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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sign the bill, gov

Do you ever wish college students knew half of what they think they know? I’ve been watching them burn U. S. flags, grow their little protest beards, and chain themselves to buildings for as long as I can remember. They enjoy their version of feeling politically involved unless it interrupts something more important like spring break. Such idealism! Now they are chaining themselves to the old capitol building in Phoenix to protest the probable passing of SB1070 which is nothing more than a reinforcement of federal law that prohibits illegal immigration.

What is their complaint? Do they believe in illegal immigration? SB 1070 is basically just an exclamation mark on federal laws which are ignored. Under the bill, those who are illegal immigrants will be arrested because they are breaking federal AND state law.

One of the loudest gripes is that legal Hispanic citizens may be profiled and asked for proof of citizenship. I don’t see that as a big deal. All they have to do is carry I.D. and the experience is over. There is way too much sensitivity over this. Have you ever traveled in Europe? I did while in the military and was constantly asked for my identification card. Later, I was there as a civilian and was constantly asked to show my passport. It didn’t bother me at all as I realized those were the local laws and I respected them. How is this different.?

One person writes to the Republic today that the protesters "efforts should be directed toward repealing the federal law making illegal entry a crime." Maybe that would make them happy as there would be no more expensive fences to build, no expense of border patrols, and no local enforcement of laws that the federal government doesn’t seem to think are important. But, I wouldn’t want to hear complaints of long emergency room waits for patients with insurance as uninsured immigrants are being treated for free. Also, no complaining allowed when a ‘91 Honda plows into their car and the driver is illegal and without insurance.

Being in the U.S. illegally and complaining about it is the highest form of arrogance. Linda Valdez of the Republic says that illegal immigrants are "God’s children." In other words, the hell with our laws. Maybe she should check what Mexico does with those who try to sneak past their southern border.

It may all be academic even if SB 1070 is passed as it probably won’t be enforced anyway regardless of the 70% approval it has. If federal laws have been ignored, what kind of power will a state law have? Plus the cops are busy with so much other stuff they will overlook a problem that should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago. Let’s also remember who is running Washington and how much they are going to need future votes after the fiascos of 2010. Somehow I see about 15 million new Hispanic voters coming on board soon. But, until that unfortunate day, it’s nice to see Arizona making a statement.

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