go before the board, at the end of the first he tried to barge in the Flames dressing room..

haha, I've watched the game for years and seen things this year no one has seen before.

Smith does the butt score, Quick uses his back.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, it will cost an estimated $35,000 just to get moved out West. Big fish in a much larger pond.

I've never been to a hockey game, but it sounds fun.

Rick Kepple said...

Hockey. Boy, I haven't put a puck into the net for years.

I just read that President Obama admitted to smoking weed, he cites tests that say it is less harmful than alcohol, believes it is a bad habit and not a health threatening drug. He went on to say that it is a waste of taxpayer money to prosecute people for smoking marijuana. He cited Colorado and Washington.

Simply said, Washington and some state capitals are going to be sliding around on ice this year to get their elective pucks in the net.

C'mon Jimmy. Let's roll a fatty, get stoned and forget that we live in America. That's why they're decriminalizing it, you know. Next is legalization.

Yeah, pretty soon, nobody's gonna care that they're poor. They'll just light up another doobie, cause them bailouts to the insurance companies don't affect you, cloaked in a cloud of smoke.

Sure is gonna be an interesting week.

midnightsstaff said...

Are you sure about that?- well Obama using the demon weed is news to me and the rest of the bloggers- you better check again.
..Anyone else heard anything like that?

Rick I think you are losing your focus again, happens to everybody I guess, but you seem to take it to extremes when the old blues comes a callin' - so to speak.

Caught the last five min of the Seahawks game, the playoffs are usually better than the SB.
..once the bread and circus is over, it's back to reality.. taxes.

midnightsstaff said...

Finally some good news out of Missouri..
.."And while Missouri can still enforce the death penalthy using lethal gas, its gas chamber hasn't been functional since 1965. Which means that should the legislation pass,(a ruling against Phenobarbital) a firing squad may be used as soon as January 29: "With the state's next execution scheduled for Jan. 29, "we've been having all of these troubles getting the drugs to administer the lethal injection," Brattin told the statewide radio network Missourinet on Friday. "I was just looking at a second option, something we could do if we had to utilize the death penalty and we could not administer the lethal injection," Brattin said. Besides being "quick and something we could do at a moment's notice," he said, an execution by firing squad would be more humane than McGuire's ordeal"..

I have never understood the false concern over this issue by the rabid left, a firing squad is the ultimate in effective, low cost waste disposal.
Cheers to the great Show me yours I'll show you mine State.

midnightsstaff said...

Nice shots of our Marines in Afghanistan protecting the national crop from the Taliban who used to not let them grow it- I guess.. that makes sense.. right?
I can't believe that the DOD actually let these pictures surface, times are a changing it looks like- and guess who gets to pay for all of this?

Hey.. it is a war on drugs right?- and we are winning right?

Jim McAllister said...

Seattle-Denver, not a bad match up. Two excellent QB's.

Sentimentally I have to root for Peyton. This may be it for him with his age and injuries. It would be nice to see him get his second Super Bowl win.

midnightsstaff said...

Well that's not a very fair way to look at it, wouldn't it be less hurtful to spread the rings around some?
This Superbowl should be between the Jacksonville Polecats and the Houston Failures.
Neither team have been in to the SB yet- might want to throw in the Washington "to be named later" team and let them play the one left standing..
Everyone should be a winner right?

midnightsstaff said...

Well the traditional MLK day game is with the Toronto Maple Leafs- early.. 5 pm game.

Nice thing about today is I don't have to dread what might be waiting in the mail box.
Thanks Marty..

Can't wait until Trevon Martin day is made an official holiday- looks like it's time for another Executive Order.


Rick Kepple said...

I looked up the word, "speach." Couldn't find it. A friend misspells like that sometimes.

You keep talking about my gardening and such, when I need equipment and a boat.

A Bayliner for pulling chicks on skis. Chicks in bikinis like that stuff. A farm and growing food doesn't impress women. Women like things that they can't actually be of any real use.

midnightsstaff said...

I could try and blame it on the cat, she was pestering me for treats..

Moarh Speach.. Moah Speach..
she means More Treats. More Treats.
.. everyone knows that cats lisp and my hearing is as bad as my spealling.

I wonder if Barry has ever heard of a guy named John Locke?- he warned us there are people like Barry.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right; I was being hurtful to others which is just plain wrong and I feel terrible about it; especially on MLK's birthday.

Since Peyton already has a Super Bowl championship ring, I think he should ride the bench this year to give Seattle a chance. It's only fair that the riches be spread around more and that those people who work hard and always win be taught a lesson in humility.

Just who the hell do they think they are, anyway? It's bad enough that Peyton's brother has also won the Super Bowl. Does Russell Wilson have a brother?

Jim McAllister said...


Now the f---g SOB is saying he would not let his son (if he had one) play pro football. Jesus Christ! First, he says if he had a son he wold look like Trayvon now he won't even let Trayvon play football.

I see that he is now finally pulling out the race card right before MLK Day. What a coincidence!

He says that too many have held his race against him. Gee, we've never heard that line before. Never mind that he is probably the worst president we have ever had with his liberal nonsense and ignorance of the Constitution.

Jim McAllister said...

Super Bowl prediction: Seattle 17, Denver 14.

That could change based on possible injuries, arrests, etc.

midnightsstaff said...

Does Russell Wilson have a brother?
..of course- who do you think makes the footballs?

Anonymous said...

"Why do you want to latch on to my comb!"

Hey Jim, you can still get Yuengling, brewed at the same brewery since 1929 (oldest brewery in the country) if you want some real Americana beer! It's right in central PA in Pottsville.

PROUD said...

Jim, I remember watching 77 Sunset Strip, wasn't the star Efrim Zymbalist jr? I've carried a lifelong crush for Connie Stevens,.... pretty sure she's who sang "Kookie lend me your comb". I recall she was a character named Cricket but not sure that was on that 77 Sunset Strip show....

As for smart phones, it's true, flip phones are less expensive but there is a definite "you get what you pay for" aspect to all the advantages the smart devices offer..Case in point:

I flew home from Florida yesterday. After watching the first quarter of the Den /Pats game at the gate, then me, and I would guess about 75-80% of the passengers watched the rest of that game and the San / Seattle game on our smart device. Southwest offered free TV yesterday and for small devices tablets / phones and small pads,not sure if a new rule was applied? but you were allowed to keep it on and running throughout the entire flight, incl. landing.

