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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PERUSING THE NEWS..............

I see today where our glorious leader is taking a trip with Michelle and the kids to Africa at a taxpayer cost of about $100 million.  One congressman said that the trip would cover the cost of 1,350 week’s worth of White House tours which were discontinued because of the sequester. 

One would think that a president of the United States would have at least one thread of common sense and avoid such nonsense.  Instead, we get this drivel from his talking heads: “The infrastructure that accompanies the president’s travels is beyond our control,” said Ben Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser for strategic communications. “When you travel to regions like Africa that don’t get a lot of presidential attention, you tend to have very long-standing and long-running impact from the visit.”

 “The president and first lady have cancelled plans to go on a safari that would have included the additional expense of a sharp-shooting team, responsible for putting down a cheetah, lion or any other wild animal that became a threat.”  How nice of them to save us that expense.  I’m sure the cheetah and the lion appreciate it too. 

The White House had defended the trip cost saying the Secret Service plan determines the security cost and that the first family’s trip will result in long-term goodwill.  

There is a bright side to this story as the Real Clear daily political poll shows Obama’s un-favorability rating at -4.3% below his favorability rating.  I watch that rating every day and that is the lowest I have seen it. CNN is always on board with Obama but even they issued this gloomy news to his followers yesterday:  “President Barack Obama's approval rating is plummeting in the midst of American dissatisfaction with the recent privacy controversies and other scandals.

"The president's approval rating is 45 percent, marking an 8-point drop in the last month, according to a CNN survey. Weighing down on the Obama administration are the revelations of government domestic spying programs, the Justice Department's secret pursuit of journalists' phone records, the Internal Revenue Service's inappropriate scrutiny of conservative political groups seeking tax-exemption status, as well as the lingering questions over the deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya, last fall.”

The survey, released Monday, also shows that 50 percent of Americans say they don't believe Obama is "honest and trustworthy," for the first time in his presidency, according to CNN. His personal trustworthiness was a measure that shined during his re-election campaign, where he continually outperformed Republican presidential opponent Mitt Romney, bolstering his position despite a struggling economy.”

Meanwhile, Chelsea Clinton has (surprise, surprise!) endorsed her mom Hillary for president in 2016.  She says:  “We need a woman in the White House!” No word yet on whether that astonishing news has the Republicans cowering and shaking in their boots.  However, Michelle probably isn’t too happy over that comment.

This just in from Middy:  Don’t you wish you had kids in school in that toddlin’ town especially with this idiot in charge?  I don't know what we are going to do with those trouble making white people!


Mike Slater. said...

If I was going to plan a vacation probably the last place I would choose would be a shit hole like Africa.

The Obama's must think they're some kind of royalty.

midnightsstaff said...

It's like a pain that won't go away; and what's worse the spin doctor you go to keeps telling you it's all in your head.

.."50 percent of Americans say they don't believe Obama is "honest and trustworthy?"

.. it's mystifying to reasonable people everywhere the fact that here we are over a decade after wandering into the swamp that some people are just starting to notice.

Yet his true disciples still believe.

midnightsstaff said...

If you can't explain something to a sixth grader you don't really know the subject.
Inflation for instance..

Beer nuts are now 2 something a bag but Deer nuts are still under a buck.

midnightsstaff said...

Anyone remember the Mt. St. Helens eruption?- it went on for months with earthquakes, bulges and otherwise threatening indicators the thing was going to do something exciting.
Harry Truman never had a chance.,0,3742600,full.story

Well the same thing is happening in the market right now, today Uncle Ben demonstrated to the world that he has no control over bond rates, inflation was QE'd to an artificial low but it appears to everyone watching that the end is imminent.

Mary Poppins the Realtor lady across the street is going to take this hard- first thing they will do is raise the points for a loan then the loan rates simply have to adjust unless I am missing something.
..the housing boom is a mirage.

Jim McAllister said...


They think they are ABOVE royalty. I'm sure they will be seeing the best of Africa; not the "shit hole" part.

Jim McAllister said...


As we know, getting by for free in life is very popular with his constituents. He still has most of that 47% I'm sure.

Jim McAllister said...

Love the beer nuts-deer nuts analogy!

Jim McAllister said...

Interesting link. You said this wasa going to happen and it looks like it will.

I'm picking up some coffee cans tomorrow!

midnightsstaff said...

I don't know how people can still try and ignore what's on the way.
The ignorant effers in crime infested liberal rat holes I can understand, they are just trying to survive the day.

But normal otherwise rational people like clueless family members who just ignore and hope.. well that option appears to be about to end.

The mutual fund and other large interests have been bringing their exposure down, leaving the usual bag holders doing what they always do.

Are you surprised as I am with the sequester and all the First tag team is spending so much on another needless trip home.
It's the same as me using a stolen credit card to take the Greyhound to Tulsa- frankly I would be embarrassed.

..some things never change.

midnightsstaff said...

The Nikkei is taking on water with a half hour left, Dow futures are down and dropping.. who knows with these clowns tho? it might be another short squeeze to try and get one more sucker's rally going.

they are diabolical.

.."Explanations exist; they have existed for all time; there is always a well-known solution to every human problem — neat, plausible, and wrong."- H.L. Mencken.

midnightsstaff said...

at least the NYSE is doing well this morning..

..Have you ever seen such a thing? they're darker than

Pevie, former political strategist , Hicks said...

Blood bath today,,,

Whadja expect?

They richer than us!

Glo said...

So have you seen the recent articles on that South African enclave that is for whites only? They are taking a lot of flack for trying to keep their Afrikaner culture pure. And of course some black family wanted to move into the enclave but was turned down. They probably just wanted to live among white people, not make a political statement. Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

The only places in Africa that I wanted to see were Egypt (did that in 2008), and Morocco. Other than that, they can keep the Congo, Uganda, Rawanda, Somalia and all of the other prime tourist spots. I wonder if Mogadishu has a day tour to trace the path where their rebels dragged the desecrated dead bodies of the US soldiers killed when their helicopters went down? Good opportunity for souvenirs.

Anyone who goes on a safari that is not a photographic safari but one where the object is to murder innocent wild animals with high-tech weapons has no soul.

$100M for the POTUS trip? Yeah, I'm so glad my hard-earned money helps finance that. It's way better than not going to that lovely continent and spending the money unwisely on, say, elderly care in the US. Oh yeah ...

midnightsstaff said...

I'm pretty sure they are still doing that moonlight Somali pirate bait and shoot cruise right out of the straights.
I don't know if you are into fully automatic weapons but one of the cruise lines boasted a pair of duel fifty cal. machine guns mounted in strategic crows nest platforms with a professional spotter..

I can personally guarantee that a pair of fifties will light up any occasion.
..just a few months ago Somali offshore tours were even guaranteeing contact or your money back.

It's technically lower Africa I admit, but you might want to check into it. might bag a muzzie..

I suppose the ammunition shortage has probably hit that service industry hard tho so you might want to check for availability.

PROUD said...

Today's Chuckle:

Republicans falling all over themselves, offering ridiculous amendments attempting to bribe other Republicans to vote for the Immigration Reform Bill as a way to "save" their party by garnering the coveted Hispanic vote....


AS IF, Hispanic's would change their LONG HELD political affiliation SIMPLY because Republicans decided to get "on-board" what they view as a Democrat agenda.

Watching pant-loads like McCain proudly pleading with fellow Republicans to put what's best for their party, ahead of what's best for their nation, makes one realize there ain't a nickle's worth of difference between between the two paties. McCain / Pelosi only difference is where the lumps are located!

PROUD said...

In Sports News:

"Aaron Hernandez Finishes Spring Camp With 43 Catches, 1 Murder"

midnightsstaff said...

.."Watching pant-loads like McCain proudly pleading with fellow Republicans to put what's best for their party, ahead of what's best for their nation, makes one realize there ain't a nickle's worth of difference between between the two paties. McCain / Pelosi only difference is where the lumps are located!"

welcome home.

the hardest destructive emotion for most people to overcome is denial.
When it finally sunk in past my firewall of denial and into my thinking I had to sit down a couple of days to sort it all out.

Someone please tell me the difference between a communist Chuck Schumer and Old Lumpy? because frankly I think Schumer is the more honorable of the two and a lot less dangerous- in the same way a western diamondback is less dangerous than a green mojave.

midnightsstaff said...

this video was just released of investment bankers practicing their exit strategy drill.

hey.. it's not perfect.

PROUD said...

Shénshèng de gǒu shǐ"

(That's, "holy shit", in Chinese)

BTW, we all know who will get caught holding the grenade....

The little guy

midnightsstaff said...

The little guy is the one you can't see in that video- that's because he is the one in the hole.

..this method is a tried and true means of winding down a bad economic idea that has worked since the days of the Ming dynasty.

almost time to wag that dog.

midnightsstaff said...

.."The Titanic" otherwise known as the stock market is doing pretty well all things considered- in fact the band has never sounded better with the engine turned off.

Tea Party pressure is the only hope to turn this evil around- Congress should be held responsible for their part- Nuremburg style.

..Today we have a link leading to the Al Kida headquarters now located at 1600 Pennsylvania ave concerning the IRS scandal.

