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Friday, November 12, 2010

Politically correct nonsense

If you read my blog post of 3-30-09 on azcentral ( you know how stupid I think political correctness is. Since the holidays are coming, be ready for more nonsense from the weenies (that’s right, weenies!) who will be making sure that no public place has “Merry Christmas” signs posted.

Be sure you say “Happy Holidays” and if you go to a concert in December, be sure it’s a “Winter Concert” and not a “Christmas Concert”. Also, if you have the audacity to put up a tree in your house with lights and ornaments, be sure you refer to it as a “holiday tree” and not a “Christmas tree”.

Somewhere, Jesus must be looking down and either shaking his head in disgust or laughing his butt off. What’s it been, 2000 years since he was around? Apparently, that’s not long enough for him to stop intimidating some people!

It never ends in our ever increasing PC silly society. No wonder the terrorists have their way with us. How did that guy get on the plane headed to Detroit with that bomb up his rear end last Christmas? We are fortunate that these dummies don’t know how to set off their explosive devices or 300 people would have missed Christmas (Oops! I mean the holiday Christians celebrate on 12-25, sorry!). That would have been an effective use of terrorism (Darn! There I go again. I mean “man caused disaster”). I guess the important thing is that he wasn’t offended by airport security while boarding the plane.

One guy on the Urban Dictionary blog asks if black people really want to be called “African American”. Good point. Come to think of it, I don’t remember them ever demanding that. I think the PCers were probably trying to “save” them like they do everything else that their little minds consider improper. So far in my lifetime I have seen them referred to as “colored”, “negro”, “black”, and now, “African American”.

“Black” makes the most sense to me. I’m a white guy and I think it would be silly to refer to me and other whites constantly as “Caucasian”. But, the PC people would probably call you a racist if you said “black” because that differentiates them by color. I’m telling ya, you have to be careful.

It’s like some of the left leaners on these blogs who chastise those who are against illegal immigration as racist. That’s crazy, but try to convince them. Paranoia is not easy to overcome.

Until we tell them to “shove it” (as Mr. Caprio of Rhode Island told Obama) be prepared to refer to bums as “displaced homeowners” and alcoholics as “anti-sobriety activists” among other similar definitions. I have a definition of “political correctness” from the urban dictionary that also seems very appropriate: “It’s a way we talk in America so we don’t offend whining pussies.” How’s that?

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