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Friday, June 04, 2010

Rock oldsters still popular

I enjoy alternative rock music. I’m glad because it means there is at least some newer music around these days that I like. I look at someone like Lady Gaga and all I see is a reincarnation of Madonna only with a lot more make up. She better have some good songs or she will go the way of the Spice Girls. That kid Adam somebody, who kissed his male keyboard player on TV, makes me want to regurgitate. As for most of the other pop singers, they may be OK but I see a lot of stations still playing the great artists and groups of the past. Stations like KDKB must get decent ratings from it or they would change their format.

Why do you suppose all five of the Grammy nominees this year for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance were in the over 50 age group? They were Bob Dylan (69), John Fogerty (65), Prince (52), Neil Young (64), and Bruce Springsteen (60). They were nominated because, regardless of their age, they are still some of the best and are able to retain their appeal.

AARP reports that Tina Turner (age 70) was mobbed by paparazzi in Paris this year asking if she is planning a tour. She gave them a definite "maybe." Meanwhile Elton John (65), Billy Joel (60), U2, and even AC/DC (Bong! Bong!), who has been around since 1973, were top grossing acts on North American tours in 2009. Carole King (68) and James Taylor (62) are set to tour North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan in 2010.

Neil Young has recovered from a brain aneurysm in 2005 and is bitching as usual against the establishment and David Bowie at age 63 is recording his 42nd album after having heart surgery six years ago. The Who with Roger Daltrey (66) and Pete Townshend (65) were a hit at the Super Bowl halftime show.

These guys are from my generation and I still enjoy them. As a kid in the late 50s and early 60s, there were a lot of great songs but most of the artists were what we called "one hit wonders." They had one huge hit and no staying power to do it again (Has anyone heard from Diane Renay, Sue Thompson, or Linda Scott lately?). That changed with the late 60s and beyond as the above paragraphs attest.

Two years ago (4-22-08) I did a blog about the resurgent success of the older stars and groups like Van Halen and The Police. Apparently two years later the success continues. Lady Gaga better keep her eye on the rear view mirror as she is about to get run over by a bunch of old timers.

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