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Monday, March 11, 2013


Are you sick of all the liberal entertainment business phonies who follow Obama around like little puppies following their master?  Fortunately, not all of them are members of that category.

Let’s take a look at some conservative entertainers who have the brains to not fall for the Obama mystique as so many others have:

Rapper 50 Cent:  Yes, there is a Black rapper who is conservative.  He has even said:  “I actually like Bush.  In some ways I am the George W. Bush of hip hop.  Nobody likes me but I’m still gonna run it for the next four years.”

Other entertainers who support conservatism:  Adam Sandler, Phoenix native Alice Cooper, Bo Derek of “10” fame,  the smiling coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick, tennis great Chris Evert, FOX News regular Dennis Miller, and many others. 

We bought our first television in 1950.  It was a 16” black and white “National” floor model and even with the antenna strapped to our chimney; the reception wasn’t very good; especially when planes flew overhead or when it was stormy.

Mel Blanc, (c.1959) 
None of those inconveniences bothered us as we had TV even if it did broadcast only from 5:00 p.m. until midnight.  It seemed so incomprehensible at the time that we could hear a show AND see it at the same time.  It was quite an entertainment center and it hastened the end of network radio by September 30, 1962 when the last radio network show, “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” signed off for the last time.

I enjoy great quotes and radio and television sure supplied many of them over the years.  Mel Blanc (1908-1989) was the voice of Bugs Bunny and many other cartoon characters besides being a regular on the Jack Benny radio show which was great listening in the 1940s and 50s.

Mel was also known as the Los Angeles train station announcer on Benny’s show when he would call the boarding of the "Train leaving on Track 5 for Anaheim, Azusa and Cuuuu-ca-mon-gaaa!"  I don’t know of anyone who ever got tired of that bit in the 15 years Blanc did it from 1950-1965.

In the fall of 1970 “The Mary Tyler Moore” debuted on CBS starring Mary and Ed Asner as Lou Grant, her crusty boss in the newsroom of WJM-TV in Minneapolis. 

Mary played an ambitious newcomer.  Noticing that, cantankerous Lou says, “Mary!  You’ve got spunk!”  Taking that as a compliment, Mary says, “Really?  Thanks Mr. Grant.”  Lou quickly replies, “I hate spunk!”

Other great ones include one of my favorites said by Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden to Audrey Meadows on “The Honeymooners”:  “Baby, you’re the greatest!”

How about Dan Ackroyd’s line to Jane Curtin in the early days of “Saturday Night Live”:  “Jane, you ignorant slut!” or Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) on “Sanford and Son” as he grasps his chest “Elizabeth!  I’m comin’!"

Who could forget William Sanderson’s line from “Newhart” (1982-1990) as he introduced himself and his brothers: “I’m Larry; this is my brother Darryl and my other brother Darryl.”

The other day, I read an article lamenting the end of ten TV shows that have had long runs in recent years.  Television has gotten so bad lately that I didn’t know any of those shows.  I much prefer Turner Classic Movies and vintage TV.


Glo said...

My favorite cartooons were Mighty Mouse, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, and Top Cat. I still have my plastic Mighty Mouse doll, and a Pebbles doll. I wish I had some of my Barbies, but after high school mI donated my toys to the Newington Crippled Childrens Home (yes, back then they used the word crippled).

Glo said...

And classic TV shows? Ain't got none now! I saw that Top Ten article too, Jim, and my basic reaction was, "Huh?"

Here are CLASSIC TV shows I grew up with: Perry mason, maverick, Have Gun Will Travel, I Dream of Jeannie, Love American Style, The Invaders, Run For Your Life, Route 66, Twelve O'Clock High (dreamy Robert Lansing with those neanderthal brows), Hogan's Heroes,
The Wild Wild West, Barney Miller, Soap, Archie of course (Never liked Sanfoird & Sons - unlike ARchie, Fred had so very few redeeming qualities - if any), Policewoman, Starsky & Hutch (sorry), Alias Smith and Jones (I was DEVASTATED when Pete Duel killed himself in 1971), and so, so many more.

Quality TV, and not a $$#@%% %^$$#@!~! freakin' reality show in sight!

Anonymous said...

@Glo....Perry Mason and just about every show you named in the first paragraph of your favorites can be seen on the ME-TV network....depending on where you is broadcast over the air....."Reality shows?...We don't need no stinkin' Reality Shows!" (To "almost" paraphrase a good line from Treasure of The Sierra Madre)

Mike Slater said...

Glo, My favorite cartoons were Foghorn Leghorn and Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner.

Growing up in Phoenix in the 50's and 60's the Wallace and Ladmo show was a big hit.

Jim, I have Direct TV with over a 100 and some channels and I don't watch more than 3 or 4. Kinda a waste of money. I spend most of my day listening to the radio. I can listen to radio and still get some work done.

sam said...

One of these days, Alice. One of these days. POW! Right in the kisser.

Rochester! Oh, Rochester!


I always liked South Park...Monty Python...all the British shows.

Then some other memories are...EAT MY SHORTS!
Beam me up, Scotty
Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?

But one that I tried never to miss was "Friends"....and one of the best lines I recall was "Cookies and Porn? You are the best mom ever!"...I don't recall who said it, though.

Rick Kepple said...

We never really had a TV until probably about 1965 or so. Back then, there were repairmen who fixed them, so our TV was often in the shop.

One of my favorite books was about bears. I used to dream of living in Alaska living off the land.

When I was in the Army, a number of writers convinced me that it was suicide to believe a person could live off the land and that was in the 80's!

These days, most people have plastic fillings in their teeth. Digital TV. Coffee maker.

I recently found a 58 caliber muzzleloading rifle, but it's just a curiousity. An old traditional rifle like the fur trappers carried. Simplicity.

I learned from the show, Daniel Boone, that the river current is slower next to the bank and that's how canoes went back upstream.

Jim McAllister said...

Great comments so far. Replies in the morning.



Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, you spelled Lindsey wrong and that's good ... for you. It lets you off the hook.

Someone tried to kill Cold War veterans off and tried to make it look natural. And they keep trying to say how military veterans are insane and shouldn't own guns and it's because we're the only ones who can stop an internal overthrow of the government by the government.

Well, it's a job for the Lone Ranger joining with the Cisco Kid, G.I. Joe, Barbie, Ken, Matt Helm (Dean Martin), (In like) Flint and Inspector Clueso.

Glo said...

Rick: Oh God! Was there anything funnier than the Pink Panther movies? I think not!

My favorite line was in the PP movie where Inspector Clouseau was interrogating rich people in a mansion and he slipped on a knight's iron mace glove. Then he stood next to the fireplace and before long the glove heated up and he started smashing furniture to bits trying to get it off. One of the snooty dowagers sniffed and lambasted him: "That was a precious Steinway!" And his response? "Not any more."

RIP Peter Sellers.

Rick Kepple said...

The movies of yesteryear are inspiring to me.

Hollywood has long since worked with Presidential Administrations including some John Wayne movies, Robert Taylor, Humphrey Bogart and others.

I gave an idea to independent film director, Johnno Zee and blogged it on Facebook (which is down right now). Zee said that he's searching for actors and will be writing a script around their personalities and appearance. That's the way that scripts should all be tailored to make them more believable.

I could make quality films of the old days before all the cg work. I can create a New York City backdrop and maybe even a driving scene. We even figured out to do action shots better.

The new release of "Red Dawn" (set up for a sequel this time) and now "Olympus Has Fallen" and now North Korea, China, Russia and Islam disliking America, I'd say that it's all propaganda to fire up a bunch of armed Americans to defend America. And for good reason.

It's quite likely that there are terrorists in America right now poised to attack and Obama has played a good game to stall for time, but likely there are American sleeper soldiers in place for a counterattack. Folks who get a phone call and grandpa turns into Jason Bourne kicking bad guy ass, but with his walker.

midnightsstaff said...

.."Does your dog bite?"..

.."hahaha you've pulled the wrong tooth- there is only one man who would pull the wrong tooth- hahahaha"..

The great scene with him meeting the former chief inspector Dreyfus on his day of release by the pond..

His masterpiece has to be Dr.Strangelove though, I don't know how many parts he played in that one,
like Mel Brooks did in BS..

Here ya go Glo.. Herbert Lon -RIP- was one of my favorite character actors.. this is his eulogy scene..

Yeah, the old SNL show was pretty good, but about the time of RR's presidency it started changing to the hard political left- and we just thought it was a phase they were going through..

midnightsstaff said...

LOL even in French..

Jim McAllister said...


The Roadrunner cartoons were my favorites with poor old Wile E. Coyote taking the brunt of punishment from that damn bird.

Of course, they eventually had to tone it down for the liberals who complained that it was too violent.

Why do we keep giving in to those jerks? They are nothing but a bunch of wimps.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, people on disability are having their checks reduced or cut entirely. It might be the Food Stamps will be cut too. Companies are still laying off and moving jobs overseas.

Thanks to rich folks, liberal rich folks that is, guns are the bad things, prepping for SHTF is bad, wealth is being shared with all the WRONG people and patriots are seen as potential terrorists.

Bacon and eggs for lunch with real butter on the toast with regular coffee and then we gotta figure out how we're gonna survive.

Jim McAllister said...


Wasn't that funny? I barely heard of a couple of those shows and never heard of the rest.

"Have Gun Will Travel": Encore Westerns had it on in the evening for quite a while and has now moved it to the afternoon.

I always watched it at night; great to see Richard Boone again with some great actors from the past in character roles. "Wire Paladin San Francisco"

I think I have seen every Perry Mason from TV plus the PM movies of the 1930s with Warren William. Also, the ones Burr made in the early 90s that took place in Denver. All great shows with William showing a whole different personality from Burr.