I'll bet some of those sad faced 'flip phoners' may be spending some of that cash they save on their bills treating sore necks and laryngitis, from looking over someone else s shoulder and constantly asking what the score was....?

PROUD said...

BTW, I like your Super Bowl prediction, except, I think Seattle will win by more like 10...

Mike said...

MLK holiday, Guess I'll have fried chicken and watermelon for supper.

Rick Kepple said...

Need to get some chicks ordered next month. I figure I'll replenish the flock. A few chickens are good to have for eggs.

Gonna have to get a trailer to pull behind the Jeep to haul the kayak so I can go fishin'.

Gardening season's coming up. Gonna need to put up a lot of food this year, because if the feds are going to legalize weed, we're in serious trouble. And if it's legal, I can grow my own medication.

Sell entertainment products from the farm too. I'd love to sell out and move, but I'd be trading $200 a year for $2,000 a month for a home.

Never been to Florida. I could live down there.

midnightsstaff said...

ah mike... early start eh?..

Sometime you ought to read about Officer of the year Tom Coleman and his fine work in rounding up a big drug operation in Tulia Texas, about an hours drive south of Amarillo.
It was a complete travesty of Justice along with exposing another crooked cop.

.."AUSTIN, April 1 2003-- Texas prosecutors today agreed to throw out the convictions of 38 people, nearly all of them black, who faced drug charges based on the uncorroborated testimony of a white former undercover police officer.
In a stunning reversal, the state agreed with defense lawyers that the former officer, Thomas Coleman, was an unreliable witness even though his testimony was the only evidence used to convict the defendants, some of whom are serving sentences of 90 years or more.
Asked if the convictions represented a travesty of justice, the state's special prosecutor, Rod Hobson, hesitated a moment and then said, "Yes."
It was a dramatic turn of events in a racially charged case that erupted into the national spotlight when more than a tenth of the black population of Tulia, a poor farming town in the Texas Panhandle, was arrested on cocaine charges in a 1999 sweep"..

If The Law is not both blind and just then it is simple tyranny.
Swisher Co. Heavy Democrat county- think Boss Hogg and the good ol boys.
Texas is a shithole that has always produced machines like Rick Perry operates- Tejas created LBJ, remember?.. it's nothing different than what goes on in Chicago except they're white.
..luckily justice finally flushed this turd who blackened the eye of honest LE everywhere- it doesn't always happen, as far as probation, I would have given him life w/o.

midnightsstaff said...

Well if you're going to raise pullets I suggest you get those type of egg nests with trap doors so you can see which are the best producers and eat the others.
I had Rhode Island Reds when I had them, great eggs nice and brown, so fresh and rich they would stand up in the skillet.

Na.. Florida is going to be a free fire zone when it goes down, you are better off in God's pasture, maybe you could grow rope.

They are beginning a hemp industry in southern Colorado now, it improves the soil and has a lot of uses- lots of antique books have hemp covers and paper, it will be interesting to see how that new/ancient industry does.
here's an old video produced by the Federal government before the hysteria was unleashed.

(By the way, I've heard hemp rope is the best to use on politicians and banksters.)
Missouri and Kentucky was the cradle of hemp growing until the terror began and it could be again- you might be in tall cotton Rick,(pun intended.)
It doesn't need pesticides like our cotton fields do, so that's a plus for me, I'm getting tired of all the pesticides blowing around in the dust. you can see from the 70 year old video there is nothing about farming that could be considered safe.. at least in the early forties.

Mike said...

I raised chickens for about 30 years. Mostly for food. I'd buy day old chicks from a place in Missouri and they would air mail them to the Valley. Sometimes the mailman would deliver to the house and other times I'd have to go to the post office.

I bought Leghorns and Rhode Island for the eggs. The wife would take them to work and get $4 for brown eggs and $2 for white eggs for a dozen back in the 80's.

For meat chickens I would get the Cornish Cross. By eight weeks they would weigh 6 to 8 pounds.

I also raised rabbits which are pretty tasty.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah I had some rabbits too, only problem is mom eating the babies..
disgusting rodents but they sure taste great.

I have a feeling the HOA probably would throw a yellow flag on chickens in the back yard, coyotes on the other hand probably would support the idea.

Rick Kepple said...

I'll bet that place in Missouri is Cackle Hatchery. Thirty miles away.

Yeah Middy, we were talking about that crop production. The deer would probably eat all of it.

midnightsstaff said...

My dad used to grow yellow meated watermelons when I was a kid, okra and tomatoes too.
Life was sure different then, we had a milk cow and raised hogs- it was a pretty normal thing for people to do then.

I think people were a little more grounded in reality when you have animals to take care of, one thing it teaches you responsibility because if you don't pay attention things tend to die on you.

..trouble is thanks to the war on drugs now all small towns are overridden with meth labs and tweakers.
Thanks to the Federal government we now have an out of control drug and prison overcrowding problem where we didn't before.

Thanks to the war of poverty we now have as many or more living worse than before and fueled with money from the war on drugs, now we have inner city gangs that are nothing but vicious and armed to the teeth.

Thanks to the war on terror now we have Big Brother listening in to our phone calls, thanks to our hysterical politicians we now have TSA sexually assaulting passengers and driving off customers.

Thanks to our insane Alice in Wonderland inspired zero tolerance policies in public indoctrination centers six year old boys are now having to register as sexual predators for kissing a girl on the cheek.

We just can't afford to keep having these wars.

PROUD said...

OK, for the past few days all I've been hearing about was the "search for the WHITE widow"

Now suddenly this AM's headlines are all reporting about the search for "The BLACK widow"

Anybody know why the switch? More evidence of Obama's racial animus?

(seems an easy quest....Have they not thought about checking the Hezbollah Bobsled team?)

midnightsstaff said...

They put numbers on the players but not the name so you would have to buy a program.

Ah the Olympics.
Man's tribute to excellence; a hallowed time and place when nations can forgo their differences for two magical weeks and be united as one in the spirit of mutual respect for amateur athleticism.

The National Hockey League puts aside their league play out of respect for the moment in time, and also so all the best professional players can participate.

Sometimes I think these Black or White widows are manufactured like PT Barnum used to do with sending his flyer and rumor team to the next stop of the circus. opinion is this whole Olympics thing has really pushed past it's best used as date.
..At least Putin probably will cut down on the normal amount of pickpockets that attend these things.

midnightsstaff said...

