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Monday, October 27, 2008

I support John McCain

I am voting for John McCain for President of the United States.

I’m not a political expert, but I have opinions, and after watching the debates and hearing the speeches, here are the main points in my reasoning:

1. Experience: McCain, in Congress since 1982 and a war hero. Obama, Senator for 4 years, most of which spent campaigning for presidency.

2. The need for split authority in Washington. We may be seeing a Democratic majority in both houses. With a Democratic president, that party would have control of all issues.

3. Obama’s statement about "spreading the wealth" through higher taxes rather than encouragement to citizens to set higher goals to increase tax revenue. He states that "A strong government hand is needed to assure that wealth is distributed more equitably." That’s scary and reeks of socialism. Why should someone who has worked hard to attain wealth have to split it with those who don’t make use of their opportunities? How about educating various groups as to the impracticality of having ten kids rather than supporting them through government assistance?

4. Obama would like to have a global poverty tax which would tax Americans billions to help eradicate poverty in other parts of the world. You know, those places that love us so much. The administration of the funds would be through the U. N. of all places. Does that sound a bit like socialism?

5. Obama has been weak on energy. McCain led the way for more drilling and nuclear energy while Obama gave reluctant support for drilling only after he saw that voters favored it.

6. Obama’s relationship to Reverend Jeremiah Wright. He attended his church for twenty years as Wright referred to white people as "the devil" and said that HIV was created in Washington to wipe out "people of color." Obama has distanced himself from Wright during his candidacy but why not sooner?

I have nothing personal against Barack Obama, I think he means well. However, as a lifetime Republican I find it difficult to pull the handle for Democratic candidates as they usually endorse stronger national government control of our lives. I think part of being a successful American is "going for it" on your own by showing the initiative for self support, making logical and common sense financial and social decisions, and not depending on the government to support you.

"Spreading the wealth" from the rich to the poor by government is not the answer. It takes away man’s natural competitive desires to make something of him/herself and reduces them to a weaker dependent level. By voting for John McCain you will reduce government interference in your lives and reduce the effectiveness of Democratic leaders in what could possibly be a Democratically controlled Congress.

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