The Invaders with Roy Thinnes. I didn't watch it much but I imagine you thought Roy was cute. I wonder what happened to him.

I take it you liked Robert Lansing better than his replacement on 12:00 Paul Burke. Great show as was the movie with Gregory Peck.

Great list, Glo. Hard to beat Barney Miller, and the rtest of them.

Route 66 did an episode that involved the old (now long gone) safari Hotel in Scottsdale.

Question of the day from Rt 66: Who did you like best: George Maharis or Glenn Corbett?

Jim McAllister said...

The trouble with reality shows is that they are the farthest thing from reality. Who in the world would think "The Kardashians" is real and if it was, who cares.

The only reality show ever made was "Candid Camera" simply because the people on it didn't know about the cameras. That's what made it so funny and a big hit in many versions through the years.

Jim McAllister said...


I love the Alphonso Bedoya line. You know your films and "Sierra" is a classic.

When that was made in 1948 they say Bedoya was a real chowhound and was first in line at every meal call.

One day they put glue on his saddle so he couldn't get off his horse and he actually cried at not getting to the chow first!

ME is a good network, love all those oldies and seeing a young Mary Tyler Moore.

Jim McAllister said...


Same here; I have too much TV.

We agree on those shows. I loved Foghorn leghorn, (Ah say, Ah say!)

Jim McAllister said...


Imagine using Ralph Kramden's line today about "Pow, right in the kisser!" They have have every lily livered phony liberal in the country crying about brutality.

I love Gleason and Audrey and, of course, Norton. "Hey Ralph, wanna go bowlin'?"

Jack Benny was the best with a great back up cast in Eddie Anderson, Don Wilson, and Mel Blanc. Classic stuff.

Lucy, You got some 'splainin' to do!" Imagine a guy talking to a modern woman that way!

Cookies and Porn? Hilarious!

Jim McAllister said...


Interesting about the canoes going back upstream; I didn't know that.

Boone was a good show with Fess Parker and Ed Ames who was famous for the hatchet throw on Johnny Carson.

Glo, TV Nut said...

Jim, I ==loved== Paul Burke as much, and especially his pairing with Komanski, AKA Chris Robinson (of long-time General Hospital fame). Paul stared in a forgotten movie gem from 1969 that I really liked and have a DVD of: Daddy's Gone A-Hunting. He played the politician husband of Carol White, whose dumped ex-boyfriend kidnapped her new baby as paypack for her aborting his child. The nut was played by Scott Hylands.

I've gotta say I liked Glenn Corbett. Gorgeous eyes.

Roy Thinnnes works occasionally now. Trivia: in the pilot for Law & Order in 1990 he played the District Attorney, not Steven Hill (who was the first leader of the Mission Impossible force, too, before he quit because he wouldn't work after sundown as a devout Jew - and hence for the other 6 seasons we had Peter Graves).

Roy was also married to actress Lynn Loring, who later became an executive at a movie studio. I believe they stared in one or two movies together.

I know, I know - I gotta get a life.....

Jim McAllister said...


You're right, Buckingham is "sey" not "say." Sorry about that; I take pride in my spelling and I made an error there.

Speaking of spelling, "Clueso?" How about "Clouseau?"

Something tells me you did that on purpose to test me. LOL

Jim McAllister said...


"Dr Strangelove" is one of the best especially the scene where Slim Pickens rides that bomb out of that B-52.

Sellers was great as usual but guys like Sterling Hayden as the nutty base commander and George C. Scott were really funny.

Scott was General Buck Turgidson and is great in that scene with the babe.

Jim McAllister said...


So, Corbett wins the eye test. Sorry, George, back to central casting with you.

Speaking of Maharis, he was not too smart. RT 66 was a hit and he was a nobody but got in a dispute and was gone. Big break for Corbett even if the show only ran one more year.

I remember Paul Burke as a young cop on Naked City with John McIntire and James Franciscus.

I looked him up and he died in Palm Springs at 83 in 2009.

He never quite was the big star many thought he would be and only made one film; "Della" with Joan Crawford in 1964.

He was pretty much a TV actor but I always thought a good one.

Roy Thinnes is 74 and wears glasses! Where do the years go?

I'm into this stuff like you are. Barb can't believe how I know all the actors in the old films, etc.

Maybe I'll tell her that if she would get in gear like G-l-o-r-i-a and me, she would know this important stuff too! LOL

Jim McAllister said...


Hilarious Clouseau clip. Lom was a great actor; very adept at drama and comedy.

Glo said...

Sorry, Jim: Burke also made the Daddy movie in '69 (theater, not TV movie). I remember when he died; I felt so old .... According to his biographers, he was a real dog/womanizer all his life. Kinda breaks the noble Colonel Gallagher illusion...

Herbert Lom was great in the PPs. He also did a fairly credible job in the 1962 Hammer remake of Phantom of the Opera with Heather Sears.

Yep, Maharis walking away: Can anyone say NYPD and Caruso? LOL! Well at least Milner got Adam-12.

Thinnes did quite a few great TV movies in the 60s and 70s, like Satan's School for Girls, Horror at 37,000 Feet, Norliss Tapes (LOVED THAT ONE - done by Dan Curtis of Dark Shadows and Night Stalker fame; chilling Robert Colbert soundtrack), and Black Noon. Now I remember: he and his then-wife Lynn Loring were in a scifi film called Journey to the Far Side of the Sun. Dopplegangers!!

Anonymous said...


You are marvelous! Are you sure we weren’t childhood neighbors and friends in a duel lifetime? Old Time Radio (OTR) was great!!!

More important than anything, the programs led to great conversation: most of which could be shared on some level by both young and old.

For example, with Roy Thinness’ "The Invaders", wouldn't you think the authorities would have arrested hem early on? After all, in just about every second episode he is involved with the death or disappearance of some high rank individual, and left with a pile of dust.

In a way it was sort of a leap back to the old B - westerns, where Larry (Lash) LaRue would ride into town dressed in black, wearing two guns, a Bowie knife and a bullwhip, all of his gear silver trimmed, and he has plenty of ready cash but no signs of employment.

Still in all, the town authorities appear not to have the slightest suspicion of him or his motives.

And with the old comedians, what was most lovable about them was that they moved us to try to imitate their voice characterizations, and laugh at ourselves when we failed.

And Johnny Dollar (that man with the fabulous expense account) and his famous 'expense‘tabulation at the end of every episode.

Oh Jim, how I loved that era. But then again - you know that!


Anonymous said...

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As Straight Arrow, he had a secret cave, and a wonder horse named Fury, and a white sidekick named Packy.

This episode of Straight Arrow, The Doctor and the Quack, originally aired on December 16, 1948.

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Anonymous said...

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Jim McAllister said...


My error on Burke's movie credentials. He apparently made several including the dreadful "Valley of the Dolls" which was said to have hurt his career.

I'm glad you are around to catch errors like that. Sometimes I read bios too fast and miss important information. Thanks for the correction.

Good analogy with Caruso and Maharis. I think these guys get on a hit show and suddenly they think they are ready for the big time and are irreplaceable.

They both found out the hard way it's not as easy as they think.

I often wondered how Milner got all his roles. He never came across as that great to me although his small part in "Mr. Roberts" was pretty good.

Glo said...

Jim, Milner was very bland. Valley of the Dolls was HORRIBLY miscast except for Sharon Tate. Ann was supposed to be an icy blue-eyed blonde, not the dark and exotic Barbara Parkins. Burke was very miscast, too. You would think the very least moviemakers could do with a novel adaptation was to get beloved characters physically appropriate.

Now, about 10 years ago they finally made a movie about Lincoln Rymes, a charater in a suite of Jeffrey Deaver novels. LR was a white guy with black hair; in the movie, he was played by Denzel Washington. Now, i9t was still an excellent movie, and I'd watch Denzel any time, but it's the principle of the thing.

And don't even get me strated on Will Smith's Wild, Wild West.. Bob Conrad (born Conrad Robert Falk) was probably horrified.

midnightsstaff said...

Best all around game the Coyotes have played this season.
I didn't see any breakdowns that were not covered, funny how things can turn around on a dime eh?

We are looking at another Scottie Bowman in the making with coach Tippet, this guy is a true genius behind the bench.

Rick Kepple said...

Clouseau. Yeah! A test! Yeah! Actually I was in and out of the house doing a few chores on the farm. Gotta work off the winter's fat. Bought a few boards to start the second phase on the bunker.

Bunkers and caves for SHTF scenario are quite popular in the Ozarks.

"Colonel "Bat" Guano: Okay. I'm gonna get your money for ya. But if you don't get the President of the United States on that phone, you know what's gonna happen to you?

Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake: What?

Colonel "Bat" Guano: You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company." Dr. Strangelove

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, I developed a theory some time ago that I posted on Facebook that Iran, China and Russia have joined against the United States of America.

Yesterday, the CIA released to the media that cyberattacks on America are being done by a joint effort of Iran, Russia and China.

So I was right.

Don Petersen gave me a clue as to why, one day, when he said that if a bank had been robbed by cyberterrorists, the U.S. government doesn't have to cover the lost money.

Given that I've been right about the U.S. government allowing violence to occur (c'mon, a goat farmer predicted this), then when the great economic collapse happens, the U.S. government won't have to pay any bailouts, nothing.

So is it possible, that because of massive "cyberterrorist bank robbing," that it would lead to the necessity of global government, international laws, the creation of a single monetary system and it is completely logical. The media will play it like there was no choice. NBC has already accepted the phrase, "World Government."

The CIA reports that the cyberattacks are becoming more destructive. That means that they are expecting an attack at any moment, possibly followed by a ground attack, if all computer systems are shut down.