The link has a name and it's Bob Bauer, husband of the communist dictator worshiping Anita Dunn.
anyone surprised?

Jim McAllister said...


Nothing Obama and his idiot wife do surprises me anymore. They remind me of the "Let them eat cake" from Marie Antoinette; totally clueless.

They are living their high style while pretending to care for the poor. Phonies extrordinnaire.

George Will blasts him good in his 6-20 column in the Washington Post. Meanwhile while the favor ratings keep slipping. Yea!

Jim McAllister said...


Your statement: AS IF, Hispanic's would change their LONG HELD political affiliation SIMPLY because Republicans decided to get "on-board" what they view as a Democrat agenda.

I'm with you 100%. I'm not looking forward to the the med terms in 2014. Our only hope is that Obama is so disliked by then, it will hurt the rest of the give away artists.

We also need for Hillary to be caught in the sack with Al or Jesse to have any shot in 2016. She is snowballing right now.

Jim McAllister said...

I've about had it with these pukes in sports. They can rake their lawlessness and tattoos and cram it.

Jim McAllister said...

The market is up 80 with 23 minutes left.

Hang on baby!

midnightsstaff said...

it's the tide, not the waves...

midnightsstaff said...

aapl is dragging the NASDEQ down.. that's the problem with having apple represent nearly twenty percent of the market..
no crash today Jim, what's going on is partially Ben Bernanke getting a little payback to Al-kida D.C. for that little bus incident the other day on Charlie Rose's tv show.
first rule of cut throat politics is never try to throw the driver under the bus while he is still driving.

.."The Amateur" evidently forgot his cue cards when he dissed the Fed's ChairSatan on live tv.

Question is with the bond market rising has the Fed lost control over the situation?
I doubt it- besides they need to get some of those investors back in the game with another false bottom.
hey, the bag holders need to have the bag actually in their hands don't they?

Mike Slater said...

Republicans get very few latino votes now so what makes them think by voting for amnesty they're going to get any more votes?

Latino's vote Democrat for a reason, free stuff.

When you have people like McCain, Flake, Graham and now Brewer the handwriting is on the wall.

In the words of Willie Nelson "Turn out the lights, the party's over."

Stevebuzzardo said...

"We also need for Hillary to be caught in the sack with Al or Jesse to have any shot in 2016. She is snowballing right now"

LOL, I don't think even Al or Jesse would want to get in the sack with that. She's almost as bad as Moochelle O.

midnightsstaff said...

Hey nobody asked me if I wanted to pony up for sending American troops to Egypt to control riots.. did anyone else get asked?

proly not.

PROUD said...

Republicans believing Latino's would vote for them if they show how much they care by giving them a pro-Latino immigration bill... Is akin to liberals believing Al-Qaeda will negotiate a peace settlement if they just show them some love and respect...

Matters not which side of some mythical isle they dwell on....they're all delusional, self-serving, gas-bags!

midnightsstaff said...

I don't see any two million people in the streets protesting here, one would think that one of the scandals or the other would have some impact.

But they have successfully balkanized us from ever uniting against them- look at what they are doing to Snowden.

The 13 colonies faced the same problem until a unifying leader showed up on the scene.
United we stand, divided we hang, remember?

Evidently the sheep appreciate being lied to as long as the cheap flat screen tv brings them NASCAR, football and McCain's Bud is on sale. ..honestly I don't think the government really thinks the sheep will ever revolt, and they might be right.

I am actually ashamed of this nation right now in ways I have never been before.

midnightsstaff said...

btw.. Hilarious is not going to be caught in the sack with the likes of Jesse the has been or Bullhorn Al.

they simply don't have what she likes.
and neither one of them are muslim either- she likes girl muslims.
But that like every other outrage in this administration only leads to another outrage and the predictable "two minutes of rage" I spend on the balcony.
Good morning Arizona, it's eight o'clock.

midnightsstaff said...

Here.. this ought to cheer any tax payer up.

midnightsstaff said...

.."#18 The U.S. government spent 27 million dollars to teach Moroccans how to design and make pottery in 2012.

#19 At a time when we have an epidemic of unemployment in the United States, the U.S. Department of Education is spending $1.3 million to “reduce linguistic, academic, and employment barriers for skilled and low-skilled immigrants and refugees, and to integrate them into the U.S. workforce and professions..

#20 The federal government still sends about 20 million dollars a year to the surviving family members of veterans of World War I, even though World War I ended 94 years ago"...

..and there are sixty six of them!
this goes way beyond some red pill blue pill argument, it's called bankruptcy.

midnightsstaff said...

whoa... gotta stay away from the coffee pot.

Rick Kepple, targeting America's enemies said...

I won't be paying any lenders and it will ruin my credit, but this is about payback for what has been done to my life since 1981.

My wife merely wanted to talk to her favorite celebrity and that's when I found out that I'd been blacklisted in 1981 by a rock star. Since then, I found out that it includes blacklisting from literary agents and publishers.

So you see, your snide remarks to publish a book were BS. You people and your rock star knew that it was impossible and you just sat back and enjoyed ruining people's lives. No wonder the government hates her guts.

So she had her porn and motorcycle buddies help me out with ideas and now I've figured out that they too were tricks just to get me to waste my money on making a new life.

Then you people tried to buy my farm AFTER the real estate prices dropped. "Buy high and sell low" huh? You people are liars and there will never be forgetting. Ever.

The motorcycle dude that was given a guitar in Walter Reed by some celebrity didn't show up, so that's another piece of evidence that I have been targeted by the rich for extermination.

She already destroyed my life and my wife. What else does your goddess want of me? Blood?

THE C.D.C said...






LAUGHTER. :-) :-) :-)

Jim McAllister said...


It crashed enough that I noticed it vividly on my statement today. It was over inflated anyway so I'm not too disturbed.......yet!

Jim McAllister said...


In the words of Willie Nelson "Turn out the lights, the party's over."

I forgot Willie Nelson did that song. Dandy Don was always doing it on MNF in the old days.

I agree on all these damn loser like McCain, Brewer, Flake, etc.

Jim McAllister said...


How would you like to wake up some morning and have one of those witches on each side of you?

It makes coyote ugly sound like a good thing.

Jim McAllister said...


What the hell do we care about how Egypt and Israel get along? As usual it is more bullshit.

Someone should send Obama there.

Jim McAllister said...


Matters not which side of some mythical isle they dwell on....they're all delusional, self-serving, gas-bags!

You're right, all douche bags on both sides. The D's are insane liberals and the Reps are a bunch of cave in artists.

Jim McAllister said...


I wish Iceland would give Snowden his citizenship like they did Bobby Fischer many years ago. That guy has the plane gassed up and ready to take him there.

If he comes back here, he is a dead man.

Jim McAllister said...

The way it looks now, this country (except those of us who know better) is in love with Hillary. She is skyrocketing in the polls

I don't see the attraction: she is a phony, liberal liar just like all the rest of the liberal losers who are tied in to loserbama.

Jim McAllister said...


Don't forget the $100 million Obama is spending for his African vacation. That easily dwarfs all the rest.

That's OK though. His approval keeps sinking and hopefully will carry over to all dems eventually.

midnightsstaff said...

..that's six posts in fifteen minutes.
put the coffee down- "coffee is for closers".

I see that they are after Paula Dean now, guess they need a fresh face for faux racism every once and a while to keep that cash flowing in.
meanwhile the true racists who want to put everyone on the plantation including the negroes never take a day off and never get called out for it.

midnightsstaff said...

..“We were shocked.
We were watching the vote on TV and in the final minutes were saying ‘what are they doing? This thing isn’t going to pass!” said one commodity group lobbyist.

“I’m shocked,” said another lobbyist. “Our job as agriculture is to go to the House and say Mr. Speaker what is your plan for getting this done?”...

Here's some good news, the House grew a pair and vetoed that pork bill despite heavy lobbying.
..good news on a normally bad news day.
I guess we should contact our reps that voted for our interests, but isn't that the reason we vote for them in the first place?'s like congratulating a builder who's house doesn't fall down at the first haboob.

CJ Phoenix said...

Speaking of "PERUSING THE NEWS...," here is an interesting story: And here is an interesting site that I found from a link that someone posted in the comments: Not to rain on your little "I hate everything Obama" festival but it sure ain't news to me.

midnightsstaff said...

not so much hate everything Obama here, it's more like I hate everything liberal.
..from the suicidal channeling emotion based decisions, contempt for the rule of law to the outright thuggery they always resort to against their critics.

do you disagree with anything about that Cj?
besides if you notice I nearly exclusively point out the hypocrisy of our own Republican Senators, Legislative body and Governor.

Good link,I hope everyone understands the role of the police force today- it has nothing to do with protecting you, that is your own responsibility.

Obama is just another tool for those who really control the fate of nations- he will be done when they say he is done.

..A growing leftist led statist machine is the real driving force evil will use to put us back where they think we should be.
A fully functioning Stazi police force awaiting the inevitable Pogram is already in place, America is in a real bad place right now. you disagree with anything about that Cj?

PROUD said...

