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Saturday, June 24, 2006

(L-R, both in foreground) were the driving forces
behind 10 cc, one of the great '70s bands (10 cc)

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The Celtic Contessa said...

Hi Jim!

As always I enjoyed reading your latest blog. My daughter who is not a fan of Lindsay Lohan totally agreed with your comment regarding her and was not surprised that the show flopped. I enjoyed Miss Lohan in the Herbie remake, but that didn't cut butter with my daughter. Oh well!

Hugh Beaumont can also be seen in one of Clifton Webb's movies called, "Saved by the Bell". He has a short scene in the very beginning playing a policeman. I always liked the "Leave It To Beaver" series and the parents he and June tried to portray. Nowadays the show's characters get bashed by critics who try to cheapen them, i.e. a recent Parade picture of Barbara Billingsley about today's mothers. Well, I'm a mom of today, and I think we should get back to some of the old parenting standards.

Happy 4th of July!