Meanwhile..."back at the ranch"..
.."Hacking expert David Kennedy told Fox’s Chris Wallace that gaining access to 70,000 personal records of Obamacare enrollees via took about 4 minutes and required nothing more than a standard browser.

“And 70,000 was just one of the numbers that I was able to go up to and I stopped after that,” he said. “You know, I’m sure it’s hundreds of thousands if not more, and it was done within about a 4 minute timeframe"..
"So, it’s just wide open.”

.."Half white man speak with forked tongue"..
..We are going to need a lot of hemp rope soon for all our political whores and bankster johns that sold the nation down the river.
Just wait until company provided plans fall into the same black hole scam later this year.

hey, maybe that's a good name for him, "The Black Hole"

PROUD said...

You'll notice the MSM is not mentioning Mr Kennedy's testimony, How in the world can they just stand by and watch the administration push people to sign up and not attempt to warn an unsuspecting public?
Does their political bent come before country and God?

PROUD said...


Jim McAllister said...


Yuengling, huh? I've heard of it; a good Pennsylvania brewski. I'll check it out at the local stores that have exotic beer and see if it sold here. If you like it, that's good enough for me.

Do they still peddle Schmidt's there? I drank a few of those in June of '63 while I was waiting at McGuire to go to Germany. It was good but so was the worst beer i ever drank.

Jim McAllister said...


Connie co-starred on a Warner Brothers lightweight detective series on ABC called "Hawaiian Eye."

It also starred Robert Conrad and Anthony Eisley. Connie played a singer-photographer named Cricket Blake.

It ran from 1959-1963.

Jim McAllister said...


I wanted to see SF win the game because I like to watch Kaepernick; he is one exciting player and when he made that 58 yard run in the first quarter, I thought it would be a long day for Seattle. Not so.

That was SF's third week in row on the road; that's a tough grind in the playoffs.

You may be right about the ten points but with these guys, its hard to say plus Super Bowls usually suck anyway.

Jim McAllister said...


Did you notice how Obama suddenly pulled the race card the week of MLK's birthday? He is so obvious in everything he does. Total loser.

Jim McAllister said...


I knew some hillbillies in KC who had a Phillips 66 station and they always referred to eggs as "cackleberries." Do you know that term.

Another guy in Warrensburg used to refer to eggs as "HEN eggs" as though they may have come from somewhere else.

Jim McAllister said...


The SOB ius the biggest race baiter in the world; a total embarrassment to the world.

Speaking of the Hezbollah bobsled team, I see where the Jamaican Bobsled team is in need of money to go this year. They made quite a splash a few years ago. (no pun)

Bobsleds in Jamaica? Damn, next time we look they'll tell us that Trayvon probably wouldn't look a bit like Nobama.

Jim McAllister said...


Barnum would laugh at these amateurs.

Jim McAllister said...


.."Half white man speak with forked tongue"

On top of that a large portion of those who did sign up were insured anyway. Kind of defeated the idea that everyone should have it. DUH!

Jim McAllister said...



Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the piece about us knowing so much.I figured there must be some reason!

Mike said...

Middy, when I was raising chickens and rabbits I always lived in a place that was at least an acre. The one place I had in New River was 2 3/4 acres. Never lived in a HOA and never will.

We also had our own gardens. We pretty much raised all of our own food. Okra is one of my favorites. One year I had a great crop and quit counting after I picked 500 pods.

Jim, the race card is the only card in the liberal deck. If you disagree with Obama's policies you're a racist. If you're against illegal immigration you're a racist. If you're against liberalism you must be a racist. If you don't celebrate the MLK holiday you're a racist. I had fried chicken for dinner on MLK day so I must be a racist.

Now I she where an all-whit fraternity, oh the horror of it all, at ASU did a spoof of the MLK day and the people that make a career out of being offended are outraged.

I guess the white boys and girls at ASU forgot to read the liberal PC handbook. It's the book that tells you what is acceptable to the left.

I don't know about you but I'm getting sick and tired of minorities and their constant whining all the time.

midnightsstaff said...

and you think you got it bad?- I am a rayyycisst myself and what's worse I recently found out I am a male Lesbian to boot.

Everybody has some racist tendencies in them, blacks, mesikans, Asians are the worst, everybody..
even our beloved alcohol challenged feather Indians.
As to what extent one lets it control how they feel about people specifically instead of people in general is the difference between choosing to be a bigot and not.

I'm sure as hell going to look at a guy all inked up with gang tats a lot differently than someone working at In and Out, but I've run into them and as long as they are not messing up life goes on; fact is, lots of people go through the system... but in the end everyone sizes people up.

Using the law to round up people as prison fodder for these GD private prisons is something Jesus himself would be kicking tables over and running thieves out of the building.
Our System was designed to support the concept of Natural Law and as one smart feller noted, this system of government will only work with a moral society.
What we have today is anything but moral or even lawful- I don't blame cops for not trusting whatever crawls out of the back of a low rider, it's a tough one but the Constitution was very specific about how constrained it needed to be to do police work, and they made the burden of proof much more difficult intentionally to prevent this railroading that goes on now.
Our government right down to the Podunk County sheriff is corrupt in ways that seem more suited to a third world nation.. which I suppose if the shoe fits, wear it.

midnightsstaff said...

There was an old guy named Robinson that lived out in Sunfair, a trailer village on a dry lake in Clownaforinia.

He was an old black concrete mason that wore a jumpsuit in the middle of summer, used to see him hitch hiking one way or the other because his truck was broke down most the time.
I would pick him up because I knew him from being in the trades.
Listening to this guy was like listening to mike.. he wasn't about to take a hand out from the government and would preach to me the values of hard work.
He was going on and on about if a man want's to work he can find work.
the guy respected the country and respected what it had provided for him, I suppose he worked himself to an early grave but those were the people hurt the most by cynical hellhounds like LBJ and the black race hustlers.
Robinson would have probably beat Al Sharpton to a bloody pulp if he showed up preaching that filth.
He was a pretty good American. that was years ago and it's still packed in under that youthful head of hair, maybe they're on to something about that slowness due to overcapacity.. haha.
sounds good anyway.

Rick.. don't let the cycle start, break it this time.. go for a walk or something-fight it off. deer is part of the picture; you can't change some things but you can always change your perspective.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, I was just reading about positive thinking and critical thought. Embrace those negative thoughts and let them flow, it said, then address them. It said that expressing those negative thoughts can ruin friendships and relationships. Write them down in a journal, study them, but consider the feelings of others.