Got 10 bucks sayin there's a "male(s) black" involved here.

Biggest of congrats to CJ, for being able to not only let herself watch, but post, a news story aired on a FOX network...WOW!

Glo said...

Hey Jim - You know who seemed to have gotten through. Gotta be vigilant!

Unapologetic Glo said...

Middy: I am absolutely disgusted at this whole Paula Deen thing! hello? those of us who grew up in the 40s, 50s, and 60s regularly used those words because THAT'S THE WORLD IT WAS! I used the 'N-word' growing up and as a young woman (as did my whole family in the Northeast), and wouldn't ever, ever consider apologizing for it.

Do I use 'it' now? Yeah, I do, and I ain't apologizing for that, either.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah,got to get them in fast; the Stanley Cup is on. Great first period. I get chills when Cornielson sings the Banner.

Jim McAllister said...


I love it when the crooks get it. Good story from Tuscaloosa.

midnightsstaff said...

.."keep your cotton pickin' hands off my stuff"
"well, that's mighty white of you mister"

yeah, that was what my mom said and she was about as non racial as anyone I ever knew- she liked Tennessee Ernie Ford and Nat King Cole for Christ's sake.

I didn't even know mighty white was Politically Incorrect until the seventies.
but a thug in Atlanta shooting a baby in the face with a nine is just the result of rightful repressed rage over slavery? plus the fact "that that bitch just wouldn't give it up"..

..(we need a return of the Brass Bull for some of these criminals.)

..this nation has problems and as long as PC police keep the blanket on tight real resentment grows just like Mt St Helens did.

Jim McAllister said...

Thanks, Glo.

As usual he is totally irrelevant to what we are discussing.

The Paula Deen thing is a joke. Someone hears her say "nigger" and she's gone. Lil' Wayne can shout hate and stomp on the American flag and it's OK. Obama probably invited him to the White House for dinner.

Someone has misplaced priorities.

midnightsstaff said...

That really is a dynamite site Cj.. learn something new every day.
John Lott has debunked the argument of guns kill people for years.
They are going to try again under the cloak of dark once they think they have autonomy again.. they know once this thing collapses, there is going to be politicians running for the tall grass and hanging from the trees.

..which will be a good thing, just ask Tom Jefferson.

midnightsstaff said...

people can disappear just like that eh?
assign Gloria as Sgt. at arms and give her the ban hammer..
..on second thought maybe that wouldn't be such a good idea.
The way it is now I get to come and go pretty much as I please, a man's got to know his limits and a little discipline goes a long ways- call it tough love.

I've never watched Paula Dean cook, what's the point? but I do like Jimmy Dean sausage.

Eating is what I am all about, anyway I doubt any people on her production staff that are now out of a job appreciates the finer point of totalitarianism on display. usual it's leftist bullies like Pink Mike and Paula the Red Menace that are behind this ridiculous power play.
they are the same snitches and crybabies ever grade school in America has suffered for generations- only now they are lawyers, schoolteachers and assorted vermin.

..what's a hundred lawyers at the bottom of the lake?- a good start.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Think about the sheer political facts of the president’s 2012 victory. The first thing we learned, in the weeks after the voting, was that the Obama campaign was operating with a huge edge in its technological operation—its vast digital capability and sophistication. The second thing we learned, in the past month, is that while the campaign was on, the president’s fiercest foes, in the Tea Party, were being thwarted, diverted and stopped.

Technological savvy plus IRS corruption. The president’s victory now looks colder, more sordid, than it did. Which is why our editor, James Taranto, calls him “President Asterisk.”..

..the plot thickens.

Stevebuzzardo said...

"The way it looks now, this country (except those of us who know better) is in love with Hillary. She is skyrocketing in the polls"

its pretty sad isn't it. The stupid sheep in this country are disgusting.

So HRC marries a scumbag, gets lucky becomes FLOTUS, gets lucky again becomes a senator, and gets lucky again to become Sec of State. Lets 4 Americans die, and she's qualified to be POTUS.

but Sarah Palin is not qualified to be pres.

Yeah, it all makes sense.

Jim McAllister said...

I like Peggy's cloumn especially the title put on Obama as "President asterisk".

Perfect title: he won but by cheating. An asterisk well deserved.

midnightsstaff said...

It never passed the sniff test to me.
we have a real problem.

Jim McAllister said...


It's dumfounding and an embarrassment that Hillary has her popularity. I think she is still getting sympathy votes from the Monica episode and from being bulldozed into quitting in 08 and handing it to Obama.

While he has screwed uyp everything, there are those that still think everything would be OK if Hillary hadn't been shoved out.

Plus, she probably has about 90% of the female vote lined up.

To me she is nothing but Obama in a skirt: just another damn wild eyed lib.

Stevebuzzardo said...

I hate to say this Jim, but my own brother is ready to vote for Hillary right now. He has a Hillary 2016 banner on his Facebook page.

His stupidity is amazing. She married a scumbag, I guess she's qualified?

midnightsstaff said...

I think HRC is a smokescreen, this is just one mob family trying to take over from another mob family and the press needs something to talk about rather than to explain why they refuse to cover the news.

.."investors are buying mortgage bonds that may have billions of dollars of undisclosed losses that will become apparent only at a later stage."

Well, it appears that all those swords that are mortgage based derivatives have two edges.
It's a bit complicated but what it boils down to is a lot of mortgages that have gone into default have been rehypothecated into investment vehicles which in this type of collapsing economy have no way of ever becoming whole again.

When these crooks sell the collateral on real property thirty or so times as investments, unless everything goes right and no one defaults it blows up and cannot be unwound without losses.
It's similar to what happened to the Whale's investments at JP Morgan in England a few months ago.

That's what you get in a totally unlawful business environment- and that's what you get in a corrupt investment banker controlled political environment.

And who will be left holding the bag of mortgage backed bonds with no backing? usual, it's the guy in the hole- this time the bond holders like large pension funds and variable annuities.

If people realized what was being done to them by the Fed and Wall Street there would be a nation wide tar and feathers shortage. much for my two minutes on the balcony.

Rick Kepple said...

Paula Deen put the Food Network back on the radar screen again. And does this mean that we can't use the bastardized version of the N-word often used in gangsta rap? It's funny to hear 70-plus year old folks say that! It truly is.

Grampa rap.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, you've commented 28 times.

I did three and Jimmy cut one of them. Jimmy likes you, Middy.

Good news boys; the Republicans are expected to take majority seats in 2014.

Am I telling you the truth, or not? If I'm not, you don't want to know the truth, now do you?

So Jimmy deleted my comment, which means that Middy will be using my words as his stolen wisdom soon.

I got a feeling that Middy is sniffing a lot more than he's letting on with 28 comments and counting.

C'mon Middy. Pad this blog.

midnightsstaff said...

.."So Jimmy deleted my comment, which means that Middy will be using my words as his stolen wisdom soon."

..I just stole that bit of wisdom.. guess you have a point, take the hat off and let us all see that point.

Gloria will be pissed when she is finished cleaning her guns this morning and notices you are graffiting the blog again.

Gloie Oakley said...

Lock and load ....

midnightsstaff said...

Haha.. just stirrin' the pot.

CJ Phoenix said...

There is no shooting away this type of problem. Dude's like a particularly bad infestation of bedbugs, he is, in that he drops too many comments to takes shots at &, even when one does manage to eliminate the comments, the source of those comments remains the real problem. It is too bad that we didn't eliminate the problem way back when before it laid its eggs all over the place.

midnightsstaff said...

Diatomaceous Earth works to get rid of bed bugs.. it is completely safe unless you breath it and kills them by getting under their exoskeleton and cutting them open.

just dust a bit under the mattress cover.

It doesn't work on pests that don't have an exoskeleton- the ban hammer is the only control..

Glo said...

CJ!!! So very unkind of you to insult bedbugs with that comparison!!!! Shame on you!

midnightsstaff said...

what the hell did I say that was so wrong?
gave Cj a compliment?

Guess I should never try that again.

CJ Phoenix said...

Wasn't talking about you, Middy. You should already know that too. You are & will always be more of the wrong end of a right facing jackass than an infestation of bedbugs, IMHO, but thanks for the compliment earlier anyway.

CJ Phoenix said...

Yeah, Glo, shame on me!!! But at least I am an equal opportunity insulter of useless parasitical bugs...

midnightsstaff said...

I simply want to know what it was that I said that got my comment deleted?
it wasn't me.
guess I will never know eh?

Jim McAllister said...


Middy, you've commented 28 times.

I did three and Jimmy cut one of them. Jimmy likes you, Middy.

Middy gets away with 28 comments because his comments are relative to the subject of the blog.

You get deleted a lot because you wander away from the subject.

Jim McAllister said...

Gloie Oakley? Now, THAT'S funny! Thanks, Glo.

Jim McAllister said...


Personally, I don't like Paula Deen with all her phony "Y'all's" and her other southern expressions but I think she is getting a bad deal here.

I think maybe the Food Network wanted to dump her anyway and is making a big deal out of this as an excuse.