An economy is psychological. Think about it. Your body doesn't need money. Only your mind needs money. The money is used to buy the things that the body needs. If the mind can't have the money, desperation sinks in. Add heroin, crack, meth, etc. and a bad economy. Theft rises, gives way to violence, riots start, media fuels it, the United States government responds with new laws and because of the chaos, a global government becomes a necessity.

After all, Iran, China and Russia must be controlled by laws for everyone.

Sorry. No coffee yet.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, it's supposed to be 75 degrees on Friday! Spring has sprung!

If the world goes to hell, there is always kayaking and the electric guitar, but not at the same time. And surviving from the land is easy with a kayak to use for fishing too!

See, you guys could buy those tunnel hull kayaks made by Bass Pro, get hunting and fishing gear, head up to Northern Arizona, fish for trout, hunt elk, kayak and survive in style! Let Mike lead ya!

Rick Kepple said...

Thought that I was joking, huh?

United States launches cyberwar against Iran, China and Russia.

This would explain the sudden patriotic movies too.

Regardless, I started rearranging the barn today to try and use it as a soundstage and music studio as well. It's a work in progress.

Also, Lana is looking better since the last surgery. We were discussing what equipment we're gonna need in case all computer systems get shut down by hacking. More bullets. Nightvision gear.

Jimmy, best get ready for something this year. When government begins this kind of planning, you can bet that something's gonna happen!

Wish you guys were in Missouri. We could go to Lana's. NO cellphone reception. No computers. She lives on the river.

Jim McAllister said...


I have read where Barbara Parkins career was damaged by "Valley" also.

I fell in love with her during her "Peyton Place" days. Of course, that was in the 60s when I fell in love with every good looking girl there was. I particularly loved Yvette Mimieux and Tuesday Weld. I still love Tuesday's character on Dobie Gillis; Thalia Menninger. Great name!

Strangely enough, I never fell for Ann-Margret. She had a fantastic body but there was no spark. I see where she will be 72 this spring, Parkins will be 71 in May, Tuesday will be 70 in August.

Where did the years go?

I can just see the backer of that film about Rymes after he is told Rymes was a white guy: "I want Denzil, he's Black but who cares; he'll popular and will sell more tickets than anyone."

The same is true in what you mentioned about Will Smith in "The Wild, Wild, West." It was a great TV show with Conrad and the late, great, Ross martin but let's get the hot actor.

It's a good thing Lassie was retired by then; they might have tried to get her!

IMDB lists Conrad as turning 84 on March 1. Wiki says 78. I heard he is about 5'6", handsome guy though.

Jim McAllister said...


Thanks for the great links, I'll check them out.

I would love to go to a Cincinnati historic radio convention. I was a radio freak as a kid; loved the 50,000 watt stations at night like KDKA-Pittsburgh, WLS-Chicago, KAAY-Little Rock and many others. It was like tuning into another planet.

We had WLW in Cincinnati with a network show called "Music 'til Dawn" which was sponsored for many years by American Airlines and had such prestigious announcers as Franklin McCormick from time to time.

Johnny Dollar was the last network radio show to go off the air in 1962 according to Gerald Nachman in his great book "Raised on Radio" (1998). It's a great read with some nice photos of those wonderful stars of radio before TV sent them off. It's well worth your time.

I love his closing paragraph:

"As William Faulkner put it, 'The past isn't dead; it isn't even past.' Yet, most traces are gone of the radio world that 100 million Americans once took for granted, before it vanished into thin air, whence it came, as the wise guy insurance investigator of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar signed his final expense account and it became the last network show to go off the air, on September 30, 1962; the night vintage radio drew its last breath."

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, it was fun to see a laugher against a good team.

You're right, Tippett is a great find as a coach and i hope they can keep him.

Now, we have to get a buyer so they don't become the Kamloops Kangaroos or the Whitefish Wallabees next year.

Jim McAllister said...

Don Petersen? Wow! There is a good old name from the AZ Central days.

Good guy but his comments were always long and complicated. But, he was a fellow radio guy which was a good thing.

Rick Kepple said...

Don's messages are even more complicated and longer.

Started cleaning out the barn to use it as a studio and maybe we can get a business started somehow.

Don did offer to consult, but I haven't heard from him for a while.

midnightsstaff said...

Haha.. a South American one lunger... what?? couldn't find an available trans sexual dwarf?- well, at least they didn't drag this one out for long.. that's the kind of expedient leadership we need in Washington.. four years and still no budget?- why do we pay them??

..sorry, I can't take any of these people seriously.

Mike Slater said...

As an ex Catholic I find all the coverage of the new pope a waste of time. Every talk radio station had it on as well as the news stations on TV.

Jim McAllister said...


You mean that your heart did not skip a beat in anticipation the instant the smoke turned white?

Considering the influence of the Pope these days, it's not the big deal it used to be.

I think it started when the Pope made demands to Stalin 80 years ago and Stalin replied sarcastically, ..."And how many divisions does the Pope have?"

Jim McAllister said...


I grew up as a non Catholic in a very heavy Catholic neighborhood in a heavily Catholic city (Cincinnati) so I spent most of my time fighting them more than anything else.

midnightsstaff said...

I thought Guido Sarduchi would have made a pretty good Pope.. he had the act down pretty good.

Man for the days when comedians were worth listening to..

Rick Kepple said...

I got a text message that the new Pope is a dwarf and I thought it was a joke!

Well I don't see anything superstitious about this at all.

Hitler was 5'8" tall. Napoleon was 5'7" tall. This Pope has a tall order ahead of him and he'd better make short work of it!

I knew a sergeant in the Army who went crazy and thought that he was the Pope. He cut open those chemlights and went around blessing everything.

midnightsstaff said...

If you pay any attention to the news at all it's enough to make you crackers, it's about time to turn the soul less beast off and leave it off for good.

Who would have thought a mere twenty years ago we would have the technology in every living room to bring us the most innermost thoughts of the Kardashians?

The Kardasinans...who are a minor miracle of fate themselves if you ask me, their only apparent claim to fame being their old man was one of the "Dream Team" OJ used to get off on a double homicide.

We pick our celebrities well don't we?

Rick Kepple said...

"We pick our celebrities well don't we?"

Actually, no we do not. The celebrities are chosen for us by corporations specializing in taking people who appear to have the same facial features as already known celebrities.

Hence Retro Hell.

I told y'all that I did an investigation of Hollywood. They will either evolve or die.

Meanwhile, Indie filmmakers are failing and no one really knows why. But so is Hollywood.

But Indie music IS succeeding while mainstream is slowly losing profits.

midnightsstaff said...

What is the difference between this pope and the last fifty popes?
Won't make a bit of difference to anyone- much less you Rick.
what are you going to do- start eating fish on Fridays?

The Pope political has been doing such a bang up job that we need to hire many Catholic Catholic priests to service every prison, there is a call for a lot of Protestant Shepherds for the misdirected as well- but Catholicism seems to be quite tolerant, even encouraging of criminal activity.

I could make the case if it weren't for the illegal/Catholic vote we wouldn't have Obama or the mess in Washington we have today.

I noted that there was only one Jew locked up in a prison of nearly 4500 inmates- but Ramadan was a big hit among the idiot black inmates so we had lots of converts- but Islam was founded as a religion of criminals so it makes sense.

I wouldn't waste much time fixating on this particular pope after all he is just part of the longest parade in history, the parade of political/religious clowns.
..just give us twenty hail mary's and sin no more if you can- also keep in mind a donation would be helpful in the resolution of your sins.

midnightsstaff said...

.."The Obama administration already plans to cut the Medicare Advantage program by $200 billion as part of Obamacare. However, the proposed reductions it announced in February are new, and will cut the program in addition to the planned $200 billion in Obamacare cuts, most of which are delayed in 2014.

The new cuts are also scheduled to go into effect in 2014, but as a function of the normal rate-setting process for that year, not a political effort to delay financial pain for seniors past an important election, as apparently was the case with the original Medicare cuts that Obama signed".

Hey Jim, send this link to that idiot Obama cheerleader don williams- of course he will not believe it, besides it's probably time for him to give Obama another prostate massage so he can't be bothered.

What you say I'm off topic?- well no one is commenting anyway,the conversation is lagging mainly because Rick takes the air out of the room.

.. besides my rants are no more OT than the constant, nonstop monologue of insanity posted each morning by the fool from Missouri.

Jim McAllister said...


Don Novello was great as Sarducci. I wonder if he is the only pope who smoked.

Back in the days when SNL was good.

Jim McAllister said...

I've never understood the allure of the Kardashians. They are just dumb asses sitting around being boring but I know people who are hooked on them.

it shows how the mental level of this world has decreased.

Jim McAllister said...

No differences in the popes. they all wear that cool big hat.

It's got to be a great job: people always wait on you, you get to live in a cool city, food is of the best quality, plus you never get in trouble for what you say because no one gives a damn.

Jim McAllister said...

Don Willliams? Who is that?

Oh yeah, now I remember. I haven't communicated with him or vice versa since he made one of his many idiotic statements about a year ago concerning Obama and I told him to "reach around, grab hold of your ears, give a big tug, and pull your head out of your ass!

I don't think he appreciated that! Tough! LOL

Jim McAllister said...

In an effort to get the blog back on course, I've posted a great skit from Jack Benny from about 1955.

It features the great Mel Blanc.

(see above)

Jim McAllister said...

By "above" I mean on the actual blog, not the comments section.

midnightsstaff said...

So which is the authentic blog section?
this one or that one?

Mel was one of those guys everybody knew of but no one knew who he was..
What a great career, that had to be the golden era of fantasy and creating dreams.

The cartoonists had to work one frame at a time, today computer generation is the name of the game with no thought whatsoever into providing a positive moral lesson.

I give you a modern Duckman rant as exhibit uno..