Yeah, I gotta read studies like this to figure out how to behave.

The marijuana argument has turned 180 degrees, but racially is still the same, according to a Washington Post version of events.

Remember when it was said that Blacks and Latinos smoked weed and it was evil? The races were used to demonize the weed.

Now Obama said that it is racial profiling to make marijuana illegal, since Blacks and Latinos smoke it. He's using the same races to white wash the issue.

But I get ya on the cycle thing, Middy. Thanks for pointing it out. And I figured out what you meant by "meltdown." It's what they call it for people with my condition.

And by sorting out the negative thoughts, I can actually be a more productive person. I had no idea that focusing on negative thoughts could ruin your entire life.

I did the research after reading your comment. It has been on my mind lately that I need to change my behavior and become a more productive person.

Stevebuzzardo said...

hey, maybe that's a good name for him, "The Black Hole"

that's really raaaaaacist

midnightsstaff said...

Yep.. it's like a black hole that will keep pulling until you can't get out.

..sort of like liberalism..
Liberalism is the great destroyer of men and dreams.

Ha.. I saw that ASU nonsense, of course the permanently ruffled clucking hens will use it for everything it's worth.

midnightsstaff said...

oh.. I was talking about Rick's black hole.
but yeah.. this guy is a destructive force..

Listening to Roger Hedgecock's show, he is hitting it out of the park lately..

PROUD said...

Ideas so good....


Jim McAllister said...

Mike, Middy

I'm still laughing at the story about ASU. What a bunch of hypocrites and phonies especially Laurie Roberts and that "Reverend" Jarrett Maupin who is the biggest racist of them all. He is nothing but a punk.

I'm sure Benson will have his take tomorrow. Funny how black comedians like Richard Pryor and others always got a good laugh from white audiences when they made fun of whites. But, just let some white kids turn the tables a bit and all hell breaks loose.

Just one more reason to hate ASU. I love it when U pf A kicks their asses in sports.

PROUD said...

New England's Tom Brady is speaking out about their loss:

midnightsstaff said...

I guess Bill's thinking is an anathema to today's progressive thought, but Texas has it's problems as well, Wendy Davis and even the thought some bitch like this could become a representative is illogical in itself.

She is a fraud pure and simple, married a lawyer to fund her tuition at Harvard and the day he signed the last payment for her to graduate she filed for divorce leaving him with the kids and then engaged in lying like all turds do to fool the idiot women voters..
Her whole life story is one of being a parasite and a liar.

..and the supportive, lying media continues to parrot her horseshit story even tho the truth is a matter of public record.. amazing.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm sick of whiner Brady and am glad a good guy with a personality like Peyton got in.

Now the bullshit starts: How many guys will be caught with whores, caught in nightclubs with guns, and involved in street brawls? There is no substitute for class.

These guys are really lucky! They get to play in New Jersey in January!

Jim McAllister said...


Great piece by Whittle; he really has it down good. Love the "puke in their Priuses" comment.

He's right, it is sad about what has happened to that state. I'll take Texas any day over that pink shoe wearing loser liberal Davis. She actually thinks that a baby at 26 weeks should be ripped out and thrown away in spite of reacting to stimulus and having recognizable body parts.

Damn! I hate liberals!

midnightsstaff said...

Liberals are those who spend an entire life chained in a cave watching shadows remaining unable to ever know what is truth and what is show.

I like that Sherman.. my kind of guy.
He grew up in Compton going to the worst school in La, attended Stanford and was a good student- what do people think a guy who's play just sent the team to the Superbowl should be like- some type of unemotional droid? like "Noo DrAmA OaAmA is??
sorry.. he is like everyone else not perfect but his positives shout out the deficits in his character.. he is still in his early twenties remember and actually a pretty intelligent and articulate person- once you get him off some receiver's back and to quit gouging someone's eye that is.
hey.. that's the game.

Go SeaEagles..hahaha- I bet I would get along with him better than Barry, that's for sure.

Brady can kiss my ass.

midnightsstaff said...

While I'm on the subject, what were they thinking ever letting idiot women do sideline interviews.. she ought to be baking cookies.
haha.. ("that ought to fix em")..

midnightsstaff said...

I felt the same as Bill did in Texas when I finally rejected Clownafornia, I couldn't believe that AR's were for sale at Cabelas- couldn't believe I was seeing a scary looking to the average wet panty liberal Tommy gun for sale- drum mag optional..
I couldn't believe a biker at the sub shop wearing a shootin' iron right out in public.
I had been conditioned.

Yeah, Arizona is like night and day compared to East Germany by the Sea.
what?? no concealed carry law- why there will be shoot outs on the freeway.. just the opposite, Arizona citizens are light years more polite than California kulaks.

..Build the wall now!

Jim McAllister said...

I like Wilson and the Seahawks even if Seattle is one of the liberal capitals of the country. Pete Carroll has done a good job there.

I realize women want to be in everything but I agree with you on the sideline reporting.

My disappointment is that Kaepernick is mussing the SB. He is one of the most exciting guys in the NFL.

midnightsstaff said...

Not only is he mussing the SB he's not going to be in it either.

I doubt if Sherman gets another interview... haha

boyz will be boyz..

I guarantee you that K will make the big one soon- he is just too talented and creative.
7.30 game tonight with the Calgary bullies.
ought to be a hard hitting game, I hope they dress Bissonette.
I don't know why people bag on Bis's play or hockey skills, for a guy that has his own seat in the press box he plays over his head most nights to my way of thinking.

Mike said...

Jim, you're right about Maupin, he is a punk. He's a wannabe Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. I predicted yesterday on the AZcentral blog that he would be calling for hate crimes. Sure enough he did.

Now he's calling on all black players on ASU's sport teams to boycott the teams and don't play.Yea that should work. What a dumb ass.

Rick Kepple said...

I want to go to Las Vegas. Go see some stuff this year. Film it. The new web editor is training to do video editing and that will free me up to travel. Take the train.

Rick Kepple said...

Man, there is no train to Vegas. Well blast it.

midnightsstaff said...

Put on a hard cup to get through TSA, take the air bus and don't forget to roll up some quarters.