As always, the word police are out in force and the little fairy Neil Patrick Harris is being accused of making a lewd comment about Mike Tyson on some awards show. Harris said he used "bigger" while some say he said "nigger." Oh, the horror!

Jim McAllister said...


No kidding? Your brother loves Hillary? I'll bet you have had some battles with him!

PROUD said...

If this doesn't prove the federal government should NOT be in charge of your health care, you might want tho seek help!

The IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address - See more at:

Jim McAllister said...


I didn't delete any of your comments and what is CJ talking about with bedbugs? Am I missing something?

Jim McAllister said...


Gosh, the total of those refunds is about the same as the cost to send the entire Obama crew on that $100M African vacation that they seem to need so badly.

Hmmmmm......that's odd, it would seem like that story would have made the front page today but I don't see it. What a surprise!

Surely, NBC, CBS, MSNBC will be covering it though! LOL

Rick Kepple said...

Jim, the topic has nothing to do with why you delete my comments. You simply do not like me.

I anticipate many more Paula Deen's in entertainment getting culled from the herd.

Told you. It's the NWO. The sooner you get with the program, the more money you will make.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm trying to get past the anger, Jimmy. Trying to forgive more.

Went to church this morning. God told me to go to a specific church and it just so happened to be a music studio owner as a guest singer and we talked afterwards. He's a really nice guy too. He directed me to a television producer to talk to about the studio and said that he couldn't help us with the mixer problems.

See, I have put money that I don't have into this business, because YOU GUYS said that I SHOULD BE WORKING. And I formed a team, Lana needed help, so we named the company for her and after her fourth surgery, she's starting to recover.

Got home and God told me to unplug the USB cord and said it was a microswitch so the mic's couldn't get to the external interface and IT WORKS! Praise God!

We're all happy happy happy here because now the studio is up and running and we made new friends in music and TV too.

But mostly, I owe you Jimmy, for having faith in my writing. I know I'm a bitch, I'm constantly off topic and I muss up your perfect blog.

BTW, this video says that it's dedicated to a lot of people who helped with advice and that includes Jim McAllister, Midnightsstaff and CJinPhoenix. Lots of others.

Sincerely, we couldn't have created this studio without you guys constantly riding my ass and telling me to stay on topic, how lazy I am and "you know who" knows that it is the only thing that gets me out of a funk.

Yep. Off topic again.

This video is for you guys. Thanks. And please try to be nice to people like me. I can truly help people.

midnightsstaff said...

Well Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. that and the stone is all cleared up we can start sorting out the problems of the world.

the little voices say.. they don't like me.. they don't like me...
hey, take that hat off Klem and you look a little like a unicorn.

PROUD said...

Regarding my IRS post, should there be any doubters out there:

Paula Dean, (not that I ever heard of her, but my wife watches the Food Network a lot) certainly did nothing to lose her livelihood over. It's just political correctness run amok.

Everyone can find something to be offended by, Blacks are just extra good at finding it.... almost everywhere.

Following the Food Networks train of P/C thought, I guess every black entertainer or politician that ever called Caucasians; "whitey", "Honkey", "cracker"...or anyone who ever told a "Pollack joke", or maybe a "blond joke".... should be fired from their jobs too?...because after all, Pollacks, Blonds and even Caucasians have feelings too...

Contrary to the ol sticks and stones myth...Those word things can really hurt you , right?

Pevie Hicks said...