..thank you Jason Alexander- the new Mel Blanc.
..why they take every damn show I watch off tv I'll never know.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, was Don Williams the liberal guy that used to work for the phone company?

I know there was a Don I used to converse that was a liberal but since we both worked at the phone company we had one thing in common.

Rick Kepple said...

"what are you going to do- start eating fish on Fridays?"

Actually, I try to eat fish on Friday's. Grandma Kepple always stressed fish on Friday's for good diet, that and sassafras tea, sassafras tonic in the spring and slippery elm tea in the fall.

I grow a garden for my health, Middy. Doctors say that I look better and we don't really talk anymore, since I got off all their pills.

midnightsstaff said...

I agree America has become overly dependent on the pharmaceutical industry.. that and making ourselves welcome in foreign lands we have no real business in.

If you can safely wean yourself from any pharmaceutical it's well worth your while to do it.
..Maybe try one of those Chinese herbal guys.. there is one on 44th. street by Sky Harbor in the Chinese Center, fun place to buy things you don't see in Safeway.
Look around for one, people swear by them.

..another beautiful Arizona sunset eh Jimmy?
I doubt there is a better place for the common man to retire anywhere- we have it all.
I bought a twelve pack of Dos Equis Ambar on sale at Safeway, give it a try- it's got body but pretty smooth..

Jim McAllister said...


The You Tube insert is just there for the viewing pleasure of my public.

Since I gave Mel Blanc some space in the blog I figured a sample of his work would be a nice touch.

Jason Alexander and Seinfeld gave us the 6 best years I have seen in TV. The show ran 8 years (1990-98)but they should have quit while they were ahead in '96.

A lot of material came from those shows like "Not that there's anything wrong with that", 'THE SHRINKAGE FACTOR" AND "I THINK IT MOVED."

Jim McAllister said...


That's the guy. Nice guy but not much upstairs. Example: He told me once that Michelle is cute. Now, that's dumb plus bad eyesight. LOL

Don was a nickel snatcher years ago for Mountain bell.

Jim McAllister said...

That Chinese place is pretty cool.

The brewski I'm going to try is that Black Guinness. That looks really good and I like those heavy brews.

midnightsstaff said...

Yada, yada, yada...

Yeah those goofballs made you forget why we hate the average subway riding fool from the east coast.

Hard to pick a favorite, Frank and Estelle deserved their own show in my opinion,

Jim McAllister said...

I loved the show when Estelle comes home and finds the ripped open rubbers package on her bed. She started screaming "I can't sleep in that bed anymore."

Then George gets caught playing with himself while looking at "Glamour" magazine. I loved the look on Jerry's face when he said "Glamour?"

Jerry: What's that smell in here?"

George: "That's potpourri."

It never ended with those guys.

Glo said...

Sorry, Jim. Never watched Seinfeld and from the promos and clips I've seen I didn't want to. Just not my cup of tea.

There are so few truly funny comedies on nowadays, and I only watch one: Raising Hope. It is absolutely hilarious! The actors have perfect timing and the writing is so funny. In case you never heardx of it it's about this totally weird family whose son had a one-night stand with a serial killer, she got pregnant, got put on death row, had the baby, and was executed (sort of). He's raising the kid with his family, who are goofs (his parents had him when they were teenagers). Martha Plimpton (daughter of Keith Carradine) is the mom, and she's great - never would have thought she could do comedy.

midnightsstaff said...

Yeah that sounds pretty light hearted, a serial killing mom tosses bastard kid into the world that ends up with grandma to raise when the state finally takes care of her social awkwardness issues.

..but you can't identify with Seinfield?-amazing... It's me isn't it? least Seinfield gave us Festivus..

Another one they chop blocked me with was Arrested Development, I think the subtle humor just went over the average beer swigging, democrat voting television viewer's intellectual capacity.

It was a nonstop minefield of sight gags and double entendre.
..of course they canceled it right after it got the best new series award.
The humor was too advanced for the crayon and Smores crowd I guess.

Glo said...

Actually, Middy, it is lighthearted and played for laughs. And the thing in the show is that the family raising Hope (whom her mom originally named Princess Beyonce) are devoted and loving, if rather unconventional. And ask for no help in raising the child - they are blue-collar workers who struggle and somehow make a good life for everyone. That's actually the message.

Jim McAllister said...


You're right about "Arrested Development". It was a great show and I was not surprised when it was dropped.

Too many would rather watch the Kardashians sit around and talk. At least with Seinfeld they could make something funny about a show about nothing.

Jim McAllister said...


If you tuned into Seinfeld the last two years, I agree: it sucked!

The entries from 1990-1996 were much better quality.

midnightsstaff said...

So why the convoluted background? why not just have the kid Hope be the product of a tragic early death of dear old Mom?- sounds like shock value to me- just pushing the envelope like Murphy Brown did.

Maybe a future sequel could feature Hope now a twenty something year old serial killer?- (gene pool pollution you know)..

Someone please show me the first "blue collar family" in this type of situation not milking the government for every benefit available.. it just doesn't happen, I have an advanced degree in Human Nature you know...

I'm not arguing, I have never watched it- but from that description it sounds like a typical Hollywood made for liberal agenda scenario.

In a few years if things stay on course we might see a reformed child molester as a single dad raising foster children as the star on some soap opera/reality/comedy series on HBO..

Just put the ball on the tee for me and step back, I'll take it from there- I'm also good at cracking pinata's and fixing toasters.

midnightsstaff said...

Senator Carl Levin is giving the JP Morgan bankers some real heartburn on C span right now.. asking hard questions... this might be something that breaks the economic three card monte game up for good. of course if he is serious it will send the economy in a tailspin as well..

I guess we will see..

midnightsstaff said...

I should know better, Democrats have no use for the truth even when they have no interests in re election..
He basically let them off the hook with a stern "don't get caught again".
why do I ever expect honesty from politicians?

Jim McAllister said...


Speaking of not ever being surprised by politics, how about Sen. Portman of Ohio.

He has always been against gay marriage but suddenly he wakes up recently and finds out his son is gay.

Oops! Now he is all for gay marriage, understands their problems, supports them, etc.

What a guy! It's amazing how thoughts suddenly change when they occur under one's roof.

Mike Slater. said...

Jim,I thought that was the Don I remembered. Those collectors had it made. One of the guys on my repair crew used to be a coin collector and had some really funny stories about pay phones in a whorehouse in Globe and the ones at the Arizona state hospital for the insane on Van Buren street.

Never watched Seinfeld or most other sitcoms. The only one I watched was "Married with children"

midnightsstaff said...

which proves that issues like the gays seem to always have should never have been the concern of government in the first place.
..morality and raw power do not mix.

Republicans are too stupid to lead and the Democrats are too corrupt.
If the Washington Generals (Republicans) hadn't bit on the abortion or gay issues they wouldn't always be playing defense, if defense is what you might call something more similar to French war negotiations.

midnightsstaff said...

Actually a light went on in my head while at the doctor's office, if I were a crime syndicate and I wanted to get lots of leverage on politicians, chief bureaucrats, and chief justices I would set up a nice island resort with all the amenities like first class hookers of all ages, girls, boys and the confused along with farm animals and a snuff room and see how much incriminating evidence, pictures- videos and such I could get for running a all expenses paid vacation resort..

It's not a stretch to imagine the Wall Street bankers doing exactly that to those they need to ignore laws broken or push legislation favorable to their above the law business model.

After watching that dog and pony show this morning I have to admit that these guys are simply untouchable, they own both the legislature and the judicial branches of government.
feel free to delete this one if you wish Jim, I am way off the reservation.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy got smart all of a sudden. They must have given him oxygen at the doctor's office.

Personally, I'm ignoring the world right now. Middy's explanation is probably close enough.

Meanwhile on the farm, the three of us were cleaning out the barn to transform it into a music/video studio. Floating walls. I've been reading about those theories and it's all about sound engineering down to the kind of screws and nails used. It's gonna be small so the sound waves won't have a chance to do much.

Then there's the bunker.

A specialist in defense engineering was on the farm today and that's where I get my information from. The military is laying off civilians little by little and it's not pretty out there.

He told me about one bunker that a guy is building in the Ozarks that's built to withstand EMP. Did you know that if you keep your electronics in a steel box (aluminum wallets) that the EMP will be deflected.

It's like living in the Cold War again.

And Dale and I were invited to get any weapons training that we wish. Pretty cool, huh? Well, it might come in handy in a survival situation.

It's not so bad being off the reservation, Middy. Move to the Ozarks. You'll fit right in!

Jim McAllister said...


"Married With Children" was a great show; irreverent in every way possible.

Don used to tell some good snatcher stories but I don't here from him anymore since I pissed him off about Obama.

Jim McAllister said...

Washington Generals is a good name for the Republicans: always the losers.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I loved Married With Children and could relate to Al Bundy because I was married with children. Deb and had a girl, hers, and a boy,ours.

I don't know if you saw the episode where Al throws the boyfriend out of the house? I actually did that once. Must not have worked because they have been married for 19 years but are more respectful.

Jim McAllister said...


The Bundys brought a whole new meaning to "trailer trash" even though they actually had a home.

Ed O'Neill was perfect in that role as "Al." What else would he drive but an old Dodge?

That show and Tracy Ullman helped get Fox underway in the late 80s.

"Aw, Peg!"

midnightsstaff said...

And what cartoon got it's start on Tracy Ulman's show?- I think it was The Simpsons if I remember right.
..this is the episode that America was introduced to themselves and approved.

That was back in the day when you actually had to watch a show when it was aired.. what a dinosaur of a thought that is..

I liked the 'Homie the Clown' skit on one of those early Fox sitcom's- PC was still widely ignored then, of course some of us still carry on in our own lives in the traditional fashion.