(pro tip)..go through the couch cushions and under the truck seat..forget trying to sneak a shootin' iron on board, this isn't Greyhound ya know..
might want to turn in some of those aluminum cans you been saving for retirement; you'll take to Vegas like a duck takes to water.

The hokkey game looks like another tough one.

midnightsstaff said...

CNBC sez..

.."Rick Caruso, founder and CEO of Caruso Affiliated, said at the recent National Retail Federation convention that without a major reinvention, traditional malls will soon go extinct, adding that he is unaware of an indoor mall being built since 2006.

"Any time you stop building a product, that's usually the best indication that the customer doesn't want it anymore," he said"..

..astute observation Rick, looks like retail has furled it's sales.. so now what happens to all these malls who cities depend on for tax revenue?
No problem, just issue muni bonds to tide it over until the buffalo come back, either that or this marks a return of indoor rodeo and tractor pulls.

..destructive isn't he?- "The Lightbringer" I mean.. tolerating liberalism is like having a deliberate termite infestation.

Rick Kepple said...

Too bad about the malls. But I seldom ever see them these days.

So much of my impoverished life was spent in the malls. Running my fingers over the brand new suit cloth. Dreams of a successful future. The mall is like an oasis from the world

midnightsstaff said...

There is a season turn turn turn..

Debt based consumerism can only take you so far when there is no manufacturing base, I think Ross Perot mentioned it.

This pig is rolling over, now with ObamaCare slicing up the disposable income that was already under assault, not to mention the cost of energy that is going to skyrocket due to all the coal fired power plants being closed.
..what supplies all of Washington DC?- that's right 100% coal fired power plants.
This year is going to be the year of the closure.
..and an election year..

Cheer up Rick, one door closing just means you need to find one that is open- you have advantage, you don't have to negotiate with coyotes to smuggle you in- you were given a great advantage.
You should thank God for your blessings instead of complaining.
(still think Obama was a better roll of the dice than Romney?)
..sorry, too late now so eat those peas.

PROUD said...

***THIS JUST IN***From our "can't make this stuff up, dept.

Professor Chris Turney, you know the guy Who Got Stuck in Antarctic Ice. Receives an Award for his Super-Accurate Global Warming Model....

Oh yeah, this makes perfect sense?

Jim McAllister said...

I have to start spell checking this stuff I guess, Middy. I left "mussing" because I figured no one would notice. I'll correct it now: "meissing." Isn't boyz spelled "boyze"?

Yeah, aqnother coyote snoozer against a team below them no less. No playoffs this year.

Kaepernick is the most exciting player I have seen in a long time. I remember when he came in for Alex Smith and kicked ass from the start. Great arm and a great runner: wonderful combination.

Jim McAllister said...

You nailed it Mike on Maupin. The crazy thing is that he has a following which tells us something. I'm sure he never misses a meal with all the fools who contribute to his nonsense. He's is an embarrassment to his race, especially to the black leaders who have some sense.

I think the party those TKE's had was funny. What the hell, the white people have to sit back and listen to a lot of nonsense from the black community all the time. let them have a taste of it. Besides, it all was just a joke anyway. Guys like Maupin have no sense of humor. LOL

Jim McAllister said...


What's a train?

Jim McAllister said...


Caruso may be right. I can't remember any indoor malls being built here lately although it seems that they would still be practical in cities up north.

Maybe he is looking at the shellacking a lot of retailers are taking from Amazon and other online sellers.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, a phone call is cheap. God will not be merciful to those who have sought to harm me.

Jim McAllister said...

I see Obamacare becoming the downfall of the impostor; the final nail so to speak. And the worst of it is yet to come.

When you add it into the equation with the other screw ups (Benghazi, IRS, Syria, etc.) this country may finally wake up and realize that Barnum wasn't so good after all; at least for those willing to get their asses out of bed in the morning and go to work.

Jim McAllister said...


Another laughable moment but not surprising.

midnightsstaff said...

404ward Soviet!..

Mark Levin opened his show discussing the book Brave New World.. odd I just started re reading the classic but only got three chapters in so far.
..too many parallels to ignore.

I read that Justin Bieber successfully wrote his initials in the snow to the delight of the media, and got rolled up for a pretty long list of infractions last night to the delight of the local police..

This is an example of the danger of retiring too early, lots of us have waited until our mid sixties just to avoid these salacious incidents- Jim was very close to doing the same, growing a ponytail and racing his Oldsmobile late at night on the streets of Scottsdale, no snow to practice on.
Luckily Barb who was still working reeled his impulses in before he got in real trouble.

Well it looks like another trip to the Happy Hills rubber room instead of a ten year sentence in state prison like the rest of us.
money has it's privilege.

..maybe he and Lindsey Lolife can sponsor a benefit for public awareness of something o another, you know- a hundred hours of public service in lieu of a decade long trip to the yard.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, Lana Jefferies Music LLC will be made into a success. Make it happen, or WMG will continue to fail. And I'm not buying the fake on Facebook.

midnightsstaff said...

I seriously doubt God is going to be merciful to a lot of people Rick, you are not the center of the universe no matter what your mom told you.

..besides I hear your phone is being watched.
don't ask me how I know, I just know.

Rick Kepple said...

Warner Music Group refused to license the concert video to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and now no one believes that I know anyone in music.

It's just as well. God's will.

I wonder what the Antichrist is doing today? He figures that the species must be controlled and I can't argue with that.

Wall Street bankers said that if the Fed stops paying them, they will collapse the market to 4,000 points.

I have a rifle and a hunting knife. I feed deer to keep a good healthy population of meat on the hoof. I need a new tractor.

So it's true that people want to take your money, Jimmy and Middy. And you have the nerve to tell me how I need to build this company myself?

A Nashville producer had the nerve to tell me how I need to be "humble." Rich folks are so funny.

midnightsstaff said...

Uh Rick, maybe you haven't noticed but a lot of things that used to work no longer have that magic, like applying for a job or trying to sell a house or climbing through government regulations to keep from being hauled in court for some totally fabricated reason.

I don't have answers for your problems any more than Mike or Jim has answers for my problems.

Most people don't actually know what their own problems are or live in denial, so what good does it do to apply an otherwise appropriate solution to the wrong issue?
..they borrow money when the end of the month comes too quickly instead of cutting unnecessary spending- is that a real solution or just buying time?