Speaking Of The Entertainment Industry Thinning The Heard:

~~~and another one bites the dust~~~?

Tune in 5PM for the thanking?....or...the thinning?

Mike Slater said...

Rick, it's not just Jim that doesn't like you, no one likes you.

CJ, that story was a shooting in Sun City. Happy ending the guy was caught and is facing many charges. Us old folk in Sun City are armed and dangerous.

Middy, I never buy Jimmy Dean products just for the fact that it's owned by the Sara Lee corporation and they donate to gun control groups. Same with Hallmark greeting cards. Don't buy them for the same reason.

Jim, Deb watched Paula Dean all the time but I never could because her accent drove me crazy. Heard on the news that Food Network was getting thousands of angry calls and e-mails over the firing.

Glo, So Very Un-PC said...


I was speaking with The Holy Ghost just now on my cell (God was watching a game on ESPN and the Virgin Mary was writing a lengthy thesis on birth control) and he severely chastised me for not having compassion for what I inadvertently referred to as 'total bizarro whackjobs whose last two semi-active brain cells need recharging on an hourly basis.' He made it clear that the politically correct term was 'reality-challenged' and there should be no stigma attached to that more accurate perception. He urged me to have more compassion for people from the Show Me state. Urged is probably an understatement: threatened would be more like it.

Well!! That did it! Then we got into a heated debate over the words I use and the words a God-fearing nice person (not me) would use. Personally, it's the whole tomato-tomahto thing ...

Glo: Fat
Ghost: Weight-challenged

Glo: Stupid
Ghost: Intellectually challenged

Glo: Boring
Ghost: Personality-challenged

Glo: Paranoid
Ghost: Democrat

Glo: Cheap
Ghost: Fiscally conservative

Glo: Fuckin' crazy
Ghost: Fuckin' crazy (at least we agreed on THAT one)

Look, I respect the Ghost even though as an atheist I'll be burning in hell for all eternity someday, but, man - those dudes up there patrolling the Pearly Gates with their assault weapons and revisionist linguistics need to come down to earth just a tad. PC will someday be as ancient as good manners, and we'll all be able to go back to the completely accurate and descriptive terms we used growing up in the dens of evil called working-class neighborhoods.

Uh oh ... He just cut off our connection and a little lightning bolt appeared on my cell window.

Nice knowing -

midnightsstaff said...

..when it comes to eating I have no principle whatsoever.. if it tastes good and doesn't try to eat me first successfully then it's fair game.

I am mystified.. if you didn't cut me out of the herd then who did?
I have been having problems with Cox lately.. it just goes out for ten or so minutes sporadically, either that or I have the same problem Sharon Akins has..

hey.. Bernake.. F-you A-hole!!- can you hear me now?

midnightsstaff said...

If atheists were consistent they wouldn't give a damn over what they consider a fairy tale in the first place..
..but they do.

I wonder why they are always trying to get some cross taken down, prayer eliminated from schools or a Christmas program banned?
sounds liberal to me.

They never attack a mosque or any religious values of the muslims.
sounds liberal to me.

I was an agnostic when I was in Basic training.. a few months later no more- people change their minds for lots of reasons, I have mine.

Hallmark.. definitely off my list!
..that was easy.

midnightsstaff said...

I am hoping that guy makes it across the Grand Canyon today.. it seems a bit breezy for that sort of nonsense.. but at least he's not using a motorcycle, a rocket and a parachute this time. about focus.
I'm still wondering why Cj decided to give me a couple of whacks with the broom stick this morning..
was is something I said?
maybe it's the picture of me watching tv that reminds me of an ex or something.

Glo, Recovering Roman Catholic said...

Hey Middy,

You can't lump all atheists together any more than you can Christians, Muslims, or Druids (well, maybe Reformed Druids who only pray at bushes). It's all a matter of personal choice based on a singular humanity and lifetime of experiences that only one individual in all of the universe has.

And, I have zero problem with prayer, Christmas trees, mangers in public, and other trappings of whatever religion it happens to be. They don't factor into my belief system, and they don't hurt me, so why should I even want to deprive those people to whom they do mean something of their presence and comfort?

Live and let live as far as religion goes (although extremists in ALL religions fail to understand that).

PROUD said...

Ah, we're getting deep:

Religiously speaking, I must admit to being an agnostic. (must be true, it's PROUD-ly shown on my F'B page)

I've been told that mine is a cowardly position, that I was afraid to say there is no God because of what he might do to me when I die? however....

Fact is, I, just like you, have absolutely NO frkn idea (much less proof) that there is or isn't a real God. And I'm about as afraid of burning in damnation as I am in really believing stories about a guy named Noah who managed to get two of every living species on a boat he built in his garage, on weekends..

So to me, agnostic is a label for someone who truly isn't sure. Having said that...I'm pretty sure that God didn't create man, as has been gloriously described. And even less sure that if there is some God, that Christ was his name? The majority of religious peoples in the world say's that isn't the one.

Any look at history will show an open minded observer that throughout history it's been man....who has ALWAYS invented God...NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Man see's thunder and wonders WTF???? up pops Thor...Man see's a tidal wave? something man can't possibly fathom...whoa?,must be an angry Zeus...lightening bolt zaps a tree?, man again wonders how?, why? must be a pissed Hephaestus.

Throughout time it's man who has answered all his unanswerable's, explained all his unexplainables by coming up with an all powerful God to blame (or praise as it were).

As a practicing agnostic I place myself above people like Vos (Az Central)who was a devout atheist. Those people are incapable of following the live and let live (sub the word believe for live). They are threatened by anyone holding a belief that differs from theirs. (which, if you think about it, is the same as the Taliban)

Since they have no more or less proof than me....I've always wondered why those types can not coexist with believers or AGNOSTICS. Fear?

Glo, Recovering Roman Catholic said...

Hey Proud,

Religion, or the lack thereof, have one key thing in common: faith. For theists, it's faith that a god exists, since there is truly no way to prove otherwise. For an atheist, it is faith that no god exists, since there is truly no way to prove otherwise. Agnostics are no less virtuous in their beliefs, since they are willing to potentially concede either position.

I was born, baptized (by a bishop) and raised Roman Catholic. I made my First Communion, and went to church (when masses were reverent and said in Latin) and bible school. That kind of ended when I was around 14 in my first year of high school.

What happened then? My maturity and intellect were growing, and I began to question the tenets of the church. On an intellectual level (not an emotional level), I found I simply could not accept the theory of an omniscient and benevolent 'God.' For if this view of 'The Almighty' is true, then he purposely allows hideous things to happen to people without interfering. I can't buy into that. Just can't.

And I've tried! Honestly, my life would be easier if I had 'God' in my mind and heart, because then I would not be dependent simply on myself for my joy, sadness, success or failures in life.

However, though I clearly disagree with their position, I totally respect the rights of the theists and their view of 'God' and the world, and would like to think they would respect my 'belief.' And if they can't? Why should I care?

Sorry. I try to stay away from religious discourse because it is a hot topic and people (except agnostics, wink, wink) are flat-out on one side or the other, and no one is likely to change their minds. I don't want to change anyone's mind because it's none of my damned business.

midnightsstaff said...

Yep it's a personal issue, I bag on Religions mostly- it doesn't matter if that religion is the Catholic Church or the GiaLoveChanters of Mother Earth or some whacked out group pestering us with the old we are killing the environment and melting the ice caps with poisonous gasses like CO2 load of horse crap.'s called the cycle of life people.

once it gets out of the personal stage and into the herd mentality I lose interest- not starting my own church.

I know devout Catholics and when I go all postal on the Church it has nothing to do with the believers, it's the political aspect I really distrust.

I didn't put you on front street Glo, but you have to admit there is an organized group of atheists who just can't let well enough alone.
They are mostly attorneys and other holier than thou riff raff.
I am certainly not in any place to judge anyone else and their standing with the Creator..except assholes like Obama and most other political Golems who are obviously psychopaths hell bent on destruction, and that is from my perspective irrespective of yours.

..but on the subject of ghosts, has anyone else actually seen any?
just curious.

midnightsstaff said...

a bit of good news maybe, the Nikkei is up on early trading.. glad that the Bloomberg futures page was dead wrong.
maybe we can buy a little more time of relative peace, even tho it is in the end only a mirage.
One day soon we will look back at this as the good old days.

midnightsstaff said...

This is going to be one of those weeks to remember Jim, we're gonna see if they can keep inflating equities or if the bond market has the last say.
No one knows when, but odds are it's closer today than it was a month ago.
I am amazed at the sheer brilliance these criminals have when it comes to stealing real wealth.

There's more than one high wire act going on now.

Rick Kepple said...

"Rick, it's not just Jim that doesn't like you, no one likes you."

Agnostic, huh? I'm not sure if I believe that. How much practice do you need before you get agnosticism right?

What is a recovering Roman Catholic? Do you go to group therapy?

God is a personal thing and personally, I don't care about agnostics or athiests. I get along with Muslims and Jews, but not people who don't believe in anything, but money. They need to be waterboarded.

Rick Kepple said...

"..but on the subject of ghosts, has anyone else actually seen any?
just curious"

Mmmmm, the smell of bait.

First, Jesse and Barbara want help for their daughter and it's not happening. She has to WANT help and she will NEVER ask for it. She's too proud.

Never mock the dead. Never mock God. But you don't care and we have that in common, don't we?

Rick Kepple said...

"If we ever forget that we are one nation, under God, we will be one nation gone under," Ronald Reagan.

midnightsstaff said...

I wonder how many agnostics and atheists there are in Sharia law dominated nations?
probably a few less than in America.
sadly the disagreement will continue and the rot continues, some things just have to implode before the people notice.

The people of Brazil have noticed and are taking steps to right some wrongs.
It's going to get interesting this summer, what we have Syria, Turkey, Egypt.. again, and troops all over North Africa doing lord knows what while Lumpy McCain is getting us involved with WWIII just for fun.

yep, it's going to be a summer to remember..
..oh yeah.. The Zimmerman trial ought to be ripening up in a few months.
double OO buck is still available so all is not lost.
..don't want to miss the full moon rise tonight..

Rick Kepple said...

I keep forgetting that you guys live in a potential war zone and it must suck. Bars on your windows and doors.

I stayed in East St. Louis with my wife's family and this gang wanted to kill me because I said, Hello. Neighbors came out with shotguns to defend me. It was pretty intense.

So I can't imagine the danger that y'all are in. Yep. I choose not to imagine it at all.

