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Monday, July 24, 2006

Character actor Jack Warden is dead at 85. Two of his better known parts were in "Shampoo" (1975) and "The Verdict" (1982).....So, Katie Couric will be the new CBS News talking head beginning September 5. So what? She is being hired more for her celebrity as long time host of the "Today" show than for her knowledge and ability to report the news. I don’t dislike Katie, I just think she is a lightweight when it comes to the news. So far most of the questions about her new job seem to be centering on what outfits she will wear. It doesn’t really matter, with Fox News and CNN operating 24/7 who watches the networks anyway? Their audience share continues to dwindle every year, too much competition from cable and other sources. They don’t make any friends with their bottom of the screen promos during broadcasts either.....From Jimmy Kimmel: "So the World Cup is over, and now we can get back to our national pastime: NOT watching soccer." From David Letterman: "They’ve uncovered some personal papers of Albert Einstein. Turns out he had 10 girlfriends. Think about it: 10 girlfriends--that’s 10 different names, 10 different phone numbers, 10 different birthdays. You’d have to be a genius!".....I have to laugh every time I read about the effects of legalized gambling on certain segments of the population. Where gambling is concerned, whether it be on horses, dogs, lotteries, or casino games, someone is going to go off the deep end and lose their shirt along with their savings, car, and house. It is the nature of the business. It is also human nature to try to get something for nothing. The majority of gamblers accept gambling for what it is: A game of chance that they are probably going to lose. If most people gamble responsibly, should they be penalized for the lack of responsibility of others? Of course not, and if the casinos are closed they will go somewhere else.....

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---Ski--- said...

Well my friend you touched a pet peeve of mine with the gambling comments--lol. BUT-- We happen to agree! I'm a old retired Cop as you know-- both in the Military and in the civilian world. Believe me--I've seen my share of those who have no idea about gambling responsibly--. But then again by in large these same people most of the time, are not all that responsible in other matters either. But without getting on my soap box-- I just don't see the problem with the average gambler. Be it at the Casino, a local game between friends,--OR--even on-line. But it seems the Morality Police have been busy in several states with the passage of all kinds of bills to restrict--or out law completely on-line sites.
Now don't get me wrong--I've sure lost my share of cash both on-line and at the Casino--. But Not once did the bills not get paid, food, clothing, kids taken care of etc.--not come before my gambling. I like to think at the age of 59 I'm a responsible adult. But it seems someone else all ways seems to want to treat me like a child. I suggest if the States, and the federal government really want to do something-- then tax more on the winnings--and leave us poor fools who really like to play alone. I'll gladly pay my taxes on my winnings! You hit the nail on the head my friend-- Some people will never be responsible--and some people will all ways think its their responsibility to tell me whats best for me. Both of which are Wrong in my book.
OK--I'm off the soapbox. Keep up the good work.