The first step is to identify what your or anyone's primary problem is.. because most don't really want to know.
Dennis Rodman never really admitted nor applied any put the cork back in type of solution to his drinking problems, he just masked over them with money and fame until they became impossible to ignore; he is doing the same as most people complaining about one thing or the other today..
Sorry, no magical solutions are available on Thursdays (probably not on Fridays either)..

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, did you get hauled into court for a totally fabricated reason? No wonder you call it Clownifornia. Bummer dude. Sorry.

Yeah there's no jobs, Middy. It's the entire reason that I studied writing instead of spying.

"Spy wanted. Must have experience in collapsing nations. No wet work required. Equal opportunity employer."

It's a good thing that I studied writing so I can create music studios. In Missouri, it's legal for me to create contracts. In Clownifornia, it would practicing law without a license.

I'll figure a way. It's how I've learned to survive. Jimmy said to make my money work for me. My money isn't working too hard or something.

I asked Maurice Strong for advice.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah.. it really happens to people, including me.

But this is not about me, I realized a long time ago that eighty percent of people don't care about anyone's problems but their own and most of the other twenty percent actually cheers bad news when it happens to others.

It's a brave new world now that we have given the government authority over what we used to assume as one's personal responsibility.

it's a vicious world Rick and as Hannibal Lecture once noted.."not everyone that comes to the rabbit's cry comes to help"..

But we as idiots decided to let the wolf guard the hen house long ago- welcome to the new normal.

As to having that savings work for you in today's collapsing QE sugar bowl market?- they are herding everyone they can into a sure to fail stock market so they can take life savings as well and few even see the game for what it is.

Pax Obama.

Stevebuzzardo said...

57Chevy One Owner . . .

this young lady has driven the same vehicle for 53 years!

She lives in West Bend, WI.
Changes the oil at least every 1,000 miles. Take a look at the condition, and the upkeep
shows a perfect finish and the red leather interior;

PROUD said...

Granny's not alone, many of us with 55-57 Chevy automatic transmissions rarely felt any "sensation of shifting"....

That's because the two speed powerglides rarely shifted!

First gear was good up to about 60 MPH.....

Rick Kepple said...

"I realized a long time ago that eighty percent of people don't care about anyone's problems but their own and most of the other twenty percent actually cheers bad news when it happens to others."

I completely agree. But the basic problem is to influence human behavior and our various media does that.

"It's a brave new world now that we have given the government authority over what we used to assume as one's personal responsibility."

Recent minimum wage debates have some employers closing their doors to reopen elsewhere. Luckily, domestically. Can't blame them there.

Yep, all anyone would have to do is pull the Fed guarantee from NYSE and that would cause the loss of jobs. It's Economic Terrorism. It's a new kind of world war.

I can't really blame folks for buying gold, but what happens if the powers that be change the gold standard?

That Maurice Strong's background repeats all the fears you guys have. He's got his own religion, Giai, and you can live in Baca Grande to be near the Strong's.

It is called the Vatican of the NWO. And people said there is no one person to blame ...

Mike said...

Jim, Yes Maupin has a following and it's dumb blacks that don't know any better plus guilty whites.

Blacks make up about 12 to 13% of the population in this country and in Arizona it's about 3%.

Obama wasn't elected twice with just the black vote. He got a lot of the liberal white vote.

Welcome to the PC world.

PROUD said...

Hey case you missed the news....I was today's winner of the: "Think Like The Media" contest on the "Nearly Famous Barry Young" show.....

I won a $25 dollar gift certificate to "Caketini" plus two tickets to the final round of the Phx Open.

Maybe it's the blogger in me, (or the ham) but I posted an acceptance speech on their site, here's a copy:

WOW!, I can't believe I won, "Think Like The Media contest".....

This is so unexpected! I stand before you humble, and speechless....I don't know what to say, except...You like REALLY like me!!!

This moment is so much bigger than Me. I graciously accept this prize on behalf of every nameless, faceless, AM talk radio listener, who now, because of Me... may realize their chance to be somebody....

I'd just like to thank God for making all this possible.

That's all I need, just THANKS to God......

...And my Mom and Dad for always believing in me,...that's all, Just God, Mom and Dad......

...and My wife, for letting me listen to talk radio,... but that's it, God, Mom Dad,and my wife,.....oh,and all the little people,....but that's it, God,Mom Dad, my wife, and the little people....

...and my Dog.....

God bless The Barry Young Show....and, God bless America!

(credits Sally Field and Steve Martin's The jerk)

midnightsstaff said...

You're ready for the Oscars it looks like, ever wonder why the bulk of 550 advertising is some form of government propaganda?

ah.. no matter- congratulations on taking something away from the other jackass named Barry.

.."Recent minimum wage debates have some employers closing their doors to reopen elsewhere. Luckily, domestically. Can't blame them there"..

..still buying into that class warfare lie eh?
well..not really Rick, the auto industry is doing better in non union states than in death star states.
Walmart moving in to both drive out any competition and flood the market with cheap Chinese slave labor products isn't a problem eh?

The whole enchilada is falling apart, if it weren't for direct government payouts to Walmart they would have to shut their doors, as long as they are being supported by the Dept. of Agriculture with the food stamp program they do what they are told.
Like Google and Facebook they have become arms of the federal sprawl and willing partners in the destruction of the nation.
You have to keep in mind they are Big Business- the ones that are able to become part of the new fascist crony capitalism dog and pony show that has been going on since before Reagan and now in control of much of government.
they pay little or no taxes, offshoring for tax purposes is something Joe's auto parts simply can't do.
Besides when you are Big Business in bed with the Big Banking industry that allows you access to lending rates not available to you or me.
GM set up it's own Bank with GM financing so they could draw at the Fed window along with JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.
.."It's good to be King"

The reason they keep pushing that idiotic min. wage issue is because the unions demand it, most union agreements include an agreed on buffer between min. wage and labor compensation so every time min. wage is increased, they get an automatic increase in salary.

Just imagine a doubling of min. wage in the early years of the automation revolution like some food chains are doing.. 60% unemployment.'re thinking little ball Rick.

PROUD said...

Team USA assured of a Gold in the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" competition....

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah.. they are tacky but so is the whole Olympic experience..
I say it's time to stop this extravagant tribute to Ruling class Idiocracy.

Nobody watches except for the same reason they watch car races- the inevitable fiery accident- in the Olympics case.. the inevitable bombing or political scandal.
..amateur athletics my ass-

.."Message provided by GangBang.. the official condom of the US Olympic team"- (buy em by the sack)

Jim McAllister said...