PROUD said...

Glo...your comments on religion may have pissed me off....I'm just not sure!

Rick, your still a complete whackjob, of that I'm sure!

The daredevil wire walk was actually very suspenseful, Walenda's shirt was flapping in the winds, the cable was moving up / down and all around one thing I learned, that guy has some serious stones....

CJ Phoenix said...

I was not talking about Middy with my bedbug comment, Jim. But true to form, the old jackass took it personally. I trust you can figure it out if you really try...Who is the real pest around here that, despite all our efforts, just won't go away & stay away?

Yep, Mike, I know where the shooting occurred. I read the story. And Sun City isn't the only place where people are armed & dangerous if some scumbag decides to break in & rob the place while I am at home. Even in my neck of the hood, I have a loaded shotgun ready just in case someone is foolish enough to try something & makes it past my dog.

midnightsstaff said...

maybe he should get in politics..
I'm all for making the entire Congress walk across that tightrope, if they make it they get to keep their job, but of course we get to throw rocks at them while they do it.

midnightsstaff said...

It went right over your head I guess when I said "what the hell did I say that was so wrong?
gave Cj a compliment?"
I was talking to Jim about his taking my comment off the board.. I wasn't even talking about you except I gave you a compliment in the deleted comment..

and then you run off with the old "I wasn't talking about you" and calling me a horse's ass but the comment I made was not there for you to read,
along with a couple of the bedbug's.

..sorry for the confusion- go watch the moon rise.

Rick Kepple said...

Proud ... your name seems redundant. Think about it.

A complete whackjob?

So I told you that the NSA is reading every word I wrote on Jimmy's blog.

Then it's released in the media that the NSA is spying on Americans.

And you persist trying to what? Prove that I'm nuts? Is that your grand plan?

Jimmy, how's Barb? Is she feeling okay? I would ask other questions, but you un-Americans would use it against me to be polite.

Agnostic ... atheist ... druids ... who cares. I was thinking of turning Jewish anyway.

CJ Phoenix said...

I have never seen a ghost, but I have heard one. The sounds were loud enough & specific enough that I thought at first it was my dad coming home -- heavy, shuffling footsteps & deep sighs which I assumed was because I was on the phone -- & it wasn't until I hung up & went to tell him that I realized he was not home. Then I realized what I had just heard. His mother, my grandmother who had been dead about a year at that time, sounded a lot like him when she walked around this house.

After that initial experience, I heard other things too on various occasions. There were also instances where things were moved around as I slept. There were also little whirlwinds & disembodied shadows moving around inside the house that used to really freak my dog at the time -- a male german shepherd -- totally out. He would bark & snap at the whirlwinds & would shake & bark at the shadows, although, those he would not approach. Thankfully, the ghost seems to be gone. At least, it has been a very long time since I experienced anything here.

Nowadays, I like to watch some of those real ghost stories on cable every now & then. I approach them skeptically though. They are probably usually just stories, if you ask me, in that most are probably fiction. However, not very long ago, one piqued my interest big time. My grandmother -- the same one I was just talking about -- left me a lot of genealogical records as she was a card carrying member of the DAR. And, since I have actively done a lot of genealogical work on my own, I am familiar with a lot of the names & places on her side of my family...Well, this house that they were profiling on one of those shows was built in the mid-1800s & inhabited by my grandmother's ancestors until recently. I even found a picture of that house in her stuff after watching the show.

I don't know what to make of all this but I do know that I believe that something exists beyond the material world. And I believe that occasionally at least some people can actually experience real physical sensations from that side. Dogs can too.

CJ Phoenix said...

You are picking again, Middy. I am just going to continue to ignore most of your comments.

midnightsstaff said...

I give up.

Rick Kepple said...

I believe CJ. I'll be nice to her.

CJ, sometimes there is knocking in the studio like someone is at the door and there is no one there. Always three times.

In the house, sometimes the dogs will run to the door as if a car just pulled up. We'll hear car doors closing and look out there and there's nothing.

Everyone knows that my wife haunts the home.

I have photos of the unexplained. Lots of people have seen ghosts of the Cherokee and Choctaw marching on the northern Trail of Tears passing nearby. Some ghosts are said to be pre-European. It is a fact that the Ozarks is a very spiritual place.

One day, we heard someone walking through the forest and there was nothing there. I filmed it and still saw nothing. Lots of books have been written on the ghosts in the Ozarks.

And witchcraft? Lots of wannabe witches in the Ozarks. They sell lots of poetry books disguised as magic. Each time a spell is cast on a Christian, it rebounds 10 times as strong against the witch.

Rick Kepple said...

Not referring to CJ as a witch. It's just noteworthy that there are lots of witches in the Ozarks. Druids too.

There's a Cherokee graveyard, some from the Trail of Tears. People rarely go in there for the angry spirits.

But this little girl that I know, and I bravely went into that cemetery and there was an old man and a little Cherokee girl that we both felt were there and they were just curious. I explained our strange appearance and cell phones and all. And that times have changed. Indians rip off the White man now with casinos. I'm sure they thought that was funny.

Jesse is sorry for the way things turned out. That's the feeling that I get.

Jim McAllister said...

As Eric Clapton would say, it's "After Midnight" so I will reply to you guys Monday AM.

midnightsstaff said...

Better do it before you look at what happened to the Japanese and Chinese markets last night.
.."From Caijing: Bank of China, Bank of suspension of transfers morning counters were unable to apply for online banking

Update: Customer service said, now silver futures transfer service has been fully suspended, online banking, the counter can not be handled, and now has the background system response, recovery time is not yet known"

This is not the message from the central bank you want to read in the morning- going to be an interesting week indeed.

PROUD said...

Rick, If it were my job to prove you are nuts....

I would, w/o a doubt, have the absolute EASIEST job on the planet...

(you're doing all the work)

midnightsstaff said...

Finally some good news that aid package to Kenya is back on.- after all shouldn't we be helping our friends across the globe?

.."Similarly, the administration earlier this year launched new peace initiatives in and around Kenya, despite acknowledging that chronic cattle rustling and other cultural practices – such as killing rivals “to prove their manhood or impress young women” – might impede progress.

- See more at:"

..they never take a day off.

midnightsstaff said...

Well noted agnostic Nick Wallenda took twenty three minutes to cross the Grand Canyon in gusting conditions..
he was reported to say.."Oh Great Allah in the Sky.. pleasa donnna let me fall now" right before he took off the blindfold and did a double gainer in the middle of the walk.

whoops, nearly time for my morning two minutes on the balcony therapy session.
haha.. no agnostics in a foxhole someone once told me as we were washing out our pants one morning.

with a pair like Nick has I am surprised he can even walk.

midnightsstaff said...

Of course a few of the original welfare recipients from the "Napaho" nation thought allowing a stunt like this was disrespectful to the sacredness of the canyon.

.."Milton Tso, president of the nearby Cameron Chapter of the Navajo Nation,
(and creator of the popular General Tso chicken sold at Walmarts everywhere)
said that tribal parks officials never consulted his local government and that he had trouble visiting the site to inspect what crews were doing.

"They’re allowing a man — no matter how skilled he is — to gamble with his life on our sacred area,” Tso said. Beyond the Grand Canyon’s spiritual significance to several tribes, Tso said, Arizona’s canyon country is historically important to Navajos because their ancestors used its hiding spots to evade everyone from conquistadors to Kit Carson."
.. this bit of wisdom coming from a clown who's only act of courage has been to cash a government check twice a year, to quit drinking cheap wine in his sleep and quit beating his old lady as much as he used to.

Go Redskins.
hahaaha- I gotta get a cigar store Indian for my front yard.

midnightsstaff said...

For anyone looking for a safe place to park their fortune, the government has just approved a great program designed just for you..

..Who knows maybe if you put your money where the government wants you to they might not audit you so much in the future- that's peace of mind living in an out of control bureaucracy armed with unconstrained authority diligently working for your best interests.

..but as to the Kings X..

I wouldn't count on it keeping them away now that the real squeeze has started.

Mike Slater said...

CJ, you must of taken Bodo's advice. On one of his rants against handguns he said a dog and a shotgun is all you need to protect yourself in the home.

A shotgun is nice for bird or rabbit hunting it's a little unwieldy at 2 in the morning when someone is breaking in.

I prefer my trusty 9MM. or .380 I keep on the nightstand.

midnightsstaff said...

why limit yourself to one of the other.. nothing wrong with having both at the ready.
better a bit over-armed than under.

..that's the beauty of what this nation used to represent, choice.

Stevebuzzardo said...

I agree, choice is good
an M1911 and a Remington 870 with 00 buck. -- proven technology.

Disgusted in Carefree said...

The babbling bedbug strikes again ... So much for returning this blog to opinions instead of rants.

Jim McAllister said...


It's hard to believe that anyone who has ever met Bozo would pay attention to him. A shotgun and a dog? That's laughable. You're right it's a pistol situation.

Jim McAllister said...


Wallenda wanted to do New York with his tightrope walk and the cops said "no way."

That photo of him from this weekend looks like he had an extra cable to his left that he was using to steady himself with that long pole.

Is that typical? I've never seen it done that way.

midnightsstaff said...

Well, I sure as hell wouldn't try it without a balance pole and a parachute.

mostly the parachute.

Yeah, nothing like a good old 1911- simple and to the point, it's the finest design in history for my money, I have a sig 239 in .40 for runs to the ice cream store and the hot tub, but that 1911 is just a classic and there is no limit to what it is capable of when tuned right.

..maybe that was Joe Biden you are confusing Cj with.. he said to just put both barrels through the door, no need for target identity or any nonsense like that.
just gotta hope it's not the neighbor next door bringing your lawnmower back I suppose.

But Joe said to just do it anyway...not enough horses for all these horses asses we have running loose.

PROUD said...

Meanwhile..... Nik Wallenda's Grand Canyon walk won't be allowed in the record books....

Turns out the Obama Administration had the 'wire' so tightly tapped, it was impossible to fall:

Rick Kepple said...

Mike Slater, that's not what Bodo said to me. He told me that he doesn't own any guns.

midnightsstaff said...

..*groan* on the wiretap..

.."Mike Slater, that's not what Bodo said to me. He told me that he doesn't own any guns".

It's because he carries a straight edge razor..

haha.. inside joke all you guys from Cincy should get.

Rick Kepple said...

Opinions instead of rants?

How about an opinionated rant? A ranting opinion?

midnightsstaff said...