I'm surprised the printer's devil hasn't done a drive by lately... she is losing her touch.

midnightsstaff said...

Another good old fashioned randy act was Bennie Hill- my mom for some reason or the other thought he was hilarious.

I liked Monty Python and Fawlty Towers..
*he's from Barcelona*

I think I got most of my peculiar tastes from her side- but my dad had some eccentricities honed to a fine edge too.

I drink a better brand of beer than he did- that's considered progress in the family.

Glozilla said...

Middy - I loved Fawlty Towers! I have it on DVD. Classic. An ex-friend of mine used to throw a barb my way and say "pay no atnetion to her - she's from Arizona.'

Another grreat Brit show wsa Black Adder. OMG! And Hugh Lauire of House fame was the resident dope on it. Quite an actor.

OK, one more classic Brit comediy: red Dwarf, a scifi show. The last hiuman alive wokefrom a coma in the far future on a spaceship and had to deal with robots. and holograms that back-talked him.

midnightsstaff said...

I have the dvd set of FT myself, also a few vcr's of Bennie, Red Skelton and the complete set of Black Adder- from caveman to present..
top that!
no vcr tho...

Basil the rat.. lol.
Basil with a bandage on his head goosestepping around the dining room with a finger across his upper lip while the German's are eating...
great stuff.
The Colonel doing a Joe Biden with his shotgun when he got wind of Germans on the grounds..

British humor is way funnier than the crap we produce in the same way British guitarists are superior to American shredders.

I present to you Monty Python as exhibit uno. and Jimmy Page as numero dos.

..did I mention that Stevie Nicks dropped by for drinks last night?

Rick Kepple said...

"..did I mention that Stevie Nicks dropped by for drinks last night?"

Middy wouldn't be saying that without Jimmy's approval. The pattern of behavior fits. Middy and Jimmy get off on belittling others.

SN used to do the same thing. It's a Scottsdale thing.

You're jealous of me.

SN has been singing the same songs for 40 years! Moses nearly went mad after wandering the desert.

Actually, Middy just gets off on mentioning SN' name hoping that I'll get all bent out of shape, but I'd rather attack Middy instead. I don't like drunks anyway and I think it would be funny if the jailer wound up in jail for a DUI.

Jim McAllister said...


Tracy was pretty good; little English gal.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I didn't realize you had that much power over Middy.

Rick is like the crazy uncle you keep locked in the attic and rarely let out as to not embarrass family and friends.

midnightsstaff said...

Hey Jim, is it ok if I poke a stick through the bars today?

...this is toooooo easy. more Basil- it's the King of Herbs...

Rick Kepple said...

"Rick is like the crazy uncle you keep locked in the attic and rarely let out as to not embarrass family and friends." - Mike Slater.

Thank you, Mike Slater. Actually, that's precisely what a shrink told me that rich people do to their relatives.

Middy merely reinforces that when he attacks me, much like SN did in the 80's. This suggests like minded thinking.

It is this same thinking of keeping the crazy uncle locked in an attic and attacking and belittling those beneath them, from Scottsdale and Beverly Hills, that created Obama and the New World Order.

It's sure not poor folks who are screwing up this country. It's the rich.

Mike Slater just admitted that he keeps relatives locked away and he feels absolutely no remorse for it either. Middy too.

What kind of people can lock their own relatives in the attic to hide them? Certainly only the finest of humans.

Mike just proved my point and I gotta thank you. It makes you less than human and all that goes with it. Ask Middy what that means. He claims to be a Marine.

Mike Slater said...

Rick, time to quit while you're behind.

Did you ever stop and think why people attack you? It's because of your constant mindless comments.

Jim McAllister said...


We never missed "Fawlty Towers" with the great John Cleese and Prunella Scales.

It's too bad they only made 12 of them.

midnightsstaff said...

As I was telling you earlier Jim this situation in Europe is turning ugly..

..there is nothing whatsoever to prevent it happening here.

..this is just a warning to the reasonable people in the audience, Rick you just keep on doing whatever it is you were doing and pay it no mind.

Just keep in mind the atm machines can be switched off in an instant- same thing with the telemetry that serves the global credit card system..

..think about it.

Rick Kepple said...

I'm just too good.

Mike, Middy, nobody cares what Europe is doing. It shouldn't be our business. Asia too. If Europe is failing, U.S. markets should do well, because of the loss of competition.

If Russia and Iran fall, will Wall Street fail? Doubt it.

Nobody cares.

My roommate is bringing in wood. I don't see anyone from Europe bringing in wood. Unless someone is of use to me, I simply do not care. And I'm Joe Average.

You guys should go polish your pretty bullets or something. I'll bet you guys have custom made, miniature versions of your communities with luxury bunkers, don'tcha?

Lucky bums.

Rick Kepple said...

Tomorrow, Wall Street will react, because rich folks are scared. They invested too much money overseas. A lot of people did. Including dictators.

The Gasonade River is a little high and it's liable to come out of its banks, cause of all the rain. Paddlefish poachers in eight states got busted. I saw a box of 22 magnum shells on the Internet today for thirty bucks. Damn!

So how's the desert? Sand still bringing ten cents a ton?

midnightsstaff said...

Yes at this moment the Dow futures are down a hundred and thirty eight points.
It's a test run to see how seizing property is reacted to, of course the rest of Europe will react- looks like it could turn into a real bank run in neighboring states.

Rick Kepple said...

Bankers need the exercise.

The Dow Jones only dropped 25 points. See. No one cares about Europe.

midnightsstaff said...

It looks like Bill Mahr has had one of those "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it any longer" moments when he noticed that his taxes on the left coast were now over 50%.


I thought he was all in for that- just make the rich pay a little more- tactic.
..Imagine how bad he would feel if he actually had to work for that money.

well, St.Patty's day is done and gone, now to deal with my green pool.

Jim McAllister said...

Bill Maher is an A-hole of the first caliber. I'm glad to hear he is upset at his 50% rate.

Jon Lovitz had the best reaction to Obama when he got nailed for his 50%.

Remember? "They take 50% of what I make! That's HALF!" Obama is a F--king a--hole!"

That's right, Jon.

Read the front page column today in the "Republic" for an explanation as to why this country is changing.

Jim McAllister said...

Barb fixed the corned beef and cabbage with new potatoes and we aren't even Irish.

We watched John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara in "The Quiet Man" (1952) during dinner. Great film; I miss guys like the Duke. He would knock the crap out of these little pissant jerks in Hollywood today. Are you listening Leonardo, Mark Walberg, and Johnny Depp?

midnightsstaff said...

.."this is just a warning to the reasonable people in the audience, Rick you just keep on doing whatever it is you were doing and pay it no mind"

I'm sorry Rick, evidently you missed the disclaimer I included when I was alerting the issue.

You are to keep working on that goat pen/bunker/recording studio/future love nest for aging rockers/Central Missouri misinformation center/CEO executive latrine and fortress of solitude you have been working on for years.

I along with the other reasonable people will consider the implications of a broken world wide banking system that spends a lot of money each month convincing depositors of their overall stability.

Ya see Rick, trust in the economic world is like one's word, once it's lost it takes a long time to regain, and for a good reason.

..these are fundamental concepts of a responsible life non sentient's such as you simply can never understand.

mike is right, you should have stopped when you weren't so far behind.

Rick Kepple said...

Planted ten more pounds of seed potatoes on Saturday and on Sunday, it rained.

I too made corned beef and cabbage, but Jimmy's recipe sounds better than mine. It was probably Barb's idea for the tators.

Jimmy, wealthy celebrities don't care what we think. They have all the money to do anything they wish and they look down upon the rest of us like we are nothing.

Poor people want to be just like them. And so they are, in behavior. Piss testing welfare recipients, but not drug testing celebrities. What message is that sending?

That rich people are above the law.

Rick Kepple said...

Better ignore Europe, guys and girls. More jobs are being outsourced from Missouri as other companies shut down and the rich are using a War of Attrition against labor unions and the working class.

My roommate went to a doctor's appointment and will be also looking for more ammunition.

I've been reading more blogs and public opinion is turning against Democrats and Republicans alike. Obama's approval rating is about 50 percent. The approval rating for Congress is about 6 percent.

Their War of Attrition against Americans isn't funny anymore.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, the link to everything that's been going on, has been published on the Internet.

It's the Soviet hardliners in the Russian Mob and they're in Cyprus. It still doesn't explain the socialism and advance of Islam.

A CIA report did say that Islam, Russia and China are working together against the United States. And the Russian mob, the Soviet hardliners, would do this.

If you see, SN, tell her to drop by the farm. We're supposed to get snow.

gimme a P said...

Been away....Came back....Things look the same.

It may be time to move the blog w/o telling crazy, stalker Rick. (and Stevie Nicks) where we went?

He can stay here....continue posting his insane, incoherent, nothings to absolutely NOBODY.

(ten buckinhams says he'd never notice)

midnightsstaff said...

I have even a better idea- why not start your own blog and that way you could have complete control over the content and topic.

Nobody likes whiny effeminate whack jobs that constantly call everyone with a pot to piss in and a window available a rich bastard and then go on to wish all of us recently accused "rich bastards" the worst.

You are a complete fool Rick and what's more probably the least interesting complete fool I have ever ran across- and I have ran across a lot of idiots in my travels.. so don't let the door hit you in the ass.

Na..I am just dreaming, you are like a case of herpes, you might go away for a while but you will always flare up at the worst possible moment.

Other than that, it's turning out to be a pretty nice anything to say?

midnightsstaff said...! this the funniest scene in modern cinema?
makes the town citizens look like complete fools.. lol.
Mel was the master- he kicked the PC stool our from under everyone he got the chance to..

I vote-
.. probably..

Mike Slater said...

Jim, we did the corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes and we aren't Irish either but like good food.