No question, my 1950 Olds Rocket 88 with conventional shift and dual glass packs ("Stick" shift to you young'uns!) would reek havoc in the mostly gate enclosed neighborhoods of Scottsdale. It's all part of being a bad ass like Bieber.

What a punk that kid is. I'm sure a lot of his exploits are staged to keep his following active.

Just one more reason why the military draft should have never been eliminated.

Jim McAllister said...


Great clip on the '57 Chevy. I wonder how that car got the Missouri inspection sticker on the driver's side windshield since she lives in Wisconsin.

It brought back memories to see that dashboard again.

Truly an amazing story; the car looks brand new.

Jim McAllister said...


When I think of a smooth transmission I remember our '54 Buick with "Dynaflow."

It was smooth but not much pickup.

midnightsstaff said...

Well, if you want pickup, get a Tacoma..
Google took a pratfall about an hour ago.
The market took one earlier.
..The smell of fear temporarily overrides our greed.. diametric forces a foot today.

wind sucks.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm starting to think whites are the ones being persecuted with that idiot Maupin and his crowd getting TKE kicked off the campus and banned from ASU.

That jerk has a lot of nerve calling himself "Reverend." He is just another rabble rousing trouble maker.

Crow is a wimp and as usual bowed to the pressure from that punk.

midnightsstaff said...

the nice weather we've been enjoying lately takes a punch in the groin with this breezy conditions..
I get stuffed up with allergies right about a month from now, but seeing how I got all caught up in a frenzy of cleaning the property, I managed to caca dau my sinuses.. you would think I would learn..

Jim McAllister said...


Great speech; love the Sally Field reference. I forget which movie role it was; probably "Norma Rae."

Enjoy the tournament. Try not to get wet from the public urination of the drunks!

midnightsstaff said...

I doubt this ASU frat scandal will get much national attention, just another nail in the coffin of ever believing that the nation will ever have racial harmony..
..too much money at stake to ever let this one go.

Jim McAllister said...


I get dizzy just looking at that monstrosity sweater. Haven't they ever heard that "Less is more"?

At least we don't have to worry anymore about Lindsey being angry with boyfriend Tiger for not going to the Olympics to watch her. She dropped out because of her knee. (S0B) Whew!

Jim McAllister said...

You're right, Middy. Strictly pros, no amateurs. It started with basketball.

Sorry, kids!

Jim McAllister said...

Market down over 400 the last two days. Uh-oh.

midnightsstaff said...

Time for a steely eye an a shot of Jack after this trading day- make it a double..
Retirees can't take the chance unless they can absorb a hit, but I would bet the market rebounds sending shorts to the cleaners and signaling all aboard for a rally- by the end of tomorrow we should know if it's for real or not.
I doubt this was more than what has been happening for the past year now.

Normalcy bias is not your friend tho in the end, because this theater of the absurd does have a closing scene- just no one really knows which one it is; the longer it goes on the more ingrained that bias will be when it finally rolls over for good.

.."Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

The weather is a lot better than in Rick's neck of the woods, they were under fire danger watch last night with temps under the teens..
yep.. this place ain't half bad.

Mike said...

Jim, it's sad what this country has become The Civil War has been over for almost a 149 years but you would never know it if you listen to white liberals and black race hustlers. They have to keep things stirred up otherwise they would be out of a job.

Stevebuzzardo said...

Market down over 400 the last two days. Uh-oh.

yeah, it's Bush's fault.

If it goes up of course its because of the great Obama.

midnightsstaff said...

Jan Yellen hasn't been talking about pumping the tires lately, maybe this is just to give cover for emergency moar QE IV sugar rush .. after all "we can't risk sinking the economy by chickening out now can we?"

..trick question.

Jim McAllister said...


Definitely a good year to be in AZ. Not only have our temps been typically nice but they have actually been a little above our normal.

Imagine spending the winter in some northern hell hole like Detroit or NYC and then reading about the weather in AZ being mid 70s and sunny practically every day while you have not seen the sun or been above freezing in two months.

I imagine the stores love selling those red golf balls though; plenty of use for them in snow.

midnightsstaff said...

Guys like ol Justin really get messed up as kids and end up with a more distorted view of reality than I do.

I doubt a psyche could straighten this guy out, more than likely he will cross a line with no way back, things change once you do some real damage.

Jim McAllister said...


I feel really sorry for the intelligent black people in this country like Herman Cain and Dr. Ben Carson. They are stuck being identified by some people as being like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama and the rest of those losers. Nothing could be further from the truth but they will always have that carry over stigma.

You're right about the time from the Civil War until now. Race relations have not advanced very much for the reasons you mention. There is too much dough to be made.

Jim McAllister said...


But Obama is not as comfortable as he used to be. Have you noticed that over the last few days he is calling out names like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh?

To me that shows that he is worried to a point that he is name calling: a typical stunt by someone whose back is against the wall with bad polls, bad economy, etc. His shit just doesn't work as has been proven over and over.

Now he is after Dinesh de Sousa for making that film and written a book about Obama plus some conservative groups in Hollywood are now being harassed.

Panic is setting in. The State address Tuesday is going to be a yawner. No one listens to this fool anymore. I predict Biden will be asleep within 15 minutes.

Jim McAllister said...


It looks like you were right about what would happen when the stimulus slowed down.

midnightsstaff said...

.."To me that shows that he is worried to a point that he is name calling"..

..too optimistic.. here let me clean that up..

.."To me that shows that he is worried to a point that he will start a war or stage another false flag school shooting event to change the conversation"..

sorry Polyanna, I just can't help myself.

midnightsstaff said...

.."NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald’s is losing customers, as the world’s biggest hamburger chain struggles to attract diners with its higher-priced sandwiches and new offerings like Mighty Wings.

“We’ve lost some of our customer relevance,” CEO Don Thompson conceded Thursday on a call with analysts"..

Well this is what happens when you market yourself into a corner by targeting the hip hop crap..
I remember when the McDonald's image was more like In and Out than Ed's fish and chips- to go.

Jim I doubt the shortage will be orange or any other color golf ball when the street people start burning car tires.
check out what's going on in the Ukraine..

..they're starting to play hard ball.

midnightsstaff said...

damn those Russians know how to deal with an out of control Bear.
and in the middle of a real winter... haha,America- "we might get around to is after the big game- and maybe after Valentine's day or something"..
ohh.. Miley's twarking..