.."How about an opinionated rant? A ranting opinion?"

.."A ranting opinion?"

Let's just move those letters around a bit and see what happens..

Anointing Iran Op?
Nag Train Opinion?
Opinion Gnat Iran?
Nation Groin Pain?
(yeah, that's probably the best)
A Paring?In Notion

I guess it's all in the spelling but it still makes no sense.
..maybe you ought to get into politics.

Pevie Hicks said...


CJ Phoenix said...

No, Mike, I believe you are confused about Bodo saying that too. I remember that he always recommended nothing for self defense & even went so far as to call people crazy for thinking that they needed to defend themselves in their own home with a firearm. He even went so far as to threaten me with publishing my name on the internet because he didn't give a shit that any old nutjob, including Bodo himself, could then use that info to look up my address. Of course, truth be told, I do not believe that I ever actually gave Bodo my full name. But we fought about that online for months, remember?

Nope. The truth is that I always wanted the shotgun that I finally got from my father when he passed away. He promised it to me but then he got sick & died too soon after that. And he was the one who taught me & my sisters to shoot one when we were barely old enough to hold a shotgun. You would have liked him, btw. He was a slightly better sport than you are but he was always on your side of the political aisle.

My other inspirations for wanting a shotgun for self defense: my mom's dad. I can still see the shotgun propped up behind the living room door the day my grandpa had to pick up my grandma early from Woolworth's in downtown Phx because there was rioting going on in the streets in the 60s. And you're gonna love the other one: Granny Clampett.

I also have a pistol beside my bed however. That one belongs to my son. It's a 22. But more importantly, it's a revolver with no safety, as I requested. If I need to act fast, it's right there & ready to go. I like a revolver because it is easy to see that it is loaded.

The dog, on the other hand, is more of a threat than anything else. I am not sure how she would act if someone actually broke into the house, but she is a pit & she definitely would bark...But she is more of my daytime security system because I keep her inside while I am at work. And there are signs in the windows, front & back. There have been some break-ins on my street where outside dogs were poisoned or let out of the yard first. I figure my system is pretty good because nobody has ever taken their chances with my house.

BTW, Middy: I know better than to shoot somebody thru the door. I also know better than to use a gun as a threat. I may not be an expert marksman but I have had some excellent teachers & advice in my life.

Rick Kepple said...

My wife was a better shot than me. Lana is tougher than any man that I've ever known! It sucks to see tubes coming out of her.

CJ's a smart cookie. She's taken defensive shooting classes and it's obvious. It's illegal to give a warning shot and I got a feeling that CJ would pull that trigger. Good girl. You get'em.

"..maybe you ought to get into politics."

I've been a political opinion writer and I've also been an city councilman. I'd rather write about politics than be in politics.

midnightsstaff said...

Maybe Joe will listen to you then..
give him a call, hate to see him shoot some neighbor's Golden Retriever because it was scratching at the door.

I love Arizona..
there I said it and I mean it..
We are going to be relatively safe in Arizona from the upcoming urban strife because everyone and their dog carries or looks like they could be packin'.

The poor slobs in England are second thinking that gun grab they suffered in the nineties.
fat chance of ever getting them back once the thugs take them.. moral of the story- don't let them.

Bodo picked a good place, he gets the bonus of having people act a lot more responsible and a lot more polite than in some third world hell hole like LA even tho he doesn't own one.

..hope it stays this way.

midnightsstaff said...

goodbye NFL.. and good riddance.
I'm done Jim, I mean it.
..stupid assplugz..

Rick Kepple said...

"There is no shooting away this type of problem. Dude's like a particularly bad infestation of bedbugs"

There are lots of people who don't like me and insult me all the time. People have behaved that way to me since the day that I was born.

I get along with the Russians and Chinese more than I do some little insignificant blonde who apparently has some use to the government, but like Noriega.

Better shoot through the door, CJ. That door opens, you won't make it. Just imagine it's me on the other side and you'll want to kill kill kill without mercy. Do it, CJ. Do it.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm serious, CJ. It's just a little pull of the trigger and it's all over. Aim lower than you believe. Do you really want that person to come back at your door over and over? Wouldn't it be easier to just pull the trigger? All your worries are over. All you have to do is pull the trigger and the problem on the other side of the door is dead.

Just imagine that it's me. It'll make it easier for you. CJ, you hate my guts and you know that you want to kill me. So you should do it. You're a woman. You can get away with it. Jimmy can give you the evidence. Middy can back it up.

Heck, drive to Missouri. Put the gun to my head and just squeeze. Don't look into my eyes, because that's the biggest mistake.

There's nothing like doing your own dirty work, CJ. You know you want to do it. It's like letting a little air in.

midnightsstaff said...

BBeeddapp..BBeeddapp..BBeeddapp.. that's all folks!

midnightsstaff said...

gotta give him credit tho.. that was a pretty slick pick up line eh?

Rick Kepple said...

Are you sure that's the proper spelling of that, Middy?

I'll make CJ kill someone. You just watch. She'll do it. Won't you CJ? You know you want to see what killing someone feels like. You've always wanted to know that feeling of power. You're craving it and you know it. Stinking men, huh?

And the things that I've said. Don't you wish I'd visit you, so you could kill me? Coax me to trust you ... come to your door with good intention and I turn the doorknob and BOOM!

CJ, you know you've thought about it for years and you wanna do it. You've practiced shooting. Practiced reloading. No sense to let all that training go to waste.

You know you want revenge. Watching me gasping for my last breath ... that look of confusion in my eyes and that feeling that you get of emptiness, because now your hate is expelled.

You KNOW that you want to kill me, CJ. You should do it. C'mon. Do it. No guts, no glory. How many times in your mind have you rehearsed killing me?

You see me as "bed bugs." Less than human. It's just a little pull of the trigger and all your worries are over and I'll be dead. Do it. You'll feel better and God the media will glorify you like you always wished. Do it. That adrenaline pumping through your veins will stop when I'm dead.

midnightsstaff said...

yep.. that. t-h-a-t. that. like WasDat?

hey if you are still thinking about moving here is a listing you might be interested in.

..nice established neighborhood- close to churches and schools.

CJ Phoenix said...

Aww, hell, and just when I thought I had hooked me a man with real potential. Now he is asking me to kill him.

You're too pathetic to shoot, Rick.

midnightsstaff said...

I don't think he was asking..

CJ Phoenix said...

Did he call me a blonde?

Rick Kepple said...

Well CJ's not violent.

Experts believe that Brazil will ignite a firestorm throughout Latin America. I would go further and say that it will spread into the Southwestern United States.

Rick Kepple said...

Rolling Stone magazine says that the stock market is fake. The numbers are manufactured.

Jobless recovery, my ass.

Jim McAllister said...

Bodo has always had a hard time with women on the blogs. CJ is right and he gave Blue a hard time too. I still remember the uncouth bastard calling CJ "a big fat pig."

Cool guy.

Jim McAllister said...


"Recovering Roman Catholic? LOL

They sure don't have the power they used to have. I lived in a Catholic neighborhood and all my friends were REALLY brainwashed.

Cincy was a solid Catholic stronghold, at least it used to be, not so much now.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right, Cincy is a straight razor town especially around Avondale. They burned it down in '67 and it never has come back. It was originally a beautiful part of town in inhabited by wealthy Jews; a slum today. Sad.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm with you on the NFL. I dumped the NBA a few years agof, nowm it's time for football and its phony thugs to go. They won't miss me; they still have their sucker fans but I feel good about dumping them.

You missed a helluva a hockey game last night. Two goals by the Black hawks in 1:16 at the end of the game to take the game 3-2 and win the cup 4-2.

midnightsstaff said...

I already got an email from my long suffering ex Chi town teacher buddy telling me about the win..

haha. let him enjoy the moment.. after all he has to go back to class next Sept. and he still is from Chicago.

The Hawks are stacked with elite talent, so no surprise here.

PROUD said...

I'm shocked, SHOCKED I SAY, to find our very own, sweet lil, Glo cheering on a squirrel in a fight with a gopher snake !!!

What's next Glo????? Betting on the cock fights?

midnightsstaff said...

Lincoln was actually pretty much the reason we sacrificed 600 K Americans instead of merely compensating the South for the slaves.

His cabinet wanted to do what the British did earlier, simply pay the owners for their property but it had little to do with the question of slavery and everything to do with destroying the concept of Federalism in America.

As a result we now have the descendants of slavery waging war against white America not out of principle but out of the most evil instincts of human nature- greed and lust for power.
See Paula Dean and G.Zimmerman, not the suit spokesman Zimmer (who really is a white Jew)

Lincoln was not the giant among men that public schools taught us- he merely destroyed the concept of State's rights and in doing so destroyed the union he claimed to preserve.

it took a while but the seeds grew just as many predicted they would to the point now we have the Kudzu of liberal dogma strangling America using the foolishness of forced diversity to accomplish the their evil method.

Rick Kepple said...

I don't think that CJ's a big fat pig. I've seen photos of her and she's human, not very tall, and not fat.

BTW, the blood tests came back normal. The VA told me to stay on the medication that they are giving me and I told them that I quit taking them long ago. Even the bad cholesterol dropped without pills. Curious, huh?

Is Middy talking about Lincoln because Obama quoted that President early in his first term? Lincoln violated the Constitution too.

CJ is right about Bodo. He's a chemist. I wouldn't eat or drink anything he's left for you. I don't trust him.

midnightsstaff said...

another feral black sighting.. complete with video, another one of Obama's son's I guess both are left handed-

.."Sandra Fluke rocks.. Obama is going to win".
hey Paula.. this is example one of the war on women you empty headed socialist jackass.

..anyone ever seen what violence looks like?
well here it is right in front of her little girl.
New Jersey at it's fines, you had better watch it before the Obama Justice dept. has it scrubbed.

Jim McAllister said...


I just can't bring myself to watch that tape. It makes me so damn mad I can't see straight.

It's just one more reason to be armed AT ALL TIMES.

If she had a gun next to her that bastard would be rotting as we speak. It's sad that in the USA people have to live that much in fear but that is what we have become.

My .38 never leaves my side at night. If someone breaks in I have to hope I can get to it fast enough.

When I go out in the car, it is always at my fingertips. Anyone walking up to my car better identify themselves.

It's a hell of a way to live but that is what we have become.

Jim McAllister said...

PS. Paula is a stupid idiot. I'm glad we found that out when we did.

She will support anything that may give her recognition. I don't blame her husband for messing around.