We also watched the "Quiet Man" but we prefer the Duke in Westerns.
McClintok and Big Jake were good movies with Maureen O'Hara.

I wonder if Bill Maher wants his million back he gave to Obama.

Jim McAllister said...


EVERYBODY pays attention to this blog. Nobody is about to screw with me. Remember, the pen is mightier that the sword and I wield it!!!

Jim McAllister said...

Missed ya, P.

Good to see you back delving into this madness.


midnightsstaff said...

Beat L.A. Beat L.A. Beat L.A. Beat L.A....

Jim McAllister said...


Love the herpes analogy! LOL

Jim McAllister said...


I watched that Maddow interview. Is he/she from this planet? What a freak!

It was nice to hear Maher cry in his beer about the 50% tax in California (actually more like 60% with all the state stuff). I loved where he says the "Liberals might lose me."

Great line and it shows that even a stupid liberal like him doesn't want to have the govt. take most of his money.

I wish he would be up front like Lovitz: "Obama is a fu--ing ass--le!"

Maureen was a beautiful babe. She is now 92, still around, and living in Ireland.

Jim McAllister said...


After 2 periods, 2-0 L.A.

Not looking good. Too many penalties.

Rick Kepple said...

So Pee is the one who wrote the Lindsey Buckingham stuff about me. I don't have to do a thing to Pee.

Pee is going to get drunk one night and blow his heart out. People will say that it wasn't suicide, but it was. Pee thinks like a woman.

Rick Kepple said...

Fleetwood Mac is going to KC and I suspect that Pee wants me to show that I'm dangerous to Stevie Nicks. What an idiot. Pee isn't worth my time.

midnightsstaff said...

Looks like Rick has P'd himself- feels good at first eh?- nice and warm.

you must have accidentally deleted something this morning Rick- don't worry I got it back for you, no thanks necessary...

Rick Kepple said...

.."You make no sense, Jimmy.

You were an enlisted man in the Air Force, but you behave like an officer. You must have kissed a lot of butt to get that high in the grocery business. You probably worked for Jess Nicks and he was an executive in the grocery business.

But you left for a time when Barbara Nicks died, so you were mourning, therefore, you are close to Stevie Nicks and family. But it was only Stevie and Chris who had the private service for Barbara. So why were you gone mourning? Unless Stevie holds your leash.

Look at Greece, Jimmy. That's what people like Stevie Nicks and her crew did. You wanna know the truth?

When those old codgers are gone, the powers that be will be targeting mainstream music next. They won't need drug addicts anymore.

And I get letters from a grateful nation.

You people will likely only get indicted, if you're lucky. Most likely, whatever scumbag stuff you're into, will be used to get rid of all of you.

Mainstream music pissed off the Republicans a long time ago. SN pissed off Reagan.

Why don't you people do the world a favor and just move to Libya? You people could rule over there. You aren't afraid, are you?

You got all that money and you're less than trailer park rejects"

-Great thoughts from a great mind..

midnightsstaff said...

I turned it off after that fourth goal, I think I am done watching them any longer.
There is no reason to invest more in a team that is headed out of town after this season.

Last night just drove the nail in further for me.'s time to cut the cable so to speak because the storm is coming.

Rick Kepple said...

Nice of you to repeat all that I said, Middy. I wouldn't expect a traitor to America to be understanding. You don't know about my classified background, but only what the government wanted you to find. Big bad Middy. Mr. ex-Marine who doesn't believe that Agent Orange is real, but claims to be a veteran and I think you're full of it! There's NO WAY that you'd EVER say what you said to another Marine. Especially the hardcore Marines.

Yeah, I just asked a Navy SEAL what he thinks of you and even he says that Middy's full of it.

Hey Middy. I don't believe you were ever in Vietnam. Nobody does.

Pevie Hicks said...

I can verify that Middy was in Vietnam

He and I were there together, we got there right after making rank in: "secret agent- video editing- basic guitar- bunker design-hillbilly squeal like a pig, school....

I'll never forget the time we were frog giggin along the Mekong Delta, when this rock star came into our lives, showed us that the secret to life was to acquire a rat infested double wide on a God forsaken, unsalable piece of Ozark crap, and learn to play bad electric guitar.

Man, she was sure right!

Sure, she had a boys name,"Stevie" but she was like an angel, saved our lives, stayed with us through two tours, told us she loved us, promised to always be there for us when we got state-side.....

Course nowadays, she pretends none of that ever happened, she spends some of her countless millions bribing people like Jimmy to try to make Middy and I look like crazy liars...But wees know who the crazies are.....

Gotta go, big corporate meeting with some label execs. We're meeting in a mens room at the gas station so nobody catches on to our plan to revolutionize the music business....

pevie hicks said...

BTW...Two can play the character reference game;

I went to the zoo and asked a real-SEAL what he thought of Rick...

He laughed at first,(most do) then brought his hands together in what can only be described as a most accurate assessment:


midnightsstaff said...

As our mutual friend once said..."Live strong" Pevie...

yes..yes I remember those mystical nights gigging along the Mekong, those were heady days indeed, two young men up all night on moon juice finding out what we were made of and eating delicious french delicacies at the same time!- what a way to fight a war.

The fog of all those internal battles I brought home had for all these years left that particular time of my life a complete blank- (probably from that ill advised bet I took to be the first one in country to actually eat a can of fruitcake).

..nevertheless now that you have primed the deepest recesses of my memory and exposed our hidden secret it seems all those bittersweet memories-both good and bad now are flooding back to me in a torrent. fact they are more vividly surfacing this morning than when they happened.

How she got separated from the USO show in the first place only to be rescued from the VC by two guys like us by negotiating a trade for two stolen Water buffalo and a duck is a mystery to most military intelligence officials even today- and I don't have to tell you what an embarrassment the whole incident was to the US military losing a star performer in an ill advised stop off at an opium den.

Of course the details of the event were scrubbed as all inconvenient and embarrassing matters are, and can never be revealed even now over forty years later.

BTW P-man you might as well drop the cover story about her not keeping in touch- the cat is gone.. Human nature dictates that when you rescue someone from the tender mercies of the North Vietnamese they remain eternally indebted to the point of worshiping their liberators.

True to her word she has kept in contact with both of us, dropping by a few times between tours and boyfriends.
Last week for instance she called, I just let it ring.. this has got to end.

You forgot to mention that I bagged five frogs earlier that night and could have gotten more and that is the accomplishment I am most proud of because I am considered an "Ace" still today at least along the VN side of the Mekong.

Cambodia... well that was a different kettle of fish.
I suppose this is the closest thing I will ever get to "a nooner" so I will sign off for now and say it's been good to hear from you P-dog.

midnightsstaff said...

Am I off topic?

Rick Kepple said...

Pevie Hicks?

Sounds like the same person who wrote in my name and a really good friend to Jimmy. It proves that you're nothing more than organized crime members. Like minded criminals and Jimmy condones the behavior by the text book disappearing act.

When a mobster steps out of the room, that's when the monkeys come in to work you over. Jimmy is like SN and never gets their hands dirty, huh Jimmy?

How do you like Greece, Jimmy? That's classic, if you ask me. It's someone doing to the rich what they've deserved for a very long time.

Right Pevey Hicks?

Rick Kepple said...

The only thing that saved Cambodia was Vietnam and you got that from a textbook the same as me, Middy. You weren't there.

Go get drunk, Middy. Pop a few pills. Dream about being the hero you always wished you had the guts to be.

Jimmy, you inspire me.

midnightsstaff said...

You are absolutely right, I have never been in Cambodia and never considered myself as a hero.. neither was Pevie that I know about.... haha.

Spin on Rick, you're on roll today. in fact sounding more lucid than usual...

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, you're such a liar. So you made up the name, Pevie. You're also admitting to writing a lot of other stuff under other personalities. So you're also the dude that stalked that royal chick then? The roofer? The dude who used to be something and got demoted to nothing.

Life sucks man. Pop a pill, Middy. Take a few shots. Wake up and get over it, SN said.

Pevie Hicks said...

Forgot to mention....Bodo showed up at the big corporate meetin...

Had to, he's the only one smart enough to know the key to the meeting room was the one wired to a 4 ft long fence post....(I kinda knowed myselves cause it had a "M" on it ("M" = stands fer M-eeting. I asked my rummy, er roomy, he's smart..been clean through the fifth!(second one this week)

And you know what?...them record execs liked what I had to say, when I speak people all over the world listen,(sure mostly sounds like laughin, but any "L" word is a start, that's what S/N always tolded me)..Why, any day now I'm gunna be rich, maybe move to Scottsdale, live off the rich mans land...soon as a finish turning my 60 VW bus into a state of the art recordin studio.

Rick Kepple said...

Well that's wonderful Middy ... I mean Podo or Peevie. Whatever.

Say Jimmy, why don't you just go right on ahead and get Pevie ... I mean Stevie to attend one of your blogger meetings.

I won't believe a word you say.

midnightsstaff said...

which word?

By the way that rat you have on your avatar should be changed, it looks worse for wear than the self portrait of me relaxing at home, watching tv I have on mine.

Off topic but....
How do you find time to run a corporation, (that's what CEO's do) build a cutting edge survival bunker, pick the minds of navy seals all over Richland, research issues for the various government entities like the CIA, Blackstone and others who constantly seek your advice, manage to give unsolicited and I might add under appreciated advice to rich bastards in a state two time zones later than your own and still find time to write impeccable prose?

I believe you deserve the cape and tights literary award if not the outright Bill Clinton Humanitarian of the Decade Award for unselfishly sharing your deep reservoir of general knowledge on all things that matter.

In fact I am forwarding Jim an official commendation hoping he has the necessary contacts to push it through and finally get you the attention you deserve.

