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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Republicans, Obama, Tiger

Republican comments unnecessary: The Republicans recently held a convention which, if the clips from Fox News are any indication, was basically a chance for them to blow off steam at the expense of Obama and his administration.

I think such chatter is a mistake because this is America and our natural tendency is toward fair play, sometimes even in politics. For the Republicans to take turns at the podium blasting the president makes no sense. Most Americans know the guy is in over his head as his recent CNN poll of a 44% approval rating shows. His healthcare plan is a flop, the mayor of Las Vegas won’t even meet with him over his recent ill timed comments about that city, every candidate he endorses loses mightily, Democrats are bailing out of Congress, and there is the trial in New York embarrassment. Did I mention that even Benson nailed him today in the Republic? Yeah, that too. Isn’t that enough for now?

Americans are not in favor of kicking a man when he is down and that is what the Republicans have done. Too much of that will turn sympathy in the other direction. Note to Dick Cheney and the rest: Don’t be so hard on Obama; he and his staff are doing plenty on their own. There is no need for an exclamation mark.

Tiger Woods Apology: Tiger's apology was a global telecast over almost every network. I didn't know that what a golfer does could be that important but it started at 8:30 a.m. Friday Phoenix time with a showbiz intro of clips of Tiger through the years plus some commentary. At 9:00, Tiger took to the podium.

His prepared statement was teary and he covered what was expected. He gave his obligatory apologies and explained how he was going through therapy to reconcile his sexual urges. He asked that the press please leave his family alone (yeah, like that is going to happen) since they are not responsible for his actions. When he finished he hugged his mother, wife, and others sitting in the front row for support. There was no word on when he will return to the links.

While I feel a tinge of sympathy for Tiger, I’m wondering how much longer he would have continued his lifestyle if he wouldn’t have been caught. There are probably some Perkins’ waitresses wondering the same thing.

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