Mike Slater said...

CJ, I distinctly remember Bodo saying he had a shotgun and a German Shepard for home defense. He didn't believe in handguns and thought no one but the police and the military should have them.

A revolver is a great choice for a woman, it's simply point and shoot. I had a snub-nosed .357 Mag revolver I bought for Deb but she didn't like the recoil so I sold it.

BTW, don't waste a good bullet on Rick, he's not worth it.

Jim, Paula's husband is messing around?

Rick Kepple said...

I know a lot about firearms and self-defense. I grew up on a farm. I've written about guns in Fur-Fish-Game magazine and I've owned just about every gun there is.

A person should own a weapon they are not afraid to shoot and a .357 will fire a .38 special. It's a "woman's round." Female MP's used to carry them when I was in the Army.

The old reliable .22 caliber rimfire is the perfect survival weapon and will kill any animal in North America. Proven fact.

I don't know about you guys in the cities though. The shotgun is best for urban combat, but in a firefight, an AR-15 and 200 rounds will do, cause after that many bullets, either the problem will cease to exist ... or you will.

Jimmy is a potential victim because of his age. Me too, because I'm disabled.

Five years ago, Jimmy just talked about owning a gun. Now he carries it everywhere. Holy crap. Things must be getting real bad. I'm sorry to hear that.

Glo, Rocky Lover said...

Well, Proud, if I had a cock I'd certainly bet on it. ;)

Glo, Sweet No Mo' said...

I can't believe I said that .... I used to be such a sweet little bitch ....

PROUD said...

glo,(you SWEET lil bitch),
Well, first, THANKS for making me belly laugh! :-)

And "B"...I certainly wouldn't bet against you!

:-) :-) :-)--

PROUD said...

That was a pretty cool video, snake got his ass (as-IF, anyone knows where the heck a snake's ass is) kicked by that rodent!

They were both very hungry!

Rick Kepple said...

Dang Jimmy. I got a phone call and I guess our videos are famous! So I reckon we'll start making a reality show. Well, I still ain't seen no money.

I gotta think like I live in Scottsdale, even though I'm in the Ozarks. Yep. Serious dudes.

Jimmy, you're gonna be famous.

Jim McAllister said...


It's been a couple years ago at least. She caught with her mother's caregiver. That's what she told me.

Then, a few weeks later she said she didn't believe it. That's typical; she was in denial probably. I heard he is a good Republican and I remember him as kind of a quiet guy; the opposite of her.

So, who really knows. All that I know is that initially she was saying he was fooling around.

Rick Kepple said...

Later on, Jimmy. Been stressing out today with more improvements. With luck, tomorrow I can start filming a new project. Thanks for the inspiration over the years.

midnightsstaff said...

By gum, it has been years now that I think about it.

time flies when ... oh wait.

well the Zimmerman trial is turning out to be about what I thought it would.

It has nothing to do with the rule of law, it has everything to do with an racist, in your face style black banana republic in action.

Idi would be jealous.

..wait until the lights go out- some people really want this to happen.

..that's when it going to get like they say..worse than Detroit..

CJ Phoenix said...

"CJ, I distinctly remember Bodo saying he had a shotgun and a German Shepard for home defense." I believe that you are either remembering something I said to him in one of our many online arguments, Mike, or else he stole that line from me after I quit paying attention. Because I did have a German Shepherd back then. They are the best dogs, if you ask me. About the only thing I don't miss about that dog is all the shedding & the fact that shepherds don't tend to live very long...But think about it, Mike. Didn't Bodo also used to always say he lived in an apartment? Can you really picture that selfish old fart doing what he would need to do to keep a shepherd in an apartment? You know, like taking the dog out for daily exercise & patiently disciplining the dog...Because shepherds get squirrelly when they are all cooped up & undisciplined. Not mention that there would be extreme personality conflicts between Bodo & a dog like that. About the only kind of pet I can picture him keeping would be a cat.

Besides, I seem to remember now that Bodo did say he had at least one cat. He seemed to like that he could let it run the neighborhood & crap in the yards of other people from what I remember. He was mighty proud of that, in fact.

Mike Slater said...

CJ, you may be right. It was always kinda hard to figure out what Bodo was saying.

I do recall a blog he wrote one time that I found funny. He said if he was ever carjacked or mugged he would gladly give up his car or wallet because he was a fast runner and could run away from the bad guys. This from a guy in his 70's.

Being a smart ass I asked him if he could outrun a bullet. He replied why would they shot me. I answered so they don't leave any witnesses.

Bodo is a very trusting guy.

Jim, Paula is just a bitter woman that can't win any election. I think the loss to Ugenti put her over the edge.

Jim McAllister said...


Bodo is also a very phony guy. He couldn't outrun a turtle, the dumb ass is 79.

He simply has a very high opinion of himself. It's probably why he uses a 25 year old photo of himself with a hair comb over on his blog.

we must alsoremember: this is a guy who got canned from a low level state job of inspecting turds. Not many people can make that claim!

midnightsstaff said...

.."we must also remember: this is a guy who got canned from a low level state job of inspecting turds.
Not many people can make that claim!"

Give the guy credit, at least he was inspecting turd not stealing turds from the state, just in case someone got the wrong idea..

Some of the government workers will steal anything- I ate a prison fish stick once, and an ice cream too.

Jim McAllister said...

mmmmmm...A prison fish stick! I'm salivating; I'll bet they used the highest quality carp.

midnightsstaff said...

I doubt if it were true carp, probably either mostly carp byproducts or a cheap soy carp substitute, that's what we on the west side call.. faux carp which is imported from China-
BTW... does that taco taste funny? it's because the corn tortilla is not made out of corn either.

midnightsstaff said...

I am actually to the point that I don't associate the golden arches with food anymore.
..they might as well be a Van's shoe store or a hair straightening salon- certainly nothing I would want to put in my mouth.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Knepp said the rabbits were brought to the shelter at 6 p.m. the day they were confiscated, and it took 12 hours the next day to help them adjust and for staff to determine the sex of each rabbit, photograph them and give them identification numbers"

.."For now, Knepp and the shelter face the task of finding homes for the rabbits, which have each been spayed or neutered with the help of funds raised by the society.

Read more here:"

And you think the unicorn disease will not spread eastward?- these insane bastards are a menace to civilization- what they should have done was have a rabbit fry and donated the proceeds to the local whorehouse retirement fund- it would have served the public better.

I remember a rattlesnake fry when I was a kid in Texas if someone would catch one over 6 ft. long, anything shorter was tossed back as too small to eat- salted the skin and nailed it to a board- I guess now the maniacs in a broken state would spay or neuter 'em and try to place them in homes.

PROUD said...

Luckily, the rabbits resided in CA....

Now they all have paid college, rent subsidies, food(OK,pellet) stamps, drivers licenses, and lifetime memberships to the DNC....

midnightsstaff said...

Best of all they all get neutered and are now able to come out of the shadows..

midnightsstaff said...

America adopted the Bald Eagle as it's national symbol, the French adopted the Gallic Cock.. not surprising... after all what other animal is as well known to stand in it's own shit and crow about it.

midnightsstaff said...

Well it's time for the daily feral negro update.. this should be treated as an attempted murder.. stomping someone's head is attempted murder in every state..

Wonder if the racist Obama administration will even look at what can only be called "normal black behavior" in Pennsylvania.

midnightsstaff said...

Alexander (R-TN)-traitor
Ayotte (R-NH)-traitor
Chiesa (R-NJ)-traitor
Collins (R-ME)-traitor
Corker (R-TN)-traitor
Flake (R-AZ)-traitor
Graham (R-SC)-traitor
Hatch (R-UT)-traitor
Heller (R-NV)-traitor
Hoeven (R-ND)-traitor
Kirk (R-IL)-traitor
McCain (R-AZ)-traitor
Murkowski (R-AK)-traitor
Rubio (R-FL)-traitor

Mike Slater said...

Middy, reading your RINO traitors list reminds me why I left the Republican party years ago.

McCain has always been a POS and now Flake is going to follow in his footsteps.

The Republican party must have a death wish.

PROUD said...

I don't think they have a death wish...

They, like the other party,(and Charlie Sheen) just place "winning" ahead of what's right....

midnightsstaff said...

They simply cannot be saved from themselves.
this thing gets through the House and it's the fall of Rome all over again.

Market being manipulated higher on emotion with no improvement to last weeks or even last year's fundamentals, the rule of law is being laughed at openly by our Ruling Class..

In the Roberts sham Court there has been no deference towards protections of the individual, instead they now view their role as a modern day arbiter of societal equality ignoring their Charter responsibilities to the interpretation of Original Intent- and are increasingly brazen about it.
it's as tho they know the nation has gone to the dark side and don't want to rock the boat.

The Constitution on Thursday June 27, 2013 is merely another historical document much like the Magna Carta..

I ask you what could possibly go wrong this summer?

Happy Dependence Day America..

PROUD said...

This Just In From Our..."You Can't Make This Stuff Up" Department:

People hold a memorial for 50 insects that died needlessly in a parking lot:

Glo, the Shocked! said...

Proud: What the HELL is the matter with you? Have you NO COMPASSION for dead bumblebees? Bumblebees that never hurt a living soul? Bumblebees that never lived to produce other bumblebees, never lived to pollinate the beautiful trees and flowers of our chaotic world?

Sheesh. Oh, the inhumanity ... How it stings ...

midnightsstaff said...


Arizona Constitution Article 8, Section 1.

“Every public officer in the state of Arizona, holding an elective office, either by election or appointment, is subject to recall from such office by the qualified electors of the electoral district from which candidates are elected to such office. Such electoral district may include the whole state. Such number of said electors as shall equal twenty-five per centum of the number of votes cast at the last preceding general election for all of the candidates for the office held by such officer, may by petition, which shall be known as a recall petition, demand his recall.”

.. it’s important to note that the people of Colorado have successfully gained enough signatures for recall elections of two state senators.
Both of these traitors should be thrown out, if not now when?

PROUD said...

I have feelings, why just the other day the wife dog and I held a candle light vigil in my garage to honor the insect victims (allbeit JAYWALKING ones) that met an untimely end on the highway in front of my grill and windshield.

If you contemplate the sheer numbers of murdered innocent bugs each and every second, this never ending holocaust makes the last one pale in comparison...

midnightsstaff said...

This is the old cancerbag's facebook entry celebrating his part in the selling out of our country.
..not much support for the old bastard is there?

Glo, the Relieved said...

Proud: I guess I misjudged you. Clearly , you and I do share the same humanity. :)

Glo, Un-PC said...

Jim: I saw part of this clip on the news about the whole 'N-word' thing. It could never be shown on TV today, but, Dear God, weren't Chevy Chase & Richard Pryor spot on in this SNL skit. Fell off the chair laughing. Guess that makes me a racist.