I guess this very blog today might be the culmination of Jim's vision.

.. a nice place like Cheers or something where like minded people share views and enjoy one another's company..
yep, it's a dream realized.

Hey, me and Pe-dog can do this all day long and not break a sweat. however seem to be running short on creativity which is odd when one considers how your whole existence is based on a certain variation of creativity.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, you know it's bad when liberals start whining about
what the pay in taxes.

Pevie Hicks said...

How's this for some deliverance of irony? My name is Pevie Hicks. something that rhymes with Stevie Nic__ (well you know)

Yet, somehow, my presence here seems to have 'peeved' the worlds biggest 'hick'...

(Unlike pretty much everything in Rick's life) You can't make this stuff up !

midnightsstaff said...

It's called the great awakening mike, Moonbats everywhere are starting to realize that the soak the rich bastards theory of funding government waste and excess includes them..
I'm surprised they are getting it this soon.

...close a few officers mess and let them eat at the enlisted chow halls for a while- there's plenty of fat to be cut out of the military budget along with the freeshit army supplies.

I listened to yesterday's Mark Levin show for the first time this year and it looks like he is no longer buying into that red pill/blue pill approach, he was giving the Repubicans including that polyp Boehner the well deserved hell they deserve.

Mark gets it.

Jim McAllister said...


Exactly what I did. I figured 4-0 in the 3rd period was enough. I didn't know until today it was their third straight game without a goal.

However, in the never ending craziness of the standings in the NHL, they actually are in the last playoff spot.

Jim McAllister said...


Yeah, I'm surprised Maher thinks 60% is too much. After all it goes toward good causes like supporting two out of control liberal governments: One in California run by an over age hippie who thought idiot Linda Ronstadt was cool in 1970 and a guy totally unqualified to be president of the united states. (Notice the lack of caps in Obama's job since he is a disgrace.)

Jim McAllister said...

Middy, Pee, Rick,

What the hell are you guys drinking? Ozark Mountain moonshine?

Oops! Excuse me, the doorbell just rang. Stevie just got into town and is supposed to stop by for dinner. She and Barb are great friends.

Did I tell you Barb was a roadie for Fleetwood Mac in the mid 70s.

I met her when I was playing drums for The Electric Prunes while we shared a bill in Omaha at the fairgrounds.

Those were the days: Omaha, Lincoln, Des Moines, Passcagoola, Springfield, all the garden spots of the mid-west.

Coors sponsored the tour and they would make sure we had plenty of beer in the bus after a show.

I remember the time Stevie stopped by and.......well, maybe some other time.

Gotta go, rehearsal!

Jim McAllister said...


Glad you enjoyed the Jack Benny-Mel Blanc clip. That bit was really popular at thew time and is still funny. Si?

Jim McAllister said...


It looks like the petition drive to have a re-call election on Sheriff Joe is going to fail.

I hope randy Parraz and his jerk followers get a hint.

midnightsstaff said...

This is not playoff caliber hockey.. last night was a complete disgrace, the worst I have seen them play this year.
it's over.

Well Jim, the P'zster stopping by to rap brought out some old war stories that I have been keeping in a special closet for years.. and frankly I am glad the world finally knows the truth about my frog gigging expertise and the night Nickie Sticks got caught by the gooks in a roadside opium den.
We both should have gotten an award or at least a promotion and not had to pay a farmer for the water buffalo and duck but the sensitive nature of her super secret USO visit and the cloak of National Security came at the worst time with Kissinger arguing over the shape of the table to negotiate from in Paris left them no choice but to leave the truth buried.

.. well now I am not going to be able to enjoy the hot tub without having the thought in the back of my mind of a mop up squad from either the Missouri militia or the big guys with the black suburbans showing up..

So if you don't hear from me don't let the truth be buried again.. keep hope alive, don't let them re write history again Jimmy.. it for the children.

Mike Slater said...

Jim, I bet Paula is really disappointed the Sheriff recall is failing. Parraz is one of her heroes.

I think Joe send them both a pair of pink undies for all their hard work. Maybe send a pizza with anchovies to Montini also.

midnightsstaff said...

I wouldn't call Paula unprincipled necessarily now that I think of it, I guess her principles just are constantly going through a metamorphous of sorts, that explains everyone getting fooled by the old trojan horse maneuver.

Ya know Jimmy, change is inevitable, you either recognize it and adjust or get left in the dustbin of history.

Good quality am radios used to be a pretty hot item relatively speaking, but now with most am and fm plus all the internet stations available the boom days of am radios is pretty much done.

There will never again be a White Sports coat and a green carnation, Wolfman Jack or Werewolves of London- ahooooohhha...ahooooohhha..

midnightsstaff said...

Whoops, what I meant to say was...

.."Good quality am radios used to be a pretty hot item relatively speaking, but now with most am and fm plus all the internet stations on the internet and through wireless phone providers the boom days of am radios is pretty much done".

You got me thinking Jim about the Canadian border run, maybe I am going to put a personal ad in the Saskatoon Howler previously owned women available section and see if I can come up with some nice low vision, not too picky used Canadian gal that tolerates poor social skills, a slightly dyspeptic- mildly troglodytic personality and of course doesn't talk much or smoke a corncob pipe indoors.... although I might have to bend the rules on one of the last two items due to the Canadian culture.

I figure it might be worth throwing what's left of my life away to the gaping maw of Holy Matrimony to get the hell out of Dodge, jump the border legally as a green card citizen before the shooting starts.

Besides maybe I could at least have a better chance of getting in some local hockey- the foreign language might be a problem tho.


Rick Kepple said...

Middy, pack light. When you start running, you're gonna keep losing what you got. The good news is that it becomes a lighter load!

Use vaseline and cottonballs to start your campfire.

If you hurry Middy, you'll be just in time for a late winter snow storm in the Midwest!

Jim McAllister said...


Good to hear from the p'ster again.

I turned the game off at 2-0. I see they came back with two to lose 3-2. Good effort I guess but a loss is a loss.

I watched two of my favorite films instead on TCM: My all time fave "The Best Years of Our Lives" (1946) and "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (1942).

I watch those two any time they are on. It's a treat to see quality film; a rarity today.

Jim McAllister said...


I'm surprised Paula didn't get a mention in Roberts' column since she is such a cohort of Parraz and his wife.

It looks like it will be impossible for them to get the signatures but I won't relax until I am sure they failed.

Paula is one a one way ticket to palookaville and it is well deserved. What a loser she turned out to be.

As far as Montini, I don't see how that whiny little lib keeps his job. He's just a twerp who must have the photos from the office Christmas party.

Jim McAllister said...


I think you mean "A white sport coat and a PINK Carnation." Marty Robbins would roll over in his grave if he heard "green." LOL What the hell; close enough; after all it was St. Patrick's Day recently!

Warren Zevon was great but no one lasts long chugging a qt. of vodka a day while puffing cigs.

Yeah, A. M. as a music format is long dead. It's all talk now whether sports or whatever.

I had a great little Motorola transistor I bought in Germany in '63 for $10 at the BX that I used for years. That little earplug was fascinating.

Jim McAllister said...


I don't imagine you would have much trouble luring some pale dame out of the Saskatoon metro area to the lovely confines of the Phoenix metro area and 70 degree winter weather.

Just tell her you have two requests: No gravy on the french fries and don't say "Hey" all day.

Jim McAllister said...


Vaseline and cotton balls? I'll remember that.

Rick Kepple said...

Yeah, just don't hold the cottonball when you light it, Jimmy. You'll have a flaming ball stuck to your fingers! A half sheet of paper towel with vaseline works better. Both will burn for about five minutes.

Rick Kepple said...

The bad news is getting worse in the news.

NASA said for the next asteroid, to just pray.

In looking for SEC reports, I found something called, the "Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012" and in reading the details of the law and there are sanctions against individual groups in those countries! The next step would be war! But both countries have it coming.

Obama's going to Israel now and he says that they have a right to use nuclear weapons against Iran.

I am hoping that WW III doesn't start, but it probably will.

Pevie Hicks said...

WWW-3 ?

That was started decades ago.

Insane, murdering, Muslim extremist, waging war on civilization!

Surprised you missed it, been in all the papers, even on that new fangled TV, contraption.

New Pope has asked SN to mediate, but she wants both sides to chill by listening to Del Mack interviews for a few months.

Gotta go, my rummy heard they's got a fresh sue-ply of amun..amunit..amunitius.."bullets", over at oneofthem WalMart thing-a-ma-bobs!

Rick Kepple said...

So Jimmy, how did Stevie Nicks like visiting Barb? In the old days, Stevie liked boilermakers, but I'm sure she's changed. I'm not that hick kid anymore, but I believe those days were so much simpler.

So I guess that just means that y'all are friends for real and not just some words spoken from a product. Lucky you, Jimmy. I guess you live on the right side of the tracks with all the other selected elite.

I see your pal, Pevie Hicks, is back. That reflects on you, Jimmy. It's your friend and I hold you responsible.

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, I wouldn't worry. Stevie Nicks is not going to let you starve, Jimmy. She likes you and Barb. I'm sure that you're worth the INVESTMENT, because Dora and I weren't worth helping. Stevie said so.

So, how's your buddy, Pevie Hicks, Jimmy?

Maybe Stevie and Pevie can go out on a date! Make DNA babies and name the kids, Wevie and Zevie.

Rick Kepple said...

Just in case you're wondering, which you aren't, but a .22 caliber rifle is the preferred survival weapon. That's why you can't find the ammo now.

Rick Kepple said...

Ted Nugent. Note that he became vocal about guns after he became rich.

Pevie Hicks is a libertarian gun owner from an outhouse in North Scottsdale. It's the one with the crescent moon and star.

