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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Graeter's Ice Cream, Skyline Chili

They have been making this stuff since 1870 and have numerous ice cream parlors located throughout the Cincinnati area. It also was the winner of a recent "Food Feud" on the Food Network.

Graeter’s Ice Cream from Cincinnati is the best I have ever eaten. They use the highest quality ingredients available and combine them in a “French Pot” process that makes for a great product.

None of us were born yesterday so you know that such a process is not going to be happening at a low cost. Graeter’s sells for $4.99 a pint at Fry’s in Scottsdale. That’s a hell of a lot more than the $3 to $4 you may pay for 1½ quarts of private label ice cream at a supermarket near you. Plus, the cheaper stuff is pretty darn good. I buy Safeway’s brand all the time and like it very much. But, good as it is, it isn’t Graeters.

I suggest you try a pint and let me know what you think. Fry’s carries vanilla, black raspberry chocolate chip, vanilla chocolate chip, cocoanut chocolate chip, chocolate-chocolate chip, mocha, mint chocolate chip.

Speaking of Cincinnati, Skyline Chili is also available in cans at Fry’s for $3.95. This stuff is great over spaghetti with some grated sharp cheddar on top. That concoction is called a 3 way and if you want to make it really exciting, add chopped onions for a 4 way or kidney beans AND onions to make it a 5 way. It’s also great to spoon over chili dogs (Coney Islands).

Every city has their own particular taste for local foods. In New York, Pizza rules, in Phoenix its great Mexican food, Philadelphia has their cheese steaks, and Kansas City their barbecue. It’s different everywhere. So, if you try some Skyline Chili and Graeter’s ice Cream, I hope you like it.

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