Mike said...

Jim, the left and the race hustlers can't stand intelligent black people like the ones you mentioned or people like Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams They refer to them as uncle toms or house niggers.

The last thing the left wants is smart black people because they may realize that the Democrats have been using them for years.

The biggest fear for the left is that intelligent blacks will vote Republican.

Jim McAllister said...


In and Out is so sharp compared to these other chains it's no wonder they do so well.

All those kids there are fresh faced, all in crisp white outfits, in shape, speak perfectly and are congenial. The service is good, the places are clean, and the food is great.

Gee, I wonder why McDonald's is having trouble.

Jim McAllister said...

You nailed it Mike. Too bad Sowell is 84; very bright guy but, like you said, the brain washed dumb asses call him Uncle Tom.

They can't get past anybody being intelligent and/or white they are suckers for guys like Obama, Sharpton, etc.

PROUD said...


Looks like ticket brokers may be taking it in the well as teams, TV stations, sponsors,vendors, city of Rutherford NJ

Predicted bad / extreme cold weather causing fans to rethink the expense and hassle of traveling to, and sitting in the elements at MetLife stadium in Jersey....

Super bowl ticket prices have dropped nearly $1,000 per seat in the past week, and now comes word that if things get too bad, the game may be delayed a day or two?

It's not like the old days where it was just a game, the S/B has become a mega spectacle, enormous amount of resources from world wide TV, sponsors, teams, municipalities etc....why in the world would the NFL even consider having their most important event in an open air stadium where there is always a strong likelihood that winter weather could ruin things????

Rick Kepple said...

I really don't know why you guys hate Obama other than his skin color. He's made more millionaires than any other president in history.

I don't like him because for the fact that he's not cut off domestic aid to Wall Street bankers. He's not gotten rid of predator lenders.

The richest people in America are helping Obama to destroy the United States. Violence is what he wants and when civil war starts, all the people responsible for creating it, will get on their private planes and get to safety until it's over.

Those opinions from the militias. They plan to shut down all airports so that rich people can't get away.

midnightsstaff said...

Political favoritism to liberal New Jersey?..
-just a guess.

I wondered about the wisdom of having an outdoor event at the worst time of the year anywhere on the Eastern seaboard- the unwashed, diseased muslim infested crotch of America.

..well the shivering chickens are coming home it looks like- probably should strip search everyone entering- let TSA do the honors.
..(chants of T-S-A--T-S-A fill the stadium)

In honor of the event make both teams wear New pink Jerseys, (pun intended)..

midnightsstaff said...

.."I don't like him because for the fact that he's not cut off domestic aid to Wall Street bankers. He's not gotten rid of predator lenders"..

That's a pretty short list Rick, nothing else he's done has gotten your attention?..

I'm sure it was a misunderstanding on your and Obama's part, I'm sure he just hasn't had time to get to that issue but be aware he is working in your behalf to rectify the situation as soon as the Republicans quit badgering him over insignificant political indiscretions like Bengazi, Fast and Furious, using the IRS for a political enforcer, destroying the nation with a takeover of medicine, destroying the family unit, promoting Gay and Lesbian activism, attempting to take the second amendment away along with first amendment rights, illegally appointing Labor Relations board members with no legal authority, and stealing Medicare funding to waste on phony start up of the failed ObamaCare mandate

Yeah I can see why you are so irritated over not being able to get another liar loan.

He let you down Rick.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, I tried to warn you folks in July 2008. All I got was denial and insults.

If Wall Street loses the Fed support, the market will collapse and you'll be broke. So your fals concern isn't impressive.

I tried to create a company to employ some people like YOU said, Middy. "We'll help you, Rick." Promises and lies. The rich are good at both.

Remember? Y'all called me lazy.

So I've made that company and now someone pretending to be HER on Facebook wants me to return to gardening, she'll buy me a new tractor blah blah blah blah. Same lying promises, different day. And it was done right before the witch starred on a witch TV show, admitting that she's lied to her fans AND the media for decades. That's what you do when you retire. Career done.

So the government wants me to relax, the Rock n' Roll world wants me to stop writing and go back to poverty and what all this tells me is that the United States People have a lot of wealthy enemies.

I'm nice compared to the militias out there who want to close the airports and arrest all the rich and waterboard them.

I believe I will take that fake up on her offer. No contracts. Just show me the money. I'll choose my own equipment.

midnightsstaff said...

Why would anyone want to stop writing and go back to poverty Rick?
The statement itself begs a couple of questions, one being- to go back one wouldn't you first have to be out of poverty?
I mean all Obama voters got for that vote was a piece of plastic and a bag full of promise.

Poverty is a state of mind Rick- it has nothing to do with money and everything about how one sees oneself.

Deep down I think you are starting to suspect that Obama really doesn't care about your situation.

Welcome to America-2014- I suggest to everyone that thinks like you do to quit looking for someone else to come to their rescue.

.."Wall Street loses Fed support?"..
why would that happen?.. I guess you don't realize that they are both owned by the same cartel.

Rick Kepple said...

Sorry Jimmy. Been sick for a couple of days.

Look, a group of people very high up intend to collapse the world jut enough to force international change for the production of more wealth.

There will be a global government to protect American commerce and banking.

There will be a single global currency. That Maurice Strong is allegedly responsible for the Euro. He supports a single currency.

John Nash is allegedly studying the theory of a single currency that would end recessions.

So what do you do? Tell a lot of investors that, gee whiz we gotta change the system, OR do you fake an economic collapse and FORCE that change on people?

Marijuana anyone? It will keep people pacified. Food Stamps, Welfare, media FEAR and it's a head game.

Wealth. Middy's not gonna fight a way until he has to, right Middy? Until then, Obama will make sure that Middy has lots of money to keep him nice and happy. Even if things suck, he's happy.

So you see, there is very little that anyone can do about what's really going on. It's a drag.

Rick Kepple said...

"Poverty is a state of mind Rick"

Then prove it. Come to the Ozarks, I'll give you a knife and that's all you get. You have to survive in the forest this time of year, and I'm being nice. The inner tree bark can keep you alive, but you'll need about 4,000 calories a day in the cold to maintain.

I'll go live in some fancy mansion and produce a project from all the money available. Hang out with Lindsay Lohan.

Then talk to me about what is a state of mind.

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