Did you ever notice how Stevie Nicks wears that crescent moon? It's a symbol of her poverty from when they had an outhouse on the farm. It has nothing to do with magic, because the woman knows nothing of real magic. Just poetry.

When you go hunting, Jimmy, try not to hit someone in the freezer section of your supermarket. But the truth is that meat isn't born in plastic. I know that it's hard to accept, but it's true.

Vegetables are grown from the ground too. I know, it's it's a lot to handle having just discovered that meat isn't born as a pork chop, but it's true, Jimmy. Accept it.

Pevie Hicks said...

Wrong side of the tracks?

Kinda hards to tell since they's hardly any more locom..locomoti...'TRAINS' round these parts.

Fergot to mention, Bodo stopped by, he's smart, kinda like my rummy, er, roomy, anywho, Bodo splained that ifin you goes South of the equator, the wrong side of the tracks is on the right side.

My rumate already knowd tha'n, he says flush toilets werks backwards, South of the equ..equat.. "down yonder", too.

Pevie Hicks said...

One thing about out houses.

They's flush exactly the same no matter what side of the equator yous on.

>PLOP< is a plop, is a plop!

(course, Bodo pointed out that the flies has a much easier time gettin in the ones with a crescent moon hole through the door)

Rick Kepple said...

Jimmy, there aren't that many people who know that toilets flush the opposite way in the Southern Hemisphere. So that puts most of your friends out, since they aren't that smart. Just unethical and immoral.

Actually, Pevie Hicks appears to be one of your smarter friends, Jimmy. Did you meet Pevie at Walgreens when you were shopping for Depends with Barb and Stevie? It's a drag that Stevie has to wear those things, but thems the breaks.

Pevie Hicks said...

Actually Stevie doesn't wear Depends.

Ever since she spent all those nights with Middy and Me, under the romantic, Mekong Delta Moon, gettin plowed like she was the family farm, she's been a bit sore where she sits, ifin you know what I mean (*wink*)

Notice, she's still a smilin!

(-:Middy and me smilin lots too:-)

Mike Slater said...

Middy, you don't have to go to Canada for a woman that sounds Canadian. Go to Wolf Point Montana which is about 100 miles from the border. All the women there sound like Canadians except my sister-in-law that came from Texas. She speaks a foreign language also.

Jim, I can't figure out how Montini, Roberts and Valdez keep their jobs. Must be because Gannett is a liberal company.

Paula's 15 minutes of fame has come and gone. She never got over the loss to Ugenti.

Mike Slater said...

Rick, I just bought 500 rounds of 22 long rifle. Not that hard to find in Arizona.

midnightsstaff said...

A gentleman never kisses and tells P-dog.. you shouldn't have brought up that heady, sultry night- we were all much younger then and not in full control of our emotions.

But Rick does bring up an interesting point.

Before the earth's wobble was created toilets placed precisely on the equator actually would not flush, the counter and clockwise forces actually canceled one another out and water ran up hill.

In fact it was only because flush toilets had not yet been invented history never recorded the anomaly.

..of course humanity had not yet been invented either so maybe that is partly the explanation for our having such little information on the subject today.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the fact that South American dogs always circle in the opposite direction of North American dogs before laying down..
Or maybe you simply don't know?- I suggest you google the subject.

Once Bolivian or Uraguayan dogs are brought to North America they quit laying down altogether due to confusing nature of the effect, but one probably wouldn't recognize a SA dog otherwise because they look identical except for the fact they never lay down in the northern latitudes.

You should google that also..

midnightsstaff said...

Ya know mike, this thing will normalize eventually, it's a panic buy, the feds have only been buying up .40 and 5.56, and there have been shortages on everything.

They haven't been buying up all the .22 after all, that's panicked people getting anything they can because they see 1930's Germany all over again.


Maybe this has been a good thing in the long run, it forced a lot of people to realize the government really does have a final solution in place and are setting up for a civil war.

A lot of these jerks that voted for taking it to the rich are now probably realizing that could well be the last choice in life they will ever have made.

A government that has the degree of leverage on the availability and price of weapons and ammo can do the same thing to our food supply.

I am advising reasonable people to maybe put some extra rice and beans in the pantry at least, peanut butter has a long shelf life- think of peanut butter as .22lr ammo and maybe you can see my point.

Lots of people are going to wish they had some peas to eat pretty soon.

midnightsstaff said...

Don't want to be all doom and gloom.

Here is a bit of light in the tunnel to hell, finally someone is bringing attention to the double set of laws the IRS enforces.
I always said if you want to avoid high taxes and being audited go to work for the federal government.'s like being a CHP with the "no arrest necessary" card for DUI's and other minor offenses that would get you or me some serious time.

Government treats their own better than they do the muppets that pay the light bill.

Where did you find the .22lr mike?
I still have some but have been wanting to get out and do some paper punching with my model 18's the full size of a Smith .38, has the identical lock up and trigger action.. built like a fine watch.

Jim McAllister said...

Interesting bunch of comments since this morning. I'll have to get down to the equator and check out those toilet flushes, or, I guess I should say "Lack of flushes.

I've always heard that water circles the sink the opposite way in Aussie land than it does here because of the hemispheres.

I'm two days behind on a new blog. I had to fly to Israel to fix Obama's beast and teach the dummy that you don't put your hand over your heart when another country's pledge of allegiance is being said. (See photo on internet)

A "thank you" goes out to reader Allen for informing me of that. One would think a president would already know it. After all, he thinks he knows everything!

By the way, for those of you who have read my political blog this week at AZC Politics I stated that BO's approval rating was 1.6% higher than his disapproval. As of today it is only 1% higher. He has lost .6 since the 15th:

midnightsstaff said...

It's what you get for leaving the liquor cabinet unlocked and the cigars hidden in the back of your linen closet where we could find them.

Once the war stories start coming out....

Rick Kepple said...

You ever see a baby's diaper in the park? Imagine if it were an adult sized diaper. Yeah. Health problems happen to everyone and doesn't care who you are. And if you have enough of them, they can make a handy tent and they will keep you warm and dry!

It's supposed to snow.

Did you know that if a horse cuts its leg, you can use a diaper to stop the bleeding?

If you leave a used diaper out in the sun, it will be warm enough to bring it into the tent and keep your head warm.

midnightsstaff said...

.."eat more basil"...

Mike Slater said...

Middy, I got the 22LR's at Cabela's.

Jim, no one ever claimed Obama was smart. How would you like to be the poor guy at the bottom of the steps of Air Force one that has to salute that POS?

Jim McAllister said...


I have always thought that about the poor guy at the bottom of the steps when BO steps off the plane.

It's usually some well decorated General and I can imagine what he is thinking when he has to salute that loser.

By the way, Obama has no clue on how to salute. I'm sure Middy as an ex-Marine would agree.

Rick Kepple said...

It is simply disrespect for any President to salute unprofessionally. It shows a lack of self-discipline. Moreover, it suggests that the entire military might be lazy! Great news for our enemies!

So you backordered the .22 LR's? For those of you who think that the little rimfire is a joke, it's simply not.

In this video, former military weapons experts demonstrate the killing power of the .22 caliber Long Rifle rimfire bullet shot from a Ruger 10/22 through a pine board and up to a distance of 440 yards!

Rick Kepple said...

The Pulaski County Humane Society and the folks at PAWS in Crocker Missouri helped me when I had 25 dogs and you guys remember. Went on about SN and Jimmy's friends attacked me.

Watch this video. This is the poverty in Pulaski County Missouri and the caring that the Humane Society has inspired.

It's actually a very happy video. You'll need tissues.

Pevie Hicks said...

Great video, brings to mind what Bodo said when he visited:

"Nothing drives home the point about poverty, or animals in need like an obsessed, crazy, stalker rambling about an imaginary relationship with a has been rock star"

Rick Kepple said...

Hasbeen is one word and Bodo would know that, but maybe not Maria, since English is her second language. And Jimmy is a gentleman and he's all too willing to allow organized crime to exist. After all, he's from Kansas City.

But Jimmy also mispelled Lindsey Buckingham's name. So maybe Jimmy could write these things, since it's his blog. His friends.

And it also implies that Jimmy thinks these things are true and Jimmy is also against President Obama, he's against Food Stamps, he objects to all social programs taking his tax dollars, and believes that every person should work for a living, including people in Nigeria.

Did you know that American corporations have been caught using child slaves overseas? Yes, they have.

So Pevie, do your worst. You mean nothing to me. Stevie Nicks is ten times the person that you are and you can call me a stalker until you're blue and I don't care. You're just a bully and I don't give in to terrorists.

Jimmy, you and your friends are one day going to have to be reeducated and I don't approve, but I think in your case, that it wouldn't hurt.

If it's Maria ... she can be deported. So can Bodo.

midnightsstaff said...

Rick Kepple said...

Found a nice cave today and videoed it. The bear didn't like it.

Also a fox grabbed another chicken and I tracked him, took a really long shot and missed through the brush.

New York ... sounds like an argument that Bodo would make about taking all our guns.

Curious though, isn't it?

New York, hit hard by terrorists, encourages Islam, Brooklyn mosque takes in millions of dollars from overseas, quick to blame Christians for terrorism, slow to accuse Muslims, eager to confiscate firearms and they seem to be cowards.

Rick Kepple said...

Middy, once again you posted a half-truth. The topic was real, but the address was false. I figured it was real, Googled it and I really don't see Middy's point.

Unless Middy lives in New York. Nobody cares what they do in New York.

Did you know that some guy in Kansas wrote SB 1070? He wrote the bill for other states too!

My point?

The MIAC report was alleged to have been written by a Muslim and if DHS has one resembling the Missouri secret intelligence report, then Arizona probably has one, California certainly does, New York, etc. Guess what they all would say?

You're all screwed, that's what it says.

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